Peeing with a friend today

So today after band my friend Jessi and I were going to bus home together, and before we left I had the urge to have a pee. So I asked her if we could make a restroom stop, and she said "Yeah, sure. Then, she added, "Actually, I've got to pee too, I'll come with you." We went into the ladies' room and took off our backpacks and coats. Jessi went into the large stall, and I made a comment about how she had stolen it. She laughed evilly in response. I went into the smaller stall.
I lifted up my dress and unzipped my fly. From the next stall over I heard Jessi unbutton her pants and pull them down, and then I heard the seat press down a little bit under her weight as she took up her seat on the toilet. Then, after a pause, I heard a light, hesitant trickle of pee escape from Jessi's exposed bits and land with a light tinkling noise in the toilet bowl. There was a brief pause in her pee, then she began pissing into the toilet again, her jet of pee getting stronger as she emptied her bladder. I had pulled my penis out at this point, and was aiming it at my own toilet, but I waited to hear Jessi's pee before I began my own. The pee flowing out of her and down into the water below rose to its loudest as Jessi pissed her hardest; then her stream began to lighten up again. Just before her bladder was completely drained and she let out the last of her stream, I began to piss into my toilet; a strong stream that I'm sure Jessi couldn't help but hear. It arched down into the toilet bowl, filling it with my yellow piss. As my jet collided with the water, I heard Jessi tearing off a piece of toilet paper and wiping it along her lips, drying them and wiping off any excess pee. She spent quite a while doing this, perhaps waiting to hear me finish taking my piss before she flushed the toilet. I finished up my pee, zipped myself up, and flushed the toilet, sending my pee spiralling away down the toilet. Moments later Jessi flushed her toilet too. She emerged from her stall looking considerably relieved, and we washed our hands together.

Ashley G
Hi! Today I have a story about my sister's daughter Alyanna. She's 14 like Natalie (we had our kids almost exactly 5 months apart). Her kids and mine have pretty much grown up together.

So,Alyanna was over last weekend hanging out with Nat. We were in the living room watching TV and Nat says I need to pee and gets up. Aly, chimes in,hurry Nat I gotta poop really bad. She gets up and follows her to the bathroom and I hear her fart as she walks. I sit and continue to read and I hear.."hurry,my turd is coming". I hear a flush so Nat must be done peeing I'm about 5-6 feet away and the door is slightly cracked but I couldn't really see anything. I hear them talking for the next several minutes as I'm reading. Finally they start giggles and I hear "you better go get your mom". So I get up and head in there "did I hear my name mentioned". Natalie giggles, " Ally blocked the toilet". Ally says "shut up you do it too". "Let me see the damage" I say. There's 3 thick long one probably a foot or more going from the hole to above the water line, then 2 shorter ones floating probably 5 inches each. Ally apologized I just said your cousins do this worries. I quickly plunged
and flushed

Ashley G


Dirty Laundry

My science class project partner is Katie. She's the smartest student in class and probably in the entire school. I felt really good about her wanting to partner with me because sometimes I struggle a bit in science. She's a hard worker which is something I really appreciate. We're becoming better friends and frequently we walk over to her home after school and we work together.

Katie's mother doesn't work, their house is extremely clean, and if there's anything out of place her mom seems to take it personally. Last week her mom walked in and Katie and I had our coke glasses on the floor of her room and I had a cookie on a small plate next to it and Katie's mom got on us for that. I know she's gotten on Katie for not 'regulating' herself, which means using the bathroom before leaving home so that you don't have to use it away from home. Sometimes, like about once a week, Katie and I take a long route home from school. The reason is that she's been criticized for having skid marks in her underwear. Katie tries but just doesn't do a good enough job wiping when she has her bms at school. And when her mom does her laundry, she gets on Katie for even having her bms at school and not wiping good enough. I feel sorry for Katie and how she gets nervous when others are in line waiting to get onto a toilet at school. And as smart as Katie is, she sometimes forgets to check for the toilet paper first before using the toilet at school.

A couple of days ago, and this was for the third time this year, Katie and I took the long way home by walking to a coin laundry place. She goes into the bathroom there, takes her underwear off, places it in a machine and then washes it and dries it. Then she goes back into the toilet, puts it on again and we go to her house. Last time she even had to borrow some money from me for the little box of soap she got from the vending machine. I know Katie doesn't like spending the money and faking out her mom. I guess I don't see having to have a bm at school as a federal offense and I don't think dirty laundry should be that big of a thing. I know as Katie and I get older and get more involved in school activities and sports this problem isn't going to get any better.

We want to do science and fun things, not costly dirty laundry.

Anna from Austria
I am happy so many People liked my latest Story.

@Adrian Yes I haven't been on the toilet for 2 days.

@the other Anna. Yes Train toilets can be compared to Plane toilets. They are equally narrow and equally bad ventilated. Doing Number 2 on them would be really really awkward at least for me.

Until that day I have successfully avoided using them for Number 2.

But i might be forced to use a plane toilet soon when I will fly to Japan in Summer.

Holding my poo for approximately 12 hours would be an impossible task. So when I have to go on the plane, I will have to do it on the plane toilet.

Quite embarrassing when thinking of it..

Ps: I wasn't lucky that the bathroom was still open.You have to pay to use the bathroom so it es open 24 hours a day.

@Mina I liked your latest stories.

Greetings from Austria



To Steve A. and a question for Teens

Hey Steve; you asked about what I do to poop good. Well, I think I have been gradually growing out of my really bad issues I had as a kid; FINALLY!

Now I poop pretty good without really doing much at all. But; to be honest....I kinda like feeling "full" know; the really full feeling you have when you haven't gone for a couple of days and it's down there....ready to be "let out" LOL....

I have to admit that I like my poops to be somewhat firm and large; it just feels so good prior to sitting on the toilet.....and then it feels just awesome when I push. As long as it doesn't get too hard and large; that's of course different.

So: Now the question for Teens:

Is being regular something that is important to you? How much attention do you pay to how often you go? Did your parents stress that you need to poop every day? Just talk about all those aspects of it; OK?

Ashley G
Jessi- Wow your nieces sure did poop alot! I wonder why they didn't tell you they had. It sounds like Misty had nice big poo. I've occasionally seen it peeking out my girls butts too. How much of it did you see?

I'm out of time for now but I'll post another story again soon

Ashley G

Mr. Clogs

Laundry day

I meant to post this yesterday but was busy all day. I was running low on clean clothes. I just got finished putting air in the tires, and in the process of sorting and washing clothes, I needed to pee. The bathroom was in use and I really had to go bad. I decided to pee on some dirty clothes. I opened up the laundry bag I had them in and peed a forceful stream on the pile. I felt better and relieved! I guess I soaked up what I had and some leaked onto the bedroom floor. I should of added some more clothes. I took the now urine soaked clothes to the laundry room and washed them. They came out nice and soft and no after urine smell neither. Urine does contain some ammonia in it, so it could be added to your clothes for softer feel and extra clean with laundry detergent of course.



My name is Jess. I'm 31, married, one kid, good job, etc. Today my husband took our son out to a church event so i went out to breakfast and run some errands. I had stopped at a couple of stores when i started to need to poop but not urgent so i kept shopping. An hour or so later i was in Target when the urge came back stronger. I walked up to the front but the bathroom was disgustingly dirty so i decided to hold it. I went back and hurried to grab the rest of what i needed. The urge was getting worse and i had to wait in line to check out. I had to stand crossing my legs to help keep the poop inside.

Finally i checked out trying to act normal and got my bags into my car but almost lost it by my trunk. I regained control and drove home as quick as i could since i don't live far away. It was really hard to hold while sitting and driving. Soon it started to push again and i felt it come out a little. It stopped because i was sitting but i knew my panties would be stained. I got control and made it home.

I parked and hurried to the door but fumbled with the keys, dancing there in my garage with my legs crossed and squirming, trying to get inside when my body tensed and i knew it was too late. I just stood there with a hand on the backdoor and felt the poop push out quickly into my panties into a big bulge and then to cap off my morning i began peeing and flooded my jeans all down into my shoes even. I was a soaked stinking mess. I stripped off my shoes and jeans and waddled inside to the guest bath and cleaned up as best i could, then carried in my grocery bags bottomless (thank god we have a garage!) and put them away fast so i could go shower.

I'm a grown woman. This shouldn't happen. I didn't even have any accidents when pregnant! :-/

At least i was alone.



Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say hello! I've been extremely busy doing wedding things and tax stuff with the pharmacy!

I have been very regular, as usual! I hope that everyone is having a blessed New Year!

Thanks to Mina, Optional Person, Brandon T, Adrian, and others for the shout outs!

Too, thank you to all who contribute and welcome to all the new posters!



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tlana great story.

To: Victoria B great story about your big poop it sounds like it was really good and I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great desperate pee story.

To: Bella Jean great story it sounds like you and that other woman were very desperate to poop and I bet you both felt pretty good once you were done.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Cinema visit

I was out at the cinema with a friend of mine and when we arrived I bought a medium Coke and some popcorn.
We had arrived early and when the movie was called to go into the screen we both made our way in where I excused myself to go pee before it started.
I left the screen and almost went into the men's room before making a beeline to the ladies a couple doors down the hallway. I went through the 2 doors and then grabbed the first stall. I pulled down my tight black jeans and my blue panties to mid thigh and had a quick 30 second pee. I pulled my panties and jeans back up and washed my hands and headed back to my seat in the screen.

About 3/4 way through the movie I felt the need to pee again, the Coke had gone through me faster than I thought. I forgot about it hoping the movie would finish soon but 20 minutes later I had my legs crossed, bouncing my leg with my hand casually between my legs. I felt super full and soon I laughed at the movie and a dribble came out into my panties. I held on for another couple minutes before I had to go otherwise I didn't think I'd be able to stand up. As I stood up another small dribble came out and I made a rush for the toilets. Every couple steps I took another few drops would come out into my panties and I couldn't help but have my hand in my crotch as I walked. I got to the ladies and grabbed the first stall barely closing the door as I put myself on the seat pulling my jeans and panties down to my thighs. My pee hissed into the toilet for about 2 minutes and as I peed I checked the damage. I had made a moderate spot on my panties and a small spot had started to show on my jeans. I finished my pee and rushed back to the film.

When the movie finished I decided to go pee again before the drive home and went in and had to wait in a queue for a stall. I waited a couple minutes before getting a stall where I had another minute of peeing. After I peed and pulled my jeans back up I felt a need for a poo but a couple of small farts later I felt that I would hold until I made it home.

Any of you guys used the bathroom/toilets for the opposite sex before? By accident or deliberate?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sorry everyone, I wrote in last post "Maho is too told". I mean, "Maho is too OLD." Mina is stupid careless girl. Sorry sorry.

This morning I did bigger motion than usual. Loo was full and I couldn't see water but I still not finished! I flushed and then did more. quite lots more. Where it all come from? But I didn't do motion yesterday. . .



Miss Squits

Older Brother's Dodgy Chinese

So, a while ago, my older brother when he was 21, had eaten a dodgy Chinese with his best mate. As he was eating it, he commented that it didn't taste right but he was hungry so he ate it anyway.

He became really quiet and withdrawn. At around 9pm, his best mate Rob got up quickly and left the lounge looking worried. He still hadn't returned after almost half an hour, and my brother James seemed too out of it to notice, so I went upstairs and knocked gently on the bathroom door.

'Rob are you okay?' I called. He sounded panicky 'Er yeah course, I'm just coming'. 'Okay no worries' I said but remained stood outside the bathroom door to see what he was really doing in there. I heard him tear toilet paper off eight or nine times, before flushing the toilet.

When he came out, I was hit by a very strong smell of diarrhoea which immediately spread on to the landing. Rob looked really miserable and embarrassed, and was rubbing his ????. 'What's wrong babe?' I asked him, carefully wrapping my arms around him.

'Um I don't feel very well' he moaned: I could feel his stomach gurgling beneath his tight fitted polo shirt. 'Aw no, come with me' I soothed, and gently led him into my room. I grabbed a large fluffy fleece and some sweatpants, both of which weren't really just male or female.

I reached towards him, and unbuckled his large belt, then carefully prised the buttons of his tight designer jeans apart. His stomach appeared to be bloated and swollen, and he kept rubbing it. I pulled his jeans down and handed him the sweat pants. He gratefully pulled them on, the soft waistband much more comfortable on his poorly stomach.

Rob accidently let out a loud wet fart, and grabbed his bum in shock as it squelched out. 'I'm so sorry' he cried, as he clutched his stomach. 'I really didn't mean to let that go'. 'It's okay, do you need the toilet again?' I asked.

'Um yeah but it's really gross, I don't want you knowing about it' he sighed. 'Don't be daft, I'll help you' I smiled and helped him to the bathroom. He carefully slid the his trousers and pants down to his ankles and sat down quickly.

He groaned loudly and released several waves of chunky diarrhoea into our toilet. 'I feel sick' he moaned, belching and grabbing his stomach. I shoved the bin in front of his face as he started to retch. Rob spewed up a fountain of yellow vomit as another wave of liquid exited through his bottom.

We spent another twenty minutes in the bathroom as poor Rob evacuated from both ends. Once he felt done, I gently started to wipe his bum for him. By this point he was too tired to care what I was doing. I used wet wipes to get the job done, then carefully laid a thick wad of toilet paper in his pants, and pulled them up for him.

I took him straight to bed and placed a bin next to the bed for any puke emergencies. I sat by his bed for a few minutes until he drifted off to sleep, sweat pooling on his handsome face. I gently wiped his face with a cool cloth, as I waited for the inevitable.

An hour later, he woke up suddenly and moaned 'Ohhh god' and threw the covers back, and raced to the toilet, clutching his bum. He got up for puking four times and diarrhoea seven times during the night. A couple of times, he followed through quite badly and had to change his underwear.

In the morning, he still felt terrible and had bad diarrhoea, so he went home. I went into my room, and laid in bed. A few minutes later, my brother James came stumbling into my room. 'Crys I don't feel well' he moaned, he was holding his belly and he let out a whiney wet fart which sounded like it followed through. 'I feel like I'm gonna shit myself but mum is in the bathroom' he looked really uncomfortable as he fidgeted on the edge of my bed.

'Have you got the runs?' I asked. 'Oh god I think so, my stomach feels awful, it's rumbling and gurgling' he cried, bent double, massaging his cramping guts. He farted again, his toned stomach quivering as he released some of the pressure. 'That sounds really wet - have you just shit yourself' I laughed. 'No but if she doesn't hurry up I think I will' he groaned desperately.

'Ohhh I really don't feel well'. James was clearly in a lot of distress as I could see he was physically clenching his bum cheeks together to prevent any leakages. It was pretty obvious he was about to have food poisoning.

Just then, the bathroom door opened. 'Thank god' he murmured and still clutching his stomach he shuffled awkwardly out of my room into the bathroom which was adjacent and had a very thin wall. Within seconds I heard the toilet seat being flung down, then a huge explosion of diarrhoea, followed by a loud sigh of relief.

Mum was still hovering outside the bathroom door. 'James are you okay love?' she called. 'Yes. Fine' he replied, clearly mortified as another uncontrollable wave of liquid came flying out of his bum. After Mum had gone, he continued to have diarrhoea and then I heard him start wiping.

He swore loudly and I heard another wave of liquid poo splatter into the toilet. 'Crys?' he called desperately. 'What's up?' I shouted. 'Um I'm not well at all, can you bring me some Imodium please' he replied. I swung myself out of bed and grabbed a packet from my bedside drawer.

He opened the bathroom door and came out rubbing his aching stomach. 'I think I've got food poisoning' he groaned. I handed him the anti diarrhea pill. He took it and went to lay down. He had to go diarrhoea another 37 times over the next few days before he felt better!!


Should I Have to Say I'm Sorry!

Last week I had a late start and barely got into my 1st hour class on time. Of course, once I got into my seat and we were given some study time for a quiz, I walked up to my teacher, told her the truth that I needed to use the toilet and was sorry for running late, and she wrote me a pass. I went into the main bathroom on the first floor, went to the multiple toilet paper dispensers on the main wall, pulled off my usual supply of toilet paper that I wrapped around my right hand, and walked down the line of toilets, each of them with doors closed and legs of those seated showing below the door. There was one exception: there was one stall open, but without a door. Just a normal size toilet attached to the floor, a larger-than-normal black seat, somebody's poo in the bowl with the top of the flashlight-size deposit seeming a little darker and protruding over the top of the water.

At that point another girl, also with a yellow hall pass, who was at the mirror, turned and practically bumped me as I turned around to pull my jeans and underwear down and seat myself. She was like starting to say "That was mine..." and I was surprised she wanted to challenge me. She said she was 4-days constipated and her laxative was about to work. I told her I had to get back to class for the quiz and I needed just a minute on the stool. She started to curse, but I just turned around, reached down and pushed the flusher. She said "And I suppose you're going to shit too." I said yes but that I would only be a minute. Then she let go of more profanity as I seated myself. My poos are almost always pretty soft and this one came with only a slightly muffled fart. Within 20 seconds of me seating myself, I was already pulling toilet paper off my hand and wiping. I only used less than half of what I had pulled off. I got up off the stool, and could see she was starting to chill. She asked to see the bowl and was completely surprised that I had dumped that much. She kind of apologized, saying that the others were taking so long and I quickly pulled up my jeans and went to the sink.

She put herself onto the toilet quickly, kept her jeans at knee level because there was no door I guess, and I watched her from the mirror as I was washing my hands. Then I noticed that she had forgotten to pull of any toilet paper when she came into the room, so I walked back to the entrance, pulled off a good amount, and gave it to her as she was sitting and just starting her crap. She was so taken by my kindness, she said she was having trouble with her boyfriend, her mom was grounding her for low grades, so I stood in the doorway and shielded her privacy while I talked to her. She re-seated herself once on the seat and was rocking forward and backward just before there was a series of blasts from her and then several splashes into the bowl. She thanked me for staying with her and nicely told me to get back to class because she was about done.

It seems that my fast-pooing continues to baffle others. Should I have to say I'm sorry?

Victoria B.

One of my best

I'm glad to say that Mina got her wish, because I had one of the best sits on the stool of my whole life this morning. It was ten minutes of sheer relaxation and I'll tell the story now.

I went back to the sushi place I mentioned before with a few friends last night. Miso soup, a few pieces of sashimi, hibachi-grilled vegetables, and white rice were accompanied by tea in an excellent meal that had the fortunate coincidence of being eaten in good company. The tea caught up to me and I had to excuse myself to pee at one point, but their Toto toilet was again spared a full-course meal.

I came home and did some homework before reading your post-so happy to hear that Maho might be moving in with you! Hope everything works out! After that, I went to bed, not knowing that another nice surprise awaited me once I woke up. One cup of coffee was all it took for things to get moving and I headed for the bathroom.

I live in a cold part of the US called the Midwest (0 degrees C, like it was today, is unusually warm for winter. -15 C is a normal day and -35 C is not unheard of) and in a house where the bathroom is the best-heated room. I didn't have class until noon today and between that and the nice heat I made plans for a nice, leisurely BM. If there was a day for me to stay on the pot awhile it was today. So I got to it, taking my pajama pants and undies down and then plopping my butt on the seat.

I like to just sit and think while I'm going, not really about anything in particular; it's kind of like emptying my mind and behind at the same time. I took care of my morning pee first and then took a couple breaths. The warm feeling in my butt came on strong and my spine tingled as I gave a light push. The feeling was incredible. My cheeks flushed as I felt my first log opening me up after a few more pushes. Some more pee leaked out of my front as the turd started on its way. It was wide, but nothing I couldn't easily handle and it leisurely slid out, finishing with a thud in the bowl and a slight moan. A second, smaller piece that must have broken off from the first followed while I was still open and hit the water with a nice plop.

I got up and looked in the bowl. A really long, smooth turd and a smaller ball and I definitely did not feel done. I sat back down and flushed, enjoying the rushing water beneath my bare bottom. I closed my eyes as everything went down the drain, enjoying the moment and feeling, not thinking. I got back to my number two when the water came back, doing some more light pushing. My eyes were closed at this point and, having no need for them, I took my glasses off and set them on top of the toilet tank. Things started opening up as another big turd worked its way out of me. This one felt just as good coming out as the first log and broke off with very little pushing and a sigh from me. Things still seemed a little full and so I tried again. My bottom opened for another log, though this one was smaller and slightly more rough, though thinner. A deep breath helped me work it out to a satisfying plop and a second, louder moan that I didn't bother keeping in. What a ride!

I was done pooping, but I wanted to stay seated to sort of put myself back together after what I had just felt. It was awesome and I wanted to make the moment last a little longer before wiping and getting up. It turned out that the empty roll that greeted my hand meant that the two were reversed and so I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a fresh roll (I've got a thing for Cottonelle) before replacing the empty tube on the paper holder. I flushed again and sat down, but not before putting my glasses back on. I finally decided to wipe and it really didn't take much, surprising for the amount of pooping I had just done. Front and back and I was done. A final flush for the paper and I got up to get dressed again. It was time to go about the rest of my day. I knew it was going to go well and it did. Hope all is well for everyone!

XOXOXO Victoria

Mr. Clogs

Took a massive dump to remember this past Tuesday

I took the most massive poop to remember, I think it was one of biggest dump ever! I'll keep the story short, I was away for the weekend on a business trip, I was able to go, but not making much in the toilet. Tuesday morning kicked in and lets say is when I let it all out. I gave a little push and I could feel my bowels moving so good and kept filling the toilet bowl and going past the water and making a volcano. Then I felt my bowels moving again, I added more poop to the pile with some golden urine to the mix. I must of stayed on the toilet for a good 20 minutes emptying my bowels from over the weekend, it felt so good then I came while moving my bowels. I felt better and a whole lot lighter as well. Nothing like green tea with lemon with sugar to get cleaned out. Well I hope you enjoy my post, if I have something interesting, I'll post it later. Until then take care.

--Mr. Clogs

John H

Large load

Hi all.
Recently I had a very large movement and I am only getting time to write about it now.
I had been eating well and producing well formed large dumps and this was no exception.
I felt a building pressure and went to the bathroom.
Normally I like to relax and let my logs out in their own time but this day I gave a strong push for some reason. Maybe I was in a hurry I am not sure.
I pushed and felt the head of a log make its way out but all of a sudden I was hit by a strong pain as the log was very wide. I tried to relax but it was to uncomfortable. I actuly cried out from the shock of it. I couldn't break the log because it was so thick so my only option was to take a deep breath and push hard. It took a moment to get the widest part out and the log splashed loudly in to the bole.
I had to sit and recover for a moment after before finishing and cleaning up.
I think it hurt because I pushed and my body didn't get time to adjust to the size of the load waiting to come out. I could be wrong but it may have been ok if I had relaxed as normal. Either way it was a massive load and I am not sure if I would like them to be like that every day. I feel for those who always seem to have painful movements here.
Take care all
John H

Wondering guy.

TV reporters?

OK, so I see television reporters doing remote stories for 2-3 hours at a time in very remote places (or at odd hours) - definitely, not near places with toilets. Anyone know where these (mostly female) reporters pee? I know they are usually out there with just a camera operator and a van or car. Where do they drain their bladders? Anyone know?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessi great story it sounds like Misty had a good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C glad your feeling better.

To: Anna From Austria great story about your desperate poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brandy great story it sounds like you and a really great poop and gave your boyfriend a great show as well.

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Jemma as always another great story about your desperate poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To Brandy:
I can understand how you feel, so well!! Because it is exactly same feeling I have when I do same thing in front of best friend, except we are same gender. But same feeling, I think.

I think your boyfriend is happy man and lucky to have girlfriend like you who make him feel so warm. I wish you both the best luck.

Love, Mina


desperate for a pee on Sunday and responses

On Sunday I almost had an accident in my pants. I was driving to the mountains real early in the morning to meet some friends for a long day of skiing. Before I left town I picked up a huge cup of coffee at McDonald's. I drank it all in the first half hour or so of the drive. What was I thinking?

The drive is about two hours and after the first hour I needed to pee. Naturally it got worse and worse as time passed until I felt I really needed to go. There are a couple of pullouts on the way that have outhouses, but it was so early in the morning that they were completely dark and deserted and I was afraid to stop there all by myself. So I passed them while my need to pee was getting worse and worse. In the last half hour it really hurt. I was pressing my thighs together and counting down the kilometres for distraction. The weather was also pretty bad with a lot of snow on the road so I couldn't drive very fast. One time I was passing a big semi and got really scared because the road was so bad, and at that moment I felt like I was about to pee my pants big time. Luckily I was able to hold it. By the time I pulled off the highway at the little town I was meeting my friends at I was absolutely bursting for a pee.

I parked the car in front of a building that has some public washrooms. My friends were already waiting in their car, but I just waved at them and then walked to the bathroom as quickly as I could without losing control of my bladder. For a moment I was worried that it might still be closed that early in the morning, but it wasn't. I was so grateful. I went in and just took the very first stall. There was nobody else around. I locked the door, pulled down my skiing pants, long underpants and panties, plopped my bum on the seat and let go. Oh, it was such a relief and I let out a huge sigh. It felt so great finally being able to let go. I was sitting on the toilet with my pee splattering into the bowl nosily for I think more than half a minute. While I was going, I noticed a few little drops of pee in my panties, but it wasn't anything bad at all. But I still think I was only moments away from a big accident in my pants. After I was done peeing I noticed that I also needed to go number two a bit. I hadn't realized at all, because I was so desperate to pee. I leaned forward and quickly pushed out two smaller turds that splashed into the bowl one after the other. Then I felt totally empty. I pulled of some paper and wiped my front and back, flushed the toilet and pulled up my pants. After I washed my hands I went out to talk to my friends. Of course they knew that I had been desperate for the toilet and they teased me about it a bit, but I didn't mind. We all laughed and then we went on and had a great day of skiing. That's my story from the weekend, I was so glad I made it.

To Alex: I am so sorry about your accident at work. I totally understand how it would be so humiliating. I don't really know what to say to make you feel better except that I think it happens to a lot of people. I never had an accident, but that is only by sheer luck. More than once I almost peed my pants, like in the story above. I know that some of my girlfriends have had accidents, and probably some of your coworkers have as well. Don't feel bad about it!

To Sabrina: I posted a few stories about going number two outside here last summer. I think I had to go once when I was biking, once on a hike here in the mountains and then when I was on multi-day hiking trip with my best friend. I don't really remember many details from the years before, I am sorry. But for May I have a four day backcountry hiking trip planned with three girlfriends. At the very least I should have a few stories from that trip about myself and maybe some of the other girls.

To Mina: I also think that it does feel quite nice to go outside, at least when there is lots of privacy. Oh, and in summer when it is not all super cold. I don't think it is a big issue here in Canada as we don't really have a lot of people in our huge country. But I still always make an effort to cover my poo, if that is what I have to do. When we go on backcountry trips we always bring a little shovel for this purpose.
I love all of your posts, many hugs to you!

To Anna from Austria: I liked your story. It's good that you made it in time and perhaps you were lucky the bathroom was still open, if it was that late? I have a question about train toilets for you. What are they like? I imagine them being similar to toilets on planes. Is that right? Are they awkward to use? We have trains here, but they are just part of a light rail within the city, so there are no bathrooms in the cars.

Bella Jean

Unwelcome Partner

After a very stressful week, I decided to spend a morning at the library just reading and relaxing this weekend. I brought a nice cup of coffee and found a good book and then sat in a comfortable chair in the basement. After a couple of hours, I was really relaxed and enjoying my time when I felt an urge to poop. About 30 minutes later, the urge was very strong and my stomach was hurting really badly, so I knew that I needed to make my way to the restroom.

Luckily this library has a large women's restroom in the basement and I've never seen it busy at all. Past the front section of sinks there are 5 stalls on the left side and 5 on the right side. When I walked in, there was a woman washing her hands but, to my immense relief, all of the stalls were empty. It felt like it was going to be a loose, gassy poop, so I took the last stall on the left since that minimized the chance of someone sitting next to me. When I sat down, the woman at the sink was still washing her hands so I decided to try to hold my poop for a bit longer in the hopes that she would be leaving soon.

Unfortunately, as she was leaving, another woman walked into the bathroom. Then, to my extreme disappointment, out of the remaining 9 stalls, she chose the stall right next to me. I was really frustrated because by that point, I really had to poop and I thought it was widely understood that in an almost empty bathroom, you don't sit next to the one occupied stall. As she was sitting down, I was hit with a really bad cramp and urge to poop but tried to hold back in the hopes that she would leave. Unfortunately, after she peed, she just sat in silence.

By this point, I was really desperate to poop. I decided that if this woman really wanted to sit there and listen to me poop, then I was going to have to let her. So, I pushed my pants and underwear from my knees to my ankles and got more comfortable. I sighed in relief as I was finally able to let out an extremely wet fart that unleashed a torrent of mushy poop pieces.

When that wave ended, I almost immediately pushed out another super wet fart and then blasted the toilet with chunky poop. I heard the bathroom door open and another woman walked to the stall across from mine, but I was hit with another cramp, so I couldn't stop myself from exploding with two more rounds of chunky, gassy poop. By this point, I had really stunk up my stall but my stomach was still not feeling well at all, so I knew that I had a lot more poop.

As I was taking a quick break, I heard the woman who just came in grunt as she exploded with diarrhea. Then, the lady next to me finally sighed as she dropped what sounded like a brick into the toilet. As she started to wipe, I let out another loud fart and more poop as the lady across the aisle continued to have gassy diarrhea. I felt bad for her as I heard all of her liquid poop, but then I got another cramp and dropped a pile of mushy poop that really stunk. I pushed out a few more loud farts and then accidentally moaned as an absolutely huge amount of loose poop and gas exploded into the toilet.

By then, the lady next to me had just walked out of the bathroom so I was left with just the lady in the stall across from mine. As we were sitting there in silence, I felt another bad urge to push, but I tried to hold everything in because I didn't want to be the first one to break the silence. After a couple of minutes I was getting desperate again, but I finally heard her moan as she had more diarrhea, so I was able to let go and unrelentingly blast the toilet with more chunky poop and gas. When that finally stopped, I felt a lot better. I sat for a minute to make sure that I was actually finished and then spent awhile wiping. When I stood up, I was amazed to see how destroyed the toilet bowl looked. The water was completely brown with mushy pieces floating in it and a pile of mush near the front and a huge pile of toilet paper near the back with the sides sprayed with poop from when it blasted out.

I was kind of embarrassed that it took a few flushes to get the toilet clean again, but my stomach felt so much better without all of that poop. The only thing that would have improved the experience is if the woman next to me had sat somewhere else. I understand that she would have heard everything anyhow, but for some reason it felt really weird and uncomfortable to have her next to me.

Brent C. I would only ever use Ducolx - or any other laxative - as an absolute last result. You're best avoiding laxatives if you possibly can. With a healthy diet, plenty to drink and ample exercise, constipation should sort itself out.

Alex. It might be worth having a consulation with your doctor to see if you've got urge incontinence. He or she should be able to advise you or refer you to someone who can help. In the meantime, why not try wearing heavy duty adult diapers under your clothes whilst you're at work? They're not a complete solution but they would preent you totally flooding your pants. Your local chemist or pharmacy should have them.

Karen C. I was sorry to hear about your stomach upset. Glad you made a swift recovery and I hope you're still managing to keep well.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your railway station desperation. Like you, I'm not keen on using train toilets unless it's an absolute emergency. It was very brave of you to admit that you were farting on route to the toilets. Were you a bit 'backed up' i.e. hadn't done anything much for a day or two?

Thursday, January 28, 2016


To Tyler's Question

I get constipated a lot and often it is severe. However, I have never had a fever or vomited from constipation alone. I do get the bad stomach aches though. Do you take anything for yours or just wait it out and hope for the best? I am often forced to resort to a Dulcolax suppository laxative.

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