Ev>> You had a question about how people clean themselves while in the shower...What I generally do when I go to clean my anal opening is take the shower head, yes we have a detachable shower head on a hose, and will lower it and spray the area real good while holding it open with the empty hand...It sure does a good job of getting rid of any residue left from not being removed by toilet paper...I've also found that it is a big help in getting rid of hemmoroids, although it may sting a bit at first, but it definitely gets rid of the embarrassing itching, etc.

To Aaron: Yes I guess my problems are like yours. As I told you Sunday I didn't have much shit come out. I finally really had to shit On Wednesday and Thursday. When did you last shit? Do you ever shit during school?

P.R. guy
I recently had an experience pooping in my pants--during a final exam! (summer session) I had a bout of diarrhea at the time, and I felt a huge sneeze coming on. Then, it happened. I sneezed, and a substantial amount of soft stuff emerged from my butt. Needless to say, I made my way home quickly after finishing the test and discovered the ugly and smelly mess I had made. I ended up having to throw away my drawers--they were NASTY! Anyway, Ev, good post. I, too, have to wipe a lot to get clean. Sometimes it's like I have to wipe a dozen times just to get clean. The best dumps are the ones right before taking a shower, IMO, because you don't really have to wipe--I sometimes strip naked, then sit on the john, and then after relieving myself, step right into the shower and clean myself there. But, to answer your question about women cleaning themselves better than men, I think it's true (although I don't want to be accused of making sexist remarks ) P.S.--I made and A on the final :-)

Ev, you were asking about wiping habits. As a male, I am as picky wiping my butt and making sure it is clean after I take a dump. When I take a shower, I usually clean my butt. I don't use a wash cloth but I take a good amount of suds and some shampoo and take it to my ass and wipe real good. I then take my hand and then clean it under the water of the shower head and then take a little shampoo out of the bottle and wash my hands. I don't really see anything since I wipe pretty good.

silent spice
movie fan i know another female bathroom scene. on halloween h20 a mom and her kid have to use the bathroom and we see her sitting there but im not sure if she pees or poos.

Movies with toilet scenes: Someone mentioned "Car Wash". Yes I thought there was a scene where the cashier went for a poo, and as she left the loo a mother was taking her son in there, and the boy complained about the smell. The cashier turned and snarled something like: "What did you expect it's a Toilet!" in a way that only American women can.
Someone asked if anyone else had been in a loo with a boy in the next cubicle. This happened to me on numerous occasions while at uni. The first time, when I realised it was a boy, I just sat still until he left; but I got used to it and after a few times I just carried on with my business.
To Nicola: Yes horse riding used to have that effect on me. I don't often ride now, but when I used to ride a lot, I can remember several occasions when I had to make straight for the loo when I got back to the stables.

Nicky (and Josh)
Hi Aaron: This is from both of us (Josh and myself) - well thanks for the compliments, but we both think it's you and your posts that are the coolest!! Anyway, to your questions - a bit of history and it probably explains a lot - Josh (he's officially Joshua - he just asked me to say that - he's with me right now) - our parents first met at baby clinic or toddler group or one of those things, and hit it off together, and so Josh and I grew up together - almost like twins but in different houses. So, from potty training we got used to going with each other - and my Dad who works a lot from home, and on our smallholding - it's not exactly a farm, just a couple of fields, some crops and a few sheep and goats - in the Summer used to let us run around without clothes when we were about 3 or 4 or 5, and just told us to go behind the beans or something if we needed to pee or poo. So, at 7 or 8, when boys become really interested in these matters, we had no inhibitions at all in front of each other - and detailed examinations of each other in action (piss and shit) followed!! We've always gone to the same school, and done the same things together - so now as we are both into it and a bit exhibitionist by nature and both love doing it outside, we just naturally do it together or with each other when we need. I guess it's just the way things happened. Of course, living in the country makes it easier - if you live in a town or city it must be much harder. We're not gay or anything by the way - just don't mix with girls much and hardly ever get the chance to see them. Another thing we've thought about is of course if you are with another boy that you maybe don't know that well, and you need a shit, you might not find it easy to say 'hang on - I'm just going to dump' and do it there and then in front of him (her?), whereas if there are 2 of you like Josh and me, its really easy for one of us to go with a third person present - like happened with Andrew the first time, a few years ago. We were all about 12 years old and hanging out in our bottom field (no pun intended - it's just what we call it!) after we had just all three of us shown off how much and how far we could pee (golden arches we called it!) when Josh announced that he had to have a shit and had to do it now. "Yeah! well I always feel if I've gotta go then I've gotta go now!". Josh. ## Wow! He's actually typed something! N. ##Sorry - he insisted on interrupting! So, of course he just drops his clothes (actually I think he took them right off), squatted down and we both watched as he farted noisly and this great smelly sausage started to pop out from his hole. Andrew was totally fascinated by this, and later that week when we were playing together, he dared me to shit and said that if I did, then he would. My friend here (who has actually just farted disgustingly) - not to be outdone, said he had to go immediately anyway, gave a repeat performance (and I remember clearly - didn't wipe at all), then I agreed to the dare, easy as it was morning and I hadn't been yet that day, so I took them all down, Andrew watching wide-eyed, and just emptied myself out - it just flowed and flowed. Then we told him it was his turn, and he just followed our example - he dropped a superb example - I can still remember it 3 years on - of a 12 year old's shit - it was long, turd-shaped, very smooth, very stinky, and full of corn kernels! But, maybe if there hadn't been 3 of us, maybe just 2 would have been more embarrassed. It doesn't happen to me, but I suppose that if you are constipated, it must be more embarrassing to say 'I gotta shit', squat down with your friends there watching everything you do, and just pushing and grunting and not being able to do anything even with your hole and your prick and everything on display! Hey Aaron! - do you do a piss before, during or after you do your shit. I always piss immediately after - even if I didn't know I needed one, but Josh nearly always goes before or doesn't go at all. Tell us about your pissing habits too - we want to hear all about you pee-stories too Do you live in a town? - or out in the country? I'll finish by describing my performance today - it'll make Josh v. annoyed that hewasn't there! - I got out of bed early for school, peed copiously in the toilet - very deep yellow, very pungent smell - shame to waste it, but couldn't hold it in!! After breakfast I started to feel that things were starting to become rather 'pressing', had plenty of time, Mother had gone to work, Dad around somewhere else, little brother still in bed, so I went out into the woodland at the back, chose a spot (where Josh and Andrew had dumped last week - theirs not now in very good condition!! - but still recognisable). By now, it was a question of would trousers come down before shit came out!! Squatted myself down just in the nick of time, spread legs, farted (v. stinky - came straight up at me) and felt serious pressure immediately making my hole open up wider and wider and felt my warm soft stuff begin flowing out - faster and faster, thicker and thicker, when suddenly a massive burst of wind, fart and soft shit just exploded on to the ground, my anus contracted, smell was superb, last few bits dropped out, and as I turned around to inspect there was a glorious pile of shit on the ground - smooth thick greenish brown sausage on the ground, with a lighter tan coloured cow-pat style topping, and all, now that the mornings are cooler, with little wisps of steam rising! I wiped (two x two sheets of paper = 8 times wiped), had a brilliant pee, and the whole thing took less than 1 minutes. Then I got ready and went to school. (Joshua has just dropped another noisy one - we had beans for tea! - but his isn't at all smelly!) - anyway this post much to long. Josh needs a piss. So do I. Write me again soon - we really have a lot to chat about. Cheers, Nicky (and Josh!) (Thursday)

Friday, September 11, 1998

I can also relate a tale about doing a motion in a car, or in my case a van. A few years ago Lauren and I were helping a friend Helen move house and had an old van. As she was moving from Glasgow (Scotland) down to Manchester in England, because of a change in her work, and we had a long journey. Now during the drive along the motorway we got caught up in a long traffic jam and the vehicles were only moving at about 10 miles an hour in fits and starts. As you might guess I needed a motion but we couldn't drive across to the hard shoulder to let me get out and go in one of the fields. When I mentioned this to the others, apart from causing a laugh, Helen suggested I climb over into the back of the van and do it on a plastic bucket. I did so and sat there unseen by the scores of other motorists in their cars as the van didn't have back windows, with my jeans and panties down at my knees and passed a long fat jobbie into the bucket which dropped with a loud thud. I felt well relieved and had no problems doing a motion in the company of these other girls. The others were amused and asked to have a look at what I had done commenting on its large size and thickness (it was about 14 inches long and just over 2 inches thick). The smell wasn't too bad and soon faded. Now funnily enough, about ten minutes later Helen also said that she needed a motion too, I dont know if this was caused by her being present when I did one and I took over the driving, (the vehicles being stopped at the time) as she went to the back of the van and did her jobbie in the bucket on top of mine. Hers was a bit smaller being a fat 8 inch lump and a shorter 4 inch one. We drove on and about an hour later Lauren also needed and used the bucket too passing a fat 12 inch carrot shaped turd. This mobile buddy dumping was great fun although we now had a bucket full of big turds and some wee wee to dispose of which we emptied behind a hedge on a quiet country road when we came off the motorway. It love to know what anyone who came across this pile of big jobb! ies must have thought. On another matter when I was at school about 16 I remember going for a motion in the toilet attached to the changing rooms of the Gym in our school. There were three cubicles (stalls). As I sat there doing my big jobbie I heard someone else enter the adjoining stall. This didnt bother me at all but when I looked down at the gap at the bottom of the partition between the stalls I saw trouser bottoms and boys shoes (girls didnt wear trousers to school in those days only skirts). I heard him grunt "OO! OO! OO!" and drop what sounded like two quite substantial turds ""Ker-sploosh! Ker-sploonk!" . Not wanting to embarrass him I stayed till he pulled the flush and went out so I never saw him. I did have a look down the pan but his jobbies had flushed away although mine didn't! Has any other woman or girl used a females toilet and had a man or boy use the stall next to them?

Hello. Disgusting back again with a few quick stories. Once, my girlfriend pooped in her panties and threw them in the toilet. Also, I was at work one time and I pooped in my pants. Since it was a runny poop, I ended up flushing my briefs down the toilet. Yet another time, I was at a video store and,just as I was trying to make a hasty exit out, I pooped in my pants. I ended up going behind the store and pitching my poop-filled underpants in the bushes. Thank God it was very dark out. Does anyone else have these kinds of accidents? Does anyone know of a cure for irritable bowel syndrome?

Movie Fan
We've talked a lot about female bathroom scenes in movies. I wanted to comment on the realism (or lack thereof) in a couple of the movies on the list. I already mentioned how I thought the toilet scene in "Empire Records" seemed somewhat unrealistic to me, especially when you notice that the girl doesn't even pull her pants down on one side! Also, I recently had a chance to see "Twenty-One", which features a nice sequence at the end where Patsy Kensit sits on a toilet while doing a monologoue. It's a nice scene, but I had two problems with it. First, she sits with her dress draped over the side of the bowl. That's not so bad, but when she goes to wipe, she brings the tp UNDER her dress to wipe. I don't believe a woman would do that in real life, since it increases the possibility of soiling the dress with tp gook. Most women will hunch up their dress so it's well above the seat, and then wipe. The bigger problem is when she wipes her butt, you can tell she's not really doing it. She brings the paper back as though to wipe back there, but she does it way too quickly and only once, and you can tell it's phony. She really just waves the paper in the air real quick and then drops it in the bowl. That little bit of unreality really upset the realism of the scene. On the other hand, the scene in "Love Crimes" where Sean Young urinates on the floor while trying to get away from her captor, is VERY realistic, almost to the point where it looks like real urine. I wonder if she really urinated for this? Does anyone know? Also, the main urination scene in "Tie Me Up Tie Me Down" is very realistic, with a realistic wiping sequence and good sound effects. Unfortunately, most other toilet and bathroom scenes are pretty artifical looking. I'd be interested in hearing people's views on which bathroom scenes seem the most realistic.. I still haven't seen a really realistic female pooping scene, but I haven't been able to locate "Senseless" or "Caged heat" yet. From the descriptions given in this forum, those might be among the better poop scenes around.

When travelling thru Europe a few years ago I was intrigued by the range of different toilets. One morning, after overdoing the local food and beverages in Barcelona, I urgently needed a dump. I found a unisex facility which had a rather large and totally unfriendly woman at a desk. You had to pay to use it and after handing over a few coins, (I can't remember how much) she gave you a length of TP. Only problem was it was about half of what I normally use on the first wipe. The paper was also of poor quality and a break through was inevitable. However, it is amazing what you can do when challenged as the remarkably few skid marks on my undies proved later. Another time I was in a museum in Vienna and the day before I had munched my was through nearly a whole packet of digestive biscuits. Sure enough the urge soon hit me and I made my way to the nearest mens room. The pan was one of those ones that was quite shallow and stored your load out of the water before flushing. I sat down and let rip this continual crap which just kept on coming and coming. It was completely effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. When I had finally finished the amount was huge. I cleaned up and hit the flush button and took off as fast as possible without being too noticeable as there was no way I was hanging around to witness the flood that would have followed. Will contribute more travel stories later...

I am a classical voice major at an American university. Recently after a recital, myself and two other opera singers piled into the restroom tidily occupying all three stalls. I was merely acquainted with the two other girls, and so apparently we all had some sort of performance anxiety. Laughable, really, since we all are well-practiced at singing in front of audiences of scores and even hundreds of people. I direly needed to pee, but for some reason was unable, and apparently the others experienced the same. Finally, we all three started giggling, and simultaneously began to pee. It was glorious. I finished first and hastened to wipe, wash my hands and flee the room. We've never discussed the event, but we've been much friendlier ever since...

A friend of mine in New Mexico has a composting toilet. It has 3 steps leading up to it and is like a big throne. You turn a crank until a slot appears in the hole and climb up to do your buisness. (nice view of the mountains) There is no urinating allowed because it has too much ammonia in it, you do that outside. When you finish, there is a bucket of peat moss next to the thing. You take a handful of the moss and throw it into the slot, then turn the crank a few times to mix it up. It has to be cleaned about once a week. He uses the resulting mix as compost and can grow a tomato the size of a basketball.

I am very interested in learning how other people wipe themselves after taking a dump. I usually rip off around 8 to 10 sheets of toilet paper, scrunch it up in my hand, and then slowly wipe from the front to the back in one motion. When I reach the anus, I push in with my middle finger and usually go in as far as I can to wipe the inside of the anus. When I've completed the wipe, I look at the paper which is usually covered in poop. At this point, I often have some poop residue on the middle of my palm. If I can, I'll fold the paper over so that the poop is on the inside and then reuse the paper. (Sometimes I'll reuse it to wipe the residue off my palm) If it's too messy, I'll just go grab another handful of paper. It usually takes me a good 3 to 5 wipes to get clean, and sometimes I have to flush after a couple of wipes to avoid clogs. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can't quite get myself clean. Even using moist towlettes or moistening the tp, as some people have suggested, doesn't always work. Do other people have that problem? And when you do, do you just keep on wiping till you bleed or do you get to a point where you're willing to give up and just be a little unclean? I wonder if women are more fastidious about keeping their butts clean than men? Also, when you take a bath or shower, how do people clean their anus? Do you use a washcloth on it, or just rub it with your hand, or what? If you use a washcloth, do you just sort of wipe along the crack lightly, or do you actually stick the washcloth into your anus? I used to do that, but the washcloth always came out with poop on it which grossed me out since I use the same washcloth on my face. What I do now is I make a little pile of suds in my hand, and then I get my middle finger all soapy and I insert my soapy finger about an inch into my hole to get it clean. Even if I have already washed the area lightly with a wash cloth, going into my anus with a soapy finger, I always feel a few little crumbs of poop which I am able to remove. Sometimes I'll wait until I've washed my hair, and I'll use residual shampoo on my finger instead of regular soap. Is anyone else this compulsive? I'd really be interested in hearing from other people on how they keep their anus clea! n. I'm specifically wondering how many people actually go as far as I do in sticking a soapy finger into their butt hole to clean it.

Hi! I just found these pages and I loved it at once! I've been reeding for 50 minutes now :) Im a bit curious. Why hav'nt I seen any girl pee/poop by accident? I want to :)

Hi Nicky(15) I just realized after reading your last post that you live in the UK. From reading your description of thefarm where you live I thought you were in the US (like me). Another thing: You and I are so much alike! Way more than I thought! I could have written the part of your last post; as in the trouser problem. Hope you post again soon! And Andy(17)...seems like your problems are like my problems! The day of the Bar-b-Q I hadn't gone for 5 days, although I hadn't really thought about it until I got sick. You said on Sunday that you still hadn't done very it's Wednesday...I need an update! Gotta get off to school Aaron

To Nicky. Fair enough, I see now where you are coming from but to me Diarrhea is the same , passing watery loose formless stools, whether this is caused by a ???? Bug, "sick diarrhea" as you call it, eating some food which disagrees with your system, drinking too much, taking laxatives, or intentionally purging yourself with foods such as fruit which cause watery motions is really academic as far as myself and Moira look at it. But it's your body and if it feels good and harms no one else, then do it. When I was a teenager like yourself, 30 years ago now, I did sometimes do a motion in the woods near my school and saw some teenage girls doing likewise on a number of occasions but Im glad to say their motions were big and solid. Had I seen one of them passing diarrhea I would have been totally turned off! I was in the Scouts too but I cannot recall anyone puting laxatives in the cocoa, at least I didnt suffer any ill effects. Once there was an outbreak of food poisoning at a Summer Camp with our troop but that was traced to some dodgy fish the skipper had bought at the local market. I dont like fish so chose the alternative of beans on toast that day and didnt suffer the runs like quite a few of my fellows. All the best for your going to University. St Andrews is a great ancient seat of learning. but dont rule out Aberdeen, Edinburgh and of course Glasgow, all very good Scots universities too. Come to Scotland the land of the big jobbie as Billy Connolly puts it and as we would say "dae a big keigh in the cludge". As a matter of interest what do you wish to study and what career plans do you have? All the best George (and Moira)

Thursday, September 10, 1998

I can tell of a time when I was a teenager (about 14)and going on holiday in the family car. I had felt I might need a motion before we started but didnt go as we were in a hurry to start our journey early and besides I could always go at the Motorway Service Area if needed. At first the feeling of needing a motion faded but after an hour or so it returned. I started to fart and my young bother laughed and said "Nickys making poo smells". My mum asked if I was okey and I said I felt I needed a motion. She asked why I hadnt gone before we left and I said that I hadn't needed then, and she accepted this. We were at an awkward part of the motorway miles from the nearest Service Area and the nearest turn off to a large town. I could feel the big turd pushing down in my back passage and asked my Dad to pull over to the side and let me get out and go in one of the fields at the side of the Motorway but the traffic flow at the time wouldnt allow for this. Mum came up with an idea seeing my distress and suggested I pass it into one of the large plastic bags she had kept in case my young brother got car sick as he sometimes did. I crouched down on the floor of the car in front of the back seat and pulled down my panties and hitched up my skirt and carefully held the bag and grunted as the big jobbie started to slide out. It was a nice solid one, smooth fat and long and came out easily into the bag accompanied with a dribble of wee wee. My brother was highly amused by all this and kept saying "Look, Nicky's done a big fat jobbie in the bag" until my Mum told him to shut up. Obviously the smell filled the car and we had to drive with all the windows open until it went away. I disposed of the bag with the fat jobbie in a waste paper bin when we eventually stopped but not before my brother had a good look at the large "sausage" inside. A few years later on a long distance bus journey the toilet was blocked and I rememember a woman letting her kid of about 8 do a motion in a plastic bag as he couldn't wait till the bus got to a Service Area. This didnt seem to disturb other travellers but I feel they may not have been so tolerant had an adult had to do the same. On a different matter, I know we had an debate in the past about the differences between the UK "PASS a motion, Do a jobbie, HAVE a shit" etc and the American "TAKE a dump etc" and I must say I also find the expression TAKE strange in this context but I have noticed some posters, I assume from the USA say "I had to MAKE a shit, dump etc" Again this comes strange to British ears. Make it with what? It almost gives a picture of someone with a packet of freeze dried "Instant Jobbie" . I suppose different cultures have different ways of expressing this universal and most basic of functions.

New Guy
I went to a concert this weekend and stood in line for either a urinal or a stall during the intermission. I was waiting for a few minutes when a girl came out of one of the stalls. I guess she got sick of waiting in the girls line. As she exited the bathroom, she was saying, "Don't mind me!" No one really cared. All the guys at the stalls had their backs facing away and the only guys who saw her were those of us in line.

K. Soze
My 27-year old wife who is pregnant, has the usual routine in the morning, where she gets out of bed and goes to pee. She always keeps the door open when she pees and is not embarrassed about going #1 in front of me. (#2 is another story however.) For the past several weeks however, she has been letting out these amazing farts right after she sits down to pee. I'm not talking the standard cute little barbie doll toot that she will occaisionally let out when she has to poop, but a colossal, monstrous explosion from her rear end. She never has been much of a farter and gets embarrassed even talking about the subject of pooping and farting. I'm wondering if this is a normal symptom of preganancy and whether or not I should expect this to continue after the baby is born. Anyone who has been pregnant or with someone who has been pregnant have any thoughts on the subject?

Nicky (15)
From Nicky to George: I never said I liked diarrhoea - I hate real diarrhoea - the cramps and sick feeling in your guts that you get with what I call sick-diarrhoea. What we (me and Josh and Andrew sometimes) do is purge ourselves - like they used to in Georgian times - but instead of artificial laxatives like Sennapods etc. - you were a Scout once too according to your old posts, so I'm sure you had dealings with Sennapods/Cascara in the cocoa at campfires - it hasn't changed, at least in our Troop, but we have NO girls!!!?? Me and Josh prefer to clean ourselves out (purge ourselves) with natural laxative ingredients like ready soaked fruit - apricots and prunes being the best - rather than chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Very effective!! Quite controlled!! Impressive production!! - although liquid - but I don't produce the same sort of firm large shit that you do - remember my friends Josh and Andrew talk about "Nicky's cow-pats (poo)", as my teenage productions are like that - big, soft, smelly and shapeless. After all, when you were my age and you used to watch schoolgirls in the woods near your school, I bet you were just like meI hope you don't think I'm being rude, I know you are much older than me now, but I bet you were like me when you were 15+ - and I'm into experiments too!! If I'm ever coming North of the border I'll let you know, and you can train me on a bit. St. Andrews is a possibility - but its only GCSE's in 1999, A's in 2001, so 3+ years, and anyway I might try for an English uni. Best wishes - Nicky!

Donny, you mentioned about taking a dump in the Nurses office at school brought back a few memories. When I was in Jr. High, I would visit the nurse in the morning before class since she was a neighbor of my parents before we moved when I was 4 years old. A couple of times, this one guy who I knew from Science class would come in and use the boys bathroom. He be in there for a while and I figured that he was taking a shit. I never asked though.
When I was in H.S. there were 3 mens bathrooms and 3 womens bathrooms in the whole school. The basement bathroom was my favorite place to take a dump since that bathroom had the least possibility of teachers walking in. It was also a favorite place for the smokers which I knew a few of. I can count on someone being on the shitter half the time I walk into that bathroom. What I remember, there were 4 doorless stalls which faced a wall with nothing. On the other side of the wall was urinals. I remember the time when I had to take many dumps in the basement bathroom. I remember being in the bathroom with my smoking buddies and a few times, one of them had to dump a load and would proceed to do it. One time, 2 of them were in the farthest back 2 johns and were shitting at the same time. Being older, I don't have many opportunities to shit with HS/College kids which is enjoyable. I don't care to shit with someone beyond college age or who is within a few years of graduating from college.

To: Nicky, Im sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was out of town for the weekend. Impressive how you filled Ice Cream tubs with shit. My Assistant manager said he took a shit In 3 or 4 seconds something like that. Personaly I wouldn't have told him how long I take because I work In a kitchen. Im just not that kind of person to say that In public. I think that was gross what he said. I would say my assistant manger Is between 23 and 29 years old. Last week I just knew there was someone at school taking a shit. This boy taking a shit at school was either younger then me or about the same age. I did see him come out. How about you answer the question "Who Do You like to watch you when you go yourself?" because I don't understand what you are asking. Or re word this. I'll try to answer next post. You've told some cool stories!! I was out of town this passed weekend, Sunday I was thinking about Aaron because I had a stomach ache. I wished I could had shited then because my stomach hurt really bad. This kind of goes along when Aaron was telling about his cramps. When I got In Sunday night I tried to shit but only a few tiny pieces came out.

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