2 very full girls

Linda was asking about going to the bathroom at a big concert. I cannot answer her about pooping from my experience, but here is a story from the last century. I was dating a cute boy who was a good cricketer, and it was fun to go and to watch him play. But a cricket match is like a baseball game, it goes on as long as it has to. So his team was playing on a pitch in a field and there were various spectators, villagers from the team our guys were playing against, men who liked to watch, kids, and other girl friends, Some old wooden benches to sit on. It was a lovely sunny day. Now on a hot day there is tea for everyone, at the tea interval, and there is lemonade, and there is beer. But there isn't any kind of bathroom. And I was sitting next to a pretty girl, and she told me her name was Brenda, and she was the girlfriend of Tom, and Tom was the star young player of the village team. And Tom was batting, and he was good, a joy to watch. If anyone on this forum has seen the great film The Go Between, he was like the hero in the cricket math in the film. But Brenda and I had been drinking lemonade, and tea, and lemonade.
And after 5 hours Brenda said to me 'I so have to go.' And I looked at her and I said 'Not only you.' And I guess we could have gone over to the pub, but I didn't know where it was. All we could see was the little white tent where they had served the tea. (Some cricket pitches had changing rooms, and sometimes girls could go in there and use the toilets. But not this village. So Brenda got up and I got up with her. And Tom was still batting, so she didn't want to go away and stop watching him. So she moved her legs a little apart, and there was a little hiss, and she started a long pee. We were both wearing summer dresses: I had no panties on (Hey it was the age of Aquarius, as the song said, and what me and my boyfriend did remains private, ladies of my age don't kiss and tell.) So I let loose, gently at first, and then just lots of tea and lemonade, for my date and I would go to the pub with the other team at the end of the game, and every pub we went to had some sort of Ladies toilet, sometimes very smelly with lots of flies. Brenda and I didn't look at each other, but we stood up, watching Tom hit the ball to the boundary, and applauding, because in England you applaud anyone who plays beautifully, even if he is on the other team, that is cricket. And none of the players had any helmets or coloured shirts like today, just white shirt and white cricket flannels. I finished first, Brenda must have had a bigger bladder, or had drunk more, I wasn't counting. The pee went into the grass. And then we were done, and sat down again, until some other player played so well we stood up to applaud him. And I looked at Brenda and she looked at me and we said, 'Much better now.' And I never saw Brenda again after that day, but I still think of her and if she is still with us i hope she and her Tom had a great life, for she told me that they had been together for 3 years I think, and his father had a big farm. So I guess as a village girl in the country she had often peed outside, just as I had. 'Spending a penny behind the hedge.' Katherine Hepburn has a story about that, when she was filming in England. We all did it, but not often together. And the folk on this forum do tell, and name their guys and girlfriends. Good luck to you all, and I hope Linda solves her concert problem, and other people tell us about their concert or sport experiences.


Pooping at work

Well I'm back but it been a awhile well today I had to drop a duece a work so I went to the bathroom and check and made shore I had tp then I sat down and let a giant stinky fart off then I felt the turd coming I grunted then the first turd came out it was 8" long 2"w then I grunted one last time the last turd came it was 12" long 21/2 "w after all that I felt better then I wiped and went back to the office

Anna from Austria
@Mina Welcome back. I am glad you are posting again.

Today something embarrassing happened me at office. I probably forgot to flush after going number 2.


Shortly before I had to met a customer my butt gave me the signal to use the bathroom. So headed to the ladies room. Took one stall. Pulled down my pants and thong and after doing an prfft type fart my first log started to fell into the toilet bowl. After doing some more farts I did one more log. Then I peed cleaned myself and returned to my my office before the customer arrived. As I was in a hurry i couldn't remember if I have flushed or not.

After the meeting , I could hear some ladies talking near the ladies room that someone forget to flush and that know the whole bathroom was stinking. I slightly blushed and went to an other bathroom to do my pee.

I can't say for sure that I was the culprit but it is likely.

As far as I have observed so far, I am only girl that needs to go number in the morning. Most of the other ladies have to go after lunch.

I really hope that another lady had to another time then unusual.

Ift it was me that would be highly embarrassing even if nobody will ever find out it was me.

Greetings from Austria



Several responses

To Antonio:

How far I pull down my clothing when I'm using the toilet depends on where I am. At home I drop my clothing all the way to the floor. It is comfortable and I'm able to lock the bathroom door from the inside. At school, I use the bathroom at least once, often two or three times a day. There's less privacy, so my clothing is at mid-thigh. I particularly like wearing a loss-fitting dress a few times a week because that gives me the most privacy. When I'm at friends' houses there's a couple of younger brothers who will just come in on me because they're nasty and the doors don't lock. So I'll sit with my clothing just clearing the seat and with toilet paper in my hand.

To Sophia W:

You said the toilet seat at school was covered with pee. How often is this the situation? What do you do in a crowded bathroom when its your turn finally and there's no toilet paper to wipe the seat down with? Do you think those sanitary seat papers available in some large public bathrooms would be helpful? Would you and your friends use them for the intended purpose?

To Cley:

For how long did your mother take you into the ladies room to poop? How did she react to your need? What did she tell you?

To Lauren:

When you sat back too far on the toilet seat at work and smeared the back of it, was that seat shaped different or more comfortable or uncomfortable compared to what you know at home or other places where you poop?

Hi everyone . I went out for a meal then some glasses of beer so on way home just short time ago I knew it would come against me and it did . Got home and badly need to pee and do a poop so I'm on the toilet now and got my undies down in time thank God . I peed it a lot out and now want to push out all of my poop as well , thank you for now everyone .

Winnie The Poo

Prayers for Mina's good health

Mina, I am sure other members of Toiletstool will join me in wishing you a speedy recovery from whatever made you have to go to the hospital this month. I hope it was nothing serious and I pray that you will fully recover and be in good health. It sounds like you had a great hospital poo (in three bedpans!) and I bet you felt great after that. I missed your posts and I am glad you are back.


Train Toilet

I took a train trip last year as part of a march break vacation. The train was old, but quite beautifully maintained, and on the whole the trip was very pleasant. A few hours and several bottles of water into the journey, I began to feel an all-too-familiar pressure on my bladder. I waited a half-hour before making my way to the washrooms.
There were two small rooms with folding doors. They resembled airplane bathrooms, though slightly more comfortable. I pulled out my penis and let my pee flow. It rang loudly as it hit the metal bowl, and formed a yellowish pool at the bottom. I sprayed my piss into the toilet for about thirty seconds before my golden arc slowly shrunk until it reached a dribble. I shook off a few more drops into the bowl, and tucked my dick back into my panties. Then I pressed the foot pedal marked "FLUSH". To my amazement, my piss was not sucked away into a holding tank. Instead, when I pressed the pedal the bottom of the toilet bowl opened like a trapdoor, revealing a clear view of the track flying by below. The urine in the bowl drained in barely a second, discharging itself onto the tracks. My piss was simply dumped from the train onto whatever lay below.

I knew I had to come back after supper, and I did. I was full with a hearty meal and ready to empty myself. Unfortunately, the bathroom doors automatically lock when the train enters a station - presumably to prevent a buildup of piss and shit as the passengers flush their waste in front of the platform. So I spent an increasingly desperate 20 minutes waiting for the train to begin moving again. When we were finally underway, I rushed into the second bathroom, bared my butt and dropped it impatiently onto the toilet seat. As there was no water in the bowl, I instead heard a dull thunk as my turd hit the metal. I then pushed out a veritable python, a 14-inch monstrosity that coiled several times around the bowl. As I expelled my prodigious log, I noticed a hole in the wall of the train. I was quite surprised to see it, and slightly alarmed as I could see straight through it to the trees whizzing by outside. It seemed the sort of hole I would be very suspicious of, if not for the fact that the other side was on the outside of a moving train. The end of my turd finally fell onto the bowl with the sound of poo landing on poo, and I wiped three times before getting up. For a moment I debated on pissing on my shit, but I chose to save my pee for a moment longer. I pushed the pedal, and the pile of shit in the toilet tumbled down the hole and out of sight. Somewhere my shit still lies exposed in a pile beside a railroad track.

Having dumped my shit out of the train, it was now my piss's turn. I turned around and lined my penis up with the hole I'd found in the wall. I momentarily wavered, but strengthened my resolve on the fact that alternately I would piss in the toilet and flush that out of the train anyway, so this way I was simply skipping a step. I felt my urethra tense for a moment, before disgorging a powerful stream out through the hole. I couldn't see where my stream was going, so I pissed blindly out of the train at the landscape flying by. I could feel the wind blowing past outside, buffeting my jet of pee around a little as it flew. Far too soon my piss tapered off, and I tucked my dick away. I took another peek out the hole, and discovered that during my piss we had begun crossing a bridge over a great valley. I had sent my stream jetting out over at least a 75-foot drop, at which point it had cascaded down upon the valley. Thoroughly relieved in my pissing exploits, I washed up and returned to my seat, humming cheerily.

Steve A


1. Have you ever seen or used a bathroom with no stall barriers, (toilets right next to each other)?

2. From #1, would you use them depending on how bad you have to go?

3. How many days of constipation would cause you to take a laxative?

4. Do you poop at a certain time of the day or is it random for you?

5. What do you call different bathroom terms? Pee, piss, #1, poop, crap, dump, shit, #2, etc.?

My answers:

1. I've never seen or used one before.

2. If I do ever use one, I'll probably take the toilets that are the farthest away from the entrance.

3. I'd probably take a laxative after 4-5 days of not pooping. Luckily, I never had to use a laxative for that reason.

4. It's random for me. I could either poop in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

5. I use any one of those terms that I listed except for #1 or #2.

Hi everyone, your very own bad Mina is back with vengeance. I tell you story of week-end, so many things happen. It will be long story, I hope you don't bore and yawn.

Friday night, Hisae come to stay, she say that she didn't want that I wake up alone Saturday morning. So we talk a lot and drink beer and then go to sleep. Saturday morning, we had breakfast, and then Hisae went to loo and did motion at once. She always very quick! She said to me, "you want to go? I think you like to go tomorrow better." I said, I sit on loo, but if no motion come out at once, I don't do. I don't want to do so much, I did yesterday." So I sat on loo, and I did wee and some farts, in Japanese we call o-nara I think it is nicer word than fart, but I didn't do motion. Maybe my bottom know that I want to do motion Sunday morning, after party, and she keep my motion inside until that time. My bottom love me very much, perhaps.

At lunchtime, Maho and Kazuko come. "Happy birthday Mina!!" And parcel on table. I open parcel, and it was very interesting book! By Giulia Enders, and all about intestine!! Do you know this book? I looked amazon, and English title is "Gut". But of course my book in Japanese. I said to my friends, "Of course I lend you." Because they also want to read very much, I think.

Also much bigger parcel. Of course it was cake! Maho and Kazuko made at Kazuko's house! And her mother helped! Kazuko's mother said, I not kind to Mina, I very sorry, I help you to make lovely cake." When Kazuko tell me this I cry!!

We made a lunch, then Hisae did motion again, then Kazuko did motion but very quick small one (maybe her mother very happy!) Then Maho did wee and I did too. Then we went to shopping mall. I tried on very nice slacks, dark brown colour. No relation to motion!! because my motion always yellow! Slacks fit me so well!! Hisae said, "Mina you have so beautiful bottom in this slacks!!" but of course she said in very little voice when no one listen. I don't believe. Nobody has more beautiful bottom than Hisae. I tried on other slacks and also skirt, but brown slacks are best!! They make me beautiful shape!! So I said, "I buy", but Kazuko said, "no, WE buy. Whose birthday today??" So beautiful friends I have. I thank to them, and cry little bit. I cry many time on my birthday!!

We went back my flat and took bath, I put on new slacks, other girls also change clothes, then we went to French restaurant and ate delicious dinner with wine, and ate and ate! But then back to my flat and ate more! because we ate cake! I say, "I'm happy Kazu's mother like me now" and cry little bit, again. We drank tea with eating cake. then feel very full! Nice feeling, but uncomfortable little bit. Hisae sat down on loo and soon we hear plop noise, four or five. She say to us, if you feel full, relax on loo, you feel less full. So we try. Everyone say, Mina first, because birthday. So I sat down and friends crowd round me. I did some o-nara. I say to Hisae, "you are right, it help stomach." Then Kazuko went on loo and o-nara, bit noisy, but we don't laugh. Then Maho's turn, she also made noise. We decide take turns with talking, but we didn't do motion, only o-nara many times. I think our bottoms all agree each other, best time for motion is tomorrow morning after breakfast, but Hisae's bottom active after every meal maybe so no problem tomorrow, she will go first and jump on loo and burst bottom at once, that is Hisae style.

About 2 a.m. we slept. Kazuko and Hisae toss up Japanese style, paper and scissor and stone, to decide who sleep with me. Hisae was winner so Maho and Kazuko use futon together. I hug my friends many times. I love them!!!

Sunday morning we wake up late, we surprise very much because stomach empty, we digest everything! All of us!! So we make big breakfast. We decide Japanese style so miso soup, rice, fish, salad. And after breakfast….. Kazuko said in little voice, "now is special special time!!" and we laugh and go to loo all together.

Of course Hisae first, that is rule. But Maho said to her, "Hisae, don't hurry. Relax!!" Hisae try to relax but her motion always very soft so quickly we hear many plops in loo, about seven maybe, take only 2 seconds. But then she stay on loo and about a minute later, two more plops, not so big, but not so small. Then she press washlet button.

Maho and Kazuko say, "Mina, you are birthday so you are next!" I don't refuse because my bottom saying to me, hurry up, I want to burst. So I went on loo. Motion came at once and very big, it broke, about six plops. Next one came soon and about same size. Kazuko said, "you don't need hurry Mina, I can wait. Maho too maybe." (Maho nod head.) "Do many motion!!" She flush for me, I stay on loo, Hisae come close and begin massage, feel so good! We start talking, time pass quickly, when next motion come out of me it was ten minutes after. Finally I say, "I finish", and press washlet button, but then Maho tear paper and say, "I wipe you. You will see, our touch is more softer than nurse!!" So I say OK and raise bottom. Maho's touch very very soft! Much softer than nurse!! Of course my bottom already clean because of washlet, but not so dry. Hisae then tear paper and wipe me, so soft touch! Little bit different from when they put cream.

Kazuko come close with paper but suddenly stop. And then I see tears on floor! I look at Kazuko's face, she is crying lots lots! Maho and Hisae say, "why you are crying Kazu??" I say nothing. Suddenly I know why!! even Kazu didn't say. Kazu begin to cry with loud voice. Wail and wail! Maho and Hisae put hand on her, I only look at her, my eyes send message, and Kazu send message to me. Of course we know!! Kazu remember first time we did motion together. She had so much pain and so much of relief!! I told you story, it is page 2419 maybe. Kazu's breast go up and down very much. I take her hand and raise my bottom, then I guide her hand. She touch my anus with paper and collapse on my breast. Now I hug her, and kiss her. Still sitting on loo!! And I also crying. I tear more paper and give to her, she wipe me more, then I jump up because I think Maho and Kazuko waiting to do own motion.

Kazu still crying but Maho said, "I not hurry, you sit down Kazu." Now Maho and Hisae understand why Kazuko cry so much even no one say anything. So Kazu sit, and plop sounds very soon, and again, and again. Maybe she feel emotion and it excite her stomach, but after we flush three times, she still doing, it is burururururu noise now. Crying only little bit. I tear paper and wipe her, gently, long long time. Then she do bururururu again so I wipe her again. This time there was motion on paper, but Kazuko only smile and look at me with eyes which say only Love.

She say, "Sorry that I cry so much. But that was so special experience! Maho, you wait long time! Sorry." Maho said, "I am ready now!" So Maho sat down. After maybe 3 minutes, big heavy plop sound. Maho look at us. We all smiling!! Maho give little smile too. Why we are smiling? It is smile of love. We love Maho so so much!!

Little bit later, plop sound again. Now silence, we don't want to talk. Maho very slow, take her time, and eight plops, very heavy ones. Because Maho don't go for three days, she said. Maybe my hospital nurse angry. Maho on loo for 20 minutes, and we smile all time, and not talk. We decided we all wipe her, after she clean with washlet. Big smell in loo now, but we all agree each other, it is nice smell! Of course mix of four different smells. But we don't want to keep long time, short time is enough.

Finally finish. We look at clock, it was more than a one hour!! But very very precious time. After precious motion ceremony, we hug and hug. And then we dress and make up and go to zoo. It is about one hour from my flat. Sunday was nice sunny warm day!!

This is best birthday in my all life. Thank you to my friends, and also my family who send me warm mails from home town. I am so lucky woman!! In April Maho move in with me. I am even more happy! even I cannot have baby, hospital said. Kazuko and Hisae say, they look for flat very near me, and live together. Same building, we hope.

I love and love and love and love Kazuko, and Hisae, and Maho. My heart burn and burn!!! And I love all you friends on toiletstool site. Thank you for this site. I am sorry, I make you yawn with long long story. But when I start write, I can't stop!! You and my family and my friends make me so happy happy girl. I try hard to make happy all of you.

A lots of warm love from Mina and friends.

Monday, February 29, 2016


in response to antonio


In response to your question I never pull my pants down to my ankles when using the toilet, I would say 90% of the time I pull them down to just above my knees when sitting on the toilet, the other times I am nude when using the toilet like before a shower, or I will only be wearing a t-shirt.

Hope that answered your question

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren great story about your desperate pop at work it sounds like you really had to go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shayla great story it sounds like she had a really great poop.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


I thought it was a fart!

When I was 12 I'd had a stomach upset and my parents gave me some Imodium to stop the diarrhoea. Sure enough it worked and a few days later I felt well enough to go back to school. By this point I hadn't had a poo in 2 days. I felt the need to go during the day and sat down a few times but only farted. Finally just before I went home I sat down and again all that came out was a fart. So I set off on the 15 minute walk home and after about 5 minutes felt a need to go, so I stopped and let a fart out. Well I got more than I bargained for and I felt a poo start to come out with the fart, so I clamped down and tried to run home. I got home with a small log in my pants but when I got to the front door lost it completely and totally filled them. Luckily there was nobody at home that day!


Wilderness Backpacking

The best poops I've had have been outdoors, specifically on extended backpacks in various parts of the U.S.. I don't know if its the food, the need for constant hydration, the set physical routine, etc., but when I've had to go, its been total evacuation.

Typically, I'd wake up a little before sunrise and have to go. I'd dig a hole, about 9 inches deep, drop drawers, and squat. I'd start with a grunt, a little fart, and then slowly push out a moist, fat, crackling, foot or more long turd that would curl its way into the hole below. That would generally be followed by a gut rumble and gurgling fart, another grunt, and a second series of four or five stringy turds to nearly fill the hole. Following the drop of a final brown chad, I'd then roll off a few squares of toilet paper to wipe my mushy anus, three or four times in all, dig another hole for the tp, burn it, douse it, and bury everything. My gut would then tell me that I'd gotten it all, and I'd be fine until the next morning.

Helena, I liked your story about showering after a game, and the aesthetic pleasure of feeling the cleansing of warm water and peeing at the same time. I think that there are any number of us, men and women, involved in athletics who have shared the same therapeutic experience -- collectively or privately -- after a good meet, game, or practice.

As for feeling closer to someone by acknowledging that we all have to go, I viewed that as one of the great things about my marriage. Whether peeing or pooping, the door and our love for (and attentiveness to) one another was always open.


Toilet interview

When I was in high school--I think I was in 10th grade and had just turned the minimum age to work--I decided to try and get a job at a mega theater in our city. It was just before spring break week and I saw Hiring signs each week when I went to the movies with my friends. I had called, made an appointment with the manager, and filled out an on-line application. Mom prepped me at home that Saturday morning by giving me a practice interview. Dad was great too when he tried to build me up for the interview. Some of the things he coached me on sounded good but they scared me because there were terms like "multi-tasking", "cross-training" and "value-added services" that scared me and kind of mixed me up.

Saturday morning Mom woke me up early, I went into the bathroom and had my crap and I started dressing in some new clothes for the interview. Mom suggested matching slacks and sweater and I went along with that. I had questions to ask on a prompt card and I looked those over before folding it and putting it in my pocket. It was about two miles to the theater and I started to feel the need to pee. I mentioned it to Mom and she offered to turn around and go back home, but I told her that would make me even more nervous and I could go at the theater. I got out and walked less-than-confidently into the huge lobby, easily saw the restroom sign and quickly headed for the doorway. I pulled the door open and was surprised how nicely everything smelled for 9 in the morning, then remembered this was not school and I was probably going to be one of the first users. All the stall doors were open and out of about 10 or 12 choices, I took one of the middle ones. I latched the door, had to drop the seat because the toilet had probably just been cleaned, pulled down my slacks and underwear, and seated myself.

I could easily hear the first trickles into the bowl and I pulled out my prompt card to review. The door opened and someone came walking pretty fast and it seemed their shoes were sticking to the floor. Like snowshoes, I guess. The door opened to my left, I saw the person had these large orange rubbers covering her shoes, as she backed up to the toilet, got onto the stool, and then I heard two or three plops into the water. I was somewhat scared at first when she tried to start talking to me. She said she had chili the night before and her boyfriend had a wicked recipe that would "clean her out." I couldn't help it and burst out laughing the way she said it. I was done and starting to get off the toilet when she started asking me questions about what I was doing there so early, what I was studying in school, the names of some of my teachers, and we had a conversation about films and the theater that lasted long enough that caused my butt to hurt a little because the shape of the toilet seat was somewhat uncomfortable.

At that point her chili kicked in and blasted into the bowl. She apparently reached back and flushed right away so it wouldn't smell too much. I told her I had to get into the office for an interview. She told me she'd join me there in about five minutes and at that point I got to thinking that she may be my interviewer. I was seated in her office reviewing my prompt card when she walked in, took off her orange rubbers, and she explained that she had been hosing down the driveway and dumpsters out back. We only had about a five minute interview when she told me I was hired and that I would start the next day in concessions. I told her the interview had gone well and she said she hated even being in her office. She said something about job candidates being more "authentic" in places away from offices. I didn't know what the word meant, but when I looked it up on my phone, I found I agreed.


Mina is back

Hi everyone. I hope you miss me, if you don't then I go to loo and cry and cry with doing a diarrhoea long long time!!! I'm sorry I was away long time. Just now I read forum, many posts, I can't read all at once, but look interesting. Tomorrow I go to party with my friends, we celebrate we are all same age (but only short time because in April Hisae will 26), maybe we eat and eat and drink and drink so on Sunday loo will be very busy and eat everything we produce. Of course we stay my flat. I have a space for four people. And my loo has very big appetite, so always very happy when there are four girls in my flat, and they all do big motions because Asian and because all eat so much of food.

In middle February I was in a hospital. Then went to home town. Two days in hospital, doctor say, "Mina you never never get out of the bed today and tomorrow! If you get out maybe die." So when I need loo, I use bedpan in the bed. But problem, I didn't go loo for motion four days. So I thought, maybe I must to do motions in bedpan. Of course it happen. I call nurse. I say her, I need bedpan, but this time I take long time so don't come too soon. Nurse said OK and give me bedpan, she say "when you last went loo long time?" I said "before four days" she said "whoo, I hope you go every day or two days from now, four days not good." Then she put bedpan under my bottom and pull curtain and go away. I was lucky, only one other woman in hospital room and she sleeping. So I push. Motion came soon, not constipate. Came and came. Then few minutes later, came again. While I push second one, nurse came, she see my red face and say, "you still doing? I come again after little while." So I finish second one. When nurse came again, I was pushing third one, so red face again. Nurse said, "you there ten minutes, are you OK?" I said, "I think I need to other bedpan because this one full!" Nurse help me lift up, she saw inside, her face change but she only say, "I get another bedpan". She came back and took away first bedpan and put second one, she said "take your time" so I relax and start to do very soft one. It was big one! More and more and more, and later more, and then nurse come and lift me, but suddenly more motion come and nurse see it coming out. But that was good thing because motion was soft but not diarrhoea and nurse said, it is very good motion and you relieved now? I said, relieved, but I do little pieces. She brought third bedpan but I did only little bit in that one because finished. Nurse wipe me because I can't reach hole of bottom. She did with very very soft touch! How kind nurse she is. Not so young, maybe she is about 50, so much experience.

But my friends say, our touch is softer! I think, maybe true. One day I ask one of them to wipe me. I found often such thing on this site, it is nice, I think.

I post more soon, after party. And I read stories with my friends, so I can write comment.

Love to all you.

Mina and not so young nurse

Saturday, February 27, 2016



Hi guys. One of my neighbors in my trailer park had plumbing issues that were so bad, that I smelled the stink a bit, too.I'm not sure if there toilet was back up severely or not. Perhaps they had a septic tank that was having problems. Anyway, the other day, that plumbing issue was being worked on. The home was put on a jack, and people were working on the pipes underneath. The issue must have been serious, because the workers were under there a while. Hopefully its fixed, but if there's still some work to do, it will be taken care of soon. On a good note, I had a great solid poo that felt wonderful coming out, consisted of 2 medium chunks, and I produced a fart that kind of sounded like a purr lol!


In the shower

Brandy's post really shows how we get embarrassed when we have to watch someone else having to go, and how, if we manage to say something to the other person to acknowledge that we all have to go, pee and more, almost every day, then we feel closer to that person. And when we have an accident we are ashamed, but hey, everyone has had an accident, and even if we have the best control in the world, when we were babies in diapers we may not remember what we did, but we sure did it.
Many posters have written about the moment when you cannot stop going to the bathroom, when no muscle will hold things in, and how strange that is. Long ago, when I was at school and had to play hockey, we would all have to shower after the game. And the shower was warm, and the game had been cold, but kind of fun running around all together. And one afternoon, in the shower, I just could not hold it in (I'm not sure now why I hadn't gone to pee before getting in the shower, maybe just too many girls in the class doing that, or it was too cold and I really wanted that shower. And felling the hot water washing off the mud, and the sweat, and suddenly I was peeing, and nothing could stop me. The showers were open, but it was one girl per shower, so I don't know who saw me. At first I felt terribly ashamed, because that wasn't what girls were supposed to do, and then I just felt how good it was to feel the warm water all over me and my own kind of fountain being a part of it. And a great release (for on the hockey field I had known I would need to go, but then we girls got talking and so it wasn't the most important thing.)

And I guess that when girls go to the restroom together part of it is wanting to make sure everything is clean, and that no one is lurking, but a part of it is just wanting that sense of solidarity, hearing a friend having to do what we all have to do. Do other women agree? And do the men here feel the same way? I think we are all curious about how someone elses body works, why is she so much slimmer or taller than me? And so how does she pee or poop, since when I was a girl no one ever said anything about it "I need to be excused" was what we might say to each other, and at that all girls' school no one ever asked a teacher if they could leave the room, and if girls had accidents I never heard or saw about it, though I guess now that it must have happened.

And now they talk about constipation in tv ads at the Superbowl, and they tell me that plenty of people use their phones while in the bathroom.

The other day when I was at work I knew I had to poop , I kept farting in my office so I walked into ladies room with my poop ready to come out and all the stalls by two were taken . I guess they were all pooping . I couldn't stop farting as soon I sat down I let out a huge fart which to make the situation more embarrassing was there were ladies at the sink just talking . I tried to hold my poop in buy I couldn't and just let loose . My poop was really soft and I knew it would be messy. So I wiped about 6 times and flushed 3. When I got up to leave I noticed I must've been sitting too far back on the Toilet so when my poop slide out it was all over the seat .

Does anyone else notice when they really have to poop the bathroom is crowed ? Do you just poop or try to hold it ?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rose great story.

To: Jemma great story about you and your friends poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

all girls,

is it most common for you to pull your pants down all the way to your ankles when you use the toilet? or do you just pull them down fare enough to uncover your parts so you can go?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sheelee great story.

To: Brandy great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Lola it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but at least you had your boyfriend there to help you out.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


my girl

I recently had one of my kids over from college and it was just awesome to see her. So we had lots of fun but for the sake of this site ill get right into it. So She likes to eat like anyone and i bought us. A few of those subway footlongs and we she piigged out and ate 2 and 1/2 subs! Today i made us some fettucini and before she ate she said she needed the loo so she when in and it took her about 10 mins and she came out and said she felt loads better and put down a couple of plates of my fettucini. Later last night when i was going for a poop myself i saw a little or large, surprise she had left for me and it was that subway lunch in the toilet. 7 logs in total but since it had been a couple of hours it was soft and all went down no problem. I love my babies!
Bye for now


Anon's Survey

Nice survey, Anon. I'll answer it here:

1. If you have to poop at a public place, would you go at a public restroom or hold it in until you're home?
--I don't mind pooping in a public bathroom. I used to not like when I was younger, but now I will just do it whenever I have to. Living in a dorm sort of forced me to get used to pooping in a less private environment.

2. Where had you pooped at public toilet (school, store, mall, workplace, etc)?
--All of the above. I've pooped in a lot of public toilets, rest stops and ones at camping grounds and all kinds of stuff lol.

3. Are you embarrassed to poop at a public place (like from the noise or smell you're making)?
--Nope. I don't care about the grunting and plopping or the smell--that's just part of pooping lol.

4. When you're with your friends and you need to poop at a public place, what would you do?
--I might hold it if getting to a bathroom is inconvenient otherwise I'll tell them I need a bathroom and I'll find one and poop lol

5. When you're pooping at a public place and someone else is in / enter the restroom, would you try to be quit?
--Nope. As a kid I used to do that, but not anymore.

6. When you're done pooping but then realized there's no paper to wipe, what will you do?
--If the bathroom's empty, I might try and get to another stall. If not, then I'll just have to have skid marks lol.

7. When is the first time you pooped at a public restroom?
--Don't remember. I remember my dad going with me into the stall when I was like 3-4.

8. At school, if you need to poop at class what would you do? Do you ask the teacher or just hold it in?
--I would ask the teacher--even if people noticed I was gone a while and knew I was pooping, maybe even knew I was pooping a big one lol


A. What is your gender? M
B. What is your age? 19
C. How do you look? I have dark brown hair, tan skin (I'm half-Middle Eastern and half-white), average build, a little soft--5'9" and 150 lbs.


massive desperate poo on arrival at work this morning...


So my shift started at 0700 today, & i arrived at work at 0650 having been sooooo so desperate for this poo since i left the house for my 20 min drive to work and i didnt have time to go at home this morning, i parked my car and legged it to the loos, waving to my colleagues on my way past them, and i arrived, thank the lord!
I locked the door pulled my trousers and knickers down and hopped on the loo.
Immediately my plops started crackling out my butt,8 initially followed by a big wet fart, followed by another 5 crackling out my butt, followed by another big wet fart, followed by a further 3 to finish
I stood up and the loo was just full of my mushy light brown curled loose logs. I wiped my butt 5 times and flushed. Sprayed my impulse and washed my hands ready to start my shift.
More soon, Love as always, J xx


The Boy Who Wouldn't Go Away

I remain as busy as ever with the child-sitting. Just this past weekend I had Juliet, who is 6 and her 7-year-old sister Robinette at the Civic for the biggest circus of the year. The girls had been looking forward to it for months and when their mom got called into work for an extra shift, I got the job. We left their house way early because their mom had paid for a package that allowed them to have their pictures taken with three of the clowns and the animal of their choice. We had to wait in a line to have the pictures taken and by then both the girls had to wee. The bathrooms were as big as I have ever seen. Like one huge room, 4 rows of stalls back to back, and the room was crowded and really a mess. Some toilets were running over and Robinette slipped on a paper towel that she stepped on. If I hadn't been holding her hand, she would have fallen on her back.

So we found 3 toilets that were vacant. I decided to take the middle one and directed Juliet into the one on the left while I held the door open for Robinette on the right. Juliet didn't waste any time in sitting down and starting her wee. But before I could close my door, Robinette directed my attention to her stall. There was pee splashed on the right side of the seat and the bowl was full of dark yellow pee. I told her to flush the stool and to pull off some toilet paper to wipe the seat with. She did both with only a small complaint. I had to yank on her paper roll which had been stuck. Problem solved. I got into my stall, quickly pulled down my underwear and jeans and seated myself for my pee. I looked under the panel at both sides of me and saw feet extending from the toilets. I got to thinking about how well behaved both of the girls were. I reached down into my purse to get a tissue for my nose when I noticed my door had been slowly opened about 5 inches and there was this little boy about 4 standing right there asking me my name and what I was doing.

I was so surprised! I then realized that the door latch was so loose it wouldn't hold. I lurched up off the seat and shoved at him and then closed the door. Problem was that I felt some pee on my inside thigh and in my underwear and on my jeans. Then I looked down between my feet and I had a few drops down there too. Then again the door opened and then again the boy was staring at me and asked me if I was pooing. I was at mid-pee so I couldn't get off the stool so I got mad and kicked both of my legs up against him. I knew he was friendly and persistent but I had to get him out of there. Unfortunately, the kicking almost caused me to lose my comfort on the seat and I was in pain as my steam was again interrupted. Both the girls heard me yell at him and knew something was wrong. They knew something was happening. I could see the boy was still standing right outside my door, although since I was now off the stool and holding it closed as I pulled my clothing up. Juliet was first off the toilet, flushed and then was at my door, shoving the boy aside and telling him to get lost. I took that as my opportunity to take her stall and to re-seat myself to finish my pee. I had Juliet wait for Robinette and I let the two of them into my stall as I calmed down and finished my business.

We were at the sinks when I saw the boy still roaming the aisle, looking into stalls and asking users where his mother had gone. Just then I saw a lady in a security uniform come in and I immediately called her over and pointed the little boy out in the crowd. She took his hand, led him out, and I guess helped him find his mother. Robinette and Juliet were both asking my questions about what was happening to him. Luckily, as we got to our seats, it was showtime.

Have any of the rest of you had your pee stream interrupted? Was it painful? Hard to get it going again?

Optional Person


I just had an incredible dump this morning. My dad and I had just got home from our usual walk and previously I hadn't felt anything,but as soon as I began to play throw the grape stem with my cat I felt warm pressure suddenly in my butt and it began to ache. I rushed to the toilet excited. I pulled down my pants quickly, got the trash can out of the way and put up the toilet seat and sat backwards. I gave a gentle push and then let nature take its course. My dumps never take long. The poop started softly crackling out of my butt hole and slowly I felt the poop get fatter and I felt a beautiful sensation on my butt hole. The crackling got louder and the turd fell instantly followed by a loud sputter and me uncontrollably exclaiming "Oh yeah!" I inspected my dump. A beautiful light brown turd wad peaking out from under some beautiful looking smooth diarrhea. It smelled like a skunk sprayed it's sent in there. This was the most satisfied I have ever felt pooping. And the empty feeling I feel now is just as beautiful. Hope you enjoyed this one.

fake name

litlle expirement

I'm a 20 your old male. Tall and normal weight. Once i visited at my sister's place and i had to poo. Finally my sister went outside looking for something so i could take a poo in peace. It was a really thick and hard turd. It just felt amazing to push it slowly while it was rubbing my asshole. I wiped my ass and admired my turd. It wasn't huge, but big and hard. I felt that i just didn't wanted to flush it right away.

I never have forgotten to flush the toilet or lock bathroom door while i'm doing my business. So i decided to make a nasty little experiment. I forgot to flush the toilet on purpose. I wanted to see my sisters reaction to it. I left the toilet and went to my computer. Soon my sister came inside and went to the bathroom for pee. I was really surprised when i started to hear hissing sound. No flushing or anything. There is no way she couldn't have noticed my shit. She never have said anything about that thing. I think forgetting to flush isn't so weird thing after all.


Xael's survey

1. If you have to poop at a public place, would you go at a public restroom or hold it in until you're home?
- Public restroom, not worth the trouble waiting. That's what leads to having to squat behind the firehouse, or by a bush in the park, etc. etc.

2. Where had you pooped at public toilet (school, store, mall, workplace, etc)?
All of the above? My current job has two unisex single-occupant bathrooms, and it's usually pretty easy to tell when someone just pooped.

3. Are you embarrassed to poop at a public place (like from the noise or smell you're making)?
Not really, unless it's someone I know but not well or a family member. Perfect strangers and good friends, whatever.

4. When you're with your friends and you need to poop at a public place, what would you do?
Depends on how good of friends they are. I might say I need to use the restroom and then be quick about it.

5. When you're pooping at a public place and someone else is in / enter the restroom, would you try to be quit?
Probably not. I don't usually make a whole bunch of noise though.

6. When you're done pooping but then realized there's no paper to wipe, what will you do?
A few options here. If I'm alone I'll probably run into another stall. If there are other people I'll check my pockets for napkins that I carry for just this occasion.

7. When is the first time you pooped at a public restroom?
Must have been when I was really young, although my mother would always make me use the ladies' room as a young boy. That might be part of the reason I'm here now, lol.

8. At school, if you need to poop at class what would you do? Do you ask the teacher or just hold it in?
I've done both. I was more shameful as a kid, partially because I was awkward and kind of a loner.


A. What is your gender? Male
B. What is your age? 29
C. How do you look? 6', I'm a pretty big guy. Black hair, dark eyes, dark skin.

Sophia W.

I had an accident

Hey everyone,

I had an accident today and pooped my pants in school. It was embarrassing. It was in the morning after I reached the school. I felt the need for an urgent poop. So I went first to my locker to close away my bag. I stood there and suddenly mushy poop went into my panties and I couldn't stop it. It was horrible. Hopefully the girl beside me didn't notice. I went as fast as possible to the nearest toilet. Some cabins were free an I took the furthest. To my luck the seat was full of pee and needed to be cleaned with toilet paper. I pulled my pants and panties slowly down and dropped the mushy poo in the toilet. I cleaned my self as good as possible and cleaned the not so bad soiled panties. As I was done, I went to the school nurse and told what happened. She sent me home. Now I lay with a very crumpling belly in bed.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Outhouse experiences related to Rose's story.

Rose: Great story about the thunderbox and your friends. I can relate to your friend Jessi peeing all over the front wooden wall of the thunderbox.

I used to go camping with several families and there were always lots of girls and women using the outhouse. We always had a really clean seat and better toilet paper in the women's outhouse.
We always did activities as groups in the woods or out kayaking and would queue up for the outhouse when we returned to the campsite. Whenever I used the outhouse, the inside of the front wall of the box that covers the pit always got a good spraying, but when several of my friends and their moms used the same outhouse, we could hear the stream splashing straight into the pit. I always wondered what determined whose pee went straight against the wall and made the hollow drumming sound and whose went directly into the pit making a splattering sound.



Hi guys. One of my neighbors in my trailer park had plumbing issues that were so bad, that I smelled the stink a bit, too.I'm not sure if there toilet was back up severely or not. Perhaps they had a septic tank that was having problems. Anyway, the other day, that plumbing issue was being worked on. The home was put on a jack, and people were working on the pipes underneath. The issue must have been serious, because the workers were under there a while. Hopefully its fixed, but if there's still some work to do, it will be taken care of soon. On a good note, I had a great solid poo that felt wonderful coming out, consisted of 2 medium chunks, and I produced a fart that kind of sounded like a purr lol!


peeing at a big concert

Okay, so, I'm going to a big stadium-sized concert in one month. We will be going in early morning with my friends to get good places near the band. However I'm quite worried about what to do when in comes to going to bathroom. Because most likely if I go to bathroom I'll lose my place.

So I'd like to hear some suggestions about what to do in such a situation if I need to pee or poop? Any specific clothes which would make things easier? Or if you have personal experiences please share them :)

Love, Linda


Taylor's Toilet Trauma

Just over 20 years ago my best friend for a couple of years was Taylor. She was so much like me that we hit it off immediately and each month we did overnights on weekends in each others' home. There was one thing we differed on, though. I think I was moderately practical in realizing that you have to use the bathroom when you need to when you're away from home. My attitude was why hold something so unpleasant in your body and endure all the pain and uncertainty that goes along with it. Get into a bathroom, sit yourself down and get rid of it. Then you can get back to what you are doing.

It became obvious at the beginning of the school year that Taylor wasn't going to make the transition to 6th grade and middle school well. After we'd visit our locker before school I'd go into the bathroom for my morning wee and she'd walk in with me and after a week or two I got to thinking I had never seen her go into the stall and use the toilet. I remembered the first time I asked her she said she used the bathroom at home immediately before leaving in the morning and she would hold it until she got home after school. Most of our friends would go at least once, probably at lunch, but for Taylor that wasn't the case. We'd fill our book bags with homework after school, and once or twice a week Taylor would walk with me down to the bathroom because I needed to poo, but once we got there, she would stand by the sinks and we would talk while I was on the stool and pushing it out. Then one Friday when we had a sleepover scheduled at her house, before we started our mile-long walk home, the page turned and Taylor looked worried when when she told me she had been holding a crap all day. She said she was starting to feel sick and needed to get onto a toilet right away. I told her I probably should wee before our walk home so I went in, took the middle stall out of a line of about 12, hiked my dress, pulled down my undees and seated myself in support for her. I called out to her to take the toilet just to my left, and as my urine was headed into the bowl, I could hear Taylor going into each of the stalls and checking things out. Then she finally sighed and in a worried voice said she wasn't going to find anything better. She lowered her jeans just enough to clear the seat and I heard her sit down.

It was obvious she'd been holding it. Two thuds hit the bowl immediately, followed by a couple of farts and I caught myself as I was tempted to say something like "you go girl!" which she probably would have taken the wrong way. Taylor had complimented me a few times the first week of school because she said I was so confident in using the bathroom. I don't remember that I said anything but that you can't avoid public toilets. Then I heard Taylor start to pull the small squares of toilet paper out of the holder to wipe with. She said her mother had seen them at open house night and couldn't believe how dumb they were. But I told Taylor they probably save the school money over the rolled paper and while she and I didn't like them, nothing was likely to change. I think I heard her pull off about 5 or 6 of them and I stood and pushed the flusher. Taylor came out while I was washing my hands and said something about that would have to do it for now. I didn't know what she meant, but as I was putting my book bag on, I walked by her toilet and saw 3 turds in the water, along with her toilet paper. I noticed she hadn't flushed, but since I could see she was upset I didn't say anything. I leaned down, put my hand on the flusher, but decided against pushing it.

We had our usual walk to her house. She was the first home. We went right to her room and she immediately went into the bathroom, started a water draw and told me I could seat myself on the toilet lid and keep her company while she took her bath. She tore her clothing off, threw the underwear into the hamper, and seated herself in the tub of hot water as soon as she could. She had never taken an afternoon bath before and I asked her about it. She let off a couple of really funny farts and the bubbles blasted up pretty well. We both laughed and shortly afterward, a third one came. Taylor looked in the water and OMG, a turd about the size of a quarter had blasted out and coloring the water between her legs. She quickly told me to grab the towel roll from the linen closet and she ripped a large part of it off, then stood and squatted and then fished it up and told me to pass her the plastic trash can. It was messy but she tossed it in. Then she reseated herself and went back to her business.

Later that evening after dinner we were in her room and Taylor told me her mom requires her to take a bath after she sits down on a public toilet seat because it is just good hygiene. And that's why she avoided using the toilets at school as much as possible. I wanted to be as supportive as possible, so that's why I didn't say too much about it. It is kind of strange, though, I thought.

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