Okay, I go into my room, and if I gotta piss or shit, I take my piss bucket for pee or my shit bag for crap and do it in there. I then wipe myself with tissues. I later throw the whole mess into the toilet.



I have always found butt wiping fascinating. It's something everyone does, and it's something that most people don't think much about. It turns out that there are many different ways to wipe, and my guess is that most people assume that how they wipe is the only way to wipe.

Since I have my daily bowel movement at work at a medical school, I have had the opportunity to observe wiping habits of the young men who are students. Because of the lighting in the bathroom and the floor tiles, I can tell by shadows how the guys wipe.

There are two categories of wipers: standers and sitters. According to my observations, most guys wipe sitting. About 25-30% are standers. There are several ways that standers wipe. Some stand up straight. Others squat over the bowl, which I would think would give better access to the butt. Some will take their left hand and use it to pull their butt cheeks apart, for better access. A few standers will turn around and face the bowl. Not sure why; perhaps to get a good view of their poop. A few standers will reach in between their legs to wipe, but most go from behind.

Of the sitters, most wipe from the back. About 30% wipe from the front, reaching in between their legs. Some of the front wipers will take their left hand and grab their genitals and pull them out of the way. Of the back wipers, most will lift their right cheek off of the bowl. Some will lean forward, almost at a 90 degree angle. Some will take one of their legs and pull it far back towards the back of the toilet.

I notice that there are many degrees of thoroughness to their wiping. Some will wipe once or twice, and you know that they're not clean. Some will wipe a lot. Some wipe with a pronounced rubbing motion, almost like sandpaper. About half the guys will make a big clump of toilet paper, the other half fold it meticulously so it resembles a flat book. About 90% of the guys will wipe and then fold the TP and wipe again (double dipping). One guy had a very interesting technique. He made about 8 neatly folded "books" and placed them on his left thigh. Then he stood and proceeded to wipe using the stored up "books." I'm not sure how he knew how many he would need.

I have always wiped from behind, sitting, but I started to experiment using all of the above techniques. I found that standing was ineffective. I started to wipe between my legs, and I found it surprisingly more effective than I had thought it would be. You can get good access to the area. I have found the ideal way for me now is to start between my legs to get the majority off, and then go from behind to finish the job up.



Hi, I'm so glad my suggestion was so thought provoking for you and that you like the idea, i had a feeling you would :) i could never imagine doing it myself, but somehow i can see you and alan finding it to be a bonding experience. gosh, when i imagine that happening to me it gives me shivers down my spine lol.

you are so sweet with the kind things you say, you are an awesome young woman yourself! I am just shy about pooping in general so especially early on in the relationship i am very reluctant to be open about my need to poop. but surely its something i need to cope with because in the future i could find myself in a very desperate situation like in the car recently but i won't have enough time to make it home, so i'd have to be able to talk about my needs! if that ride home the other day was like 2 minutes longer, or even if we got stopped at 1 other red light, i would have most likely pooped my pants in the car. oh god, shivers down my spine again! but hey, imagine yourself in that scenario with alan ;)

as far as the bladder issue goes, it's been a few months, maybe since summer. i think i exaggerated a bit as to the frequency of it when i reread my last post, it happens a couple mornings a week, but it sounded like it was happening every day. basically just as i get up and try to head to the toilet my pee just keeps leaking out and i cant control it. i dont know how to describe the general urge to pee sensation as compared to other times, but its different. i actually kind of like the struggle to hold it because of the relief when i get there, but at the same time its obviously worrisome because id rather not have a full blown wetting accident first thing in the morning when i need to get ready for work, and also there's the concern about when my boyfriend spends the night or i spend the night with him.... i am not sure i'd be so open to wetting myself in front of him the way you wouldn't mind pooping yourself in front of alan. not yet definitely doesnt give me chills to think about it like poop though, so that's something.

anyway, i hope all continues to go well between you two and alan's girls :) all the best and i look forward to reading all of your posts as always, and ill talk to you soon! surely let us know if you and alan ever wind up having the experience of you having an accident.

Brianna xoxo

Today I have a story from my house where I live with my three roommates, Kim, Nikki and Danielle.

When I came back home from school in the afternoon I needed a poo. I wasn't bursting or anything, but I had already accidentally farted walking from the train to our house, so I figured I'd go to the bathroom right away. As I was taking off my boots and winter gear, I noticed Nikki leaving the bathroom and I caught a whiff of poo smell coming from the door. She said 'hi' and then quickly went to her room. I wasn't done putting my stuff away when Danielle went into the bathroom. I had to wait, so I sat down on the couch to watch some TV. After a couple of minutes I really needed to go pretty urgently. I figured Danielle was doing a poo as well, since she took quite a while. When I heard her flush the toilet, I jumped up and went straight to the door. Danielle came out and for sure she had done a big dump. She said 'sorry Ann, it stinks in there', and it really did pretty badly. I said 'it's ok, I also gotta go number two' and quickly went in. The toilet was all clean and I pulled down my leggings and green thong and sat down on the warm seat. I peed for about half a minute and let out a small fart. Then I put my arms om my thighs, leaned forward and started to push. My bumhole opened and a big turd started to crackle out slowly. I took out my phone to look at some stuff and after a while my poo splashed into the bowl. I knew I had some more to take care off, so I kept pushing. I had a few farts and then pushed out a second log. All in all, I spend maybe ten minutes on the toilet and did four poos. By the end it smelled really bad in the room. Nikki, Danielle and I had had really totally stunk it up. I was actually glad to be done and quickly wiped my front and back, pulled up my pants and flushed. I needed to use the brush to get rid some some skidmarks and then flushed again, washed my hands and left.

About half and hour later Nikki, Kim and I were watching TV when Kim all of a sudden farted pretty loudly. She was like 'omg, sorry guys', then she rubbed her stomach and went to the bathroom. Even over the sound of the TV, I could hear her let out another fart on the toilet. She was back after a couple of minutes, looking pretty relieved. All four of us girls pooped within an hour or so, and I thought that was kinda funny. I hope you liked my story.

Old Fart)

Old Poop

Not sure but think you may be a touch older than me. I don't post often but have been following your posts for years. Came to the Toilet in the late 90's and started posting about 2001 under a different name. It was changed so those that are no longer family can't track me.

Old Fart

IBS and accicents

I notice both these were posted about recently. Jemma, I've had IBS for many years, it started about my sophomore year of high school and tended to be primarily constipation. I'd also had some surgery back on the mid 1950 which was constipation related, or so I was told. Was too young to remember. That surgery created problems also. My sphincter closes fine to a point but not the last bit needed to keep a very soft movement in. Back then if you had bowel issues you were more likely to be sent to a shrink that a doctor if you were having accidents. The medical field didn't begin to believe in IBS until the late 70s. I tried various medications, none work well. Then I found an IBS Fact Sheet that was online, and written by doctors and nurses that had it. It was very helpful and likely can still be found. I gradually learned what affected my inside and adjusted my diet to keep my movements soft but not to soft, and without the need for meds. That said, pollen allergies give me a couple bad times a year. What irritated the sinuses goes down the throat when you sniff and the irritates the bowels. At such times accidents happen, Normally I have a severe coughing spell and the pressure opens the passage. Sometimes there are no facilities close, yet is too public to drop the pants. Once you crapped your pants a few times you learn it isn't the end of the world. Yes there are times when I just let it go, but those are when there is no way to make it to a restroom in time and usually no one will know what happened. The only time I ever try to crap my pants is when I've been constipated for 3 or more days, the urge comes, there is nowhere to go, and I purposely do it in my pants to avoid worse problems like impaction. So none of this is convenience, it sucks, but for some of us it is just the life we have to deal with.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great pooping story and that should just chill out.

To: Danielle it sounds like you had a really rough time but luckily your mom was very understanding and helped you out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Breanna it sounds liike you had rough day but im glad you felt better the next day.

To: Anna great story.

well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



1) describe the best poop you have ever had in your life

2) for my female friends if you had to poop really badly and were with your spouse/boyfriend etc would you either a poop your pants or b drop your pants and poop on the floor

3) where is the strangest place you have ever peed or pooped in



Monday afternoon I have nothing on at college. There is a leisure centre nearby where I go sometimes and either swim or use the gym as I need to wait for the bus back to my village. After my last class I needed to take a dump, I headed to the toilets on the way out of college. There are only 4 cubicles and unusually they were all in use and a couple of guys were also stood around awkwardly waiting to go. The other toilets were right on the other side of college, and also have an annoying feature where the toilet paper is on the wall behind the toilet rather than on the side wall, which is especially annoying as college uses the paper dispensers which only dispense one sheet of paper at a time, so I thought I would wait until I got over the gym.

When I got to the gym I got changed first so I could bung my stuff in a locker, the toilets are separate to the changing room in another little room just outside. As I went out into the corridor I happened to notice this really tall lifeguard guy about my age (I would say he is about 7ft) walking down the corridor. I went into the toilets and another lifeguard was there using the hand dryer. I went into one of the toilets. I think he had probably just used that toilet as when I sat down the seat was really warm. Someone else walked in and the two of them started talking - they clearly knew each other. From the conversation it sounded like they had had the same roast dinner together with one of their families Sunday night. This other guy went into the cubicle and sat down as they were still talking, it became clear it was the tall lifeguard as the cubicles were a bit high and you could see when he sat down his feet were really far forward compared to mine - and you could also see his red shorts!

Anyway the guy outside said something like "have a good dump" and the other guy made a comment about he had been looking forward to it and the guy outside left. It was then quiet and you could then tell that he was messaging someone on WhatsApp from the noise his phone was making - I was doing the same and on facebook but I had my phone silent. After about a minute there was a loud fart and a splash as he made "splashdown" and then he just stayed sat there for a good 10 minutes before wiping. When he was wiping his foot was almost touching mine under the partition. It must be pretty difficult to use a cramped toilet cubicle if you are really tall!

To Lucus
I'd love hear more about your accidents especially the one in gym class. Also do you still have accidents now?

Anna from Austria
I had no time to post for some days but now I am back with a new story.

I was having 2 cups of coffee in my favorite cafe with one my friends Tanja. We were chatting and had nice time. When she we were about the leave I had the feeling that I should visit the bathroom very soon. Thanks to coffee I had to do Number 1 and 2.

I said that I had to go the ladies room and asked her if she needed to go too. She said no, so I said good bye to hear.

I found that very strange that she didn't need to go. I found it a bit scary that she didn't need to go. She even had 3 cups of coffee.

Maybe coffee has not such a laxative effect on her system then it has one mine..

Tanja left the cafe and while I was on my way to the bathroom my urges started to become stronger. Especially my urge for a poo.

I even had to pass some gas on the way the toilet. Luckily it was silent and nobody was behind me.

I entered the bathroom took one of the too stalls and locked it. The bathroom was small with only 2 stalls. My neighboring stall was empty too.

I pulled down my pants and my thong and sat down on the toilet. I started to pee and poop at the same time. I did one log, some wet farts, and then some very soft poo, nearly diarrhea. Then I was finished.

I had to do a lot of cleaning. Then I left the bathroom. Luckily i was alone during my bm. I stank the small bathroom really up and would haven been embarrassing if somebody came in.

Greetings Anna.


My Fickle Bowels

Back like 10 years ago when I started school I remember my grandma would continually say I had fickle bowels. I didn't know what she meant then, but now I have to agree she was right. For every two days I'm able to crap at school, it seems like there are two or three times I will sit down, try very hard and push as hard as I dare, but I'm still unable to have a complete bowel movement. That was the case last week. I remember signing out of math on Monday and having a full bowel movement. It was very satisfying. I don't think I was on the toilet for more than three minutes, although my wiping took at least that long and when I got home I found I had a skid mark in my white underwear. My luck, however, didn't hold out. On Thursday, I was pretty stuffed up and knew that I would probably be pooping at school. It's hard for me to use a stall with no door, but I do because without waiting in a line I have less chance of having a tardy to class. And a couple of my teachers allow us only three bathroom passes during class time each semester. One even has it in our grading program and he does watch numbers very carefully. He's a really good teacher, but missing class or using a pass makes him say some sarcastic things that I would find embarrassing since he often says them in front of the class. So that's why I will try and save time by using a door less stall. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I often wear jeans or slacks to school, but on Thursday I wore a loose-fitting dress. This was something one of my friends is doing too because that way less of her privacy is on display as we sit on a toilet without a door. About six blocks into my walk to school, I felt my crap ready to come. But by the time I got to school and the administration opened the doors to non-activity students, I headed to the nearest bathroom, took down my bookpack and placed myself on the first of three door less toilets, and waited and waited for my bowels to open. They didn't and I started a minor push and then followed it up with a stronger one. When I saw another girl standing in front of me and telling me she was dying to pee, all I could do was tell her I was trying as hard as I could. I even stood up and re-seated myself. Still nothing, except she swore at me before she moved to another position in the crowd waiting to get on a toilet. At that point, the 5-minute warning bell rang so I got up and made my way to 1st hour. Luckily I got upstairs to class about 10 seconds before the tardy bell rang.

About 15 minutes later my knock started again and I raised my hand. My teacher was a substitute who said I had to wait until we took a 50 question test. I noticed my body was starting to get warmer and I had a little nausea, but I gingerly passed some gas and I felt better as I started my test. Twenty minutes later I finished the test and then got permission to be excused. This bathroom was larger, stalls with doors were available and I grabbed the first, latched the door, lowered my underwear, hitched up my dress and placed my butt on the seat. My body temperature was going up with anticipation, but I sat for about 5 minutes and knew I had to get back to class. So I stood, pulled up my underwear and got back to class with like only two minutes left before the bell. During our 10-minute homeroom period no one is allowed to use the halls period because of a lot of vandalism, but the urge came again and I had to hold it in. So during both 3rd and 4th hour I went in and sat, but nothing happened. By 5th hour when I went in and sat during lunch, I was becoming warmer and the toilet seat seemed like a refrigerator with my butt on it. I did pee a little, but I was still carrying my packed bowels and frustrations with me as I got up and just made it to 6th hour. We had a 15 minute study period to start with so I got permission to use the 3rd floor bathroom. It was in pretty bad condition, but I still sat down and with full privacy and even moving my legs around and sliding my butt farther back on the seat, I was still not able to produce. I was too upset with myself to ask for permission last hour, but my body temperature and bowel pains were increasing right after school when I put myself on a 4th floor toilet. There was a door and I knew I had more time to do what I needed to do. After about 20 minutes and two friends texting me wondering where I was, I slowly started pushing and then with greater strength, the head started coming out. I was short of breath as I continued to push while rocking myself slowly forward and then backward. It hurt coming out but I wasn't about to be stopped up with it any longer so I continued to push. Finally, I could feel it was out. I stood up, looked down in the bowl and found my crap that was almost as wide as a pop bottle extending from the very bottom and up about two inches above the water. Of course my butt was sore, so I re-seated myself and waited a few minutes before I started to wipe. With each piece of toilet paper I wiped with, I placed on the side of the toilet on the floor because I knew there was no way my crap, let along my toilet paper and lots of it in order to clean myself, was going to flush. So when I finished, I had a stack of papers on the floor. I pulled up my underwear, picked them up carefully so as not to get crap on my hands, and threw them into the bowl of the toilet next door. Then I flushed them.

It felt so great to be cleaned out. Also, now I was cold and almost shivering as I washed my hands.


THE best enema I ever had!

So over the weekend I became VERY constipated! Not sure if it was all the extra foods I've been eating this Christmas season or what, but I couldn't go for ANYTHING.

I decided yesterday to take a Fleet, thinking it might give me at least some relief. I had bought a bottle of pure glycerin to use when mixing up my vape solution.

I'm in position taking the Fleet and I can tell it's not going to do much. I had taken about half of it and decided it wasn't going to do much--I was just too constipated.

I decided to fill the bottle halfway with some of the glycerin, thinking it might work like a suppository.

I gave myself the enema just before I was gonna go shower.....I was on my left side and no sooner had I taken the enema tip out of my ass did I get the most POWERFUL urge to shit that I've EVER had in my life! ...I was thinking this is TOO quick, its not gonna work this early so I tried to hold it, only to have the urge intensify by the second. I had to make a mad dash.. I was laying in front of my bathtub when I took the enema, and when I stood up to try to make it to the toilet, I knew there was no way I was gonna make it to the toilet, so I sat on the side of my bathtub with my ass hanging over into the tub and did't even have to push as six large softball sized shit balls came exploding out of my ass! I have never been so relieved by an enema of any kind in my LIFE!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Matt L

girlfriend on the loo

My young British girlfriend let me watch her have a poo this morning. She said with a sigh that she needed the toilet, so I followed her in and sat on the bath right next to the toilet. She sat down and immediately a long hiss of air came out. This was followed by some slow, wet-sounding crackling. A piece of poo loudly plopped into the toilet, I saw it drop and splash. She then leaned forward with her elbows on her knees and moved forwards on the seat. From behind the dome of her pink ass there was more gooey sounds followed by plops. A foul smell was drifting up from the toilet bowl, getting more strong by the second. After a lot of small turds, she got some toilet paper and wiped, there was lots of wet brown crap on the paper at first but after a few wipes she was clean. She stood up, said 'phew', smiled at me and flushed the toilet. Later in the morning she had another poo, it was quite wet and in small bits, very smelly, probably even worse than the first one. it was hurting her hole a bit, she was saying 'ow' as they were coming out and holding her stomach. The smell was so strong that it was hard to breathe, I had to turn my head away from the gap between her bum and the toilet bowl. I'm very lucky she lets me watch her!


Latest replies

Lucas. Hi and welcome. I think the way that janitor behaved, making you clean the bathroom at college, was quite dreadful and highly unprofessional. Nobody should be treated like that. Sometimes we can pay a high price for being honest.

Breanna. I'm sorry to hear you were unwell and I hope you've made a good recovery. Sometimes these things can strike without warning and it's not very pleasant when they do.

Catherine. I think people in the main are certainly more open and less uptight about toilet matters than they used to be. Wihin my own lifetime I remember than up to the 1970s it was certainly not the done thing for adults to admit they needed to go to the toilet. Valiant efforts to hold it in as a means of trying to when conceal the obvious weren't uncommon and, I think it is very much due to people's past coyness around the subject, that the English language is rich with innumerable euphemisms for going to the lavatory. Nowadays people are much more open about the subject and forums such as this have certainly helped to open it up. However I don't foresee a situation anytime soon where it becomes a regular topic of conversation at the dinner table. We're even further away from a day when it will ever be considered normal for healthy adults to go in their pants for convenience or as a lifestyle choice, rather than simply in the event of unexpected ill health or the genuine lack of an alternative.

Jemma & Catherine - and other IBS sufferers. IBS is certainly a nuisance and I'm no stranger to it. Mine hasn't been too troublesome for a long time but today my bowel movements were a bit loose and windy and I felt somewhat bloated, so I think I might be having a minor episode. Although I would probably consult your doctor before using it, I've found Imodium to be a great help.


My Thanksgiving Trip

I left campus at 3 a.m. for my Thanksgiving weekend trip home. The drive's mostly Interstate and I like the ability to get an early start and rack up more miles before the traffic increases. I had a mug of strong coffee with me (a group of us had a teaching assistants gathering the night before) and that tends to help me move my bowels within an hour or two. I had to drive almost a half hour with some pain until I came to the rest stop. For some reason the parking lot lights were out but I could see the two restroom doors were lit so that was encouraging to me. There were the usual number of truckers parked there and sleeping, plus a couple of cars and a motorcycle that I almost fell onto when I tripped on a rock and turned my ankle. Although my walk was slowed and my crap knocking even louder, I made it into the three-stall bathroom that was semi-modern, but without stall doors. I didn't care. I didn't take time to compare the toilets because the first seat looked comparatively clean and I took the first one. My jeans were dropped along with my black thong, and my butt was on the seat in seconds. Within seconds the first blast of soft poo came out, and for some reason, I didn't feel fully comfortable on the seat. At almost 6'5", I knew the reason as I put my hands under my thighs and could rake them so far back onto the toilet without hitting the back of my butt. With my knees so high--much higher than usual--I realized I was using a much-lower toilet, probably one that would better have accommodated a child. After a second blast of what several writers have called "soft-serv", I reached for the toilet paper and as I suspected, it was much lower than usual too. I did my normal wipe and felt good at inspecting the last piece of paper. But just as I started to get up, I was reminded that liquor and coffee had further complicated my system, because another (this one a half-round) of poo slipped out. As I was working on that I heard a car door and some noise outside. A little girl came running in in her ???? and clutching a teddy bear.

The girl came right to the entrance of my toilet and stopped and seemed awed by my size. She asked my name but before I could answer her mother came in and told her to give me privacy and told her to take the second stall. The girl walked over, gave her mom her teddy bear, looked like she had her jammies down and was ready to seat herself, but just then she called to her mom who had just dropped the seat on the third toilet and was ready to seat herself. The girl started to badger her mom to lift her up and put her on the toilet. The mom reminded her that she was going to have to be more independent like she had been at their previous rest stop, but the girl just stood there as I heard the mom's pee stream start and strengthen. The mom told the girl she had been doing a good job at school and the previous day at Wal-Mart, and that if she wet herself, she was going to have a "consequence." About ten seconds later, the girl started to whine and the mom swore, got off her toilet, grabbed the little girl, turned her around and placed her down on the toilet. Then mom got down on her knees, got right in the child's face, and told her to "get to work"! The girl started crying more as the mom went back to her cubicle.

I finished wiping, flushed, and as I was washing my hands, I noticed the mom in the mirror as she was seated right behind me. I smiled at her, turned and apologized for taking the smaller and lower toilet, but she just cut me off and told me to mind my own business plus another couple of words she shouldn't have used in front of the child.

For the next couple of miles, I felt so bad about that situation and two hours later when I stopped to pee, I more carefully looked at each of the six toilets to make sure I didn't make the same mistake again.

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