Men's Bathroom

Hello! It's Jordan again, back for another post. I was on a car trip recently and was not able to post. This story happened during the trip.

I hadn't had a poo for a week before the trip (I was constipated), so I knew I would have to go during the trip. About halfway through the drive, I got A really strong urge to have my poo. I tos my mom, who pulled over at the next test stop.

When I entered the bathroom, one of the toilets was overflowing badly, causing a huge flood. I left the restroom, noticing the ,Out of Order' sign...

I headed for the men's room. I realized that there were no stalls in the mens! If a man came in, what would I do?
I had no choice but to have my poo there, so I got on the first toilet. I began to explode. My poo was very large., as it has been a week since I last went.
The toilet was very full of all kinds of poo. Some of it was hard, others very wet. I tried to get up to flush, but the urge hit me again. I continued to have my poo. Then a man walked in. He noticed me, did a double take, then seemed to remember the 'out of order' sign. He said 'Hello. I see you're taking a dump, too'. He sat down and began having a poo. Soon, I was done having my poo. I tried to flush, but nothing happened. The toilet was full almost to the brim with my poo. I tried again, but the same thing happened. I looked for toilet paper, but there was none! There was a lot of wet poo on my bum, so I needed it badly. The man told me it was near the enterance. I wiped and washed my hands. The man did the same. As I was leaving, I heard him say to one of his buddies "There was this little chick there taking the biggest dump I have ever seen!". I smiles and got in the car.



Wiping Habits

My girlfriend of about 2 years regularly poops in front of me, in fact she's told me she prefers to poop while i'm there vs being alone. She wipes in a way I've never thought to. She stands up (I always sit), sort of clenches her butt cheeks, and puts the wadded toilet paper at the bottom of her crack then wipes to the top of her crack, usually about twice. She smears the poop from her hole all the way to the top of her buttcrack. If theres a lot on the paper the first time she'll wipe 3 times tops but usually wipes only once or twice, even if the paper is still very stained. Her hole gets mostly clean, but later on in the day (like when we have sex), she'll still have dried poop smears on the top of her crack. I don't mind, I have a bad hygiene fetish, but her butt almost always smells very raunchy. I guess her wiping method gets the job done for the most part, its just different to me. Does anyone else wipe like this?


Questions & A Trip With Strange Toilets

to Cat: What is the most embarrassing thing you feel when you're on the toilet at school?

to Some Guy: Good story about pooping at Wal-Mart. I understand what you said about your privates. How frequently do guys stare at those who are seated on the toilet? What, if anything, do you say when that happens?

to Morgan: Are you saying your turd scraped the back of the toilet seat? How far back were you sitting? Do you sit farther back than a lot of the others?

to Sophia W: What made using your grade school's toilets better than the toilets you were forced to use after you got into the upper grades?

to Sheelee: I have a suggestion to your question about what can be done to better encourage students to go to the bathroom at school. I say let the teachers hold it or use the student bathroom.

Now my story.

Last week schools were out for two days in our city because teachers had to attend some meetings. So Cheyanne, whose a year younger than me and with whom I'm becoming good friends, invited me to travel with her and her dad three states away for a interpretive dance competition. She's really good at it and is nationally ranked by the organization that's sponsored it. And she's got a ton of cups, bowls, medals and trophies that she's won. It was an 11 hour drive which we started at 5 a.m. and since most of it was on the interstate it wasn't too bad. We tried to sleep, but her dad blasted the car radio with oldies so he wouldn't fall asleep. Some of the songs were kind of catchy and we sang along too.

For our bathroom breaks, we stopped at rest stops which had kind of large parking lots and a good number of toilets for those traveling. There were a few things different at each of the rest stops we used. First, the toilets were larger than most I've used before. Second, they were higher and although I'm older than Cheyanne, my feet didn't touch the floor. I'm a little smaller for my age, but I hadn't had to deal with that for a few years. And third, the seats were different for reasons other than being gray. They were like contoured. Instead of being even in the front and back, there was a contour for your butt over the very front and as you moved back your butt got higher because the back of the seat was arched like a hill. Cheyanne has used them before because they make the tournament trip like 3 or 4 times a year, but for me, the seat was very uncomfortable. At about 7 I had more morning crap and as I pushed it out, it was sliding across the inside of the toilet bowl because I felt so uncomfortable and couldn't sit back farther than I normally do. Also I couldn't spread my legs wide like I normally do because it was too uncomfortable for my thighs to be half on and half off the raised part of the seat.

Each of the rest stops had all 7 or 8 of their toilets like this. Normally I don't have trouble peeing, but on these toilets I did because it took me longer to get things going because my seat was so uncomfortable to sit on. Cheyanne is more experienced in using them and didn't complain about them. When her dad heard us talking about them, he laughed and said men don't care about the size of the seats or toilets as long as they are dry. We know he took his crap at about 10 that morning because through the wall between the mens and ladies room you could hear him go into the stall, drop the seat, and then start blasting away. I hadn't thought about it too much, but he said coffee is like a laxative for him. And he drinks a lot of it.


Family Restroom With Katie

Hello! I remembered this story and thought it would be good for this site.

Anyway, I was having a sleepover at my best friend Katie's house. We had both been constipated for the previous few days. Anyway, we were at the mall together. It was very crowded.

Katie was fidgeting a bit and told me she needed a poo badly. I told her I did too, and we went to the restroom together. It was very crowded, with all the stalls full. It would be at least 20 minutes before we would get stalls. We looked at each other and hurried to the family restroom. Inside were two toilets - a big one and a small one, no seperator. I ran to the sml toilet and started pooping. Katie ran to the large one. She sat down and heaved a sigh of relief, which was followed by an ecplosion of wet poo. We finished having our poos and wiped. I realized that the small toilet was full of my poo. I tried to flush, but nothing happened.
Katie's toilet seemed to be clogged, too. We checked out each other's poos and washed our hands.


Sick With Katie

I was having a sleepover at my best friend Katie's house. Katie's mom had some errands to do, but she took us to the mall. I felt a little sick and told Katie. She said she did, too. I told her I would try and have a poo, maybe that would make me feel better. Katie said that she would, too. We wrnt to the bathroom, which was full. We took the family bathroom, and each sat on one of the toilets. We both started having explosive diarrhea. Suddenly, in the middle of it, I needed to puke. I got up, still spewing diarrhea, and threw up in the toilet. The floor was covered in diarrhea, so I got back on the toilet quickily. Katie moaned and threw up on the floor. Eventually, we were done. We washed our hands and left to call Katie's mom. Suddenly, I needed to go again. I ran to the bathroom, but I was too late. My pants started filling up with liquid poo. I went in the family bathroom with Katie, pulled down my ruined pants, and fell on the toilet. I had diarrhea for a long tine. Katie tried to callher mom, but she threw up before she had a chance. I was feeling horrible, and tried to adjust my position. I fell off the toilet and lay on the ground, having diarrhea, puking, and hurting, all at the same time.

That was a really bad day. Thanks for reading, bhe!

Anatomy Student

Re: Kaz

If you're having anus problems, the ones I know are linked to constipation and hard stools are fissures and hemmoroids. Fissures are small tears usually from large, dry stools. Hemmoroids is swelling of and prolapse of the anus. Basically your butthole gets blistered. Any other issue like bleeding should be adressed by a doctor. I dated a girl with all sorts of bowel issues for 4 1/2 years, so I've done my homework. Drink more water and (not telling you how to live your life) nobody should be able to tell when you need to poop. Cheers.


Contractor's Diarrhea

So, at my house we are doing a remodeling of the bathroom, and we rented a porte-potty for the contractors. I arrived late once and found that I was locked out. I really needed to pee so I went in the porte-potty. I saw that the tank was full of yellow-brown diarrhea.



Hi. Just found this place. I had no idea people talked about this sort of stuff. I and in my 30s now but my first big accident I remember happened when I was 16. I was home after high school and nobody else was home yet that day so I was watching a movie on the couch. I had to pee but didn't want to get up (this was long before they days of DVRs or pausing shows!) so I kept holding it while I lay there. I shook my legs, squeezed my thighs, and pressed a hand into my crotch to help hold it in. Finally the movie ended and my teeth were floating, as they say, I had to pee so bad. I sat up and stood up, and as I did I lost a squirt of pee into my panties and jeans, wetting the crotch. I crossed my legs and grabbed myself and stopped it with just the one squirt. Then I hobbled fast around the couch and toward my bathroom right in the hall not far away. I made it to just the entrance at the bathroom door, toilet in sight, when my bladder gave way and I started peeing full force into my jeans. I kept hobbling towards the toilet awkwardly as the warmth and wetness spread across my crotch and butt and thighs and downward. I made it to the toilet, turned around, unzipped and shoved my jeans and panties down, still peeing, and finished in the toilet, but I had already peed half or more into my jeans, which were soaked down past my knees. I finished, stripped off my soaked jeans and panties, ran and threw them into the washing machine with some other clothes to hide them, took a quick shower to wash off my lower body, and made it back out to sit out the couch again just a few minutes before my mom got home with my little sister. It was a close one!



The Toilets of Cuba

Hi. It's Thomas. I posted once a while back. I don't know if anyone else is named Thomas on here, so let me know and I'll use a different title. Anyway, I just returned from a week-long trip to Cuba. Being an American, it's quite an experience visiting a forbidden land. The conditions of the toilets in Cuba depend on the location. Public toilets in roadside stops, stores, and some restaurants usually have no toilet seats, and no toilet paper. Some have an attendant who you pay, and you will receive sheets of toilet paper. The restrooms are usually clean, but have baskets to put your used toilet paper. Toilet paper has become a luxury item in Cuba, as their production capabilities are limited. There seems to be one brand of toilet paper available, and it is a greyish color with specs in it that appear to be wood chips. Kind of rough, but I can't complain. It gets the job done. In many private houses, which operate as bed and breakfasts, called "casas particulares", the bathroom is in a small room off the bedroom, and consists of a sink, shower, and a toilet with a seat. A small roll of Toilet paper is usually provided, as well as a basket to wrap up your used paper and dispose of it. Traveler's diarrhea is common, so avoid drinking tap water and bring some pepto bismol. That's about it. Ask me any questions. - Thomas


I love pooping

Pooping is my third favorite thing in the whole world! Only behind boys with thick ginger corn rows and trenta-sized vanilla lattes, extra foam plz ;)


RE: Toilet training my soen

Hi MikeyPee,
thanks for your answer and kind words. Unfortunately the URL only showed up as some question marks and googling for the products brought up some amazhon pages with quite rare information. At least the german site lists the item as unavailable. I've been thinking on using a pee bottle to help in quick success and focussing on relieving while staying seated in a safe position. We have been talking to some therapists and vendors about it but since theese are hygene articles there seems to be no real trial phase available.

This will be short post, and maybe I will break rule, I am sorry, but you know maybe, many many earthquakes in Kumamoto City Japan and many people dead. I want to tell you that my city is not Kumamoto, it is far from there, and my hometown and Hisae's hometown not that part of Japan. So we are all alive and no damage.

Maho's mother said me, 20 years ago she was living in Kobe and there was big earthquake, so all houses had no water and it was very difficult to go to loo, but one house on top of hill its water was OK so they invited everyone who want to go there and have shower and use loo, there were many loos, about six for women, but always full because all women wanted to do huge motion take long time so long line to wait. Men too, I am sure. Maho's mother said, about twice a week she walk one kilometre just to do motion and have shower. I ask her, did two women go to one loo and sit on it same time? She said yes, quite often, but she never did. I don't try that yet, but I want to try. My friends too.

I feel pity to people in Kumamoto. I hope no more earthquakes and drainage system and electricity work soon. And I hope no earthquakes in places where all of you live.

Love, Mina


Past story

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been pretty busy recently. This is a story from a year and a half ago. This occurred the Friday before we left for thanksgiving (same year I got sick). Since we were having the house redone everything upstairs was moved out,so we had to eat out for dinner. We chose Buffalo Wild Wings, where I powered down too many Blazin wings, fries, Pepsi, and mozzarella sticks for my fourteen year old digestive system to handle. Leaving the restaurant, I felt like throwing up. As we got to the car, I felt everything shift downwards. By the time we got home, I was about ready to explode. Since I crave privacy, I used the upstairs bathroom. The urge was offensively strong when I finally reached the throne. I threw my pants down and opened my fire hydrant stream directly into the bowl. Wave after wave after wave of liquid shot out of me, I could not seem to get empty. It felt like I was projectile vomiting out of my rear. I could not control the flow. It honestly wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable because it came out with such force. Upon looking at the contents of the bowl, I feared the worse. Not blood, but I saw chunks of various colors and shapes in the porcelain trap. I nervously got my mom who reassured me that it was just something that I ate. I still couldn't get empty, as I continued to helplessly void my irate bowels, violently splashing the interior of my new home. When I finally got off that poor throne, eight pounds lighter from the liquid lost, I still didn't feel done. Five minutes of freedom before the second attack! This one wasn't as bad as the first one, but it was still quite intense. I spent the rest of the evening, up until bedtime, peeing out my anus. I finally got some free time later on, but it was quite short compared to the storm brewing inside me. The next morning when I woke up, I felt better, and went to my school testing for high school placement. Then we left for thanksgiving. I overate at lunch, but due to my shyness concerning public restrooms, I refused to poop there. Miraculously, I held on for an hour and a half before the urge finally went away so I could enjoy the ride in peace. Same story Sunday, seems I can't learn to avoid overeating. This doesn't always happen when I overeat, but it happens when I go WAY too far, which I love to do (not the reason I got sick on Wednesday, that was from a stomach bug that I wrote about in a different story).

Romantic Dump

Morning Glory

WOW! I have to tell you about a killer dump I took this morning!
So I wake up around 6am with the need to make a morning visit to the bathroom for a dump. However, rather than attend to my need straight away, I decided to put on a show for hubby!
I made my way down into the kitchen and hubby made me a coffee, a deep smelly fart gave him a full indication of what I was waiting to do, along with my coffee I also had a cigarette, now as you can probably guess girls, I was bursting to go before finishing either. Dressed in a baggy T-shirt of hubby's I was hopping up and down, and bending my knees whilst clutching my stomach as the coffee and smoke began to take full effect.
Whilst finishing my coffee I was letting rip some ripe farts, I was starting to sweat from the heat of the coffee now inside of me but also a mixture of worry if I was going to be able to finish this coffee and smoke or would it finish me.
The cramps were really starting to intensify and I worried I might have an accident, especially as I had no panties on,
I finished my smoke and took the last gulp of my coffee with panic and desperation, I grabbed hubby's hand and led him up the stairs to the bathroom.
I rushed into the bathroom and seated my round arse, my stomach was in dire need of this shit, and whilst sitting I bellowed some more pungent farts into the bowl below. The pee I was also bursting for shot out at force from my throbbing vagina hissing, and then came the glory!
I looked up to see hubby grinning at me as I started to release this saved up poo, I didn't even need to push I just had to stop holding back as a cascade of soft sloppy turds dropped into the toilet sparking major relief and an instant end to the cramps in my stomach. This was a proper coffee poo the smell was very strong and I was feeling much better. I released another load of semi solid poo before resting on my thighs as it was over. I felt like I was in the mists of a massive clear out...or so I thought...

Both me and hubby went to work with out incident, however, in the afternoon after having a heavy working lunch in the office with pizza being delivered round 2 started to beacon. I was working slightly later that night and knew hubby would be home before me so decided to send a playful text letting him know I was at work and needed another poo.
He replied surely not but as the afternoon wore on it became quite obvious that I was due another visit. This time was totally different to this morning I had no cramps brought on by coffee and cigarettes, this time my bum felt full to the brim, I could tell this was going to be BIG.
My desperation started to rise and I soon considered the work toilets, hubby couldn't belief I was busting to go again! And wanted me to prove it!
I finished up my report and started to make my way back home. I took the train today as hubby was using the car to get shopping after work, I was starting to massively regret letting him take it.
Whilst sat on the train the only space I could get was right next to the loo, all I could think about was getting my bum on a toilet seat to release my load.

I've never had a genuine accident since I was a kid but at this point the poo was forcing it's way out of my bum and it was progressively harder to hold as I started my 10min walk home. hubby text to ask if I needed a lift but I just told him to have the door unlocked and the bathroom vacant because I was desperate for a big shit.
I got through the front door and didn't even have time to take my heels off as I made my rapid assent up to the bathroom, hubby was sat waiting I was doing a poo dance all the way over to the toilet repeating groaning noises and im bursting bursting bursting as I struggled with my zip to my jeans (casual friday in the office)
In doing so I let out a very hot fart that nearly left me concussed by the smelly and pushed my jeans and black lace ann summers thong down to my ankles, before being able to nestle my round behind on that glorious toilet. I spread my legs so hubby could see and instantly evacuated a colossal poo that was thick from my arse. It dropped with a massive plop followed by an equally large turd with again a massive plop. "You were really desperate for that weren't you baby" said hubby at this point the smell from those 2 turds was engulfing the bathroom, 'I'm not done yet' My ring started to be stretched again by a third thick turd I was receiving far too much pleasure pushing out this poo :)
hubby could see my tail again and watched and stared in amazement taking in the aroma that had filled the bathroom. As it dropped it made a final splash and plop I got up and even my eyes widened at the sheer size of these three massive turds sticking up above the water.

I sat back down and was given a through wipe back and front ;) and then managed to spend a further 20 mins in the bathroom if you understand me...

But all in all I cant explain how close it is to be able to share these moments with someone you love looking forward to reading more stories I love desperation :D

Caio x

Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello all,
Been waiting to get this one off my chest for quite a while, so here goes nothing. When it comes to bodily functions there are all different kinds of people-the prude and the uptight who want nothing to do with even their own, and want nothing to do with yours..God forbid you even mention you have to pee in their presence without them getting all offended! Then there are the unabashedly open, the ones who have absolutely no shame and will go anytime, anywhere, usually with the door open, regardless of who is around. Admittedly, though, these people can be a bit much, and most of the time when they do it in your presence you immediately wish they wouldn't. Last, but not least this is where most of us (especially the ladies) tend to end up-a good mix of both. I like to think these people are the most normal mainly because I myself am one of these people. In front of close female friends, younger female family members, and significant others I have no shame or boundaries when it comes to peeing. I have been known to pee in front of a close friend with the door wide open while she vacuumed on her knees (she had a broken foot at the time lol). When do this all start? Good question. I think it was senior year of college. I was dating my first serious boyfriend and head over heels in love for the first time. He was always in my room and I had a bathroom I shared with three other girls in our room. As it turns out, he was also my roommate's ex so she was totally ok with him being there all the time because they remained friends afterwards. But needless to say I wasn't always ok with her being there. We were never truly alone, because she was going through a bit of a homebody phase. The lack of privacy was extremely annoying. Overall though it didn't mess us up too badly, he had a single and we were still able to get some alone time and naturally as we got more serious, we became more comfortable with each other. In the natural progression of things, I soon began peeing with the door open. Even when she was there. Yet because I am me, and he was dating me, not her, I was careful to only do so when she appeared to be napping, or had stepped out for a bit. I know it's silly, we were roommates after all, we saw everything, but that was different because although we were friends, we weren't particularly close. In my mind, those incidents of accidentally seeing more of each other naked while changing or something than we wanted to were just that, accidents, whereas I chose to let my boyfriend see it. When he was gone, or if he was there and she was awake, the door was still closed. We never discussed it and I pretty much assumed this was an unspoken, but still understood agreement until one fateful day when I realized I was apparently wrong. I still remember it like it was yesterday, because to this day, it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. One day, I came home from class positively bursting to pee. I had gone to lunch before and then class right after and rather than go in an icky public bathroom I'd figured I'd just wait and go in a cleaner one after class. It was one of those times it was obvious I was on a mission. We've all been there-the home from work or school bathroom beeline. I threw my books on my bed as I passed and dashed to the bathroom probably undoing my jeans as I did so. In the midst of all this, my roommate greeted me as I came in and said she had a question for me. I don't remember my exact response, but I believe, I said something along the lines of, "Ok, but I REALLY have to pee first!" Because I was in such a hurry though, and so focused on just getting to the bathroom, I didn't realize until after I was already seated and had pretty much instantly started to pee that she had been following behind me the whole time. And was now standing in the doorway. I didn't normally do this in front of her, but this wasn't a normal situation. I really had to pee! And quite frankly, even though I didn't normally do it we had been toeing the line. No, I wasn't about to start peeing in front of her everyday, yet I was totally ok with her hanging out in the doorway while I peed. I remember thinking, "Kinda can't believe she followed me in here, but whatever, I don't care, it just feels really good to finally pee right now." So starting to finally relax a bit now, while my pee got going, I asked her what her question for me was. She said, "Oh I have this letter to mail and I was heading out to mail it, but I don't know how many stamps it needs." Well, at least now I understood why she had followed me, and sure enough, I realize, she's holding an envelope. I had drank a lot of water that day, (which was probably why I had been so desperate) and was now in the midst of peeing with seemingly no end in sight. It was funny because no, it wasn't a crazy hissy stream and maybe it didn't sound like I was as desperate as I was. It was just one of those long (kinda) steady tinklers that you think will NEVER end. But I wasn't peeing particularly loudly or even hard, just longer than usual so we were actually able to talk. Looking back I remember feeling like I was never going to stop peeing, but also still enjoying it because I had had to go so badly. But now things got really weird because even though I didn't feel close to done yet, I still didn't anticipate taking more than a minute to finish so without thinking, I just said, "Let me see it." figuring she'd wait while I finished up. But apparently, it was too long for her to wait, because next thing I knew, she had crossed the room and was standing in front of the toilet handing me the envelope. NOW I was a bit annoyed. And ridiculously self-conscious. I don't even know why, because I knew she couldn't see anything. But it had only taken her about 2 seconds to cross the room. At this point, my stream was still steady, but I had no idea how much longer it would be and how I would stop when I did, abruptly, or in my typical, trickle to a stop fashion? Why did it even matter? Because she didn't just hand me the envelope! She waited there while I read it without moving! And yes, I kept peeing the entire time it took for me read it and hand it back. I think I finally did start to taper off as she finally left the room. Looking back,I can laugh at it. But it was all so weird at the time. I felt weird at the time that I could NOT stop peeing. She didn't say anything, but she had to have noticed. Also, in retrospect, thank God, I didn't stop because what would I have said if I did?! "Would you like to help me wipe?" "Can I have some toilet paper?" In retrospect, what I should have said, "Was can I have a little space please?" I know that now. But at the time, I just allowed myself to be trapped by own bladder, because now it had gone from nice, to "Ok, I'm ready to be done now..." Lastly, I NEVER in a million years thought she would take what I said literally. I honestly couldn't believe she had and that is mostly what cracks me up nowadays. The good thing is, years later, I was in a similar situation with another person/ex but that time I stood up for myself. Basically, I was at his apartment early in our relationship, and we had only just begun leaving the door open. Much like the situation with my roommate, I looked up while midstream and there he was not right in front of me like my old roommate, but still in the room. And he's looking right between my legs! My (natural) response, "What are you doing?" Again trapped by inability to stop peeing. His, "I've never seen where it comes out before." Mine, "You're not going to today either! Get the bleep out now please!" Some people........I'm telling you folks, you cannot make this stuff up!


Vindaloo trick!

Went for an Indian meal with some mates last night to mark a friends birthday. We all had madras at his specification. It was hot! We had to consume quite a lot of beer, a good sip after each mouthful of food. The 3 of us were really sweating it out and struggling. Our mate whose birthday it was seemed to be having a much better time of it, and was giving us quite a lot of insults about how we were struggling. Anyway we all finished eventually. Then had a couple of drinks in the pub before going home.

Woke up this morning to a message from my mate saying "i had madras, you all had vindaloo! get the bog roll in the fridge bitches your asses will be burning and your bog will have its worse ever day." Not sure how he pulled it off, but think he went to the bathroom just after we ordered and arranged some kind of switch with the staff.

Anyway I got up and put a bog roll in the fridge. I had no desire to go to the toilet this morning. Anyway this afternoon I had to go to a family christening. Still nothing, but one of my mates sent me a snapchat selfie clearly sat on a toilet in his work uniform saying "been here 20 minutes it burns so bad" I was vaguely aware it would be my turn for pain soon. Anyway we left the christening and set off for the drive home. Not long after we set off my body started telling me it was ready to release the curry. Traffic was heavy and slow but luckily my little sister said she needed the toilet so we stopped at a service area. I darted into the mens realising I would need to be quick. It got a bit urgent very sudden while I was walking in from the car. I had a suit on and an unusual belt and it was a bit of a struggle to get the belt undone. I managed to undo the belt, yanked my trousers and boxers down and sat on the toilet just in time I think. I released a torrent of poo. It was almost like water coming out. It was quite bad, it started burning my arse pretty quick. I sent my mate a snapchat selfie reply saying "ARSE ON FIRE". Just as I went to grab some toilet paper to wipe my body told me there was more to come and I had to push out another load of hot liquid. It was very unpleasant every time I thought I was ready to wipe another load was ready to shoot out. After about 15 minutes I was finally done and I was able to wipe. It was not a pleasant experience. My rear was very sore and burning and the rough, cheap service station toilet paper did not help matters. Got out of the toilets and the family were waiting in the car, unimpressed how long I had been. When we got home again I had to go again but it was a much more pleasant experience and did not last as long. I forgot to take the chilled bog roll with me from the fridge but it was a much nicer experience overall, especially as there was a newspaper to read in there to pass the time! My cousin came round tonight who was the third diner and he mentioned he had been on the toilet for over an hour during the day. However he is always ages on the toilet, and indeed he made use of my chilled bog roll while he was around and was gone for a good 20 minutes...


Score out of 10

Isn't this a strange site. Why are we all so fascinated by what is really a very natural and necessary function of our bodies. I

am no different, since I read the accounts here with interest and not a little arousal on occasions. I recall when I was younger

and in my first office job where I worked with another girl, (Maureen) both of us in our early 20's. She was quite private with

her toilet use to begin with, but since we both took a morning break for the toilet, and I would also do my daily

business,Maureen never did. The toilet in that part of the building had 2 stalls and we both sat side by side, she for less time

that me, and we carried on chatting. One day I let a fart and she commented on this. I was not embarrassed and a got a little

lift that I had been observed. Maureen and I were just friends you understand and both had normal interests in men.

From then she would comment on my performance, time needed to start and finish and anything of interest on the way,

quantity, noisiness, enjoyment. So I said why not give me a score out of ten based on your observation, and I will do the

same. So we agreed to do this on a daily basis about how my "performance" had gone. She did the same for her toilet visit at

home before work. We were really pleased with 10/10 and a downcast by a 3/10 score.

We also scored visitors to that toilet when we were able to make a discrete observation of their attendance, trying to guess

before hand what any particular person would make; 5/10 or 9/10 say. We had to stop ourselves giggling at some people.

Quite disgusting really.

I will be interested to know if any others here, who have shared a toilet experience (pee and/or poo) with another, and had or

made comments about their performance. Or indeed what they believe their own score is for today. Mine was quite good




A couple of weeks ago 4 of us went down to Somerset for a day of hiking. We planned a route in advance, and the weather forecast was good so we decided to do something I had not really done since Scouts, which was bivouac sleeping under the stars before doing a hike the next day. We arrived not long before dark, took our sleeping bags and wrapped them in waterproof groundsheets in this sort of woodland glade near a car park where we left the car. We had a few cans of beer for the evening to help us sleep and generally spent the night in our sleeping bags chatting then later sleeping. It was quite cold so we generally stayed in our sleeping bags unless we were answering natures call against a nearby tree.

Anyway the next morning after a couple of earlier wake ups I woke up to see a guy in Lycra cycling gear taking a piss against a nearby tree. We were wrapped in dark groundsheets so probably not that noticeable to him. Anyway we were lying there a while before we got up probably about 15 or 20 guys all in lycra appeared in the woodland and went for a piss. Some were alone and sometimes 2 or 3 of them would appear together. There seemed to be a favorite tree quite a few of them used. They were clearly not aware of us and several of them inadvertently exposed themselves to us, especially 3 guys who were wearing some kind of lycra shorts I have not seen before which had sort of shoulder straps which they had to unhook and pull right down to get their todgers out so we could see everything thanks to how they were standing. Anyway my mate Callum decided to surprise them by standing up which gave them a bit of a shock!

After this Callum and I went up to his car to get the breakfast stuff out the car and also the toilet roll, trowel and hand sanitizer which we all needed. It then became clear the car park was being used as the start point for some kind of cycle race and there were loads of teams of lads all aged about 18 hanging round with bikes, in teams wearing matching gear,who were clearly coming down into the woods to answer natures call before they set off. We went back to the others and Callum went off out of sight to dig himself a hole to fill while the rest of us did breakfast. While we were cooking we were approached by a lad who had seen us carrying the toilet roll from the car and asked if he could have some. Callum was off using it at the time but we said he could when he returned. He asked us a few questions while we were waiting and he said they had been up early driving down there. He seemed like a posh well spoken guy, he was quite skinny with blond hair, wearing the lycra shorts he had a bit of a awkward bulge in the front which he didn't seem to be too bothered about covering. Callum came back and we got him to give the toilet roll to this guy and we also lent him the trowel and the hand sanitizer. He went off deeper into the woods in the direction Callum had just been. I went with him part of the way as I needed to go too. Once we were out of sight of the others he asked me what he was meant to do with the trowel, and I told him to dig a small hole and then do his business in the hole and fill it in. He was a bit unsure what to do. I spotted a sort of small wall and told him that it was an ideal place to go. I told him to go behind it and get digging. He disappeared to dig the hole then his head popped up and he asked me to say if the hole was big enough. I had a look at the hole told him it was OK and walked off a bit and left him to it. He left the toilet roll on the wall, so when a hand appeared after about 5 minutes I knew he was nearly done. He then appeared stood up and wiped himself while standing, I guess he couldn't work out how to wipe squatting. I could not see anything as the wall was above waist height. He then put the toilet roll on the wall, bent over to pull up his shorts, took the trowel and bent over filling in the hole, then left the trowel on the wall, used the hand sanitizer and came out from round the wall, thanked me for the use of the paper and left. I then went behind the wall and prepared my own hole next to his....


To the person with the "interesting experience"

Is there some problem with her not being allowed to go to the bathroom at work? If her accident was due to not being allowed to go rather than an error on her part her employer is in the wrong and there certainly shouldn't be any repercussions from her accident.


to Kaz: problem with anus?

You referred to a problem with your anus, then said it wasn't treated on this site. As far as I know, there is no systematic treatment of specific topics here, but you can ask a question and likely get an answer from someone who posts here. If you tell us what your problem is, I'm sure someone will know about it. Don't be embarrassed to tell us: you are basically anonymous, and no one knows who or where you are; further, if you are having a specific problem with your anus, chances are others are having the same or similar problems and would also like an answer. Everyone has an anus, and surely everyone, sooner or later, has issues with it; so you could help people by asking your question.

Mr. Clogs

Haven't done this in a while and Kyle's survey response

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is well and good in peeing and pooping land. I'm keeping busy these days and rarely post, but I do check out what you folks post up. This past Wednesday, I had to get up and take a shower before going to work. I had a cup (large) full of pee that I need to pour out and rinse. I grabbed my towel, wash cloth, toothbrush, and toothpaste with the piss filled cup and made it to the bathroom. Since I had the urge to do a #2 and could feel it coming out, so why not just take a dump in the cup. I haven't done this in a while and decided to do my #2 in the cup. I placed the cup on the floor squatted over the pissed filled cup and starting taking a dump in it. It came out with ease and it felt great, oh no mess either, it takes many years of practice to get the poop into the cup without getting any on the side or on your floor. I poured the now piss and poop filled cup in the toilet and rinse the cup and took my shower. Of course I wiped too.

My response to Kyle's survey:

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Yes, I always pee when I poop.

2. What do you usually do when 1st if you have to go poop.
I pee first then I poop. Sometimes I do both at the same time.

3. When you last went poop what did you have to do worse poop or
Last time I had both more pee and poop.

4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody?
When I was a child yes, not in the company of my age and peer group

Well I hope you like, take care everybody. Have a good one.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cley I may check them out I saw one called make it rain.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Survey Response - Mike of MD USA

1. What color toilet seats do you like at school/work? They are normally black I think but not bothered.

2. Ladies do you wipe your pussy after peeing? N/A

3. How much toilet paper do you use when wiping after pooping? Depends what I have eaten! Generally about 6 sheets the first wipe then a few subsequent wipes using 3 or 4 sheets.

4. Are the toilet seats opened at the or round? Don't think this applies to European toilets?

5. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet when you was young? Not that I remember, I have in France though.

6. Guys do you flush after peeing? Normally yes

7. Do you close the door at home when you have to use the toilet? Depends what I am doing and who else is home/upstairs/downstairs. The position of the upstairs toilet in the bathroom means while pissing anyone passing the door would see my dick so more likely to close and lock door than downstairs where my back is to the door when pissing.

8. Have you ever peed outside? Hundreds if not thousands of times.

9. Do you sometimes have stains in your panties/shorts after pooping? Not since I was about 5

10. Have you ever used a outhouse or port-a-john toilet? If an outhouse is like a compost toilet then yes. Have been on Scout Camps with Portaloo toilets but they are not nice. Have also dug latrine/catholes on wild/small camps which are generally more pleasant when it isn't raining.

11. Do you flush after doing both? Yes

12. Do you sometimes poop/pee in shower? Pee occasionally. Only really when suffering "morning wood"

13. What color underwear do you wear? Black, white, purple, pink, red, blue, navy, yellow, multicoloured, union jack

14. Ladies do you sometimes feel embarrassed on toilet at work/school? N/A

15. Have you ever peed in the ocean or water? Yes

16. Have you ever been walked in by somebody else when you was on the toilet? Yes.

17. Have you ever used a train toilet? Yes. Everyone in the carriage knows how long you have been in there!

Now for a story. Got up late this morning and didn't have time to go for a dump before catching the bus for college. When getting off the bus I headed for the toilets straight away as luckily the bus arrives a bit early. As I walked down the corridor towards the male toilets there were 5 guys in front of me. I was dismayed to find on entering the doors on all 4 cubicles were closed/closing and the 5th guy was clearly waiting for a cubicle too. It was quiet in there and you could hear the 4 guys undoing trousers, sitting down, farting, dropping bombs etc.I was quite jealous of them being able to release what I was having to hold in. After at least 5 mins one guy could be heard wiping and flushed and exited a cubicle and the guy waiting went in there. Then another 5 minutes or so passed without much noise except the odd fart and splash. Then I heard someone wiping and a toilet flushed I was quite relieved to know it was nearly my turn. A guy left a cubicle. He saw me going to enter and very kindly warned me he had finished the paper. So I had to keep waiting. Another guy came in and went to go in the cubicle and I had to warn him also there was no paper. Then someone else finished up. He was a sporty looking guy wearing shorts. I noticed he had black hair and very hairy legs. He had made a good job of warming up the toilet seat! I had to go quite quick as it was close to 9am. A few people left and entered cubicles while I was dropping my bombs. I left the cubicle at about the same time as the guy who I had to warn about the lack of paper. He had to wait for me to finish using the dryer. He pointed out to me that someone was now in the paperless cubicle. I said should we help him, he said no leave them to enjoy it so I just left when I had finished drying my hands.


Quiz Responses

So here are the responses for a quiz answered by Nick (From Canada) I don't know who posted it, so sorry to that person.

1. What colour toilet seats do you like at school/work?
I prefer white, or at fancy restaurants and stuff they have fake wood which is nice (makes me feel rich)

2. Ladies, do you wipe your pussy after peeing? Of course!

3. How much toilet paper do you use when wiping afterwards? For pee: I use maybe 4 squares.
For poop: I use as much as I need.

4. Are the toilet seats opened at the front or round? At home mine are a full circle, but at school and ballet they are open at the front.

5. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet when you were young? When I was little I might sometimes go in with my dad, but never on my own. I have a secret paranoia that someone will see me walk out and think I'm weird.

6. Do you flush after peeing? Yes. Always. Let me spare you the rant, but in a nutshell: I hate hate HATE it when people don't flush. It's disgusting and immoral and wrong. Ugh. (Sorry, everyone)

7. Do you close the door at home when you have to use the toilet at home? Yes. There are five other people in my family (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma) and only two bathrooms and one is the reserved "adult" bathroom.

8. Have you ever peed outside? Twice, once when I went on a ballet trip to Italy to see a performance of Giselle. In addition to doing a lot of tourist-y stuff, we went to this tiny town where there was no electricity or running water and I had to go in the high grass and once when we went camping as a family.

10. Have you ever used an outhouse or port-a-john toilet? On the Italy trip, they had three outhouses (two of which were surprisingly clean)

11. Do you flush after doing both? See my rant a few questions up.

12. Do you sometimes poop/pee in the shower? I will pee in the shower, and I have a very embarrassing story from when I was little and when I pooped in the bath with my brother.

13. What colour underwear do you wear? I have white, black, or white-and-pink pattern (polka dots, stripes, etc.)

14. Ladies, do you sometimes feel embarrassed on toilet at work/school. At school, yes. At ballet, no.

15. Have you ever peed in the ocean or water? Yes, when I was a baby.

16. Have you ever been walked in on by somebody else when you were on the toilet? Yes. I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I ran into a bathroom with stalls. I busted into the handicapped stall, which was unlocked, and saw an old lady having really bad diarrhea. I apologized and left. That was when I was about ten, though.

17. Have you ever used a train toilet? No.


It has to come out sense it came in ???

Hello or Hola to everyone on here been such long time sense a post but been reading some and there , still pooping and myself but no interested anymore, but I remember when I was in high school one time like my junior year we went on a field trip , that we went to Houston from blank blank city but any ways it was a very hot day, so we ate the food court at the mall and rest room breaks , so couple girls went for food first I chose the restroom first, so my bestie at the time went together and basically empty, I took the middle stall each took the one to my left, I locked the door, turn around and unbuckle my belt on my shorts and pull down them to my ankles and my g-string to my ankles also and take off my lady product and wrap it up and put it in the dispense and then take a seat on the toilet feeling off the ground so I slide my flip flops off take toilet paper wipe off sweet and I notice my bestie was very quite I ask her was she ok she yes can't focus with all my movement I'm making I said okay continue on , so I pee about a half liter and my bestie finally dropped her thuds cause I waited for after my pee , that's all for now

Well I had another big dump today with some company. I had some spicy chili for lunch and then invited a friend over for board games. About 4 PM my tommy was rumbling and I could feel some cramping so I excused myself to the bathroom just down the hall. I could feel pressure and could tell it was going to be a loud gassy explosion. As usual I didn't close the door since my friend was just in the living room. I lowered my pants and undies, sat on my toilet and immediately let out very loud rippling fart that went on for about 3 or 4 seconds. It was mixed with a thick spray of poop that sprayed the bowl. The echo in the bowl was so loud and my friend came down to watch me since she's heard me poop before. She looked at me from the hall and asked if I was okay and I said my chili is loving me back as I could feel another wave and let out another series of loud rapid fire popping farts and more poop. The smell was getting strong by this time. She laughed and went back into the living room to avoid my stench but I continued to enjoy the relief as I let out my gas and poop for about 7 minutes before I felt done. I wiped 5 times and flushed my well used toilet. It took it all down with no problem. I washed my hands and went back out and told my friend that poop felt so good to get out!
I probably get diarrhea once ever other week or so but my poops are always loud and gassy enough to be heard outside the bathroom door. I've always found it rather cute to make noises on the toilet so I love dumps like that!
We played until about 8PM when my friend decided to used the bathroom before she headed out. We continued out conversation into the bathroom and she pulled down her drawers and sat on my toilet. She let out a stream of pee that lasted about 20 seconds and then a small fart. We both laughed and listened as she started to grunt. I heard a splash in the bowl as she let out a sigh of relief. Another grunt and a big slash followed by an unexpected bowl echoing fart. We both laughed and she said now that felt good! She wiped her front and then her back 3 times and flushed. I thought it was great!

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Near Mess Experience

This weekend I was at a convention. Given the immense amount of programming that I wanted to attend, sometimes it made more sense to get food at the convention itself rather than leaving to go to one of the stores nearby. However, that's only true if you assume that all foods are created equal. Apparently, I'm not the only one who ended up with a negatively memorable experience, if some stories from associated social media are any indication.

On Sunday afternoon, I was leaving the convention center to hang out with some friends. It was a good thing that I decided to leave early, because on my way to my girlfriend Emma's house I started to feel a bit full down below. By the time I got to her general area, it was full-blown desperation. No real stomachache or anything like that, just lots of gas and urgency. I stopped at a nearby grocery store because I honestly thought I wouldn't make it all the way. Great idea...until I saw the state of the men's room. Both toilets were completely flooded, and there was water all over the floor. I suppose I could have tried to use them, but that would have been a disaster.

Somehow I still made it to Emma's house, but of course I'd forgotten my key to her place AT her place, so I had to wait for her to get the door. Her mildly amused expression as I leaped through the door was funnier later, but not so much as I was yanking off my coat and pants while trying to make sure I was actually sitting on the toilet. Long story short, I made it, but I'm absolutely certain that five more seconds would have been the difference between victory and defeat. As it was, I ended up spending about twenty minutes annihilating and rebuilding her bathroom. It's funny because usually she's the one who's rushing and I'm the one telling her it'll be okay, but she's actually been quite constipated lately. Odd how that works.

Replies -

Sheelee: It is utterly ridiculous how much scrutiny teachers in general place students under regarding a basic need when they're already dealing with so much else. I think they really just need to chill out when it comes to that sort of thing. Seriously, who do they think derives a benefit from kids being unable to pay attention because they have to go to the bathroom? Unfortunately I don't know what the solution should be here. All I know is that the present system is not ideal.

Catherine: I tend to lean more toward more privacy rather than less in public as well. Doorless stalls should be right out. There's really nothing that justifies not having complete doors with working locks. I don't know that I'd need a wall that goes all the way to the ceiling; I think most people without nefarious motives would not stand on a seat to peer over.

Tarja: Holy crap...literally! 2.5 weeks is no joke. I guess you must have felt better after that. Also, I quite like your descriptions. Just curious--what exactly do you mean when you characterize pooping as being "naughty"?

Mina: It is really amazing how close you and your friends are. That's so sweet how you all helped Maho in her time of need.

Rookery & Brandon: The show "Broad City" apparently features quite a few scenes of the main (female) characters on the toilet. There was also an early episode of "Justified" called "Long in the Tooth" where a minor female character got really bad food poisoning from a taco stand. There's probably more as far as TV goes.

TTFN, friends, and stay safe.


Forgot the Bridesmaids Scene

This is an addition to my response to Rookery and Brandon; just as I hit submit I remembered the somewhat famous scene from Bridesmaids where all of the main characters make some bad dinner choices and end up piling into the bathroom at the dress store. The character getting married actually has an accident in the wedding dress she's trying on, two characters end up throwing up, and one has to sit on the sink to have burning diarrhea, which probably would have played better if they had added sound effects. Like I said, though, it's a pretty famous scene.


Guys not wanting to crap at school

I've written before about guys at my school who refuse to crap at school. They see nothing wrong with holding it probably for much of the day and then since many live so close to our school, they make a run home, do their crap, and then come back to campus for their tutoring and sports practices. Monday was a good example. I was in the library right after school for a tutoring session. This was the first time I had worked with this boy. A security guard brought him in 15 minutes late. He went home to use the bathroom, than security wouldn't let him back into the building until they checked him out. The guard joked with me that at least the guy wasn't going to need to leave the library to go to the bathroom anytime soon. So after our half hour session, I had about a 10 minute break that I used to complete my crap which was interrupted 3rd hour when the fire alarm went off. My next guy, who is a regular with me, showed me his homework and as I was going over it I could smell that he was holding back his crap. He texted his mom from my table after he asked how long we would be working and I could tell he didn't want to put in any more time than the school required.

After he was done, I went back to the bathroom and peed before I got my clipboard and went out to the stadium as a volunteer worker for our track invitational. I took the attendance of our rely team and found our anchor was missing. The others waited about five minutes and then one of them spotted Will running into the stadium. The guys joked with one another about how he doesn't like to take his craps away from home. Then the track meet got started. After it got over about 9 p.m. me and my friend Sara hurried into the bathrooms by the press box. As we were sitting and talking there Sara said she was grateful to crap because she has a hard time concentrating on her homework when she's constipated. I dropped another two pieces of my crap that had been messed up by the fire drill.

While we were completing our tasks, she and I talked about why the guys don't have more confidence in using school toilets. Us girls couldn't survive without using the bathroom. Especially since we're at school with our activities 10 to 12 hours or more a day.



To Catherine : Thanks for welcoming me to this forum I really appreciate it. Hope you post a story soon.

To Tarja from Finland : Seems like your breakfast worked as a laxative after you had been constipated for two and a half weeks and seems like you had a bad day at school due to your diarrhea. All the same it was a great story. Looking forward to more posts from you.

To Cat : That's an interesting story. Glad you were there to help your friend Amy when she was in a bit of discomfort. Guess she felt relieved afterwards.

To Sophia W : Great story about you and your sister. Could see you two really had to go and felt relieved afterwards. Hope you keep the posts coming and happy pooping

To Mina : Sorry to hear about Maho's diarrhea and glad she is feeling better now. Hope you Kazuko and Hisae are also doing good. Great story as always and looking forward to your next post.

That's all for now and Happy pooping to you all....

Love this site...


Gerald. Thanks for the clarification re open defecation in Ghana.

Shelee. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule about the circumstances under which pupils will be allowed out of classes to answer calls of nature. Inevitably it's bound to vary a lot between teachers, schools, localities and countries. I was at school in the UK during the 1960s and 70s and, as a general rule, teachers were okay about pupils leaving the classroom for calls of nature so long as they were sure the request was genuine. Usually, the response to such requests was "Okay, but two minutes, no longer!"

Tarja from Finland. Welcome. I enjoyed your story. Pooping certainly feels good and I'll vouch for that. However I wouldn't say it was naughty. It's a natural thing which everyone from The Queen downwards has to do and is a morally neutral act. It only becomes naughty if we make a mess and inconvenience other people by not clearing up after ourselves.

Charolotte. Hi and welcome. It's good to see another Brit here. Thanks for sharing your story but don't beat yorself up too much about having that accident. Most people have #2 accidents during adult life occasionally and I've had a couple myself. One was when I'd just turned 18 and was visiting Alton Towers for the day. I farted and got more than I was expecting! Another occasion was when I was in my early forties and what I thought was a fart turned out to be something more.

Mike Of MD USA

Kyle's Survey

1. When ever you have to go poop, do you have to pee?
Yes and no but mostly yes after i sit down on the toilet.
2.What do you usually do first when you have to poop?
It's usually soft all the times and is ready to come out.
3. When you last went poo, what did you have to do worst poo or pee?
It's usually poo.
4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody?No.


No Stalls | Going in a Urinal

Hello, it's Morgan!

Today I was at a big concert when I began to need a loo quite badly. By the time I had gotten to the restroom, I was really bursting. The sign just said 'restroom', not 'men' or 'women'. I walked in and saw the bathroom. On.the far wall, there were about 20 toilets, with no stalls. On the entrance wall, there were about 18 urinals and 18 sinks. On the side walls, there were 2 showers each. And the crazy part? All the toilets were in use, and many other people still had to go. The other people either just waited or went in a sink, urinal, shower, or on the ground. I was really bursting, so I rushed to the nearest empty space, which was a urinal. I pushed out five large logs in rapid secession, then a couple more after longer. I found some toilet paper and wiped, putting the paper in the trash, avoiding the person pooing over it...

I still had to ho a little more, so I went back to the very full urinal and added a little more poo to it. As I was getting off the urinal, I saw my best friend Katie l looking around for a place to go. I said hi to her and helped her find a sink. She rushed to it and gushed diarrhea into it. I told her where the toilet paper was and left...

Bye, thanks for reading!


Nick (from Canada)

Survey response

It seems like each time I post, it's answering surveys. Says something for how boring my dumps are.
In response to Mike of MD USA's most recent survey:

1. What colour toilet seats do you like at school/work?
To me, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's relatively comfortable and clean, I could care less whether it's white, black or one with purple polka dots. At home, however, I prefer blue.
2. Ladies, do you wipe your pussy after peeing? N/A
3. How much toilet paper do you use when wiping afterwards? About 8 sheets.
4. Are the toilet seats opened at the front or round? Not sure if you mean the one at school/work or home. I think it's safe to assume the one at home is round or closed. The one I have had to use at work occasionally is open.
5. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet when you were young? The one and only time I used the Ladies room was when I was in my early 30s. A friend and I were driving from his home to the bus station in Toronto (on his way to work) and he had to stop to take his second dump of the morning. We pulled into a restaurant near the airport and he led the way to the washroom. When we got in, I immediately thought, 'This is odd, there no urinals, just stalls." He went into one and parked his ass and I went into another to have a leak. I told him I would meet him out front. He asked me to check to see if we were in the ladies room because there was apparently a tampon dispenser in his stall. I hadn't paid attention in mine. So when I walked out of the washroom and checked the door, sure enough he had taken us into the ladies room but I could see why. Only the "men's room" part of the lettering remained although there was the women's room symbol underneath that he obviously hadn't paid attention to. So instead of meeting him out front, I ended up standing right outside the door in case a woman had to use the washroom, I could advise both to save possible embarrassment. The advantage is that sped him up; otherwise, I would have been killing up to 45 minutes out front waiting as he's notoriously slow. Thankfully, nobody needed to use the washroom while he was in there.
6. Guys, do you flush after peeing? If using a public washroom or a friend's, I always flush, but not always when at home.
7. Do you close the door at home when you have to use the toilet at home? Since I have lived alone for almost 18 years, I don't bother closing the door. However, when I did have a roommate or when a former girlfriend and I were sharing a place, I didn't shut the door when having a leak. It would leave the door a jar, I guess, is the way to describe how I left the door. But when I was having a dump, I always shut the door because I don't think anyone wants to see me parked on a throne. And for the first five years or so after getting my own place, I was still closing the door when sitting on the toilet, just outta habit. The only downside is that I forget if I am sharing a hotel room occasionally. Although, after a somewhat awkward walk in when I was parked on the can last June when a friend and I were in Toronto for a conference and we shared a room. He had already showered, etc. and had gone down for breakfast before I was even up. I guess I wasn't thinking because there I was on the throne when he walks in after breakfast and the toilet was too far away from the door to close in a hurry. He, nevertheless, wasn't too pleased to walk into the room just after eating to see me sitting there with just a pair of boxer briefs around my ankles. He had to make retching sounds while I am trying to get him to close the door for me. Every time we've talked since, he manages to find a way to go on about how that scarred him for life. He likes to be a little dramatic, personally.
8. Have you ever peed outside? Yes,especially when I was younger or when I have been on long rides and there was no rest stop in sight, we'll pull over and we can climb down out of road sight and hide behind a tree or bush. But, admittedly, it's been a long time since that has happened.
9. Do you sometimes have stains in your panties/shorts after pooping? A number of years ago, this would occur occasionally, but since I started using wet wipes after cleaning myself with dry paper, that's a problem of the past.
10. Have you ever used an outhouse or port-a-john toilet? Yes, but it's been a long time since I have had to. Now, I will hold it until I reach a clean flush toilet.
11. Do you flush after doing both? Yes.
12. Do you sometimes poop/pee in the shower? Never. I personally think such actions are meant to be done in a toilet, not a shower where you're trying to get clean.
13. What colour underwear do you wear? Every colour and shade from white to black with the exception of brown.
14. Ladies, do you sometimes feel embarrassed on toilet at work/school. N/A, but I used to be embarrassed when I was in school. I would always make sure I entered and exited a stall when nobody was at the urinals or sink.
15. Have you ever peed in the ocean or water? Yes, when I was a lot younger.
16. Have you ever been walked in on by somebody else when you were on the toilet? See answer to number 7.
17. Have you ever used a train toilet? I can't remember as I haven't really traveled by train since 1986. But I have had to use the washroom on a bus--something I try to avoid unless there's no way I will make it to a flush toilet on land in time.

To Nicole from Canada: Yes, we are practically neighbours. 40 minutes from Niagara Falls is Stoney Creek, Hamilton. Nice to see a practical neighbour who also shares the same foundation of name.



1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Yes, I always pee when I poop.

2. What do you usually do when 1st if you have to go poop.
I pee, then I poop.

3. When you last went poop what did you have to do worse poop or
Last time I pooped I had to poop more than pee.

4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody?
At the infamous Nutcracker performance, and also once when I was little.

Brandon T

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To: Cat great story about you helping your friend Amy and it sounds like she really to had to poop pretty bad and I bet she felt pretty good once she was done.

To: Sophia W great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Abby great story about your huge poop.

To: Tarja From Finland first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough time at school at least you made it to the toilet in time and avoided any accidents and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina I hope Maho's diarrhea didnt last to long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Charlotte sounds like you had a rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



I found this forum whilst trying to find information on a problem I am having with my anus Which doesn't seem to be covered here, however I though I would post about when I go poop. I am 15 years old 5ft 9 blonde female. I see in some posts people talk about difficulty going poop - well I dont really have trouble going although I like to eat so I do hard dry poo which is easy to up when I am out if I have to poop.
I like to empty myself before going out to get a flat ???? otherwise I get a Buddha belly.
I date a lot of guys and Don't want them to feel if I am full of poop. I don't take anything to make me poop I just use my stomach muscles and raise my legs up to help it to come out.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

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