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Mall Dump

I actually wrote the below story yesterday. I typed it up on my phone then went to post when I finished pooping and saw the new extended version of the rules. I wanted to say a note to everyone here and especially the moderators so I saved my story and waited til I could write this. I started using this site when I was 7. I am now 23. My involvement and interests with this site have changed over the years, but even though this is my life long best kept secret, it has been constant. My fascination with others pooping has been a longstanding source of shame and it took me this long to realize that I've had the comfort of knowing I wasn't alone since I was a child. So thank you to all participants who have read my stories, posted as various names throughout the years because I keep my identity private. Thank you for being non-judgmental and supportive. And thank you dearly to the beloved moderators, who have worked so hard for so long to keep the page little 7-year-old me could see and relate to. I could understand the x-rated stuff now that I'm older but I'm glad it doesn't have to be that here. I'm glad I never knew if any creepy men were trying to sweat me for years on end. It seemed silly but when I read that update, I literally cried in gratitude and just never realized what kind of... shit... gets posted that needs to be weeded through, or the gall it must take to bear the psychological weight of some of the stuff described. I never had any reason to consider how important this site has been in my life, either. So thank you.

Today I'm shopping at the mall. I have to pee, so I came to the food court where there are big bathrooms and lots of women shitting and pissing. I just took my seat and pulled up my phone to write this. My pee sprayed out then continued to a dribble. I had come to pee but now I feel as though I could push out a piece or two of poop. My ass is being stretched by a very wide log of poop. It has touched the water and is still coming. Meanwhile, a neighbor has joined me on the right. She peed and I heard a distinct plop during it. She farted and let out another poop, and then pooped again. My own large piece of poop crackled and then flumped into the bowl. I also have another few poops making a little mountain in my pot. My poop has stopped and now I'm listening. I hear a few more poopers, mostly just pees. I have to poop again. My ass is opening to release six large pieces of poop. My new neighbor on the left is moaning slightly. She goes "ugh" and a flump follows. "Ugh," flump, "ugh," flump, "oh," flump, plop, then a fart. There is continued crackling in the stall on the right but no plopping of poop so I can only assume her poop is continuous. My own BM is turning into this continuous crap thing. Poop curls around my bowl, sticking out the sides making an awful stink. I had only come to pee! I have now finished taking my dump. My neighbors still have cheeks spread, as told by the groaning and plopping and crackling. I wiped four times, replaced my pants then washed my hands. I walked down the hallway and it became clear to me there was still more poop to push out. I went back to the toilets and there was now a line. Now it felt like most of them were pooping as I stood there listening to grunts, sighs and poop splashing into toilet bowls. They took ages and I became desperate. By the time a toilet opened, I was about ready to find another bathroom in the mall. I pulled my pants down and now here I am again typing. The bowl I chose was already loaded with a big load of poop, looked satisfying. I knew I would mess up the toilet but it turned me on to poop on top of another motherload. Poop is now flowing out in medium size, plopping muted by the other poop in the toilet. One comes after the other. My right neighbor in this stall has long dry farts followed by pooping five or six times, a long fart and a load of poop, alternating like that. My toilet is beyond gone and I'm stuffing it to the brim with my intestine coils. It is literally up to the brim but I'm still pooping. I'm going to have to do something. I feel guilty I ruined this toilet for another person when there is a line, but a girl's gotta poop. My right neighbor has finished... okay, I pulled up my pants and cut in front of the next woman in line, apologizing and saying it was an emergency. She went into my other stall and I heard her gasp. Neither of us knew what to say. I immediately blasted my new toilet with ropes of poop, seven, eight, nine, ten thick snakes. I flush and keep pooping. Neighbors have come and gone and I'm still pooping after starting my pee almost 50 minutes ago. My bowels have settled a bit. And I poop again. Thick poops come crawling out of my asshole, making me flush again. I know there is a line but I don't want to rush again and become desperate so I'm going to wait. Someone just came in and said, "Hey, Carly? Are you still in here?" Carly (I assume) responded, "Yeah, I'm here." The other girl said, "Are you okay?" She said, "Yes, I'm sorry, I'm just taking a super big poop. I can't seem to finish." Because I was now tuned in to the location of the voice, I could tell it was Carly who dropped a big-sounding poop right at that moment. I still felt done so I began to wipe my bum. The friend said, "Wow, was that you? It sounded like a big one. Makes me have to poop kinda." Carly said, "Janine! Don't embarass me. The other people can hear I'm--nnnh!" She didn't even finish her sentence because she had to push out another log of poop. Janine said, "Okay, I definitely feel like pooping now." I've never really seen poop work that way, the sounds stimulating someone else's poop to come out, but whatever works. The line must have dissipated, which I found to be a relief for my conscience, because Janine walked right into an empty stall. I am now fully listening to this girl. She's dropping her pants. Now she's huffing slightly, and now I hear crackling, and a poop drop into her bowl. Pee started trickling out and I heard three more plops underneath it. "Mmmm," she said in relief. Not necessarily because I was listening to poop coming out, but it seems I have another poop on it's way myself. I tried to hold it in my asshole because kind of turns me on to hold it that way but my piece of poop had its own ideas. Poop is now curling out of my butt again, dropping into the toilet with the cacophony of other dumping sounds. Good thing I stayed seated. I have filled this bowl and flushed. I am waiting a moment to see what else happens. I can hear Carly still pushing out poop. A couple little more bits come out of me, and I finally feel empty. I wiped seven times and then washed my hands and left, leaving Carly and Janine and their grunts and poop dropping. Overall a good day at the mall bathroom.


Husbands Diarrhea

My husband Ron has a very sensitive stomach couple of times my poor hubby will have sudden episode of runs, he also suffered a lot of stomachache due to so much gas that he can't expel . His flatulence is usually triggered with stress as he gets to fart uncontrollably after being stressed at work. One night he came home from work said he is so hungry as he missed his lunch due to a lot of meetings. We had a huge great dinner and while we are relaxing at the living Rom, he suddenly pressed his stomach and said he needed to poop. He was at the toilet for sometime and came out later on with his pale face. He sat beside me again and is still pressing his stomach with both hands stated " nothing came out hon but just air I guess I am constipated". I can tell that my poor hubby is having a lot of discomfort so I rubbed his stomach from back to front couple of times, I can hear it grumbling loudly, he was grimacing and suddenly stood up and let out a huge smelly fart " I think I need to sit at the toilet again, my poor hubby was rushing to the toilet . I can hear him straining so I ask if I could come in. He was sweating ice cold and straining and while i was rubbing his back he suddenly exploded prrrrt, pfffft, prrrrrtttt, unstoppable fart with mushy diarrhea came out from my poor partners stomach . He was holding my hands tight and was moaning he said " there goes your honey's upset stomach , oh I am still having stomachache but I am somehow relieved, thanks hon for your support" he told me that his stomach went bad already while he was in his office and was holding the urge to fart so bad the whole time. I felt sorry for his discomfort and gave him medicine after coming out from the toilet.


Summer Vacation Story

I'm back, I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been constipated (except for some mild diarrhea Sunday night) and haven't had any good stories. On Monday, I flew into Charleston, SC to visit my grandparents and cousins. I didn't go #2 on Monday or Wednesday, and only went a little on Tuesday, and because my dumps were smaller than usual before I left, I knew I was due. The pressure was coming and going, but I decided to wait because I was too lazy and hungry to go for awhile. A few hours after lunch, the pressure became unbearable, so I grabbed my phone and made my way towards the hallway bathroom (same bathroom I puked in over winter break). As I sat down, It took all my energy to hold back while I opened YouTube on my phone, because I like to watch YouTube while dropping a deuce. As soon as I opened my video, I stopped holding back and the floodgates opened. A soft log forced its way out, soon followed by more. I wasn't even pushing, except for the occasional soft push. Little effort was required. After about 10 minutes of unloading, I reached for the toilet paper and began wiping. After a few wipes, the paper came back clean. I looked down into the toilet, which was quite full with crap. There were several soft logs floating in the water. The smell was quite intense. I closed the lid and flushed, and it all went down, except for one piece of toilet paper and a few skidmarks. A second flush took care of that. I then washed my hands and went to the kitchen to get some water. Then I began typing this on my phone. By the way, I feel much better but I might have to go again. I will post if I have more stories. I will post if I get sick. My cousin Matthew got sick, but I don't think he threw up. But I get sick every time I come down here. Sorry it was short, but it's hard typing on my phone (grandparents don't have WiFI so I must type from phone) and I was focusing more on YouTube then the actual dump.

It's only a little spurt...

I tried to convince myself I could make it to the toilet, so what if I lost a spurt or two? I am an adult and I can hold it. I'm standing in the bathroom, my bladder is empty, my jeans are wet and there's pee on the floor. Long story short, if you have a giant soda it's a good idea to take a leak before you leave the cinema.


Pooped again in my yard

Hi, Dom here with another story,
I pooped in my yard this morning. My mom was at the grocery store when I needed to poop. I grabbed toilet paper off the roll in my bathroom and went outside in to our yard and found a private place. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and squatted down. I pushed out a large, soft piece of poop. I wiped with the toilet paper I had brought and went back inside my house.



Hello, Dom here
This is a question for anyone who wants to answer it? Has anyone else ever pooped in their yard? I poop in the yard for fun and then bury my poop. I also have a private spot to do it where my neighbors can't see me.

Bong D: See my earlier posts. I few times I forgot to flush at home or a relative's house. Sometimes, a boys thought only could shit until he saw a real girl like me either what I left or they caught me on the bowl.

Adrian Anna from Austria. I can well imagine the smell after you and another woman had dropped big loads and she'd been wearing strong perfume. It must have been a real heady aroma.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your latest post coffee poos. I don't find that coffee moves my bowels particularly but it certainly makes me need to pee. That said I'm a fairly heavy coffee drinker - 2 or 3 mugs a day - and I do seem to be pretty regular. It's a rare day when I don't have at least two good poos.

jb. Be careful what you wish for. Although I don't seem to suffer from constipation at present much - in fact it's a mercifully rare event - I am a veteran of it in the past and, trust me, it's no fun. You really don't want to do anything which will deliberately create dry, hard, difficult to pass, turds. In terms of my bread intake - and I don't eat much - I try to have a mixture of brown and white. That helps to keep me regular without getting too loose.

Jemma. Thanks for sharing your latest update re your IBS. I'm sorry to hear things have been as difficult as they have, although I know from past experience it's not a pleasant condition to have. What medication are you on? I've found Imodium helpful in the past. On the herbal side of things, peppermint is supposed to be good for bowel function too. I occasionally wear adult diapers, especially if going on long journeys or somewhere with limited toilet facilities, although it's mainly for pee reasons rather than #2 ones. I can understand your doctor not being too keen on you wearing them permanently or long term on the grounds that without intending to you could probably end up reliant on them.

I've had some big stinky poos this week but I think it's largely down to having been away for a few days and consuming big hotel breakfasts. Now back home I'm finding my bowel movements returning to normal - or rather what passes for normal in my case!



To Natalie : Another interesting story from you as always. I really enjoyed the part of your story. For you to take a pic of your friend Taryn's poop then I can imagine how MASSIVE it was. Glad you were finally able to poop and am sure you felt super relieved after it.
To me I have no problem with the length of your stories. it's perfectly okay.
Looking forward to your next post and happy pooping:)

To Anna from Austria : Great story from you. You and the blond lady sure did a healthy poop for the smell of your poops to over power the scent of the perfume. Looking forward to your next post

To Anna : The chubby girl might have been experiencing some ???? upset. Nice story. Looking forward to your next post

To Morgan : Nice story

That's all for now and hope you have a nice day. Happy pooping to everyone

Your friend


Recent stories and comments


To Natalie: Your summer camp stories were interesting, and I totally understand your friend Taryn's unwillingness to pooping the dirty bathrooms. I don't usually have issues with dirty toilets, because my brother sometimes poops and pees on the seats at our house, so I just wipe them down. I however fear using public restrooms for deuces, because I am quite poop shy, and will only use them as a last resort.

To Morgan: You must've felt better, at least physically after going poop after being constipated. Constipation sucks. I either drink a pint of prune juice or eat a large amount of fiber while making sure to drink plenty of water. It's too bad that those girls made fun of you. You pooped, and it's 100% natural to poop. Don't let that kind of teasing get to you.

To Anna: I've never noticed such a thing as the perfume and poop smells mixing, because I am a guy, but I can imagine that it would be pretty pungent, and maybe even sickening. I hope that I never experience such a smell, bit I have smelled humid poop when my brother poops in the steamy hot shower. That is one smell that I will NEVER forget. Nothing worse than the poop smell binding to the steam. It makes it hard to breathe. Probably the closest thing I'll ever experience to breathing in pure poop in terms of potency. Makes silent killers seem mild.

My stories:
Yesterday, I took a huge dump in my grandparents hall bathroom. I wrote about this in another story.

Later on, at night, I needed to take a second dump, which was soft and smelled bad.

This morning, I woke up with an upset stomach and needed the facilities shortly thereafter. I had a substantial bowel movement that smelled absolutely atrocious. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, my grandfather went into the bathroom and complained about the smell. I was somewhat embarrassed, but also thought it was funny seeing his reaction.

Around noon, my grandmother complained of nausea. She is a type 2 diabetic and has been suffering from gastroparesis for the past two years as a result of having diabetes for a long time. We had someone over giving an estimate for home cleaning, and as soon as they left, grandma grabbed her emergency bucket and threw up. Although I'm terrified of other people vomiting, I remained quiet calm since I knew the cause of her vomiting. I heard grandpa say something about the vomit being quite solid and red, which turned out to be from red jello.

Later on, I went to my cousins house, and I got a 40 oz drink at a Wendy's on the way over. Once there, I had to pee but decided to hold it so it would be more relieving when I finally went. Once I went it was quite relieving.

At dinner my cousin Matthew complained of chest and stomach pains. His parents took him to the ER, where he was diagnosed with constipation, and his parents got him a laxative to take.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Natalie great story about camp.

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like you and that other lady both had great poops.

To: Anna great story it sounds like all 3 of you had great poops and it sounds like one lady was pretty desperate.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



to Natalie: I really liked your summer camp stories :)

to Anna from Austria: I enjoyed reading your coffee shop story

to Anna: I liked your latest gym story ;D

<3, Morgan



Hey guys! :)

I just read the updated faq and it makes me sad that people are trying to ruin this website. I like to think of this as a safe place where I can talk about things that I usually wouldn't talk about in public (pooing and peeing!!!). I am going to try to improve my grammar a little bit. I usually use this website while I am pooping (usually just at home), and sitting on the toilet. Sometimes while I am squeezing one out I make a grammar mistake here and there.

To Jessica: I laughed out loud at the story about you and your friends pooping together!!!! It reminds me of me and my friends. I'll make a post about that later

Anyways, I appreciate you guys and I hope this community stays safe and friendly :)

Curious Confessor

A few thoughts on pee.

Isn't peeing a funny thing? We're all human, we all have certain things that need to happen naturally throughout the day and peeing is one of them.

When you walk around in a mall or on the street, have you ever thought about how many of the people around you actually need to pee? All around you bladders are either busy filling up or they are already full and begging to be emptied.

The point I'm trying to make is that we all pee. Regardless of whether you sit or stand we all relief ourselves in pretty much the same fashion. As far as I can see the biggest difference in the way people pee actually has to do with those of us who take the moral high ground and those who have a more liberal approach to the act.

I have a few "confessions" to make:

I pee in the shower. I've always thought that pretty much everybody does this, now I find out there are people who feel strongly about not doing it. Why waste water by peeing in the toilet before you get in when the warm, rushing water will just make you feel like you need to go again?

I pee in the pool. Regardless of who the pool belongs to or who else happens to be in the pool with me at the time there's just something about being surrounded by water that always makes me need to pee.

Having said that, I don't like to pee in the bath. I don't like the idea of sitting in my own pee when I'm trying to get clean.

I like peeing in the garden. I live alone and my backyard is surrounded by high walls, so if I'm outside and I need to pee I don't see the point of going to the toilet. I water the plants on a pretty regular basis.

I've peed in a sink. More than once actually. If I'm at a party and there's a line for the toilet I'd rather pee in a sink than wet myself.

I keep a pee bottle in my car. I'm on the road a lot and sometimes I just can't hold it until I get to the next gas station, so I have an empty plastic bottle in my car at all times. If I've used it I wash it with antibacterial soap and put it back in the car.

Now for the big one:

Urinating in public. I've done this. Not because I'm a man and I think I can just whip it out anywhere, but because I was honestly bursting and I couldn't hold it any longer. Every time I've done this I've tried to hide it and I've never resorted to it until after I've spurted in my underwear once or twice. .

This post is pretty long so that's it for now. Would anybody else like to confess something?


First time post

This is my first time here. Found this site thru some random google search and found a site with people like me who arent shy to talk about pooping
So many stories to read here too
That story from and her friends was really amazing wish i was there as they poop. I can imagine the amount of poop produced by 4 Hot girls...i got turned on too
Really amazing story jessica ......keep the psts coming

To Gerald, Winnie the Poo, Anna from Canada: Thank you for kind words!

Brandon T, I'm glad you re-read my story, and I'm glad you like. I try to write good story even my English is awful.

We enjoyed story from Jessica about change loo after 15 minutes to do more motions on top other girl's motions. We thought, wow, so big motions! We are also four girls so we feel connection, it is nice feeling. And we do big motions but I think yours even bigger! We surprised because people say, Asian do more bigger motions than European. But I read, African also do bigger than European. Are you African? We surprised about blonde girl. She don't know you, but she is friendly from beginning and show you her motion! She is seemed so nice girl, I don't think we find her type person so much here in Japan.

I don't have time so much now so I tell story next time. Our loo life is same as before. Of course we enjoy, and we take our time. When we do motion with friends, always smiling. Maho's smile always get bigger just after her motion hits loo water, so about 7 big smile when she sit on loo long time.

I hope everyone has happy time on loo for pee and poo both, and no bully and no nasty words from around people, and nobody sick.


Mina and friends



To Jessica : Wow you and your friends sure had a nice time. Can guess you and friends sure felt super relieved after pooping that much. Feel sorry for the next people to use those toilets..hahahah... Great story and really enjoyed reading it. Hope you post more soon about you and yours friends. Looking forward to your next post.

To Mike : Nice story

To Winnie the Poo : Nice story and glad you felt better after pooping. :)

To Ellison : Interesting story

To Mikayla S. : Glad you feel better now. That's a nice story. Looking forward to more posts from you

To Natalie : Hahaha that was an interesting story. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your next post.

I miss Mina's stories and stories from Marly and Tarja hope they post any soon
Thats all for now people have a blessed day and happy pooping :)

Your Friend,
Gerald :)



An unusual BM

The past couple of years, I have tried squatting sometimes to poop. I had read that the squat position is healthier, so I tried it. In most ways, I like it, though I can't say I've noticed a great difference from pooping seated on the toilet. (One piece of advice: If you feel that you may have diarrhea, sit on the seat, don't squat!) One benefit of the squat position is that I can watch my poop in progress by holding a mirror down in front of me.

In my many years of pooping, I have noted that hard solid pieces, often fairly thick, come out first, followed perhaps by somewhat softer, thinner ones. I explain that by supposing that the hard pieces have been forming in my intestines for a longer time, and that the softer pieces have not had as much water absorbed back into my body as the harder ones. A couple of days ago, I had a movement that reversed that sequence. I had been eating a lot of nuts, which encourage softer, easier bowel movements. I got into position (seat up, feet on the rim, deep squat), passed a little gas, and watched as about a dozen soft, thin pieces came out continuously. Not my favorite kind of BM, but reasonably quick and easy. After these first soft pieces were out, I still felt full, but now I was having to push harder--and here came five pieces that were thicker, smooth and solid--normal, in other words--about 4 or 5 inches long each. I had gone from a soft, thin BM to a thick, solid one, rather than the reverse; a rarity for me. In all, this was quite a large, satisfying movement, but very unusual in its sequence. Anyone else experience this?

Brandon T

comments & stuuff

To: Jessica great story about you and your friends all pooping together it sounds like you all had great poops and had some fum in the process and I bet you all felt amazing after and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Winnie The Poo great story about your desperate poop.

To: Ellison great story.

To: Mikayla S first welcome to the and great story I bet you felt good after getting that big poop out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Natalie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Steve A's question about graduation ceremonies

This response is to answer the question about needing to use the bathroom at your high school graduation ceremonies. Mine was at our school district's big field house which was very hot in late May. I graduated in the late 1990s.

1. Do you remember having to hold it while you waited for your graduation ceremony to be over?

Yes. I used the bathroom before my parents and I left home. I had my pretty normal pee before I grabbed my cap and gown from my bed. My parents were downstairs waiting in the car and I rushed down there. Luckily, we were ahead of schedule and I felt an urge coming in the my bowels because that's what happens when my nerves are at high level. So I moved as fast as I could to the first bathroom I saw at the field house where I would again go to the bathroom and then put my cap and gown on and go into the designated hallway where they would line us up.
It turned out that once I seated myself in this really small cubicle, sat still and with only a modest push, my crap exited rather easily. I could tell it was a big one. As I sat I tried to adjust the strap on one of my heels which was loose, I realized that I needed to wipe. The toilet paper seemed pretty thin, but I only had three wipes left on the roll and I tried to make the best of the situation. I stood, flushed, but it didn't clear. Luckily, I didn't know the next user who was standing right outside the door. As I was washing my hands while talking to a friend, I told her I was getting pretty thirsty because of the heat. She had just taken the first swig from her water bottle, but she gave it to me and said I could finish it in the line up. Of course, I drank it fast and it gave me some gas. But I finished it and got into the line to march in. The ceremony started and about an hour into it things started to drag with not only the student speeches, but also the awards that were given to a couple of famous alums, plus a speech from our superintendent who was retiring. So when our row was asked to stand and get into the marching line to the stage for our diplomas, I felt a double urge to get back on the toilet. My bladder was hurting more as I walked across the stage, got my diploma, and then walked back to my seat. It surprised me that because my most fearful moment was past because I don't like being in front of several thousand people that I still felt the increasing bathroom urge. Two or three more pieces were played by the student musicians and by the time our caps were thrown, I wanted to make my run to the bathroom. But we had to wait for the music to play and for our turn to join the line to march out. The burning was getting worse between my legs and I didn't know how long I could hold it. Once, I cleared the exit door to the field house floor, I quickly reached back and tore off my heels and dodged several students who were starting their celebration. I yanked my gown off as I ran and I was in the nearest bathroom within seconds. Luckily, it was not yet full so I eyed the first cubicle open, threw my gown over the partition and dropped myself almost too hard onto the seat. My urine started fast and furious. And a few seconds later, I was pooping too. As this was going on, I reached for the door to make sure it was latched. It was a great relief, but when I looked at the toilet paper machine, I noticed it didn't have anything but a spool with some glue on it. I didn't get mad like I usually do in a situation like that. I had avoided an accident and that was more important to me. So when we got back home for my party, you can guess what room I visited first.

Anna from Austria


@Mina Thank you so much, for teh further advice concering the conviniance store loos.

@Anna from Canada I really liked your last story and hope you will have nice time visiting Europe and Austria.

thats it for today. Have nothing to report

greetings from Austria


Saturday, June 11, 2016


Nothing since the last post

Hi guys

First off, thanks to the guys who posted on here reassuring me. Particular thanks to whoever it was (sorry, I can't find the post again) who suggested the caffeine thing. I tried drinking de-caffeinated drinks and certainly find I'm needing to wee a lot less now.

Nothing has happened since last time I posted, so perhaps that's the reason. As I said before, I hadn't had a toilet accident since age 9 and then had two within a month or so. I've had a few desperate moments, often walking home from the pub at uni, but never a proper accident. If I get time I might write about them.


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