Ashley G
Jessi- Sounds like Elie hadn't pooped in several days. WOW that's alot of poop! Misty had a nice healthy poop too. Yes, I've seen poop coming out my girls many times. Sometimes even through their legs as they are pooping in the toilet. Would love to hear about more of that about your girls.

Today I have 2 stories. First one was last weekend Kayla and I were shopping at a store in the Juniors section when she said "I need to go to the bathroom,I don't think I can wait til we get home. So we walk to the back of the store where they have large unisex restrooms. We enter and close the door,I sit down on a chair they have in there across from the toilet. Kayla takes her clothes down and sits and farts really loud "whew I've been waiting to do that" we both giggle. She leans forward abit and pushes I hear crackling and then several loud splashes in a row, like 4 or 5. I say "feel better?" Kay nods and says "I have more I think". A couple lighter plops fall and she grabs for the toilet paper. She stands up and wipes. We both look in the bowl and there's 2 floaters around 5-6 inches,then a pile of thick turds on the bottom sticking out of the hole probably 4 or 5. She flushes and we leave the restroom.

I have another story about my niece again I will tell soon. Out of time for now

Ashley G

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rookery great story.

To: Stephanie great story about your revenge poop.

To: Carin great story it sounds like your friend Shannon was really desperate to poop and it sounds like you had a good poop yourself later on.

To: Jessi great story as always.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Mina

Mina: A 'shout out' just means that you said 'hello' or sent your greetings on an open forum or, in the case of radio or TV, on the live broadcast. I really appreciate you!




Answers to Cody's questions

1. Is being regular something that's important to you?

Yes--but within reason. Missing a day here or there is not important to me.

2. How much attention to you pay to how often you go?

Not much. However, three craps in one day has happened to me from time to time. I remember once in high school a friend that happened and my best friend didn't believe it wasn't diarrhea. She asked to see what was in the school toilet before I flushed and realized she had lost the bet we made. I enjoyed the cheeseburger and malt she had to buy me.

3. Did your parents stress the need to poop everyday?

Yes, my mom did. She also stressed not sitting directly on a toilet seat away from home. We moved across the country when I was 16 and my new school didn't offer those paper toilet seat protectors that I had always used at my previous school. That caused me problems at first, but by the time I got to college I realized there was nothing wrong with just sitting right down on a public seat. The end result is more important!

Anna from Austria


I really liked your plane toilet Story. I had only short distance flights so far, so I could going number 2 on them. I never needed to go when on plane. But to be honest I do not like plane toilets at all. Even for just a wee they are awkward to use..

But I had to use Train toilets twice in my life for a poo. And it was not fun. they were awkward to use,and I was always a Little embarrassed that somebody will enter the toilet after i used it because of the very bad smell.

PS: Yes Japan will be awesome. I will fly there for two weeks in September.

Greetings from Austria



Forgetting & Flooding

Sorry. I haven't posted recently. There just hasn't been anything interesting happening to me. But that changed and hugely. So I got to school, my breakfast was digesting, and it was the third day since I had crapped. I had remembered that crap because it took 15 minutes out of my lunch period on Friday. Most of the time was just standing in line and I was desperate enough that I was waiting close to the no-door toilet. Shameless Sammi was on it. She just sits there, jeans at shoe level, and doesn't seem fazed by the rest of us waiting. And sometimes while seated, she'll wipe,stay seated and then start going again. She's using the toilet most everyday during lunch instead of eating, I guess. Those of us who try to get both activities in risk a double detention because the administration added 5 minutes to the lunch hour this year giving us 30 minutes, but there are still lots of detentions given. The girl I sit next to on social studies complains she has Saturday morning schools up to spring break, but she moves very slow and doesn't seem to care much, I guess. So Shameless Sammi is the first of about a dozen girls to get done and she gets off the toilet so slowly that I wasn't sure if she was changing her position. No other stall was opening, so I kept my eyes focused on this one. I finally got on the toilet, but because I'm more modest, I keep my underwear and jeans at knee level and I knew I had to get things over with in just a couple of minutes because the bell was going to ring. It took a two-push, but my crap exited fast, I stood and wiped quickly and it was a miracle because I got to class with just about 5 seconds left. And I remember there were about 6 or 7 tardies on Friday and our teacher recorded them.

So this Monday, I had just under 10 minutes to get onto the toilet and get my activity over with. Thank God that one of the main toilet rooms downstairs has like 20 stalls. It was busy before school and although the non-door toilets were in use, Shameless Sammi came out of a stall, and I although I didn't hear her flush going, I dashed in. Sure there was pee and the crap of several jamming the toilet, I wasn't about to try to find a cleaner one. And there was half roll of toilet paper left. So my butt was placed on the seat within 10 seconds and I was thankful that the zipper on my jeans cooperated this time. There was some pretty gross graffiti carved into the wood of the door and attempts had been made to add some color to it. But I didn't want to waste any seconds with my eyes fixed on it. A double-push enabled the head of my crap to emerge. So I slid an inch forward on the seat and spread my legs as I made my third push. At that point, the one-minute warning bell rang and I knew there was no chance for me. I took the pain of the third and then fourth push that used up a lot of my breath, and remember pressing my elbows down into my thigh as my anus was being torn up. I remembered downing way too much pizza on Saturday and accepted that I was now feeling the pain of that decision. I finally decided that perhaps standing for a moment as the biggest part slowly passed would help with the pain. An inch off the seat, I realized it wasn't going to help.

Luckily, the last inch or two of the piece was less hard. It passed and about four inches of it was above all the other crap and pee and water in the toilet. While seated, I pulled my usual amount of toilet paper off and from front to back I made my first wipe. Trouble was that the end of the protruding poop rubbed up against my right hand. leaving about a 1.5 inch souvenir on my hand. I almost started to cry again as I grabbed more toilet paper to clean my hand. It still smelled, but I was quick to get back to my butt. The toilet paper was now stacking up to the level of the seat, although it had some float. I knew I was at least 5 minutes late to class and as I was thinking about that, without thinking I leaned down and flushed the toilet with my right hand. There was a couple churgs as the water started rising and I immediately knew there was going to be a flood. I opened the door and with my clothing at my feet, I made it found myself in front of the vice-principal who was doing a routine check of the bathrooms. The flood was getting worse as she looked at me angrily and used her two-way radio to call for a janitor. I started to wash my hands for the obvious reason and she asked for my ID card which she took down to the office and swiped into the system. Then she typed something into the system that gave me permission to go to first hour. I don't remember too much of what happened that hour because I was so upset with the tardy and detention time I was assigned. They didn't, however, try to blame the flooding on me or at least they didn't mention that part when they called my mom.


Stopping by woods

The snow means we all need to pee more often, and I'm sure there will be stories about that. But when the sun comes out, the snow glistens, and it is warm enough to wear a dress. And so the very special pee which is so uncommon for a girl, except in the shower, when you can pierce a hole into the snow, and stand with your legs slightly parted. Less cold than exposing your tush to the elements, and less of a risk of someone catching that private moment. But the instant when you are no longer holding it in, but releasing, and then you cannot stop, and out it pours, hot and rich. i guess men always have that sensation, and it is less important. And I wonder if girls always have a certain envy, lots of us write about using the men's room, when desperate, and some of us do share moments in the shower, or wetting underwear. Maybe if I had a brother I'ld be less fixed on this, seeing men peeing in the snow has always made me envious, every since I was an 8 year old (and probably earlier watching my father.) Do other people have thoughts? For me, peeing in the snow is special, except when it is too cold and I have to pull down ski pants. As to poop, too hard to share that.


To Cody

Cody you said that you like your poop to be on the firmer side. I like mine to be on the firm side, sometimes I even like it when I'm constipated for 2-3 days and nothing will come out no matter how much I try.

I'm in my mid 30s and have had constipation trouble most of my life and even the times when I'm not constipated, I have to push a little to get it started coming out.

You said that sometimes you still have trouble with constipation. Do you let it run its course or take something for relief? I'm probably about to have to go take an enema shortly after I post's been a few days and I'm getting very backed up.


for Stephanie---Revenge Enemas

LOL I LOVED your story about the revenge enema! :) while I've never done that, it does seem like the ultimate revenge (although I did piss on an ex's laptop once LOL). The only thing that would have made your revenge even sweeter is if you had constipated yourself for a few days, THEN did the enema in his car. Not only would your poop have had a really good (bad) odor, but it would also have been more chunky :D


pregnant pooping

Hi all. Not been on in a while. Life and pregnancy have got in the way. Im 27 and a half weeks gone now and my pooping has changed from the early stages. I dont go as regularly as then and my bms are smaller and harder to get out.

Im needing to go now i feel so i'll go live for you. In the bathroom and pulling down my maternity underwear and pulling up my maternity dress and plonked down on the toilet. My bump has prevented me being able to sit comfortably recently but i can still lean with my elbows on my knees. Here goes:
Ive starting pushing-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pfffffffffffft gassy, fart. Uhhhhhhhhhhh, tip emerging, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, stretching my butthole as it comes out, plop, plip, plip. There is another small one. Not too hard to get out though which makes a nice change. I'll sit here for a while and see if i can get more out. Whilst i wait before pushing some more, i talk pregnancy. Ive not had any unusual cravings but i have eaten a lot of bacon butties. My bump started to show at around 12-13 weeks but i was still quite petite until around 20 weeks but the last 7 weeks ive really bloomed out. Baby kicks mostly when i sleep. We have started buying in things now and the cot is nearly assembled. We'll start painting the baby's room soon. Right i try again, knowing i need to go some more. Here goes:
Pushing-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tip emerging, uhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh no!!! Its stuck at the rim of my butthole. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, slowly, slowly, its falling now. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and here.... it...... comes, PLOP, PLOP. Hurt a bit coming out. Done!!!! Not to wipe. 5 sheets of paper later and im all clean. 25 minutes after starting im flushing and washing my hands.

Speak to you all soon i hope.

Friday, February 05, 2016


Next door neighbour's bad day

It feels weird to be sharing this but I need to get it out there and assure myself I'm not the only one. A bit about myself first, I'm 22, female, slim, considered reasonably attractive by most, and I'm at uni finishing my masters while working an ok job. Basically I'm not a freak, I wouldn't stand out... But I love the act of going to the toilet (either myself or sometimes watching others) and I especially adore watching or hearing others having diarrhea but mostly only other females (I'm bisexual but my attraction for men is limited). I love watching or hearing girls get diarrhea so much that I've become very very good at getting myself into situations where I can experience that (more on that in later stories though).

I think it first became a thing I was into at a fairly young age, before I knew I was bi (or even what that was) I had a neighbour I'll call G who I was kind of into (though I couldn't place why). One day when we were about 9 G and I were playing in the forest park behind our two houses when she told me to come into the bushes with her quickly and she then darted off without explaining more.

G was holding her stomach as she pushed through the tall bushes and going as fast as she could. I didn't understand why, but I followed anyway. Once we were in deep enough she told me she didn't feel good and when I asked why we were in the bushes she shyly admitted it was because her ???? hurt and she urgently needed a poo. Blushing, she said she had already pooed in her pants a bit and then asked me to make sure no one came in. I was shocked to hear her admit that and told her we should go to the near by toilets but she angrily said she felt much too poorly and the toilets were too far because she was about to mess herself and couldn't hold it. Before I could say anything else G farted really loud and wet then moaned and clutched her belly, squatting down. Its the first time I had heard anyone fart so loud other than on TV! I felt bad for my friend even though i though thought the sound was funny but I was scared we would get in trouble.

I was just asking her if she was ok when her stomach gurgled loudly and groaning, she pulled down her pants. I could see there was already a brown stain on them and as soon as she had got them down a load of explosive diarrhea squirted noisily out. It sounded just like a tap had been turned on but the pipes were filled with wet mud and that's kind of what G looked like too as her wet mushy diarrhea splattered on the ground! I was transfixed and couldn't look away. It was shocking to have a friend I admired (and kinda had a crush on) doing something so personal while I was so close. I could see everything as the thick liquid mess kept coming out in uneven messy squirts leaving the leaves below covered in her poo. While the brown mushy diarrhea was spluttering out G was farting loudly and making a lot of noise, the wet sloppy sounds of her diarrhea escaping, the gush as she started to piss, the moaning and ???? rumbling as it kept coming out - I was scared someone might come by and hear! In reality it can't have taken more than a couple of minutes but to me it seemed to go on forever. Everytime her arse hole closed she would bend forward a little more and another sludgy brown wave would squirt out until finally it was opening and closing with nothing but a few brown watery drips coming out. She sat there for a while moaning, making sure it was all done and rubbing her stomach before she asked me to pull off some leaves for her to clean with.

With the spell broken I did what she asked and asked if she was ok. She said she hadn't pooed at home because her ???? had felt runny all morning and she didn't want her mum hearing. She admitted she had had the squits pretty bad in her garden before coming out but she was ok now so she wanted to go back to playing. We played close to the kids loos just in case and she asked if I could help her wash her pants.

She didn't want her mum to know she'd had runny poo because then her mum might make her miss her school play tomorrow. When she'd finished washing the worst of the stains out G ran into the stall without even having time to close the door and had more diarrhea. She told me to make sure no one came in and was telling me again not to tell her mum. This time sounded even worse than before and she gasped a few times rocking forward on the loo while pooping. I asked again if she was ok even though it was a silly question "no it's really runny and hurts" she cried.

When she was done she washed her hands in the sink and seemed very subdued so I dried her pants under the hairdryer and offered them back to her. She shook her head and said "I think I need to go again" so I told her to go and again she shook her head then suddenly farted very loudly splattering some diarrhea on the floor and lept onto the edge of the children's sink. By now her poo was like brown water and exploded out of her violently. I tried to leave to get her mum but she grabbed my shoulder tightly and clung on as her backside kept filling the sink. She was very out of breath by the time she was done and told me to bring her A LOT of tissue to clean up with and stuff in her pants. When she was cleaned she asked to stay at my house overnight so her mum wouldn't make her miss her school play.

I said ok and took her back to my house. It's a big house but Victorian so the walls are really thin so of course as soon as we got in and she rushed to the loo my little sister heard EVERYTHING and ran up to my mum shouting "mum G's got a sqiffy belly and is having runny poo that smells bad" so my mum came up, heard it clearly and called her mum round.

She was out of the toilet when her mum arrived and tried saying she was fine (even though it was pretty obvious from the smell she wasn't!) but when her mum made her pill down her knickers the toilet paper lining them was already soaked and her mum was angry she'd lied.
She wasn't in school for days after that!

While she was pretty upset about it, and still sick when I went to visit her the next day, it did make us closer friends and instilled in me a lifetime fascination with watching women have diarrhea.

Hope you enjoyed this little memory and I hope to share more soon!


To Anna from Canada

Hey Anna

I must say I'm loving your stories.

Thought I'd mention a few things

Airplane story - Pooping is a natural function but I can understand your embarrassment when the cute guy next to you went in afterwards. However, I was thinking that although he would have noticed the skidmark and the smell he might have thought it came from a previous user. Still, it's always better to poop within a few minutes after getting the urge especially if you feel it's going to be a big one.

Gym story - liked your description of your poop and the sound effects from the other occupants. The fact that you pooped that big soft log over a foot long after waiting a few minutes exemplifies the importance of not rushing up off the toilet after the first two logs came out. It's always best to wait a couple of minutes to allow waste material to filter down from further up your colon; the first two logs were probably just the contents of your rectum and lower sigmoid colon.

Finally, I remember a story you told a few weeks ago when you had to rush to the toilet whilst browsing in a shop called the Pottery Barn. It was very urgent and the toilet clogged causing you some embarrassment if I remember. It's okay to clog toilets - especially public toilets; you and others can't help that. The important thing is that you got some much needed relief from having your bowels well open. I understand it can be a source of embarrassment but there should be no shame for a person when they clog a toilet. Furthermore, if you're ever in a situation where you need to go badly and the stall toilet in a public restroom is blocked e.g. with paper etc. - then just poop on top of it and cover the waste and leave it unflushed. Toilet attendants shouldn't mind; part of their duty involves dealing with blocked toilets. The important thing is to get relief.

Look forward to more of your stories Anna


Got off the bus to college this morning and headed straight for the toilets. I was following a lad down the corridor and he went into the toilets. He was quite a short lad, thin but looked quite sporty. Blonde hair. I got in the toilets and he was just coming out of one cubicle and going into the next one. I'm guessing there was no paper in there which is coming to be a common issue in college. I went in the next cubicle to him on the other side. He was sat down quite quick and was dropping the kids off really quick. He must have really needed to go. He seemed to have a lot of wind to pass as well. It was quite noisy for some time. It was also quite smelly! Then silence. He sat there for about 5 minutes doing not much by the sound of it before he wiped 3 times and left.


another work story and comments

Hello everyone, just wanted to share another story I had from work. One day while I was working mowing lawns at work I went into one of the resident halls for break. There is a lounge area with vending machines in the basement. I was going to get a drink for my break and went to the either sex restroom that was close by so I could clean up first. I opened the door and there sat a girl on the toilet who had apparently forgot to lock the door. She was a very pretty blong girl with an athletic figure. She had her shorts pulled all the way to her ankles. In one hand she had her phone and a wad of toilet paper in the other. It was obvious she was pooping because I could smell it when I opened the door. The girl screamed really loud " eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she flung her phone and the toilet paper up in the air. Her feet shot up too and she let go of a loud and wet sounding fart that echoed through the room. I quickly apologized and shut the door. I decided it would probly be best to take break elsewhere then so I went to another building. I felt bad for intruding on her but I couldn't help but admire how beautiful her legs and butt looked perched on the toilet. She looked so cute there.

Anna, I really enjoyed your sorry from the gym with the two girls pooping with you.

Catherine, glad to see you back here. I hope all is going well for you. In the bathroom and your everyday life as well.


Unisex bathroom?

I recently visited my old hometown in Southern California. I was out cycling when I had an urgent call to take a dump. I was near to the downtown park, which is frequented by many homeless. I went into the mens room, which has three urinals and three metal toilets. The toilets are each separated by a low wall about waist high. As I walked in I could see that the far end stall was occupied by a black guy. As I went further in I could see someone in the middle stall, who was wearing a baseball cap and was bent forward with 'his' head in his lap. So, I went into the first stall and proceeded to drop my pants and sit on the commode. As I was doing my business a conversation started between the person next to me and the black guy at the end. The voice next to me did not sound very masculine and so I turned my head in that direction. Imagine my surprise as I looked into a woman's face. She smiled and remarked what a nice bike I had. I mumbled something in reply, but was a bit taken aback as I was in the middle of taking a dump. She then said that she was changing in there as there were too many kids on the women's side. She seemed quite unconcerned about the situation and got up,looked down at me sitting there and then walked out after again smiling at me. This was the first time I have ever taken a poop sitting next to a girl! I hope it was not too noisy or smelly!


For Steve

Steve; you asked me if I was afraid of having an accident resulting from holding my poop too long.

You know; the times I have had accidents were actually times when I wasn't holding at all; for whatever reason I HAD TO GO! if anything even earlier than usual; not later.

When I poop gets firmer and a bit wider....

And....that's what I like! Just yesterday; I hadn't gone for three days....and I got an urge while I was out hiking. My poop came down to my hole.....but it was massive and firm enough so that it couldn't possibly just come out without pushing.

I must have walked for a half-hour like that.....feeling that huge load right there.....pushing at my anus; wanting out.

When I got home; I sat on the toilet and gave it a bit of a push....and out it came; right on cue.

Each of our bodies is a little different. I used to have serious issues with constipation and I still do once in a while.....but I think it's gotten a whole lot better.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story about your poop at the gym it sounds like you had a really good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Helena first welcome back I look forward to reading all your new stories thanks.

To: Rose great peeing story.

To: Ashley G great story.

To: Simmee great story.

To: Jess first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Becky great peeing story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To Tlana:
Of course it isn't need to be sorry! You are very very kind girl I think. I am who have to be sorry, because I hog the loo for donkey years.

But my friend Hisae is like you. She poo huge amount in very short time. So person like that isn't only you. You have kindred spirit.

To Victoria: I am happy you did so nice motion! I can image how good feeling it is. I hope you have such kind of motion again.

To Catherine: I am happy you are back. I was worry! Please tell me, what is shout out?


Mina (and Hisae)

Sonya Sue

Answers to questions

Becky's question about using the bathroom of the opposite sex--accidental or deliberate:

I've written about our theater group at school when we are practicing or building sets. This often goes on for six nights a week and during daytime hours on weekdays when we don't have school. The bathroom right across the hallway from the stage door entrance to our school's theater is used by both the guys and the girls. Its in a somewhat isolated part of the building and its on the other level and somewhat of a walk to get to the main floor toilets by the box office. Our group of 20 or so knows one another well and we just don't have any inhibitions about it. Back when me and several of us were freshmen we didn't like it when some of the guys forgot to lift the seat to pee. And there's still one boy who never flushes his craps, but he does the job of two guys on constructing the set so we don't say anything.

Cody's question about how important being regular is, what our parents taught, etc.

It would be nice to be regular, but since I work long hours at school or at the travel center truck stop, being regular is no longer a priority for me. I've written about times when at the travel center on Sundays if I'm alone for a few minutes, how I have to hold it in because there is no one there to cover for me. We can't just lock the door or turn the pumps off when I need to take a crap. And even if I have the time, I have to wait for the bathroom to open because sometimes the line is 4 or 5 deep with travelers. So sometimes when I'm on the toilet I just get so frustrated because I know my sit time is so limited.

Steve A

Cody's Survey Plus A Question

Cody: Is being regular something that is important to you? How much attention do you pay to how often you go? Did your parents stress that you need to poop every day? Just talk about all those aspects of it; OK?

It's important to me because being regular is good for your health. I pay attention every time when I have to poop if it's not coming out easy or not the way that I want it to come out. My parents just say to eat some fruit to stay regular. I already drink water 99℅ of the time. I also might want to use little to no salt on my food, only pepper or something else besides salt, which I'm OK with.

Question: Have you ever went into the wrong bathroom and you didn't realize it until you went in and saw the opposite gender or heard guys or girls outside of your stall?

This happened to me and some girl a while back.

Me: I asked to use the bathroom in middle school and I just turned a corner and went in and used it without not noticing any urinals. I came out just as the bell rang, but no one saw me and my teacher asked if I used the wrong one since she might have saw me coming out. I said I'll look next time.

The Girl: It was just like the same thing as my story. She didn't look and just walked in as I was walking behind her. She then noticed guys at the sinks and waiting for the urinals and she walked out.


Revenge poopings

Recently, I found out my boyfriend had cheated on me. We've been together since high school and we're now in our mid 20's. I decided I didn't want to take that, so I started plotting on how I'm going to get back at him. After thinking for a few days, I decided to use an enema and let loose in his car that he had gotten before I figured out he had cheated.

Last Friday I decided to do it because I knew he had to fly over to somewhere else to visit his family and wouldn't be back for a couple weeks. Luckily I had access to his car because we both used to take turns driving it and knew where he kept the spare set of keys at. He doesn't know that I founded out about what he had done so it'll be a sweeter surprise when he comes back.

I had went to purchase the enema kit and brought it over to the car. After getting in, I somehow managed to administered almost 2 full liters of water. After administering it, I decided to hold it in for as long as I could, as it had instructed on the packaging and such. I luckily downloaded a bit of short videos on my phone, so I watched a few and after a bit, the urge had gotten worse and worse. Eventually my bowels were aching and were begging for a relief, so I felt it was time to go. I carefully gotten into the driver's side seat and gave myself as much room as I could. I held on the steering wheel for balance and lifted my butt up a bit over the seat. Despite the fact that my bowels were aching for me to relax, I decided I'm gonna try to hold it in just a while longer while staying in that postion. It didn't take long before I started to lose complete control as this huge wave of watery poop came rushing out of my butt and all over the seat. I couldn't help but to enjoy such relief after holding all that for a while. After several minutes, I was finally finished. There were so much crap that it literally gotten everywhere.

I later just wiped my butt as best as I could and quickly get out of the car as it was overwhelming with the smell.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy what happened to me recently :)


Stay over at Shannon's apartment

This past weekend my mom let me stay over two nights with my friend Shannon. She and I are in several classes together, we have many of the same interests, and we've become good friends. She and her mom live in an apartment. Her mother tends bar and because they need all the money they can get, her mother often puts in double shifts and that enables her to get more tips. So on Friday afternoon my mom picked us up after school, took us to the store for some treats, and dropped us off at Shannons.

There's one thing about Shannon I've noticed but never asked her about. All the times we've been out and that means school, sporting events, days at the mall, and even at movies and church, I've never seen her use a public bathroom. I'll go into a stall, pee or poo, but she will stay outside and wait for me. Come to think of it, at Wal-Mart that night, I went in and peed and Shannon stayed just outside the bathroom looking at towels, blankets and other household items. When I came out, I told her the bathroom was pretty clean and I'd wait for her, but she said she could hold it until we got home. That didn't surprise me because that's the way she's always been. Right after my mom dropped us off at the apartment and headed back home, Shannon raced up the stairs and couldn't get up to the 4th floor fast enough. I took the keys she left in the door and was waiting for her in the living room.

On Saturday, I peed before we left the apartment and we spent most of the day at the mall and the movie theater in it. I had my morning poo at the mall and peed twice at the theater. Each time Shannon came into the bathroom, but just stood by the mirrors while I went in and did my thing. Again, late Saturday afternoon her mom picked us up at the mall and dropped us off at the apartment, before heading down to the bar. Just like before, Shannon was fast up the stairs and couldn't get on the toilet fast enough. I could tell by the thud she made onto the seat and the blasts of gas that she was crapping. It seemed like she spent a little longer in there than I thought she would, but I didn't say anything. When she came out I could smell what she had done. I told her I had heard the flusher go off a couple times, and Shannon apologized for stopping up the toilet. I told her I had plunged the toilet several times at my house, but was surprised that Shannon and her mother didn't have a simple plunger in their apartment. She and I spent several minutes on our knees with a coat hanger in order the break the rock-hard piece up, but the clog wouldn't clear. She even went to three apartments on her floor of people she knew but none were at home. So much for borrowing.

Both Shannon and I peed in the clogged toilet, and when we woke up Sunday morning, the color of the bowl was darker so we knew her mom had peed on it too before her short sleep that night, and then the need to get back to the bar for some football related brunch she had to cook for. I told Shannon I had to crap since I hadn't since like over the lunch hour on Friday at school. I felt guilty about contributing to the clog, but all Shannon could think of was the public park a block away that we could walk to. We discussed other options such as fast-stop stores, gas stations, and even a coffee shop but they were even farther away and my crap was punching its way out. Me and Shannon put our parkas on and she led our fast walk at 9 a.m. There were ice-skaters and a large number of sledders already there as we walked up hill to the pavilion building. That last hill we walked almost did me in. We went in the restroom entrance on the lower level and I was somewhat surprised that it wasn't heated because we could see our breath. The light bulb over each of the two non-doored toilets was dimmer than the one I have in my closet. I didn't take my coat off, but quickly unzipped and lowered my jeans as a placed myself on the rather strange-shaped black seat. It seemed like I was placing my skin on an ice cube, but I didn't say anything to Shannon because I knew she already felt bad enough. Within a minute or two 2 pieces, each the size of a banana, came out of me, followed by a ball of crap that must have weighed more, because it dropped and splattered my underside with ice water. I normally might sit and take pride in such a crap, but I was up off the seat, and with a couple of wipes with toilet paper that was about as cold as the seat, I yanked my jeans up and told Shannon I wanted to get out of there. She asked me about washing my hands and I said **** ** because I was too mad and cold to put any effort into it.

Shannon tried to humor me with some joke about some STD I hadn't heard about and also some kind of flu that's going around, but I was too cold to worry about it and I said that at least hospitals are warm. We got warmed up by doing our homework back at the apartment until about noon when my mom finally picked me up.

Ashley G- yeah my nieces do that pretty often, and they bout never flush I don't know why, but they clog my toilet up lot because they both go with out flushing, as for Misty I only saw about 2 inches peeking out, I've seen way worst before maybe I tell about that next time if you want, you seen your girls like that? care to tell about those times?

anyway it seems your niece had nice big poops, your story reminds me alot like this one time last summer I had my niece from my other sister, Elie and she's the same age as Misty, they was watching tv when Elie told Misty, "pause it, I got to go poop like really bad", and Misty said "I was just about to say that myself" and as they both get up Misty says "I've got to go more let me go first" and as they go to the bathroom Elie says "no, I do, I got to go really bad!, it feels really big", I heard them chatting about the whole time, heard Misty say "hurry up, I'm prairie dogging", then a bit later I heard them say they should get me, when I checked on them Misty said Elie blocked the toilet with a huge log! and Elie was like shut up you don't have to say it like that and Misty had her legs crossed tight there was like logs one big thick one coming from the hole past the water line, I plunged it got to flush and Misty got on the toilet and I left and she clogged it her self as I heard Elie say "I'm not sure yours will flush either maybe we should ask your mom." So I checked in on them and jokingly asked "So has my Misty done it this time too?" and Elie just giggles and says "Yeah I think so." Misty was like Mom! Elie! and we both just giggled I say "sorry, you know I'm just playing" I look in the toilet and see 5 thick logs all around 5 to 7 inches, one coming out of the hole and the others piled around it I got the plunger and got it flushed, then I said "I might as well clean the bathroom now", then I heard Elie say "um actually before you clean it, I still have to go, I wasn't really done but Misty had to go so.." I told her "sure go ahead, I just start with the shower first and don't worry about flushing it, I get it when I clean the toilet" she said ok and got back on the toilet, Misty said "I'm going to get a drink and wait for you in my room" Elie said OK as I was cleaning, I heard her grunting like she was pushing real hard then a bit later a loud splash, I heard her fart and crackling noises every now and heard lots noises of her poop hitting the water, after shes done and leaves I check the toilet and see a bunch a whole lot of small chunks floating then like 3 long logs floating about 5 inches long then another floating about twice as long, then over the hole was a really thick log like 5 or so inches long. I was amazed at how much she had to go, when I flushed it all went down but the big thick one I had to beak it up to get it to flush then finished up cleaning.

I had asked Elie later if she felt better now, and she had said with a giggle "yeah tons" I asked her too if that was normal for her and she told me "not really, don't usually go quite that much, why?" I just told her "thought so, I was just wondering, cause of my girls It's hard to know whats normal anymore" with laugh, and she just giggles



to the other Anna about airplane bathrooms

Hi Anna, thanks for explaining the train toilets to me. I figured they would be pretty much the same. I really don't like airplane toilets. They are tiny and soo awkward to use. Often they are really dirty and gross, too.

I've never been overseas, but I often take the plane across the country because I live in the West but my family is out East. It's about a five hour flight. I try not to go number two on the plane, but often I cannot help it and have to use an airplane toilet for a poo.

Normally this is not too too bad, but I have had one extremely embarrassing experience. I was flying home from the East when there was this extremely cute boy sitting next to me. We chatted for the first half hour and it was really great. Then I started to need the toilet for a number two and it got worse quickly until I decided I had to use the bathroom on the plane. I went and did a really big poo. After I "flushed" the toilet there was this huge skidmark left. I pushed the button again but it didn't really help. When I left the toilet, my cute seat neighbour was waiting for it. He went in and not only must he have seen my poop in the toilet, I had also really stunk up the little room, too. I was mortified and my face was just bright red for the next half hour or so. I never even looked at him after that and pretended to read my book for the last four hours. Ok, so that's about the worst that has happened to me.

P.s. I envy you for your trip to Japan. That'll be so awesome!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Response to Becky

Hey all!

Becky - Any of you guys used the bathroom/toilets for the opposite sex before? By accident or deliberate?

This one's a difficult question for me, actually. Technically the answer's no. I'm a transgender woman, and for the first 16 years of my life I used the guys' washroom before coming out. Since then I've always used the womens' washroom. It was interesting to switch from one to the other, I was very nervous at first over being ridiculed or attacked, but over time I've gotten used to it. The biggest difference I've ever noticed is cleanliness, and not how you'd expect: Guys' washrooms are terribly maintained in comparison to girls'. I don't think I've ever been in a ladies' room that's been dirtier than I've seen a mens' room at a similar establishment in the past.

The other difference is the lack of urinals. Though I'm glad to be using my proper washroom now, sometimes I miss the ease of using a urinal. I do stand up to pee, I figure if I've been stuck with the wrong genitals I may as well make the most out of them at least. I've never been called on it, though when I pee my stream is usually noticeably louder than the other occupants. When I go to larger cities or some public places I sit and tuck my penis between my legs in order to pee, simply as a matter of personal security (there are a lot of awful people out there, let me tell you), but i tend to prefer standing when I can.

Sonya Sue

Answers to questions

Becky's question about using the bathroom of the opposite sex--accidental or deliberate:

I've written about our theater group at school when we are practicing or building sets. This often goes on for six nights a week and during daytime hours on weekdays when we don't have school. The bathroom right across the hallway from the stage door entrance to our school's theater is used by both the guys and the girls. Its in a somewhat isolated part of the building and its on the other level and somewhat of a walk to get to the main floor toilets by the box office. Our group of 20 or so knows one another well and we just don't have any inhibitions about it. Back when me and several of us were freshmen we didn't like it when some of the guys forgot to lift the seat to pee. And there's still one boy who never flushes his craps, but he does the job of two guys on constructing the set so we don't say anything.

Cody's question about how important being regular is, what our parents taught, etc.

It would be nice to be regular, but since I work long hours at school or at the travel center truck stop, being regular is no longer a priority for me. I've written about times when at the travel center on Sundays if I'm alone for a few minutes, how I have to hold it in because there is no one there to cover for me. We can't just lock the door or turn the pumps off when I need to take a crap. And even if I have the time, I have to wait for the bathroom to open because sometimes the line is 4 or 5 deep with travelers. So sometimes when I'm on the toilet I just get so frustrated because I know my sit time is so limited.

is it natural to give a little push to help your poops out of your body?

To Tlana:
Of course it isn't need to be sorry! You are very very kind girl I think. I am who have to be sorry, because I hog the loo for donkey years.

But my friend Hisae is like you. She poo huge amount in very short time. So person like that isn't only you. You have kindred spirit.

To Victoria: I am happy you did so nice motion! I can image how good feeling it is. I hope you have such kind of motion again.

To Catherine: I am happy you are back. I was worry! Please tell me, what is shout out?


Mina (and Hisae)


Back to this great site

My name is Helena: I last posted in 1999, so I guess I'm older and maybe wiser now.

Coming back to this site I'm glad to find a place where we can share being ashamed when we have, or see other folk having an accident, and where we can share the experience of seeing or overhearing other folk going to the bathroom, in various different ways. 'Cos we all do it, and the various campaigns to make it more healthy in the poorer countries of the world remind us how lucky most of us are not to have to worry about the health risks (though perhaps some of us do worry about the amount of water we waste every time we 'westerners' have a pee. Every time I'm in New York I look up and think of the water being wasted in every building, and the arrogance of most of us who think it is our right to have that sort of comfort. And I expect I'm not the only one who thinks that peeing outside is much more healthy and more enjoyable, if done carefully. And so we find ourselves peeing with friends, and what we were taught was private (and hey, I don't want anyone walking in on me doing a bm) gets shared. And of course we are curious about how other folk do it, just as we are curious how other folk dress or talk or walk.
So thank you all for sharing what, when I was a small girl, was never never talked about, except by parents blaming us for loosing control, or stopping the car on long drives.


Using the Opposite Sex Bathroom

Back when I was 7 I remember an experience I had in the bathroom of the opposite sex. Mom was out of town and my dad had car trouble when he left work to get me at school and it was serious so he had to rent a car for a few days. So I had to wait like 90 minutes or so after school. By the time he had called into the office, the bus had already left with the daily day-care kids who were taken to another grade school a few blocks away. The office secretary came down to my class at the end of the day and said I could wait in the office. I think I was there about 30 minutes but I became bored so she said I could wait down by the cafeteria because there were others working down there and it might be more interesting. So I walked down there, I did but I didn't see anyone. I took a bench and slept a little, then I walked around and felt the need to wee.

The bathrooms were right there but there was this "being cleaned" sign blocking the way into the girls' so I hesitated a minute, and because no one was around, I decided to go on the other side of the wall into the boys'. I remember laughing to myself when I entered and saw like 6 or 7 urinals built into the floor. I tried to imagine them standing at one of those and splashing their pee onto the porcelain. The flusher on a couple of them was leaking badly. For some strange reason it caused me to imagine what Gino, this one really mean boy who pulled my pigtails and deliberately snapped me below my ears with his thumb and finger to make me cry, would look like weeing into one of these things. I tried to imagine how far back he would stand, with his jeans to the floor, and go without getting splash-back. Then after hesitating there for a while, I turned around to like six door-less stalls. Each of them had the seat grossly splashed and I remember seeing poo floating in the bowl. I was thinking about how they could do both the #2 & #1 at the same time. It took me a while to think that one through.

Then I took the cleanest of the toilets. That meant the first one because it had the least number of wee spots on the seat and the bowl had the least amount of crap in it and I wasn't going to be having my shoes in water in front of the toilet. I took my green jeans down, and slid my butt onto the seat. I found it somewhat amusing that I actually squeaked as my butt moved backwards. I got up, placed my butt back down, and the slide made another noise. I remember leaning forward as my pee started and that the seat was a little higher than I was used to. I looked down, spread my legs a little bit as my shoes started sticking to the floor. I didn't like exposing myself to anyone else coming in and I lowered my head after a few seconds. Shortly after that two boys, one about 4 and the other, a couple of years older, came running into the bathroom. I think the older one was trying to grab and hold his little brother as they came bolting in. Both saw me, laughed and fingers over their noses, tried to get me to react. I was just surprised because I hadn't heard them coming in. I closed my legs as much as possible, got up off the seat, but then realized that I was still weeing and that I couldn't just run out, as I was tempted to do. Both stood there in front of me. The other asked my name. I lied and said a name I quickly made up. And I said it in a voice soft enough that they would have to strain to hear it. I was relieved when they quit standing there just watching me and they answered the call of a woman I heard thumping down the hall toward the bathroom.

The next day the oldest of the two worked his way right up behind me in the lunch line and said a bunch of things that were rude and made me cry. Another teacher saw it and pulled them out of line and forced them to the back. As for me, my curiosity about what a boys bathroom was like, had been satisfied.


To Cody

Cody don't you worry about holding it too long and potentially having an accident if you are not around a bathroom? I usually try not to hold it for more than 2 days because then run into issues like the one I had on page 2526.


my poo at the gym

This morning I was in the gym running on the treadmill. It was quite busy all around and next to me there were two blond girls running as well. They seemed to be friends and kept chatting along. Both were skinny and the one right next to me was wearing some little orange shorts that really showed off her nicely tanned legs. I am always a bit jealous because my skin is so pale. Also, two really big guys with huge muscles had placed themselves just in front of our treadmills. They were doing squats, grunting, dropping weights and generally acting in a super obnoxious way. The two girls and I exchanged quite a few looks and eye rolls about them. We all found them pretty annoying, I think. By the end of my run I was all sweaty and exhausted and I also needed the toilet to do both things.

I stepped off the treadmill and walked back to the locker room to get a towel. After that I went straight to the bathroom. One woman just left when I came in and then it was all empty. I took the last of the three stalls on one side, locked the door and pulled down my sweaty, clingy black yoga pants and black string. Then I plopped my bum on the seat and started to pee. While I was peeing two more women came in and took the remaining stalls. I heard the one next to me say 'yuck' and then she pulled off some paper. The other one asked 'Megan, what's wrong?' and Megan said 'someone p***** all over the seat'. She sounded angry. I could understand her, also hate it when that happens. When she was done wiping the seat she pulled down her pants and sat down. I noticed that it was the blond girl with the orange shorts. The other one was probably her friend I guess. So now we were all sitting on the toilet next to each other, just like we had been running on the treadmills before. I thought that was pretty funny. They both peed and Megan's friend had a pretty loud fart slip out while she did. I was done peeing myself and I figured I would wait to see if they might leave so I could have some more privacy for my number two. But when they were done peeing they just stayed sitting on their toilets, all the while chatting away. I think we were there for a minute or so and I started to wonder if they were maybe waiting for me to leave.

Finally Megan's friend had another fart and then I could hear poo crackling out of her bum. I figured I might as well go myself and started to push out my first turd just as Megan started her poo as well. After half a minute or so my log dropped off with a big splash and a second one started to crackle out right away. The other girls also continued to poo with the sounds of turds dropping into their toilets coming from both stalls. The girl at the end also farted a couple more times, she must have been pretty gassy. After my second poop I still didn't feel totally empty so I was just sitting there and waiting. Megan's friend soon started to pull off paper. She wiped and left and was like 'see you in the shower' and Megan was like 'k, see you in a bit'. For a while it was just the two of us sitting there. After a couple of minute I finally had another turd coming out. It was pretty soft and really long. When it dropped off my bottom I let out a small wet fart and then I felt empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my backside. It was pretty messy between my cheeks and I needed about ten pieces or so to clean up my bum. Then I pulled up my string and pants and had a look at the bowl. Wow, there was a lot of poop in there. I think my last turd was over a foot long. Luckily it all went down ok when I flushed the toilet. I used the brush and then left to wash my hands. There were no more sounds or anything from Megan's stall. I had a shower and saw her come out of the bathroom when I was done about ten minute later, so she must have spend a really long time on the toilet. I felt kinda sorry for her a bit.

Anyway, after my workout and my big poo and my shower I felt pretty good and went to meet up with some of my girlfriends for shopping. That's my story for today and I hope you liked it.


To all aplicable

I hear quite a few stories about people having accidents, and I don't know how well this will work if you're having a bowel accident, but if you're going to lose it, or it has just started, squat down low to the ground. It'll mush up the poop pretty bad, but if you're peeing, it will run off your butt rather than down your legs and into your shoes. Hey, if you're losing it, does it really matter if you look like it's intentional? If you have a jacket, or something similar, it's easier to hide the accident than if it has run all the way down your legs. Just a thought.

Jess, you've absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about messing and wetting your jeans and certainly no reason to reproach yourself in any way. Most people have toilet accidents at least occasionally during adult life and the ones who post about such events here are the brave few who are prepared to admit it. You were right to not use that filthy toilet that you described. Under the circumstances doing it in your pants was almost certainly the lesser of two evils.

Catherine. Hi. It's good to see you back. I suspected you'd probably been busy.

Mina. I'm sure people understood what you said. We all do typos occasionally, not because we can't spell but because it's very easy for fingers to hit the wrong keys, especially when typing fast. It's certainly something to which I plead "guilty as charged."

Miss Squits. It sounds as though Rob had a very bad case of food poisoning indeed. I hope he's now over it and made a good recovery. After episodes like that, bland food such as white toast and bananas are very good and it's important to drink plenty in order to rehydrate. Light fruit juice is generally better for that purpose than water.

Monday, February 01, 2016

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