Cindy J

First poop of the year was a huge one

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's. I know I did. I had my first poop of 2016 this morning (Saturday the 2nd), and as my post's title says it was big. I poop most days, usually in the morning, but sometimes I skip a day or two. I did a regular sized poop on Wednesday the 30th in the morning. Then I didn't go on New Year's Eve morning. I went to a holiday event that night, starting with a huge dinner with some friends. I also had tons of snacks at the party itself, and it went on well past midnight.

The next morning, we went out to brunch before returning to one friends' house to lounge around and finish the leftover snacks from the night before (and there was a lot left). That afternoon, I started to feel like I needed to poop, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet but it was just a lot of gas. I felt much better after farting a ton though.

When I woke up this morning, I had some breakfast and started getting ready for a shower when I felt another urge to poop, much stronger than the day before. I had started the shower running, but not yet actually gotten in, so I just turned off the water and sat on the toilet. I farted a few times and peed a little bit before a thick turd started coming out. It felt pretty long too before it broke off. I followed it up with a slightly thinner but just as long turd. Then came another thick but short turd. Four small pieces plopped out, one after the other. I finished with a thin but really long snaking log.

I stood up to look at my productions before wiping. I saw two turds that were almost mirror images of one another. One end of each of the turds went around the bend and the other end curved off to either side. Together they kind of formed a W shape. Five turds, one much thicker than the other four, were floating around the toilet. And then a thin but long winding log rested at the front of the bowl, and most of it was outside the water. As I was about to shower, I didn't flush but sat down to wipe, then closed the toilet lid before having my shower.

Hope you all enjoyed the story. That really was a fantastic poop this morning. I even took a picture so I'd remember the details. I don't usually poop that big, but this one had been three full days in the making, and I pigged out over the holiday, so I guess all that food had to become poop, and a lot of it. Anyway, bye!


To Mina

Dear Mina,

Thank you for your reply about "Chloe" (not her real name). It's amazing the damage that can be done to kids in their early years. Alan's ex is narcissistic, at the very least. I am sure her new lover will discover that soon. When Alan and I have talked about the girls, he says that Chloe is very independent, strong-willed and takes care of her needs on her own. She has a lot of her mother in her, but then has a very strong, sensitive, compassionate side that she tries mask. She's very protective of her sister. Alan is worried about puberty.

I am sorry to hear that Kazuko had a similar experience. We all have to go to the bathroom. We should have a healthy shame about it, but we should be able to go when we need to go and encouraged to take care of our body's needs for health reasons.

Being human is a beautiful thing. It's not without pain and such. But our bodies are designed to have bowel movements. That's how digestion ends. We ought to encourage those in our care to take care of our bodies in a way that maintains dignity.

I am not their mother, but I am their female role model now and will do the best I can to teach them to care for their bodies, to be who they are, and to know how to take care of their bodies and to ignore any ridicule that they might receive.

Mina, I wish you were there to slap those boys who made fun of their friend when she came out of the bathroom. She was obviously embarrassed about her diarrhea episode and there was no hiding the fact that she was pooping from her friends.

You are so fun to communicate with on this forum. Love and well-wishes!


Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Sammy's question about running out of toilet paper is a lesson I learned early on in life. At my infant school in England, you had to ask the teacher for some paper, which caused laughter in the class. my older brother and I had developed a routine at home. The last few minutes before going to school each morning were spent with our trousers round our ankles.

Although I urinated several times a day at school, I had very few 'rear' jobs - though I usuually carry some tissue with me, some to wipe the toilet seat, and then my own seat. (I do use quite a lot of paper - I have a high fibre diet.)

On a few occasions, I've passed some paper underneath the cubicle to the guy next door, and been the receiver also. Newspapers need crumpling up, and you can get newsprint on your bottom and your underwear.

I remember seeing a poster in an office I visited with a small boy sitting on a potty, with a roll of paper at the side, with the caption, 'The job isn't finished until the paper work is done'. Budget for extra paper - it's a Leap Year.

Happy Leap Year. An extra sitting, more work for our bowels, and more paper to budget for.

Steve A

Answering My Own Survey

1. Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in a bathroom?

At my old house, the window was on the 2nd floor. My grandparent's house has a bathroom with a window in the shower on the 1st floor. My current house only has a window in the master bedroom bathroom. Although the window can be used as a fan alternative, there's a risk of people looking in your bathroom if it's on the 1st floor. I know, there are people like that in this world, it's terrible.

2. For guys, did you or your friends ever believe that girls didn't poop/fart? If so, when did you or your friends find out the truth?

I was never told that. I obviously know that everyone fart/poops since we're all humans.

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?

I posted a story on here about a young woman walking toward the bathroom and she took awhile, so she might have been pooping. They're not strict with bathroom usage. I try to go during my breaks, but if I can't, they don't mind.

4. Do parents teach their boys or girls different bathroom habits?

#4 Example: Girls don't use public bathrooms, guys use it no matter what.

As I said in an earlier post, I was raised normally. Parents have their own ways to teach their kids about bathroom habits/beliefs. People's beliefs/habits come from what their parents had taught them and what types of experiences they had. I would assume that girls would avoid public bathrooms more than guys. Although, some guys can avoid them too. My parents didn't have a problem with public bathrooms.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or got upset about it?

No, I always made sure that if went outside, I'd not be seen or found by other people.


No other option in the train station

Hi Everyone, it's Kate here. I've only posted once before, over a year ago about an incident in a department store (I think the story is on page 2415), but I've been lurking since then and I've got another story for you at last! To remind you, I'm 28 years old, slim, about 5'5 with long brown hair and big brown eyes, and people say I'm pretty. I'm also very, very poop shy and never poop in public toilets if I can avoid it. The other day though, I had to face my "poop demons" once again. I was traveling home from the Christmas break, a journey which took seven hours and three train journeys. My whole family had been around and with so much company it had been difficult for me to get my privacy to poop (I'm still very private even around family), and so I hadn't gone in three days but was looking forward to having a nice big poo when I got back to my apartment. But I wasn't to be so lucky! My first train change over was at a big "hub" type station in a big city. I had a forty minute wait for my connecting train so I got myself a sandwich and coffee. I had felt an urge developing on my first train but it hadn't felt severe. After my coffee, however, the urge stepped up a notch and I suddenly realised with a grimace that there was no way I could hold on for five more hours, and I'd have to use the station toilets or worse still go on the train. I steeled myself and walked briskly to the ladies near the main entrance. I walked in to find a row of sinks and hand driers, and then further in there was two rows of 7 stalls facing each other. The bathroom was busy, as you'd expect at a big train station, and all of the three free stalls had occupants at either side. I tried not to think about what I was about to do as I entered the stall. The toilet itself was a stainless steel pot with a plain black seat and lid, its basic but at least it's clean, I thought. I closed and locked the door just as my left hand neighbour flushed and left her cubicle. I turned around, pulled down my jeans and black panties, and sat down on the black plastic seat. As I did, the first thing I noticed was the cold on my bare bottom and thighs. Shivering slightly, I pulled my jeans slightly further up my goosepimpling thighs to contain a bit of heat. By now, both cubicles either side of me were occupied again and I could hear both women tinkling away. After what seemed like forever I got up the courage to just relax. As soon as I did I let out a loud, high pitch fart which seemed to be amplified by the steel toilet bowl and echoed around the busy bathroom. Horrified, I immediately "tightened up" again, also cutting off the weak pee stream that had started up. I carried on holding until I heard my right hand side neighbour flush and leave, closely followed by my other neighbour a few seconds later. Emboldened by my new found privacy, I slowly relaxed again. I had expected to go pretty quickly in my desperation, but was surprised to find that I didn't start pooping and simply resumed peeing. I checked the time on my phone, and saw that I had 15 minutes until my train left. My pee stream slowed and stopped, just as another woman entered the stall on my left. At that moment I felt my bum finally start to open very slowly. Damn it! Why did it wait till I had company again?! With time ticking for the train, I resisted the urge to hold on again and allowed my poop to continue pushing out. It felt very wide and I was increasingly struggling not to grunt as it opened me wider and wider. After a short while it paused a just hung there for a while. Just then another woman entered the stall on my right. With my poop still hanging, I resisted my embarrassment and pushed a bit, letting out a gentle sigh which I really hoped my neighbours didn't hear. It picked up speed and began crackling out, and despite how tense I felt with the whole situation it actually felt really good letting it go; i couldn't help drawing an even bigger breath as it went. Finally it dropped with a loud splash, and I couldn't help letting out a loud sigh of relief as it did. Despite my enormous relief, I immediately blushed and felt deeply embarrassed, there was no way the two ladies at either side of me hadn't heard that! I felt completely empty and was surprised that everything had come out all in one go like that. I peaked between my legs for a look at what I'd done. I could see about 6 inches of the poop with the rest hidden by the u-bend, and it was at least 2 1/2 inches wide. It didn't particularly smell which was some relief at least. I reached for the toilet paper and began wiping. I only needed three wipes, this must have been one very dry poop! Finally I pulled up my jeans, flushed and opened the door, leaving at the same time as my left hand neighbour. I deliberately avoided eye contact with her and everyone else and hurried straight over to the sinks to wash my hands, then got out of the door as quickly as possible. I went over to my platform and made it to my train with five minutes to go!

The big irony I guess is that by holding on out of embarrassment I simply ended up having a very big poo in a public toilet! I hope you all enjoyed my story, I always keep meaning to put up some of my earlier life stories regarding my poop shyness but never seem to get round to it, hopefully this time I will.

Happy new year everyone

Kate x



Woke up this morning needing a crap but the bathroom was busy at home and by the time I got in there there was not time to go as I had to go for the bus to college. Was a bit of a squirmy bus ride to college as I really had to go. It was a slow bus journey today, the bus was late anyway and then people seemed to take ages getting on and off at every stop and then some cows were being crossed over rhe road. The bus got to college and I headed to the toilets. Another guy was just in front of me and I was dismayed to see him enter the last empty cubicle. It was like ten to nine and college starts at 9. I think the guys on the throne were in no hurry to leave as they had nothing to do until 9. I was pacing around the toilets as I really had to go.

Eventually after what seemed like ages I could hear someone pulling paper from a dispenser. This guy wiped again and again and again and again... Then you could hear him adjusting his belt and doing his trousers and finally flushed the toilet and came out the cubicle. He was a ginger guy, relatively short and with a sporty rugby type build. As soon as he was out the cubicle I was in there and was sat down. He had done a lovely job of warming the seat but I did not have time to enjoy it. I had to push everything out quick, wipe quickly and get to class. The other 3 guys all flushed and left within about a minute of each other while I was dking my business. When I left the bathroom was empty.


yesterdays loo diary

Hey and happy new year to you all!

So i decided to do a loo diary yesterday -
Sun 03/01/16.
Here it is:-

0705 - wee (long, like the first ones of the day usually are
0747 - poo - started with a wet fart, 8 plops, another wet fart and finished with a further 5 plops.
0907 - wee.
(0925 went shopping)
0938 - poo in sainsbury's loos - bit of a ???? ache... immediately 12 plops fell out my bum.
(1035 home)
1117 - wee.
(1200 went down pub to meet a few friends)
1253 - poo in pub loos (still ???? ache)
Started with a wet fart - followed by 7 plops - another wet fart - finished with a further 4 plops.
1408 - wee in pub loos
1516 - wee
1609 - wee
(1800 home)
1833 - poo with hubby joining me
10 plops in quick succession - hubby so thrilled he joined me.
1957 - wee
2101 - 1 last wee before bed.
J xx

Laura from Italy

A little childhood story

Hi, I'm new to the site, and I have a lot of stories.
I especially love to poop outdoor, and I've done it many times.
The first time it happened I was in a park playing with two friends, we were 10-11 at that time.
The park was quite large, and the bathrooms were far from where we were, so we decided to use a large bush nearby if we needed to go. I was quite naive at the time, and didn't understand that by saying "if we need to go to the bathroom" they were really meaning "if we need to pee". One of them used the bush after some time, so I thought I'd try also.
I began peeing, and I also let out a fart, so I tried to push a little and a quite large turd began to emerge. After some more pushing it fell, but there was a second one. It took me about 5 minutes to poop both, they were big and hard. After finishing I rejoined my friends.
Half an hour later the third one need to go, so she went behind the bush, but she immediately returned laughing "ehy Sara, come here and see what Laura had done!". They both laughed at how big my poops were, and also because I didn't wiped myself (I didn't have anything to wipe myself with, and the poop was hard so I wasn't really dirty).
Luckily I'm 34, it was a time when there wasn't cellphone with cameras everywhere, or they would have also taken a picture of my turds and all people at school would have seen it.

Steve A


1. Did you ever or do you have a window in your bathroom? What do you think of a window in a bathroom?

2. For guys, did you or your friends ever believe that girls didn't poop/fart? If so, when did you or your friends find out the truth?

3. From your work experience, did you ever have any bathroom experiences with yourself or from customers? Did you have any strict rules with bathroom usage at work?

4. Do parents teach their boys or girls different bathroom habits?

#4 Example: Girls don't use public bathrooms, guys use it no matter what.

5. Did you ever get caught going to the bathroom somewhere other than the toilet? How did they handle the situation when they caught you? Did they understand or got upset about it?

Merry Christmas everyone,
I've got a story from Christmas I think you guys will enjoy.
A group of us from my family had decided to go out for a quiet walk along a couple of the trails on boxing day. There was me, my sister, mum, dad, auntie and younger cousin. Before I get started my sister and I have pretty much the exact same schedules for pooping and I hadn't pooped in 3 days and with us being in the house over Christmas I knew she hadn't gone either.

We all got ready to leave for 10am and my sister and I shared the bathroom to go pee and clean our teeth before we left the house. I let out a huge pee which lasted about a minute and my sister let out a little dribble for a couple seconds with some drips...

We had been out walking about an hour and were still heading away from home when I started to feel a need to have my poo, letting out some quiet farts made the urge go away and I was quite happy again. Not even 10 minutes later my sister asked how long we would be to get home or to a bathroom cause she had to go. My mum told her to hold it or go into the woods and go there. She moaned about not being able to hold it and was given a small packet of tissues and told to go pee in the woods, as she wandered off I was ordered to help her to make sure she made it ok.

I caught up with her and she told me she really had to poo and it was already touching her panties. We made it far enough in to an area where we couldn't see the paths anymore and my sister quickly had her jeans and panties at her ankles letting her poo come out on its own. I went to the side of her nearer the tree and pulled my jeans and underwear down to mid thigh and gave a big push forcing 2 big long logs down onto the leaves below. A third log followed and I had a small spray a pee which became a dribble onto the leaves very quickly. I looked over to see my sister still with a poo hanging down so I used one of the tissues to wipe my bum and pulled my jeans back up and watched my sister finish off her poo with another couple small logs and a huge torrent of pee that lasted about a minute which splashed up off the leaves onto her panties and shoes.
Without wiping she pulled everything up looked at me and then sighed. We caught back up 5 minutes later and when asked if she went ok she said she made it just in time cause she was really desperate for a pee.

When we got home I went into the toilet after her to pee and clean up properly and saw her messy panties on the top of the washing pile, she told me later that her poo had been really dirty and had got her panties all dirty when they rode up and the walking had spread everything around.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin great story.

To: Mina great story about and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Peeing today

Today, as I was getting ready to take a shower, I felt an urgent need to relieve my bladder, so I decided to wait until I was in the shower to do it.

I got into the shower and turned the water on. I waited until I was warmed up by the water, and then I couldn't hold it any longer, so I faced forward and began to go. By standing with my feet apart and on either side of the drain, I made my stream go right into the drain, for the most part. It felt so good to be finally going after really having to pee! I peed for quite a while. At the end of the piss, to empty my bladder out completely, I pushed a few last spurts of urine out. I got a bit on the shower faucet, but I washed it off afterwards. I then continued with the rest of my shower.

There's something satisfying about peeing in the shower - the novelty of going somewhere other than the toilet, plus the feeling of warm water over you, plus the feeling of relief.


post party poops at my house

My roommates and I had a big New Years party at our house last night and this morning our little bathroom got quite the workout as a result.

I woke up around ten with a strong urge to go to the toilet to do both things. But when I came out of my bedroom wearing only pink sweatpants and a white t-shirt without a bra I noticed that the bathroom was already in use and the door was closed. I plopped my bum on the couch and watched some TV while I waited. I felt pretty hungover. My sweatpants say 'Princess' across my bottom, but I didn't feel like one at all. After about a minute or so, I could hear a wet poo explosion from the bathroom. It was pretty audible even over the sounds of the TV. By then I needed to go pretty badly myself and I was crossing my legs and squeezing my bumcheeks. After a couple more minutes I was relieved to hear the toilet flush. Shortly after, my roommate Nikki came out of the door, said 'hi' and went straight back to her bedroom. I rushed into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

Ewww, there was such a bad stink in there, Nikki must have had diarrhea. She also left some small skidmarks in the bowl. I couldn't really wait though, so I pulled down my sweatpants and string and sat down on the seat which was still warm from Nikki's bum. Immediately I peed a very strong stream. It splattered into the bowl loudly and it was a big relief. While I was peeing, a small fart slipped out and then a soft turd started to drop from my backdoor. I was pretty long and eventually broke off and made a big splash. Having taken care of my most urgent needs, I grabbed a magazine from the toilet tank and started to browse. After a while, I pushed out another turd, this one shorter but with a couple of small wet farts. I was just reading an article on vacations in den Caribbean when there was a knock on the door. My roommate was like, 'Hey, it's Danielle, will you be long?'. I told her that I was sorry and that I was on the toilet for a poo and that it would be a couple more minutes. To make it super obvious, while I was talking I couldn't help letting out a wet fart and dropping a small turd, which Danielle must have heard outside. She said 'ok' and was off. I pushed some more and then a bunch of sloppy poops fell from my bottom rapidly, followed by a big fart. Finally I felt empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front, and then my messy backside. It took quite a lot of sheets. Then I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. As Danielle went in after me she complained about the smell and I just said 'sorry!'.

I watched a little bit more TV. Danielle was in the bathroom for almost ten minutes, so for sure she must have taken a pretty big dump as well. That's my story for today, I hope you all liked it.

To Mina: Thank you. I felt really sorry for the girl, since I think she had an upset stomach worse than me and she was probably also on a date. That just sucks.
I like reading all your stories and comments. You are always so nice to your friends at home and to all the people here.

To Catherine: It was a really good date. I was just scared I would spoil the romantic evening by him picturing me doing a big poo on the theater toilets. I guess there are some people who don't mind, like your fiancee, but I just would not want to risk it.

To all: I hope you have a great new year!


Out of Toilet Paper

Hey all, it's been a while since my last post but wanted to share this. Two months ago, Was walking down Fulton Mall which is a strip mall in NYC that I felt the urge to poop. Wasn't a big urge but didn't wanted to hold it. I could have waited to poop at home but decided not to. I went to TJ Max which was still open. Went to the lower level and enter the bathroom. The bathroom was empty that I went in the stall and closed the door. I lowered my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat in the toilet. Farted few times and dropped some logs. After few minutes I was finished and discovered that the stall had no toilet paper. Had to walk to the next stall to get some toilet paper and went back to the stall to finish. Pulled up my underwear and pants and left the bathroom. Lucky that I was the only one in the bathroom at the time.

Question: Have you ever used a public bathroom and once you finished you discovered that you are out of toilet paper. What would you do in that situation?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper it sounds like you had a really rough day.

To: Sophia W great story it sounds like you and your sister had some great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna From Austria great story about your desperate poop.

To: Abbie great story about your big poop.

To: Becky great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My childhood toilet experience

I had a series of childhood toilet experiences that I still remember today at age 22. They all started during my first weeks of middle school for several reasons: 1) for the first time in my life, I was forced to use restrooms with no privacy doors, although in each stall you could see the hardware on which a door had once been mounted; 2) for the first time in my life, we were no longer given a bathroom break during a designated classroom time and we were given after-school and weekend detentions for tardies to classes when we tried to squeeze a bathroom "break" in during four-minute passing periods; 3) I was awkward socially and would get nervous as others would watch me relieving myself on the toilet; 4) I was doing some really dumb things like pulling my underwear all the way down to the floor when I crapped; 5) and this was probably the most revealing--I was much taller and physically larger than every other girl in my 7th grade class; 6) I took those who criticized me ("You're the reason I'm going to pee myself" and "Are you crapping or peeing or what?") wrong and would cry or show other reactions that would cause them to accelerate the harassment.

After my second or third week of school that year my parents talked me into going out for the basketball and volleyball squads so that I could use my height as an advantage and attack my social awkwardness. I made both of the teams and as the year progressed, despite being an excellent student and involved in activities, I found it harder to shake the social awkwardness. When sitting on the toilet three or four times a day because our practices often didn't get over until 6 or 7 p.m., I would look down and not talk to the girl waiting in front of me for my toilet who asked me a simple question that I automatically took as a negative.
"I don't know yet!" was not the answer she wanted to hear. I remember one morning in October when one of the administrative paras walked through the bathroom during 2nd hour and saw me on the toilet. She smiled, complimented me on my braids (my head was down between my legs as I was trying hard to pinch out my crap so I could get back to class in two minutes or so) and I bolted up, pulled up my jeans, and ran around the lady and out of the bathroom in tears. Then I worried about later in the day one of the principals coming to my classroom and giving me what was constantly referred to in homeroom PA system announcements as a "consequence." Luckily they didn't come. But I had to get a pass out of my 3rd hour to go back into the bathroom, clean myself, and do a little wee because getting onto the toilet during lunch hour would be even more of a problem.

Then that Sunday mom came into my room with my hamper full of clean clothing, but she remarked about skid marks in my underwear. She said something while leaving about her apparently not being good at teaching me how to clean myself. Again, I turned and burst into tears. However, a few years ago in AP English we later learned what "facetious" means and that helped me better reflect on what was happening. Also, as I wrote about five years ago on my Page 1824 post, the relationship I have with my boyfriend then/now has helped me to see the bigger picture. Adam, for example, has sat to pee in public restrooms for a large number of years because he was hassled or bullied about the same time it started for me about the size of his organ and other issues while he stood at the urinals.


Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2016!!!

My bowels are back to normal, struggled a little more early this week, even after I reported feeling better this week. I had two good dumps on New Year's day and had a really good one this morning. It wasn't as well formed, but there was a lot!!!

Can't wait to hear from you all! May 2016 be an amazing year for you all, especially on the toilet!!!




Public restroom at resort

Hey everybody I've read for a while but this is my first time posting. I am away in the carribean and we have had long days at the beach. So today I was walking up to my room to poop after a long beach day and as I reached the pools the urge was close to being unresistable. My room was on the 8th floor and I didn't think I would be able to make it. I saw a restroom outside one of the pools and pulled myself in there. It was a 2 stall 2 urnal bathroom and it was completely empty. I took the smaller stall, threw down my suit and relesed a giant log, about a foot and 1/2 long. I then produced a couple short 3 inchers and wiped. I left the toilet without flushing as I was worried about clogging! I would love feedback! Thanks and I look to be back more!


to catherine

Hello Catherine, glad to hear you had a good Christmas with Allen and his girls. Hope your stomach gets to feeling better soon. Anyway to answer your question I never was able to find out why poopy patch wore her trademark eye patch. After the day I used the bathroom she clogged I only saw her one other time. She gave me a playful smile when I saw her but I was busy mowwing a lawn and didn't get to talk to her. I m not sure if she would've wanted to talk to me after that anyway to avoid an awkward situation. She seemed really embarrassed that I'd been there waiting to use that restroom after what she had done in there and that I heard her talking about it to her friend on the phone. That happened towards the end of the school year and I'm guessing she must have graduated. I had talked to her a few times before the restroom incident and thought she seemed really nice. We just made small talk as she was usually on her way to class. I wish she was still there because I would've liked to been friends with her and maybe found out why she had to wear the patch. If I had to guess I'd say she might have had eye surgery because it was always a white gause patch.

Optional Person

anotjher fun poop.

I woke up this morning, and eventually I felt warm pressure in my butt. I walked into the bathroom, closed the door turned on the light and took off my underwear and moved my trashcan by the toilet out of the way. I place my butt on the front of the toilet and held my feet against the wall and pushed. I felt a nice turd exit my bottom crackling its way out of my hole. it the first part of it entered the water, with the last half piling on top out of the water. as the final part piled up is when the smell came. like usual the smell wasn't strong. I don't really know how to describe my smell most of the time. sometimes my poop kinda smells like rotten refried beans or asphalt or raw sewage and even then the stench isn't very strong, unless I leave the bathroom after flushing and then walk in, and then I notice it. I am proud of that. when i do walk back in to smell it, I always imagine a cute girl walking into the bathroom after I did and watching her nose wrinkle. Anyway the turd was mostly strai ght with a curvy pile in the middle. I wiped and flushed it away.

dumps are always fun when you poop facing backwards. when you do that the poop is always happy to come out.

I have never been spread wide by a turd before, but I must imagine it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and probably leaves behind an incredible stench.

what do you think about that one Catherine?


Early Morning Dump

I woke up at 8:18. I put my pal Minnie in my closet,had a pee, ate pancakes with a cup of coffee, and felt a pooh urge soon after. Btw, the bathroom door is fixed, so I'm able to lock it now! We also are able to flush our used TP in our trailer, too wich is a big plus. Anyway, as I entered the bathroom, I realized I hadn't washed my face yet. I rushed over to the sink (bumped some things on the counter), and quickly washed up before sitting on the toilet. I had a loud fart along with a quick bowel movement following my first push. This was then proceeded by smaller pushes with smaller turds. I had to get up to go across the bathroom to wet some TP, but the BM was still enjoyable. Bye!

Optional Person

To Cathrine and Mrs Toilet trooper and Sophia W.

Thanks Catherine glad you like hearing from me, and yes it was a nice one, sitting backwards makes it fun, and lifting my legs made it even more fun. you should try pooping on the toilet backwards. Those huge dumps you make might just fly out of you. I bet Alan secretly loves that you stunk up the place. I know I would! I like making huge mushy dumps. well I am proud that you were able to poop infront of someone even though you felt uncomfortable. Also healthy or nasty, I am sure your scent is beautiful and Alan is lucky to smell it either way. That's okay, still sounds large to me lol.

To Mrs. Toilet trooper if I was the custodian, I would have breathed in your skunky smell, and been impressed with your large turds.

Sophia, wow what a scenario, would have been awesome to be you then.


Unisex Bathrooms and some responses

To Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Great story and welcome back. Sorry to hear about your mom passing away from cancer. Sorry that you had to go through while you in middle school while you had to poop and had the janitor lied. Would been embarrassed myself if that happened to me. Hang in there to be a shameless shitter. Used to be afraid to poop in school & public bathrooms since kids would either make jokes or tease that you are pooping. It wasn't until my second year of college that I became a shameless shitter and was no longer embarrassed to poop in public bathrooms. Some of the fears I had in the past was people hearing me poop and people seeing my pants and underwear around my ankles under the stall. What fears you had or have of pooping in public bathrooms if you didn't mentioned.

Unisex Bathrooms: I seen few posts on the forum and my opinion of unisex bathrooms is that I have no problems using them. I used to do volunteer work in a community center that have unisex bathrooms and mainly used them every week.


Questions about NYE

I've always wondered how many people wet themselves on New Years Eve. A pretty significant amount of people around the entire world are all drunk around the same time. There's concerts, countless events, Times Square in NYC (where I've heard people wear adult diapers to attend as theres NO porta-johns). Anyone witness any accidents or have one themselves this NYE? I can't be the only one wondering haha. Anyhow, happy new year to everyone here!



What foods can make i poop myself?

I get constipated and my poop is very hard sometimes.
I want to challenge their foods because i never poop myself ,but I don't want taking a laxative.

I ate a lot of vegetables and they made me big poop only.
I want to explosive poop in pants and I can't hold it.

tell me... please!!


Laxative Ads on TV

I have always been amused by laxative commercials on TV. It's a delicate issue at best--how to convey politely that your product can gently induce a good bowel movement when you're constipated. There are a few that I remember over the years that are classics:

A woman is in her bedroom dressed in her nightie, the morning sun is streaming in and she's twirling around in the sunshine, blissfully relieved because presumably she's just taken a huge shit. I believe that this ad was for Ex-Lax.

Another one from I believe Ex-Lax. An attractive middle aged woman, nicely dressed in a business suit, is driving on the highway. There's a voice over about how awful a harsh laxative can be, and then there's a shot of the woman driving with a rather distressed look on her face, and then a shot of a highway sign that says "Rest Area 18 Miles." Then the camera pans to her right foot, on which she is wearing a nice high heel pump, pushing the accelerator to the floor ("pedal to the medal"). This poor constipated woman badly needs a toilet and has to drive 18 miles. I picture her barely making it to the rest area, rushing to the ladies, entering the stall and exploding with four days of shit pouring out. Oh my.

Then there's the famous ads from Milk of Magnesia that featured an African American couple. The man is named Raymond, and he is always constipated. His wife--who was nameless--is obsessed with his bowel movements. She is always embarrassing him by yelling in public, "Raymond, you're constipated!" He has this humiliated look on his face. Just hysterical!

Did anyone on this site wet their bed as a pre-teen or teen? Did anyone have wetting or soiling accidents in their pants at an older age? Did anyone know about it? what were their reactions?

I pooped during a big math test, once in 7th grade. Luckily I sat in the back of the room, so not many people smelled it. Also, there was a bathroom in the back of the room and I just slipped in, changed into my spare pair of briefs that I always kept, and got out.

Another time, I unloaded in my pants while walking through the hallway to class. I was wearing those really baggy jeans that were popular in the mid 90's. They are great for accidents, cuz no one can see the bulge! I always wondered if any other boys were hiding loads in those big, baggy pants! LOL

Those are two accidents no one knows about. I wanted to share my dark secret with someone LOl.


Pooping in Public Bathrooms

From reading some posts on the forum I just wanted to share this. Some of you either have a fear or had a fear to poop in public bathrooms for various reasons mentioned already on the forum. When I was little when I was in elementary school I had no problems pooping in public bathrooms for the most part. When I was in middle school and high school I rarely poop in public bathrooms. I developed a fear to use public bathrooms that I didn't want other people to noticed that I taking a dump in school or in a public place, didn't want people to smell my poop, hear my farts and see my pants and underwear down around my ankles visible under the stall. During my teen years and during my first year in college when I had to poop in public bathrooms I kept my pants and underwear to my thighs, did the same thing at home. I became a shameful shitter when I was a teen.

During my second year of college I promised myself to become a shameless shitter and don't have to be embarrassed to poop in public bathrooms. Since my course schedule at some days kept me in campus all day it was enviable that I had to poop in a public bathroom in campus. One day I felt a strong urge to poop while studying in the library for an exam. I knew I couldn't hold the urge all day until I get home that I realized that I had to poop in public bathroom in campus library. I was thinking of a bathroom that will give me the most privacy. Also this was a big opportunity for me to overcome my fear to become a shameless shitter. I took the bathroom in the top floor of the library, went to the stall and closed the door. Then I pulled down my pants and underwear around my ankles. I lowered them all the way down that I had a feeling that I will be in the bathroom for a while and wanted to feel comfortable. I was alone in the bathroom and let go a few farts and was pushing my poop slowly from my butt. I was pooping in the stall for about 7 minutes. Pulled up my pants and underwear and left the stall. Once I left the bathroom, I felt the strong urge hit me again and I rushed back to the bathroom and entered the same stall and dropped my pants and underwear back down around my ankles. Let go some more farts. My stomach was hurting me a little bit that had a hard time pushing my turds. Since I knew I was going to take me a while I started reading my textbook to study for my exam that I was scheduled to take in a few hours. I was alone in the bathroom the entire time in my stall sitting on the toilet with my pants and underwear around my ankles until someone entered the bathroom attempted to use the bathroom and noticed that I was in the stall with my pants and underwear around my ankles since its visible under the stall door and he left the bathroom. The bathroom had a single stall and I assumed that either he had to poop that he took another bathroom or he gave me some privacy. Either way, I felt good. My fears went away. I pulled up my pants and underwear and left the bathroom to continue studying for my exam in the library. That day I became a shameless shitter that I was no longer afraid to poop in public bathrooms that I actually grew to love to poop in public bathrooms. Been a shameless shitter for over eight years and counting.

For those that still had a fear to poop in public bathroom here is some tips that help me that I want to share:
-Everyone poops, even the person making jokes or teasing you about you pooping in public bathrooms poop sometime. Don't let it get to you.
-It feels better to poop rather holding it in all day until you get home. In the long run you can develop health problems when you hold in your poop.
-Take baby steps to become a shameless shitter. If you in a public place and you have to poop in a public bathroom, try to find a bathroom that is not busy that not lot of people go into if possible, single stall bathroom or the nearest public bathroom. This way you can feel more comfortable while pooping in public bathrooms.
-Make your presence known while you in the bathroom. While you poop in a public bathroom, have your pants and underwear around your ankles visible under the stall. This helps! Having your pants and underwear around your ankles generally signals to other people that you are pooping in the stall. For my own experience doing this other people give me space and privacy on most cases when I poop in a public bathroom. This might be a problem for some that you around little kids in public bathrooms but for most other cases this helps.

If you have any questions or feedback on my post or tips feel free to reply.

Here is some questions:
From reading this do you consider yourself a Shameful Shitter or a Shameless Shitter in regards to pooping in public bathrooms?

Also noticed some new readers since my last posts about a month ago and for those that didn't see my question from before or haven't answered my last question I will ask again one more time for the new and returning readers:

When you poop in a public bathroom do you generally and/or prefer to pull your pants and underwear down to your ankles visible under the stall or you keep your pants and underwear to knee level or thigh level?

Will write more stories soon. Happy New Year everyone!


New Year's Eve Replies

Just checking in after a few days' offline over the festive season. I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Catherine. Sorry to hear about your stomach problems and I hope you're now feeling much better. It could, as you've suggested, been down to a surfeit of festive food but you may also have had an infection as well since they're very common at this time of year. Although I still try to make a reasonable fist of it, I can't eat anywhere near as much at Christmas as I used to. My middle aged digestive system simply isn't up to it any longer.

Tlana. It's not uncommon for both children and adults to have anxieties about using public toilets and there are all sorts of reasons for this, some quite rational and others less so. Speaking for myself I'm quite happy about using them to pee since it involves standing. However I'm less happy about pooing in public toilets because it necessarily involves sitting where possibly thousands of bare bottoms, owned by strangers, have sat before. If it's a straight choice between using a public toilet for #2 and pooing myself I'll use the toilet. I prefer, however, to do #2's at home, the office, or my girlfriend's bathroom - in short somewhere private. I think perhaps it might be worth using some gentle questioning to try and find out why your young charge isn't keen on using public toilets.

Jemma. Thanks for sharing your experiences of pooing at the in-laws, who sounded as though they had a good humoured approach to bodily functions, and your account of just making it to the service station for a poo. My girlfriend and I went away for Christmas and she was good enough to stop for me at service stations both on the outgoing and return journeys. Unlike her I haven't got a particularly strong bladder and comfort stops are a necessity for me on long journeys, something about which she's very understanding.

Mrs Toilet Trooper. Despite going through a long phase of only posting occasionally, I'm sure I remember you from 2012. I was sorry to hear about the horrible childhood experience you had at school. Nobody should have to endure being humiliated like that. None of us knows or can control what comes out of our bowels when we 'go' and the idea that you were in some way morally culpable for dropping a pan busting load is quite outrageous. It's hardly any wonder that you've struggled to have a healthy relationship with bowel movements and public toilet use in the light of that episode.

Abbie. I was a little constipated just after Christmas and I think it was down to too much cheese which I'm very fond of but can have that effect. I was at my girlfriend's house at the time and didn't ask her for anything to relieve the condition. In the event it wasn't necessary as a hot drink or two (I recommend black tea with lemon in it) finally got things moving!

Happy New Year everyone!

Optional Person

Best dump of the years on new years morning.

So this time yet again I wanted to have fun taking a dump. This time I wanted to see my creations come out of me. so I stood over the toilet, bent over a bit, and looked under my manhood and began to push. quickly 4 short fat turds plummeted from my butthole into the hole of the toilet making beautiful loud splashing noises. I felt more was inside of me, but wasn't ready so I stood up, and after a minute I could feel more poop getting into position. so I got back into position and several small turds plummeted out of my butthole "Jemma" style. one of the turds splashed a significant amount of water and some of it hit my right buttcheek. there was quite a beautiful brown pile in the hole of the toilet. it was full to capacity. I was proud, it is rare that I feel satisfied that I emptied everything, but this time I can say I did. I then stood in normal guy position and sprayed a beautiful golden urine all over the turds and water. I then wiped three times and flushed the toilet and rushed here to tell the story. I hope you enjoyed the story.


To British Dumper - poultry

I like your stories and hope to hear more from you (I don't think I'm the only one). I can identify with you in terms of the consumption of chicken (and other poultry) giving rise to large dumps. I find that if I eat chicken I also poop a lot the following day - not in terms of frequency but volume. However, rather than passing "blimps" I pass soft logs/soft serve. Having said that it's quite normal for young women (and others) to pass "blimps" - as long as they don't cause actual pain or bleeding. Indeed the sensation associated with releasing large logs can be quite pleasurable..

Saturday, January 02, 2016


To Jemma

Hey Jemma

Sorry to hear you have not been well recently - I hope you are much better now.
Loved your recent two stories (as always) - especially the one about you needing to use the loo at your in-laws house. I'm glad you got some much needed relief in their conveniently located toilet - it sounded like you just made it.

I have a few questions for you Jemma.

What size and shape were your plops? Were they shaped and sized like big bananas? Did they pile up above the waterline?

You mentioned the toilet was full of poo once you'd released all 17 plops. Did it require 4 flushes to get rid of all the plops? Or did your turds get cleared from the loo after just one or two flushes and you flushed another few times to clear any skidmarks?

If you'd rather not answer that's ok - I was just curious. Hope to hear more stories from you.



Reply to Jemma

Hi it's John B

Oh Jemma I really am so sorry to hear that events have been so good as of late and I send you my best of best wishes for a hopefully better 2016 for you. For someone who suffers badly from IBS you remain steadfastly upbeat despite all which ails you. A truly remarkable young woman and a source of inspiration to us all. I can only imagine what your going through as my wife has toileting difficulties due to the medication she's on and many a time I accompany her to loo to give her reassurance and comfort when she's cramping and it's all pouring out of her

Take care my lovely young forum friend and my thoughts and best wishes are there for you

John B xx


To Tristan

Hey Tristan, I am 19 like you and I have had an experience similar to yours but while I was back at my dorm room a month ago. My roommate is notorious for having half hour showers and unlike most dorms our dorm has a bathroom attached to our room so we share between me and him. One morning I woke up with a huge urge, I had ate a lot the night before at a party off campus but went to sleep without going to the bathroom, didn't really have much of an urge. Of course when I woke up my roommate was in the shower so I stayed in bed in my briefs under the covers. I was getting very bad urges though almost immediately after waking up. I knew I was in trouble though because he was going to be in there for a while. After about 5 minutes it started to poke out on me and touch my briefs, this poo wanted out badly, there was nothing I could do. After a couple minutes I just gave into the urge, I have pooed my pants before, usually happens once a year for whatever reason, mostly waiting too long. This was huge though and I knew I would have an issue when my roommate got out of the shower. Suddenly I heard the shower turn off, so I thought quickly and acted like I was still asleep as he came out of the bathroom. He did say it smelled like a bad fart when he came out but I didn't acknowledge it because I didn't want him to stick around too much after getting ready. After about 10 minutes he left to go eat breakfast and when he left I waited a minute to make sure he didn't come back then I got out of my bed and grabbed clothes and went into the bathroom. When I saw what I did in my briefs in the mirror, I just laughed because it was so ridiculous. If I wasn't so poo shy though I would have asked him if I could come in and do my business, although we aren't close enough friends yet to do that.

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