Pooped at a friend's house

I had a great experience a few days ago. I was staying over at my friend's house. Her family is very open and relaxed about the bathroom, and no one closes the door when they go. I had slept in late that morning, then went to have some breakfast, then I felt an urge to poop. I went to the bathroom and found my friend's older brother, he's 18, on the toilet. He said he was almost finished if I wanted to just wait, rather than go to the other bathroom. I said okay.

I chatted with him for a little bit and I heard a loud plop, then he began to wipe. He stood up, and I saw a glimpse of his poop in the toilet. It was obscured by toilet paper and I only saw it for a very short time before he flushed the toilet, but it looked like a big load. I said, "That sure was a big poop, but I think I can do a bigger one." He just laughed and said, "Okay. Let's see what you can do, Shay."

I actually hadn't pooped the day before, so I knew mine would definitely be a big one. He stayed in the bathroom and watched as I sat on the toilet and lowered my pajama bottoms and panties. I peed for a long time and farted several times. Then I started pushing out a turd that felt really thick. It grew to be quite long before breaking off, too. Then I followed it up with four thinner but still fairly long turds. I blasted a long loud fart and let out two short poop nuggets. Then I felt done, so I stood up to let us look at my load. I saw four medium sized logs that looked like brown bananas floating, and underneath them I could see parts of my first thick snake-like turd.

He came over to get a closer look too, and he was impressed. He told me he thought that my load was probably bigger than his load had been. He then left the bathroom and I started to wipe. After I finished wiping, I flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom too.


reply to THUNDER and latest story.


Thunder:- yes i def can lol, IBS-D gives me jip like 98% of the time & believe me - it's a flippin nuisance!! :)

Latest story:- pub poos.
So my hubby and I went out Saturday to our local pub and i needed a poo when we arrived. Hubby went to the bar and i headed to the loo.

Entering, i took a cubicle and pulled down my tights and knickers and plopped my butt on the seat. No effort required my plops fell out, 5 initially followed by a wet fart followed by a further 6 to finish.
I wiped 6 times and flushed, (leaving skidmarks), sprayed my impulse and washed my hands heading back to hubs.

A few hours later, i needed another poo.
Headed to the loo & done the usual routine,
This time i had 10 plops in quick succession.
Wiped 5 times (& done the usual finishing routine - flushed sprayed etc)

Well that is it for now,
HI to kmd John B Brandon T etc, hope u guys are all doing well?!

Love, J xx


Answers to Anna, Tyler & Sarah's surveys

Anna From Austria:

If I have to pee and poo, what do I do first?

At school, because I'm out of class or between classes and fearing a tardy, most of the time I've been holding both so often they are at the same time. But depending on the length of my pee, I may pass a little gas like after lunch and then a small turd.


1. My severe constipation as a child. My pediatrician recommended that I sit regularly and try to go at home the same time every day. But school bathrooms presented a problem because they were so dirty and lacking privacy. I was given milk of magnesia by my mom.

2 Yes I sometimes held my poop at places like school but the doctor yelled at me for it. But girls were put down by the boys if they had to poo at school. One girl in my 2nd grade was Patrice and she was called PF (Poo Face) because she had to use the bathroom almost daily during independent reading.

3. Yes my parents did try and keep track of my regularity as a child. But most of the time when I had friends around they were more sensitive to my feelings. One of my friends was in tears when I went to her house to play. She was being questioned by her mom about whether she had her #2 at school and what it was like and I walked up behind her brother who was standing outside the bathroom door laughing and making gestures about her pooping in her pants (which she didn't, by the way).

Sarah's survey:

1. Do I every fart when I pee? Yes, sometimes after lunch at school or a big dinner at home.
2. Do you use public toilets? Yes. But I try to stay away from the stalls that don't have any doors. But I'm not always able to totally avoid them in places such as schools.
3. How often do I poop? Sometimes once a day, sometimes I'll miss a day or two, but after three days I get pretty stopped up.
4. How much do you do when you poop? It sometimes depends on how much time I have. If I have only two minutes to get to a class, I may have to hold some of it in until my next sit. The detentions so suck, especially when the principal calls home.
5. How long does it take me to pee? Not long usually because as I have to wait in line at school, I'm hurting progressively more as I get closer to the toilet. Once I'm seated the average is 30 to 35 seconds, I guess.
6. How long does it take you to poop? I'm more relaxed sitting at home so I may draw it out if I'm reading, listening to music or on my phone. But it is usually less than 10 minutes at home. At school, I don't want to spend one second extra on the toilet than necessary.


To Emma:

In regards to your boyfriend who doesn't respect your privacy wishes, I hate to say this, but move in. If he doesn't respect your privacy or your wishes, he doesn't respect you.


To Venus

Please do not feel embarrassed about not being able to hold back your poop once a laxative kicked in. Dulcolax is quite strong and, once it starts working, it creates urgency to have a bm which can get overwhelming within 30 seconds or so. I have to take Dulcolax fairly often for constipation and have had some pretty close calls. A few times, I have not been able to make it to a toilet in time and have had diarrhea in my pants. That happened once to me in college when I tried to make it back to my dorm to poop instead of finding the closest toilet. I did everything humanly possible to hold the poop in but lost the battle in a pair of jeans as I walked hurriedly across campus. I recall posting here about that experience years ago.

Anna and Eileen. I think you were both very lucky to make it back from your respective shopping trips and get to the toilet just in the nick of time. It's happened to me a time or two and the feeling of relief is always amazing. That's not just relief at getting it out but at making to at toilet too!

Venus. Laxatives of all kinds are, in my humble opinion, something to be avoided because they interfere with the normal rythms of the bowel.


Group Pee and Poo - Another Camping Story

I went on a camping trip last year with my outdoor ed. class (which is basically camping for marks), and I have a story to tell from it.

On our second day there was a rainstorm, and by the time it cleared up we were all pretty tired, so the 15 of us set up camp on either side of the river. The girls had one site, and the guys had another. Us ladies set up camp and then the boys came over for dinner. We had Kraft Dinner, a camping staple due to its portability. After supper we had a campfire, and we did a sing along and played games until the sun began to set, at which time the boys left and we continued on with some campfire stories. By the time we were ready for bed it was very dark out, and a number of us had to go use the thunderbox. So four of us grabbed the tp and a flashlight and headed up together

My friend Jessi was the first to go. The thunderbox lid opens like a treasure chest, so there's a bit of privacy from the lid's side. Jessi opened the box and sat down. Within a few seconds her stream started forcefully spraying the interior of the box. She had to go badly enough that her stream was actually hitting the wood of the front of the box rather than going straight down into the pit under the box. Her pee splattered against the wood and ran down the inside of the box for about a minute before it eased off and the sound changed to a muffled hiss. She tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped herself off, then pulled up her pants and walked around to the other side of the box.

I asked who was next. Deanna pointed out that given the fact that I was the only women there with a penis I could go whenever I wanted, I didn't have to wait. I took this advice to heart. Deanna pulled down her pants and sat on the seat. I asked if i could go on a tree behind the thunderbox for privacy, which would mean being on the same side of the thunderbox as her. She said that was okay, so I walked around and joined her. As I did, I got scratched lightly in the arm by a thorn on a bush, so I pulled out my dick and pointed it at the offending tree, saying something along the lines of "I'll teach you to scratch me!" to the amusement of the other ladies. It took a moment to start due to the potential scrutiny of the others, but once my piss started it came out fast and hard, I daresay perhaps even harder than Jessi's. I aimed my stream up and down the trunk of the bush that had scratched me, leaving it dripping with my pee. When my stream finally trickled to a halt I felt doubly relieved at having had my "revenge" on the bush.

I hadn't heard Deanna pee at all during this time, and as I zipped up and turned around I discovered why. I caught a brief glimpse of her, sitting with her legs apart and a turd hanging from her butt. It was to dark to make out any details with the flashlight being held by the group on the other side of the thunderbox, but I could tell it was moving slowly. I walked back to the others, and heard a muffled thud followed by two successive smaller thumps from in the box. Then Deanna wiped and dropped the toilet paper into the thunderbox, and joined the rest of us.

Sara was left, and she handed the flashlight to Jessi and walked over to the thunderbox. From the way her head and shoulders moved around I could tell that she was hovering slightly over the seat of the thunderbox rather than touch it. She grunted slightly, and I could hear a bit of a crackle as she pushed out what must have been a sizable log. There was a thud as her turd landed on the pile in the pit below. She paused for a second, then the crackling resumed and after a few seconds a second, louder thud was heard. She then pushed out three more smaller "thumps" before finally reaching for the toilet paper. Sara wiped her butt three times and dropped all three sheets into the box, but remained sitting.

Then I heard a loud drizzling sound that quickly faded into a more muffled patter. I realized that Sara must be pissing directly on top of the toilet paper she used for her dump. She peed a steady stream down into the thunderbox for about thirty seconds, before grabbing another sheet of toilet paper and drying off from her pee. Then she too pulled up her pants, zipped up her fly, and closed the lid of the thunderbox.

I came back early the next morning to take my early morning piss into the bushes, and I took a look inside the thunderbox. I could see two very dark brown logs that must have been Deanna's, and stretched over top of them were Sara's three long turds, curled up together and topped with a few smaller logs that had fallen down the pile of poo and toilet paper. I also saw Sara's peed-on toilet paper, and when I took a look on the inside of the box I could see a faint outline of the place where Jessi had pissed on the wood of the box.

I decided to lighten my load a little while I had the opportunity, and plopped my butt down where my friends had sat not long ago. I pushed a little, and felt a mid-sized turd slide out and onto the two dumps from Sara and Deanna. It was followed by three small turds, which I squeezed out before wiping. I only needed one square, so instead of sending it down with my shit, I hung it from a branch, aimed my penis at it, and pissed at that toilet paper until all that remained were tiny, scattered pieces of pulp.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back with another camping story soon.

Steve A

Xael's Survey

Xael's Survey:

A. What is your gender? Male
B. What is your age? 18
C. How do you look? Dark hair, 5'7", Average Body, Not skinny or fat.

1. If you have to poop at a public place, would you go at a public restroom or hold it in until you're home? I would just use the public bathrooms. I don't have a problem using public bathrooms.

2. Where had you pooped at public toilet (school, store, mall, workplace, etc)? Stores, malls, schools, at work, etc. So, basically everywhere.

3. Are you embarrassed to poop at a public place (like from the noise or smell you're making)? Not really, although, I never had a girl in the same bathroom as me (unisex bathroom), but still, I think I'd not be embarrassed, no matter if guys or girls are around me while I'm using the bathroom.

4. When you're with your friends and you need to poop at a public place, what would you do? I'd just tell them that I have to go and if they get a bit antsy with me, well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

5. When you're pooping at a public place and someone else is in / enter the restroom, would you try to be quit? No, I'd just continue on with my business.

6. When you're done pooping but then realized there's no paper to wipe, what will you do? I would go into another stall and get paper but before that, I'll wait until the bathroom is empty. Somehow, if there's a line for the men's bathroom, then I'd just ask for some.

7. When is the first time you pooped at a public restroom? I forget, but I assume it was during my younger years.

8. At school, if you need to poop at class what would you do? Do you ask the teacher or just hold it? I would ask the teacher when they aren't talking. If they finish talking and I have some time to poop, then I'd ask. If they lecture during the whole class period or they finish talking and not leave enough time left for me to poop, then I'd wait.

Mr P

Shoutout to Anna from Canada

Hi Anna,

Loved your story about your big smelly poop that you did at home after returning from the mall. Sounded like it was a good one :) Why do you think your poop smells so much? Do you eat a lot of meat? Or is it more of an earthy smell? I know when I eat a lot of meat my poop has a distinctive smell (usually quite bad!)

Mr P

Thursday, February 18, 2016


To Adrian

Adrian , thank you .I'm the same Eileen in both the needing help from my boyfriend and just getting home from shopping , in time situations . I read your story of what happened to you a few years ago and I think we both had pretty close calls .

your name (optionaldanny)

Post Title (optional)shelia pg 1174

Hi Shelia,

Love your stories, pg 1174 etc. Are you still around? If so see what you look like and more stories. Email me if you want to.

hope to hear from you.



Pooped Out

This morning I was on my way back from shopping . I felt a really desperate need to dump a load .I didn't think I could hold it in until I got home . I managed (just about) to hang on ,rushed into the house ,headed for the bathroom and made it onto the toilet just in time . Plop , out came the 1st piece , a solid piece about 3ins long , the 2nd piece ,hard and solid ,2ins long followed almost immediately but it took 5 minutes of squeezing to push out the 3rd and final solid lump ,a 6ins piece that plopped into the toilet . Oh , the relief I felt at having that load out .


Post Title (optional)Rebeka words of wisdom

This was one of the best stories I have sums up how I feel about using public toilets and going when others are around.
I am feeling so good...the laxatives have worked...I had a hard movement about two hours ago and have just had a large soft but smelly movement minutes ago.


Can people hold in until laxatives stop working?

I took 2 tablets of Dulcolax(10 mg of bisacodyl). It's about 7 hours, I felt I had to go now, but my mother was using the toilet. I tried to hold back my BM, stand up, cross my legs and squeeze my buttocks but it urged me hard and frequently until I can't hold in and diarrhea in my pants automatically. (my mother didn't know.)

Why can't I hold in when laxative work?


My MOST awkward bathroom experience

This may be the most embarrassing toilet story of all time. At least it feels like that for me. I'll start with some backstory about my bathroom habits. I am 16 years old, and I usually only poop at home. I am very skinny for my age. A lot of people ask me if I have anorexia (I don't, I eat lots of food and have a fast metabolism). I only poop about every other day, but they are huge poops. I only have a poo in public when the situation is dire. However, this poo did not happen in public, or even at my house. It happened at my BOYFRIENDS house. Usually, I try not to even pee at my boyfriends house. I love him, but he doesn't understand privacy. Sometimes at my house, he opens my door and walks in on me when I'm peeing. I scream and throw things at him but he thinks it's all fun and games. I don't like touching my ass to the toilet seat at his house, so I usually hover. Because of this, I usually go to his downstairs bathroom because the upstairs bathroom door doesn't lock. If he saw me hovering over the toilet with a stream of pee coming out, I would die. Anyways, I went over to my boyfriends house one Saturday. I was there all day, and I started needing a poo around lunch. I tried to hold it, but I knew it was going to come out soon whether i liked it or not. I asked him politely to take me home. However, he said he couldn't, as his parents had his car until later that night. I was able to hold the poo in for another half hour. I finally decided that I would have to poop at his house. I told him that I was going to use the downstairs bathroom. He stopped me and said that the toilet downstairs wouldn't flush, and that I would have to use the upstairs one. I called bullshit, asking if he was lying. He said he wasn't. I looked into his eyes and I could tell he wasn't lying. "Stay here. Don't you dare walk in on me while I'm using the bathroom". He only smiled at me. "I'm serious. I'll kill you". He said "I promise, I won't", but he was still smiling and it looked like he was joking. I was going to argue with him, but I could feel a turd start to prairie dog out of my ass. I walked steadily to his bathroom. I closed the door. And moved quickly to the toilet. I lowered my skinny jeans and let my ass hover over the toilet (I usually hover when I poop to avoid splash). A few long, solid turds rushed from my ass. It was the quickest I've ever pooped. Probably two feet of solid turds in 10 seconds. I sighed in relief. This next poop felt a little harder, so i started straining. It slowly started inching it's way out of my ass. It was a very long, turd, and about four inches were out. The weight of the poop caused it to slightly curve towards the bowl. As i was straining, my dumbass boyfriend slams the door open. He sees me hovering over the bowl with A TURD HANGING HALF OUT OF MY ASS. "GET OUT", I screamed . The scream was immediately interrupted by the sound of a PLOP as the turd fell into the toilet. His face turned bright red and he left. I sat down on that toilet and cried for probably ten minutes. I was mad at him for weeks after that and I still don't let him talk about it. I felt like I had no dignity and I was SO embarrassed. Anyways, that's my poop story. Does anyone else want to share poop stories? Any involving spouses or boyfriends?


Scouts' outing in Scandinavien

My most memorable toilet experiences were during an excursion with my scouting group (Pfadfinder) to Scandinavien. We were traveling around for several weeks. Often we just camped somewhere in the wilderness without access to any facities. Often we ony stayed one night at every place and then we made no latrines. When needing to go to toilet we had to walk away and find a suitable spot somewhere in nature preferably behind a bush or big stone. After looking around carefully to spot any others out there you just had to pull down and squat and do what you had to do. The first times I felt extremely strupid and vulnerable when sitting there with the bum bare. But in some or another way I got used to it and I realized that everbody else also had to do it the same way, even our leaders. As there was no door to close, it was unavoidable, especially in the morning when everyone at least had to pee, to spot some others out there. But we were all polite and did not approach any others because we knew what was about to happen. Twice I walked directly in on some of the others when they were squatting. Once it was one of the boys. When that happened we both pretended not to see each other and I went quickly away. But it was obvious what he was doing. By the way this was the first time ever that I have seen a male taking a dump or even squatting with shorts at the knees. And yes boys look just as vulnerable as girls when sitting there! Not a position that I think men like to be seen in. The other time was when walking in on one of the female leaders when she was just about to wipe after leaving a stinky cable there. I think we both got somewhat surprised and we both said "excuse" as I left away. I do not know to whom the situation was the most embarrassing, me or her. I was walked in on once, uckily not by any of my group. I had walked well away from the others just after breakfast to take my morning dump. Just when about to pull up my shorts after duty finished a man, totaly strange to me, came by. Sure he saw everything my white bum and the fertilizing stuff on the ground. When he spotted me he smiled and said "oh", nodded quickly with his head and went away. This was one of the last days and I was used to go to toilet outdoor and I did not really feel embarrassed or vulnerable then. He had a roll of toilet paper in his hands so his purpose was obvious. I got a bit curious so when returning to the others I became a bit rude and went an extra round over to where had had gone. There he was sitting. When I came he tried to pull a bit up, but as he obviouly was not finished he did not really succeed. He said in English "Excuse me", I responded something like "No problem, we all do don't we?" and smiled. Then I saw he was flushing a bit and he answered "Thanks"!! Later I saw that he was camping there with his wife. I wonder if he told her about the incident!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rebekah great story about your huge poop I bet you felt pretty great after and I look for ward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anna from Austria

Question for Ladies

Have got a question for the ladies here. When do you both need to peep and Number 2 which one do you do first?

Pee or Number 2

In case it depends how urgent I have to go. If I have to pee really bad, i pee first and then my number 2, or do both things at the same time. If the pee is not so urgent I do first my Number 2 and pee then?

Greetings from Austria


Another hiker
Just a comment to the posting of "Hiker". Yes, I guess that (almost) every hiker knows how it is to take a dump somewhere in nature. I am mostly hiking alone, but when I have hiked with groups I have been able to observe that I am not the only one having to take care of bodily demands out there. Last summer I was hiking along a very popular trail for pilgrims. And yes, even pilgrims searching for mental and spiritual relief, have to obey the demands of the body. Almost every day for those two weeks when I was walking, I spotted others trying to get a private moment behind a boulder or in the bushes. Men and women, no difference. Matures and older people, alike with young students. Some squatting low, some more or less standing and bending forward. But everyone had to turn to the basics, shorts down exposing the bottom to Mother Nature. Nobody spoke about it Everyone treied to behave politely. But no doubt, we all had the same basic needs. Good to know for all those of us that used to be very embarrassed about those things when younger. I certainy still do not like anyone to come by when sitting there, but now I know that the persons potentially coming by most probably are out there for the same reason. So I have learnt to think "Shit happens" when I (very seldom) end up in such an embarrassing situation. Once I discussed the issue with my wife (who is also an avid hiker). She is even more relaxed than me and looks upon going to toilet outside as one of the highlights of outdoor tourism. No dirty toilet, no smell - just a possibility to enjoy a pleasant view of the surroundings instead of the white panel of a locked door. But still, I have never heard anyone telling/asking about the nice toilet experiences after a hike ("just hear now, I had a pleasant experience when taking a dump at the GR10....." or even worse asking a friend "did you have a nice squat when out there?" But let us just remind each others that we all do it, even when hiking. Men, women, irrespective of age. Teachers, nurses, students, the retired woman with the short cut grey hair, the handsome male student, the decent British civil servant with his hairy bum, the Dutch long legged blonde lawyer trying not to pull down more than really necessary. Yes, I have met all those characters and they do it like me. Trousers down and bum bare. Yes, let us just face it.


Sunday Afternoon Walk

On Sunday afternoons my family has a huge dinner at noon and I spend the rest of the day studying and getting ready for my classes for the new week. I'll study for a couple of hours, then take an hour-long break and walk up the street to a convenience store. Sometimes I'll walk in the other direction down to one of our city's largest parks. It's the best I can do until it gets warmer and the ice melts and I can get my bike out again. So yesterday I took the longer route down to the park. It was about 40 degrees out and I stopped at a gas station and bought a 20-ounce drink and drank it as I walked this path in the park. I started to get a bit gassy and with my heavy winter coat on I was walking moderately fast. After about a half hour I knew I was going to need a bathroom. So I walked up to the nearest toilet building and rounded the entrance, there were two young girls like 1st or 2nd graders chasing one another. One smashed into me and I almost lost my balance and spilled some of my drink, but I recovered OK and got only a quarter-size splash on my coat.

There were five half-size toilet stalls on each side of the room. None had doors, although I could see some latches there where doors once were. For some reason, I looked to the left side first and each of the first three toilets had urine and non-flushed crap. The fourth had as much diarrhea as I've ever seen and some of it was on the front of the toilet too. Perhaps the person didn't even try to seat herself in time. Then to the right side. Two more toilets with large craps on view. The middle toilet looked cleaner so I took off my coat, carefully laid it over the side of the half stall, unbuttoned my jeans and seated myself on the gray seat. It wasn't as cold as I expected and as I looked down at the concrete floor and drain between my feet, I saw a lot of crud plus three cigarette butts. My stream started and stopped a couple of times as I sat thinking about why people are so reluctant to flush in public bathrooms. A stronger stream started, I quickly wiped and turned to the back and flushed with my right hand. The flush only took about ten seconds and seemed so non-threatening.

I pulled my jeans up, tucked my sweater in, and put my coat back on. I went back to the entrance and washed my hands. Of course, the water felt extra hot. But on my walk back home I got to thinking about why I see so many toilets, both at my school and in other public places, that aren't flushed. Are they being left to gross out the next user?

Steve A

School Teacher Bathroom Use And Sarah's Survey

Hey, I just wanted to talk about school teacher bathroom policy. I'm not bashing them, but I'm just telling my own opinion.

Due to getting in trouble when you use the wrong restroom (Siford), is not necessary. The only thing to watch on school cameras is wandering the halls and other stuff. They should assume that you're looking for the bathroom while they watch the cameras. Sometimes, like my last story, the bathroom is filled or has a janitor cleaning it. Knowing that you may have a time limit, set by the teachers to know that you've been gone too long, you must compromise. No one should be punished for using the wrong bathroom. They're all the same, but to the teachers, it's different. If they understand your explanation, then you're safe. If not, at least your parents will.

Sarah's Survey:

1) Do you ever fart when you are peeing? Sometimes

2) Do you (or your kids for the parents I see posting) use public toilets (eg malls, gas stations, park toilets)? I use them whenever I need to go in public.

3) How often do you go poop (roughly)? Usually once a day, I may skip a day or two, but I hope to get an urge everyday. I may even go more than 1 time a day, but that's not too often for me.

4) How much do you do when you poop? It's normally logs, sometimes small to medium sized pieces along with the logs. It's all random for me sometimes.

5) How long does it take you to pee? I never really time myself, but I'd say it ranges between 10 seconds up to 1 minute, depending on how bad I have to go.

6) How long does it take you to poop? 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer.

Dude in Distress

Constipation struggles

i have IBS-C and once in a while I get terribly constipated. I was recently constipated for 4 days. On the 4th day, I pushed and strained for an hour before giving up. I laid in bed to rest. The massive turd was sitting just inside my anus, and before long I got the urge to get back on the toilet. I removed my clothes and sat down and began to push. I pushed, and PUSHED like crazy. I was able to look down and see my progress, it poked out about an inch. Then the thing that frustrates me most happened- I stopped straining to catch my breath, and the turd went right back in. I squatted down and started pushing again. I couldn't help but grunt loudly from the effort and I let out a loud "NNNGGHHHHHH!!!" I was sweating and my face was bright red. I looked and sounded as though I was giving birth. The turd finally crowned, and I had to use my fingers to press against the sides of my anus to keep it moving because it was so stuck. It was 8 inches long and took me nearly 2 hours!!


Questions for the younger folks but everyone can answer

These questions are primarily aimed at teens and college age....only because that age group represents the current generation along with the ways they were brought up.

(1) As a child did you have an episode where you were severely constipated (impacted) and needed to be treated by a doctor? Do you have a vivid recollection of what was done to you? Please talk about it.

(2) As a child did you ever purposely hold your poop for extended periods (days or weeks) because you were afraid that it would hurt to go?

(3) As a child did your parents somehow keep track of your regularity? How did they do this? Ask to see poop before flushing? Daily questions? How?

PS: As a child I had a "no-flush rule" which meant that after I had a bowel movement I was not allowed to flush until my mom had a look at what I did. That lasted until I was 10.....when I finally got up the courage to ask her not to do it any more.


story from today and Sarah's questions

Today I was out shopping at the mall when I needed a poo. I hadn't gone the day before, so I figured it would probably be a pretty big one. It wasn't too urgent at first, so I ignored it and went to try on some shoes and then some pants. When I was paying for the pants all of a sudden I needed to go much more and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it for too too long. I considered using one of the washrooms in the mall but then decided I'd be able to make it home and have my number two in the privacy on my own bathroom.

When I was walking from the train station to our house, I could really feel my load knocking on my backdoor and I was very glad to be almost home. All my roommates have gone home at the moment because of reading week, so I knew that I could take all the time in the world on the toilet. When I got to the house, I dropped my shopping bags and coat, kicked off my boots and went straight to the bathroom. I pulled down my jeans and pink thong and plopped my bum on the seat. Immediately I let out this huge long fart that echoed in the bowl and then I started to pee. I was still peeing when my urgent poo pushed open my bumhole and my first turd started to crackle out. It felt really wide and it kinda hurt when it stretched my hole. It was long too and took some time to get out. All the while it really hurt and I was quietly moaning until it finally splashed into the bowl with another loud fart. Oh, I felt so relieved. I was done peeing, but I knew I had a lot more poop to come out, so I grabbed one of the magazines we keep on the toilet tank and started to read. I just sat on the toilet for a couple minutes, reading and letting out a few more farts until I could feel more poo coming. I pushed out another turd, also really long but not as wide and it felt much softer, so this one didn't hurt. By this time our little bathroom really stunk and it was getting worse all the time with more poo dropping from my backdoor and coiling up in the bowl. Yuck! I tried to ignore the stink and kept reading until I finally had a third poo which seemed a bit smaller than the first two. It dropped off with another fart and then I finally felt empty. I put the magazine away and pulled off some paper. I wiped my front and then my back. It was really messy between my cheeks and I needed tons of paper to clean up my bum. Then I pulled up my thong and jeans and had a look at the bowl. Wow, it was at least half full with my poo. There was a big turd coiled up in the middle and a bunch of dirty paper at the back. I was pretty worried when I flushed the toilet, but by some miracle it all went down. I did have to use the brush quite a bit though and then I went to wash my hands. All in all I think I spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom, but I felt so relieved. I was also happy that I had made the decision to go home and didn't end up having to have a long and stinky poo in the public washrooms at the mall. That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

Also, I wanted to answer Sarah's questions. Hi Sarah, I am a 21 year old university student from Canada. I think a lot of people don't like to go to the bathroom outside of their own home, so if it works for you that is totally fine.

1) Do you ever fart when you are peeing?
Yes, I fart almost every time I pee.

2) Do you use public toilets?
Yes, all the time. I both pee and poop on public toilets. While I don't really care about peeing, I prefer to poo in my own bathroom. But I simply can't hold it for too long and end up going a lot in public toilets, especially on days when I am at school.

3) How often do you go poop (roughly)?
Almost every day.

4) How much do you do when you poop?
I usually have at least three poops. When I haven't been for a day or even two, they can be pretty big and long.

5) How long does it take you to pee?
Maybe a minute at most. Often less.

6) How long does it take you to poop?
Between 5 and 15 minutes normally. When I can I sometimes take a little more time, like in the story I just wrote.

To Rebekah and Nathalie X: I was happy to see you post some more stories. They were cool!


To Natalie X

Liked your story about your massive poo at work. You're so right - it's better out than in. Creating noises, smells and skidmarks is a normal part of the pooping process so you're right not to care much about it.


Post Title (optional)Eileen

You said your b/f helped you and was a did he look after you?


To Jemma

Hey Jemma

I liked reading your loo diary - I like how precise it is. Also, it's interesting to see your schedule. I hope you are keeping reasonably well. Look forward to reading more stories from you and more loo diaries.



Loud Fart

Hey guys. Once when I farted in the bathroom, it was overheard! Lol, Mom thought I burped. I told her she didn't need to know what that was, because I was on the toilet. Also the other day one of my poops didn't go down all the way and Mom saw! She said it was looking at her, how funny! I knew she saw when I heard Mom say she noticed little things floating around.

Optional Person

to Natalie X

Natalie X... dang girl that sounds amazing! would have been fun to see the aftermath. Thanks for the good description of it. Don't be embarrassed of your smell, enjoy it.

Eileen. I've had to help my GF when she's drunk too much alcohol and eaten food which didn't agree with her. It wasn't a fun experience but it had to be done. If it's the same Eileen I enjoyed your account of just making it to the toilet in the nick of time after a shopping trip. Several years ago I visited a city which luckily wasn't too far away and whilst there ate some cheesecake which got things moving! I was very disinclined to use public toilets or the ones on the train home for #2. Luckily I just made it home and to the toilet in the nick of time. It was probably the closest I've been to shitting myself without it happening.

Optimal person. It's not always easy to find something new or original to say, especially when no remarkable toilet experiences have recently been forthcoming. However I hope you're not leaving us for good as I certainly enjoy your posts and have a great deal of respect for what you've got to say.

Catherine, giving up social media for Lent is certainly something different and it's not something I've tried. I'll miss seeing you around but look forward to your return when hopefully you'll have an experience or two to share. In the past I've tried to give up chocolate but failed abysmally.

Jemma. Thanks for your latest toilet diary entry. I keep thinking about doing something similar but have yet to get round to it.

Happy pees and poos everyone!


Bike Ride

Some of my mates are talking about doing Lands End to John O Groats this summer by bike. We are at an early stage of the planning but it was decided that today 2 of us would do a sort of 70 mile test ride in a circle around our village yesterday to see if it was actually practical to ride that far in a day. We roughly worked out a route online. We got some cheap cycling Lycra shorts and tops and I met my mate Jay at 8am at Subway, had a footlong breakfast sub each and set off. We made good progress to start with and covered a fair distance. We stopped at about 10 in a petrol station and each got a pasty and more drink. The garage didn't seem to have toilets so we went on a bit further then stopped in a field gateway, and jumped over it to have a piss in the hedge. Jay mentioned at this point that he needed to use a proper toilet soon and to keep an eye open for one. I also had been expecting to see one at the garage, and had been planning to use it, think the coffees we had at Subway had worked their magic!

We carried on with the ride. We got to a lay by with toilets in it after about an hour, but they were locked shut with a padlock so we could not use them. We had a piss in turn behind the locked toilets while the other kept an eye on the bikes as there were some weird guys around. We pressed on Jay said he really needed to go and did I have any tissues or anything he could use to wipe. I didn't have anything. I suggested he used his boxers and he said he was not wearing any as apparently you aren't meant to under lycra! Unable to help him, and also needing to go but not as desperately we went on. Village after village went by, everywhere seemed dead and there was nowhere open to buy food and more importantly no toilets. Jay was finding it uncomfortable to sit on the saddle. His pain was made worse when he got a puncture which we had to stop and fix.

Eventually at about 2pm we got to a village which had some public toilets. Jay threw his bike against the wall and raced in. I heard the door slam. I then heard it slam again. I then heard "Kelv don't let anyone come in the lock is broke" I said OK and I was locking our bikes together at this point. I then came in there was only the one cubicle - the door wasn't shut properly but I could not see anything. Jay evidently had his shorts down in a flash and he made a sort of groaning with relief noise as he released what sounded like a lot of soft crap. He was chatting while this went on saying how he had never been so close to shitting himself! He wiped about 5 times and flushed. He then kept watch while I went - he kept pushing the door open which was a bit awkward I had to keep pushing it shut. The seat was quite cold considering Jay had just used it - but he had been outside wearing shorts all day. I used the last of the paper so I hope nobody else needs to use those toilets before the council next clean them!

We finished the ride with no further incident at about 4.30, except we stopped to piss again in a field at about 3.30. We agreed toilet stops will have to be carefully planned if we go ahead with the ride!


Public Restroom Survey

Hello again guys, I'm wondering how do you use public toilet (or don't). Here's my survey.

1. If you have to poop at a public place, would you go at a public restroom or hold it in until you're home?

2. Where had you pooped at public toilet (school, store, mall, workplace, etc)?

3. Are you embarrassed to poop at a public place (like from the noise or smell you're making)?

4. When you're with your friends and you need to poop at a public place, what would you do?

5. When you're pooping at a public place and someone else is in / enter the restroom, would you try to be quit?

6. When you're done pooping but then realized there's no paper to wipe, what will you do?

7. When is the first time you pooped at a public restroom?

8. At school, if you need to poop at class what would you do? Do you ask the teacher or just hold it in?


A. What is your gender?
B. What is your age?
C. How do you look?

Thanks for your attention!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Help when needed .

Has this happened to anyone else ? On Saturday 6th February 2016 , I got home at 1.30 a.m., drunk , needing to pee and have a poop but not being in a fit state to look after myself in the bathroom . Lucky for me my boyfriend , Brendan was on hand to look after me .He was a perfect Gentleman to me .


Porta-potty at the fair

This is a story from a while ago. Last year, I was at our local county fair and I had to poop. I went off to find the row of porta-potties that were set up. Several were available and I took one. I went inside and closed the door. It really stank in there, but what could I do? I pulled down my pants and sat on the seat. I peed for a long while before starting to poop.

I don't remember the details all that well, but I remember it took me a while to finish. I think I let out 7 or 8 mid-sized kind of short turds. I obviously couldn't look at my productions when I had finished. I just wiped myself thoroughly and left, happy to be able to breathe in the fresh air again.

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