Ashley G-- Thanks, I'm glad your still around too.

The yesterday Misty my 13 year old was helping me with looking after my sister's 6 year twins, a bit after the twins were asleep, I had asked Misty to help me pick up house, and she told me "sure, but I go to the bathroom real bad first, it feels really big so it might take some time" I tell her OK and then just a bit later she comes back, and shes says "Mom, I can't go, it wont flush" so I go look and see what she's talking about, and look in the toilet and see the water up high and a bunch of turds, 3 floating around 4 or 5 inches and a lot of thick little ones on the bottom clogging the hole, it seems the twins had used it before bed and clogged it, Misty told me she tried to flush it but it got clogged and almost ran over, I told her OK and then had to take care of it, all the while Misty was telling to hurry and how bad she had to go, and then I got it fixed and told her she can go now, she told me "Thanks, I was starting to lose it" as she was pulling down her clothes I could see her poo coming out and right before sitting down a small bit of poo drop to the floor, I told I her I was going to going back to clean the house, she told me "OK I'll be out to help in a bit" then after about 10 or 15 minutes later I hear Misty calling for me, and find out she need more toilet paper, so I bring her a new roll and she then stands up to wipe herself and and I see this one thick long poo coming out of the hole out of the water and curling back down to the hole, then I hear Misty fart a couple of times while pulling up her clothes, I have to help her with getting it to flush.

Steve A

To Cody

Cody: I've been pooping well. I eat Fiber One and once in a while, I'll take fiber capsules if I have trouble going. What do you do to poop good?

I'm not totally sure how to address this, but I really need to get it off my chest. I'm a waitress at a chain restaurant and 2 weeks ago I had the most humiliating moment I've ever experienced. As a waitress, I'm used to really needing to pee (a lot of the time I end up leaking in my panties before I'm forced to tell the bartender that, no, I can't take these RIGHT NOW.) but that night was the worst. It was the usual problem with the usual symptoms, except that while running to the bathroom I started wetting myself. There is nothing worse in life than having to tell your GM that you have to go home because you pissed your pants. He was understanding, but since then I've felt awful about working there, and I don't really know how to avoid feeling ashamed since returning to work. I just feel like everyone knows since the staff talk a lot among eachother, and for a few days my peed pants were a hot topic.

Karen C.

Just getting over a bout with the stomach flu

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing fine.

As you know, I'm semi-retired now and occasionally take gigs as a part time substitute teacher, I love it and the flexibility it gives me.

Rewind to two weeks ago: I subbed for band class for three days at a local high school, there was a bad case of stomach flu going around.

Cut to the chase: Second day in, I was feeling a little under the weather, third day I felt like I might be getting sick, but i decided to come in to work anyway because it was my last day and I had forever to recover.

Okay, third day, went into work feeling kind of funny but not too bad, then after lunch I had a headache/feverish/sweating/queasy feeling. Lunch from the cafeteria was lasagna, green beans, french bread, tossed salad (yeah, I TOSSED it alright!), peaches, ice cream bar, and milk or in my case iced tea (teachers get to drink iced tea, yeah!). Didn't really want to eat but thought it might make me feel better;; give my stomach something to work on maybe.

By fifth period I HAD to excuse myself from class to go outside to get some fresh air. Dry retched a few times. Had a headache and felt really hot; stomach was really gassy and farty too.

Long story short: stopped by a local pharmacy on the way home to get pepto for the nausea and diarrhea I knew was coming, and then to the supermarket for 7-up, soups, Vitamin C, orange juice, and microwave meals because I knew I'd soon be too sick to cook real food. After exiting the supermarket I threw up in the parking lot while loading the groceries into my car, it just came up all of a sudden, baically I just coughed and it started coming out splashing all over the pavement, and I couldn't control it; looked really gross, people were looking at me with awe but I was too sick to even care--some of it splashed onto my shoes and slacks but again I was too sick to care what people thought of me--thank goodness for the anonymity of living in a big city. Also I stopped the car twice, pulled over to the side of the road, to throw up some more. Throwing up made my head hurt more from the strain. Aftertaste was very bad,

I don't think I can eat lasagna again for at least a year now.

Got home, put away the groceries, and soaked in a nice relaxing bath. Put an ice pack on my head, took some pepto. Went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, woke up and threw up my guts in the toilet, then tried some soup then dozed off on the couch. Woke up and had bouts of diarrhea approximately at fifteen minute intervals. By five in the morning still felt pretty bad, with lingering nausea like it needed to come out so I gagged myself with my finger over the sink, then I felt better and slept some more until like two in the afternoon.

After a couple hours took a series of coffee enemas, plus drinking a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, and that made me feel better. Took a short walk in the park a couple blocks away from my house and chatted with some tweens who were playing basketball and even exchanged emails with a couple of guys who may be prospective running partners in the coming spring. I lied--I told the guys that I was 35 and they believed it! Thanks, Clairol! Haha! I feel mentally that I'm still in my twenties or thirties, so what's wrong with dating guys younger than me?

I got over the bug pretty quickly which I attribute to eating raw garlic, Welch's grape juice, and lots of rest.

Anna from Austria

poop at train station

Yesterday I was riding a Train to visit an good friend in an neighboring town. On my way back I felt to urge to go number two quite bad. It was not far away until the Station of my hometown and I am not a fan of Train toilets after all so i decided to hold it.

I was holding up pretty well but soon as I the strain stopped at my Station and I left I was very desperate. So I literally run of the Train to head to the ladies room. I was also passing gas during running. Luckily it was silent.

In the bathroom i took one stall, locked it, pulled my Pants and thong down and started to poo immediately. A big turd come of my bottom without much effort,then i started to pee, did a loud fart, then some more chunks of loose poo and another rather loud fart. Then I was empty. It stunk pretty bad in the bathroom by now. Luckily I was alone, as it was quite late in the night. I cleaned my bottom with lots Sheets of toilet paper flushed, washed my Hands and left the toilet.

That's it for now. I hope you liked my Story.

Greetings from Austria


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rose great story about you peeing amd pooping in the snow it sounds like you had fun and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Round 2 happened after the game

So a few days ago i wrote a post about my boyfriend watching me on the toilet and the amount of intimacy I felt towards him from it, well today I asked him to join me again. I really liked the feeling last time and wanted very badly to fell it again.

So anyway on to my story.

So we just returned home from the AFC football game and I was starting to feel the effects of the food I had eaten at the stadium and told my boyfriend that I needed to use the toilet, he said okay that he would be in the living watching TV, I asked him if he could join me that I really enjoyed the last time he was with me, with a grin he said sure. So we made our way to the bathroom he took his normal spot on the tub and I began pulling down my pants to sit on the toilet. I was wearing jeans and my Wes welker number 83 jersey. I pulled my pants down to me Knees and sat down on the pot. I began talking to my boyfriend about our experience at the game and how fun it had been, midway thru the conversation I began to tinkle, once I finished going tinkle we sat in silence looking at each smiling. I then let out a few toilet bowl echoing farts and began dropping my logs. I dropped 2 turds about 3 inches long and then with a crackling sound and another echoing fart began to drop a third this one felt so big I began to push a little to help get it out but it stopped halfway out, I said damn to my boyfriend this one might take awhile he said its OK that he was here for me take my time. I readjusted my posture by placing my hands on my hips to help me push. My boyfriend said I looked like I was making a superhero pose and that he really liked how attractive it all was I smiled. More crackling sounds start coming and as the turd began making its way out I began tinkling again, then with a loud plop the turd hit the water I felt so relived. I remained seated for a few more minutes talking with the boyfriend, after about 5 minutes or so I decided I was probably done and began wiping form a seated position. I flushed down my load and got up off the toilet. I washed my hands and left the bathroom, to have a relaxing evening.

All in all I am really liking how much closer an intimate these last few experiences have made me and my boyfriend fell towards each other and look forward to sharing many more moments with him.

And a thanks to John and Anna for there responses. look forward to hearing from you all in the future



to BrentC and Tyler

Hey guys--I'm sure you remember my posts before; I get constipated a lot and I've posted before about it, but not in a while. Glad to see you both are still posting here.

To answer the question, I haven't exactly gotten sick from constipation, but I've had cramps bad enough that I sure felt pretty terrible. Most of the time I don't really notice my constipation or care (until I actually try and push it out) but the cramps can be terrible sometimes. And sometimes they can make me feel a little bit nauseous.

Like you Brent sometimes I have to resort to a suppository or other laxative (Dulcolax works well), but much of the time I am able to push it out on my own, though there will be a lot of straining lol

End Stall Em

Interstate Volunteering

I drove back home this past weekend to spent time with Spencer, but time was of the essence because my 2nd semester classes are starting and I know I'm going to be very busy and I won't be able to see Spencer very regularly. He's busy with his business and other activities, and a five-hour drive is a bit longer than I like to do

So I left Spencer's apartment at 7 a.m. Sunday morning and with the help of a jug of special coffee he made for my trip--its a special mix they make for some of his family business' truck drivers--I was ready for the road. About 90 minutes into my trip on the Interstate I felt I had reached a good point to stop for a pee because coffee, even the weakest cup can cause me to do a two-plus minute wee. And a stronger one than many can imagine. (In the student union 3rd floor toilets at my college one girl, who I initially thought was mad at me, called me the Stealth Pee-er). I don't know if I quite made two minutes there but she was constipated on the toilet next to mine and started a conversation with me the next day when we were in adjacent stalls again.

So I pulled off at one of the largest rest stops. Parked, slung my bag over my shoulder and I took a leisurely walk up a path to the bathroom building. As I walked past the men's room door I heard a thunderous fart followed a loud sigh. (I remember when I was about 6 and dad was still taking me into the men's bathroom when the two of us were out together and a similar noise was made I was initially scared and grabbed onto dad. "He's enjoying one of his greatest constitutionally-guaranteed rights..." was how dad explained it to me.) I entered the room which was very well lit and somewhat warm with the temperature at about 10 degrees. It looked like about five to the ten stalls were taken, but with my eye on the far end one, I knew where I was going. I hung my bag and coat on the inside of the door. Latched it, quickly glanced at the big black seat that was down, and I lowered my black thong to my knees, with my jeans easily falling to floor level just above my shoes. Just as my warm butt touched the cold seat miraculously my pee stream started relentlessly. I heard the seat to my right being dropped, toilet paper being pulled off to wipe the seat down with, and then the wiping being done--but unfortunately with the paper wad just being dumped on the floor between the two legs that were spread in front of the toilet at about 10 and 2 on the clock.

As my pee trickled to a stop, I quickly did a fast wipe. There was a bit of a burning feeling that reminded me of the intensity of Spencer's home brew. I was getting a little feeling in my gut and I re-seated myself. Some gas made a minor commotion in my gut and by widening my sit to 9 and 3, I was able to punch out a log about the length of a pen, although the head was a bit more stately and dry compared to the majority of it which was a moist as some of the hairballs my cat throws up. I wiped--two swipes were required this time--and then I flushed as I was securing my jeans. I put my coat on, slung my bag over my shoulder, and then paused while I was washing my hands. There was an adult male voice in the doorway and the voice of what seemed like a scared little girl. I wiped my hands and hurriedly walked through the doorway, almost bumping into a father and little girl, who he was on his knees with and holding her back from going in.

The father stopped me and asked for a favor: he said his daughter, who had just turned 6 but seemed a little smaller for her age, needed to be supervised in using the women's room for the first time. He said she is too old for the guys' bathroom because many of the stalls are doorless. I told him I agreed and I took her hand and took her in. I lead her right back to my old toilet, took her in, and asked her if she needed any extra help. She said no. She was a little shaky in pulling down her sweats and made two failing attempts to get up on the toilet. I put her up on the seat and knelled now in front of her as she waited for her system to take over. She was a bit nervous and her legs were swinging by me as I grabbed them and reassured her. She said she had to wee and gained additional confidence as she told me that the one time a week her dad had her was her favorite time and all the things they were planning to do once they got to his apartment. Her wee only went for about 30 seconds, but it did bring a more confident look to her face. She jumped down, looked back at the bubbly yellow pee in the toilet bowl, and then jumped on her own onto the seat. She pulled off a bit of toilet paper, did a wipe, and jumped down again. I started to pull her sweats up for her, but she stopped me and said she could do it on her own. And indeed she did. She started to bypass flushing, but I insisted that she at least try. By walking to the side of the toilet and using both hands, she was able to get the lever down and the flush worked. She started running for the entrance, but I pulled her back and made her wash her hands. She couldn't reach the paper towels, but other than that she was pretty self-sufficient.

When we got to the entrance, her dad had a $5 bill out for me, but I thanked him nicely and refused it. He hugged me quickly and was very thankful. He said he was a Sunday father and since the recent divorce, didn't feel right about taking her into the men's room. That caused me to think about how my dad continued to take me for a year or so longer than I felt was necessary into the men's room with him.


Sloppy Poo

Hi guys! This morning I did some sloppy poos in our bathroom. The first round was a bit more watery than the second as if something had to get out fast. The second time I had to go, I passed little bits at a time since I had got most of it out earlier. I kept trying to go until nothing could come out. Surprisingly, my sloppy poos didn't smell really bad.

BrentC. If constipation is an ongoing, recurrent problem it would be wise to consult your family doctor, if you haven't already done so, in order to rule out any underlying conditions of which it could be a symptom. In the meantime I'd suggest eating plenty of fruit and veg and drinking a decent amount of water each day. If it helps, I better at giving advice than taking my own!

Ashley G. It sounds as though Natalie did a good, healthy panful. You must have been proud of her.

JOHN B. Hi mate. You're very lucky to be able to share the bathroom with your wife. The only times I've gone into the bathroom with my GF have been rare occasions when she's been unwell or slightly drunk and a degree of supervision has been necessary for her safety. It's not something she'd countenance under normal circumstances.

Rose. Thanks for sharing your experiences of answering calls of nature alfresco, particularly in the cold weather and snow. I don't blame you. Fortunately snow has been conspicuous by its absence on my side of the pond - so far - this year - and I hope that remains the case. However my heart goes out to the people of New York and the American East Coast in view of the severe difficulties they're experiencing on account of snow at the moment.

Karen C.

reply to BrentC

Hi Brent,

When I'm constipated I get sick; PHYSICALLY SICK!, plus it puts me in a bad mood.

I have a number of methods to overcome constipation. My go-to is Correctol laxative. The directions say take two but I take three to start with.

I make a soup of canned tomatoes with a boullion cube and a can of green beans and it helps.

Next, peanuts. I have found that eating a lot of peanuts causes a laxative effect in the intestines. Best effects if the peanuts are accompanied with diet soda and popcorn.

Lastly, and my FAVORITE method (though not the most healthy and do this only if you have the next day off), your mileage may vary, but I take a double dose of metamucil and afterwards go to my favorite burger joint and order a double cheeseburger with double ???? (lettuce, pickles, onions), and a double side salad (for roughage), make sure you tell them DOUBLE ????, and (don't worry about the calories at this point) a large shake, and a large fries and a large onion rings. The idea is to fill your stomach to capacity so the old stuff HAS to come out, the new stuff pushes out the old so to speak. Put lots of mustard on the burger. Immediately after the feast, I take three correctol (I'm approx 120 lbs so you may need more if you're a bigger guy to get the same effect) and the next morning I "blow my pipes clean" so to speak and feel light and energetic the rest of the week.

Hope this helps BrentC!


Golf ball like poop

Hello I'm fairly new on here. I'm 19 and male. I've been reading some stories recently, mainly just the girls stories as I'm straight. Just thought I'll clear that up if there would happen to be any confusion. So today I had to poop bad as I had not gone in 2 days. So I went sat down and pushed and my buthole stretched open and a small golf ball size turd came out. After that no pushing was needed as I just simply relaxed my muscles and out came 5 more smaller soft turds about the size of a golf ball or ping pong ball. I farted loud after that. And couldn't get anymore out when I pushed. I wiped about 7 or 8 times as it was messy. I checked the toilet and looked good to flush which it all did. I washed my hands and left the smelly bathroom to get some spray to make it smell normal bc surprisingly it smelled bad and my poops sometimes don't. They'll be more stories coming in the near future. Goodbye for now. Happy pooping to everyone.

Sorry everybody, I don't post much. So busy! And no special story to tell. But I don't want lose contact, so I tell ordinary things.
Actually I have a big news. Maho say, she is too told to stay with strings of apron, so she want to live alone separating from her family. I said to her, why you don't come and live with me? My flat has space for two. Maho says it is good idea. She will never marry because she had so bad experience with man. I will never marry because I can't forget my boyfriend who is now gone. And I love Maho. We don't do sex things, but we are like sisters.
We are still thinking, but perhaps we live together.

I thought about that on loo this morning. It was nice feeling. Image of Maho came before my eyes, I enjoyed image, and felt feeling in bottom, motion coming. I began push, all time with thinking, "Maho,Maho" suddenly so good feeling!! Motion came out from me slowly and it was so huge! "Push, push, Maho, Maho" I thought and thought. It came out more and more, wow so big! but it broke up, I heard many plop sounds in water, maybe about six. Aaaah, now it is out, my bottom close slowly. Feel so good!! Maho, thank you for being bornů. and Kazuko and Hisae too.

I stayed on loo, I don't like hurry. Soon my bottom open again. This time smaller, plop sounds not so loud, but good feeling again! My bottom close again. Human being is so lucky to have bottom, it gives so good feeling!! But sometimes hurt, I read on this site. I feel sad when someone cry because motion is too much painful. I hope everyone have pleasure motion like I have. So nice people on toiletstool site, if you don't enjoy motion then the God is unfair, I think. So I say the prayer, please God give to everyone pleasure motion!!

Loo is so nice place. I stay long time, my bottom open little bit for small piece coming out. I remember Shelbi say, if you begin day with good motion, you have good day. I think so too.

I try to post when I can. It is so nice to be contact with many nice people they enjoy natural function of human body which is present from the God. (But I am not religious person. . . .)

I also hope to read story from Anna (Canada) about motion in nature. I think, nice feeling. If everyone do, like India, not good for environment, but if only some people do only sometimes, quite OK, I think. And Anna, your stories are so nice! Other Anna too, and Catherine and everyone.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miss Squits
1) What words do you use when saying you have diarrhoea?

2) How often do you have diarrhoea?

3) How do you feel when you're about to come down with it?

4) How long does it take you to use the toilet when you're ill?

5) How much wiping do you have to do?

6) Do you suffer with cramps?

7) Do you have to fart a lot?

8) Do you ever follow through?

9) Have you ever had diarrhoea at school? If so, what happened?

10) Have you ever had diarrhoea at work? If so, what happened?

11) Have you ever had diarrhoea in a public toilet? If so, what was the most embarrassing thing about it?

12) Have you ever pooed in your pants whilst suffering diarrhoea?

13) Have you ever seen your girlfriend/boyfriend have diarrhoea? What did you think?

14) Have they ever seen you have it?

15) Have you ever gone from both ends at the same time?

16) Have you ever had diarrhoea on holiday? Explain.

17) Do you prefer having diarrhoea or being constipated?

18) How do you feel in between each trip to the toilet?

19) Do you get scared you can't hold it long enough?

20) Have you ever seen your sibling have an upset ????? Explain.

21) Has your family ever had a stomach bug together?

22)How do you feel when you need to have a poo but you think it could be loose?

23) How urgently do you need the toilet when you have the runs?

24) Have you ever had diarrhoea on a train? Explain.

25) Do you enjoy having diarrhoea?

Fill out my survey with your own answers! I have copied mine below :) 21f

1) What words do you use when saying you have diarrhoea?
The runs, the squits, upset stomach, the shits

2) How often do you have diarrhoea?
Once or twice a month

3) How do you feel when you're about to come down with it?
I start to get a heavy full bloated feeling in my stomach and start needing to fart a lot. The gas will be wet and smelly and I will get a desperate urge to sit on the toilet and let rip.

4) How long does it take you to use the toilet when you're ill?
Quite a while - I stay seated in case I have to go more - often there will be a few drips of diarrhoea and I never feel empty.

5) How much wiping do you have to do?
Tons! My bum gets so messy when I'm ill.

6) Do you suffer with cramps?
Yeah..they usually subside a bit once I've been to the toilet and get really bad when I need a poo.

7) Do you have to fart a lot?
Yes - diarrhoea always makes me very gassy.

8) Do you ever follow through?
Yes - it's happened a few times when I have tried to relieve the pressure and ended up squirting runny poo into my knickers.

9) Have you ever had diarrhoea at school? If so, what happened?
No - if I ever felt a bout coming on I would tell the nurse I had a migraine so I could go home to my own toilet.

10) Have you ever had diarrhoea at work? If so, what happened?
Yes - loads of times! Last time, I went in despite having a really iffy ???? from a dodgy kebab. I had to go to the toilet quite urgently as soon as I got there, and released a few waves of runny poo into the toilet, creating a smell. About an hour later, I was in a meeting when my stomach started to gurgle and rumble. I felt crampy and bloated and my poor bottom wanted to be on a toilet. I could feel the liquid moving through my intestines and I was desperate to fart but I knew it would be a disaster. Eventually, after half an hour of intense fidgeting, I couldn't hold it any longer and had to excuse myself. I sprinted down to the toilets, clutching my bum, ripped my skirt, tights and thong down and slammed my bum on to the welcoming toilet. I was immediately rewarded with a watery explosion from my rear, as all the diarrhoea I was attempting to hold in squirted straight through me. I stayed in the bathroom for over an hour, then skulked home and continued to have an upset ???? for three days!

11) Have you ever had diarrhoea in a public toilet? If so, what was the most embarrassing thing about it?
Yes - I was driving and felt an uncomfortable fullness and pressure in my lower abdomen, indicating that the chicken salad perhaps hadn't been as fresh as I thought. Now badly needing a poo, I quickly pulled into the next services and waddled to the much needed ladies toilets. To my horror, there was a sign up saying a male cleaner was in attendance. Much as my pride wanted me to hold on, my bowels were ready to explode so I literally had no choice. I darted into the toilets past this gorgeous man around my age who was wiping the mirrors and into a cubicle. There was nobody else in there, so I nervously warned him of my predicament. 'Erm this is so awkward but my stomach doesn't feel great...I just thought you should know. I'm sorry..' I trailed off as I placed my bum on the cool seat. 'Oh it's okay hun, you do whatever you need to, it's natural' he replied kindly, whistling gently as he worked. I couldn't hold it any longer and allowed my bum to relax. Immediately a huge wet fart squelched out, followed by a huge landslide of runny poo. I moaned involuntarily as the liquid splattered from me, the pain in my guts lessening as they rid themselves of whatever was irritating them. A few more loose squirts and squelchy farts later and I sighed with relief. I was mortified but I couldn't help it. After a ten minute clean up which involved a lot of toilet paper, I nervously exited the stall, eyes to the ground as I walked over to the sinks. 'You must feel better' the hot guy commented, smiling at me. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. 'Er yeah, I'm so sorry, I think it's something I ate' I gently rubbed my belly. 'Hey don't worry, it happened to me last week' he reassured me and continued with his work.

12) Have you ever pooed in your pants whilst suffering diarrhoea?
Yes - I came down with norovirus last year and I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the second day and must have farted in my sleep cos I woke up in a pool of diarrhoea.

13) Have you ever seen your girlfriend/boyfriend have diarrhoea? What did you think?
Yes - my boyfriend has had diarrhoea a few times since we have been together. I actually find it quite attractive seeing him desperately clutching his stomach and moaning as he tries to hold it all in. He doesn't mind me watching him go to the toilet although he was a bit embarrassed at first. Now he tells me when he's going to be ill so I can help him go to the toilet.

14) Have they ever seen you have it?
Yes - loads of times! He always helps me and I think he gets turned on by it.

15) Have you ever gone from both ends at the same time?
Yes - when I had food poisoning I had been puking for several hours, then this one time I went to puke and felt this weird sensation around my bum, and realised I had squirted liquid diarrhoea into my panties!

16) Have you ever had diarrhoea on holiday? Explain.
Yes - I went to Egypt when I was 16 and came down with a bad ???? bug which made me go to the toilet rather a lot! It started on the second day - we had been out and about but when we came back I had a weird pressure in my abdomen. I told my mum I felt sick and she told me to try going to the toilet. I tried and nothing happened. Two hours later I had a sudden desperate urge to use the toilet. I told my mum and she said to hurry to the toilet and shout if I needed anything. I just made it in time, as wave after wave of watery diarrhoea spluttered out of my poor bottom. I felt nauseous as it all fell out of me. I shouted for my mum who came in and rubbed my stomach for me as I went. It lasted three days and my mum caught it too.

17) Do you prefer having diarrhoea or being constipated?
Diarrhoea - at least you get some relief!

18) How do you feel in between each trip to the toilet?
Bloated, full, gassy, crampy, desperate for a poo.

19) Do you get scared you can't hold it long enough?
Yes - I'm always worried I'll go in my pants when I'm ill.

20) Have you ever seen your sibling have an upset ????? Explain.
Yes - my older brother when he was 21. He had eaten a dodgy Chinese the night before and came stumbling into my room. 'Crys I don't feel well' he moaned, he was holding his belly and he let out a whiney wet fart which sounded like it followed through. 'I feel like I'm gonna shit myself but mum is in the bathroom' he looked really uncomfortable as he fidgeted on the edge of my bed. 'Have you got the runs?' I asked. 'Oh god I think so, my stomach feels awful, it's rumbling and gurgling' he cried, bent double, massaging his cramping guts. He farted again, his toned stomach quivering as he released some of the pressure. 'That sounds really wet - have you just shit yourself' I laughed. 'No but if she doesn't hurry up I think I will' he groaned desperately. 'Ohhh I really don't feel well'. Just then, the bathroom door opened. 'Thank god' he murmured and still clutching his stomach he shuffled awkwardly out of my room into the bathroom which was adjacent and had a very thin wall. Within seconds I heard the toilet seat being flung down, then a huge explosion of diarrhoea, followed by a loud sigh of relief. At one point I heard him start wiping then he swore loudly and I heard another wave of liquid poo splatter into the toilet - he must not have been as done as he thought he was!

21) Has your family ever had a stomach bug together?
Yes - that time in Egypt.

22)How do you feel when you need to have a poo but you think it could be loose? Desperate - I always try and get to the toilet so I can find out.

23) How urgently do you need the toilet when you have the runs?
Really badly - I can only really hold it for a few minutes.

24) Have you ever had diarrhoea on a train? Explain.
Yes - travelling back to uni one day I had a bit of an upset stomach and ended up squirming desperately for ages before I literally couldn't wait and had to run to the toilet. I had to go 4 times - mortified!

25) Do you enjoy having diarrhoea?
Yeah it's kinda exciting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



How are we all? Hope everyone is doing well,
Now, this weekend (

My best mate Carrie is getting married in Feb, and this weekend is her hen weekend in Manchester.

Arriving on Friday having got the train up, i was burstin for a poo!! The train was horrendously busy so i didn't go on the train, so i met up with 2 of our mates at the station and we headed to our hotel about 10 mins away.
Walking in to our hotel all the girls were waiting at the bar for us, 15 of us all together.
"Just nippin to the loo" i said, heading to the loos.

Claire & Becks followed me

In the ladies i took a cubicle pulled down my skirt and black knickers and sat on the loo.
My plops started crackling out falling with a loud plop, & i had 9 plops all together.
Claire was also having a poo that sounded very wet and explosive, Becks had a wee.
I finished and wiped up, wiping 5 times, & flushed, heading out to wash my hands, Becks and Claire followed, & we all washed our hands and left.

my next poo was when we got back to the hotel having been out for the night & I was sharing with Carrie the bride to be.
This poo i'd needed as we left the last bar.
So going in to our hotel loo i took my pyjamas in and pulled my dress up and took it off whilst i was sitting down starting to poo.
Had 6 plops and wiped 3 times. Put my pjs on & Washed up and headed to bed


so the plan for Saturday (yesters)
Was to have a big ???? at the hotel & Then go out all day on a bar crawl and dinner at a posh restaurant in the evening.
i had my first poo after a massive ????,
So i got up to the room got my shower stuff and clothes for the day out and went in the loo.
realising i had started my period 4 days early i quickly went back out to grab my maxi pads i had bought just in case (thankfully!)
Anyway i sat back down and started to poo.
12 plops in quick succession all curled round the bowl like bananas, i wiped 9 times and flushed twice, realised i had still left skidmarks so flushed again and had my shower.

Just as Carrie had finished gettin ready she was about to head down to meet the girls when i was then desperate for another poo so i said to Caz she could go down as i needed the loo and i'd be 5 mins.
i changed my pad and had my poo which consisted of 10 plops in quick succession & wiped 7 times washed up, grabbed my bag, sprayed my perfume, and left.

We were having a great day and my last poo of the day was after our dinner at a posh restaurant,
I headed to the loo and pulled my dress up plopped my butt on the seat and plopped away. 8 plops and wiped 7 times. Washed my hands and left.

the weekend was great and Caz had a great time! Great memories made for her and i write all this as i am waiting for my train home... need a poo actually... might have to poo on the train this time round!
Love, Jemma xxx


To Tyler's Question

I get constipated a lot and often it is severe. However, I have never had a fever or vomited from constipation alone. I do get the bad stomach aches though. Do you take anything for yours or just wait it out and hope for the best? I am often forced to resort to a Dulcolax suppository laxative.

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