Biggest dump ever.

Hello everyone
I'm laurie 16 years old from the Netherlands.
I will tell you my outdoor pooping story with a friend.
I was cycling home from my school with lotte. we were very far from my house and i needed to poop very badly. i saw the woods from the place we were cycling so I said to lotte: lotte shall we go through the forest this time. She said yes. When we were in the woods i stopped an lotte asked why, i said i had to poop very badly and that i couldn't walk anymore. Lotte said that she had to poop also. But I couldn't hold it any longer. So we walked of the path and i started to put my pants down. Lotte did also a few meters in front of me. Then lotte started to poop. A very wide turd was coming out of her big ass. then I started to poop. It was a big relieve, but the turd was so big it almost went 5 minutes when i was stopped with my turd. Lotte was still pooping. a 30 centimeter long turd was hanging out of her round ass. I was surprised it was so big. but then I stood up and looked at my turd. I was shocked. It was at least 70 centimeters long, I've never had such a dump before then Lotte was finished and i said. Lotte look at this. Her mouth dropped open and she said: holey shit that's a big one. then we looked to the path and we saw that a 8 year old boy was looking at us. We were busted. The boy said to us he had been here for 1 minute and asked what we did. Lotte said that we had been pooping because we couldn't hold it any longer. Then the boy asked if he could see our dumps. I said only if he doesn't tell anybody about this. He saw our turds and he almost got a hearth attack. He wasn't believing his eyes. He asked if girls from our age with a big ass always poop so big. Lotte said that we didn't know. then we went to our bikes and went home. we never talked about this anymore. Greetings Laurie and Lotte

Emily: I think *any* of those ideas would make a wonderful story for this site. However, you're probably best served by simply going beforehand and drinking little.

Dan: I loved that tale of euphoria and red-faced embarrassment. I hope you try it again, though. Or is it any more special to do it in your clothes?

Winnie: I didn't know that! I'm very sorry for your loss.

concert goer

for emily: peeing at the concert

emily, have you considered trying an adult diaper? it might be more comfortable than peeing your pants. alternatively, you could wear a skirt and just pee through your panties when you need to pee.

To Emily

I would try wearing a diaper they are easy to hide and your cloths wouldn't get wet plus you would be able to have fun and not worry about anything



To Mr. P: No, those questions are not weird at all! I'll try and give my 2-cents worth.
1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference? Yes, it is a different feeling - that is, normally, because sometimes (as most of us have probably experienced at some time) accidents happen!
2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea? Yes. The need to do a normal poop isn't uncomfortable per se, more of a fullness, but diarrhoea makes your stomach feel crampy and sore and you can sort of tell that there is something wet and messy wanting out.
3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach? That is dependent on the individual. I personally don't have to squeeze, but maybe other people do.
4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out? Yes, usually, but not always as sometimes it comes out looking different from what I'd expected

I hope those answers are okay!

Nursing Student

THE NURSING School DUMP before the exam and feel good

THE NURSING School DUMP before the exam and feel good


I am new here, in the early 30s, and going to nursing school for a bachelors of nursing degree. Its at en expensive for profit school. Netherless, I saw this website and was fascinated. I am white, about 143 pounds, medium height but not all, always have colored toenails and feet, shaved, and moderate cellulite. I love high heels, and shorts.

Ok, well my first dump I would like to share was about a week ago. had a major exam and had much coffee before. I actually had to go while driving in traffic but managed to hold. As soon as class started, I had to run to bathroom nearvy. Its an office building and class was bottom floor. The bathroom had 5 stalls and 3 taken. There was plenty of other nursing students in there like me. I had no nursing scrubs with red shirt and red pants. I took the first that opened. The toilet was cleaned. pulled down red nursing pants and white panties, and release a few soft farts and about 5 small turds. The were messy and left some skids visible in the toilet. The turds were all small but very messy. They cam out slowly and had to strain a little. I had to pee also and was a darker yellow color as plenty diet cokes consumed, dark espresso iced coffee, and dark chocolate Hershey bars. There was several knocks on the door while using, I said was using bathroom. I could hear some of the other nursing students grunt too. It was there about 6 minutes. Had to wipe about 5 times. The sheets were not too long and folded. But still felt some more needed. I only flushed one time. But there was about several streaks in the toilet commode left. did not flush again and spray. It was some stink left but not severe. My white panties were clean. I wash the nursing outfit and panties everyday and bathe good. well, came out and as soon as another nursing student much younger in her mid 20s moved in. I was washing later. But I did hear a pee and several farts and plops. guess she had to do a dump to., Came out and went to class for the exam. 100 multiple choice. I only had certain 80 were correct. The tests are not easy and students often fail. I am in third year with 70 nursing credits and have like 60 more required to finish. The poop did indeed make a better feel. Lots pf other nursing students do poop and leave their skids behind.


Brown Friday

I have not had much to share story wise. Alan and I are doing great. We are excited about getting married, alll though we have had to push the wedding back a week to June 4. I've been calculating my period and to do a two-week honeymoon without a period, I needed to wait a week.

Additionally, we had not heard from Alan's ex-wife in a while until earlier this week. Her lover that broke up their marriage has taken a job out of state. She is going to give up her visitation rights to the girls and leave. It's sad for them. I told Alan that when we got married that I would love to adopt them, but that it was his decision with what they needed to do. It's really sad. She seems so selfish.

I am a Christian and that means to me that I try love the people that I don't like and I don't like his ex for the way she treats the girls. They are adorable! However, I wish that his ex would just take a major dump in her pants in front of her lover and friends. I mean, it would not hurt her. It would just humilate her and bring her down to earth. Do any of you ever wish that would happen to someone you know? There are no lasting consequences, just embarrassment.

Well, to my stories. Alan, the girls and I all had two big Thanksgiving meals on Thursday. My parents had Alan and the girls for an early lunch on Thursday. We ate a lot there. This is in addition to the cereal and breakfast that I normally eat. Then, later that night, we ate a big meal at Alan's parents.

Well, Friday is a big day at the Pharmacy because we have a sale on our gifts and we discount our coffee and meals in the restaurant to encourage people to shop local. It's a "small town" thing. But it helps small businesses to encourage others to spend their money in town. So, I had to get there early, I did a little jog Friday morning, went through my routine, which included a fairly large - larger than normal bowel movement. While I was on the toilet I got a text from Alan.

He wrote: "I just took the biggest dump in my life!" I said, "Really?" and then "Guess what? I'm pooping right now!" He wrote, "Wanna see it?" I said, "Are you serious?"

I could not believe that he was going to show me his poop! He rarely talks about his own. Of course, he likes it when I tell him about mine.

He said, "Yes...sending the pic" When I got the picture, he had a huge, thick dark brown turd coming out of the hole and curving to the right. It had broken off. Then, it was surrounded by 4 thick pieces, each about 3-4 inches long. It was huge.

"Impressive!" I texted back. "Wanna see mine?" He wrote "Yes" I wrote "It's not as big, but still pretty big."

So I texted back a pic of mine, which was also a darker brown than normal. It was a about 15 inches in length and over an inch thick, maybe 1.5 inches in thickness.

"Love it Catherine!"

"Thanks. I love the day after Thanksgiving!" He wrote. "Me too!"

"Gotta clean up" I wrote.

We told each other we loved each other. I hope that you all don't think we are gross!

However, that's not the end of the story. I pooped three more times on Friday. Each were all of normal size for me, but it was just that I went four times in one day. I went once when I got to work, and one more time after lunch. Then, I pooped again at night at my normal time. I was back to normal on Saturday.

Yesterday, Alan and I had some down time together after lunch on Sunday and we talked about the pictures. He said that he was a little embarrassed that he sent the picture. I told him that I actually appreciated it because he had seen me poop by necessity because of how sick I was that time, and that I was OK with it. Too, it made me feel closer to him because I had not been in a situation when he had to use the bathroom.

And then I told him that I wanted to see him on the toilet too. It really turned me on to see his poop. I was not expecting that. And, I told him that I wanted him to see me again. I said that there are times when I want to be alone on the toilet, especially during my time of the month. But that there were times when I will leave a hint that he can come in.

You know, when you think about it, each other's bowel movements are usually one of the last frontiers to cross in a relationship. It makes me feel good that we are more than OK with each others bowel habits!




Replies to Emily and Mr P

Emily. How to pee discreetly at a concert without attracting attention? That's an interesting one. I suppose there are a number of things you can do on a practical level. Firstly you could 'drain yourself down' well before the concert by limiting your fluid intake and taking advantage of every possible toilet opportunity so that you arrive there with the emptiest bladder possible. Secondly you could take a rug or large jumper with you which you could use to to cover your knees in the event of deciding to use a container. Thirdly you could invest in a packet of adult diapers which are usually available from pharmacies/chemists. They're mostly used by people with long term continence problems but they're also used sometimes by other people (myself included) as a convenient means of managing need when toilet access is likely to be restricted or unavailable for long periods of time.

Mr P. Re your questions:

1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference? Yes, there is a difference. It's hard to explain but it's something most of us know intuitively. At one time I had few inhibitions about farting when away from the toilet but in recent years there have been occasions when I've been taken by surprise and got more than I bargained for. Consequently I now try to restrict farting to when I'm actually on the toilet - just in case!

2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea? Sometimes but not necessarily. Often I don't know until I'm actually on the toilet and get to see what's come out. A normal poop is medium firm and can sometimes be quite hard, requiring some effort to get it expelled. Diarrhea, on the other hand, needs no encouragement. It comes out all too freely. Usually I find when I have diarrhea episodes that I don't need to pee much if at all, but when having a normal bowel movement I almost invariably need to pee quite a bit as well.

3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach?
It's a case of mind over matter, educating the bowel itself to hold everything in until it's possible to get home. I will use public toilets for #2 if I absolutely have to but prefer not to do so if I can avoid it. Naturally if I'm out all day I tend to aim for a bowel movement before leaving home in the morning and then I watch what I eat and when during the day. Also I find that peeing at regular intervals helps to reduce pressure a bit too. If my body's being toileted in one direction it tends to worry less about the other. I can't actually say I've ever got to the butt cheek clenching stage.

4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out? Not usually, no. Mostly I get what I get. That said I can generally tell if it's likely to be a big event.

Hope that helps.


Rim Sittin'

I forgot to attach this to my post.

On the discussion of rim sitting. I usually do it when I'm at a place like a park, because people pee all over the toilet seat. However, when I'm in uni, because people seem to hate to pee in stalls, the seats are usually clean. Unless someone has diarrhea and it splatters. That's another story.


For Steve A.

I'll talk about your question: "How many times do you think a person poops during their entire life? Could this be a world record if someone recorded how many times they pooped since birth?"

Wow I don't know; that would be quite a number. There is a guy on the net someplace that has a blog where he posts pictures of all his poops....and he numbers them. I think he wants to do it for an entire year....and he seems pretty regular (once a day usually...) so that's a lot of poop pictures LOL!

Interesting about how Metamucil is working for you. From your posts it seems like your body responds well to fiber; I bet by varying your dose of Metamucil you will notice big changes in your poop.

I tried it once....sure made me poop a lot...but they were too mushy for me.....sorta like oatmeal. I like my poops firm and fairly solid. My urges feel awesome and are more controllable that way.

I wouldn't be surprised if the change in exercise (the marching) has affected your bowel movements. I wonder if any of the other band members are finding themselves constipated?


Rim Sitting and Thanksgiving Shits

To Tyler: I'm a college guy, yeah, when they did say college was great. They didn't lie. I get a whole lot more bowel action, and get to witness a lot more too. I'm also suprised how different of shape I usually leave the toilet compared to everyone else. Usually everyone else's bowls are clean with 1 flush, and with mine, 1 flush there is still quite a few skidmarks.

To Erwin: Skidmarks are just life. But for me it's not worth wasting water if they're already in the bowl.

To Steve A: Pooping in a lifetime? I think it's unlimited when I think of it. I don't want to know the number, it'll make me sad

To Catherine: You have such healthy movements. I admire you a lot for your ability to keep on a health path and road. I go through phases where I try to be "healthier", but with me it never sticks. I always seem to get sidetracked.

To Emily: My advice is to wear a skirt (commando), and when you have to go, just get on your knees, and make way so the stream won't get on your clothes. Try carrying some kleenex. I did this in jr.high school with gym shorts, as I would go commando, and if I needed to go, I would just kneel and pee discreetly through the opening of my shorts.

To Tristan: Yeah, I have the same butt problem, it takes a lot of wipes for me to get clean. You would think me having a thin and slim frame it wouldn't happen, but apparently I managed to get decent genes.

To Matthew: I really like your story about the thin gawky guy in the office, who sat down in the restroom and had a large movement. Doesn't suprise me, even smaller people can have large movements. It just depends. I honestly think thinner people produce in general more stool then larger people if they eat enough food, because their body doesn't use much of it. I've always pooped large in amount, but it wasn't until recently (4 years ago) that I started pooping large in regular sessions. I was always irregular as a kid.

Every year during Thanksgiving I usually eat a lot of food. Since it's just my mom and me, we don't need to cook a lot. It was Thursday when we had our dinner and by Saturday I felt the urge to poop in the evening. It's funny, when I'm at school the urge strikes at 9am, and when I'm at home the urge strikes at 6-9pm. Anyways, I go to the bathroom, and in one swift motion I go from on the toilet to pushing the turd out. It was quite thick and bumpy. I had to push a few times to get it initially started and it stung a little bit. As I pushed it crackled out and a earthy and ripe smell was soon around me. I had to push for a few seconds then I heard a soft thud in the water. I had to push it out another piece which made a big thud on top of the solid turd. The bathroom smelled bad, and I think it was because I had been backed up for an extra day. I stood up and looked around and saw a 2 inch thick by 6 inch turd floating with an extra piece that was just as thick but only 3 inches long. At the top, I saw it was knobbly, and then knew why it hurt coming out. I wiped and then I flushed. It went down in one flush, but it left quite a few skidmarks as usual. I continued on my night as normal.

So, today I had an interesting experience. These last few days I've been having diarrhea, I don't know why. I haven't changed my diet, although I am under some stress I guess. It's finals next week, but I'm not freaking out because I have been preparing all semester. Anyways, I was in the library later than usual, because I had to work on a project. I walked into the farthest stall, as the middle one was occupied. It smelled funny, a little ripe, but not too much. As I sat and had my fourth movement of the day, there was a popping sound from under me, and I felt a very strong stinging and painful sensation from my butt. I rubbed toilet paper and it hurt even worse. There was no blood on the toilet paper, but when I felt there was a large lump under me. As I'm sitting now it hurts to sit. (Yes I know it's hemorrhoids, but I get them so often it's getting to get old.)

As I began wiping, there was sounds of wiping soon after me, although it took me a lot more wipes than him. I flushed the toilet, and left to wash my hands. When I started washing my hands, the guy in the toilet next to me finished. What came out of the toilet surprised me. He was a tall, fit, Latin American guy, with a nice beard. He was quite good looking, and not like the people I encounter when I make my daily trip in the library to have a crap. What I mean by that is he looked composed and he looked like he would be one of those shameful people who would walk a mile or two to his dorm, just for privacy.

Because I had gotten crap on my fingernails while wiping, I spent extra time, discreetly washing. By the time I dried my hands, he had walked out the door, so curiously, I went behind me and looked at what he had left. There were quite a few skidmarks when I reached the toilet, as well as a stronger, ripe smell. The toilets here can vary from flushing bad to just OK, and the library thankfully has the upper rating. However, next semester I won't get that lucky. The toilets where I finish my classes at my normal 9 am, have weak toilets. and I don't want to flush more than once during my crap, because the walls are so thin. You can hear it from the other side of the building almost.

Clogged Up

Tuesday after Thanksgiving dump

You hear about people taking huge dumps the day after Thanksgiving, but I've been constipated, as usual, and Thanksgiving dinner was still in my full butt a full five days later. The bloating and gas would be bad enough with just a five day clog, but I went into the holiday already constipated with four days of hard poop filling my colon. I really meant to poop before the holiday meals, to try and start 'empty' for once, but I ran out of time and my appetite got the best of me. I really overdid it, eating tons of food while passing lots of silent pre-poop gas and feeling my massive log weighing heavy in my gut.

Today I woke up with the huge weight of nine days worth of what now felt like thick, solid, chunky logs, just sitting solidly in my butt. When I'm this packed, I can only sleep on my side, so I just laid there in bed and I did some 'test pushes' and the log barely moved...i was cramping like crazy from all the rotten gas that the load was generating, but was stuck behind the huge thick load. My anus kind of puckered open and the rocky head of the log barely stuck out, then sucked itself back in when I gave up pushing, out of breath.

I decided to resort to my favorite trick to get a massively impacted grogan moving...drink a bunch of coffee. I had about four cups before I felt movement...the cramps got worse and then everything started moving pretty quickly. I was laying on the couch, and I had the overwhelming urge to PUSH with all my might. I tried to fight it so I wouldn't poop in my briefs, but it was no use. Nine days of constipated poop started inching out slowly but unstoppably. My underwear tented out as I grunted from the pain of my hole stretching painfully wide.

I eventually was able to stand up and waddled over to a mirror. My belly was still super bloated from even more poop backed up that I haven't let out yet (too sore to try anything but the main log) and my briefs were hanging low with a huge, solid, thick knobbly log. It hung there like an oversized sausage, swinging back and forth as I walked. It was over a foot long and the head of it actually poked just a little out of the flap in the front of my briefs!

My hole is still sore but honestly the log was so awesome it was worth it...very proud of how big and solid this one is after nine days of drying out and growing thick in my turd chute!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

J. A. G
I'm coming close to that time of the month again (oh, the joys of being female!) and I'm sure I will have quite a few stories forthcoming, because I'm anticipating it to do a number on my system as usual!

Anyway. Enough of that! I thought that today I'd do some replying to people. Matthew - I read your story about the art gallery and I can fully understand how it feels to be in a situation like that. I was once in a restaurant with my family having Sunday lunch, and behind our table was a woman and her husband. They were drinking beer and smoking; their food hadn't arrived yet, and they were just waiting for it. I started eating my own food but soon noticed a nasty but very distinctive smell slowly creeping through the air. "Oh no," I thought. Normally I have a strong stomach and don't get upset by things, but the thought of someone passing wind near me as I was trying to eat made me feel uncomfortable. I put my knife and fork down and my mother said, "I can also smell that." She looked disgusted. "I think it's that lady sitting behind you," she said.Eventually the air cleared and I could start eating again, but I still felt a bit grossed out. The woman got up shortly afterwards, and I wondered whether she was going to the bathroom. It had certainly smelled as though she needed to, if you know what I mean!

One time I was in a lift and someone had very bad gas and was making horrible rotten cabbage smells that soon filled the entire lift. I was so happy to get off on my floor, because I'd had to hold my breath so as not to breathe any of it in! I don't think I should judge anybody else for doing that, though, because I've done the same thing myself. When I was 15, I was on holiday with some friends and their parents. We were going out for the day, and I sat in the back seat of the car with my friend and her brother and sister. As we were driving, my stomach started to hurt. I figured that if I just let a bit of gas slip out quietly I'd feel better, so I did. Unfortunately for me, it stunk really badly, and almost immediately my friend caught a whiff of it and asked, shocked, "Oh my goodness, who was that?" I was too embarrassed to admit that I'd done it, and nobody else owned up either. I don't think she ever knew it was me, but I felt sorry for everyone else in the car! Phew!

To Dan: I really liked your story, especially the one about your poop in the bath (I once had a similar experience and felt very ashamed that it had made me feel good, but after reading your story I realise that I'm not the only one!). I hope you'll come back and tell more stories!

Have a lovely evening all!


Peeing at crowded concerts

Hi everyone!

I will be going to a concert with maybe five thousand people in about a month. For the first time in my life I'm aiming to get to the front row.

The thing I was wondering, what can I do if I need to pee? I think there is no way of going to toilets and getting back to the front. Maybe trying to pee in a bottle or other container? I don't like idea of squatting and exposing myself. I even thought about wearing black jeans and just peeing in them.... I'd appreciate any help, what have you done or seen others do in similar situations?


Rim-sitting has worked for me twice

Sitting on the toilet bowl rim has twice worked for me.

Back when I was 14 an at my first boy band concert I had to pee real bad and unlike most of my friends, I had been strictly taught not to sit bare-but on a public toilet seat. To make matters worse, I had endured a long line so when I opened the stall door and saw drips of pee on both sides of the seat, and no toilet paper in the holder to wipe it off with or otherwise cover the seat with, it just came to me to lift the seat and take the rim as I emptied my bladder. It was very uncomfortable, quite cold and unlike the seat which had enjoyed several users, it was so different sitting closer to the water as you're contributing to the water level that's so close to your pubic area. And my knees were much higher than my backside. It occurred to me early-on that I didn't dare move because I could easily slip into the water.

My second experience was about three years ago. I had been drinking a lot at a friend's 21st birthday party. A friend was driving me home at about 2 a.m. when I was about to burst. There was enough traffic on the main street to prevent me from just doing it on the side of the road, but she remembered that the central park in our city had 24/7 restrooms. She stayed in the car as I ran for the small bathroom building. There we just two toilets, mason block partitions as high as a foot off the floor, and each toilet had its seat removed. But I told myself I was experienced at improvising, and I tore my underwear and shorts down and placed my thighs gingerly over the I'm sure quite filthy rim that pierced me with some pain. My stream was huge and I remember sliding forward once because I was getting some splashback. I lucked out in that no one walked in on me in such a vulnerable position, although just as I was getting off the toilet my friend was walking in to check up on me.


To Erwin, about skidmarks

All of us will likely leave skidmarks in the bowl at some time or other. It is not a problem; it is a fact of life. If you are having nice long solid turds, that is a good thing; one source that I read long ago said the ideal turd is rather like an over-ripe banana in size, shape, and consistency. When you are seated, your rectum has to lengthen a bit and to straighten out, so that the lower end of your large intestine has a clear shot to expel your turd. The straightened rectum isn't pointing straight down, but at a sort of backward slant, so your turd actually does point somewhat backward until its weight turns it downward; thus, if your turd is firm, it may point backward through most of its travel, hitting the back of the bowl on its way down. If the resulting skidmark bothers you, you may have to wipe down that spot in the bowl. If it were up to me, I'd just leave it; by the time the next person flushes, your poop may have softened enough to be washed away. If another person comes later and sees your skidmark, he will (if he really notices it at all) say to himself, "My predecessor had a successful bowel movement; I hope I can do likewise."


To Catherine - poo eurphoria


I saw your recent posts and thought I would reply. I'm mostly a lurker, and just recently started reading again.

Although I have not had many solid poop accidents, there were two that I'll mention. The first was when I was about 5 or so. My aunt was babysitting me at my house. I really don't remember too many details, but I wasn't able to get my pants down in time and did a poop as I was standing in front of the toilet. I didn't know what to do so I called to my aunt and she helped me clean up. I don't remember much more, except it was hard and it felt good as it was coming out.

The second time is more interesting, and more recent. This happened about 2 years ago. I should mention that my poops are usually firm, which may have to do with the fact that I often times hold it in while at work. The urge to go usually subsides at work, but then it kicks in on my way home. I live alone, so there aren't issues with privacy and that is the main reason I hold it at work. I find the urge to go gets very strong once I'm at home. This one day I had to go unusually bad once I got home and I had planned to shower right after using the toilet. I just had my underwear on at this time and had gone into the bathroom with towel and washcloth for the shower. I was putting the washcloth in the shower by the soapdish and I just got this super strong urge to push. My first thought was to quickly get to the toilet, but what I did instead (probably because I had one foot in the bathtub already and also because I was just in underpants and I was going to shower anyhow) was to step completely into the bathtub and I just stood there and pushed. It was just one of those weird instinctive things and also that I had never pooped myself as an adult. I had a flashback to the time when I pooped myself with my aunt, but this time of course I was experiencing everything. I was completely relaxed and I just had several waves of me pushing and then followed by my bowels pushing (I guess that is why they call it a bowel movement). Each time a push occurred I had poop coming out more and more, eventually loading my underpants. This probably went on for 3 or more minutes with probably about a dozen waves. The feeling of relief each time a push occurred was wonderful. When I was done I had a sense of happiness (euphoria) but coupled with red-faced embarrassment.

I haven't soiled myself since, but each time I get home and need to poop really bad I'll sit on (or straddle, for a standing position) the toilet and relax and try to have those wonderful pushing waves happen (and many times it does, and it feels so great). It hasn't quite brought me to tears, but I can definitely relate to the awesome feelings of relief that a bowel movement provides. For me, holding it in for awhile seems to be key as I usually don't get that euphoria if I just go right when I first get the urge. I typically go once a day and often times get the urge about mid-day. I end up holding it 3 or 4 hours until I get home (if I'm working). My thinking is that the poop builds up in the colon during that time and becomes more and more solid the longer it sits there. I'm not sure why the urge goes away, but when it comes back I find that I really need to go badly and need to push.

It is good to know that other people have similar euphoria-like feelings when they poop.

I look forward to reading some of your other posts.


Incident at Home Depot

I was at Home Depot yesterday when I felt the urge to pee. I made my way to the mens room and as I was about to enter, two teenage boys entered right behind me. One said to the other, "I gotta take a dump," as he entered the stall. The other joined me at the urinals. As the boy in the stall dropped his ripped jeans and boxers, he sat and continued to talk as he released about 35 distinct plops--plip, plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plop, plop. As he was releasing, he continued to talk to his friend at the urinal, in between grunts and sighs. They were discussing a football game they were going to watch on TV. The guy in the stall finished dropping his load, quickly grabbed a wad of toilet paper, wiped once, stood up and flushed and exited the stall with his pants still undone. He went over to the sink and finished buckling up his jeans, but did not wash his hands. I couldn't help but wonder about this guy's hygiene. I would guess that his boxers must be heavily skid-marked due to his rather cursory wiping habits. His hair was greasy, his jeans were dirty and torn and he didn't even think of washing his hands. Oh well, boys will be boys. His poor mother must be besides herself whenever she does the laundry! He did seem rather comfortable about his bodily functions as he showed absolutely no inhibitions about moving his bowels with his friend listening nearby. Perhaps they were brothers.

Sorry everybody, I didn't post long time. I had cold and I was very busy after, big big backlog of work and household. Now I am OK. I didn't do a diarrhoea during cold, I surprised little bit. Hisae had a diarrhoea, she came to stay my flat many times. I did big motions every visit to loo as usual, though after terror in Paris, I lost appetite a bit. Is there anyone on toiletstool site who live Paris? I hope you are OK.

Catherine, thank you for you often say thank you to me, but it is me to say thank you to you. Please give us many more lovely posts! I also did peanut butter motion once recently, and actually from start to end, all of them were peanut butter colour. (I like that colour, but I don't like eat peanut butter.)

To asparagus: I hope you will post more. You sent very kind post to Kayla, I think she was happy. Are you same age? And are you girl? You have interesting name, what was reason that you choose such name? I think, many big pooper on this site. I am one of them. If my motion is too small, I worry my health!

Pregnant pooper, how are you? I hope all is fine with baby. And I hope you can relax on loo long time and don't have to go out and then in again which you embarrass.

Winnie the Poo, I was sad to read you too lost son when he was still a young. I and my friends send condolence. You say so many kind things to me, I touched very much.

Moderator san, after I found Maho's name big letters, I found my name too! I was so happy! It was small letters, but it's OK!! Thank you Moderator san. And I am happy you write Christa's name.

I post more soon! Me and my friends send love to all you.



More replies

Anna from Austria. I've heard it said that often people don't think their own poo smells as bad that produced by others and I suspect it's not an uncommon perception. Personally I think my poo sometimes smells pretty bad and I daren't imagine what other people might think. At other times there is little noticeable odour or at least it's not too bad. Our 'smell' varies quite a bit and depends on our personal chemistry as well the environment we're in and, perhaps most important of all, what we've had to eat and drink. My smell is worse, for example, when I've been drinking alcohol. This evening I got home after staying for a few days with my GF and went for a good poo. The ginger wine I'd been drinking at her house certainly made me smell and I had to reach for the air freshener when I'd had my dump.

Little Mandi, Maggie and Braidy. All blasts from the past! It's good to see you here again. I used to be a regular here until 'life' started to get in the way as, I suspect, it does for many people. Recently I've tried to be a little more disciplined both about reading and posting because I'd begun to realise what I was missing out on. In a world where websites come and go I think it's just great that this one is still here after so many years.

J.A.G. Some people are uninhibited about doing smelly farts in public or social situations. However tolerance levels of that sort of thing vary a great deal and it's not something I'd particularly recommend to anyone unless it's absolutely unavoidable. If your friend persists in dropping stinkers in polite company without making any attempt to control herself I suspect she might find her social circle shrinking. Perhaps you could think up a kind way of telling her.

Mr P. I think I remember you posting previously. My late niece who made it to adulthood but died in her twenties had spina bifida and was permanently in nappies. I can't imagine though what it must be like to not experience the sensations of needing to go for either number.

Catherine. Many thanks for your kind greetings which I'm pleased to reciprocate. I find that I really enjoy the sensation of getting a good big poo out, especially when I've been holding on to it for a while. Nothing beats the tremendous feeling of relief once it's out though. For me, that feeling's in a class of its own!

Mr P

Thanks for the replies :-)

Hey Guys, Thanks so much to Anna, Catherine and Adrian for the replies. I love this forum where we can all chat about this bodily function that we all do on a regular basis :-)

I do wish I could physically feel (even just for one day) the urgency of needing a poop and then the relief.

I have questions for Anna, Catherine, Adrian (and anyone else really) about the feeling of needing a poop.

1) Does it feel different to needing a fart vs a poop? Can you tell the difference?
2) Is there a different feeling between a normal poop or diarrhea?
3) Some people have said they feel the urge to poop during the day but are able to hold it until the end of school/work. Does this mean you have to squeeze your butt cheeks all that time ? Or in the stomach?
4) Can you tell if it's going to be a big long one or if it's going to be a few shorter ones before it comes out?

Sorry hope these questions aren't too weird :-)

Mr P


Thanksgiving poop

Hey everybody! Thought I'd share my Thanksgiving poop story. And hey Tyler--I'm a college guy, in case you were wondering (i'm 19)--so maybe you'd like my story:

I always eat a lot on Thanksgiving, in fact, I think I probably eat more than anyone else in my family. I mean, I can eat a lot and not gain any weight so it has to go somewhere and often that somewhere is out my butt lol. I was feeling really full after dinner with my family on Thursday (that included turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and yams), but I was surprised that I didn't really have an urge to go. I farted several times, but there was no real urge. I'm the type of person where if I eat less during a certain day, then I won't have to go that day--my body is used to a certain amount that makes me poop, otherwise I won't go until the next day.

Well predictably the next morning after taking a shower and getting all clean, I had a really strong urge. It felt like that was a really big mass inside me and I was having a slight cramp. So I sat down the toilet and waited for the urge to get stronger while I peed. Eventually I couldn't control it and the massive turd was starting to come out while I leaned forward on the toilet (and I was still peeing)--it was one of those that felt like my whole body was pushing it out. I could feel my butthole stretching quite a bit because this one was big--not hard and constipated, but big. I continued to push as it came out slowly and the bathroom started to get filled with that usual poop smell that I knew would probably go out into the hall once I opened the door afterward. Anyway, I felt this thick yet fairly soft turd continue to slip out of me until I pushed one last time and the rest came out really quickly and landed in the toilet with a loud sound.

Naturally I looked behind me at it and saw a massive turd coiled in there, it was so big it looked like two big long turds, but it was really all once piece--not even sure how long it was, but seemed like a foot and a half. And I felt way lighter--like a huge load was off me, because it was!

I have a bubble butt so I had to wipe a while to get everything clean after that, but luckily there was no clogging (I can't say the same for every year). But yeah, that's my post-Thanksgiving poop lol. Definitely a trophy turd haha.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kjell great story about seeing that girl poop it sounds like you got a great show and she had a good poop as well.

To: Miranda great story.

To: Aimee M great peeing story.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate pooping story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tori T

How I prefer to poop in private.

When I lived at home in my parents house we had two bathrooms in the house, one downstairs near my room and one upstairs, well the upstairs one was in what was the master bedroom of the house but my parents slept downstairs near me and my brother (he is also adopted but he has different biological parents from me) so if anyone broke in my adoptive dad could defend us.

Well I wouldn't poop downstairs only pee, I would typically poop in the evening/night and the room that would have been the master bedroom my dad used as an office so he would be on there looking at websites. I would sometimes run the exhaust fan and sometimes the water too to cover up the sound and smell of me pooping.



When i'm on my period i always have to fart. It's gross. I hate the feeling when you're sitting on the sofa wearing a pad and you feel the fart travel trough your pad in your pantie.

End Stall Em

Rim sitting

To Lorenz:

I see rim-sitting as practical for only a fast pee or diarrhea emergency. It is much too uncomfortable for longer sits on the toilet. Come to think of it--for all us students on the forum it would increase the amount of users each toilet could handle during each class break or game intermission.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hoping to see some good Thanksgiving/Black Friday posts over the next few days. I can never stop thinking about all those people frantically shopping, holding those big Thanksgiving loads back. Hopeful I'll have some to post too!

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