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Hello, it's Ebony here with some more replies and survey answers. I hope that everyone had a great New Years because I know I sure as heck did. We went to my sister's wedding, went to the club with my sisters, gyrated our behinds, got drunk, and produced quite a few things that could be posted on this website. I would be posting the stories our night produced later on when I have the time.

To Sammy: Thanks a bunch and being a shameless shitter does take time. I don't exactly have a fear of using public toilets though, at least not anymore compared to middle school, but certain situations can be a bit awkward and embarrassing for me, especially when I'm sober. I want to reach the point where absolutely no situation embarrasses me. Whether or not that happens any time soon or at all is up to debate though, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying.

To Optional Person: The custodian was just too mad that he was the one that had to clean it up while smelling the fumes, unless he found a way to help the toilet flush. It happened about 12 years ago, but I still remember the smell. It was pretty bad. I doubt that he was able to get the toilet working because if he was able to, then he would have just did it instead of making a big fuss about the whole thing and lying on me.

To Adrian: Thank you for understanding. It was pretty humiliating. I had more humiliating moments in middle school regarding using the latrines, but I promise to post those stories at a later date.

To answer Steve A's survey:

1. Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in a bathroom?
-Yes, I recall having a window in the latrine of every house I lived in. Latrines without windows are weird to me. I prefer windows to be in latrines overall. They don't bother me. I like feeling the breeze blow through the windows during the warmer and hotter days. Opening the window can also help funky smells go away easier.

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?
-I've only worked two jobs, one full-time job as a cosmetologist at a local salon, and a temporary job in a warehouse processing items and scanning barcodes. At the salon, I don't recall any toilet experiences with customers, but I did have one with the boss. She completely had an accident and I helped her out by buying her some new pants. I posted the story like three years ago and named it "Asses to Asses, Trust to Trust" or something silly like that. At the warehouse, I was embarrassed by one of my co-workers due to his lack of manners. I don't think I posted that one, but if I didn't, I promise I will post it later on one day.

4. Do parents teach their boys or girls different bathroom habits?
-I think so, depending on the parents. One thing that we were taught as girls was to wipe front-to-back to prevent our girlhood from being infected with e. coli. As for anything drastic as girls being disallowed to use public toilets, but boys being allowed, I don't think that's common, nor were we taught anything like that growing up. Male or female, we all pissed and shit when we saw fit.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or got upset about it?
-Yes, I posted a few stories about relieving myself in places that weren't the toilet. I shared one experience about when I desperately used a fast food cup in a crowded latrine because my bladder was about to burst. I wouldn't say that I was "caught" because I did it without caring if anyone saw. Most people laughed and took pics, others were upset. I forgot the name of that story. I also did something similar, but in a bottle with a funnel in the middle of a traffic jam on the freeway. Guys were watching me, but I didn't care. I think I called that story "Take One Down, Pass It Around" and posted it here three years ago. The guys watching were laughing at us, so they were amused, not upset. I love amusing people.


Latest story

Hi, I had a bit of spare time so just thought I'd share my latest story from yesterday, I was at my friend Katies house as I'd slept over round hers. We woke up really late and after having our breakfast we were lazing round her room, we hadn't even got round to getting dressed so we were still in our nighties!! As we were chatting I started to get a heavy feeling in my belly and realised I hadn't been for a poo in three days, so no doubt I'd be needing one fairly soon. I noticed that Katie was fidgeting around on her bed a lot and kept rubbing her belly, I guessed she was starting to need the loo as well. She couldn't seem to get comfortable as she was changing how she was sitting every few seconds, her nightie was really short so I could see her white pants, luckily she had kept them on otherwise her privates would have been on show! I must admit I always keep my pants on under my nightie too, I think I would feel too exposed if I didn't. Just then Katie farted loudly and went a bit pink. "Oh excuse me!" She then added "I'll need to use the toilet in a bit, I can feel a poo coming." We're pretty relaxed about discussing our bowels with each other and I know we both get constipated quite a lot, so I said "Have you been finding it easy to have a poo recently, I know I certainly haven't!" Katie said "Well to be honest that makes me feel a bit better, the last couple of times I must admit its been a real struggle, I've had to spend ages straining." She paused and started to blush again before continuing "Last time was really awkward, I needed a poo when I was staying round my cousins house and I had a massive one which blocked up their toilet, my uncle had to get rid of it which was just so embarrassing!" I said "Oh that's really bad, I'm so sorry that happened to you!"
"Well, I was chatting to my cousin and she said the same thing had happened to her once when she had a poo round her friends house so that made me feel a bit better. Anyway, have you been struggling as well, Abbie?"
"Yeah, I guess it makes me feel better to know its not just me, I keep having massive fat ones that I find really really hard to push out, you know the ones where they come out of your bum a tiny bit but then when you try to push them out they keep getting sucked back up." Katie said "Oh yeah, I get that alot too, I know what you mean, it's a real pain in the bum!" She suddenly realised what she'd just said and added, "Literally!!" and we both started to laugh, suddenly a look of panic came across Katies face and she said "Oh God, I've just wet my knickers a bit, I'm bursting for a wee too!" She quickly got up and rushed over to her ensuite, I followed her in and sat on the floor as she lifted her nightie, dropped her pants and sat on the toilet, I heard her bum slapping down onto the seat as she sat down in such a hurry and then a strong jet of wee starting whooshing down into the bowl and she groaned with relief. I could see there was a wet spot on her pants, she must have caught me looking as she blushed, I said "Don't be embarrassed, it happens to me too!" Katie smiled and as her stream dribbled to a stop she said "Just as well I needed clean knickers anyway!" and she took her pants off completely, kicking them over to her dirty washing hamper which was in the corner of the bathroom, I noticed there was a pile of socks and pants on the floor next to it which obviously hadn't quite made it into the hamper! After she'd finished weeing she stayed on the loo and I could see she was starting to strain, but after a couple of hard pushes she shook her head and said "I don't think its ready to come yet, I'll try again in a bit." She wiped her front, stood up and flushed. "Actually I think I might need a poo now," I said, getting up and walking over to the toilet. I hiked up my nightie and eased down my pink spotty pants to my knees before sitting down on the warm seat. Katie said "I'll be back in a sec, I just need to put some clean knickers on" and she went back into her bedroom, I saw her opening her underwear drawer and then heard her saying "Oh great, I haven't got any left!" She came back into the bathroom, by now I was having a wee and was in mid flow. "I'm just gonna have to put some washing on, would you believe I've totally run out of clean knickers!"
"Oh I hate it when that happens," I sympathised, as my stream trickled to a stop. "A couple of days before Christmas I had the same problem, I got up late and realised I didn't have any clean pants left, I put a load of washing on straight away but by time I'd got them dry it was about 3 o'clock!!" I started to bear down and felt the tip of a hard log starting to poke out of my bum.
"Well, if I'm lucky there might be some in the drier," Katie said, going over to the washing hamper, "But I'll put a load on anyway." She tipped the contents of the hamper over the floor and started to make a pile of underwear, just like me Katie only wears white or pale pastel coloured pants so at least she didn't have to sort them into light and dark colours which made the job quicker.
"Right, I won't be long," said Katie, walking out with an armful of pants, I was doing a hard push so I just nodded. She came back a few minutes later and said "Luckily I found some clean knickers in the drier!" I noticed that she had some yellow flowery pants on under her nightie. "How are you getting on, Abbie?" she asked, sitting cross legged on the floor. I just finished another massive push with a loud grunt and said "As usual its really fat and I'm struggling to get it out," with that I bore down again, I could feel that I was going red in the face and a huge poo was stretching my poor bum. I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart, that usually helps if I'm struggling to have a poo, and did another massive push. I couldn't help grunting which was a bit embarrassing, I said "Sorry about grunting, I can't help it!" and Katie told me not to worry, she quite often needs to grunt when she's having a poo so that made it a bit less awkward. Luckily that did help and I felt the log slide out a bit more. After a few more pushes like that the log started to move faster and eventually it dropped into the bowl with a splash. I sighed with relief and said "God, I'm glad that one's out, it was huge!" I noticed Katie shifting around again and she said "Are you nearly done only I'm starting to get desperate, theres a log trying to poke out of my bum and I don't know how much longer I can keep it in." I'd already started to bear down again, I could feel another log starting to come out so I said after I'd pushed "I'll be as quick as I can, I just need to do a bit more!" Luckily this log wasn't nearly as fat so after a few pushes it fell into the loo with a loud plop. I said "Right, I'm done, do you want me to wipe standing up so you can get on the loo?" Katie said "Yes, if you don't mind, I'm going to get these knickers dirty any second!!" She quickly tugged down her pants and sat on the seat, luckily she didn't have any skidmarks. I heard her moaning as she relaxed her bum, she said "Oh God, that was just in time!" I finished wiping my bottom and Katie moved forward so I could throw the paper away. I pulled up my pants and sat down on the floor. Katie said "Right, its slid out a tiny bit, I'm gonna need to start pushing now though!" She took a deep breath and I could see her bearing down hard, she grunted too after she'd finished pushing so as I predicted at least it wasn't just me! She did a few more hard pushes and then said "It keeps getting sucked back up every time I stop pushing, its really annoying!!" I said "Try to push for as long as you can and don't have too much of a break in between pushes, just do your best to keep up the pressure."
"OK, I'll see if that does the trick," panted Katie. She pushed for ages until she went really red in the face, and then quickly took another deep breath and kept on straining. "Is it working?" I asked and she nodded. After a few more pushes like that she heaved a big sigh of relief and said "Well its not going back up my bum any more, but I still need to push it out, at least I should be able to take a break every so often!" She bore down again and did a loud grunt, she said "I told you not to worry, I knew I'd need to make a lot of noise as well!"
"Yeah, I guess its better doing it in front of you than if I'm using a public loo, I hate it if I end up grunting then" I said.
"I know what you mean," said Katie, in between pushes. "When I was at school I'd get really embarrassed if I grunted when I was having a poo, I mean, I tried really hard not to but sometimes I just couldn't help it." She paused for another push. "Luckily I sometimes heard other girls grunting as well which did make it a bit less awkward." I nodded and said "In the school where I went for sixth form a lot of girls used the school toilets when they wanted a poo so that made it a lot less embarrassing, I guess."
Katie said, "Its nearly out now, thank god!" Shortly after I heard a splash as Katies log dropped, and then she said "Right, the next ones coming now!" and started pushing again. After a few pushes I heard a plop and then a few seconds later a second one, the log must have broken off as it came out. "Right, I'm done now," said Katie, ripping off loo paper and starting to wipe her bottom. When she'd finished she flushed, pulled up her pants and washed her hands. We went back into her room to get dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!


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Pooperlady. Like you I think there's something liberating about peeing in the shower and it's been part of my (almost) daily routine for the last ten years or so. One tip which I picked up fairly early on is to make sure the showers running before I start peeing. That way the shower doesn't smell. Plenty of soap is also a good idea too.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your account of the 'morning after' bathroom use by you and your flatmates. If you were all doing #2s straight after each other I'm not surprised it ended up stinking a bit!

Catherine. Glad to hear you're feeling better. A Happy New Year to you too!

John. Thanks for sharing your experience of a pool side poo whilst at the Carribean. In order to produce such a massive load you must have either had a lot to eat or else been backed up and not 'done anything' for a day or two. I bet the weather was a good deal better than it's been here in England!

Venus. There's an old saying "be careful what you wish for." Do you really want to eat something that's going to make you go in your pants and leave you with a big cleanup job? I'm not sure I would. What I suspect you really need is something gentle that will get things moving but not so fast that you can't get to the toilet on time. My lady friend swears by an orange for achieving that for her. Personally I'd recommend eating some prunes, figs and dates. Pontefract cakes (liquorice) are also good for getting things moving. Don't overdo it though and try tgo stay within comfortable distance of a toilet until your bowels get moving again. My view is that over the counter or prescription laxatives should be avoided at all costs as they interfere with the natural workings of the bowel. Constipation is annoying but it's one of those conditions which normally sorts itself out naturally sooner or later.

James. Thanks for sharing your XBox accident. I think it proves an important point. As adults we can easily fall into the trap of thinking we're invincible and can hold it in for ever. However the truth is that if we put off going to the toilet for long enough we do have accidents. Our bodies are designed to override our willpower and sphincter muscles as an ultimate safety valve if our holding capabilities are stretched beyond bearable limits. I'd say it's one to put down to experience.

During the last couple of days I've felt a little off my food and my bowels have been a little loose and squiffy. My GF has advised me to keep off red wine for a day or two but it's the first I've heard of red wine having an effect on the bowels. I don't drink that much - usually just a couple of glasses with my main meal. I'll follow her advice though.


My Christmas trip

This Christmas vacation I traveled to the other side of the country for my annual visit to my biological father. Because of the weather, one of my flights was postponed and then later canceled. So I spent a longer amount of time than I wanted to at the airport while the problems were worked out. Just like I wrote about three months ago, again I found I am not that good with those automatic-turning, cellophane-covered toilet seats. At first, I was hoping that because of my previous "experiences" with them it would be easier this time. It wasn't. I really had to wee bad. Sure, it was my fault because I held it since I don't like waiting in long lines, being bumped by those who want to move faster and have no courtesy. It took me probably 15 minutes to get to the toilet in all the confusion. Once I latched the door, I again saw the 3 lights flashing and there was a swirl. Then a thud as the seat brake went on. I was ready to burst when I pulled my jeans down, carefully lowered my underwear and seated myself. The toilet was a little higher than normal, so I slid myself farther back and I heard 2 beeps from the sensor. I saw that I was seated too far to the left and that was too uncomfortable and then I over-adjusted, and my butt started slipping off. Just my feet hitting the floor and my butt coming off the cellophane caused the flush to go off and my butt got splashed even before my pee started. And that was only after the seat did a partial swirl, another loud thud and my bad attitude again kicking in. Luckily those dump swirling cellophane covered seats were not in any of the other three airports I went through. Sitting in fear doesn't help my bladder or bowels do their thing. I only end up frustrated.

My dad and I had four days together. He's the manager of a building with 60 apartments so I helped him with some of the work. One afternoon while dad and I were talking outside the building entrance. He hates having to go outside to smoke and this 20-something lady named Lisa comes out and seemed to flirt with him. She told me my dad was a tyrant for requiring her to walk 2 blocks up the street to take her daily crap. As she started to walk, and I was starting to figure out what was happening, dad explained that this lady has such large craps that almost daily she is clogging the toilet in her unit. Dad has spent more than $1,000 a month on plumbers, but the toilet continues to clog because its the smaller type like we have in homes and not the much larger commercial toilet like there is at businesses, schools and airports. About 20 minutes later she came back, winked at me and told dad that he is responsible for her problems and the way the McDonald's staff looks at her when she walks in. She also complained that the seat was cold and the toilet paper was not the quality she has upstairs. Dad just shrugged it off and said something about her being the worst clogger in the building. I could tell there's something between them and their humor.

After the lady went back to her apartment, I told dad about my continued problems with the airport toilets. He was sympathetic and admitted he once had some trouble taking a crap on the cellophane at one airport and once more at a really high class hotel. Then he gave me a lecture about keeping such things in perspective. I agree with him that it would have been more of a hassle squat crapping over a hole in the ground a couple of hundred of years ago.


A Story

Hi everyone! Once I had a dream that I went poop, and my BM turned into a stinky monster lol! His name was Stinky Butt. I was at my current home (mobile home) in my dream. He wore dirty grey knickers, looked like a boy, and wore a black hat shaped like a toilet. The poo monster said that I should go to the house we used to live in, but I didn't want to go. With the flick of his poop-covered wand, I was sitting on the toilet at our old house with undies down. While doing another BM, I wished I was back in my current house. The old home in my dream was evil with bad luck happening to it all the time such as the gas stove switching itself on, etc. My current home always had good luck, and could lock itself so the poo monster couldn't get me. It was such a magical place indeed, that it talked, and even granted wishes. My next BM turned into a princess, and I was back in my current home in a blink of an eye. Here's an actual experience. The other day, I had 2 somewhat stinky medium turds, and I once used water from the bathtub to wet the TP. Bye, hope you enjoy hearing my story!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Laura From Italy first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop from when you were younger it sounds like it was a really good poop and I bet you felt good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great post.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Happy new year to you. It seems you had a really nice party. May I ask you if you've ever had diarrhea outdoors? Earlier, you mentioned that you once had to pee in alley on the way home from a party. Does this happen often when you walk home from the bars?


John H

Responses and comments

Hi all. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year.
I have been busy so only getting to responding now.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper, Welcome back, I do remember you posting from before. I have taken a break myself. I am sorry to hear your bad news and hope you continue to feel better as time goes on.

Pooperlady, I enjoyed your peeing in the shower post. Do you do this often? I think we all do enjoy a shower pee from time to time though most may not admit it.

Catherine, Thank you for your response and I hope that your poops have returned to normal after all the Christmas food. My own dumps were affected so I know how you were feeling. I went from producing nice large thick logs to softer mushy ones. I was also releasing a lot of farts and doing smaller movements twice or three times a day instead of my one big one. I Had over eaten a lot and had very little exercise so I am glad to be returning to normal now. These changes are to be expected around Christmas as everyone eats so much more food and at different times. Also a lot of people eat food they may not normaly eat plus there is drinking that takes place around this time so it's no wonder our bodies can get a bit out of sorts. Does Alan know you post here? I am guessing not but I am not sure. When you are on the toilet do you prefer to push your logs out or do you like to relax and let your body do its own work? I like to relax as much as possible so that I can enjoy the logs slowly stretching my ass as they make there way out. I look forward to hearing how pooping for Alan goes when you do it and I am sure he will love it.
Adrian, Hi and thanks for the response. I am from Ireland so not that far away. I Had been moving house before Christmas so I had been eating not so well for around a week as I boxed everything up and moved and unpacked everything again. In this time I was eating mainly take away food and grabbing quick snacks so not healthy and my poos were mushy and I was feeling bad in general.
I was glad to get back on track and start eating better again. I have been having large dinners and lunches of good food and for the first few days there was no change in my poos as my body was still getting rid of all the bad food.
On the third day I had a large but softer poo which was enjoyable and I knew things were returning to normal. This didn't stretch my ass so much as it was soft but I could feel the weight of the log pressing as it made its way out.
The following day I was hit with a strong feeling and I kneW a big load was on the way.
I sat on the toilet and allowed my body to relax as the tip of the first log began to make its way out. It was large and well formed Which is the kind of poo I enjoy.
The tip moved out very slowly and there was some small bits that plopped in to the toilet before the log began to move.
I knew it was going to be a big one as the wide log slowly began to move while I stayed as relaxed as I could. After a few inches it was very wide but it stopped moving as there was an even wider part to the log inside.
I sat and waited but it was to wide and I didn't want to break the log so I gave some smaller pushes and I could feel my ring buldging as the widest part of the log moved out.
The log continued and broke under its own weight but there was only a small distance for it to fall as it was so long so there was no splash in the water.
I produced two more large logs and a small amount of softer poo after the main log and it felt great to get it all out. There was hardly any smell in the bathroom as the load was well formed. My previous softer loads had stinked out the bathroom.
I will share another story soon.
That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H


To Laura from Italy

I liked your story about you having to poop outside when you were younger. I'd say you did the right thing to go behind the bush and poop especially given that your turds were big and hard - it was better to release them there and then. You mentioned that you have many stories to share. I'd like to hear them especially outdoor pooping ones.



embarrassing experience

This is my embarrassing experience.

today, i had a big breakfast after that my new boyfriend came to got me at home.
we were going to the his house that his family had a party in the noon
while i was in his car, i felt the urge to poop. wasn't a big urge i thought i could hold it.
i didn't tell him. i waited..
About 5 minutes away or so, i felt the strong urge to poop
and i thought i couldn't hold it a long time, but i still held it.
I didn't know what to do but clench and try and stop the rest
when we're almost there.
i grabbed behind me subtly to hold my bum until I found myself losing control and I accidentally farted.
He knew i farted and laughed me.
finally, i told him that i gotta to go to the toilet. i farted again.
i feel very shameful.

But ... he didn't know that it just not farted.

I'm 16 and i played football for my high school. I suffered a minor back injury earlier this year. It was nothing serious but it was excruciating to walk or even get up from bed. When i woke up the next morning, I had wet my bed. I still needed to "go", but i figured, i had already wet my bed, and it hurt to much to get up, so i just kinda relaxed and peed my pants again. I couldnt get up by myself, so i had to call my older sister (18) to help me. I had expected her to laugh at me. But she was just concerned. She helped me to the bathroom. I had to sit on a stool in the bathtub while she undressed me and helped me rinse off. Then, she led me to my room and helped me get dressed. I sat in a chair and watched as she brought my dirty sheets to the laundry. Later that day, i needed to go #2, but she had to help me with that too. More details later


first post

Heyyy so yeah, I'm new here, I have been reading for a little while and have decided to post. Soooo a lil bit about me, I'm 22, petite, preppy, redhead, and very social. I don't want say too much because I'm kinda nervous about someone reading this and knowing its me(super unlikely, I know)

But yeah.... I have had issues with accidents(usually #2), I know by reading posts accidents happen but I feel it happens to me more often, and today I had another. I rarely have accidents that are #1, like maybe 3 times since high school, most of those were from laughing a little to hard, you know. Those aren't as bad because like literally everyone does it. But my accidents that are #2 are way more embarrassing even though I have gotten pretty good at hiding it. I would say I have an accident every few months, as far as I know my older sister has only had 1. I have a few close calls but half the time I don't make it. I only had two accidents(in class) in high school and one in middle school but thankfully nobody ever found out,

Since high school I still have occasional accidents but I'm sure it's not normal. And the few times that it has been really bad and noticeable like today really make me nervous. I'm afraid that it'll happen at any time. I don't know how to be prepared for an accident other than some baby wipes, and an extra change of clothes. I have taught myself not to get worked up about it if it happens and to stay calm and act normal and sneek off to a wash room. I don't know what to do to keep people from knowing what has happened, I cant always where diapers because it's too expensive, it would probably be noticeable and people would know something's up. Plus to where them in preparation for a accident that might happen 6 months later doesn't seem logical. So yeah, I usually just where cheep panties, jeans or slacks. I sometimes where black pants if I'm really paranoid but it's not really my look. Plus my work dress code is khaki pants(probably the worst for hiding a accident) idk what to do.

Usually accidents happen if it's really soft, I get the occasional "squirt" or I guess shart, but I don't really consider those like full on accidents, those accidents don't worry me too much because I can just go to the washroom change my panties and nobody suspects anything. But when I suddenly get goosebumps, my stomach churns and realize I have like 10 seconds to get to a bathroom before I explode, that's what scares me. Today that happened.

So today was a regular day at work everything felt normal nothing really bad at work, until like the last five minutes I felt a little cramp, I started heading to the washrooms but it didn't feel like anything was going on, I helped a customer with a quick question, and right as I was heading to clock off the customer asked me another quick question and I got another cramp, this time it was worse and felt the goosebumps, I started heading to clock off but I wasn't sure if I should head towards the washroom first or to clock off on time and not get in trouble, I decided to play it safe and go to the toilet because I knew I didn't have much time, I walked quickly to the washroom trying to act casual, I felt a little tiny squirt and knew that I had only seconds because my behind was basically lubricated I guess is the best way to describe it. just around the corner a customer almost walked into me while exiting the wash room and startled me just enough that I couldn't hold back, I felt my behind almost instantly blow up, all the way up my crack to the belt of my tight khaki pants, it spread instantly to my "front area" and down my left leg, I don't think th customer realize what happened and he said "oh sorry" and kept walking. I knew I had seconds before the wetness would soak through my pants and be visible, so I just simply turned around and casually headed for the break room to grab my purse and jacket and clock out. My heart was racing and I grabbed my jacket and tied it around my waist, as I was clocking out a co worker commented "what the hell stinks in here" I said "who knows, it's smelled aweful since last break and I left trying not to cry. As I walked across the parking lot to my truck I got another cramp and just let it go, I diddnt even try to hold it back,it just caused it to spread more and a little down my other leg, I got in my truck and laid my jacket on the seat and just let it squish, it almost squished out the top of my pants but my belt stopped it. I drove home cleaned up for like half an hour and showered, turned on Netflix and now I'm typing this up.

Sooo yeah what can I do to prevent this situation? This is the second time I have had an accident at work and if a coworker finds out I'm never gonna be able to go back.

Optional Person


Toilet stool has been inspiring me to have fun with my dumps, which I am sure is fun for some of you to read. Today I went into the bathroom and sat backwards on the toilet. sitting backwards has become a typical practice for me nowadays. a turd loudly crackled out of my butthole and then I sprayed golden pee all over it. it smelled nice. it was probably one foot long, maybe an inch or two wide. I felt proud of it, and I snuck out of the bathroom to go get my camera and much like Catherine does I took a picture of the turd. one mildly zoomed in shot, one very zoomed in shot, one really far out shot just to show how big it really was, and then one selfie with the poo. That was fun, I crouched by the toilet, and held the camera in the air. it only took two tries, and I got a good shot. I then flushed the toilet after wiping. the poop left one skid mark. I then left the bathroom. hope you liked this story.


im pooping... happy new year.

To ms toilet trooper

My condolences for your loss. Ilove your stories glad ur back
And i am a musician also. I play the asparagus makes me poop loads

Happy new year all


Semi-constipated accident

Hi everyone. A couple weeks ago, you might've seen my sister's story about me peeing my pants in the backyard. Well, today I had another accident.
I was walking down the street to my friend's house. I hadn't pooped since last night. At one point along the journey (about a mile), I had to go to the bathroom. All that poop was demanding its way out. So I held it as tight as I could and ran. But when I got to my friend's house, I took my mind off my butt for ONE SECOND. And it started coming out. It felt like the consistency of chocolate that's just starting to melt - very thick. When it was done, I felt a lot lighter, but there was also quite the bulge in my jeans. I awkwardly walked inside, explained my situation to my friend, and cleaned up. No marks were left on my underwear. We spent the next few hours playing the new Star Wars game. Then I went home, where Emma told me about this site.

Optional Person

Steve A survey.

1. Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in a bathroom?

I don't have one. I think it is strange, for privacy reasons, but a nice natural way to clear your stink if it bothers you.

2. For guys, did you or your friends ever believe that girls didn't poop/fart? If so, when did you or your friends find out the truth?

I always new thanks to my experiences with Julia. Those stories are now deep in toilet stool.

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?

Not applicable.

4. Do parents teach their boys or girls different bathroom habits?

All I can think of is that girls sit down to pee and wipe front to back, and men stand up to pee and don't wipe there zone.

#4 Example: Girls don't use public bathrooms, guys use it no matter what.

From this site we no that isn't true. from reading this site it is clear many women push out monster turds with very strong odors into public bathrooms. some guys actually don't like using public bathrooms. the stereotype you mention has been around for a long time.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or got upset about it?

when a relator was at our first house when I was a kid, I took a dump " one long turd and one short piece" on the driveway between the cars. it was fully formed, hard, with cracks in it, hurt coming out, and the fly's found it very quickly. and though I tried to pass it up as dog poop my mom quickly found out it was mine and cleaned it up.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Happy new year to all.

@To Mina Sounds that your friend Kazuko has a very hard time with her mother. My mother was always very liberal concerning that topic. She had no problem when I stay at the loo for a long time, or when i am a bit loader on it.

But the mother of my best friend w hen I was 10 had also the Girls do not poop on the toilet craze.

I visited Alina one day at her family's house after school and we had dinner.

After eating I needed to poo quite bad. So i went to the toilet. I do not know the details any more, it has been a while. But I suppose it was like most of my poos always are. They take some time and ore quite noisy sometimes.

Somehow Alina's Mother must have heard me and asked me after i was ready if my parents didn't tell me not be so gross at the toilet..

I was perplex. I have never understood what is so gross at farting at the toilet and taking some time..

Since that day I never pooped at her place again. We stayed Friends during the whole school time until she moved away to study.

Alina must have had a hard time at home with her mother. I heard her pooping a few times in school. Same style as me. I am sure her mother didn't like that.

Greetings from Austria




To Braidy: It's always good to hear from you. I feel like I can relate, since I played volleyball and am 6'1 myself. I don't know how schools could justify doorless stalls. It seems that is inviting trouble. I can't imagine how you felt and I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that as a teen. Too, I am so sorry about Adam and what he experienced. I remember when you wrote about him. Love and best wishes to you both!

Brandon T: Thanks!

Anna: Thanks for your response. Great story!

Rookery: Thank you for the reply!

John: Wow! That was a monster!

Adrian: Thank you. I feel much better but I need a new holiday strategy! I'm 35, and I guess my bowels just can't handle all that!

Matthew: I agree with you about laxative ads. They are awkward. I do like the Dulcolax Stool softener ads though, that make it look "relaxing" to go. But you are right, those are awkward. Also, I am not a fan of feminine product ads, even though I'm a woman!

Optional person: It's always good to hear from you! Hope you are well, but that dump sounded gross!

Love to all,



Response to questions asked

Sammy's question:

Have you ever used a public bathroom and when finished, you discovered you were out of toilet paper? What would you do in that situation?

I hate to admit it, but it happens to me once or twice a year. Before I pull my jeans or slacks down, I always glance at the paper holder and quickly hope to see toilet paper. Once this past summer, I was at my boyfriend's softball tournament and I did see toilet paper hanging when I sat down for my crap. About 10 minutes later after I did a three-day dump, I pulled down the toilet paper and what I had seen was only the last two squares glued to the roll. I used each of them separately (and very carefully to keep my fingers clean) and then I used the roll. I stood and used one side front to back, gave it a half turn with my hands, and then did another swipe with the other half. It worked and I didn't have any mess in my underwear, despite the fact I was sweating like crazy.

End Stall Em's question on the color of public toilet seats:

I'm not going to say that I have a favorite. I try not to sit in urine, poop, blood, or anyone's pubic hair, but for some reason, white seats that are badly stained are something I do frown on.

Steve A's survey questions:

1) Did you over or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of window in a bathroom?

The first house my parents had when I was growing up had a half-size horizontal window above the bathtub. It served two purposes, if several of us showered/bathed in rapid succession, it helped get rid of the humidity in the bathroom that was so bad that at least three times caused my dad to faint. The same could be said about multiple craps being taken. Our air conditioner was also older so it conked out frequently. The window made those times more bearable because my parents were not always able to afford repairs until after pay day. It also served as a way for my friends to visit with me when they were ready to play. My mom had a strict rule that before we went out to play we had to go or at least try to go to the bathroom. If my mom told one of my friends that I would be out and ready to play in a couple of minutes, they knew what that meant. Then they came around to the west bathroom window and yelled up at me.

2. Not relevant.

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?

I worked at a food service job part of one summer. We were told to let paying customers use the single-stall bathrooms first and if there were lines forming and we had an absolute emergency to walk across the street to the large public park that had restrooms close to us. I had to do that a couple of times when my bladder was nearly bursting. My mom didn't like the rule because she knew the park toilets were pretty dirty, but my dad talked her out of calling my boss and complaining.

4. Do parents teach their boys and girls different bathroom habits?

Yes. It's probably because girls need to sit on toilets more frequently, but my mom was insistent about me not directly sitting on an uncovered public toilet seat--even at school. Neither of my older brothers were hounded like I was, especially when I was out with my friends and my mom would force me to take the "precautions" and that was only when I was convinced that I couldn't hold it.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom other than in a toilet?
How was it handled? Did they understand or get upset with you?

Once me and my mom got caught peeing in the weeds behind a highway rest stop. There was no tissues in any of the toilet stalls, although others would come in and use the facilities. So we walked behind the building, went behind several trees and mom convinced me (I think I was about 8) that I could spread my legs and pee. We were inadvertently interrupted by a father and two sons who were walking over to a bluff to fly kites. The dad was really sensitive and apologized like twice. The boys were continuing to laugh as he whisked them away from us.


Survey answers

First, welcome back Mrs. Toilet Trooper. So sorry to hear about your experiences over the past couple years.

Steven A.'s survey -

1. No window in my bathroom. It's a small interior room, but a window would be nice.

2. I've always known girls poop and fart.

3. No to the first question. My only rule is I only pee at work. I never poop at work unless I have diarrhea.

4. I don't know. I grew up with all brothers and I have two sons, so no experience teaching girls there.

5. No. I only use the toilet. I did poop outside once while camping, but I was way back in the woods and didn't get caught.

I had a real nice poop this morning. Soft, smooth, and long. Came straight up out of the hole and curved slightly to the right, with the tip coming up out of the water. Another photo worthy one.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday and a great week.

Mr P

Response to Anna - Party Poops Story and shoutout

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to say I loved your story about you and your flatmates pooping the morning after new years. It's hard to comprehend three ladies stinking up the bathroom haha.

I also want to wish everyone on this forum a fabulous 2016. I had some awesome post Christmas poos but probably not something that anyone would find interesting on this forum :)

take care
Mr P (guy in the wheelchair)

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