Why can't I function in really huge bathrooms?

I realize I'm in junior high now and that some things should be getting better, but I find that I really have a tough time functioning in really huge public bathrooms. I realize that I should try and avoid them but that's not working too good. Back when I was in 4th grade some large business donated the money for all of us to go about 60 miles to where our state's fair is held. There were like 150 of us and several buses and as soon as we arrived, the teachers and parent chaperons took us over to this huge bathroom building. There must have been 50 booths and they were on both sides of several aisles. There were so many other adults and children there and everyone was bumping into one another trying to be the next to get into a booth when it opened. There were a few of the booths that had no doors, and each of them was used, although a parent or friend sometimes would stand in the doorway and give them more privacy as they got up on the toilet and did their thing. I remember I sat down twice and was really hurting to wee, but I guess I was just too uncomfortable to go. I really had to get up the courage about an hour later to ask my chaperon to again take me in. She was the librarian and was really nice about it. I remember repositioning myself on the toilet a few times, but I was able to do about half my pee. I remember the pitter-patter of my wee hitting the water and the smile Miss Smith had on her face when she heard it too.

This past year I've made three cross-country trips to spend time with my biological father. I've written about these on Pages 2498 and 2527. The airport bathrooms are about the same size with often 100 people in there at once. There's bumping as users try to get across the aisle when a booth opens and last week several flights were held up due to bad weather and some women were in some really rotten moods when flights were late or not coming in at all. One lady was carrying a huge trophy that was about as big as me and she looked really mean as she used it to push me aside as she raced another into an open toilet booth. I had expected to be the next user. Then she sat there on the doorless toilet, the trophy on the floor between her legs, and she gave me such I foul look that I almost started to cry. An old lady behind me saw what had happened and gave me cuts when the stall to the left opened. The stench was bad, like a hundred craps had been taken in it in the last hour, but I noticed there was a little toilet paper left as I pulled my jeans and white underwear down and placed myself on the seat. It was larger, quite warm and uncomfortable to sit on, but I didn't want to waste any time getting my wee stream going. I saw eyeballs against about a half inch crack on both sides of the door. That caused me to quickly grab my clothing and pull it up off the floor and pretty much to the level of the toilet. After a couple of minutes of discomfort and me getting frustrated, a fist-pound shook the door and a lady in a really gruff voice told me she was 5 days constipated, had taken a laxative and needed a chance. I didn't know what to say so I stayed quiet. I heard her swear and then I saw her feet stomp off elsewhere. I didn't want to stay on the toilet for longer than 5 minutes because I knew the crowd was getting larger. So I just pulled up my clothing, buckled my belt and opened the door. A girl, probably college age, hadn't heard a flush and started to say something but I just turned and walked away.

After about a half hour in a chair and playing on my iPad when I decided to walk to the other side of the terminal and try going there. It too was busy because a flight had just come in. All of the booths with doors were in use, but there were 3 other toilets open. So I took the first one, pulled my clothing down, and threw myself onto the seat. Because my attitude was so bad, it was my fault for not looking first. Immediately, I heard beeping behind me and I looked at once at the front of the toilet between my legs. Sure enough I was sitting on one of the cellophane-covered seats. So I tried to sit extra carefully and not move my legs which I will often do when I'm nervous or upset. I think I sat for about 10 minutes with my bladder packed, but unable to empty itself. Then I gave up, stood and was pulling my clothing up when the seat-cover twirled and the flusher activated. Luckily the early boarding for my flight included children and the elderly getting a priority boarding. As soon as I got my seat, I hurried to the bathroom the the back of the plane. I had never used a plane toilet before, but knew this would be my final chance. I looked at the strong privacy latch I had used on the door and seemed much more at ease without the large number of users and noise in the previous bathrooms. My wee started and continued for well over a minutes. I felt so much relief. I got up, pulled up my clothing, unlatched the door and walked back to my seat. The plane was rapidly filling up, but I felt great!

I'm still frustrated about not being able to function in really huge bathrooms.


To LIZZIE- survey answers.

Hi Lizzie, how are you?,
My answers to your survey...
(A = Answer)

1. Have u ever started peeing
and whilst you were peeing you
farted and poo came out?

A:- No, i always know when i need to
Poo and it hasn't happened unexpectedly
Whilst weeing.

2. Whenever you poo do u also have to pee?

A:- Yes, not always though.

3. Is it normal when my boyfriend poos he does the wee part
Sitting down.

A:- Yes hun most men do that.

4. Have you ever sharted.

A:- yes, first time when i was ill about 20 years ago and the latest was
Yesterday in town with my husband.

5:- when did you last poo/pee yourself.
A:- Yesterday in town with my husband whilst in a busy queue at poundland. Thankfully i was wearing a long coat over my leggings so it didn't show as much. Will add my story in my next post.

Hope my answers helped you.
Jemma xx


To Nick (from Canada) and a story

to Nick (from Canada): Thanks for the hint. I am not sure whether this would help my soen since just sitting on a wide platform wasn't possible for him until now. Fortunately a therapist managed to teach him to sit with the legs in fromt of him and on the floor. With a toilet seat with the right opening and good support for feet and hands he may loose anxiousness and may succeed.

Your hint triggered a story some years ago. We were walking from an island to a very small island that is for birds only and one can only stay there for a short guide. One of the women of our group asked for the loo and the female attendant of the island told her that there is only an outhouse. Just before returning to our hotel (a long walk over the sea with teh water goen for just a few hours) there was a line for the loo. In front of me was a girl that took quite some time and when she came out she said that she was sorry but couldn't be faster. So I think she pooped or at least tried to do so. Now it was my turn but it was a big box with a toilet seat in the middle and when sitting on it it was a strange position. Finally the people waiting for me dind't help it either and I left without peeng or pooping.

have any one of you stories with that style of outhouses and thunderboxes? It would make a interesting part of the discussion beside those water bowls.



Michael W's Survey

Hi Michael, your survey seems pretty interesting, especially to someone like me who gets constipated a lot, so I figured I'd answer it:

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, as long as I'm not so constipated that nothing comes out. Most of the time I enjoy it, provided it's not actually painful.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I usually lean forward on the toilet to defecate, but sometimes I squat if I'm having trouble getting it out.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe? I often get some kind of stomach irritation before passing a BM. If I'm constipated, then I might get cramps, and they can be pretty bad.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Usually a few times a week, rarely once a day.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? I've taken over an hour to get a really constipated one out before. I pushed and pushed for a long time and then took breaks in between (as well as tried different positions).
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Most of the time, unless it's a really big one stuck in there.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? I always grunt a lot when I poop and definitely if it hurts, I yell in pain sometimes or grunt really loudly.
8. How often do you get constipated? Fairly often. At least once a week. I'm constipated a lot.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? I've been constipated for a week before and needed an enema.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? Oh yeah I moan a lot in relief.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last? If I'm constipated, then yes, I often can get bad cramps until I finally do poop.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Yeah, I tend to fart a lot when I poop.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? I do unless I feel it might be a big painful one.
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? Might have a stomach ache, definitely fart a lot, and can usually feel a pressure down there.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? Sometimes, especially if it was a long constipated one.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yeah I have to a lot because I often strain and push hard while pooping.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I wish it could be quick sometimes, but that rarely happens for me.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? I usually try a laxative or fiber drink. If that doesn't work., I might use a suppository or enema.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Yes, though that hasn't happened since I was a kid.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Very rare. Constipation is much more common for me.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes sometimes I do that and find that it helps.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Sometimes, yeah, especially if I have cramps.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? Yeah I don't care. My brother has been in the bathroom with me a lot when I poop. My parents have as well. It doesn't seem weird to me.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Pretty bad. I seem to stink up the bathroom worse than anyone else in my family.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? I've pooped enough to clog the toilet with really big logs. Since I don't go very often, when I do go it tends to be a lot.

Thanks for the survey :)

Jane the Poop
Lately I've been pooping a lot. Today was pretty normal, but yesterday I made a lot of poop. I felt a ten pound load descend as I drank my coffee in the morning. I went to my bathroom and several huge pieces of poop crawled out my butthole with lots of crackling. I waited a moment and pooped another load of logs. I wiped and flushed and went to finish my coffee. By the time I was done with that cup, I had another load of poop to drop. I went back to the toilet and filled it with soft poop. I wiped because I was already late for work, but as I walked away I knew I had to finish answering nature's call. I again returned, sat upon my throne and pooped out a few more big, solid logs. Later in the afternoon, after lunch, work was slow and I felt that rumble in my ????. I went to the ladies room and I was glad I was alone. The wide public bowl pulled my buttcheeks apart and I relaxed. Soon the familiar crackling opened my asshole and my poop began plopping into the toilet below me. My poops were solid, and very big. About 1.5 inches by 12-16 inches. Many of these poops created a mountain of crap beneath me. I flushed and relaxed, preparing to wipe. But before I knew it, I relaxed too much and began pooping more big logs. After I made another load, I stood to look at my creation. An island rose in the middle of the water with a branch growing up the side of the bowl. Then I sat back down and more poop came out my ass and into the very stinky toilet. Soon I finished and returned to work, smiling.

To my surprise, I had to poop again as work came to a close. I held it for the drive home and even for a few hours while I had dinner with a friend. When I got home, I rememebered the familiar rumble in my ????. Upon my toilet I sat. As my pee tapered off, my bum opened to begin squeezing poops into the bowl. I made at least eleven or twelve pieces of poop when I flushed. I waited a moment and felt a large load still wanting to be pooped. One after another they plopped and curled into the bowl. After a ten-minute frenzy of pushing out poop, I decided I was done. I wiped and went to my room to read. After not too long, I knew my body didn't agree. I returned to the throne, book in hand, and proceeded to poop again. I spent much of that night on the toilet, grunting out big pieces of poop.

And today? One dump in the morning. Go figure.


Survey + Story

In my last post, I typed Jordn instead of Morgan. Sorry and yes my name is Morgan ;)

My Survey + answers:

1. What is the longest time you wene without having a poo? Two weeks

2. What was the longest time you were on the toilet for? Six hours (read the story after the survey)

3. Have you ever went poo in a bathroom with no/doorless stalls? Yes

4. Have you ever had a poo in the opposite gender bathroom? Yes.

5. Have you ever went with a friend (e.g. watching them, being watched, sitting on the same toilet at the same time, or used two toilets side by side or in cubicles next to each other) Yes

6. Have you ever clogged a toilet?. Yes, many times. I get constipated often and go long times without having a poo, which means that they are often large.

7. Have you ever went in something else (toilet, sink, mens urinal, shower)? Yes

8. Have you ever missed the toilet when having a poo and landed your log on the back of the toilet or the floor? Barely


Okay, so I had went out to a Mexican restraunt with my family, and we must've gotten food poisoning. I felt a strong urge to have a poo, and I wemt. My sister was in the bathroom, throwing up and having diarrhea. She was out in about 45 minute, and I was bursting. I fell on the toilet and began having diarrhea. I felt so bad. I was moaning and crying. This went on for about six hours! Yes, really...


Replies / Comments

Brandon T: Thanks!

Tarja: Nice story!

Jenny: Nice story!

To Simmee

Thanks for responding to my post! In my public bathroom experiences, I have never seen anyone staring at anyone on the toilet. I honestly don't know what I would say, either. I would think that if someone were doing that, once he saw me (or anyone, really) come in, he would stop. I guess my response would just be appropriate to the situation. Checking a stall to see if it's in use is one thing...staring for a prolonged period is quite another!

Your questions reminded me of a time I was stared at on the toilet. This was a good 14 years ago. I was at the airport, killing time before taking public transportation to a baseball game. I needed to use the bathroom (and I really didn't have anything better to do!). I walked in to the bathroom...big and empty. I selected a stall, locked the door, pulled down my pants and my underwear, and had a seat. My legs were open as it's more comfortable for me when I poop. (I have tried keeping my legs together, and it just doesn't work for me.) Anyway, as I'm relaxing and having my poop, a guy walks in. Mind you, the bathroom is empty, and there were open stalls all around. I can see him through the cracks in the stall door. He was very clearly looking at me...and not like he was checking my stall to see if it were occupied. It was one of those don't expect it, for one, but you're also in a vulnerable position. I ignored him, not wanting to make the situation worse.

As I think about it, I'm sure he really only saw my thighs. Like I mentioned in my Walmart post, that really doesn't bother me. If I check a stall, and someone is sitting on the toilet, that's what I see, and I wouldn't want to see more than that! Privates are just that, but thighs are just kinda "whatever."

Thanks, Simmee!
Some Guy


The Joy of Stall Gaps.

I haven't been posting recently, my keyboard broke my from laptop, so I had to go get one from the local store. Also, no really interesting poops, at least for me.

So today something interesting for me happened today. It was 2pm in the afternoon as I was done with classes, I was about to go home for the day, but then decided I needed to use the restroom. I was already in the library, so I walked to the nearest toilet. Choosing the stall farthest from the door, I walked in, and got settled, then sat down. All I could manage was gas.
As I was looking around I could see the stall gaps were 2 feet from the floor, there was 2 inches from the next stall wall and partition, and there was a gap in the stall door, meaning anyone who entered the restroom could see me. But it didn't bother me really.
A few seconds later, someone took the stall next to me. The wiped the seat and sat down as I heard them thud on the seat. I didn't hear anything for a few seconds, then I heard him fart strongly into the bowl (like blowing air into the toilet) and some crackling as well, but no splashes and plops.

Then it hit me. The very strong and bad smell of his poo. I didn't expect it to be as strong as it was. It was like that for a few minutes as he sat there, doing nothing it seemed like. Then he started wiping, and the smell started to go away. By then I hadn't produced anything except some wet farts, so I began to wipe also. I finished earlier than him, so I flushed and got up and washed my hands. When he finished he flushed and got out of the stall, joining me. He was a Latin American guy, an inch taller than me, but not much bigger in size.

When he left and I finished washing my hands (I had to clear under my fingernails, and I stalled a bit, I admit.), I went back into his stall, where there were quite a lot of skidmarks in the bowl. He really left his mark. I left the restroom, intruigued to why we have gaps so big that you are basically right next to the person.

Have a good day/night :)


Having the runs...At my best mates wedding!...

Sorry not posted in ages just been so busy, but here with my story provided to me last weekend by my bowels...

Saturday 16th April was my best mate Chloe's wedding and it was up north at a lovely hotel venue.

My hubby and I stayed at a little B&B nearby with a few mates and we had a coach provided to us to pick us up and take us to the venue as it was an hour away and there were lots of guests to pick up.

All was fine we had the breakfast in the B&B & headed up to our rooms and we got ready.
I was wearing a red mini dress and natural colour tights teamed with black and white accessories.
Then i got sharp stomach pains, typically, 15 minutes before the coach was due to pick us up, then suddenly not long after the pains started i needed my first poo of the day...

Hitching up my dress and pulling down my red silky knickers and tights i discovered i had started my period 4 days early too so i called for hubby to grab me some maxi pads- i over lap them because i have heavy periods.
I start plopping out my loose smelly poos as hubby enters with my pads.
I pop them in my knickers and still plopping away continue my poo.
I had 12 loose plops long but thin and curled around each other in the loo. Skidmarks aplenty! Wiped 5 times and flushed. I looked in the mirror at my butt in my dress and the maxi pads showed at the back and also because i was wearing a mini dress it only just covered the pads u could see it quite well actually it looked like i was wearing a nappy, but i didnt care i had no choice, washing my hands and leaving with hubby to meet our mates and the other guests waiting for the coach. Not long after it arrived and off we went.

I still had the stomach pains and annoyingly i left my imodium at the bed and breakfast!
15 mins in to the journey i was bursting for another poo.
Hubby soon realised as i was fidgetting in my seat and decided to comfort me by putting his arm around me and resting his hand on my big peachy butt, and every time i lifted to clench he lightly tapped my butt a few times then gave it a lovely rub up and down over my cheeks and pads.
I was so desperate i was touching cloth and was counting down the minutes until we got there.

Eventually we arrived and as we got off the coach i headed inside to find the loos, 2 cubicles in the ladies but thankfully 1 of them was free! In i went and as soon as i sat down my plops fell out with no effort required. There were lots of plops but i didnt count them this time.
I also changed my maxi pads as they were full. Wiped 7 times and flushed.

Looking in the mirror at my butt whilst washing my hands i felt so concious of my pads on show but i had to get on with it.

Heading back to hubs he greeted me with a few butt slaps (not hard- loving ones) and rested his hand on my lower butt covering my maxi pads so i was pleased about that, rubbing my butt up and down a few times with more light butt slaps as well which was very loving and comforting of him.

Anyway soon was time for the ceremony and we took our seats. Chloe came in and beautiful she looked of course then uh oh... During the ceremony i thought i was going to fart and it wasnt but thankfully i stopped it just in time and didnt poo myself. But after i fidgetted in my seat hubby knew i needed another poo anyway.
After the ceremony i rushed to the loo and again sat down and this time it was a runny explosion type poo to begin with but i pushed slightly and 5 quick loose plops added on top of the sludgy poo i had just created. I pushed again and a further 5 runny thin plops added to the mound. I pushed 1 more time and nothing. I felt finished, changed my maxi pads whilst i was plopping as they were all full yet again wiped 8 times flushed and headed back to hubs.

By this time photos were in full swing, so hubby and i were with our mates sipping our wine and waiting for the breakfast.
"You ok baby?" hubby asked
"Got the runs and no imodium left it in our room"
"Ah baby! Dont worry, love you so much" he replied as he kissed my forehead and again rested his hand over my maxi pads giving my butt lovely rubs up and down and light butt taps over my maxi pads.

Soon it was the breakfast and we all sat down and ate a lovely 4 course meal. I ate it though i felt unwell and it was very nice.
As the speeches started i needed another poo but i waited until they were over and then headed to the loo. This time i had to wait but not long thankfully.
It was lucky i bought lots of maxi pads in my big bag as they all needed changing again and whilst i was doing that i again had another big explosion type poo followed by 6 long thin plops on top. Wiped 7 times and flushed leaving skids everywhere and a putrid smell washed hands and headed back to hubs.

The evening do had now started and we all gathered round to watch the first dance and we had a few dances too. It was a great evening, well it was a great day and my best mate looked gorgeous!
My pains had gone but i needed my last poo at the venue before we left. My last poo was again the explosion type and i plopped a further 8 loose thin plops on top of that.
Changed my pads and wiped 7 times and flushed washed hands and headed back to hubs where he greeted me with a butt rub again and we waited for the coach. On the coach home within 10 mins of our hour journey i was bursting for another poo and hubby put his hand under my dress rubbing my maxi pads and knickers up and down and asked if he could come in for my last poo of the night. I agreed of course.
Back at the hotel, we headed to our room and hubby joined me in the loo. He watched as i changed my full maxi pads once more and as i started my poo. Wet fart followed by 16 plops in quick succession. Hubby asked me to stand up and he wiped me 8 times and pulled off my clothes except my knickers for me. He's so caring.
I popped my imodium and thankfully i was better after 3 of those. We snuggled up in the cosy bed to finish off a lovely day despite my bowel issues and period dramas and fell asleep drunk in each others arms.
Hope you enjoyed
More soon love J x


Wife and the toilet.

Hello, this is my first post. First off, I would like to say that I'm utterly surprised that this site exists, for close to 20 years, no doubt.

About a week ago, my wife was constipated for nearly 4 days and she felt very bloated. We contemplated on what she should do and an enema was brought up. We talked about it for a bit and eventually decided on doing it, and after a bit, we came back home from the pharmacy with the enema bag and prepared to use it. She said she wanted to do it on the old couch because she wanted to do this somewhere comfortable. As soon as we got everything set up, we started to administer the enema and a few times, she started to mention how weird this feels and how she could feel the urge already starting to build up within the first couple minutes. Anyways, after several minutes of doing this, she had managed to take in around a good liter and a half before she said she don't think she could take anymore in. So I immediately stopped the flow and when I did, she said the urge is so bad that she thinks it's going to be very difficult to hold it in and make it to the toilet. With that said, I slowly took the nozzle out and she slowly tried to get up and get to the toilet, but she had to stop several times because the cramping and the urge was getting very unbearable.

We have this cheap little plastic composting toilet bucket that we got for $15 or so, it's literally just a bucket with it's own plastic toilet seat. I decided to ask if she would like to use that instead. Considering that she was having trouble moving too much, she immediately said yes. As soon as I did, she sat on it and leaned forward. Within a few seconds, she let out a loud sigh of relief as this massive wave of blobby poop water noise started to shoot into the bucket. She stated about how it felt so good and relieving. For the next few minutes, she just sat there, releasing several more waves until she was completely finished. She sighed one last time and said she felt so much better after that.

~Bonus story~

Yesterday, I was at the back of the house working on a few things, then she pulled into the driveway from work and as soon as she got out of her car, she hastily came over to me and asked where that composting toilet was. We had been using that more often lately, so she decided to use it, but the reason why she seem more frantic was because she said haven't been able to go for almost a whole day and she'd been fighting off her urge for the past couple hours now.

I saw that the toilet was within a couple meters away from me, she just bolted over, pulled her pants and panties down to her knees and sat on it. She let out a very violent fart and managed to produce a pretty big pile or so she claimed.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Sharted myself in town yesterday...

So, yesterday in town my hubby and I were in poundland when i felt the need to fart... Wrong!!
We were in the queue waiting to pay, &
I then proceeded to poo my knickers. Very loose warm poo filled my knickers. Thankfully i was wearing a long coat over my leggings, but
Typically i was hot and wanted to take my coat off. I told hubby i had done a poo in my knickers and needed another desperate poo too, and we headed to debenhams loos where i was in a queue again. Great! Desperate i crossed my legs but as i did i felt my wet loose poo swuidge in my knickers even more! Was so embarrassed.
I eventually got a cubicle and took my coat off hung it on the door, pulled my leggings off and pulled my filled knickers off with loads of mushy loose wet poo to get rid off. I grabbed some tissue and picked it with the tissue out my knickers leaving a big brown stain. These knickers were thrown away later on.
I then sat down and immediately had my poo i'd been bursting for, 12 plops in quick succession followed by an extremely wet fart followed by a further 5 plops in quick succession. Followed by 1 more wet fart. I wiped 8 times and flushed away all my poo, & put my dirty knickers back on and Leggings. Picked my coat up and Washed my hands leaving a putrid smell in the cubicle. Heading back to hubs he greeted me with a kiss whilst giving my butt a slap and then a nice rub up and down.
We then went home. Safe to say i was mortified!
I had another loose desperate poo on arriving home where hubby joined me threw my knickers away and after my poo he wanted to hear he got me a clean pair. My poo i had with hubby consisted of 5 plops followed by a wet fart followed by a further 7 plops. We looked at my very light brown runny loose creation splattered all over the porcelain as hubby put his hand over my bare pooey smelly butt and rubbed it then slapped it hard before wiping my butt tenderly for me. He said i was very messy and wiped me 10 times. Flushed leaving skids on the bottom of the loo. Hubby pulled my face to his to kiss me and then as i turned around to walk away he slapped my butt hard again one last time. We then had lovely cuddles on the bed whilst hubby was massaging my aching stomach.
More soon love J xx



Ok I'm curious if other girls do these things
1. Have you ever started peeing and while you were peeing you farted and poop came out?
2. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to pee?
3. Is it normal that when my boyfriend poops he does the pee part sitting down
4. Have you ever sharted?
5. When did you last poop and/or pee yourself?

Victoria B.

Toilet paper survey

Had a bit of a close call earlier today that came close to biting me right in the butt. I had the familiar full, warm feeling in that part of my body. Readying myself for a nice, relaxing BM, I walked into my bathroom only to be greeted by a familiar sight: an empty cardboard tube hanging in the roll holder. Desperate, I got in my car and headed straight to the grocery store. I picked up a twelve-pack of my favorite brand (Cottonelle) and paid for it, hoping my facial expression and my purchase didn't make my somewhat embarrassing situation too obvious. I white-knuckled it home, worrying about the prospect of an accident the entire time. It didn't happen: I thankfully managed to make it home and onto the pot before having to deal with pooped pants. This got me thinking and now it's survey time.
I) What's your favorite brand?
II) How much do you buy at once (six-pack, twelve...)?
III) How far down does your stock get before you decide to get more?
IV) Have you ever ran out in the middle of wiping?
V) Have you ever sat down and started/finished your business before realizing that there was no toilet paper?
VI) If so, how did you deal with it?

I'm almost done with a ridiculously busy semester and am looking forward to being able to posting here more often. I've kept up reading, but I wanted to say that I've missed you guys!

Love, Victoria


Longer poos

Hey guys!!! It's Natalie! i love the feeling of long logs of poo sliding out of my bottom but I have not experienced that for about a month now. All of my poos are coming out in small pieces no more than three inches. I haven't made a really long poo in a while now and I want to know how to get it back. The same amount of poo is still coming out, but now it's in small pieces. Does anyone know what I can do to make long poos again? Eating certain foods? Will holding it longer cause the poo to stick together in my bottom? Anything helps you guys. I will post some discriptions of my poops once they are back to normal size.

Michael W.

The Pooping Survey

To Tarja from Finland. I enjoyed reading your story. I bet you had one hell of a time having diarrhea in the girl's bathroom after being constipated for 2 and half weeks. I hope you're feeling better after all that. If you want to you can take this survey I posted.

Everyone is welcome to take it. I will answer my own questions.
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I lean forward or lean back and massage my stomach.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe? Sometimes I do and sometimes.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once a day sometimes twice. It depends.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? An hour and 45 mins.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? Yes and I groan.
8. How often do you get constipated? Every once in a while.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? I was constipated for a week and 3 days.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? Yes and I groan.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last? Yes and after day 10 of not pooping I made myself go when I felt I didn't have to and refused to leave the toilet until I pooped.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Yes.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes.
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? Having a stomach ache, or farting a lot, or that urgent feeling.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? Sometimes I do.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yes I had to bcz I was pushing and straining.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick?
I like to take as long as necessary.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? Spicy food, Peanut Butter, Laxatives, Fiber Gummies, 3 glasses of Fiber powder mixed with water, or an enema.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Yes.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Every once in a while.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes I do I knead and push.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Yes, when I was a kid my mom used to massage my stomach for me when I was having trouble.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? I didn't mind having my mom in the bathroom with me. Sometimes my older brother would sit down and talk to me while I sat there.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Oh god they smell bad.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Enough to fill the toilet up.

Steve A

Disney World Band Trip Story & Survey

I've had several bathroom related experiences during my Disney World trip. I expected some things to happen, but I think I paid more attention this time compared to my last trip in 10th grade. Although, I still had a great time.

It all started out at the first dinner stop at a buffet. After we ate, there were guys who had to poop, including me. We wanted to avoid having to hold it on the bus until we got to a rest stop. There were only 2 stalls in the men's room at the restaurant and we just waited until someone was done.

Throughout the different parks each day at Disney, I was pooping about 2-3 times a day. One in the morning, and the other 1 or 2 times were later in the day. It was probably caused by me eating a good breakfast with a cup of coffee every morning, walking, and me taking a fiber capsule everyday to avoid constipation. Let's just say all of those 3 combinations worked well together.

From the good breakfast part of my story, I normally don't eat breakfast. Sometimes, I might eat something for breakfast, but it just depends on how I feel in the morning.

One day at the park, I got sperated from my group because I had to poop and no one noticed that I was gone. I eventually found them by texting one of my group members and they told me where they were at.

I overheard a conversation on the bus about a guy who didn't poop for about 4 days or since we left for Disney. He finally went, but I'm not sure how he held it for 4 days.

At the hotel, we stunk up our hotel room bathroom when we each took a crap. Also, our toilet handle broke twice and it wouldn't flush, so we had to call someone to fix it. I took a dump and I when I was done, it wouldn't flush. I didn't realize it until I tried to flushed after I pooped. Another time, one of my roommates asked me if they could get something from the bathroom while I was pooping. I opened the door and they got what they needed and left while I was still on the toilet.

Our last breakfast stop on our way back was at another buffet. Just like at the first dinner stop, there was a line of guys who had to poop again, including me. There were also only 2 stalls, so we had to wait. I think me and some others avoided the last minute rush before we left. When I walked out of the bathroom, there were long lines for the bathrooms.

At the rest stops, the longest lines were girls. The guys had lines as well, but not like the girls line. Only a couple of people used the bus bathroom on my bus, but I didn't. We stopped at rest stops every 2-3 hours. We took 5 coach buses as brought our band, Bella Voce group, and auxiliaries: flags, majorettes, and our dance group.

I know a lot has happened on this trip, but if anyone were to go on a week long trip, then you know that there will be multiple bathroom related experiences that will occur. It also depends on what type of trip it is.

Here's my survey:

1. Would you use bus bathrooms if they're available to you?

2. Do you hold your poop when you're on a trip or when you're away from home?

3. When was the last time you ate something that made you sick?

4. Does any restaurant food brands (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) cause you any stomach problems?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Morgan great story.

To: Romantic Dump great story.

To: Mina im glad you and your friends are alright.

To: Rochelle great story about your major poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Longer poos

Hey guys!!! It's Natalie! i love the feeling of long logs of poo sliding out of my bottom but I have not experienced that for about a month now. All of my poos are coming out in small pieces no more than three inches. I haven't made a really long poo in a while now and I want to know how to get it back. The same amount of poo is still coming out, but now it's in small pieces. Does anyone know what I can do to make long poos again? Eating certain foods? Will holding it longer cause the poo to stick together in my bottom? Anything helps you guys. I will post some discriptions of my poops once they are back to normal size.

Steve A

Answering My Own Survey

Also, some people got sick on the Disney band trip. There were some band kids absent on Monday. We got back on Sunday around 6 pm.

1. I'll use the bus bathroom when it's a bathroom emergency. If it's holdable for me and if the driver tells us that we will stop soon, then I'll wait.

2. I don't hold my poop on trips or away from home.

3. It has been a awhile since a food has gotten me sick. I think when I had Chipotle for the first time awhile ago, it only caused 2 minor diarrhea sessions.

4. The restaurant brands that I've been to don't get me sick. I'm not sure about the ones that I've never been to.


Hospital Again

Hi everyone. I got my last gallstone out yesterday at a hospital in Austin. The bathroom I was standing in to change into a gown was small. I went pee in this small bathroom, and Mom did, too. I heard Mom's pee verry clearly when she went. Btw, my surgery went well. I woke up in recovery, and took a nap for a bit. Mom went pee before I was taken to the OR, and I went after leaving recovery. Mom had been holding it for a while, but made it to the bathroom without an accident. I made it to the loo as well, but ran into the bathroom wall from a small amount of disorientation.


Feet off the flusher!

As an athlete, graduate student, and coach I travel a lot to games as well as doing speeches and fund-raising for the athletic department. I'm regularly using public bathrooms including at airports, highway rest and truck stops, and in field houses and arenas.

As I've said before, at 6'6' I've always been one of the largest women in our group. Most toilets seem really low as do the cubicle panels and increasingly, I'm finding, doors. Why would a cubicle door cover only a third of the vertical entrance to a toilet stall? Those of the size of many of my friends and colleagues, when seated on the toilet sometimes have their knees against the door, not to mention their legs sometimes bumping up against the side panel if they are trying to coax a difficult one out. Several times this school year during the volleyball and basketball seasons I've come across another problem: broken flushers. I figured it out as I sat with my elbows on my thighs waiting for the big one to come one night on I-35 back in January.

A mother chased her daughter into the rest stop bathroom. I was in the middle stall of about 11 or 12. The girl couldn't wait to get onto the toilet next to me, but mom grabbed her and had her take off her coat first. Then I heard the toilet paper roll being turned quickly and then I knew the paper was coming off for use on the seat. An unnecessary action I feel, but oh well! Then the girl's jeans fell to the floor and she emptied in about 30 seconds. The mother had her tear off paper with which to wipe. Good! Then came the Mother of the Day evidence: the mom told her that by the time she's in the 2nd grade, she should be able to remember to flush each and every time. Finally, the girl got off the stool and I guess she started to walk to the left side of the stool and lean down to flush when the mom intervened. I listened and was surprised by what I heard. The mom showed the girl how to grab the toilet paper roll with one hand while balancing herself and then using her opposite leg and foot to flush with. The mom demonstrated it three or four times before finally activating it. The she had the little girl try it. I think the girl was kicking it (ouch!) when mom pushed down on the girl's leg and foot as she was about ready to fall over. Then finally I heard the flush.

There didn't seem to be any problems outside at the sinks, but as I sat and accelerated my pushing, I got to thinking how damaging constant feet and kicks can be on flushers. As I resumed my drive and my friend Tara was still fast asleep, I got to thinking how I had a hard time back in my high school creative writing class with an assignment that required us to take an object (I used a basketball) and to create a scenario on how it would react to human qualities.

I just feel more people should realize toilet maintenance is everyone's job and abuse can be prevented.



In my last post, I typed Jordan instead of Morgan. Sorry!

Nick (from Canada)
Kermit - I don't know if this helps or not, but the primary school I attended some 40 years ago had these white seats where the seat itself was very wide leaving just a small area for a kid's ass and penis to fit in. I still remember those seats after all these years because they were so different from the usual toilet seats and not just because they were white and the others were black. I clearly remember using these seats a couple times because they were so comfortable, but for a kid who was a little chunky, it also meant I had to position my little ass carefully so my shit went into the toilet and not onto the seat.
I have no idea if they still make these kind of seats, but it might be worth trying a supplier of primary school toilets and seats. I know you mention you've searched Amazon, but I'm not sure you would find this type of seat on there although you may find a link to one. It can't hurt. I wish you success in finding the type of seat you're looking for.

I spent most this past weekend sleeping. I was just so tired. But Saturday night, around 9 or so, I woke up with the need to pee and as I was trying to summon up the energy to get outta bed, I could tell I also really had to shit. So bad that I was practically touching cloth. So I got out of bed, walked a few steps to the bathroom and sat down where I proceeded to shit before my ass even hit the seat and then started peeing like a race horse as I'm trying to get a cigarette lit and have a class of water. Since I didn't eat anything Saturday, I didn't need to go Sunday and didn't need to go today (Monday) so I have no doubt I'll be riding the porcelain bus tomorrow. I just hope it's not too constipated because there's nothing worse than having to sit on this relatively new software seat I bought any longer than about 15 minutes as you end up with the outline of the seat imprinted on your back end. Thankfully, my best friend from childhood will be coming home this summer from Tennessee where he now lives as he was able to pick me up a good, yet completely comfortable soft seat at Lowe's for $30 that will last a good few years. Up until recently, it was almost impossible to find the extended seat in the soft seat style. It seemed one could only get soft seats in the round toilet size. I did use one of those on my extended bowl for a couple months but it was a very poor fit. After having the extended bowl size for about 8 years, I wouldn't want to go back to the round bowl size again. The extended bowl size not only suits the higher height toilet I have perfectly, but it's also good for those of us with fat asses. It allows me to get my whole ass on it and not have to contort myself to fit my penis in. I can just sit down without having to try and tuck it in and just let go. And considering how often I'm up during the night to pee, just being able to sit and let the hose go without having to tuck it in first is nice as I've usually got my hands full with other things like lighting a smoke or answering emails on my cell.
Anyway, it's getting time to get ready for bed. Got to make sure I use enough stool softeners tonight that I can have a dump tomorrow without having to worry about a really hard shit to eliminate or without having to spend a long time on the throne just so I can have a dump.


To Simmee

No, my poo just barely missed the back of the seat. I usially sit a little farther forward but I was having a little trouble :)

Tarja from Finland

Another Story And An Enema.

Hi all.
To Gerald, Brandon T, and Adrian. Kittos is Finnish for Thank You. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. After I submitted my first post I had another episode of explosive diarrhea. So I picked up a book and headed straight for the bathroom. I knew I was going to take a while so yeah. I closed the door and locked it. I pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat my cute lil skinny butt on the toilet. I let out a loud Pfffffrrrtttt! fart that shot along with some liquid poopy diarrhea. I sighed in relief as I opened up my book. The farting continued Pfffffrrrttt! Pffffrrrrttt! Pfffffrrrrtt! "Goodness" I said. The cramping in my stomach started to get bad again. "Oh my god" I said. And then Brrrrraaaaappppp! I grunted. This loud fart stunk up the bathroom. I would get up to turn on the fan but nope I'm stuck here. If I get up I will explode with diarrhea on the floor and I can't have that happen. I let loose with some sqeaky farts and some more mid range farts. Pffffrrrrt! Pfffffrrrt! Pfffffrrrt! more farts with more of me spraying the toilet bowl. I concentrated on my reading to try and relax. So I sat here for a lil while. And then my Mum came home. I farted loud again. Pfffrrrrtt! "Oh No" I whispered. I can't hide this. After what happened the other day, Mum gave me two enemas the next morning to clean me out. I begged and pleaded her not to but she said she needed to bcz I wasn't pooping. Anyways, she heard my loud fart. She knocked on the door. "Are you in there, Tarja?" I said "Umm yeah."
"Are you having problems again?" I said "Kind of." She said "That's not an accurate answer." I sighed and said "Yes mum, I'm having diarrhea." She said "Okay, when you're done, come and see me." I said "Okay." I got back to my book. Great, I'm gonna have another enema treatment after this. So I sat there for another twenty-five minutes or so. My diarrhea was just slow with trickles and spurts. When I realized I was done I wiped and got up I looked into the toilet and it was kind of greenish brown. Gross. I flushed the toilet and left the bathroom. My mom called my name. "Tarja! Come to my room." I said "Yes, Mum." I went up the stairs and saw my mom standing outside her bathroom (Which is in her bedroom.) "Its time for another enema" she said. I said "Ok." I had to undress. I took off my jeans, underwear, hooded sweater, and t-shirt. I also tied my long beautiful blonde hair in a pony tail, but I kept my long white crew socks on my feet bcz my feet get cold. Hee-hee. Anyway me and mum closed the door and she instructed me to lay on the floor with my butt in the air. The water was so warm and hot. My stomach felt like it was going to explode from the inside. "Please mum, I have to poop." Mum said "You'll poop when this water is done." So for five long minutes my stomach was cramping and I was having trouble holding this water. When time was up my mum said I am free to use the toilet. I got up and sat down on my mum's toilet and then Pffffffrrrrttt! Pffffrrrrtt!
Pfffffrrrrtt! Pffffffrrrttt! I groaned and grunted. I cupped my hand with me face and let the rest of the warm water that was inserted into my butthole all explode out of me. Man, I was shitting my brains today. So I sat there for a good half an hour and then I told my mom I was done. She said "Ok." I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, put my clothes on and took a nap. My mum is still making sure that I'm not having problems and I appreciate her caring for my well being. I went a day without pooping after that and then the day after that when I pooped it was normal. My last story I did find naughty bcz I was doing something gross and yes you are all right I'm lucky I didn't go in my jeans. Some of my friends know about my bad pooping day but they told me to sweep it under the rug so I did. They all have constipation problems as well as I do. At the moment I am constipated again, and next time I post I hope to submit a live poop post.

It was my very first week at university and ended up getting really constipated. I think it must have been a combination of changing my diet and being away from home.
I was living in halls of residence " I was on a long corridor of bedrooms and at the end was a bathroom with several toilets in cubicles. I decided that I should try and go as it had been days since I’d last had a poo and so I went in. I pushed and pushed however nothing came out apart from a few loud farts. I gave up however as I was leaving the bathroom I almost walked into one of the other girls on the corridor. She asked me if I was o.k and I said I pretended I was. I hardly knew her however from the few conversations we’d had she came across as one of these really friendly people who was always smiling. Her name was Sarah and she was studying history. We chatted for a bit and then Sarah suddenly came out with the awkward line, “if you’re having problems going to the loo then I might have something to help.” I realised that she must have heard me straining and so to lie would be even more awkward. I therefore admitted to having a few difficulties and followed her back to her room.
Sarah’s parents had obviously sent her off to university with a bag full of medicines for every eventuality. She got out a pack of chocolate laxative and handed me a bar. She could see that I was embarrassed so tried to distract herself and acted as if nothing was happening. I quickly ate the cholate.
Suddenly Sarah looked a little worried. “Did you eat all of the chocolate?” she asked. She got out the box and we realised that we were only mean to eat a few squares. I must have had about ten times the recommended dose. She kept apologising and saying that she should have pointed it out.
I was in tears and then Sarah offered to eat the other bar of chocolate that came in the pack so that I wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed on my own. I told her not to but she did anyway.
It said on the box that it would take eight hours to kick in so we decided we could risk going to lectures. Apart from needing to fart more than normal everything was fine. We spent the evening hanging out in Sarah’s room and both ended up having really bad diarrhoea. At one point we were sat in adjacent cubicles chatting about how our poo was looking as if this was perfectly normal.
It would have been awkward if I’d been the only one to keep needing to rush off to the loo and so I am still grateful for Sarah being so nice about it. We’re now best friends " before then I would have never discussed my toilet habits with somebody else however now quite enjoy it!



Hey-O! It's Cat!

I know I mostly post surveys, but nothing really happens in my life (bathroom related, that is.). I'm 15 and a sophomore in high school, so I can't do any of the really wild things some people do on this sight, like pooping in their cars or things like that. If I have a good story, I'll share it, but I mostly enjoy answering surveys.

Without further ado, here are two surveys!

Survey #1

Urination Survey

Age: 15
Gender: Female

1. On average, how often do you have to piss a day?
On average I'd say about four times a day.

2. On average, when you piss, what colour is your urine?
I have to hydrate a lot for ballet, so usually clear.

3. Do you have to piss at this very moment while taking this survey?

4. What type of beverages do you usually sip? (i.e coffee, water, soda, tea, juice, liquor, milk, etc.)
Water, tea, or milk

5. Do certain types of beverages make you have to piss more frequently than normal?

6. If so, what beverages might those be?
Tea has always made me have to go really really bad! And Capris Sun juice pouches, but I've learned to avoid those.

7. Would you describe your bladder as weak, normal, or strong?
I have a very strong bladder. when my mom was potty-training me, she said not to go in the diaper, but I thought she meant not to go at all, and I held for a full 36 hours

8. Have you ever had an accident where you pissed on yourself?
Once when I was watching a horror movie and once when I was laughing really really hard. And when I was little.

9. Have you ever pissed on yourself deliberately?

10. Do you wipe after you piss?

11. Have you ever drank an excessive amount of liquids just to make yourself piss frequently?

12. Have you ever pissed outside?

13. Have you ever pissed in something other than a toilet?

14. If so, where or what did you piss in?
I once peed in a soda bottle on a bus and in the bushes.

15. Have you ever pissed in the shower or bath?
I'll be honest (because that's what this site's for!): I pee in the shower.

16. Have you ever pissed in a swimming pool?

17. Have you ever pissed in a natural body of water such as an ocean, lake, river?
In the ocean once.

18. Have you ever pissed in a urinal?
Yes. I sat on it like a toilet when I was about 3 and in the men's room with my dad. The less said about that the better.

19. Have you ever pissed standing up?

20. Do you prefer to use the urinal, toilets, or it doesn't matter?

21. Have you ever pissed sitting down?

Survey #2 (pun intended)

1. Do you usually fart or pass gas after peeing and pooping?

2. Does a fume or odor linger after using the toilet?
It's strange. Despite my thinking that my poop smells horrible, my parents and friends never say anything, and my parents always tell my siblings if their poop smells.

3. If you have a loud fart after using the restroom, do you usually wipe?

4. Do you usually spray the restroom after farting?
I never fart unless I poop (I'm weird that way), and we have a big ol' febreze can at home. At school or ballet, I avoid pooping at all costs.

5. Has anybody ever heard you pass gas or have you ever heard anybody else pass gas in the restroom stall?
Like I said, I never fart unless pooping and I don't poop outside of home, so no one ever hears me. I do have a story from school. At lunch I was in the bathroom (peeing, of course) and another girl, (you know how I love the pseudonyms) "Phoebe" came in. I was friends with her, so I was tempted to chat with her, as she took the stall right next to me, but it sounded urgent. I wiped, but hitched up my legs so she wouldn't see and stayed to listen. She grunted a little, then gave a massive fart and a soft crackling then a little splash. She moaned in delight and let out another impressive fart and a few small splashes followed. Then, she started panting and a whole lot of diarrhea came out. To be nice, I let her wipe and flush and leave the bathroom before I left.

6. Do you have wet farts often?

7. Have you ever farted so loud people outside the restroom heard you?

8. Do your farts usually have a weak, moderate, or strong smell?
They usually smell pretty bad to me, but again, no one notices.

9. Have you ever put lotion on your butt before or after farting?

10. Have you ever been on the phone in the restroom stall and farted and then you were heard by the person you were talking to?
Nope. I never talk in the bathroom.

11. Ever had a long & continuous streak of farts that keep coming?
When I was younger maybe.

12. Do you have explosive or wet farts often?

13. When you fart, do you have any thoughts before, during, or afterwards?
No, unless it takes me by surprise.

14. Have you had any unexpected farts you could not control or slow down?
Not really.

15. Even if it was private, were you ever embarrassed after farting in the restroom?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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