Christmas with my Cousin!

Someone had the idea that our extended family were all going to get together for Christmas this year. We had a week booked for all of us in a large rented house in the Lake District. Uncles, Aunts, my parents, cousins, nieces and nephew all in one house for a week. Then the Cumbria floods happened and the house got flood damage and it was can celed, my uncle managed to find an alternative place in Yorkshire at late notice and we went there instead. Well it was actually two places a couple of miles apart. There was a main house where everything happened and then a little cottage was rented in the village which was where me and five of my cousins were to stay. I was sharing a room with my only male cousin. There were 4 female cousins also staying in the cottage. We were split across 3 bedrooms but there was only one bathroom which also had the only toilet in the cottage in it. It was only Christmas Eve and Christmas day we were all staying there as some people had work and stuff.

Christmas day came and some of our parents drove us to the other house mid morning. It had been agreed beforehand that every driver wanted to drink so we would have to walk back. There was also a pre agreement that my cousin (let's call him Joe - not his real name) and I were to eat all leftovers (apart from the Turkey) before we left. Joe and I as well as being cousins are really good friends. Best mates really, we were born within 2 weeks of each other and spend loads of time together and there isn't much we don't know about each other.

We did all the usual Christmas stuff - presents, family team quiz, family argument about the quiz, watching the Queen on TV, underage drinking etc then had dinner about 4pm. Dinner was great but unfortunately for Joe and I there were quite a few leftovers, I think between us we had about 50 Sprouts. I had 12 roast potatoes and a few other bits. The girls went back to the cottage while we were ploughing through the leftovers, and once we had eaten them all we left the adults and babies to it, took some cans of cider for the walk home and we left too. Joe had sent me a message mid afternoon telling me not to piss before we left as he had a great plan. I would not have minded taking a dump before leaving but as all the toilets in the big house went off people's bedrooms it seemed a bit rude so I held it.

We set off from the house and got walking. After a short way there was a bridge over a river. Joe said I hope you need to piss and headed to the edge of the bridge. We both unbuckled and had a very liberating piss over the edge of the bridge! It was a long one too as we had both had several cans. It was dark and a quiet road but a car nearly caught us but we were finished and buckled up in time. We later worked out that the river was one of the rivers that flooded York City on Boxing day, so looks like we made a significant contribution to that!

We got back to the cottage after a fair walk. The girls were all in the bathroom doing girl stuff, it had been raining so we both wanted a bath (there was no shower). We asked them how long they would be, answer some time, so we both went outside again to make use of a local village tree to empty our hosepipes. I really needed a dump by this time. I was about to mention this to Joe when he said that when the girls were finished doing their girl stuff we would occupy the bathroom for guy stuff for ages and see how they liked it. We went in our bedroom, changed into dry jeans and were sat messing around on our phones with music. We both released some vicious fats while we were waiting.

Joe had gathered our towels and as soon as we heard the girls out the bathroom he said right come on and marched off with them. He went in the bathroom and told me to come in and lock the door. I was just about to tell him that I really needed to dump before we started washing but I turned round to find him stood with his back to the toilet unbuckling his belt. He commented that I was the only person he knew well enough to dump in front of (we did this a fair bit as kids but this was the first time it had happened for years). He also commented that if I needed to piss I would have to use the sink or go between his legs. Joe always spends ages on the toilet (I take a while but he takes ages and normally gets through a few chapters of a book on his kindle). I told him to hurry up as I needed to dump too. He was like you can't rush perfection.

Anyway he sat down and initially was sat up straight with his hands on his knees and his arms arched forward and he released several fats. Then he leaned forward and we started chatting about various things while I was sat on the floor. Every few minutes he would stop talking and "make a drop". Initially there would be a splash but as the volume increased this turned into a thud as he filled the toilet. He commented about splash back after the first drop. Later on I asked him to please hurry up as I really needed to go, but he was all about how comfortable he was and that I had to wait my turn. After what seemed like half an hour he told me he was nearly done and to start running the bath. The bath was full and he was still sat there. He finally started to wipe. I asked him why he took so long and he said he always waited 20 mins after the last drop to be sure it was the last and he didn't have to come back. The paper in the cottage was quilted paper and he commented about how bits of it gets stuck in his ass hair. I have the same problem. We can only guess quilted paper is only bought by women. Anyway he stood up, had a final couple of wipes while standing and pulled the chain. By the time the flush had finished I was sat on the toilet (with a very warm seat) and he was in the bath. I stayed on the toilet for a while but my ass started to burn after a while so I had to wipe. He didn't comment about me using the toilet except he noticed I did not do a final couple of wipes standing. On his advice I am now doing this. I then flushed and sat on the floor until he got out the bath, and emptied it and filled it with clean water for me. He then stayed and chatted while I had a bath, we both had a simultaneous piss before we left the bathroom. Then we went to bed.

The next day we had a brief conversation about sharing the bathroom the night before. He thought it was a bad idea bought on by alcohol but after I said I wasn't bothered about it he said we might do it again sometime.

Dear Catherine, I really liked your story about Zoe and Chloe. It was good to tell Zoe not to talk to unknown people about their loo activity, she will learn, she is still little. And I shocked that Chloe's mother scold her for wanting to do motion in public. Poor Chloe, I am very happy that you gave her hug. You are nice person, she will love you! Kazuko's mother is like Chloe. So Kazuko had hard time from when she was little girl and she has hard time now even. Chloe really needed that motion it seemed, because you wrote "still going" twice, and "several plops". So she stayed on loo until quite empty, thanks to you Catherine. I think Chloe felt so relief. My mother never scold me when I do motion in public loo, I think I told before. But she encourage me to go at home in morning so I don't need go at school, and I go in public loo only if a diarrhoea. But any woman have a diarrhoea sometimes! Why we have to be scolded for have a diarrhoea??

And I angry that boys gave 18-year-old girl a hard time after her diarrhoea. It is better they say nothing, like you say to Zoe. Zoe is little, but those boys are big, why they have no common sense? If I am there I hit them.

When I see or hear unkind people, I want to cry!! I hope we are kind to everybody.

Dear Anna (from Canada): I loved your cinema story. You are nice to people with stomach ache. Actually I love all your stories!

Love from Mina


Christmas Contemplations from the Toilet

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the holidays. I think that I have over-done it a little, well, actually a lot. My stomach has been in a mess for the past few days. I'm even skipping church today, which is unusual for me.

I have not been sick. I've just over done it on the Christmas food and it has given me not really diarrhea, like runny diarrhea. It's more like, I am having frequent super-mushy bowel movements. I've been on the toilet for about 30 minutes this morning, just letting loose. It's felt good to get a lot of this out and I am getting back on my diet today.

We had a great Christmas! While Alan and I are not living together - we won't until we are married - he did invite me over to be with the girls on Christmas morning. I normally get up at 5 AM and so I did anyway, ate my cereal and yogurt, got a quick shower and quickly dried my hair. I wore some red Christmas pajamas and had planned to make breakfast and enjoy the girls. I have been dreaming of opening presents with children for a long time, and to be included on Christmas morning before being married is a dream come true.

Of course it was a beautiful time. However, about 7:30 Christmas morning, Santa and his reindeer were about ready to come down my chimney, along with a load of presents. I excused myself from the floor, where I was with the girls.

Zoe tugged at me. "No! Catherine, play with me!" I said, with a smile, "Of course I will play with you" and smiled. "But first I need to use the bathroom."

"You have to poo poo!" Zoe giggled. "Catherine has to poo poo!" Alan scolded her a little. Chloe even chimed in with her mature-for-a-ten-year-old voice, "That's rude!"

"Zoe, you are too much!" I said, "I will be right back." As I headed for the hall bathroom, I could hear Alan in his calm quiet voice tell Zoe that it was not nice to talk about people when they needed to use the bathroom.

I pulled my pajamas and panties down, took a seat on the toilet, which is not as comfortable as mine at home, and began to let nature happen. It began as a comfortable, thick poop, but immediately became something softer. My stomach was cramping a little, which is not usual. I piled a chocolate brown soft-stool on top of my log. It smelled something terrible. When I got a break in the action, I inspected my poop, flushed, and I sprayed a little air freshener and lit a candle that I had bought for the girls some time ago.

I sat back down for a few more minutes, and did a little more poop, but not much. I started wiping. I heard Zoe yell, "Ewwww! We can smell it out here!" I was embarrassed, but not upset. I love Zoe and she is just too adorable to scold. She even has dimples! Just too cute!

And, of course I really was stinking it up.

After wiping, flushing again and washing my hands, I came out. "I am so sorry. Something upset my stomach." I could see Chloe smiling a little. "I will get started on breakfast."

When I went in the kitchen to get things started, Chloe came in and said, "Catherine, I am so sorry you don't feel well. I love you and I want you to have a good Christmas." Now, I am not a weepy woman, but I did have a few tears. I so wanted Chloe to except me, and maybe this bowel movement awakened some sympathy for me. That was the best Christmas gift I could receive!

Well, that's all for now.

I can't wait to hear from you all!




Childhood experiences

My experience happened back when I had just turned 8. My mom and I had won a drawing held by a radio station and both of us won passes to the circus on the first day of a week or so that it was going to be in town. My sister would have been there too but my father took her to our grandparents for a visit that weekend. Mom was always on me about going to the bathroom before we left home. So she would wait in the living room and expect me to go into the bathroom before we would walk down the stairs to our car. I thought sometimes it was because of the pressure, that she would expect to hear a flush, my hands being washed, etc. before she would get the car out. I was nervous, and while I needed to go, I just stood there with my two hands on the organ and nothing happened. Finally, I faked it by flushing, opening the faucet, and then messing up the towel. I even added to the lie by saying that it felt good, or something like that just to get her off my back. So we drove to the arena and the four blocks we had to walk from the parking garage to the arena caused me to feel a bit more desperate. I was hoping that she would want to stop in the bathroom for herself once we walked into the big arena and we walked past a couple of them as we walked up the ramp to our seats. Then I remembered dad several times joking that she had the bladder of a camel, so I didn't hold out much hope.

So after the first act there was an intermission and I told her I needed the bathroom. She asked me which end it was for and I told her it was Number 2 because I didn't want to tell her about me faking it earlier. She asked me how long it had been since my last "BM" and I told her it had been two days ago at school (the truth) and she said these bathrooms were going to be a lot more dirty than the ones at my school, and that I should spread toilet paper over the seat, sit directly on it, and not touch anything else. She reluctantly walked me down to the mens room, sat on a bench outside the entrance, and I went in. It was the hugest bathroom I had ever seen. One one side they had urinals against both walls and most were in use. I stood behind a much younger boy who had dropped his sweats and underwear all the way to the floor and he was standing on his tip toes in order to get his organ up to the level of the bowl so that he could pee. I was relatively small for my age (and still am) so I walked into the adjacent room where there was a line of toilets against one wall. Each was set off with a halfway high partition, but none of them had doors. Many of the boys had dads or older brothers with them. One dad who was really fat and had a huge winter coat on, was completely being a human privacy door for his little girl, who when I glanced in, was sitting on the toilet and swinging her legs.

So I took the first open toilet I came to. I took my winter coat off and tried to hang it over the partition, but it quickly fell off. And the second time if I hadn't caught it, it would have landed in the lap of the guy who was seated on the other side. So I put it back on and I decided I would make the best of the situation. The seat was down and I started pulling off toilet paper to cover it with. I made a couple of mistakes like putting the longest strip across the front and a couple of the shorter ones on the sides. Of course, one or two would quickly fall of and the wind created from my coat each time didn't help. Finally, a father with a boy right behind me asked me how much longer I was going to be, and when I told him I didn't know, he started to stare around for other options. It didn't help that the boy started to cry, so I pulled my jeans down and seated myself. I recognized right away there was a problem because only my tailbone was on the seat. So I slid backwards quite a bit so that I could more easily point my penis directly down and shoot my pee into the bowl. That wasn't the best idea because almost instantly the auto-flush went off. I did not expect it so it startled me to the point that I hopped up off the seat, but not before the back of my butt, back of my light blue coat and even my penis got splashed.

It frustrated me because both the guy and kid waiting for the toilet both burst out laughing, but I could see the boy was getting scared about being the next to use the toilet. His dad tried to explain it as I took my seat for the second time. I was now violating my mom's rule because most of the paper had fallen off the seat and I was sitting directly down on a public seat. I just wanted to get it over with and I got lucky because my pee stream started immediately and continued strongly for almost a minute. Then I got up fast, got my clothing back up and the flusher went off again as I expected. This time it was so fierce that it splashed much of the back of the seat. As I walked past him the guy noticed I was still pretty frustrated and he said as I got more experience I would get more confidence.

I washed my hands quickly and luckily the hand-drier didn't blow them off because it was loud and hot. When I got back to the bench outside I could tell mom was getting worried. She started to press me for details, but the music for the next portion started up and we went back to our seats. Thinking back, that guy was right in what he told me. As I got additional experience, using large public bathrooms would still make me uncomfortable (and often quite uncomfortable), but now that I'm in high school I feel I've progressed some.


Boy continues to avoid public toilets

Since I've been babysitting for six years, I've built it into a nice little business. For example, on three days last week I had a child or two during the day while their parents worked and others in the evening and overnight while their parents partied. Some of the children like Christian, who started with me two years ago when he was still 4, want their parents to hire me. However, I feel not all of them are progressing as they should. Two years ago I noticed that Christian, who is very well behaved, doesn't want to use public bathrooms. It started when he pooed twice in his underwear, but tried to deny it even though I could smell it. We were at a cartoon carnival at a theater then, but in waiting for the bus to go home, it was obvious he needed to wee. Putting his hands on his crotch also gave it away. So I walked him back into the theater, quickly took him into the ladies room, lifted the seat for him, but he still wasn't able to go. Then I got the idea to drop the seat, and as I pulled his clothing down and lifted him up on the seat, he resisted. So I took him to the doorway of the mens room next door and he was able to go in on his own. The following week he made more progress when we were eating lunch at Burger King. He went in on his own and crapped. I thought at the time it was because the bathroom was one of those tiny, single-stallers.

Last year each time I sat for Christian we were at his apartment. So it wasn't an issue. However last week we were at the mall, waiting more than an hour in a line for him to see Santa, and after he finally got down and we got his picture taken, he asked to go back home rather than to stay at the mall for lunch and an afternoon matinee movie. I'm driving now and he even started to put up a fuss when I turned into a gas station because my gas light was on. I ended up leaving without pumping because I didn't want to chance him having an accident in my car. Luckily I had enough gas to make it to his apartment and he ran up the stairs while I was getting my bag off the back seat. As soon as I opened their apartment door, he ran immediately to the bathroom. I heard the seat drop and when I checked on him, he had two good size logs in the bowl and got back on the seat and punched out a third. I have never seen a 6-year-old have a BM of this size. To his credit, he cleaned himself really well because I did two loads of laundry and a full load of dishes, which was on his mom's list.

I'm just not sure what to do to get him to first, use, and then, become more comfortable, in using public toilets.



@Tyler - Hey Tyler :) Thanks for responding again. Yeah I don't get constipated too often, but I do sometimes if I have to hold it for whatever reason. I'm like you in that if I don't go when I have the urge, then I often end up losing the urge and I might not get it back for another day or even longer--so that can often cause constipation. Good news is I haven't been constipated again since and been doing nothing but big satisfying turds over the holidays lol. I typically eat a lot around this time of year so it makes sense. No toilet clogging though, thankfully.

As for the accident yeah, that was pretty embarrassing but glad it doesn't happen too often. Sometimes I've touched cloth from farting before too lol. And yeah maybe you're right, usually my urges are pretty strong, especially if it's a big one like that. It would be awesome if we were friends IRL. I would love to be able to tell someone when I felt an urge or how good it felt to feel full lol. Some of my friends have announced when they have to take a shit, but beyond that, not much else. But at least I know they're not totally averse to mentioning it.

@Mark - Yeah I know maybe I should've. I guess I was a little embarrassed to do that, especially for the reason of having to poop really bad lol. My friend's not exactly secretive about pooping, but that might've been too embarrassing even for me lol. If I suspected a worse accident (like if I had diarrhea or something), then I probably would've said something.

@Anonymous - I'm 19. And yeah I'm glad I wear briefs haha, it could've been a lot worse if I was wearing something else.


xmas journey home - thankful for the stop at the services!!

So on our way home yesterday i was passenger this time and half hr in to our journey home and just about to join a queue of traffic I got a strong urge for a poo.

Soon we were at a standstill and my urge was getting worse, feeling heavier and more pressure.

I started to fidget and lift up my butt to clench. Hubs knew i needed a poo.

Trouble was!, traffic was going nowhere quick!!

20 mins later we started moving again and it was stopped for no apparent reason. Services were coming up so we stopped so i could have my poo.

hubby got us some snacks for the car whilst i headed to the loo.

In the cubicle i pulled down my jeans and got myself comfy. crackling out they came 1 by 1...
Perrrrrlop-plop-plop...perrrrrlop-plop-plop-plop...perrrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop!...perrrrrrrrrrrrlop!! I was done and wiped 6 times. Flushed sprayed and headed back to hubs.
Was so thankful for that stop!!

Optional Person

stinky poo pile. (SPP)

Today I sat backwards on the toilet, and pushed. a nice dump crackled out of me. it smelled like a sewage treatment plant. All of the poop formed a pile outside of the water, since my butt was at the front of the toilet. I like sitting on the toilet backwards, because it helps the poop come out quicker, and because it doesn't fall in the water, I can smell it nicely. it was a thick mound of milk chocolate colored poo. Without thinking after I wiped I flushed the toilet, of course it didn't flush, it was outside the water and in a thick mound. So I got a piece of toilet paper, and pushed the mound into the toilet. several large skidmarks, and some sticky poo residue were left behind in the transition. it looked gross in the toilet bowl and I was proud of that. I took another piece of toilet paper, and wiped the poo residue into the water with the rest of the poop and toilet paper. I then flushed the toilet. it all went down nicely. I then took another piece of toilet paper and wiped up all the skid marks. I had meant to just leave it the way it was and flush it next time I went pee, but I accidently flushed the toilet a third time, and of course the tiny poo covered piece of toilet paper flushed nicely. I was embarrassed that I flushed three times. But I was proud that I made a nice stinky poo pile. hope you enjoyed the story.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

The Lying Janitor

Hello, ToiletStool. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper here with another shituation. It has been a while. During my childhood, I mostly recall being shy about shitting in public restrooms or "latrines" as I call them due to both parents being ex-military and using that term to refer to any bathroom. Thus, I have been on a mission to become a shameless shitter as an adult since I've been posting here, and during the time I was active, I was making good progress. However, due to the depression that I suffered due to family deaths, my progress has been set back to square one. I am hoping to be active again and make some new progress, but meanwhile, I will answer Vincene's question and explain why I was so shy as a child regarding using the latrines.

I have quite a few experiences that still haunt me from my childhood. The primary one that haunted me the most occurred in middle school. In 6th grade, I made A's and B's in most of my classes, but consistently made F's in mathematics. I mostly used my math skills to count how many more minutes until class was over rather than do my schoolwork. My slacking off eventually kicked me in the ass because, for doing terribly in math, Ms. Horton, my math teacher, called my mother. After discussing my poor grades, both my mother and Ms. Horton agreed to have me attend after-school tutoring. Little 11-year-old me was pissed. During the first day of tutoring with about 12 other students, while Ms. Horton was teaching me how to grasp word problems, the urge to shit intensified from holding it all day. Normally, whenever the urge to shit came in class, I always held it out of fear of shitting with the school. Students just had the tendency to ridicule those who dropped the booty chocolate at school. I didn't want to become the butt of the joke due to my own butt. Normally, I wouldn't use my anus until after school in the privacy of my own home, but because I had to stay after school for tutorials, my ass worked on borrowed time.

I asked Ms. Horton if I could use the latrine, which she thankfully allowed. Due to the fact that the school was nearly empty, shit shy me had nothing to lose, except for a possible 10 pounds of booty freight. I went to the latrine and entered the first stall. When I lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and sat on the toilet, I began with my usual routine piss that coloured the water golden. I pushed harder and the piece poked out briefly and stretched my hole, warning that it was going to be a big one. I remember pushing it out for many seconds and it stretched my hole out so far on its way out, it hurt like hell. After about 30 seconds, it hit the water quietly, and measured about 12 inches while it partially poked out the water. The piece was light brown, smooth, and left smears all over the toilet's interior. Needless to say, the latrine smelt like a skunk orgy. I pushed for the last time, which unleashed a smaller, less painful possible 6-inch piece of the same colour and texture. Afterwards, I wiped about 13 times literally to clean myself completely.

As I pushed the handle to the toilet, the golden water, huge light brown pieces of shit, various pieces of overly messed toilet paper, some of which was dry and sticking out the water, remained dormant and exposed for anybody unfortunate enough to select that stall. I tried again, nervous, but to no avail. I panicked with embarrassment, but quickly realised that I was in a nearly empty school. Instead, I washed my hands and ignored the foul shit I neglected. Outside the door, the custodian stood outside with his cleaning equipment. "Is anyone else in the bathroom," he asked. "Nope, it was just me," I said and headed back to class. The custodian entered the first stall and quickly rushed out the latrine. "Hey!" he shouted. He had perhaps the funniest combination of anger and disgust that anybody could possibly have as a facial expression. "What is the meaning of this?!" he shouted. I did what any middle school student would do in any situation involving shit and a dude yelling at her, ran, giggling. No way was I cleaning that shit out the toilet. I made it back to my class safely and took my seat. "Welcome back," Ms. Horton said. She then resumed helping me with word problems.

A few minutes later, the janitor knocked on the classroom door. I was thinking, "Ah shit, I'm in trouble." "Can I help you?" Ms. Horton asked. The janitor explained that I clogged the toilet, made a "big mess," and ran away when he called me. The other students laughed their asses off at me. What pissed me off was how he lied and said I did it on purpose. After trying to explain the toilet didn't flush and that he was lying on me, Ms. Horton didn't accept a word I said as truth. "Well, thanks a lot for telling me about her," Ms. Horton said. "No problem," the janitor said. Before he left, he flashed a pretentious smile and looked at me, which pissed me off more. Ms. Horton then looked at me with the meanest look ever. "Well, you're in trouble now. You're too old for this, Ebony." She said. Ms. Horton forced me to write a long paper detailing what I did, how to respect other people's jobs, and forced me to read the paper to the class. While I was reading it, the class thought it was the funniest thing ever, which embarrassed me to tears. The next day, word spread about it and some people teased me about the "mess" I made for a while. Ever since, I became more of a shameful shitter.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hello, it's Ebony, aka, Mrs. Toilet Trooper. I posted here mostly throughout 2012 if anyone remembers. I enjoyed posting here, but I stopped posting when I learned that my mum was diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then, I have been depressed and never really had the will to do much of anything anymore, whether online or offline. The treatment that she had lasted her for about two years or so, but she has since passed away. Ever since that happened, I just didn't have the desire to do anything at all. Nonetheless, I feel mostly better now, something that my mum would have wanted, and not as depressed as I once was, so hopefully I can try to make a comeback. I have many more shituations to share and hopefully I could pick up where I left off. Before I get into that though, I want to respond to some posts and answer some surveys.

To Steve A: The craziest thing to ever happen when using the latrine? There are much too many to choose from. I'm definitely bound to share many more in the future.

To Catherine: You asked if anyone had any poop accidents while pregnant. Actually, I had an accident during labour with my very first child. That is a story all on its own that I would post later if I hadn't already.

To Vincene: You asked if anybody had any childhood experiences that still haunt them until this day. I have quite a few and I plan on posting one tonight.

Answers to Steve A's survey:

1. How did you find Toilet Stool?
About three years ago, I began sharing embarrassing stories that happened to me on various other sites. However, the problem was that the majority of my embarrassing stories involved using the toilet, which didn't really appeal to readers. Therefore, I searched the internet for a website that would likely be more accepting of my shituations and what do you know, I found this website and it turned out to be the perfect place.

2. What did you think of this website when you 1st found it?
I thought this website was the perfect place to share my stories. I also thought it was interesting that a website was devoted strictly to relieving oneself. It's not something that everyone would discuss in everyday conversation, but I always had no problem discussing it when given the chance.

3. How long did it take you to post on Toilet Stool? From a reader only to a reader and poster.
I started posting on the site the same day that I found it, I think. I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't too much longer after finding it.

4. What do you think of the website now? Are your views changed from when you 1st found it?
I've been gone for three years and the site seems exactly the same as when I left. I still see some familiar names and Brandon T is still leaving compliments in the same way he was doing years ago. Nothing has really changed.

5. Who knows that you post on here? Only you or others?
Amy, one of my best friends, knows that I post here. She is one of the few people that I could discuss using the toilet with casually. My oldest sister Coco knows that I post here too because I showed her one story on this site.

6. Will you be willing to share Toilet Stool with your family or friends?
I have shared this site with my friend Amy, who likes it. I've also shared the "Shitting Olympics" story with my sister Coco. Other than that, I might not share it with everybody unless I know that they're open to discussing these type of things. If they are not, then it can get awkward.





Good Morning!

I'm back at it today after a good break for Christmas. I mentioned yesterday, which has not been posted, that I've had an upset stomach since Christmas morning, but I feel great today. I think that I ate too much holiday food! It wasn't diarrhea, but I pooped four mushy loads yesterday (Sunday), four on Saturday, and three on Christmas, including the one that I did at Alan's house that not only stunk up the bathroom, but the hallway as well!

But, I had a much more comfortable bowel movement this morning and I feel much better in my stomach.

To Anna: I really enjoyed your story about your date to see "A Christmas Carol." Alan says that is what he finds attractive about me going to the bathroom - that I can look so put together and at the same time that I am taking a huge dump. I bet it would not have been all bad had your date known :) But, I admire your lady-like manners. Glad you had a good date!

Vincene: I don't know where I would be without my mother's understanding and guidance when it came to the bathroom growing up. I am trying to undo what Chloe's mother did with her and help her to see that it was OK to use the bathroom in public. It sounds like your mother was a germ-a-phobe and a bit OCD. Hang in there!

Brandon: Thank you for the reply!

Rookery: It was a great story! Believe me, we women can "kill it" too in the bathroom. Glad you got to see it first hand. Did you find out about the patch? That's interesting.

Optional Person: Thanks, always, for your replies! I think Zoe has a little bit of an interest in "poop" but I think it was before going with me. It made me uncomfortable to have her in the stall, but there were no family restrooms and Alan could not take her, and since she could not leave with her sister, who was also pooping, then that was all I knew to do. It wasn't a nasty smell, more of a "healthy poop" smell, but was still pretty strong. And, I did not mean to exaggerate the size. It just did not go down the hole. It curled around the left side of the bowl and looked like a parenthesis. It was over a foot long and an inch and a half thick until it tapered at the last 2-3 inches. Glad you had a good poop too!

J.A.G.: Merry Christmas! Great to hear from you!

Mina: Great to hear from you! Merry Christmas to you, Hisae, Kazuko and Maho!

Karen: See my "Recipe for a Good Poop" that I wrote a few days ago. Hope you feel better!

Adrian: Thanks for the reply!

British Dumper: Hope to hear from you soon!

Brianna: Hope you are well!

Love to all!


Optional Person

to Mina

I love your stories Mina. You write with so much heart and passion sometimes I forget you're taking a dump in the story. But I like that. I think it is sweet how open you are about your love for hisae and how you share bowel movements and love each others stenches. It is just pretty awesome. Sorry I am gushing I just love your posts. I wish you the best.


To Adrian: re: unisex toilets

In large stores or other public buildings, most toilets are in large restrooms for one sex or the other. Only in small establishments, often in old buildings, will you find a single unisex toilet. I try to avoid those, and I usually succeed, because there are usually larger places nearby that have a men's room, often with several toilets. Most of the time, I poop at home, very early in the morning. It's 4:17 a.m. here right now, and I feel the urge starting to build, so it's likely my first poop of the day will be before 5 a.m. If I have to poop when I'm out and about, my most likely places to do so are stores like Target or Home Depot, or the public library, all of which have designated men's rooms; no unisex toilets. That's what I prefer; I don't like the idea of a woman walking in while I'm dropping noisy turds. Of course, there are also places that have no public toilets at all.

. . .

As I said, I was feeling the urge; it became stronger, so I interrupted this message at 4:26 to go to the bathroom, where I squatted on the rim and let go a continuous flow of poop that broke into six rather soft medium-thick pieces, in total well over two feet long, a good-sized bowel movement. It was fairly easy to get out, though pushing gave me a twinge from my cracked rib (I fell a week ago, out in the garden). There was also a small piece still hanging, so that came off with the first pass with toilet paper; I still had some more moderately messy wipes to go. Anyway, there went my first poop of the day; since it was fairly big, I may not have to go again; then again, I might.

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