urgent gas station dump

I was travelling for work and it was early in the morning around 530. I had not been feeling well lately and I was having trouble trying to drive, i finally come to a small town I was like thankgod. It had only one gas station in it and well it was closed I was dying,but luckily the leek was in the store setting up. I knocked on the door as she was walking toward me a cramp hit and I almost lost it. She opens the door and says we do t open for another 15 min I was so embrassed as she was a attractive 30 yr old. I told her I had a upset stomach and if I could please use the bathroom. She looked at me and felt sorry for me and said go ahead but not to make a mess. The bathroom was a single unisex up front near the register where she was. I walk in no fan so I get seated and I can hear her outside the door I say I am so sorry for this she said go ahead we all get sick from time to time. I explode with a runny soft poop I mean plop after plop it was very loud , i heard her giggle once then after 10 min she asked if I was ok I told her yeah finishing up. I walk out thank her and finally make it home few hrs later.


Re: Rose's Peeing Questions

Hi Rose,

I spent most of my adult life in the Air Force so have pissed in some fairly odd places! Out on ops, in the FOBs there would be not much in the way of facilities and there used to be lengths of pipe dug into the ground with funnels on the end and they were called 'Desert Roses', basically you'd just wander up to one, take your penis out and piss into it. The same places would often not even have a Latrine so you'd end up pooping in special bags and burning them.

I've peed in many a shower, sometimes just sheer laziness, but I have to admit I do quite enjoy it...

I've never been invited to watch anyone piss but have seen more guys than, and a few girls too, peeing mostly outside. Sometimes in latrines/desert roses etc, but sometimes just on the ground.

Monday, March 07, 2016


Today's Peeing Exploits and two more questions

I had a lot of water today, and I peed a total of 4 times in the space of three hours. The first time I went was with Lana, a short red-haired girl from my class who (though i normally hate to gossip) I knew from a friend who she cheated on. She went in almost at the same time as me, and it took her about fifteen seconds to pull down her jeans and underwear and sit on the toilet. I heard her start peeing, a even flow that was small but not at all splattery. The sound of Lana's pissing grew louder, and got a little more spray-like, and as she made water into the toilet I let go of my own stream, and poured a jet of my pee into my toilet. I pissed a fairly yellow jet with some foam, then spit out my wad of gum into my pee and flushed it down the toilet a few seconds after I heard Lana flushing her own piss.

The third time I went with Jessi, and after waiting a while in line she went first. She took about thirty seconds to get settled, in which time I heard her unzip her pants. Then she began relieving herself. I listened as her pee landed in the toilet bowl, producing a forceful sound that surprised me given the strength of Jessi's pissing in the past. It lasted for a long time, her pee spraying into the water, and I heard her tear off a piece of toilet paper. Her stream trickled off fairly abruptly, and she wiped the toilet paper against her privates before dropping it into the pooled piss below her ass. Then she got up and flushed the toilet, or at least she thought she did. She left the cubicle, and I entered. I locked the door, and when I turned around I noticed that there was still piss in the bowl It was slightly yellow, a healthy shade of piss that showed that Jessi had been getting enough to drink. The piece of toilet paper Jessi had used to wipe herself lay near the bottom of the bowl. I caught a whiff of the sharp scent of Jessi's pee, and noticed several bubbles still resting on the surface of the piss-filled bowl. I pulled out my penis and exposed the head, before aiming it at Jessi's pee. My own piss flew out of my penis and sailed briefly through the air before impacting upon Jessi's urine, instantly mixing together. I pissed into the toilet Jessi had pissed in not thirty seconds before, and onto her own pee. My stream was crystal clear, and made a slightly more muted sound than i expected when it hit the toilet Jessi had just filled for me. My penis disgorged more and more piss, slowly raising the level of the bowl before finally slowing and trickling to an end. I shook off my penis before taking a moment to observe the bowl of Jessi and my piss together. Then I lifted my foot and pushed the lever with it, and watched as our pees were sucked away together in a vortex of water.

The fourth time was coming home on the bus after band. I felt the urge to pee, and seeing as I was nowhere near homee or any public restrooms I got off when nature's call got a little too loud and I walked a little ways until I found the best possible spot in an emergency. It wasn't great, it was in a sparse area that left me pretty exposed, and I'm not entirely convinced I wasn't actually in someone's backyard. But I didn't have time to be picky, so I pulled down my pants quickly and without bothering to point my penis in any particular direction I let go and my piss shot out of me, invoking that old cliche of the loose firehose a bit. After I got my stream under control I focused on using the heat from my piss to melt the snow away from around a mostly-covered bush, creating a small pond of my completely clear pee in the process. My pee just kept coming, and I pointed my dick at a skinny tree now and had some fun using my stream to knock the snow off the lower branches. At this point I noticed a young woman with a small dog watching me from the trail I hadn't seen about a dozen feet away. My first instinct was to stop my stream and bolt, and this urge was strengthened as she began to walk towards me, but I still needed to go badly enough to keep me in place, urinating forcefully. By the time she got over to me through the tall snowdrifts between us I had just about finished up, and I shot her a sheepish grin as I quickly shook off and shoved my penis back away.
To my surprise, she spoke up. "Hey, I'm sorry about intrudding, and I know it's an odd request, but after that display I just- could I ask you to hold my dog for a second? Her name's Jewel." I said sure, mostly because her dog was really cute (golden retriever, and just a puppy too). I took the dog, and as soon as I did the woman unzipped her fly and pulled down her pants, exposing her rather charmingly hairy underside completely. I turned around to give her some privacy, but she just laughed and said "You can watch if you want, I certainly got my fill of you." So I watched as she squatted low to the ground, and pushed together a little pile of now between her boots. After a second of awkward anticipation, slightly steaming urine leapt from her crotch and hit the pile of snow squarely in the centre. She let loose a powerful, focused jet, and after a second she began to use her hand to aim the stream. She focused the stream on the pile of snow, and her piss slowly carved its way through it, forming a tunnel. I laughed a bit at it, and she said she called it a pee-gloo. I confessed myself impressed as the piss began to run straight down rather than forwards. Eventually it trickled off, and she wiggled her butt a bit before pulling up her pants. I gave her back Jewel's leash, and she said thanks, and that she'd been looking for a chance to have a pee for a while. I said I'd be happy to help anytime, and we parted ways, leaving only piss-drenched snow behind.

Two questions - has anyone had someone else deliberately leave the toilet unflushed for them? How did that play out?

Also, do other people spit out their gum in the toilet? Personally I like flushing it down when I've had a pee, because it means I get to flush a physical object and not just yellow-tinted water; and when I've had a shit I like to try spitting so it lands on top of a turd. Plus, it's a good way to dispose of a used piece of gum. Does anyone else do the same?

Rose. It's true there probably a bias towards discussion of BM's here rather than peeing - although both are important. I suspect the reason is partly to do with the fact that there are plenty of forums where peeing can be freely discussed but relatively few where discussion of BM's is allowed or tolerated. This place is one of the few and rightly valued as such by its members.

Sheelee. I don't think there is one single solution to the problem of messy school toilets as described by Eddy. Although I say this without a knowledge of the full facts, I'm inclined to suspect that the problem needs to be tackled on a number of fronts with improved toilet design, provision of seat covers for those who want them, teacher supervision during break times and cleaning more than once a day.

Eileen. Thanks for sharing your latest story about the trials of pooing after you'd missed a day. I think for reasons to suit outselves we try to train our bowels into needing emptying at times which suit our convenience but it doesn't always work. Yesterday (Sunday) I knew I was going to be out all day (I went to York for the afternoon) and I tried to open my bowels first thing before leaving home. I could barely get anything out, apart from a lot of wind that is. Anyhow, after lunch, around 2.30pm I started to feel full in the back passage and that feeling increased as the day went on, because I don't like using public toilets for #2 and won't do so unless it's an absolute, desperate emergency. In the event I didn't get to poo until I got home around 6.30pm. Oh boy, it felt good! I had to have another BM before bedtime as well. Obviously there was plenty in me but it just wasn't inclined to come out at a time that suited my convenience.

Hi, Rose,

It's nice to hear from another trans woman on the site! I'm older than you, and did not fully realise what was wrong with me for a long time. I too despair at the lack of peeing stories on here (though if you go far enough back in the site archives, there did use to be a time when it was mostly liquids, and solids hardly got a look in.)

Anyway, it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness, so here's a peeing story from me .....

This happened one time, on a balmy summer evening out in town with my co-workers -- my first since coming out to them. A bunch of us all have birthdays within the space of a few weeks, so every year all the Summer Babies celebrate together with a pub crawl. We were between bars, deciding where to go next, and my bladder wasn't happy.

Fortunately, I knew of a nearby park with some vegetation that might offer a scrap of privacy to a lady in distress. So I told the others I would catch up with them; then tottered off on my high heels, in the direction of Silk Mill Park.

Under the meagre cover of the bushes, I tried to weigh up the situation as best I could. If I stood up to pee, I could get the whole operation done and cleared up in the least possible time; but if anyone saw me, I would almost certainly be read as Trans. Or, worse, maybe someone would ask me to lend her my Japanese Piddling Stick, and I would be forced to explain why not ..... Whereas if I squatted down, it would end up taking longer -- but anyone seeing me would not necessarily read me straight away, unless they were already paying far too much attention. Of course, if it happened to be Mr or Mrs Plod who saw me, then it could get interesting ..... But the Police Station had moved from this road some years ago, now, so an encounter with the Old Bill was not likely.

I pulled my dress up, my tights and knickers down, and lowered myself to my haunches. The night air was cool around my nether regions, and a particularly long blade of grass was tickling me in a certain spot. I normally have to recite prime numbers to persuade myself to get started but this time, I only got as far as 43 before sweet relief overcame me.

I don't know for certain, just how long I was crouched there, peeing into the night. But eventually I became aware that all might not be well. I stood up, and my suspicions were confirmed: I had thoroughly soaked my tights and knickers with the mortal remains of several Jack Daniel's and Cokes.

And that was the end of the night, for me. There was no way I was going to another bar with my clothes in such a state; and I couldn't even just remove my tights and carry on bare-legged, since my knickers were also soaked and the dress I was wearing was far too short even to contemplate going commando. I sent one of the others a text message that I was not feeling so well and would see them back at work on Monday, then I wandered home alone to get myself cleaned up.

I now always carry spare underwear with me on nights out ..... And I practise peeing squatting, in the shower, outside or into a container; because I know I will get caught short again one day, and it's better to be safe than sorry.


Peeing Questions

Hello all,

I'm still fairly new to the forum, so I wanted to get to know some people and ask some questions. I've noticed there seems to be a notable bias towards discussion around BMs on here, and though I can't say I don't appreciate dropping a nice big turd, I feel that peeing tends to be a neglected subject.

So, I have a few basic questions directed at anyone who wishes to answer. First off, where was the coolest/most interesting place you've ever pissed, and what was the story behind it?

Second, have you ever pissed in the shower? In a sink? In a garbage can?

Finally, have you ever invited someone to watch you piss? Has anyone ever invited you to watch them piss?


Dear JW

I answer to your question. yes, I used a bedpan first time, though I used before for wee after enter hospital. Maybe after doctor say, don't get out from bed, motion was 5th or 6th time.

I understand well you. because for me, first two bedpans easy because my motion very soft so only little push and big quantity came out at once, but third bedpan was difficult. I think I wanted to do little more, my bottom not quite empty, but too difficult. So I had to give up. Not happy.

I have to say, doctor said OK to sit up, so nurse propped up me on many pillows, and also back of bed move up. So I was sitting on bedpan, not lying down.

But for motion, if it is hard, I have to lean forwards, and in bed I couldn't do. Lucky for me, motion was very soft, except end.

To honest, I don't like bedpan! But wheelchair style is OK.

Love to all you



Reaction to eddy's post

As the mother of two elementary age children I am alarmed by eddy's posting. How common is this situation today? Twenty-some years ago when I was in secondary school, sure the toilets got clogged and dirty sometimes later in the morning or at noon, but there were a couple of matrons in my school that would close them for a few minutes and do a cleaning and pickup the trash.

I have these questions for the current students on this forum:

*Would the auto-flushers be be part of the answer?
*Would the toilet seat covers be part of the answer?
*Would teacher or other adult supervision be part of the answer?
*Would an electronic sensor counter in the entry way help the administration track high-use periods so that custodians could adjust their cleaning accordingly?

Anna from Austria


@Mina thanks for your friendly words about my probable mishap. You are right I will try not to worry about it anymore.

Bye the way glad to hear that you are feeling better again. Please take care.

Greetings Anna

End Stall Em

The Sleeper

This week is mid-terms at my college, so there's a lot of studying going on and like on a 24/7 basis for some. As a sophomore I have a lot more confidence this year, but I have a tough required math class that is taking a lot of my time. Since the library and the study rooms in the student center are packed, I'm staying in my room and doing most of my studying there this semester.

Tuesday night I went to the dining hall for dinner and when I got back to my dorm, I stopped in the bathroom. As I've said in previous posts, our campus dorms are packed, and some of the older ones have been converted to co-ed. On each floor the bathrooms are co-ed, but with the help of the dorm assistants we've kind of segregated the shower rooms and both genders have been good about that. And our several hundred residents have made the co-ed bathroom situation work, at least since the administration says it is only temporary until additional housing can be built. So I walked into the bathroom, found several students in the stalls after working out and then walking over to the showering part. As for me, I saw the end stall door open, so I knew I was a happy camper. I seated myself, did about a 45 second pee, and as I was checking messages on my phone and admittedly stalling a little, I noticed the person on the toilet to my right farted somewhat annoyingly, then, dropped a couple of deuces. Tha was followed by a longer stream into the bowl I concluded was his urine. He had large hairy bare feet and bright yellow boxers at ankle level.

I washed my hands and went to my room for my dreaded study time. At about 10 p.m., I treated myself to a bathroom break, and as I locked the door and prepared to seat myself in the same stall, I noticed the feet and boxers below the stall cubicle. This time his feet were positioned differently, not firmly on the floor, but pointed to the right. I did my pee, flushed, but resisted the temptation to peek in on him after I washed my hands. But I still found the situation to be amusing. I went back to my studying. About two hours and after downing a good amount of soda, I took another break to relieve my bladder. The first thing I looked for as I rounded the entrance into the bathroom was the yellow underwear. It was still there. As I pulled my clothing down, seated myself and was doing my pee as I contemplated what to do. I don't think my stream is particularly noisy, but I saw some movement in his feet and then a series of snores started. I was relieved to find he wasn't dead. I returned to my room and came out again at about 3 a.m. He was still, as my grandfather use to day, cutting wood. I did my pee, and while seated, I started to rap with my knuckles onto the cubicle panel that I knew his head was resting against. Understandably, he was disoriented, and he even opened the stall door from his seat and he got up and looked out to see who knocked.

I remained seated and said Hi and told him that I thought it was probably a good morning because he had enjoyed a nice nap. He said "F@@@!" and asked what time it was. I told him and he started cursing again. He said he had four more chapters to read for his World Civ test that he would be taking in five hours. He he and a friend had finished off a sixpack that evening. As he calmed down, he said he had sat down to crap and must have fallen asleep. Of course, I played dumb. Then he seemed to get unsteady on his feet and I saw him fall to his knees and start to hurl into the bowl. I wanted to get a short nap in before I went back to studying so I wished him well.

When I got back to my room I remembered to set my phone for my nap.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kjell it sounds like Nina had a really great poop.

To: Kamdyn great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Eileen (optional)
I pooped yesterday morning and since then I didn't have a BM . Driving home from work this evening I kept hoping and praying I wouldn't need to go while stuck in traffic . I got home safely , had my evening meal , then around 9 p.m. I felt a need for the toilet build up in me . I went to the bathroom and luckily for me it was unoccupied , I went in and over to the toilet , lifted my skirt and lowered my panties to my knees and sat down . I peed and got out a piece of poop ,but it was only a small piece about 2 inches long , but it was solid . Soon after I got out a similar sized piece , it took over 5 minutes before I managed to get the next piece out of me , it was a piece 9 inches long , 2 inches in diameter and solid . I felt great relief to have THAT out but still more poop remained within me . That came whooshing out a couple of minutes later and splashed into the toilet . Oh , was I glad to have all of that out of me . I cleaned myself , wiped well and flushed the toilet , gave myself a little wash THERE to be sure of being clean , washed my hands , I settled my clothing and left the bathroom .

Sorry about my recent absence from the forum. 'Life' has got in the way a little as it sometimes does.

Hi John. Good to see you mate.

Eddy. I'm surprised that a desire to be clean could result in toilets ending up so dirty. There may be some truth in what you've been told but part of me suspects - with good reason - that you may be having your leg pulled a little. There is little to fear from sitting on the toilet seat properly, using the handle to flush afterwards or, for that matter, accidentally exposure to the odd drop of water when a toilet's flushed. I once read that the average toilet seat was more hygienic than the average chopping board! All people need to do is follow common sense hygiene rules about such things as washing their hands properly after going.

Helena. I loved your "2 very full girls" village cricket story. Matters are improving gradually but twenty or thirty years ago it was by no means unusual for village cricket grounds to have either very basic or non-existent toilets. Pub toilets continue to be of a variable standard but they've always been there - at least as long as I can remember - and I'm not a young man.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your latest story. I think most of us have occasionally forgotten to flush after going for #2 although I suspect it's more common after #1.

Eileen. It sounds as though you made it home and to the toilet just in the nick of time. That's happened to me a time or two.

Rose. Thanks for your train toilet story. The Sunday before last (21st February) I went out for the day by train. On the way home my train was held for well over an hour outside a mainline station somewhere in the North Of England due to problems with overhead wires. Generally I can held well enough to avoid using train toilets but we simply weren't moving and my bladder was filling. My worst prejudices about train loos were confirmed when I discovered that the train toilets in two adjoining carriages were absolutely gross and clogged with toilet paper. I used the least bad of the two as the alternative was wetting myself but I can't help feeling I might have been better off - or at least no worse off - wetting myself!

Friday, March 04, 2016


Girl pooping on holiday in Turkey

Hello everyone, I'm Kjell 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm going to tell a story which happened me last year on holiday in Turkey. I was in my resort in Belek on a Wednesday, my little brother said that that day a friend of his (he was a few kilometers away from our resort) was going to visit us. That friend of my brother is the brother from a girl in my class (she gots a nice booty btw). So when they came to us that day around 12 o'clock they were very hungry. So I was going to the restaurant with Nina (the girl from my class). She ate like a elephant, so much. She ate 3 apples, 2 kiwis, 2 salades, 1 plate pasta, a plate full of beanes and 2 bananas. And at the end she took a cup of yoghurt and some nutts. She drank about 4 glasses of water by this. When we walked back to the beach, she said that she wanted to see something more of the resort. So I showed her the rest of the hotel etc. When we were on the ground floor near to the sauna she said that she had to go to the toilet. So we walked to the toilet but unfortunattely he was closed. She said that she really had to poo because she wasn't gone for 4 days and she ate like a monster. So we walked by a door i hadn't open. So we looked in it and it was a big hall with stools in it, then Nina said that she had to poop now! So she ran to a stool and pulled her pants down. You saw her very round booty hanging over a stool above the floor. Then she let some enormous farts and a turd was coming out. It was the widest turd i'd ever seen and it grew and grew and grew. After 2 minutes a 30 centimeter turd dropped out of her ass and another one was pulling out. This one hit the ground and she stood up to continue pooping. At the end she was standing and pooping at the same time. A 70 centimeter turd was out of her booty. Then it fell on the floor. She said she wasn't finishes yet. So she squated over her earlier produced ones and 4 turds from about 15cm fell onto the huge one. Then she let out another fart and said she was finished. She looked at it and said it was so much she wanted to make a picture of it. But she had no mobile phone with her, so I had to take the picture with my phone. When we walked to the beach she said that I should not tell anyone about this.



I have been lurking here for quite some time. And there is a story i am looking for and cant find.. the guy says he has to go to the bathroom and passes a miidle aged woman in a red dress (i think) the goes to the bathrrom. She comes in and says im sorry but this might be bad i think i have diarrhea and goes to explain it. If any of you could point me to it that would be awesome! Thank you


dirty toilets, clean girls

last year I started at an all girls senior secondary college,there were 2,000 girls and only 240 toilets. In the morning the toilets were super clean,when the afternoon arrived,they were a mess. Poo on the seats,poo on the floor,poo on the back wall and even poo on a closed toilet lid.I asked other girls,why are the toilets so bad,they told me because the girls are real clean. I thought WHAT, then I realized, the girls do not flush in case they get germs off the handle, girls are afraid the toilet water will splash on them,so they aim for the side of the seat,some goes in,some goes on the floor,most of it lands on the seat.Other girls would put the lid down and poo on that to avoid the water splash. So when I had to poo usually twice a day at school,i just walked in, pulled my panties down and just blow out a big poo, I could not sit down so I pooed any where on the seat, lid or floor. Then I would wipe myself clean and throw the used paper anywhere. I am not usually like that,but all the other girls did the same, so I did as well.


Mina Re: Bedpan

Was that the first time you used a bedpan. Did you fond pooping especially difficult? I've been in the hospital several times and I find pooping on a bedpan just about impossible. Only time I actually got poop out that way was after an enema.-- JW


Thank you to Anna from Austria and Winnie the Poo

Dear Anna:
Thank you for kind words! My heart feel warm that you welcome me back.

I normally do motion in morning, but sometimes my routine change. If it can change for me it can change for other woman. So there is possible that other woman and not you forgot to flush loo that morning. Also possible that it was you. But how can you know, now?? Maybe you, maybe not you.

Human being is forgetful creature. So sometimes we forget to flush loo. To forget is not so big sin. I think it is more big sin to say "loo stink". Because every human being make stinky smell in loo. If we make, we don't have right to make bad comment about smell make by other person. I am sure you never say disparage thing about smell other woman make. So you are nicer woman than person who say, "ewww, yeesh!" with angry voice.

Try not to be worry any more. After you spill milk, no use to cry. And if no one find out, you can keep secret. Maho, she is Catholic, she say,"God know everything and God always forgive".


Dear Winnie the Poo:

Thank you you always give so kind sweet words to your very own bad Mina. Doctor say I am completely cure but I must go to hospital to see her few more times. She say I can live normal life, even drink alcohol (but not too much, she say, so at birthday party I drank less than other girls, also ate little bit less) and today I started work again. And not faint. (But I fainted beginning of last month.) Doctor also say, I cannot have baby. I not sad so much. I love baby, but my brother will have baby, I will be aunt, I go to hometown and help him and his wife. And honestly speak, I don't want baby who is not of my first boyfriend, because I can't forget him, I never love other man.
Yes I used three bedpans. That was very big motion! Nurse was very happy! She always say, big motion is good. But third bedpan, I did only two tiny pieces, it was disappoint. Two days later it was Saturday, Doctor said, OK to get out of bed, but don't walk until tomorrow, so nurse brought bedpan look like wheelchair. I said to her little voice, "ten minutes!" but I use only one bedpan that time, but lots of motion in it and nurse was happy. Hospital food very healthy. But bad Mina eat snacks too, she hide from nurse and doctor. They never find. And nurse didn't ask "what you eat?" when she saw Saturday big motion. Hospital food lots of vegetables and fruit, so many patient do big motion if eat everything.

Thank you again, you are always kind to me.

Love, Mina

I do survey of Steve A.

1) I never see loo with no door.

2) If I am desperate and I find such loo, I will sit down and wee or poo. I think, no problem, but if someone stare, I think that person is lower than lowest person, and I despise.
By the way, I heard, in China many loo like that. People squat in long line to poo. If I am in China, I do same thing, I think. Everyone poo! Me too! hahaha

3) I have never taken laxative. Maybe if I don't do motion two weeks, I take.

4) I answer question earlier this post.

5) In English I say "wee" and "do motion". I am old fashion maybe. In Wales my host mother used those words. But I am OK to say "poo". I don't like so much "crap" and "shit". I love Catherine's word, "defecate". So beautiful word!
By the way in Japanese I say "o-shikko" for wee, and "unko" for motion. They are noun, so we need verb before.
Someone told me in New Zealand, they say "brown baby". I don't know I like or not.

Love to all you.



Hover pissers and my emergency poo

Today at school I had a rather unusual situation. I had the largest cup of coffee ever before 1st hour because I felt tired and sluggish. So I finished my coffee off just before 1st hour bell rang. I knew I would have to pee within the hour but I didn't care because it gave me a really good pickup and I need that to get through English Lit. So at the end of the hour right after the bell rang I practically ran to the bathroom to get onto a stool for my pee before the place got jammed up. Often there's like 4 or 5 of us for each of the available toilets during the usual passing period. The most desperate will use one of the stalls without doors, but I wasn't even close enough to get one of those.

I was second back in line. A girl came out of a stall, another went in, took one look, and turned around and told me I could have it. For a moment, I thought she was being really nice. Once I closed the door, though, latched it, pulled my jeans down and turned around I saw one very sad situation. I let go of a moderately loud fart, probably out of shock at what I saw.

1) the hover pissers were not any better with their aim than anytime earlier because both sides of the seat was wet.
2) there had been no flushing and there was the crap of several others up to the top of the water level.
3) I grabbed for the toilet paper roll to do a quick wipe of the seat and it was already gone.

So I knew I had about 1 1/2 minutes before the tardy bell so I just threw my butt onto the filth. Seated, my pee stream started at once and another fart caught my attention followed by an unexpected poof like sound and a much different splash into the bowl. I waited until I was done peeing and got up and saw what looked like a coating of really soft poo over the front of the bowl. My arse also felt dirty and sore so I figured the softy was mine.

The warning bell sounded and I had no choice but to pull my underwear and jeans up and make the run to class. My crotch felt really icky as I arrived at class with no time to spare, took my seat in English history, and we watched the "Merchant of Venice." After the film, we had some study time and I did get permission to go back to the bathroom. I took another stall, seated myself, and took my jeans and underwear off. I pushed out another poof of poo and luckily there was enough toilet paper to clean myself. However, my new underwear was almost wet with near runny poo. So I took it off, laid it to the side on the floor and put my jeans back on. I was in such a hurry to get my hands washed and back to class that I forgot to throw my panties away.

On my fast walk back to class I started to think again about how much I hate the hover pissers that won't lift the seat first and all the other abuse that make the bathrooms such pits. I'll have a hard time accepting that I contributed today to that pit.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby great story about your big poop at work I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen great story.

To: Mina great story about you and your friends and its good that your feeling better.

To: Braidy great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

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