Ashley G
Jessi- I'm so glad you are still around the forum. Poor Mika,having held in all of that poop. But I can relate as Kayla used to have a hard time pooping while away from home. You're very sweet to comfort and reassure her that way.

Brian W-Thanks for the kind words. Kayla is 17 now and Natalie will turn 15 soon.

Shayla- I like your fruit analogy..LOL. Definitely rings true. Hopefully you will post a story of your kids sometime..

So today I have a short story about my 14 year old Natalie. A few days ago she was showering and I came in the bathroom to pee. As I opened the lid she yells "I was going to flush when I got out". I look in and see several turds..2 floating on top around 5 inches and 3 or 4 thick short ones on the bottom. By the time I was done peeing Nat had the water off so I flushed. That's all for now

Ashley G

your worst nightmare

girl gotta go

I babysat this girl named Sidney. She was 4 years old when this happened, and moved way when she was about 8. So, I babysitted her for 4 years, part-time.

So, she was playing in her backyard. I watched her, sitting on one of those fold-up chairs. And then I started to see signs, like, hol-ding herself...dancing...etc. so I walked up and asked, "Do you need to go to the bath-room?" "No." "You sure." "NO!" "No you're not sure?" "NO!!!!" "Fine." so I walked back, and got seated again. So, a couple minutes past, and it looked worse. I came up to her again and asked "Do you need to go to the bath-room?" "NO!!!!" "Yes, you do." "I DON'T!" NOw, I was SURE of this, so, I was the evil kind of 6th grader, so I picked the squiring kindergartener up and brought her on her poty. She screamed "NO NO NO!!!!!!!" when I placed her on the pot-ty thingy, and I just sat there, like, trapping her. So, I sat there, a couple minutes past. I wondered how she could manage not going, even though she was urg-ent, and sitting on her toi-let thing! So..I waited...and waited...I got so tired I grabbed a mirror and made faces in it. I asked her "Go to the bath-room, you have to." "No! I don't!" "Well, then I guess you wont mind drinking tap." I said, then filled a glass full of tap water, then made Sid drink it. She hesatated., but then I told her to go to the bath-room then, so she drank it.
She shuffled on the po-tty thing and then there was this weird sound like water falling on a hard service. So then I went to see hat Sidney did, and it looked crystal clear. It didn't smell like p-ee, really. So, I said "This isn't p-ee." Then Sidney giggled, and I made her get back on. Her giggling make me an idea. So I started to tickle her and she laughed really loud. So once I heard the weird noise again, and it stopped, I stared again. and yeah, there was yellow stuff in there.


To Anna

I really like your stories. Could you perhaps tell us an older story about you pooping outdoors? That would be great!



Survey responses

Steven A's survey:

1) Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?

Yes. It can be a problem with my Darcee, who is 5. She'll get down off the stool, get distracted in coming over to my stall and want to come in to talk while I'm still seated. Then when I'm at the sink, I need to remember to have her right beside me because sometimes she needs help in using some of the newer types of soap dispensers. Sometimes she's perplexed about whether to pull, push, or squirt in order to get the soap.

2) At what age should children be allowed to use public bathrooms themselves?

I'm giving her more independence (slowly, though, because it worries me). I check out the toilet she's going to use before I allow her to get up on it. Previous users who haven't flushed really upset me. And Darcee constantly needs to be reminded to check for toilet paper first. Kellen, who is 7, is more independent but it has to be earned. He now goes into the mens room on his own.

3) What do you think of mothers bringing their sons or fathers bringing their daughters into public bathrooms?

The bathrooms need to be carefully chosen by the parent. One criteria is privacy doors on the stalls. I remember a couple of years ago I would go to the upper floors of stores or places with single-stall toilets with Kellen because some lady sitting on a non-doored toilet needs privacy and not a young boy seeing her.

Now Carin's survey:

1) Should teachers and other school employees be using the student bathrooms because students are not allowed to use theirs?

As a parent I can see it both ways. The children should be the priority. However, the adult bathroom may be on the other side of the building and the teacher may not want to take that long of a walk away from the classroom.

2) Why is toilet-papering or nest-building so important to adults before sitting on the seat?

Some people are cautious about sitting on a toilet seat that maybe another 100 people are sitting on during a given day. For some, it might become more important to them as they mature because some members of both genders leave the seats really slopped up. A previous user takes her pad out and drops the bloody pad on the seat...gross.

Optional Person.

To Jenny @ Treefarm.

2 . - Sitting in the Bobcat (like a big outdoor forklift type thing to move trees)

You should totally do that! imagine how cool of a story that would make for us, and how thrilling of an experience it would be for you. lol you should stink the inside up with your farts.


Reply to Brandy

Hi it's John B.

Welcome to the site Brandy and thank you for sharing your struck a chord with me as my wife and I do the same thing and have been these past 35 years and to us apart from the actual act of sex this is probably as intimate as it gets and in our case forms an extra special bond.

The vulnerability aspect plays a great part in it I believe and in my case makes me feel caring to a very great extent.

It all started when my wife was my girlfriend and the situation was that she was extremely constipated. I was aware she had been in the loo awhile and went to investigate for want of a better word. Like your boyfriend I sat on the edge of the bath took her hands in mine and spoke gently giving her reassurance. This relaxed her to the extent she was able to poo without too much difficulty.

This is now an integral part of our relationship and it may well become yours over the years. Again thanks for sharing.

A big hello to my buddy Jemma and hope all is well in your world too!

Love and best wishes Jem Jem x

Take care all.

John B


To Red

Hey Red that was quite the accident you had, how old are you? You said it had been a few years since this has happened, were there other instances where you had a major accident like that?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessi great story it sounds like Mika really had to poop alot and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Red great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had great poop and it sounds like that other just made it in time without having an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carin great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Snow Urinal

So I get a lot of snow in the winter, and I naturally end up spending a lot of time out in it getting to work and back. When I'm walking home from work I often end up needing to take a pee pretty often. There's a woods that I walk by, and when I feel the urge I usually go in, find a good-looking tree, unzip my pants and take a well-aimed piss on my all-natural urinal. However, lately I've been feeling up to something a little different. I decided to make myself a urinal out of snow. I've had a pee in it three times now; the most recent one was a really long and powerful one (about a minute and a half long). It's cool to see where I've peed each day and watch the snow get yellower and more stained by my piss.
In the summer I like to piss in a river fairly nearby. There's bridge I pee off of, and once I took a poop into the river too. It was just one turd, a smooth 10-inch poo that floated away down the river for as far as I could see. I'm thinking of maybe building myself a snow toilet for my poo too now that it's cold out and I can do so.


At my friend's house yesterday

I was at my friends house yesterday enjoying the end of the school semester. She has been best friends with me since Grade 1 and we are now in Grade 8. We were surfing the net on her iMac when she said, "James, I need to use the washroom." I told her that I need to go poo. She said that she had to do it too. We went down the hall to her bathroom, which was very spacious and had a tub of books. I asked her if she read any of the books in the tub when she was on the toilet. She said sometimes to pass the time. Then she asked me if I wanted to see her, I gave her the puzzled face (I don't really like seeing other people use the bathroom). She said that she and her other friends always see each other using the bathroom. I agreed to watch her. She pulled down her Adidas track pants and laced panties. I told her that she had nice panties. She told me that her older cousin bought it for her last week and that it was very comfortable. When she sat on the toilet, she smiled at me and farted a bit, she giggled. Then she told me that she held her poo in her to a week. I told her that I was holding my poo since morning. She dropped a big poo and after a minute of waiting she peed for another minute. Then she wiped her front (trying to cover her vagina with her hand which she said was her "private jewel") and wiped her back, showing the brown mark on the toilet paper. I said it was my time to go, so she pulled up her laced panties and sweatpants and sat on the stool where I was sitting. I pulled down my blue jeans and hockey boxers (which she said were cute) and sat on the toilet. I peed for a bit (she asked me if I peed sitting down ,which I said yes I do), then I leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could. I felt my butthole open and a huge piece of poo came out, followed by two small nuggets. I wiped my front (she was amazed that I had hair above my penis, which started growing a year ago) and my back I pulled up my jeans and boxers and flushed. Both of us were surprised with out deposits in the toilet. Both of us agreed to do it again sometime.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hi, it, it been some time since I last posted, I'm the mom that was posting around pages 2408 and 24025 as Jess and later as Jessi because others was posting as Jess, anyways seeing Ashley G posting again is nice.

so I thought I'd post something too.

The other day I was coming home after visiting family and one of my twins Mika was with me, we was about an 30 minutes from home when Mika told me, she needs to poop, I asked her how bad she had to go, and she told me "very bad", I told her well try to hold it as long a you can, home is just a bit farther, she tells me "I'll try" and about 15 minutes later, she tells me "mom, I'm about to lose it, it hurt, I have to go sooooo bad!" I say "OK do you want me to pull over so you can go by the road? I doubt anybody will pass by" we was on a pretty much deserted dirt road,very low traffic, she quickly tells me yes, and I pull over and she quickly unbuckles as I rush to open her door and gets out and I here her fart as she pulls down her clothes and squats, and farts more and more, then her poop starts coming out then drops then another and another, and she sighs and gave some wipes and she wipes herself but then she squats back down and lets about 2 more poops, and starts to wipe again only to squat back down again and poop 3 or 4 more times, and then after a bit she starts wiping again and then pulls up her clothes and sighing and says "now that fells better!" and giggles I look at all she did and it was alot the first one had to around 10 inches long and none of them under 4 long, asked her "dang how long have you been holding all that?", and she just says "a while", and I can tell she's hiding something from me, and not because she's embarrassed, so I ask her "how long is a while?", and she tells me "uh you know like a while" and I just look at her and say her name slowly "Mikaaa" and she looks away from me and says "um uh, well umm.. 10..." pretty quietly and then gets in the car.

I get in the car too then look at her and ask her "10 hours?" and she looks down and and shakes her head, and then after a bit says "days"
I asked her "oh honey, why didn't you tell me you was constipated before?" and just she looks away and says "I.. I wasn't", and then I realized and I told "oh honey, I understand, it's ok", she just says "you do?" and I say "you was just too embarrassed with so many people around wasn't you, I should have realized before, I'm sorry." she just nodded. well anyways it just goes more off topic from there so thats enough for now.

Jenny @ Tree Farm


Afternoon peeps,

Vicky B - The Farm owners don't care about the porta john so now I've made it a game to relieve myself in other areas around the farm. I've squatted in quite a few large flower pots and I kinda want to pee on a pile of burlap sacks in a barn... hehehe

Adrian - I was a lil mad at myself about not being more careful moving down the bank which made me slip and loose control.

Ella - I understand that sometimes it's easier to go in your pants, especially if you are busy. I wish a bunch of times I could just let go because I didn't want to interrupt what I'm doing.


So if you read my first story I usually end up getting desperate to pee on the Tree Farm. So where should I pee next except the gross porta potty?

1 . - Pile of burlap sacks in the barn

2 . - Sitting in the Bobcat (like a big outdoor forklift type thing to move trees)

3. - In the greenhouse on the gravel pathway

4. - In the porta potty but on the floor (????s the guys, sorry lol)

5. - In the back of the farm owners Pick Up truck

Let me know your thoughts and I'll describe what I did!


So this happened...

Well, it's been a while since I've pooped my pants; I used to have a real issue with holding poop to the last possible moment, and it took a lot of internal reasoning to convince myself to start using public toilets (at this point in my life, I can go in them comfortably, almost as easily as going at home.). Because of my unwillingness to pee / poop out in public, I was on the verge of accidents often, and even pooped myself a few times. While it had been a few years since I'd done it, that streak ended just recently.

I was on the way home from uni when it happened. It was around 6pm, I was driving down a residential street when I felt a telltale heaviness in my gut. I hadn't gone to the bathroom in over 24 hours because of school and work, and I was conscious of my need to go all day, but decided to go at home so I could be more comfortable doing it. I thought I could make it home comfortably. Oh, how wrong I was.

Just five minutes from my house I was caught by a long light. It was about then when my poop fought against my control with its full force. I felt the pressure mounting, rapidly increasing in my stomach. I felt the weight get heavier and heavier on my butt, which was sweating with effort. I inadvertently met the gaze of the passenger of the car to my left; a guy about my age. He looked at my dumbfounded; I assume that it must have been obvious that I was holding back a real monster dump.

I was losing control by the second. It was the first time in a while that I felt that I may actually crap myself. Luckily, the trip after the light was easy, and I reached my house in a few minutes. I parked my car and unbuckled my seat belt; my hands immediately ran to my turbulent stomach and began to massage it tenderly. As I took my first step out of the car, I felt a pocket of gas explode past my ring, releasing the absolute loudest fart that I've ever produced. I could feel my face heat up as I hurriedly exited my car, locked it, and scrambled to the porch.

I nearly tore the screen door off the hinge, and left the main door open slightly as I rushed to salvation, releasing noisy farts the entire time. I run over to the downstairs bathroom door, slightly ajar with the light off. I smiled in glee as I practically jogged over to it. However, my path to relief was obstructed by a big guy named Carter...

My parents' dog, a 100lb coonhound, intercepted me feet from the toilet, finding it apt time to greet me with nearly a full-on tackle. As the big guy was leaned against me with his forelegs, I stumbled back slightly. My reactionary instincts took hold, ignoring my problem for a moment too long. As I regained my composure, leaning against one of the tables in my dining room with my knees bent slightly, it happened. Oh, did it happen.

It was an almost biblical experience. With a resounding fart my load began. It spread my cheeks apart with a loud crackling noise, the soundtrack to my failure. My face got hot again as I felt the poop slow in its advance as it strained against my panties. At this point, one could have taken advantage of this, ran past Carter, and parked myself on the potty just in time, but my body had other plans. I pushed hard, grunting as the rest of my bulky log coiled out into a plot in my pants. The relief was indescribable.

I can't really recall what exactly went through my head when it happened, other than "man, this would have been awesome to see in the toilet." I passed a few more loud farts and gave a cautionary push; I was definitely finished. I waddled into the bathroom, past the big lummox who sat with the cutest, dumb look on his face, oblivious to what he caused. I cradled the giant lump in my jeans with one of my hands, as I dragged the door closed behind me with the other to clean up.

To Ashley g:
My kids are all grown up and out of the house but I will always remind them that candy is dandy but fruit makes poop (: they listen for the most part at 19 & 20 anyways And that leaves me with a small volume of stories for the girls unfortunately:( but i look forward to hearing from you and yours
Take care

Brian W
Ashley G- I loved your story. Do you have any recent stories about your youngest daughter going poop? Do you let them in the bathroom when you go poop?

Steve A

Comments Plus Mini Story And Survey

Ashley: I'm glad to see your back. It's interesting to see it from a mother's point of view about their kid's bathroom habits. Normally, teen girls are not open with going to the bathroom. They're usually secretive and quiet about it.

Erik: Well, both are weird. Your ex was really comfortable with you, no matter what phase of the relationship you were in, your wife is not as comfortable as your ex and she acts like a lady big time.

Story: At work after using the restroom, there was a dad and his daughter in the stall together. After they came out, they both skipped washing their hands. Maybe they had a mini hand sanitizer bottle on them, but it still seems weird.


1. Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?

2. What age should kids be allowed to use public bathrooms by themselves?

3. What do you think of moms bringing in their son OR dads bringing in their daughters in public bathrooms?

My Answers:

1. I see it sometimes at my high school and in public. They may be late for a class oor they're just lazy.

2. It depends on the parent's decision. I say ask the kid if they're ready to go into the bathroom by themself and if they say yes, then they can go by themselves.

3. Well, sometimes you just can't help it, but if you think about it, it could be weird or just not a big deal to some people.

Anna from Austria
@Mina Thanks for your thoughts about beeing graceful in loo. I have never thought about that if I am graceful when sitting on the loo. Probably not, because of the sounds I make, and the big smell. I always feel quite embarrassed when somebody can hear or smell when being on the loo.

Thank you so much for bringing this interesting topic up Mina.

Greetings from Austria



Poop In The Woods

Been a long time since I've been on here,I can't remember if I posted under the name William or Bean,so I'll go with Bean. Today I went walking around the roads where I live,it's outside the city limits so plenty of woodland and open fields. I was walking back home and felt the need to pee,there is woods on either side of the road so I go walk into the woods a bit and find a spot that couldn't be seen by passing cars.I unzip my pants and take my penis out and pee for a few seconds,then another feeling hit me,I got to go poop. I usually poop in the mornings but today I couldn't poop for some reason and all that walking helped the need to go. so I walk further into the woods to find a spot to poop,I finally found a tree that had fell over and I unzip and unbutton my pants and pull the pants and underwear down at the same time. I sit across the tree with my butt hanging off and I fart then I start to push,after a few pushes,one turd comes out of me and I hear it thud on the ground,I continue to poop and three more pieces come out. I finally feel empty and relieved at the same time,I had nothing to wipe with so I just pull my underwear back up and pull my pants up and button and zip them up. I turned around to see what I produced,three knobby big turds and one little turd. i then walk out of the woods and continue my walk back home.


Funny friend visit.

I flew across the country to visit my friend and her husband. The time change was a little rough so I took a prescription sleeping pill before bed. In the middle of the night I had to pee bad, so I hopped out of bed and the bathroom was really cold, especially the floor. I forced my pee out quick and reached for the paper trying to get back to the warm bed quick. It being a strange bathroom and being dark I just pulled up my panties and scurried back to bed. The next morning I showed up at the breakfast table and my friend and her husband were snickering. I asked what was so funny. They said someone peed on the sidewalk in front of their front door and now there is a frozen pee puddle. Then her husband said they had a security video, since it was by the front entryway. There I was on the video squatting and peeing like crazy all over their front sidewalk. I was mortified for a few minutes, but then we all got a good laugh. Crazy sleeping pills.

Hey everybody, it's Anna here. Today I have a quick story and some comments. First of all, my story.

This afternoon I was at the mall doing some shopping. I had needed a number two a bit already in one of my classes in the morning but ignored it and then kinda forgot about it. When I was trying on some pants, all of a sudden I really felt like I needed to go urgently. Because I had some more shopping to do, I decided not go home but do my business at the mall. I quickly went to the bathroom at the end of the food court. It was pretty busy with all but two stalls taken and a lot of women at the sinks. I took one of the empty stalls, locked the door and put down my bag. The toilet looked clean, so I pulled down my black yoga pants and black string, pushed up my winter jacket a bit and plopped my bum on the seat. I relaxed and immediately started to pee. I also let out a small, quiet fart while I was peeing and I could feel a pretty big turd knocking on my backdoor already. Once I was done peeing, I leaned forward, put my arms on my thighs and started to push. My first poo started to crackle out slowly. It felt big and was stretching my bumhole. While I was pushing, the woman on my right was replaced. Someone entered the stall real quick and smashed the door shut. I could hear her pull down her pants and then her bum hit the seat and at the very same moment she let out a loud wet fart, a very audible moan and what sounded like a torrent of wet poo dropped into her toilet. Almost right away, there was a really bad poop smell coming from her cubicle. My first turd splashed into the bowl and then I started looking at my phone and waiting for more to come out. I also peaked under the stall and saw that the girl who had created the bad stink had pulled down her black pants and pink string all the way to her feet. She was also on her toes, I noticed. After a minute or so, I pushed out a second, smaller turd and my neighbour dropped some more wet poops. I waited a little longer and then decided I was done. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and my backdoor. Meanwhile, my neighbour was also wiping. I flushed, pulled up my pants and left the stall. The other girl came out as well, a cute short and chubby brunette who looked about my age. She was wearing a Subway uniform and looked really relieved. I figured that she probably needed to wait for her break to take care of her number two and that she maybe needed to go real bad in the end, poor her. When we were washing our hands, we looked at each other briefly and the girl said 'sorry about that, my stomach was really upset' and blushed a bit. I think she was apologizing for the stink coming from her cubicle. I told her it was alright and and that I hoped she felt better now. She smiled and said she did. Then we both left and I noticed her walking back to her store real quick. I did some more shopping feeling pretty relieved myself.

to Mina: I'm glad your friends enjoyed my story from the theater. I now think it pretty funny myself and I was so glad back then to have a great excuse for my extended stay on the toilet.

to Brandy: Thanks for sharing your story, it was so very cool! I found it super interesting why your boyfriend wanted to see you on the toilet. I never thought about it this way. Nobody has ever asked me, but I think I see what your boyfriend was getting at. I totally believe that you felt really intimate with him after that and I think I would too in a similar situation. I hope maybe one day I will comfortable enough to let someone watch me, too.


Online test accident

This week I had to take an online course (training) and today was the final exam. This was with a national training company and I was to receive a certificate of completion. The test was strictly controlled and with the hardware packet they sent me came a web cam. I had to put the webcam on my laptop computer and the proctor would be monitoring my presence during the exam -- I had had to submit a photo ID before the course so they could be sure it was me taking the exam.

So the exam started, it was about an hour long, and I realized after it started that I should have gone to the bathroom. I became increasingly desperate to pee as the exam went on and it became harder and harder to concentrate, but I couldn't leave my seat without forfeiting all my hard work. I was in my office at home. Fortunately there was a towel on the sofa next to my desk and I could just reach it without taking my face out of the frame of the webcam, so I grabbed it and stuffed it under myself to protect the chair. There were about 10 minutes left in the exam when I decided that I couldn't hold it anymore and I relaxed and let myself pee in my pants. A warm puddle appeared on my lap and slowly spread out across the towel but fortunately it didn't drip onto the carpet. After I peed myself it was a lot easier to concentrate, and so I sat there in wet pants and finished the exam as my pants slowly got cold and uncomfortable.

Finally I finished and I'm glad I remembered to shut off the web cam before standing up, because I was wearing gray pants and it was obvious I had peed in them. I went and changed and threw my pants and soaking underwear in the wash. All in all it wasn't a bad experience, better than sitting there in pain!


Steve A's survey

1. Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?

All the time. I do it myself sometimes. Where it's gross though is in a restaurant....where you will be returning to your table and perhaps be asked to pass a plate of food to others.

2. What age should kids be allowed to use public bathrooms by themselves?

Parents have a "feel" for such things; no two kids are different. Growing up in a family with siblings matters too....some of the "companion" duties get passed along to an older brother or sister. It's largely a parent's job to prepare their kids for the fostering appropriate independence at an early age is a good thing in most cases. It can be in stages: When very young you accompany them right into the stall and wipe their butt....then it progresses to where you are in the room but not in the stall....then you are immediately outside the door where you wait and listen. Like you said's pretty much up to the kid.

I think a parent can also "check out" the bathroom first...have a look for general sanitation concerns and notice who is in there (if it is a larger bathroom) and then allow your child to go by themselves while standing near the door to observe and listen.

3. What do you think of moms bringing in their son OR dads bringing in their daughters in public bathrooms?

It's not a concern to me; assuming you are talking about young children. Most of the time people are in stalls which offer privacy to some extent; should that be a concern.


So Steve; any update on the fiber additives? You been pooping good these days?


Huge poop

The other day I woke up and was feeling pretty full. I got dressed and got ready for school. As I left, I started feeling like I had to poop.

Throughout the first few class periods the pressure in my butt grew stronger. By fourth period, I could feel my load moving. The bathrooms at my school are disgusting, and in class we were busy, let alone the amount of time that I spent in the bathroom would clearly let others know that I was pooping. I decided to keep holding it.

After lunch, I was about to poop my pants, but I continued to hold it. I held in my poop until ninth period, when I felt it start to move out. I sucked it back in, and somehow made it home without pooping myself.

I run winter track, and had to go to practice after school. I quickly got changed and rushed out the door. When I was running, I felt the tip of a thick solid poop pushing at my butt. I continued to hold it as it was cold and there were no bathrooms.

After track was over, I went home and knew that I could finally dump my load. I sat down, and three huge foot-long logs crackled out of my butt and into the toilet. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. I was glad I made it.

Hope you enjoyed,

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like Kayla had a great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brandy great story it sounds like you gave him a good show and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Answers to Steve A's survey

1. Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?

Yes. Often at school because there isn't time between classes and the bathrooms are too crowded. The older guys bully the younger guys, especially if they are trying to be the next to use the same urinal. I've seen guys get off the toilet, pull up their jeans as they make the run to class. There's just no time for hand-washing. So many of the sinks are in bad shape because they are abused. And on some days there is little hot water.

2. At what age should kids be allowed to use a public bathroom by themselves?

It depends on what age their parent starts teaching them who to use the bathroom right. Most 5 year olds are too small to reach their organ over the toilet bowl or urinal bowl to pee without getting their organ wet or splashing the place up. Some guys deliberately splash up the toilet seats by aiming their urine directly onto them. And then I've seen boys about 6 or 7 come running in, and directly seating themselves for a crap. I doubt their parents spent any time teaching them what to do in such a case.

3. What do you think of moms bringing their son or dads bringing their daughters into public bathrooms?

It's embarrassing especially when so many bathrooms have stalls with no doors. You're pants-down on the toilet and some father drags a little girl in and if he doesn't supervise her appropriately, she's getting an eyeful.


Observations & Questions

Last week the streets around our school were so bad due to ice that cars and buses were about an hour late in getting to school. So those of us who got there on time had to just wait around for like an hour later start of the day. I had finished my coffee. Of course, it went right through me so I left the multi-use room where our group hangs out and went to the nearest bathroom. It has 3 stalls, the middle one was vacant so I took it. Once my eyes saw the toilet, something shot to my brain that if there was any hesitation on my part, I would be weeing myself. So I dropped my jeans and undees and as my thighs hit the seat, my stream became a gusher. As I sat, I started to feel gas in my gut and realized it had been 2 days since I last dumped.

As I sat, kinda bored, I heard the door close to the left of me, but there seemed to be something different going on in there. Feet were facing the toilet, the toilet paper roll was being wound and I could see parts of toilet paper hanging from under the cubicle. I figured out what was happening just as this person sat down because her faculty ID tag was at mid-leg level as she sat. I dropped 2 pieces of crap, neither of them was that large or interesting, and I was working on the 3rd when the stall to right opened and again the toilet-paper-on-seat routine was repeated. This was one of the cafeteria cooks because I could tell by the color of her uniform. I was wiping and getting ready to flush when the cafeteria lady's pee started.

I washed my hands and got back to my group. I told them what I had observed and we have these questions:

1) Should teachers and other adults be using the student bathrooms when they have their own bathrooms that we are not suppose to use?

2) Why is the toilet papering, or as my friend Priya calls it nest-building, on the seats so important to adults? Too often the toilet paper rolls are blank later in the day and the stools are clogged.

You're right Adrian, buddy dumping seemed to be discussed more here several years back. I haven't had the opportunity to buddy dump very much lately.

Back several years ago, doorless stalls were more common. Department stores, parks, beaches, universities, often had doors removed from their stalls to cut down on illicit activities. My university had doorless stalls in the building where I had most of my major courses, so I would probably dump there a couple of times a week. That was were I first saw a guy standing up to wipe. He was extremely attractive, with dark brown hair, and in excellent shape. I walked past his stall and he was standing there, he had his shirt pulled up, exposing some great abs, and his briefs and jeans were at his ankles. I tried standing to wipe and have continued ever since.

I have another buddy who I can usually talk to about anything;, relationships, bodily functions, masturbation, et al. We sometimes work out at the gym and shower together. He sometimes tells me he has to take a dump before he goes into the shower. He also has a squatty potty at his house like me. Maybe we will be able to buddy dump at some point.

oldpoop. What you've described doesn't surprise me at all. As we get older there are inevitable changes in our diet, routine, general health and body chemistry, all of which will inevitably impact on our bowel movements and cause them to alter over time.

Matt. I was sorry to read about your stress and anxiety induced nocturnal incontinence. Managing it with adult nappies is one thing. However I hope you've also tried to tackle the root causes. If you could overcome them I'm sure it would help enormously and be infinitely preferable to just accepting your situation as something which is inevitable or can't be helped. If you haven't I'd discuss that with your doctor.

John H. Good to see you, mate. I think it's fair to say my bowels have more or less returned to some sort of normality - well what passes for normal where threy're concerned. Today I did a smallish poo after breakfast and a much bigger, incredibly satisfying one, just before leaving work around 5.15pm.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Constipation, Routine, Replies, and the Toilet Paper Princes

Thanks Adrian and Vincene!

Something that is I feel oddly happens to me a lot of the time is that before I mentally even get close to the slightest hint of stress, my digestive system will go haywire. Sometimes it's little things. But recently these past few weeks I have been very constipated. I try and go to the gym every Monday when I have time whenever I am on campus, but that does not always happen. Along with my sleep I'm finding it hard to get my sleep schedule back together easier like it used to be, everything is suddenly getting harder to do.

To oldpoop and changes: Even though I am only 19, my bowel habits have changed and fluctuated. I find that even now, at 19, I poop more in amount than I had in the past. I remember the first time I had to use an enema AND a suppository at the ripe and early age of 7 (it was administered to me by my mum.) I had not gone for a number of days, and then my parents had gotten sick of it. I was sat on the toilet, nothing happened for an hour, They then gave me a suppository, nothing happened, I had expelled the suppository, by itself as it could not go in far enough. Lastly they did an enema. It worked, all I can really remember is that it was quite a big turd, it backed the toilet up as my dad came to tell me while I was lying on my bed, sore. Later during very early teen years my poop tended to get bigger but soft textured instead of knobbly. I can remember being in elementary school, seeing some big turds, but as I got older, the occurance of that happening slimmed significantly. By jr.high, it was almost non-existant. The only products I saw in the school were either diarrhea, rabbit pellets, or my own movements, which had grown significantly. I had started eating and drinking more water as I was growing.
When I hit highschool and started running (track/CC), my movements started to get at least a little more consistent. I would frequently have a movement with a teammate, the same teammate usually, before practice in the locker room. It ranged from one big log (Common) to a large pile of soft, but well-formed logs. (Very common). There were many moments during my seasons where I would take a dump, and someone would/could see the aftermath, commentary would usually follow.

The first instance and the most memorable of someone seeing my poop was my first race at a park. I was constipated beforehand as I always got, and decided to use the bathrooms early. There was a line in the bathroom, but it was fairly small. There were two stalls, one being a handicapped, and someone's dad was taking the bigger one. When he flushed, I heard a weak flush, then he came out. I went in a saw a medium sized pile of mush, with toilet paper. I decided to wait until our team had actually set up completely to leave for the restroom as I had somewhat rushed off the bus, unintentionally. After watching set-up, I went back to the bathroom. There was a line, but it wasn't long. By the time I got inside the handicap stall it had been well used. There was quite a few small droppings left by various people. I seated my self on the toilet and got to work. It took me about to minute to push it out along with gas, and by the end of that the toilet really smelled bad. It was quite thick, and above the water, plus everyone else's waste at the bottom. I wiped, flushed, and left the toilet calmly. As I was stepping up to the sink I heard another boy scream, he had been freaked out by the large turd I had left in the toilet. One scream was joined by another and laughing. I just chuckled to myself and the guy next to me at the sink and went on with my day.

The second and a memorable instance was a cross-country race in a deserted part of town in a forest surrounded by a lake. That day I had not gone for at least 3 days, and I was on the bus, stomach cramping and everything. When we got to the site, I stuck by our team site to stretch and just relax before running. It was my second race sophomore year and I wanted to tune everything out. By 30 minutes before my race, I knew I couldn't hold it till afterwards. There was a line to the portajohns, so I got in it. It was segregated by gender, but the line for the womens was much shorter for some odd reason. A woman offered to let the boys use the women's, but I said no, however, quite a few boys went over. As I was standing in line, I made a joke with a guy infront of me about how I was the only one constipated, we laughed and talked about common things. By the time the guy ahead of me went into the porta potty, I was desperate. I had to wait about 5-10 minutes, I figured he was having a good shit. When he finally emerged, I rushed in. The smell was overbearing and ripe, I opened the lid to find a big pile of soft shit. Multiple people it had looked like contributed. I pulled my pants down, sat down, and immediately shit out what felt like a very large turd along with a couple farts and then some leftover loose stuff. I then wiped, which took a while. I stood up to see a very thick and long turd, which curled in the holding take under me. It suprised me there was no blood, I had really been packing on carbs and my fiber intake was a little too much as well. However, I had not been drinking enough water, thus constipating me. By the time I finished wiping, the smell got much worse. I walked out of there, then completed my race, empty.

Almost every one of the races I had in the 4 years of high school, similar things happened. I would often get constipated before races due to nerves, load up on carbs and fiber before the race to give me energy, and then have a large dump, pre-race. However, something changed my senior year of highschool; I became less inhibited about my movements and if anyone smelled and saw them. Do not get me wrong, I was never shy, but I started leaving my deposits out in display. Sometimes I felt bad doing it, the turds would often stink the bathroom portion in a matter of minutes. By the time us guys got back from practice, the locker room would smell like a sewer line. Often times more than not I would not poop one single log, rather a big pile of soft yet formed thick (for it being soft, it was dense) poop, often smelling worse than the logs, and when flushed would leave a huge mess in the bowl. Only one time did I have diarrhea, and believe me, I did flush that. Everyday, I would make sure to look at the other boy's restroom in the main hallway to see if anyone had left anything interesting (not particulary unflushed toilets, but people would often leave unopened gum, cards, money, and little gimmicks) as they would forget to get them after using the toilet in gym class.

Now I'm in college now and I would say I poop around the same amount. Unfortunately, many of the toilets in the campus I attend cannot flush too well and many times when I flush, the turd breaks apart and jams the toilet, the water turns brown due to jamming, it flushes, but the bowl is basically skidded heavily brown. I blame the hard-to-do flushing on the toilet paper princes. Yes, I will call them that. Why? Because everyday I go to university, it will be 9am that I get out of a class, and a toilet roll will already be gone. Keep in mind I go to a smaller university.

Today I was going to a new class for the first time and decided to hit the restroom since I had spare time. I went into the bathroom of a weird building that was across campus, it was a science building. I went in, and they had wooden dividers instead of the regular texture. I chose the bigger stall, went in, and sat down. I didn't have to push much, but I felt myself being stretched. That is a good thing since I am starting to take fiber supplement again. I start to push and two logs come out. I had to wipe a lot as it was messy. It also smelt pretty strong. It wasn't necessarily bad, but my poop stench is strong. I stand up and see my work: two thick logs, 2 inches thick, about 6 inches long each. After I finished wiping I flushed. Everything went down except of the first big log I dropped. I flushed again and nothing happen, so I decided to just leave it for gravity to deal with. I washed my hands and got to class.

I'll respond to Steve's survey
1. Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?
All. The. Time. I don't blame them, they are strict about class time here.
2. What age should kids be allowed to use public bathrooms by themselves? I think honestly around age 5 or 6. If they can go to school by themselves, they can use the bathroom.

3. What do you think of moms bringing in their son OR dads bringing in their daughters in public bathrooms? I'm fine with that, it's their children.


to "changes" about changes

I'm in my 70s now, and I don't remember a lot about my poops as a youngster, though I do remember wondering how I could push out a long thick cylinder of poop when my bottom was a straight up-and-down slit. I thought I should be pushing out something like a pancake. Then I got on the swimming team at the Y at age 9 or 10, and we practiced in the nude. I got to see some of the boys' anuses, and that explained the round logs. I actually got to see a teammate take a dump: the toilet was out in the open, at one end of the locker room, and he sat with his legs apart and, while talking to me, pushed out a thick smooth turd at least a foot long. I'm sure that, as a teenager, I had large, long movements, often solid and lumpy, and didn't have to wipe much. I don't remember whether I went once a day or oftener or less often. As a growing, active boy, I ate a lot, exercised a lot (swimming is quite strenuous, and I rode my bike everywhere I went, except on rainy days), and pooped big movements. I thought nothing of it; everyone else apparently did the same. Even in college, though I had reached my full height, I still exercised a lot (P.E. was required for two years) and rode my bike when I could; when I couldn't, going anywhere on campus required a long walk. I still ate a lot. I remember having an anonymous pooping contest of sorts with an unknown college kid: at a certain toilet, in the early morning, whichever one of us got there first would lay out a morning bowel movement and leave it there for the other to find. Sometimes I was there first, and I remember leaving some very large turds; sometimes the other kid was there first, so I got to see his turds, also large. One day I got there just as he was leaving; a scrawny little fellow, whom I would not have suspected of having such large poops. Sure enough, a big poop was in that toilet, waiting for my inspection. That was the end of our "contest". Again, I don't remember my frequency of pooping as a student, though I do remember having large, easy, satisfying bowel movements, often just one big piece of poop, necessitating only one wipe.

Moving forward through my life: I encountered many changes to my bowel habits, including a years-long battle with irritable bowel syndrome, that gave me sudden urges that I knew would lead to diarrhea. I never pooped my pants, though I came close. I was in my 40s at that time. Some of my movements would be normal, but others would be sudden and wet; most unpleasant. One night, I was the last person out at my place of work, which was at a fairly large building near an interstate highway, with a small forest just behind the parking lot. Right after I set the alarm and locked the building, I felt the urge. I knew I did not want to re-enter the building; it would take too long and be quite involved. I decided to try an experiment: I would go to the edge of the forest, pull down my pants, and blast away my poop; then, the next morning, I would get there early (as usual) and try to measure just how far I had projected my poop. It was dark by the forest, so I had no qualms about lowering my pants and leveling my bottom toward the woods. I pushed hard and was rewarded by a single shot of liquid poop going straight behind me. Armed with some of the toilet paper I always keep in my car, I made sure to clean myself well, leaving the used t.p. in a nearby dumpster. The next morning I was at work extra early; I was the first one there. I found where I had stood; I walked slowly back into the woods and found my splatters of poop a clear 15 feet back! My doctor gave me some medicine that reduced the IBS, but he assured me it was stress-related and would likely not stop altogether until I got a less stressful job (actually, at that time I was working several jobs at once, and it was a job all in itself just to get to all of them).

I did, eventually, get a better job, and the IBS soon went away. Since that time my movements have been smaller than when I was a youth, but more frequent: at least once a day, often twice. Several years ago, my doctor (a different doctor, different city) suggested that I keep a log (!) of my poops, noting any differences that might follow changes in my life or my medications. I have kept that record for over six years now, noting differences in frequency, type (using the Bristol Stool Scale) and estimated length of my stools. If I'm away from home, I write down the details in a little notebook that I carry with me. Nowadays I have, on average, two b.m.'s per day, with a few days of just one, and a few days of three or even four. Mostly my movements are now of decent but not outstanding size, medium soft to more solid, mostly fairly easy to do. According to my record (my log log), I have had over 4500 bowel movements the past six years. I have, indeed, noted changes that came with different medications; quite helpful when discussing changes with my doctors (I have numerous doctors now, for good reasons). Among other things, I have noted which antibiotics give me really bad diarrhea (I avoid them when possible) and which pain medications constipate me (I avoid them also, when I can). In short, I have found it helpful to be able to look at my record (on an Excel spreadsheet) and compare before-and-after when starting some new phase, whether medicines or otherwise.

A long answer--but a long life can admit many changes.

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