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To MOVIE fan In the movie Nothing but Trouble with Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Dan Akroyd(sp?) there is a scene with a woman sitting down reading a newspaper in an out house (obviously dumping, but no sound). Also I think the name of the movie is Class of Nuke 'Em High (it's where this guy sticks his hand in a nuclear reactor and saves the town)well his girlfriend farts whenever she walks on the screen. It's not real farting or anything but its funny

Well...I can't believe the response that one, little post got. I never knew there were so many movies with guys sitting on the toilet. I'll need to check into some of them. Drew, your right, it was an awsome scene with Frankie getting ready to sit down on the toilet. Glad I took the chance and rented an unknown movie. I've been following your posts and would love to get the opportunity to share a buddy dump with you sometime. There's really not anything quite like sharing that personal, private moment with a total stranger. That's why I like finding (and using) a mensroom without doors on the stalls. Seems to make people friendlier. Later all.

Tuesday, September 08, 1998

Does anyone have any experiences relieving oneself inside a car or bus in places other than toilets?

Also add to the list of male dump scenes:
(1) Kevin Bacon taking an outdoor dump in some movie about basketball
(2) The main character in "Wierd Science" on the toiltet talking to his budy.

To hysterical bore: The scene you describe came from Luis Bunuel's -- the Spanish surrealist filmmaker -- last movie "The Phantom of Laliberte." In it, he portrays a society that has reversed all of our usual cultural and personal conventions. Hence, going to the the bathroom publicly, and eating privately.

This incident is from several years ago when we went innertubing. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, on a hot day, you take a big truck tire innertube, throw it in a river, and sit in it and float downstream for a few hours. If you are tubing in northern Wisconsin like us, you probably have a cooler full of beer with you. There were a dozen of us with our tubes all tied together with ropes. It was a popular tubing river so there were probably a hundred other people in sight of us. Your butt's already in the water so if you have to pee you just sit a little lower in your tube and let it go and nobody else knows the difference. Well, this one guy with us must have been new to tubing because he said "hold up guys, I gotta piss." He hopped out of his tube in belly-button deep water, stood sideways to the current, unzipped his shorts (apparently), and peed just as if he was standing on dry land. Meanwhile we just slowly floated away laughing while the other hundred strangers around us cheered for him because it was obvious what he was doing.

Ok, many are mentioning bathroom scenes from films. But I don't think anyone has mentioned the scene in "Car Wash" where the cashier goes in to take her morning dump, reading a book or magazine, and then a practical joke is played on her by one of the employees. She mistakes his "ears" on his cap for another. Funny and somewhat sensuous clip, as she isn't too bad and it's realistic!

Yesterday, I went out to the mountains for the day which included Vail and Breckenridge. I stopped in Breckenridge in the late afternoon at the rec center to watch the skateboarders and BMX biking. Pretty cool. During that time, I had to pay a visit to the bathroom. I waited for a while before then to let the "pressure" build and when someone went in, I followed about a minute after. When I got in, I walked in very fast and mentioned that I had to take a shit real bad hoping to strike a conversation but was again disappointed. The other HS kid didn't say much. I had been in bathrooms where I go in for a simple piss and hear someone taking a shit and I would make comments and we would laugh. You get a group of H.S. or Jr. High kids in the bathroom and they would have a good time joking around.
Another "I remember". When I was a freshmen in college, I had to blow my nose so I went into the bathroom at the dining hall to use some TP. There was an older gentleman taking a dump but he left the door partially closed which I thoght that there was no one in there, therfore, it was OK to walk in. I was wrong. The guy taking a dump didn't shut the door which was kind of embarrassing for the both of us. Maybe he wanted to strike a conversation which he got :) Maybe, he wanted to be walked in on.

George, Carlos and others asked about constipation. When I was in high school, I usually had mild constipation so I would spend about 20-30 minutes a day on the toilet in the boys bathroom. Often, there was no toilet paper in there so frequently I used the girls; girls that I knew never cared and the others, I think, didn't mind either. I also enjoyed the fact that I was sitting on the same toilets as these girls. I also volunteered to help the janitors clean bathrooms, they couldn't believe a kid would help like that - wiping toilets and sinks, but I enjoyed doing it after school twice a week. They had a lot of volunteers, but never one to clean bathrooms. I was the only guy I knew that did this. Once I felt sick and went to the nurse's office and explained my predicament. She asked if I had been to the bathroom recently and explained that I would feel better if I could go. Must have been written on my face or something. I of course said no and then proceeded to the toilet which was in a room alongside 2 cots. The toilet was out in the open and I just sat down on it. Well, quite a number of kids ran into the nurse's office while I was in there and the nurse announced that they needed the room; I was still going and didn't want to get up, so a number of girls saw me on the toilet. That was cool with me, I finished, pulled my pants up and left. The kids in this school were pretty open about going to the bathroom. I had seen girls on the toilets in that nurse's office on other occassions along with tinkling noises as the doors were left ajar and it was very obvious.

Movie Fan
Hey Dice, thanks for the info on the "Movie and TV fart list". The address didn't appear in your posting, but I was able to find it pretty easily using one of the Search engines. There was really good stuff there, including an unexpected picture from the movie "Twenty One". The info about Jenny McCarthy actually farting into a microphone was also pretty interesting. She's definitely the one female celebrity I know of who has a real poop and fart fetish. I wonder if there is a "Movie and TV bathroom scene list" somewhere on the web. For Hysterical bore, that film you mention where they all sit around the dining room table on toilets sounds very much like a scene from a movie called "Turkish Delight", which I believe came out back inthe 70s. I never saw it myself, but I recall reading about it. Does anyone have any info on this? For Jeff A,, thanks for the info on the movies you mentioned. I haven't seen any of the female scenes you referenced, but I'll definitely look for them, especially "Twenty One", which is also mentioned on that web page mentioned above. Thanks again to all for all the great movie bathroom references. If anyone has any others (particularly with female scenes), keep posting them! I will too, as I think of them.

Hi Aaron! Read your great post about your shits at your friend's BarBQ, To me doing big turds that feel really great coming out is really cool and like I've posted, I do that most days!! (every day if I can) - but, yeah! it's a fantastic feeling when you just know that you are dumping massively and you can feel your shit sliding slowly and steadily out of your hole. It turns me on anyway!! And, trust me! - it's even better when you can inspect it all afterwards!! Do you think you could talk to your friend Chris about it - constipation and everything - who knows where it might lead? Maybe "buddy dumping" would help him?? I guess that how you shit has got a lot to do with what you eat - like Aaron, you had some really good food at that BarBQ, and your constipation suddenly ended, you didn't really have to push and after you got your first hard ball to come out after that your turds just sort of flowed out with that great sensation of achievement and relief - like mine do. It really makes you feel GOOD!! I'm not a v?????e, but we grow our own vegetables on the farm, and we eat a lot of them, also fruit especially in the Summer. I eat very little meat - pork/ham mainly, and never beef or especially burgers because there has been a lot of BSE in the UK. We eat a hell of a lot of fish though - which is more digestible than most meats, and I don't eat any junk food (I don't count Pizza as junk food)! My friend Josh has a similar diet, but more meat and sweet things like cake than me, and I'm sure that is why his shits are that much firmer. Andrew though, the other of us "3 musketeers", is not regular, either for time, texture or quantity (or even smell) and he is a meat eater and the only veg. he eats are peas potatoes or corn and not much fruit. He does eat burgers too, and some days he can't shit at all! Aaron, what do you usually eat, and what was different at the BarBQ? I really like your descriptions though - they're so good that I can sort of picture you as you open up and your turds push out! (I expect in reality you look quite different to how I picture you though!). I really liked your post about your bus journey too! I find it really arousing if my head is at someone else's anal height - especially another teen! - male or female - and I imagine their hole opening up and wonder what their last shit was really like and how it looked and how soft/hard it was and what they ate, and what their next one will be like and if they need to go now, and all things like that. It can get me quite aroused! I think if it had been me sitting next to you on your bus, I would have had to try and hide the bulge in the front of my trousers!!! Especially if you were farting !! I also find it exciting if my own anal area is at someone else's head height when I know I'm about to need to shit drastically!! Hi to Fernando - new to the page? Where you from? (Country). Tell us all about your latest bowel movements! Constipation? - try more ve????s, less sugars? Right on!! Now that we teens have got more postings, any female teens our age out there?? See ya all - Nicky! PS: Aaron - I had this drafted and ready to send before I read your post from today. I'll try to reply again v. soon. N.

Hi everyone! I have been back from my 2 month study abroad in Europe for about a week but haven't had time to post. Anyhow... I had a ton of memorable dumps while in Europe... I'll describe a few as I remember them. The first one was when we were in Rome on our 10 day hoooliday before school started. The second day we were there after a long day of sight seeing we got back to our hostel and I needed to take a big dump. I went into the bathroom and dropped a big load that really smelt bad. This was my first experience with what I call shelf toilets. The shit sits on this shelf before flushing, and it makes for a smelly experience. After I flushed it left a ton of streak marks. Our third day in Rome we went out to the coast for a day at the beach and after lunch I had to dump as usual. I went into a very surprisingly clean WC with a hole and two feet spots. YEA! I finaly got to try one for real. I took off my swimming shorts and squatted down and let it flow! It was a bit soft and runny. I think it was all the food I was eating in Italy. Our last day in Rome I didn't have to dump. After Rome we went up to Vienna and that morning we arrived at our hostel I took a dump that wasn't very easy or satisfying. My craps in Vienna were very disapointing or nonexistant. We spent our last day in Austria in Salzburg and that night I ate a huge meal of cabbage, Wienershnizel and potatos and a few beers. We took a night train to Interlaken Switzerland and by the time we got to our hostel I needed a huge crap. I let out a few farts and filled up this toilet with a ton of poop. That day we went bungee jumping and I think the thought scared the shit out of me because at the jump sight I took 2 more dumps that were large and smelly but I felt so much better! The days in Switzerland of partying and drinking lots of beer produced some of my best shits at the hostel. Then after switzerland we were back in France. Some of the memorable shits in France were normal afternoon loads after school in our apartment big turds with lots of smell and streak marks. One weekend we went to Nice and I think we all picked up a bit of a stomach bug because we all had diarhea! I remember eating a raw hambuger in Planet Holywood Cannes and after I was too grossed out by it my stomach started hurting. I went up to the loo and exploded my bowels into the toilet!! It was amazing. The night before I ate soooooooo much in Monaco, I mean a lot of food at dinner. That night I ate an extra value big mac meal, 9 mcnuggets and a cheeseburger for dinner. The next morning I had a big diarhea mess run out of me before getting on the plane back to Paris at our hotel. A few times after dinner at Cite UNiversitaire when we were out on the Champs Elysees, I went into Planet Holywood and dropped my 20 year old man loads. When we were in London for a weekend I remember having a pretty descent dump in PLanet Holywood and it left some streaks. The bathroom attendant went to check the toilet and he proceeded to clean it! WOW! Kinda turned me on. I remember the morning after we arrived in London I had the runs in our hostel after coffee and toast for breakfast. The morning we left for london I had the biggest beer dump in the Paris airport. The night before we went to Chilis to party because it was the last night before a lot of people left and I had a ton of beer and tequila. I was very drunk and very horny! The next morning I felt like shit and wanted to puke. I didn't but I did have a great dump. Sorry if this is out of chroonological order, but I am writing the memories as they come to mind. The day we were leaving to come back to the US we were connecting in Amsterdam and I had to take a dump real bad but we were in this security line. I also didn't want to fly with a ton of shit in me. Before we boarded I went into the toilets and pushed a big load out! It was probably the fastest shit I have ever had. My friend even remarked at how fast it was. We both take about 10 minutes each to dump. The whole flight to Minneapolis I had gas. I was farting the whole flight under ym blanket. After both meals I had to dump again. I went into the bathroom and dropped a few more turds. It wwas smeelly and some lady went in after me. I forgot! The day we left for San Diego at the very beginning of our trip to my friends house we had lunch at Paradise Cafe at the Phoenix Airport (okay okay... I go to ASU). The days before we left Phoenix I wasn't really crapping to well. The night before I had a couple of Coronas and a lot of spicy spaghetti. The So after lunch in the PHX airport I needed a real good dump. We went in and lined the toilet and sat down. The farts started and then one really quick power dumping load was dropped. I must have been in there 20 minutes just dropping that load. Another story, we were flying out of LAX and I crapped 3 times before getting on our plane. I had a lot of Mexican food the day before for lunch....

Monday, September 07, 1998

Im back from a Trade Conference and have enjoyed reading most of the various posts. Cant agree with Nicky's viewpoint as he seems to enjoy having diarrhea. Yeuch :-( I just cant see how anyone can enjoy this, to me horrid affliction, but as they say, each to their own, and whatever turns you on.
I agree with various posters that good exercise can help get a constipated motion to come down and I have noticed this myself after a good work out or a game of golf.
I also made use of one of the wash down toilets with the platform and its useful to see the whole of the motion displayed before you pull the flush. It certainly makes the smell stronger with its not being covered in water but I noticed that the German toilet I used had air freshner sprays on a timer which gave a puff of scent every minute or so, thus masking any shitty smells. In contrast while in France I had to use a hole and 2 footprints toilet. It was dirty to say the least but I had to go and dropped my long fat log into the hole where to my great amusement it stuck up like a great brown column.
Its not only women who experience the compacted stool effect if they have to hold in a motion. This has also happened to me when for some reason I cant go when I feel the need. I suppose the turd gets pushed down in the rectum and thus gets compacted and the longer it is held in the more water is absorbed thus making it harder to pass when you do go. After all often a motion passed in the morning when getting up is a bit soft but if held in until say lunchtime it will have firmed up quite a bit and if not passed until the evening might be quite hard and constipated. I usually do my motions after lunch when they are just right, nicely formed and solid but not too hard and lumpy.
I dont want to start the toilet pan Vs urinal debate again but can confirm what our friend Donna said that I prefer to sit down in a cubicle (stall) to pee not use a urinal. I find it more comfortable, it does ensure the bladder is emptied properly, and also avoids a "follow through" accident if one is also needing a motion at the time and I have posted in the past about men having a pee at a urinal who have shit their underpants , and it is a cleaner way of having a pee. Again I like to choose who watches me perform my excretory functions both defecation and urination.
I look forward to Crimson giving more techincal details on types of WC. I can remeember going on a camping holiday in the 1969 with my Aunt Helen and cousins Nicola (not the one who posts here) and Debbie. The toilets there were metal buckets with lids which were emptied every day and of course one could then see the jobbies other people had done. I think these were an Australian make called "Furphey" or something like that. I dont know if there was supposed to be some chemical or powder used with them but there wasnt at this place so n the heat they soon got very smelly and attracted flies so my Aunt, the Girls and I found a secluded spot amongst the sand dunes on the beach and did our jobbies there. When we went back to that camp site the following year these primitive toilets had been replaced with proper flush toilets but even these got blocked by some of the big jobbies campers passed.
Moira and I bought this house we replaced the foul drainage piping which was 4" diameter saltglaze pipe with 6" diameter plastic and upgraded all the traps, interceptors etc. We also installed a heavy duty white toilet pan the type used by many local authorities in public toilets, school toilets etc. It has a long wide water filled sump at the bottom and the "Ker-sploonk!" sound effects are first class when one does a big jobbie but even this pan sometimes has to be flushed 3 or 4 times when Moira or I do one of our whoppers or buddy dump as we often do. It does however go away eventually and we havent had any blockages further down the pipes, the time the guest flushed her shitty knickers down the pan was in our previous house which had old 4" pipes and this did cause a blockage.
Finally, I can agree with Nicola that over the years having used the toilet after many people I have found that the smell left after a woman passes a healthy soild motion is to me far less pungent and off putting than from the similar solid motion passed by a man. Loose or watery mtions are equally offensive irrespective of the gender of the doer.

To fernando When I was a teenager I was always constipated. In fact I can remember only a few times when I was not. There was one time when I was really constipated at camp and some friends were watching me dump. The dorm had two wings and the toilet in our wing was having some problems with being stopped up. The counselor said not to sit on it. If we had to sit, then use the one in the other wing. It sounds dumb, but I thought he meant don't "sit"... literally. I figured maybe he meant it had not been properly cleaned since it was worked on, or maybe it was loose at the base. Anyway, I knew I needed to go and had not gone in several days. My stomach was starting to hurt. I went in the stall, dropped my pants and bent down with my butt hanging over the toilet. I started straining and farting. About that time someone saw my feet under the door and commented to the other guys that I was using the john. They all came running and started telling me that I wasn't supposed to sit on that toilet. I said I wasn't... I was standing. This was a single stall with slats or louvers for a wall. If you looked up between the cracks you could see the person in the stall in clear view. The guys took turns looking through the cracks and laughing. I squeezed really hard and started dropping little rabbit pellets which were very noisy and splashy, especially from such a distance. The guys thought this was pretty cool. At one point I had to help a marble out by pressing my finger just above my asshole. One guy said "hey you guys.. he's squeezin 'em out. It was kind of embarrassing, but fun at the same time.
Tell me about your constipation. Have you ever had a similar experience. How long do you take to shit? Do you fart a lot? What kind of dump do you do? Please annswer.

Hi again Movie Fan, Thanks for all the information on the movies you mentioned I will have to rent them out. I haven't actually seen many of the fart movies I mentioed, apart from "Don't be a Menace", the rest were found at the "Movies and TV fart list" which is at I am unsure if this site allows urls but if it does then the site should be written in this message somewhere. If not then email me and I will let you have it. The "Don't be a Menace" movie has a scene where this pretty black girl is talking to this guy and he thinks she is sexy until she farts, this is also on the movie list and there is a few pics and a wav file too. From what I can see on the movie list "Date with an Angel" shows this girl who is eating fries and then after a rumbling from her stomach she starts to waft the smell away from her lap. I think maybe the "Fatal Instinct" I am talking about is the comedy as Sean Young farts and then lights it in to a fireball. I don't think you will like "cave girl" as apparently this fat ugly girl farts in a guys face. "Party Animal" is about (apparently) when these guys give this girl a laxative and she farts. Finally "Zapped" looks quite good (going by the pics at the site) as this pretty blonde girl bends over and accidently farts. Please remember all information could be wrong as I only got this info second hand. I don't think I have seen many movies with poop scenes (female only as I don't like male ones), I have seen CopyCat and I know what you mean about probably ready to poop rather then pee but I think lots of women seem to always put down loads of toilet paper even to pee (judging by the hidden camera toilet videos I have seen). I will let you know if I come across any new ones and please do the same for me. Thanks again and take care. Dice

Hi Nicky Your posts are just so cool! Where else but here would you talk about this stuff. I guess I shopuldn;t say that. You seem to talk about pooping with your friends all the time. I have never met anybody who wants to do that...but I guess I haven';t asked either. How did you and Josh start doing that? How long have you been best friends? I was interested in the kid in your boarding school that can only shit (as you call it) rabbitt pellets. I have been like that at times. It's a bitch cause there's so much stuck up in there and it takes so long to get it out. It's pratically impossibel. I'd have to spend the whole day in the bathroom. Does he feel sick do you think? Do you think it affects the way he does in Track or Basketball? I wonder how far up inside of him is full like that? Ask him...OK?

Hysterical Bore
Following few posts here about films with defecation scenes I offer the following:- I recollect a short drama (could have been a comedy sketch) on British TV some years ago where the activities at a dinner party was reversed. The guests were invited into the 'dinning room' which consisted of a number of lavatory bowls arranged in a circle. The guests adjusted their clothing as if to use the toilets (needless to say no exposure of genitals occurred) and they sat as though to "go" and began chatting as if they were dining together. A little way into the "dinner" one of the guests excused himself, left the room and locked himself into a cubicle, where he began to consume a sandwich "in private".
Also: On Buddy dumps, these cannot be new, since if you visit the ruins of the Roman city at Ephesus in Turkey, the publlic Loo is part of the sites described. This appeared to be a length of stone with holes over a channel which would have had running water. Users would no doubt attend for their daily motion and converse with whoever was in at the time. No doubt it would have been men only.

I woke up this morning with an urge to go to the bathroom, but I decided to hold it a while. I made coffee, got my newspaper and then decided to get on my blue, elongated toilet. It had been a few days since I moved my bowels. I peed, then relaxed and allowed my turds to exit and fall into the toilet. Took about 15 minutes, then I looked into the bowl:7 turds approximately 6-8" long sitting in my yellow water. Teenage girls in my neighborhood call this "going bam," and they call big turds "bams." Anyway, I sat back down and started to clean up. Took eight wipes, then I flushed, and the bams left a lot of skid marks in the bowl. I sprayed lysol into the air and onto the toilet seat and closed the lid. Washed my hands with the same kind of soap we put into the dispensers at school, then I went online. Felt a lot better.

Hey I'm back. Sorry that I wasn't here such a long time. Boys and girls where are the stories of going outside-I don't find many of them ! I think this stories are most interesting. But now I'll tell you more of mine. When I was a little girl ,my parents and my younger sisters were mostly in our holidays in the south of Europe. And you can imagine that lot of stories happened with us . As I was ten we were in France near to Saint Tropez. Most time we were at the beach, and if one of us has to go, we searched some privacy. If I had to pee I went swimming and do it.But after 3days I had to do a poop.My mother needed to pee, and so we were going together to find a nice place to do.The beach and the sea were full of people, so we decided to to a building.It was a dressing-room, and as we walked in we saw a girl pushing up her bathing-suit and go fast back to the beach. As we looked at this place, we saw a big puddle of the floor.I didn't wanted to go there and so we looked around us.My mum said:Look there are some showers , why don't we go inside this stalls? She opened a door ,but the shower-floor was covered with puddles, tissues, tampons etc. She opened the second, third, fourth, everywhere the same mess in the third was even a big turd. At the fifth she opened the door, spread her legs, pushed her bathing-suit a little bit beside and startet peeing on the floor.She said:Sorry but I couldn't wait any longer.i went into this stall squatted down while pulling my bikini down, and let out a very big turd. My mother hadn't finished in the moment a man came in. But good luck-it was my father who smiled and takes his penis out and peed at the room-wall. I finished my poop and we all went out. More next time.Bye

I've got a great shitting story for you all. My name's Louise and I'm seventeen and have a great love life. One day a while ago I was getting of with my boyfriend Mike, I'd been feeling cramp pains for a while but I didn't want to leave him for the toilet trip. We were at the time lying on his 4000 sofa. All of a sudden I could hold it no more and soft mushy shit came sliding out of my arse all down my legs and all over my boyfriend and his white leather sofa.

Jeff A.
to DeeJay: As far as signs over urinals goes, I've always preferred "Please don't eat the big white mints". Happy Camper: Unbelievable! My favorite view is also pants down around the ankles, and panties up on the thighs! I actually did finish an illustration for this site, and it depicts that very scene. Hopefully it'll show up soon. The Asian lady is getting tired, and wants to zip up and go home. On the topic of females who seem to have no smell in the bathroom, I don't know about anyone else, but I've been around many, many pooping females, and have never been able to avoid a smell. Sometimes mild, and other times absolutely reeking! but always a smell. Even at work, I've walked by the ladies room, and the smells that sometimes come from inside, and lurk in the hallway are positively evil! Either way, it's a normal human function. Girls do it, guys do it. As a matter of fact, If I were interested in a certain lady, and got a whiff of her bathroom activities on one of her "rotten days", I'd still be interested. More so even, knowing that she was normal like the rest of us. For you movie watchers out there: "North Dallas Forty" shows a row of doorless toilets all occupied by guys. "American Graffiti 2" shows a motorcycle cop on the toilet as Cindy Williams walks in on him. Her expression is priceless. There's also "Weird Science" an hilarious scene. For girl scenes, there's "American Me", a great above the stall shot. "Penitentiary" a black woman goes into a prison restroom. A good one is "Twenty One" where actress Patsy Kensit delivers her last 5 minute monologue on the toilet in full view. She even wipes. Also, if you wanna watch Jane Fonda take a whiz, there's "Fun with Dick and Jane". I'm sure I can probably think of more, but not right now. Bye all.

Sunday, September 06, 1998

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been so busy in getting ready for school. I'll be leaving on Tuesday for France, where I will be spending a semester abroad. Thanks to everyone for their tips about French (and other European) toilets. I recently spoke to another American female student who has just been through this program. Among the questions I asked her was about the toilets at this university. She told me all the toilets are of the "sit-down" type. She then volunteered that she was worried about the same thing ("squat" toilets) before going over there, and was also worried about the alleged lack of TP in French toilets. She told me that all the university toilets also have toilet paper, but it's rougher than what Americans are used to. I have purchased one of those plastic "funnels" in case my bladder calls while I'm away from campus. Steph, Jodi, and I plan to have a final (for the time being) "buddy dump" within the next couple of days (they're also going back to school here in the states; both of them will be in Europe next Spring). I don't know how often I'll be able to check in to this site while I'm over there. I'll try to give you tidbits while I'm over there and will certainly give you a long, long post when I'm back here (around Christmas time). It is great that we are able to discuss one of our most intimate functions with such candor and honesty, but without any "sick" stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!! Hugs and Kisses to everyone!!!! Alex :)

Having lived in Canada 8 years, but now back in the US, I wonder in my reminiscences if Canadians have a different approach to these functions:
1) grafitti in a men's stall at the Univesity of Toronto, some 30 years ago: "anything over 16" is a keeper." (by now I suppose it's metric).
2) metal sign over a urinal in Regina some 25 years ago:
"Please do not throw cigarett butts in urinals."
Grafitti underneath: "They are soggy and hard to light."

Kevin (11)
I recently was on a plane trip, only the second time I had to fly. We had lunch on the plane. After lunch I had to poop. I got up to go, and my brother Brian said he had to go poop too. He is 3 and I often take him to the bathroom. So I took him with me. When we got in the little bathroom, I told him that I really need to poop and sat down on the toilet. Usually, if both of us need to poop when we are out of the house, I usually let him go first, because sometimes he waits to the last minute, especially when we are out of the house. The toilet was all stainless steel inside with a little flap at the bottom. After I sat down, two turds fell out, and they both went right through the flap, and you could hear the flap coming back up and closing with a loud thoud. After that two or three little turds came out. They came out so fast that I did not even get a chance to pee. I looked at the turds that were ther,a nd they were stuck to the side of the bowl near the flap. When they were out, my brother said he really had to go. So I got up and let him poop. His poop was really soft and mushy and stuck to the side of the bowl as well. After he wiped, and had make a couple more turds and peed as well. After I was done peeing and wiping, I flushed. Most of the poop went down the hole, but there was a lot of streek marks left. In two different shades of brown (Brian's and my poop were different colours). When we were at my grandma's, wew went to the beach with some of my freinds there. On the way home from the beach, both me and my broth Jimmy, 6, had to poop. Becuase the walk was about 15 minutes, we asked if there is someplace around to poop. They said the only place was the in the woods. So we left the path and both dropped a huge load. Our freinds were surorised that we could drop a huge load. One of our friends said he had to poop and joined us as well. Although, like back home, we are really open about pooping and peeing with our brothers and freinds, our friends were a little surprised that we would poop in the open like that. But that happen two more times, and another freind pooped in the open too. So I guess they got used to the idea.

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