The time I literally pooped my pants...

As a child, I used to have accidents once in awhile. Mostly due to having IBS, which makes my BMs really urgent. As you can guess, I've got into some pretty embarrassing situations because of it. Here I tell you about a poop accident I once experienced! I was 14 when this happened might I add
Okay, so basically I started the day off by having breakfast as usual. All was going well, and my ???? was doing fine. A few hours later, I took my daily walk since school was out. Upon walking, I noticed my bowels were moving. Suddenly the urge to poop came, and it was a really strong one... I was in public so I tried to hold it as much as I can, but the nearest bathroom was too far away... I had a sense of dread that I would poop my pants. The urge was really strong, and literally felt like I was going to explode. If I did the slightest push, it would probably fall out. I had to stop and clench myself so the poop wouldn't fall out. As I dreaded, I started to poop myself. It was relieving, but pretty embarrassing. I had a "oh my gosh, I could eat an entire pizza right now!" after it happened. Sadly, it would take a long time to get home since I walked a long distance. The smell was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty noticeable. I think I saw a few people looking at me after it happened. I took the route with the least people in it. It felt kinda awkward walking with the poop swaying around, luckily it was pretty solid and didn't fall out. When I finally got home, I rushed to get to the bathroom as fast as possible. My mom asked me if I was feeling all right, and she could tell from the smell what happened. She said "honey, did you have an accident?" I denied it at first, but I could tell she knew what really happened. She said it was okay if I did tell her, so I just told her. She told me to go into the shower and clean myself up, and she'll deal with the clothes. I looked at my PJ'S, and they had a HUGE bulge on them. I'm talking literally a grapefruit-sized bulge. The clean up literally felt like hours. I hope you all enjoyed this poopy story I have!



To Trucker Girl: That's nice of you to cross the boundary by letting a fart so your neighbor can push it out! I guess you're not very toilet shy do you?

To Natalie: Don't you have any hard feeling by watching into the toilet and seeing everything happen, even your girlfriends?


1st post

Hi this is my first post on here so today I woke up with a horrible gassy, upset, rumbly, achey ????. I had to pee so I went and sat down as all the sudden BRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPTTT and I blasted runny shit all over the inside of the bowl. Ive already gone three times like this today iv eonly been up for 4 hours.



To Natalie : Seems you felt relieved after doing those long poops. Wow didn't know we were of the same age. Glad to know that. Have a nice day and happy pooping.

That's all for now guys....stay safe and happy pooping

Your Friend

ps: Love

That's a

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Scarce Bathroom Time

On nights when I stay over at my boyfriend Adam's apartment, I find the next morning can be bathroom taxing because if I don't get on the toilet first to have my crap, the results can be frustrating. Such was the case recently when I had gotten up 15 minutes before him, but after I had made the coffee and drank my cup full, I only had a few minutes to get dressed and off to campus for an important meeting with all graduate teaching assistants that had been called. Just as I was finishing dressing in our dark bedroom so as to not to disturb Adam's sleep, he got up, gave me my morning hug and a kiss, and he was in the bathroom and and on the stool for his crap. As I adjusted the belt on my designer jeans and quickly grabbed my book bag, I realized that my 9 block walk to campus would luckily give me at least 4 options to use a toilet.

The first was at a large coin laundry which is one of the largest in our city. My first stop there was about 3 years ago at 2 a.m. when I was walking home with Adam from a party where I had drank more than my usual. It worked well then. However, now at 7 a.m. there was an attendant on duty and she told me the bathroom was for customers only. I started the say something about an emergency, but she just looked away and took a phone call. So I resumed my walk and on the next corner I knew there was a family-operated gas station where I often have bought gas and the owner is a graduate of our college and athletic fund contributor. I walked directly to the side of the building where I knew the toilets were and the women's door was locked. Then I tried the men's door. It too was locked. I walked to the front where I found no cars at the pumps and a For Lease sign on the door. So with the confusion in my bowels becoming more painful, I figured my next stop would be a slam-dunk. I've used the toilets at the public library several times and actually met Adam there for our first date years ago. I could see from the street the lights were on and I could already feel the comfort of my butt on the seat of one of the first floor toilets, and luckily for me right inside the main entrance. People were moving about inside and I glanced at my phone and found it was just after 7:30--their opening time. I tugged at the door and achieved nothing. I looked at the redone hours sign--summer opening has been pushed back to 8:30. I cut back into an alley behind the building because I could save a couple of minutes in making the last of my walk, which was now becoming a run, to campus where I was planning to do my crap in the first building I would come to and that's the student union. Interestingly, I cut through the parking lot of an apartment complex. On the ground under a group of dumpsters topped off with trash were three toilets just sitting on the concrete, waiting to be picked up and taken to the dump. I looked all around me and there was no one. I knew I only had a few seconds. I quickly undid my belt, yanked my red thong down to mid-thigh and seated myself. It was a fast one and 1 blast spattered into the waterless toilet. I was done, up and presentable within 20 seconds or so. Amazingly, the tank had cradled my backpack and I continued the walk to campus. A couple of minutes were lost when I stopped in the student union to wipe myself but after 4 slow wipes I was confident that I was clean. In the meeting room before things started I texted Adam that I hoped he enjoyed his ride to work in my car and I told him he owed me.

Little Mandi
Hey all,
Hows everyone? I really haven't been pooping good. I can go days without going. I mean I dont really like pooping cause im really shy about it but my stomach feels so much better and less bloated after I go. Sometimes when I go I don't even feel finished but I cant get more out. What foods should I eat to help me get more regular? My one friend suggested probiotics but I never used them before. I was also considering a cleanse for a cleanout has anyone on here ever done a cleanse before?


Today I was out for a bikeride with my friend Danielle and a couple of our friends. We went to a new cafe in our neighbourhood and had some sweet stuff and coffee. On the ride home I kinda felt like I needed a poo and when we got to our house it was pretty urgent. As we put our bikes away Danielle was crossing he legs and was like "omg, good we are home, I really need to go" and then I told her that I needed to go too. We got into the house and Danielle was like "wanna go first? I really need to take a dump". I said that I did too and told her to go ahead. I had to go badly but felt that I could hold it for a bit. I went to watch tv while waiting for Danielle to do her business in our bathroom. After about five minutes she was out and yelled "I'm done, sorry it stinks in there!". In the bathroom, the bowl was all clean because I think Danielle used the brush, but from the smell she must have really bombed the toilet, for sure. I pushed up my white summer dress, pulled down my string and plopped my bum on the seat which was still warm from Danielle's butt. I peed and did a small fart. Then I got one of the magazines we keep on the toilet tank and started to read. I leaned forward and pushed and my first turd dropped from my backdoor. It was really long and when it splashed into the bowl I let out a huge sigh of relief and also quite a loud fart that echoed in the bowl. I already felt much lighter but I knew I had more to come out. So I kept reading and after a couple minutes I pushed out another, shorter poo and some more farts. Then I had a bunch of smaller, softer poops that plopped into the toilet rapidly and then I felt I was all done. From Danielle's and my dump our poor litte bathroom smelt really aweful and I kinda half got up to open the window a bit. I think I mentioned this before, but in our house with four girls Danielle and I are the ones who almost always stink up the bathroom with our number twos. We have a new roommate, Gracie, and I never noticed more than a faint poop smell after she used the bathroom. Anway, I ripped of some paper and wiped my front and then my backdoor. It was really messy and I had to not only wipe my hole but also needed to clean up my bumcheeks a bit. So I ended up using a ton of paper. Finally I was done and I pulled up my string and had a look at the toilet. There was so much poo in there and lots and lots of dirty tp. I flushed and was so happy it all went down. I used the brush, flushed again and then washed my hands. I felt so much lighter and then went to have a nap in my room. That's all for today!

to Natalie: That was such a good story from your summer camp. I felt bad for Taryn though and that she had nothing to wipe with. I hope you have a great trip overseas, how exciting!

to Anna from Austria: At my school girls don't wear a lot of perfume, I never do. But I have totally noticed it in clubs and at weddings when women there have to do number twos. A couple weeks ago I was out clubbing and I needed to go and there was a really strong poo and perfume smell in my stall when I was done.

Trucker Girl

Some stories and unflushed toilet sightings

I was in a coffee shop and I saw these two women waiting for the bathroom. There was a brunette who had glasses and a blonde. They waited for a few minutes then the brunette went in. She stayed in the bathroom for a long time, probably 15 or 20 minutes. I normally would have left by then but I was waiting for another job to come in, and needed to take a dump myself. After the brunette came out the blonde went it, she was in for about 10 minutes. She came out and I went in. I was hoping for a clogged toilet but the toilet had just some small skids in it around the hole. The bathroom had a slight but not strong poo smell too. I sat down and pulled my jeans and panties past my knees. I peed for quite sometime while letting my anus relax. I could feel a poo at the backdoor. I pushed a bit and it started coming out. I looked and my poo was smooth, five inches long, normal width, and a light medium shade of brown. I left without flushing.

There was a time where I was driving and I felt very gassy so I started letting off farts in the truck. I farted a lot and they all smelled pretty bad. I could tell that the more I farted the more a poo was moving into place to come out. I got to a gas station in the middle of nowhere and headed for the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and farted some more. I started pushing and could tell instantly that I was constipated. I pushed harder and harder and a very hard shit started coming out. I pushed more and it hurt but felt great getting it out. It then suddenly splashed into the bowl. Often when I'm having a hard time the poo gets easier on the end half but this one stayed the same. I looked and it was dark brown, knobbly, it looked only about three inches but was about two and a half inches thick. No wonder it was hard to get out! I sat back down and let out more farts. I didn't feel emptied out but I knew it would be awhile for the urge to come back. So I wiped and left without flushing. When I got back to the truck it still smelled like farts but I didn't have anymore gas. I then reached a city and saw a diner right on the edge of town. I went in an ordered. While I waited the urge to go came back. I didn't want the food to get cold so I waited until after I ate. Now the urge was gone. I went to the bathroom anyways hoping it would come back. There was four stalls. I took the second stall and peed. Someone came in and took the last one. While peeing someone took the third. I peeked under the divider and I could see a bright pink thong around a girl's ankles. The girl in the last stall flushed and left but the girl beside me stayed after peeing. She was silent for a few minutes so I was wondering if she was waiting for me to leave. I tried to see if I had more farts in me so I pushed and a loud fart erupted out. Now that she wasn't the only one pooping I could hear a series off small quiet puffs of gas come from her. I started getting my urge back so I started pushing and it was hard again. The girl then started having a poo with some very loud crackling noises. It was probably soft but still held a shape. It probably felt good for her to finally let it out after waiting on the toilet for so long. Her shit smelled like rotten eggs and it instantly filled the bathroom. My shit started accelerating at a rapid pace and felt amazing. Then it finished with a loud long zipper fart. I looked and the poo started off the same as my one earlier that day, but then two thirds of it was much lighter and smoother and narrowed to a small point. The shit was about six inches long. I held off on wiping so I could maybe look in her stall and see any skids. She pooped some more then she wiped for a long time. A girl came in and peed in the first stall while she wiped. I stated wiping after she flushed. I left my stall without flushing. I saw a glimpse of the girl as she left the bathroom and she was a blonde girl that was very tall. I looked in her stall and it was full of skids! Lots of them! I washed my hands and left with my stomach feeling much better.

There have been a lot of times where I went to a bathroom to go pee and found an unflushed toilet. These spottings aren't enough content for a full post because there is no story tied to them, especially because I went to just go pee and didn't take a dump on top of it. But here is some descriptions of some of the ones I've seen. I always take pictures with my phone!

#1 It was a nice bathroom in a nice store. There was a poo in the bowl that looked to be five inches and normal width and color. I noticed there was no tp in the bowl, then looked and there was none in the stall. Someone's panties are ruined!
#2 A dark brown poo that was hefty looking and destroyed the toilet it was in. It was really thick and about seven inches long. The poo was well above the very low waterline and there was paper in the bowl. It looked like they tried flushing the thing. The smell was very strong.
#3 A pile of diarrhea that looked like chili all on the front end of the toilet bowl. It was mostly out of the water and smelled horrible. I don't know why they didn't flush it.
#4 One long thin skinny light colored poo that coiled around the bowl. It looked like it was 11 inches which is crazy. It looked very waterlogged like it had been there for a few days.
#5 A normal average poo but there was no toilet paper in the stall and it looked like the previous user used receipts to wipe with. Ironically one said toilet paper on it.


Girlfriend never poops????

So it's been months since I posted last and in that time I have started dating a girl and we have been together for 3 months almost and have gotten serious quickly. She's spent the night at my house and I've spenot the night at her house (we never had sex or anything, we are only 16)

And we spent a lot of time together. I've aknowledged that I poop before but she never has. She was at my house recently for over 24 hours and I don't think she ever pooped, she's either super sneaky about it or she didn't poop at my house at all but I never noticed her being in any discomfort from holding it in. I've also stayed at her house and I've pooped, I actually totally blew up her bathroom once with diarrhea because I ate something wrong and luckily she didn't find out haha. But even when we are at her house she never stays in the bathroom for longer than a couple minutes. Do you think she is umcomfortanble popping when I'm around or what? Or she is just really great at hiding it? I'm honestly super curious to how she hides it so well? If you guys do think she hides it, how does she do it?


Pool Party

I was at my friend Katie's pool party yesterday. I jumped in the pool and played with my friends, and then we went to get some lunch. It looked really good and I was really hungry. I had 4 hot dogs, 3 burgers, most of the chips, and 5 cookies.

We went back in the pool and played for a while. Then it was cake time. The cake was so good and I had 9 slices. After that, I began to feel a little sick and knew I would need the toilet. But I was having so much fun and I didn't want to be embarrased, so I waited. A while later, I decided it was time to go to the toilet. I couldn't hold it any longer. I was walking to the bathroom when Katie's 2 year old sister ran off. Katie's mom asked me to watch the food on the grill for a moment while she chased Katie's sister. I was really bursting now. I had to hold my hands over my bumcheeks to prevent it from all coming out. Katie's mom finally came back, and I ran to the bathroom. There were 2 stalls, and they were both full... I was able to see through the cracks, and 1 person was on her phone, not pooping at all. The other seemed to be constipated. My need was much more urgent than theirs. I waited for a few minutes, but they did not leave. Eventually, I said "I am really bursting, could one of you please let me go?" They finally left, and I dashed into the stall. I threw myself on the toilet. It all came out of my bum with a huge PLOP. Then diarrhea started coming out if my bumhole. 20 minutes later, I was still stuck on the toilet with diarrhea. Somebody came into the bathroom. I realized it was Charlotte, a girl I has just met at the party. If she recognized me, it would be so embarrasing! She didn't seem to nitice that I was in the stall, and opened the door! I had forgotten to lock it! She saw me and we both turned red. She said 'sorry, I need a poo also, and I didn't notice you! She closed the door and took the other stall. I heard her pee, and then there was a grunt, crackle, and then a plop. We chatted for a while, and both finushed at the same time. I tried to flush but nothing happened. I left the stall and washed my hands. Charlotte did the same, but her toilet flushed. We went back to the pool and had a great time.

Hope you enjoyed,

I thought maybe talking about it would make it a little easier to cope with, so here I go, I guess.

I'm a waitress at Applebee's, we typically don't get that many breaks, but it's also not half as busy as yesterday was. It was completely packed, and we were understaffed to the point where they gave us the work of two people. I realized I had to pee kinda badly, so I asked my coworker to cover me while I went to the bathroom, but she told me we didn't have time for this yet and to ask in an hour. I waited another hour, I watched the clock the whole time, and at this point I had to go so bad it hurt. I was taking the order from the kitchen, and I barely got the food on the table before it started coming out. I just stopped caring and ran for the bathroom, they can fire me if they want. I get close to the door, and I couldn't hold it. I completely wet my pants.

I spent maybe 20 minutes in there trying to clean up so I can salvage at least some of my dignity. When I finished, I told my coworker I didn't make it to the bathroom, and she told me she'd tell our general manager. I've been using vacation time since, I'm debating whether or not I even want to work there anymore.



To Natalie : Seems you felt relieved after doing those long poops. Wow didn't know we were of the same age. Glad to know that. Have a nice day and happy pooping.

That's all for now guys....stay safe and happy pooping

Your Friend

ps: Love

That's a


Trouble with the flu,

Hi, my names Tab! This is my first time writing a story but I've been reading some for a little while now. Speaking as someone with a history of potty failures, it's comforting to see that so many people have embarrassing stories to tell. Mines no exception.

A little bit about me, I'm a 29 year old receptionist at our local dentist here in Pennsylvania. I'm a tad smaller then most other woman I know, I have shoulder-length brunette hair and pale skin. I've been happily married to my husband Ike for nearly five years now. I can't imagine being married to anyone else.

This story starts one night is summer. Me and Ike were getting dressed for bed while discussing our days and joking around. Ike's really, really funny, I've been trying to convince him to break out into comedy. As he was talking, I felt a slight unrest in my stomach, a slight churn. I was worried I had an upset stomach as I had two days off from work and I wanted to relax. Me and Ike got into bed, I was wearing a night vest and underwear. I snuggled up to him and drifted off, thinking I'd feel better in the morning and it was just gas.

It was about one in the morning when I was tossing and turning due to weird, incoherent dreams. Suddenly, I woke up in cold sweat. There was now a loud rumbling in my stomach and I started to feel really sick. I sat up and put my feet to the floor. I sat for a few seconds sweating and breathing loudly as I quite disorientated. Suddenly, it was like something dropped and I felt mass pressure on my rear-end. I jolted with a gasp and hunched over with my breasts to my knees, putting both hands on my butt to contain any accident. I started to sprint down stairs to the toilet. I was whimpering and muttering under my breath as my stomach was extremely uneasy. I got into the bathroom, stumbled to close the door behind me and lift up the toilet seat. I had trouble as I was desperate and thought I wasn't going to make it. I ripped down my undies and sat on the toilet. A squirt of diarrhea poured out of me uncontrollable before I couldn't hold it anymore and I let some of the most watery and explosive diarrhea of my life. I didn't want to wake Ike but I couldn't help it. My night vest was soaked from the sweat already. There was a loud, continuous fart that echoed through the room as I shit my brains out. I was constantly moaning and farting, my head spinning due to the sheer force it was leaving my butt. My feet left the floor as my hands griped the seat and I threw my head back in pain. The first wave was a constant flow of liquid poop. I was on the toilet for the next hour and a half and had about four more waves of the runs.

Midway though, however, I couldn't fight a feeling I had in my gut anymore and I did a 180 degree spin and vomited into the bowl. It was disgusting, all the sides of the toilet were painted this horrid light brown. I would have gaged from the smell but I was too busy throwing up. It stopped for a second, just long enough for me to realise then I needed to shit again. I panicked and started muttering "Oh God, oh God". I grabbed the waste bin and sat myself down on the toilet again. I wasn't on there for two seconds before unloading. My stomach then gave out and I vomited into the trash can. It was coming out both ends with tremendous force! After I was done, I wasted. I didn't even bother wiping and just got straight into the shower. I went into the kitchen and drank some water before removing my night vest and curling up on the couch in just my undies with a blanket. I didn't want to have an accident in bed. Although I knew Ike would be supportive as this isn't the first time I've had stomach problems, it was nice to be closer to the bathroom. I watched TV until I fell asleep.

Ike gently woke me up in the morning and asked if I was alright and I mentioned what happened in the night. He gave me a hug and mentioned that he thought I looked a little unwell before we went to bed. He said it was probably the flu and I was inclined to believe him. Some friends of mine where off sick due to a rather mean stomach flu that had been going around. Ike got me some water and kissed me on the head (couldn't risk him getting sick as well). He said he'd bring back some anti-diarrheal medicine on his way home from work, he's a policeman. I thanked him and went back to watching TV. About two hours later my, stomach really began to bother me. All of a sudden to really started to force at my cheeks. I groaned in pain and shot up from my seat, one hand on my butt and one on my stomach. Diarrhea was forcing itself out of my ass profusely! I was still topless by the way. Liquid poop was pouring down my legs but luckily I was able to get to the toilet in time before there was any serious mess. A fountain of diarrhea leaked out of me and I started farting like a boat engine. I even got a little teary eyed from the cramps. I wrapped both arms around my stomach and hunched over, just trying to get it all out of me.

After I was done, I realised my underwear was ruined. It was my favourite pare, the stripy blue and white one. Nevermind, I though. I got back into the shower again. The warm water was a welcomed relief. About five minutes in, however, I felt the urge again and felt maybe I got off the toilet too soon. I had a mini panic and was about to get out, but I didn't want to drench the floor with water. I was going to anyway but then instinct took over and I quickly knelt. Diarrhea blasted out my rear and I started heavily breathing again. I cradled my knees and let go more and more gunk into the drain end of the bath (we have a lovely shower bath). I wasn't in too much distress as the water was still nice and warm, but I was worried that I'd clog the drain. After I was done I looked back and luckily my poop was pure liquid and was washed away. I gave out a sigh of relief and just stayed crouched there for a while. I had two more attacks that day before it started to subside. I even told Ike I might be ok for tomorrow as I didn't want to lounge around all day.

The next day, I felt a bit better and was adamant to get some supplies from town. Ike asked if I wanted him to do it as he was home all day. I said he's been working hard enough and to relax, I needed to get out anyway. I was in a store looking for some light bulbs when it hit me again. Less severe then before but still quite bad. I put my hand on my stomach and decided to look for a toilet. I asked at the till and they said there's was out of order and the closest one was the one in the subway. I thanked her and made my way out of the store.



To Brandon t: I'm glad you appreciate the story! I enjoy being able to share these things and get positive feedback!

To jake: whoops! It looked like your email got removed. If you read the FAQ's it says that emails and links are automatically removed from posts. I really do wish I could contact some of you guys, but I there doesn't seem to be anyway to do so without violating the rules of the website. After all, I wouldn't want anyone creepy to find out my address or other personal info. Anyways jake, I try to respond to all messages to me on this website, so if you have any questions or want to talk then we can do it here!

To Gerald: thanks for reading! I'm sorry that it's so long!

To Anna: thank you! I enjoy your stories as well! I have some stories about the gym as well that I might post later.

I am about to describe my poop, so squeamish readers beware. I had to go very badly, but I was on a walk with my dog and it took me a while to get back home. When I finally got home, I ripped my shorts down and threw myself onto my toilet. I just now made on of the longest poops I've ever seen. It came out very quickly and effortlessly, and it coiled around the bowl two or three times, all in on solid peice! I had to flush twice to make it go down!

Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Europe. Whenever I travel with friends, there are bound to be stories about poop and pee. I'll let you guys know what happens during my trip :)

to jb: big hard turds

jb 3 days isn't long enough. try going a whole week week without pooing!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Soccer Guy

Going in the grass behind the soccer field

When I was was a freshman in highschool I played on my schools soccer team, I wasn't that good so I usually never went in unless we were winning.(or losing really bad) So I was sitting on the bench and the coach informed me that I would be subbing in during the second half. I had gotten a pretty strong urge to poop and I knew there was no way in hell I could run around on the field like that. So I decided to hop the fence right behind the bench and go down into the tall grass behind the field, the actual potapotty was super far away by the road, but we always would just pee right in the grass. I went pretty deep into the grass so noone would see me and popped a squat, I instantly let out a huge fart and to my surprise felt a lot better. I turned around to look and there was a huge log on the ground, it must have slid out during the fart and I didn't even notice! That's how desperate I was to go apparently. I tried to wipe best I could with the grass and went back to the game and played. After I got home I found some skid marks in my underwear, but to this day I don't think anyone knew I went to take a shit.


Summer camp PART 2

Hey guys! Here's camp part two. Some parts might not make sense, so make sure you also scroll down to read part one first!! Anyways, I left off describing my first day of camp. I did not poop that day, but it was not unusual because I usually only poop every other day. I did pee a couple of times in the stalls back at the bunk house, but I usually hovered about an inch over the toilet and made it quick, as privacy was limited. I few times, I saw some peeking eyes in the cracks by the doors. During the first night when I was brushing my teeth. I did spot someone in the stall who may have been taking a poop. I didn't hear any poop sounds, but she was just sitting there and I did not hear any pee. Day two at the lake, I visited the bathrooms again. None of us had swimsuits on that day because the weather had a risk of lightning. I was hanging out with Taryn and she asked me if I wanted to go pee with her. Taryn is pretty short, about 5'4, has a small but rounded bottom, brown hair, and two small but perky breasts (probably b cup). Taryn has a really sassy attitude all the time but I love her. She and I left our friends and crossed to the bathroom building. She said she hasn't used them yet and asked me if the bathrooms were gross. I said that they weren't too bad. Taryn said, "okay" and went into the bathroom next to mine. I locked my latch and heard hers lock as well. I quickly pulled my shorts down, wiped down the seat, plopped my butt down, and let a stream of pee go. As I did this, I slowly leaned backwards to see into taryns stall. She had pulled her shorts and panties down to her mid thigh, and was squatting above the toilet. The way she squated was almost half standing, about 10 inches above the toilet. I saw her cute pale bottom as she began to pee into the toilet from the hovering position. While she peed, a lot of pee splattered onto the seat and even onto the floor, but I don't think any got on her pants. As her pee slowed to a halt, I ducked forward so she couldn't see me, and got some toilet paper to wiped. We both wiped and exited the stalls about the same time. She smiled at me and we began to walk back to our friends. I noticed a small wet spot on her shoe, and I think it may have been pee.

Later that evening we had just eaten dinner and were just hanging out in the bunk rooms. Me and Taryn were just chatting about boys as usual when she clutched her stomach. The dialogue went like this.
Taryn: ugh
Me: what's wrong?
Taryn: I think I'm gonna have to shit soon. I feel so heavy
Me: (laughing) sorry t. It's life.
Taryn: I don't want to go here.

I did feel bad for her, as the bathrooms here were nasty. I encouraged her not to hold it as it is unhealthy. She said, "the feeling goes away if I ignore it for a while." I decided not to argue with her and I let her hold in her poop. That night in the showers, someone ripped a loud, echoing fart in the shower stall next to me. I timed it so we got out the shower at the same time so I could see who it was. It was a girl in the grade below me named Caroline. It was my second day without pooping, and I sill didn't worry that much. I didn't feel constipated or anything. I peed and then went to bed without any more incidents.

Day three of camp is where it gets good. After lunch we were all at the lake. We swam in the lake for about an hour, but then went to hang out on the shore. after we dried out, taryn and I slipped our regular clothes over our swimsuits. I had been having some boy trouble. A boy who claimed to have liked me was flirting with another girl, and me and Taryn were talking about it. We went one a trail through the woods away from the lake so we could talk in private. We were about two miles out when taryn stopped. She said "I need to poop". I said, "let's head back to the lake them". She grimaced and said, "I don't think I can make it back. At that, she began to walk off of the trail and into the woods. We walked for about 30 seconds until we got to a small clearing. She laughed and said "oh god this going to be gross". I'm glad she had a joking attitude about it. It made it less awkward for me. She hobbled over to a fallen tree that was laying on the ground. She pulled down her pants, and I was expecting to see her take off her swimsuit. The thought of taryn naked in the woods sitting on a log was funny to me. However, she sat down on the log, without taking her swimsuit off, and hung her bottom over the back edge of the log. She reached behind her and pulled the back of her swimsuit to the side. She was facing me, so I couldn't quite see behind her, but I'm assuming she uncovered her butt completely. I was laughing pretty hard at her, and she was also giggling as she began to grunt. She laughed and grunted some obscene language and I heard a crackling noise coming from behind her. From behind her the BIGGEST poop I have ever seen slowly lowered to the ground, and it slowly edged out as taryn grunted and her face turned red. The poop looked like it was the width of a fist, and I imagine it majorly stretched her anus to get it out. Still holding her swimsuit back, she turned behind her to look at her creation. "Oh god, there's more.", she said. Immediately, some longer and smaller poop fell from her bottom and to the ground in long turds. I was jealous that she could poop so much even though I hadn't pooped all week. I said, "I think I'm going to try to go too." I also pulled down my pants and then sat next to her. I then pulled my swimsuit to the side, just like she had. From here, I had a better view of taryns poop coming out. A few more candy bar sized poops came out of Taryn, at a pretty quick speed, and Taryn grunted some more. I also heard a quiet fart from her. Taryn's butt cheeks aren't that large, so her farts tend to be very quiet. I looked down, and Taryn had a MASSIVE pile of poop underneath her, I was surprised that could all come from such a small girl. I began to concentrate on my own poop, and I tried squeezing as hard as I could. I did this for about ten seconds, but I didn't feel anything coming down the tunnel. Taryn began to pee. I think some of it went into her swimsuit, because she let out a little squeal and pulled her swimsuit back a little more. I laughed. I began to pee too, but I just couldn't seem to get any poop out. I went ahead and stood, let my swimsuit snap back into place, and pulled my pants up. Taryn pooped a little more, this poop was a little softer. She gave a final grunt and then looked up at me. She asked me to find her something to wipe with. I looked around, but didn't see anything suitable. Taryn picked up a large stick that was next to her, and tried to rub it beneath her butt cheeks, obviously it wasn't working, and we both started laughing hysterically. She said another bad word, and then said she was just going to use her sock, I watched her remove her shoe with one hand, then her bright pink sock, and then hold it back against her butthole. After she wiped the first time, the sock was pretty messy, so she wiped a few more times with different sides of the sock and then threw it into the trees. She then stood, snapped her swimsuit back into place, and pulled her shorts up. Then, she turned around and looked at what she had pooped. "Holy shit.", she said. I came over to look. It was the second most poop I've ever seen in my entire life. So much poop. I said, "take a picture of it!". Taryn said, "no way!", so I pulled out my phone and took a picture of it. She tried to grab the phone from me, but I put it back in my pocket. Taryn said "don't you EVER show that to anyone or I'll kill you!!!". After that, Taryn and I continued to walk and talk like nothing had ever happened, Taryn with one sock on.
That night before bed, when I went pee, I tried to squeeze out a poo, and I was able to get a very small turd. Maybe the size of a quarter, but still not much. I went to take a shower. Don't judge me on this, it was a little weird. While I was in the shower, I put my finger into my bottom to see if I could feel any poop coming. I could not. I finished showering and went to bed. I fell fast asleep because it had been a long day.

It was now Day four out of six. In the morning while I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I did hear a few plops from someone in the stall. However, they spent a long time in there and I had to leave before I could see who it was. Later at the lake, I was playing volleyball with my friends, taryn, Taylor, Olivia, and Rachael. Soon we all took a break, and I excused myself to the bathroom. It was just a pee, although I did feel very heavy from not having pooped in so long. I was actually kind of disappointed in myself, as usually I am a pretty open pooper. I guess the nerves of camp were getting to me. Anyway, I went into the stall and I took off my swimsuit entirely. I didn't want to worry about stretching it out. I sat down and leaned back to check the stalls next one me. In the one on my left, someone was just wiping up and leaving. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, because I could only see paper being thrown into the toilet. After a couple of seconds though, someone came into the stall to my right. I heard some rustling, and assumed they must have been taking off their swimsuit. I peeked into their stall, and I watched a ????, pale bottom plop down onto the toilet. I saw some long blonde hair, but I couldn't quite recognize which girl it was. She sat very far back on the toilet and didn't lean forward that much. I could only see the top of her butt crack and the side of her butt and leg. She immediately began a pee, which lasted for about 30 seconds. Then, I heard some thuds as a few poops hit the side of the porcelain toilet. There was some very soft grunting, and I heard about two more plops. The girl then reached back for some toilet paper, so once again I leaned forward so I wouldn't be seen. I went ahead and finished my pee, wiped, and then left to go join my friends again.

Later that night, while sitting around a campfire and singing, I felt the urge to poop hit me. When I made sure no one was looking, I snuck away from the group. I felt the urge pretty strongly, so I debated whether or not I should poop in the woods or make it back to the bunk house. I remembered that there were some boys playing hide and seek tag in the woods, and to be caught by one of them would be beyond embarrassing. I decided to suck it up and trudge back to the bunkhouse. After all, if my poop waited this long, it can wait another 6 or 7 minutes. When I finally made it back, the bathroom was empty. I decided to put some toilet paper down on the seat, because the bathroom grossed me out a bit. I pulled my shorts down, sat down and pushed. Once again, nothing came out I sat there for what felt like ten minutes, and still nothing. Finally, I got tired of it. I took my shorts all the way, off climbed on top of the toilet seat, and squatted. I read online that the position helped push poop out. I also pushed on my stomach slightly. Then, I felt the tip of a poop began to emerge. It felt very hard and hurt little bit. The poop was very stubborn and it probably took two minutes just for that one log to finally come out. But once it did, it felt like the floodgates had been opened. I sat back onto the toilet in a regular position, and a solid poop about 10 inches long came out. I sat there and pooped for probably 30 minutes after that. Wave after wave of solid poop came out of my bottom. It made my stomach hurt. After I was sure that I was done, I began to wipe. Because the poop was pretty hard, it wasn't that messy. as I was wiping, I heard a loud group of girls enter the bunkhouse. They must have been done with the campfire. I turned to flush, but the toilet was almost FULL of poop. The bowl filed with water, but the poop did not move. In panic, I quickly fled the stall and went into our room so no one would suspect me of the crime. I felt better and more full of energy now, so I went and joined my friends we chatted and hung out before going to bed.

Day five was the last full day. I peed before leaving to go to the lake, so I didn't have to go while I was there. I did hear an interesting story about some girls who accidentally ran into two guys while they were peeing in the woods. The guys must have been too lazy to get far enough off the trail. Luckily the guys had their backs turned. Later that night, I peed again. I still felt empty from my poop the night before, and I felt like it'd be a while before my next poop. I probably had the most fun that night. My friends and I played tag in the woods for almost an hour. Because of all the running, I drank a ton of water. Later that night, after everyone was getting into bed, I went to have another pee. As I passed one of the stalls, I heard some grunting and plopping from inside, I caught a glimpse through the crack and I saw my friend Taryn on the toilet. :) I was so proud of her for pooping in that bathroom. Her bottom was down on the seat and everything. I went into my own stall and had a quick pee, and then got into bed. Taryn came out of the bathroom and got into her bunk about 10 minutes later.

The next morning was the last day of camp. I felt like I needed to poop when I woke up, so I went into the bathroom and sat down. I let out about two or three small poops, and I felt done. I wiped and then went to pack my things up. On the bus ride home, I sat next to Taryn. It was a charter bus with a bathroom in the back, but only one or two people used it, and I don't think they pooped. Taryn said, "I can't wait to be back home so I can use my own bathroom". I just rolled my eyes at her. I also never mentioned seeing her on the toilet the night before.

Anyways, I have so many more stories that I want to share, a few of them happened this week. I'll post when possible :))))

To Gerald: I'm glad you like my story!!! Sorry that it's so long!

Question: I understand that my Story was insanely long. Do you guys like the length? Good? Bad? Shorter? Longer? Should it stay the same?



I was constipated for a really long time, about 2 weeks. I tried to have a poo every day, but nothing happened. I tried a bunch of different brands of suppositories and laxitives, but nothing. I was in constant pain and could barely sit down. I was at a birthday party one day, trying to enjoy the food, when the urge hit me. I almost doubled over. I wasn't sure I could walk another step without pooping my panties. I somehow managed to get to the bathroom. I closed the door (it had no lock) and pushed. I finly managed to get this 2 weeks worth of poop out of my body. I felt so relieved, byt then I realized my mistakes... First of all, I had forgotten to flush midway, and the toilet was so full. I couldn't see the water. Second, I had been in there for 45 minutes, and my friends could easily hear my plops and grunts throgh the wall. I managed to sneak out of the bathroom unseen, but when the other girls saw me, I was the butt of their jokes for a long time (pun intended). They eventually forgot about it, but I didn't.

Hope you enjoyed this story!

♥, Morgan

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story.

To: Natalie great story it sounds like you had fun time.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had great poops.

To: Mina I look forward to your story about you and your friends.

Well that all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Nick (from Canada)

Responses to various questions

Hi all,
Again, it's been awhile since I posted but I have been reading the posts. I saw Steve A.'s question about having to pee during graduation ceremonies. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. It wasn't a concern for me because I have had a big bladder as long as I can remember--during the day, anyway. I go when I get up and if I have to pee once between waking up and going to bed, I am not surprised. Yesterday, I went when I got up around 2:30 p.m. (it was a late night prior) and after a few cans of Coke, an energy drink, a couple glasses of water and a couple whiskey and gingers, I didn't need to go until about 3 a.m. when I was getting ready for bed. When going out with friends, I am the one standing around outside the washrooms waiting for them to pee. Unless I have to have a bowel movement and I try to avoid public washrooms for those, I rarely ever see the inside of public washrooms.
Yet, during the night, it's uncommon for me to sleep all the way through the night without having to get up at least once or twice. Some nights, I will be up every couple hours. Don't go all day but once I go to bed, I'm peeing like a kid...
Due to the amount of pain killers I'm on, constipation is a common occurrence. If everything is working right, including the Senokot I take to get things moving, I will go once a day--usually after my big meal of the day (sometimes that's lunch; other times it's supper). But if not, two or three days can pass. I have had to resort to Ducolax on a couple occasions because otherwise there's no way to pass it without pushing and straining. I won't do that as I learned the hard way that can lead to hemmroid. Nobody wants to deal with those, trust me. On the other hand, because I won't strain, it means some days I could be on the throne for half an hour to 45 minutes. (One good reason to always have reading material available.) Depending what the movement is like, there could be a lot of swear words leaving my mouth. (One reason I try to avoid public washrooms for a dump. Nobody wants to hear the guy beside them screaming like he's about to give birth..😆) Needles to say, I have been known to clog the toilet fairly regularly. Thank heavens for plungers and Lysol products for cleaning up afterwards.
When I was younger--before my accident, essentially as that has aged me physically--it wasn't uncommon for me to shit two or three times a day. I was quite regular. Never had to deal with constipation. When I was a teenager back in the 1980s, a friend and I often shit in front of one another when his parents weren't home. We'd also walk around the house naked in front of each other. If one of us had to shit, they'd just sit on the toilet with the door open as you had a clear view of the TV from there. Neither of us ever thought about it. But we never had a buddy dump; the best we had was one after the other so someone always got a warm seat, which admittedly felt good. In my early adult life, a friend and I had a similar pooping schedule so when camping or going away for the day, everybody else would be waiting for us sitting side by side on the washrooms. But since then, there haven't been many buddy dumps because my schedule is no consistent with his any longer. Although, a couple months ago a friend and neighbour of mine were at a conference out of town and we were heading up to the washroom before heading out for dinner. Neither of us had said what we had to do but we both had to end up having a dump in a two-seater washroom. It's a good thing I can take it as well as dish it out because all he did was make dry cracks about the amount and noisiness of my farts. If I am bunged up, I tend to pass a lot of gas. So while I am sitting in the adjourning stall passing a lot of gas, Scott's just shitting like there's no tomorrow (and this was apparently his second time in there that day) and making cracks about how that can't be good for the poor toilet or me or how I was going to blow the toilet apart. It turns out that I wasted 20 minutes just farting and nothing else that time. I would end up having to go up to the washroom again after dinner. And one time when I was at home letting go on my own toilet, Scott called to let me know he could hear me through the cinder block wall of my bathroom to the lobby. He was laughing as if it's funny. Afterwards, I can usually laugh about it but when you're sitting there for 20 - 30 minutes just farting, it seems like a colossal waste of time. But I never know if that's going to be the time things start moving.
Despite the cracks from Scott that time, I miss those buddy dumps. So if I get a chance, I like to take it. It always feels good to let loose on the toilet while your friend is in the next stall doing the same.
Keep posting. I do enjoy reading the posts even if I don't post as often.

Anna from Austria
At first I want to say sorry for the spelling errors in my last post. I won't post from cell phone again.

OK now to my new story. Yesterday i visited a new Cafe and after having 2 cups of coffee my bottom signalized to head to ladies room.

So i went to ladies room. It was only a small bath room with only two stalls. I took on stall, locked bath room door, and pulled down my pants and panties.

I sat down on toilet and started to pee. While i was peeing another lady entered the toilet. She entered the second stall and looked the door.

I could not really see her well, because the gaps at the bottom of the toilet door where only small, but she smelled heavily of perfume.

At first I wanted to wait til the under lady left with my Number 2, but as usually coffee makes me poo really fast, i could not hold it. At first I was doing a brrrrrrt like fart and then my first log started to come out. The lady in the other stall was peeing, and during she peed she did a lot fart as well, and her own log started to come of. It splashed really loud into the bowl. I did some more farts and my second log. The other lady did one more as well.

Then I was finished and starting to wipe. In the meantime the bathroom was really smelling bad. The poo smell of both us, mixed with the perfume smell of the lady, was really strong.

After wiping i flushed, washed my hands, anf left toilet. The other lady stayed at her stall. I do not now if she was not finished or if she was just embarrassed to meet my at the sinks.

On the way to my table I heard the door of the ladies room opening, and i carefully took a look at the person coming out the toilet. I have to admit i was a bit curious who my neighbor with the strong parfume smell was.

It was a blond lady, in her late 20s or early 30s wearing a business costume.

I went back to my table to pay and left the cafe.

I hope you liked my last story.

A question to the ladies: have you noticed it once that your own perfume smell or the perfume smell of another lady was so strong, that it was "mixed" with the poop smell being at the ladies room?

Until yesterday I have never experienced such thing.

greetings from Austria




To Ashley G : Nice story
To Natalie : Great story. Looking forward to read the part 2. :)
To Hank : Nice story

Thats all for now. Have a nice day and happy pooping everyone

Your Friend

Last night I went to a party and I had a few drinks and pigged out on tons of bad food. So this morning I felt really guilty and headed to the gym for a run on the treadmill. Two other girls were also running in my area, a tall and chubby brunette and a short, curvy blonde who was maybe a bit older than me. Turned out we all needed to poop after our workouts.

When I was done with my run, I was all sweaty and I also needed to do both things pretty urgently. I just picked up my phone from my locker and then headed straight to the bathroom. The tall girl who had also been running was already wrapped in a towel but instead of the showers she went to the bathroom, and the blonde was following too. Luckily all three stalls were empty. The blonde took the first, I took the last and the brunette went inte the middle cubicle. I locked the door, pulled down my sweaty, clingy yoga pants and my pink string and plopped my ???? bum on the seat. I could hear the other girls pulling down their pants as well and then their butts hitting the seats. We all peed and my neighbour, the tall chubby girl let a pretty big fart slip out while she did. That's when I figured that she was probably on the toilet for a number two as well. I was right, cause after we had all finished our pees, there was a short silence and then I could hear her grunting and then a turd started crackling from her backdoor. At the same time, my first poo was coming out, too. It was wide and really stretched my bumhole. After about half a minute or so it splashed into the bowl and then right away another turd slipped out. I could also hear a couple more big splashes from my neighbour and the blonde dropped what sounded like a ton of smaller poops. I knew I had some more to come out so I started to text some of my girlfriends and waited. Meanwhile the girl in the first cubicle wiped and then left to wash her hands. I was pushing out my next turd when the brunette all of a sudden whispered "omg" and then she blasted a loud wet poop into her bowl followed by some more poo crackling out. The whole bathroom smelled pretty horrible now from all three of us doing our business but I think the worst stink came from the chubby girl's toilet.

Luckily I felt pretty empty, so I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and backside as quickly as I could. Then I pulled up my pants, flushed, washed my hands and went back to the locker room. I undressed and then had a nice shower. I saw the brunette come in about five minutes later in her towel and she looked really relieved. That's my story from today, I hope you all liked it.

to Natalie: Hey, I think your stories are really cool. I especially liked the one from camp. But how gross that all the kids peed in the lake. Yuck.


Hey Natalie and school

Hey everyone had some time to write a quick post..

Natalie I'm the same age as you, we have the same interests and would love to talk! I'm going into my senior yr too! My email

So this week was the last days of school, all of the kids have been stressing over the finals were taking.. So the other morning we had an 11:45 final and I stopped into the bathroom to pee quick (I'm 17 and skinny) and saw that the 2 stalls were open that didn't have doors.. In a few minutes the 15 minute warning bell rang for the test and two boys rushed into the bathroom and took the doorless stalls. I heard both of them pee quick and then there was a silence until one of them let out a huge fart followed by a minute long soft poop that kept coming out. In the middle of all that the other boy exploded with diahrea.kinda gross. Anyway I stayed at the sink so I could hear them finish and left as they were wiping.i saw the bowl of the boy who had the soft dump and it was definitely filled up!

I have plenty more stories and quite a few about myself if you guys want me to share them let me know!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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