My Illegal Bathroom Use

Last Friday I didn't have a good experience at my school. Third hour I was holding a three-dayer and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it until lunch. And by that time the toilets, located in the main floor area of the school, are filthy and sometimes you could use a mop to wipe the piss off the seats. Since I had my work done, the sub let me go but told me not to waste any time. That's never been a problem with me, but it seems like I have to abide by more rules made because of others that deliberately mess the toilets up. So I went to the bathroom in the science wing, turned the corner into the room and all four toilets had a guy seated on them. Also, there were two guys standing and talking to friends; whether they we waiting to be the next user I don't know.

I quickly turned around and decided to hurry up the stairs to the 2nd floor in the math wing. One guy was just walking out as I walked in and I was surprised that all 4 toilets were available. Three of the seats were dripping with pee, probably from the last passing period, so I selected the 2nd one with the dry seat. I remembered that I'm trying to become more comfortable by just sitting butt-down on the seat, rather than papering the seat like my mom taught me and my sister to do several years ago. So I lowered my blue slacks and briefs and placed my butt on the seat. I was comfortable, much more so than a few months ago when I was trying to avoid having direct contact with the seat, but the doorless stall situation still concerns me. I moved my organ off the front of the bowl and into the bowl. I did about a 20 second piss and I was shaking my organ dry when an assistant principal hurriedly walked in. So I had my right hand on my organ and was shaking it when he gave me a really dumb look and fixed his eyes between my legs for a moment. I was worried about what he was thinking but luckily he heard two splashes into the toilet. Then a third that was even louder.

He asked for my hall pass, which I reached down into my slacks pocket to pull out for him. I was passing my largest turd as he reached in and took my pass. He had the look on his face that he had really caught me doing something bad (if you know what I mean) and he told me I had an appointment with him right after school. I worried about it the rest of the day, and what he thought I had been doing. After school I was the first in his office, was told to close the door, and I got really scared. He pulled up a form on his computer, pulled it up and printed out a copy for me. I got written up and two detentions for "Unauthorized Use of a Restroom". I guess it means I wasn't using the right bathroom as opposed to using a bathroom in an unright way (which is my sister's interpretation).

Why using school bathrooms remains such a big problem for me, and at this point in the year, remains a frustration.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


yesterdays loo diary ...

Here with yesterdays' loo diary:-
Feb 10th:-

At home:-
0500- wee
0524 - first poo of day consisted of 8 plops
Leave for work 0645:-
Arrive at 0720:-
0726 - wee and poo, weed first and dropped 4 plops whilst weeing, finished my wee and had a further 3 plops to finish.
(0800 start work)
0925 - wee
1107 - wee
1356 - wee
1508 - wee and poo - poo was a desperate one i'd been keeping in for about 3 & half hrs but got too desperate to hold much longer, the plops crackled out my butt desperately, 14 all together.
1659 - wee
(Finish 1700)
(Home 1740)
1820 - wee
2009 - wee
2124 - poo before bed, 5 plops.

hope everyone is well, shoutout to John B, kmd, Brandon T and other regular posters xx


Post Title (optional)Enema

My laxatives have worked!! I have had three shits today at work...very smelly....I have had trouble going for a couple of days and have been passing foul gas so time for action in the way of laxatives.
I much prefer enemas and would do them more often except I have family around.
I normally have three or four enemas...they are quite easy...just lube up well and it takes about an hour. They are actually very relieving and I feel great after them
Some practice is needed to hold the water thing is to relax and reduce the flow as the urges hit. After a few enemas your body will manage them better.


Re: Bathrooms with two toilets right next to each other

>>Has anyone actually been in these bathrooms that have two toilets right next to one another, no dividers or anything?<<

Yea I have once. It was weird.

Ashley M.
To Ashley G.: Hey another Ashley! And also with daughters! Such a small world. My daughter is the same age as Kayla, and from what you've described, a pretty similar build as well. My daughter, though, sometimes just gets the most awful smelling gas I have ever experienced, and seeing her diet and all, there's no reason for it! Does Kayla ever get gas like that? If so, does it smell that bad?


Two Public Toilets Right Next to One Another

Twice in my life up to this point I have used public bathrooms consisting of two toilets, each with no dividers and right next to one another. A public health class is required for my major and a guest speaker we had last year was asked about that. She said that it is a trend today because it meets basic human needs while assuring the public that a 24/7 schedule in places like parks and city malls is not used to attract those in our society that have sought public stalls in which to violate public indecency ordinances. There's also a potential for horrendous costs to be passed on to the taxpayers because of vandalism caused by the inclusion of privacy doors on the stalls.

My first experience with these "open" bathrooms came at the end of my 4th grade year and over the Memorial Day weekend my city had a huge concert with oldies acts like the Beach Boys & 4 Seasons on the downtown mall. My parents arrived about two hours early and because I was stubborn in not following their "use the bathroom before you leave home, honey..." suggestion, I got bored and told them I was going to walk around and stretch my legs a little about a half hour before the music began. There were dozens of portable toilets set up on both sides of the mall and long lines for each, but I was sure I had seen a concrete rest room building labeled "ladies" when we had walked in. I found it quite easily and in my shorts and shirt I walked around a privacy wall to find about 10 ladies and children waiting for one of the two toilets. The toilets were made out of stainless steel and extended from the wall behind them. The first was serving the needs of a mother who was sitting with her legs spread wide and while she waited she took a towel from around her daughter's neck and helped wipe her sweat off in the really hot room. On the other toilet, only about 3 feet from the other one. There was a little girl, a year or two younger than me seated with her legs swinging, while her mom stood in front of her and was coaching her. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the front of that line and I remember slowly pulling my shorts down just enough to remain dry. Some of the kids were looking at me and so were some of the parents. In such a small room, the best I could think of was just to sit, face down with my hands covering my face. Luckily my pee didn't put up a fight because I knew I had to run back to where my parents were seated or that they would worry.

Last summer I had my second experience. This one was during the regular day and me and one of my volleyball teammates, Lindsay, and one of the public information interns from our athletic department, Tori, made a trip to a high school about three hours from our campus to help at a summer athletics camp. We left campus at 6 a.m. so we got to the city just after rush hour. Both me and Lindsay had downed a lot of coffee and we finally convinced Tori that if she slowed down she could more easily find a bathroom for us without leaving the highway we were on. After about 10 minutes of us watching out of our sides of the van, we asked Tori to pull over and go into the entrance of a public park. She did so and we immediately saw a shack of a building near the vacant tennis courts. Tori saw a doorway in and we assumed that was the bathroom. Tori parked and Lindsay and I raced one another over the rocky parking lot and into the building. It was just two toilets, no divider and a sink that was almost split in half probably because someone had tried to sit on it. Lindsay plopped her butt down on the first toilet and I was just a couple seconds behind her in yanking down my sweats and seating myself. My pee started first and Lindsay looked over at me when she heard it and hers started right after that. She said we were lucky that no one else was around because there's no privacy. I told her what I had experienced like 11 years earlier at the concert. She said that would "so suck" and I agreed.


On the Toilet farting away a stomach ache

Hello Its me again I wrote a few stories a few weeks ago about my boyfriend watching me poop. Well today's story is a little different

So the whole day yesterday I was having massive stomach cramps, they were so bad I was nearly in tears a few times. I got so tired of the pain that I decided to go sit on the toilet to see if I could fart away the stomach pain. So as I arrived in the bathroom I pulled down my sweats to my knees and sat down. Sitting on the toilet was a relief as I immediately began to pee as I was peeing the farts began echoing out. As the peeing stopped the farts continued and I began to feel diarrhea flow out from butt. The next 30 minutes was nothing but non stop farting and diarrhea the pooping finally stopped and as I looked into the bowl I was shocked at what I saw. I swear the bowl under me looked like a bucket full of muddy water. I sat in silence and relief for about ten minutes, then wiped my messy butt got off the toilet and proceeded with the day. Later on the cramps came back and this process was repeated. All in all I made 5 total trips to the bathroom yesterday but thankfully they all paid off as today I am feeling great and ready to enjoy the rest of the day and the Super Bowl


skiing story from the weekend and comment

On Saturday I went backcountry skiing with my friend Amber. There was also a guy she knows from other trips and his girlfriend. The guy was very outgoing and kinda a bit too loud. His girlfriend Netty, a small and very pale blond girl seemed quite shy and was pretty quiet for the most part of the drive. As usual I had bought a big coffee and halfway through the drive I needed to do both things. Unfortunately it started to snow really heavily all of a sudden and we got stuck behind a snowplough. At one point Netty told her boyfriend that she needed to pee and he just said that she shouldn't have had so much coffee, which I found pretty irritating. Netty just looked really unhappy. In the end the drive took ages and by the time we got to the parking lot I needed to go quite badly. I quickly got out, put on my boots and then headed towards the outhouse. Netty did the same. I have described the outhouses before, they are basically two stalls side by side that use the same pit underneath and are all open under the roof so that sound travels really well between the stalls.

I went in, locked the door and opened the toilet lid. Because it isn't so cold any longer, the outhouse smelt really bad, yuck! I pulled down my skiing pants, long underwear and panties and sat down on the seat. I let go of my pee and it felt like such a relief. I went for ages with my pee splattering noisily into the pit below. Meanwhile, Netty had sat down and was peeing as well. She also let out two pretty loud farts while peeing. After my bladder felt empty, I leaned forward, pushed a little and my first turd started to slide out slowly. Netty was done peeing and she started to poo as well. I could hear what sounded like a really long turd crackling out of her bumhole. She moaned a bit as she was pooing and then had a big wet fart and her turd dropped into the pit with a big splat. My first poo had dropped off from my bottom as well and I was pushing out another one when she did another poop, just like the first. Crackling, a little moan and then a big fart. After that she had some more runny poops with a few more, smaller farts slipping out. I figured that it wasn't only a pee she had needed in the car but that she had also probably been really desperate for a poo on the drive as well. I felt really sorry for her. Finally I had a third, small poo and then I felt empty. Netty had already started to wipe and she was using tons of paper. I only needed a few sheets and then pulled up my panties and pants and used some of the hand sanitizer available in the outhouse.

When we both left the outhouse, Netty smiled at me shyly and told me that she was having some stomach issues. I don't normally talk about these things with people I don't know well, but somehow I said "me too, and I really needed to go in the car". After that I immediately blushed but she just smiled and nodded and I think because she also needed the bathroom badly on the drive she was happy that I had admitted to it as well.

Later when we skied Netty was having some difficulties and her boyfriend just took off by himself. That's when I decided he really was a big jerk. I helped her with her skis when she was crying a little and then we skied together for the rest if the day and she seemed to feel much better. That's all for today, I hope you liked the story.

to kmd: You are back, yea! I'm happy that you still like my stories your comments are always so interesting. As for the airplane toilet thing, this was over a year ago, but it is funny, I had never considered that he might have thought it was from another person who had used the washroom previously. Good point! I wish I had seen it like that back then.


Peeing on a Camping Trip

Hey all, it's story time again. Here's perhaps my most embarassing pissing moment.

I go backcountry camping regularly, and while out on trips the bathroom amenities consist of a thunderbox, basically an outhouse without walls or a ceiling. I don't use the thunderbox for pee when camping, I'm always afraid of spiders after encountering an infested thunderbox a few years ago. Seeing as I have a built-in strategy for avoiding this, I much prefer to pee somewhere more free and less spidery.

Usually this just means picking a tree or a bush to water, or sometimes just peeing over the side of the canoe if I'm paddling solo and nobody else is around. (I have another story about that too for later.)

On the particular day in question my trip-mates and I had done a rather challenging portage to a very rocky and narrow river valley, with an abundance of very tall cliffs. The campsite we chose was situated about halfway up the cliffs on one side. Unfortunately, I had not had an opportunity to relieve myself earlier in the day, and when we arrived at the site the thunderbox was in less-than-ideal condition.

So instead, as per my usual camping behaviour concerning such activities, I chose what I believed to be a fantastic location to take a leak. It was well away from the campsite, at the very top of the cliff overlooking the lake. The mid-afternoon hiker would have a beautiful view from up there, you could see out for miles into the distance.

After taking a moment to admire the landscape before me, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, took aim out over the edge of the cliff, and began to exalt the view. I sent a beautiful arc of piss cascading down into the water far below, it was very liberating. Nothing beats taking a pee from high up, it's a truly exhilarating experience.

However, I made what in hindsight was a rather foolish mistake.

Seeing as I hadn't gone all day, I pissed off the cliff for a remarkably long time. About halfway through my pee I noticed the splashing cascade of my urine hitting the surface of the lake below change in sound a bit.

I just figured I'd moved a little bit by accident, and my piss was now hitting a rock down below. So I pointed my dick a little more to the left, and sure enough the stream of piss began to hit the water again. I took a moment to wiggle my stream back and forth, thoroughly soaking the rock below, before continuing to relieve myself into the lake. I finished up my piss, shook off the last drops, and tucked my penis away before walking to the edge to survey my handiwork.

There, amongst the off-white foam kicked up by the impact of my piss on the water, I saw not a freshly-watered rock down below, but a lone kayaker, thoroughly drenched and looking quizzically up at the clouds.

I pissed all over her. And she never knew.

And, to make matters worse, she decided to stay over at our site that night because she couldn't find another site. I had to go a whole night convinced that she knew I had peed on her and that she was going to tell my friends, or pee on me, or something. It turned out she didn't know, or if she did she kept quiet. But it was the longest night of my life.

I'd like to say I learned something from it, that I don't piss off of cliffs anymore. But honestly if the opportunity presented itself I'd gladly pee that way again. Sending a golden jet spraying out into the world is far too liberating a feeling for me to resist. However, I am very careful to check where that jet is pointed now.


Cody's Question

I'm an older teen, but still a teen nonetheless:

Is being regular something that is important to you? How much attention do you pay to how often you go? Did your parents stress that you need to poop every day? Just talk about all those aspects of it; OK?

Being regular is fairly important to me, but I often lose track of when I go and that usually means I'm constipated. I do get constipated every now and then but I don't really mind it too much as long as I can still go without needing a suppository or something. So in that sense I don't mind if I'm a little irregular as long as it's not causing cramping or needing me to do something "extra" about it. That said I'm usually fairly regular (although I do tend to do big poops on average). but yeah when i was younger my parents used to stress that I needed to poop every day and they'd ask me about it and I think that kinda led to my interest in pooping habits in general. that also was due to the fact that i used to get constipated more often as a kid.

Behind the shed

On Saturday I was working in the garden when I had to drop a load. I'd had the urge to poop for most of the morning and it was steadily growing worse but I didn't want to go in just for a poo and I was covered in dirt that I didn't want to trek inside so I just carried on working.

Just before lunch it got to the point where I had to go now or it would be in my pants, so instead of going to the toilet I went behind the shed, pulled my shorts and underwear down and squatted against the shed for some support.

My load needed no encouragement and it started coming out as soon as soon as I relaxed. It wasn't a very big load, just two medium sized turds and a small amount of softer stuff but I really needed to poop and it was one of the most relieving dumps I've had in a long time. I finished it off with a quick pee and then pulled my pants up without bothering to find something to wipe with and got the shovel out to bury the evidence because it had a pretty strong odour.

My yard is enclosed so I've often relieved myself outside, I find it very relaxing.


Difficult poop this morning

Hello again. I'm back with another story. This morning I woke up with a strong urge to poop. I let out an airy silent fart that smelled really really bad. I hurried out of my bedroom and to the bathroom. I did my usual long morning pee and then gave a little push to start my poop on its way. After several minutes of sitting, I had farted a bunch, and I could still feel I needed to poop, but nothing had come out. I gave a stronger push and a turd poked out. I had to continue to struggle and push to get it out, and it came slowly. The turd was quite thick and hard. When it broke off, I pushed a bit more and another turd followed. It was just as thick but it came out easier.

I looked in the toilet and saw two thick turds in the bowl. They were both dark brown and looked like a bunch of little balls of poop stuck together in a sausage shape. One was quite a bit longer than the other though even the shorter one was fairly long. I wiped and it was a clean poop and I hardly needed any wipes. Then I closed the toilet lid before taking a shower.


to anna

Hello anna, just wanted to say thanks for liking my story. I did feel really bad for walking in on that girl. I dont think she was feeling well then anyway judging from the smell that hit me full force when i opened the door and the sound of her fart. Pretty sure she was having diarrhea. Im afraid she did drop her phone on the floor when she went to cover herself. Atleast it didnt go in the toilet. I definitely didnt want to stick around after i closed the door and apologized to her to avoid making things anymore uncomfortable for her. Im pretty sure i did she her later on that week but i doubt she recognised me. I hope she got to feeling better.


co-ed bathroom


My high school has a new co-ed bathroom that a lot of adults are going apeshit about. But no one uses it - its listed as "All Genders".

Anyway, a few days ago me and this girl I know (not a gf) were chatting after school and were near this bathroom, which is in like a remote area of the school. We kept chatting and I needed to take a shit. So I says to her, I need to use the restroom and she says well I have to go too, should we actually use this bathroom that's near us or walk to where the regular bathrooms are.

So I said, we can use this one, why not, figuring she wouldn't want to use it. But we both went in. Its not a single use bathroom - there are two stalls. So she pulls down her jeans and sits down and I do the same (I can see her panties under the divider and I'm sure she could see my underwear).

Then she says to me, are you peeing? And I say, uh no. She giggled a bit. Then I could hear her peeing. Then I started to pee which I'm sure she could hear because it was loud for some reason.

Then, plop, plop, plop, plop. And everytime I dropped one, she sort of stifled a laugh. Then she finished and flushed and waited for me to wipe myself.

She was like, well that was different and I said yea. It was embarrassing but also a turn-on in some way and I'd like to do it again but I don't know how to bring it up.


Re: Bathrooms With Two Toilets Right Next to Each Other

As an adolescent, more than 50 years ago, I attended a summer camp for disabled children It was an overnight camp and the session was about 4 weeks. We lived in cabins that were of wood
construction and each cabin had a bathroom in the back corner. The bathrooms had two toilets that sat side by side, separated by only a few feet at most. The bathrooms also had two sinks and a stall shower. One of the toilets was designated as the counselors' toilet although, thinking back, I'm not sure how strictly this was enforced. Typically there were about six kids and three counselors in our cabin. I think the camp had about 12 cabins in all.

Anna from Austria

to rookery

I really like your story. As the other Anna I feel so sorry for the girl. I have also forgotten to lock my bathroom stall sometimes. I was also "caught one time. Luckily I was only peeing, which made a bit less embarrassing, but only a bit.

One time I forgot to lock when doing a poo and was caught somehow. Luckily I already had my pants on have already flushed when the other lady opened the stall door and stood right in front of me. It was an awkward situation nonetheless because because the stall stank pretty bad. I blushed and couldn't say a word. the other lady was cool though, only said sorry and took another stall. I washed my hands and ran out the toilet. Didn't wan to meet the lady again. Too embarrassing.

That story happened a few month ago, in one of my favorite cafe.

Greetings from Austria


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story.

To: Shaelyn first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Xael first welcome to the site and great story and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Emma great story about your desperate poop at school and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Post Title (optional)To Reven Constipated

I am constipated too...took quite an amount of laxatives and waiting on a need an enema or three.


reply to kmd

Hiya kmd,
Aww thank you so much, it has been playing up all weekend,
But with my mebeverine, buscopan and imodium i am just about coping!,
Thanks for the shoutout and glad u like my posts, will be back soon with loo diaries i'm sure.
J xx


childhood accident

Here's a story from when I was a kid.

One day when I was about 11 I'd been left home alone whilst my parents went out. They left me money for lunch so I went down to the chip shop. I needed a poo but thought I could wait. I bought some chips and was walking home feeling quite desperate, by this time I would have stopped and gone in the bushes but I didn't want to stop having my lunch! By the time I had finished I was over halfway home so I decided to keep going. I could feel the poo starting to poke out so I tried to suck it in and started walking quicker and trying to keep it from coming out. I managed to try and force my bum shut but I could still feel it threatening to come out. I got home and was unlocking the door when I felt it push out again, and then I realised that I couldn't win. In about a second a huge amount pushed out and fell into my boxers. Luckily nobody was home, and it was quite solid so I could get it in the toilet and flush it away.


to rookery

I'm glad you liked my story. Yours was interesting too. Oh, I feel so sorry for the poor girl using the toilet. That must have been such a shock for her. I hope she didn't drop her phone! But it's not your fault at all. And I think you totally did the right thing by leaving and sparing her further embarrassment.

I have actually forgotten to lock doors as well. It's never the stalls which here would just swing open if they weren't locked. But it is quite easy to forget with the doors of the single toilets. I was having a pee at Starbucks last week and after I washed my hands I left and noticed that I never locked the door and that the bathroom was totally open while I was on the toilet. Luckily it wasn't very busy that day!


Bathrooms with two toilets right next to each other

Has anyone actually been in these bathrooms that have two toilets right next to one another, no dividers or anything?

Ashley G
Hi! I'm back with the story I promised the other day about my my niece Aly. We had a blizzard this week and she stayed with us since there was no school for a few days. Again she's the same age as Natalie and they are good friends.

So,the other day She and Nat were watching TV in her room and Aly must have farted because Nat yells "Ewwwwwwww your gross" and they both giggle" I hear Aly say "I got to go poop like bad" and heads to the bathroom. She pushes the door closed but not latched. I proceed with preparing lunch and several minutes later Aly is yelling for me "I need some toilet paper and help". I bring her a roll and ask "did you break my toilet again" and chuckle. She nods "kinda,I'm sorry" I ask her to get up to wipe so I can see the damage. It was FULL of poop! Probably 7 or 8 logs altogether. 3 floaters on top and at least 4 thick ones in the hole. I said "damn girl" and she smiled and said I didn't go yesterday. So I plunged and flushed.

Ashley G.



Hi! This is my first time posting but I've been reading it so I thought I'd give it s try.
I have digestive issues and sometimes go weeks without a bowel movement. This obviously causes a lot of pain. Today it was 2.5 weeks since I had pooped. For the past week I have been really uncomfortable- I was bloated and nauseous. There were many times where I felt like I had to go and I would sit on the toilet and push and push for at least 5 minutes but the poo wouldn't budge. It wasn't moving down at all. I knew there was poop that needed to come out and I got so frustrated that it wouldn't. Finally, last night I took milk of magnesia and another medication to help me digest food. I also slept with a heating pad on my stomach (which by the way helps a lot with cramping from constipation). When I woke up this morning I felt the urge to poop. I was hesitant though considering my experiences of the past week. When I went to the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and pushed, but nothing happened. My stomach was cramping so much and hurt so badly. I pushed again and finally a ball of poop came out. After pushing hard for a few minutes I managed to push out a few round hard turds. This happened once again later in the day. Although I feel some relief I know there is still poo in there that just won't come out! I don't know what to do. My stomach still hurts and I still feel the need to poop.



Brandon T. Glad you liked my story. That was definitely one of my best days at work.

This is a question for anyone. Ive been reading alot of the older posts lately and read several from two girls named wendy and kirstey. They wrote really good stories in my opinion especially about buddy dumping together. I noticed they both seemed to disappear suddenly and i never could find anymore stories or what became of them. I was just curious if anyone remembers them or knows what happened to them in case i over looked something?


Shoutout to Jemma

Hey Jemma,

I just thought I'd post to say I hope you are well and your IBS isn't playing up; if it is troubling you then I hope it is manageable.

Hope to hear more stories from you especially your loo diary ones; they're very interesting to read - but of course I like your other stories.


End Stall Em

The Mirror

Last weekend I had to make the drive home again to attend a wedding and to spend some time with my boyfriend Spencer. Friday night I stopped at pretty much the mid-point at a different travel center for a break in the drive and because I had been holding my pee a bit too long. I decided to bypass a rest stop I had previously used several times because on a previous trip I had to wait in a line about 15 minutes to take a crap and then when I finished, I reached for a toilet paper supply that didn't exist. (My fault, I admit, but still 4 out 5 stalls had their supply depleted!) At another rest stop about 40 miles ahead, I almost pulled over, but I remembered once on a really cold day last winter that there was a reason for me not having to wait for a stall. The building was unheated and half the lights were burned out. At 1 a.m. with no daylight coming in from the top windows, it is kind of important to me. And the previous time when I was tired and in a bad mood, there was no heat in the bathroom and the toilet seat felt like ice to my butt. And strangely, when I stood up it seemed part of the seat stuck to my butt and raised up with me. So I was holding out for something better this time.

So I selected this ma and pa-like travel center that had a lit billboard that, among other things, had caricatures of a man and woman obviously needing to use the restroom, plus a digital scroll showing the lowest prices on regular in the state. So I pulled in, filled my tank, and then parked to go inside. I was encouraged by a trail of colored lights that led to the back of the store where the bathrooms were. I pushed open the door that placed me in a really modern 8-stall bathroom that had great lighting, no smell and my eyes went down to the end of the row, and sure enough, the privacy door for the end stall was ajar. My first surprise when I closed the door and latched it was the location of the coat hook. It was on left side of the spacious stall. On the other side, there were four metal holders on the wall; three were toilet paper rolls and the fourth was for sanitary products. The bowl was flushed and the white seat was about as clean and inviting as you can image. I quickly dropped my jeans and thong and placed myself on it. The comfort caught me from the get-go.

I took the old gum out of my mouth and dropped it between my legs into the stool and when I looked up, as I was waiting for my pee stream to start, I was startled so badly that I remember catching myself saying the first two syllables of a swear word. The inside door had a full-length mirror on it and I was looking at myself like two-feet away as I was ready to start my pee. Of course, I have seen mirrors frequently on the doors of dressing rooms, but not in public toilet stalls, but also in this case in addition to shocking me, reminding me that I should have shaven. I immediately grabbed my coat and tried to hang it over the mirror, but it fell off quite quickly. As I reached forward to catch it, my stream started by trickling over the front of the seat. I immediately pushed myself back and ever so slowly, my bladder cooperated better. At that point, my phone rang and I reached into my purse for it. I fumbled it twice in my hand, almost dropping it into my lap (and within a few inches from it falling into the bowl), I finally answered it. It was Spencer. The first words out of his mouth were "What's up?" And when I gave him a soft-spoken "You won't believe what's happening to me..." explanation, he just burst out laughing. This response I took as borderline rude, but Spencer quickly caught himself and apologized for his insensitivity. After getting something to eat at the restaurant there, I resumed my drive. Everything else went fine. However, the thought of a toilet stall mirror continues to spook me.


Re: Lilly

It is interesting to see how your first poop experience with a girlfriend seems to have effected your entire life. It was the same for me, one of my earliest memories is of my Mom being very constipated and having to struggle and strain for a long time. Finally she had to give herself an enema. all the while I was sitting on my potty, in the bathroom, watching her. I have thus found myself with a fasination with women taking enemas and struggling with bowel movements my entire life!
I wonder just how many others of us, that post here can trace there interest back to a single event in earily childhood?

Punk Rock Girl?

Does anyone know if Punk Rock Girl still reads or posts around here?


First post

Hi everyone. I'm new here. My name's Shaelyn (obviously :) ), but everyone just calls me Shay. I'm a 16 year old girl, with somewhat long brunette hair and blue eyes. I'm 168 cm (about 5 foot 6) tall and weigh around 62 kg (about 135 pounds). I poop once a day, occasionally twice in the same day, but I have no set schedule. I just poop whenever the urge hits me. For my first post, I'll share a story from today.

I was eating dinner when I felt the beginnings of a need to poop. It was minor, so I ignored it and finished eating. When I finished eating, the urge was stronger, so I headed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I peed a little bit and then got out my phone. I sat for a few minutes before I started to poop. I pushed out several firm logs and then, after a short pause, one more turd.

I stood up to look at my poop. I saw three thick but short logs piled in the bowl, all about the same length, maybe a few inches long, and one more longer but thinner turd coiled around them. I wiped and flushed, then washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Well, that's all I have for now. Hope you all enjoyed my story.


Awkward Moment at School

Hello everyone I'm my name is Xael and I'm a 17 years old highschool student. I'm new here and I just want to share a somewhat embarrassing story I experienced today.
I usually wake up at around 6 AM for school. But this morning for some reason my alarm clock doesn't work, so I woke up at around 6:30 AM. Because I didn't want to be late I skipped my daily dump. Thankfully I managed to arrive at school on time.
The first period is math, the subject I'm pretty good at. Some time before recess I kinda felt a pressure in my stomach, and I just ignore it. After some time the urge went away.
At recess I though I should try to do my business in the school's bathroom. But I hesitated because I'm embarrassed if someone heard me poop or fart. So in the end I tried to hold it in until I'm at home.
The bell rang and I went to my classroom. The teacher came and the lesson started. This time the urge got back and it's stronger than before.
My stomach started hurting so I tried to endure it. Then I tried to sneak a fart and thankfully it was a silent one. It smelled pretty bad and some kids started to talk about it, but they didn't know it was mine.
Thankfully lunch period is about to start to with all my might I endured it. Finally the bell rang and I went to the bathroom. Just my luck the bathroom is somewhat crowded, 3 out of 5 stalls were taken. I took the middle stall and started doing my business.
I tried to be as silent as possible because other girls usually teases girls who pooped in the school bathroom. I started to push my first log but I accidentally let out a fart. I heard some giggles from the outside and I tried to ignore it.
I managed to let out the first log but I felt I still have many to to. On my second use suddenly the door barge open. It turns out I forgot to lock the door and a girl walked in on me. My face immediately turned red from embarrassment. I managed to mutter out "could you close the door please...?".
She does but it's to late, she and other girls has seen a poop dangling from my butt. I'm so embarrassed but I still had more to go so I locked the door and continued with my number 2.
Finally I managed to pooped more around 3 logs. I wiped with the toilet paper and went out of my stall. I washed my hand and went to the cafeteria to eat my lunch.
On the way to the cafeteria I passed with the girl who accidental walked in on me. I so embarrassed so I tried to avoid any eye contact with her.
So that's my embarrassing story, does anyone here has similar experience the mine?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like Kayla had a great poop and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kamdyn it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Helena great story about you peeing in the snow.

To: Shortie great story and great poop by poop action as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lilly great story it sounds like your friend was having a really rough day but at least you were there to support and be a true friend and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooping at school

To be clear, I usually despise pooping at school. I feel like there's no privacy and it's always very unclean. But today during lunch i felt something big coming. I hadn't pooped in a couple days, so I'm sure things were building up. Natural, I tried to hold it as long as I could. I made it to the very last period. I kept letting out really gassy farts and I could tell the people around me could smell them. I quickly excised myself to the bathroom. I felt the poop pushing on my anus and starting to prairie dog it's way out. I knew I wasn't going to make it to the hallway bathroom, so I went into the unisex bathroom towards the back of our science classroom. I had to jog to get there in time. I ran in and shut the door behind me, and it felt like I was about to poop myself. Just as I slid my jeans down, the turd was exiting my ass and it barely made it into the bowl. I sat down and continuously filled the bowl for about 20 seconds with long, solid logs. After that, I sat there for about five minutes while some smaller turds crackled out. I was just praying that no one was listening outside the door. Finally, when I felt it was over, I wiped and returned to class. Best poop ever.

Anna from Austria. I can understand your reluctance to use train toilets. I only use them in absolutely desperate situations but my reluctance is partly for hygiene and partly for privacy reasons. If I were you I wouldn't worry about leaving a smell though. To be truthful I've often found that however bad I smell it's always possible to find someone who smells worse!

Helena I like peeing alfresco and peeing in the shower, come to that. I don't think you've any reason to be jealous of us men though. Plenty of men choose to sit and pee, including someone of my acquaintance who's got the least need to do that imaginable. Women can pee standing with practice if they get their posture right and men will either stand or sit. I think at the end of the day it's important to do what you're comfortable with. Although I generally stand I do sit sometimes, especially if I suspect there's a chance I might need to poo as well.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

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