I'm 5'7", sholderlength dyed-red hair with brown roots, glasses, hazel eyes, 128 pounds. I have three children, ages 5 and 7, both female; a 4-year-old male. they are home mre than out and usually shit in the evenings. i will let them piss or shit anywhere on the basement floor, on tile, concrete, lino, etc, so long as it's not carpet. it's easier to clean, plus they can see it. it doesn't usually take long to clean up so i do it whenever i get to it.


Girlfriend's Grandkids

Rachel, I'm dating a woman who cares for her grandchildren girls 4 and 7. In an emergency, or if she is having company, she lets them go in their room and play. If they have to potty they are allowed to wet or soil themselves and she cleans them up later.


Towel accident

This is a story from when I was about twelve or thirteen years old. I was very chubby as a child, which I got from my mother whom I lived alone with at the time. We ate a lot of fast food and as a result I was often gassy and had not diarrhea, but soft poops. I don't remember having too many full blown accidents but I sharted more times than I can count growing up. Ever so often I would get that bubbly, gassy feeling in my ????, try to fart and end up with a little mushy poop in my panties. It was never too a big deal though, I was home schooled and my mother was very understanding and I was never ashamed to tell her that I had pooped myself or that I was feeling like I need to have diarrhea.

On this particular day I had made myself a massive breakfast (I don't remember exactly what I ate but it was leftover from the previous day and loads of it) while my mother was running errands. When she came back home she brought a massive 'treat lunch'; McDonald's. I didn't tell her I had already eaten a very large meal just an hour or so earlier, I just stuffed my face with burgers, fries and shakes. I loved it. Until my ???? suddenly wasn't loving it anymore. I began feeling a litte sick and very bloated. I told my mum and she did her usual "check up" that she always did when I was not feeling well; "does it hurt? do you feel like you need to be sick? do you need to poop?". I said no to all three, I was just feeling too full and gassy.

Mum sat me down on the couch and rubbed my back, thinking I was coming down with something (since she didn't know how much I had eaten for breakfast she didn't think I was just overly stuffed). She massaged my stomach a little and I let out some burps and bubbly farts. I continued to feel bad though and she helped me to my room where I put on my PJs and went to bed to have take nap. I woke up with a ???? ache and an overwhelming need to pass gas, I rolled over to my side and pushed. I let out a long, bubbly fart and with it, quite a lot of soft stool into my panties. I called out for my mum and she came running, I told her what had happened and she helped me out of bed and to the sink I had in my room. She took my PJs and panties off, washed my off with some cloth and grabbed a towel to dry my bum. That's when it happened. My ???? cramped, I bent my knees and could not resist the urge to let out a massive amount of chunky, porridge-like diarrhea into the towel. Mum held a hand on my stomach and supported the towel with her other hand as we rushed to the bathroom. On our way there I had to stop once because of a cramp and let out some more poop and as soon as I got on the toilet another wave of gassy poop came out of my butt. I ended up sharting so much that day that mum put a towel in my panties like a diaper so I could get all the gas and diarrhea out without having to sit in the bathroom all day.


Response to the brownest eye

To the brownest eye: I had a similar experience to yours. It didn't happen at work, but rather, a few years ago at community college. I had just taken a huge, stinky dump in the bathroom, and when I flushed, it flooded the toilet, and my dump came out onto the floor, along with a flood of water! My first thought was "run away! No one can prove anything! I don't know why, but I said to myself: I have to report this! So I found the janitor and told him the situation. He said "i'll go get a mop and plunger." I said "ok thanks." But then he called after me and said in a loud voice: "HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? YOU THINK I"M CLEANING THAT UP? IT'S YOUR POOP NOT MINE!" So I had to clean up my own poop, with the janitor watching. I could have reported him because to my knowledge, what he did was unprofessional, but I just wanted this entire issue to go away! Besides I think he got fired for something else anyway.


Pants poop in science class

Hey! I just found this site and think its cool. I want to share a really embarrassing experience I had way back in junior high. From about the age of 7-14, I had occasional accidents in my pants, mainly because I tried to hold I in too long. Anyway, I was in 7th grade, I was staying after school to work on something with my science teacher. I was waiting in the room for him to come in and I had to poop really bad. But I held it and tried to wait. However, my poop decided it didn't want to wait! Slowly but surely, a large, semi-solid, stinky mass began to fill my underwear. I froze with fear in my seat as it came made its way out. I should have jumped up right then and there and ran to the bathroom, but the fear kept me sitting there till the entire load had filled my briefs. After it was out, I just sat there shocked, and with a warm load in the seat of my pants. The funky smell was growing more powerful with each passing moment. Soon, my teacher would be coming in and would certainly want an explanation for the foul cloud of stink hovering over his science lab! So I decided to get up and run to the bathroom before he came in. I leapt out of my seat and with a "heavy bottom," made my way toward the door. But to my horror, my teacher strolled in just as I was leaving. He smiled and started talking to me, and he has a habit of talking a lot! So i'm standing there talking to teach with a big, smelly load in my pants. Then mid way through a sentence, the smell of my loaded pants curled up to his nose. He scrunched up his face and said ooh. I could tell he was about to say something, but I didn't give him a chance. I just said, "I have to use the bathroom" and rushed down the hall before he could say anything. As I was running down the hall I heard his voice say in a loud voice "PHEW!" It was real embarrassing. So I went in the bathroom, I cleaned myself up as best I could, dumped the shitty underwear, and changed into a spare pair that I kept in my book bag.
When I came back in the class room, I saw that my teacher had opened all the windows to get rid of the smell and he was sitting at his desk giving me a serious look. He came over to me and said "now be honest with me son, did you poop your pants?" I turned bright red and got hot. I was so humiliated, I couldn't speak. so my teacher took that as a yes. He said ' "you have a problem, you know. Your 13 and pooping in your pants. You can't go through life like that." Then he said "I knew you pooped, because I smelled it when you walked out of the room, and also, you left me a little present. He pointed his finger to the floor, and I saw a small turd on the floor. It must have dropped out of my pants as I was leaving the room. I was soooo humiliated, I almost started to cry. Then he said "And I know that this isn't the first pants poop you've done. Your gym teacher, Mr. Gregory has told me you had several pants poops in his class too." Than he looked at me and said " Now i'm not going to tell anyone. we'll just clean up your mess, and that's that. But you have to promise me you'll go to the nurse and ask for help with this. I said yes, burning with humiliation, and we went and got a bucket and mop from the janitor and cleaned up the poop. Boy was I glad this happened after school and no other kid had witnessed it!


Massive poop accident while sick

Hi everyone, Breanna here. I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently. And my bowels have not been happy about it - you can see where this is going. Anyways, I was sitting on the couch, watching YouTube, when I felt the need to poop. Really, really bad. I got up and started to run to the bathroom, but then, like 5 or 6 waves of liquid poop flowed out of me right into my underwear and pajamas, both of which were immediately stained. It stopped for a few moments, then 3 or 4 more waves came through, completely filling my underwear. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned up as good as I could. Underwear and pajamas were a total loss. But after the ordeal, I felt cleared out, and felt fine the next day.
Rachel- Wow! You have awesome parents! Sometimes when I'm playing with friends, we bump into each other, and I let out a squirt of pee. They notice, but don't make a big deal out of it.



Catherine: Yes, I posted consecutively a while back, last one was probably somewhere around August/September. Glad to hear you liked my posts! I always look forward to reading yours! :)

Rachel: My parents have never encouraged me to poop/pee my pants, primarily because that situation (one where I could not hold it by any means while also being far from any possible toilet) had never occurred. My parents were very good at teaching my brothers and I that we should prepare accordingly when faced with situations where you might not have access to a toilet for a long period of time. We were taught to always go before long car rides or for long presentations such as graduations, to the point where we did it because we knew it would be the best option.

However, I noticed that the situations you have described reached beyond simple "can't hold it" or "inevitable" moments, and bled more into pure convenience messing, which I have seen while reading these forums before.

I haven't personally encountered it but I find it interesting; at the very least I find it a step in the right direction compared to those parents who scold their children when they have accidents. I, for one, couldn't fathom how horrible I would feel if I walked into my house and was immediately lashed verbally for accidentally messing myself: I had already felt bad due to losing control and having a lump in my panties.

Optional Person

Thanksgiving poop.

I felt the urge after thanksgiving. I had not been up for long and I went into the toilet and pulled down my underwear. I sat on the toilet backwards because I love how it makes the poop just explode out. I sat and pushed quickly, and a load crackled and plopped out of my butt into the toilet water. The smell of rotten chicken quickly filling the air. I stood up to inspect my load, and peanut butter colored turds floating in a mass were what I saw. They were the shape of string beans. I wiped my butt a couple of times and then flushed the toilet, satisfied with my poop. some skid marks were in the bowl and I left them there.

Hope you all enjoyed the story.

The Brownest Eye

Survey Response

1. Could you state your age and gender? 34, Male

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

C- Leaning forward with my elbows on my knees.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax?

Almost instantly.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?

Same as above.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard

Definitely 1. I'm lucky in that I almost never have to push to drop a load. It's usually smooth sailing.

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.

I really never fart when I take a crap.

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

Mostly A, but occasionally B.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

A- 5 minutes
B- 5 minutes
C- N/A

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop?

I never "try" to poop. I do poop once a day, on average, though.

10. Do you enjoy pooping?

When I'm at home, I quite enjoy it. I find it relaxing, a chance to step out of the hustle of my busy life. In public, I don't enjoy it.

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?

Nope. I never have to.

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop sometimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?


I hope everyone's having a great day!



Steve A's Survey and Response to Old Observer


1. How often do you pay attention to your bathroom related health? I think I am obsessed. Like Old Poop, I keep a log of my bowel movements. I have a flash drive with pictures of my most impressive bowel movements. I look at my doodie each time I go before wiping. In fact, I see nothing wrong with that. I know in the days of outhouses that could not see what came out, but I think that's good for health. Physically, I feel really good, healthy, energetic and I want to stay that way as long as I can by eating right, exercising, drinking lots of water and staying regular.

2. Do you think in the future that bathroom related talk on Toilet Stool will no longer be taboo in the real world society? I think that the taboo will eventually relax, but I don't see it being a part of casual conversation. I loved reading the story from the fellow from the Netherlands about unisex bathrooms. Maybe the day is coming when we will have those, but I worry about sexual assault. As far as talking about it, I think that we have learned that there are many bowel problems and people want to know what is normal and how they can move toward being a little more ideal. But I can't see a group of friends sitting around talking about the "big crap" they just took.

3. Would it be more embarrassing to have an accident in front of: Family, Friends, Relatives, BF/GF, or Strangers/Entire Student Body? I think that there would always be a healthy embarrassment with doing that in front of anyone. I know my parents helped when I began to struggle with IBS Constipation-Diarrhea when I was a preteen. I had a few accidents then, clogged the toilet often after being relieved of constipation, and having lots of urgent attacks of diarrhea. I guess the mortifying embarrassment of all of this led to my obsession and desire to eat and defecate as healthily and regularly as possible.

4. Did you ever have an accident in school or heard of someone who had an accident in school and most of or the entire student body heard about it from students spreading it around? No. I think I mentioned about hearing one of my teammates not making it to the bathroom in a volleyball match, but I did not witness it.

5. Would you poop at your BF/GF's house if you think that you couldn't make it back home and it was your 1st visit to their house? It's never happened, thankfully. Of course, I've shared two stories of pooping at church and clogging the toilet once at church, pooping at an overnight youth gathering as a teen and clogging the toilet and then having diarrhea (p. 1817), pooped at a group of friends gathering five years ago, had diarrhea in front of Alan, and then got an attack when we were with his family. So, I think I've had my share of embarrassment. I love Brianna's posts and can understand why you wouldn't want to on a first date or visit. But I will go rather than risk an accident or extreme discomfort.

To Old Observer:

Thank you for the idea! I have some ideas that I have been playing around with for our honeymoon. We still don't live together, even though I do try to go over there and help out a little, just to be with Alan and the girls. I don't want to do anything in front of the girls. Too, I want to save it for our honeymoon.

I've thought about really getting all dressed up and then going in front of him. Too, as I have shared, I do get a little irregular when I am out of my routine. I would love to have a big one, even a bigger than normal for me, in front of him! LOL!

I don't want anyone to think that this is the most exciting our relationship gets. We don't talk about bowel movements often and that is definitely not the thing that gets us most excited. But it is a neat part of our relationship and I will do something special in that department on our honeymoon.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Love to all!



Emily! + added story

to Emily: I go to alot of concerts and gigs and I manage ok and here is how - I'll start with pooping - the amount of food you eat at concerts is little and the times I have been camping at them the toilets have been gross but the poops that I've needed have been really small. I wouldn't worry about pooping as long as you know how to squat and you wait until you actually need to go before going.
Peeing - I've always worn leggings, shorts or skirts/dress at them. I am known to be shy when it's busy but I've managed so you can too haha. I always go pee just before its starting. Last summer my friend had a plastic device that I used half way through a show and I only got some drips down my legs which were ok - I would advise trying one out if you can. I've squatted for a pee before with friends around me and everyones chill with it and I've even gone into cups and nobody notices over the music. A couple of my friends would often go without underwear or have on ones that they could pull to the side and just go easily with so you could try that too.
Personally I wouldn't recommend peeing in a nappy or in your pants cause you'll smell really bad and theres less chance of having a shower than being able to shut your eyes and use a toilet there.

Car story! (yey)
I was in the car with my sister, mum and dad on the way to visit one of my aunts. It's about a 5 hour drive so we normally stop about half way for food and the loo.
Before we left I went for a pee and had some runny poo come out with it (my time of the month just now and this is a thing :( ). I cleaned up and changed my.. you know...
Anyways we got the car ready and left at about 9am. We would be staying the night so there was no hurry to get there.
About 40 minutes into the drive I had my headphones in and my sister was half asleep beside me in the back seats, I felt my stomach grumble and the need for a fart came. I held it in for about 5 minutes but it was sore so I lifted my bum off the seat a little and let the fart out. The fart came out quietly but felt odd and I thought it was my imagination. I sat back down and could feel moisture between my bum and realised that it was infact a shart! I could feel my face burning and I wanted to cry but I got control of myself and I put my left hand around onto my bum outside my jeans and felt around to see how much came out. It didn't feel bad so I leaned forwards to my mum in the passenger seat and told her "Can we stop at the next chance?". "Why? Are you ok?" she asked. I paused for a second and instead of embarrassing myself replied with a whisper to her "Girl problems mum..." She passed on the message to my dad driving that we needed a bathroom break at the next chance.
I seen the next exit about 5 minutes later and quickly got a change of underwear out of my bag and some supplies too.
We pulled up and my sister said she had to go so the three of us went to the toilets leaving my dad to get fuel. We went in and there was only 2 stalls so my sister went in with my mum. I quickly sat down and took my panties off that had a wet stain on the back and let loose some wet poo followed by my pee. I put my clean panties on flushed and left the stall and saw my mum - I had to then explain what happened and then I was told to wait on my sister cause she was pooping. I could hear her straining with about 5 big plops before I heard her peeing. It sounded like she wiped only once before opening the stall and flushing.
We stopped 2 more times where I only peed but found out my sister had some nasty skidmarks on her panties.
Just as we arrived we were both desperate to pee and my sister had a visible wet mark on the back of her skirt.


some responses

to Stacey: Yes I do. When we go backcountry camping we usually bring a little shovel. Otherwise I put some dirt and leaves and stuff on it at the very least. I think especially at a backcountry campsite where everybody has to go outside it would be really rude to just leave poop on the ground.

to Brianna: I was just reading your last post. So sorry you had some accidents, don't feel bad about it. Also, I could really relate to your story about having to go in the car with your boyfriend. I have been there before, totally similar and I was in a real panic for a bit. Like you I rushed to the house and straight to the toilet. I just about made it. I am very shy about mentioning having to go to the bathroom with boys or even with them knowing that I had to poo. Especially on the first few dates.


Pooping Urgency Scale

I have a "pooping urgency scale" that I mentally use. Here it is, 1 to 5, with 1 being the least urgent and 5 the most.

1. No urge at all, but you know that you should go since there is something up there. This is constipation. Nothing save an enema, a suppository or a lubricated finger will get that log out. This is a very uncomfortable place to be. If you do sit, you might produce a few small pebbles, but the bowel movement will not be complete.

2. You have the urge, but it can wait and when you finally do go, it will take some pushing. These bowel movements usually produce large stools. If the stools are not too dry and hard, the pleasure from these bowel movements can be quite great since your anus will be stretched. If the stool is hard, the movement could be a bit painful.

3. Normal bowel movement. You feel the urge, it can wait, but not too long. When you finally go, you release stool with little effort.

4. Pretty urgent. You can't wait too long for this. The movements are usually soft and mushy and very smelly with a lot of gas.

5. Total diarrhea. This is "liquishits." You have little to no control.

I keep mental track of my bowel movements and their place on the urgency scale. For instance, I feel an urge now as I type this. It is about a 2-3 on the scale (perhaps 2.5???). I know that when I sit, I'll have to give it a good push and it will come out easily.

Most of my bowel movements are in the 2-3 range. About 20% are 4's, and I almost never have diarrhea or constipation.

Hope this makes sense!


the joys of IBS ...

So for those who don't know, i have IBS and suffer badly from it. Diagnosed at 17, I have had Mebeverine, then Colpermin, & now i take Buscopan. Lately i have being having constipation but it's mainly loose poo i produce on a daily basis, 3 times a day but can vary depending on how stressed i am or what i have eaten etc & usually i'll get watery diarrhea during a flare up.
Working with an IBS flare up can be particularly difficult especially when i am going a lot.
Never underestimate the annoyance of IBS and be thankful if u do not have it. I am now 29 so 12 years of diagnosed IBS makes me quite an expert on the subject, ha!
Any questions anyone has I'd be happy to answer them to the best i can. If anyone thinks they may have it DEFINITELY go to a doctor.
I'll finish this post with this final sentence...
IBS really is a bitch!!
J xx

Steve A

Survey Repost


1. How often do you pay attention to your bathroom related health?

2. Do you think in the future that bathroom related talk on Toilet Stool will no longer be taboo in the real world society?

3. Would it be more embarrassing to have an accident in front of: Family, Friends, Relatives, BF/GF, or Strangers/Entire Student Body?

4. Did you ever have an accident in school or heard of someone who had an accident in school and most of or the entire student body heard about it from students spreading it around?

5. Would you poop at your BF/GF's house if you think that you couldn't make it back home and it was your 1st visit to their house?

My Answers:

1. I care about my bathroom health everytime when I go to the bathroom. After I poop, I always see what I produced so I know that if something is right or wrong. I'll always try to fix it if something is wrong.

2. It'll all depend on how society changes in the future and how people's way of teaching their children in the future. Many things have changed since then. An example from the past is that the men worked and the women stayed home. Now, both men and women work.

3. It'll be more embarrassing if you had an accident in front of anyone that you didn't know or in front of other students at school.

Here's my order from 1: least embarrassing and 5: most embarrassing to have an accident in front of:

1. Family
2. Relatives
3. Friends
4. BF/GF
5. Strangers or an entire student body that found out about the accident through other students.

4. It never happened to me, but I've read some stories about that happening to some students at school.

5. I would poop at my girlfriend's house if that ever happened to me. It really wouldn't matter because if she was in the same conflict as me, I'd let her use my bathroom and I wouldn't care or think of her any less.

Optional Person

Just For Fun.

Just for fun this morning, when I felt the need to poop I went into the bathroom pulled down my underwear put the toilet seat up and stood over the toilet ( not hovering) and pushed. I held up my zone and watched three dark "string beans" fall out. after that I felt my butt get squishy. I wiped my butt, it was a messy one. dark poo was thick on the paper. I then sat down, and peed making the toilet paper a nice golden yellow. I wiped my butt a bit more and flushed. it was an enjoyable dump.

I hope you all enjoyed that.

This is mostly my little brother, he's 5, and sometimes I help out my aunt with her little boy who is 4. They often poop in a bucket in the garage. They usually bring a book or game and take a long time. We clean them up and empty the bucket when they're done.

One time I had to poop on a paper at my boyfriends house because the toilet was taken apart to instal a new one.

Someone asked about places kids go at home. I have 2 boy,s 6 and 9 1 girl 8. they usually pee on the floor when theyre watching tv in the basement.


New Replies

Long ttime reader. You were fortunate to stumble across a colleague who takes great pride in her poos and isn't bashful about showing them off to the world. People like that are few and far between.

Catherine. Thanks for the reply. If you're normal bowel habit is between 6 and 8pm I think you've made exactly the right decision in planning the wedding for 2pm. You're lucky to have an evening wedding option. Over here in the UK I think weddings can only take place between 8am and 6pm, so evening ceremonies aren't a possibility.

Anna. I wouldn't feel too bad about clogging that public toilet. Such incidents are unfortunate but I'm sure many people have done it over the years.

Monday, December 07, 2015

It been awhile but yesterday the power was out and The water was off just my luck cause I haven't pooped in 4 day and I had to go bad so I grab a plastic bag and drop my load in it they were monster turd after I was done I went buried the bag in the back yard later


To Brianna

Hi Brianna!

So glad to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words and I love your posts. Too, I am really happy for you in your move and dating relationship :)

How long has your bladder been acting up in the morning? It seems like peeing gives you the same euphoric gives me. I remember you said that you did not particularly enjoy pooping, and I feel the same way about peeing. I am sorry you are having problems with your bladder and hope that it is OK.

I am really sorry to hear about your diarrhea accident and, at least, you were alone. I know that had to be upsetting. I have had my share of accidents with diarrhea and they are no fun.

Hopefully these answers to your questions will be helpful. However, if I were in that situation, I would just go to the bathroom. I did with Jason, my ex-boyfriend, and I did with Alan as well. I didn't want to. I was a little embarrassed and worried, but I just went. If they were weird about it, like the guy who took me to my senior prom, then I said that they were not worth it.

Too, with Alan, since he had been married before, has two daughters and coaches girls basketball, I figured he had been over the "girls poop" thing for a long time.

However, I am glad you made it to the toilet! Alan would have loved the whole ordeal if it had been me!

Oops! I am going to have to cut this short! I will answer the questions soon.

Great to hear from you!!!




Rachel re:parents

I think pants are most commonly a convinence for younger children. I used to do plumbing work and often worked places with a bunch of kids but one bathroom. It was almost inevitable that one or more of them would have to pee or poop when the bathroom was taken apart. Most commonly, kids were allowed to pee on newspaper spread on the floor or do both in a trash can. Does anyone else have places their kids can go around the house?


How many poops in lifetime

The question has arisen a few times lately: How many bowel movements will a person have during his or her life? Obviously, the answer will differ among individuals, and for the same individual it will differ at various times of life.

A few years ago I had a nasty bowel problem, for which I went to my doctor. The doctor gave me some medicine that fixed the problem in a few days, but also suggested that I keep a rough record of my bm's, noting anything unusual or problematic. I decided to do that, starting in 2010 and using an Excel spreadsheet. Since I am 73, that record, now of almost six years' duration, covers only about 1/12 of my life; but it gives me at least some indication.

During those six years, my number of poops ranged from 623 to 819, with an average of between 700 and 750, about two movements per day for that period. If I achieved that pace for my entire life so far, I would have done about 50,000 poops! If I had had only one movement per day, it would now have reached about 25,000 bm's, but I'm quite sure my total is far closer to the 50,000 figure.

Now, how many turds would that be? When I was young, I remember that many of my movements consisted of a single long firm turd; not all movements, but perhaps most. Nowadays, a 1-turd movement is rare; mostly I drop at least 2 or 3, and more often 5, 6, or more. In my record (the log of my logs), I noted the number of turds per year, and that number is in the 4,000 to 5,000 range, which for 70 years would run to more than a quarter-million turds! Did I really have that many? Probably not; but I've had a bunch.

I have enjoyed keeping this record, which also shows time of day, place of droppage (home, work, store [named], church, etc.), approximate length of each piece (unless there are too many; I watch myself with a mirror) and approximate total for the movement, Bristol Stool Scale number (most often a movement will range from a lumpy 2 to a smooth 4, but I've had them from a pebbly 1 to a liquid 7), and a brief description of the movement. Often, I can tell if something is not right, and then I take medicine to make it right. I also note if I have a fissure or other pain (rare, but it does happen). If I go away from home, I make notes in a little notebook and enter them when I get back. It takes very little time, especially since I am now retired and have only a very few bm's away from home.

When I return for a follow-up visit to a doctor, if I was prescribed a new medicine, I can refer to my Excel spreadsheet and can tell the doctor if the new prescription had any effects on my digestion or my bowel movements. Usually there is not enough effect to bother with; but if a medicine causes diarrhea or something equally undesirable (some pain-killers can cause severe constipation), I can tell him that and get a different prescription.

If anyone out there decides to start a bm log, I think you may find it beneficial in the long run, and it will tell you a lot about your digestion.

to Rachel
I sometimes babysit my children, two daughters and a son 6,4,2 I put pullups on them when travelling in the car and they are free to go whenever they need to. If they need to do bm and want to we stop and they can go behind bushes. It is simply more convenient. If they are at home and in front of the TV before going to bed they are allowed to put their pullups on and they know that then they are free to relieve themselves any time they like. They usually do and change out of their wet pullups before bed. The son usually chooses this time to do his bm. He is encouraged to do so before he goes to bed.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: K great story.

To: Rachel great story

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Locked Out

Hi guys. Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your loo? Mom locked everyone out of the loo yesterday, and she had to put something in the bathroom door to unlock it. The worst part was feeling uncertain if the bathroom would open, but it did. You know, it such a relief when at first things like this look hopeless, but work out at the end! I did 2 soft, medium sized poos today at work that felt smooth coming out, and was around 6 peices.


To Brianna - Your Questions


I hope that this is helpful. Sorry I had to cut the last response short!

I am not sure how I would respond if I unloaded in my panties in front of Alan. You are right, it does have a good feeling to really have to go to the bathroom.

At this point, we are totally comfortable. We have passed gas in front of each other. We have taken care of each other when we were sick. I've had to go to do number two multiple times when we are together. In fact, that actually started early on in our relationship. We've been dating since February. I didn't go on the first date, but I did on the second date, at the restaurant where we ate. I guess I am at a point that I was not going to be uncomfortable for the remainder of the evening.

I imagine that early on, I would have been mortified to have had any accident - solid, squishy or otherwise. The only time that I felt like I might not make it was when we came back from the beach on Memorial Day. But, you know, I was never worried that I would not make it. I was very uncomfortable though.

Now that we are engaged and close, I think we would help each other and be totally OK if that happened.

Would I find it thrilling? I don't know...but the question has me intrigued. Hmmm...Thinking about it, I would love for it to happen. Just imagining it...

Brianna, you sound like an awesome young woman. If this guy is really worth pursuing, he won't mind if you have to take a dump on a date. If does mind, I bet you would have plenty options going forward. Good luck to him in trying to find an extremely constipated woman. At the same time, I admire your discreetness for these first couple of dates.

I am thankful that you did not have an accident in front of him. Love, prayers and well wishes for this budding relationship!!! I hope to hear from you soon!



Newsflash to all men: women poop!!! (And some of us like it!!!)


To Anna from Canada

Anna, do you always bury or cover your poop when you have to go outdoors?
-Greetings Stacey

I am sorry I have not posted for a while, I was super busy with assignments and schoolwork. But today I have a story to share. I took the day off to do some Christmas shopping and I clogged the toilet at the mall.

My friend Danielle and I went early in the morning and we both bought big coffees at Starbucks and then checked out some of the shops at the mall. When we were at the Pottery Barn, I started to have cramps and all of a sudden I really had to go number two. I asked Danielle if she could hold my cup for a bit and told her that I had to go to the bathroom real quick. I rushed out of the store and to the washrooms near the main entrance. They are quite big and were almost completely empty. I only saw one stall that was taken. I took one of the last cubicles, locked the door and hung my bag on the hook. I pulled my black leggings and my black thong down to my knees and quickly sat down on the toilet. Usually I pull my pants all the way down, but I was wearing knee-high winter boots, so this had to do. After just a second or so, I could feel my bumhole open and then a big, soft turd started to slide out. It went on forever and while it did, I let out a big sigh of relief. Finally it dropped off and I started to pee. I felt so much better already but not quite done. After peeing I started to push a bit. First, I just had two wet farts, but then two more small logs came out. It had only been two minutes or so, but I pretty much felt done. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my bum. I was pretty messy between my cheeks and, ewww I actually got some poop on my fingers. When I felt clean, I pulled up my thong and pants and flushed the toilet. I had a look at the bowl and there was a lot of poop and paper in it. The water just rose until almost to the top and it wouldn't flush at all. For a moment I just stood there looking at the bowl. There was no brush or anything. I felt really silly and embarrassed having clogged the mall toilet with my number two. But there was nothing I could do. So I just closed the lid and left. Luckily at that point there was nobody also in the room. I washed my hands very carefully with tons and soap and then went back to the store where Danielle was waiting. She asked me if I was feeling better and I was like, 'omg, I had to go number two and clogged the toilet'. She was very nice about and it and made me feel better quickly. We continued shopping and had a fun day at the mall after that. That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

I'd also like to answer Steve A's survey.

1. How often do you pay attention to your bathroom related health?
I never really think about it, unless I am constipated or something. And I almost never am.

2. Do you think in the future that bathroom related talk on Toilet Stool will no longer be taboo in the real world society?
Maybe, but not very soon I don't think.

3. Would it be more embarrassing to have an accident in front of: Family, Friends, Relatives, BF/GF, or Strangers/Entire Student Body?
I'd be least, but still very much so, embarrassed with some of my really good friends, then family, relatives, other friends, strangers, BF and then kids at my school. Having an accident in class is literally the most embarrassing thing I can image ever.

4. Did you ever have an accident in school or heard of someone who had an accident in school and most of or the entire student body heard about it from students spreading it around?
I never had one and I only heard about it once or twice in elementary school.

5. Would you poop at your BF/GF's house if you think that you couldn't make it back home and it was your 1st visit to their house?
Yes, I would poop at my BF's house. But I'd feel pretty bad about it, especially if it was my first time there. I can only imagine what boys think about a girl who comes over for the first time and does a big number two in their bathroom.

Old Observer

To Catherine

Your stories are great--why not dress up (nice dress, nylons, panties and heels) and call Alan to the bathroom for a heart-to-heart talk when you're having one of your slow big dumps? you could use the tried and true "Honey, could you bring me a roll of toilet paper?" routine and invite him to stay and then talk...great couples bonding. Talk about your accidents, talk about how he likes to see you in such a predicament. You will probably enjoy it and find the experience enriching.


Perhaps give consideration to a skirt. This might open the possibility of spreading your legs and getting less pee on them. Wearing pee-soaked jeans for a long time can give you a rash, or at the least be very cold and uncomfortable


Survey response

1. Could you state your age and gender? Female - 17

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

C - Elbows on knees with only my toes on the floor

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax? Normally not very long but if there are people around it can take a minute

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge? maybe 30 seconds unless there are people around then it takes longer

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard: 2 or 3 depending on how long its been
6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.


7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

Pretty much always A unless I'm really ill...

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

A- 2-10 minutes depending on when I last pooped
B- between about 10 and 20 minutes
C- about 30 minutes plus...

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop? Only go poo if I feel the need which is every 1-3 days depending on food

10. Do you enjoy pooping? I find it satisfying haha

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?
And if yes: What? Never normally do this just wait for the urge...

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop sometimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?
I've done this if I know I won't have a good toilet to use if the need arises but normally I don't do this.

Got some stories to share later and as always ask away and I'll try answer :P x


To oldpoop

Thanks oldpoop for your great answer!!!

Long time reader
So, this will be my first time posting here.

This story happened two weeks ago. I was at work, having a break, when one of my female co-workers came in. We talked a little, and after a while she told me out of the blue she really had to poop. I told her I had to go as well, so we went. The toiles at our work are unisex, so we took place next to each other. The walls aren't that thick, so I could hear her pooping. When I was done, I flushed and washed my hands. At that moment, she came out, without flushing. She asked me if I wanted to see her crap, because it was so big. I told her I did, and went in her stall. And boy, it was big. Three long turds were coiled over each other in the bowl, I couldn't believe a girl could poop that much. She told me she wanted to do this again sometime. I surely can't wait.

@ Laurie, Great story! Where in the Netherlands you're from? I live there too, in the north.


re: parents and accidents


My parents wouldn't have gone so far as your mom did even though I think that is awesome! They wouldn't have cared if I had an accident or not. What I don't get is how any parent could discipline their child or teenager for having an accident. There are a few stories on here where the parent or other adult (teacher, coach, etc) have gone overboard in their anger when it comes to this sort of thing, going out of their way to humiliate their young one and shame them for what is a bodily function from a sometimes unpredictable body. That's what washing machines are for...shit happens. Clean up, wash clothes, and move on. Oh and laugh about it with them while being thankful they aren't constipated. Just my opinion.


My After Thanksgiving Crap

My family basically had two Thanksgiving celebrations. One was on Thursday and involved about a 60 mile drive and the second was Friday noon and this one was in town. My parents agreed to drop me off at the big mall after we left my grandparents house because there was some good deals on computers that I was interested in. While we were in the car, about 10 minutes from the mall there was a bad traffic jam, and I was getting that feeling that I was going to have to crap. I thought about having my parents change the plans and taking me back with them, but my sister could smell a couple of farts I had unfortunately let out and she probably would have teased me about not being able to crap in a public bathroom, so I didn't want to give her that opportunity. We arrived at the mall, which was very crowded, and I got out and was already thinking about where the nearest mens room was. I cut through the crowds the best I could and got into the restroom. Only two of about 25 stalls was not in use. And both of them had the doors removed. I stuck my head in the first one and the seat was dripping with pee and there was quite a lot of pee under my feet in front of the toilet. I immediately said No Way!
As I walked farther down the aisle, I checked for legs under each door but after about 15 stalls, I noticed one open. Of course, there was no door, but since the seat wasn't wet and the bowl wasn't jammed, I decided to take it. I pulled off three pieces of toilet paper, quickly placing one over the front, and one on each side of the seat. For some reason, the paper on the right side of the seat slipped off three times before it finally stayed. I turned my back to it, dropped my jeans and briefs, and carefully seated myself.

I immediately started pushing, because I didn't feel comfortable sitting there exposed in a nearly-full bathroom. For some reason, I was confident that if I had quickly sat about 10 or 15 minutes earlier I would have had a fast and satisfying crap sliding out of me. On my first strong push, I could feel one small pebble hit the bowl and I heard a tiny splash. I wanted to stand for a second and see it but I knew the toilet paper would probably stick to me, and I would have to go through that whole process again. There was some gas and I gave off another push. It was obvious that this one was going to be a bit larger, but hardly representative of what needed to come out. This time the plop was a little louder. Now, just as I was pushing a little harder a little boy about 6 or 7 came running into my stall. He stood in front of me as if he expected me to get up for him. I told him it was going to be a while and as I turned him around and started to push him out, I realized I was sliding off the seat and the paper covers. Just then, a tall guy who looked like a father walked in and started yelling at me about my putting my hands on his son. He said I was over-reacting, but he directed his son into another stall and away from me. One piece of the toilet paper was stuck to my right thigh, and as I looked to re-seat myself, I noticed the other two strips were now on the floor. I got so frustrated that I pulled the toilet paper off me, threw it into the water, and quickly re-seated myself butt-down on the toilet seat.

Despite the number of guys looking in on me, most when they saw me just glanced away and worked their way through the crowd that was waiting for a toilet to open. One even apologized because I guess he wasn't paying much attention in the crowd and hadn't seen my feet as he walked in. He had has hand on his zipper, but stopped in his tracks when he saw me. After another five minutes of sitting I just accepted that my urge to crap had been lost. The two balls the size of a quarter floating on the water were going to be all I could do. I wiped once and the paper was clean. I threw it in the bowl, reached way back and flushed, and pulled up my clothing. As I worked my way through the lines for the sinks, I looked behind me and found a guy about my age was already seated on the toilet. He had his head down, jeans at floor level, blue boxers just over his knees, and a mitt of toilet paper in his left hand.

I just knew he had a lot more confidence than me.


Peeing at crowded concerts reply


Thanks for your replies all :)

I really doubt I could hold it for the whole time, even if I visited toilets before concert and limited liquids I drink. So I'm almost sure I must pee during the concert...

Apparently diapers or wetting myself are my two choices, well, I must consider which one I take. But if you have more suggestions or experiences I'd like to hear them :) I just tend to worry a lot about this kind of things...

Also, this must be way too much worrying, but what about if I need to poop during the concert...?


Quick Replies (Plus one final reply to Brianna!)

Red: Is this the same "Red" who used to post around this time last year? If so, welcome back! I loved your posts!

Amanda: I am so sorry about your accident! However, at least your mom was understanding and helped you to get through it. It sounds as if you have an awesome mom! Too, the crowded conditions would have made me crazy! Thanks for posting!

Rachel: I am not saying that your family is the only one that will defecate in their pants for convenience reasons, but I am sure that it is not common. Would you feel comfortable doing it in front of your family one day or with your close friends? I am not judging If this works for you, then great! But as you spread your wings in this world, develop a circle of friends and if you date, it may not be the thing to do. Glad you posted and hope that you will keep contributing!!!

Mr. P: The only thing about a burp/vomit comparison to fart/poop is that both farting and pooping are normal "regular" bodily functions. Burping is normal (and there are a few times that I love to rip a good burp...hehe!!). But vomiting is an unpleasant reaction to sickness or some other form of bodily distress. Both pooping and farting are pleasurable experiences for me. Maybe a fart/diarrhea comparison would be a better analogy. Thank you for your kind words and you too come across as a very warm, kind person! I hope you are well today!

C.W. "The Brownest Eye": Own it! You are a man...own it!!! LOL! No, I would have left it too. And, I did at church in October of last year. I shared the post on this forum, but I don't remember the page. However, after I clogged the toilet, the custodian bought plungers for each stall in the women's bathroom! Haha! Hope you are well and if it happens to be Butler (where you work) I love their basketball team!

Brianna: I keep thinking about this scenario you have presented me with and the more that I think about it, it seems exhilarating instead of horrifying. Now, it would have been horrifying if we were just dating. I would not want it to happen in front of his girls. But...well...I just like the thought but... :)




to The Brownest Eye; disaster at work

Like you, I began my academic teaching career at a small liberal-arts college in the beautiful state of Indiana; in my case, it was over 50 years ago. I would say that a truly ethical person would report the non-flushing toilet problem to someone who could fix it, so that the next user could have a working toilet to sit on. On the other hand, in a college or university, the average worker or student has no idea how to find the proper person to tell. I did not run into your situation often; I certainly didn't bring the situation into existence, but on occasion found a toilet with lots of poop in it that a previous donor had left. My impression (and it is only that) is that the janitorial staff is supposed to make the rounds on a daily basis, if not oftener, so your leftover poop will come to their attention soon regardless of what you do. I would say, if you return to that toilet a few hours later--let alone the next day--and it is still clogged, you should call in a report, in which you can say that you found a non-functioning toilet with poop in it, without acknowledging your personal contribution.


Reply to Rachel

Rachel, it certainly sounds as though your parents were very liberal indeed not only by letting you go in your pants if breaking off to use the toilet was inconvenient but also in leading by example. Your mother's readiness to go in her pants rather than break off during cooking is a case in point. It might not have been such a great example to set if it created the impression that it was alright to fill your pants in public or polite company because people's tolerance levels vary over that and probably most would regard it as verbotten.

My own parents were fairly liberal in the sense that taught me that bodily functions were a normal part of life and not dirty or anything to do with moral failure. They never made a big fuss over accidents if I had any and took the view that it was simply the case that I should get cleaned up and sorted out as soon as possible. I never remember either of them having accidents or intentionally going in their pants though. The only exception was during my father's final illness whe he once wet his pyjamas and, being a proud man who stood on his dignity, it upset him tremendously. There was really no need though as it was a genuine accident and we were actually relieved to see him passing water after two days of seemingly being unable to.

My Aunt Anne, a relative by marriage, but no less loved by this nephew for that, was a slightly different proposition. I won't go into detail as most of her exploits have already made it on to here, but during her visits over the years she certainly had a distinct tendency to postpone loo visits for both 'numbers' until she was pretty desperate. She also had no hesitation when it came to referring to desperate situations in the course of conversation and I think it was part of her humour. I don't know for certain whether she had any full on accidents during adult life or simply chose to go in her pants occasionally but, given her penchant for sailing close to the wind when nature called, I think it's far likelier she did than any other family members.


Response to Dan - Poo-Euphoria and to Adrian


My apologies for the delay in responding. Thank you for sharing your experience. Isn't it weird that something so humiliating like pooping your pants can feel so good???

It sounds like you are like me in the fact that you don't want to make it a habit. I don't either. I don't want to have to explain that to anyone.

Thank you so much for sharing and it makes me feel better that I am not the only one who thinks that an accident feels good regardless of how weird that sounds.




Thank you for the advice about my wedding day! I am going to try to keep my routine as normal as possible that day. My mother suggested an evening wedding. I told her that I could not do that because my bowels move sometime between 6-8 PM. That would be an ordeal and I could not guarantee that I could go before the ceremony but I did not want the urge to hit. So, we decided on a 2 PM wedding. I cannot wait until June 4, but we have a lot to do.

One development in our relationship that I am really happy about is that Alan is giving up football next year. He enjoys coaching football, but wanted to prioritize our relationship. He will continue as the Head Basketball Coach for the Girls team, which he really enjoys. I will miss football, but I really appreciated the gesture!



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