One in the tub, one on the toilet

I loved your story about being in the bathroom while your mother was having a messy dump because the same thing happened to me and my Mom a number of times growing up and even in my adult years.
Both my Mom and I have always had sensitive stomachs and an ordinary poop for either of us is usually gassy enough to be heard well outside the bathroom door.
One time we both had a stomach flue and we were both home sick. My Mom, little sister and Me both spent about 4 days blowing up our poor toilet with puke and diarrhea. We only had one toilet too in a bathroom with only a small window for ventilation. We often shared the bathroom for using the toilet and sink but closed the door for bathing, though some times one of us girls would let another use the toilet in an emergency if one was in the shower or tub.
We were really stinking up the bathroom with our dumps though so we ended up leaving a box fan in the bathroom door blowing into the bathroom to help ventilate it better. One of those evenings I felt a bad cramp in my ???? and I ran to the toilet and sat down. All of us girls had already had 2 shits earlier that day. I relaxed my anus and immediately blurted out a mixture of gas and poop that splattered the whole toilet bowl and really echoed in the bowl. It felt really good because the more I blasted my cramp went away. I blasted away for about 5 minutes and then felt ready to wipe. I wiped my ass about 6 times and then flushed still sitting just trying to enjoy the relief. I really wanted to take a bath to clean and sooth my anus which was feeling tender after 3 days of diarrhea. I ran a bath, closed the door but left the fan inside running and got in to soak. Just a minute later my Mom knocked on the door and said "Honey I really have to poop again!". I said I'm in the tub for a few minutes but come in. She opened the door and came in. She said the boys had gone out so she left the bathroom door open so the fan could blow more air trough the room. She hurried to the toilet, turned around and pulled down her pants and undies and sat down with a deep sigh of relief as I heard a loud gassy blast of shit echo in the toilet. It was so loud that we both chuckled as she blew out another wave just as loud. She didn't think it was healthy to restrain your pooping at all so we were always taught to sit and enjoy the go. I personally find it really cute, and comforting to make noise on the toilet and she does too. She blasted loud and proud for about 10 minutes and then my little sis came in and told her to hurry up cause she had to dump too. Mom flushed the toilet while still seated to clear the bowl and then went to wipe about 7 times. She flushed again and got up and pulled up here pants. My sister went over and sat on the toilet as Mom was washing her hands. Sis gave a straining grunt as she was in pain and holding here ????. She let out a really wet fart that sounded like it was bubbling out here ass and then I could hear a stream splashing in the toilet beneath her. I asked is that pee or poop? She said it's poop and it really burns! She continued to squirt intermittently for 5 minutes with more bubble blowing wet farts in between. Then she began to wipe and took 10 wipes. She wiped very carefully as her anus was very tender from the burning poop. I said I will get out and you can use the tub if you want. She stayed seated on the toilet while I drained the tub and got a towel to cover up and dry. I replugged the drain and started the water running again for her and left the bathroom.


Dear Gerald

Thank you for kind words. Kazuko say also. Hisae and Maho say, why you say only me and Kazuko? Hisae say, "Gerald is bad boy." (Of course joke.) She say that thing when she sitting on loo in my flat, so she say, "I show Gerald that it is not only Kazuko and Mina!" and she push and very loud plop sound. I say her, "iron ball fall out from your bottom?" she said, "look and see" so I look, it is not grey iron ball but big brown banana. Hisae shift on loo and two more big plop sounds, she say "two more iron balls. Gerald will happy maybe!!"

I wish you can find stories about Maho and Hisae. We are group of four and inseparable and we think it is very fun to poo!

You can find story about us all four on page 2541. Other stories too in many places.

Love from Mina and Kazuko and Hisae and Maho.


Spring Break Music Trip

The church I go to had a trip on spring break for 21 of us in the youth group. We went to a music festival in another state. It was a 8 hour drive. We had two large vans, each was driven by one of our two youth group leaders. Sharon, who is a college student studying religion, drove our van and between the two leaders, they agreed that we would stop at a rest area on the interstate about every 90 minutes. She encouraged everyone to get out and try to go because neither of them wanted to make any special stops. A couple of immature boys took to texting about female bladders being inferior, and some other issues about our anatomy. Then a couple of girls started to give it back to them about how guys are messier in bathrooms than girls. They also said that guys are bigger dumpsters and many times hold their craps in until they get home because they fear sitting down on toilets in public bathrooms.

At the first I-80 rest stop us girls ran into the restroom building because it was cold outside and none of us had coats. I couldn't find one of my shoes under the van seat so I was in my socks. Luckily, the bathroom had a lot of stalls so our group ran in and took our toilets next to one another. It was amazing that all of us latched our doors within like 3 seconds of one another, you could hear our butts hit the seat and because there was no noise from the street outside, ceiling fans, or heater blower going, our pees became pretty noisy together. Down toward the end, we saw Sharon go in, and within a few seconds we heard a bunch of splashes into the toilet followed by some farts, and then more splashes. We heard Sharon ask for toilet paper because she had forgotten to look, and someone handed her some.

We all got done, flushed at about the same time and were washing our hands when my friend Cami hurried out to go to the other side of the building where the boys were. She noticed none of them were back in the vans, so she went to their bathroom door, opened it slightly and saw them briefly standing at the urinals doing their thing. She said there was a guy in the first stall and she could see his feet and engineers uniform slacks at foot level, but none of our group was on a toilet. From outside she continued to listen and she did not hear one urinal being flushed. Also, only one guy washed his hands. So all of us girls were back in the vans just before the boys came back. We gave them a hard time about their dirty hands and why it took them longer to accomplish less than we did. But I didn't find my lost shoe until we arrived at our destination.

to Steve

I have had accidents before, and I think one of the first stories I ever posted here was about one: it was a result of my dad showering too long and me having to go really, really badly (and of course the poop was really soft so pretty much impossible to prevent the accident from continuing once it started). That was one of the very few times I've had an accident (and it happened to be a full-blown one). Most of the time I'm pretty good at holding it in or I'm at least slightly constipated so that won't be a problem in the first place. lol. Since then I've had a few situations where I had to go very badly and it was THIS close to coming out, but I didn't actually end up having an accident.

I'm not entirely sure why my brother is accident prone, but he has been ever since he was a young kid and while it certainly doesn't happen as much or as badly as it did then, it still happens to him sometimes. He just has bad holding power, I guess.

to Marty

Hey Marty! Glad to hear from you. Yeah I was carrying a few days' worth of poop on that hike and of course I had had no urges before that moment, otherwise it wouldn't have been such a big one lol. It did feel awesome after getting that out, since it seems like my rectum is almost always full.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shannon great story it sounds like your friends handled your accident pretty well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miranda it sounds like you and your mom had a pretty rough time hope you better soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to: Little Mandi on pooping more

If you poop only once or twice a week, that is not normal, especially if you are consciously holding it in. Your constant bloated feeling is a clue that your own body wants you to go more often. Most people go once a day, or twice a day, or once every two days.

I don't recommend a cleanse. Cleanses are expensive, and their ingredients can give you severe diarrhea if they work at all. I have read the claims of miraculous cures for this and that. I've seen pictures of the gross things people have excreted. I've also read cases where the cleanse caused more problems than it cured. A cleanse is a drug, or a combination of drugs, and you should not take drugs without a prescription or a definite need for them. I think you should try other measures first.

In order to achieve regular bowel movements, most people end up with (a) enough fiber in the diet (I've found nuts to be an excellent bowel stimulant); (b) daily exercise, from running to playing athletic games to gardening; (c) enough water, especially early in the morning; and--most important--going at a regular time, and being sure to go when you get the urge. If you are shy around people you know, try to get to a bathroom where you are by yourself or with people you don't know. But don't let your shyness prevent you from pooping; your good health may depend on pooping to relieve your bloated feeling.


@ Shannon
This sounds like a similar thing that happened to my now ex sister in law. We were in Florid (Tallahassee ) where they have these trails called "Rails to Trails". They are called rails to trails. It is a bike bath that goes all thru the woods of formally train tracks. They are about 20 or so miles or so. We went out early in the morning on a Saturday. When we left she said she hoped she didn't have to poop. I told her I think they have porta-potties along the trail. She said they are gross and wouldn't use them if they did. We got about half way thru (about 10 miles) and stopped for lunch ( we had packed some sandwiches)We sat for about 20 minutes and she said she needed to Shit. I said there is no place to go what are you going to do. She told me if I didn't mind she will go here. I said Right here? I said where should I meet you she said don't go anywhere, wait here. I said you're going to shit in front of me she replied if its ok because there is no place else to go & I haven't gone in 3 days and I have to go reel bad. I said ok. So she unzipped her pants and lowered them and then pulled down her bikini undies. There was a little shit that had started to come out. I said I guess you did have to go reel bad. She giggled and said oh god ya. She squatted and turned towards me and said boy are you going to get a show. She didn't even have to push and this long poo was coming out more & more . I couldn't believe the size of this for such a tiny girl. She finally finished after about 5 minutes and asked me if I had anything to wipe with. I had brought some napkins that we used for lunch but they were clean. I handed them to her and she said can you do it for me. I was shocked She just pooped in font of me and now she wants me to wipe her. I said ok and she bent over and I wiped her about 4 times , then she pulled up her undies and pants and said don't you have to go? I told her yes ,but I could wait, she said go. Since we still had about another 10 miles to go I figured a mite as well. She told me to shit on top of hers so I pulled my pants down and gave her a show. Except she pulled out her cell phone and recorded me. She said I wont show it to anybody, I said ok. I finished and she wiped me. Her and I always got along very well before this and now we are even closer.She told me she wants to do this again sometime


to oldpoop

Thank you oldpoop for your answer. I am 39 years old. Normally my poops are 1 to 1.5 inch wide, but sometimes they can be up to 2 inch. This happens sometimes. I use psyllium fiber for regularity, otherwise I have to poop on irregular times, 3, 4 or 5t times a day. I also have to poop on moments when no toilet is available. I hate it!!! The poop is much thinner and mushy then. Psyllium fiber is helping to make the poop more solid and thicker, and I ususally have to poop on regular times now. Usually 2 times a day, in the morning around 10AM and in the afternoon at about 5PM.

You wrote that old people poop less and produce thinner turds? I heard that the older you get, the harder the turds will be. I also heard that older people suffer from constipation more often than younger people. Isn't that true in your opinion?


Airplane poos

Some time ago, I took a few transatlantic flights and, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed that my poos were both a lot thinner and a lot harder to produce. Is this, especially the former, normal? It felt like it had to do with being at such a high altitude, like my body felt a bit different. No big deal, just odd.

I was wondering if Abbie and Megan were still reading? I always really enjoyed your stories!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Okeechobee Music Mess (Haha, get it?)

Hey I'm Shannon, I'm 18 and from Florida. I like to share life events but I didn't feel like I wanted to share this story for my friends to see so I searched until I found this place. I don't know if anyone of you heard about it, it was a pretty big deal in Florida but I went to the Okeechobee music fest and it was three days of great music and nasty ass bathrooms. Me and my friends were camping, and it turned out that all they had for bathrooms were portapotties that were always covered in gross because there were to many people attending. After struggling to pee I decided to hold it till the end of the festival because I was so uncomfortable. This was no problem Friday or Saturday, and me and my friends ended up having a great time seeing Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar. It was Sunday when I started feeling the effects of not pooping for two days. Walking around all day on Sunday really took a toll, my muscles grew tired from having to stay tensed up all day. I pretended I was just tired to get my friends to sit and chill as much as possible. In the afternoon I was questioning my plan to avoid shitting in a portapotty because it was getting seriously uncomfortable to hold and if I ended up having to go it would be better to go then because the toilets only got worse as the day went on. I knew my friends were tired and so I convinced them that we should all go home after Future that night instead of camping another night. At that point I felt comfortable and decided to hold it all the way till the end. We went to the stage area awhile before Future was set to play because we wanted to get a real good spot up close. I did have to stop myself from shitting every now and then but I still thought I would be fine. It was almost time for Future when the urge got really bad and it started to hurt just to hold it. At that point my friends and I were so deep in the crowd it would've been almost impossible to fight my way back to our spot if I went to the bathrooms now, so when I felt a little bit better I decided to stick it out. When the show started I totally forgot about it and was just enjoying the music when the urge came back again and I had to grab my ass to hold it. I realized I had pushed this too far and so I told my friends I needed to go to the bathroom and started forcing my way through the crowd to the back of the stage area. Everyone was so drunk and tightly packed together it was taking forever. I was still deep in the crowd when I reached my limit. I just felt like knew I couldn't hold it anymore and my body just totally relaxed. It felt weird to shit like that, I could feel it coming out between my cheeks and it curling up against my ass cheeks. I had to go so bad that when it finally happened it all came out in a few seconds. People around me were just staring at me because I was just standing there not facing the stage and I'm sure I had somekind of look on my face. I finally stopped shitting and continued my way to the portapotties. Idk if anyone noticed but I felt like they could because walking made it feel like I had a huge turd in my shorts. I felt really stupid having tried to hold it for so long to avoid shitting in one of those portapotties but instead ended up shitting on myself and needing to use one to clean up in. Once I got inside I pulled down my shorts and panties and dumped the mound of poop into the black hole of a toilet. It was funny because all the shit had squished together and was in the shape of my ass. The panties only had a few smears while the crack of my ass was a mess. I spent forever wiping up as much as I could and then decided it was as good as it was gonna get. I stayed near the back of the crowd for the remainder of the concert and met up with my friends afterwords. I made sure not to get to close to any of them while we walked back to camp and packed everything up, and kept the windows cracked in the car for the drive home. Nobody mentioned a smell or anything, so I'm pretty sure I got away with it. Still, I don't think I'll ever avoid using the bathroom for that long again, no matter how nasty the toilet.

Little Mandi
Hey guys I was just wondering opinions on cleanses or something to get me to poop more.
I don't ever go poop. I would guess and say I go once or twice a week. I find it weird cause I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink a lot of water.
I don't like pooping cause of my shyness but my stomach constantly feels bloated and when I do go poop it feels so much better.
Any advice on what I can do?

Me & Mom Dumping Together (Almost)


Last month we had some bad winter weather, but not that bad so we still had school. Since I knew I was going to be staying after school for at least two hours (a 30-minute detention for three bathroom tardies to science, plus at least an hour to help a freshman who is failing English comp, I went right down the hall to the nearest bathroom after dismissal.

I had a good amount of diarrhea right before lunch and another attack just before last hour when I sat down for about 5 minutes, did some super farting that could be heard throughout the bathroom, so I didn't know what to expect this time. I did about a 30-second wee that seemed really hot, but it might have been my small fever and I remember the seat felt like ice. Then there was a very small amount of diarrhea that I heard splashing. I spread my legs a little wider and looked into the bowl and I could easily see the light brown coloring on top of the water. I pushed a little harder because I still felt there was something built up in my bowels and I got another round of coloring in the bowl. I wiped very slowly because something just felt infected and dirty around my butt hole. Finally, while still seated I texted the boy I was going to tutor and told him I would be right down to the library.

It took about an hour to run the tutoring literacy program and when the boy and I got done, I hurried to my locker and then to the parking lot to meet my mom and to go home. When I got to the entrance it was strange because I saw her car parked in the lot, but when I went out, she wasn't in it. So I went back in and checked in the office, they said she hadn't been in there. So I phoned her and was surprised when she answered and when I asked where she was she got mad at the tone of my question. She was down the hallway in the bathroom. I walked down there, it was the same bathroom I had used just over an hour before and when I rounded the entrance, I could see her suit slacks beneath the door of the same stall I had used. It was obvious that she was groaning as her diarrhea was splashing into the toilet. I told her I had had diarrhea too and she asked me about when and how much. She thinks it was caused by the restaurant dinner we had while shopping at the mall the previous night. She was on the toilet for another 10 minutes and said she was starting to feel nauseated too. I could see that she was widening how she was seated and that she was sliding all the way to the back of the toilet so that if she hurled, she could do it directly into the bowl without having to stand up. Luckily she didn't need to, and she stood, cleaned herself and then flushed and came out to wash her hands.

Luckily the snow got worse and the next day we had a snow day. She stayed home from work too because she was still having diarrhea.

To Mina and Kazuko I enjoy your stories about your pooping adventures and would love you two to keep the stories coming and happy pooping

To Taylor (Shelbi's Sister) i like how you christened your toilet with a mega dump.I wasn't there though but I could sure tell really needed to go and you felt super relieved because you didn't clog the toilet and also you just good rid of a huge poop from your system
Happy pooping and keep the stories coming

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Taylor (Shelbis Sister) great story about your big poop in the new toilet it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Another Mom great story.

To: Carin it sounds like you had a pretty rough time with that monster poop lucky Shannon was there to help you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story as always about you and your friends and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Last week I was delivering a car back to a customer, on the way there I started getting stomach pains really bad ones which doubled me up, eventually I got to my customers house and knocked on the door.
There was no answer then a neighbour saw me and said that they were out, by this time I was doubled up on pain again, the neighbour said are you alright, no I said( now to add to this incident , as a child I was in a public toilet being sick I wear 13 at the time kneeling on the floor bent over the toilet when two men can in and basically I was raped repeatedly) (this caused damage to my anal muscle which has become weak).
Any way I told the neighbour Mrs Harris as I recall she said my problem that I needed a toilet badly she said I can't help you but there is a care home just around the corner they will help you, I thanked her and said goodbye.
I managed to walk about half a mile and saw the sign for the care home, bent over I walked up to the glass door and rang the bell,
A care assistant opened the door and I asked if I could use a toilet as I was now desperate, the care assistant said to wait at the door as she went to find the manager.
The manager came to the door her badge said Sharron she said this was a private establishment and the can't let people in willy nilly.
I pleaded with her and said that I was desperate, by now my bottom was starting to open and I could feel a stool poking out of me, I said to the lady that I was about to fill my pants and she said well you will just have to mess yourself then, I was so angry now I thought well sod you too, so I said right ok thank you very much for nothing now the pain in my ???? and my bottom was so intense I really needed to push, so I gave a huge push as she stood in front of me, as my mess came out I wet myself as well(this was not expected) I felt my stools pushing my underwear away from my bottom as I filled my pants, I said thank you Sharron Because of you I have had to shit myself as I stood there in a puddle and a smell of poo drifted from my trousers.
Eventually I found a public toilet and managed to clean up and caught the bus home to go and change.


To Dominic

Nice story about your brother, he does seem a bit accident prone. Do you know why or is it just something that happens? You haven't had any accidents yourself?

Your situation sounds a lot like mine in the dorms except I only have to share with 1 other roommate for one bathroom. It can sometimes be a problem though if I wake up at the wrong time, as my story a little while back can show you what can happen if my roommate is showering too long lol. Oh well accidents happen sometimes :P

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister)

Christening the new toilet

On Saturday my parents decided to get a new toilet, the original was probably as old as the house and really needed replacing. It took my dad a few hours to fit it and my mother and Shelbi both had a wee, commenting on how much quieter and water efficient it was. I hadn't had a poo since Thursday night so I was getting desperate, so once everyone was comfy in the living room I excused myself and went upstairs.

I lowered my jeans and knickers to my knees and took a seat on the toilet. It was much more comfortable than the old one, but a little lower which will take some getting used to I think. I started with a long wee, splashing against the white porcelain instead of hitting the water like I'm used to and then settled down for my poo. The moment I had been waiting all day for. After a few seconds I softly farted and felt myself opening. There was a tinkle of wee and a quiet splash as the first, small piece fell into the water and then I felt myself being stretched *wide* as the main load made its way out. It felt amazing as it slowly slipped out of me with no effort at all. It took a few seconds for it to fall into the water with absolutely no sound. I stood up and looked into the bowl, looking back at me was a dark brown log as thick as my wrist, completely covering the small hole where the water is, and about two inches sticking out of the water. I couldn't believe so much could come out of me!

Fearing the worst and expecting a clog, I pressed the button to flush. Amazingly it all vanished straight away except for a few skid marks! I still doubted myself though. I suspected it had clogged, just further down the system. So I flushed again. The bowl didn't even fill up more than usual, I had actually managed to flush the monster!

I sat back down and started cleaning myself up, wiping my front first and then using five handfuls to clean up my behind. I flushed once more, still smiling as everything went down and sprayed some air freshener before getting dressed and washing my hands.

What an amazing toilet!



Hello Everyone

Today while I was at the mall, Mom had to pee before we left. However, she didn't pee at the mall, nor did she go at the ice cream place we visitted. She decided to go at home. Last night, Mom peed with the bathroom door open. Here's something funny that happened today. I was thinking about the noise our roof was making while I was in the kitchen, and burped the word roof lol! Once while on the Internet, I heard music made from fart noises. It was a tune called Friendship Fart. The site is no longer available. I also believe I heard a song about taking a dump at work, but don't remember where I could've heard it from. I also heard fart noises in a Rugrats movie when baby Dill announced "Poopie!", and messed his diaper. After one of the songs in the movie, it showed babies peeing.

Hello I have been reading lots of pooping stories on this site for about 3 years now and I have really been enjoying them......


Response + story about my brother

Thank you Oldpoop and Anonymous. Glad you liked my story. It was a pretty interesting poop, I'll admit lol.

To answer Anonymous' question: Luckily my experience with the toilets here has been a bit more positive than Michael's. The dorm toilets seem to be cleaned and maintained every day, so it's rare that I've come across a backed up or particularly dirty toilet. I also share one toilet with only three other guys (my roommate, plus two other guys in a different dorm. It's a suite with 4 units, 8 guys, 2 toilets). Some of the other dorms include two toilets for 20 guys, so I've got a slightly better situation here than others.

I've never been one to be shy about pooping in public bathrooms. My roommate knows I get constipated frequently, so he's not surprised if I'm in there for a while or if he hears me grunting, which he has a number of times. (He even picked up Metamucil for me when he was at Rite Aid and asked me if I needed anything). Even if one other guy is in the bathroom at the time (using the sink or the shower--the toilet and shower have their own stalls), it doesn't bother me to be pooping in there at the same time, even if it's one of my usual big constipated ones. I've come across some of the other guys pooping as well, although no one seems to be getting constipated like I do lol. In fact, I've come across more diarrhea than anything lol. I think some people in college just eat badly--I've been trying to eat better, though I still get constipated.

As for me and my brother, unfortunately haven't had too many experiences with him lately, but I did have another experience where he had some trouble holding. We were out shopping for Christmas presents for my mom--and he had to go (he told me). Crowded area, bathrooms with good place to go. We were walking around trying to find a good bathroom and he had been farting on and off, and finally he stopped and farted a big one (we weren't around anybody else at this point) and I could tell by the look on his face that maybe something had gone wrong. He didn't say anything though (he was probably a bit embarrassed), but when we got to the bathroom (an empty one), he went into the stall, immediately pulled down his pants and his briefs and I could see from under the stall that there was a small bit of poop in his briefs. He was able to clean it up and finish pooping in the stall there, but yeah, he had a little accident. Accidents don't seem to be much of a problem with me (hard to have them when your poop is usually rock hard lol), but he does get them sometimes.

Sonya Sue

Acting lessons & little kids using bathrooms

In addition to the job I already have at the travel center, I'm now doing 10 hours of volunteer work a week at our city's community theater. It's in an old building that needs a lot of work so the theater has been raising the needed money by offering acting lessons to K-8 kids on Sundays. Classes are all full up and there's a waiting list for parents who want to get their kids enrolled. Classes are offered at 8 a.m and throughout the day each Saturday and for six hours on Sunday afternoons. Us volunteers work in pairs with one as the primary teacher and the other as the manager. Because I'm the newest, I'm the manager which largely means supervision of all things going on in our classroom. I'm really into theater, but I'm getting frustrated especially with the number of 5 & 6 year olds we're getting with almost no experience in how to properly use a public toilet room.

Our bathrooms were designed for adults. There are no closets with a personalized toilet, but rather a large restroom on each floor with many toilets, sinks, etc. There are no kiddie toilets like we had at my elementary school that were lower than other places. So our kids have to work to get themselves up on the toilet. I've seen some of the girls who will sit over the side of the seat facing the panel and toilet paper roll. Too often we're getting pee and poo on the seat as they slide themselves off. I understand why they are scared not to sit back farther or wipe while seated, but the mess being created is gross, to say the least. And just like at my high school, many are not flushing or picking up toilet paper after themselves. My teaching partner, Candida, who is in college, has told our manager about the problem but since the theater needs the tuition money we're told to emphasize the positives to parents about the script we've found for their child, etc., and the culminating activity on the 10th week, plus the next level of classes.

In the meantime, Candida I and the other teaching volunteers have several unpleasant tasks that include walking from stall to stall and cleaning them up, turning off water faucets and unplugging drains with multiple rolled up towels clogging them. When I got to the theater Saturday morning just before my shift, I made sure I peed and crapped before too many of the kids got there. Candida came in and peed, too, because we knew the condition of the bathrooms was only going to get worse. It also doesn't help that there's a huge mall right across from the theater so if the parents don't go back home for the hour or two of classes, they go over there. If they saw the condition of the toilets, we're hopeful they would talk to their child about the shared responsibilities for keeping them clean.


Just another mom

If this is a one off, I wouldn't worry about it. If it's happened before, see if you can talk to her about it and see if there's something going on (maybe something that she may not even consider). At this age, I'm sure that the embarrassment was enough to give her something to think about. If it's something other than being too distracted on the phone, maybe there is a reason for it and that probably should be looked into. It's a long shot, but you might consider suggesting the use of diapers on long rides like this. You can set it up so that you stop some place close to where you are going to let her get out of it, and some place to put another one on the way home. This will minimize the chances of someone that she knows, or will run into again find out about the diaper. Yes, it's risky, but with the diaper, it's a whole lot easier to clean up. The key here is to give her the choice of what to do. Empower her. If you try to force it, guaranteed that she will rebel.


To Dominic

Hey Dominic! Really enjoyed your story about the walk. Man; you must have been glad to finally feel an urge; eh? Sounds like you were carrying quite a few days of poop on that hike!

I bet you felt awesome after finally getting all that out; it feels great to have an empty rectum again.....all loose and relaxed....kinda warm up in there....

Hey...check your email; is the same account still working?



Accidents while travelling

To just another mom

Have you ever thought about to use diapers while traveling? It makes everything much easier. I would recommend it to everyone who are in situations when there isn't always a toilet available when needed. Not only for your daughter, but for yourself too. It's just a bit of extra protection in those situations when you are in need.

Take care!


to Erwin: loose anus?

If you pass a thick turd, your anus has to open up to accommodate it. If you do such thick ones frequently, your anus has become accustomed to opening that wide, and your big ones don't hurt to pass. Usually such a thick piece comes out in a leisurely fashion, so your anus has time to open up. Likewise, after the turd has left, your anus is still wide open and takes a few seconds to settle back to its closed position. That is perfectly normal. I'm guessing you are young, because I remember passing some really thick turds when I was young, 55 or 60 years ago. As you age, you tend to eat a bit less, so your turds are not as large or thick; by the time you're in your mid-70s (my age), you eat a lot less, and the turds are a lot less thick. For me, an inch and a quarter is a thick turd; but for me also, it takes 10 or 15 seconds after a bowel movement for my anus to resume its at-rest position. No problem; no surprise.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Just another mom. Thanks for sharing your story. Based on what you've said my hunch is that your daughter's accident whilst on the Interstate was either due to an infection or something she'd eaten which didn't agree with her. In my experience the need for a normal, healthy poo, builds up gradually and is usually easier to control than the need to pee, where the transition from being fine to frantic can take place fairly quickly.

A Weekend of Holding. You were very lucky to make to the toilet in time in view of what you've said. I'm not a fan of portable toilets and will only use them in extremis so I understand your reluctance to go very well. Eating loads of food and trying to hold #2s in at the same time probably isn't a great idea and I can only imagine that your bowels were under qite a lot of strain. Had it been me I don't think I'd have worried too much about the apparent lack of toilet paper when I got home and just been glad to use a familiar loo.

John B. Hi mate. Thanks for your comments re shower peeing. Although I've thought about having a wet room myself but not got round to it as yet. I've not always peed in the shower though. Some ten years ago I was writing a piece of light fiction for my own amusement in which one of the characters peed whilst showering. My natural curiosity led me to try it, just to see what it was like. In the event I enjoyed it so much that I was instantly hooked and weeing whilst showering has long since become a regular, everyday event. I'd be intertested to know how many other people are willing to stick their head above the parapet and own up to it though.

Just another mom

Daughter's accident on a road trip

Hello, all! I went on a road trip to Cali with my 13 year old daughter, Trinity last week. As a parent, before we left I made sure she had used the bathroom because she wouldn't have the chance for a while. After that was said and done, we left home and got on the interstate south. About 3 hours later, we crossed the Columbia River into Oregon. I asked Trinity if she had to use the bathroom. "Nah, I'm fine," she replied. So, we passed right through Portland. About half an hour later, Trinity finally bothered to look up from the game on her phone. "Mom?" "What?" "I need to go to the bathroom!" "Why didn't you tell me in Portland?" "I didn't need to go in Portland!" "Ok. Just... Try to hold it until the next rest stop, ok?" "That would be fine, but I REALLY need to go!" "Sorry, but I can't just pull over on the interstate! Do you want a bucket or something you can go in?" Trinity was silent for about 30 seconds. "It's too late." "What do you mean it's too late?" "It happened." "What happened?" Trinity's face reddened as she said, "I pooped my pants." "Oh, okay... Wait, WHAT?" At that moment, I caught a whiff of a horrible smell. I lowered the window. I knew the smell was Trinity's accident. "How bad is it? Just a little bit or what?" "It's bad. Like, it feels like there's a grapefruit in my jeans." "Alright... Just maybe wait until the next rest stop and then we can get you cleaned up." Probably about ten minutes later, we pulled into the rest stop. Trinity and I got out. "Can you show me how bad the accident is?" Trinity turned around. The bulge in her jeans was very visible. It was evident she had needed to go quite badly. "Alright. Let's go get you cleaned up." I grabbed a new pair of underwear out of the overnight bag and we went over to the bathrooms. I gave Trinity the new underwear and waited outside the bathroom door for her to clean up. A few minutes later, Trinity came out of the bathroom, minus the poop. "Feeling better?" I asked. "Much better." And with that we got back in the car and continued our drive south. As for accidents past then it was pretty uneventful, except for Trinity having tiny little spurts of pee when laughing sometimes, but other than that it was fine. Overall, Trinity and I had a blast in California. Now I have some questions for the other parents on this site:
1. If applicable, when was the most recent time your kid had an accident after training?
2. How do you hold your poop in better on long road trips? Just asking because of Trinity's accident.
Well, I hope you liked the story, and I hope to post more later. But for now, goodbye.

A Weekend of Holding

Back when I was 13, I went on a weekend camping trip. All we had available was a porta potty. As I always hate pooping in porta potties, I decided I would wait until I got home. However, this did not stop me from eating as much as possible at every meal. After awhile, I really had to go. It got to the point where I had to go so bad that I had to stop peeing because I wouldn't be able to pee without pooping. As you can imagine, by the time I got home on Sunday afternoon, I was bursting. Luckily, my family dropped me off at home and went to run errands, so I had total privacy. When I got in the house, I went straight to the bathroom. I sat down and started to relax. To my horror, I looked over and there was no toilet paper. It was hard, but I was barely able to stop myself before I started going. I put my pants back on, and went to the downstairs bathroom. When I got there, I looked for toilet paper before sitting down. There was none on the roll or in the counter. By this point I was about to loose it. I ran upstairs to the other bathroom in my parents' room and saw paper. I was relieved, but the fun wasn't over yet. I went to take my pants off and my belt got stuck. For some reason I just couldn't get it off. Just when I thought I couldn't hold it anymore, I got the belt off. I got my pants down just in time, and I was pooping and peeing before I even sat down. That was one of the most relieving poop/pees of my life.

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