Little Mandi
Hey guys,
Last Monday morning when I woke up, my stomach wasn't too happy with me for some reason. I had spent the weekend at my friends house and I had to be up really early that day to catch my train back home. From the second I opened my eyes at 6am my stomach was bubbling and turning like crazy. I thought nothing of it tho and went about my day. Time went by and it wasn't stopping. My stomach just kept rumbling and rumbling and I felt this hot wet sensation in my butt. I knew I was gonna have to go poop soon and it was not gonna be pretty. I really felt like I was gonna have diarrhea. I wasn't happy that I had to do this at my friends house but I had an hour train ride back home so it was either go or have a miserable train ride back home. I actually had to go pee and brush my teeth anyway so off to the bathroom I went. I brushed my teeth and kept the water running to cover the embarrassing nasty sounds that I felt were about to come out of me and sat on the toilet. I went pee but oddly no poop came out. I knew I had to go I could feel the liquid pressing on my hole but I just could not go at all. I was a bit confused but I wiped my front and flushed and got on my way to the train station. The whole entire way home my stomach would not stop rumbling. I knew the person next to me could hear it but there was nothing I could do about it.I just stared awkwardly out the window feeling a little embarrassed. Now it was 9am and I had just gotten to my street and my body must have sensed it cause now I had to full on go poop. I walked pretty fast to my door. Threw my stuff on the floor and ran straight upstairs. I sat on the toilet and instantly a squirt of pure liquid diarrhea shot out of me. I gave a small push and out came another squirt of liquid it sounded like I was actually peeing instead of pooping. I felt a whole lot more in me so I pushed harder and a bigger squirt came out followed but a huge long wet liquid fart it might have been the longest fart I had ever done. I had a few more liquid farts then some solid poop came out. I winded up having to poop 2 more times that day but it was now more solid formed. I was kind of weirded out by that. I've had my poop start solid then turn liquid but never the opposite. Oh well what can I say. haha

Anna from Austria

to the other Anna

Anna I really liked your latest story.

And yes Alina was poor with such a mother. I am also really glad that my parents never said something like that.


To Tristan and Steve

Wow! Such strong urges you two get; eh? Especially you Steve....when you described waking up with a full bowel.....and that super strong urge to empty it.

Tristan too.....your description of needing to GO NOW! was awesome.

We're of course we're gonna get strong urges! Although I really don't get such strong urges like you least not very often. Oh well....

What I really like is when I get a mild urge and go and sit. Slowly but surely the turd works it's way down; maybe over a minute or two. Then....I feel that it's "ready"...I spread my cheeks just a bit to open up a little more....and out it comes! It's just perfect sometimes; not too hard or too wide....but firm enough to give a great sensation as it slides out of me!

Hey; it's MY Body; right? I'm gonna enjoy it!


I Did a Little Something Mean Today


I am really ashamed of myself for what I did today. I've thought of myself as a kind and considerate person. But what I did today I am a little ashamed of but I don't think that the person that I did this to could ever know that what I did was on purpose and not an accident.

I mentioned, briefly, that I hired an administrative assistant to help with the finances in my business. She is young, slim and attractive. She looks like Melissa Benoist - fair skin, honey colored hair and almost as tall.

Well, "Melissa", as I will call her since I don't want to use her real name and since I compared her to a famous Melissa, always takes a break at 10 AM - everyday, without fail. And without fail she goes to the bathroom, stays in there for about 10 minutes and then comes out. I've gone to the bathroom a few times after her to pee, and you can always smell poop. The smell is usually the same, and it is the smell of a loose stool, but not diarrhea, if that makes sense.

Well, today, I decided I would give her an assignment that I knew that she could do in several minutes, but one that I insisted, had to be done right then. It was something to do with a financial statement from a vendor and that I needed to know it right then to complete an order so that I could receive a shipment (it really did need attention today, but not that minute.)

She looked at me a little worried, and I could tell that she was a little fidgety. I could tell that she needed the bathroom. She usually has a cup of coffee that she gets from our coffee shop in the morning. As she was going through the files on the computer looking for the information to complete the assignment, she just got a fearful look on her face.

Then she farted. It started kind of squeaky and then bubbled. It wasn't a very loud one but loud enough that there was no denying what she did. She just started breathing heavy and looked like she would cry. She said, "Oh god, excuse me...oh god...oh god..." Her face flushed red as a strong fart smell enveloped us both. "Oh god..." she was breathing really heavy, her face grew more and more red and her eyes watered.

"Catherine, this needs to wait. I apologize. I will be right back." I responded, "It's OK. I'll see if I can finish." And she rushed to the ladies' room. Not quite ten minutes later she returned.

"Listen, I am really sorry. I am so embarrassed. I just really had to go to the bathroom and I thought I could wait while I finished," she said. I responded, "It's OK. I am so sorry that I stopped you from going to your break. Also, I want you to be totally comfortable working here. Please tell me if you ever need to step away." She is not an assertive person.

Of course, deep down in my heart I know I did it on purpose. I am so ashamed of myself. I don't think that she will ever know that I knew that she poops every day at 10 and that I intentionally stopped her. But I know it.

She is an awesome employee and I hope that she won't try to leave over that one thing. Is there anything that I could do or should do? Thanks for your replies. I feel terrible, but I needed to write this and get it off my chest.



Dear Optional Person: Your name is OK! It isn't need to change. I think I checked long time before, you are man, aren't you? Even at now, your writing look like writing of man, not woman. Thank you for writing very nice things about me. I am happy you like all my post. I think not good style, bad English, I am sorry, but I do my best.

Dear Anna from Austria: I shocked when I read about you did motion at your friend Alina's house long time before. I think Alina's mother even more worse than Kazuko's mother. Because you are guest in her house! If you do really bad thing, I understand she scold because you are little girl, but motion is not bad thing. Why she think it is better that you do in your panties? Kazuko's mother never say such thing to guest in her house even she is little. She say only to Kazuko and her sister. If guest, little girl, long time in loo and strong smell, perhaps she say "are you OK? your stomach not bad?" or such kind of thing.

Kazuko came to my hometown day after New Year and stay 2 days in my house. Of course she went to loo. In my house, if my friends come, my mother and father use loo in downstairs only, and we use upstairs. So after breakfast, Kazuko went to upstairs, of course she tell me where she go and why. She don't tell my parents, but they understand and they say nothing, I stay in downstairs, talk with parents, but after maybe 10 minutes and once flush, Kazuko's strong smell come down to us. My mother said, "is she OK, does she have stomach ache? I hope I didn't give her bad food." I said, "I go and see." But I know Kazuko's motion habit, so I am not worry, but I go to loo and say small voice, "Kazu are you OK? but of course you stay as long as you want, no worry." Kazuko understand my speech style, she know her very own bad Mina, so she give little laugh and I hear small bururururu noise in loo water. I go downstairs and say to mother, "she is OK, she say our house loo so nice comfortable place, she didn't know she stay so long time, she is sorry." My mother say, "I am happy that she relax, OK to stay long as she want." So I said, "I said to her same thing." My mother look at me with twinkle. She know her bad Mina also stay in loo long long long time and do motions interminable. My father also twinkle. After few more minutes, twice flush, door open and Kazuko come down to downstairs, she said, sorry, I forgot time. But my mother said, it is holiday, so go-yukkuri! It means, take your time as much as you want.

I look at Kazuko, she understand my look, it means, I want to go to upstairs with same reason to you. She give me little smile, I can see so much love in her smile. I look at my mother, and go to upstairs, and sit down on warm loo seat and begin to relax. Soon motion came out slowly, and then again, and again, and again. We eat too much at the New Year, maybe. While doing a lot motions, I can hear Kazuko talk happily with parents. Same with Kazuko, I flush in middle, then do more motions. I hear my father also go to loo. of course in the downstairs. But he finish same time with me, so maybe he stay only 5 or 6 minutes.

Then I and Kazuko go to put make up, my father go to grandparents they live next house, and my mother go to loo. And then when all ready, we go out, very nice weather and we had happy time all of us. My parents like my friends very much. My mother always say, "so happy you have so good nice friends in city! I can trust them!!"

To Anna from Canada: Thank you for nice words. I write you next post. Also Catherine. I am glad, you are better!

Love to all you and everyone on this site.

Mina and friends



Jay Bee: Great to hear from you. I began posting six years ago. Please read my posts on 1811, 1820 and 1821. I give lots of details. However, I think that it is size, volume and texture mixed with a strong urge to go that makes my bowel movements and enjoyable experience. If I had to push them out, if they were sticky, small, or if they came with cramps, I don't think that I would have the same attitude towards going to the bathroom. I am glad that it's an enjoyable experience for you.

Just Another Girl: Happy New Year! Great to hear from you! What an awesome poop! Glad you feel better!

Adrian: Thanks! 35 is still young and I am really trying to maintain my activity and energy levels. Thanks for the perspective, but I am going to make sure I stick closer to my normal diet next year.

Love to all!



To Julianne

First off, could it be that you are waiting too long to use the bathroom? Could there be a medical problem that is affecting your ability to sense when you need to go? If it's when you have loose, or diarrhea stools, that tends in general to be harder to control than a nice firm one. Start looking for patterns that lead up to these accidents, and also keep a change of clothes with you in case you have one. Try to see if you can get your bowels in a rhythm so that you can get things on to a schedule and may be able to avoid the accidents. Do the accidents correlate at all to "that time of the month"? Consider wearing protective underwear, if nothing else, it will soak up much of the liquid in the stool. I would imagine that this would help a great deal with clean up. Have a "survival kit" with you (or near by) that has clean clothes and underwear as well as plastic bags for the dirty stuff, and disposable washcloths to clean up with. Good luck.


Cold or warm seats?

Last week I was shopping immediately after work at a home improvement super store. I had peed three times that day between appointments in some of the nicer office towers of our city. All of those restrooms were well heated.

However, after work this warehouse store, while well-heated for its 100,000-square feet of shopping space, had restrooms that were quite chilly. The had block walls and were on the far end of the building facing the north wind. There were three of us, including a mother with a 1st grader in tow, who entered about the same time. Four out of the five stalls with doors were occupied. The mother with the little girl pointed out the far stall that was available and the girl with braids and gray sweats on quickly locked the door and I saw her clothing fall and her feet leaving the floor. Within a second or two she called out "Mommy, the toilets too cold," and she awkwardly ran out with her clothing only partially up. The mom turned to me and told me I could take the toilet and that her daughter was much too (and I really liked her word for it) persnickety. I immediately thanked her and shot down to the stall. Within 15 seconds I had my slacks down and my butt was on the seat and I was dropping my crap which I had been holding in heavy traffic. Within seconds my body heat took over as I completed my crap.

Immediately I stood and flushed (something I've tried to teach my Kellen and Darcee to do which will help keep the smell better in the bathroom) and then I seated myself and wiped. Then I did my final flush. As soon as I opened the door I noticed the other mother had taken her stall, but that little girl was still waiting. I told her the seat was now warm (something her mom called out to her and encouraged her to take it) and the girl took up my offer instead of waiting for her mother to get done.

As I was washing my hands and combing down my stringy hair, I got to thinking about this situation more.

Do you prefer waiting for a warm seat instead of taking a lesser-used cold seat?


New Year

Hello folks. Happy new year to everyone, and I also want to say happy new year to! Today I had a slow poo that consisted of several peices that varied in size. It took around 5 minutes to complete, and didn't smell much. This morning I farted a lot too, and even did a fart a few minutes ago that crackled a bit. The metal roof on our trailer rumbles when the wind blows a bit hard, and today I made a joke about it. I said that Casper is banging around upstairs lol! You know, needs some humor mixed in with all the great stories! Anyway, I hope everyone's toilet routines are getting off to a great start. For the constipated people, has anyone tried prune juice? Again, happy new year!


To Catherine

I'm so sorry!! In post about Chloe, I took a big mistake! I wrote, "Kazuko's mother is like Chloe". I wanted to say, "Kazuko's mother is like Chloe's mother". I am very careless woman, I give apology to you.

I write you soon about your lovely words, healthy shame about going to loo. You are good mentor for me, I am silly young girl only 24 (but soon 25). My three best friends all 25, so I am baby, Maho and Hisae sometimes scold their baby, but Kazuko never scold.

Kazuko has appointment tonight, but she said she comes after, because she want to go to loo in my flat!! She says my flat is best place in world to go to loo.

Love from bad Mina

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Some Helping Hands

Hello. It's the Toilet Trooper with another shituation. To re-introduce myself for the ToiletStoolers that don't remember me, my name is Ebony. I'm a 23-year-old Jamaican-American cosmetologist living in eastern North Carolina. Marriages are special because they create kinship, unite people, and form bonds between the person you love with a simple ring and ceremony. However, weddings can also strengthen bonds beyond the couple, sometimes involving the asshole. My 24-year-old sister Coco and her now husband Lamar planned holy matrimony, from sending well-crafted invitations, creating the venue, and preparing the dinner. Coco decided that the wedding would be in Atlanta, Georgia, the city where we spent most our lives and met some of our best childhood friends. For whatever reason that night, a huge traffic jam existed in my rectum and I struggled to get things moving. When we arrived in Atlanta, we checked into our hotel rooms, with me, my husband Brandon, and our kids sharing one, Coco, Lamar, and their kids sharing theirs, my daddy, my 17-year-old sister Mahogany, and my 19-year-old brother Alonzo sharing theirs, and my 21-year-old sister Tawny having her own room. The plan for that New Year's Eve was to attend the bachelorette party. The men already attended their bachelor party, so it was their turn to watch the kids. To my horror, the party was beginning soon and my ass was in so much hard labour, I was actually hoping my asshole water would break.

Not wanting to go to the party in pain, I told my sister Coco I was hurting due to the boulder in my anus. She suggested I'd see Mahogany for some constipation medicine. Though I wrote about Mahogany before, for those unaware, my baby sis is constantly constipated because a combination of candy and grilled cheese, her favourite things to eat, practically becomes bootyhole cement when digested. I just never thought she suffered anal clogging THAT very day. I asked Mahogany for some medication and to my delight, she handed me some of her prescribed medicine. Shortly after taking it, my belly rumbled with a slight bubbly sound, something that never happened prior to taking Mahogany's bowel mover. I entered the latrine in Tawny's room, warning Coco and Tawny that I might take a while. Coco suddenly turned into Bridezilla, yelling at me. "We don't have a while! The party bus would be here soon!" Nevertheless, I entered the latrine and shut the door, lowered my clothes, and sat on the toilet. Just when I started pushing, both my sisters barged in. "Sorry, but we have to hurry," Coco said, sternly. Coco frantically stripped ass naked and hopped in the shower. Tawny began to brush her teeth and wash her hair at the mirror, while I sat on the toilet between them. With my bowels bubbly, I pushed with Jedi force, and burst out a stream of piss that loudly poured into the underlying water.

Meanwhile, while pushing hard and straining loudly, the turd poked out the cave about a possible three inches. "It's stuck," I said, whining. Coco moved over the shower curtain to show herself. "You have to push hard, Ebony!" Coco yelled. It was funny because she yelled like it was a life or death shituation. I pushed so hard, I was expecting my ass to prolapse. "Is it moving?" She asked. "Yes, sort of." I replied. The piece slid out further, about another possible three inches before getting stuck again. Even though the piece hadn't hit the water, the smell seeped throughout the whole small latrine. "Oh god, that ????ing stinks!" Tawny shouted, holding her nose and scrunching up her face. "What crawled up your ass and died?" The latrine held an awkward scent of body wash mixed with shampoo, toothpaste, and a septic tank."You chose to come in here, Tawny." I said, rolling my eyes. "You get what you pay for." The nerve of her. Suddenly, the turd stopped sliding out. "Yo, it's stuck again," I told. Coco shook her head and sighed. "Please help her, Tawny," she said. "I would help her, but I'm wet and I can't stand the smell." Tawny turns around, holds the toothbrush in her mouth, and faces me. She motions me to sit upright by gently pushing me back, puts her hand on my right side, and squeezes with a powerful, painful force. "Ow, bitch! What are you doing?!" I shouted.

She mumbled a barely intelligible "push" due to the toothbrush and toothpaste foam resting in her mouth. I pushed and to my surprise, the turd slid out faster. "Okay, it's actually helping!" I said. As it slid out, the turd grew thicker, stretching my booty evacuator, but eventually stopped again. "It's still stuck y'all!" I informed. Coco then hopped out the shower, soaking wet, soapy, and dripping puddles on the floor. She squeezed my left side and stomach with her wet hands. "Okay, now push," Coco said. While pushing again with both sisters forcefully squeezing my stomach, the turd slithered out easier and finally hit the water softly. I breathed a deep sigh of relief. "It's out!" I shouted. "Thanks a lot y'all." Sweat trickled down my forehead and I panted to catch my breath. Just like that, Tawny turned back around to brush her teeth and Coco returned to the shower. Both exclaimed at how much worse the latrine smelt after unleashing it. The monster looked serpentine, with lighter brown and dark brown discolouration with bumpy composition. Part of it poked out the water, measuring possibly longer than 12 inches. To keep the smell from getting worse, I flushed the toilet, which was thankfully high-powered enough to flush the entire thing. After the third wipe, the toilet paper was perfectly white. Once we got ready, our party bus arrived at the hotel entrance at 11:30PM, which took us to a Reggae club. Thanks to all three of my sisters, I got to party and show out at the club without suffering. I love my sisters.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper


Hello, y'all. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper posting some replies. I also want to thank everyone that replied for their kind words and condolences, namely John H, Postman, and asparagus. I really do appreciate it.

I also have some time this weekend, so I should be posting more stories soon as possible.

To Optional Person: Yes, the story is hard for me to forget. I can interestingly remember many events from my childhood vividly, especially those that embarrassed me as a child.

To Catherine: I noticed that you said that you were an athlete that plays volleyball. Does playing volleyball or any sport get your bowels moving? I usually run to stay in shape. It usually helps me get things moving. Maybe it can help you too.




I'm a 22 year old teacher. Im quite small with blonde hair, blue eyes and slim.

I've only been teaching for a year and I'm currently in my first school. I don't normally cast a thought for these things but the part I'm finding hardest is going to the toilet.

I'd never realised it before, but it appears that I need to do a poo at the same time every day. Just after I've eaten my lunch every day, my stomach feels heavy and I need to go to the toilet. I'm quite routine-ish with my toilet habits.

The problem is, I find it soo hard to manage to do the toilet in a bathroom full of my pupils, especially when you need to sit for a little longer! I always thought there would be teachers bathrooms but there isn't, and if there are, teachers all just don't use them and go to the pupil ones instead.

I can put up with peeing in them. I wasn't a huge fan but I did it. I'd just put some toilet paper on the seat or hover if need be and be in and out as quickly as possible without making eye-contact.

However, after a couple of days in the job, I realised that during lunchbreak, as soon as I had finished my lunch, I needed to do a poo. I tried just holding it in but it felt horrible. I'd be standing at the board in front of a class having to squeeze out little farts and stuff and it just felt so uncomfortable.

I tried to go for a poo in the school toilets. I pulled everything down and sat there on the toilet but just couldn't do it! I have noticed that I fart a lot when I poo and I just couldn't allow myself to make those noises with all the comings and goings around me. I just like did a pee, stood up and left in a bad mood.

Recently though, I've started bringing my own loo! One afternoon I needed the toilet so badly that I swore I'd never put myself through that again. I was extremely desperate for a poo! I had to make an excuse to step out into the corridor and do an urgent fart. pupils were asking for help at my desk and I was sitting with my hands clasped between my knees and my ankles crossed. Sometimes my young nephew stays with us and he has a potty at our house in the cupboard so I decided to bring this to work with me. And before I go on, I am so not proud!

I keep it on the sideboard in my classroom and pass it off as a material that is used for making volcano models with and is hidden in amongst them! Before I tried it in school, I had a little trial run at home. When my boyfriend was out playing football I experimented. First, my idea was just do use a basin. However, I noticed that when you like perch your bum on it, it tries to tip up, a potential disaster. It's also really low to the ground and pretty uncomfortable. I didn't actually have a poo or a pee in it during my trial run, I just experimented with sitting on it not doing anything.

Although it was far from ideal, I was going to make do with it and take it to school with me. However, I then came across the potty! Again, I sat down on it and although it is a tight fit, you sit marginally higher off the ground than the basin and it's actually pretty comfy. There was no danger of any spillage either. I was so impressed that I even did a trial pee in it there and then!

The big test then followed- Taking it to my class at school! I'll talk you through exactly how it went on the first day!

Lunchtime came, and out came my potty. There's a little window on the classroom door with a blind on it, so I pulled the blind over and locked the door. I was taking so many precautions and being so careful because it was my first time haha.

I went to the floor at the very back of the class and opened the window next to me. Obviously, I had came prepared with a toilet roll and a little black tuperwear tub to pour my 'waste' into.

So, I had a little skirt on which I moved up from my body. Then I pulled down my black tights and pants to my knees before lowering my bum down onto the potty. I felt it comfiest to sit with my knees bent rather than straight out, so I was almost in a squatting position.

I remember this so vividly! I had a pee to start with, like I often do when I need a poo. Although I'm small, I'm a little bigger than the average user of a potty! So to do a pee, I have to move the potty towards my front region a little more.

Next, it was 2 or 3 little wet farts to start the poo. When these had finished, a big sloppy poo slipped out and curled itself into the potty. Like I said, I get really flatulent when I'm on the loo. So I then had another couple of wet farts. The sound from them was echoing badly obviously because I was doing them right into a plastic bowl and I was worrying a little bit that someone in the corridor may hear some of the louder ones. Hey, so What! For all they knew I was just sitting at my desk farting through my tights and skirt, even teachers are allowed a fart at lunchtime!

After the farts I felt mostly empty to be honest, my number two's aren't that impressive haha. One more little dry, firm piece came out and that was me feeling empty. I moved my potty forward again as I needed some more pee.

Then started the wiping. I always sit down to wipe. After a poo, I reach round behind with my right hand and go under my right thigh. Had I done this on the potty though, I'd have had a hand full of poo because the potty is too shallow! This meant I had to stand up a little and tilt my bum in the air to wipe, not something I've ever done before!

I wiped a couple of times and placed the used toilet paper in my tuperware box. Just Before pulling my clothes up, I wiped my lady bit dry seeing as I had done a pee too.

Then came the clean up! I started with pulling up my pants and tights and making sure they were sitting correctly and letting my skirt hang back down. Next I tipped the contents of my potty into the tuperware box and sealed it. I wiped out the potty with an antiseptic wipe before placing it next to the volcano equipment.

There was a small whiff in the air at the back of the classroom. It didn't really stink, it was more like just a fart lol. However, there was 30 minutes before my next class so was quite confident it would clear by then.

I then put the tuperware into my handbag (It's a good quality one, no smell would come through!) and headed to the ladies toilet. As it was lunchtime, they were quite busy! I got into my cubicle and made it sound as if I was pulling my tights down and siting on the toilet.

I sat for a minute so people thought I was peeing. While I did this I opened the tuperware and had it ready to pour down the toilet bowl. I tore off toilet roll, pretending to wipe myself and poured the contents of the tuperware down the toilet right as I flushed it. Again, I wiped the tuperware down with an antiseptic wipe and hid it in my classroom.

Because I'm describing it word for word, it sounds like a really long process but it only took 10 minutes overall haha. I wasn't on the potty for all that long.

It was lovely being able to teach that afternoon without thinking about when I could get to the toilet or fart etc! I now do this most days with the very rare exception and I've got very efficient at it now.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my unique way of doing the toilet or anything really regarding toilet use and being a teacher. X

Optional Person

My big squattypoo. talkin' farts. posting. abbie responce.

Today yet again, I wanted to do something different to poop. I decided to squat. I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I was only wearing underwear and I took the tidy whities off. I lifted my feet up and placed them on the front of the toilet one by one. having faith that my anus was positioned over the water I pushed, two short pieces fell out in rapid fire, then one piece took its time, while the rest plopped out "jemma" style. the smell was nice. I got down I saw my thick short turds, most of them were in the toilet bowl hole, while a couple where bobbing in and out of the water like, well logs! I then lightly sprinkled them with a little pee that didn't have much color, that was after wiping my anus three times. I then flushed. it all went down quickly leaving one juicy skidmark on the corner of the toilet bowl hole. I hope you have all enjoyed this "gross dump." :)

one thing I feel I have been missing from my life, are farts. I love farts, especially from girls, but in this case I am talking about my own. I have never been a person that farted a lot, not as a kid and not now. but specifically now, sometimes I notice myself farting a lot before or after I get into bed for the night. but not often any other time. I am not sure why though. Some of those long loud ones I rip before I go to bed, I sure wish could have been echoed by my toilet.

I would like to note I have been telling stories and posting them since the beginning of last year. I would never have thought it had been that long. I plan to post for the foreseeable future.

Awesome story Abbie. I am always impressed by how many cute women can produce such large "gross" turds.


about Steve A's survey question

Something happened Friday morning at the gym that reminded me of Steve A's question.

2) Did you ever have any bathroom experiences from yourself or your customers? Do you have strict rules or bathroom usage at work?

I was working out in the early morning and when I checked in I noticed that there was only one person at the desk, an Asian girl named Melissa. I think maybe the other staff had called in sick. Later during my workout I really needed a pee. As I was heading for the locker room where the toilets are, I saw Melissa sprinting in the same direction. When I got to the bathroom she was using the far right cubicle and she was doing a big poo. While I was peeing, I heard her fart several times and the sound of wet poop splashing into her toilet. I was done after only about a minute, washed my hands and left. I saw Melissa sprint back to the front desk a couple of minutes later.

I believe there is a policy at the gym that staff are not allowed to leave the front desk alone. From what she was doing in the bathroom, I think hat poor Melissa needed to go really badly but was probably afraid to leave the desk alone until finally she couldn't wait any longer. I felt really sorry for her and I think any policy that restricts staff from going to the bathroom when they have to is cruel and stupid!

To Anna from Austria: I liked your story from work. Sorry you had to go badly in the meeting, but at least you had the bathroom for yourself. That's almost as good as being at home. I'm always glad to find an empty bathroom when I have to go number two.


Had one of those special dumps

Catherine has spoken about poo-phoria in some of her past posts - when you have such a fantastic bowel movement it gives you a bit of a high. I finally experienced that this morning.

I'd actually been a bit constipated the last few days. I mean I was still going every day, but it was a bit of a struggle, having to strain more than normal. But this morning, while drinking my coffee and playing on the computer, I suddenly got the urge to go badly. It wasn't diarrhea, just a very full rectum.

I went to the bathroom, sat down, leaned forward, and relaxed. No straining this time, as a nice thick, soft load slid slowly out. When I have dumps like these, I like them to go slow, as you can feel yourself getting lighter as the turd exits.

All I know is while I was sitting there, I was feeling really happy. When I was finished, I felt fantastic, and about 10 pounds lighter, too. After wiping, I took a picture (looked like a light brown rattlesnake all coiled up) then flushed, washed up, and started getting ready for work.

My good mood from my great poop carried over for the rest of the day, so Catherine you are right about poo-phoria. Wish it would happen everyday, but I enjoy it when it does happen.

Hope you all have a poo-phoria moment soon.

Saturday January 9, 2016

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