Catherine - Hello again! I'd completely forgotten that we exchanged comments after my last post. Yeah, I guess going at the station was the right thing to do. As I said, I was desperate so the alternative would probably have been to poop on the train, which I think would have been more embarrassing. I enjoyed your story about the trip to the cinema, I don't really look after children myself but I do wonder what I'm going to do when I have to be in that situation.Thanks for the reply.

Anna - Glad you liked my story. I always avoid pooping in public toilets as much as possible and can easily go a good few weeks or even a couple of months at a time without using one. Like I said the irony sometimes is that I end up being desperate when I do go and this leads to some embarrassingly big and loud poos. Are you at university now? I probably did my most public pooping when I was a student a few years ago, particularly when I lived in a shared flat (I've got a lot of memorable stories from back then that I'll share here sometime). I work for up to thirteen hours per day too which means that I sometimes have to go there, but I really like to try and avoid that as I don't want my colleagues hearing or smelling me.
I enjoyed reading your story about your library poo, it sounds like you're still a bit of a shy pooper yourself but at least your last neighbour was also pooping which makes things a bit less embarrassing. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Adrian - Thanks for your reply. It's strange really, I don't know why I get so shy about public pooping when I know that other people have exactly the same needs as me. I personally don't judge other people for their poop so why do I feel like they might?

Brandon T - Glad you enjoyed my story.

Only got time for replies today but I'll try and describe one of my older stories in a future post. Today I've been lucky enough to be able to poo in the privacy of my own toilet which is always the best

Thanks for reading

Kate x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna as always another great story it sounds like you all had pretty good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Simmee great story.

To: Anna From Austria it sounds like you had a pretty rough day hope you felt better soon after.

To: J.A.G great story about your big poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Stubborn turd

Greetings. Hope everybody's year is off to a good start.

So for some reason, even though I eat a high fiber diet, this morning I had a pretty difficult bowel movement. I went through my normal routine of drinking a large glass of water, then walking the dog, then having a cup of coffee. About 6:30 I went to the bathroom to take my dump.

I sat down and spent a few minutes reading the paper, then I started to bear down. Normally I just give a slight push and the turd slides out with no problem, but not this morning. I had to really strain to get about an inch or so out, then it would move no further. The small chunk broke off, then I took a break. After a minute I pushed hard again, but no luck. I was about ready to give up, but I decided to give it another shot.

I read for awhile while the turd moved down a little further. I read the review for the new Leonardo Decaprio movie, which really looks good, by the way. I gave another big push, and this time it moved out slowly. Once the lumpy end was out, the rest slid out pretty easily. It landed in the bowl with a thud. I started to wipe, and ran out of toilet paper, so I had to stand up to get another roll. I got a look at this thing while I got the new roll out of the cabinet above the toilet. It was a single log, maybe a little over a foot long, and about 2 inches thick.

After I finished wiping, I flushed, and thankfully it didn't clog the toilet. Still not sure why this one caused me so much trouble. Think I'll add an extra apple to my lunch each day. Couldn't hurt.


Post Title (optional)Chronic Constipation

I suffer from chronic constipation due to a neurological disease....If I take laxatives they work but unpredictable and I can be running back and forth to the toilet...if I do not take laxatives my poo gets so big and hard I almost black out pushing the stubborn turd out....does anybody else have this type of problem?
I really need some help!


Scottish Police Officer

A new poster here but I came across this story from 2014's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland


... Whistleblowers said they were aware that two of their stressed colleagues wet and messed themselves when they were denied time off to use the toilet. Others are said to have gone without food or water during day-long patrols...

Last night, Scottish Police Federation leaders confirmed they were investigating and had raised a list of complaints with Chief Constable Sir Stephen House's senior team. One of the complaints related to reports that two officers had "accidents" whilst in uniform.

One source said: "A WPC had to resort to using some bushes as a toilet whilst patrolling a perimeter fence on a 12-hour shift after being denied a comfort break and we know of a young male officer who found the wait for relief unbearable and had to wet himself in the middle of the busy Buchanan Street.

"Another officer, who was suffering from a stomach upset, soiled himself after being repeatedly denied access to a portable toilet as he did not have the correct accreditation pass. He had been denied a break, despite asking five times and messed his pants so badly that he had to be taken off duty."

Another insider said dozens of officers destined for Glasgow were left standing for hours at a park-and-ride point "The police operation is a dangerous joke and officers are at breaking point"

Federation chairman Brian Docherty stressed officers were doing a "fantastic job" despite facing a string of problems. He confirmed that some have complained about the conditions but insisted force chiefs were "doing their best" to sort out the situation.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they had looked into claims about an officer wetting himself and had not yet been able to identify the constable said to be involved.

Catherine. I hope the upcoming "major dump" to which you referred to at the end of your last post went well and was a nice, firm consistency.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your diarrhea at work episode. Do you think it might have been down to something you'd eaten?

Crystal. There's really no need to feel bad about your accident. Everybody has accidents pretty much from time to time. If your friend Lexie and hewr boyfriend are half decent people they'll understand. You can always say that you were taken ill.

Today my bowel habits have resumed a measure of normality and I've had a couple of decent poos although I haven't 'done' as much as I'd have liked.


To Tristan and Steve

Wow! Such strong urges you two get; eh? Especially you Steve....when you described waking up with a full bowel.....and that super strong urge to empty it.

Tristan too.....your description of needing to GO NOW! was awesome.

We're of course we're gonna get strong urges! Although I really don't get such strong urges like you least not very often. Oh well....

What I really like is when I get a mild urge and go and sit. Slowly but surely the turd works it's way down; maybe over a minute or two. Then....I feel that it's "ready"...I spread my cheeks just a bit to open up a little more....and out it comes! It's just perfect sometimes; not too hard or too wide....but firm enough to give a great sensation as it slides out of me!

Hey; it's MY Body; right? I'm gonna enjoy it!

Sonya Sue

Steve A's survey

1) Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in the bathroom?

At the truck/travel stop convenience store I work at there's a unisex bathroom. There's a window about 1/3 the size of a normal window right above the toilet. We have to step up on the toilet in order to grab the handle to pull it open. Sometimes, our customer who uses the bathroom will pull it open on their own if the smell is getting too bad.

2) Did you ever have any bathroom experiences from yourself or your customers? Do you have strict rules or bathroom usage at work?

Yes, and I've written about them. They can be looked up in the back pages. For example, we get lots of comments on our bathroom because we offer those ass-gasket covers you put over the seat. People doing a lot of traveling, especially over-the-road truckers, really like them. Normally, we have two clerks on duty at busy times, but sometimes only one will show up on time. In situations like that, I can't use the bathroom because there's nobody to cover checkout for me and management worries about the possibility of shoplifting. Locking the door for the couple of minutes I'm on the toilet is a problem because all the gas pumps would have to be shut off under some federal government rule.

3) Do parents teach their boys and girls different bathroom habits?
This is an interesting question. Many of my male friends complain about how badly the guys' toilets are treated at school. And not all guys have been taught how to hold their penis and aim their pee. And flushing, especially when they've crapped, needs major improvement. I remember when I got down off a public toilet when I was like 4 or 5 mom would remind me to double wipe and then flush it down. If I complained, she would make me stay in the stall and with both arms work the flusher until it activated. She also showed me how to use my foot, although until I got better balance and confidence, I would often stumble against the toilet or cubicle panel.

4) Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or get upset about it?

Yes, me and a cousin were playing alone in his backyard one summer. There was a wooden area around there and some junk was stacked over in one corner. We were both about 6. We were messing with the old garden hose and he offered to have a pissing contest into it. I would hold it up for him to pee into and he would hold it up for me to do the same into. An old lady on her deck nearby saw us and called his mother who then came out and caught us. She got down on her knees, looked the both of us in our eyes, and said two words that have stayed with me--"Never Again!"

Jenny @ Tree Farm

Survey Info

Hi all, thought I'd answer a quick survey while on my lunch break :)

1. Could you state your age and gender? 26 & female

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

C, Leaning forward if I'm using a toilet or squatting if going outside.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax?

Depends on how desperate I need to poo and how comfortable where I am. If I'm at home or a nice restroom within 20 seconds. Longer if I'm feeling awkward lol

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?

When I usually poo within a minute, if I'm super desperate I will be turtle heading already so before I get to the restroom.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard


6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.

A: 5 - I'm usually farting constantly when I have to go
B: 3-4 still gassy getting it out
C: 1 usually all done by then

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

Usually B, sometimes they're very wet (D) if I have to go and I'm being physically active. So yeah it's not that uncommon I have some skid marks in my panties lol so gross!

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

A: 2-3 minutes
B: 10-20 minutes (mainly wiping!)
C: up to an hour

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop?

I have clockwork bowels which I'm really thankful for so usually once in the morning and maybe once in the afternoon.

10. Do you enjoy pooping?

When it's good omg yes, very satisfying.

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?

If I feel a bit constipated I will try and force farts out before I'm in the restroom to get the bm moving. It's a bit of a gamble but usually it works out just fine.

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop sometimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?

I usually pee and poo if I know I have to go, but sometimes after peeing I will wipe and go back to what I was doing until I realise I actually have to poo, then I go back soon after.

Jen - Happy New Year!!



John H: Hi! Thank you for your kind reply. No, Alan does not know that I post here. I would die if he ever found out! Really, I would die if anyone I know would find out! Regarding your question, I really like to let nature happen. Because of all the fiber I get in my diet, my urges to go are strong and my poop is thick and soft, so going is not much of a struggle and more of a relaxing, comfortable experience.

Julianne: Hi there! I am so sorry that you have been struggling with accidents. If I could share, my parents totally changed my diet when I was a preteen after I struggled with alternating constipation and diarrhea. All it took was a humiliating accident on a Sunday morning in.a new dress to convince me of the need to make a change.

People have varying degrees of sphincter control. I would say mine is pretty good, but I had a volleyball teammate hold diarrhea for 30 minutes in practice because she was embarrassed to tell the coach she had to go. I remember that she got in the locker room and exploded on the toilet. We talked afterwards and she that's when she said how long she was holding it. I could not do that.

However, I would advise that you talk to your doctor about your issue and see if they suggest anything. Also, I would keep a journal of diet as well as circumstances surrounding your accidents. Are you stressed or anxious? Lastly, if you feel like you can tell your supervisor, I would say that you are having stomach issues and that you may need to leave the floor at anytime to go to the bathroom. But see if a diet change helps. Your stomach should never cramp, unless you are sick or it's that time of the month.

I hope that helps and wish you the absolute best. I'm sorry you are struggling with your bowels.

Cindy: Just awesome! Happy New Year!

Kate: I re-read your post on 2415 and saw that we had exchanged comments! Welcome back! Hang in there with the public toilets. You made a great decision to go at the train station instead of holding it. Either way, chances are you would never see them again. However, that sounded like a really good bowel movement and I hate that you were not able to go in the privacy of your own home.

Kamdyn: That is a funny story! I've never had an apartment, but when I lived in a condo the first thing I did was to change out both of my toilets. Glad you got to spend quality time with your father!

Love to all! I hope that everyone's New Year is off to a good start. Now, time for the bathroom. I have to take a major dump!!!


to Chantelle and Jasmin K


I really love your stories. Have you had any constipated poops over holidays? Looking forward to your next stories!


Jay Bee


Hi Catherine,
I just wanted to check in & let you know I really enjoy your stories. I'm sure you & Alan wil be very happy together. I also enjoy passing a big poop & have for as long as I can remember. If you don't mind me asking, when did you become fascinated with your poop? I always thought I was strange for feeling this way, but obviously I'm not so unique.


library poop and a few comments

Today I had to do a poo in the library. I was studying with my friend Danielle when I felt the need to go. I ignored it at first, but after about half an hour or so, I couldn't hold it any longer. I told Danielle that I needed to go to the washroom and she said she needed to go, too. We went to the small bathroom in the back where there are only three stalls. The far left cubicle was occupied with a girl peeing. I took the middle one and Danielle took the one on the right. I locked the door, put down my bag and then pulled down my jeans and white string. The toilet looked all clean and I plopped my bum on the seat. I could hear Danielle do the same thing and then she started to pee immediately. I didn't really need to pee very much, but also didn't want to poo with my friend in the next stall. I had a little tinkle while I squeezed my bum and held my number two. While she was peeing, Danielle had a little fart and I heard her giggle a bit after it slipped out. Then she started to pull of paper and so did the other girl. They both flushed and left their stalls. Danielle asked, 'are you almost done, Ann?' and I told her that I would be a little longer. She said 'ok' and went to wash her hands. Since I wasn't peeing any longer, both her and the other girl knew I was needing a poo. After they both left, I leaned forward, put my legs on my thighs and started to push. A small fart slipped out and then my first turd started to drop slowly. While I was still pushing, the door opened and someone took the stall to the right. She pulled down her pants and started to pee quickly. I had a quick peek and noticed she was wearing high winter boots and had not pulled her pants all the way down. My first log dropped with a big splash and then I pushed out another one. My neighbour was also having a poo. I could hear her strain a bit and then what sounded like a couple of small turds falling into her toilet. I knew I wasn't quite done and started to browse my phone. After a couple of minutes I pushed out a final, small turd. My neighbour was quiet all the way throughout. Even though we both had pooped, the smell in the room was not bad at all. I pulled of some paper and wiped my front and back. I only needed a few sheets. Then I flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants and left to wash my hands. When I was checking my hair in the mirror, I heard a tiny fart coming from the right cubicle. Then I left and joined my friend Danielle again. I had a peak at the washroom door and after a couple of minutes a petite and pretty black girl came out and went back to her table to study. I felt really relieved and we kept working in the library for a couple more hours. That's my story for today. I hope you liked it.

To Julianne: Thanks for sharing your post. I don't really know what to do. I have had many close calls but never an accident as an adult. But I am so sorry, about what happened to you. I hope it gets better in the future. And if you do have an accident, it doesn't make you any less a great. It happens to many people and it's totally ok. I also wanted to say that you sound like a really sweat person.

To Anna from Austria: I think what your friend's mum said is so horrible. I feel really sorry for Alina that she got bugged on the toilet so much. Ever since I can remember I have spend quite a long time in the bathroom for number twos. And very often I had loud and stinky poos, I cannot help it. I am so glad my parents never said anything.

To Kate: That was a really cool story. I also used to be very poop shy and I still kind of am. I am often embarrassed when I have to use a public toilet for a number two and I am not alone. The worst is when I have to do a big, loud poo when my neighbours only have to do a small tinkle. You said you try not to use public toilets, how often does that work and how often do you have to after all? I prefer to go number two at home, but I probably have to poo in a public toilet every other day or so. Mostly at university, but also at the gym or the mall.

To Mr P: Happy new year to you as well! I hope you are doing great and I am glad you liked my story. I can assure you that we girls can really stink up a bathroom. Usually my friend Danielle and I are the worst, but on new year's morning Nikki had diarrhea so it was extra bad!

I went out tonight with my friend Lexie and my boyfriend, and I got way too wasted. I've been trying not to admit to myself for the past 6 hours, but last night I peed my pants, peed my panties, and destroyed my dignity. What can I possibly do to get rid of this stigma?

Donnie C.

To Julianne

Sounds like you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which can cause sudden attacks of diarrhea like the one you described. Also, do your accidents seem to coincide with your period? You should talk to a doctor about your poop issues.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you both had great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Venus first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough time and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Julianne first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Abigail great story.

To: Cindy J great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate great story.

To: Jemma great stories about your desperate poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


New girl at school

Having been off school for two weeks because of vacation, I'm finding its taking me some time to regulate my bowels and bladder again after having pretty much freedom during our time off. So yesterday in study hall, I got back into the ritual of raising my hand, asking permission of the teacher, and then signing out and taking the permanent hall pass with me to the bathroom. What I'm trying to do this semester is to avoid, if possible, trying to get through the line, onto the toilet, and still make the run to class by the tardy bell. A good reason might be that this Saturday I've been assigned a detention for 3 hours for tardies. Even though my counselor said that some students get up to 4 hours because it is not their first offense, I still think it sucks.

So I left study hall and walked to the nearest bathroom. About half the cubicles have no privacy doors, so I like my new plan that means I will have more privacy with a door--although all don't latch that well. I took the 3rd stall, pulled my underwear down, hiked up my dress, and seated myself. I was starting to lose myself in reading the graffiti on the door, and with my finger I could see someone had used a knife to carve what I think was a gang symbol into the old wooden door. It was obvious that a sanding machine had been used on it many times. To my left, I saw the pink tennis shoes of the new girl from Europe enter that stall. She's in two of my classes, really smart and speaks with an accent. Then she left the stall, went across to the sink and turned the water on. She came back in, I heard her undo her jeans, and her underwear and jeans hit the floor. Then her feet came up as she took them off and laid them over the top of the door. I had never seen anything like this before and as I dropped my first log, I was trying to figure out what she was doing. It was hard for me to hear what was coming out of her. All I could see was that while she was seated, her pink shoes were moving farther away from one another for less than a minute. Then it was obvious that she stood up, and I saw her legs move as she stepped back into her jeans. The toilet flushed, I counted three times, and then she opened the door and washed her hands.

As she was drying her hands, she called into me and asked me how much time we had on a restroom pass. I told her I didn't know but I wasn't done yet. She told me to have a nice day before leaving. I dropped a couple of more pieces, then wiped and flushed. As I was washing my hands, I got to thinking about the advantages of striping to crap.

How common is it? Have any of you tried it?

Optional Person

Catherine,MRS.Toilet Trooper, my own story and letter.

Catherine - I am glad I had that effect on you. it is nice to have someone be glad to hear from me.

Mrs. Toilet trooper... wow 12 years ago, that story is really engraved in your memory. Well I happen to find bad smells from pretty girls nice, so it wouldn't have bothered me.

In the last two days I had to nice or " gross dumps." First one I sat down backwards and made a huge squishy pile of poo. one of those poos that all comes out at once in one splatter. Then just today I had a nice poo that was a "5 dollar" foot long turd. I had to do that joke. one short stub also came out.

I have been having either large squishy piles or a nicely formed one to two inch long log. I don't feel like I changed my eating habits really, but I am loving the way I am pooping currently.

I was just sitting here thinking about the fact I have never used my real name. you all know and have accepted me as optional person. I guess I feel like less people have the actual name I have. I consider sometimes using the real name, but you all know me as OP now.

I never thought in a million years that I would ever post here. I mean I had been looking at this site probably since it came into existence, thanks to Julia who I wrote about. perhaps it is destiny that all lurkers eventually get the bug to join in and have fun.

I went through a dry spell because there wasn't much to say, I am back again thankfully. I like it here.

I would like to thank you all for accepting me.

Thank you ,

Optional Person.

Anna from Austria

Diarrhea at work

Yesterday at work during an meeting my stomach start to hurt quite bad. But I could not leave for 25 minutes as the meeting was very import.

When the meeting finally finished I started to become quite desperate and head straight the Ladies Bathroom. Both stalls were empty, I took one stall locked the poor lowered my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I started to push slightly and after a big fart a torrent of diarrhea splashed from my bottom. and again and again. I had to moan during the big splashes.It was almost as bad as my last diarrhea after the chili. The only difference was that it was not as gassy as the last chili diarrhea.

I just made lots of ice cream like stinky poop. After I was finally finished I cleaned my self and flushed. The stall stunk really bad by now.I opened the door quick and closed it as soon as possible so that I do not "pollute" the hole toilet room so much.

I washed my hands and went back 2 my desk to grab my stuff and leave the office. Luckily this happened in the evening where most people in the office where already gone. The meeting was the last thing day for work on that day.

So I had the toilet for myself and nobody asked my what took me so long..

Greetings from Austria



we had food poisoning

Last week, I and my girlfriend ate a lot of french fries, sushi and orange juice. then when we came back my home. we had food poisoning. I and she started to vomit and diarrhea. then she ran to the toilet and locked the door. we had just one bathroom here I hold in my diarrhea and cry out until she came out. I went, she came out, I came out and she went around 1-2 hours. and when I came out the toilet again, she can't hold in and it runny down her legs. she cleaned herself a long time in the bathroom and I can't hold in my diarrhea too but I just pooped in my pants a little bit.
finally, we drank ORS and cleaned her liquid poop on the floor.

I think if because bad sushi. I hate it!

J. A. G
I've been a little backed up lately - I haven't gone to the bathroom for two days - and tonight I went out for dinner and ate enough to suddenly make me need to go again. At first it wasn't too bad, but on the drive home it gradually worsened. Once I was at home, I went into the bathroom and seated myself on the toilet, and not a moment too late!

As soon as I'd sat down, I relaxed slightly, and out came a large amount of decidedly un-solid poop. It wasn't loose or runny, but it definitely wasn't solid either, and it stunk really badly too! Once I'd started going, I couldn't stop - it just kept on coming! Eventually, when it did come to an end, I stood up to have a look at what I'd done, and I was shocked. It looked like a big brown cow plop! I haven't done something like that in a long time!

I wiped and then flushed, keeping my fingers crossed that it wasn't going to clog the toilet. Fortunately, it didn't, so I went to wash my hands, feeling relieved and happy. I don't think I would have been able to hold it in for much longer, so thank goodness I made it home in time!

Optional Person

some interesting stories for you all.

I remember a story I thought you would like to hear. I was very little and it was our first family vacation. I was being introduced to The Beatles, and to the beauty of the united states, long before I would find out all that is wrong with the world. In Colorado we visited Pikes Peak, we rode the "train" up to the top. I don't really consider square rectangles a train, but anyway....... I was nervous as could possibly be. I had made myself very sick. and I tugged my mom and I said " mom I need to go to the bathroom." I had to pee. dad got me an empty water bottle and held it up, while my mom tried to block for me as I let out a pee from my very young manhood, for all to see, as though I was one of those peeing statue fountains. I remember the relief felt wonderful. It isn't something I would do now that I am grown up, but I guess I am glad it happened? I wonder if any girls my age on the train saw it, and if they became hooked on bathroom habits and if so do they post here? This was just before the new millennium.

I was with a old but incredibly sexy friend of my moms today, and twice I quietly farted under the table they didn't stink, and thankfully the sound was muffled. I was somewhat intrigued that I just had farted in front of someone I found sexy even though they never knew I farted.

I am not clear if I posted a story about this, I think I have. but when a relator was at our old house I took a dump on the driveway between the cars, when my mom saw it I tried to pass it off as dog poop, didn't work. lol, I fed some flies momentarily though.

I hope one day I finally find a beautiful women, who appreciates having her terrible scent smelled, because I'd love to smell it for her. hopefully we all find someone we can embrace this side of ourselves with one day.

oh and Catherine I appreciate that you are making Alan happy with your smells, I know how much I want that from a woman, so it is nice to know there is a woman sweet enough to give that gift to someone.

enjoy everybody.


Steve A's Survey

Finally getting around to your survey Steve; sorry it took me so long.

1. Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in a bathroom?

Every house I've ever lived in had windows. Great for dissipating the steam from showers and of course very helpful with the stink from a nasty poop. Keeps those odors from permeating the rest of the house. I think all bathrooms should have windows. Sure; there can be privacy issues...but I think that's a minor concern that can be easily dealt with in most cases.

2. For guys, did you or your friends ever believe that girls didn't poop/fart? If so, when did you or your friends find out the truth?

I don't recall ever believing that; or even thinking about it.

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?

I was working with a girl at a job in a Hotel. When she went in to the bathroom off the lobby to pee...she insisted on running the fan to conceal the noise. She admitted it; seemed to enjoy telling us that we wouldn't hear anything.

4. Do parents teach their boys or girls different bathroom habits?

Well....girls theoretically should not get constipated because they have to sit to pee...and while they are doing that...they can try and push to see if they can poop. They get to do this several times a day. Boys; on the other hand.....sometimes go for days and days without pooping...or even trying to poop....and end up constipated. Not everyone gets strong urges....and lots of kids enjoy feeling full and keep putting it off.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or got upset about it?

hmmm...I don't remember ever being caught like that. As a kid I would poop outside sometimes (like along a trail I was walking on) but I was typically alone and never was caught.


To Julianne

You can try plastic pants and thicker cotton panties. They are washable, won't show and will do the job when needed. I used them when I had diarrhea.

Thursday, January 07, 2016


Thursday Replies

John H. Glad to hear your diet and, just as importantly, your bowel movements have returned to a healthy, normal pattern. I think our bodies get used to processing certain things and they don't respond well when unexpected change is thrust upon them. Over Christmas I was briefly away myself and experienced a change of diet with it - more rich food than I'm used to eating - and my bowels responded accortdingly.

Julianne. Pretty much everybody has accidents during adult life, including the odd #2 from time to time. If you find you're having frequently or you're at all worried, I'd suggest seeing a doctor to get checked out. For what it's worth, based on your age and the situations you've described, I think it's unlikely you've got anything seriously wrong or life threatening. However there are some conditions such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which are unpleasant but can be made more manageable with the right medical advice and guidance over medication, diet etc. It's also possible your unexpected sudden accidents could point to some food intolerance, such as a problem with items containing wheat, so for that reason I'd advise getting checked out. The one thing you shouldn't do is worry. We have a lot of nerves in our guts and if we worry a lot it exacerbates any other bowel or digestive problem that might be there. Some people wear adult diapers either regularly or occasionally to manage continence problems and they're quite discreet as well as comfortable. I use them myself if I'm going on a long journey or likely to be without toilet access for a long while. Good luck.

Catherine, at 35 you're only a youngster! Wait until you're on the wrong side of 50 like me. I do know what you mean though by not being able to eat so much when you get older. When I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s my dear grandmother used to produce some enormous meals over Christmas - a huge roast dinner at lunchtime, a sideboard full of sweets, and then a full high tea with all the works. Amazingly we used to eat the lot. I couldn't do it now though.

Kate. Thanks for sharing your account of that railway station poo and the difficulty you had getting it all out. I'm not a fan of using public loos for #2s but that's purely for reasons of hygiene. For what it's worth I doubt whether any of the other ladies using those toilets were in the least bit concerned about what you were doing. I suspect they were far too wrapped up in attending to their own needs to give it a second's thought. The journey to becoming a shameless shitter may be a long one for you but I think a good starting point would be to assume that no one else in a public lavatory cares or minds about what you're doing. After all, everybody has the same needs and when we go to the toilet things such as the sound, velocity, and smell of what we're doing are completely beyond our control.

Jemma. I like the 'toilet diary' you came up with. It's an interesting idea. I might try keeping one myself and seeing if an identifiable pattern develops.

Re my own bowel movements. I had a nice, slightly soft, poo after breakfast today which felt great. At the end of the day I fancied another poo at work before leaving for home, not an uncommon occurence and usually successful. However today I didn't seem to be able to pass anything but wind. I then went to my local for a meal and a pint which I hoped would get things going. Another attempt at home around 8.30pm proved to be a struggle and I only managed to pass a small amount. This is a guy who normally manages 2-4 good poos a day, by the way!

Happy pooping!

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