pissed an escalator

Hi all, many years ago we had an tournament with our team - a group of about six men. On our way back in the train we had some beer out of plastic bottles. The stuff traveled quite quickly through my intestines and right before reaching our city I used the train loo. I knew that we had an half hour Tripp left and I wanted to prevent desperation. But the beer had other plans and when we had to change tubes in the middle of the last part of the journey I had to go very urgently and I knew that I wouldn't make it. There had been a public toilet in the basement of the station before, but on that evening it was closed. So what to do? Just go in my pants? That would be very embarrassing and on my way back from the locked heaven on an escalator I couldn't hold it anymore. I put out my dig and pissed all over the stairs. When I reached the top I left the escalator and finished my pee on the sidewalk. I didn't care much about the people around and no one got mad with me.

So watch out for a loo nearby when having some beer.


Loose toilets & loose bowels

Me and my friend Shannon used some of our spring break this week and the record warm weather to get out our bikes and ride. I rode over to her apartment, arrived earlier than I thought I would, and there she was sitting on the pot, her legs spread wide as she was letting go of her crap. So I went into her room to wait and as I did I got to think about how strange it is that I've never seen her actually use a public bathroom. I know she holds it a lot at school and we head right home after school, unless I have someone to tutor. On those days, she'll head home herself. When I'm with her she heads right for the toilet whether it is at my house or hers.

So about our ride. We started at about 10 and by 11 we were riding the trails on one of the area's largest parks when I told her with a saying that my grandpa uses, my shit chute was about to drop. There were several bathroom buildings around the park so we stopped and asked a ranger for directions and we came to the building after about 10 minutes. Hitting the hills to get there caused me to peddle standing up and I didn't have any extra time to use. When we got to the entrance I stood my bike up against a stone wall and I ran into the entrance. There were three stalls, all in use. No doors. A mother on the toilet in the middle, and two children on each side of her. I started to apologize for barging in on them and cussing in front of the kids and she said they were having their "time-out BMs". I now had my hand over my butt and I called out to Shannon to follow me. We walked around to the back of the building and I did a shout-in at the doorway to the guys' entrance. Hearing nothing back, I told Shannon to watch the door in case anyone came and I put my eyes on the first stool I saw, and I ripped my jeans down, dropped the seat, and had my butt on it while it was still in mid-air.

There was a first blast of really soft crap that hit the water and as I turned to spread my legs wider for what I could feel was a much larger piece to come, I shook and almost fell into the toilet. Shannon heard a thud, and saw me stand up, a huge turd stuck in the back of my butt, and the seat was loose in one bolt and I showed her as I took my hand and tried to position it on the middle of the bowl. I took my seat again and started to push harder and now I found the toilet bowl was a little loose and shaking too along with the seat. Shannon said I should take another of the toilets, but I had to get back on it and give out one major push as I almost started to cry as my demon came out ever so slowly. I heard a huge plop into the bowl and it splashed my backside, and I started to hurt like I never had before. It was like I had torn my butt hole to shreds. I reached for the toilet paper and it had been stolen. I asked Shannon to come in and check each of the other stalls and of course, they had also been victimized by the same thief. So I send her to the ladies room where it was now vacant and she came back with a mitt of paper for me. I used it all and could see some blood on it too.

Shannon continued to watch the entrance. The pain was such that I continued to sit because I didn't want to pull up my underwear and jeans and cause any more pain. Finally, I gave in and walked over to the sink and washed my hands. While I was doing that Shannon came in and used her foot to demonstrate how loose the toilet and seat were. Both she and I agreed there was a surprise coming for the next person who sat on it. I feel kind of bad, but I told her I didn't really want to flush it. I don't know why but we both agreed and left the evidence unflushed. She also showed me that both of the urinals were unflushed too.

We sat outside in a picnic area for a few extra minutes because my butt remained too sore to place on my bike seat.


Response to Steve a's question

Yes, I've used toilets with no barriers more than once at the infamous Washington Square Park men's room in NY before it was renovated. Do a search for Washington Sq on this forum and you'll see a lot of posts about it. When I was there, there were 4 toilets - 3 together and one separated by a gap where one toilet had been removed. There were seats on the toilets - in earlier posts the seats we're missing.
The first time took a lot of nerve. I had to go and didn't see any other places nearby. And someone else was there so I wasn't the only one until he left. Then I felt very self-conscious. Most guys didn't care. Some young guys giggled at the site of us on the shitter. But nothing terrible happened. I think I was there 3 more times including once when some policemen watched me because it was notorious for drug dealers. That was embarrassing and the last time I went there.
So Steve, what do you think?


How long is too long on a public toilet with others waiting?

I think the answer depends on several things.

1) For those of us in high school, 2 minutes on the toilet to pee is about as long as I would want to take. For crapping and during class passing periods, about 3 minutes is stretching it. With a 5-minute passing period, that allows for only 2 users each hour. Any type of wiping or worse yet, seat lining (please refrain) is going to cut into the reality of it.

2) With teacher permission during a class or study hall, or before school or at lunch, I think it depends on the number of toilets and how long the line is. I know during class and during study hall time some students sign out for the bathroom and stay longer because they can use their phones in the stall, which they can otherwise not have out during the school day. I waited 10 minutes one morning to take a crap during study hall while students were seated and on their phones. Two didn't even fake-flush but walked right out with their phone in their hand. I've seen some girls at lunch patiently wait in line to get a toilet, but then run out for another bathroom holding their butt when an accident was about to happen.

3) Stalls without doors are available in most of our bathrooms. Because of the lack of privacy, users are down and off much faster. Some even have a friend stand in the doorway, talk to them and shield them from the crowd.

4) I do a lot of babysitting and when I'm out with my children at places like the zoo, mall or a theater or carnival, when they say they need to use the toilet, I ask them the reason. I will walk them to a stall, open the door and tell them to hurry up and stay on task. Some of them will do their thing, then jump down off the toilet and open the door to show me what they produced. Just the other day this happened at the arena, an I quickly grabbed some toilet paper off the roll, handed it to her and told her others we waiting. If they sit for longer than 5 minutes, I ask to see what they've left in the bowl, and if there's nothing I have them get down and I will ask them later if they have to go. I know some will just get up and act "big girl" or "big boy" on the stool because they are bored or want attention.

5) My personal habits: I've always been somewhat physically uncomfortable using public toilets because I've always been vertically challenged. When I'm fully seated on a toilet my feet are at least a foot off the floor. So my pee starts almost immediately when my butt hits the seat--then I'm down. For crapping, I seat myself toward the last possible moment so sometimes I'm only on the seat 15 seconds before I start wiping. I've been told I'm blessed with regularity (I go pretty much every day) and most of the time its fast and soft).


Uni Toilets

I know I haven't posted in a while. I'm Michael, I live in U.S, I did cross country and track throughout high school, and now I'm on my first year of uni. (I've posted here before).

My last post I made was about the bad conditions of the uni toilets here, broken seats, toilets with garbage bags over them, and toilets stuffed with TP.
On Monday, I hadn't seriously gone to the toilet the past few days, yet I had pooped rabbit pellets, and very long stringy logs of poop, but I didn't ''go'', at least not for me. It was in the morning, after I spoke the first part of my French exam, that certainly gave my stomach a real kicking! But I saw that I had passed, so it calmed me a bit. I went to the library to help a young girl with her french, and then to do some lab work. We went into a large area, with boards, so I could write on them, making up exercises for her. In the middle of the session, my stomach began to pulsate, and I hadn't farted since I left the house, so I thought to excuse myself. She had no problem, so I left to go to the toilets on the middle floor of the library, the one we were on.
When I went into the boys' loo of the floor, I was immediately ticked off. Already the bathroom was full, but there was pee all on the floor by the urinals, toilet paper on the floor, and all the stalls were full. I couldn't believe the bathroom was this much of a mess in the morning. It sounded like one of the guys had the shits, loose and runny.
A few minutes later, one of the guys finished up, the guy in the second, middle stall. He flushed, opened the door, and walked out, not looking at me or anything. When I walked into the toilet it was disgusting. There was a huge plug of dirty toilet paper blocking the hole, there was more than I would have think he would have needed, he was not that big of a guy! There was a bunch of loose poop around it, I started to begin to think he did this on purpose. With no choice however, I turned around, pulled my gym shorts and briefs to the floor and began to push. I began to fart loudly, and quite a bit. Then the shit began to come out. It was very thick it felt like, I could feel a lot of pressure. There was much crackling as it made a big thud in the bowl as it dropped. It was long, and it tapered my balls as it landed in the toilet.
It smelled insanely bad. I don't know if it was just because it was over the water level, or this was food from a few days ago, but it really reeked. I stood up and began to wipe. The tissue was a mess, and I ended up using a roll of toilet paper shamefully. The toilet was trashed with the guy's mess, and my huge log, and toilet paper over it. I had been taking metamucil, eating fiber cereal, and eating granola and apples daily, so that might have counted for the thickness. It was about a foot long, 3 inches wide. Very thick. It completely covered the drain hole from both ends. After I finished wiping, I left the stall with my turd in it to go wash my hands. The guys next to me still weren't done.

I went later that day into the same bathroom, and found that the toilet was completely plugged. Apparently someone peed on it and flushed. I feel very bad for the person who had to scoop through that mess.

I left the bathroom and went back to continue the session.

It's amazing, even with people who are supposed to be adults, there's always a huge mess here

I love Kazuko so much!!! She say so many sweetest things to me. Yesterday she came my flat to stay night. Today is Saturday, it is not need to go work, we can take it easy in morning. So after big Japanese breakfast she give me smile, I know mean of that smile. Of course I smile same smile to her, and she take off pyjamas and panties and sit on loo.

I am at wash basin to brush teeth, Kazu leave loo door open of course, soon there is plop sound and then more, after about six she flush. I look in mirror, I can see her face. She look so so happy! So I smile. She can see my smile in mirror, so after next plop sound she say "why you are smiling?" I rinse mouth quickly, and kneel next to her, and say, "because I am so happy to see your relax face!"

Her face look so happy. She make deep deep breath and then plop sound, and then she say, "Mina when I am on loo in your flat, it is paradise!!" And her face look even more happy, and she start to do soft motions, burururururu, burururururu, burururururu, and o-nara in between. Wow! She really relax. I am so happy, I begin to cry little bit and kiss her. And flush loo, because her whole stomach in there, I think.

But she say, "I finish. I want to stay more long time because so comfortable! But Mina you want to sit here too perhaps!" burururu noise is now quite small one, Kazuko's stomach nearly empty. She is right, me too I want to sit on paradise loo.

So we change over, and she stay with me. My motion came out at once and very soft! but good feeling. Noise is mixed of plop and bururururu. Kazu give me lovely smile and touch my anus with paper, so soft touch! But I say, "mada yo", it means, not yet. And I open my bottom many more times. I say to Kazuko, "feel so good! I understand your feeling!" I make strong smell, Kazuko wrinkle nose, but still smile. She like my smell! She always say, she love my smell when I am on loo. I feel same to her.

After ten minutes I finish, and wash with washlet, and then Kazuko dry my bottom. So soft touch, I whimper! Kazuko really love her bad Mina! Loo time is over and we hug, then we dress.

Kazuko is right, loo is so nice place. And human being is lucky have bottom which open so convenient, when we want. I thank very much to my bottom, it make me feel good so much.

But when I read on this site, people have hard time on loo because bottom doesn't cooperate, I feel sorry. I hope people can relax. I think school in Europe or America too strict. Need longer break, and more loos. If you are kincho, it means tension, then you will have pain from bottom instead of comfortable feeling. I can't finish motion in only one minute and I'm sure many people are like me especially woman and girl! (But school in Japan also strictů.)

Happy relax time in loo to everybody.



loose anus?

Sometimes I poop smooth turds that have a diameter up to 2 inch. When I wipe my ass, I sometimes feel my anus is loose. Is this normal?

To Dominic

Great to hear from you again on here, sounds like an interesting hike you had, good thing it was secluded else you would have had a big problem. Now that you are in college how is going to the bathroom in the dorms assuming you live on campus? Also any experiences with you and your brother?


To Dominic: outdoor poop

That was a nice outdoor poop you had; I enjoyed your description of it. I have gone outside a few times, too, though probably not as often as you. One time in particular I remember pretty well. I was organist at a church situated on a large lot backing up to a forest. I came to the church for my Saturday practice and suddenly remembered two things: the locks had been changed because of a break-in, and a work party was due at the church in about half an hour, with someone who had a new key. In the meantime, on my drive over I had noticed an increasing urge to poop. Now that I was on the site, the urge was much stronger. I decided I had better go back into the woods and take care of things, so I picked up a couple of tissues and headed back. There was no path, so I just picked my way among the trees. About 50 feet in, out of sight of the church, I encountered a sort of structure of plywood and cardboard, old and vacant, but apparently at one time someone's secret hangout. I went behind it and another twenty feet or so to one side, found a tiny open spot where I could squat, and pulled down my pants. I remember that bowel movement very well. It was urgent enough that it started out with only a small push. It felt big and came easily, a few hard pieces that would have really plunked in a toilet but out in the woods made soft thuds, followed by a couple of solid thick medium-brown six-inch turds; in all, a nice big b.m. I wiped once, which was hardly necessary--a clean exit. I left the paper under some leaves and the turds right where they were. What breeze there was came from the direction of the church, so any smell wafted away from the church. I quickly pulled up my pants and made my way back to my car, where I sat reading until someone with a key would come. I waited only a couple of minutes, was let into the church, and practiced; the gentlemen of the work party, of course, had no idea of my fresh bowel movement out in the woods. A pleasant experience.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


A few responses

Hey Julia - wow, I didn't think there'd be any other trans folk on here, I'm very happy to meet you.
I was thinking about your story and about choosing to squat to avoid outing yourself, and at first I was going to reply that I don't usually even consider that and that I wouldn't hesitate to whip it out wherever needed, but on second thought that's not true. I realized that all of my peeing experiences have either been in areas I've been sure are uninhabited and without risk of being seen, or have been with very close friends who I'm comfortable doing so around. Thus, though most of the time I stand to pee, I would squat if there was a chance of being seen.
That said, I do pee from standing in most public washrooms. It's been a fierce internal battle over whether or not to sit, but I finally decided on the following pros:
1. It's easier than having to take the additional measure of turning around and sitting, and then getting up again after.
2. a) Public toilet seats are often gross, and I would rather pee from a distance than have to sit on them.
b) As such, I do believe most wwomen would pee standing if given the chance, so provided that I do have that ability I figure it's a waste not to use it.
3. If anyone's listening closely enough to someone else peeing that they can tell that I'm standing rather than sitting, and they choose to confront me over it, then they're creepy af and need to reevaluate their life choices.
I've never been called on it once, it's never been an issue.

Thank you all for your responses on peeing. I hadn't heard of desert roses, they sound quite intriguing. I'm surprised to hear such a resounding "yes" for peeing in the shower. A question for all the vagina-bearers out there, do you stand or squat to pee when you're in the shower?

Kermit, I've had the same thing with vibrations. I believe the deal for those wth penises at least is that there's one path for both urine and semen, so when you get stimulated (for example, by the motion of a train) the urine path gets closed off to make way for sperm. That's why it helps to squirm or fidget when you need to piss, because that stimulates the penis and holds back the pee.

I'm currently on vacation in Costa Rica, so hopefully that'll prompt a few interesting stories about relieving myself.


Reply to Adrian

Hi, it's John B.

I liked your comments about peeing in the shower. Like you I always do even if I've just gone and my wife's the same too! We have a large wet room, no pun intended, and we frequently shower together. Despite being in our early sixties we both giggle like a couple of kids when we both start peeing together!

That's all for now and take care fella. A big hi to Jemma too and hopefully you're keeping well hun!

Take care all

John B


Constipated Outdoor Poop

So just a reminder: I'm Dominic, I'm in college, I'm fairly skinny, blond hair, blue eyes, and I'm constipated all the time lol.

I've pooped out in the woods plenty of times, especially considering that I grew up in a house where we owned several acres, lots of chances to poop out in the woods. And I love all things outdoorsy, so I've often gotten chances to do so.

Recently I was on a solitary hike in a wooded area. It's not a very popular place for hiking (especially not this time of year either) so there weren't really any other people there. I think I passed one woman walking her dog and that was it, so I knew it'd be pretty private. I wasn't planning ahead on pooping there, but if it had to happen, it woudln't be so bad. Toward the end of the hike I started feeling an urge in my stomach and I had been farting a lot while hiking. Eventually the urge got stronger as I was walking so I decided to go off the trail in a little grassy area. I stood behind a tree and pulled down the back of my pants and briefs. I just kind of stood there in the silence and solitude with my butt sticking out, farting, and waiting to see if the urge to poop got stronger. Eventually it did, so I pulled down my pants more and started grunting and pushing.

I did that for a while with almost no luck. Eventually I started squatting more and pushing harder and soon enough I could feel the tip of a turd emerging from my anus.I was grunting and groaning loud enough that someone passing could've heard me, but no one was there. Might've scared off some birds though lol. It felt like a really solid turd coming out, pretty hard and compacted. I kept pushing in that bent over position, and I even started to pull my buttcheeks apart and hopefully get my hole to open more. Eventually it did because I could feel the turd moving slowly out of my anus. I was pushing so hard that pee was coming out even though I had just peed not that long ago. The wind shifted at some point and I could smell the poop that was coming out of my ass. Soon I gave one final push and loud grunt and the turd dropped and landed in the grass. It was dark brown and fairly wide and it smelled pretty bad.

I hadn't brought any toilet paper so I just pulled up my briefs and pants and looked at what I had produced lol. I continued on the walk and wiped when I got home (luckily it hadn't left much of a mark, so nothing in my underwear). Anyway, that was a memorable poop I had recently, just thought it was worth sharing.


Question for Parents

This is a question for parents of multiple young children....or for people who find themselves in charge of children while on a trip:

How do you keep track that each of your kids are having bowel movements while on vacation?

Are they asked daily about it? Do you insist that a younger child poop in your presence to assure yourself that they are not getting constipated?

How long would you feel it is "OK" for one of your kids to not go?

Anatomy student

To anon about hard poo

As long as you're regular and not in pain you're just fine. If you take birth control you might be low on magnesium since many birth control pills also contain calcium. Try stool softeners or a magnesium supplement for a week or so. Also drink more water.


My Tree House & My Tinkling Cousins

I was raised by parents that didn't have a lot of money. For the first three years of my life we lived in three different rental houses, and I was lonely and didn't have a lot of playmates. With no siblings, my summer vacations were pretty boring. I was 8, almost 9 and had just finished 3rd grade when my Uncle Jim, a carpenter, came for a visit. He and my dad were both having a beer and Uncle Jim was mad that he had bought a truckload of lumber for a deck for some people, but since he found they couldn't afford it, he was stuck for a project. I remembered a story we had read in school about about this girl and all her friends she had invited up to her tree house. So I talked to my parents about it almost continuously until they gave in. My parents just paid Uncle Jim for the lumber and he built it for free. It took him a couple of days, although it seemed a lot longer for me. I didn't realize it at the time, but because of the amount of lumber he had, and the size of the boards, and how big the like 75 year old tree was, what I ended up with was something I could have two friends up with me at once.

The next weekend, I think it was 4th of July, mom and dad had a picnic for a few relatives. Two of my cousins, both of them 11 and about to start middle school, loved the climb up and the view they got. Together, we talked about ideas of what we could do and Justin said he had to piss. I told him he could avoid the adults on the front porch by going in through the back door to get to the bathroom, but that I had been stacking some flower pots for my mom on the back stairs and to watch out for them. He said something I didn't understand, climbed down and ran to the back door. He came back pretty much immediately with a flower pot. He said he had an idea on how we could have fun with it. His brother Jarrod suggested a pissing contest. The idea was that if the two of them from the tree house opened up and directed their piss streams at the pot that they could move the pot and possibly tip it over. I told them it wa too heavy and because we were so high up, their combined streams wouldn't be that strong. Then I took the dare that if they moved it, they would bring it upstairs and I would pee in it in front of them.

So Justin and Jarrod positioned the pot on the side of the tree house. Like three times they asked me to spit down into it so they could check on its fall and position the pot right. Justin, the most gross of the two, suggested I seat myself on the side rail and try to crap into it. I told him he talks so much that it would probably end up in his mouth. They both laughed pretty hard but then came upstairs to do the contest. Both had shorts on, opened their flys, and then lined up for their aim. Jarrod bumped Justin pretty hard a couple of times and I was afraid they were going to throw punches. I finally gave them a countdown beginning at 10. Unfortunately (for me) they made adjustments and after about 10 seconds they tipped it. I was like in awe. Since they had made such a mess downstairs, I told them there was no way I was going to sit on that particular pot that was drenched and in a puddle on the ground. They went down and got another pot off the back porch. It was heavy and both of them had to carefully hoist it upstairs to me. It was now getting somewhat dark at 8:30 at night so I felt good that they were not going to be able to see that much of me. Both of them were pretty much out of breath when they finally got it up to me.

I had jean shorts on and I admit I remember fumbling very badly in trying to position myself on the pot. I tried going to my knees and still getting my stream into the pot. Dumb I know! I thought about wanting to remain modest, but the only way I could balance myself on the pot (which was very uncomfortable on my butt) was to sit on it with my legs open at v-shape and I knew, unfortunately, that's what they wanted.
(A year or two later I learned to squat straddle much better because of frequent really gross toilet seats.) I hadn't been in the house to pee since about 2 p.m. so I knew that wouldn't be a problem. I made it fast, in probably about 15 seconds although I secretly cut it off because I was so embarrassed and both Justin and Jarrod were making some gross remarks. Problem was that I forgot that flower pots have holes and that my pee was going right onto the new pine that Uncle Jim had used. Luckily, it didn't stain although the boys gave me a hard time about it and alluded to a cat marking its territory. I used some words I shouldn't have to them and then we went into the house and joined the adults.

My dad asked Justin and Jarrod what they thought about the tree house. They just smiled, looked at one another, and said it was "fun." I recognized how awkward that was and I changed the subject real fast.


Carrie's spring break stayover

This week our school is on spring break. My friend Carrie stayed over with me earlier this week. We hit the mall the first day, then a movie, and on the second day yesterday we participated in a skating marathon to raise money for a school's band to march in a New Years parade. Carrie and I have been friends since 3rd grade and we do a lot of things together. So when we woke up at 8:30 yesterday morning we both went into my bathroom together. I offered Carrie the toilet first, but she said I could take it first since she's trained her bladder well at school because there's usually lines for each toilet. Both she and I hate the school bathrooms because the toilets are dirty and there is not much privacy. So I pulled my ???? down and seated myself. Carrie took the bath tub for her seat and pulled down her ???? too and started teasing me like she was one of the teachers walking through the bathrooms at school threatening us with detentions for being late to class, yelling at us for not flushing, leaving the sinks running, and when we're in there before school about some houses still not having indoor plumbing these days. That's the vice principal who is the meanest.

I was midway through my pee and Carrie started messing with me like she was peeking into my stall, writing down my name, and going to write me up for spending too long on the stool. Then she got really dramatic and told me to think of the others in line and it was pretty funny until I was like totally surprised. Carrie had moved farther over the bath tub and now her thighs were holding her up from the middle. As my pee was trickling to a stop, she was continuing to do her principal imitation but I heard a noise of something going into the tub and I looked an I couldn't believe my eyes. She had started to pee from her seated position and in a couple of seconds I could see a huge dark yellow stream coming out of her and then starting to roll down over the blue bath tub and down toward the drain. I was speechless! She said it wasn't an accident, but just part of the way we are belittled at school about using the bathroom first, then taking too long, and then not keeping things clean. Then we started to talk about our skating plans and how nice it was to be able to pee without threats of detention time for tardys or having to sit in someone else's pee or using a toilet with no toilet paper or with the bowl stopped up and overflowing. Carrie turned on the shower to clean the tub while I stood and wiped. I told her it could have been worse if she had crapped in the tub. She told me that could be done next time. I know she's capable of it! Carrie took two bad falls on her butt at the rink while we tried to speed skate to some disco music and like 10 minutes later she went in for a big crap. So I felt better about things when we finally got back to my house after 12 hours of skating.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: J great story.

To: Just A Teacher first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a rough day and please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Rose great peeing story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to Vincene's question

Hi Vincene, nice to hear from you again, it has been a while. As far as time spent on a public toilet I think a person should take care of business and get off the toilet as soon as they are done. That is what I do when I take a dump in a public bathroom, sometimes there are others waiting and sometimes not. Either way I spend only the time that I need to. I think spending excessive time is inconsiderate. I can remember one time I was in a Dunkin Donuts and I went to go into the bathroom as soon as I walked in and it was locked. Luckily I didn't have to go real bad so I ordered my coffee and donuts and sat down at one of the tables to enjoy my coffee and donuts right there. I was sitting where I could see the bathroom doors and about 20 minutes later I saw one of the guys that worked there come out. He was in there all that time. I think that was very rude of him to be taking up the bathroom all that time when there are others who also needed to use it. Just last week I stopped at a Burger King to get something to eat and I wanted to wash my hands before I ordered my food so I went to the men's room door and it was locked and a guy said "someone's in here". I thought nothing of it and went and ordered. Being how the service is always very slow at Burger King, I had more than a 5 minute wait for my food so when I finally got my food I took it to the table and then went back to try the bathroom so I could wash my hands before eating. I got to the door and I gently pushed on the handle and it was unlocked so I started to walk in when a startled employee said "someone is still in here". I was then startled myself and I quickly apologized and closed the door. Well, I caught a quick glimpse of him and he was at the urinal with his back to me, it was pretty obvious he was in there pleasuring himself sexually. I was pissed off and just said f##k it and ate my food with unwashed hands. I thought it was very ignorant of the guy to be hogging the bathroom all that time. Well, that's my thoughts on public bathroom use- take only the time you need.

mountain man
My family has a summer house up in the mountains. It is an old hunters' cabin, very primtive, without water and without any toilet. When we have to pee or even for number 2 we have to hide somewhere outdoor. Previously this used to be quite uncomplicated because there ususally was nobody else around. But last years the amount of hikers and campers has increased considerably. Many stay around for several days awaiting nice weather so that they can proceed to a very popular summit nearby. They neither have access to any toilets and have to take care of business by attending Mother Nature's facilities. Some mornings I have counted over 20 tents around in addition to several mobile homes. Even those with mobile homes ofte go somewhere outdoor instead of using the toilet in their vehicles (to avoid filling up the toilet tank, I guess). There are no bushes or wood to hide in, just a lot of stones and small hills. When walking around, especially in the early morning, it is quite common to see persons trying to hide down a slope or behind a boulder squatting with trousers at their knees and exposing their bum to the ground. Young men in their 20ies, grey haired grannylike women, tiny bums, big bums, no difference. In some or another way it seems like everyone gets used to it.

Just A Teacher. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and had you thought around your fluid intake and toileting opportunties ahead of showing those parents around your accident might - and it's a big 'might' have been averted. However you would not have had the wonderfully descriptive and, if I may say so, well written story of fighting your desperation for over an hour before finally losing the battle in the staff restrooms to share with us either. Whatever you do, don't reproach yourself for what happened though. Despite the training to 'hold it' which is drummed into most of us from any early age, if we put off going to the toilet for long enough, we will eventually do it in our pants, be the need for #1 or #2. If I had a pound for everyone in their thirties who'd admitted to having an accident and, were shocked because they'd done it at that age, I'd be a very rich man indeed. Those of us who stick our heads above the parapet and admit it may be in a minority, but I think I'm on fairly safe ground in thinking that most people have accidents occasionally during adult life, and those who manage to avoid them completely are in a very tiny - and lucky - minority.

hard round poo daily. Once a month large amounts. You don't shed any light on whether you're male or female. If you're a lady between certain ages the monthly '4lb poo' might be connected in some way with your menstrual cycle. Otherwise I'm not sure what the cause might be. As a general 'rule of thumb' if your bowel habit follows a regular pattern, even if it's one such as you describe, I wouldn't think it was a matter of undue concern. If you're worried about though I'd suggest talking it over with your GP. If there is any sudden, sustained change in your bowel habit or you start passing blood, you should certainly see your GP as soon as possible in order to elimimate any serious underlying cause. Perhaps if you wanted to loosen your BMs up, you could take a look at your diet with a view to increasing fluid intake and eating a bit more fruit and veg.

Vincene. I think when it comes to the question of how long it's right to spend on a public toilet is rather like the old question, "How long is a piece of string?" Different people have different needs and I appreciate the frustration felt by those who were clearly desperate to go and were annoyed at having to wait. Generally speaking I think the polite thing is to be as quick as you decently can but it's not always possible, especially where #2s are involved. I don't think there is a definitive answer though which can be given in terms of seconds or minutes.

Rose. I forgot to answer your question about shower peeing in an earlier post. For what it's worth I pee regularly in the shower and I'm sure many people - if not most - do it at least sometimes, even if it's not part of their daily routine.

Julie. Thanks for sharing your squatting to pee experience. Although I've never done it myself, being an 'Alpha male' who likes to stand to pee, I could well imagine it requiring practice. I have, however, asked one or two transwomen over the years about how they deal with calls of nature whilst out in public and most have said they use the ladies loo and sit for whichever number they need to do.


to hard round poop daily

Pooping once or twice daily is perfectly normal; however, if the hard round pieces are difficult to get out, or if it hurts to push them out, you may prefer larger, smoother, perhaps a bit softer poops. You didn't say how large these round hard movements were, but it sounds like you might not be really emptying your rectum each time, allowing for the buildup that gives you your once-a-month very large movements. You might try eating some nuts such as almonds, cashews, or even peanuts--not too large an amount at a time, but some each day, and see if that lets you have a bit larger bm's each time you go. Your bowel habit seems mostly normal, but the buildup toward your monthly big one seems odd. Try nuts and see if they help.


To J

J, nice story about your accident, were you wearing briefs that held the poop in the underwear and formed the bulge? Also did you pee any, I usually pee when I poop as well. It had been a while since you had an accident right?

I haven't had one myself since the one I had in bed, lol. I am probably due to have one soon, knowing my luck I will have it walking back from class to the dorms, haha.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Just A Teacher

Embarrassing Accident

Hello. My name is Just A Teacher (for now at least), I'm 39 years old, fit and healthy, mother of two kids, and I am - surprise - a teacher at a public specialty school (public but there are admission requirements and a lottery for admission). I teach four days per week and on my extra day (Friday) I help give tours to prospective parents. Last Friday I gave such a tour. I had to run some errands after dropping my kids off at their school in the morning and some took longer than expected so by the time I made it to my school it was only a minute before the tour was supposed to start, leaving me no time to run to the restroom to relieve myself of the coffee and water I had been drinking all morning. I figured, "No problem. The tour is less than an hour. I can hold it for an hour." We split up the parents into two groups, so my fellow teacher and one of my best friends Kathy took half and I took half.

We keep it pretty casual for the tours so I was wearing a school polo, jeans, and sandals. The jeans were a little snug by now from my growing bladder, which over the course of the tour only made my need to pee that much worse. I did my best to stand still and not act distracted, but halfway through ever time we stopped I had to stand with my legs crossed to help hold it. And I still had half an hour to go. I started to try to speed things along a little, but had to not make it too obvious and still had to answer a number of questions as we walked around the school, stopped briefly into a few classrooms, etc. By the time we neared the end I was bursting and getting very concerned.

We made it to the end, where we go into a conference room and help the parents fill out applications and answer questions. I was dying to go, but couldn't leave them and had no way to slip out. I stood in one place with my legs crossed, bouncing slightly, and answered question after question. Finally Kathy's group made it into the room (I had been rushing a little, remember?). That made the room more crowded, and since some of my group had already finished and left, that meant some of hers came to me for questions.

I was standing there desperately holding on, wishing everything would go faster. One of the parents in front of me asked a question about the form they were completing and I bent forward to see what they were asking. I guess the extra pressure on my bladder from leaning forward was too much, because as I did so, I suddenly felt a squirt of pee escape my control and dampen my crotch. It wasn't long, just a short burst that I'm sure most middle-age women are familiar with, but enough for me to turn red and start to panic - once you break the seal...

I faked a phone call on my iPhone and asked the family to excuse me. I waved across the table to Kathy to get her attention and mimicked talking on the phone and pointed to the door as I moved my way carefully behind the parents at the table. Kathy understood and nodded. I had to squeeze behind the last family to get between their chairs and the wall. In doing so, another squirt of pee escaped and the crotch of my panties felt much wetter and a trickle began snaking down my left thigh. I didn't know if any wetness was visible yet, but I knew it was only a matter of seconds. There is a bathroom down the hall. I can make it.

I finally got out of the room, turned the corner and, seeing no one there, immediately grabbed my crotch - hard - as I hobbled as fast as I could while still squeezing my thighs together towards the bathroom. I could feel wetness on my fingertips so I knew there was at least a small wet spot on my jeans. I mumbled under my breath, "Come on, come on. You can do it. You can make it." As I neared the door I lost a longer squirt, requiring me to stop and cross my legs to stop it, but I could feel the heat and wetness on my fingers and spreading onto my upper thighs. I cursed. After regaining control I waddled the last few feet to the bathroom door, pushed it open, and shuffled across towards the stalls.

I made it to the door of the first stall when my body decided the time had come and I knew I was a millisecond from a complete bladder void - and I was powerless to stop it. I froze and looked down and flushed red, almost going numb. There I was in front of a stall, a 39 year old grown woman, and I was going to pee my pants.

And I did. My muscles gave one last shudder and then gave up completely and the urine hissed powerfully into my jeans and the wetness just shot down my legs and across my crotch and thighs. I could feel it soak my butt. It ran down to the end of my jeans legs and began pouring out onto my sandals and the floor, a puddle spreading rapidly around my feet on the tiles. I could do nothing but watch - my heart stopped, eyes watching, body feeling.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was probably only a minute) I was done. I stood there for another brief moment before I could function again. I had done it. I had completely wet myself at school. At least nobody had seen. But then I heard voices approaching that jolted me from my reverie and I dashed forward into the handicapped stall and shut the door behind me. The bathroom door did not open, thankfully, as the voices passed and faded into silence.

In the stall I could see my pitiful reflection in the mirror. My pale blue jeans only highlighted my plight. The wet areas - which was 70% or more of the fabric! - were a beacon of my shame, drawing in the eyes to judgment. I started to feel like I would cry, but then it turned into a laugh - maybe out of defense? So there I stood in my school administrative office bathroom handicap stall, laughing at myself in the mirror, turning around to get a full look at all the damage. Now what?

I sent a text to Kathy: "Hey. Can't make it back to help with rest of parents. Let me know when all are gone." She replied OK.

I stood and waited for a few more minutes and got a reply: "OK. Tour over. Parents gone. You OK?"

I replied: "Not exactly. Need you to come down to bathroom in hall to the left."

Kathy: "OK. ???"

A minute or two later the bathroom door opened and Kathy called my name. I answered back, "Anyone else out there?" She said no, so I told her to come back to the handicapped stall. As she made her way she said, "Looks like a kid peed on the floor over here. Did you see that puddle?" I giggled as I unlocked the stall door and swung it open and stepped in front of her in all my piss-soaked glory. Kathy stopped, hand shot to her mouth, and I laughed, causing her to laugh as well, knowing I was OK.

She asked what happened, so I told her the whole story. She said she had a spare pair of sweatpants in her car so she hurried out and I shut the door and waited what felt like forever as I began peeling the wet and now clammy jeans off of my legs - no easy feat, mind you with wet denim. While this was taking place a few teachers came in and used the other stalls - with more than one comment made about the puddle. A few minutes later Kathy returned, announced herself to me, and I took the sweatpants and a plastic bag she also brought for my wet jeans and panties. She waited for me as I finished changing and then we snuck out to our cars. I told her I was heading home for a shower. She asked if I wouldn't like to stop for a large coffee first? I flipped her the bird and we laughed as I climbed into my car with no panties under my too big emergency sweatpants and a plastic bag reeking of urine and humiliation.

Just A Teacher


Pooped my pants

Last week I was sitting in my room alone when I started feeling like I had to poop. I felt a thick, solid log slowly moving through my stomach. I was doing homework and it was becoming difficult to focus because I was starting to really have to go. I knew it was going to be a big load. I continued to do my homework, while feeling my poop move around and get ready to come out. My stomach made noise, and I knew it would have to come out soon. I was becoming really desperate and stood up to go to the bathroom, but it was too late. I felt my butthole open up and a thick, mushy log started to push its way into my skinny jeans. It tented the seat of my pants out as it slowly worked its way out of my butt. The poop made a crackling noise as it collapsed up against my butt and formed a bulge. This turd was huge and warm. I squatted down slightly and pushed a little bit and continued to poop my pants. I was feeling so relieved that I didn't want to move. The poop just kept coming and coming, and the bulge grew. I started to smell the large clump of feces forming in my pants. I couldn't stop it though. I kept pushing this monster out, and the log seemed to never end. The poop bulge was so big and soft, and there was still more coming out. I pushed the end of the turd out, and felt that there was more coming. I figured I could control it enough to walk to the bathroom and sit down. I dumped the huge mass of poop out of my underwear, and it had barely made a mess. Even though it was soft, it didn't touch my underwear much. I wiped and flushed everything away.

I hope you enjoyed

hard round poo daily. Once a month large amounts

I generally have hard-ish round poo once or twice daily. But once a month or so I have a twenty minute session where I leave about 4 lbs in the toilet. The session starts with hard poo but gets softer towards the end of the session to the point of sludge. The hard poo is not so hard that it hurts but is hard nonetheless. I do eat fiber, good amounts of water, lots of healthy fats , oil.

Is this all normal? Should I be concerned? Thanks!



pee shyness in a special way and comments

to Rose: You are right most stories here are about pooping. Well I often use the shower for peeing myself. I do it before starting the water. I can train aiming of my stream and sometimes I get pee on my legs. That's no big deal for me since I turn on the shower afterwards and it is just my own pee.

Friday I was treveling all day in a train. I was lucky to find quite clean toilets and since I also had to poop decided to pee sitting . But the shaking of the train made it hard to start my pee - poop is no problem I just push. Has anyone else had this vibration driven kind of pee shyness?


How long is too long on a public toilet with others waiting?

This past week I had to make a 4 hour drive to a conference and training related to my job. As usual, at about the middle of my drive I selected a rest area with bathrooms and went in to relieve my bladder which had been fed a large coffee at home as well as a double-size orange juice and two water bottles.

I could see the rest stop was busy and there were a couple of ladies standing outside the doorway smoking. I was hopeful they were not waiting for a line to diminish, but I was wrong. Six stalls, the middle one was flooding and there was yellow-like crime tape over the door and I was tired and sarcastic enough to wonder to myself if someone had been taken away in cuffs for the crime. Each of the stall doors was latched and there were legs showing. And unfortunately they were not moving. Two ladies and and a college age girl were standing close to the entrance of the end stall which was one with no door. There was a girl about 7 or 8 seated. Her jeans covered her shoes which were an inch or so above floor level. I could tell the college girl must have been the next in line, although she was pacing around and saying her dam was about the burst. The other ladies, a little older were shaking their heads and I couldn't immediately tell whether they were in agreement or not. After about five minutes and none of the other stalls opening, the older girl walked right up to the doorway and said to the little girl seated that she couldn't hear any activity, a remark to which both of the ladies told her to lay off with. One even told her that showing an attitude wasn't going to help speed things up.

After about 10 minutes other stalls opened, but the college girl was still pissed and waiting for that particular stall. I was just happier to get on one of the other toilets, do my thing, and get back on the road. However, the hostility expressed got me to thinking: How long is too long on a public toilet with others waiting?

Re: Mina Bedpan

You point out the exact problem I have. When the poops are tough to get out I lean forward with my elbows pushing into my stomach. Its just impossible to do that on a bedpan. I don't see how anyone can go lying down like that.-- JW

Carin: My mother definitely took me into the ladies' room for a while. I distinctly remember being aware of the strangeness of that arrangement for some time before she allowed me to use the men's room by myself. She never made it a big deal when I had to go while we were out, though she preferred that my sister and I use the bathroom at home. But she was seemingly certain that someone would snatch me up or something in the men's room. I never understood it then and don't feel it was so warranted now, but I know she was just trying to protect me.

Mina: Glad to see you're back! Hope you feel better soon. I know how hard health issues can be and it makes me feel impatient when I'm waiting to get better. Sounds like you had an interesting experience using the bedpan, though. I've never used one.

Braidy: That was a very interesting interview indeed! Can't imagine how I'd feel under similar circumstances, but it was quite nice to read about.

Getting late so I'll cut this short.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Eileen great story it sounds you had a really as well as a really big poop I bet you felt great after and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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