Ashley G
Hi! I'm back this time to tell a story about my oldest daughter Kayla who is 17. She's on the Softball and volleyball teams at her High school. She's about 5'6 and around 140,and the girl can eat! LOL

So yesterday (Saturday) I was taking a shower in the morning and Kayla comes in "Mom,I'm gonna take a dump,Ok? I said "sure sweetie". Over the water I hear a few loud farts and several plops as Kay poos. I ask her if everything is OK. She giggles "Yes, just alot of gas and turds". Finally,I hear her tear off toilet paper and wipe.She closes the lid and leaves. Few minutes later I finish my shower. The bathroom smells so I know my girl had a big poo. I lift the kid before flushing and see a long turd,around 8 inches floating on top and a pile of smaller ones on the bottom. Hard to tell exactly how many but I'd say at least 6 or 7. I flushed and got dressed. Hope you liked my story.

Ashley G


I Let Him Watch

Today I finally let my boyfriend watch me take a dump. For years of us knowing each other he has always asked to see me on the toilet and for years I always told him No but today that changed.

First let me describe myself I am 28 yrs old I am 5'5" tall and weight about 160 pounds, I have a very curvy figure with what my boyfriend calls the most perfect set of hips he has every seen.

So today i am hanging out at my boyfriends apartment watching movies when I get that familiar feeling in my stomach telling me its time to poop. I sigh in discomfort and my boyfriend asks me whats wrong. I tell him I am sorry but I need to use the toilet, he said that's OK and tells me to go that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, I say yeah I know , and get up to use the toilet, on my way to the toilet I notice him following me I stop and ask him what he needs, He responds by asking if he could come with and watch. He knows in the past when he has asked I always tell him No, But today I didn't feel like arguing so I said okay but he couldn't laugh. He said not a problem. When we got to the bathroom he took a seat on the edge of the bathtub facing me. I sat down on the toilet. I guess the way i looked sitting on the pot made my boyfriend happy cause he had the biggest smile on his face. I was wearing black cargo pants and a white form fitting t-shirt, I had my pants pulled down to just above the knees, and the bottom of my shirt was resting on my hips. I had my black hair in a pony tail and my perfect hips where hanging over the edge of the bowl. I Was sitting in my normal toilet posture back straight hands resting in my lap. I looked at my boyfriend on the tub smiling away and asked him why this made him so happy, he said that it wasn't the act of the pooping itself but in fact was the way I looked on the toilet. He said he liked seeing my pale white hips hanging over the bowl with the pants to the knees and the posture in general, he said he finds it all very attractive. I was shocked this whole time my boyfriend has asked to see me on the toilet I always that it was to see my poop or pee but in fact he just wanted to see me on the toilet in a vulnerable state which now makes sense and I could see the intimacy behind it. My boyfriend then asks if he can snap a picture of me with his phone as a keepsake i tell me sure. Anyway so as I am sitting on the pot talking to my boyfriend about things I begin to pee, after the pee there is a few minutes of nothing which is then followed by a huge toilet bowl echoing fart, I laugh cause its funny but my boyfriend didn't laugh at the fart which he promised he wouldn't The fart is then followed by a crackling sound and huge plop.I begin peeing again during which three more plops hit the water. I finish up the peeing and remain seated for a few minutes making sure I am done. I stay seated and wipe spray some air freshener and get off the pot, I wash my hands and me and the boyfriend head back to the living room to finish the movie. On the way back I tell my boyfriend that I have never felt more intimate with a person then I have felt just now and that form here on out he was welcome in the toilet with me as long as he would let me in with him. He said sure.

So my question is have any of you ladies had a similar experience and did i react apporpately to the situation.




Do you get sick from constipation?

I know that everyone defines constipation differently. Some say it's when you just can't do anything for a long time. Some say it's just when your poops are small and hard. Some say it's when your poops are huge and hard and painful.

And....everybody is different in relation to how much they can hold.

For this question I am referring to constipation in a setting where you are VERY backed up.

When you are severely constipated; does it get to a point where you get sick? Vomiting and fever kind of sick? (I'm NOT just talking about a ???? ache or cramps...)

Steve A

Comments Plus Mini Story And Survey

Ashley: I'm glad to see your back. It's interesting to see it from a mother's point of view about their kid's bathroom habits. Normally, teen girls are not open with going to the bathroom. They're usually secretive and quiet about it.

Erik: Well, both are weird. Your ex was really comfortable with you, no matter what phase of the relationship you were in, your wife is not as comfortable as your ex and she acts like a lady big time.

Story: At work after using the restroom, there was a dad and his daughter in the stall together. After they came out, they both skipped washing their hands. Maybe they had a mini hand sanitizer bottle on them, but it still seems weird.


1. Do you ever see people skip washing their hands in a public bathroom?

2. What age should kids be allowed to use public bathrooms by themselves?

3. What do you think of moms bringing in their son OR dads bringing in their daughters in public bathrooms?

My Answers:

1. I see it sometimes at my high school and in public. They may be late for a class oor they're just lazy.

2. It depends on the parent's decision. I say ask the kid if they're ready to go into the bathroom by themself and if they say yes, then they can go by themselves.

3. Well, sometimes you just can't help it, but if you think about it, it could be weird or just not a big deal to some people.


Huge poop

The other day I woke up and was feeling pretty full. I got dressed and got ready for school. As I left, I started feeling like I had to poop.

Throughout the first few class periods the pressure in my butt grew stronger. By fourth period, I could feel my load moving. The bathrooms at my school are disgusting, and in class we were busy, let alone the amount of time that I spent in the bathroom would clearly let others know that I was pooping. I decided to keep holding it.

After lunch, I was about to poop my pants, but I continued to hold it. I held in my poop until ninth period, when I felt it start to move out. I sucked it back in, and somehow made it home without pooping myself.

I run winter track, and had to go to practice after school. I quickly got changed and rushed out the door. When I was running, I felt the tip of a thick solid poop pushing at my butt. I continued to hold it as it was cold and there were no bathrooms.

After track was over, I went home and knew that I could finally dump my load. I sat down, and three huge foot-long logs crackled out of my butt and into the toilet. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. I was glad I made it.

Hope you enjoyed,

I haven't posted in a long time. Someone on here asked if I had frequent accidents because of not wanting to use public toilet. Yes, that was part of it. But the main reason, I think is that I have a mild form of asbergers syndrome. I remember being little and the sensation of holding back a big poop was very pleasurable to me. I have since learned that this is common among kids with my disorder. We hold in our poop for so long, that we have accidents, and our underwear are always heavily stained with poop. I used to get in trouble a lot because my mom found underwear I my hamper with huge poop stains in them.

One time, when I was 11, I was spending the weekend with my gand parents and cousin. We went on a long car trip to their house. Every time, we passed a rest stop, my grandparents asked me and my cousin if we needed the bathroom, and we both said no. I was lying of course because I did have to go, but held it in like always. Needless to say, I wet and pooped my underwear in the car. It was a big, log followed by a flood of pee,that made a big wet spot on the seat of the car. My grandpa had to change me at a rest stop, and he was pretty mad, but didn't say anything. However, when he got me all cleaned up, He told me "next time I ask if you have to go, tell me the truth!" I just said ok. But two days later, I was outside with my cousin, and I had another pee/poop accident while we were playing basketball. My cousin smelled it and said: "did you poop yourself again?" I said no. But he ran up to me and felt the back of my pants, and there was a huge bulge. He said "i'm telling grandapa" and he ran into the house laughing. I ran after him and begged him not to tell, but he blurted out loudly " Grandpa, Luke messed himself again!" My grandpa took me into the bathroom, and cleaned me up. But this time, after he was done, he bent me over his knee, and gave me three hard swats on the butt! LOL

Optional Person

Dixie pee.

I am sure you all are familiar with Dixie brand cups that you can get from Wal-Mart. I have the small ones. I had to pee and I pulled down my pants and held my manhood over the Dixie cup over the toilet. I filled the small cup up 4 times with my golden warm pee, and each time I filled it up I sprinkled it on the edge of the bowl, so it wouldn't make a embarrassingly loud splash sound. I did that story just to have something to post.

hope you all like it.

let me know in a response if you did like the story.

Brian W
Ashley G- it's good to see you posting again...I have missed your stories about you and your daughters. How old are your daughters again?

Night owl

Watering the lawn in the moonlight

Something a little odd tonight... After a few hours in front of the tv I desperately needed a piss so I walked out into the yard, stood in the middle of the lawn, pulled the big boy out and let rip with a long and very relaxing pee.

My yard is enclosed and my neighbours can't see what I'm doing so this isn't the first time I've relieved myself outside, but usually it's because I'm already outside and I'm too lazy to go in. Tonight was the first time I've purposefully walked past the toilet and peed outside instead.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great story.

To: Lilah great story about that poop contest with you and your friends it sounds like you all had really great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lisa great story.

To: Chloe B great story about your desperate poops at least you made it to the toilet each time and it sounds like that one girl had a pretty good poop as well.

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Matty great set of stories about your girlfriends accidents.

To: Becky great story.

To: Ella first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to Michael

What you've asked about the damage to public restrooms is a very important issue. The worst violations seem to be in very public places that have heavy traffic and little supervision. Worst examples I've found have been in parks, service stations, and, of course, school with high schools being the worst. The maturity level of college students made the situation somewhat better I found but I disagree about why some men and women use their foot to flush.

Many of the toilets I use, especially in public places, are flushed after the user gets up off them, wipes, pulls their clothing back up, etc. At that point, I think they find it inconvenient to reach all the way over the toilet and so low down to flush with their hand. I know sometimes when I've crapped the smell is going to get worse as I lean over the toilet. If the flusher lever is loose or otherwise in ill repair, there are times when I have had to push it down two or even three times to activate it.

That can be frustrating. But I also must admit that on face value, the automatic flush toilets have advantages. Still any significant movement can trigger them and especially for little kids, who often have a hard time sitting still, the surprise, splash or combination thereof, can be traumatic.

If patrons would approach the flusher gingerly with their hand rather than with all the pressure of their foot things would be better.

Lisa. Thanks for sharing your post-dance class experience. It sounds like a case of desperate sitiuations requiring desperate measures!

Michael. I was sorry to read about the state those university toilets had been left in. To be honest I don't understand how people can, in all conscience, leave toilets in such a filthy state knowing full well that some other poor unfortunate is going to discover the mess in their moment of need. Due to the slightly unpredictable nature of my bowel movements I do sometimes spray a bit or hit the back of the pan. However I do work hard to clean up after myself and restore the toilet to a condition which the next user would wish to meet with, especially if their need was an urgent one.

Chloe. You're very lucky to have a church so lavishly provided with toilets. Here in England there are still many village churches which don't have any at all - unless one considers the yew trees in the churchyard as toilets. However the situation is gradually umproving and Cathedrals are generally well provided for. About 5 years ago I was at Evensong one Sunday afternoon in a certain English cathedral which, fortunately, had brand new award-winning loos, when the need for a poo hit me hard. Although I lived within reasonable commuting distance, I also knew that the prospects of getting home without shitting myself were non-existent if I didn't use those toilets. I'm not a fan of using public toilets for #2 but on that occasion I put my scruples to one side and I'm glad I did.

Changes. To the person who wrote about bowel habits changing as we grow older, I think they do and are bound to. Our diet changes over time as do our routines around study, work, rest and recreation. Also our state of health changes. My bowels were relatively predictable - or at least controllable - until I reached my mid thirties and IBS hit. It's settled down a lot since - thank goodness - but my bowels still have their moments and they don't always behave as I'd wish them to.


Re: accidents

To Julianne and everyone else who has had an accident. I have nighttime incontinence from stress and anxiety. I'll start by saying I'm only 32, so you're not alone. It started in college when I was 18. I sucked it up and started wearing diapers to bed. Totally fine and my wife prefers it now since the bed stays dry. So you're not alone. I've pooped my pants but it's not a problem like my incontinence. I've read this forum often and post a few times. So I felt compelled to tell the accident prone folks I'm here for them. Doctors will sort of tell you why, but the truth is its best to accept it. At first, I was embarrassed and worried, but now I don't mind at all. Docs had a hard time diagnosing a problem and helping, but after a while it was best to accept it. So anyway, hope everything works out for all of you like it did with me. And buy some diapers and embrace your issues.

John H


Hi all.

Adrian, thanks for the comments and good to hear your motions have returned to normal. Interesting that you had two well formed poos during work. This only happens me on the very odd occasion these days. I poo twice most days but one will generally be smaller than the other.

Catherine. Thanks for your comment. I understand why you don't show your posts to Alan as I would not like anyone that knows me to see my posts here either. That's the beauty of this site. Regarding the situation at work, I think you handled it well. Don't feel bad. If she had messed herself then that would have been a bad situation but no harm was done so best to move on and not dwell on it or feel bad over it.

Lisa, welcome and I hope you have more to share here. You handled that situation very well. Was there much of a wet patch on your tights after you peed? Hope you didn't have to stay in them to long afterwords

matty, hi and thanks for sharing. Hope you post more. Good that you are understanding of your girlfriends accidents
Have to go but hope to post more soon.
Take care all, john H

Sorry, I am very lazy to post. I try hard.
(But in February, very difficult maybe. After 27 February it will be more easier. And I will be 25.)

Catherine, I and my friends love your word "healthy shame". A bit difficult to translate, I took long time to explain my friends, but finally they understand and they feel good you use such a word. English and Japanese sometimes very different, and some words don't have direct version in other language in dictionary. Shikata ga nai . It can't help .

We all say, now between us friends, no shame at all. We are 100% open about everything include loo things. But outside our circle, we feel shame, I think healthy shame because society like such kind of shame. I don't talk about loo thing with Suzuna she works in my office, even she is in next cubicle with me and doing motion like elephant and I can hear her but she can hear me too, I told about this in post long time ago. I only say, "Suzuna are you OK?" and such thing. Never talk about smell, skid mark, colour, fart sound.

In family, of course we talk a bit more, but that is because we think about health. My friend Maho has no shame to talk about wee and motion with her dad because he is doctor. Doctor respect healthy shame, but doctor listen carefully when talk about motion, because that is his (her) job.

This site is so nice because we don't need have shame, we can talk with free and usually no one angry. I think even human being feel shame, human being need to talk about such loo thing with many different reason. Wee and motion are so important part of our life and they are not bad thing!

We all smile when I translate post from Anna (in Canada) about double date and you (Anna) went to loo long time even you were wearing beautiful dress. Of course go to loo cannot help. It's OK because you go in private place, no one notice you are not being graceful behind locked door. Go to loo with wearing beautiful dress, and do motion, is better than fart in front of cinema screen or fill panties with motion. And of course, women have good excuse for long time in loo because women's loo often so crowded!

And if some bad boy say, "Miss X went into loo after you but she came out before you, what you doing? " you can always say "I noticed problem with make up, I had to fix."

I remember one friend from college days, she went to loo in front of friend and friend's boyfriend, when she came out of loo he ask, "did you go big one or small one?" and she answer, "I throw up." He never asked her again that question. Perhaps I tell you before in other post, I don't remember.

I said before , it is possible to be graceful in loo. I know because when Maho go to loo, she always very serene. She look like she is meditate in temple, buddhist meditation. (But she is Christian.) We can't see inside of loo so no one know that under her bottom is huge brown pile and next motion coming slowly out from her bottom downward direction, when that one enter water next one come from bottom, and next one and next one, but Maho sit there like thinking about weather. She is so beautiful when she sit on loo, my heart melt, I love her so much, not only beautiful face and body but also beautiful heart she has. I try to do motion like her, serene style. So beautiful! Hisae is very different, she jump about and make many different big noise but her style beautiful in different way and my heart also melt. Kazuko . my heart melt with different reason. She has so unhappy loo life. Poor Kazuko! But when she sit on loo in my flat, she say she is happiest girl in the world.

I say this but of course when we are in cinema, we can't think such thing and we don't think such thing. We have healthy shame and if we have to go to loo, we go, but we don't talk about it.

So, "healthy shame" is beautiful phrase! Thank you Catherine.

Love to all you.


Optional Person


Lilah - That is awesome! Have you ever had a farting contest?

Chloe B - Always be proud when you emit booming farts from your anus. Some boys cant boom as loud as some of you girls apparently.

Becky - Thanks for your story, I love reading female public restroom stories.

Ella- you sat with squishy poo on your butt and in your pants? Must have been some important homework.

:) Thanks for the awesome stories everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My Rubber Dump Dump

Back in the summer when my best friend Rikki and I had finished 4th grade we were given more latitude by our parents, as long as we stayed together, to take walks and ride our bikes a bit farther outside our immediate street, to go to the park at the other end of our development, and overall to just have more freedom with one restriction: our TV time was limited, we were encouraged to get off the computer after an hour or so and to spend more time outdoors. As a reward for doing that, our parents agreed to enroll us in a couple of intramural sports leagues that involved at least one volleyball and one basketball game a week. Looking back now as a graduate student in exercise science/coaching, our parents were sending us a important message--one that I'm making into a career.

So one hot summer evening in July, Rikki and I went on a walk--something we loved to do because it killed time, we could see some interesting things, sometimes stop by friends' houses, and after dinner walk up to a cluster of food businesses for ice cream, pop or sometimes candy. On this particular Sunday, it had been a couple of days since I had crapped. And what I had produced was minimal. (I was at the mall with my aunt to select my birthday present and the restroom we used closest to the food court was jammed at lunchtime). So now after Rikki and I had been jumping along the ties on a train track for about four blocks we were thirsty so we stopped at a store and each bought a super-sized pop and we sat at a picnic bench to down our drink. I don't know if it was the tie-jumping or that I drank my pop too fast, but in crossing a field on the way back home, I told Rikki I had an emergency need to poop. I had never done a squat-dump like Rikki suggested. Although there was nobody around at like 8 in the evening and Rikki even demonstrated how to do it, I wasn't convinced to try it.

We walked through some pretty high weeds and both of us were dripping with sweat and smacking mosquitoes off our legs and thighs, when we decided to jump down an embankment and off a wall that led to a driveway behind a gas station. I couldn't wait to get onto the toilet. We walked around the front and found it had closed an hour earlier. I was now getting more desperate and Rikki led me back to where we had jumped the wall and there were probably 50 or 60 old tires stacked to the roof against the building. Most were really dirty and some had big holes in the sides because I guess they had blown out. The piles were too high for us to climb and Rikki suggested we take two of them, stack them, and use that as a toilet. I was open to that if it could be immediate. So we went to the end stack and since I was the tallest and weighed a bit more, I held Rikki up on my shoulders and after a couple of miscalculations and both of us almost falling, she slid the top two tires off the leftmost pile. The first bounced the most and finally ended up against a light pole. The second rolled the length of a couple of cars and bounced through a puddle of water which I think was left over from the car wash. I grabbed the dry one and Rikki placed the wet one under it. I didn't waste any time in dropping my jean shorts and underwear seating myself. Trouble was within a couple of seconds the I was bouncing and my butt was on the concrete with my legs extended into the air. Rikki suggested adding a third tire and I said no way. She helped me up and I realized I had to put my weight on my feet and keep my feet on the ground for any success. From where I was standing I was concerned that my crap wasn't going to clear the tire and actually fall to the ground.

Rikki got down on her knees and had me position my bottom to achieve that. My feet were flat on the concrete, my legs were shaking somewhat because the tires were anything but sturdy, but with my head forward in my hands and my elbows on my thighs, I told Rikki it was coming. Luckily it didn't break off, but it was soft enough that we both could hear the splat hit the concrete. I was feeling good, but then Rikki reminded me that all I had was my house keys and ID card in my pocket. Rikki pointed out a barrel that was rusty and had no lid. Although she ran over to it and was looking through what was on top, I told her I wasn't about to use an oily rag that would probably give me the infection of the century. She agreed. Then I had a brilliant idea to send her to the front of the building and to grab one of the windshield wipes most of the stations have by the pumps. She did, but not fast enough for me because I was petrified someone was going to catch us and I was tired of fighting the mosquitoes. I started to yell for her and actually cursed her, then remembered how dumb that was on my part.

Rikki came with these two window wipes that were larger than even the paper towels they have in the bathrooms at our school, but I used the first, the took the second, did another wipe, and then dropped it in our makeshift toilet. As soon as I walked in front of the toilet to pull up my underwear, Rikki showed where the tire had actually made a dust and partially red imprint on me. But I wasn't attentive to that. I just felt so vulnerable with my clothing down in what was still daylight. Even if a bird had flown down I would have felt embarrassed. I encouraged Rikki to go but she said she could hold her pee until we got back home. It didn't help that the security lights came on at that point, either. We did put the two tires up against the pile and took a couple of final looks at the dump and two wipes that we were leaving behind.

Both her parents and my parents were getting worried when we finally got back home. And it didn't help that Rikki said something about seeing an ad on TV a few times about security cameras that protect businesses by recording activity on all sides of the place. I was worried at first but forgot about it until a couple of years ago when I learned in a criminal justice course that there's a five-year statue of limitation in our state. I do wish I had known about it then.


Contest between friends

Hi all. I'd like to share the story of a recent pooping competition I had my with my friend and her two sisters. I am 13 years old. My friend's name is Amy and she is also 13. Her sister is 15 years old and her name is Karen. Her other sister is 16 and her name is Sherry. Our competition was scored on two things. All four of us are regular poopers and we all poop every day after lunch. So, part of our contest was to see who could hold it the longest. Amy pooped first, then I held on a bit longer. Sherry went next, and Karen held it the longest.

When we felt the urge, each of us pooped in a separate tupperware container. Once all of us had gone, we weighed our poops. Karen's was the lightest at almost exactly a pound. Sherry's was a little bigger, weighing 1.07 pounds. Amy's poop weighed 1.16 pounds, and mine was the biggest, at 1.22 pounds.

We added up the point totals to see who won. I got 2 points for pooping second, plus 4 points for the biggest load, for 6 total points. Amy got 1 point from holding, plus 3 for size, or 4 total. Karen got 4 points from holding but only 1 for size, 5 total. Sherry got 3 points from holding, and 2 from size, so she also got 5 total.

In the end, I won the contest with 6 points. I found it really interesting that my friend and I pooped the two biggest loads, despite the two other girls being older and bigger.

Ashley G
Shayla- Glad to hear from another mom. How old are your kids? My girls are pretty active and play volleyball and softball. They eat a lot normally and have big poops. They eat pretty balanced diets;meat,???? and fruits. Both of them love pizza to. If you want to read some of my previous posts they're between approximately 2425-2440. Hope to hear from you here soon. I'll start posting more again when I have more time.

Ashley G


After dance class experiece.

I just got finished teaching 2 dance classes back to back. I was wearing a light beige leotard, thin tights, and thong panties underneath. I had to pee strongly at the end of the class, but the dance school bathroom floor was gross and my clothes would require undressing, so I decided to hold it until I got home. I pulled on a pair of loose sweatpants and my winter coat and headed to my car. I had to adjust the sweatpants waistband, because it was cutting across my aching bladder, but I kept with my decision to head home. I guzzled about a liter of water, because I was worried about dehydration. About 1/2 way home, my car got a flat. I was near an exit and pulled off, but there was nothing around. I suscribe to roadside assistance, so I called for help with the tire and was told because of the remote location and cold weather it would be 45 minutes to an hour. I started looking for someplace with a bathroom to walk to and pee. Nothing in sight and it was dark. The pressure was getting really bad and if I didn't pee soon, I would end up losing it while the roadside assistance guy was there. That would be awkward. I didn't want to undress in my car, so I was stuck. I took off my sweats, but I still had to deal with my leotard, tights, and thong. With great difficultly, I got my leotard crotch off to the side and also my thong without removing my tights. The tights were thin, so I hopped out and went to the flat tire. I squatted down to "check" the flat and peed with all the force I could, to squirt the stream through the tights. Success. There was a huge puddle next to the flat, but I was empty. I got my sweats back on and waited. The tire repair guy must have seen the reminants of the puddle but didn't say anything.


Disgusting University Boys

You know, sometimes I do wonder if I go to a college with adults or five year old children. It's been a while since I last posted, nothing much out of the ordinary have happened. I've been having large poops, but everytime I come to post on here, I forget what I'm doing and end up getting distracted and doing something else.
So today, Wednesday, was my first day back at college. I was excited for a new set of classes. It was all good, I enjoyed my first few classes, then went to go work out at the gym. After I had finished, I went to the library to print some things. I hadn't drank all day, but I somehow had to pee, so once I finished printing I collected my affairs and went to the bathroom in the library. There was a bad smell coming from the door, so I assumed someone was pooping, but there was no feet.
When I approached the first stall, it was gross. The entire bowl was blocked with toilet paper, slighty messy toilet paper. Literally to the brim there was paper, and it didn't look like they needed it for wiping. There was pee all over the floor near the toilet, so I just got irritated and went to the next toilet. Nothing

But the third toilet was what repulsed me the most. The bowl was full of very very heavily stained toilet paper, I don't know how someone's butt could have been that messy, unless they had an accident. In addition, on top of the toilet paper, there was a large soft pile of poop on top of it, and looked like someone had gone before him. It smelled really bad inside of the stall, and it was a shame that this was the handicapped one. I flushed the toilet once, just to spare anyone else the view (I normally leave it alone, but this was too gross.) and it immediately backed up, leaving the toilet clogged. This happens frequently in this library, guys will stuff the whole roll (they untangle it first though.) of toilet paper into toilets, breaking and clogging them, making a huge mess for the next guy that possibly desperately needs to go. I'm glad I didn't need to have a morning/afternoon poop. I wouldn't have minded, but I felt very sorry for the janitors that would have to clean up this huge mess by hand.Apparently also this happens in the cafeteria we have here too. It's unfortunate.

A question for all, in my situation with the toilets constantly being vandalized (people flush paper towels, which will break the toilet), broken by people flushing with their foot (I am strongly against foot-flushing, it breaks the handle mechanism, causes major damage to the toilet. If you don't want to touch it with your hand, don't flush), and the toilet paper constantly being wasted (Yes people seem to need half a roll to wipe, but we only have 5 rolls in the restroom, the janitorial staff don't come by often enough, and my friends have found them selves in doom when they realize there is no toilet paper), how would you react to this situation?

I didn't mean this as a big rant, but that's what this ended up. I'm just so sick and tired of my favorite spot on campus being wrecked because people don't have manners.



Rebekah - great first story. And welcome. Hope to hear more from you.

Catherine - the way you handled the situation with Melissa was perfect. She sounds like a keeper.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - glad you're back. That turd sounds like it was quite an ordeal.

Hope everybody is well and pooping good.

Chloe B

Sunday shits

Hey guys it's Chloe. On Sunday I had a really upset stomach all day which made me have some pretty huge dumps. That morning I woke up and didn't exactly feel right. My stomach started making noises and before my shower I sat down on the toilet and began my dump. I let out a buzzy fart followed by some rapid loose poop. It wasn't quite diarrhea but it was pretty loose. I looked at my blue lace panties and noticed I had some skid marks on them which is sometimes common but I didn't really have to go last night. I farted one more time and began to wipe.
After I showered and got dressed for church we ate donuts for breakfast and then drove to church. As church began I felt my stomach churn and knew what was coming. I waited for about 15 minutes and decided I couldn't hold it anymore. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and went to the nearest open stall. There were 6 stalls and 2 were being used. I took the 4th and and a person on my right. I pulled up my maroon dress and pulled down my black thong. I say down and let out the same loose poop I had from this morning with bubbly farts. As I finished my first wave I sat and listened to the person next to me. She had on these black heels and had them pointed inward. She grunted and then released 3 fast plops. After that I pushed hard and let out more loose poop and I really started to stink up my stall. I felt done and began to wipe. As I wiped my neighbor let out a long log with s fart and then heard it drop. I wiped 6 times and pulled up my thong. I returned to my family and I had been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. My mom asked what was wrong and I said that my stomach was pretty upset. After church which was about 2 hours later we went to lunch at Olive Garden. I felt ok but right after we ordered the same urge came back!! I went to the bathroom and saw that all the stalls were full! There were 2 other people waiting, one blonde in her twenties and another Girl that looked like she was 12. I clenched my butt cheeks and felt my huge poo touch the end of my thong! 3 people in the bathroom were pooping and it was smelling pretty bad. A stall opened and the 12 year old went in. Right as she went in the stall next to her opened up and anotger at the end. I took the stall next to the 12 year old and pulled down my thong and let out a huge fart followed this time by diarrhea. I pushed out this chunky but liquid poo with one blast. I grunted harder and pushed and more came out. I was feeling really sweaty and took s minute to catch my breath. As I did that the 12 year old was letting out turd after turd with a sigh in between. She let out about 7 turds and then began to wipe. As she wiped I let out more poo and I looked down and saw the water all completely brown. By this time both the other woman and the 12 year old had left and I was alone on both sides. After that I heard the door open and heard two girls about my age (16) come in. One commented about how bad it smelled and the other agreed. They both took the stalls right next to me and the soon realized I was the source of the smell. I farted really loud and heard giggles on both sides. I don't really mind that I really had to go so I didn't have time to care. They both peed and then went to the sinks. I had a minor wave and let out another blasting and booming fart with liquid poo and heard a whisper "oh my goodness!" I've become immune to this type of judgement. As I sat and pushed I heard the door and my sis came in and said that my mom had sent her to check on me. We were alone and she commented that I really stunk up the place. She took the stall next to me and pulled down her pink bikini briefs and peed for about a minute. I farted one more time and decided to wipe. I flushed before I started and it left a HUGE skidmark. I wiped about 10 times with a couple wads of tp and flushed 3 times to get clean. I pulled up my thong and washed my hands. I didn't have any more issues the rest of the day which was pretty weird I don't know what caused all that but I sure hope it doesn't happen again soon! Anyways that's all for today hope you enjoyed my story and bye for now

End Stall Em

15 years of change

My boyfriend Spencer and I were scheduled to go to a pro basketball game last week, but he had to back out at the last minute because of the recent snows and there's a lot of snow removal work for his company to do. So I invited Allison, a friend of mine since grade school, to go with me. She accepted. I drove over to her apartment to pick her up after my two-hour chemistry class. When I knocked on her apartment door she texted me to come in. She was in the bathroom constipated so I waited in the living room. When she came out she came out she was frustrated that she couldn't move her crap, but I made a sarcastic remark that the time would eventually come. I reminded her how adventurous we use to be in grade school and how we spent so much time in her tree house and she was so much better than me in crapping into one of her mom's coffee mugs. I would hold the mug and got pretty good at turning it as her soft crap came out. She taught me how to turn the mug just like the server at DQ would turn the cone under the ice cream machine to make the ice cream more compact in the cone. Then when we finally came down from the tree house we would dump the crap into the alley behind her house and the garbage truck and occasionally someone riding their bicycle would squish through it.

In grade school--especially in the 4th & 5th grade years--Allison and I would sign out to use the bathroom at the same time. We were both good students and would get so bored with the slow pace of the class. So we would get stalls close to one another, have almost a daily pee and sometimes a crap together, and we enjoyed the time together and the fact that we were not being interrupted by immature boys. I have always been willing to use bathrooms away from home because I learned quite young that there's no use in holding it. Our "bonding" continued up to like 8th grade at which time Allison often would avoid using the bathroom. Even her craps, she would hold in until she got home. If the bus was late or my mom took longer than normal in picking us up, Allison would often be holding her crap, and sometimes, even her pee. Then she'd make a run for the bathroom once we got to her house. She would complain about our school bathrooms being "gross" and how no normal person should use them. Often she would say that while waiting outside of a stall while I was on the toilet. I remember more than once we had a couple of sharp exchanges because I was seated and crapping or peeing (sometimes both) before the bus came to take us home. I think she resented that I wasn't go to hold it in like she was.

We had a hour-long drive to the sports arena. I stopped on the interstate about two-thirds of the way there to pee, and I encouraged her to try again. Allison made a negative remark about highway bathrooms that I just let go. Then we got to the arena and I told her I felt my crap coming on. I didn't want her to feel bad but I went into the first bathroom, huge with about 30 stalls, seated myself and did a moderately good job, if I do say so myself. When I came out, Allison asked me if the toilets had those seat protectors. I told her no and that I had never used them anyway. At halftime, I could tell she needed to crap, you could smell it and I could tell she was not at ease. I made up an excuse to go downstairs to the bathroom and she came in with me. She got really angry with herself for having to use the facilities, and I know the lines were long, so I stayed behind her. Her turn came after 10 minutes or so. I saw her put a huge amount of paper on the seat for liner, and then she did most of her crap from a standing position. Only in the end did she take the seat and I don't think that was for even 15 seconds. That was obviously the toughest part of her crap. I quickly took the stall after her, threw myself onto the seat and peed with speed because the line wasn't getting any better. I did notice, though, that she had used all but two tiny pieces of the toilet paper.

As we were washing our hands, she was complaining about the lack of hot water, having to touch the handles of the faucets, and things like that.
Although we both enjoyed the game, I got to thinking how uninhibited she had been back in our tree house days.


My Girlfriends Accidents

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few stories about my girlfriend, she'll be referred to as "Jane" throughout this how ever that is not her real name.

So a little back story first, we have been dating for about 5 years now, she has IBS so her pooping habits, or lack there of, are pretty open between the two of us. Its never been a big deal to me and sometimes I even enjoy when she has the occasional accident, its almost like a bonding thing for us cause I'm the only one she ever tells.

So going back as far as I can remember here are some of the accidents she has had since we've been together.

The first one I remember is when we we're 15, our first year together. We had gone to her house after school to hang out, as soon as we got in the door she went to the bathroom and I went to hang out in the living room, nothing unusual, but when she came back I jokingly grabbed her bum as young teens in love tend to do, but when I did that I noticed that I could no longer feel her underwear (she wears pretty thick cotton panties so you can always feel the lines through what ever shes wearing) and she pulled away and got a little self conscious. I knew something was up but I figured it to be "girl problems" and we carried on. However later when I had to use the bathroom I noticed at the top of the hamper, a pair of stripped cotton panties with some pretty big skid marks in the back, I was a bit shocked but more excited than anything. I never said anything to her about that and why would I? it was her personal business and I didn't want to embarrass her.

After that first accident though I was intrigued so checking her laundry hamper became a regular thing. I often found underwear with poop stains in them, but just normal ones, not nearly as big as the one time, until a few months down the road. I picked her up from work one evening and took her home, she changed and showered like she usually did after work. We hung out for a bit and of course later that night when I went into her washroom, I saw her work pants on the top of the pile, and balled up inside one of the legs was a pair of very poopy underwear, more so than I had ever seen from her. You could see the outline of the poop and there was still a dried up piece of it in there. I was fascinated.

Time went by and it was the same old stuff, skid marked underwear in the hamper every once in a while but that was it.

After about a year of dating naturally we were more comfortable with ourselves and she started pooping at my house or when we would hang out, it didn't bother me one bit. She had mentioned a few times to me that she was constipated or the opposite, that's when it started to click that she obviously had some bowel problems.

So we're 16 now, sitting on my couch at my parents house when suddenly she gets up to go to the bathroom, as soon as she stood up I was hit with poop smell, I knew it was her but I didn't say anything. However I did listen as she went to the bathroom. I heard a loud splash and lots and lots of wiping. She came out after and we continued to hang out but she had that familiar self consciousness that confirmed that fact that she did have an accident. I never saw her underwear from that night to confirm but I know it happened.

So we kept on dating and I stopped seeing her have accidents and finding her messy underwear, until last year when we moved in with each other. At that point we were obviously more comfortable with ourselves and over the years prior she revealed to me that she had IBS, so her pooping issues were pretty out in the open.

Now the most recent time she had an accident was the first time she actually told me about it because we weren't at home. We had gone out to a local pet store (I wont say which one) to get supplies for our cat. Jane was complaining of discomfort in her belly but that wasn't out of the norm. Pretty soon after she looked at me and said "Matt I really have to go can we hurry up" She was almost in tears so I just said "forget it I'll come back later, we just gotta get you home" As we were walking out that's when I smelled poop and I just knew it, she messed herself. I wasn't able to tell cause she had a long coat on. When we got back to the car I asked if she was okay, Jane replied " I just wanna go home and change" so we rode home, she was very self conscious and kept saying sorry for the smell. I reassured her that it wasn't bothering me at all (lies). We got home and she changed and showered. That was the first time that I actually saw her have an accident and also the first time she told me.

Many times and still to this day I go into the bathroom to find a pair of panties that have been rinsed out and hung on the radiator to dry, she pretty much only owns dark coloured undies to hide the stains, she knows I am okay and accepting of it, after all its not like she has much control over it. I'm sure I will have more storys in the future.


To Tyler and Tristan

Tyler- yeah it was a massive urge, I am just glad my roommate left when he did. Otherwise that was going to be a bad situation.

Tristan- it is nice to hear I am not alone when it comes to occasionally giving in to a massive urge and going in my briefs. I wonder if there are other guys our age that do this, either being shameful pooper or just waiting too long. I bet you it is more common than we think.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jess great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Trish both had really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

@Ashley G I post every now and then, it'd be great to hear a couple more stories. Loved your previous ones x

I started back at college after the new year and avoided the toilets the first week but today I had no choice but to use them...

I hadn't pooped since Monday and it's now Thursday so there was a couple days worth in me. I woke up this morning and felt some pressure but was running a little late so a shower got priority over a poop. I had a wee while I was in the shower and then once I was all ready I left to drive into college. It's normally a 20 minute drive so there was no issues there and by the time I arrived I felt no need for the toilet.
About an hour before lunch the pain came back and I knew I would have to go soon or it would be a change of clothes needed which would not be nice at all.

Lunch came and I was sitting in the canteen with 2 other girls from my class and there was 2 guys with us too. I was at the point of almost touching my panties with my poop so I crossed my leg under so my foot was on my crotch. One of the girls turned to me and told me she was going to the toilet and asked if I would go with her, we excused ourselves and I had to carefully stand up and clench without gathering attention. Nobody seemed to notice so we made a beeline for the bathrooms at the far end of the corridor.
We got to the toilets in a couple minutes and as we went in she told me she had to have a poop and not to wait if I didn't want to, we grabbed the farthest 2 stalls from the door and locked them.

I heard her pull her jeans and underwear down to her ankles and she started to pee loudly. I pulled my jeans and panties down to mid thigh and squatted down and my poo immediately pushed itself out slowly until it splashed into the bowl. It was about 7 inches long and nearly 2 wide, it was followed by 2 more that were about 4-5 inches long and the same diameter. While I pooped I noticed a couple of marks on my panties where my poo had touched against them but they were hard to see against their purple colour. The poops were quite hard and solid. I could hear plopping from the next stall and after I pooped I had my pee which lasted about a minute but it was just a dribble for most of that time. I wiped my bum twice and gave a little bounce to get rid of any pee drips before I pulled up my clothes. The girl I went in with flushed at the same time and we both sprayed a little perfume on at the sinks when we washed up.

She is one of the few people I am confident enough to poop near. Hopefully have some more stories soon, maybe have one with my sis again.

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