Helping a Friend

Hey guys, it's Cat again!

I was thinking about the website when I had a "good deed" moment and wanted to share the story.

Remember Sarah? Well, her and another ballet friend ("Amy") and I all went on a weekend hike in the mountains nearby. Amy's mom dropped us off and stayed in the car (she has a bad knee and hates hiking, and Amy's dad would meet us at the top of the mountain). We were about a quarter of the way up the mountain when Amy asked if we could stop for a rest. We were near some rocks anyway so we decided to take a break. I had some water and offered everyone a bite of a granola bar. Sarah gladly took some, but Amy declined. So I finished the bar and we continued the hike. A few minutes later, Amy stopped again. She took a few deep breaths and we continued. I struck up a conversation about our spring ballet performance (Giselle) and kept us all occupied for another 10 minutes before Amy stopped again. This time, we stopped also and went to see what was wrong. She shook us off and we continued up. Halfway through the hike, Amy stopped yet again. She looked near tears.

"I really, really need to poop!" She cried. Quickly thinking, I led her up a little (the mountain we were on had a spiraling path so that you were always near the edge, and the other side had some bushes and stuff. I helped her behind a bush and she pulled off her leggings and squatted. After some strained grunting, she sighed and said she couldn't. Apparently, she'd been constipated for a while. I grabbed her hands and told her to take deep breaths. Then I told her to massage her stomach and push. After light strain, a 5" log slid out and onto the ground. Then, it just fell out of her. A thick, foot-long log joined the other one on the ground and then at least 7 thin, 3" logs fell out in rapid succession. After a flow of mushy, light-brown poop, a last log fell and she was done. I gave her a tissue to wipe and we covered the mess as much as possible before joining Sarah at the path and continuing.

I have another story at ballet that I'll share soon. 'Till then!

It's been a while since Car mom posted....I miss her stories so much...wondering where she is

Hello to all wonderful people on this site too.....Especially Brandon T, Catherine and Mina and her friends....Love all your posts and love this site too



Kyle's survey

1. Whenever you have to go poop, do you have to pee?

Yes, that happened to me Sunday morning at home. I was sleeping real heavily and when our dog started braking to go out, my needs were apparent. It also happened after lunch at school last Wednesday. It happens more frequently at school because we can't be getting out of class too many times to use the bathroom.

2.What do you usually do first when you have to poop?

My poop is first, soft and usually ready to come out. Occasionally, if I've had a lot of pop, I poop and poo pretty much at the same time. That also happened once this year at school when I had the flu. Then about 5 seconds later I had to get off the stool, turn around and hurl into it. Then I had to re-seat myself and a lot more poo blasted out. That afternoon when I got home, my whole underside was sore.

3. When you last went poo, what did you have to do worse: poo or pee?

See above.

4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody?

Yes, several times. In each of our bathrooms at school, there are a few toilets where the doors are taken off. Mostly due to vandalism, but also due to smoking and some other activities. Obviously those stalls are not going to draw the line that the stalls with doors do. So many of us, who are tardy conscious, will just save time by taking a quick pee in one of the doorless ones. As for me, my poop is usually knocking at the door when I seat myself, so I'm often not seat for more than 45 seconds or a minute. It is not that bad and I've gotten use to it. I've written about my babysitting, and the times when we're out, in large public buildings, and I have to use the toilet. When a little boy is involved, I use a doored stall, I latch the door, and require him to stand against it when I take the seat and do my thing.


Re: Kermit, Toilet Training for Disabled Kids

Hi Kermit -

I'm an older adult (actually a senior citizen) with cerebral palsy and I
think I understand the issues you're having.

I did a little Google search and on the web site ???? they have a
product, "Fancy Potty Chair," that's similar to the potty chair I used as a youngster (mine wasn't musical). You'll note that it's low to the ground so your son would have foot and leg support. It also has an
upright back and side armrests that, taken together, should give your
son pretty good support. Looking at its dimensions, it should be suitable for a three year old. I think it's a little pricey, but if
it works it may be well worth it.

Another idea: Would your son be able to use a male urinal from a sitting
position in his wheelchair ? I realize that this only addresses the urinary aspect of toilet training, but it might be useful.

Finally, do you have access to an occupational therapist through a children's hospital, clinic, or your pediatrician? Occupational therapists are a good resource as they have a pretty fair knowledge of
the products available for dealing with these types of issues.

Best of luck.


Sophia W.

Saturday at town fair

Survey from Kyle

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee? nearly 100% of the time yes
2. What do you usually do when 1st if you have to go poop. pee
3. When you last went poop what did you have to do worse poop or
Pee? poop
4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody? yes, may sister and best friend and a random girl

Now my sotry
We have a town fair this week end and there are quite a lot boths activities and even some good music. One activity is at the former elematary school of mee and my sister. There was a very small medeival fair with some booths with wood work and such stuff, food and at one booth you could shoot with bows and arrows. This was the first we did, my sister beated me by two points. We had somethig to eat and drink. After a while of looking at the wood work I felt the need to pee and maybe even to poop, what would be good, because I was the last time on Wednesday. I told my sister and she said also she would need to use the bathroom. Although the medeival market was not big we searched long for a toilet sign. We found out that we have to use the bathrooms in the school. The sign was in direction, what I would call the visitor toilets. They were open for the parents when there is something like a school play. The queue was enormous. I wisperd if we should go to the girls toilet that we used when we were students at the elematary school. she nodded and we went down some halls. The bathroom was not locked and as we entered we had the same look of two rows of blue and white cubicles with 10 on eache side. We were not the only ones, there were some girls who looked like the age they normaly went to this school. I heared and smelled the pee and poop of the girls. We took two cubicles side by side. There were also the same blue toilet seats like I knew them. The toilet was clean beside one small skidmark. I pulled my jeans and my red grey striped panties down and seated on the now for my height small toilet. I peed long, so did my sister. Next to me was now a girl and she farted very loudly. I farted too and began to push with effort my first log. My sister grunted and let out a loud plop. My first log was out and a second started. it was firm and easy to release, so was the third wich felt a bit smaller. I started to whipe and I needed a lot of toilet paper. I already felt the paper under me when I threw it in the toilet bowel. I was done and looked in the toilet. It was filled with my three, I would call normal to a little bigger turds. My sister and me told each other at the same time we should look in each others toilets. I pulled my panties and jeans up and came out, so did she. She had sit at the front and there were two big firm logs in the bowel. Both small toilets were filles with our poop. To our surprise we could flush it. It was fun to use our old elemantary school toilets and it was so relaxing that all the girls were so not embarresed about the sound and smell of using the toilet.

Do you have the same experiance that the use of toilets in elemantary school was much more relaxed?


Clogged toilet

Yep I'm back well here it is I was in a hurry for work so I didn't have time to use the bathroom I would have to wait til brake time well it got brake time and I haven't pooped in a week so I really had to go I got to bathroom pull my jean let big farts then drop 4 monsters size turds then I wipe and pull up my jeans


To Ashleigh

Normal adult volume is 400 - 600 cc's (~16 - 20 oz.). That can vary widely as there are some who can hold even less than that, and there are some who can hold 1 - 2 liters. The key here is to try and judge you're average volume. The concern is when you notice significant changes in the volume, or have any symptoms such as unusual difficulty voiding, slower flow, color changes, blood or solids in your urine. Cloudy urine as well. Also understand that volumes can and will vary from void to void most times due to what you drink and even your diet. If you seriously think that there is something wrong, then you need to get past any embarrassment and see someone about it.

Some Guy

Pooping at Walmart...and question

Hey, everyone!

I have not posted a lot lately since I haven't had any interesting stories to share...well, I have one now! So, I was out and about today and stopped at Walmart. This is a different Walmart than I have posted about before. Well, when I was there, I needed to poop. So, I went to the restroom at the front of the store. There were two stalls, and both were open. I took the handicapped stall since there was more room. I pulled down my Adidas pants and underwear, and sat on the toilet. When I poop, I sit with my legs open and my arms in my lap. I think I've read that most of you poop with your legs open...I know that for me, it's more comfortable. I had been sitting there pooping for a few minutes when all of a sudden, the stall door opens, and an older gentleman immediately said "sorry" and quickly closed the door. In this particular stall, the toilet is opposite the door, so he saw me in all of my glory as I was pooping! I thought the door was locked. I got up to check it, and it wasn't! So, it was my fault and not due to a weak lock.

This leads me to a question. (Well, first a statement, then my question. LOL) I didn't really have a problem with being seen while sitting on the toilet. After all, that's why I was there, and we all poop. It also doesn't bother me if someone sees me through the cracks in the stall door, just as long as someone doesn't stand there staring at me! As I mentioned, I sit with my arms in my lap. If someone sees my thighs when I'm on the toilet, no biggie. However, I don't want anyone seeing my private area. I guess I am self-conscious about it! Does anyone else feel the same way...if you're seen on the toilet, no biggie, but you prefer your privates remain hidden? I hope that makes sense!

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy


What are the rights we have to use a bathroom?

I'm writing from the perspective of a 33-year-old mother of two elementary school students who find it embarrassing to ask to go to the bathroom during class. According to my son Kellen, who is 7, permission is only granted about half the time and his sister, Darcee, 5, said most try to wait until the recess/restroom break period at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. They go to one of the largest schools in the largest school district in our state. When I've gone to meetings and conferences at the school we're being told there are just too many high-stakes outcomes/authentic assessments/tests planned and that every instructional minute is precious. We're also told that the mid-morning and mid-afternoon recess breaks should be adequate in most situations. There's a lack of supervision in bathrooms during class-time that has led to stools being stopped up with toilet paper and paper towels and then flushed, leading to floods and sinks being given the same treatment. Our current parent newsletter says that teachers and paras are being asked to be tougher on dealing with bathroom sign-outs during class-time.

When I was in my first month of middle school, I had a mid-morning to need to crap. I had eaten squash the night before and that causes me to have soft stools and off my usual schedule. I signed out of science class with teacher permission, but with all five toilets taken, I had to wait about 10 minutes for an opening. Finally, when a girl who I thought was just killing time left the stall without flushing and with nothing in the stool, I finally got my seat. The first blast had already come an as I was passing the gas before the second came, this girl came in and said our teacher asked her to come down and get me back to class because I had been gone for nearly 15 minutes. I had a little extra cleaning to do before I flushed and washed my hands, but I hurried to the other end of the hall where our classroom was and when I opened the door I got some strange stares and several of the boys were snickering. It seemed when our teacher (a 50-something male who some of the kids referred to as Leadbottom because he was so mean) had asked the girl if I was OK and in front of the class she gave an oral report that included that I was in Stall 3, doing #2, pink underwear at my feet, just about ready to be done, and I think some other things. It must have given everyone a really funny laugh break, but at my expense.

What are the rights we have to use the bathroom?
Are children being victimized by the testing madness and accountability critics out there?
What can be done to correct the problem?

Tarja from Finland

My First Post and Respond to: Michael W.

Hi all. My name is Tarja and I am from Finland. I am 18 years old, still in High School and is my last year. I am a Senior. Woo-hoo! Anyways this is my first post and I have been reading this site for quite a while and wanted to post bcz I love pooping it feels good and its naughty. I am 162 centimeters tall. That is 5 foot 4. And I weigh almost 52 kilograms. That is 115 pounds. I'm skinny, I have blonde hair and I wear glasses.

To Michael W from post 2435.
Sounds like you had a lil bit of trouble during your pooping session.
You're a naughty boy for pooping in a public bathroom like that. LOL. And yes if you are talking about pooping in a public bathroom while wearing socks and the answer is yes, however I do it I school. Like I said I live in Finland and in school we don't wear shoes inside. We wear socks and our shoes are stored into our lockers. I like being shoeless while learning and I don't like wearing shoes. I would like to share a story I have. I get constipated from time to time too. Just last week I have been having terrible stomach pains and was not able to pass bowel. I have gone 2 and a half weeks without pooping. The feeling to need to defecate did not hit me until Friday while I was in school. On Friday morning I had a good breakfast. I had oatmeal mixed with organic blueberries, chopped bananas, and strawberry slices. Toast with eggs, and milk. A couple of hours later during school I started to feel a warm churning in my stomach. I felt bloated and gassy and felt like I was sweating. Then I was cramping. I was having trouble paying attention so I asked Olga, my teacher (We call our teachers by their first names in Finland.) "May I go to the restroom, please?" She said "Yes." I excused myself from class and went straight for the girl's bathroom. I took the first stall, closed the door and locked it and then let down my jeans and underwear. Our bathroom stalls are secluded meaning its a tiny closet like room with a gap under the door. First I let out some tiny farts and then it was silent until I let out a very loud PFFFRRRT! fart and a huge plop. My ???? was twisting with cramps and I started moaning. The cramps eased down and silence again. Then I let out one of the longest and loudest fart. It was like PPFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRTTTTT! It lasted for almost 40 seconds. I moaned. Then I sprayed out some fast fire plops and some more tiny farts. Pfft. When I go so long without pooping I'll have these kind of attacks but I rarely have them in school. Last time I had one was on my first day of school when I was a Freshmen. I was so nervous it resulted in my stomach hurting and me spending all morning exploding on the toilet. Sitting here, I notice the toilet is a bit high up. My feet were dangling from where I'm sitting. Anyways, fifteen minutes have passed, so I wiped and pulled up my jeans and underwear. I almost opened the door when I felt a sudden gurgle in my ???? and then "Voi paska!" and then pulled down my jeans and underwear again and sat my skinny lil butt back on the toilet. "Voi paska" means "Oh Shit" in Finnish. I speak English and Finnish. So then tons of BRAAAPPP! farts lots of plops and I was groaning again. I let out some more pfffrrrt pffffrrrt pfffffrrrt pffffrrrrtt farts with some brrrrraaap farts and then a ton of mid range farts. Omg it was starting to smell real bad in this stall and theres no air freshner. I feel really naughty missing class while furiously pooping on the toilet in the girl's bathroom. The pooping stopped. I checked my phone it was almost 11 am. Which is First Lunch Hour. I've been in this stall for like 20 some mins now. I rocked back and forth and then I was pushing and straining for five long minutes. Ugggghhhh! Huggggghhh! Nnnnnnnnnhh!I continued pushing. And I messaged my ????. Uggggghhhh! Uggggggggggghhh! Huuuuuuggggghhhh! I was grunting really loud and I said "It's stuck!" Just then Olga, my teacher came in the bathroom. I know she can see my white socked feet from looking under the door. She asked me "Are you okay, Tarja?" I said "No I'm having ???? troubles." Then she says "Can I get you some help?" I said "No ma'am but thank you, I'll be okay." She left and I was all alone in the bathroom. I pushed for 5 more minutes and finally I release another loud fart Brrrraaaaarrrppp! along with an gigantic blast. With some more pffffrrrrrtttt! farts. My stomach had a loud gurgle and then a loud wet Brrrrrraaaaaarrrrrpppp! fart with explosive diarrhea with some loud Ppfffffffrrrrt! Pfffffffrrrrrt! Pffffffffrrrrrtt! Pfffffffffrrrt! Pfffffrrrt! Pfffrrrrt! Pfffffffrrrrrrrt! Pfffffffrrrt! Pffffffrrrrrrtt! Pffffffrrrrt! Pffffffffrrrrrrtttt! Pffffffffrrrrrrrrtttt! Pffffffffrrrrrttt! Pfffffffffrrrrrrt! Pffffffrrrrrtt! Pffffffrrrrrrt! Braaaaaaaaarrrrrp Brrrrraaaaaaaarrrrp! Brrrrraaaaarrrrpp! farts over and over again. Omg my butt was stinging it felt like I was pooping fire. I cried a little cuz of the soreness. I was having my own lil Nightwish concert on the toilet. Nightwish is a band from Finland and I love their music. In time my diarrhea slowed down for a bit and then it turned into squirts and trickles. I kept pooping for an hour long omg. I wiggled my white socked feet on and off throughout bcz I was getting bored and restless from sitting on the toilet too long. Here and there I had some loud Brrrrraaaaaarrrrrrrp! farts and some lil splashes here and there with some soft and mid range Pfffffrrrt! farts. Then faded to tiny farts with some soft pffrrrt! farts. It smelled so bad. Omg. And then nothing. I wiped quite a few times and my butt was pretty messy. I pulled up my jeans and underwear and looked into the toilet. Wow! I pooped so much that I almost filled the toilet up. That is a lot of poop. I washed my hands and went back to class. I missed First Lunch. Olga, my teacher wanted to talk to me in private asked me "Are you gonna be okay?" I said "I think so" She said "Are you sure? You've been in the bathroom a really long time and I did phone your mother and she is on her way to collect you" I was pretty shocked but I thought It would be okay if I left school early. My mom picked me up from school and when we were in the car she told me that she knows about my pooping episode in school. I told I have had trouble pooping for over 2 weeks bcz she seemed cautious. So the rest for the rest of the day at home I had a few more diarrhea episodes here and there. Yesterday I've been having pooping times every few hours. Its still very creamy and looked like chocolate cake batter. Its going away lil by lil. This is my own constipation cycle. I get constipated for a few days and then whoosh I have an exploding episode and then I poop normal for a week. But like I said earlier this episode was a doozy and it happens every once in a blue moon. Got to go. Bye for now. And Happy Pooping.



To Tatiana : Wow that surely is the biggest dump of your life. To produce that amount of poop in a day. I am sure you felt super relieved afterwards. Hope you post more stories.

To TwentyOne : Interesting story. Looking forward to more posts from you.

To Adrian : Open defecation is common in some parts of Ghana. Normally places where slums are located due to the poor sanitation in those areas.

To Anna (from Canada): Great story from you. I bet you felt relieved after that huge poop.

That's all for now. Happy pooping to y'all


So I had an... I guess you would say "interesting experience" today. Myself and my girlfriend rent an apartment together. We get by, but we're not overly comfortable, so we share a car. Her work began early than mine (today), so I gave her a ride and agreed to pick her up so I could also have use of the car to drive to work. Normal procedure for us really.

I was at work around 11:30 this morning and my phone rang. I answered and it was her. She asked when my lunch break was, I told her noon. I could hear something was up, she sounded off. In retrospect that's totally reasonable. She asked if there was any way I could get off for lunch a little early and come pick her up. I replied that of course, I could, and asked if she was okay. She didn't answer at first, then just said she didn't feel well, and could I "please just come?"

I was worried because this isn't like her. She's a workaholic. I honestly can't recall when she last called in sick to her job. So I explained to my bosses that I had a semi-emergency private matter and would like to take my break a little early. They agreed and let me go. When I got to the restaurant she works at, I sent her a text saying that I was there, and a few seconds later a response came asking if I had my jacket with me. I replied that I did. The next message she sent simply read, "I'm in back. come in. Bring coat."

Now, I'm sure you're all guessing where this is headed, but to me that idea seemed... unlikely, to say the least.

Well... I was wrong.

I came in and the head... whatever the title is, lady said, "oh you're (my name here), she's in the back. Go ahead."

I felt out of place behind the counter and walking through the kitchen to get to the back room they use for a break area at this place, as I'd never worked in a restaurant. When I finally got there, she was sitting with a largish dish towel on her lap. When she saw me, the tears welled up in her eyes a little. I asked (like an idiot) what was wrong and she started crying. She just said "Look," and kind of opened the towel up just enough for me to see... sure enough... and this still kind of feels odd for me to say but... my girlfriend, who's nearly 30, had completely wet her pants. At work. And I'm not talking like a little bit either. We're talking worst case scenario, no hiding it, completely peed her pants all the way down to the ankles. I had, and still have, no idea how to react. It still seems kind of unreal even now, and it didn't even happen to me! Obviously, she was, and is, upset.

I sat next to her and tried to console her, not knowing what to say, saying stupid things like "it could happen to anyone" and other truths that she wasn't up for hearing at that moment. I did calm her a little and convinced her to let me put my coat around her waist and lead her out the back door. She was worried it didn't do much to hide her accident, and she was right, but it was better than nothing and I didn't tell her that it was still obvious.

I lead her out to the car and took her home. We both took the rest of the day off (her work let her off for obvious reasons, mine because it's dead slow). She said she just didn't want to talk about it at first, but after some gentle prying I got it out of her that she had drank too much coffee that morning and because of some restaurant drama, she didn't get her break when she should have and had no back up. One thing lead to another and... well... Luckily she did say it wasn't out front with customers at the time, rather by the sink which is out of view. But her boss nevertheless found out and had to call in someone else to take over for her. So I'm not sure if there'll be any issues there.

Anyway, that was my surprise for the day; my girlfriend called me to come pick her up from work and take her home because she peed her pants. I'd imagine that's probably a once in a life time experience, no?

I haven't posted for a few weeks . Has been a fun time and still is and now while I'm tipsy from some drinks I had I need to have a nice poop and pee . So here it is I have made my way to the toilet and after I sit down on the toilet pee flows out then a plop sound as first part of poop goes in toilet After that another while and a really really big piece struggles out from me and splash it goes in toilet . Still some has to come out and I push very strongly to get it out . It is hard to get it out but at last it drops into toilet It is big and solid and the last piece of my poop . So all of it is out now . I clean myself properly and well then flush the toilet . I wash my hands and pull my panties up and settle my skirt before I leave . Thank you everyone on this site .

Mike Of MD USA

I have a questions for all

1. What color toilet seats do you like at school/work?
2. Ladies do you wipe your pussy after peeing?
3. How much toilet paper do you use when wiping after pooping?
4. Are the toilet seats opened at the or round?
5. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet when you was young?
6. Guys do you flush after peeing?
7. Do you close the door at home when you have to use the toilet?
8. Have you ever peed outside?
9. Do you sometimes have stains in your panties/shorts after pooping?
10. Have you ever used a outhouse or port-a-john toilet?
11. Do you flush after doing both?
12. Do you sometimes poop/pee in shower?
13. What color underwear do you wear?
14. Ladies do you sometimes feel embarrassed on toilet at work/school?
15. Have you ever peed in the ocean or water?
16. Have you ever been walked in by somebody else when you was on the toilet?
17. Have you ever used a train toilet?
Here are my answers to my questions
1. I use either color at work/school
2. N/A
3. I use about 6 sheets or more
4. I use both types
5. Yes I have done it a couple of times
6. At work yes and sometimes at home
7. Most of the time i do it almost all the way when i have to pee when i have to poop i close all the ways when i am not at home
8. Yes
9. Yes i do
10. Yes i have
11. Yes at work but sometimes i forget to flush after peeing at home
12. Yes in a emergency
13. Most of mine are white, i have blue and black and gray also
14. N/A
15. Yes i have done it in an emergency
16. Yes
17. Yes numerous times


To Ashleigh


While there is no normal for the amount of times you need to urinate, if you feel that you are going more frequently than you should, and if you feel like the urge to urinate comes on strong, and if you don't go a lot when you do go, then you need to talk to your doctor. It may be your "normal" but if you are uncomfortable, it might be a good thing to do so. If you have an overactive bladder, then there is help for it.

Personally, I only pee 5-6 times a day. (Really, 7-8 times if you count my two daily bowel movements. I always empty my bladder when I poop.). and I do drink coffee, though in small amounts. But I would hate to have to go more than that. I hope that you get some answers and relief!!!





Adrian: Thank you for your kind words!!!

Gerald: Welcome to the forum and I really appreciate your kind words!!!

Tatiana: Wow! I hope that you are a little more regular now. I agree, that's a massive dump but I imagine you were pretty uncomfortable! Welcome!

Brandon: The "battleshits" scene caught my interest. Found it on YouTube and it is hilarious!!!

The subject of toilet privacy in public restrooms: I am pretty passionate about this. First, no doorless stalls ever! That should be illegal for obvious reasons. Second, I know that it would be expensive, but stalls should go all the way to the floor, no exceptions. They should be high enough that no one standing on a toilet can see over. Too, doors need to be test for cracks large enough for an invasion of privacy. I mean, good grief, we all go to the bathroom and we should ensure as well as respect each other's privacy!




Thanks all

i'm not here often. As for Brittney i don't think I'll see much of her.

Please tell me if you want more stories or accidents?

Happy Pooping!!!!


Mr P

Colonic Irrigation

Thanks for your kind words Catherine, I'm good thanks and I look forward to your next pooping post.

As I type this I am having a colonic irrigation as lately I've been having problems with constipation and generally feeling sluggish.

Has anyone had one before? I've already seen a LOT of poo go down the tube so it's good to know I'm getting that out of me. Sitting on the toilet at the end of the session should be interesting :)

Hope everyone is well.

Mr P (in the wheelchair)


Maho does a diarrhoea

Thank you everybody for kind words. I get many many kind words! Gerald, I am sorry I am a stupid Mina. I didn't read your post correct way. Now I understand, there is only one Gerald, not two. By the way, Kazuko blows kiss to you.

Maho never does a diarrhoea, but last Wednesday she did. And it was very bad diarrhoea! She had shock at office. New section chief look at her long time. And he said, "I didn't know Korean girl so beautiful." Maho is very beautiful girl. But she had so bad experience with man long time ago, she very scare of men. She like only her father and her brother and uncle and my father and brother, maybe. She hate that man look at her with eyes say "beautiful girl, I want". And section chief had those eyes, exactly, she thought. Kazuko, she works same office, she looked at Maho. She understand Maho, because she love Maho. She thought, Maho was something wrong. She mail me. I mail back, "come my flat, and stay night".

So Kazuko and Maho came my flat in evening. I looked Maho's face. She was pale a bit, and tremble a bit, and Kazuko looked worry. I decided I don't ask questions now. Maho tell me when she is ready. So we cooked dinner and ate. Maho ate well, she always eat well even she is in a trouble. I am always happy when I eat with my friends. But Maho's pale face trouble to me a bit.

About half past nine, Maho suddenly get up, run to loo with saying "stomach hurts". We run after her, she already put down pyjamas and panties, and she sit on loo, not graceful style like usual. At once there is explosion. Paf, bururururururu Paf, Paf, bururururu......then some farts, then more bururururu, I look behind of her and brown stream pour out from her bottom and never stop.

So I flush, then I put hand on her, but she say "please don't touch body, hurts, hurts, but please hold my hand". So I take her hand, Kazuko take other hand, Maho move body and make more noise with bottom. And more and more, so I flush again and again. Maho's middle of bottom always move in and out, in and out, sometimes motion come out and sometimes not come out. Maho wail and groan, aaaah, aaah. We hold hand.

Kazuko go to make tea, because Maho dehydrate, I stay with Maho. She still moan and moan, not so big voice. And sometimes noises under bottom, many different sound. I hold hand always, and flush sometimes.

After about 20 minutes Maho become a bit more relax. Middle of bottom still move in and out but not all time. I hold her hand, caress a bit with fingers. I very worry, I love Maho so much, she die on my loo?? Kazuko come to loo with weak tea, she say to Maho, "I mail your father, he come soon with medicine". Maho give little smile. She very worry about go to doctor, she say later she think if she get up from loo and put panties then she do motion in panties many times before reach hospital.

Maho drank tea on loo, she did motion while she drink tea, she smile a bit, but I and Kazuko don't smile. Then Maho say, " Maybe finish, I get off, but stay near loo." I set washlet to "weak" so Maho wash her bottom without pain. I say her," do you hurt if I wipe?" She smile and her eyes say "please wipe" so I wipe gentle. Her eyes smile to me. I begin to turn on little bit, I didn't before. Her eyes are a full of love.

Maho pull up panties and pyjamas, and I and Kazuko help her to walk to the bed, she lie down. She smile at Kazuko and me. Very warm smile. Then bell ring at door, I go to answer, of course it is Maho's father, he is doctor. he come in and go to Maho and touch her many places and ask questions. He look in loo, I didn't flush last part, maybe he want to see. He gave her medicine he brought, and tell her, it isn't big disease, did she shock? So Kazuko gave him tea and told story of section chief.

Maho's father made serious face and said, yes Maho very sensitive about such a thing though she is strong girl. Better she doesn't go work tomorrow and maybe Kazuko you can talk to someone? Of course Kazuko say yes, she will, she talk to top boss, he is very kind person, perhaps he can understand. Doctor say, he come again tomorrow after hospital finish, and Maho's mother maybe come in daytime. Then he went home, and we went bed, and Maho gave us hug, she said no pain now, OK to touch, and she gave long hug with whimper. First to me, then to Kazuko.

Maho's mother didn't come because I took day off. Maho did motion on Thursday morning, still soft but not diarrhoea so much, medicine work. We think all of Wednesday's dinner came out in Thursday morning motion. But Maho feel better, though she stay in bed most of day. She ate little breakfast and lunch. In evening her father come and touch her stomach and say, "much better". Hisae also come. Kazuko stay night, and on Friday Hisae stay, last night too. Now only me and Maho in flat, and Maho say, "you can tell this story to site, they will like."

Kazuko also came with good news. Top boss said, Maho and Kazuko move to different section tomorrow. So this story is happy end! Maho did motion again this morning and it was hard one like she always do, and only three turds, but big ones. I did more, I made big mess all over loo and stayed long time. Maho said, "Mina did your boss say Korean girl beautiful?" with laughing. She is better!! But she say silly thing because my boss is woman.

Tomorrow Maho and Kazuko go to new section. I am happy for them. I angry to old section chief. I hope top boss fire him, but Maho say, he only said "Korean girl beautiful" that is not enough to fire. But I think sexual harassment, and if he say to me, maybe I hurt. I don't mind person say I am beautiful even man, but I don't like when eyes say, I want to do sex with this woman.

Maho said, "diarrhoea was painful very much, but now memory." She is strong girl. But I hope no man hurt her again never. I want always she has good feeling, and Hisae and Kazuko too, because I love them!

Today we read story of Tatiana. Maho said, "I am happy she had good feeling after do so much motion!" Maho never envy! How sweet girl she is, after so much painful!

Love to everyone.

Mina and friends

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