Bathroom with 2 Toilets

I think what interests us is the weirdness of hearing someone one has never met before doing something which is so private, and being overheard by that person.
In the Victorian autobiography My Secret Life Walter describes 2 outhouses at the end of the gardens of 2 houses, side by side, and how he liked to visit at the same time as the young women next door, so that he could hear them and they him. (Some folk think the whole book is not autobiography but fiction.) I have been overheard in French restaurant toilets (including those Turkish toilets where a girl is at a real disadvantage) and in some restaurants in French towns girls had to go past urinals where men might be peeing. I guess the French have a more healthy attitude, since we all have to go, but for a 21 year old American in France for the first time it was really embarassing, and my face was very red, and I didn't want to seem like I was checking out the guy, and I really needed to go, having drunk too much water and wine. And could he hear me? And what if I needed to do a bm??

In the library in my college the women's bathrooms were on one floor, and the men's room on the floors above or below, for some 8 floors. So you could often hear, or be heard. Strange for a girl from a family where no one ever spoke about this, and for an only child.

My most embarrassing moment (before I started serious dating) was when the mother of a schoolfriend was driving her and me to visit another friend, and after 2 hours we all needed a bathroom, and Sophie's mom pulled over and all 3 of us went behind a hedge, and dropped our knickers (for we were all wearing summer dresses) and had a good long pee. But I had never seen my mom peeing (we didn't have a car, and when we took the train there were restrooms), and I had never seen Sophie peeing. And the two of them had obviously done this before, and were chatting. I remember Sophie saying 'I was almost bursting.' And I was frightened that one of the 3 of us might need to fart or do a bm, and I was surprised that my pee came fast and it wasn't as shy as I was. But I still think that, for a girl, the moment when you let go and pee (even through clothes) is a release to nature which is very special.
So when I read you young people taking about buddy dumping, I remember how much has changed, and I envy anyone who just does what we all do, and what comes naturally.
Which is why peeing in the bath, shower, river is such a great sensation for me.



Catherine, glad you liked my story. It was a shock for both of us. More so for the poor girl on the toilet im sure. Im sorry to hear you wont be posting anything for the next month during lent. Best wishes in the meantime and congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding btw.

Rochelle, i really enjoyed reading your story about the reststop with the doorless stalls. Sounds like you made the best of what was surely and awkward situation.

Zac, great story about buddy dumping with your girlfriend. Alway love to read the stories about buddy dumping. Hopefully the experience will bring you closer together.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rochelle first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good and also desperate poops and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abby great story.

To: Zac great story.

To: Xael great story about your big poop in a squat toilet.

To: Jemma great stories as always.

To: Catherine I look forward to reading all your great stories upon your return thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooped Out

This morning I was on my way back from shopping . I felt a really desperate need to dump a load .I didn't think I could hold it in until I got home . I managed (just about) to hang on ,rushed into the house ,headed for the bathroom and made it onto the toilet just in time . Plop , out came the 1st piece , a solid piece about 3ins long , the 2nd piece ,hard and solid ,2ins long followed almost immediately but it took 5 minutes of squeezing to push out the 3rd and final solid lump ,a 6ins piece that plopped into the toilet . Oh , the relief I felt at having that load out .


My first college poop

Hey everyone!
It's been a long time since I last posted, but I've been very busy with grad school. Lately my poops have been pretty normal. They're usually big, since I only poop once every 3-4 days but nothing noteworthy so far. However, I do have a memorable experience from 6 years ago when I started college as a freshman. I remember I had a busy first week of classes combined with adjusting to college life. It was an exciting week nonetheless. As a side effect, my poop schedule was completely off-kilter. I was not yet comfortable using the dorm bathrooms, and I was pretty shy to poop when other people were around. This eventually caught up to me at the end of my first week. I came back to my dorm on Friday afternoon and just collapsed on my bed. I dozed off for a while, and when I woke up, I felt a sharp pain in my belly. I was dreading the fact that I was going to have to poop in our very public bathroom, but I figured it's something I better get used to now. It's going to be a long year otherwise! I walked into the women's restroom, and it was fairly quiet. There were only two other girls doing their makeup and fixing their hair, which I guessed was because they had plans of going out later that evening. "God why can't this place be empty?" I thought. I walked into one of the toilet stalls, pulled down my jeans and panties, and sat down on the toilet. The sharp pain returned, causing me to wince. I knew this was going to be long. I gave a gentle push, trying not to push too hard. I didn't want to make a lot of noise! The mirrors were directly across from the toilets, so I could see through the crack between the stall doors. One of the two girls had already left, but a new girl had entered to do her hair and makeup as well. I pushed again, this time I let out an angry sounding fart! I could feel my face turning red, I was so embarrassed! Looking through the crack, neither of the girls even seemed to care. My first turd had started to crown by now. I grimaced and continued to push. I hadn't pooped for a week, so I knew I had some work to do. My eyes began to water, and I just dug my fingernails into my thighs and kept pushing. The girls at the mirrors could probably see my toes curling, but I was too preoccupied to care at the moment! The mammoth turd was moving slowly, and I had to pause to catch my breath. I pushed again and went, "NNNGH" a little louder than I had hoped, since one of the girls looked in the mirror in my direction with a concerned look on her face. The turd moved out of me and hit the water with a soft thud. I looked down between my legs and saw that it was about a foot long and 2.5" in diameter. Immediately, another softer but still thick turd slithered out of me. This was about as long as the last but only about 2" thick. I pushed out three more turds like this, and finally, I was done. I figured I had probably stunk up the bathroom a little bit, but I didn't care. Also, the other two girls didn't seem to care either. I wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. It all went down in one flush thanks to awesome plumbing in our dorm. I walked out of the stall to go wash my hands. The two girls were still at the sinks, and they both gave me a friendly smile. I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling soooo much better! I became good friends with those girls as the year went on. Before college, I would almost never poop away from home, but this experience helped me overcome my anxiety with pooping in public. It was very reassuring to drop a mammoth load and not have people nearby make a big deal out of it. For anyone that may have similar hangups about pooping in public, all I would say is, if you really need to go just go! Seriously, no one is judging you! And besides, that's what the toilet is there for. Anyway, that's all I have for now, hope everyone is doing well! I'll definitely post my next memorable dump.
See you guys!


Post Title (optional)Update

Rochelle....a great story...I wish I could have a good shit!

On the subject of bad gas...constipation makes the smell worse!

I liked Jemmas loo diary...can Jemma poo!


Sarah's questions

First a question for Sarah--How/have your attitudes toward school bathrooms changed from grade school and middle school?

Now my answers for Sarah's questions:

1. Do you ever fart when peeing?

Sometimes. At school, I may sit to pee and if I'm comfortable and there's enough time, I've been known to fart and then put a piece or two into the toilet. However this is not close to a complete crap.

2. Do you use public toilets?

Yes and more frequently as I'm given more independence at places such as the movie theater and mall.

3. How often do you poop?

Sometimes each day for a few days, then I may miss a day. Sometimes at school, sometimes at the park, etc.

4. How much do you do when you poop?

Sometimes its 2 or 3 average size pieces. But at the Taylor Swift concert last summer, like I was 3 days constipated and had been given a laxative, so when I sat down, a soft piece almost as big as my arm blasted out. At intermission, I had to get on the toilet again and this time it was diarrhea. And I had created an additional hassle for myself since I had not noticed that the toilet paper roll was missing.

5. How long does it take you to pee?

Once I get started, usually less than 45 seconds. Sometimes longer, if I've been holding it at a place like school where the bathroom lines are often too long.

6. How long does it take you to poop?

At home when I'm in a leisurely mood, I'll take my time and I might be on the toilet for 10 or 15 minutes. Yesterday afternoon, a friend and I stopped at a gas station for some pop after school and I think I started drinking it too fast because I was thirsty. Like 2 minutes later I was belching and farting. I went into a unisex bathroom that was not heated and my 1 piece of crap blasted out within seconds of my butt feeling the cold seat. When I wiped, even the toilet paper was cold.

Natalie X

The biggest poo of my life (so far)

This happened a few days ago. Was just a normal day at work, sitting on my chair on the computer as I do when my stomach made the loudest gurgle. I went red in the face. Half cause of how loud it was and half because everyone probably knew that I would be visiting a toilet pretty soon. The amount I ate at last nights party was getting to bad. Tried ignoring it because I do prefer doing one like this at home, you know when you can feel it's gonna be biggy, had that. Lasted 20 mins plus a few sneaky nasty farts and decided it's best to just go at work. Everyone would know but I had to get this out of me. A storm was brewing and I really didn't wanna be caught short. I was wearing was a medium skirt and tights but only a thong underneath. Got up slowly from my desk and carefully made my way to the staff toilets. It was a delicate task lets just put it that way. Needed the shit of a lifetime and it had to be at work when everyone pretty much knows too. I got to the cubicle with little time to spare, I was the only one in the ladies so I let out some noisy wet farts as I was lowering my tights. I hitched my skirt up, pulled down my thong and sat on the toilet. Sure enough soon after a rush of poo came out of me, pretty loud. Glad that I was alone. Sound of it all sploshing rapidly in the bowl or the farts in between. All very embarrassing. Though needless to say, was so relieving. After the intial blow out came waves of mushy shits. I moaned a little as it was quite sudden movements. At the end of all the 'unholdable' poo I half pushed and a long log slid out and flomped in the water. I farted once more and sighed. It smelled so bad I was in shock, the toilet bowl looked like a meteor shower and in the water was full of fluffy small/medium turds with a huge one in the center going up the side slightly. It was so gross yet unique, was proud but embarrassed. In a way I didn't wanna flush it but it stunk to high heavens and I still need to wipe. I flushed and the marks in and around the toilet stuck. There was no brush either. I went to wipe and it took ages, so much was stuck to my butt. After I finished I pulled everything up and flushed once more and it all went down but it had a hard time. The marks from where I exploded had stayed though. Guess will have to put up with that, the ladies still stunk pretty bad too. I walked out like nothing happened yet obviously people guessed, I just didn't think about it. I don't care really, as long as it's out. That was one hell of a dump, will remember that one for a while...

Thanks for reading
Natalie X

Steve A

Story From The Past & Today

I have 2 stories to share. One is from when I was younger and the other one happened today.

Past Story: When I was younger, we got a knock on the door. It was a guy who had been cutting grass for our neighbor who was not there at the time. He asked if he could use our bathroom since our neighbor's house was locked. So, my mom let him in and he used the bathroom and left. He could've peed outside, so he must've had to poop.

Looking back on it, I was kinda surprised that my mother let a stranger use our bathroom.

Today's Story: I asked to go to the bathroom during the last class period of the day since I had to poop. When I walked to the bathroom, there was a janitor in there cleaning it. So, I went to the downstairs bathroom and 2 out of the 3 stalls were taken and I took the last one remaining. While I was pooping, 2 guys started talking and the one next to me said to his friend that his log was pretty big. He also said that he was going to take a picture of it and send it to his friend. Both of them finished before me and they left. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and got back to class.

It was an interesting conversation to have in the bathroom, but I'll probably hear more in college.


to anna from Australia

Thanks for liking my story. Im sorry you got walked in on by the people in your stories. I guess thats just part of going to the bathroom though. It can happen to anyone and im sure everyones done it or had it happen to them at some point.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Optional Person

The end?

Shaelyn - read both your stories. sounds like your a great pooper.

Sorry guys I have tapped out. my stories are done, nothing old to remember, and nothing new that is special. Some of my favorite posters no longer exist to respond to. sorry.

is it the end? perhaps, perhaps not.

Ashley G
Ashley M.-Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet another mom who has daughters the same age. How old is your other daughter? Yes both of my daughters fart,especially when they have to use the bathroom. What type of diet does she eat? Would love to hear some stories from you.

Jessi- haven't seen you lately?

Ashley G

Wow this site is awesome! I've always loved taking time out from regular life and sitting on the toilet and enjoying a much needed pee and poop! The internal relief in my body afterward really makes the day better. While pooping I really love the sensation of gas and poop coming out my anus. I shit 2 or 3 times a day and my movements are soft and gassy. I get a good case of diarrhea every week or two and I love actually like the feeling and sounds of liquid poop blasting out my bottom and echoing in the toilet and my echoy bathroom. I think it's an essential comfort that everybody can enjoy, though few probably really do.

I like that my bathroom is a comfortable place to go but I also like to put on a show when I need to use a public toilet.

Yesterday I was driving home on the interstate when I felt the familiar feeling in my gut. I can hold it for a while if I'm in the car but usually If I need to poop, I look for a place to poop. So anyway I drove about 15 miles and pulled into a rest area and parked the car. I kind of slid out of my leather seat while clenching my ass cheeks and waddled into the ladies room. I walked in the door and around a wall to find 6 stalls with no doors. A lady of about 30 was using the first toilet with her pants and undies down to her upper calves. She had her hands on top of her knees and she was looking over at the toilet paper holder. I heard a small splash from her toilet as I walked by here. The second toilet was full of poop. The third toilet had an elderly woman on it with her pants just clear of the toilet bowl. I couldn't tell what she was doing. The 4th toilet was open and clean so I quickly pulled my pants and undies down to my lower legs where I like them and sat on the seat with a great sigh of relief! Just a second later a loud sharp barrage of gas and diarrhea exploded out my anus and continued in waves for a few minutes. The echo from my toilet bowl was so funny and satisfying at the same time as it felt so good! I herd some foot steps walking through the bathroom so I waited to see who. A mother of about 30 walked by the front of my stall with her daughter of about 3-4 as they were on their way to the 5th and 6th stalls. They saw me and I smiled. The mother smiled back and the little girl waved at me so I waved back. The mother told here daughter to take the far toilet while she walked into the 5th stall and swiftly pulled here pants down to her ankles and sat down with a sigh of relief followed by an immediate fart that echoed in her toilet. It must've felt pretty good to let that out and I felt another wave of diarrhea coming so I relaxed my sphincter and let out more gassy shit that sprayed the toilet bowl. The mother must have been comforted that she was not the only one in there with noisy bowels because she too started to let out a blast of soft poop and gas that rivaled mine! By now the daughter was done and came out in front of here mother to watch her. The mother continued to blast away and she grunted a lot though it all. The daughter said to here mother" mommy your poop is really noisy"! The mother said " I have diarrhea, it'e when your poop is really loud and runny and smelly". The daughter was just within my view and she pointed at me in a rather cute way and said "that lady has diarrhea too", as I continued to blast away. I smiled at the girl and let out an audible laugh so the mother would here me and know I was okay with it.The mother said "yup, we need to sit here until all our poop is out".
Between the two of us ladies, we were starting to smell up the area so I don't think the little girl wanted to come into her mommies stall. We both blasted together for about 5 more minutes and we both started to wipe our messy butts. On about the 4th wipe daughter asked her mother why she was wiping so much? She said "cause my poop was really wet and messy and I need a lot of wipes". The daughter again pointed to me and said "that lady needs a lot of wipes too". I giggled and said "yeah my poop was really messy too". We both used about 6 wipes and flushed our toilets as we pulled our pants up and came out to wash our hands. The mother apologized for the awkwardness of her daughter watching me poop but I told her that it was alright and I thought she was very open and honest with her daughter about our much needed messy poops. That ended up being my last shit of the day and boy was it a great one!


Mom's Rule

Last week we had 3 days in a row off school because of snow and winds. That meant I got to make some extra money babysitting. I have taken an automatic assignment every time this happens to care for Amee. She's 8 and in 3rd grade. I've written about her before on Pages 2486 & 2488. Her mom has some pretty strict rules she has discussed with me orally and has put into the written plan I've been given each day. For one thing, Amee is not allowed to leave their apartment until she has her morning BM, takes a picture of it with a phone, and then sends it to her mother. Basically, Amee's been taught that going to the bathroom in public toilets is bad and that it should be avoided at all costs. I cared for her the last part of last summer after her mom's hours at work were added to and I've only seen Amee use a bathroom away from home once. That was when we were buying school clothes at Wal-Mart. And that was only because they had those paper ass-gaskets that she could put over the seat and sit down on. Otherwise she holds her pees in. I'll stop and use a bathroom wherever we are, sometimes twice or three times a day when we're out but Amee will just go in and wait for me. Then as we get to her apartment, she's almost walking faster than me and will make a run up the three flights of stairs to the apartment. Luckily, she makes it to the toilet, but with no time to spare. Once, her cat was asleep on the toilet and Amee flung it into the bathtub in order to prevent an accident.

Twice when we've been sledding at the park I've taken Amee into the bathroom with me, but she refuses to go even though I do. Then a few minutes later we walk the 4 blocks to her apartment and she makes a run for the toilet. The same thing happens when we're at the mall and when we're at the skating rink. Luckily the guy at the skate rink felt sorry for us and stamped our hands so we could come back after Amee went home to the bathroom. Amee's only explanation is that its Moms Rule!

I back well me and my friends went muddin in the 4x4 truck when we got done playinging in the mud we went a rented a motel but it wasn't worth what we paid for it but we got drunker than a monkey then I left two monster size turd in the toilet I wiped we check out out


Question for ashley m

How old is your other daughter? Have you heard both of them go poop?


Hiking in the Pyrenees

This happened last summer when hiking in the Pyrenees. I had not been to toilet in the early morning. At about 9 in the morning I began feeling the urge to go to toilet. At 11 the urge was so bad that I had no choice. I had to go somewhere in nature. I was walking in the tail of our group and tried to escape without anyone noticing. Went well away from the path and found shelter behind a boulder. I pulled down, squatted and got it done. But when wiping one of the women of our group just came by. I guess that she was surprised but she smiled and said excuse and went away. I felt it extremely embarrassing even though I guess that she also was searching for shelter of the same reason. Later the same day I accidentally (on some distance) saw a mature woman squatting behind some bushes with her shorts at the knees trying to get a very private break. Luckily she did not observe me and I escaped very rapidly. After last summer hike I am quite convinced that all hikers know something about going to toilet in the nature.


to anna from Australia

Thanks for liking my story. Im sorry you got walked in on by the people in your stories. I guess thats just part of going to the bathroom though. It can happen to anyone and im sure everyones done it or had it happen to them at some point.

Steve A

Story From The Past & Today

I have 2 stories to share. One is from when I was younger and the other one happened today.

Past Story: When I was younger, we got a knock on the door. It was a guy who had been cutting grass for our neighbor who was not there at the time. He asked if he could use our bathroom since our neighbor's house was locked. So, my mom let him in and he used the bathroom and left. He could've peed outside, so he must've had to poop.

Looking back on it, I was kinda surprised that my mother let a stranger use our bathroom.

Today's Story: I asked to go to the bathroom during the last class period of the day since I had to poop. When I walked to the bathroom, there was a janitor in there cleaning it. So, I went to the downstairs bathroom and 2 out of the 3 stalls were taken and I took the last one remaining. While I was pooping, 2 guys started talking and the one next to me said to his friend that his log was pretty big. He also said that he was going to take a picture of it and send it to his friend. Both of them finished before me and they left. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and got back to class.

It was an interesting conversation to have in the bathroom, but I'll probably hear more in college.


Hello and questions

Hey guys, my name is Sarah and I'm 16 at the moment, about 5'2" and quite skinny for my age.

I'll start with my toilet habits - I normally pee straight after waking up or when I have my shower in the morning. My morning pee normally lasts about a minute but its quite often a little longer and it's normally quite a fast flow of pee that I do, if I'm in a hurry to get ready I will push the pee out hard and it will hiss into the toilet but that's not very often. I don't use the bathrooms at school at all, they are horrible and they have a pretty nasty smell that lingers in there (I only ever use the school bathrooms for girl stuff). Sometimes when I get home from school I will go for another pee but most of the time it's just another pee before I go to bed at night which is normally around the same amount as in the mornings.
You have probably guessed I don't drink loads, normally only when I need to have a drink is when I have one.
For pooping I usually go 2 to 3 times a week so every 2/3 days depending on what I've been drinking. When I go for a poop it's normally 2 or 3 pieces that are probably at least 4 inches long and about an inch wide. Generally when I go for a poop I only poop and maybe let out a little dribble of pee when I'm done before I clean up.

I'm not too sure if this is normal or not but I will only go to the toilet at my own house or at my gran/mums house. I don't go at school, friends houses, family houses or in public for a pee or a poop. If I'm staying over at a friends house or anything like that I will go toilet before I leave my house then hold it until I get home.

1) Do you ever fart when you are peeing?
This and when I need to go for a poop seem to be the only times I get gas.
2) Do you (or your kids for the parents I see posting) use public toilets (eg malls, gas stations, park toilets)?
Like I said above I cannot use them, I've tried and I can never get anything out.
3) How often do you go poop (roughly)?
2/3 times a week
4) How much do you do when you poop?
2 or 3 pieces
5) How long does it take you to pee?
a minute roughly
6) How long does it take you to poop?
2-5 minutes. 10 at a max on bad days


Zac & Sarah pooping together

I am new to this site and want to share a recent buddy dump that I had with my girlfriend. I have been going out with my girlfriend Sarah for over a year. We are both fourteen and our mothers are best friends. We have kissed and cuddled quite a bit but have not done anything more than that and prior to are unexpected buddy dump we had not even seen each other naked. We often sleep over each others houses but sleep in separate rooms. Our mother's had taken us to a Mexican all you can eat restaurant, as that is our favorite food. Sarah and I both completely pigged out on burritos and tacos. Sarah was staying over and sleeping in my brother's old room. He has moved back in with our father and does not come over much. We had both taken a shower and were in shorts and tee shirts (our pjs). My mother ended up going to bed and we were playing video games together for awhile and then went on Facebook. We were laughing and Sarah was sitting in my lap. Our rooms were on the 2nd floor and mom slept on the 1st floor. Sarah spun around to face me and we were kissing and rubbing our noses together for quite awhile. In the middle of one of our kisses as I fought a strong urge to fart, Sarah let out a very loud fart. I could see that she was very embarrassed so I decided to also let out a fart. We both continued to embrace in a tight bear hug and continued to kiss as we both continued farting and completely stuck up my bedroom. I told her that I needed to poop and she immediately said that she had to as well. I asked her if she wanted to poop together and she smiled and giggled and said "yes". I was nervous that my mother would come up, so I quickly went downstairs and peeked in her room and she was sound asleep. Sarah and I went into the bathroom and I pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet and Sarah also pulled her shorts down then took them off and sat in my lap face to face with me. I lifted my right leg up and she tucked her left leg under my right leg and we held each other very tight in a kind of bear hug. We were both nervous and she started peeing and then I also started to pee. We both farted at almost the same time and started to poop. Initially it felt like our poop was watery like we had diarrhea. After a couple of minutes our poop logs became more solid and we both dropped several large logs of poop into the toilet. Both of our legs and private areas had a mixture of our poop and the smell was really strong. We continued pushing and pooping and put are faces together and tightened our bear hug. We were sweating and making funny faces as we continued to push. While we were pushing poop out Sarah suddenly started to kiss me and we kissed thru the awful smell. After about 25 minutes of peeing and pooping we were finally done. We used a lot of toilet paper to clean our butts, legs and private areas up and tried to flushed the toilet, but it was clogged up pretty bad. I used the plunger and eventually managed to get it to flush. After washing our hands and legs a little more, we were done and completely stunk up the entire upstairs, but luckily my mother slept through our adventure. After we were done we kissed for a few more minutes and then we both went to our rooms to sleep. Our buddy dump was smelly and messy but we have discussed trying it again sometime.


First Time Using Squat Toilet at Friend's Party

I remember a story about 2 years ago when I was 15. I was out with my friends because one of my friend was having a birthday party. She held the party in a Chinese buffet restaurant. I think around 20 people attended the party.

We were eating tons of food and I was all stuffed up. After I thought we were done eating the waiter brought up the cake. At this moment I started to need for a poop, but I'm shy about pooping around others. I ate the cake and it was pretty big.

Well after the cake the urge had become unbearable so I excused myself to the restroom, hoping my friends did not come there. I entered the restroom and saw that there's two stalls and one of them was occupied. I checked the other stall and to my surprise it was a squat style toilet. Because I didn't know when the women in the next stall would leave I decided to use the squat style toilet.

I never used a squat toilet before so I was a bit confused. Then the urge hit me again so I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties. I was half squatting over the toilet at about 90 degrees angle. I peed but a little of the stream flowed to my leg. The first log began to come out. As my first log fell I let out an airy fart, it smelled pretty bad seeing how bad I had to go.

I heard the women on the next stall exited and washed her hand. I was more relaxed because I was alone so no one would have to hear me go. I tried to push the next log before someone came into the restroom. But during the process my legs had become weary, due to my position. I almost fell but thankfully I managed to hold into the wall with my hands, all of this happened when there was still a poo hanging on my anus. After I regained my balance I pushed out the log.

Due to my weariness I rested myself by standing for some moment over the toilet. I couldn't leave yet because I still had some more to go. But the moment I started to continue some girls entered the restroom. From their voices I knew they are my friends. One of them entered the next stall and the others waited while chatting outside.

I couldn't continue without them knowing that someone was in the other stall taking a dump. So to my embarrassment I continued my dump, trying to do it as silent as possible. Unluckily while I was pushing I rip out a fart. The girls outside went silent, maybe they tried to overheard me. Finally the last log came out and I felt a lot better.

I reached for the toilet paper and wiped. I think it was easier to wipe this way because my bottom was more open. I looked at the toilet and saw three pretty long logs. It took two flushes to fully clear away my dump.

My friends are still outside chatting. Well what could I do? I must go out and face my embarrassment. I unlocked the door and saw two of my friends there. I avoided eye contact with them and washed my hand. One of them said "Wow, you must have felt a lot better Xael!". I just nodded and went out of the restroom.

I came back to the main group and they asked where did you go. My face went red and I said I was from the restroom. After that disbanded I went to my home.

Does anyone of you have used a squat toilet? Feel free to share.


Bye Bye (For Now)


I hope that everyone is well, regular, and staying warm. Even here in the south, it is COLD!!!

For Lent, I am giving up social media, which includes this forum, I am afraid. However, I look forward to reconnecting with everyone at the end of March!!! I will be closer to my wedding day, hopefully with everything planned out for June!!!

Please do not forget me! Somewhere an attractive, curvy, tall, athletic, and somewhat strange woman is having two large bowel movements every day - each morning and each night!!!

Also, things are real good with "Melissa" who I wrote about after the new year. She still goes to the bathroom each morning at 10 AM! She really appreciated the raise and is working out well for my business.

Alan and the girls are doing well. The girls both had another stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, that caused each of them to vomit at first, just one bout for each, but then turned to diarrhea for the next 48 hours. I had to help Alan with them, but fortunately, neither of us got sick. They are doing well and we are all getting excited about the wedding!

Real quick - I had a major blowout the morning after the Super Bowl. It was so gross but felt awesome! It started solid but finished really mushy and was really noisy and gassy! I even had to poop again later that morning at work. Again, it was really mushy, noisy and gassy! I think it was all the Super Bowl party food, the beer (like Peyton Manning, I enjoy Budweiser) and the fact that I over indulged. I was back to normal the next day and had a good start to today with a long, thick, peanut-butter colored snake!

I hope that you are well!!! See you all soon!



Brandy: Welcome and love your stories! I have a fiancÚ who is interested in my bathroom adventures. He saw me when I was sick (he helped me to the toilet when I had a major stomach bug - I wrote about it on the forum in July), but has never seen me poop otherwise. I am planning out a few opportunities for our honeymoon! I would love your suggestions!

Rookery: Great stories! I would have been mortified though. Good move to find another place to take a break!

Braidy: Always good to hear from you!

Ashley G, Jessi and now, Ashley M: Welcome! I love your stories!

To Mina, Brandon T, Optional Person, Brianna, British Dumper, Red, Just Another Girl, Maggie, Karen, Adrian, KMD, Old Poop and others who are so kind to respond, I hope that you are well and I cannot wait to read the forum when I return.

Love to all of you!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great story.

To: Brandy it sounds like you had a rough day at least you made to the toilet each time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Netty both had great poops and hopefully she felt better soon after and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rose great peeing story.

To: Shaelyn great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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