Normal girl or not?

OK, here's the deal. I am a 20 year old woman in college in the US, so my healthcare situation is not great. I have noticed going out with groups of friends since I got to college that I am always the one who has to pee first and seemingly more often than my other female friends. I never thought of myself as having to pee often. This is not something new that has developed and I don't feel like I have a UTI, but I wonder if I can't hold as much as "normal". So without going to the clinic and having embarrassing medical testing, I figured I'd just grab an old water bottle with measurement markings and measure when my roommate is gone some weekend. I tried looking up "normal" is but couldn't find any good data (nothing by age or women only), and no way I can ask my friends to measure themselves. Anyone on here know how much would be normal pee amount for a college-aged woman such as myself and what should be considered abnormally small?

Hi, it's Anna from Canada. Sorry I haven't written anything for a while, I was super busy with school and some personal stuff. Anyway, today was a gorgeous day and I went for a walk in the later afternoon with my friend Kimmi to take some pics around town. In the middle of our walk I suddenly really needed to poo. On the way home I actually had to clench my bumcheeks a couple of time to hold it in. As soon as I got to my house I rushed to the bahroom, slammed the door, pulled up my blue dress, pushed down my thong and plopped my big bum on the toilet. I peed a bit and then released a big load of sloppy poop. It was softer stuff at first with a ton of farts and then two big turds that took a little while to come out. Each one made a big splash in the bowl. Then I felt all relieved and empty. When I was wiping my roommate Danielle was knocking on the door and asking me how long I would be. I told her I'd be out in a minute and quickly finished cleaning up my bum. Then I pulled my thong up, flushed, used the brush and flushed again and washed my hands. The little bathroom really smelled like poop and when I went out I said, "sorry it really stinks in there...". Danielle told me not to worry and that she had to take a dump, too. That's all for today, bye everybody!



To Brandon T : Judging from the amount of poop I saw she really had to go.

To Maho : Of course is miss you too and not only your motions. Thank you for the kiss too. Guess you felt relieved after that big and heavy motion. Looking forward to your next story. Blows kisses to Maho.
Happy pooping

To Kazuko : Hope you are fine? Loved your story too. Looking forward to your next post too. Love your burururururu motions. Hope you feel good after having like that. Blow kisses to Kazuko and Happy pooping

To Hisae : Loved your story too. That was a big motion you did. Guess you felt very relieved and did a big smell. Kisses to Hisae and looking forward to your next post. Happy pooping

To Mina : You are very welcome and loved your story too. Wow your motion seemed a lot didn't you go to loo for some days? Love your burururururu motions too like Kazuko. Hope you post soon again with your friends.
Mina sorry if you got confused Gerald is me. I never post story before that's my first time so I introduce myself first. Gerald from Ghana is the Gerald. Blow kisses to Mina

Brandon T

toilet scenes in various forms of entertainment

1. The Green Inferno in the scene a group of college students are trapped inside a cage in some village when one of the girls say I'm sick the others just say we are all sick then she lets out a wet fart and quickly hurries over to the corner of the cage and begins to have a major case of diarrhea the sounds are good although no poop is shown

2. Big Mommas near the start of the film Martin Lawrence who is playing a detective is hiding in big mamas bathroom when she rushes saying those stewed prunes go right through me as she proceeds to have a major bout of diarrhea nice sound of her diarrhea but no poop shown.

3. The Starving Games the main character is caught and taped pooping outside sounds of pooping were alright.

4. Not Another Teen Movie a girl has diarrhea while some guys spy on her and then they all fall through the floor into a classroom where the toilet sprays poop al over them.

5. Knallharte Jungs Ants in the pants a grandma has a major diarrhea attack in a bathroom.

6. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle 2 girls play a game of battleshits

7. Hall Pass a woman sneezes and some diarrhea shoots out onto a wall.

8. Scary Movie 4 a blind woman has a major bout of diarrhea in a church that she thinks is her home.

9. Kick Ass 2 a bunch of girls are picking on another girl when takes a device out and uses it on them causing them vomit uncontolably and one of the girl all gets diarrhea and its shown coming out from under her skirt.

10. Breaking Wind a girl gets diarrhea after eating a bad shrimp taco pooping sounds are good.

11. The Change Up woman gets diarrhea after eating tai food.

12. Spun a girl poops you hear a fart and see a small poop fall into the toilet.

13. Bikini Bloodbath Christmas a girl takes a big poop you can hear a fart then a loud plop then you see the poop.

14. Detroit Rock City a girl farts and poops in a bathroom where 3 guys are hiding.

15. Sex In The City The Movie Charlotte poops her pants.

that's all the movie scenes I can remember now for 2 bonus scenes one from a show and another from a video game I will post other later on once I see or remember them

1. Killers 2 women are drug mules and have to poop out condoms full of cocaine poop is shown.

2. in the video game Farcry Primal you can randomly come across a tribal woman pooping outside good sounds and you can see the poop as well when she is done.

Ellison. I'm sure she was acting from the best of motives but it sounds very much as though your mother was obsessional and had a phobia about public toilets. The truth of the matter is the average toilet seat is a good deal more hygienic than the average chopping board, a thought to concentrate the mind when preparing meals! I hope the lesson you learnt from it was that you wouldn't put your own offspring through the same sort of trauma. As a guy I prefer to take care of #2 at home or in private facilities. However I will use a public toilet for #2 if I'm not going to be able to hold it and the choice is a straight one between that and messing my pants.

Catherine. Good to see you around. If it's any comfort if I had a fiver for every time I'd pressed enter prematurely, sent an email to the wrong person or failed to remove critical information from a message prior to forwarding it, I'd be a very rich man indeed!

Gerald. Thanks for sharing your story. I don't know how common it is in Ghana, but I understand open defecation isn't unusual in some parts of Africa due to a lack of sanitation.

Rose. I enjoyed your story about nearly plugging that small toilet. It must have been a worrying experience for you. Thankfully I've not had an experience like it yet and I hope I don't. I'm a big fan of the old fashioned toilets which deliver a liberal quantity of water from height which is more than sufficient to clear whatever might be lurking in the pan. Sadly those sorts of toilets are something of a rarity nowadays and not very 'PC' in a world where saving water and environmental protection are big deals.

Nicole from Canada
There has been some awesome stories on here lately.

Speedy BK - Welcome back!! How are you doing? You always wrote some amazing stories.

Nick - we're practically neighbours! I live about 40 mins from Niagara Falls!!


Watching Toilet Paper Waste

Last month me and my friend Jason went to a college basketball championship game. It was at a huge sports arena and the place was packed with fans standing in the aisles. I'm such a great fan that I hold off going to the bathroom until halftime--dumb I know because so many other more rabid fans do too. So at halftime the bathroom was jammed. In order to get to the other end of the huge bathroom where the toilets were I took a chance of cutting in front of a guy who was two-back in waiting for a urinal and he shoved me a bit thinking I was trying to get in front of him in line. Finally I got down to the side of the room where there were about 12 toilets against one wall and then across from those there was another 12 cubicles. Only the couple that were for the handicapped or family-friendly had doors. Of course, I knew I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting one of those. So I looked to my right, saw an older guy with a big beard and dressed in overalls which were at floor level, reach for the toilet paper. There were three guys I could tell were waiting and a couple others talking, but I wasn't going to find a shorter line. So I waited. This guy stood, grabbed a mitt of toilet paper and told the guy next in line, who might have been a friend, that he was hopeful that his wife could give him a rectal hair removal certificate for his birthday because his soft craps were too messy to clean himself up. All three of us got a laugh out of that.

The next guy went into the cubicle, flushed the toilet immediately with his foot and I didn't understand why because it had just been flushed, pulled his jeans and boxers down and took the seat. He seemed so confident in his technique and from his face I could see he was dumping within 30 seconds. He reached for about three sheets of toilet paper, wiped once, didn't even look at the paper, and then he turned got off the toilet, turned his back to us and did a short piss. I noticed, though, that he didn't lift the seat first. I hoped his aim was good. The guy directly in front of me was probably a college student. He leaned down and flushed the other guy's piss and tore off a couple of pieces of toilet paper that we used for a fast seat wipe. I was hopeful that it wouldn't be long because my crap was turtleheading and I heard the 3rd quarter buzzer start. Then this guy reached for the toilet paper and pulled off one piece that he placed slowly over the back of the seat. Then came one for the front of the seat. Then the two sides. I was getting upset about why he would clean the seat and also cover it, but he dropped his boxers and jeans to mid-thigh level, and smiled at me saying it wouldn't be long because girlfriend had given him a laxative that morning. He sat so still but in less than a minute I could hear a laxative-working blast of gas and splashing into the stool. He seemed so relieved and I could see him give off one more push. Again success. He said what works great for his girlfriend also works for him. He pulled off some toilet paper and did a three-part wipe, then stood, pulled one of the seat papers, off his butt, flicked the others into the stool, and he was pulling up his jeans and sticking his junk in place when he walked by me, telling me to "have fun!"

He didn't flush. I leaned down and did it and with all the seat papers in the bowl too I wasn't sure it wouldn't clog. It didn't. I pulled down my jeans to just the level of the stool, lowered white briefs, and was ever so hopeful I could get my big crap out. There were a couple of older guys waiting on me. One of them looked like he was getting madder at the wait because I'm sure, like me, that he was a not a fan of missing the game. I used my right fingers to point my hose into the bowl and I did a pretty decent piss at at about the same second it started, with very little pushing, my crap quickly exited. The size of it hurt my hole a bit, but I just spread my legs and could see part of it in the bowl and that was good enough for me. I reached for the toilet paper and thought F###! There was only one square left and that was one that I had to rip and unseal off the end of the row. I used it for three wipes but it was obvious that I needed a few more. I looked to my right and saw the end of one of the strips one of the earlier guys had used on the seat and by dividing it, my underwear was spared a greater amount of damage. I pulled my jeans and underwear up thinking that the seat wiper and coverer had deprived the next three or four of us of the paper we really needed. But I flushed, went and washed my hands, and while I was doing so, I thought more about how toilet paper is wasted.

When I got back to our seats Jason said he was about to come down and look for me. The game was almost 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter, but later I told Jason about what happened. He said it happens at his high school to and that's the reason why public places should offer the seat-protector papers as ass-gaskets. That way the toilet paper won't be wasted. Makes sense, I guess.



Hi guys. I made a little typo in my last post about going to the ER. I wasn't there the whole time, but was transferred to another hospital later on. I had to give a urine sample at the Er, and Mom helped me to the bathroom. The nurses assisted me to the loo at the other hospital I went to. I didn't think before I wrote my previous post on here. One strange thing happened at the ER while I was there. Someone noticed a lady going into the men's bathroom. Also, the surveys on here about poop are wonderful. I love reading about big dumps, and about Hisae, Kazuko, and Mina as well. They have such great poo stories! Bye.


Poop and Pee

Well I new to this but I know guys answer these questions. I was wondering if girls can answer these questions for me. Please and thank you.
1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
2. What do you usually do when 1st if you have to go poop.
3. When you last went poop what did you have to do worse poop or
4. Have you ever pooped in front of somebody?

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Thank you to Gerald for kind words, and also Catherine. Hisae say, thank you Gerald for kiss. Maho say, she is happy you Gerald miss her motions but please miss also Maho the person. But she say with smile, so you don't have to be sad, I think. And she say, if Hisae can blow kiss, Maho also blow, and she blow but not from loo seat, she blow from computer. And then I also blow, so Gerald, you have many blow kiss. Kazuko will blow soon maybe, we tell her.

Now Maho living with me. First night, Kazuko and Hisae come to stay and we have home party. Me and Maho sleep in my bed, it is quite big one, and Kazuko and Hisae sleep on futon in tatami room.

Next day after the breakfast (we ate big Japanese breakfast, rice and miso soup and lots vegetables) we look each other. Our face say, does everybody want to sit on loo long time? Four heads nod. so we laugh big laugh, then suddenly small laugh because maybe neighbor still sleeping, we are early bird.

So we go to loo. Of course Hisae first, she finish soon. She go very fast! Plop every 2 seconds, total four, then already finish! We look in loo and four turds, about 15 cm, and quite fat. HIsae wash and wipe, actually she wash with washlet and then I wipe.

Maho is fidget. Rare! We say, Maho you are OK? You be next one. Maho say, "thanks" she seem to have cramp of stomach a little. She pull down pyjamas and panties and sit on loo. She make serious face at once, before wee, and only thirty seconds after, Plop. Quick for Maho, usually first plop come after 2 minutes maybe.

Then she does wee. And when she finish, serious face again at once and again Plop is more quickly than usual. Kazuko flush, then Maho do more, Plop Plop Plop Plop, then pause, after about 3 minutes there is smaller plop. Maho finish after only about 8 minutes, that is quick for Maho! But her motions very big and heavy, Maho always that style.

Kazuko's turn. She sit down and do wee, than burururururu noise at once, very long one! We say, Wow, and Hisae flush. Kazuko doesn't move, other three talk little bit. Suddenly Kazuko tap Hisae on shoulder so we quiet, then Kazuko's face become to red, and then burururuBUrurururuBurururu go on long time and with little bit burst sound. We say, "Kazu, it is a diarrhoea??" She say, "no, I feel comfortable." We are quiet now. Sometimes little burururu sound under Kazuko, but not so big now. But she stay long time. And some farts. My bottom is restive little bit, but I say nothing, I want that Kazuko have good relax motion. Finally she say, "empty" and use washlet and Hisae dry her bottom, Hisae has soft touch, Kazuko give little whimper sound. We look in loo. Brown everywhere!! Kazuko has very productive bottom!!

My turn. Same as Kazuko, I start at once with long burururururururu sound! But my motion not liquid, I feel comfortable when it all come out. I wonder why all motion more softer than usual? We talk about that little bit, Maho flush loo, she say she can see from my face that more motion coming. About five minutes after, I go stiff, my bottom open, burururururu, burururururu, bururu, burururu, many many! Then stop. Wow! all say. I feel good, I tell my friends. My bottom was feel full very much, now almost is is empty. But still little motions come out, and some o-nara, same like Kazuko. At end, pakan! little one come out like bullet.

Finally I finish! All finish! I pull up pyjamas and we go back to kitchen after wash hands well. Of course we hug, we hug long time and many whimper sounds. And little bit crying, that is Mina, she is silly crying baby.

We stay in flat and arrange Maho's things. Crying baby cry many times. I am so happy Maho come to live with me!! Hisae say, "you don't need cry" but Maho say big voice, shut up Hisae, I can understand why Mina cry, she is happy, and me too. Then Maho go to Hisae and give her hug and kiss to show she doesn't angry. Later, Maho also cry little bit.

Sunday evening, Hisae and Kazuko go back home. They promise they buy flat very near, when they find. I hope soon! Yesterday morning, Maho didn't do motion, also I didn't do. This morning I did, Maho was make up at wash basin it is very near, of course I had loo door open. So she hear all my noises, and often she smile at me in mirror. And at end, after washlet, she finish to dry me with paper. (I can dry with washlet, it has drying function, but not perfect.) Tomorrow morning, Maho say, she do certainly. I think I do same with paper like Maho did today.

I like story of Gerald from Ghana. Woman in that story is very nonchalant. I think that is very healthy mind. Maho also think. In Japan, woman never stop to squat and empty bottom in open road without hesitate. I never see, and maybe I can't do.

Maho is next to me while I write this, I tell her everything. She say, Wow Mina you really like to write!! True, I like. Maho say, OK to write everything about her, except fibs. But I never write fibs, I don't like.

I hope Gerald (not from Ghana, where you are from?) like this story, and everyone else too. I write quite fast so many mistake, but I am not worry so much now, I hope you can read.

Love to all of you.

Kazuko, Maho, Hisae and crying baby Mina

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Gerald great catch it sounds like that girl was pretty desperate.

To: Rose great story about your big poop outside it sounds like you had a really good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SpeedyBK it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Cat it sounds like you and Sarah both had a rough time.

To: Romantic Dump great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty good after.

To: Abbie great story as always.

Well thats all for now.


Brandon T

PS. I love this site


toilet scenes in movies

Hey everyone. I enjoyed all the great stories posted on here. Id been wondering if anyone knows of any good bathroom scenes in movies with people on the toilet. Especially ones with girls on the toilet. Im sure this has been talked about before on here but i thought this would be a good place to find out. I ll list a few i know of to get things started.

Physco 3, girl get killed on toilet. Guess the killer didnt want to wait their turn.
One of the final destination movies. Not sure which one but it shows two guys on the toilet.
Reeker, cookie girl character is sitting in outhouse and gets pulled down in the tank by killer.
Not another teen movie
The goonies, guy gets blown off the toilet when the plumbing system erupted.
Taken 3, liam neisons characters daughter get walked in on by the cops.
The assasination of jesse james by the coward robert ford, guy walks in on girl sitting in the outhouse.
Rob zombie halloween, joe grizzly sitting on toilet before getting killed by Michael Myers.
American pie, finch has explosive diarrhea after being slipped laxitives by stiffler.
Jurassic park, guy gets eating off toilet by a t rex.

Thats all the good scenes i can think of off hand. I look forward with what anyone has to share and will be very greatful of your help.


Public Stall Experiences

Call them stalls, cubicles, booths, whatever, but learning to use public toilets with or without the assistance of my mom was hard for me. There was drama, trauma and stuff like that which made me even more insecure. Eventually I reached the hold-it stage, but that was painful and didn't work as I had intended. So I sympathize with those who are undergoing or remember undergoing such experiences.

With me I remember my babysitter Crystal who was in middle school. My parents were out of town for a funeral and Crystal stayed at our house. She took me to a cartoon carnival at our city's auditorium and there were dressed up characters dancing live on stage too. I had to crap and it took me a few minutes to get up the courage to tell Crystal because my mom had always made it sound so horrible if I had to do the dreaded Number 2 in a public place because, she would say I had to learn to 'regulate' myself to go at home. Then if I did have to go, mom would make a big deal of it. She would pull me into several open stalls, probably find fault with many of them like someone else's crap in the toilet, often pee in the bowl that wasn't flushed, or a seat that she would say 'no normal person would sit on.' In the end, she would settle on the one I would use. Then next she would wipe the seat down and give me a mini-lecture as she did. Then she would pull off the largest amount of toilet paper I could imagine, place it over all four sides of the seat. Sometimes it seemed she would layer them to 'protect' me because she said I moved around too much once I sat. During what seemed to be a much-longer procedure I was brow-beaten as I was in pain and holding my crap or pee or both with the prayer that I wouldn't have an accident. And then finally it was OK for me to seat myself, not move around, and definitely not touch anything. And while I did that mom stayed in the stall and would tell me how I could better control my bowels and how I would have trouble as I got farther along in school if I couldn't do that.

So now with Crystal, she was so nice. We walked into the girls bathroom. It was huge. The largest I had ever seen. Two rows of about 20 stalls on each of 20 sides. Lots of moms and daughters (and some boys too) in there. A door opened into the crowd and Crystal pushed me in. She asked me a favor and that was to do her wee first because she had been holding it so as not to inconvenience me to have to drag me down there. I told her sure. She unbuttoned her jeans, pulled her white underwear down to her shoes, and seated herself on the toilet. It so surprised me. There was no ritual. She was so casual about it. She told me an interesting story or two as her steam was steadily going into the water. She reached into her purse, pulled out some candy that she shared with me. As she did there were a couple of splashes into the stool. She laughed and said that was the last part of her 3rd hour crap that she hadn't finished yesterday. Then she explained to me what that meant. Everything she said was so light-hearted and amusing to me. She reached for toilet paper, wiped herself, made a joke in showing me a clean sheet of paper, then flushing and moving aside for me.

As I started to pull off toilet paper and place it on the seat, Crystal grabbed my hand, told me it wasn't necessary and to just enjoy the process. It just seemed so different as I seated myself just like we were at home and I kind of enjoyed it. Jumping down off the seat, looking at what I had produced, and not getting yelled at for getting off the paper, or touching the front of the seat with my hands as I sat made the experience so much better for me. Crystal was surprised when I showed her my crap. She said it looked just like a banana, her favorite fruit. She also complimented me on my wiping, but stressed doing it from front to back. Now I realize that was really good advice. Then she took me to the sinks and again everything was positive.

As I got older, observed how my friends were being raised, and had some other experiences, I came to realize how extreme my mom was in dealing with what should have been some pretty basic things.


To Cat

Awe makes me wish I could reach through the computer and give you a big comforting hug. Hope you're feeling better!



To Rose : That's was a huge dump you are lucky you didn't clog the toilet....loved your story and looking forward to more posts from you
Happy pooping


Zaxby's dump

As I stated in my last post, I am no stranger to spicy foods and fast foods. But whenever I go to Zaxby's I overdo it, so I thought I should tell my best story. Zaxby's is a chicken fast food place in the southeast, and whenever I travel southeast, I always eat Zaxby's. Last June was no exception when my family and I journeyed to Tennessee and Georgia. In Tennessee, we ate Zaxby's one night, and I ordered a ten piece order of insane wings (hottest), split another ten piece nuclear (second hottest), and ordered a 42 ounce soft drink (and refilled) to help me cope with the heat. The combination of fizz and capsaicin is not a good one, so back at the hotel I found myself forced to use the toilet for a number two. I showered first, as we had gone white water rafting and I wanted to clean off, and while doing so I felt the pressure building. A few silent but deadlies slipped out, almost resulting in a nasty mess. I quickly dried off, dressed, and got my iPad to entertain myself, as I knew that this one would be long. Immediately upon sitting, a huge shart erupted into the bowl, followed by a torrent of mushy poop and gas. More soon followed. My nose got a whiff of the odor, which was obnoxious even for me. I could feel everything moving down from my stomach to my small intestine to my bowels, which felt like they were moving at 100 miles per hour. It was violent and forceful, yet didn't really hurt, except for the stinging from the hot sauce. The flow of slop was uncontrollable, as more and more kept moving down from my intestines and out my rectum. It felt like my butt was a fire hydrant shooting out slop instead of water. It was actually quite pleasant, as it relieved the intense internal pressure. Not for long! The pressure would re-build before being relieved by another large blast of muddy water. I wasn't that embarrassed because I was focused on my iPad, but I knew that my family and au pair must've known what was going on. Or they thought that the t was chemical warfare, as I'm sure it stunk the entire room out. And the noise? Like nukes going off in a swamp. This pattern lasted a good 30 to 40 minutes. When my bowels finally gave mercy, I looked at the bowl. Oh boy, the water was completely covered with an inch of brown mush. I tried not to use much tp, as there was already 3 quarts of mush in the bowl, and then some. I hit the flush lever, and the poor toilet just protested. After 3 or 4 flushes, the toilet was finally ridden of my waste. The smell was anything but gone. The entire bathroom smelled like a sewer. My stomach still didn't feel 100%, and later that night, I had a second round, consisting of a few small turds. Again, the extremely weak toilet took a couple flushes to remove. I finally felt good enough to relax. Another time, I ate Zaxby's in Charleston, and had a similar experience in my grandparents bathroom. Only their toilet accepted the load in one flush. Several times this has happened to me at my grandparents.

Nick (from Canada)

Older survey answers

Back again after reading more back posts. From around the American Thanksgiving, I came across a couple surveys I thought I'd answer. Unfortunately, I didn't go back far enough yet to see who posted them so I offer my apologies to the author of these two suveys:

Survey (obviously) for the guys...
1. Are you circumcised? Yes.
2. Are you from the USA? As is probably evident from my name, no, I am from outside Niagara Falls, Canada. But I have friends and cousins who live in the USA so I visit fairly often.
3. What types of underwear do you wear? Boxer briefs, trunks, briefs and occasionally jocks--bbasically any style that keeps your junk in place, not bouncing around or moving from side to side.
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? No, it hangs down naturally.
5. Do you usually stand to pee? When using a public washroom, I tend to unless my lower back makes standing too painful. At home, the only times I used to sit were in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning. But the start of back pain about two years ago changed that. I was finding it too painful to stand or walk for very long (it was diagnosed, finally, as severe arthritis a few months ago and the doctor prescribed some drugs that are working pretty well, although there's still days when flare ups over-ride the drugs and Voltaren, at which point you just have to bare it. Just as I was getting used to the drugs and they were doing their job, I broke my right arm, the one used for writing and holding my junk when standing to pee. Using the left arm resulted in me spraying everywhere but the toilet. I have been sitting full time since.)
6. How old are you? 49
7. Did you ever have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? I don't recall any incidents that stand out.
8. Do you use urinals? If my back is OK, yes.

Other Survey:
1. Could you state your age and gender? 49, Male
2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?
A. leaning back
B. sitting forward
C. leaning forward
D. double over ed
Usually it's a bit of B & C
3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax? Just a few seconds.
4. How long after sitting down does it take for the first bit to emerge? Depends on whether I am constipated or not. If I'm not, I usually have action within a couple minutes. If constipated, it could be up to 25 minutes.
5. On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard? Regardless if constipated or not, that would be a 1 because I learned the hard way last year that straining will cause hemorrhoids, something I never want to experience again.
6. Do you have to farther on the same scale of 1 to 5?
A. While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B. During and in between pooping.
C. After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.
A. 4 or 5; B. 3 or 4; C. 1 or 2.
7. My farts are:
A. Dry
B. A bit moist
C. Wet
D. Very wet
While waiting, A; During, B; After, A or B.
8. How long in total does it take you to poop from sitting down to wiping, when having:
A. A regular poop
B. Diarrhea
C. Constipation
A, 5 to 15 minutes; B, (doesn't happen much, but when it does), 1 to 20 minutes; C, 15 minutes to an hour because I won't push.
9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop? If constipated, it could be as many as 4 times a day.
10. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, I love that feeling of lightness after its all over.
11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels? Yes, deep breathing exercises that help to get hard loads through the channel to the bowl.
12. For the females and the males who per while sitting on the toilet, do you also try to poop sometimes when originally you went to the toilet only to pee? Only if constipated will I try. Otherwise, I know when I have to go.

While these surveys are a few months old, between them and the two I answered the other day, they should act as a good introduction of me to the ones who don't remember my last posts a few years back. Happy shitting, everyone.


Biggest shit of all time

I woke up this morning with that feeling "I think I could go unload". Little did I know it would produce the single biggest piece of poo ever to come out of me!!! It was about 3 inches thick and 7 inches long. I could tell it was gonna be a big one but I barely had to push, it basically dropped itself into the toilet like it was ready to meet the world. 3 flushes and a 1/3 of a roll if TP later...I'm back in bed, relaxed for a bit before I get ready for the day. I don't think I've ever felt this relieved!

Peace man


Responses and Mother-in-law

To Mr. P: Yes, I remember you! How are you? I hope that you are well and I really appreciate your kind words!

Hi I'm Gerald and I've been lurking for about 4 years now and never had a story to post only recently began commenting on a few stories. I am 18 years and am in Ghana it's in Africa. So here is my first story
Today I was feeling bored at home and I decided to visit a friend of mine. So I stayed there a bit and decided to leave since dark clouds were forming cos it was about to raining. So when I was going I decided to walk along the railway cos it was a shortcut. So as I was walking I saw a girl far ahead of me walking, suddenly she began to drop her pants to squat at the side of the railway. So I started walking a bit slowly so that I don't get too close to her. She began to pee and then I saw a turd slowly coming out as she was peeing. It was slowly coming out and it fell. I was a bit far from her so I couldn't really tell the size. I saw another turd coming out slowly and it also fell. She then stood up and held her ???? walked a bit away from where did her pile and squatted again. Then I saw another turd coming out but it seemed soft cos it was coming out quick she kept going and she began to wipe. She pulled up her pants and looked at her production and then she saw me but I quickly pretended I was texting someone on my phone. I saw her walking away quickly. I now decided to go to where she had pooped and I saw 2 huge turds which were about 5 inches long and almost yellow in colour. next to it I saw some mushy poop seems she had a ???? upset judging from how it looked. I decided to now walk quickly since it began to drizzle.
That's all for now.....hope you enjoyed my story.
Happy pooping everyone and hope to read more interesting stories from other people.


Sorry about that

To all:

I accidentally hit "enter" while working on that last post title. Sorry for the confusion. I am going to have to save that story about Alan's mother for later, but it helps to explain his fascination with me going to the bathroom.




Upset Stomach

Today At about 3 I ate some spicy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Fast foward 5 hours. I am now sitting on the toilet suffering from painful burning diarrhea, cramps, and gas. My hole is burning from those wings. For those of you that don't know, spicy peppers and hot sauces are spicy from a chemical compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin effects your heat receptors and doesn't get broken down by the body, which can result in gastrointestinal irritation and burning diarrhea. Word of warning, realize that BWW's wild sauce as well as equally hot (or hotter) foods burn both ends, not just your mouth. So if a burning sphincter doesn't sound fun to you, then think twice before ordering those extra spicy wings. This is truely the dump from hell.


My biggest dump

As promised in my story about the clogged hotel toilet, I will tell you the story about my biggest dump. Anyways, after skipping a day, I fely a bit bloated so I drank a little prune juice without any effects. The next day at school, a tuesday, I felt so bloated, that I could not control my gas. I try not to fart in public, but the pressure was just too intense. That night, after dinner, I got a larger glass of prune juice (12 oz) and went upstairs to play in my room, as I had finished my homework, and there was a holiday the next day. While drawing and building LEGO sets, I was EXTREMELY bloated, and was farting uncontrollably. Not just any farts, but bad silent but deadly ones. About an hour and a half after drinking my prune juice, I got the urge. Because we had an au pair (not with us anymore) who had a friend over, I was forced to use the bathroom in mom's room. Upon entering the bathroom, I immediately began cramping and pushing. I pushed out what I would normally call a good bowel movement of firm (not hard) and thin turds in several minutes, but I had to go so bad that it felt almost like I had done nothing. I waited for wave two, which came a few minutes later. At this point, it became uncontrollable, and the stool softened to soft chunks, or a five on the bristol stool chart. The smell was a 100 at this point. I looked into the bowl to see most of the water covered. I still wasn't even close to done, as my poop was now mush. Mush that completely covered the soft chunks that were covering the water. That wasn't it. My stool was now thinning down into a watery-brown, diarrhea-like state. Brown water violently flew out of my rear.I honestly don't know how I wasn't done at this point, because I must've expelled a good three to four pounds ofoop on varying consistency. Eventually, I couldn't go anymore, even though my bowels were gurgling violently. I eventually threw the towel, flushed (I'm very surprised that it flushed, considering that my pile was completely covering the water, and much of the drain was filled. In addition, the pile stuck a good two inches above the water, all the way around. I mean, the entire water line was buried in two inches of soft poop.) and got some water downstairs. Downstairs, my au pair asked if I wanted a snack from 7-Eleven, and, accompanied by his friend, called me out for stinking up the ENTIRE upstairs. That wasn't the end! I had another round, consisting only of brown water. And I later had a mini-bout of diarrhea that barely amounted to anything. In total, I probably spent an hour on the toilet the first time, twenty minutes the second time, and fifteen the third time. Probably also five, six, or maybe even seven pounds of feces. I'm not exactly sure how much it weighed, but I compared it to the weight of a two liter soda, which weighs about for and a half pounds. These were three very time consuming bowel movements, but the relief was worth it big time, and I felt great the next day!



Hello to everyone on Toiletstool! Sorry I've not been on here in a while, but I was at the hospital for blocked bile ducts, and had my gall bladder removed. I thought I had the flu last week, and kept going to the loo to barf. I turned yellow, so I had to go to the ER. At the Er, nurses helped me to the toilet. My poop was a little wattery due to my liquid diet that I had most of the time I was there.I was on an IV during some of my time at hospital too, so that made me pee a lot. I had to pee after waking up from my first surgery. However, I had no need to go to the bathroom before I had the oxygen mask put over my face while getting knocked out. I felt a little disoriented afterwords, but made it to the loo ok. I sometimes used a plastic toilet in my room that someone helped me get to. Before my second surgery, I used the loo for a pee. The next thing I knew, I woke up in recovery with monitors beeping, and was moving in pain. I'm still recovering, and still need a stubborn gall stone to get out later on. Bye.


Comments and shout outs

To Catherine : Really love your stories they are really interesting. Looking forward to you new post. Have a wonderful day and happy pooping

To Mina: Hope you are feeling much better now. Have really missed you and your posts. Hope you post a story soon.

To Maho: Hope you are fine. I miss your motions. Hope you feature in Mina's next post soon

To Kazuko :Hope you are doing great and hope to hear from you soon in Mina's next post

To Hisae: Hope you are doing great and looking forward to your next post with Mina. Hope you do big motions and lots of plops. Aaawww thanks for the kiss.....This is a special one from me to you also....Blows Kisses to Hisae
Happy pooping to y'all

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story about you desperate easter poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always anther great stry about your desperate poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Large Dump in Small Toilet

Today I took a rather interesting dump. I haven't gone in quite a while, so I had a lot of material saved up. I was biking home when the urge hit me, and luckily I was near a café and ducked in to use their bathroom. The toilet was small (I'd call it almost kiddie-sized), and an intriguing shade of pale pink. A small turd floated in lazy circles around the bowl; on any other day I'd have unloaded myself right on top of it, but today I felt a big one coming and the size of the toilet concerned me already, so I hit the flusher and the floater spun down the toilet with a satisfying gurgle.
I then dropped myself down on the seat and proceeded to unleash a medium-sized turd, which broke off smoothly and plopped into the water. I then felt myself stretched wide as a massive log squeezed its way out, going on and on until it finally broke off and fell with a thud onto the ceramic in front of the water. Even before I looked I knew the little toilet was in trouble.
I dropped a few more small turds before wiping three times and throwing the toilet paper in the garbage so as not to risk even further clogging. Then I turned around and took a look at what I'd made. A massive pile presented itself, the crowning achievement being an enormous log that bridged the water entirely and stretched the length of the small bowl back to front. I figured I'd better do what I could to try to help the poor toilet, so I pulled out my dick and had a piss on my turds. I did my best to cut away at the long log, but my jet of pee didn't make much difference besides disintegrating the smaller turds into little floating masses of mush.
When my stream trickled to an end, I pulled up my skirt and crossed my fingers, and pressed the flusher. The water swirled around my dump, before sucking my first turd and the mush of my last turds down the drain. But my monster log didn't even budge. When the water settled down in the bowl, I hit the flusher again, already looking for a plunger. But much to my surprise, my log slid down slightly as the water rushed around the toilet. Slowly the turd inched towards the drain, and then all of the sudden it folded right in half and slid down the drain, swallowed by the surprisingly powerful toilet. Satisfied, I left to continue my bike ride.

End Stall Em

Other Perspectives On Cubicle Privacy

Sure a hole or two in the side panels of toilet stalls, especially in very public spaces such as parks or stadiums, creep me out, more often for me I'm sitting on the toilet, looking forward at the door and I'm seeing gaps between the partition and the stall door of 1", 2" or larger. Sometimes it is so bad I can see almost half of a person's face as they are waiting in line and looking in and trying to figure out how long it is going to be. I prefer the end stalls because I gain 50% more privacy, but I know some others seek them out too. I've been told they are believed to be cleaner because they are used less and there is less pressure to get done fast and get out of the way for someone else. What I hate most is when people look in on me and ask if I'm almost done, tell me they are about to pee or shit their pants, or the worst one when I was about 12. I was with my family at the amateur night finals of the show wagon which was held at our county fair park. I was seated on the toilet peeing and this mom was knocking, peeking in on me several times and really starting to freak out, telling her daughter, who was like 6, to hold it just a little longer. She called me a stall hog and something else that was profane and of course that's going to help me get my pee stream going! I remember half emptying my bladder and getting frustrated, starting to cry from the commotion at the door, and just standing up and pulling up my shorts. It was even more upsetting to me when I opened the door, quickly reached back and flushed, and instead of the little girl rushing in, the mom swore at me and threw herself onto the toilet. The girl just stood inside the door watching her mom relieve herself. As I was washing my hands, I was wondering how many other times they had probably used that ruse.

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