Chloe B

Easter Sunday crap

Hey guys it's Chloe. Today I'm gonna tell about what happened this Sunday at during Easter services at my church.
So Sunday morning I work up late and only had about 20 minutes to really get ready. I rushed into the shower and luckily got ready in time but didn't get to crap before My family and I left. I had on a new cute dress which I was really excited to wear. We had donuts for breakfast and I probably ate too much looking back at it now. Anyways we got to church and as we were walking in I felt my stomach churn and thought it was nothing and say with my family. About 20 minutes later my stomach was really starting to hurt and I knew I needed to go to the bathroom soon. During a song I got up and rushed to the bathroom. I felt the pressure in my butt and I was starting to get cold sweats. I rushed in and all of of the 4 stalls were being in use. another girl in my grade who is also 16 (we'll call her Molly) was waiting. We got to talking and she said that she really needed to pee. I told her my stomach was upset and I was getting desperate. At that time a steal opened up and Molly went in. I heard her sit down and pull up her dress and push her panties down to her knees. She let out a strong stream and was really going at it. Right as that was happening the stall next to her opened up and I rushed in and immediately pulled my dress up and black thong down. I sat my butt on the toilet and immediately let out a big buzzing fart with poo spattering in the toilet and then followed it with loose chunky poop. I let out about 7 chunks rapidly and then farted again. As I was really blowing it up Molly was still sitting down and didn't hear much from her. I continued to let out more chunks of loose poop and I got a chance to catch my breath. The person on my right was also pooping and I heard a 3 plops consecutively. I looked down and the bowl was full of floating chunks and my stall was pretty stinky. I noticed a small among of blood on my thong but I usually don't get huge BMs during my period. I looked at Molly's heels and then heard a turd plop it way into the toilet and she started to wipe. I was letting out small chunks here and there felt done. I pulled for toilet paper and wiped about 8 times. I pulled my thong back up and flushed and washed my hands. I met Molly at the sink and she whispered to me "ugh I'm constipated so bad" I told her to try and take something to help it and that my stomach was not all agreeing with me today as well. I got back to my fanily and it has been about 10 minutes and my mom asked what happened. I had told her about my stomach and she agreed it was probably what I ate. So I recently saw a survey in her about pooping in public restrooms and I saw that a lot of people try and avoid it. My question is why exactly? I get it if the bathroom is awful but I mean I'm in high school now and I've grown up pooping in public places and being confortable with it. In elementary I would here comments about how "nasty" it is but as I've gotten older I've seen more and more people be comfortable with it. Anyways that all for now. Happy pooping!

your worst nighmare

Poopy hello

Hello all,
This has been pretty quiet lately, how is everyone doing any good pee story's lately?


Survey: What are you most self-conscious about?

What are you most self-conscious about in using a public bathroom?

1. The color/style of your underwear.
2. The noise you make.
3. Actual time spent on the toilet.
4. Whether you are going to clog the flush cycle.
5. Whether you are using too much toilet paper to clean yourself.
6. Whether you are sitting butt down on the seat or toilet paper or a seat cover.
7. Whether you are flushing or not.
8. Whether you are washing your hands.
9. How much of a smell you are creating.
10. Other

So I'll start. Here are my answers:

1. In grade school, my mom bought my underwear and often I didn't like it because it was different than my friends'.
2. That's bigger now because sometimes I fart with a lot of noise.
3. It's the biggest thing at school. I hate the detentions for tardies.
4. Its the most important if I know the person waiting next in line.
5. Only if others are waiting. It is worse if the stall doesn't have a privacy door.
6. Only if my mom or aunt are with me. They really stress lining the seat.
7. I try to remember, but sometimes I forget, especially when I pee and am late to class.
8. I had a 3rd grade teacher really stress that and require it when she was monitoring us. Now a larger number of users don't take the time to do it.
9. Only before school or during 1st hour. After that the bathrooms smell pretty bad anyway.
10.In grade school, some of the guys hassled me for checking out to the bathroom and they knew depending how long I was gone whether I had done a wee or pooped.


Holes in public toilet cubicles

I have somewhat frequently seen peep holes that have been drilled into the sides of public toilet cubicles. My boyfriend plays competitive softball and I regularly use toilets in public parks, highway rest areas, and gas stations where this is a problem. Sometimes it is 1 or 2 holes; sometimes it is a few more and perhaps a few holes I could put my thumb into. In such situations, if I see the next toilet is in use, I will not use the toilet I was about to use. It just creeps me out and it makes Diver mad too because on some weekends he may play 4 or 5 games and well we need to use the bathrooms. I remember back when we were in high school, he got really upset when he was seated taking a crap in a park and he saw a non-player using the stall next to him peeking in on him from a hole farther back in the panel. What tipped him off to it was that the guy's feet were being moved so much that there would have been no way for him to have been legitimately dropping into the stool.

I understand the toilet paper roll holders and feminine hygiene product disposals get abused in bathrooms and need to be replaced. The holes holding them should be plugged with something permanent if new holes have to be drilled. The idea of the holes, whether they were intended or not, just creeps me out. I remember when we were back in high school (we've been dating almost 7 years) I was surprised when Diver told me he often took a shit in front of others at school because many of the stalls had no doors. At first, I thought that was preposterous. But at least he's seeing those who are seeing him.

Anna from Austria
To Mina

Dear Mina thanks for the further infos about loos in japan. That you can't hear the plop sounds in some Japanese toilets is indeed interesting and makes me a bit happy indeed to have such high degree of privacy.

I will book my flight to Japan soon by the way. I am really looking forward being there in August.

@all Yesterday I was shopping in the mall, when I my bottom gave me a signal to use the bathroom.The bathroom was pretty crowded and I managed to get into one of the last remaining open stalls. I locked the stalls pulled my pants and thong down and sat on the toilet. At the same moment I began to pee I noticed that there was no toilet paper left.At first I wanted only to pee and do my Number 2 at another toilet, but while I was peeing an loud fart exploded from my bottom a my first log started to come out. After peeing I did one more fart and another log. Luckily I found some paper tissues in my purse to clean myself. Then i flushed washed my hands and left the Ladies room.

greetings from Austria



Clogged Hotel Toilet

I am the Nick that posted last night about my 24 hour flu I had over Christmas, and I'm back with another vacation story. Last week was spring break for me, and since we live in Chicago where it has been cold, and since I'm a baseball fan, we went to Phoenix for spring training. After eating large amounts of fast food, drinking copious amounts of water and Mountain Dew Voltage (my favorite, also gives stools a greenish hint thanks to blue dye), and hiking, my bowels decide they want to be moved. I have an issue with using public restrooms for number twos, so I held it until we got back from hiking Saguaro Lake and eating mexican food. By the time we got back, I really had to go bad, but I waited for my dad to take my brother to do a therapy lesson in the lobby because I knew that thia would be a major one. When they left, I hustled to the bathroom, dropping the stale doughnut I was eating into the trash, for I was touching cloth at this point. I immediately unloaded a large but soft log upon sitting down. I was nowhere near done, so I continued to push soft but solid feces for the next several minutes, as internal pressure took over, until I felt empty. I thought it would be a good idea to see what I had done. Oh boy did I unload! There must've been a good 3 pounds of light brown and slightly greenish feces (from the blue Mountain Dew) in the pot, extending up out of the water. I examined for a minute or two, quite amazed that all of that had been in my body the entire day, and that I made it that far without any trouble. Due to the atrocious smell, and knowing that dad would return soon, I hit the flush lever. Oh no! It started to flush, but clogged mid-flush, thankfully not overflowing onto the floor. Out of desperation, fear, and embarrassment, I plunged my hand down into the toilet to try to unclog it. No luck. After about a minute, I reluctantly removed my poopy hand from the toilet and admitted defeat. I made sure to wash well, and tried to relax. When a hotel employee alerted me that my brother had a seizure, the events that just happened in the bathroom multiplied my fear by 100. From the ER, me and my dad called me he hotel, and once my brother was cleared to go home, we returned to find a clean, unclogged toilet.
Note: This is not the biggest dump I've ever taken, but is probably the largest completely solid one. I promise to tell my biggest dump and another near-clog at another hotel another day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Christmas Vomit and Diarrhea Story

Hello, I'm Nick and I have an interesting story from winter break. Going on vacation for spring break reminded me of the unpleasant experience I had over winter break. For winter break, my family went to Charleston, SC. On December 28th, I felt fine and ate a complete dinner consisting of tacos and grape nuts cereal for an after dinner snack. I remember experiencing excessive flatulance at bedtime but thinking nothing of it. That is, until 3 am when I woke up and promptly rushed to the bathroom to release my first bout of semi-liquid diarrhea. I awoke mom and asked her to run out at dawn to get ginger ale to sooth my upset stomach. I spent most of the early hours with diarrhea that grew more and more watery and sleeping. Finally, at about 9 am, I went to go poop (with a trashcan next to the toilet). I immediately released a bout of diarrhea, the smell so atrocious at this point, combined with my nausea, that I reached over to grab the conveniently empty trashcan near me and began retching. The first couple of heaves were dry, but the third or fourth brought up a brownsish sour liquid. I continued to heave violently for almost a minute, splashing vomit up into my eyes; thankfully I closed my eyes in time to avoid getting puke up my eyes, but in the meantime I put the trashcan on the floor, resulting in splashing out of the trashcan. When I was done throwing up, my mom came into the bathroom to help me clean up; step one being to empty the trashcan that probably contained a good 2 quarts of my brown vomit that looks like diarrhea. After cleaning my mouth out and drinking some ginger ale, I went to lay on the couch. I spent the rest of the day sleeping, watching TV and going to the bathroom to have diarrhea. I didn't throw up again, but I refrained from eating solid foods, sticking to ginger ale (drank nearly an entire 2 liter bottle), water, and half a can of Coke in the evening. I slept on the couch that night not feeling like going all the way to the bedroom. The next day, I felt good enough to eat breakfast, a late lunch, and dinner, but still not 100%. The following day, I felt completely better, even guzzling down a huge soda with a bowl of chili and hot wings at our Clemson party. I have more stories similar to this one and a story of how I clogged the toilet at our hotel at spring training in Phoenix, AZ.



Mina, thanks for reading my story. I definitely agree with what you said and i felt bad for that girl too. I tried my best not to pay that much attention to the girls but they were so loud it was hard not to. I do think her friends should have been more supportive of the girls accident and not have drawn that much attention to themselves. Especially the blond girl who smacked her. Im sure the girl who pooped herself was embarrassed about it in reality. That would be a terrible time for anyone.

Catherine, glad to see you back. I look forward to hearing more stories from you and hope everything eent well during your fasting.

Dutch girl
On a field trip to Noorwegen and Schweden four years back we had to go to toilet outdoor. We were around 20 youths, both female and male, and we all had even to poop in the bushes. A new experience to me and probably most of us to sit squatting with pants down and just poop on the ground. Everybody certainly tried to find places to be alone but I think we all saw someone else out there in the wood sitting with the bum bare. A very amusing view especially to see the men sitting there looking like small kids!

Brandon T

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To: Sheelee great story.

To: Eileen great story about your big easter poop and I look forward your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

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Thursday, March 31, 2016


loud poo in hotel loo

Sorry not posted for ages,
Been really busy working all over the UK
so not had a lot of free time to post,
However, i have some free time now, so here is my latest story
About the loudest ever poo i had in a hotel room this weekend.

It was Saturday night and my husband and I had been out all evening with friends,
I was desperate for a huuuuge poo at Kate & Carl's house but no way was i smelling that out.
I had an urge to go from around 7pm and we got back to our hotel at 1145pm, hubs knew early on i needed a poo and was continuously slapping my butt lightly at their house, & when he wasn't doing that he was rubbing my peachy big butt up and down.
I love it when he does that!
Anyway, entering our room, hubs gave my butt a big slap as i headed to the toilet, i left the loo door open for hubs to listen in and boy was it loud i probably could have shut the door and he'd have heard it clearly!!
I pulled my black thong down and hitched my short black dress up, sat down & immediately my logs started ease their way out with desperation... PLOP!!..PLOP-PLOP!!..PLOP-PLOP-PLOP!!....PLOP!!...PLOP!!...PLOP!-PLOP!-PLOP!! done, man was that a great poo!!

Hi to John B my cyber pal lol

Until next time, J xx


High water levels

I used a toilet today with the water level just below the top of the bowl. I understand this is because of the u bend and common in America but this is the first time I've seen one in person.

I pulled down my leggings and sat on the toilet, after a few seconds I started weeing. It made the faintest of tinkles! I loved it. Normally the sound would fill the room but with this toilet you could barely hear it. I went for about 15 seconds and wiped.

I can't wait to have a poo on that toilet and might have a live update about it .



Happy Easter!!!

Hello everybody! I hope that everyone has had a great day! I'm back from my social media fast and am posting from the toilet at Alan's house. I just unloaded a long-overdue dump, which got a little extra urgent following a hearty Easter dinner at Alan's parents' house. The kids are getting ready for bed and I am going to tuck them in before giving Alan a little good night kiss, and then I have to be on my way!

I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone's posts! And, hello to all the new people on the forum!

I need to clean up and get back, but I wanted to say hello!

Love to all!!!


Brandon T

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To: Sheelee great story.

To: Eileen great story about your big easter poop and I look forward your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Saturday Morning at Wal-Mart

Saturday morning I went to Wal-Mart with my mom because she had some major shopping to do. I also wanted to look at some of the new phones available. So we separated and she said she'd text me if she needed me for anything. It was the day before Easter and the superstore was packed. We had to cruise the lot for just a parking space and it was at the far end of the lot. Just doing the long walk through the parking lot reminded me that I hadn't peed when I got up so I knew what I had to do once we got inside. So I went to the bathroom at the front of the store. There were six stalls. All were in use. One other lady was waiting with me and she struck up a conversation with me about how dumb it was that there wasn't more toilets available since the store is always so busy. I told her I understood, but that our school has crowded bathrooms too. The way she looked when I mentioned it and what she said in a mumble showed that she had some attitude.

Two doors opened at the same time. It was awkward because both she and I started going for the same one, but I stopped and decided to take the middle one. The seat was predictably warm when I placed my butt on it. It took me about 30 seconds to get my pee going and I listened intently to those coming into the stalls on both sides of me. What caught my attention was that in both cases, was that the door was closed with force like they were desperate to get on the stool, their clothing dropped to their ankles, but then they turned around, pulled one of those toilet seat covers out of the wall holder behind the toilet then I heard them fumble with it as they opened it up and then placed it over the seat. I got to thinking its like working with wrapping paper for gifts at Christmas. Then I could hear them sit down it on it.

About an hour later mom and I had lunch at one of the fast food places there. Then we separated again because we wanted to look at different things. It must have been the super-sized drink I had with lunch but within a half hour I had to both crap and pee. Kind of like sometimes happens right after lunch at school. I went to the bathrooms at the back of the store this time. This time about 8 of the 10 toilets were available. I went into the middle one. I latched the door--it fought me a bit but as my dad likes to say I 'mastered' it--and I seated myself. My pee started immediately. After about a minute my crap which was largely of series of harder, strangely shaped pieces came out. As I remained seated, I got new neighbors on each side. Just as before, I was able to hear and partially view their routine. Both took the time to pull off and put down on of the seat papers.

Then I got to thinking about whether I should be feeling guilty for not using one.

I have lot of things to tell but I do one at a time. I read story of Rookery about volleyball girls. Usually I hate when someone have accident and other people laugh. But this tall girl laugh at her own accident so I didn't angry. But..... I wonder how she feel really. Maybe she laugh to cover her embarrass? Perhaps if I have accident, I laugh too, but inside I feel bad awfully. And I think Maho or Hisae or Kazuko never smack my bottom in such kind of case.

I hope she wasn't embarrassment. But if she was, she is very very very brave girl!!

I and Hisae read page 1763. Well, I translate, and she listen. I tell you about, next time. It is not a bad news.

Love to all.

Mina and friends

PS Anna from Canada, and Megan, and many more, I and my friends are waiting for next your lovely story!


Update + short story

Hey guys, I hope you all remember me. I had posted on this site a month or two ago about my enema revenge against my now ex boyfriend. A little update, I recently gotten a ~pretty obvious but hilarious message~ back from him to put it nicely about what was had done to his car. He didn't know that it was me but he did suspect it because I broke up with him after he came back and he thought it was a bit of a coincidence that these 2 things has happened. I immediately laughed and stopped talking to him after that.

Anyways, here's another story that had happened to me recently.

About a couple days ago, I had the day off. During that time, I was already constipated for a good few days before, so since I already had an enema kit from my previous story, I decided to use it. I administered the enema and after a bit, I managed to take up a good couple of liters. After a good few minutes, I let loose on the toilet and it felt like a volcano had violently erupted all over in the toilet bowl. This would go on for at least a good few minutes until I was finally finished.

By the time I was done, I wiped and flushed. Darn I felt much better afterwards.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my recent experience. I'll make another post if anything else interesting came up. Happy Reading ^_^

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dear Anna (from Austria)

Thank you for kind words always. I'm happy you like my stories!

I want to tell you, in Japanese convenience stores, sometimes loo flush automatically. And I recently found, if you get up from loo, it flushes. But not all loos, of course. So if your motion too big and you worry that it clogs the loo, you can get up at half time, let loo flush, then finish motion.

Interest thing, maybe make you happy, is that many loos in Japan, you can't hear plop noise when motion drops into water. In Kazuko's workplace the loo is that style so even she does many many motions, woman next door can't count. But loo in my flat, plop sound is clear, but Kazuko says, she like to hear plop sound when she is my flat. Maho and Hisae also like! And I like. In Wales, loo in house where I stay was very noisy! Sometimes I thought, can everyone hear my ten or eleven plops? But actually I didn't care so much because everyone do motion, and my host family was open very much about such a thing. They know I do biggest motions and they know it is because my vegetable diet. They never laugh me.

Dear TwentyOne, I'm happy you like my stories!

Dear Teri, I and my friends really like your story about you and daughter on loo together! Maybe we try that style one day. I think fun.

Love to all of you



An Easter trip I remember

For about a dozen years from when I was 8 until I got out of high school I always had an amazing spring break experience. Many of my friends would just hang around the house and do nothing while my Aunt Josey would treat me to a trip to her spacious house and nearby coastal beach located on the other side of the country. She did some work for an airline and she got free promotional tickets to use every year and my parents allowed me to use them.

Because of my age, I got to take a non-stop flight and a stewardess would accompany me onto the plane and off the plane until we got to baggage and Aunt Josey would then pick me up. On my first year's flight, Mom insisted that that I try to do my morning BM at the airport while we were waiting for the plane to board. It was my third day without going and she was worried about me becoming more and more constipated and Aunt Josey having to give me a laxative. I hated taking a laxative but Mom had given me one the night before the trip and I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. for the early morning flight. So here we were at the airport and mom took me to the door of the bathroom, told me to select a stall and to sit for at least 10 minutes. I knew it wasn't going to help, but I did it because I didn't want her to yell at me with so many people around. Several ladies were waiting and peeked in on me as I sat kicking my legs with my jeans and underwear down to my shoes. Finally, I just jumped down, pulled up my clothing and walked through the crowd. I heard one old lady tell another that "none of the kids today flush" and beginning with the next time, I always like faked a wipe and flushed, despite the fact that it wasn't necessary. Even now, about 25 years later, I've continued to do that. It probably doesn't make much sense, I know.

The stewardess that took over when I boarded the plane was really, really nice. So much so that I remembered wishing I could have had her as a babysitter because some of the high school sitters Mom hired were kind of rude and mean. She introduced herself. Her name was Angie. She took me by the hand into the cockpit to meet the pilots and the main pilot gave me a paper cap similar to his that I really enjoyed wearing for much of the trip. Angie took me to my seat, showed me how to buckle myself in, and came down the aisle every few minutes to check up on me. About an hour into the long flight I started to feel my BM coming. I walked to the back of the plane, got myself onto the toilet that looked like a huge can, but the shaking of the plane and a couple of fists on the door caused me to give up. I tried two other times, each time I got frustrated by all the movement jiggling of the door latch and one person that Angie talked to because he cussed at me. After that guy used the toilet and there was no one else in line, Angie came and got me and took me in. She demonstrated for me a little different way to sit, but planting your feet for more comfort while holding onto a fixture for more stability. I couldn't believe it but after a second or two after she seated herself I could hear her pee hitting the toilet. It was like rain on tin. Then she stepped aside and with very little room she showed me how to sit.

Almost immediately I felt my laxative working as the soft crap came out in a couple of globs. I tried to step off the toilet to see how much there was, but she showed me show much my pubic area was rubbing over and soiling the front of the seat. She grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the seat between my legs while another hunk or two was sliding out. After the flight landed, Angie escorted me off the plane. When Aunt Josie didn't answer a page at the gate, Angie said she had to get to the bathroom fast and she led me through the hallway to the first ladies room we saw. She took me with her into the first stall that we saw open and she yanked the bottom of her uniform and underwear down and seated herself. Almost immediately she crapped and you could see the relief on her face. She must have been very efficient with her wipe, because it wasn't a long one. I told her I thought I could pee and she said go for it. So I felt so good that I could demonstrate for her a really fast pee. Then she walked me back to the gate where we found Aunt Josie waiting.

About a week after I got back home Angie send me a really neat atlas of the U.S. She attached a note saying she hoped I would be a frequent traveler. I knew I wanted to do that.


comments and a story

Hello everyone, nice to have a chance to post here again. Ive been reading all of the great stories here over the last few months but havent been able to find the time to sit down and write one of my own.
Teri, i really enjoyed your story of having to share a dump with your daughter on the same toilet. That is what many of us here refer to as buddy dumping. Those are always my favorite stories to read. Im sure it was an awkward situation for both of you but i enjoyed reading it none the less.
Anyway i d like to share a story of my own. This happened last summer while i was mowwing and cleaning up around the football stadium. The school volleyball team sometimes has a workout session on the field and they were there while i was working. I finished mowwing and started walking around picking up trash and the detail work. The volleyball girls were heading back after their workout was over. Three of the girls walked by pretty close to me and were all laughing about something. They were all very pretty. There was a blond girl, a tall tan complected one with long curly brown hair with blond highlights, and a brunette. I overheard bits and pieces of the conversation and heard one of the girls pooped her shorts. It was the tall girl. I was kind of surprised all three of them were all laughing about it especially the girl who pooped herself. It didnt seem to bother her in the least and she seemed to be having just as much fun with it as her two friends. I could see a dark spot in the back of her short purple shorts and it looked like a little of it was seeping out down her leg. It must have been extremely runny diarrhea if it could come through those tight spandex shorts. Then the blonde girl smacked her on the ass and it made a wet smacking sound. Aaawwwww said the girl as she started laughing more . why would you touch it?asked the brunette. She just laughed and stuck her hand in the girls face. Eeewwww get away she said as she smacked her hand. This got all three of them laughing harder than ever. I cant wait to get out of these said the tall girl. I was amazed at how all three of the girls were able to have so much fun with someone pooping themselves. Having an accident in public is no dout a hortible situation for anyone and yet it didnt seem to phase any of them. I would have thought it would be even worse for a beautiful girl like her. She looked like a girl who would be very prim and proper when it came to her appearance. All the school athletes are held to the highest standards so it would have to be a devestating experience. I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with things though. Im sure that was a very messy clean up job. Just goes to show it can happen to the best of us at anytime. Ive heard stories of football players wetting their pants in practice so they didnt have to hold it the whole time. Maybe the poor girls bowles just gave it up and she didnt want to hold it during the workout. Id think the coach would ve excused her to try and make it tp the bathroom if she would ve asked though. Anyway whatever the reasons were it was still a fun experience and i thought it wpuld make for a great story. Hope you all think so too.

I do survey of Sarah.

When I sit on loo, usually panties and other clothes down to my knees, and my friends are same. But when I am at home and want to do motion long time, I take off completely. My friends too, when they are in my flat, but not Hisae. (But once Hisae also did.)

I never embarrass about fart. It is normal. Kazuko fart very much when she does motion. I say her, "you feel better?" she say "yes" with warm smile.

I never find washroom with no stalls. If I need to use, no problem, maybe.

I don't wear skirt often, my friends also don't, except Kazuko when her mother force her. If we wear, we lift up.

Happy time to everybody!


Easter Sunday , a lot of running here and there , with "some things" that needed doing being left until later . But that only meant having a bigger task to do when I would finally get round to it . 3/4 of an hour ago the need to do that task was becoming urgent . I was home , had eaten and tidied up afterwards and was browsing through a magazine when the pressure no my bowels became too much to ignore . I got up , went to the bathroom and walked over to the toilet ,lifted my skirt and lowered my undies to my knees and sat down . My pee came first , then I got a solid piece out , but it was only one and s half inches long . 3 or 4 minutes later I got a solid 4 inch piece out . I knew what was coming next was big because I was struggling to push it out . It was 10 minutes before I managed to get this final piece out . Oh , the relief as it finally plopped into the toilet , it was 8 inches long and at least 2 inches in diameter . My bottom felt a little bit sore after having that last piece emerge through it but I felt so much better to be rid of that load . I cleaned myself VERY thoroughly as usual , flushed the toilet , settled my clothes , washed my hands and left the bathroom . Thank you , everyone .

To Brandon T , thank you , once again for your kind comment
. I hope to post again very soon .


Girlfriend's Bowels and Replies

This week's vacation time has taken its toll on my girlfriend Emma's digestive system. Suffice it to say that she's been experiencing a heavy flow of traffic through her colon lately. Last night she was in and out of the bathroom pretty repeatedly. I was feeling a bit sick myself (unrelated) but I still made sure to keep her company. Her output was very squirty and drippy; on several occasions she felt it necessary to specify that what I was hearing wasn't urine. Luckily she didn't have much stomach pain, just gas, fullness, and discomfort, but afterward she had to wipe her anus very gently, and by the time she crawled into bed she was pretty raw downstairs. She turned down my offer to help her lotion up as she was somewhat suspicious of my (completely innocent) motives.

Emma can be kind of an odd bird sometimes when it comes to what she eats. She's dealt with IBS for a while now, so she's pretty knowledgeable regarding what will set her off. And yet somehow, mysteriously, she still ends up having a pretty substantial episode a couple of times a month. I guess she just doesn't want to give up what she likes.

Replies -

Teri: That was amazing. I don't know if I could ever do something like that, but props to you two for making it happen.

Simon: I'm so glad someone else knows exactly how annoying it is to have to multitask in that manner. The worst thing about the bus ride is that I had to use my elbow to brace against the safety bar so that I didn't die. I completely understand what you mean about the seats that can't stay up because of where the hinge is centered. If the bus toilet was designed like that I probably would have ended up falling over at some point.

Steve's survey:

1. What meal or food combinations make you fart a lot?

- The usual suspects, I guess. Generally spicy or beany stuff. I had some short ribs from a Chinese restaurant once that had me pretty gassy for an entire weekend.

2. Do you avoid eating gassy foods in certain situations? (Ex. If I eat this, I know the after effects of it).

- Only when I'm a) going to a job interview or b) going to have a test the next day. Those are the only situations I can think of where I have specifically avoided eating things I think will end poorly the next day.

3. In a relationship, who should fart first? The guy or the girl?

- The girl, early and often. :) Seriously though, I don't know if I'm just lucky, but every woman I've been serious about has farted in front of me first. If I had to guess, I'd say that the traits I find attractive (being down-to-earth, maybe having a mildly childish, transgressive sort of humor, the ability to laugh at oneself) lend themselves to a woman who can fart without dying of embarrassment. One of my past girlfriends actually took the opportunity, after I told her that it was a plus in her column to do so, to let out all the gas she'd been holding in (and it was quite a bit; we'd been out for dinner and she'd made some iffy choices for the date).

As for Emma, her IBS makes it pretty much impossible for her not to fart in front of a guy eventually, which is of course why she likes to joke about us being perfect for each other. This is the best kind of joke, because it's also true. But that's what works for us; every relationship is different.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kelvin's story from Snowdonia inspired me to tell my story. Last summer I was hiking in Wales. I had to poop outdoor several times. Usually very uncomplicated. But once when I sat there squatting a woman came by. Certainly she saw me sitting there with shorts down at the knees. Extremely embarrassing I can say. Luckily she was not one of the girls in my group. She was much older, probably over 50. She smiled, said oh excuse and dissppeared quickly. She also obviously was hiking and I gress all hikers occasionally have to go to toilet outdoor.

Diarrhea at the movies

I was with my mom to see alligent and ate a ton of the movie theater popcorn with ton of butter about halfway through the movie i had a horrid stomach ache an went to the bathroom and had completely liquid diarrhea.

Steve A

3 Job Shadow Poops & Survey

Job Shadow Poops:

I've had 3 job shadowing days during the last month or so. Every one that I've had, I always developed an urge to poop. They were during the morning hours, so that's probably why. I wonder if I have a 4th one, will I have to poop again or not?


1. What meal or food combinations make you fart a lot?

2. Do you aviod eating gassy foods in certain situations? (Ex. If I eat this, I know the after effects of it).

3. In a relationship, who should fart first? The guy or the girl?


Surprises on the Sides

Two days ago right after school I had to drive down to our city's main library which is located on the downtown mall. There are data bases there that we don't have at school, but which are necessary for AP classes. My plan was to get parked and get at least three hours in on the computer because my deadline was getting closer. So I didn't take my usual wee right after school before leaving campus. I was feeling it. And while in the traffic jam and then trying to find a parallel parking stall (which I hate!) was frustrating, so by the time I got to the stairs outside the main entrance, I was about to burst. My bladder is much too small to down a 20-ounce Dr. Pepper that fast, but I keep on doing it. So I headed right to the main floor bathroom and picked up as much speed as my tiny legs could give me as I slung off my backpack and headed into the first stall where I saw the door was ajar. As I headed in I must have seen six or seven stalls where the doors had been removed. I said Hi to Michelle from my 2nd hour who was seated on one of the toilets and not looking too happy. I got to thinking how lucky I was to enjoy more privacy than she was.

I latched the door. Briefly checked the toilet bowl of really dark urine and two turds floating on top which I leaned over and quickly flushed. As soon as the flush splashing was done I lowered my jeans and underwear and placed my butt on the black seat. I noticed my feet were firmly on the floor, something that doesn't always happen on public toilets because I remain vertically challenged. As my stream started and heavily with considerable noise into the plan, I noticed how unusual it was for the stall door to be painted so nicely and with no graphic vandalism to haunt me. One toilet I used at an interstate rest stop had a male sex organ drawn with great precision and looking so authentic. It grossed me out and one of my male friends said such graffiti is more common in the guys bathrooms. So I felt good as I sat, draining my wee now well into the second minute when I glanced over at the toilet paper roll. About the width of pencil, there was a hole in the left stall panel. It looked like it had been drilled. I looked under the panel and saw tennis shoes with feet pointed at about 10 & 2. I quickly looked to the right, and again there was a hole about twice that size and a little higher than the other one. Looking under that stall, I saw a blue catholic school skirt on the floor and I could hear an occasional plop into the toilet.

I'm curious about how many really public toilets have the holes in the side panels? Do you see them being repaired? Do they alarm you? Your experiences with them should be interesting.

Steve A

Answering My Survey

1. What meal or food combinations make you fart a lot?

Beans, Bear Creek Soup (Potato), or any other random foods mixed. It all depends on what meals and foods cause gas when they're mixed together. My school lunch on Wednesday was 2 hot dogs with chili on top. The chili had beans and meat in it. My sides were baked or cooked beans and fries with cheese. It obviously made me fart.

2. Do you aviod eating gassy foods in certain situations? (Ex. If I eat this, I know the after effects of it).

I don't avoid them. I just eat whatever tastes good to me, but, I still eat healthy.

3. In a relationship, who should fart first? The guy or the girl?

I think the guy or the girl can be the first to fart. It doesn't matter to me. I just want that fart barrier broken.


Gross Senior Prank

I wrote in my first post about how I was raised under very humble circumstances. Our house had only one bathroom. My dad was largely self-employed so his schedule varied by the day. I didn't like having my craps at school and I kind of regulated by body and I would sit down and have my crap each morning at about 7 right after I had my breakfast and just before I left for school. Well one morning dad was taking longer on the stool and my ride was honking outside so I had to hold off on my crap. Dani was two years older than me and had just got her license. So I grabbed by book bag and ran for her car. She always would give me a hard time if I was late because that was time away from her seeing her boyfriend in the hallway before 1st hour. Because I was only a freshman, I didn't even marginally care about that.

We got into the parking lot and I moved pretty fast, despite my heavy book bag, up the 2 flights of stairs into the building because I didn't like holding my craps too long. I went right to the bathroom of about 15 cubicles. I tossed my book bag in, turned around and latched the privacy thing on the door, noticed someone's yellow pee in the water, but I quickly pulled off four strips of toilet paper and laid them over the seat. It was my lucky day because all of them stayed on so I quickly downed my jeans and white underwear and put my butt onto the toilet paper. I figured I had about 4 or 5 minutes until the warning bell. I usually place my hands squarely onto my thighs as I push 3 or 4 times to get my crap to come out. Then sometimes I rock forward as I sit until my face is at about knee-level as I push. When I did that I started losing my balance and couldn't figure out why. It seemed like the toilet came off the wall and as I grabbed the toilet paper holder with one hand as the right side of my butt was crashing into the water and the left side of the seat was now off the toilet and I was clutching it as I fell in. My right shoulder and elbow hurt as I took the seat, laid it onto the floor on the side of the stall and then I lifted my butt out of the gross, urined water, and I got down on my knees on the front of the toilet to try and steady myself because I was so shocked by what happened.

Another girl luckily came in, saw me on the floor and ran and got one of the security matrons who quickly came in with the nurse also. They quickly saw what happened. Some pranksters had stolen the bolts used to attach the seat to the toilet. I was crying pretty hard because I was so embarrassed. While the nurse was preparing to take me down to her office where I was allowed to shower and do my crap, the matron immediately stopped a couple of other girls who were in stalls and getting ready to seat themselves. They found all the seats had been unbolted and the bathroom was locked up for most of that morning while someone from the school board office came in and re-bolted the seats. A couple of TV crews came and shot film of the work being done by a crew to attach the seats again and our principal offered an award for information to catch the students that did it. It didn't work and they were never caught. At our class reunion last summer, my best friend asked me about if I remembered it. I surely did.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bella Jean great story.

To: Eileen great story it sounds like you had a good pee and poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Teri first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good after and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Dominic

That is a good thing that there is nothing medically wrong with your brother. Funny you mentioned marks on your briefs, that was why I changed to color briefs when I was in Junior High school. I didn't want any embarrassment in the locker room for gym class. Since then I have worn them though I don't usually get marks unless I am holding it and very desperate where it pokes out into my briefs. I have done my own laundry as well since I was about 14 though so no one knows about my near accidents lol.


Teri's Double Dump

Man what a bonding experience that must have been! When was the last time either of you saw the other poop? Do you think you'll ever mention it again?- JW

To Teri- That was great story. That was quite weird too for you and your daughter to share a single toilet wow I can imagine how desperate you two needed to go. I feel sorry for the poor toilet hahaha and the smell you two produced.
Happy pooping and looking forward to more post from you


Falling seats

One of my pet hates is incorrectly fitted seats.
On most types, the hinges are off-centre to the fixings that go through the toilet itself, so can be fitted either way round to suit the individual toilet.
It's really annoying when the hinges are fitted to the back and the holes in the toilet pan are set well back.
This means the seat (and sometimes the lid too) cannot go "over centre" and naturally rest in the up position.
I don't know about other guys, but I use one hand to control the aim and the other to hold my clothing away from the underside of my penis.
Otherwise, I don't get the last drops out and end up with those drops in my underwear.
Holding the seat up with one hand and aiming with the other is a pain.
Maybe I should have sat to pee, it would make all of the above non-issues!

Friday, March 25, 2016

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