Grandma's non-toilet-friendly outfits

I do love my grandma. She's always been very good to me and back like 15 years ago when I was 12 and my parents were facing some hard times financially, grandma wanted to do her share so for one Christmas she made for me three one-piece jumpsuit-like outfits that looked like those that a train engineer would wear. The fabric was fully striped and one was gray and white, another was blue and white and the third was red and white. My friends liked them because they were different than what the others were wearing and it was easy enough to pretty much wear a regular blouse or sweater under the jumpsuit. Grandma had really nice buckles at the top of the suspenders and that was of course the only way to get the on and off. I really, really liked them and started by wearing them often the second semester of 7th grade. As I got use to them, they were so comfortable.

What started to sour me on them, however, was how cumbersome it was to use a bathroom away from home. We had 4 minutes between classes and only 25 minutes for lunch (and that included any bathroom time). When I wore a loose-fitting dress, once my bathroom turn came I would close the stall door (none of them had latches), pull off a protector to put over the seat, then hike up my dress, drop my underwear and then quickly seat myself. With detention time lurking for being late to class, a speedy piss became my specialty. Though sometimes I was forced to cheat by not taking the time to flush or wash my hands. A 4-hour detention on a Saturday morning was to be avoided at all costs. Lowering my jeans or sweats which didn't involve belts was also something I mastered. But the two-buckle challenge proved more frustrating. It didn't happen every day but when I tried to get a crap in during passing period, it became more challenging. And on one day in February when I absolutely couldn't miss because of three tests, I had diarrhea 5 times and only one teacher would let me out of class time. And by mid-afternoon all the seat protectors were used up. That was an additional frustration for me. I ended up having an accident in my underwear and having to throw it out. I realize I got too emotional and threw them into the bowl, but I got Saturday detention time which my parents wanted to fight but I didn't. So I served it.

After that my dad lost his job and we had a big garage sale to raise some fast money. My three outfits went fast and the woman who bought them said they were just darling. We needed the money so bad I wasn't about to tell her the drawbacks.


Almost had an accident

Hey everyone

Today I was on my computer when a huge urge to poop suddenly came over me. I tried ignoring it, but it came back stronger and I almost pooped my pants. I hobbled to the bathroom and sat down. Five turds shot out uncontrollably, all roughly six inches long, and I farted as I finished. I felt my butt open up and a huge poop began crackling out. It was very smooth and slowly made its way out. It felt amazing. I didn't feel empty just yet, and I farted as I felt my butt open again. I pushed lightly, a huge log quickly came out, hitting the bottom of the toilet and breaking off. A small piece came out after that, and I felt finished. I wiped a few times, washed my hands, and left


One of the Biggest and Best Dumps of My Life!

Hi Fellow Defecators!

I am just getting around to writing about this, but Wednesday morning I took one of the biggest dumps that I have ever taken.

As usual, I woke up, ate some Triple Zero Greek yogurt and a bowl of cereal before my run around our subdivision. After I got back, I showered, dried my hair rolled it and fixed it, did my make up and joined my mom for breakfast. We have really been intentional about having breakfast together since I will be moving out in less than a month. Our wedding is four weeks from tomorrow!

My mom fixed a Southwestern Style omelet, and served it with some fresh fruit and coffee. Maybe it seems weird that I eat two breakfasts, but I am always hungry after I return from a run.

Well, my bowels felt heavy. They felt heavier than normal, but I thought nothing of it. After I finished breakfast, I noticed while drinking my coffee that I was going to have to go to the bathroom, as I always do around 7 or 7:30 every morning.

Then, all of the sudden, I got this very strong urge to poop. I mean, it came on so sudden that I almost evacuated my bowels as a reflex. I regained composure and thought, "I don't know if I can make it back up the stairs to my bathroom." Then, I got a sharp pain in my rectum, which was an interesting, and not all together bad sensation. But that had not happened before, as best I can remember. And, my stomach began to feel crampy. I also felt a little hot, and like I was perspiring.

I thought all of this happened in a matter of seconds. My mom asked, "Catherine, are you all right?" I realized that I had zoned out in the middle of our conversation as my bowels demanded my undivided attention.

"Yes," I blushed a little. "I think I have to go to the bathroom." As I stood up, I realized that it was the small, hall bathroom or nothing. Fortunately, my daddy was gone. I have only pooped in the hall bathroom maybe ten times in over twenty-five years of my parents living in that house. It's an unspoken rule that the hall bathroom is a peeing bathroom only.

"I really have to go, mother. I am going to use the hall bathroom." The way I walked to the bathroom, it was obvious my need was urgent. I pooped the night before, so I really did not understand why I had to use it so desperately.

I opened the door, undid my robe, and flipped my hair back behind me, lowered my panties and sat down.

The movement came out a little noisily and fairly rapid. It was firm at the start, but quickly became what many of us on this forum refer to as "soft serve." Every bit of it came out in that one wave. And it was a lot.

Now that toilet is one of those that has only a small amount of water in the bowl. I kid you not when I say it looked like an elephant pile in the toilet. I had my iPhone, so I took a picture, of course!

I sent Alan a selfie earlier that morning because I was so proud of how my hair looked. I don't normally roll it, and my curls just looked beautiful (I'm sorry that I sound conceited, but I was super proud.)

He texted back and told me how beautiful I was. I sent him the picture of the pile of poop in the toilet, which had not been covered with toilet paper yet. I wrote, "Look what your angel just did!"

He wrote back, " totally destroyed that toilet!"

I texted, "Yes, and I was about ten seconds from doing that in my panties."

He wrote, "Catherine, no one's panties would contain all that."

I had not thought of that. Had I had an accident, it would have been on the floor.

I think that I had to go so bad because I took the girls to the movies on Tuesday to give Alan a break. We saw The Jungle Book and enjoyed lots of buttery popcorn. I ate a ton of it!

I could see some bits of the kernels in my poop. Anyway, that's my story. It felt so good!





Marley: Thank you for your kind words. Yes, she is really a sweet person. I think Alan turned out the way he did because of her! I think that Alan's "interest" in poop came from that experience. In the photos I've seen of her when Alan was young, she almost looked like Marylin Monroe, but has a very down-to-earth, kind personality. I guess the fact that Alan saw it all with her kind of made an impression on him about women and our bowel movements. But, I don't mind!

I'm sorry things aren't good with your mother-in-law. I've always thought that something like you described would be a harmless way to get even with someone! Hope to hear more from you!

Romantic Dump: I would love to hear your responses to Alexandra's questions! Welcome! Also, your survey answers were awesome! It seems we have some things in common in the poop department!

Victoria B: Yes, she is! Thank you for your kind responses!

Brandon T: Hope things are well at the bookstore! Thank you always for your responses!

Oldpoop: Good to hear from you again!

Mina: Hope you are well!

Ever since Wednesday's Elephant Dump, my bowels have been normal! Hope you all are having good poops!

(PS: If my story got lost, I will try to re-post.)



Thank you to Marly and Victoria for kind kind words. I am happy that you think I am "loving" because love is important very much in my life now.

I look up "ickyness" in dictionary, I can't find but I found "icky". It sounds like not very nice word. I talk with Hisae and Maho, they say true, it is not nice but many people think this subject, loo things, is not nice. We don't agree, because it is a part of life of every person, and it is important. People say loo is dirty, it is true, but whole world is dirty. If we are dirty, we can wash! When I stay in Wales, I went farm, it is very dirty place, cow do motion any place and leave there, but no one care. I also got dirty there, I came back home to host family and took bath. Then I clean again! It is no problem!!! But Japanese people often very sacred of dirty thing. I am happy because I am not scared and I can share very comfortable thing, it is to do motion, with persons who I love.

I tell you story of Hisae's birthday. I told before, we had party. (And Hisae say, thank you Gerald for say happy Birthday, and she blow kiss to you!)

Of course next morning, we all want to do motion. because we ate and ate!! Hisae go first of course. She finish quickly. Then I did, I stayed long time and I worry about Kazuko and Maho but they say, no worry, so I stay and empty bottom 100%, and loo very full, and three other girls said Wow. Then Kazuko did same, so I look behind her and say very big WOW, Kazuko gave me punch in side. But she smiling, I know she not angry really. Then Maho sat down on loo.

After Maho give one Plop, Hisae start to move about.Fidget, I think you say. We say, Hisae do shita? it means, what is matter? Hisae say, "my bottom angry, complain to me, I want to sit on loo again, can I sit in front of Maho?" because I told my friends that sometimes people on this site sit on loo together when it is need. Of course Maho say yes and move back. But.... with washlet loo, not much space, difficult for two bottoms!! But Hisae in hurry so sit down quickly. Lucky thing was, Maho already take off pyjama and panties, she say motion is more easy such way, and I and Kazuko also think so.

Hisae's bottom open and motion rush out. And then again. Maho decided to wait little bit because maybe she sitting on loo seat, not good to do motion on seat. Hisae say bit longer, her bottom open again, motion came out more slowly, but suddenly that motion increase speed and came out faster and faster and very big volume!! Maho did gasp noise and grab paper and touch her girl part. Maybe she got shock and did wee?

After that motion, Hisae finish, so Maho press washlet button for her, she move body to clean well and dry well, then Maho took paper and finish to dry. Hisae got off loo and put on panties and pyjama. Maho move forward and begin to push again. She is panting little bit. Hisae say Thank You to Maho.

After a time, Maho relax more, we hear Plop, Plop many times but slow speed. Maho never hurry, and she do a lots. Her face still strange little bit. So we ask her, Maho do shita? And she say, I was so much turn on, when Hisae do fast motion! Hisae went to Maho and Maho went to Hisae exactly same time and hug and hug and hug. Kazuko and me, we watch them, and we smile, they love so much! and I take Kazu's hand and squeeze, she do same, we love too.

Every time we do group motion in my flat, my heart so warm! and I know my friends are same. Maybe it is icky for many people, but we don't think so. And I know many people on this site feel same with us! so it is lovely site, all people so honest. We are real human beings!

By the way I am lucky because washlet buttons are on wall in my loo. In Hisae's loo in her flat, washlet buttons are on side of loo seat. So for someone to sit behind someone else is impossible!!
because loo seat is much too wide.

I hope you enjoy story. I love stories of everyone, though I can't read everything because my bad English......

Love, Mina and Maho and Hisae and Kazuko

Kelvin. It sounds as though you had a good night out in Bristol. What you described though is, unfortunately, one of the downsides of drinking pints. Much as though I enjoy a beer a couple of pints during an evening is as much as I can manage. If I have any more I'm going to the loo all night. You could say it's a case of 'the spirit is willing but the bladder is weak!' Were all the sleeping bags dry the next morning?

Jemma. Thanks for your public loo story. It sounded to me as though you needed an absolutely massive poo whilst you were out - 17 pieces is certainly pretty exceptional. My guess is that you were probably backed up but then ate or drank something which got things moving! Hope you're okay now.

Trucker Lady. If you had flu I think it's probably a fair point that you ought to have been at home in bed rather than out on the road. However it sounds as though you certainly had an adventure. Hopefully your bowels returned to normal after a couple of days. I know from my own experience that a bout of flu or a bad cold can play havoc with the bowels.

Romantic Dump. Thanks for sharing the account of your biggest ever dump on the work toilets. It sounded absolutely massive and I think you were right i the final analysis to not worry unduly about the lack of toilet paper and get on with it. I know I would if placed in similar circumstances. It's a good job you weren't doing farts whilst conducting those interviews. My reading of the situation is that you were pretty lucky not to be letting rip big time before you finally went.

Catherine. I enjoyed hearing about Alan's mum. It sounds to me as though you'll have a real special bond with her as a mother in law. The other week my GF's adult daughter was visiting and she went to pee whilst I was around. The sound of a really powerful stream ushered from the downstairs loo and seemed to last for ages. I don't know when she'd last been but my hunch was that it had been seveal hours.

During the past day or so my bowels have been pushing a lot out. Last night I had a rather explosive poo after a hot meal and a couple of pints at my local had loosened things up! I managed another substantial (but not explosive) BM first thing and yet another before leaving the house. Returning home this evening I managed yet another pretty big one - nearly 3 hours after I'd first started to feel the urge. You could say I've been doing a lot!

Sunday, May 08, 2016


Squat or hover?

I've seen some answers to questions about seeing people squatting to poop, and I think in some cases the people described are actually hovering rather than squatting. When you hover, you stand on the floor and bend over so your butt is over the bowl. In doing this, you may have to use one or both hands to pull your buttocks apart and give your anus a clear shot to dump. I have done that a few times, but I didn't like it much; I only did it because the seat was so messy, with pee or poo or both. Nowadays, at home, I occasionally actually squat, which means getting up on the rim of the toilet and bending completely at the knees with my bottom slightly below knee level and buttocks spread well apart--no need for one or both hands to pull them apart. In that position, I have good control of the poop, which always goes straight down into the bowl. I have seen a couple of fellows hover, and their poop went straight out behind them and landed on the seat or even on the tank--not good. So there is a difference between a hover and a squat.


Babysitting and bathrooms

On spring break as well as during a couple other times a year I fly out to spend a week or so with my biological father. He manages an apartment building. His work there led me to my first babysitting job. This girl, Jules, is a really bubbly 3rd grader who really loves her family's black lab which she walks daily. So that was one of the responsibilities that I had caring for her the couple of days when her mom was out-of-town for a job interview. Jules asked me at her apartment whether I would take her to a really big city park about 9 blocks away that also has a doggy park with lots of play equipment, a running track and things like that. I said fine but that we should leave at about 10 a.m. for the walk and that we could probably buy our lunch at one of the food trucks at the park. Jules said she'd go to the bathroom first and she spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom while I was putting the leash on Spartan who was eager to go outside. I knocked on the door, put my head in and saw Jules sitting on the toilet. She complained she hadn't been able to have her bm yet. I didn't see it as that important and told her there should be a bathroom or two in the park, and she seemed very upset with that. I told her to get ready and we would be leaving in two minutes.

So we started our walk and found that Jules was right because Spartan was very energetic and caused us both to move faster than we normally would. After about 15 minutes Jules nudged me and said her bm was ready. She asked about returning home to have it and I told her no way! There would be a bathroom in the park and she would just have to wait. I thought about going a couple blocks out of our way to a gas station, but she didn't seem to like that option either. So we headed forward with Spartan wearing us out. Jules stumbled on a curb, tore the knee of her jeans, but luckily I was able to restrain Spartan. Finally, we got to the park and we saw a sign that led us to the restroom pavilion. We cut through a golf course, and a couple of golfers swore at us, but we got to the restroom doorway. This was one small room about the size of my bedroom but with one difference. It had a heavily painted gray floor that at first caused Spartan to slip and slide as if he were drunk. There was one toilet in one corner and another in the opposite corner. There were two sinks between them. I go down on my knees to calm Spartan while Jules prepared to get onto the toilet.

What was different though was that Jules dropped her jeans and underwear and then pulled off a handful of toilet paper. She wiped the seat off with it and then dumped it into the water. When I was expecting her to seat herself, she started to pull off longer sheets of toilet paper. The first she carefully placed over the front. Then she put one on the left hand side of the seat. Then another went onto the right side of the seat. Still yet she pulled off a 4th that she laid over the back of the seat. The problem was that it caused the right-side one to slip into the toilet. So she had to pull off yet another. I made a mistake of giving Spartan too much leash and he bounded over to the toilet just before Jules sat down. Now more seat papers had to be adjusted. As she was replacing the last one, I could see her crap turtleheading and she finally seated herself. Ever so carefully. She wrapped both arms around her legs and locked them with her hands between her knees. There was almost no movement on her part and she just stared forward with almost no expression on her face. Jules told me to keep Spartan back and I could see from the expression on her face that she was pinching out more of her crap. Jules seemed to be in such discomfort. I felt sorry for her. She reached three times for more toilet paper to wipe with and she did that while she remained seated and with very little movement. Finally, she stood up with two of the seat liner papers, still clinging to her, and she reached around and tore them off. Then she placed them in the stool. Still she took another piece of toilet paper for a wipe check. Then she tossed it and pulled her clothing up. She put both hands against the wall and then took her left foot, put a good amount of weight on it, and pushed down the flusher lever. There was some noise and water movement, but the flush didn't go. So I pushed down with my right hand pretty hard and it finally flushed.

I made a joke about me being next, but Jules didn't seem to think it was funny. I gave her control of Spartan and I quickly pulled my jeans and black underwear down to knee level and I placed myself on the toilet. She seemed so surprised. Almost immediately my pee started and I motioned to Jules to let Spartan come over so I could pet him. Again, she seemed so surprised. I completed my pee, reached for some toilet paper that I really didn't need, and made a joke to Jules about her using it all, but I don't think she got it. I reached back, flushed and washed my hands as I insisted that Jules do the same while I then watched and Spartan. Just as we left the building and were back in the daylight, Spartan stopped for his first of two bathroom breaks.

Dude in Distress

To Dominic

you constipation sounds awful! I know the feeling. My IBS-C acted up the other day. I spent 45 minutes with nearly an inch of poo sticking out. Totally stuck. I ended up squatting down and pulling my cheeks apart while I grunted and strained. When I managed to push the widest part out, I grunted so loudly- it sounded more like a scream!


Public Urinal

I was invited along with a few mates to Bristol to stay with a friend of a friend who has gone to uni there for a night out. We took sleeping bags and stuff and were all to sleep on his floor in his uni room. Anyway we went into the town in the evening and had several drinks and a good night with him and some of his mates. Then we left the last bar place to go home. We were meant to get the night bus back. We headed towards where the bus stop. Our friend was showing us the way back to the bus stop. Near the bus stop we were going across this big square. In the corner was a grey plastic urinal. 3 guys could use it at once. It was out in the open and facing each other. Two guys were using two sides of it. Thete were lots of people around. We were tipped off that it was nearly an hour on the bus and that as we had been drinking pints for our comfort we should all use the urinal before the bus turned up. We all took it in turns to empty our trouser snakes. I got quite a rush peeing facing 2 of my mates and with people walking around beind me fully aware what I was doing! Whilst we were there another group of lads turned up and they were yelling at us to hurry up! We then got the bus - it was a long journey and when it finished we all needed to go again. We got off the bus and most of the guys on the bus ran to thsee nearby trees and all drained their trouser pythons in full view of each other!

End Stall Em

Customer Assistance

I work part-time during the year at a large regional mall. The hours are flexible with my college class schedule. I work at the courtesy customer service desk that helps shoppers find their stores, checks out strollers, wheel chairs, sells gift cards, alerts security to situations, and as my boyfriend Spencer says, there's not a lot I don't do.

On a Saturday morning I was prepared for a really busy day because it was the day before Easter, there was a dance school competition using the main performance and exhibition area and one of our largest stores had a radio station DJ remote broadcast scheduled. I was running late at home and didn't take the time to sit for my morning crap. Dumb I know but I got logged in on my computer at the kiosk at 9 a.m. exactly and by the time I put the signage out, I still hadn't had my coffee and I really missed it. A custodian who likes to kind of flirt with me came by to say Hi and I gave him the money to go down to the coffee store for me. He did and came back right away with my fix. I practically yanked it out of his hand and I had three large sips in fast pace before I reminded myself that it was very hot. I felt my crap knocking and knew that my supervisor probably wouldn't be coming from the management office for at least an hour or two to give me a break. Then I started to play the mental scenario about why I make things so hard on myself.

From behind me came the voice of an elderly man. He was hunched over with a cane and I suspected that he wanted to check out an electronic wheel chair. He put his hand on the head of his granddaughter who he introduced as "Precious". He said it was her 5th birthday and she had to "use the facilities" and he wasn't so sure he should continue to take her into the men's room. They compromised I guess on her starting to use the ladies room, but with supervision. Obviously my coffee was kicking in and I saw this as a brilliant opportunity for both of us to take care of our needs. Since they were customers I was allowed to put my Be Right Back! sign out. I took my high stool outside the kiosk for him to sit on and he seemed overjoyed. I took Precious' hand and led her to a family-friendly bathroom located right near the regular bathrooms. Luckily, I had the code in my operational phone and it worked fine. I opened the door, flipped on the light and here was a bathroom with a toilet of regular height and size as well as a nearby half-high toilet that I saw Precious immediately walk over to. On the other side of the room there was a baby changing station and three sinks. Precious had pulled down her sweats all the way to floor and easily situated her butt on the toilet. She asked if I was going to "poo-poo" or "wee-wee" and when I told her she laughed a little, but then tried to contain her amusement as her pee stream started to trickle into the water.

I told her Happy Birthday and she explained that grandpa was going to let her select her gift from a group of stores they had decided on. Grandma was in the hospital and she misses not having grandma along. At that point she saw me widen my legs and she asked if "it" was coming out. I said it was because I hadn't done one since after my English class three days ago. She said her pediatrician gave her a treat because she's able to go most every day at her school. I complimented her on that just as the lion's share of my large banana-like deposit was exiting my body. She asked about my black thong, but I tried to keep it general and not get into Spencer's expectations in buying me such intimate apparel! I did tell her though that I have them in four colors. She said her favorite color was yellow and that her mother has a yellowbird in a cage on the porch. My output even surprised me and I stood and flushed before I started wiping, because I didn't want the toilet to overflow. Precious asked to see it, but I quickly pushed the flusher and it disappeared before she came over. She went back and flushed too. Unfortunately I needed extra time to clean myself and well beyond the generous time she had devoted to hand washing. Then I did a fast handwashing and I walked her back as fast as her feet would carry her. I feared there was a line forming at the kiosk and I was right, but her grandfather was amusing himself by reading the sports page.

I generated four coupons on my computer, printed them off and gave them to the grandfather. He opened his wallet and was taking a $5 bill out, but I told him I wasn't allowed to take it. I told him to be sure to use the coupon at the balloon shop because they have some nice birthday gifts. I've decided to include Precious and her grandpa in my daily report of where we go beyond expectations to satisfy customers.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Trucker Girl it sounds like you had a rough time at least didnt have any accidents and hopefully the diarrhea didnt last to much longer and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi! My name is Been. I'm Morgan's boyfriend. She told me about this site, and so I decided to post about our first dumping experience together.

So, we were both in in-schol detention, which means we have to sit in a room and study. For some reason, the bathrooms there were public bathrooms, but the main enterance door had a lock.

Anyway, Morgan told me she needed to go to the bathroom, why didn't I come along? So I did. She locked the door to the girls bathroom, then brought me into a stall. She began to take a dump, and my jaw dropped. She said what, you've never seen a girl have a poo before?

We chatted a bit, as we had been doing while studying. Them she finished and washed her hands. Your turn, she said.

I did the same in the mens, and took a dump with her watching. Them she said she wanted to try peeing in the urinal. She did pretty well for her first time. We washed our hands, and then she kissed me...

That was the best detention ever!


Finals Today and Survey

Hi All! It's Cat!

Finals were today, and boy, am I tired. I also had to be tested in swimming (for PE) I decided to splurge a little of my study time to do this survey. Sorry it spelling is bad because I have to go to ballet in like twenty minutes.

1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants?
I was at the beach in Hawaii one summer and I was swimming in the ocean. My cousin's fiancées aunt's sister owns a small beach there, so my cousin, my sister and brother, my parents, my cousin's fiancée, and I were the only ones. I really had to go to the bathroom, but the house was a hike up the cliff and back about half a mile. My mom told me to just go in the ocean.

2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house, etc.)

3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing?

4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick?
When I was little I got extremely sick. I had a fever of 105 degrees and couldn't stand up straight. Every time I had to go to the bathroom, I would have to work up the courage for half an hour before practically crawling there and back. One time, I was working up courage and I just peed.

5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital?

6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear?
No, but now I might watch a horror movie and when someone jumps out, I'll pee a little.

7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom?
I went to Italy for a ballet trip, and we went to this village that had no electricity or running water. There were three outhouses, and All of them were taken. I ended up going in the bushes, but it was a very close call.

8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car?
When I was six.

9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane?

10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet?

11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose?
I went in a leotard once when I was little.

12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.)
No. I have always had to be very careful about breaking any bones, as I do ballet.

13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough?

14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go?
Once when I was four in ballet. I used to go to the "Community Dance" school, where we would rotate teachers every day. One of them, Gina, was a tyrant. She made us (FOUR YEAR OLDS!) do semi-professional barre stretches for hours. I thank her now for that (I felt smart when my new teacher was teaching it to the proper age: 10), but at the time, one day I really had to go to the bathroom. Gina said no, and I ended up wetting myself, halfway on purpose.

15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.)
See last question.

16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken?

17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie?

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed? When I was super sick (see a few questions up)

19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you?
At the Nutcracker debacle, I was onstage as the Sugar Plum Fairy and I was waving goodbye to Clara and the prince when I had diarrhea. There were many others onstage, so no one noticed. I hope.

20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? Yes. We were playing the 'hold it' game and I wet myself shortly after winning.

21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer?
Hahaha no.


Questions for Romantic Dump

Wow! I just read your story about your biggest dump ever. That must have been huge.

1) How long had it been since you last took a dump, before that one? Was your dump so large because you skipped a few days?

2) How long after that dump until you had to go again? I assume it has longer than normal since you got so much out?

3) How long and how thick do you think each of those three logs were? I'm trying to picture how full the toilet was

4) Do you usually poop big, or is it only the stories that you post here that are the big dumps?

5) If you are comfortable answering this, what is your age, height and build?

Thanks very much


Just had a massive desperate poo in public loos.

So hubs and i are in town today and we were
Shopping in Wilko when i felt the urge for a poo.
Tried to let out a fart but felt i would follow through
So i told hubs and he said we'd pop to the loo when we were done in here.
Meanwhile i was gettin more desperate.

Then we headed to the loos and hubby waited outside.

I hitched up my black mini skirt and pulled down my black thong.
And sat on the seat.

Immediately my plops crackled out continuously crackling out my plops
I had an initial 8 plops crackling out in quick succession followed by a further 9, constantly crackling out my butt, 17 plops all together.
I looked at my creation and wiped 5 times, sprayed washed hands and left. We're now sitting in a cafe having a late lunch.
Enjoy your weekend guys and girls! X


additional comments

Victoria: nice stories

Catherine: like your stories... I was thinking about the kid, your husband then, on the ride home with your mother in law and how I sooo related suffering with my bff on our ride to her house. It's something about being enclosed next to it that makes it terrible. I think how awesome the toilet water system is because it dillutes it enough that it doesn't smell half as bad as when it lands somewhere solid.

Also, that is wonderful that you have a great relationship with your mother in law. I can only think that if I heard my mother in law's voice from the stall next door asking for a square or two and if I had a whole pack of rolls, I would begin frantically flushing whole rolls down the toilet, stuffing them in my pockets, humming them the opposite stall over then politely say, "Oh wow I don't have any either,SO SORRY! As I purposely left with some stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and I'd kindly take karma for that !VICTORY!

As I said before, oh well not a good friend :-)

Once I was on a field trip and I needed to poop. There weren't any toilets, so I just went behind a bush. So while I was squatting there, it turns out some kid was filming me, so he showed ot to everyone and even posted it online. Probably the weirdest experience I've ever had.

Hello everyone. I ve been enjoying all of your stories here recently and now i finally have time to post one of my own.
First id like to thank everyone who replied to my question regarding restroom scenes in movies from awhile back. I looked up most of the ones i hadnt seem already and enjoyed them all.
To trucker girl, welcome to the site and ive especially enjoyed reading your stories. Its always nice to hear from a fellow driver. Eventhough i dont drive anymore i can relate to the story you told about having to pull over into the cornfield to poop. My screen name here was also my cv handle. Im sure anyone whos driven long enough can also recollect having to use the bathroom in a less than ideal place. I know some of the drivers in my line carried plenty of tp and a bag or bucket for really desperate times.
Now for my story. When i was about 12 or 13 i went to a midevil era festival. There were all sorts of displays and shows going on. After watching a jousting contest i went to the bathroom. After i finished and was cleaning up a guy in a full suit of knights armor came lumbering in. There were a couple other guys with him. They were there to help him out of the armor and were also in costumes. I think they were supposed to be peasants or something. The knight kept yelling for them to hurry and going on about how the food from the concession stand was going straight through him. Then the knight farted really loud. It would have been a loud fart anyway but being inside the armor made it echo even louder. It sounded alot like when shaggy farted in an armor suit in one of the scooby doo movies. Apparently more came out with it and the knight started cussing at the other guys for being too slow. They both thought it was hillarious and said his new name was going to be sir stinkleburg. I thought it was pretty funny myself but at the same time i had to feel bad for the guy. Not to mention whoever had to clean out the armor. Then i went back out to see some more of the shows as they contined to help the knight out of the armor. Later on i saw they taking the armor around a corner with a hose to begin what was sure to be a nasty clean up job.

Bella Jean

Lactose Intolerant Poop

As I was driving to the mall today, I suddenly got hit with stomach cramps, stomach gurgling and the weird shiver in my spine that I get when I really have to poop. I realized right away that I must have accidentally consumed something with lactose (they may have forgotten to substitute almond milk in my coffee at the shop) and I prayed that I could make it to the mall bathrooms. Luckily I found a close parking spot and was able to hurry in to the mall. By that point, my stomach was killing me and I was really worried that I wouldn't make it to the restroom before my butt exploded. I had to poop SO badly and it must have been so obvious as I desperately walked to the restroom.

The women's room was crowded but there was one open stall that I quickly threw shut as I frantically pushed my pants and underwear to the ground. The second that my butt was on the seat, I blasted out a deafening fart and then unleashed my nasty, gassy diarrhea with extreme force. All I could do was sit there and think to myself "Ohhh…thank god" while I blasted the toilet with that nasty poop.

I had several more rounds of just completely blasting out nasty sloppy poop and wet farts. The smell was horrendous and I felt bad for the other women but I couldn't stop. It felt like I was pooping my brains out and my stomach just could not get any relief from the pain. Eventually though I did start to feel better and the pooping subsided.

It took me forever to wipe and I was definitely embarrassed to leave my stall and have the other women look at me. I washed my hands and left as quickly as possible so that I could finish shopping and make it home before my next round.

Cookie Monster
I hate public bathrooms I refuse to use them at all. Lol

Friday, May 06, 2016


Road Trip Diarehea

I was about 14-15 years old at the time but its easy to remember. I was on the road with my brother, Tim , and best freind James. We had stopped for lunch the only place was a mexican resteraunt. I remember that Tim had asked if anyone had to relief themselfves.(He's british) I did but only slightly but i could hold it.

4 HOURS later

My stomach was in complete pain. I was starting to loose controll of my bladder because my pink panties were soaked through. I really had to go but Tim refused to pull over. So I stayed in pain until I couldn't hold it anymore and let loose into my over soaked panties. It felt slimy coming out and it burnt my butt cheekes. It held about 7 wet farts and my freind pulled a butterfly knife on my brother to get him to pull over at a hotel


Trucker Girl

Having the flu while on the road

Two years ago there was a time I got the flu while in the middle of a job. When I get the flu I get bad diarrhea. My big appetite stays the same so there is lots of it too. I was driving on a road that was all corn fields on both sides. I wasn't near anything when the urge to shit very badly came over me very quickly. I kept driving hoping I would find a gas station that I could relieve myself in. I love the desperate feeling of needing to poo badly so I didn't mind it but the need to go was getting dangerously strong. I drove for 30 minutes then knew I would shit myself if I didn't go right then. I hadn't seen any other vehicles on the road so I figured I could pull over to take a dump, I've done this before in emergencies. I grabbed one of my emergency toilet paper rolls and pulled over.

There wasn't much space to pull over and the truck was still halfway in the road. I got between the truck and the corn stalks for privacy but I was still over just dirt. My stomach was hurting and started making loud sounds. I quickly pulled my jeans down and diarrhea started squirting out before I was fully squatting. It felt amazing and I continued having diarrhea with not many pauses in between eruptions. When it finally subsided I had some really wet farts. My shit and farts smelled like rotting eggs. I looked and there was a big splatter of yellow diarrhea then a big puddle of more that had the consistency of a melted milkshake. There was corn all throughout it because I had been eating it a lot the days prior. I wiped which took a lot of paper then left the mess behind and kept going.

Few hours later I came to a small town. I started getting second wave urges to go an hour before I got there. They were not as extreme as the first time but I did need to get to a bathroom before leaving town. I quickly found a gas station so I headed to it and bought some more toilet paper and some drinks. I put the stuff in my truck then got the bathroom key for the women's room. I went in and it looked like the bathroom had just been cleaned. I pulled my jeans and yellow panties down to my above my knees and sat on the toilet. It started with some long zipper sounding farts then I let loose some of the same shit I had done earlier. It was a about half of the stuff I did before but still felt great getting it out. The smell was getting very apparent in the pristine bathroom. I wiped and left the toilet full of my diarrhea. It looked like yellow brown water with corn and toilet paper in it.

I didn't need to go again until the next morning. I woke up with a really bad stomachache. I quickly got ready and tried to find a bathroom around the motel that wasn't the one in the room. The urge was starting to get like how it did in the field. I quickly found a small diner that was open. I was hungry too so I went in an ordered some food then went straight for the bathroom. The bathroom had two stalls on one side. The room looked dirty. A girl that looked 16 with brown hair pulled into a ponytail left the second stall. There was someone else in the first stall. The girl started washing her hands and told the other girl she was leaving. The girl in the stall said it was fine because she wasn't done yet. I smiled to myself knowing I would have a pooping buddy. I went in the stall and saw loads of skids in the bowl. I sat on the still warm seat and peed. I then pushed and a big loud blast of mushy shit came out. It seemed to startle the other girl because I could hear her move and drop her phone. The phone slid under and into my stall. She asked if I could pass it over so I handed it to her under the stall. When I leaned over poo escaped and made quick plops into the bowl. She said my pooping scared her. I laughed then had more soft mushy poop off and on for a few minutes. During this I could hear a loud splash from the other girl and two small plops. She finished and left while I was still going. I wiped then got up to look at what I did. There was a big pile of mushy poo in the middle of the toilet. It was more brown than the stuff the day before and not much corn. There was a speckling of poo on the bowl from the first blast. I left without flushing and ate my food.

I didn't need to go again until that evening. I had gotten my hotel for the night and strolled around the town with the need to poo. I was in a much bigger town now and my motel was near a shopping area. Most of the stores had closed but there was a bar that was open. I went in and found the bathroom. It had three stalls on one side and was pretty dirty. The stalls were all taken by girls peeing. The last one opened so I went in and saw the bowl was full of pee, I pulled my jeans and panties down past my knees and sat down. The seat creaked like it was broken. The other girls flushed and they all left while I was peeing. I relaxed and soft poo started coming out. It didn't make much sound. When I finished I looked and there was lots of thin stands of light brown poo floating in all the pee. The longest ones were 5" and the shortest were 2" and all were very thin. I wiped and left without flushing.

The next day in the middle of the day I suddenly needed to go pretty badly. I was in a McDonald's when it hit so I went right for the bathroom. There was four stalls on one side. There was a girl in the third one who sounded like she was pooing fast. I took the stall beside her and started letting out diarrhea. I wanted to wait so I could hear her better but I couldn't control it. The shit really burned this time. The girl wiped and flushed and left. I stayed seated for a few minutes and more shit came that burned even more. I wiped and the paper looked oily. I looked and the toilet looked like dark yellow brown water with shit snowflakes floating throughout. I wiped and left without flushing.

There wasn't any more after that

Don K

Farm Closets

Quite a few years ago when I was young there were two farms I used to visit in rural England which were not on a sewer and had privies some distance from the farmhouse. The privy was a small hut with a dustbin-sized container topped with a wooden toilet seat. In the container the more thoughtful of the two farmers would put some disinfectant, but the other did not bother since the plan was to take out the container each night after dusk and bury the contents. Paper to wipe with was proper tissue if they were feeling lavish, otherwise ripped up pages of old 'Farmers Weekly' magazines. If you needed to use the privy at night you took a lantern with you. Posh privies were called 'closets', more basic ones 'the larpom'.

Many of the men did not bother with the privy if they needed a pee, why fill a big container only to have to empty it that evening? They peed against convenient trees or into hedges, or even into the manure heap ! For the women on the farms it was a different matter - though I am sure they would squat in a field from time to time if they were alone.

As a young boy my parents discouraged the idea of me just peeing outside, and I was told to use the privy. Some times this would be quite full, mostly with paper, sometimes other matter.

One winter evening, after supper, the farmer's wife took down the lantern from the shelf and headed off through the outside door. I guessed where she was going. She was gone for longer than five minutes and when she returned I announced I wanted to use the privy and could I please borrow the lantern? It was handed over and I was told to watch my step.

I hastened to the privy and immediately lifted the lid of the toilet seat. The container was almost full, and there nestling on top of the accumulated paper were two very large turds, deep chocolate brown in colour and knobbly in texture. Furthermore, in the cold atmosphere [it must have been about freezing point] I could detect a wisp of what appeared to be steam rising from the turds!

I was captivated! I just imagined the farmer's wife sitting there and dropping those two monsters on to the paper. The next time we stayed at that farm for supper was in the summer with lighter evenings and I was full of anticipation that the lady would once again need to open her bowels after the meal. I reasoned that it was probably her usual time for this.

I made sure that I had a pretext to be doing something not far from the privy after supper, and sure enough the door opened and she came over to the privy. Once the door had been closed I hastened over to within earshot of what was happening inside.

I heard the rustling of clothes and the sound of her sitting on the wooden seat. It was not long before I heard a soft fart, a sigh and then the rustling of something landing on pieces of the 'Farmers Weekly'. I thought I detected another rustle of paper, and then there was a drumming sound of what was obviously a stream of pee hitting the side of the metal container. When I heard paper being torn up I made a hasty withdrawal before the door opened.

With the lady safely back in the house I casually strolled over to the privy as if I needed to use it too. Once inside I found two big turds again nestling on top of the pile of paper, but much lighter in colour this time and less knobbly.

With my interest awakened I took an interest in the privy at the other farm, and I found a convenient knothole in the wood at the back of that - but all that excitement was to be in the future!


Follow up to Alan's Mom

Hi everyone!

I hope that you have a chance to read my story about Alan's mom.

One thing that I forgot to share is that Alan's mom said that the poop that she did was one of the biggest she had ever done in her life. I can imagine, having not gone for a couple of days, how massive her bowel movement must have been.

It was funny hearing her tell it, because she told it with no shame at all! Well, bye for now!



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