The return of Brittney and help

Hi all it's been a long time if you don't remember I'm paralyzed from neck down and need help to poop.

If yet don't remember i met a nice young nurse a few years ago and her and her daughter Heather pooped in front of me at my local walmart.

I, had a big day last Friday lunch movie, popcorn and of course lots of butter on the popcorn. I needed some things from walmart again so i took the disabled bus about 9:30 that night. I asked a girl working that night at walmart to help me get what i needed. I needed my supplies to do said pooping gloves, lube, wipes plus some snacks. The girl helping me was maybe 16, and when i got lube she was really thinking i was weird. I was headed to the check out when Brittney stops me and says my name "how are you " i said good and she had two bottles of pop and that was it. she took my basket from the walmart girl and said I'll help him. She help me pay and she paid and we went outside to wait for my bus. We were talking and i fart loudly and Brittney says woah man that was stinky. I said sorry, i asked where Heather was and she said can you believe she's 11 now and at a sleepover? I want shocked and said no i still remember that little girl pooping her pants in the card isle. She laughed and said yeah she rarely will poop away from home now. i was waiting and farted just as loud and this one sounded a little wet. Brittney says honey your red you need a bowel movement don't you? I did but really didn't want Brittney to know. I said yeah maybe later when i fart again. She said my name you know I'm a nurse let's go in the women's and let me help you go. I said no because I'd miss my bus it was already late. Brittney asks honey do you have a nurse waiting for you at home? I didn't lie and said no but I'll have to wake my aunt up. She said remember i told you if you need me call? I said yeah but i never did. She said let me follow you home, after you helped us the least i could do is give you some relief. I was really feeling the poop wanting to come so i, agreed to let Brittney follow me home. The bus arrived and i was on my way home i saw Bring right behind in the little blue toyota. I got down off the bus she had my walmart bags. And helped me in the house. Was heard my aunt snoring as we went down the hall to my room. Brittney got me in my lift and into bed. I ask her to get my paper pads and a diaper. She did and undressed me. She said you Mr. handsome definitely need a bowel movement and very soon. I said yes but how do you know? Brittney shows me a thick brow stripe in my sweats. I said yeah ook I'm really full. Brittney puts my pads down and turns me to my right facing my door and tucks the diaper with the wide end under my butt. I was going ask for my suppository when she begins to wipe me up. I start to ask for it again when i feel her finger inside me. Brittney whispers wow honey when did you last have your bowel movement i said Wednesday and it's now very early Saturday morning. I feel her pull out some very hard turds. And she says cutie do you just more finger stim or would you ling something to help you have your poop. I said oh your ok with just poom? She laughed and said yeah poop, shit, bowel movement, or just the brown all fine with me. I told her i wanted the suppository and where and she quickly pushed one way up in me. she rubbed my back and says how long do you let that bake? I said at least 30 minutes. Brittney said awesome do you mind if i get comfortable? I said no, and within seconds bring was completely naked. I said hun you don't want my aunt to find you here naked and she said oh true and closed and locked my door. I feel my poop really building and fart. Brittney giggles and says see your really needing that bad i said yes. And i see Brittney coming out of my closet with another diaper. I said Brittney what is that for? She smiles and says you my friend are not the only one in this room that needs to re-leave themselves. She then opened the diaper spread her legs and held the diaper tight to her pussy, she peed a good mine and threw her wet diaper in my trash can. She pulled the trash can next to my bed and with a big grunt bring asks you don't (unnnnnggggghhh) mind if i (gruuuuunnnnhhhh)shit too? I hear two thuds in the can. I said no hun just thought you were going to do my poop. I was now very hott and begining to push so out myself. Bring grunted again and now sitting on my trash can aays don't you worry handsome your poop will get out and soon. I was smelling a very strong smell of poop. Brittney says i haven't shit single Monday and if you hadn't needed me this one would have been is my back garden. I said really you poop outside. She said well not always but if i don't poop twice a day when i do the toilet will clog every time. I was wow hun you eat that much? She smiled and said my name, if i hold it i usually need to let out 3 feet or more. I could see her butt now that she had gotten up long enough to see i had a small pile behind me. The trash can wasn't full but i could see thick brown ropes laying on the diaper Brittney had used to pee in. and she still was letting out mush. She farted loud and sighed she looked at me and turned brick red, she said very embarrassed I'm really sorry it blew up your trash can and your room. I said it was totally fine but was very ready to have my own very large poop. So wiped here a bunch and kissed me on the lips and said yes honey your poop is definitely ready. She wiped me and got me a clean diaper. She snapped on a glove and a a blob of lube on her finger, and i felt the very awkward but wonderful feeling of Brittney inside my butt again i could feel her open me up i felt her circle inside me and find and ease my thick hard turds that where coming down now. Brittney pulled out a very thick hard one out and she whispers oh honey your packed. Again inside me with her thin long fingers with blue nail, polish. Again pulling out thick firm turds one after another. She whispers oh there now your getting softer. Another two fingerfula pulled out. Bring asks if she can get another diaper, i say yes please. She gets a new glove and goes back is me for thick brown mush. i felt Brittney pull mush out 6 more times. I was finally empty and she stayed the night.



Survey about self-consciousness in public bathrooms

The things I am most self-conscious about are:

10. Other. I hate urinals, especially since many of them don't have sides to shield the others next to you from seeing your junk. Mine, by the way, is very small compared to the rest of the guys in my class. I've tried to take my dad's advice to look more confident when at the urinal by placing my left hand on the flusher and moving in as close to the urinal as I can. But some of the older guys give me a hard time so I will often take a stall and sit down and go like a girl. That sometimes works better but there is sometimes no strips of toilet paper for me to put on the seat, and even when I do, I get hassled for that and "going like a girl."

1. The color and style of my underwear. My mom buys them, several pairs of briefs at a time, and they are white. Most of the guys wear colored boxers.

3. Actual time on the toilet concerns me. Last week I signed out of study hall to take a crap. All 10 stalls in the nearest bathroom we are forced to use have no doors. I dropped a 10 incher, quickly wiped and flushed and I thought I had been gone 20 minutes. Because I had been nervous about 5 boys who came in and saw me, it seemed much longer. In reality, when I signed back in I found I had only been gone 6 minutes.

5. Whether I'm using too much toilet paper. Most of my craps are soft and it takes me 4 to 5 wipes to get it all. Several times this year I have used the last of the roll, but I feel guilty if there is another guy there waiting for that toilet. In cases like that, I've learned to exit immediately and not wash my hands because this senior gave me a hard time when he saw I had toilet paper between me and the seat. He called me a G****** W******* F*****!

Nick (from Canada)

Survey answers

It's been a long time since I last posted and even my visits to the site have been sporadic. That said, I started trying to catch up last weekend and have now reached the most recent posts. Among them were a couple surveys I thought I'd answer.

Survey: What are you most self-conscious about? (not sure who asked these questions, so apologies to the poster.)
1. The color/style of your underwear.
As someone who will only wear designer underwear, I have no problem if someone sees them.
2. The noise you make.
I'm only self-conscious about this if someone I know is in the washroom with me. Last week, I had to go and a friend took the stall beside me and continued to make sarcastic comments about how all the gas I was releasing couldn't be good for the toilet or how I was going to blow a hole in the porcelain. One of the supplements I'm taking has resultedin me farting a lot more than I used to. But if nobody I know is in there, I don't worry because there are other guys just as--or even--noisier.
3. Actual time spent on the toilet.
I take as long as I need to. If it's a quick one then I'm usually in and out in 5-10 minutes. But if I'm constipated (a fairly regular occurrence from the narcotics I'm on to treat the chronic pain I've had since an unfortunate accident almost 20 years ago), I could be on the throne up to 25-30 minutes.
4. Whether you are going to clog the flush cycle.
This is one I am definitely worried about occasionally, especially if I have been constipated and haven't gone in a couple days. If I think it might happen, I will often just wait until I get home to go. But if it does happen in a public washroom, I wait until there's no one in there before leaving.
5. Whether you are using too much toilet paper to clean yourself.
Never. I use very little and then follow up with those wipes you can pick up. I always carry a couple in a sandwich baggie, just in case.
6. Whether you are sitting butt down on the seat or toilet paper or a seat cover.
I will typically wipe the seat down with a wipe, then sit on the seat. But if they supply a seat cover, I will wipe the seat down with toilet paper and then put the seat cover on before sitting down. I'm a little paranoid about catching something--silly, I know, but just another individual quirk.
7. Whether you are flushing or not.
If using a public washroom, I make sure to flush, but at home, I don't always flush after peeing.
8. Whether you are washing your hands.
I always wash my hands, even after peeing.
9. How often you smell your creations.
I will occasionally, but only if it's been one of those noisier movements, which can often be smelly.
10. Other.
I used to be quite self-conscious about using a washroom if there were people there who knew me. I would only pee if there was anyone in there I knew. But I don't really worry as much anymore. All it took were a couple times when I had to go despite there being a couple guys in there to eventually get over that. Although, I recall a time back in college where we were on a road trip and I had to go. One of my classmates was in the other stall but I figured I could get in there and leave without him knowing it was me. No such luck. He recognized my shoes. But what was mortifying is that the two of us were chatting with a female classmate later and he said, "You should've heard Nick in the bathroom. Man, he just exploded in there." I had a nervous laugh, but later I told him pointedly that what happens in the washroom stays in there and asked him how he would've liked it if I had told the girl he liked that he sounded like a flooded outboard engine in there. Aside from that embarrassing incident, I have found most guys honor that code and don't usually care anyway because it's a natural act.

Mike of MD USA's survey
1. Are your pants all the way down when you poop.
Yes, I tend to drop them down to the ankles.
2. Do you flush after peeing.
See #7 above.
3. Do you take off your bikini bottom when pooping/peeing.
4. Do you wear briefs or panties as your underwear.
I wear briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and occasionally a jock. Just depends on what I feel like wearing each day.
5. When you pee do you sometimes have a smell.
Yes, but not regularly.

Hope these answers were what the posters were hoping to elicit. And I'm aiming to visit and post more regularly now.


Sick at the Nutcracker

Hi, I'm Cat, I'm 15 and I have been studying ballet since I was 3. I have long brown hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty skinny, but I don't diet or anything. I found this website and was reminded of an embarrassing story.

I am a level 10 ballerina (12 levels), so I got a pretty big role in this years production of The Nutcracker: I was honored to play the Sugar Plum Fairy and, as I later found out, the Columbine Doll. From August to December we rigorously trained 5 days a week, and on we have three performances in all: One on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

On Friday, me and all my ballet friends got to miss school to prepare. After many hours of rehearsing, we went into the changing room. I had fake lashes, eye shadow, red face paint for my cheeks, and red lipstick for my lips as the doll. The first performance went well and we all went home tired but content.

On Saturday, things went well also, except for the fact that I lost the lipstick and had to use face paint on my lips, and I spent then night at my friend's house (I'll just call her Sarah). Sarah's mom, to celebrate another good show, took us out to a Mexican restaurant (we both LOVE Mexican food). It was new in town and this was our first time trying it. I got some chicken tacos which I shared with Sarah. We went back to her house and went to bed.

On Sunday, the day of the last performance, I woke up feeling kind of sick. I assumed it was nerves (this was the day my family was going to watch), and I got dressed in my tights and leotard and stuff before waking up Sarah. When I woke her up, she groaned and said she felt sick. We are very close, so I rubbed her stomach a little and she said she felt better. When we were both dressed in our ballet garb, her mom drove us to the theater. We did all our stretching and rehearsing before going to change. I was feeling sick all morning, so I was glad to run to the bathroom. I pulled down my tights and leotard and released a wave of semi-liquid diarrhea. I looked between my legs and saw that it was a sort of orangish-brown. I was about to release another bout when I heard the door shut, and hurried thumping of pointe shoes (ballet shoes) on linoleum. The girl tried the first door, but it was taken, and I knew the second door had a broken lock. I heard a soft cursing and realized that it was Sarah. I was in the handicapped stall and saw that there was plenty of room. I called out and told her that I was in here and that she could come in and she sighed in relief. I quickly wiped and unlocked the door. I was done then, and let her take the seat. she pulled off the leotard and sat down with a groan. I heard a soft fart then the gurgle of diarrhea. I asked if she wanted anything, and she said no. I couldn't really leave, as the toilet is far from the door and she clearly wasn't in any state to get up and lock it behind me, so I waited for her to finish. After about five waves, she wiped and stood up. The combination of our poops made the whole bathroom smell horrific, and it made me nauseous. We still had over an hour before we had to be ready, so I told Sarah that I felt sick and leaned against the door to wait for it to subside. When I didn't, I told Sarah that I might need to throw up and that she could leave if she wanted to. She said she would stay and she rubbed my stomach a little. She offered to say that I was sick, but the sub had head lice and The Nutcracker isn't The Nutcracker without the Sugar Plum Fairy. So we went to the changing room.

Once we were in costume, I put on makeup and sat next to Sarah, who was already ready and stretching. During the Doll dance, I realized that I needed to poop really badly and prayed to God that I could last until the end. I barely made it into the stall before a sour-smelling spray of diarrhea splattered the toilet and even got a little on the tank. I cleaned up as best as I could and left the bathroom feeling not at all refreshed. Once I was in costume as the Sugar Plum Fairy, I waited for my turn to come. After the Pas de Deaux (when I was dancing with "Fred") and we were all saying goodbye, I erupted.

I hoped the blasting music covered the sound and I was a quiet as possible, but my crotch area rapidly filled with diarrhea and, because the skin-tight tights were unwelcoming, it began to push up into my leotard. I was up to my belly button in poop and it was still coming when the curtain closed and we all stopped waving.

Sarah, who wasn't on set, came to me and after I told her what happened, she walked me to the bathroom. Clara still needed to do the last part and neither of us were hungry for the chips and soda at the "we survived another year of Nutcracker!" party right afterward, so we had plenty of time. I unstrapped my tutu and took off my leotard and tights. Sarah didn't seem to mind that I was completely naked in front of her (sharing a changing room with 30 girls will do that to you), and I put them into the sink in the handicapped stall and turned on the water. I was done pooping, and I saw that Sarah was clenching her butt-cheeks, so I let her take the toilet. The wave of diarrhea lasted for a while, and I suddenly had to go again. The sink was full of my leotard, and I didn't think of something fast enough. The diarrhea flowed down my legs as I squatted on the ground in a corner.

Language cannot describe how horrible the experience was, but I'm not done yet. The overpowering smell made me sick to my stomach and I found myself erupting from both ends. Luckily, the vomit didn't reach Sarah, who was wiping, and made a sour, oatmeal-colored puddle on the floor. Sarah kneeled by me and rubbed my back as I puked, ignoring the puddling diarrhea at her feet. I'm grateful for such a good friend. When I was done, She helped me to the toilet to finish pooping. A big puddle in the corner of the bathroom was orange-brown, and another one was tan. I began to cry as I wiped and used a large amount of toilet paper to clean myself of vomit and diarrhea.

End of story: I pulled on the wet costume, went home, took a bath, and wallowed in disgust at myself. I found that it was food poisoning, which was why both of us were sick, and took the rest of the week off.

I'll probably be posting more stories, but this is the first one. Bye!


Low Sunday Replies

Sorry about my absence during the last few weeks or so but I'm afraid 'life' has got in the way a little.

John B. I hope you're keeping well and everything's okay with you.

Catherine. Great to see you back! I enjoyed reading about your Easter Sunday after dinner poo and your other escapades. Glad to hear you're going at least twice a day. Although there's no fixed rule around what's normal, if you're having at least two bowel movements a day it will keep everything moving and help to avoid unnecessary discomfort. With regard to wind/smelly farts I suffer from that from time to time and so far I've not been able to discover an obvious explanation. It doesn't seem to be related to diet for example. Glad to hear everything's going well with planning the wedding.

Chloe B. Thanks for sharing the story about your Easter Sunday morning poo in the toilets at church. You're very lucky to have a church so lavishly supplied with toilets. Here in England toilet facilities in churches tend to be very limited and in many rural churches there are none at all - unless the churchyard yew trees qualify! The sort of provision you describe would rarely be met with other than in some of the larger cathedrals.

Mike Of MD USA. Thanks for your survey but I think I'd struggle to complete it. I've got to a time of life where being self conscious about toileting just isn't on the agenda. So far as I'm concerned if I've got to go I've got to go and if other people have issues about it, that's their problem not mine.

Jemma. I enjoyed reading about your hotel poo. You must have been frantic though. Needing to go badly at 7pm and managing to hold it in until 11.45pm - nearly midnight - is quite an achievement. Had it been me I think I would have risked stinking up the friend's bathroom. I'm sure she has to do #2s and I wouldn't be surprised if she had the odd stinky load.

Tira. It sounds as though you and your daughter took 'buddy dumping' as its known, to a new level. Clearly you were both equally desperate. I'd say you were very lucky not to clog that toilet.

Not much unusual has happened for me on the toilet front lately, although I have had a bit of anal soreness (it happens from time to time) which has responded well to Savlon cream.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Romantic Dump


Hi all, long time reader, first time poster but I felt I had to share a rent change in my bowels all due to some temporary medication.
recently I have been prescribed some strong anti inflammatories to assist with a muscle problem I'm having at the moment but the change it's caused in my bathroom habits has been amazing.
Gone are the days where I was a morning girl who would have to rush to the bathroom not long after getting up, to get a toilet under my round bum to unload some rather soft turds. Instead due to the medication I now don't have to go at all in the morning.
What happens instead, is that I now get an urge that builds throughout the day, leaving me to have to release some large pan-busting steamers, I have to admit because of this I really look forward to my daily visit.
However, the first time this happened was at work not long before I finished. It was late in the afternoon, and I suddenly I got the feeling that my bum had reached full capacity. No cramps, just a tremendous turd that was trying to force it's way out, I was getting rather excited at the prospect of releasing this the moment I got back home to the throne, however, this poo had other ideas. The feeling in my colon said that this needed to be taken care of urgently and I was starting to turtle head.
With that being the case and the fact I had finished work now I made my way over to the ladies, at work we have 3 cubicles, so it's never a problem to get seated but they do receive a lot of custom during the course of the day.
Well I soon entered a state of shock and panic as after checking all three cubicles none had any paper left.
My poor bum was starting to quiver and ache from holding the load back and now i couldn't even go.
The desperation to relief myself was immense, I really couldn't hold it until I got home thats a 30 min journey at best.
I had to give in to the desperation I was bursting to go paper or no paper, I needed to get my arse seated.
I entered the middle cubicle put my back on the hook and pulled up my black pencil shirt and dropped my thong to my ankles, I was wearing hold up stockings and heels so this made the operation slightly easier.
I then rested my aching thighs and bum on the toilet, I was shaking in anticipation for relief.
It was now time for me to have a much needed dump, almost instantly the poo started to leave my bum filling me with a feeling of ecstasy. The smell of this beast was rather raunchy and soon filled the air of the ladies.
It kept coming until it dropped with an almighty PLOP, I separated my thighs and looked at the footlong monster I had created, passing that felt amazing! Due to this I did spend a little longer in that toilet cubicle as I was all alone.
But long story short the best part was I remembered I had some paper in my handbag, however, this was one of those poo's where you don't need to wipe. All in all a great afternoon.
I will try and post more but hard with work, looking forward to reading more stories :)

Sonya Sue

The Turd

It was about 45 minutes after school and I was in the 3rd floor math wing of my school. I had been really busy since lunch and had been holding my pee since I tried to get into the bathroom right after lunch but there was a long line. Then after school there was the cone in the doorway of the two bathrooms I tried that they were being cleaned. So I met with my math teacher, took my quiz, put it on his desk and then practically ran down the hall to the bathroom. I had been holding my pee for three hours and it was hurting. I walked around the entrance wall of an average size bathroom I've only used occasionally and I was somewhat startled. Here was a girl, about 9, probably the daughter of a teacher who was coming out of a stall, hopping with her jeans and white underwear down and when she saw me she got very surprised look on her face. For a moment I stopped in my tracks and watched a turd about an inch long drop out of her, hit the waist of her jeans and then plop onto the floor. She got more scared and quickly ran a couple of stalls down, where she ducked into a stall, slammed the door, and I could hear her throw herself onto the seat.

I took the first toilet to my left. pulled down my jeans and thong, and took a really pleasurable wee. At some point of each wee, I get bored from my comfortable seat, I could see under the door and the dark brown turd just laying there. I heard wiping down the way, the toilet being flushed and then the girl hurrying out of the bathroom. At that point I realized that I had taken her stall. So I looked at the toilet paper dispenser, and it was empty. Now I realized what she tried to do by finding another stall so that she could have toilet paper to wipe with. The only problem was that she didn't make it without the accident. What was interesting was the next morning at 7:15 a.m. I had to get a pass from my math teacher to get help during study hall. After he wrote it I stopped by that bathroom because I felt my morning crap coming on and sure enough the turd was still laying there in the same place. I went to the far end stall, checked for toilet paper first, seated myself and enjoyed a very satisfying crap. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and then on the way to the student council room I told one of the security ladies about the turd. She said she'd call it in to custodial services. Two hours later I doubled back to that bathroom right after homeroom. It was pretty busy and sure enough the turd was still there. I was surprised that no one had stopped on it.

Steve A

Kamdyn's Survey

Self Conscious Survey

1. The color/style of your underwear.

No, I'm not self conscious about my underwear since I wear regular boxers. But, if a guy wore a man thong, then he might be uncomfortable about it.

2. The noise you make.

I don't care about the noises I make, it's all normal when you're pooping.

3. Actual time spent on the toilet.

I just take my time. People need to understand that we all poop at different times.

4. Whether you are going to clog the flush cycle.

I try to leave when there's no one in the bathroom when the toilet isn't working after I used it. At home, I just fix it myself and that's it.

5. Whether you are using too much toilet paper to clean yourself.

I'll use as much TP as I need.

6. Whether you are sitting butt down on the seat or toilet paper or a seat cover.

I'll either wipe the seats clean or put TP on the seat.

7. Whether you are flushing or not.

I flush when I'm done.

8. Whether you are washing your hands.

I wash my hands after going. It's weird to see people not washing their hands after going.

9. How much of a smell you are creating.

From question #2, (pun intended), I don't care since it happens when everyone poops.

10. Other

On my upcoming high school band Disney World trip, we take coach buses since the bus ride is about 18-19 hours long with meal and rest stops along the way. There is a bathroom on the bus. I don't have a problem with using it, but others do have problems when someone takes a crap on the bus. If you're worried about someone using the bathroom on the bus, then what the heck? Things like this shouldn't be bothersome to people. I crapped on a coach bus before and no one complained about the smell or anything else.


Responses, Survey, Updates

Hi everyone! Everything has been going well. The wedding is moving along. We are keeping everything simple, with a church wedding, with a reception following at the local country club. I have a dress! Yea!!!

My bowels have been regular as always! I am still going twice daily!

However, not long after I disappeared for Lent, I had an episode of really bad gas. My normal farts are bubbly and noisy, but with very little smell. While they were still bubbly and noisy, they came with a horrific smell. It happened on the Monday after Valentines through about the Wednesday of the following week. My bowels were still the same, all though I did not have a solid log during that period of time. I think that I had a bad six pack of yogurt, because a couple of days after I finished off the yogurt I was fine.

However, at work, when things slowed down, I would excuse myself just to fart. I would pretend to have to check something out in the office. I did not want to fart in the closed, intimate space that I have to work. Has anyone every had gas like that?

The funny thing is that it certainly affects your intimacy. Alan and I are not having sex, but we have spent quite some time kissing recently. On the Sunday after Valentines, we were kissing and had a program on TV in the background. We were at his place and the girls were asleep. During the middle of kissing, I just farted out of nowhere. Now, this whole week I felt like every waking moment I was holding in a fart or I was farting. So it did not surprise me that I farted like that. But what surprised me was that I could not control it. I mean, who wants to fart while you are kissing? Alan got a good laugh. I told him what had been going on. He suggested that I light a candle and let 'em rip. So I did. I think it excited him! However, it was not my finest romantic hour!

To Mina: I am so sorry to learn that you were in the hospital. I hope that you are well now! I enjoy your posts and missed you!

To Teri: Wow! What an awkward situation with your daughter, but it sounded like you handled it well. Hope to hear more from you!

Rookery: Thank you for your kind words! It's good to be back!

Kamdyn's Survey:

What are you most self-conscious about in using a public bathroom?

1. The color/style of your underwear.
2. The noise you make.
3. Actual time spent on the toilet.
4. Whether you are going to clog the flush cycle.
5. Whether you are using too much toilet paper to clean yourself.
6. Whether you are sitting butt down on the seat or toilet paper or a seat cover.
7. Whether you are flushing or not.
8. Whether you are washing your hands.
9. How much of a smell you are creating.
10. Other

Kamdyn, I think that mine would be 2, 9 and 10. Grant it, I don't have to poop in public often. However, I think that noise and smell will always make me self-conscious. For "other" I mean that I don't like for people that I know to know that it is me that's going. I can poop in public easier in places that I am a total stranger. However, when people that I know realize I am the one who was gone for a long time, or making the noises, or the smell, then I can be a little self-conscious!

I hope that everyone is well! It's great to be back!



Mike Of MD USA

Survey: What are you most self-conscious about?

1. The color/style of your underwear.
2. The noise you make.
3. Actual time spent on toilet.
4. Whether you are going to clog the flush cycle.
5. Whether you are using too much toilet paper to clean yourself.
6. Whether you are sitting butt down on the seat or toilet paper or a seat cover.
7. Whether you are flushing or not.
8. Whether you are washing your hands.
9. How often do you smell your creations.
10. Other.

Here are my answers.
1.Color White/Blue/Grey/Black/Red Style Briefs.
2.I sometimes fart when on toilet/piss.
3.I would say 10 minutes at home/less than 5 at work or on a plane.
4.I try not to clog them.
5.I usually use about six sheets or more.
6.I usually sit down on the seat.
7.I usually flush for poop and pee, but sometimes i forget to flush after pee.
8.I usually wash my hands after poop, but rinse them after pee.
9.Usually a little bit to a lot.
10.I have to share it with other people that i work with.
Here's my survey for you all:
1. Are you pants all the ways down when you poop.
2. Do you flush after peeing.
3. Do you take off your Bikini bottom when pooping/peeing.
4. Do you were briefs or panties as your underwear..
5. When you pee do you sometimes have a smell.
Here are my answers to my survey.
1. I usually have them at my knees.
2. I sometimes do.
3. N/A.
4. I usually wear briefs or shorts.
5. It sometimes does smell

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story about you desperate easter poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always anther great stry about your desperate poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Stomach flu survey

Posting about my 24 hour flu got me thinking about vomiting and diarrhea, so I have come up with the following survey. My answers are below.

1. How often do you experience nausea?
I sometimes experience mild nausea after overeating but rarely from food poisoning or stomach flus. Probably once or twice a month (mild) and less than once a year does it typically result in vomiting.

2. How many often do you vomit?
Probably less than once a year, although I used to vomit monthly or bimonthly from a partially obstructed kidney. I would typically begin to feel nauseous around bedtime, and would be vomiting within a few hours. Episodes were accompanied by severe pain, and the vomiting was often violent, or projectile. I distinctively remember once waking up nauseated in the middle of the night, turning, and projectile vomiting all over the place. Episoses would end within 24 hours. I had surgery when I was 9 to have it fixed, went 5 years without ralphing, until I threw up twice at thanksgiving 2 years ago, and again last Christmas.

3. How often do you experience diarrhea?
Quite often. My diet is not the best, and I like spicy foods, both of which can and have caused loose stools (technically not diarrhea because it's usually only one or two bouts, but when I take laxatives or drink prune juice, it is true diarrhea).

4. Would you rather vomit once or suffer mild diarrhea?
Probably diarrhea, because despite my fascination with vomit stories, I hate vomiting and hate being around people vomiting even more. I don't mind diarrhea, unless it's in public. I had diarrhea at school during swim practice in an empty locker room a few months ago from a bad lunch but I didn't vomit.

5. Have you ever had a both ender? Stories encouraged
Many times, twice in the past year and a half, in fact.

6. When you get sick, why do you usually get sick (stomach flu, food poisoning, food allergies, reaction to medicines, drugs, alcohol, etc.)?
The past two times were from a stomach bug, but as I mentioned above, I used to vomit from a partially obstructed kidney.

7. Have you ever puked in a public restroom, or anywhere in public (school or workplace counts)?
Not that I can remember, but I'm sure it has happened before.

8. Have you ever pooped yourself while vomiting? Or puked into a trashcan, the floor, a sink, or a bag while defecating?
The latter, yes, I posted about it earlier this week. I can't remember the former, though it might've happened.

9. What's your worst vomit or runs story? Or both at the same time?
Probably when I threw up twice and soiled several pairs of underware and pooped on my aunt's couch (I somehow managed to completely contain it in my butt cheeks). I will post the full story sometime later. Or maybe my burning diarrhea from drinking prune juice after eating spicy hot wings and losing so much fluid that I feared dehydration and electrolyte imbalances from what was probably a gallon of fiery brown hot sauce. I will post later

Mr P

Shout out to Catherine

Just wanted to give a shout out to Catherine. Good to have you back after your social media fast. I love your pooping stories and have missed them and look forward to more.

Mr P (in the wheelchair)

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Dear Catherine, I'm happy you are back! Maho explained me about giving up for Lent. So I didn't say, please come back soon, but we missed you.

I said about page 1763, I read with Hisae the post by Gillygwentgirl. I explained to her, "turn on" after checking in dictionary. She was very quiet about 5 minutes, so I said her, "Hisae what you are thinking?" And she looked at me deep eyes and then said, "Mina when you are on loo, I turn on little bit, just like Gillygwentgirl in post."

I didn't surprise. Because I feel same. but I think Gillygwent girl has more stronger feeling perhaps. But I am sure I feel same and I said to Hisae.

We both think, it is normal. And we told to Kazuko and Maho, and they immediately said, "of course we feel! Normal!!". We all feel warm things in body. But for me, heart even more warm. Heart feeling last longer than body feeling. I am sure my friends are same.

When my friends are doing motion in front of me, I always love. and when they finish, I say in heart, "can't you do more"? I told to Hisae, she laughed.

Next morning she said me, after some plop sounds, "sorry Mina, I can't do more! Maybe later!" But after that when I was on loo, Hisae say, "Mina please do more." So I stayed on loo longer, but it is bad to force, so when I feel empty I said Hisae, "I finish, because not good for health. But there is next time!" And she wipe me, and then I flush, and then we hug long time. Always we hug after motion now.

Tomorrow Maho come to live with me. Already her many things are in flat. Kazuko and Hisae are envy, but we say, come and stay with us many times! And they look for flat near us.

I hope everyone have happy loo time and happy other time. Always I say, but it is because always I feel!

Love to all of you

Mina and Hisae

PS Hisae say, special kiss from her to Gerald. She blow kiss from loo same time when motion is coming out from her.


Latest story

Hi, Abbie here, I thought I'd post a quick story as I'm back from uni for Easter.
Last night my friends Ellie and Beth slept over round my house. We woke up really late and just lazed about in our nighties, we couldn't even be bothered to get dressed!
As we were chatting I could steadily feel the urge for a poo getting stronger and stronger, I tried to think back to when I'd last had a poo and really couldn't remember!! I decided it must have been at least 3 days ago so I knew it would be a really bad idea to hold it in for too long. Just then Ellie said, "Right, I need the loo," and she walked over to my ensuite. Unlike me and Beth Ellie hardly ever gets constipated, so even if she needed a poo I knew I wouldn't have long to wait. My bed is right opposite the bathroom so I saw Ellie lift her nightie and pull down her peach coloured pants. I heard a strong wee stream starting up and heard her doing some farts, they were quite loud and Beth giggled. "Sorry!" said Ellie as her stream dribbled to a stop. I shifted around on my bed, my poo was trying to poke out of my bum and I was having to clench my bumhole to keep it in. I could see Ellie was pushing, she looked like she was having to strain a bit more than she usually does so I was hoping she wouldn't take too long. "Sorry about this, I really need to have a poo but I think I'm a bit constipated," she panted after a couple of minutes. I got off my bed and walked stiffly into the bathroom, the tip of a log doing its best to force open my tightly clenched bumhole. "Are you OK Abs?" asked Ellie, as she continued to push, so far she hadn't made any plops or splashes. "Yeah, take your time, its just I'm desperate for a poo as well and I think I'm gonna have to put some toilet paper in my pants so they don't get dirty." I ripped off some loo roll and folded it into a square, then pulled my pants down, they were plain white so I wanted to stop them from getting marked if my poo poked out. I put the folded up loo paper in them and pulled them back up. Its typical, whenever I'm bursting for a poo I always seem to be wearing pants which show up skidmarks really badly!!
"Sorry Abs, I'll try to be as fast as I can, I tried to have a poo yesterday but I couldn't go," panted Ellie, I noticed she'd gone a bit pink from all the pushing, which again is normal for me and Beth but I don't think I'd ever seen Ellie have to strain like that before. "I think I'm gonna have to push harder or I'll be here for ever," said Ellie. I sat on my heel on my bed, which helped to keep my poo in. I could see she was looking a bit hesitant and embarrassed so I said "Don't worry if you need to grunt, just go ahead, its no big deal." Ellie took a deep breath and started to bear down, I could see from her face that she was having to push really hard and sure enough she couldn't help making a few grunts as she strained. Luckily that seemed to do the trick, shortly after I heard several plops and Ellie moaned with relief. She finished with a final plop a minute or so later and then started to wipe her bottom. When she was done she stood up, pulled up her pants and flushed the toilet and then washed her hands.
"Right, you can go now, sorry I took so long," she said, coming back into the bedroom.
"No worries, I know what its like when your trying to have a poo but its really hard going," I said. I knew that the log would start to poke out as soon as I stood up, so it was just as well I'd put the toilet paper in my pants. I waddled over to the loo, reached up under my nightie and dropped my pants to my knees. I threw the toilet paper between my legs and started to have a wee, I couldn't help moaning slightly as I relaxed my tightly clenched bum and felt the tip of a fat log starting to make its way out. "You can come in if you like, I'll probably be a while too," I panted as I started to push. Ellie and Beth came in and sat on the floor, Beth was sitting with her knees up so I could see her pants, she was wearing plain white ones too and whats more they were stuck up her bum so I hoped she wouldn't end up needing a poo as well!! My wee stream died away as I could feel a huge fat log trying to come out, it was really stretching my bum. To be honest pretty much every time I have a poo it's a fat one and whenever I'm constipated it can get really hard as well, sometimes it feels like I'm trying to pass a rock!!
"Sorry about this," I said after a hard push and a rather embarrassing grunt, "I've been finding it hard to have a poo recently as well, I've been feeling like I need it but I can't go and then by the time I really get a full blown urge its got so big and fat I really struggle to push it out!!"
"I guess I'm glad its not just me!" said Ellie, as I took another deep breath and started to bear down again. I was having to push really hard and knew I'd be going red with all the effort but I was past the point of caring, I just wanted to get this log out. My poor bumhole was having to stretch wider as I felt the log poking out more and more as I strained, it was really embarrassing as I just couldn't help making loud grunts even though I was doing my best to keep quiet. Luckily after another couple of minutes I could feel the log speeding up as the fattest part was through, and not long after it sploshed down into the water and I moaned with relief. I finished with a couple of smaller pieces which required a bit more pushing but not nearly as much as that first monster log, and then took some loo roll and wiped my bottom. When I was done I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Beth said "I'm dying for a wee now," so she got up, lifted her nightie and pulled down her pants before sitting on the seat.
"Right, shall we get dressed?" Ellie asked, standing up and walking out of the bathroom. As I followed her I heard Beth saying "Wow, this seat's really warm!" and then a strong stream splashing down into the bowl. As Beth was weeing Ellie took off her dirty pants, replacing them with a yellow pair from her bag, then pulled her nightie over her head and started to put on her bra. As I took off my pants and opened my drawer to get some clean ones I could hear Beths stream dying away to a dribble and then stopping altogether. I put on some pink flowery pants, as I was easing them up over my bum I could hear Beth wiping and then she flushed and washed her hands. Beth came back into the bedroom and then she started to get dressed too. I hope you enjoyed this story, thanks for reading, bye!!

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