Massive poop on a lazy Saturday

Hey everyone!
I haven't been on for a while. I've been super busy with grad school and whatnot. However, I do have a great story from two Saturdays ago. My husband and I both woke up on a lazy morning. We both had our coffee, and pretty soon, I started to feel a familiar heaviness in my rectum. I also just realized that it been Monday since I last pooped! I've mentioned before that I normally go 3-4 days between poops, but I had been really busy, and my poop schedule had kind of fallen by the wayside. This was a 5-day poop, and I could feel this was going to be humongous! I slowly walked into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and relaxed my tight anus. Immediately, I let out a sputtering fart, and I felt my bowels move. I really try not to push when I'm pooping. When it's this big, I usually let it slide out on its own. The way the turd opens me up and rubs past my anus really sends chills through my whole body! So I sat there, with my shorts around my ankles and my toes kind of digging into the floor. My anus slowly opened up, and the massive tip emerged. For a minute, it just sat at the tip of my anus and didn't move. I slowly clenched and send the turd up again. This caused a slight, sharp pain in my belly, but felt incredible with the massive bowel movement move back up my passage!! I relaxed, and the familiar tip emerged again. Then I clenched and pushed it back up again and relished the heavenly feeling. This went on for a couple more minutes, and I began to slowly let it slither out. The turd inched out a little bit and stopped again. I didn't bother to push at all. I wanted it to come out on its own. I was sitting on the toilet enjoying my stretched anus when the bathroom door opened. My husband poked his head in and asked if he could shower, since he had to run some errands. I just smiled at him and said, "Not now sweetie! I'm pooping! See?" I got up off the toilet, spread my buttcheeks apart, and pointed my butt at him, letting him see the hard brown knob sticking out of my hole! "Wow that thing is massive! It's the size of a big potato! If you poop on the floor, you're cleaning it up." We both laughed, and I sat back down. The turd started to move again, and then went PLOONK! I got up and looked, and it was exactly like a big potato! I knew I wasn't done, and I sat back down. My anus opened up and stretched wide again. My toes dug into the floor, and the massive poop started moving, which hurt a little bit. I leaned forward with my hands gripping my thighs tightly as the monster slithered out. I let out some small grunts "Nngg", "Nngg" as the poop continued to move. Finally, it fell out of me with hardly a sound at all. I was astonished! It had the diameter of a coke can with almost no taper! I passed two thinner turds only about 1.5 inches in diameter. I was finally done, and I felt so much better! I wiped and I flushed. It took 3 flushes, but it all went down. I walked out of the bathroom and my husband asked, "Feel better?" I replied, "What do you think?" and gave him a kiss. We were planning on going for a bike ride later that afternoon. I'm glad I had my massive poop before that, and the bike ride was a lot of fun.

Bye for now!

Michael W.

Tornado Poop

What's up everyone. I have a story that I would like to share from my childhood pooping experiences. Ok, I was 7 years old and it was around July of 1995. I was playing with my bro's Batman action figures. We couldn't play outside was it was raining all day and thundering. Me and my bro were at our babysitter's house while our parents were at work. Anyways my stomach started cramping and I felt like I had to poop. So I told my older bro, "I'll be right back." So I walked out of the parlor room and into the foyer. And the bathroom was to the right of the room. So I let myself in turned on the light and closed and locked the door. I pulled down my shorts and underwear to my ankles and I relaxed. I was hoping this was gonna be I quick in and out poop but I was wrong. I had to push to get this one out. So I pushed and did a small fart. A banana sized poop was trying to make its way out. I pushed again with a grunt and the banana size poop slowly came out. While sitting there I could hear wind and rain coming down pretty hard outside. I ignored it and went back to trying to poop. I pushed again and the banana sized poop fell into the bowl. I was not done yet I still had some more left in me so I stayed seated and I tried to push out the 2nd poo out but then..."MICHAEL!" Jason, my babysitter's son yelled. "You need to come down to the cellar a tornado is coming". Darn! I thought. So I ripped some toilet paper off and wiped and then I ripped more toilet paper off and just left it sticking out of my butt. I did this bcz I did not want to leave poo stains in my underwear. When me and my bro were kids our mom would spank us if we pooped in our pants. My older bro pooed his pants lot. So I left the bathroom without flushing the toilet and I went down stairs to the cellar and I waited for 15 minutes. And it sucked having to wait that long to hold in my poop and having stomach pains too. I wanted this stupid tornado to pass somewhere else bcz I had to poop really bad. All the other kids asked if I wanted to play ball but I said "No." My older bro Josh asked me "What's wrong with you?" I said. "I'll tell you later." He said "Whisper it in my ear." So I whispered in his ear. "I have to poop really bad." He said "Oh! ok." He didn't say anything. My older bro understands me in these situations and he has Crohn's Disease. So anyways Jason yelled "Ok everyone, come back upstairs." The tornado was gone and luckily it didn't go near us and didn't see any damage. Anyways, I go back into the bathroom and continued with my business. I closed and locked the door, pulled down my shorts and underwear again and then sat back down. I pushed and did a small fart and along slid another turd out. I pushed again and more and more turds came out. My stomach was still hurting so I folded my black T-shirt up so I could message my stomach. I still had to keep pushing and each poop I had to push out was getting smaller and smaller until I the last of the turds were the size of tootsie rolls. It was kind of boring sitting there and I was in there for a pretty long time. I guess 30 minutes would have been the approximate time. Before I wiped with toilet paper I looked into the toilet and I saw a pile of all sizes of poop in the toilet. I wiped with a lot of toilet paper. When I tried to flush the toilet overflowed. I panicked and I was like "Please No, not this!" I grabbed the plunger and waited for the water to stop running. I took the plunger and pumped it in the toilet and the water went down little by little until it all went down. All that was left were skid marks of my poop and there was a lot. So I washed my hands and left the bathroom. When my babysitter Mrs. Kellar came around to that bathroom later on before my dad picked me and my bro up, I saw her go in there. She said "Heaven's it stinks in here." I didn't say anything I was hoping I could forget about what I just did. I left skid marks in her toilet and I felt bad about it. I could not help it bcz I pooped all lot that day and when you gotta go you gotta go. I'll post again with another story later. Till then, Happy Pooping.


Mom discusses bowel movements with her son

On Sunday, I was at the airport at my gate waiting to board my flight. A woman with a teenage boy came by and they sat directly behind me. He was about 16 or 17, tall with shorts, tee-shirt and flip flops and thick glasses. After they settled into their seats, she asked him if he had had a bowel movement this morning. He replied that he had not. She then asked him when was the last time he had gone. He said Friday afternoon. She said, "You should try to go before we get on the plane. It's a long flight and you don't want to use the toilet on the plane. You'll probably stop it up." He said that he would try and that he felt that he might be able to go in a few minutes. About ten minutes later, he told his mom that he was going to the mens room. He was gone about fifteen minutes. When he came back, she asked him if he had gone. "Yes," he replied. She asked if it was big and he said it was. She said something about how relieved he must be to get that out of the way and to not have to use the toilet on the plane. He didn't say anything.

I started wondering what effect a mother's intense interest in her son's bathroom habits would have on the boy. Would this rather strange interest at this point in his development leave any emotional scars?

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Phone use in bathrooms and other stuff

Been a while.

Obviously all of us who have smartphones have probably toyed around on our phones during sitting time once or twice (or every time), but I'm not talking about going on the FB or flinging birds around, I'm talking about basic phone conversations while using the bathroom. In this case, my stall neighbor decided that answering his phone while defecating would be a great idea. I guess it makes more sense to do it during #2 than #1, since the latter makes more noise, but even so it seemed really weird.

What say you all? Is it weird to talk on one's phone while using the toilet, does it matter which way you're going while talking on the phone, and are there other factors? Age, gender, whatever? All I know is that I've never seen/heard anything like it.

Trucker Gal, your story (#3) reminded me of an experience I had with an ex-girlfriend's flatmate. For whatever reason--given that I succeeded in rectifying the issue later with zero trouble, I don't think it was a plumbing issue--the girl decided that she wasn't going to flush the toilet after having left behind a pot of soup. I remember it being pretty muddy and lumpy in there and, like you, wondering why she would leave it unflushed while living with two other people. I didn't consider if toilet paper was an issue, though perhaps I should have; being a guy, peeing doesn't really require paper, which is what I was in for. At the time I found it kind of gross despite my interest in general. Then again, I wasn't a huge fan of that flatmate prior to the "event," so maybe that biased me negatively.

Tabitha: Welcome! I count myself lucky that I've never had to experience "burning the candle at both ends" in that sense. I mean, I've been sick with the flu, but thankfully my exits line themselves up in an orderly fashion and take turns rather than trying to cut ahead in line. Sorry you had such a draining experience; hope you made it to the subway.

My girlfriend Emma has been letting out some pretty horrific gas tonight for the past couple of hours or so. I'm not sure what she ate, but whatever it was triggered something deadly in her. --- and actually, while I was writing this, it was in fact a sign of something more. She just gave the toilet a good blasting, which I was given the honor of witnessing. Apparently she was really bloated today and needed relief for a while, and I was able to see the final result. For her part, she was so relieved she got goosebumps from the feeling of letting everything out. Never a dull moment with this one.



To Crystal:

Yes, something like that can be extremely embarrassing. Don't quit! If you have a job, keep it as they're not that easy to find. If they're going to fire you, make sure they make it clear as to why. Just tell them that you are considering legal action. Now for the realistic stuff. Next time in a situation like that, if you can't take care of it simply, go tell your manager, and make sure that they understand that it's urgent. I also think that there's something in the labor laws that require them to provide you with adequate breaks during your shift. You're manager/supervisor knows, or should know about these labor requirements so if the situation was as you described, they're not likely to do much as they can get in really hot water. Now for the practical. Think about wearing some sort of protection. Go for the higher capacity pads, or protective underwear like Silhouettes. If you don't want to wear something all the time, make sure that you have it with you in case you need it. Also, you need to find the courage to talk to your super (if they don't already know about it) and let them know that this kind of situation is not acceptable. Good luck and hang in there. BTW, as an adult, you're co-workers are not likely to say much about it in a negative way, and if they do, they're real jerks.


My name is Jessica, I live in a flat I share with Lena because I am a student. We've been living together for almost four years now, we get along very well. And of course, we know about each other's bathroom habits better than anyone else! :-)

Last weekend, I went out with friends, we had lots of fun and more than enough beer. When it was time to go home, my friend Anjali was about to order a cab because she lives in a dormitory outside of the city. I told her she could also spend the night at my place if she wanted to save time and money. She accepted happily and soon, she was sleeping on my guest mattress.

Anjali is of Indian origin. She is petite, vegetarian and can drink even more beer than me!

I woke up a first time early in the morning because I had to pee badly. When I came back to my room, I realized it smelled terrible in there. Anjali must have let a few deadly ones during her sleep! I opened the window and went back to sleep.

At around 10:30, I woke up again, feeling slightly hangover. While I was making some coffee, Anjali came out of my room, we exchanged good morning greetings, and the she disappeared in the bathroom. Because I was in the kitchen, I could (and had no chance of avoiding) hear everything that was going on inside. First, she released a gusher of pee and a monster fart. I was a little embarrassed for her, but it wasn't bad. By then, I was holding my cup of coffee and Anjali wiped a first time. Then, she made the walls move with a huge, wet-sounding fart, before pooping wave after wave of what must have been very mushy poop, maybe even diarrhea. Poor girl, she really had to go!

This went on for a few minutes. I was sipping my coffee and starring through the kitchen window, I was unable to focus on anything else. Then Anjali wiped herself again, I could hear the faucet being turned on and off, surely to dampen the toilet paper. She flushed, washed her hands and came out of the bathroom, closing the door after her. I asked her how she is doing and handed her a cup of coffee. She said she was fine, with a little smile, and went back to my room.

As you may remember from my previous posts (on page 2467 for example), the first cup of coffee in the morning wakes my bowels up, especially after a beer-drinking night. So I decided to relieve myself on the toilet as well. I entered the bathroom to be welcomed by the foulest smell ever. Public toilets can be bad, Lena can also shit like a pig but this was worse by far. I gagged, and felt really bad. But I had to go (and rather quickly, as usual) so I closed and locked the door. The tank was full again, there were some particles floating in the water (some undigested parts of chewed food?) and, I couldn't believe it, brown marks on the toilet seat. I can't imagine how they came there. Did she make them on purpose? I cannot believe this neither, Anjali's always so nice to me.

The point is, I was grossed out, so I lined up TP on the seat, as if I was about to use a public toilet. I then seated myself, and with a short "Nnnnghh!" push, a first long, smooth, reddish log made its way out of my bum. Seconds later, I expelled to short, not so well formed logs and felt empty. So I wiped with lots of toilet paper, flushed and washed my hands, not worrying about the tons of skidmarks I surely left.

When I came back to my room, Anjali was already dressed and was about to leave. She wanted to go home to take a shower. She thanked me very much, and I didn't find the courage to confront her about the state in which she left my poor toilet. So we hugged and she left.

Later on, Lena asked me what I ate to destroy the toilet that way. I swore it wasn't my fault but my guest's, to what she just laughed. I like her a lot, she's so uncomplicated!

So, that's it for now. I was wondering, do you guys think she farted and pooped that bad because she is vegetarian and eats too many vegetables? Do you have vegetarian BFs/GFs or other friends/relatives you could tell about? Thank you!

There were lots of great posts lately, but I don't have time to read them all. Special thanks to Anna, Anna from Austria, Natalie and all other people who make this forum such a nice place!

Take care & love,

To Anna from Austria: I looked at some loos in convenience store. Quite often, washlet buttons have English. If you want to wash bottom, you press button which mark "spray". For woman only, button is mark "bidet". I found one convenience store where no English. "Spray" button has mark which look like pole of ski lift. Next it was button for mild wash, not so strong power, it is good for person has haemorrhoid. It had many many dots. Oh, and red or orange button is to stop water.

I hope you can understand and don't press wrong button and then panic and jump and head hit ceiling.

I keep looking, if I find different system, I tell you.

To Brandon T: Did you notice, stories on post are different order. I wrote story after Natalie's story about camp but on site it appear like it is before Natalie. So maybe you don't read. I wrote for you, because always you say you like story, so I hope you can find. Of course it is true story! And Kazuko say hello to you.

I found post with no name, she said she stay in loo 25 minutes but before never more than five minutes. I want to say her, don't be ashamed. Many women, and I think men, stay in loo long time! Me, 10 minutes is minimum. My friends too, except Hisae, she always hurry but half hour later she bounce back to loo and make big noise with her beautiful bottom.

In last story, computer change "Kazuko" to "Kazoo"! I don't know reason. My computer is bad computer. Sorry to everybody. If you see "Kazoo" it mean "Kazuko" my friend who I love.



Comments and recent stories

Haylee: It's too bad to hear that you have the runs. At least you still feel decent enough to go out and run errands.
PG: Congratulations on your first post, and I'm sorry you're sick. At least it's just diarrhea, and you're not throwing up.
Tabitha: Congratulations on your firat post, and it's too bad to hear that you're sick. Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time really stink. I've had both enders before and they're not fun. Hope you're feeling better by now.
Red: Sorry to hear that you're constipated. Hope you get relief soon.
Natalie: I enjoyed your camp stories about you and Taryn taking massive dumps. Bet you both felt better after being so backed up. I know it's embarrassing clogging a toilet, especially a public one. I also understand what Taryn was going through. You can't make someone go poop if they don't want to. I get it, I'm quite poop shy myself. But it is important to go poop because if you don't, you can become constipated, and of constipation gets too bad, it can cause obstruction, and require hospitalization. At least that didn't happen to Taryn.

Last week: I pooped three times in a 24 hour period. This is abnormal for me. I usually go once every day to once every other day. This was caused by eating lots of fiber and drinking a gallon of water the day before. One of the dumps smelled so bad that grandpa noticed the smell 20 minutes later and sprayed air freshener. It was somewhat embarrassing but also quite funny looking back.

On Friday, my grandma complained of nausea while we were getting a quote for a home cleaning service. After the guy left, grandma threw up in her barf bucket. She is a type 2 diabetic, and as a result, has developed gastroparesis over the past two ir three years, so it isn't rhat out of the ordinary for her to vomit from her condition.

On Friday night, my cousin Matthew complained of nausea and chest pains. Because he has complained of this for two weeks, his parents took him to the ER. He was diagnosed with constipation, and was told to take a laxative.



Accident Coverup

Me and my friend Chelsey have been taking a large number of babysitting jobs so that several times this summer we can take a trip to a regional theme park that's like three hours from our city. It helps that once every two weeks her uncle has to make a drive down their for a day of training that is required for him to learn some new heating and air conditioning systems that he repairs at office buildings. He drops us off at the park and picks us up that night and we have like 12 hours for the rides and swimming. Our first trip down was on Memorial Day weekend. I've known Chelsey since grade school and she often jokes about having a bladder the size of a peanut. She can't go two hours without peeing; my bladder is larger, but I have a difficult time holding a crap in for even 30 minutes. So when we were dropped off at the park at 9 that morning both of us had to use the bathroom, but the gates were down and we walked across the highway to a truck stop because I was about to poop myself and Chelsey had been coaxing her uncle to drive faster because she had to pee real bad. So we got to the truck stop and ran to the back of the building to the bathroom. We often go to the bathroom together even when we're at school or at one another's houses. There was just one toilet and sink and Chelsey beat me to the toilet. It was amazing that she had her white underwear and light green shorts at floor level with her butt on the seat and she was draining herself with pretty good noise before I could completely flick the overhead light on. Her stream continued strong for almost two minutes. When she got up and I pulled my jeans and underwear down I couldn't help but notice that the bowl was filled with yellow bubbles. Once I got seated, I became frustrated because it seemed that my poop had somehow gone back up and was not going to cooperate. Still I hurt pretty bad and we both could smell it. After a few minutes and some small talk, I blasted off some gas from between my legs and a log about 6 inches long splashed into the toilet. It splashed by backside and reminded me that I should have flushed before taking my seat. Although I had forgotten to check, there was just the amount of toilet paper on the roll to finish my job.

By noon, when we were 45 minutes into an hour-long ride on the largest of the park's 3 roller coasters, Chelsey said she was hurting because she had to pee so bad. They had a guard monitoring the long line and I knew there was no way I could save her space for her. So I told her she would just have to stick it out. She wasn't happy about it, but there was no alternative. So about a half hour later we were placed in the same car, latched in, and the ride started slowly. However as the speed picked up Chelsey shouted that she was going to lose it. The first time we were upside down, she lost some of her pee and within a couple of minutes some of her pee was coming over on my side of the seat. Each time the ride was stopped to let some people off, she and I tried to figure out how bad the flood was. When we got off I could see that right in the middle Chelsey's light green shorts were wet to the size of a normal bowling ball and that some was still trickling down her left leg to her knee. As she got frustrated and we walked to find a bathroom to clean her up, we came across a ride that had no line. The cars looked like a log and you go splashing around a track that in the end sends you into a drop into a tank of splashing water. I only had to explain a little of it to her and she got the idea. With our splash into the water tank, we both got drenched and her embarrassing problem was solved. We went back to the gate, got our hands stamped and went back across the street to the truck stop. They had a small do-it-yourself laundry there and we took turns waiting 15 minutes or so in the bathroom while the other ran the clothing drier. When we got back into the park, we made sure that we went to the bathroom as soon as we needed to because the lines for the rides just got longer as the day did.

Do girls get skid marked too

Hello everyone from Seattle.

I have been reading this forum for well over a decade on and off. Despite it's "gross " content, it is so kind hearted as well as fun. It shows how thus forum came before most social media, yet is so decent. I guess given it's moderated but this is really what anynomus social medica should be. Most social media people seem to be meaner when anynomus ,here people are relaxed kind yet truthful ... Very truthful .

I am a fan of Anna's post as her description reminds me of myself. I am a bit " geeky" but I am told I am "movie" geeky in a way I lock like an actress who was made up to look geeky for a role(maybe gained 15 pounds for a role too

Question for Anna,
Do you get skid marks, and how often?
I kinda know the answer to this but I wanted to bring this subject up again as we had not talked about this for awhile and I've been a little more self conscious about this.
You always describe yourself " pulling down your string" to poop, I started wearing thongs with just yoga pants to work out and now am wearing these thongs more to work and casual attire since they are comfortable with bigger ( juicier.) butt cheeks. They have always gotten kind dirty as I work out in thongs, especially hot yoga and running , which get my ass sweaty and also keep me more regular than if I'm not exercising. Sometime if i use the toilet in the middle or before a run, i rush my wiping since i figured i will be soiling my clothes anyway. But as I started thongs more to work, ( half the time I wear business causual half the time i wear scrubs) my thong get just as messy. I do make an ever to get very clean after pooping in work and social situations (especially dates for maybe obvious reasons) I use a lot of toilet paper and even started flushing right after i poop so i can use more toiletpaper . IIts kinda funny and embarrassing to think I am dressed up as a health care professional talking with vulnerable patients with confidence, but underneath my training and professionalism, I have dirty ( sometimes very dirty) thongs on. Sometimes I think it's a problem, and sometimes I just laugh at it as being human, but it would be nice to know that others arecin the same boat.

Question for Victoria b.
You mentioned you do not like to wear a thong for pooping outside. Is this because it's harder to get clean. And easier to get skid marks when you poop outside?

Trucker Girl

Recent pooping

Lately my bowel movements have changed. I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. The bathroom was a single toilet and it looked fairly clean. The toilet was white and had a black seat. I sat on the toilet and peed. While doing so I relaxed and soft poo started coming out while I was peeing. It came out so easily! I finished peeing then looked in the bowl. The poo was reddish brown and broke into three pieces and there was a few skids on the front of the bowl. It smelled really strong. I wiped and left without flushing. The next day I was getting breakfast at a McDonald's. Before I got in line I needed to pee so I went to the ladies room. There was four stalls with a handicapped one at the end. All the stalls were taken and there were two more girls waiting in there. So I decided to go eat my breakfast and come back. I went back to the bathroom and now only the third stall was taken. I took the second stall and sat on the toilet. While I was peeing someone took the first stall. The person in the first stall did a short pee then left. I decided to push while I was on the toilet and to my surprise I did another poo just like the day before. I started wiping and I could hear a splash from the other stall. It sounded like the kind when you do a huge poo. I decided to be extra slow wiping so I could peek in the stall after they left in case they clogged it. They wiped and left. I had just finished wiping as they went out the door. I left my stall without flushing and looked in their one. There was a large dark brown poo that looked to be seven inches or so and very thick. It was coming out of the water and smelled really strong but a much different scent than mine. I washed my hands and left. I wonder if my bowels will continue to stay in this soft serve state.

To Adrian: Thanks for the reply. Your right I guess, I can't imagine how bad it would be to constantly have troubles with my bowels. But I love those rare times when my turds are a little wider, I can fly a whole day on that experience :)

To Unknown: I will try that but usually I start to feel the urge at all times the second day. It never goes away and I get goosebumps from holding it. Also it's hard to pee, even when standing up it wants to come out.


When it comes in the more likely it's going come out

Hi everyone some interesting reading posts. I have a old post back when I was in high school, It was second day of scocer practice just finishing up and I was bursting for a big poop poop though I could went before but I really don't like to cause I be geeked to get on the field so anyway , made it back to the locker rooms I strip off all my clothes off cause I was going take a shower afterwards , so I put a towel on warped around my waist , so I went inside the toilet room took my towel off and sat on the toilet naked and few other girls came in pulling down there scoocer shorts and panties down to ankles and taking the last 3 toilets one said I guess Maria really had to go , I said yup start dropping turds soon afterwards after, the girls one was white the others was black we was great group of girls with diversity had couple Asians also and I wasn't the only Latina on the team, so I after pooping for 5 mins straight I was done and I said to them duces and stand up and wiped few times flush and put my towel back on and took a shower afterwards I rode with my friend house


library poop with Beth

I was studying in the library today when I felt the need for a number two. It was only morning so I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until I got home. I packed up my stuff and made my way to the small bathroom at the back of the floor. There are only two stalls and both were empty. It also looked and smelled real clean that early in the morning, which was nice. I went into the right stall, locked the door and hung up my bag. Then I pushed up my grey summer dress, pulled down my black thong and sat down on the toilet. I peed and while I did so I let a little fart slip out. When I was done peeing I put my arms on my thighs, leaned forward and started to push. My backdoor openend and then a big poo was very slowly sliding out of my bumhole. I started to text my friend Danielle and kept pushing. All of a sudden the door openend and someone took the other stall. She quickly sat down on the toilet and started to pee. I noticed that she was wearing very cute silver sandals, black tights and had pulled down her panties with flowers on them all the way. I was a little embarassed that I had been caught mid-poop with a big turd hanging from my bum, but I couldn't really help it. While the other girl was still peeing, my poop plopped into the bowl with a huge splash. I was also already stinking up my stall pretty badly. So my nieghbour knew for sure that I was on the toilet for more than just a pee. Anyway, she finished her own pee but didn't leave. There was just silence from her cubicle. I needed to do more and pushed out another, smaller turd and a smallish fart. The other girl was now grunting and finally it sounded like she dropped two small poops. We sat there in silence for a couple of minutes and then I had another poo which was softer but really long and took a while to come out. Then I felt done, put my phone away and pulled off some paper. As I did so, the other girl did, too. I wiped my front and back, flushed and pulled up my undies. We left our stalls at pretty my the same time. I was surprised that it was my friend Beth from class, a skinny blonde girl with freckles. She seemed even more surprised and she really blushed for a moment, I don't know why. Then we both smiled and chatted as we washed our hands. I felt a lot better after and we went back to a table aand studied together for a couple more hours. That's all for today!



To Haylee : Hello and welcome to this forum. That was an interesting story really enjoyed it.Seems you had a pretty bad cos of the runs. Feel sorry those who would use those toilets seems like you and the other ladies destroyed them. Glad you are doing better now and looking forward to more posts from you.

To Natalia : That must really embarrassing to poop in your pants. Glad a lot of people didn't notice you had an accident. Great story and looking forward to your next post.

That's all for now guys have a nice day and happy pooping.

Your friend

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Haylee first welcome to the site it sounds like you had a rough day at least you may it to the toilet each time and avoided any accidents and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Random Girl :3

2nd Time Posting: An Old Accident

So when I was in the 5th grade, our class went on a graduation trip to Palm Springs. We stayed at a resort, swam, ate, and had lots of fun. We stayed there for two nights and three days, and the drive back to school was about 3-4 hours. As we were coming back, we stopped at In-N-Out and I got a cheeseburger and small fries. We had a restroom stop in the middle, but when everyone else went, I didn't want to go. Turns out that was a big mistake. Around an hour later, I got a stomach ache and really needed to use the restroom. I asked the driver if we could make a restroom stop, but he said there was half an hour left and I should have gone earlier. I was too embarrassed to say that it was an emergency, and tried to hold it in. Bad idea. When we pulled into the parking lot, I was literally clenching my buttcheeks trying to hold it in. I grabbed my duffel bag from the trunk, threw it onto the ground, and did the penguin walk all the way to the closest bathroom. Just as I opened the door to the bathroom, I exploded. I quickly went into a stall and tried to pull down my pants, but the worst thing possible happened: the zipper got stuck! I was nearly in tears from panicking so much, and the poop just kept coming and coming. I finally yanked my pants down and sat on the toilet, my butt, panties, and shorts covered in diarrhea. I poured the rest out, then grabbed a bunch of toilet paper, and cleaned up as best as I could. I calmed myself down and told myself that everything would be okay. However, although I ended up cleaning myself for around 30 minutes, everything was wet all over. I put on my shorts again, without my panties, and noticed a big stain on the butt area. I tied my cardigan over my pants, threw out my totally wet, stinky, brown underwear, washed my hands, and left the bathroom. I hoped people wouldn't smell me. I then remembered my duffel bag and searched through it for a pair of panties. I finally found one that was good as new, and headed to the bathroom again to put it on. Once I did, I finally relaxed and actually felt dry, but I didn't hug anyone for the rest of the day. Once I came out of the restroom, my friends asked me where I had been, and I was so pissed that I just muttered "somewhere", and they got the point that I was mad right away. When I got home, my mom never noticed, and she didn't ask why I hadn't brought a pair of panties home. I just unpacked, took a long shower, then slept. This memory, however, is forever imprinted in my mind. Hope you enjoyed my story! P.S. The diarrhea itself wasn't that bad, it was the slimy feeling in my pants that everyone can relate to that was.


Just a couple quick questions

Hi there!

Do most people normally fart when they pee?

Also, what noises do you make as you poop on the toilet?


Thursday, June 23, 2016


The time I had the runs

Hey this is my first post and I'm pretty nervous, but as you probably know my name is Haylee and I'm 13 and am a red head pretty short for my age and a cheerleader. I've gotten some compliments for being pretty so ig that means I am. So to the story.
I never really liked Mexican food cause it wrecked havoc on my stomach so I usually stayed away. But my sister wanted to go to this Mexican restaurant in town for her birthday, and every "birthday girl" gets her wish so of course we went. I wasn't not going to eat cause I was hungry and I thought I would be able to handle eating it. How wrong I was. So I got there and I ordered a chicken chimichanga, with a side of refried beans(I love pretty much any type of beans, baked beans, refried beans) and I usually deal with the gas and try to have some fun with it after eating beans(like farting in my brothers face when he's laying down playing a video game or something). But I ate all the food and for a while I was good. Once we got home I felt a little gassy but I kept ripping them in my brothers face (he was gagging the whole time haha) but then I ripped one and it felt a little wet so I stopped. I went to go check in the bathroom if I messed my panties and I was good, but luckily while I was checking my stomach growled really loud and I ripped one of those pre-poop farts (you know that fart that warns you "hey you better sit your butt down on a toilet or you're gonna crap yourself) so I sat down on the toilet really quickly and nothing happened for a few seconds and then all hell blew out of my butt. I was farting so bad and diarrhea poured out of me for a straight minute, it just wouldn't stop and then I finally got relief and it stopped comin out. I still was farting up a storm (probably from the beans) but I still felt like I had more in me so I stayed on the toilet. It smelt terrible though, I usually don't mind the smell of my own farts, in fact I sort of like them but this was just terrible. While i was sitting and waiting for more to come out my poor brother came in. I forgot to lock the door and he ha to go pee and he comes in and started gagging, I felt bad for him but he ran out screaming "haylee blew up the toilet" and usually I'm pretty chill with talking to my family about gas and farts but this was embarrassing. So I finally felt like I needed to let some more out and I started up again, fart *splash* fart *splash* it was like a stream of brown water just pouring out of my butt hole. I finally felt good and that I didn't need to go anymore so I wiped like 20 times (maybe an exaggeration) and got up I looked at what I did in the toilet and it was terrible, it smelt absolutely horrible. Most of it was diarrhea I didn't realize but I guess I dropped one solid turd but that was it. It was late so I decided to go to bed. I laid in bed all night farting and I could hardly sleep, I finally did though and went to bed.
The next morning me and my mom we supposed to go to the mall for a "girls day" and I felt liked I needed to go poop again so I did. I sat down on the toilet and didn't even have to push and the diarrhea just came out, it was slightly more solid than the first time but still bad. I pushed a little to get a turd out and it hung in my butthole a little before finally slithering out. I felt a little better after that and changed into my comfortable panties for the day. I put on jeans and decided to wear a sports bra today cause I just wanted to be casual. So me and my mom got and the car and went to the mall.(I was ripping farts the whole way there making my mom gag) and we finally got there. We went to Victoria Justice and I went to pick out a cute bra and the familiar pain hit my stomach, I told mom I needed to use the toilet again and ran to the mall restrooms. I don't know what girls eat anymore cause once I got in there all 4 stalls were taken, I heard a lot of farts and plops. The lady in the middle stall came out amd she just peed. So I ran in and took her stall, I heard the lady to my right groaning and I assumed she must have been constipated. The two ladies to my right were ripping farts back and forth. There wasn't any silence between them. The lady directly to my left dropped some turds and the lady on the farthest end kept farting. I finally decided it was my turn to join in on the fun so I farted a few times and let loose with the diarrhea. It just kept coming out with a few loud felts hear and there. The lady to my right stopped groaning for a second and I let up a bit with the diarrhea when I heard the loudest fart ever come from her stall, after that I heard 5 plops one after the other then one loud "sploosh." I started up again with mine and the lady to my left dropped some more small turds from what I heard of the splashes. The lady at the end sounded like she was having diarrhea too cause it sounded like a waterfall started coming from that stall. I finally felt like I was empty and ended with a few loud farts and smelly SBD's. Almost all the noise stopped at the same time, the lady on the end stopped pouring out poop and the lady to my left quit farting and the constipated lady stopped straining. We all started wiping and got out at about the same time. While we were washing hands I got a good glimpse at all of them. The constipated lady looked about in her 40's the girl who had diarrhea looked about a few years older than me and the girl right next to me looked about 20 or so. I walked out of the bathroom and went back to shopping. I still felt gassy and felt sorry for al the people who walked into the aisles after me. We got done shopping and after that I only had 1 or 2 episodes and I finally felt better.
Hope you enjoyed, idk if this was too much information on some parts but bye everybody,


Current Constipation Issues And Romain's Questions

I had meant to answer Romain's questions for me a few weeks ago, but I had the stressful time of finishing school for the year, and I've been having extra trouble pooping lately, so I haven't felt very well.

To answer Romain's questions:

1. I don't know if there's much hope for improvement, as both of my parents, and at least one of my grandparents have the same sorts of issues, so it's genetic somehow. My grandma once told me it's "normal" for everyone in my family to only poop once a week, at most. Also, my aunt and one of my cousins have major issues pooping. Fiber supplements actually make my constipation much, much worse, which is actually a common issue. So, I rely on glycerin suppositories, but try not to use them all the time.

2. My doctor and my mom talk about my constipation at all of my checkups, and I have an appointment in about a month. No, I don't think my doctor is surprised, because I've had the same one since I was a baby, and I've had constipation issues basically since birth, because of genetics and because I have a mild, high functioning form of Asperger's, and because of all that, I also have issues with bedwetting, which is made worse by the constipation. Even though I'm way too old to be having problems like that, it's a very common issue with people that are on the Autism spectrum. During doctor appointments, the doctor feels my stomach and asks about how I've been pooping lately. I'm way too embarrassed to talk about that stuff, so my mom usually handles it because she's observant of most of the times I try to poop. I've had to have a rectal exam when I was impacted before and I've also had a nurse give me a suppository when I was younger.

3. As for my parents helping me, my mom gives me suppositories because she can make sure they're given properly. She sometimes massages my stomach and encourages me to push, and reminds me that pooping wouldn't be so traumatic if I pooped more often. That's easier said than done though. Plus, my mom poops just as infrequently as I do.

On to my current issues: Now that it's summertime, I have more free time to try to poop, but just like last summer, my constipation has been a lot worse lately. I can't poop without a suppository, and if I don't have one, I can't poop until my "normal" maximum constipation time of about 10 days. Right now, I haven't pooped in a week, which my mom doesn't get too concerned about, because like I said, it's "normal" in my family. My stomach is pretty hard and full looking, and right now, it hurts really bad, like I have to poop, so I'm hoping that I can try and push for a while after dinner. My mom is home from work and is in the bathroom right now straining and trying to poop. I told her I have a bad stomachache and she said she had one all day too. My dad is usually able to poop a little more often than my mom or I, but he's been more constipated too lately, so maybe it's a dietary issue for my family right now. My dad will probably be home in a little while, and he usually tries to poop when he gets home from work. So, hopefully I'll get a chance to try to go after they both try, but I don't think I'm going to be able to go for a few more days and I'm afraid my stomachache is going to get worse and that pooping is going to hurt a lot when I can finally go.

First Post

So over the past couple of weeks I have been pretty constipated, but I've been able to go a little everyday. Today as I was leaving school I felt my stomach start to hurt really badly. Since I had just missed the shuttle back to my dorm and there wouldn't be another for almost forty minutes I decided that it would be a good time to find a secluded bathroom and relieve my stomach ache. In the science building there's a quiet bathroom that I sometimes use to pee but I was nervous to poop in a relatively public place, but my stomach really was starting to hurt so I had to go. I made my way in and all stalls were empty so I grabbed the left middle of the four and hung my purse up on the hook and lifted my skirt. I sat down and pressed my feet into the ground while leaning forward and holding my cramping stomach. The tip of a log began to stick out but after hunching forward for a couple of minutes it still hadn't moves so I started to push. The log started to crackle and make its way into the bowl. After about forty five seconds it splashed into the bowl. At first I felt relieved that i had pooped in public and was eager to get out. I straightened up from my hunched position but my stomach cramped again and I sighed in frustration and leaned forward again, hoping that no one would come into the bathroom. I pushed and rocked back and forth holding my poor belly. Finally another log slid out into the bowl, but unfortunately I still wasn't done and I didn't think I would be for a while. I checked the time since it seemed as though I'd been in there forever and I didn't want to miss my shuttle. Fortunately only seven minutes had passed, so as long as no one came into the bathroom I could take my time as I still had over a half hour left. I bore down and started to push. The log started to come out but kept creeping back in. I sighed and nearly moaned as my stomach was so sore. I leaned back on the toilet and rubbed my stomach and it gurgled and ached. After five minutes I leaned forward again and the log started to slide out. As it made its way out I heard the door creak open and I got tense. I was grabbing my knees and was hunched all the way over as a girl made her way to the stall closest to the door. I tried to keep my poop from splashing but unfortunately it was ready to come out. The third log splashed followed immediately by another as the girl waited for her pee to start. She peed quickly, wiped, flushed and headed to the sink, but she stopped In front of my stall and peaked into the crack of my stall to see me hunched all of the way over with my toes pressed into the ground, waiting to finish the rest of my job. My face went red and so did she as she hurried and went to was her hands. Once she left, I started to push and moan in pain as i was really, truly ready to be finished and did not want to be in the bathroom and longer, but I just wasn't done yet. I squeezed and squeezed my belly and finally a long log began to come out. It took about seven minutes of rocking back and forth and squeezing for the log to snake it's was around the bowl and then I was done. I looked into the bowl to see four seven inch logs floating on top of the water and the long log that must have been about two feet wrapped around the bowl. I sat down again and peed and wiped about six times to be safe then flushed and checked the time. I had been in there for 25 minutes!! I have never taken a poop longer than five minutes, and that has been in the comfort of my own bathroom! My stomach just hurt so bad, so I guess I was having a bit more trouble than usual. Hey, and when you gotta go, you gotta go!



To Braidy : Great story. Glad you felt relieved afterwards.

To Little Mandi : Eating lots of vegetables helps for regular bowel movement. Hope my suggestion was useful and hope you begin having regular movements of bowels :)

To Anna : Seems you and your friend Danielle did some massive healthy dumps. Guess you two felt much relieved afterwards. Feel sorry for the poor toilet. That was a very interesting story. Looking forward to your next post and love reading your stories. :)

To Trucker Girl : Glad you felt relieved. Great story :). Would like to read more posts from you.

To Morgan : Enjoyed your story. It was very interesting. Glad you two had a nice time after :)

To Crystal : Sorry you had to wet yourself due to the lack of breaks at where you work. If you wouldnt find it difficult getting another job then i think you shouldnt work there again.

To Tabitha : Great story.

That's all for now. Have a nice day and happy pooping to you all :)

Your friend

Random Girl :3

Answers to Nick's Survey...

Hello, I am Random Girl :3.. I discovered this site on the Internet by accident last month, and I have been a lurker ever since. This is my first post, and I decided to do the first survey I came across... I think I will be posting often from now on.. so here it is:

1. How large is your bladder? (Rate 1-10, 1 being tiny, 5 being average, 10 being mega sized)
Hmm.. 5-6, I reckon.

2. How strong is your bladder? (Rate 1-10, with 1 being abnormally weak, 5 being average, 10 being iron strength)

3. About how much liquid do you drink in a day?
Probably about 6-8 cups per day... in an actual measurement, of course.

4. What do you usually drink? What drinks make you pee the most?
Water, Tea, but only iced tea does.

5. How often do you pee?
About 3-4 times a day.

6. How often do you have urinary accidents?
Once every 4-5 years.

7. When was your last accident?
When I was 5 years old.

8. Do you usually pee when you poop?

9. How long can you hold a full bladder of urine?
I can go for about 2-3 hours from the first urge.

10. Any interesting stories related to peeing or urinary accidents?
Nope, but I used to have Urinary Tract Infection (didn't hurt or anything, also didn't have any accidents because of that)


1. How often do you poop?
2x a day..

2 What kind of BM's do you usually have? (Talking about consistency, so feel free to use the bristol stool chart, or describe them yourself)
I have soft BM's that are usually really easy to pass.

3. How large are your BM's
It depends on what I eat. If I eat something firm, it is usually big, and if I eat something with less density, it is smaller.

4. How would you describe the smell? (None, weak, moderate, strong, very strong, or vomit-worthy)

5. How often do you have accidents?
I only had an accident once.

6. How often do you clog toilets?
I have clogged a toilet twice.

7. How do you wipe? (Front to back or back to front, and do you do so sitting or standing)
Front to back, but reaching from the back, standing up, but with my upper body bent over.

8. How loud are you during a normal bowel movement? (No noise, quiet, moderate, noisy, very noisy, or extreme)
Normally quiet, but sometimes noisy.

9. How often do you get constipated? What do you do when constipated? What foods and/or drinks make and/or worsen constipation?

10. How often do you get diarrhea? What foods and/or drinks cause or worsen diarrhea?
About once a month, I love spicy food and it doesn't cause anything.. Chinese food or Mexican food tend to make me have diarrhea.

11. Would you rather have constipation or diarrhea? Why?
Diarrhea, because I've had it many times and it's not too bad most of the time.


Response to Little Mandi's question

I've never done a cleanse, but I do happen to have a few ideas to help you out with your constipation. Try eating more fiber and drinking plenty of water. Try fruits, leafy vegetables,and beans. They contain plenty of fiber. Popcorn contains fiber, and might help out. Just remember to drink plenty of water. I try to drink at least a gallon of water when I load up on fiber. My favorite high fiber food is Grape Nuts Cereal. It contains 7 grams of fiber per serving. Feel free to put milk, yogurt, fruit, or anything else your heart desires. They're a little bland and very crunchy, but should get the job done. If eating lots of fiber doesn't work but you don't want to take a laxative, try prune juice. Start with one glass and go up from there if necessary. Just beware, too much can cause diarrhea, but once finished, you will feel great. If you don't like the taste, try apple juice. Although this one doesn't help me, try drinking coffee, which has been known to make people poop. Just don't drink it too close to bedtime, unless you want to be awake half the night. I know this is quite long for a simple question, but hopefully one of my ideas works.

Anna from Austria. I can well imagine the smell after you and another woman had dropped big loads and she'd been wearing strong perfume. It must have been a real heady aroma.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your latest post coffee poos. I don't find that coffee moves my bowels particularly but it certainly makes me need to pee. That said I'm a fairly heavy coffee drinker - 2 or 3 mugs a day - and I do seem to be pretty regular. It's a rare day when I don't have at least two good poos.

jb. Be careful what you wish for. Although I don't seem to suffer from constipation at present much - in fact it's a mercifully rare event - I am a veteran of it in the past and, trust me, it's no fun. You really don't want to do anything which will deliberately create dry, hard, difficult to pass, turds. In terms of my bread intake - and I don't eat much - I try to have a mixture of brown and white. That helps to keep me regular without getting too loose.

Jemma. Thanks for sharing your latest update re your IBS. I'm sorry to hear things have been as difficult as they have, although I know from past experience it's not a pleasant condition to have. What medication are you on? I've found Imodium helpful in the past. On the herbal side of things, peppermint is supposed to be good for bowel function too. I occasionally wear adult diapers, especially if going on long journeys or somewhere with limited toilet facilities, although it's mainly for pee reasons rather than #2 ones. I can understand your doctor not being too keen on you wearing them permanently or long term on the grounds that without intending to you could probably end up reliant on them.

I've had some big stinky poos this week but I think it's largely down to having been away for a few days and consuming big hotel breakfasts. Now back home I'm finding my bowel movements returning to normal - or rather what passes for normal in my case!


Constipation live post

Due to an infection, I've been on antibiotics all week and they have me super stopped up. I probably hadn't gone in four days, and usually I don't go more than a day and a half or so. All yesterday I could feel a huge BM sitting in my intestines, but it just wouldn't come out. Last night I spent 20 minutes sitting, waiting, pushing, and I even got up on the seat and squatted, to see if that would help. No good.

Today I finally got some relief. I was blowing up my cubicle with farts and hoping no one came to talk to me, cause they were pretty rank. I decided to go sit and see if anything came of it. So, I went into the office bathroom. I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees and sat down and started carefully pushing. Don't want to push too hard.

After a minute or so of this I finally felt some movement and a really thick turd spread my anus, it was almost painful. It got stuck maybe an inch out, so I tried to pinch it off but it was too thick and hard. I pushed some more and finally got it out. It wasn't very long, but quite thick. I pushed more and got three more of these thick poos out, each one only like six inches long but a few inches around for sure.

I'm still sitting here hoping to get some more out. I do feel better but I know there's a lot more waiting. I know if I go back to my desk I'll need to shit as soon as I get there.

Well as I was typing that, I dropped another log with a plop! It started with a crackling fart, and now another coworker has come in and taken the stall next to me. He let a few airy facts and I can hear his pee hitting the bowl. He just flushed, seems weird to me to flush after peeing but not before pooping!

I should get back to work. I feel lighter, but there will be more to come, I know it. That bowl does not have three days of shit in it.

I think my last post must have got lost in the ether so I'm trying again!

Anna and Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your latest experiences which I enjoyed reading. I'm sure the combined smell of more than one person's poo plus perfume would be pretty overwhelming. Although I don't find coffee particularly triggers bowel movements in my case (although it makes me want to pee) I do think maintaining a decent fluid intake - and hot drinks in particular - help me to stay regular.

jb. Be careful what you wish for. There's no harm in trying to train your bowels so that they expect to be evacuated at a time which suits you. However constipation is a miserable condition and hard bowel movements certainly aren't something you should be aiming for.

Little Mandi. Good to see you back after a long absence. I don't get to post as often as I like.

Crystal. I was sorry to hear about your accident whilst waitressing. If I were denied toilet access by an employer I'd certainly start wondering seriously whether I wished to continue working for them. Everyone has a right to the basic decencies of life and that includes reasonable toilet breaks when nature calls. If it was clear to your supervisor that you needed to pee she shouldn't have made you wait another hour.

Tabitha. I was sorry to hear about your flu and the diarrhea episode. Hope you're feeling much better and have made a full recovery. The big danger with diarrhea is dehydration and it can leave you feeling very weak and tired. After an episode it's always helpful to have light fruit juice to drink and dry toast is a good thing to eat until your stomach can tolerate regular food again.

During the early part of last week I was away for a few days and, at the time, was doing at least 3 big poos a day in the horel en suite. It must have been the massive hotel breakfasts. Usually I only have cereal at home but when I go away a full English with all the trimmings is more than I can resist.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Trucker Girl great story it sounds like and that other woman had good poops and it sounds like she may have been a little desperate and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Morgan great story it sounds like you just made it to the toilet in time and and it sounds like Charlotte had a good poop as well.

To: Tabitha it sounds like you had a really rough day hopefully it didnt last for to long and I look forward to anymore of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Why should we avoid public toilets?

Each year my grandma comes to town for a visit and this year she stayed for about two weeks. We all love her and while she's here she takes over many of the household tasks which I know my parents enjoy having a break from. But she's in her 80s and very set in her ways. A couple of years ago while doing the wash she noticed I had a skid mark in a few pairs of my underwear. So when delivering the laundry back to my room she lectured me about wiping better. I probably shouldn't have tried to explain it away, but I told her when I crap between classes at school I'm lucky to get one wipe in before I have to make a run to class to avoid a tardy. She was so surprised with my explanation because she thought it was happening at home. She said most people she knows avoid public toilets at all cost. Her parents had her get up early at like 5:30 a.m. so that she could have her crap right after breakfast before she left for school. Then recently during her visit she was surprised when Mia and Micah, two kids I care for each day, stayed with me at the park for the entire morning. It was like 11:30 when we came in for lunch and she said the kids must be bursting to use the bathroom. Actually, they weren't because we just use the toilets at the park. She was appalled. She said if she were babysitting she would have walked them the two blocks home at mid-morning for a bathroom break. And she just doesn't understand why I think nothing of having my morning crap at the park. I just think that Mia and Micah are going to have a lot more confidence in using bathrooms away from home as they progress in school.

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