Sophia W.


We were Christmas at my grandparents, who live in a rural area. They have a big house, a large garden and a wooded spot behind it, but only one bathroom. I didn't poop since Sunday, so you can imagine how full I was. We had a great meal which stuffed me totally. In the evening, I did not saw my sister in the living room when we watched a bit tv. Sitting there I felt at last the need to poop, but also for a big fart. So excused me quickly and went to the bathroom. In front of the door I let the noisy fart out. I wanted to open the door, but it was locked. It was my sis who asked from inside and I told it was me. She opened the door and let me in. I smelt her poop. She had a very hard time pooping, but it was also much. She said that she wasn't sure when she would be done. It got urgent. I told her so and she answered that I could go in the garden because it is dark and warm outside for that time of the year. I took a lot of toilet paper from the roll, because my poop would be massive. I went outside through the garage. It was dark indeed, but there was in my eyes no good spot in the garden. So I went all the way down to the small gate and over a little bridge with a tiny beck below. I found a good spot behind some trees and let my jeans and blue spotted panties down. I farted before a steady stream of pee went into the soil. I needed to push and grunt. My fist log got very wide and it was a bit painful. I felt like ages before it hit the ground. I got a text from my sister and that the toilet was completly full from her poop. I wrote her where I was. When my second log was down I heard footsteps and assumed it was her. She greeted me and showed me a picture of the full toilet. She needed nearly three flushes for it. I was on my third log when she farted and pulled her jeans and yellow panties down. I asked if she wasn't empty and she said that she spared a bit for outside. She pooped a log as I did a fourth, which is very rare for me. I gave her from the toilet paper. After we were done we went inside. She woke me in the morning and told me she needs again. Strangely so did I, maybe the food from our meal. I changed into jeans and sweatshirt, because I didn't want to go out in my nightshirt. We took toilet paper with us and went the same way. She ripped down pants and panties when she was over my pile from yesterday evening. A soft poop hit it before she even started to pee a lot. So I went over her log. I had two small logs, but a lot to pee also. I hoped you like to read and thanks.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

@Mina Please thank your friend Kazuko in my name for the present. This information is very useful for my japan trip next summer. I need my time for going number 2 and if have to do it in an convenience store toilet it is likely that the light will go out while I am still doing my business. It is good to now what to do when this happens. I liked your other story as well.

@all This Friday I visited my family for a Christmas dinner. We had Chili con carne. It was a nice dinner.

But soon after I arrived home, I felt the urge to go number 2 quite bad. So i sat lowered my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I started to push and then a big explosion and a stream of diarrhea come out my bottom. The hole show latest nearly five minutes.

I have sometimes diarrhea but it was never as worst as this time. Normally my diarrhea is not gassy and it just comes out, without burts.

I was really exhausted after finishing that mega diarrhea. And the smell was also much worse then usual

I think I won't eat chili again so soon.

Hope you liked my story

greetings from Austria Anna


huge desperate poo on arrival at in-laws for xmas...

Hope everyone had a great Xmas?,

Xmas eve my hubby and I went to visit his parents.
I was driving and about an hour in to our journey i was bursting for a massive poo.
Thankfully the drive is just under 2 hours but i had a dodgy poo before we left home so i knew this one would be dodgy too.

As i pulled up at their house, it was nearly in my knickers!!
Hubs rang the doorbell and my in.laws came to the door "HI! COME IN" They said.
Typically their loo is right by the front door "Just going to use your loo" i said "course Jem!" His mum Shirley replied.

Little did i know they would stand right outside the loo the entire time, & their loo is one that really picks up on sound!!
So in i went, pulled up my black dress and pulled down my black knickers and plopped my butt on their seat.... and as loud as ever my plops crackled out... perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop!!(sigh of relief) perrrlop-plop-plop....plop....plop! I was done. 17 loose desperate plops the loo was full of my poo. I stood up and wiped my butt, 4 times flushed and sprayed. Exitting to be greeted by them all stood right outside and looking at me "needed that did we" his dad Steve laughed
later on hubs told me he wished he had joined me in having my poo to wipe my butt - bless him!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Christmas constipation

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in like forever.
I thought I would tell the story of how I finally managed to have a poo earlier this afternoon after being constipated for a few days, I always seem to have a hard time going at this time of year, I guess because of eating too much of the wrong foods!
Anyway, earlier on I was hanging out in my room with my friend Lucy, I was feeling a bit bloated and after a while I felt like I needed a poo, I realised the last time I went was on Christmas Eve so I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to put off the urge as I would end up even more constipated! I said "Lucy, I want a poo, you might as well come in with me, I think it'll take me a while!!" Lucy and I have used the loo in front of each other loads, I wasn't worried about having to strain and grunt in front of her as we both have similar issues with constipation. Lucy said, "Yeah, I had a poo earlier and it took me ages, so take your time." I went into my ensuite, hiked up my skirt and pulled down my white pants before lowering myself onto the toilet seat, I made a face as it was a bit cold! I needed to have a wee too so after a few seconds my stream started splashing loudly into the bowl, it went on for a while before dribbling to a stop. I relaxed the muscles of my bum and shortly after I could feel the tip of a log starting to poke out really slowly. As usual when I get constipated I could feel it was a massive fat log and quite soon it was really stretching my bumhole. I couldn't help moaning and Lucy said, "Are you OK Abs?" and I gasped "Yeah, its just a massive one, that's all!" I knew I'd have to start pushing to keep the log moving, so I took I deep breath and bore down hard. I felt the log coming out slowly, but it was one of those annoying poos that get sucked back up your bum when you stop straining so I had to keep pushing as much as possible to try to keep it moving, the only problem with that was I was screwing up my face and grunting. "Sorry about this, it keeps getting sucked back up my bum, its been three days since I last had a poo," I said. Lucy made me feel better by saying "Don't worry, when I went earlier I ended up grunting loads too, I hadn't been for a poo for almost a week and I got the same problem with it going back up my bum!!" I could feel that if I did a massive push I would get the fattest part through, so I took a deep breath, went up on my toes and did a really long and hard push, I knew I was going really red but I didn't care, by now I just wanted this monster out of me. Luckily that did the trick, I felt a really knobbly hard bit slide out and after a few more gentle pushes the log dropped into the loo with a splash. I breathed a sigh of relief and Lucy said "I bet your glad thats out!!" and I nodded. I finished with a few more pieces and then started to wipe my bottom. When I was done I pulled up my pants, let down my skirt, flushed (luckily it all went down!) and washed my hands. I felt so much better after getting rid of that massive load! Lucy said "Right, I need a wee now" and she lifted her skirt, dropped her pink flowery pants and sat down. "Thanks for warming the seat," she giggled as I heard a strong wee stream fizzing down into the loo. After a while her stream dribbled to a stop and she wiped before pulling up her pants, flushing and washing her hands. I will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin great story.

To: Mina great story about and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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