Bathroom Shy Away From Home

I was very shy as a child and in order for me to get over it, my parents initially got me involved in sports. That was a good move because it gave me confidence, got me out of the house more, and it became harder for me to avoid using public bathrooms. Now its my career and I'm a graduate student involved in coaching and hopefully a career in athletic education.

As a reward for good attendance in kindergarten and some citizenship points and I think some other reasons that I can't remember, about 60 of us and our teachers were bused to a bowling party that was followed by pizza. The inflatable bumpers were put out in the gutters for us and a few of us actually did pretty decent during the two games. I had no trouble using the toilets in our kindergarten wing at school because they were much lower than those at home and other places. So after the second game we were told to go to the bathroom and wash our hands because even today there's some kind of a soot on your hands that comes from the finger holes in the balls, plus there was like some grease or polish from the lanes that was collected on the ball. So our teachers held the door to the bathroom open for us and helped the lines form by the basins. I knew I should walk to the other side of the room to pee, but I was self-conscious about leaving the group and going in alone. So I waited for a basin and washed my hands. I felt good that I didn't make any mistakes like blast the water on me or my friends. I used one paper towel like we were taught and nicely placed it into the trashcan.

They seated us at tables that were used for other functions and they were high. The chairs, which were not cushioned and hard on our butts, were installed in the floor, did swing around and I remember how fun it was to swing to the far left and far right, and grabbing pizza from the boxes in front of us. They had poured pop for us in paper containers and I remember grabbing mine too tightly and spilling a little onto my jean shorts. Some got on my right leg, which didn't help since I was trying to suppress the need to pee. The girl next to me ate and drank too fast and then farted. One of the teachers came and talked to her and took her to the bathroom because I think they thought she was going to hurl. Finally after the food, they had a little award ceremony for us and while they were calling off things like high game, spares picked up, number of strikes, etc., I finally got up the courage to ask one of the supervisors permission to go the bathroom. She was one of the paras and I had never dealt with her before. But I couldn't believe what she did next. She said "Braidy reminds me that if you need to use the bathroom, now is your last chance..." and I had a hard time holding back the tears.

I ran pretty fast down the concourse to the bathroom because I didn't want any more attention drawn to me. This was one of the largest bathrooms I had seen. I think there were about 10 or 12 stalls. A couple had their doors closed and I could see legs and feet under the door. My instincts, I guess, told me to go down to the far one since it was open.
I quickly closed the door, and kind of threw myself onto the big seat. I was so awkward at the time that it took me a while to break may habit of sitting down first, then having to pull my clothing down from under me. Doors started banging as the others came in and I got more nervous as two or three others tried to push my door in. Thinking back, I must have been a genius for remembering to latch it because most of the toilets at school had latch-less doors. The problem was as I sat I got nervous with all the other toilets flushing and I feared that I was going to be singled out for being the last to get done. I knew I had to pee, I dropped a couple of tinkles, but I just couldn't get my stream going. Sure, I was still upset, but this only made me more upset. So I jumped down, pulled up my clothing, put all my weight and then some on the flusher, and practically ran out of the bathroom.

I was near last, although not the last, to get on the bus for the 30 minute drive back to school. The streets were bumpy and I was hopeful that I wouldn't have an accident. I noticed that I was looking down between my legs too much and I didn't want to give it away to my seatmate. The driver didn't hit a lot of traffic and drove fast enough to get me back to school without the dreaded accident. Luckily, I was one of the first off and they had us report to the gym until our parents came for us. Just before our line turned into the gym, I spotted a bathroom sign and with a supervisor's permission, I was seated on a toilet in record time. Just as I pulled my clothing down from under me, the storm erupted into the toilet. Boy did I feel relieved, even though I was seated on a much higher stool than normal and my feet were off the floor.


Moving toilets and replies

Has anyone ever had the amazing(ly annoying) experience of having a toilet lid or seat come falling down while they're trying to use the toilet? I assume this would be more common with men, but I wouldn't be surprised if women had an experience like this too, given that both genders sometimes don't sit on the toilet. One situation that might lead to this happening is using the bathroom on a moving vehicle, such as on a train or bus. The reason why I'm asking is that I experienced exactly this on my bus ride early this week.

I'm sure all the other Spring Breakers are familiar with the standard bus toilet setup: a seat and lid over an enormous vast basin filled with some weird blue substance that's supposed to mask odors. Unfortunately, the hinge for the seat isn't as tight as it could be, so a quick turn might be just the thing to bring the seat crashing down in mid-stream as it were. Only my catlike reflexes allowed me to bat it back up before it came down too far and deflected urine everywhere.

Replies -

Anna from Austria: I wouldn't feel too embarrassed about the farting thing. I think it's pretty natural to push out gas in that position; pressure in one category can lead to pressure in the other, since everything's so close together and involves a lot of the same muscle groups. My girlfriend Emma farts a lot on the toilet too, even when she's just peeing as well.

Rochelle: That was a great story about you and your family all needing to take care of your stomach issues at the same time, lol. You say you like the feeling of diarrhea, but not the smell? I can understand that--it's quite relieving to get rid of everything.

TwentyOne: Sounds like a fun time! It's always nice to find common ground, especially for something so taboo or uncommon.

Going to have to cut this short for now. Three guesses where I'm headed ;)

Bella Jean

Question about Stalls

While I was shopping at a department store yesterday, I realized that I had to poop really, really badly and wouldn't make it home. I was relieved to see an open stall and quickly hurried in, locked the door, and threw my pants and underwear down. I was barely seated before I let out a huge fart and started pooping. When I looked up though, I realized that there was a large gap around my stall door so anyone who walked by could glance through and see me seated on the toilet. I was already in my normal pooping position, which is my pants and underwear at my ankles, and knees spread pretty wide. I felt a little hesitant about being in such an obvious pooping position for any woman to see, but it felt so good to get all of that poop out, so I decided to not stop and change position.

But, now I'm wondering, if you walk into a stall and realize that there is a large gap around the door, do you change how you poop?

A night at the pub tonight with Brendan , my boyfriend and after a while I feel I want to pee so I go to the Ladies which is clean so I have no concerns about sitting down . I lift my skirt and lower undies to my knees , sit and pee . When finished I wipe to dry , stand and settle clothes , flush toilet , wash hands and leave Ladies . Some time later I need another pee but now also I have a need to unload a poop so I have returned to the Ladies , which is busier now but I get into a stall where I now am sitting having peed . I have got out a solid piece say 3 inches long , and now I'm sat on the toilet and I try to squeeze out the next piece which is taking it's time to come from me . Anyway , that's how things are here now . Thanks to everyone tonight .


Double dump. say the least

Hello all,
I am a long time lurker to this site but new poster. My name is Teri. I just turned 41, shoulder length brown hair, 5'7, about 130 pounds. I've always been conscious of my bowels (I definitely must embarrass my daughter sometimes, lol, with my "oversharing"). I don't like to hold it in so when I have to go I try to make sure I use whatever restroom is available, even though I'm not a fan of pooping in public restrooms if I can avoid it. Today however I had to not only use the public restroom but had to actually SHARE one! With my daughter...

On to my story. My daughter Melissa (she's 21, looks a lot like me but longer brown hair) and I are out shopping at a farmers market. We are exploring and enjoying the spring and Melissa starts to fidget a bit. I notice it but don't say anything and keep shopping. In the meantime my stomach area starts to churn and I realize I have not actually taken a crap in the past few days. Hadn't even crossed my mind. But now the need was starting to get serious. In the meantime I see Melissa looks really uncomfortable so I ask her if she is okay. She whispers "I have to go to the bathroom. I haven't been in the last two days and now it's getting pretty bad. I'm ready to go home and take care of this." I tell her "we can go but it's not good to wait. Let's find the bathrooms"

We search around and I know my need to go is getting urgent as I can feel my poop knocking. I can see Melissa is getting very nervous and in dire need. Finally we find a bathroom. It's a single occupant style bathroom (no stalls just a toilet and sink). We both look at each other and go in without saying anything.

Melissa looks at me and says "mom I can't wait". I know I can't either. I tell her "I think we have no choice." So I pull off my capris, my underwear and sit on the toilet, half naked. I know my daughter may have been a bit freaked out but we both had to take care of this. So without saying anything, Melissa pulls off her jeans, pulls down her thong, and kicks them to the side and sits right in between my legs. I place my hands around her and we both sit back and start.

This was an awkward feeling to say the least. I'm sitting on the toilet with my half naked daughter sitting between my legs and my public hair mashed up against her butt. The room was chilly and I had goosebumps on my thighs. And we sat in silence with only the sounds of the air vents going. I could feel her breath expand and contract as we both began our poops. I do a soft push that starts one long log that must have taken two minutes to descend from me into the toilet. Melissa's breathing became a bit labored and finally I can feel her start to push. My first log breaks off into the toilet barely making a sound and almost instantly another log starts to come out slooooowly. My daughter pushes some more. In the meantime, I have my second log inching its way out and I'm seeing stars it feels so good as my daughter is steadily going plop....plop....plop on top of my shit. We still aren't speaking. Just sitting in silence. And pooping. Finally Melissa lets out a soft sigh and just sits. I feel my second log pinch off and without even thinking I let out a soft moan. We continue to sit. I can feel the combined force of our poop steaming up from the toilet bowl on my butt.

Melissa starts to reach for the toilet paper and I tell her to hang on. We just had a double poop session that could easily clog this toilet if we aren't careful. So we both stand up and look at the bowl. And wow. Not only did we stink up this bathroom like crazy. We completely filled the toilet. I saw my two long chocolate brown poops sitting side by side neatly with one being so long it came out of the water. I saw my daughter loose lighter brown poop chunks piled up on top. If we filled the toilet with paper it would overflow. We are both standing side by side half naked staring at a toilet bowl full of our turds in sheer amazement at what we had done. Immediately I flush the toilet and it all went down. Then I unroll and start to wipe my butt and amazingly only needed three wiped. My daughter was a little messy. We were both at a loss for words after what we had just done for the last ten minutes.

After redressing, washing hands, and spraying some perfume in the restroom, we immediately checked out and went home. We didn't speak at first but I asked Melissa "do you feel better". She says yes. As weird as it was she felt so satisfied to have finally gone. Then we never spoke about it again. Once we got home my husband was waiting and I thought to myself "if only he knew what his perfect little angels did to a bathroom today".....

Answers to Sarah's survey and comments

1) When you sit on the toilet, do you pull your pants or underwear/panties to your knees or waist?

In all cases, to my ankles, unless conditions dictate otherwise. I prefer some freedom of leg movement and the flow of air.

2) Did you ever fart while sitting on the toilet and felt embarrassed about it?

No. Everyone does it, and it generally feels good. Sometimes it can be a conversation starter or a reason to laugh. At other times, its just part of the ambience.

3) If a washroom had no stalls, would you still use it if even if you had to go REALLY badly?

Sure. Even if I didn't have to go really badly. We all poop, pee, and fart, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. In the Army, old WW II barracks are still in use. Latrine toilets were spaced about 2 feet apart, no stall walls. There were about 8-10 toilets in the latrine, so it was a rather intimate experience -- sometimes even a bonding one.

4) To all the girls, do you take off, lift up, or pull down your skirt when you pee/poop? N/A

I had a great dump this morning. First, a gentle grunt followed by a nice long and soft log then some chunks filling the bowl about half way, ending with a sigh of content. It took about four squares of toilet paper pressed softly against my anus to clean up, and then I was on my way.

May it be so with all of you this day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: End Stall Em its sounds like you had an interesting time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah fist welcome to the site and great story and please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Twenty One great story it sounds like you got a pretty show from that woman and it sounds like she was pretty desperate as well.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to Steve + Scooter

Hi Steve, thanks for responding. Yes, he has asked about it at the doctor's; they've never been able to determine anything (i.e. there's nothing apparently wrong with his anus or anything). But he always had trouble holding it. I think maybe you are right, though--sometimes he forgets he has to go or doesn't notice the urge to go until it's very strong and at the point where he can't really hold it anymore. Like you I think he often waits until the last minute.

Yeah even I get small marks on my briefs sometimes, so not a big deal. When my brother was younger though he would get them a lot and my parents did not like that. Thankfully we've been doing our own laundry at home for a while now :)


In grade school I tended to avoid pooping at school. For one thing I was often constipated, so that made it easier to hold it in, but when not, I never wanted to. I was embarrassed of the smell, of the grunting I'd do, and I didn't want anyone to know I was pooping, so I'd often hold it in at school. Sometimes I couldn't, though, and I'd go. I remember one time doing a really big constipated one, to the point where I heard other boys giggling at home from outside the stall. I was super embarrassed but at least I got it out. Of course I didn't try to flush it because I was afraid it would clog (since it was a very big one).


The teacher's letting it go part 1

Hello everybody. My name is DatFrenchX, french male in his late 20's, which means I'm not a native english speaker. I hope I'll be able to write my stories in good english. I hope you'll enjoy them too. I have quite a few, since I had not, until now, found the courage ( and the time ) to write them all. I will write them in "chapters" so you can enjoy them better ( and so I can make smaller posts ).

Let's start !

When I was a teen, from 11 to 15, I went to the "collège", a middle school, where you are supposed to stay 4 years. There, my english teacher was quite a character. Her age wasn't easy to tell. She looked old because of her harshness and her absence of smile, but she was fit and healthy. Her name was Ms. B. And she was also a city consellor in my small town and a youth-oriented charity worker. She was not very nice, in fact, she terrified her pupils. She terrified the young people she had to work with.

I lived in the north of France, in quite rural and poor area. It's important to tell, not for this story, but for the others parts about my former english teacher.

She was quite complex, when I think about it now, years after. She was truly conservative, she believed in military-like respect between students and teachers, and in families. She hated "new trends", such as video games, fast food... But she was progressive as she believed in sports, organic foods, nature protection, and liberation of "all the body's functions".

When I was 11, I started to grow digestive problems, IBS, colopathy and so. I needed to go to the toilets often, and it was hard to go at school. They were in a terrible condition, for both genders, and there were a lot of pranks and/or violence awaiting the younger and/or weaker pupils. My parents had a spark of empathy, and asked for a way for me to go to the toilets without being harrassed. The school's head allowed me to use the ancient toilets, who were still in use but locked. It was not the teachers' loo, but a room with a sink, and a cubicle with a "turkish style" toilet. I had privacy, I could use it whenever I needed. It was perfect for me, even if I had to go at the other end of the school.

But, one afternoon, we had an IT class, and I was really sick. I left withouth asking, as I could do, and I headed towards my "private" toilets. When I got there, the first door was closes, but not locked. I entered the room, shut the door behind me, and headed to the cubicle, pushing its door, and witnessed something astonishing. The cubicle door revealed Ms. B. Squatting over the ceramic of the turkish toilet. There was urine drops all over it, a few puddles of it around the hole, but mostly, there was a small brown turd lying and a very big one still hanging from her behind. As curious of the feminine anatomy as I was at this time, I could not look at her crotch fully exposed, because I could not keep my eyes from that monster turd.

This scene lasted one or two seconds, and then she started yelling at me. But she was not yelling for invading her privacy, but for being in a place where she thought I had no right to be. It was a typical reaction from her, as I would know later, to enforce school and/or personal rules above all. I was kind of scared, so I did not dare to move while she screamed and asked me stuff. I mostly stutterred an apology, and witnessed the big turd fall withouth a skid mark. She stood up, and, without wiping, but her trousers and panties on. She stepped out and flushed, taking me brutally by my arm to the principal's office.

When he explained I had his permission to use this toilet for health issue, and the key. She said "oh", and expressed a very little apology and returned to her work. I was still in shock, but I went back to the toilet, which still smelled strong of her poop. I did what I had to do, and went back to my IT class.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Snowdonia Walking Wild Camp trip!

I've got a few stories to tell you. I've had a busy few weeks with college and trips so I haven't been able to tell you what has been happening. Hopefully I can catch up with a few incidents over the next few days. The most recent story to tell you is about last weekend. 10 of us, all lads, planned a trip to Wales for the weekend with 2 days walking. We went up to Snowdonia in 3 separate cars and planned a route where we would leave one car on one side of the mountains, get into the other 2 cars and go to a car park on the other side on the Friday afternoon, walk up into the mountains, camping the Friday and Saturday nights and then come out the other side on the Sunday and the drivers would collect the cars.

As we would be carrying everything and we had to take quite a lot of clothing as it got cold at night , and we also wanted a few cans of beer each for the first night so we carefully planned on WhatsApp who was taking what so we didn't have duplicates. Two toilet rolls were decided adequate as it was only 2 nights and we would see toilets on the way and the way back. My mate Jay was given the responsibility of carrying these and the trowel. As it transpired his family use "double rolls" of toilet paper which apparently exist so he just took the one roll.

Anyway we stopped off on the way at Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet, drove onto Snowdonia, dropped the one car off by the coast and squeezed into the other cars to go to the starting car park. We were there for a while packing bags and stuff and there was also a public toilet in the car park which 3 guys made use of to take a dump. The first guy to use it happened to finish off the toilet roll in there and there was only one toilet in the gents, so when Jay who was waiting outside went to go in he was warned the paper was finished. Jay went and got our roll of toilet paper from his backpack to use in there. When he came out another guy Callum, was waiting to go in and they ended up having some kind of conversation about whether Callum required toilet roll which did not make it clear to Callum that was the toilet roll that the 10 of us were relying on to wipe our assess with for the next 48 hours! So Callum made use of the toilet roll to wipe his ass, then left the roll sat on the back of the toilet. When Callum came out the toilet we set off. Well some of us had already set off including Jay so nobody realised the toilet roll should have been in Callum's hand when he left the toilets.

Anyway we set off into the mountains, we walked for a few hours and set up camp near a lake. We spent the night chilling by a fire, drinking beer and some kind of spirit mixed with water from a stream flowing into the Lake mixed with purification tablets. We had a good evening having a laugh in the middle of nowhere by a lake. The night ended quite late with us all taking turns to use our "hosepipes" to make sure the fire was out!

We were split between 4 tents. Jay was in the tent with me as well as my cousin. We were awoken in the morning by Josh sticking his head in the tent demanding a toilet roll and trowel off Jay, and informing us it was nearly 9am. Jay gave Josh the trowel but he could not provide the toilet roll as he thought Callum had it so sent Josh to ask him.

We got up and emerged from the tent to find Josh stood in a T Shirt and boxers, holding a trowel speaking to a freshly woken Callum about toilet roll. Callum knew nothing of it and was then returning to Jay. Jay then spoke to Callum about the public toilets the night before and at that point it dawned on Callum where the toilet roll was, and as he told the group there was a collective groan around as it was realised what had happened. Josh at this point was like "I'm desperate man this can't wait any longer and went behind this mound thing with the trowel. He emerged about 5 minutes later but without the boxer shorts, pulling his T Shirt down to protect his modesty, and went into his tent to get dressed! I was quite pleased about this as I saw this as revenge for a toilet paper stunt Josh pulled on me last year on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, but our food and drink intake from the night before meant we all had "demons to release from within us" and even those who had been the previous afternoon in the car park needed to go. There was no time to go back for the paper so it was declared every man for himself as we went through our backpacks to find stuff to use. Some had paper on tins, some had receipts in their wallet, whilst Callum was lucky and harvested bits of the map we did not need! I could find no paper in my bag at all, so had to utilise a pair of socks, as they were cheaper than the boxers, which is what a few people had to do. A couple of people managed to hold off until lunchtime when several more socks and pairs of boxer shorts had to be sacrificed by several of us halfway down a mountain behind a low wall, including a few people who had been in the morning!Josh had a bad stomach at the campsite that night and had to dash off into the darkness with a trowell and a torch a couple of times with another item of his underwear!

The next morning a few of us had to go, including Josh who by this time had no underwear left and was going commando, and had to buy a sock of my cousin for £20 cash in an early morning moment of desperation! But some of the group managed to hold it in for the day and until we got to some Motorway services on the way home where pretty much all of us headed straight for the toilets.....

To Mina: Thanks for the advice I will start eating more vegetables so I can doing soft motion with big smell like Kazuko. I normally do motion 3 times a week. Thanks you and Happy pooping Mina,Kazuko, Maho and Hisae. Looking forward to your next post


Question for men/boys

When you were in grade school what was it like if you had to poop at school? Do you have stories of pooping at school to share?

Anna from Austria
Dear Minna I really liked your latest stories of you and your friends.

@Sarah Survey

1) When you sit on the toilet, do you pull your pants or underwear/panties to your knees or waist?

To my knees.

2) Did you ever fart while sitting on the toilet and felt embarrassed about it?

Almost every time when using a public bathroom. I am quite explosive when sitting on the toilet. Even when doing just a pee I fart quite often.

3) If a washroom had no stalls, would you still use it if even if you had to go REALLY badly?

If is really bad I would use it. Otherwise I would try to find an alternative washroom. Have never seen such rest room in my life though. I think these washrooms are not common in Austria.

4) To all the girls, do you take off, lift up, or pull down your skirt when you pee/poop?

on public rest rooms I lift up my skirt. At the bathroom at home I would take it off.

Greetings from Austria



Double dump

Have you ever had to take a dump on a log that was already in the toilet? Was it because the log was stuck or the person or you hadn't bothered to flush or just for fun? Did it go down afterwards? Happy to read your stories.

End Stall Em

My Bad Choice

At my college things are going a lot better in this and I think I've used every bathroom on the huge campus at least once. That has helped me save some time when I'm in a bind for time for a quick pee between back-to-back classes or when I need to take a major crap and know that I'm going to be on the toilet for a while. For the former the 2nd floor toilets in arts & sciences hall are the best whereas for the latter, I prefer the 3rd floor of the student union. This past week, however, I made a big mistake in judgment and every time I'm in the student union for anything I remember how humiliated I was Tuesday morning. One of my three study groups was scheduled to meet in a seminar room we had checked out up there at 10:30 so I arrived there at 10, put my book bag on the table in the designated room, and I walked confidently down the hall to the middle of floor where the restrooms are. My boyfriend Sodbuster and I had been out late the previous night at a party and certain liquid refreshments tend to clean me out, if you know what I mean.

I walked into the three-stall bathroom, saw the first stall had its door closed and legs and sandals not moving under it, so I took a look at my two other options. Of course, I went to the other end stall and found the door to be completely missing and I reasoned since it was at the very end of the row, privacy would still be somewhat there, although I was going to be on the toilet for awhile. Then I looked at the middle stall, saw a complete load of crap--about half black and half brown--in the bowl with wasted toilet paper covering three sides of the seat, no paper on the roll, and the latch assembly completely removed leaving a 2 inch square hole in the door, and I opted for the end-stall option. I could easily see there was an ample supply of toilet paper so I backed up, lowered my jeans and thong to the floor and seated myself for a healthy crap.

My phone was on my lap and I was catching up on after a few days off when my pee started trickling out and then the gusher came that lasted about 25 to 30 seconds. I could feel my bowels getting ready to evacuate and I spread my legs a bit wider for the big one. Just then three girls who looked to be pre-school age came running in. One took the middle stall, and while she was trying to get up on the seat, one of her friends was trying to bump her aside and get up on the toilet too. The third ran directly into my stall when he knees practically crashed into mine. She was surprised, burst out laughing, asked my name and what I was doing, and my immediate thought was to ask her to wait with her back against the far wall for me to get done. She asked if I was "pooing" or "weeing" and when the word "both" came out of my mouth, and I realized I should probably not said anything to her. I got off the stool to walk her to the wall and once I placed her there, I was a second away from dropping the first of my crap on the floor right in front of her.

As soon as I got back on the seat and my crap started to quickly exit I noticed that the girl now was taking advantage of the unlatched door next to me and had entered that stall. It sounded like she was trying to help her friend get up on the big stool, and once the other girl achieved that, her friend tried to terrorize her by trying to flush it on her. At that point, the person flushed in the first stall and came out and finally tried to stop the third girl who was playing with the water at the sink. Then she came down to my end, looked in on me, and then asked the girls in the stall how they were doing. I heard the one girl say that I was mean to her, but I didn't want to say anything partly because I was just focused on getting my log out. I texted the leader of our study group what was holding me up and she seemed to understand. It seems that just last week campus security was called when the girls screwed up the building's only elevator.

It seems they are part of the college of education's laboratory school for teacher education majors that is operating the day care.


Dear Gerald

Thank you for kind words to all us. And thank you for reading my bad English stories. I'm sorry for many mistake! But my friends don't write English at all. . . .

I advice you, if you want to do soft motion, you eat vegetables a lots. And yogurt and rice also good. And fruit. Prunes are very good, Maho often eat, her motions very hard ones like yours. Me and my friends, we don't eat meat so much, except Maho, she really like yakiniku, it is Korean style barbecue beef. I like too, but I eat it less than Maho. I like vegetables. To drink milk before go to bed is also good.

Maho never do burururururu motion. Kazuko usually do, I do sometimes and Hisae too. She has diarrhoea a lot. Me and Kazuko sometimes, Maho never. When Kazuko do motion long time, bururururu part is always last part. Her first motion is solid more. Kazuko is so sweet, she say, normal that people are interested in motion, and because this site anonymous, it's OK for me to tell all details of her motion, she hope it make people happy to read. I think same thing, and Maho and Hisae too. So we give you more stories, when we have interesting thing to tell.

Love to all people on this forum.

Mina and friends

Optional Person:
The smell was similar from all three of us and it was pretty strong by the time my sister was done pooping. The fan helped a lot though. Me and my mom had the loudest bowl echoing farts with diarrhea spraying out at the same time but I think my sister's was more of a liquid that burned and probably smelled worse.
I don't like the smell or the burning sensation but I actually really like the feeling of gassy diarrhea like I had. It's a very pleasurable feeling and funny too, but not shameful for me. It also feels good to do it with someone else around that is mature enough to be cool with it cause I find it rather comforting.


Answers for Sarah's survey

1. When I'm sitting on the toilet do I pull my underwear to my knees or waist?

At home, I drop them all the way to the floor. At school or in public places, I drop them to my waist. There's just not a lot of privacy at school and some of the stalls don't have doors.

2. Have I farted while sitting on the toilet and have I been embarrassed by it?

At home, I'll fart and don't think anything of it. At school, with others waiting immediately by the door, I'm more conscious about it. Last summer at the beach I was three days constipated, sat to coax my crap out and ended up giving off about 10 seconds of farts. I heard some laughter from those on both sides of me. I was almost in tears and I sat on the toilet for like 15 extra minutes hoping that the others got out of there by then.

3. If a washroom had not stalls, would I still use it if I had to go really bad?

Yes, I have a couple of times only because my bladder was bursting.

4. Do I take off, lift up or pull down my skirt when I poop or pee?
I often wear jeans so I just pull them down. When I'm in a skirt, I just lift it up when I seat myself.

To Brandon T . Thank you for your comment , I hope to post (and poop ?) again soon . Eileen .

Steve A

Sarah's Survey

1) When you sit on the toilet, do you pull your pants or underwear/panties to your knees or waist?

Ankles, but my pants don't touch the floor in public, but at home, no problem.

2) Did you ever fart while sitting on the toilet and felt embarrassed about it?

Yes I have farted before and I didn't feel embarrassed because I don't care if someone hears me fart.

3) If a washroom had no stalls, would you still use it if even if you had to go REALLY badly?

Yes, I wouldn't care if I was about to pee or poop myself.

4) To all the girls, do you take off, lift up, or pull down your skirt when you pee/poop?

N/A to me

I knew it was going to happen i could feel my stomach turning i quickely grabbed a bag lying down the side of my bed and just in time i started vomiting whilst vomiting i was rubbing my stomach hoping this would help to vomit just kept coming thick and fast after a few mins i could feel my stomach churning i new i.needed to get to the toilet and fast as i sat down it started i was sick out both ends having to grab the bin to stop any vomit landing on the floor i was still holding my stomach rubbing it up and down this did help. During the night i was sick.another 4 times and had to.keep the bucket next to the toilet as i was sick out both ends

Victoria B.

Sarah's Survey

Had a bit of spare time today and I thought I'd do Sarah's survey. Here are my answers!

1. When you sit on the toilet, do you pull your pants/panties to your knees or waist?
I take mine to about calf level in public. I drop everything to my ankles when I go at home. The freedom of movement makes me feel more comfortable!

2. Have you ever farted on the toilet and been embarrassed?
Everyone has. It's human nature, but so are the embarrassing farts/plops/sighs that pooping involves. Those other girls fart too and shouldn't be making fun of you like that.

3. If a washroom had no stalls, would you still use it even if you had to go REALLY badly?
Without even thinking twice. An accident is much worse than being seen by someone who also needs to go. Sure it's not ideal, but it's much better than having to deal with pooped panties.

4.To all the girls, do you take off, lift up, or pull down your skirt when you pee/poop?
I don't wear skirts very often, but they always get pulled up when I have one on and need the toilet.

Hope these answers help!

Monday, March 21, 2016


4 Times Down

This week one day I had my worst bathroom experience of the year. For those of you who follow my experiences, most of the stalls in the bathrooms have no privacy doors, the toilets are dirty, and between classes the bathrooms are jammed with guys with their hoses out at the urinals and others standing in front of those are on the toilets waiting for their turn. Some have taken to hassling those of us who look younger and and who are sitting on the toilet in what most of us see as a very vulnerable position with our briefs down to knee level. Some guys will face us and try to intimidate us off the toilet with their tough looks or by saying things like when do I get a chance, if I shit my pants you're going to be sorry, or the worse Get up F*****! Sometimes guys will be in the urinal line, but be looking back occasionally for a toilet to open. Then they'll come, hose the seat down, zip up and walk out while the next in line for the toilet is faced with a gross choice.

I was 4 days constipated and on Tuesday I finally got onto a toilet during the first passing period. I immediately dropped one pellet about an inch in length. The warning bell rang and I had to make the immediate run to class. Then during second passing period I had to wait for the third position to open and by the time I seated myself after flushing the previous users crap and wiping down the seat (a move that caused one senior behind me to start cussing at me and saying that I reminded him of his sister). That got a laugh from some of the guys around him. I pushed hard and got two pellets out before I had to get up and make a run to class. Third passing period was pretty much the same, with the exception that I got too frustrated with those watching me that I wasn't able to do anything. So when the warning bell rang, I immediately got up and made the run to class. Of course the bathroom was jammed during the lunch hour and you could smell that some smoking had been done. I stayed on the stool for about 10 minutes and was able to drop like a 3 incher, plus I also peed. My crap was messier and there was only one piece of toilet paper left in the holder for me. I tapped on the stall panel for the guy next to me to hand me some extra toilet paper but with all the noise, he didn't hear me. So I just pulled up my white briefs and hoped for the best.


Soccer Practice

Hey everybody, my name is Sarah. I am thirteen years old and live in Western Canada. I got to a Catholic girls school and play for my local soccer team. Well, last Friday was one weird day! My practice starts at 6 pm every Thursday, and the field is right next to the public library. Since my school ends at 3:15 pm, I have lots of time to kill. I take a bus to the local library to study and do my homework, which takes about twenty minutes. When I reached the library, I sat myself down on one of the tables and did my English and Science homework. It wasn't until and hour later that I felt the urge to go to the bathroom to do my business. The bathrooms in the public library did not have any stalls, so I was very nervous about using the bathrooms there. I packed up all of my belongings and walked down the aisles to the washroom. There were 10 toilets side by side and the sinks in front of them. I placed my backpack on the ground and took off my dress (I wear my gym shorts underneath my dress). Just as I was about to take off my shorts, my classmate and teammate, Natasha, came in. She said hi and asked if she could sit beside me. I said OK. I lowered my shorts and panties to my thighs. Natasha on the other hand, lifted her skirt and lowered her panties to her knees. We both sat down on the toilet at the same time. Natasha asked if I was nervous, since it was my first time using a bathroom with no stalls. I said no. Natasha started her stream and it lasted for about three minutes. She wiped and pulled up her panties and said, "See you on the field Sarah!" She went washed her hands and went out the door. I stared down at my Mary Janes, which I have worn since Grade 6. My mom says that I have to wait till I am in Grade 9 to buy most of my own stuff. While I was waiting, my bum had this feeling that there was pressure building up in my rectum. I closed my eyes and pushed gently, thinking about all of the good goals I have scored in my last soccer game. I could feel my bum hole opening up and my poo made a big splash into the bowl. I opened my eyes and saw my reflection in the mirror. My face was a red as fire!! I looked between my legs and saw the monster that came out from my bum. It was HUGE!! I urinated for a minute and wiped by bum and vagina before pulling my panties and shorts up. The time was 4:15 pm. I washed my hands and changed into my fitness wear for warm ups.
After practice, I packed up most of my stuff and prepared to go home. Practice was not bad, but my performance was affected because I had to pee so badly. My mom drove me to the nearest bathroom, since I almost peed my soccer shorts and ruined my panties. When we got to the nearest bathroom (a rest stop in the middle of the Highway), I ran with my cleats on, and bolted to the nearest stall that was present. I lowered my shorts and panties to my ankles (something I never did before), and let out a long hiss for 5 minutes. While I was peeing I broke a loud fart, which thundered throughout the bathroom. There were some older girls in the stall at the end of the bathroom. They giggled and said that," Someone just ripped their asshole!!" I felt so ashamed, I wiped and pulled up my shorts and panties and bolted out the door. Forgetting to wash my hands. As my mom drove home, I broke down in sobs. My mom asked me what was wrong. I said that I some girls laughed at me because I farted in the bathroom. She told me that every girl farts and that those girls were plain dumb. I felt relieved when my mom told me that.

A quick survey:

1) When you sit on the toilet, do you pull your pants or underwear/panties to your knees or waist?

2) Did you ever fart while sitting on the toilet and felt embarrassed about it?

3) It a washroom had no stalls, would you still use it if even if you had to go REALLY badly?

4) To all the girls, do you take off, lift up, or pull down your skirt when you pee/poop?


Dumping with an audience

Yesterday during 3rd hour it was obvious that I was going to have to do my dump at school and during that period. It was a 3 dayer so during the current events film I asked permission to be excused. My teacher looked a bit skeptical when I asked, but I understand they get several requests each hour from some students who just hang out down in the bathrooms because they find the classes too boring. Last month I was given detention time for walking upstairs to the much-cleaner math wing bathroom, so I knew I had to stay on my floor and use the main bathroom right by the entrance that I hate. The seats are usually wet, the toilet paper is most or totally gone and there's often a waiting line. I knew my butt was going to get wet, as I was that close to an emergency. Before I turned into the bathroom I heard some talking and I hoped it was coming from the adjacent girls' room, but I knew the voices were too low.

As soon as I walked in I saw trouble. All four stalls were in use. I didn't expect to have privacy because there were no doors and although I've hated it, I've sat on the wet seats before to save myself from an accident. What was different this time was there were two football players complete with jackets sitting on the two middle toilets. Each had boxers and jeans at knee level and each had a friend hanging out in the stall next to them. The guy in the first stall was ready to step off the stool and he was balancing himself with his arms from the side panels as if he were in the gym and working out. The guys were just talking and hanging-out. So I looked to the fourth toilet on the far end. The guy in there who was doing a lot of the talking with his friend looked directly at me and said "I don't think so" and then pulled off toilet paper and blew has nose while looking directly at me. Then he told his friend that since it was taking him so much longer to shit, that he was going to sit down and join him. And he did. He dropped the seat, dropped his jeans and boxers and sat down. He took his hands, cupped them and made a farting noise into them while his friends burst out laughing.

I immediately went to a urinal and faked taking a piss. I know now it was dumb to even stay in there, but I just needed to get on a toilet. After more jokes from the older guys I put my organ back in, zipped up, flushed and quickly walked out. I thought about how quiet the girls' room seemed and how I might want to duck into the far stall in there, but I decided against it. I went back to class, seemed a little warmer and obviously a lot more frustrated, and I waited 25 minutes until the end of the hour. Then I made a run for the same bathroom, luckily one stall was open and I immediately dropped my butt on the seat. It hurt pretty bad as I punched out almost a 2 footer. Of course, there was no toilet paper, so I quickly stood and sacrificed another set of briefs that I knew my mom would ask me about. But I had my relief. And I made it to class on time, also.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

First of all, hi everyone, I've lurking for a few months now and I'm thoroughly enjoying all the stories (especially Mina's)

But yesterday I experienced something I though was worth posting about. I hope you'll agree. I was out on my jog at about 7 in the morning, when I felt the sudden urge to take a piss. I crept into some bushes at the side of the path, pulled out my dick, and began to piss. I let a few farts go into my shorts as I pissed, and a sudden pressure on my bum.

Since I had been sick recently, I thought it might be diarrhea, so I pulled down my shorts and squatted down in the bushes. How wrong I was. It was a solid monster. As I squatted trying to push out this beast, I heard a rustle in the bushes, and a young woman came running in, holding her bum.
"Don't mind me," she said, as she released a very loud fart. With no signs of inhibition or embarrassment, she pulled down her leggings and squatted next to me. Instantly a wave of chunky diarrhea fell out of her, and she moaned in relief. It was all over in less than thirty seconds, and she took out a pack of tissues, wiping herself clean, before offering me some.

Having just finished my shit, I took them gratefully, and wiped myself. She looked down in surprise at my log, which must have been 10-11" long, and said "Wow. It must of hurt pushing that one out!"
I replied, saying yeah, it did, and received a completely unexpected answer. Apparently she was a nurse, and could tell a lot from looking at shit, as I found out.
To my surprise, she said that I'd clearly had some kind of stomach flu recently, but it had pretty much gone away. I had a lot of fiber in my diet, perhaps to the point of too much. She then gave me her number and asked me to call her anytime I needed a "check-up", with a cheeky wink. She released one more fart, and then was on her way.

So perhaps I've found myself a new partner, one who would actually be interested in my bathroom habits? Who knows.

Until next time,


To Dominic

Yeah, he does have bad holding power lol, has he ever been checked to see if there is a medical issue. Although you do say it happens less now than before, could just be that he forgets he has to go until he really has to go and is out in situations where he isn't immediately near a bathroom. I know both stories you shared about him were such a case. I guess to some extent I am pretty similar to your brother. I tend to wait until the last minute and it is usually so close sometimes, like even occasionally where it will poke out into my briefs. I guess I should be more cautious but old habits die hard.

I actually was really close recently walking back to my dorm room from class, I was pretty much waddling through the hall to get to my room. Good thing I didn't drop my keys at the door, it would have been an disaster haha. Thankfully I did make it though with only a small mark on my briefs but that comes out in the wash so no biggie lol.


To Erwin: old folks

Obviously, I can speak only for myself. At my age (mid-70s), I don't find my turds to be any harder than they used to be; but if I have a really thick one (quite unusual), it is harder to get out than it would have been at your age because I am no longer used to such thick ones. I don't get really constipated any oftener than I used to. I do eat lots of fibrous foods, and I drink lots of water and work in the garden as often as I can, so that regimen likely keeps me from constipation. On the other hand, often my bowel movement takes a lot of pushing to start, sometimes quite hard pushing. I get less exercise than I used to, in part because my endurance is much less; with a heart condition, I must stop doing strenuous things if I feel too great a strain. How close am I to the average of people my age? I don't know; haven't observed; can only rely on my own experience. But my poop typically starts out lumpy and rather hard and changes in mid-movement to a bit softer and smoother, sometimes ending with thinner and slightly ragged pieces. (I keep a record of my bowel movements, including their position on the Bristol Stool Scale; most often starts as a 2 and ends as a 4.) The other day I had diarrhea for the first time in about four months. So I would say that my bowels move normally, with no major changes outside what I would expect from eating less than I did as a teenager or as a young man.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Eileen great story about your desperate pee and poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rochelle great story it sounds like you, your mom and sister all had pretty desperate poops and I bet you felt good once you were all done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kamdyn great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Mina and her lovely friends

To Hisae: Am sorry for not mentioning you and Maho's name. I totally forgot. You seem to have done a really huge poop and you were relieved and am Happy. Arigato Hisae

To Kazuko: I read the other posts as Mina directed am so sorry how your mom treats you sometimes for your big motions. I do very big motions too. You are lucky to have good friends

To Maho: Hello and Happy Big motions

To Mina:I searched for your other posts and I really enjoyed all your pooping stories with your friends. Sorry for your diarrhoea in your previous posts. I like your term "Bururururu". my motions are always big and hard. I do motion twice in a week. I never do Bururururu motion what do you and your friends eat to do Bururururu motion would like to know

Happy Pooping and looking forward to you next post. Arigato

Optional Person


Rochelle - Nothing better then a bubbling fart! How bad was the stench you three made? could you tell a part your mom and sisters stench from your own, when they were all three combined?

Shannon - I love how detailed your description of the poop curling in the shape of your butt was. that was cool.

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister) Dang! that sounds large. how bad was the smell?

Saturday, March 19, 2016



This afternoon I went out walking around the garden beds on the property. I began to feel a pressure from my rectum, so I thought about going inside. However, there in front of me was a sheltered spot under a pine tree, mostly surrounded with piles of leaves from last fall. On impulse, I stepped under the pine, lowered my pants, and squatted. I saw my neighbor to the west, looking another direction, maybe 250 feet away. I knew I was in a dangerous position, but suddenly I felt as though I could actually have a bowel movement, so I started to push. To my surprise, it started to come out--thick, solid, slow, continuous. I pushed until it thudded beneath me, though I didn't think it had been a clean exit. I did not try to wipe; nothing around but mostly shredded leaves. I stood, pulled up pants (hoping for no brown to stain them), and looked. On the leaves was a single fairly thick turd, 9" long, folded back on itself, lumpy at one end and smooth for the rest of its length; a good bowel movement. I reached under it, cushioning it in leaves, and carried it into the house; I then dropped it into the toilet, where it looked like a pretty big piece of poop. I wiped, and sure enough--a piece about an inch long had stuck to my anus as the big piece dropped. It took three pads of toilet paper, used twice each, to clean up; about average for me. My underpants were clean; no trace of my exploit, and a fine testimony to the wisdom of designing human buttocks to hold remaining poop traces right at the anus. A most refreshing and unusual experience for me--outdoors, in broad daylight (indeed, sunlight), with a neighbor in plain view at a considerable distance. I doubt I'll do it again, but this time was very nice.

A couple of years ago I had to do an emergency pee and poop on my way home in the early hours . I'd been to a club with friends and had a very good time . When we left the club we went our separate ways . At the time I was living in an apartment roughly 1/2 mile from the club we'd been at . As I walked along I knew I had to pee and to make matters worse I needed to poop as well . Every place was closed and had been for hours . I knew I couldn't hold it in until I got home . I was starting to drip pee into my undies and a silent smelly fart had got out too . The only thing I could do was go as discreetly as I could . There was a narrow walkway about 3 feet wide between two of the buildings , I went into this walkway , lifted my skirt and lowered my panties . I squatted and pee flowed out , then I squeezed out one massive , solid poop , it was quite smelly . I cleaned myself as well as I could but there wasn't any hand washing for me there , I got out of there and made my way home without any other mishaps .
Thank you , everyone .

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