when i was 5 and with my mom at the babysitters paying for her weekly rates, she gave me tuna sandwhich of which i don't like , ewww fish...anyways i needed to use her bathroom to take a poop but some reason she said no, so i went outside and on her steps was some cinderblocks and two by four sticks of wood, i dropped a deuce and put the tuna sandwhich next to my poop and used the cinderblock steps to conceal what was beneath.


Survey Response

1. Could you state your age and gender? 18, Female

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

C, but very slightly. All I know is that my back doesn't touch the lid most times, but I'm not too far over.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax? I habitually pee before pooping, so it'll take anywhere from 30-45 seconds to begin my poop.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?
About 45 seconds, as above.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

i 1. Could you state your age and gender? 19, Male

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over
It's a mixture between C and D. Usually leaned forward helps.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax? By the time I sit, the poop is usually coming out. Takes about a few seconds.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?
A few seconds.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

i would say 2 or 3 on most days.

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge. 2
B: During and in between pooping. 3
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet. 1

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

Dry as a bone 9 times out of 10.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop. 2-3 minutes
B: Diarrhea. 5-9 minutes
C: Constipation. 10-15 minutes

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop? I try to poop once a day, but sometimes I'll even go twice.

10. Do you enjoy pooping? I absolutely love it :)

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels? Maybe some poking or prodding, but a gentle push is usually all it takes.

Aside from the hygiene practices that's how me and my brothers and friends always pooped when we went into a public restroom. We always took stalls next to each other if we could. As we shared one bathroom at home we all saw one another on the toilet while brushing teeth and so on.
I remember one time I had a friend over to my house when I was 6. We were in my room which is across from the bathroom and I needed to poop so I told him I was gonna go poop so I went in, dropped my pants to my ankles and sat on the toilet and let out a loud wet fart followed by some soft poop. It felt good and I grunted when it came out. My friend came to the open door and peeked around at me. I said "why are you peeking like that?". He said "I can hear your poop coming out". I pushed another wave of gas and soft poop out my butt and said " it feels really good and everybody has to poop and fart". He came in and watched me while I pushed out some more gas and poop. As I was a little guy there was a lot of space between my butt and the back of the seat and my butt was also raised off the seat a few inches so he could see everything coming out of my butt as it fell in the toilet. I asked him if he liked to poop. He said " I guess". My mom came in with a magazine in her hand which meant she was going to sit and have here morning poop which she also tended to enjoy very much. I pushed out one more wet fart and a log and then I puled some TP and wiped myself. I flushed and went to wash my hands while Mom dropped here pants and let out a mixture of farts and soft poop with a casual moan. She usually does that a few times.
We went back to my room while my mom's pooping noises could be heard for about 10 minutes and then she wiped and finished.
About and 3 hours later my friend said " I have to go poop". He got up and walked to the bathroom and asked if I wanted to watch. I said I would love to watch. So we went in and he walked over to our toilet and turned around. He pulled his pants and underwear down to his thighs and sat for a second but got back up and pulled his pants all the way to his ankles and like I had done and then he sat on the toilet with his feet a few inches off the floor. He let out a long loud fart that really echoed in the toilet bowl. He then started to grunt repeatedly and I could see a solid thick turd slowly inching out his anus. It was about 3 inches out and then he asked me" do yo ever let it dangle for a minute?" He said he likes to leave his poop in his anus for a minute cause he likes the way it feels. I said I do that too but I don't often have big hard poop like he has. He let it hang for about a minute and then ha grunted some more and it dropped out with a splash in the toilet bowl that got drops of water in his butt. He said that's all so he grabbed a handful of TP and wiped from between is legs. I had never seen anyone wipe their butt like that but it thought it was a cool different way to wipe. HE flushed the toilet and washed his hands and then we went back to my room and played.
We pooped like that for a long time when at my house and we love to buddy dump when we are in public bathrooms but that's another story.

I do have a question for anybody who would care to answer. Do you poop in front of your Spouse or mate? How do you feel about that? I personally have no problem with seeing my mate on the toilet peeing, making push faces, cutting loud farts and poop. Some people might find it a total turnoff but I'm fine with it and I think the honesty and the lack of "toilet boundaries" is very bonding!



For Thanksgiving last week my family drove forever to stay with my grandparents and uncles and cousins and stuff. Since I'm still 17 I couldn't get out of it. We were all cramped into their house, multiple people to a room, and it was crazy crowded. I had to share a room with my mom, aunt, and her daughter, who is only 11. I'm kind of shy anyway so I mostly spent time alone reading in a corner as much as I could. We ate a lot of course. On Sunday we all went to church. I started to really need to poop during the sermon but was too shy to get up and didn't know where to go anyway. I just sat there on the hard wooden pew with my poop pushing hard to get out. At one point I started turtle heading and gave an involuntary push and felt the turd touch my panties but the hard pew stopped it and I was able to pull it back inside and regain control. Finally the service ended and we got ready to leave. I had to stand with my legs crossed to the side to keep control. There was a small bathroom but it was right in the lobby thing and thin door for one person and I didn't want everyone to know if I went in there. (I kind of have a thing about not pooping in public like ever.) We finally drove back to the house. My family wanted to take pictures outside in everyones Sunday best. I begged my mom to go to the bathroom first and she said ok. I hurried inside about to burst. After I was alone I reached behind up my skirt to help hold it while I waddled stiff legged down the hall toward the bathroom but I only made it to just outside the bathroom when I got a huge urge and couldn't stop it and stood there in the hallway and totally pushed a huge solid load into my panties and then peed down my legs leaving a puddle on the hardwood floor. Once I was done I went into the bathroom and tried to figure out what to do. I carefully pulled my full and wet panties down and left them on the floor while I started wiping my butt and legs. Then I heard my mom knock on the door, "Amanda, why is the floor wet? Are you ok?" I said, "Ummmm, just a second." She asked, "Is this pee?" I said, "Mom, I had an accident. I didn't make it." She said, "Oh, dear. I'm sorry. Can I help?" I said yes. She opened the door and realized my accident was more than just pee when she saw the panties on the floor with giant mound of crap in them. She hugged me and said it was ok. I cried for a minute. She told me accidents happen and she's had plenty. I asked what I should do with my panties. She said she'd get a bag and just throw them away. I sat on the toilet and peed a little more while she went to get a bag. She also brought me clean panties and cleaned up the pee on the floor. We carefully put the full ones in the bag and she tied it off and took it out back to the garbage while I put on clean panties. She told the family the delay was for "girl problems" - nobody asked. I guess it was a bonding experience for us in a way, but I wish I hadn't had to crap myself at 17 for us to bond haha.


Bathroom optional growing up

Did anyone else have really lax parents when it came to going to the bathroom? I was taught that poop and pee belong in a toilet but that if they didn't start there that was ok too.

Basically it boiled down to if I easily and conveniently go to the bathroom to poop or pee great but if it ended up in my panties that was fine too. For example if I was doing homework and really had to poop rather then waste the time to go to the bathroom and poop in the toilet I would fill my panties and empty them later. If I was playing a game on the computer but had to pee I could pee my pants or if I didn't want wet pants pull them down and pee directly on the carpet.

My mother did the same thing. There were many times I would walk into the kitchen as she was cooking and instead of smelling the food on the table I would smell the poop in her panties. Sometimes I would go shopping with her and as we finished packing the car with groceries I would hear her fart with a slight crackle in it and I knew she was pooping in her pants, sometimes she would stand by her door grunting as she finished, other times she would be done really quickly and would be done by the time we loaded the car.

I am now an adult(22) and live on my own. I realize most people do not do this but honestly I don't see why. As long as your poop is not soft or mushy it stays relatively compact, doesn't damage too much, and saves you time. Does anyone do this? Was anyone else raised this way? I hope I am not the only freak in this circus we call earth...


For Steve A.

I'll talk about your question: "How many times do you think a person poops during their entire life? Could this be a world record if someone recorded how many times they pooped since birth?"

Wow I don't know; that would be quite a number. There is a guy on the net someplace that has a blog where he posts pictures of all his poops....and he numbers them. I think he wants to do it for an entire year....and he seems pretty regular (once a day usually...) so that's a lot of poop pictures LOL!

Interesting about how Metamucil is working for you. From your posts it seems like your body responds well to fiber; I bet by varying your dose of Metamucil you will notice big changes in your poop.

I tried it once....sure made me poop a lot...but they were too mushy for me.....sorta like oatmeal. I like my poops firm and fairly solid. My urges feel awesome and are more controllable that way.

I wouldn't be surprised if the change in exercise (the marching) has affected your bowel movements. I wonder if any of the other band members are finding themselves constipated?

Steve A



1. How often do you pay attention to your bathroom related health?

2. Do you think in the future that bathroom related talk on Toilet Stool will no longer be taboo in the real world society?

3. Would it be more embarrassing to have an accident in front of: Family, Friends, Relatives, BF/GF, or Strangers/Entire Student Body?

4. Did you ever have an accident in school or heard of someone who had an accident in school and most of or the entire student body heard about it from students spreading it around?

5. Would you poop at your BF/GF's house if you think that you couldn't make it back home and it was your 1st visit to their house?

My Answers:

1. I care about my bathroom health everytime when I go to the bathroom. After I poop, I always see what I produced so I know that if something is right or wrong. I'll always try to fix it if something is wrong.

2. It'll all depend on how society changes in the future and how people's way of teaching their children in the future. Many things have changed since then. An example from the past is that the men worked and the women stayed home. Now, both men and women work.

3. It'll be more embarrassing if you had an accident in front of anyone that you didn't know or in front of other students at school.

Here's my order from 1: least embarrassing and 5: most embarrassing to have an accident in front of:

1. Family
2. Relatives
3. Friends
4. BF/GF
5. Strangers or an entire student body that found out about the accident through other students.

4. It never happened to me, but I've read some stories about that happening to some students at school.

5. I would poop at my girlfriend's house if that ever happened to me. It really wouldn't matter because if she was in the same conflict as me, I'd let her use my bathroom and I wouldn't care or think of her any less.

Steve A

To Cody

Cody: I'd assume that other people's bowel habits changed when the marching season ended, like mine did.

It would be more interesting to see how people's habits change when we go on a Disney World Band Trip in April of 2016. The trip lasts 6 days, including traveling time. We're going to take coach buses with bathrooms on them. As much as I can remember from last time, the trip to there and back was about 20 hours. I went during my sophomore year, I'm a senior now. The trip story from my 10th grade year is on page 2371. Stay tuned until April for this story.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Laurie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Nursing Student first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like had a good and some of the the other students did as well from the sound of it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Replies to Emily and Mr P

Emily. How to pee discreetly at a concert without attracting attention? That's an interesting one. I suppose there are a number of things you can do on a practical level. Firstly you could 'drain yourself down' well before the concert by limiting your fluid intake and taking advantage of every possible toilet opportunity so that you arrive there with the emptiest bladder possible. Secondly you could take a rug or large jumper with you which you could use to to cover your knees in the event of deciding to use a container. Thirdly you could invest in a packet of adult diapers which are usually available from pharmacies/chemists. They're mostly used by people with long term continence problems but they're also used sometimes by other people (myself included) as a convenient means of managing need when toilet access is likely to be restricted or unavailable for long periods of time.

Mr P. Re your questions:

1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference? Yes, there is a difference. It's hard to explain but it's something most of us know intuitively. At one time I had few inhibitions about farting when away from the toilet but in recent years there have been occasions when I've been taken by surprise and got more than I bargained for. Consequently I now try to restrict farting to when I'm actually on the toilet - just in case!

2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea? Sometimes but not necessarily. Often I don't know until I'm actually on the toilet and get to see what's come out. A normal poop is medium firm and can sometimes be quite hard, requiring some effort to get it expelled. Diarrhea, on the other hand, needs no encouragement. It comes out all too freely. Usually I find when I have diarrhea episodes that I don't need to pee much if at all, but when having a normal bowel movement I almost invariably need to pee quite a bit as well.

3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach?
It's a case of mind over matter, educating the bowel itself to hold everything in until it's possible to get home. I will use public toilets for #2 if I absolutely have to but prefer not to do so if I can avoid it. Naturally if I'm out all day I tend to aim for a bowel movement before leaving home in the morning and then I watch what I eat and when during the day. Also I find that peeing at regular intervals helps to reduce pressure a bit too. If my body's being toileted in one direction it tends to worry less about the other. I can't actually say I've ever got to the butt cheek clenching stage.

4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out? Not usually, no. Mostly I get what I get. That said I can generally tell if it's likely to be a big event.

Hope that helps.


Rim Sittin'

I forgot to attach this to my post.

On the discussion of rim sitting. I usually do it when I'm at a place like a park, because people pee all over the toilet seat. However, when I'm in uni, because people seem to hate to pee in stalls, the seats are usually clean. Unless someone has diarrhea and it splatters. That's another story.


Toilet Logger

Back in 8th grade, I had my first kinda boyfriend. Josh had been in my grade school, but I didn't know him that well, but it was a study hall we shared and a church youth group that helped us get to be better friends. It was a strange thing, but he and I were raised so much alike. We both had a history of having a hard time using the bathrooms at our junior high because they really sucked. It was 20 years ago when we shared a study hall and pretty much every day Josh and I used our 2nd period study hall to go to the bathroom. For him it was a crap that he desperately tried to do just before leaving home, but he usually got off the stool frustrated when I came by his house on my walk to school. His mother was somewhat apologetic, despite the fact that he would flush the toilet and wash has hands just before coming into the living room and putting on his backpack. So often our conversation during our 8 block walk to school was involving if he was on his 2nd, 3rd or 4th day without a crap and how often I was having some of the same frustrations. We had the same pediatrician who gave the parents of each child with constipation problems a small notebook (like you would take phone messages in) and we would log in the time, place, and size of our craps each time plus at least two times a day when we were encouraged to have a LSDT (leisurely sit-down time)on the toilet. I didn't keep up on my log as well as Josh did.

So pretty much each morning we would sign out of study hall and we would walk together down to the end of the hall where the bathrooms were. Each of them was bad. Josh said so many of the guys peed over the toilets that no one would want to lift the dripping seat. And like the guys' bathrooms, none of the girls' cubicles had doors. And unless a custodian
was to come through after the class period change, each of the 20-some toilets had paper, poop and pee floating in the bowl. I usually did a pee because at most, there would only be 3 or 4 other girls in the bathroom, compared to the jammed bathroom between classes and almost no privacy. About once a week Josh would get at least a partial crap out, but he would get upset when 2 or 3 guys would walk in, point at him and make say something about why he wore the little guys' briefs rather than the boxers that the older guys wore. I remember one day when I was done and waiting outside the entrance for him when he called out to me to bring him some toilet paper. I went back in the girls' room I had used, pulled off a good amount of toilet paper from the end stall (that wasn't used as much) and Josh told me no one else was in the bathroom and to bring it in to him. He was in the end stall at the far end of the row. His clothing was at his feet. As I walked toward him, I passed each of the toilets that was dripping wet, two urinals where the flusher was broken and water was splashing out of them and was shocked because it was only 9:30 a.m. Josh grabbed the paper and I literally ran out of the bathroom because I didn't want to be caught in there. It would have been a sure-fire detention and call home.

I waited about 5 minutes for Josh to wipe and flush. He washed his hands and as we walked back to study hall he told me that he had done a very unusual full stool and that his anus was sore from the amount of pushing he had done. He said even though he had been forced to sit on a wet seat, it was worth it because he felt so cleaned out. That afternoon before we began our after school walk home, I told him that I had peed twice and had been holding my crap during my last class. So we walked to the main restrooms on the 1st floor and Josh sat on the bench outside while I went in. Most of the toilets were in a really gross condition, but I ignored the smell, walked down to the end stall at the far side of the room, and I placed my butt on the dry seat. Within two seconds, my crap started to slide out. There was one piece the size of a normal banana, followed by another that was a little more moist, but of the same size, and then a poof-like sound that produced a glob of pudding-like poop, along with a fart that I was afraid Josh had heard in the hallway, because there's a wall you walk around to get into the bathroom instead of the more normal door. I had about a half roll of toilet paper and I used nearly all of it. I felt so good about myself that I wanted to cry because it was my 4th day and I feared a suppository would be coming along with my mom's usual lecture.

Both Josh and I stopped at DQ for a treat and we talked about what our upcoming log entries were going to say. We lost touch after high school but met again at our 10-year class reunion. Because we both attended stag, we went out after the dinner-dance and got drunk at this little lounge where we talked about our former log books. Josh works in a high-rise office building and said he's rarely constipated anymore. The toilets are in pristine condition and on top of that each cubicle has a supply of toilet seat protectors. (He occasionally uses one). I told him about my sales job and how I use all types of bathrooms throughout our city. He thinks his mother may still have his log book and that got me to thinking about mine. My parents have been in the same house for 40 years or so. I just don't know if I want to remind Mom about how difficult it was for me 20 years ago.


to Erwin; perineum

Hello, Erwin, Oldpoop here. I am not a physician, so there is a lot about our bodies that I don't know. I just looked up "perineum," and the first definition was "the area between the penis [or vagina] and the anus," which means that the anus marks the posterior (behinder) end of the perineum. There were other, broader definitions, but I can't really say which of all of them is the best, so I'll go by the first.

I think the position of the anus is dependent upon interior structures such as bones, muscles, and major blood vessels, so it can't be very far from what you state, fully between the cheeks. I know that is where my anus is also. I take it that you lean forward somewhat when pooping, so that when your turd comes out, it goes straight back because of the angle that your rectum assumes during defecation. The position of the rectum is also dependent on where the adjacent body structures are. When at rest, the rectum lies at least partly across the anus, between the anus and the colon, sort of like a letter Z, where the top stroke is the colon, the slanted middle stroke is the rectum, and the bottom stroke is the anus (though perhaps the number 7 might be a better likeness, with the top stroke the colon and the slant stroke the rectum, with the anus the very bottom of that stroke). The problem with those illustrations is that the slant stroke is not flat enough. When you get into position to poop, that slant stroke has to straighten out. The rectum itself is only about six inches long, so it can't hold your complete bowel movement; only when the rectum straightens out is there a clear channel into which the rest of your bowel movement can come; thus, when you have a nice long turd, only the first six inches of it was in your rectum to start with; the rest of it came on through from the lower colon. I've had some long ones in my life (I'm 73 now), rarely but occasionally well over two feet, that just felt like they were going on forever; they could do that because my anus shifted position to let my lower colon empty as well. I don't know just how great a variation can physically exist among humans, but I know it can't be terribly far because the whole mechanism of pooping has to take place within a fairly tight set of internal motions and responses.

Just to sum up this long disquisition, I would say that you might as well resign yourself to wiping away your occasional skidmarks with toilet paper. You will likely note changes in your bowel habits and consequences as you get older, and this problem may well disappear (not that I consider it a problem; more like a very minor nuisance). Your turds sound very healthy to me; if they can retain their straightness and shape all the way from your anus to the back of the toilet, they are certainly solid. Keep up the good work!


Simmee's question

How can it be that more guys want toilet paper between their butts and a public toilet seat?

It is a gender issue. Too many guys won't use the urinal so they use the toilet. They don't lift the seat before they take their organ out. They don't do a good job of directing their stream. And then when they get down to the last second or two, they shake their organ to prevent from messing up their underwear and in doing so there's more splashing on the seat. And then instead of pulling off some toilet paper and wiping the seat for the next user, they just leave it. It is a guy-created problem that can only be solved by the guys themselves.

The Brownest Eye

Misadventures at Work

Greetings fellow toileteers!

I'm an on again, off again lurker and first time poster. I get so much enjoyment from reading everyone's posts that I figure it's time to give back. Here's some background information. I'm 34 years old, happily married, and I work as a lab instructor for a small liberal arts college in the great state of Indiana.

Last semester, I was sitting in my office when I felt a need to drop some kids off at the pool. I strolled down to the closest bathroom, which only has one stall and one urinal, and proceeded to unload a sizable collection of semi-soft logs.

Let me point out that I have certain issues with pooping in public. I don't like to do it unless I have the bathroom all to myself. Part of the reason is that I feel weird doing something so personal with somebody else in the general vicinity. I'm also not delusional, and I fully realize that my shit stinks. I don't like to subject others to my own brand of stench if I can help it.

Even if there's nobody around, I always do a courtesy flush, so that anybody coming in after me won't be hit with a wave of potentially noxious fumes. So on this afternoon, I did just that. As soon as my offering hit the water, I reached behind and hit the lever.

I waited to hear the telltale gurgle-gurgle, a sure sign that my waste had been whisked away to that great shit farm in the sky, and when the gurgle-gurgle didn't come, I knew something was wrong. My suspicions quickly turned into shock, and then panic, when I felt something cold and wet on my nether regions.

I jumped up and looked down to find the kiddies rising upward on a column of water, about to flow over the edge of the toilet seat. By the grace of the toilet gods, the water stopped just short of the top and disaster was averted. I was then hit with a moral quandary. Since I was the last person to use the toilet, I felt it my obligation to notify custodial services of the issue. On the other hand, work orders at the college are not anonymous, so by submitting the problem, everybody would know that I had dropped a deuce, and would assume that I had clogged the toilet.

So here is the question that I wish to pose to my fellow toileteers. Have you ever had a similar misadventure at work, and did you swallow your pride and report it, or just walk away and pretend that it didn't happen?

That's all for now.

Peace, C.W.

Mr P

Thanks again for the replies :)

Thanks again for the replies

To Old Poop: - Thank you for your very descriptive reply to my questions.

To Catherine: - Thank you for your wonderful reply. You seem to be such a nice warm person :). Going by yours and Old Poops description, I guess a fart vs poop can be compared to a burp vs vomit? PS: I wish you and Alan all the best for your special day :)

To Carin: - Thank you for answering that question for me. Unfortunately for me if I don't try to poop in the morning then my crap will just pop out on it's own (especially if it's a soft one)

To Monika B: - Thank you for your great responses. It is much appreciated.

To Mikey Pee: - Thank you for your responses and yes you are right about the nerve signals being disrupted.

To J.A.G - Thank you for your replies and thanks for not thinking my questions are weird. I love being able to have a forum to discuss this as I don't think I would have the nerve to ask people I know these questions in person :)

To Adrian - Thank you for your answers too. It is appreciated.

Thanks for the replies guys. I really appreciate it. You have given me some insight into what it feels like to need to poop so thank you. For me it's just life I guess. It doesn't affect me too much. I use a bag on my leg that captures pee so I hardly ever have a pee accident. In terms of poop I just make sure I try to poop first
thing in the morning before I leave the house and if I can't I keep trying throughout the day. I have to massage my poop out by pushing down just above my anus.

Take care everyone
Mr P



Tlana. It sounds as though you had a stroke of luck in getting to the root of your young charge's unorthodox, alfresco poos, and were able to gently nip it in the bud. It sounds to me as though something had probably gone wrong or been mis-communicated in her early training. Wiping well is an art form which takes a lot of time and practice to perfect. Most people learn I think to wipe adequately as children and get better at it as adulthood arrives and with it a greater consciousness around personal hygiene. After 52 years of practice I know that my own wiping is still occasionally falls short of the standard I'd like to maintain. Back problems and carrying a couple of stone more than I should don't really help either.

Catherine. I'm glad to hear that you and Alan are now at ease when it comes to dealing with bodily functions around one another. I think when I a couple have reached that point in their relationship, they really have 'arrived' for want of a better expression. Naturally I hope the wedding goes well and everything goes according to plan. On the day itself I'd advise making sure that you're both well toileted ahead of the ceremony and I'd give things like lager and curry the night before a miss.

Punk Rock Girl. Another blast from the past. It's good to see you here again. As a recent 'returnee' after a long absence myself I'm sorry you don't feel much like sharing your experiences anymore. I think the desire to do so naturally ebbs and flows and I know in my case that life - other commitments etc - sometimes gets in the way. Hope your IBS is under control. I don't suffer from it to the extent that I used to but my bowels are a lot less predictable than I'd like them to be.

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) I had a slightly disconcerting experience. Having completed my shopping at the local supermarket I went to the gents for a pee. As I entered and approached the urinal I was a little taken aback to see a lady leaving. She wasn't a cleaner or a uniformed staff member so I was a little perplexed as to what she'd been doing in the gents toilets. I'm quite happy to be 'unisex' at home and on private premises but the normal convention, at least in England, is that when out in public, gents and ladies stick to using their own separate facilities. I couldn't help feeling "Is nothing sacred any longer?"

This afternoon I had a good meaty poo at work and it was good to get it all out. I've had a bit of a cold for the last ten days or so and I've noticed in recent days that some of my visits for #2 have either been ulta-firm or else I've passed rather a lot of wind and not much at all that could be described as solid. It was therefore great to have the sort of bowel movement which felt somewhere close to normal.


Checking in!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while I know. I have been busy busy busy, and I've tried coming by a few times actually to write but twice got distracted, and another post I tried to make quickly in the car in traffic but I never saw it so I might not have submitted. Anyway because of that uncertainty I apologize if anything I say is a repeat lol

Catherine: I've kept up with your posts and of course always i enjoy your contributions . If I didn't already say so congratulations on your engagement!! :) I saw your post shouting out to me recently and I was touched you are too sweet. I have question for you later in the post after a couple updates...

My life has been chaotic for a few months, because of work plus I moved to a new apartment, and I started dating someone new (still early but it's been fun so far). During all the chaos I've had to pay extra attention to making sure I don't put off pooping when I feel it, ever since I learned that I'm susceptible to accidents. Even so, three notable bathroom stories I've had recently, all bad.
One is kind of an on going thing. ever since a few months back when I wet myself in my hallway trying to get to the bathroom, I noticed that for some reason my morning pee feels a lot more difficult to contain. It's a different sensation really than when I need to go any other time of day. I'll wake with a prevalent need to pee but I don't feel any pressure or aching like when you need to go very badly, yet when I get up I feel myself peeing involuntarily. Not a lot but squirts just leak out and it feels like I have no muscle control to stop it. And I just rush to the bathroom squirting little spurts of pee the whole way and pretty much have a big wet spot in my underwear by the time I get there. It's not every morning but most mornings. It's kind of disconcerting but so far like I said it hasn't happened any other times besides my wake up pee. On the positive note, the desperation of rushing to the bathroom while trying to stop wetting myself usually results in a pretty euphoric relief feeling once I get onto the toilet, which I love. Sometimes when I finally sit down and can just let my pee flow free it feels so relieving that tears roll down my cheeks. But still, I am finding this early morning holding-difficulty a little worrisome.

The other two are...ugh...poop related. One almost accident, and one accident. Thankfully the latter was unwitnessed, but the former would have been SO embarassing if it happened and it's what my question for Catherine is about.

The time I tried posting recently from my car was because I was stuck in terrible traffic and I got an upset stomach... well, there was really nothing I could do about it since I was in the middle of the highway in traffic, so despite clenching with all the strength I had I wound up badly shitting my pants. It was very loose and spread out underneath me, it felt wet and like I was sitting on a heated seat. It was a real disaster, but especially since I was on my way TO work. I had to get off and turn around and go home to change my pants and underwear, and later got back to work 2 hours late.

The almost accident was probably one of the more panicky and stressful moments I've had in a while...probably as bad as when I was showing that house and I really thought I was gonna crap my pants (and of course did). I was out with the guy I'm seeing and late in the evening, my stomach was feeling really full, and before long I felt a prominent need to poop. I hadn't gone all day and I had 3 full meals in me at that point. It was a steady pressure and feeling heaviness in my rectum which indicates a big, solid load for me. Usually it's more of a gurgly and uneasy pressure that I feel higher up in my guts as well as my rectum if it's gonna a be loose/wet. For a moment I was at ease by that fact because my thought process was that at least it didn't feel like a "diarrheaish" load so I'd probably be able to hold it- but that was short lived because my brain was quick to remind me of the solid accident that brought me to this site in the first place. That got me starting to worry. I began to give all the tell tale signals of a tired date that wants to be dropped off now, and soon he was driving me home. That's when it got real. About a third of the way into the ride the pressure started to feel really strong right against my anus. I felt fear and panic set in as the possibility that I was about to start pooping my pants in his car started to look very real. I felt my heart trying to thump right out of my chest I was so nervous but I held on. I can't remember ever concentrating so hard on not pooping, and I got to the point where I was actually conceding the fact that I wasn't gonna make it to the bathroom. I was focusing on just making it to my house and being able to get out of the car before dropping my load in my pants in my front yard. but somehow a moment later I got a "second wind". You ever get that? Like the urge settled down all the sudden, and I felt much more in control. I still really needed the toilet, I just didn't feel like it was on the verge of coming out anymore, like I had more time. That helped me just til we got to my house and the urge was back in force by the time he dropped me off. I gave him as nice and sincere of a goodnight as I could without taking too long, and hopped out of the car... not a second after shutting the passenger side door behind me, a loud crackly fart bubbled out of my butt. I think the pressure on my abdomen from the act of standing up from the car forced it out. Instinctively my face flushed and I felt hot, and i prayed that the door was all the way shut and he didn't hear me fart! I power walked to my front door, burst inside, had my pants down within 2 seconds of getting in the house, went straight for the bathroom and dropped a big, firm load in the toilet. What a relief!! I just kept reliving the horror of the desperation when I thought I wasn't gonna make it, and imaging going in my pants in front of my boyfriend... just THINKING about if i did that that makes me wanna go and hide from him forever lol.

To that end, I was wondering how you would feel in that situation with Alan, Catherine. Put yourself in my shoes, or pants! Do you think you'd be panicking in terror if you were really desperate in the car with him or do you think it would be kind of exciting for you? since you have found your past solid accidents to be exhilarating in a sense, do you think you still would if it happened in front of Alan? I noticed that a common factor in each of your solid accidents was arriving home desperate, and then pooping in your undies before reaching the toilet. It seems to me that that's a plausible scenario in your shared life with Alan, you being desperate as you two arrive home, and then right in front of him you again can't get all the way to the toilet before going in your pants. Do you think you would still find it exhilarating or do you think you would be mortified? And finally, how do you think Alan would react to seeing you do a firm load in your underwear? I know I would have been mortified in front of the guy I'm seeing but I've only known him a short time and we haven't had any sort of "poop bonding" whatsoever like you two have.

Anyway, I was just curious and thought you'd find that to be an interesting question. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you :)


Thursday, December 03, 2015


To oldpoop

Thank you for your clear reply. I meant the turd is touching the back EDGE of the toilet, the water isn't coming there when the next person flushes, so I have to wipe the skidmark away with a piece of paper.

Sorry for the strange question, but what are the possible positions of an anus in a human? Mine is fully between my cheeks. Can it be more aligned in the direction of the perineum in some humans? Is there any difference in pooping experience?


A Child's Secret Fears of Public Toilets

One of the advantages from doing a lot of babysitting for several years is that you think you have seen or experienced everything. However, I've learned that there's always something new which can't be anticipated.

As I've written about before, I've babysat Gylea, who is 9, about 20 times over the past few years. I get along with her well, we do interesting things together, and there's a bond of sorts between us. But over the past year or so I've been seeing a couple of situations that cause concern. A year ago while swimming she just pulled her trunks down and did a crap in the water. The lifeguard saw it and we both got kicked out. Then most recently, we were at an indoor pool, in the locker room and she and I were on a bench and she logged one from her seated position right onto the floor. She fessed up to it and I made her clean it up and after her mother was notified, I thought the problem would be solved. Now last week the day after Thanksgiving, I took her bowling. The alley was running a family special of $1 per game so we stayed three hours and bowled like 8 games. I remember us going into the bathroom to pee before we started and again two hours later. Each time she took the cubicle right next to me, got up on the toilet and did a fairly good pee. She would wipe and flush, without me reminding her.

Finally, after our last game and some food too, I was paying at the control counter and she excused herself to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later I went in to see her and I could tell she was on the seat and using quite a bit of toilet paper to clean herself. I happened to look next to her right shoe and saw (gasp) a semi-moist log about twice as long as her shoe laying on the floor. At first she said it was an accident, but since it was the third time it has happened, I told her that just like the last time, she had to clean it up. She was still seated on the toilet, underwear at shoe level, when I asked her to stand she literally had used globs of toilet paper that were stacked well above water level. I had her stand, told her to flush it and she started crying and said that at both her school and some other places, her crap and toilet paper has been clogging the bowl. That's why she's been crapping outside the toilet. So I flushed it and she was nearly right because the paper hesitated and almost didn't go down. Then she tore off more paper, did another wipe, showed it to me, and she was right that she still wasn't clean.

I explained to her the the first two times she was using almost a mitt-like glob. I showed her and had her demonstrate how to use a lot less toilet paper and do a better job. I left the stall, got two paper towels from the holder and had her pick the log up off the floor and toss it into the bowl. Then we again flushed. She calmed down and said some of the students in her 4th grade class are immature and they blame her when the toilets she uses overflow. And she gets blamed for the overflows on the lower floor where's she's not even allowed to go. But I think I've shown her how to crap, wipe, use the paper with a better result, and not to act so nervous when flushing the toilet. There is absolutely no confidence problem when she wees. Now I just want to build on that confidence with that and help her with the rest.



The first question was about farting versus pooping. Both involve a feeling of pressure, but the fart feels just like I need to deflate, without anything solid to follow right away. Of course, I test by pushing just hard enough for gas to come out, and as long as that is all that happens, I push until the gas is gone, usually a second or two. A very few times in my life I have been fooled (usually when the following poop is liquid), but very seldom. Occasionally the fart is a prelude to a poop, but then I feel the stronger pressure, sometimes even with a prickly feeling as though the turd(s) to come are lumpy or knobbly; in that case, of course, I move to the toilet to finish.

The next question is normal poop versus diarrhea. A normal poop generates pressure, and I can often feel it for a half hour or more before it is intense enough to require me to poop, though sometimes the pressure builds fairly quickly. It always (for a normal poop) feels discretionary rather than mandatory; that is, yes, I need to go; no, I don't have to do it right this minute but can wait a little while until it is more convenient. For diarrhea, the pressure is different--more sudden, with a feeling of heat and the feeling that I dare not relax my sphincter until I'm on the toilet. I wish I could describe that sensation more accurately, but when I feel it, it is obvious, and I would be surprised if my movement were not liquid. For me, diarrhea is not common; but the difference in pressure and internal warmth makes it pretty certain whether the poop is solid or liquid.

The third question was about having to go for a long time and whether I have to squeeze my lower cheeks together to prevent an accident. In the first place, I try not to let that situation arise; when I feel the need, I go. On the fairly rare occasions that I can't get to a toilet promptly, for a normal bowel movement, if I have to wait for a while, the feeling of pressure just goes away, or at least fades into the background. I certainly don't have to squeeze. If I am sitting down, the bowel pressure may remain mildly noticeable, but the pressure of my bottom on whatever chair I'm sitting on keeps the bowel pressure to a minimum. The only time I can remember that the bowel pressure sustained itself at a high level was a time I had been to a local hotel for an academic meeting and luncheon. As the meeting was drawing to its close, I felt an urge to poop, but I decided to wait until I got home, about a half hour's drive. The urge was fairly strong as I got into my car, and I remember thinking that I could have used the hotel restroom to get it out, but here I was at my car. I expected the urge to go away as I was driving, but it didn't; it strengthened, and for a few minutes as I was nearing my house, I thought I might have an accident in my pants, which I was determined not to do. I pulled into my driveway, turned off the car, and walked quickly into the house and into the bathroom. I think the turd started out as I was lowering my bottom onto the seat; at any rate, it came out immediately, a huge thick long one, lumpy and solid, well over a foot in length, and at least an inch and a half thick. It felt wonderful, and my sense of relief as it left me was great. I remember looking at it down there in the bowl and marveling at the size of it. That is the only time I ever remember holding a normal b.m. for that long, and in retrospect, I should have used the restroom in the hotel.

I also remember an incident on my way to work. I had had my morning poop at home and felt a faint continuance of the pressure to poop as I was getting into my car for the half-hour drive to work (I taught at a high school). I expected the urge to fade, but it grew stronger, with the distinctive sort of urgency that I associate with diarrhea. That drive never seemed so long, and when I finally got to the school, I did not bother to head upstairs to my classroom but went straight to the student ground-floor bathroom. I didn't even close the stall door but dropped my pants and sat down just in time for a blast of explosive diarrhea. At least I had made it; and, since I was quite early (as usual), there was no one to hear me. (Normally I would use the same restroom as the male students; there was no separate faculty restroom. So from time to time I would be in there, letting go, when a student was also in the room. I took my pooping opportunities when they came, since I never knew for sure when the next one would come, so I know that some of the students got to hear me dropping my turds. No matter; I was a human person, after all, and had to poop just as the students did.)

The last question was whether I could tell whether my oncoming bowel movement was going to be a single long turd or several smaller ones. My answer is no. The pressure tells me I have to go, but it doesn't differentiate lengths of turds; I just accept what comes out.


Mr. P's Survey

Mr. P,

I would be happy to answer your survey and I don't think that these are weird questions. I imagine it's no different than someone who is color-blind wondering what it's like to see color or someone who is deaf asking what it is like to hear. Again, I feel nothing but sympathy for your condition, but you sound like you are making the best of something really difficult. Love, prayers and well wishes to you!

I think it is important to say that people experience bowel movements differently and this is just my own experience.

1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference?

Yes, very much so. I guess needing to poop feels much heavier and more intense. I feel the poop there, exerting pressure, and can usually guess the consistency and volume of the poop just by how it feels. A harder, thicker, dryer poop will feel different than a softer one. Usually, with a softer stool the need to get to the bathroom is more intense than with a more firm stool. I will also have pressure in my abdomen, but I rarely cramp, unless my stomach is upset. I don't go to the toilet until I feel it at my rectum and anus.

I can feel a fart coming on. I can feel it on my anus but not in my rectum. That's how I know that it's OK to let go instead of getting to the toilet. I have pretty strong bowel control and I guess I am very in tune to the different sensations.

2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea?

Definitely. Diarrhea can have a heavy feeling but usually is accompanied by stomach cramps, bloating and lots of gurgling in the abdomen. The need to get to the toilet is urgent. I mean you know that you have to get to the toilet or you will have a mess.

3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach?

Not really. A healthy anus will not release without a conscientious effort to do if the stool is average size. However, I cannot hold mine more than 30 minutes on a normal day. I don't recommend holding the need, as that can create irregularity and cause constipation.

4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out? Yes, I can usually tell by the way it feels if it will be thick, solid, come out in pieces - the consistency and size. The larger the load, the more intense the need is to go. Humans are actually designed to take in much more fiber and water than what we do in the West. The ideal poop should be big, long and soft, and should happen 2-3 times a day. Normal, though, is anywhere from 3 times daily to 3 times weekly, But, yes, they alll feel a little different and I can tell. I've had a few times where I thought it would be bigger and it wasn't. And, I've had times where I thought that it was not much of an urge to go and ended up having a really big one. But it's rare that I guess wrong.

Mr. P, I would say that my bowels are more on the "ideal" side than normal, which I am very thankful for. But this is my experience and I hope that it's helpful to you!



Adrian: Thank you for your response! I appreciate your posts!

Dan: It is an interesting sensation to poop in my pants. I'm like you, though. I didn't want to do it intentionally and develop a habit. Yet, i secretly would love for it to happen again. Eating as much fiber as I do, it does not take my need to go feeling to develop into a pretty intense need, and that leaves a good feeling. Thank you for sharing and hope that you are well!

British Dumper: I can't wait to hear from you!

Mina: I love your stories too! I hate that you had a cold but thankful that you are feeling better!

Emily: My only advice would be not to drink a lot of water or caffeinated drinks on the day of the concert so that you may not have to go during the concert. I would never advise peeing your pants. The only other thing that I would advise if you are really worried about needing to pee is to wear an adult disposable undergarment instead of your usual panties. Some made for women look and fit like panties. However, if you use them, they will expand. Plus, if you have to pee bad they can leak because your stream will release faster than the material can absorb. Just some thoughts!



To Mina: aw thanks for your response your storys are interesting and asparagus is ???? and helps my poop stay green and not to mention long! I will read up on more of your post


For Tristan

High-Fives with that trophy turd! You make it sound soooo awesome the way you describe feeling the urge and then pushing to make it happen! That thing took on a life of it's own as it slowly worked its way out of you. Must have felt just wonderful!

I bet that your other organs were happy to see it leave.....they finally got their space back inside your abdomen :)

At 19.....there have been many in the past....and so many more to come! The best poops of your life!

Optional Person

To emily on peeing at a concert and to Catherine.

Emily, you could wear an adult diaper, and enjoy peeing at your leisure during concerts.

To Catherine, glad you enjoy my stories. I really enjoy yours a lot. women that enjoy pooping always make for fun stories.


Survey Response

1. Could you state your age and gender? 19, Male

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over
It's a mixture between C and D. Usually leaned forward helps.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax? By the time I sit, the poop is usually coming out. Takes about a few seconds.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?
A few seconds.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

About a 1 or 2

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge. 3
B: During and in between pooping. 1
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet. 1

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet
Mine are usually random. In the morning mine tend to be dry, but very ripe and pungent.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop. 5-10 minutes
B: Diarrhea. 10-15 minutes
C: Constipation. 10-15 minutes

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop? I usually wait for the urge to happen before I bother to go to the toilet. Usually it happens once a day.

10. Do you enjoy pooping? I really do. It's nice alone time. Even though I stink up the bathroom alot, it's still enjoyable.

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?
And if yes: What?
I will press on my stomach.


Some comments


Go to the toilet when you first get to the concert building. Eat something and don't drink too much pop or water. You can also buy paper underwear at places like drug stores. It can absorb urine and then be thrown away afterwards.

Mr. P:

I don't think holding your butt cheeks together is enough to hold your crap in until after school or work. I don't know what its called, but if you don't sit down and give into the urge, your crap just stays in and doesn't knock at the door for a while.


The boy at Home Depot perhaps only needed the one quick wipe if his crap was hard and dry. However still working with his jeans when he comes out of the stall and not washing his hands is not good. We see it sometimes in our bathrooms too. Since you mention bad hygiene, the most gross thing I see is most women bypassing a toilet with pee on the seat, then someone else comes in and sits in it. And sometimes they don't wash their hands either.


I farted once in public when I was like 8 and shopping with my Grandma. She didn't get mad but took me into the closest bathroom. I got up on the stool and over the couple of minutes I was seated I let off a couple more. She didn't say anything. I knew what the message was.

Monika B.
Mr P-

1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference? Yes, usually...poop feels "heavier." Sometimes though I think I have to poop but it's just a fart...

2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea? Definitely, diarrhea is more urgent and generally coupled with pain and/or nausea.

3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach?
Not the whole time, just when the urge gets worse. If I'm sitting down it's a lot easier to hold in.

4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out? No not really.

Hope this helps!

Punk Rock Girl

Been a while and TTFN


Been a looooooooooong time since I posted. I actually am only posting now because I read the very sad news about fellow poster Christa. How awful. So sorry to hear that.

I think I've grown out of my "poop talk." I used to joke and casually chat about farting and crapping with my friends, as well as very enthusiastically rushing to my computer to share a story about something such as having an old man open the door to the porta-potty in which I was mid-dump, but over the last couple of years that aspect of my personality has simply faded away.

I still very much enjoy my bowel movements when my IBS isn't flaring. Nothing beats reading a good book, sipping a cappuccino and feeling that huge solid load just ease its way out of my bottom. But, the desire to share these stories has simply worn off.

So farewell for now. Maybe I will change my mind at some point in the future, but for now I feel its time to throw in the TP. ;)

Been fun, my condolences to Christa's family and friends.
Happy Holidays to all.




Re: Mr P's Questions

Hi Mr. P -

I know you're probably looking forward to hearing answers from women, but maybe you'll
take some answers from a guy with cerebral palsy, too :)

Let me begin by saying that your questions aren't weird and I fully understand your interest.
As I've written a few times on this site, my earliest childhood friend had spina bifida and
he needed to wear diapers. For better or worse, I was always fascinated by his bathroom issues
and hence my lifelong fascination with this stuff. When we were about six, I asked his mother
why he wore diapers, and she answered by saying that he couldn't feel when he had to go to
the bathroom. A number a years later, I encountered my friend in the boys' bathroom at school (one of many encounters, actually) when he was changing himself. He was in the process of fastening a dry (cloth) diaper on himself, when he began to pee. He was seated on a chair which was kept in the bathroom for the spina bifida kids to sit on while changing themselves. He said, "Look at this," pointing to a wet spot forming in the front of his diaper. The spot kept get bigger, and I said, "And you can't feel that happening," to which he replied, "No." So, I fully understand your questions.

I think everyone's experiences are different, but here are my responses:

1) Poop vs. fart: For me, sometimes I can tell difference, sometimes not. There have been times
when I've gotten on the toilet expecting to have a full blown BM and I ended-up expelling gas
and the urge to poop subsided without a bowel movement. On either occasions (rare), I have
farted and later discovered traces of poop in my undershorts (not a stool, but more like a skid mark).

2) For me, diarrhea is usually painful because, more often than not, it's accompanied by more
general pain and discomfort throughout the abdomen. For a normal BM the sensation is
confined to the anal/rectal area and is not necessarily painful or uncomfortable. Again for me,
the sensation can become uncomfortable over time if I delay (for whatever reason) going to
the bathroom. Also, diarrhea can be accompanied by nausea and other aspects of illness.
I get diarrhea very rarely (maybe once or twice a year, if that).

3) It's not some much a matter of tightening the buttocks (for me) as a matter of voluntarily
tightening the sphincter which controls the opening and closing of the anus. If I delay going
to the bathroom, the urge to poop can increase (sometimes it might subside altogether for a
brief period, but it always returns) and it becomes necessary to try to tighten the muscles at
the sphincter. It's my understanding that part of the process of toilet training involves obtaining
voluntary control of the sphincter. When someone poops, they're actually relaxing those muscles
so that they can eliminate their stool. I've come to understand (and Mr P correct me if I'm
wrong), in the case of spinal cord injuries and defects (like spina bifida), the nerve signals
controlling the sphincter are disrupted and voluntary control is either lost or never achieved.
Hence, there's no sensation of a full bladder or a full rectum (the need to pee or poop).

4) Again, sometimes yes, sometimes no. There have been times when I've felt an urgent need for a BM and thought beforehand that I was going to pass one or more large stools (logs) only
to pass several small stools (like a 2 vs 5 on the Bristol Stool Scale). At other times, I've
had an urge to poop, thought it was just going to be "a little" and have ended-up with a
fairly substantial bowel movement. Right now, I typically have two BMs a day, a smaller one first thing in the morning when I get up (accompanied by an urgent need to pee) followed by a
bigger poop later in the morning or early afternoon.

As I say, I suspect there is a great deal of variation among people so these are my experiences.
Hopefully, you'll get other responses and they'll give you more insight.

hi Emily you should wear a diaper to the concert it will be better and more comfy then peeing your pants


TO: Emily RE: Peeing at crowded concerts

Emily, peeing in your pants is probably one of your best options, but I wouldn't wear black jeans like you suggested. Try black leggings, the wetness will be less obvious than on jeans and they won't stay wet as long. They only draw back with them being so thin is your pee might stream right through, whereas jeans being thicker it will soak more down your legs. So either way, where shoes that you don't mind getting wet also, possibly flip-flops.


To Emily

I went to a music festival a couple of years ago with some friends and had a similar situation. We was okay during the breaks because we could visit the (disgusting) toilets on our way between stages but during the gigs it was completely different.

It was the middle of Summer so I adopted the black jeans method you suggested. We was on grass and because everyone was so close you couldn't see the jeans glistening as I had a wee. My friend squatted and weed through her black shorts so she wasn't exposed.

Over the weekend I saw a few different ways of relieving themselves. From just squatting in front of everyone anyway to having friends form a circle to hide you. Some girls went without underwear and just weed standing under their skirt

I'll write a story about it when I'm on my computer.


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