Does anyone have flashbacks to places they have been before? Sometimes when that happens to me, I think about what the bathrooms were like. For example, in the hospital I was at for my 2 surgeries (which was in Roundrock), the bathroom I used during most of my stay wasn't that big. It consisted of one toilet, and one sink with a big faucet. Fyi, when I had my surgeries at that hospital, I wasn't afraid to go to sleep. In fact, I found it quite pleasant (I loved the inhailed anesthesia I got through the oxygen mask). Sometimes that particular moment replays itself as well. Also, I was lucky to not wet the bed especially when I was in pain. I love my bathroom at the current house my family and I are in now. The dripping bathtub faucet in the bathroom at the old house we were at was so annoying! On the funny side, I guess you could say the faucet was peeing lol! In one trailer I lived in when I was a child, the bathroom had carpet in the doorway, and in most other areas of the loo. However, there wasn't any carpet around the bathtub, and toilet. I had a few poops at home these last few days that were a little slow, came in somewhat small peices, and felt nice coming out. I also had a couple of diarrhea attacks at home after leaving the hospital too, but these weren't too bad, and the episodes were short.

Anatomy Student

Re: Ashleigh

Bladder size is no need for concern if it's not a new issue. Women usually have smaller bladders, and depending on your body, yours could just be small. The amount of fluids you drink and your kidney function can also have an effect. As long as you're going and it doesn't hurt you're just fine. If you have difficulty urinating or feel a burning sensation then you should see a doctor. Cheers.

Kermit. I was sorry to read about the difficulties you were having toilet training a disabled son, although I'm not able to advise on various products. However I do know that special toilet seats are available and it may be worth doing a Google search with that in mind.

Ashleigh. The frequency with which we each need to pee varies a great deal, depending a great deal on what we've had to drink, the weather and our general state of health. It's perfectly normal for a bladder to hold anything from 300ml to a litre or more before the need to pee kicks in but for most people it tends to be somewhere between 500 and 700ml. Frequent urination, especially if accompanied by thirst, may be a symptom of diabetes or you may have developed an irritable bladder. It may be that simply because you're in a new situation you're nervous. I doubt whether there's anything serious wrong based on what you've said but if you're worried, it's worth seeing a doctor.

Anna from Canada. Thanks for recounting that urgent, sloppy poo. My hunch is that you might have eaten something which disagreed with you. Hope you're okay now.


Comments on Kyle and Ellison's postings

Kyle's questions:

1. Whenever you go to poop, do you also have to pee? Not so much at home, but definitely at work because I drink more coffee and other beverages there because I'm thirsty, sometimes bored, and they are free!

2. What do you usually do when you 1st have to go poop? Sometimes I will pee a little while I'm waiting for crap to get started. My fellow employees in nearby stalls generally talk while seated and sometimes that will keep me engaged. Yesterday, a member of our building services staff was seated next to me, and because she's very frank and colorful, both me and Aimee on the toilet to my right laughed so hard it got our craps started. Then I peed for about 15 seconds.

3. When you last went poop, what did you have to do worse poop or pee? I remember this well. It was only five minutes ago. I pooped.

4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody? Yes, many times when me and my friends were playing when we were in upper grade school, junior high or early high school years we would use the toilets at the park, library or corner gas station a lot.

Now for Ellison's posting:

She was so lucky to have Crystal as her babysitter because Crystal saw how radical Ellison's mom was in the way she was being raised. All that talk of avoiding public bathrooms and stacking the seat with toilet paper brings back some similarities for me. Like Ellison, as I broadened my social setting, I saw how different I was being raised. Holding crap or pee is not good for the system and being made afraid to go in a public place or to be ridiculed for not planning ahead is just plain...dumb. For me, the change came when my parents moved all the way across the country and the toilet seat protectors I had grown use to in my old school were not available at my new one. Initially, it was traumatic, but once I just got practical, trusted what my friends were doing in just sitting down and going, I adapted that and now after 10 years, I'm still happy with my decision. My only problem is when I'm out shopping or traveling with Mom, I have to make sure I remember to change back.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tatiana great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good after and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Twenty One it sounds like your mom had a pretty rough time.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

Well thats all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Being Watched

Hello! My is Morgan, I'm new here. I remembered this experience and thought it would make a good post.

In my class, there is this girl named Nicole. She can be pretty mean or snobby at times.

I had not had my usual morning poo today, so at lunch break, I was bursting to go.
When it was my turn for a stall (I chose one with a door), I went in and began having my poo.
It was quite loud and smelly, so when Nicole came in, she immediately noticed it. She went up to my stall and looked through the crack.
At the moment, I was leaning forward on the seat with a large log coming out of my butt.

That night, she posted a story about how she "accidentally walked in on" a girl who was having a poo. She described me as leaning forward, grunting, and having a 3-inch thick log coming out of my butt and touching the back of the toilet.

That is it for my story today.
Embarrassing, right? Luckily, she didn't know my name.

Thanks for reading, bye!



Post Title (optional)Biggest Dump

To Tatiana
I understand your story...I never had a dump at school...sometimes a suppository is necessary...glad you felt better


Survey and Stuff

So I know I just posted like 5 minutes ago but I found this cool survey and thought, "well, why not share another story too?" So here it is!

1. How often do you experience nausea?
I feel sick if I ever eat something bad or if I'm sick, but it's not a regular thing.

2. How many often do you vomit?
If you haven't read my Nutcracker story, that would be the first time I've puked since 1st grade. I have not been sick since then.

3. How often do you experience diarrhea?
Whenever I eat very fatty foods, but I've learned to avoid them. Also, see my story below.

4. Would you rather vomit once or suffer mild diarrhea?
Diarrhea, definitely!

5. Have you ever had a both ender? Stories encouraged
See my Nutcracker story

6. When you get sick, why do you usually get sick (stomach flu, food poisoning, food allergies, reaction to medicines, drugs, alcohol, etc.)?
Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning

7. Have you ever puked in a public restroom, or anywhere in public (school or workplace counts)?
See Nutcracker story (again!)

8. Have you ever pooped yourself while vomiting? Or puked into a trashcan, the floor, a sink, or a bag while defecating?
For sink: I once puked at a week-long retreat and spent an hour cleaning it out of the clogged drain. Worst hour of my life.

9. What's your worst vomit or runs story? Or both at the same time?
Again, see my Nutcracker story.

So, for the story:

So, in my level at ballet, the ladies like myself are all ages 14-16, so have all gotten their periods (don't read if this is too much for you) except for me. This was all about half a year ago. All the girls had tampons (no pads allowed for dance!) and lately I had started packing a bag with extra tights and some tampons just in case. If I'm honest, I really wanted to get my period. Now, after having it 5 times, it's become a torturous 6-day-long endeavor every month.

At rehearsal one day, I felt mild cramps (you may wonder what all this has to do with poop, but sit tight.). I waited until break and hurried to the bathroom, grabbing the emergency bag on the way (could it be?). As soon as I sat down, I knew that I had gotten my period. After half a minute of pain/happiness, I felt another liquid pouring as well. At first, I thought that I was peeing, but when I looked I had diarrhea. The diarrhea only lasted as long as the period, so I wiped, put in a tampon, and went about the rest of the rehearsal.

Now, whenever I get my period, I have diarrhea as well. Does anyone else have this too? Please let me know. All my friends gave me weird looks when I asked them about it.

Just wanted to say thank you to Brandon t for replying to my post about toilet scenes in movies. I looked up most of them with my personal favorite being the one from detroit rock city. That kinda made me think of a story i posted here awhile back. When i accidentally walked in on that girl on the toilet at work. That was exactly what she sounded like when she screamed.
I also remember an episode of scrubs where the blonde doctor named elliot was shown sitting on a toilet on a roof top. Not sure why she was on a toilet there or why there eas a toilet on that roof in the first place. Whatever the reason was she sure looked sexy perched up there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Accident as an adult

I'm Charlotte, a 23 year old from the UK. I work in an office in London and live in a flat with my boyfriend. I'm medium height, slim with brown hair and blue eyes. Yesterday I had my first accident as an adult and I was horrified. I'd been at work all day and met a friend for an early dinner as my boyfriend is away this week with his work. I was still dressed in a pencil skirt, tights, blouse from the office. I left the restaurant about 6pm and caught the bus home.

I'd felt a need to go to the toilet but I don't like to do anything more than a wee in public toilets. The bus took about 20 minutes because it was rush hour and my stomach was aching really badly. I could feel myself needing to go quite desperately. As I got off the bus I then had about 10 minutes of walking to get to my flat and I could feel a need to fart, I though this would feel better but I could feel the poo literally knocking at the door. I still thought I'd be ok if I walked a bit faster. As I got on to my road I could feel my bum start to push open but I tried as hard as I could to hold it and I managed to suck it back up. I got to the front door of the flats and opened it, but as I went up the stairs to my flat on the first floor I could feel my bum being pushed open slowly. I stopped and tried desperately to clench and suck it back in but it wouldn't. As I got to my own front door I could feel very slowly the poo pushing out of my bum. I opened the door, slammed it behind me, threw my coat and handbag on the floor... by this point I could feel it poking out, anyway I walked towards the bathroom but with each step could feel it speeding up and at the entrance to the bathroom my bum just seemed to give up. I could feel a huge amount of poo force out and suddenly this warmness. I was shocked and upset and realised I had wet myself too. I got undressed and found my tights were ok but my knickers, white with pink polka dots, were plastered and completely ruined.

I feel ashamed as a 23 year old to have had an accident, but I'm glad on this website I'm not the only one.


toilet training for disabled kids

Hi all,
our son has been using pampers all time now and starting the toilet training resulted in unexpected physical difficulties. He isn't able to walk without an aid and uses a wheel chair for longer distances. Especially the inability to sit on something without the feet touching the ground and some hip support made toilet training quite frustrating for him. The small sits for kids are to small for him - he is over three years now and due tho the sitting problims he aims over the front of the toilet when peeing. The big toilet seats are to big for him and he would slide in.

Does anyone had similar experiences and ideas for solution? Ofcourse there are special toilet chairs for such kids, but if possible we'd like to prevent such room taking constructions. What we are searching for is a seat with the size between standard for small kids and those for grown ups.

Thanks in advance


Thanksgiving Story

At last I feel like telling my story from thanksgiving two years ago. This was in 2014. We went to Charleston, SC that year to meet my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and four cousins. Anyways, on Tuesday night (got there Sunday night), I felt a little uneasiness at bedtime. I thought nothing of it, and dismissed it as being caused by too much soda (ok, two 42 oz drinks at Zaxby's and three glasses of soda at dinner, that's just crazy). A bit later, I use the bathroom. I have diarrhea. No big deal, I'll feel better by morning, right? WRONG! I began to get "the burps," you know, the nasty, acidic ones that come right before you vomit. At some point later (not sure of the time, probably around 3 am), I hear my cousin Matthew saying something to my aunt about vomiting. I begin to worry that this might be food poisoning. I reassure myself that it's just a little diarrhea, and that I'll feel better in the morning after I sleep it off. Somehow I manage to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. When I wake up, I still feel queasy. Shortly thereafter, my cousin Marshall wakes up. I tell him that I feel nauseous (only one who knows). I then make a horrible mistake, I rip a fart. Panic rings out as I realize that this is no ordinary fart! You guessed it, I sharted my pants. I ditch my pants, run to the bathroom, blow brown butt water, and wipe. I don't feel like washing my hands (very gross, I know, but I felt atrocious). As I pass the sinks, I feel a violent spasm in my chest, my guts lurching, and hot, liquidy chunks projectile up my throat. I manage to contain 98% of the explosion in my mouth, only spilling one or two drops. Instincts take over, and I rush to the toilet, drop to my knees, and allow nature to take over, pushing all past memories of vomiting and false ideas out of my head, and into the toilet with the rest of my dinner. Wow, not actually as unpleasant as I thought. No pain, very little throat burn, and best of all, it all came out my mouth (I've puked out my nose before, and that is not only painful, but NASTY). After about a minute of heaving, I finish, catch my breath, and flush the murky brown chyme down to sewerville. Marshall got me a cup of Sprite to clean my mouth and throat with (washed my hands too). Marshall was so helpful, although it came with a price to pay, Marshall got sick the next day. After puking, I changed shorts (good thing I had the clothes from the night before), asked my aunt to call my mom and tell her what happened (turns out she got sick too, and we ate different foods, so I knew then and there that it was a virus), and went to rest on the couch. I actually felt better, and not just a little, but enough to where I honestly thought I might be done. Sadly, this was not the case, as I gradually began to feel worse and worse, until I sharted again, had more diarrhea, and eventually, about an hour and a half later, threw up again. This time, I went to the bathroom ahead of time, leaned into the bowl, and coughed. Nothing came up. My nose opened and caught a whiff of the bowl. Foul is an understatement, that bowl smelled like DEATH! Suddenly a wave of nausea overtook me, and I began puking violently, this time more yellow in color. Towards the end, I saw what appeared to be cashew chunks. In my vomit! Floating in the toilet! I finished up, got more Sprite, cleaned my mouth out, and felt much better. Not for long, though! I didn't vomit anymore that day, but still felt nasty. A few hours later, me and Marshall went to see Big Hero 6, but it was sold out, meaning I had to stand and walk longer, as,it was a three minute walk to the car, and I was about ready to blow from both ends. Marshall ended up going to a later showing, but I stayed behind with Matthew. In between that time span, on the way back from the cinema, my uncle, Marshall, and I went to Raising Canes for chicken tenders, although all I got was a water. Luckily, they went through the drive through, as food was the last thing on my mind. Once back at their house, I took a nap on the couch. While napping, I thought it would be a good idea to fart to release some pressure. BIG MISTAKE! It was a shart, and I was naked from the waist down (fast fowarded a couple of sharts). I was too lazy to deal with it until later when I realized that my butt cheeks contained the whole mess. Thinking fast, I grabbed a shirt and stuffed it in my crack. I gave the dirty clothes to my aunt, who was kind enough to do laundry (she got sick Friday). I learned to never trust a fart, especially during illness. From then on, I went to the bathroom and held my farts until secured on a toilet. Smart move, eliminated all sharts. Although it did come back to bite me as the toilet clogged at some point. I still don't know why it happened, I wasn't passing that much liquid stool, and wasn't using much toilet paper, must've been a weak flush. Still had to nap, so I took a long nap. Before I fell asleep, it was cloudy, and afterwards, it was sunny, and for some reason I worried that it was Thursday, and that I wouldn't be able to eat the bird. My worries were relieved when Marshall got back from the movie. I also found out that Matthew was only vomiting, and that he puked twice, and both times he failed to make it to the toilet or a trashcan. As the day wound down, I mostly stayed upstairs, not coming down until about 6 or so. Dad ended up picking me up at 7. To pass the time, I watched Million Dollar Arm with Matthew and Marshall (didn't make it to the puke scene, but would've been hilarious considering I'd puked eight hours earlier). My skin felt hot to the touch, similar to a sunburn, indicating a low-grade fever. On the way back, I found some chewing gum in the car, and while chewing, found what I believed to be a chunk from when I puked. Once home (grandparents house), I took a nap, showered, and napped some more. I'm pretty sure I pooped too. Later that night, we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on TV. I still refrained from eating but did venture out by consuming half a can of root beer. I slept on their pull out with mom and my brother Nathan. Woke up at like 9 or so on Thursday, feeling good enough to eat. Don't remember what I had for breakfast but know I skipped lunch and ate light at dinner (two rolls, one serving turkey, three glasses of Pepsi, and one small piece of chocolate pie). I felt good enough to play some baseball with Matthew, but Marshall was sick that day. I still had mild diarrhea. My dad and uncle ate cashews, and the smell made me nauseous. I told everyone about my cashew vomit the day before. My brother Nathan ate light at dinner. That night, I slept in my own bedroom because I felt better, and because I feared Nathan puking or sharting on me. Nathan ended up vomiting and sharting in bed. The next day, I couldn't get cashews out of my mind. I thought about them while watching The Perfect Game, while eating Chick Fil A, while drinking Cherry Coke, and while doing nothing. I finally went out to play baseball with Matthew and Marshall, and finally escaped the revenge of the cashews. I still to this day cannot eat cashews, or any nuts (occasionally an almond is ok). I ate light again on Friday and Saturday, and didn't eat normally until Sunday, the second day of our drive back to Chicago. Funny thing that it took me three full days to eat normally but only one to drink normal. That was my first time vomiting in five years, but not my last so far, as I wrote about my Christmas vomit story a week ago.


Biggest dump of my life

The biggest dump I ever took was several years ago when I was 17 years old. But the story actually has some backstory to it. In middle school, the toilets were awful - many had no seats and some didn't even have doors. I barely tolerated peeing there, but pooping was totally out of the question. So, I started holding it. Because the urges usually came when I was at school, and I was unable to get them to return once at home, I held it for days at a time. Soon, my normal became only pooping once a week or less. Even when I went to high school and found the toilets in much better condition and usable, I still hardly pooped at school, simply because I didn't feel any urges except, as I said, about once a week.

Well, on this occasion, 16 days went by without pooping. Because my "normal" was to go so infrequently, I actually didn't notice for a while. It was a Saturday morning, and I woke up and my stomach was really aching. I bore down to try and fart, and I did a loud, blasting fart that sounded almost like a foghorn. It must have lasted for three or four seconds, a very long time for a fart. My stomach still hurt a lot, and I began to think about how long it had been since I last pooped. I then realized that it had been over two weeks.

I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for close to half an hour and tried with all my might to get the load to budge. I farted a few times, all very loud and very long like the fart I described earlier. Nothing came of that session, except I was exhausted and red in the face. I knew I would need to do something about it. I went to the store to buy a suppository. It was quite awkward buying it. I returned and applied the suppository. It took effect about another half hour later and I felt a tremendous urge to poop.

I again sat on the toilet and this time was able to evacuate a ton of poop. I filled the bowl and flushed three times and more poop was still coming. At that point, an incredibly thick, long log came out of me. It crashed into the toilet bowl, and I could tell by looking between my legs that I needed to flush again. I did, but the monster log didn't budge. I was still feeling quite full, but I didn't want to keep going and destroy the toilet. But I didn't think I could hold it long enough to unblock the toilet either.

Thinking quickly, I realized I had a wastebasket in my room that had a plastic bag for a liner. I had emptied it the night before, so there was no trash in it. I squatted over the can and began to poop. More and more came out and I filled a good portion of the bag. I felt like I might be done, so I went back to the bathroom to wipe and work on unblocking the toilet.

I finally got the toilet unblocked and then sat down to wipe, but I realized I had to poop even more. I could hardly believe it, but the urge was undeniable. I filled the bowl and flushed and then pooped out a few more turds before I felt done again. Then I wiped thoroughly and flushed the last of my enormous dump down. I went out to get three more plastic bags and returned to my room. I pulled the plastic bag I'd pooped in out of the trash can and put it in another bag, then that bag inside the third bag. I put the last bag back as another liner for my trash can, and then tied the pooped-in bag shut and took it down to our big trash can outside to throw it out.

So, yeah, that's the story of the biggest poop I ever took. Although the relief I felt after finally going was indescribable and unlike anything I'd ever experienced before, I hope to never go that long without pooping ever again.

Hello again!
I've been looking through the old posts and thoroughly enjoying myself. Anyway, I have another story, unrelated to my first. This one's about my childhood, and a certain experience I had with my mother.

I must have been about 6 or 7 at the time, as I remember my brother had only just been born, and my mother's body was still recovering. The fact that she had just caught a nasty stomach flu did not help matters.

While I was bored, given that it was the long summer holidays, and seeing as my mother's stomach seemed to be getting better, she suggested a trip to the park. I happily agreed, and we set off, as my father took care of my brother. We walked for a while in the park, and played some football, which my mother wasn't very good at (and neither was I, to be honest), when my mother suddenly stopped and held her stomach.

She then grabbed her bum and ran into the bushes. As an innocent 6 (or 7) year old, I followed her curiously. I found her squatting, her trousers around her ankles, surrounded by a puddle of diarrhea. As I entered the secluded clearing surrounded by bushes she pushed out another wave.

"Sorry darling, mummy might be here a while" she said. As I didn't remember the way back home, and probably wouldn't have been allowed to venture home alone anyway, I sat down opposite her while she pushed out what seemed like her entire stomach.

She then instructed me to fetch her handbag, which she had left on the bench in the park, and in particular bring her the packet of tissues. I obliged, in the early evening the park was nearly empty, and so her bag was still on the bench. I brought it to her, and she took the tissues and wiped herself well.

We started making our way home, but about halfway there, my mother felt ill again. She was releasing loud and wet farts, and attracting some funny looks from passers by. She began to run, and I struggled to keep up with my stumpy little child legs.

She made it home and made a beeline for the bathroom. My father was asleep on the couch, and my brother was upstairs asleep. I never told anyone of our experience at the park, and to this day, my father or brother have no idea.

That's all for now.

Until next time,


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story as always it sounds like you and your friends all had great poops altogether in your bathroom and I bet you all felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Accidents and near accident story

Just a quick question: Does anyone here have any interesting accident stories? I rarely have accidents, the last one was when I sharted during my stomach bug over winter break. I seem to have an iron sphincter, and never had anything worse than a shart (since potty training). My brother, however, has peed his pants, pooped in the bedroom, and puked and peed in cars (he is autistic, and the pants peeing came when he was sick). I last wet the bed in sixth grade, as a result of drinking too much water before bed and a dream about a public restroom. I almost had a diarrhea accident last summer and I'm surprised I actually didn't. I ate too much chicken, fries, and Coca-Cola at SmashBurger last June. Something about fat, grease, sugar, spicy sauce, fizz, and sheer volume put together gives me the worst runs. We had a 30 minute drive home, which took over an hour because we visited a sick friend in the hospital. I felt like I was going to explode from the internal pressure. I considered asking mom to take me to a public restroom, but I held out out of fear, embarrassment, and respect for my brother who probably wanted to go home. Somehow, I lasted despite the hot liquid sitting on the edge of my exit, and enough pressure to strip paint. As soon as my rear touched the toilet seat, it was chemical warfare in the toilet. It was violent, uncontrollable, and yes, very, very loud. Not painful just uncomfortable due to the speed at which it was rushing out at. I spent the next four or five hours on the toilet or laying on the couch, slightly nauseated, but nothing that would make me want to throw up. I still overeat frequently, showing that I either didn't learn anything, or that I just don't care what I do to my body (combination of both).

Please share accident (and near accident) stories.

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