Today was a beautiful day so I decided to take the boat out. I asked my girlfriend if se wanted to come with me ,I said we can pack a lunch and just stay on the water. She said she would love to go but hasn't pooped in 4 days and her stomach didn't feel that great. I said maybe the boat ride would shake things up. She agreed . So she made some sandwiches and wrapped them in plastic wrap and foil. I got the cooler and we left Its about a 30 minute drive from our house. We got there around 11 AM. I launched the boat into the water and parked my truck out of the way of the ramp. We drove onto the lake and went to this very quite sunny inlet. After about an hour after about 1/2 hour we both were getting hungry, so we unwrapped our sandwiches and had a relaxing lunch. We sat on the boat for another 1/2 hour just talking. Then she said that the boat ride is starting to kick in. I asked her if she wanted to head in and she said it was to early. She said there is no one around I can poop in the boat (Its a small 19' boat)she said ok She cause she needs to go now. She said I need something to go in. I gave her a 16oz solo cup. She said I gonna need something bigger then that ,I haven't pooped in 4 days. So I got the plastic wrap from our sandwiches and said here. She put it on the floor and then undid her pants and squatted down. But by the time she did that the plastic wrap started to blow away. So she asked me to hold it in my hand up to her ass. She then started to poop and I felt the warm poo on my hand. It was getting band bigger .I couldn't believe how much she pooped. I said wow. She said I'm not done yet. She started pushing more and another log came out. She said ok I'm done, so I wrapped it up and put it aside and when we get to the dock you can go into the ladies room and dump it.

Steve A

Answering My Survey

1. Do you get bothered by public bathrooms? No

2. Porta Potties: I'd only use them if they are clean or OK for me to use. If they are dirty or have bugs in them, then I'd try another porta or just go somewhere else.

3. Perfect Bowel Schedule To Me: Going Once Or Twice A Day. Skipping a day isn't bad. Skipping more than 2 days will get my attention.

4. Sink Type: I like the handles better since I can control the water. The sinks at my school work when you push down the button. The water is usually warm and some either last a long or short time. I don't mind hand motion sinks when the water is warm. I don't like washing with cold water much because warm water is better for washing.

5. Pooping in Every Single Country Of The World: It's possible that someone can poop in every single country of the world. It will be expensive and time consuming, but it's possible.


Accident at my Friends House

This happened when I was 15. I was over at a friends house. He lives in the country. We were playing around outside, passing a football back and forth. I could tell that I wasn't feeling that well, but ignored it. After awhile the urge to shit hit me, and I mean hit me hard. I didn't have much time before I knew I would have an accident. I told my friend that I was going to go back to his house and use the bathroom. He waited outside. On the way back I cramped up and diarrhea forced it's way on into my pants. I was wearing boxers, so it was also running down my leg. I wasn't sure what to do at this point. I didn't want to tell my friend that I had shit my pant, so I decided to just keep going to the house and try to clean up as best I could. When I got to the house I went in the kitchen door, and his mom was in the kitchen (I'm just glad it wasn't his sister). She looked up when I came in and she knew something was wrong. I told her that I had an accident. She was really nice about it. She got me some clean clothes and I took a shower and cleaned up as fast as I could. On my way back outside she promised that she wouldn't tell anyone. when I got back to my friend he asked what took me so long and I just told him I had to poop and it took awhile. I'm glad she was so nice about it, but it is still embarrassing that my best friend mom saw me in soiled pants.

Has anyone else ever had an accident in front of a friends parent?

I will post some more of my accidents and accidents I have seen later. Have a great day!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Pizza Shit

Hi, it's Ebony with another shituation. Last Saturday, I went to a tiny pizzeria in the neighbourhood for the first time and ordered a small pepperoni pizza, which was huge in its own right. As I ate, I watched the NBA Playoffs, namely Kyle Lowry school the Miami Heat. The whole while I chatted with the clerk, Tiffany, about the game and other miscellaneous topics, I tried my hardest to hold back the building gas pressure. When I talk to people, I prefer to do so with my mouth, not my asshole. Whenever I'm dining, I prefer to enjoy the atmosphere and eat slowly, so a plan to grab a bite to eat turned into 2 hours. When I finally finished eating my pizza and paid, the pressure caused an intense pain in my lower body and my bladder filled up because of the constant iced tea refills, hurting and bloating my mid-section. If you pressed my frontal area, I would have shit and pissed.

"Excuse me, but where are your bathrooms?" I asked.

"Through this hallway and to your left," Tiffany said.

Tiffany stared at me while I walked to the latrine hunched over, trying to keep my piss and shit from contacting my clothes. The latrine was small with one stall and sink below a giant mirror. As I entered the latrine, a young dude, possibly my age, 23, or a little younger stood by the mirror scrubbing the sink. He looked to be your stereotypical stoner type that was recently hired off the street.

"Do you have to use the bathroom, dude?" He asked, spoken almost exactly like those stoners you hear on TV.

"Yeah," I replied, fidgeting. The piss and shit would have gotten to know both of us if I stood there any longer.

"Okay dude, like, try not to take too long because it's almost closing time and I have to get this bathroom clean, dude."

"Alright," I said. "I shouldn't be long." I lied because I usually have no clue how long my shit sessions last.

Stoner stepped outside and rolled out his mop bucket, but the wheels and his feet were still visible through the bottom crack of the door. He probably assumed I just had to piss and exit. He was in for a huge surprise. I pulled down my clothes to my calves and sat on the toilet with my legs spread for my usual turd's eye view. A soft push unleashed a heavy torrent of piss that relieved the pressure within my bladder. After putting more effort into the push, the log slowly slid out and hit the water with a soft plop. Even to my own surprise, the smell strongly seeped throughout the entire latrine, with a smell comparable to shitting myself.

Even I gagged softly to the smell because it sat right under my nose. Checking between my legs, I shit what I like to call a "catfish turd," a turd that seemed normal at first based on how it felt coming out, but actually turned out to be bigger and uglier than expected when seen in person. Even though I barely felt it when it slid out after the first push, it must have been longer than 10 inches with a bumpy texture. The most interesting aspect of the log was its colour, dark brown, but a forest greenish colour on top. The creepy thing was that I didn't recall anything I could have ate to create that abomination or dire smell. The log looked almost exactly like an actual moss covered log. Passing the log relieved much pressure, but another urge to unload the ass cargo came about. Just as I was about to pass another putrid moss covered tree, I heard a knock.

"Are you almost done, dude?" Stoner asked.

Even though I wasn't completely done, I already relieved the most intense pressure, so I had no real reason to keep holding Stoner up. I could continue unloading at the house.

"Yeah, I'm done," I said. "I'm coming out now."

I quickly gathered up a bunch of toilet paper and wiped my ass as much as possible. Each time, greenish brown shit covered almost the entirety of the paper. To my frustration, with each wipe, I was getting no cleaner. Instead, I said to myself 'screw it' and pulled up my clothes. At that moment, I knew my panties were shit stained. I flushed the toilet and the huge moss covered log whirled along with the toilet water, streaking the interior toilet bowl in all directions with thick shit smears before flushing. As I washed my hands, the guy suddenly entered the latrine.

"Excuse you, but I wasn't completely done yet." I said. "You should at least wait until I'm fully out the bathroom!" I told him sternly.

"Sorry about that dude," he said. "I'm just in a big hurry right now because it's closing time, dude."

Suddenly, the dude scrunched up his face and looked around. "Holy shit, dude!" He shouted. "Dude you like really blew up this bathroom!"

For a second, I was speechless. "Don't you have manners?" I asked. "You never comment like that after a female uses the bathroom!"

He covered his nose. "Yeah, whatever dude! Like there is no way I'm cleaning the bathroom when it's smelling like this!"

Tiffany approached the latrine area with two more co-workers. "What's the prob - oh god!" Tiffany said, cut off in mid-sentence. "Did somebody have an accident in there?" She asked, covering her nose.

"No, this chick right here just took a shit dude," the guy said.

The other two co-workers also covered their nose and gagged. Since my food was already paid for, I ran out the restaurant and walked home, which was only about 3 blocks away. I continued my shit session at home and correctly predicted the stains in my panties. As I took a shower and washed my clothes, I vowed never to return to that restaurant again.

Thank you Victoria for kind words. I was sorry to read, you had bad experience primary school. Your classmates very bad to you! I read your story four times because not so easy with my bad English.
Here in Japan we are a bit more open about poo and period when it is girls only. When with boys, we don't talk such things so much. Idea that girl never do motion exist in Japan too. Some girls especially university students put on back pack which has very long strap, because they want to hide bottom, they are shame. And a bit older women, they wear tight skirt and hope that people think there is no hole in middle of their bottom.

But of course in inside of heart, they know that this idea is big fibs. Everyone have bottom, every bottom have hole and motions come out of everybody. Some women don't care other people know they have bottom and do motion and have period. They think it is normal thing. I am such woman. My friends too.

I know that woman often have phobia about bottom. But I think bottom is beautiful part of body just like other parts. My friends have beautiful bottom. And when I see motion come out from their bottom, I think, motion also beautiful. Why we think motion is ugly? And if it is many many motions, of course no problem! I always hope when my friends sit on loo, they will do motion again and again and huge pile, then they feel so good after. (But I don't want see motion of person I don't know or love.) I look my friends relax on loo to do motion, their face usually so serene, especially Maho is serene. (But Maho say same thing about me.)

I think it is interesting you enjoy motion because you feel revenge. Maybe your ex-classmate have telepathy and understand you don't care anymore they laugh, because you are greater than them, they are stupid to think strange about motion and you are not stupid because you know motion is enjoyable thing, when we have no pain. So you are superior than them.

Morgan, your story made me cry. Mina is silly crying baby, but I can't help, your teacher was so horrible. I cried quite long time. Maho comfort me. She understand that I am not stable in my mind, and I feel so strongly when I hear that nice person suffer. I hope principal of your school call horrible teacher into his study and talk to him about something so long time that horrible teacher fill his pants with logs in front of principal.

Sometimes we can't help body. Our bottom don't listen to us, but think only herself. Why people don't understand?

I hope never again there are stories of loo bully. I hate. If I see person like your teacher Morgan, I hit and punch with big shouting.

But Morgan, if you have such story, please tell. It is OK you make me cry. I not shame to cry about sad story from nice person like you. When I cry, I pray you have happy time and no bully.

Love to everyone.



Michael's Survey

I think this survey is from about a month ago, but I haven't had a chance to check the site. Sorry I haven't posted in a long time either.

1. Do you enjoy pooping? No.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I usually wrapped my arms around my ????, especially if it hurts.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe? Yes, and they don't usually go away until I'm able to poop.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Lately, since I've been diagnosed with "functional constipation", it's been every 7-10 days, but I try to poop every day before school, unsuccessfully.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? Maybe like 2 hours to push everything out? I'm not sure.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? No.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? Yes, I have to grunt when I push and strain. I don't think I "yell", it's more like a whimper, I guess?
8. How often do you get constipated? All of the time.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? Maybe like 3 weeks when I was little and got impacted, but that could be an exaggeration.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? I guess not?
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last? Stomach aches are a constant part of my life, especially when my constipation is at it's worst.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Sometimes.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? When I'm finally able to push out my poop, yes.
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? A worse ????ache, the poop finally moving.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? Almost always.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yes, after straining.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I take as long as necessary when I'm finally able to poop.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? A lot of the things that seem to help some people actually make my constipation a lot worse, but definitely suppositories, as I'm kind of dependent on them to poop at all (I know that's bad) and I've have to had an enema before.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Yes.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Almost never, unless really sick, or from encoprenesis-like symptoms.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Yes, and sometimes my mom does it for me.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? I don't know if comfortable if the right word, but by now, I'm used to my mom, and sometimes my dad, helping me.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Bad sometimes.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? I've clogged the toilet many, many times.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions, as many people don't seem to understand what it's like to live with chronic constipation.


Responsibility for monster craps

Because I'm on campus at my school everyday from sometimes 7 a.m. until 7 or 8 p.m. due to my activities, I use the bathrooms several times a day. Outside of classes, my schedule varies each day depending on tutoring, athletics and meetings of several clubs. Our coaches and several of my club sponsors just have pizza delivered in for us. That's great since they pay for it with their budgets and that frees up my allowance and babysitting money for other things. However, I've found this year that the large amount of pizza I eat does take its toll on my body by causing me to have much more solid and larger craps. My arse is hurting more after I push out a crap that might be more than 2" wide and that only happens after I change positions on the seat and sometimes really bear down when it slows down and is more reluctant to exit.

More often now after the monster drops, I'll spread my legs and look at it from my seat and I will stand and flush the toilet before I sit back down to wipe. The reason is that it sometimes takes 3 or 4 flushes to get the monster to line up with the hole due to the swishing and water pressure. When it finally lines up with the hole, about 1/2 the time it won't clear the hole. Sometimes it gets stuck. Sometimes a part will break off, but the first part sticks. Then after a few flushes, the water simply rises and often close to overflowing the bowl, and I worry about a mess being made in a bathroom that is often messed up by mid-morning. Then I will pull up my clothing and go to another stall where I will seat myself and then do my wiping.

This happened to me on Tuesday evening at about 5:30. Since I'm on Student Council I knew that there was going to be a play in an hour or so in the nearby auditorium and that there would be a large number of people coming to that. So I walked to the opposite end of the floor where I saw Mom's cart. She's been a custodian at the school since the '80s, knows those of us who are around a lot, so because we really respect her and she enjoys us. She's good at relating to us and we know that she cares. So I walked into the classroom and told her what happened? She faked being mad, as usual, and told me that she was in a bowling tournament the past weekend, bowled 12 games and her back was sore, and now my misuse of the bathroom was going to cause her to some sort of a super-plunger that wasn't going to help her situation. I joked with Mom that at least I was honest in telling her about the clog and that I could have just crapped on the floor in front of the toilet like some of the absolute hoverers do and she said the cleanup would have been easier. She has an old cat in her apartment which she said she's experienced in cleaning up after. Pushing crap onto a small shovel is easy, she said. So I told her I was going to become a hover crapper and she said that was within my rights. Then she gave me the message that she wants me to give to my student council friends: we should eat less bulky food, take our craps at home before coming to school or hold them until we get back home, we should use less toilet paper because too much is wasted, there should be a goal that on a given day at least 50% of the student body would flush urinals and toilets, we should learn how to use the soap machines without plugging them or busting them off the sinks, we should learn how to efficiently dry our hands with only one paper towel, and something about how the principals should just allow smoking because it is out of hand anyway and something more crude about them dying off sooner, anyway.

Ten minutes later I was starting to work with a tutoring student and saw Mom walk past pushing her cart. She gave me a thumbs-up and had a big smile on her face as usual.

Steve A

Comments & Survey

To Victoria: It's true about the "girls don't poop" myth, but I think it's not as big now as it was back then. Personally, I think girls are starting to get more open about their bathroom habits. We have girls and women of all different ages who post on Toilet Stool. That shows you that they can talk about this stuff too. There are videos on social media and on the internet of girls showing off their bathroom habits. You see it in movies, TV shows, and even cartoons. Plus, some guys might have a hard time accepting that girls poop. They just can't picture a pretty girl pooping. It's unladylike towards them, but to me, it's just a natural body function.

To Cookie Monster: It's always bad to see students and kids getting treated like this. Just like Victoria's story, you should use the bathroom whenever you need to. There are parents and teachers out there that need to understand about bathroom use with their kids and students.

To End Stall Em: I never had a girl use the bathroom with me in the same room. I wouldn't get embarrassed about it if I ever did. I normally don't get bothered when I use public bathrooms. I'm glad that I was taught by my parents to use the bathroom whenever I need to.


1. Do you get bothered by public bathrooms?

2. Would you use a porta potty depending on the sanitation of it? Examples: concerts, family picnics/reunions, or any outside events.

3. How would you describe a good bowel schedule to yourself?

4. Do you think that they should have "hand motion" or just regular sinks with hot and cold water handles?

5. An interesting thought: If someone can poop in every single country in the world.

Sonya Sue

Forced Poops in School Bathrooms

I find that "girls don't poop..." in public bathrooms to be interesting. Most of my craps five days a week are at school because I'm often there for activities well before 1st hour and often with drama until 10 p.m. or later. As, I've written about before, I've gotten rid of any inhibitions I might have had.

Last month, one afternoon right after classes ended, I stopped in the main first floor bathroom, which is the largest in the school, and did a moderately successful poop. I had some time to kill before the theater would be opened and we could begin painting our set. As I sat and texted I did a little pee too and as I was reading, I had a girl come up to my door and push her hand into it thinking I guess that the stall was open. She cursed when I told her I would be awhile. Then I heard the stall next to mine open, and again I heard her cuss (the first person gets the cleanest toilet, I've always believed!) and I knew she was going to use that toilet which I had rejected because the seat was wet and someone's crap was in the bowl so big that I wasn't sure it would flush. Almost immediately her jeans and underwear were at floor level. Her butt thudded onto the seat which again demonstrated her anger.

A couple of seconds later her phone rang and she answered it in a really snotty voice. We had a part in our freshman play that called for that type of voice and she would have been perfect, except for all the cussing. What I could tell by listening was that she had been called out of school an hour early and that her ride hadn't come to pick her up. She was livid when I guess they asked her why she wasn't at the door she was supposed to be at that time. She was very disrespectful and told the caller she was in the main bathroom, on the toilet and that they have forced her to take her first shit at school in this her freshman year.
She said she would have shit her pants if she waited any longer and that the bathroom was gross and several words we can't say on this board. There were a couple of blasts into the bowl and she used them as evidence and I think she tried to place her phone between her legs to prove it, but she dropped it and it slid just under the stall panel near my left foot. I pushed it back to her and she didn't say anything for a few moments. The she ended the conversation by telling them they were "f#####' retarded."

I wiped twice using up my available toilet paper, reached back and flushed and went out to wash my hands. As I was doing that I got to thinking that the girl probably had another surprise coming because she was dropping a good amount of crap. You see, our bathroom requires users to get their toilet paper from several rolls mounted on the wall at the entrance to the room. And I was pretty certain that in all of her anger she hadn't done that. It might not be good, but with her attitude I wasn't about to walk down and get her any wiping paper. I just smiled and left and then told the rest of our set crew about it when I got to the theater. They totally agreed with me.


Responses and Victoria B "Girl's Don't Poop"

Just getting off work, here!

Adrian, thank you for your kind responses always!

Victoria B: I shared on the forum that my Senior Prom got a little awkward after I took a dump at the restaurant before leaving for the actual prom. It did not help matters that I was a 6'1, athletic looking girl and going in a group with the stereotypical cheerleader types, who probably did not eat enough to produce a bowel movement worth mentioning (I'm only kidding!). I wish that Alan and I had been together back then. That was 1999!

There is a video out that I thought was hilarious. It's a spin on the whole "Girls Don't Poop" thing. Search for "????" - It's worth a few minutes of your time!

Anyway, yes we women poop. I would love to talk about it with you!




Witnessed It

The other day at Walmart, I was looking for a new set of pens. When I heard someone gasping, I thought they were hurt or something, but when I looked in the aisle, some guy was crossing his legs and squeezing his thighs together. I knew immediately he had to pee, and by the looks of it, really bad. Normally, I'm not someone that likes slapstick, but seeing him desperate made me curious to try. All of a sudden, I heard a loud fart and a "Gotta pee and poop? Great." I stepped into the aisle, pretending not to notice him and be intently focused on finding something. He immediately straightened up and uncrossed his legs, though apparently it took a lot of muster. He quickly walked away with his hands shoved tightly between his legs. I trailed him to the bathroom, where there was about 20 people waiting in a line. He paled and I heard another fart escape his jeans. "Dang it!" He muttered under his breath and patted his bladder reassuringly when a lady in a hurry pushed her way through the line, elbowing his bladder. I saw a wet spot appear as he ran to the back of the store. When I finally saw him again, he was crossing his legs with one hand shoved in between his legs and the other pressed against his tightly squeezed cheeks. I heard him say "NO!!!!" Then came a loud farting noise and I saw a slight bulge in his jeans as he clenched his fists and pushed again. Then I saw him pee, just a little, but it was a tennis ball sized wet patch in front of his crotch

Steve A

Laxative Conversation At Work & Questions

Last night at work, I was bagging for a customer. The cashier and customer got on the topic of laxatives because he bought it and the cashier brought it up. They talked about what worked better and what they thought of different ones. He said that he hoped that it would work so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable. They didn't feel embarrassed talking about it at all. This brings up a few questions.

If you bought something like laxatives or any other personal items at a store, would you go into the self checkout line or go to a cashier?

Also, what do you think of customers and cashiers talking about laxatives and other related stuff?

My Answers:

1. It would depend on if the store had self checkout lines or not. I'd never been in this situation before, but if I ever am, then I'll have to make my decision.

2. It depends on how comfortable you are talking about this to someone.


Me and Milk

I love all things supersize. That includes milk. Unfortunately, humans only produce a certain amount of lactase, so drinking too much milk, even for people who are not lactose intolerant can be unpleasant. For me the line is somewhere around 40 ounces, or the size of a Super Big Gulp from 7-Eleven, or a large drink one would get at a cinema. My worst milk story comes from last December. I had just gotten home from swimming to find that mom had made my favorite dinner: spicy chili. I poured myself a large bowl, doused it in hot sauce, and began my hearty feast. All the hot sauce sure made me thirsty, so I grabbed a 54 ounce cup and filled it to the brim with chocolate milk. I finished my first cup without much problem, leading to my fatal mistake: I poured myself a second cup, this time lowfat white milk, not chocolate. Do the math: 54+54=108, more than double what it takes to cause the first bubbling inside my vast innar cavity. By the time I had finished my second cup, I felt BAD! On the brink of throwing up. I also felt the need to explode from the other end. I grabbed a trash can and went to the bathroom. I sat down, and soft mush began to flow uncontrollably out of my irate bowels. My vexed stomach rumbled again, and I had to fight the urge to vomit, which is easier said than done. The smell was atrocious at this point, enough to make a healthy person cough. Being sick, this was almost too much for me. But I found the strength to keep my bothersome meal down. I honestly did not want to vomit because I knew that this one would be violent, painful, uncontrollable, and would likely burn due to my spicy dinner. So I somehow managed not to barf despite the intense salivating I was doing. About this time I finished my other end. Looking down into the bowl, I saw that there was a lot of mush in the bowl, sticking up out of the water, making the whole restroom reek like death. After my diarrhea attack, I felt tired and out of it and had trouble finishing my homework due to my extreme exhaustion. I'm almost positive that caffeine would not have helped in this situation. This was one of those situations where you are tired because you just got sick and need rest.
A similar story occurred once after robotics club. In November, I attended robotics club at high school, and again, I had chili afterwards that I spiked with Tabasco Habanero sauce. I ate two bowls this time but only drank 64 ounces of milk. The first time stands out more because it involves a larger amount of milk. But it took me a whole hour to eat my chili this time, which I chased down with a quart of water and half a cupcake. I must've had nearly a gallon in my stomach, which is four times what stomachs are designed to hold. Afterwards, I took a quick rest on the couch before I decided to take a shower. Before my shower, my bowels went haywire, so I knew that they needed to be emptied immediately. I took a couple minutes to violently unload another mushy, but not watery load. This one smelled just as bad. I showered, making sure to clean my rear in the shower. My grumpy Au Pair complained for taking too long of shower, same one that got on me for stinking out the upstairs with the prune juice dump. Again, I was too tired to focus afterwards, and I refused to vomit. I managed to finish my homework, but it took me forever.
I also remember drinking too much milk a year and a half ago, in November 2014, when I chugged 56 ounces of milk following a Tabasco Habanero and tortilla chips binge. I immediately went upstairs while fighting the urge to vomit, but unlike the other two times, I didn't have a large dump. I did go, but it was more firm, probably because I drank the milk so fast that it hadn't reached my intestines yet, and the dump was just from the pressure internally. That time, I showered, dried off, and went to bed, even though it was only 8:30 or so. About an hour and a half later, I awoke and went to the bathroom. Although it wasn't to vomit or do a number two. It was to take a whizz as my 56 ounce milk binge was now sitting in my bladder.
It is actually impossible to drink a gallon of milk in an hour, because the human stomach is only designed to hold about a quart, or a quarter gallon, or four cups. Humans also are unable to produce enough lactase to break down that much milk. I've never actually done the milk challenge, but I do know what would happen, because I know the science behind it, and I've drank large amounts of milk with food and felt nauseated. I've never vomited from milk, but,I know that if I took the gallon challenge, I would vomit somewhere around the 70 or 80 ounce mark, just judging from my own experiences. I have drank an entire gallon of milk in four hours, but never in the meager one hour that one is allowed in the gallon challenge.I've only seen one person complete the gallon challenge, and it was a competitive eater who calls himself the LA Beast. The gallon challenge definitely isn't for the average joe, that's for sure. Even if you've drank a gallon of water, gatorade, coke, pepsi, mountain dew, or beer, a gallon of milk in one hour just isn't possible. For the record: I am not condoning the consumption of large volumes of liquids in short periods of time. This can cause electrolyte imbalances, and can be lethal. I've never had that unpleasant experience, but I am trying to take it easy by pacing myself. Just be careful if you do decide to chug any beverage, and know that even if you aren't lactose intolerant, you can still get sick from too much milk because you don't produce enough lactase.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Desperate poo in public loo at train station yesterday

Yesterday hubs and i went up north for the day
By train and after a 3 hr train journey
I was burstin for a huge poo.

On the train hubs knew i needed a poo and kept
Lightly slapping my butt.

On arrival hubs pointed me out the ladies loos.
Which was massively busy but i waited...and waited...and eventually it was my turn.

In i go lock the door and hitch up my mini skirt and pulled down
My knickers to discover i had also started my period.

Got comfy and relaxed letting my plops rush out of my bum q after the other.
6 very loose plops initially - i sigh relief- followed by a further 6 - another sigh of relief - followed by a final 4.
I wiped 8 times and popped some maxi pads in my knickers and flushed.
Washed hands leaving a nasty smell and headed back to hubs and off we went.

Hope u enjoyed, J xx



Nick, sounds like you had a few good ones. Loved the story.


School accident in England

When I was 9, I was sent to a boarding school in England for girls only. We were expected to be very prim and proper. We were never allowed to say anything about the bathroom.

During a class, I really needed a poo badly. I knew I would get in trouble if I asked, so I tried to hold it.
However, I couldn't. I lost control and a loud fart filled the room, followed by 3 huge logs filling my pants...


Reply to Adrian

Hello all it's John B

Yes I did have a particularly good poo this morning Adrian, Saturday 14th.

Last nights dinner was liver and bacon, fried onions, mushrooms, peas and sauté potatoes. Later on that evening I had half a bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

Well this morning I had a mug of tea, muesli and fruit and then took my meds. About half an hour later I had the urge to poo. I took up my position on the "throne" and an effortless log just slid out, the tip being in the water before exiting my bum, this was followed by a second about fifteen seconds later although this wasn't as big. Completely empty it was the most satisfying crap I've had for awhile. So yes a good poo, lol

Take care all


John B

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B it sounds like you had a rough time back then.

To: Morgan it sounds like you had to really go bad both times and your teacher should have been more understanding.

Well thats all for now. Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B. Sadly the old myth that "girls don't poop" isn't uncommon on my side of the pond either, although it's complete and utter rubbish. In my case it was very helpfully debunked by my late, beloved Aunt Anne over forty years ago, and a fuller account of that can be found on page 297. I think it's a pity people are made to feel needlessly ashamed of bodily functions but for cultural reasons I think attitudes are slightly less uptight in the UK than the USA.

Anna from Austria. Glad to see you back. Good on you for going to the gym. It's something I probably should do but don't. I can well imagine all that exercise loosening you up in more ways than one though.

Lurker. Sorry to hear about your constipation and I hope its resolved itself as constipation generally does sooner or later. If you can't tolerate prune juice there are plenty of other things you can do. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg is one (and I don't eat as much as I should). Figs and Dates are good for relieving constipation as are Pontefract Cakes. Try and get plenty to drink. Often I find a hot drink or two has the effect of loosening things up. Good luck.

Kelvin. Glad to hear all the sleeping bags were dry the next morning after that beer drinking session. I suspect that was partly down to luck and more than one of you woke up needing to wee badly. I can well imagine the 'beer shits' though and I know the smell would have been pretty ripe if some of you had been on lager. Mostly I drink bitter but on the rare occasions I've had lager my BMs have stank the next day.

Michael. Sorry to hear about your stress and the constipation which goes with it. If you're starting a new job with different routines and you're under stress that can affect bowel movements. Hopefully matters will sort themselves out sooner or later one way or another. If they don't or you're at all worried I think it would be worth getting checked out by the doctor. Although we can train our bowels up to a point, the one thing I've learnt over the years is that they seldom perform to order. Usually they scream to be emptied when it's anything but convenient and if it suits our convenience to empty them they don't always oblige, a fact which has been particularly frustrating when I've known there's been something "up there" that will want out at some point, usually when it won't be too convenient for me.

John B. Hi mate. It's good to see you back. Like you I often struggle to check what's going on here or post when I'd like. I'm keeping well and I hope you are too. My bowels are a bit of a law unto themselves but there's nothing new about that. Have you had any good poos just lately?


Recent trip to the toilet

This happened Monday. Over the weekend, we went to Six Flags and I had baseball games all Sunday, so I ate a lot of junk food. This didn't sit too well with my already irritated bowels that I've been destroying with my high-capsaicin diet. On Monday after school, I had a baseball game to umpire, so I ate pizza before I headed to the field. After the game, I was doing homework when I began to feel the urge to go. Since spicy foods and milk (large quantities) are major irritants to my bowels, I drank a glass of prune juice because I knew it would speed the unpleasant experience up. When I arrived at the downstairs bathroom, I rembered that the toilet was out of toilet paper. Thank goodness, because this was quite a messy one. I turned back around, and dashed upstairs to my upstairs bathroom, grabbed my iPad (I watch YouTube while I dump), and locked the bathroom door. I threw my pants down and violently slammed myself on the seat. Without any effort at all, I began unloading capsaicin-filled logs. They were soft, about an inch thick, and they came rapidly, piling on top of each other. For five minutes I unloaded, and I peed too. After I finished, I was remaining on the pot, watching YouTube like a champ, and chilling out. After I had finished my last video, I looked down into the toilet and was immediately greeted by a large pile of spicy logs that formed a large pile in the bowl, extending nearly an inch above the water. My hole burned from my heated dump, and I could smell the atrocious capsaicin-induced stink bomb that I nuked my bathroom with. After wiping, I hit the flush lever HARD! My lucky day! The water washed my fiery brown storm away with little problem, taking everything down in one flush. Except for some heavy skidmarks. I left those and washed up. Later that night, I felt round two approaching. It felt like World War Three going on in my bowels, so I hustled to the toilet. Soft chunks poured out, searing my hole on the way out. After I made sure I was done, I left, feeling a slight sense of nausea, but it was gone by the time I woke up on Tuesday morning.


Babysitting Channing

My aunt lives in our city. She's a single parent with a really rotten job that requires long hours and she's assigned a lot of additional shifts at the last minute. What that means is that I will get a text at my high school and have to walk about a mile to a grade school to pick up her daughter Channing. Channing is 7 and in pretty good shape compared to the amount of disorganization in their lives.

So last week on Monday I was bursting to pee because the lines were too long at lunch, but I didn't want Channing's school to get mad at me again about me being late to pick her up. So I started my walk, cutting through a field that is just trees and an illegal dump. I stepped around a pile of old patio furniture including a lawn chair that my left foot caught onto. It was very light and when I tried to open it, I saw the fabric on the back was fine, but the fabric on the seat was rotted through right on the middle. I got to thinking Fast Pee! As I was pulling my jeans and underwear down, I got spooked on my right by two or three squirrels chasing one another. I seated myself on the chair, but placed my hands on the ground on each side because the chair was not that sturdy. Even a small move caused the abrasive fabric to do a number on my butt. I checked the hole in the seat to make sure it would have room for my pee stream. As I was concentrating one getting my pee stream going, I tried not to move because it felt like the torn fabric was cutting my butt. I tried to make an adjustment, but a couple of birds in a nearby tree fully spooked me. They flew into a lower branch on a tree practically right on top of me. I could feel my pee coming out, some of it hitting a small rock and splashing on my left shoe and as I moved that foot, the chair tipped and I went butt down onto the ground. My left thigh and tailbone hurt, but I wanted to get back onto the chair since I knew I had a ways to go yet. More importantly, I didn't want to waste any more time and have my aunt get charged for latch-key child care charges for the after school care.

So I hiked it even faster and by cutting through some more lots I got some of the lost time back. When I got to the school, Channing was waiting in the office. I signed her out, made sure she had her homework in her pack, and we left the office. I told Channing that her mom's text said we could visit the park two blocks away which has a large lagoon where there's hundreds of ducks that you can feed. I bought a bag of popcorn and both Channing and I ate such a large amount that I had to buy a second to use for the ducks. At that point, Channing leaned over and told me she had to poo-poo. I don't regularly go to that park, so I had to look and think about where the bathrooms would be. I ended up asking a cop who was really cynical. Luckily since I am involved in cross-country cycling, my legs are in petty good shape, and when Channing told me her needs were now an emergency, I picked her up and carried her in the direction of the bathrooms. Finally, when I got in there, I realized what the cop was trying to tell us. There were four toilets, each right next to one another, completely open--no cubicles, nothing. There was a mother and a pre-school daughter seated between her legs on one. Two moms, each with several children were seated and trying to manage the kids. And on the fourth one, a girl about my age was just getting off the seat, pulling up he underwear and pushing down her dress as she walked away. Without flushing, of course. So I delivered Channing over there. She did some fast preparations by yanking her jeans and underwear down and then sliding herself back to and then onto the much-higher adult toilet.

While she didn't seem that comfortable seated, I could immediately hear some splashes into the water. I remembered that I had forgotten to flush it for her, but Channing didn't say anything about that. However, she insisted that I stay right there by her, although I noticed the toilet next to her was now vacant and I wanted to finish my interrupted pee. I edged over to where I saw a toilet paper roll on the wall between the two stools and rolled off some for Channing. After giving it to her, I pulled by jeans and underwear down. I didn't intend it to be that way, but my butt was facing Channing who immediately shouted out "What happened to your butt Aunt Miranda--did you have an accident?" I seated myself in shame because now the others were looking at me and I told Channing I would explain it to her later. She wiped and then got off the stool and walked over to me. There was a leaf or two on the side of my thigh as I was pissing so I just pulled her over to me, told her to keep her voice down, and I explained my fall to her with a very hushed tone. Then I stood and she pointed out where I had a couple of cuts, some dirt, and in one case, a piece of small rock clinging to my skin. I told her I couldn't wait to get back to her apartment so I could take a good bath. Then she reminded me about the ducks. But we did have a pretty good time with feeding them and then getting back home.

By the time we got Channing's homework done, I feel asleep and I didn't get to mine.


What drinks make you pee the most?

I know that caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, but I am wondering if anyone has a drink that makes them pee the most or one that doesn't really make you pee? For me, water and soda make me urinate a lot. Iced tea seems to make me pee the most. For some reason, coffee doesn't make me pee that much, despite the caffeine. Maybe I just have a high caffeine tolerance. I do drink large volumes of liquids. I've been known to drink up to a gallon of water in a day, over three quarts of diet soda, and sometimes a gallon of iced tea (unsweetened). I drink twenty ounces of coffee a morning. Even small amounts of tea or water go right through me, but coffee doesn't. I don't know about alcohol, since I'm underage I don't drink. What drinks make you pee the most? How much does it take? How strong is your bladder?


to Dude in Distress

Oh man that sounds really bad. I know how that goes, though. I've never been diagnosed with IBS-C, but I wonder if I have it; it might explain some of my chronic constipation. But yeah I often have to squat and pull my cheeks apart when getting out a big one. And sometimes I do grunt so loud that it can almost sound like a scream--I sure hope people aren't listening when that happens lol

Brandon T

Toilet Tales

Yesterday while I was at the library I was getting a drink outside of the bathrooms when a woman went into the ladies room and began to pee and at first I thought nothing of it but then she let of a pretty loud and kind of deep fart and then another couple I cant say for sure if was pooping as well so it couldve been diarrhea or a gassy poop or just gas that was holding in for awhile so a good catch.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Victoria B.

A story from chidhood

Mina, your most recent post had me thinking. In America, there's a saying to the effect that "Girls don't poop." We're permitted to pee, but nothing else. No periods, no pooping, is what we're taught that society expects from us. It's nonsense but it's a feeling that you have to deal with, whether you reject it or try to live up to its impossible standards.

I think a lot of it has to do with the sense of shame that people are encouraged to develop about both the parts between their legs and the hole between the two cheeks of their butts. They don't want to confront those parts for what they are: a part of being human that, however gross it may seem, helps make us who we are. I was lucky to be raised in an environment that encouraged me to develop a more healthy attitude about the human body. My parents told me to use whatever bathroom was available whenever I needed to go and to take as long as my body needed when I was potty trained. I found out that other kids' parents must have told them something else on one day in first grade.

Some of the details I've forgotten, but basically I needed a number two in the middle of class and got permission from my teacher to do that. I went into the girls' room, picked a stall, and started getting undressed. For some reason, I remember that I was wearing overalls that day (it was the '90s, after all). I got those and my underwear down and sat on the small-sized toilet. I must've pushed out a lot and it must've taken awhile because my teacher came into the bathroom to check up on me.

She asked if I was feeling okay and I said yeah or something to that effect. Then my teacher said something I do remember: "Make sure to wipe, flush and wash your hands!" Being the independent first-grader that I was, those words made me blush. Combined with the redness on my face from pushing to go, I must've looked like a tomato. Anyway, I finished my BM and wiped with that awful toilet paper, needing to use most of the roll. I got dressed, flushed, and left the stall. What I didn't recognize at the sink was that I had picked up unwanted company while I was going, a piece of toilet paper that had gotten stuck to my shoe. Classic.

I walked back to class after those approx. 12-15 minutes, bright-red faced and tailed by paper. It started with one classmate. Then another. Soon enough, the entire room burst out in laughter at the sight of me. The tears and sobs came quickly and there was just no way that I could've gone back to class after such a reception. My teacher understood and let me spend the remainder of the day in the office (it was only another hour or so). I walked home feeling mortified and ashamed. The other kids eventually forgot, but I certainly didn't.

That story is a big reason why I enjoy going and talking about going to the bathroom so much. Revenge is a strong word, but it's what I've gotten on all those kids who were mean to me that day. They tried to make me feel ashamed of my body and its needs and they failed. I will never let anyone hurt me for being who I am. And that is someone who is comfortable with herself in all that entails.

Love, Victoria

Anna from Austria
I was busy in the last few weeks so I had no time to post here unfortunately.

As i have gained some weight in the last couple of month, i decided to go the gym regularly and it seems that physical workout has an effect on my bowl movement. I need to go Number 2 after every workout.

Strange thing because I have read about thing, that physical workout can effect hat.

I know want to ask if other Ladies here and guys of course have experienced something similar?

Yesterday it was especially funny. I was doing a long workout at the treadmill and soon after finishing the workout i felt an pressure at my backdoor. I headed as fast I can to the ladies locker room. I went to the toilet and locked the door. i took of my jogging pants and my underwear and sat on the toilet. As soon I was sitting a loud fart exploded from my bottom and some very soft poo come out. some more farts and some more chunks came. Then I peed. After the cleaning work was done I flushed and left the toilet.

At first I was to embarrassed to come out, because i was very loud, but the other ladies in the locker room did not looked at me, while i was leaving the locker room. Maybe the sound from the showers covered my pooping noise.

I hope you liked my story.

greetings from Austria


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine great story about your huge poop it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like they had some good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hey all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been constipated these last couple of days (tomorrow will be day 4 of no stool), and I'm wondering what else I can use besides mineral oil. I had a very strong urge to poop earlier; but I couldn't push it out, due to how dry and hard it was. I'm allergic to prune juice and don't want to use a laxative or insert anything rectally yet. Any recommendations?

Romantic Dump. I enjoyed reading your latest contribution. Reading between the lines I get a hunch that you enjoy your food and have quite a lot to eat which, in turn, produces spectacular BMs.

Lorenz. There isn't an easy answer to the question about regulating your bowels so that you can avoid going #2 at school. I try to avoid #2s on public toilets if I possibly can. Mosr of the time I manage it by taking every available opportunity to poo whilst at home. Usually I need one after my evening meal, often at bedtime and often first thing in the morning. Maybe if you could do poos at those times it would help to lessen the need for them during the day. Regulating what you eat and when is another obvious thing to do, although you're at a time of life when you need to be earing a healthy amount and not stinting yourself too much. I tend to avoid eating fruit (except for a little dried fruit on my cereal) at breakfast time as I find it's better to have that sort of thing later in the day. Different things work for different people though and I guess you'll have to experiment.

Catherine. Thanks for sharing your Wednesday morning poo. It sounded absolutely massive which, after two breakfasts, doesn't altogether surprise me. Clearly the need kicked in very quickly and it seems you were pretty close ro shitting yourself. My GF has a downstairs hall loo similar to the one you describe but it's rather small and narrow so I tend to use the upstairs bathroom one if I need to do #2 whilst at her place.

Adrian. Yes it was a good night! We always drink pints (or cans) when we go out. As far as I know all the sleeping bags were dry the next morning! We did all seem to get "beer shits" the next morning at about the same time. We had only access to one toilet between us and the shower was in the same room, so some of us had to wait a bit - it was certainly uncomfortable for those of us who didn't get to use the shower room first. However when I did get my turn on the throne I definitely didn't rush and enjoyed thinking of the others outside trying to hold it in! The odd snapchat saying "keeping your seat warm" may have been sent to one of the others who was banging the door begging for me to hurry up!

End Stall Em

Having the opposite sex in the bathroom with you

Judging from stories written and and surveys we're asked to fill out there seems to be more interest in allowing or encouraging those of the opposite sex to go to and be in the bathrooms with us. It is a topic that has interested me since I was about 15 and my friend (now my boyfriend) Spencer was 14. And happenings during a snowstorm caused my cousin Jacob and myself to share a public bathroom once when we were out sledding.

I wrote accounts of these experiences on pages 2068, 2083, and 2095. There was some teasing and healthy competitiveness involved, but seeing a person of the opposite sex using a bathroom with you can be very eye-opening. For example, I was surprised that both Jacob and Spencer had been apparently horror-taught by their parents and male friends to sit on paper instead of directly butt-down on the toilet seat. They were surprised to see me just take a seat on a park toilet stool or gas station stool without at least wiping it down, and most blatantly, covering it. I, in turn, was surprised that they believed that people can regularly transmit STDs via public seats. Back when I was little, like 4 or 5 and out with my dad, he would make me wait--sometimes with increasing pain and worry on my part about an accident--while he lined the seat for me. However, at school and once I started going out more on my own, I never gave it a second thought. I'm in college now and nobody gives a damn about being tardy to class, but in high school I would have done a lot more detention time if I had stopped to line the seat before sitting on it, during quick pit stops to pee during passing periods. Almost all of my peers were/are of the same opinion.

Now regarding the most recent discussion about wiping. Whether its briefs or boxers, I've seen guys with plenty of skid marks in their underwear. I'm surprised, I guess, because they don't seem to care. Spencer wears white briefs and I would think darker colored ones would be better because it would be easier to hide inadequate wiping. I remember once at his apartment when I was helping him get caught up on the laundry (and I successfully talked him out of buying additional packages of boxers when we were shopping at Wal-Mart) I kind of teased him about the skid marks that Tide wasn't getting out. Then at the end of the weekend I caught him going through the hamper and pulling out my underwear to see what condition it was in. He was surprised that he couldn't find any evidence to use against me. But I reminded him that sometimes once or twice every year I throw my underwear out when it has been soiled beyond cleaning. Such was the case last month when he and I were at an alt rock festival. I had a full crap in a portable potty that I had to wait 45 minutes to get into, and after cleaning out my bowels, I found there was no toilet paper available. Like I was going to go back into line for another toilet in order to clean myself. Once we got back to his apartment on Sunday night, I topped the trash bag with them and threw it into a dumpster in the parking lot. When I told him about it, he said he couldn't believe a woman would sit butt-down on a filthy porta potty. I told him that guys tend to be more unrealistic and not aware that many womens' toilets don't have the seat protectors and often run out of toilet paper even if we decided to use them.

I've also learned that many public toilets, especially in the men's rooms, continually have wet seats because the guys refuse to lift them before peeing and they also have bad aim. I would think the seat cut-out would be adequate, but I guess not. Spencer's also learned that while some women are hover pissers, they are better about lifting the seat first.

Oh, I case you're wondering, at home Spencer remembers to put the seat down about 80 percent of the time after peeing.


No lock or toilet paper

I hadn't had a poo for 5 days and I was bursting. It was almost lunchtime at my school. Finally, we got out. I ran to the restroom. It was very crowded. There were 3 stalls and about 20 girls. Nobody was in line for the handicapped stall, so I took it. Then I saw why. There was no lock on the door. I couldn't care less, so I sat on the toilet and pushed out 4 huge, wet logs in a matter of seconds. I didn't want to get walked in on, so I decided I was done. I reached for toilet paper, but I couldn't find it. I looked around for the holder. I saw it laying on the floor, with no paper in it...


Test accident

I needed a poo, but the next class was really short so I heald it. Then, when class started, I realized I was wrong. We were having a 2 hour test today! I remembered it had been a week since I last went, so I was desprate. I waited 10 minutes and then asked the teacher if I could go. He said no. This teacher was notorious at my school for not letting kids use the bathroom. I eventually knew I was going to have an accident. I told him I hadn't gone in a week and really needed to go. He said I should've gone earlier. Eventyally, I couldn't hold it anymore. A huge log filled my pants. It was very obvious that I had an accident, but he said nothing. I raised my hand again. He ignored me. 1 hour later, when the test was over, I was still bursting. He dismissed the class. I ran for the door but he called me back. He said I had to write "i will not go to the bathroom in my pants" 100p times on the board! I was about to cry, but he forced me to. Halfway through, another log filled my pants. He told me I had to write it 500 more times! I finally fimished, and ran for the bathroom. On the way there, more logs filled my pants. My pants couldnt hold them, and they slid down my legs onto the floor. I began to cry.




Hello fellow poopers,

I've been quite constipated lately, and when I do go it's in itty bitty amounts. I haven't been eating as much, but I didn't expect my movements to size down that much. Last week I got a new job, and I get frequent bathroom breaks, but I don't like using the toilet at work when I'm on the clock.
As soon as I clocked out, I headed towards the mens' room. There were 3 stalls, someone was already in the handicapped one, so I chose the one by the door. Not having gone for 3 days I expected a lot. I had to push a little bit, and stubbornly, two fat, but short turds plopped in the bowl. It wasn't interesting at all, except it smelled. I began to wipe and stood up. I saw two fat, but short turds floating in the water, underneath some cheap translucent toilet paper. I flushed, and as I did, the toilet was heavily skidded from my shit. I didn't expect my turds to be that messy.
I washed my hands then left the bathroom, not feeling that much better.

It's been weird pooping very little for a while now, I wonder what's going on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Shout Out

Hi people it's John B.

Been busy and haven't looked at this site in ages but had an opportunity to do so just now.

Of course my first priority was to look back and catch up with my cyber mate, The Princess of the Plops aka Jemma. Your stories and recollections are as great as ever and I know I've said it before but you never disappoint. It shows great character that whilst you suffer with what could be a debilitating condition you share it with us in a humorous way which shows me that you're in control and not the IBS. All power to my cyber mate! 😉.

Adrian my UK friend how's life treating you? Well I hope and Megan another UK favourite of mine hope all's well with you too.

Well that's all from me now, just wanted to drop in and say hi to my fellow pals.

Take care out there


John B x

Cokkie Monster

Exam accident

I remember back in middle school I was taking a home ec course or whatever it's called. So one day we were doing an exam on kitchen utensils and stuff and I heard someone shuffling in a chair, so I turn around to see this guy who's popular squirming in his seat legs crossed and bouncing. He raised his hand and asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher said "Only if you're finished your test". "But I'm not even close to being done"! He shouted. He kept begging to go but the teacher refused. He looked like he was in so much pain. Irritated, the teacher said "If you don't stop talking you will have dettention". He looked like he was about to cry. Then I noticed a wet spot on the front of his jeans the size of a tennis ball. He was in so much agony his bladder gave out and flooded all over. The teacher was furious. He gave her a glare and said "That's what you get for not letting me go the bathroom". I could tell he was totally embarrassed and still had a bit of tears in his eyes. Not really sure what happened after but I thought it was interesting to share.

The other day at Target I was at the check-out area and I saw a mother and a boy about maybe 13-14. Anyway he told his mom he was going to the bathroom, His mom grabbed his hand and told him "You will not use a public restroom, wait until we get home." "But I REALLY gotta go", he said. "Be quiet and wait", she warned with a sharp tone in her voice. I was kind of mad at this point because he seemed really desperate. He started to cry as a bulge formed at the back of his pants and little wet spot at the front. His mom was furious. " How dare you embarrass me in public like this", she said. "Oh YOUR embarrassed?, What about me?" He shouted. "Don't argue with me your grounded!" She pointed at him. He continued to sob as I left the store. I feel bad for him ):

Romantic Dump

Alexandra Questions

Hi Alexandra, thought I'd answer the questions you had hope you like the answers :)

1) How long had it been since you last took a dump, before that one? Was your dump so large because you skipped a few days?
Yes that dump was massive because I hadn't gone since the Sunday roast the night before and I had a massive working lunch that day of Chinese so it came as no surprise tbh I should had probably gone that morning.

2) How long after that dump until you had to go again? I assume it has longer than normal since you got so much out?
Nope not really I went the next day, I'm a once a day girl I usually cant go missing days too often as I'm usually busting to go.

3) How long and how thick do you think each of those three logs were? I'm trying to picture how full the toilet was.
The Largest and first was out of the water some of it submerged and went under the pipe, with the rest of it laid against the porcelain above the water. The other 2 logs were sat either side, as to their thickness I suppose an inch thick, not quite the size of a coke can but they certainly would have filled one :)

4) Do you usually poop big, or is it only the stories that you post here that are the big dumps?
No usually my dumps are soft and few, it's the large desperate solid ones that fill my arse therefore that stick in my mind because I enjoy passing them so much.

5) If you are comfortable answering this, what is your age, height and build?
So Im 28 now, blonde around 5'8 without heels build is a good question hahah Im curvy but athletic build at the same time if that makes any sense? Im a girl who squats lets put it that way hubby enjoys that!

Thanks very much


Regulating your bowels

The past three weeks I've had to take a crap four out of five days a week at school. I might get the feeling that it is coming at mid-morning, but after I have lunch the need becomes more urgent.

By afternoon the guy's bathrooms are the grossest and especially in the last month of school, there's more vandalism than ever. For example, after school on Friday both Lexi, who is my study partner, and I had to use the bathroom before we went to tech lab C for an hour of work on our project. Lexi walked down the hallway with me and we both arrived at our respective bathrooms at the same time. She told me she's drinking too much coffee in the morning and then gets a large soda in the afternoon and now has to pee three times a day at school. While she said the girls' toilets have gotten worse in the past month with more toilets clogged, towels thrown around and water faucets left running and then overflowing in jammed up sinks, she said the only solution is for her to better regulate herself so she won't have to use the school toilets as much. However, she knows that's probably not going to happen and that a certain number of our classmates will continue to be pigs in the bathroom.

As for me I walked into the five-stall bathroom for my crap. All five of the seats had urine splashed on them and in the center stall there was a little kid, probably the son of a teacher who was working in their classroom, that had dropped his shorts and underwear to his feet, and he was aimlessly peeing onto the seat and also a fast-food bag that was floating in the bowl. He moved back because he was getting some splash back from hitting the bag and that only further messed up the seat. As for me I took the least splashed toilet, seated myself, and let go of five logs. I looked at the toilet paper container which had been smashed in with someone's fist and there was no spare available. I pulled my pants up to mid-thigh level and checked each of the other stalls--no toilet paper available. I texted Lexi to get me some from the girls room she had just used next door. I heard a door being opened, and a roll being turned, and while I was pulling my pants up enough to make the walk to the entrance to meet Lexi, she quickly showed up at the entrance to my doorless stall. I didn't really like being caught on the toilet with my pants down, but Lexi was sympathetic--especially with there being no doors on any of the stalls. She went back into the hallway as I cleaned myself. Then as we walked to lab C, she again said the only answer is for me to better regulate my bowels.

I just don't see that happening.


Stall gaps... taken to the extreme

Hey, it's Morgan again! Today I am posting about an experience I had recently at a public restroom.

I was taking a walk at a park when I felt a need to have a poo. I went to the bathroom, and was greeted by doorless stalls...
I really didn't want to use them, so I looked down the bathroom. I saw two handicapped stalls, with doors. However, the doors were regular doors, not big enough for the gap. I had to have a poo quite badly, so I had to do it. It was almost worse than no doors, because people kept checking if the stall was empty.

That's pretty much it, thanks for reading!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma as always another story about your desperate poops.

To: Bella Jean it sounds like you just made it in time to the toilet and avoided a big accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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