John in Seatle
Hello form our Rainy city, Seattle. Yes, it is raining now.
I write this Friday, as yesterday I was hung over from too much alcohol Wednesday night. Yesterday I stayed in bed, feeling sick, had to poop a little, but not much. It seems that every hour I did a little fart, and the poop wanted to come out, but for only about 30 seconds or so, the urge went away. So I did not poop all day. Today I woke up, and decided that I really had to go. I went outside, where I collect poop for fertilizer (I let it sit, covered, for 2 weeks before I put it on my vegetable garden, so as not to attract flies.) I squatted, and two days worth of poop had to come out. A little fart, then a medium fart, then, OH NO!, a big fart. Uh, I groaned, a big poop is starting to come out of my hole. My hole opened a little, then more, then it opened all the way, and to tip of my poop came out. The first poop came out, and my hole relaxed after pooping; but that was not all! Another fart and the rest of the poop slid out smoothly, then I was done! In two weeks, my vegetables will have some more nitrogen fertilizer.

When this happened, I didn't think it was funny at all, but now it is. A month ago, I was at a family dinner party, and my cousin was there with her pretty little three year old daughter, whom I will call B., for privacy's sake. We were sitting and eating dessert and talking, and my cousin had B. sitting on her knee. We weren't paying her much attention...that is, until my cousin cried, "Oh, B!' and waved her hand up and down in front of her face. "What happened?" I asked, confused, and my cousin wrinkled her nose and said in a hushed voice, "She just farted!" Sure enough, she had - I caught a whiff of it and it really smelled. B. started giggling, but we just looked at each other in astonishment. I didn't realise that such a small child could do something as gross as that! Now, looking back, I think it's hilarious because of how unexpected it was. Even cute kids can let out some decidedly un-cute fluffs!


My day at college

I think back, I was getting ready for my first day of college. I dressed up but within moderation (lol this isn't the first day of high school!). I wore a skirt that went right above my knees with a pair of pantyhose. And i wore a tunic like shirt which i loved but thought it wouldn't be to much of a show off.

I got in the car and let out a fart as i was driving. I got to a stop sign and i could feel the need to poop. I got to a stop light and held it in as much as possible. After like 10 minutes i got to Tech. I got my bags and power walked into the building. I walked silently farting on the way trying not to let anything out. I got in the bathroom put my book bag in this little area were the ladies put their purses and i ran in a cubical. I undid my skirt, pantyhose, and panties. I sat down did my poo but as i pooed i looked at my panties for signs of skid marks and pee stains. The back looked clean and the front had a small pee patch from dribbling. So i got finished pooing and noticed no toilet paper!!!

And there was nothing i could use in my purse. So i took one of my socks to wipe with. I didn't have much time and i was about to be late for class. so i put everything back on and went to class. Btw my ass was a little sticky, I smelled of poo. So I sat down in class and just had to put up with it. My teachers were ok and I still managed to make some girlfriends at break. I went home and explained to mom what happened and she understood and she laughed saying, happens to us all dear, even me!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story I bet you felt better after a big poop like that.

To: Chloe B great story as always it you like all had great poops.

To: Elisa great story I bet Dorothy is thankful to have a friend like you.

To: J.A.G great story about your big poop.

To: Chantelle K great story

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Just Another Girl and Favorite Posters

Just Another Girl,

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words and I love your posts as well. Glad you came back after taking some time away!

Of course, I love reading everyone's posts and I look forward to them. Each of you bring your own perspective and I appreciate the anonymity of the forum to have this conversation and share experiences! So please keep in touch!

I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past, in case any of you still lurk!!!

1. Amylee - Her posts about overcoming bathroom shyness and having poops with all the ladies in her office were very entertaining. She wrote so well. Say hello if you visit the forum!

2. Laura (Teacher) - I loved reading about her adventures navigating the busy life of a young teacher and finding time to use the bathroom.

3. Julie (posted on 1242) about having a solid accident after holding her bowel movement too long. She only posted once if I remember correctly.

4. Lisa (page 1716) - She wrote a story about her sister getting revenge for being locked out of her bathroom. In short her sister, Kris, invited her to her apartment and took her to eat Mexican, which Lisa said "always gives her the poops." The next day Kris locked her only bathroom and her sister's keys in the bathrooms so she could not leave. Lisa explained that Kris would not open the door until she pooped her pants. That's my favorite one-time post by far! I'm glad I was an only child!!!

5. Brianna - I miss you!

6. Braidy - A tall volleyball player several years younger than me, who is 6'3 and used to post here when I started posting.

7. Two other tall ladies that I remember posting names Ashley and Leanne. I guess I can relate :)

8. A "Miss Belinda" who posted in the 800's and 900's

9. English Teacher - She talked about helping her niece overcome bathroom shyness and shared her accident story as a cheer leader.

10. A lady from the UK named Claire, who posted when I started.

And thank you to all who take time to post, contribute to the conversation, and respond in kind. Thank you to the moderator!




30 Something Male's Survey

1. Could you state your age and gender?

Female, 35

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

C. Leaning forward, very lady-like :)

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax?

Not long. I like to describe it as my body taking over.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?

Just a few seconds. I never go to the bathroom until it is just about to happen.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

Definitely 1-2, leaning toward 1 on most occasions.

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.

B, if the stool is loose or mushy. C some of the time. However, I would imagine that most of my bowel movements take place without a fart.

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

I guess they are A. I have never sharted on a normal day, maybe a few times when sick with diarrhea. They are the loud bubbly kind that leave no smell to a tolerable smell.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

A - 5 Minutes, B. Depends - 5 Minutes to almost an hour. C. Have not been constipated since my pre-teen years.

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop?

I never try. If I don't have a strong urge to go, then I don't go. I go twice daily in large amounts due to a high fiber diet, plenty of exercise and water.

10. Do you enjoy pooping?

It is fabulous!!! Love it! It is relaxing, euphoric, and filled with interesting sensations!

I am very thankful to have healthy bowels, that my period does not interfere, and that I do large, voluminous stools.

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?
And if yes: What?

Never have to.

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop sometimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?




Anatomy Student

To monika b

if you typically have large bowel movements and a fast metabolism, getting hungry after a poop is probably normal. If you have a small frame, your intestines could be putting some pressure on your stomach making yourself feel more full. It's nothing to worry about. Your organs slide around each other and move around as you move, breathe, eat, and poop.

Optional Person

recent post responce to catherine.

mousse-like pile, lol your poo's sound so elegant. you mean it had that raw sewage smell?


Responses to Kamdyn's survey

1. When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls do you check before you make your final selection.
A=One. The first one that is open/opens is the one I use. Otherwise I would be at school in detention every Saturday due to tardies. Three times last week a stall without a door was the only one open and I used it. Luckily I had a dress on on two of those days. And when I got done, others were ready to replace me on those toilets. I guess its just a reality we have to accept.

2. What are the two most important things in making that selection?
A=See above.

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said there's no way I'm going to use any of these and left to find another bathroom?
A=No. I try to make the best use of what's available. Those that pee over the seats in public restrooms do the next user a disservice, and I for one, don't appreciate having to wipe off the seat, and when there's no toilet paper, having to do you know what...

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask about how successful you were when you went in on your own?
A=A few times. But most of the time she could hear from the droppings into the water what was happening. Once when I was about 8 and had been sledding with my mom and aunt Nellie at the park, the two of them followed me into a one-cubicle bathroom to get warm. Aunt Nellie made a couple of jokes as I peed about how much pee I had in my less than 30" frame (I was smaller than most in my class then and I'm still the smallest in my class now at age 16) and something about how I carried as much water as a tanker fire truck. That made me bashful for a while.

5. At what age did she let you go in on your own?
A=I think I was about 4. Because of my comparatively small size, mom would most every time help me up onto the seat in public places. And I think the classroom para in kindergarten and first grade was also told to offer me assistance, if I needed it. Eventually, I learned how to back myself right up against the toilet and kind of throw myself onto the seat. A couple of times in grade school my butt squeaked as I slid myself back. And a few times in like 2nd grade a couple of boys would nudge one another, say Squeaky, and laugh as I walked down the aisle during class to use the bathroom. However, I feel what happened then has made me more sensitive to the situations of the several children I babysit and the leadership positions I hold at school and in the community.

Anna from Austria
Sorry for not posting the last few days, I broke up with boyfriend so I wasn't in the mood to post.

Answer to a survey

When you walk into a public bathroom, how many stalls will you check before you make a decision?

I do not check many stalls. As long there is toilet paper, a dry seat and no big skid marks I am happy.

2. What are the two most important things to you in making that decision?

Dry seat, ample toilet paper and no big skid marks

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said no way I'm going to use those and find another bathroom?

Yes on time a few ago. It was late in the night in an disco, and all toilets were soiled. When drunk some women can really be messy. Fortunately it was only for a pee and I wanted to leave anyway. So I hold until the next gasoline station.

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask about how successful you were when you were on your own?

No. At least I can't remember that she asked my such a thing.

5. At what age and where did she first let you go in on your own?

When I was 5 or 6.




Getting Poop on Hand While Wiping

Regarding Michael's comment about getting poop on your hand when wiping, this happens to me about 1 in 15 pooping sessions, and it is most distressing when it happens. I immediately wipe the poop off of my hand and then I sniff my hand. The odor is incredibly rank, much stronger than the odor of poop sitting in the toilet (which is usually in my case pretty strong). It is almost gag-inducing. After finishing, I scrub my hands extra hard, and when I dry them, there still might be a faint odor left. If I am at work (where I usually poop), I use the hand sanitizer by the elevator, which, if it doesn't eradicate the odor completely, at least gives me some peace of mind. I have gotten into the habit of sniffing my right hand after every bowel movement to see if there is any lingering odor. Thankfully, usually not.

This leads me to think about how ineffective wiping with dry toilet paper really is. You can only imagine how stinky your butt hole must be. I can understand why the Japanese treasure the toilets with a built-in water spray and a heated dryer to take wiping one's anus to the next step.


For Steve A.

Hi Steve....thanks for answering my last questions to you.

Your question re: "What is an impressive poop to me"? Well.....the longer the better....the wider the better....just not so wide and hard that it hurts coming out. I love the feel of a "fairly" firm long poop as I push it out. Wide long poops are even more impressive if they come out of a skinny kid; you know...the guys with a flat ???? and a real small waist.

More on the suppository you were given: Yeah; I suppose that if a parent is a nurse or their kid a suppository would be something they'd do easily without much fore-thought. seems to me that most of today's parents really don't feel comfortable messing with their kid's butts.

Did you tell your parents that you hadn't been able to go for a long time....or did they keep track of you in that regard and already knew you were constipated?

Was is embarrassing for you? Did your parent explain first what was going to happen and offer you any sort of choice?

Victoria B.

Kamdyn's survey

Here are my responses to the survey Kamdyn posted

1) I generally take a look at several before picking the one I go in. That is, of course, assuming there are several open or I'm not desperate. If I'm bursting, I'll take the first open stall.

2) My two biggest things are a clean seat and enough paper. I just don't want to soak my bare booty in someone else's pee. As far as paper goes, the more, the better. You never know how much you'll need to get clean, especially after a number two.

3) It's a radical option, but yes, I've bailed on whole bathrooms before.

4) She'd ask for the first couple of years after I started going on my own. She'd also ask, "Number one or number two?" before I went.

5) It came in stages, starting when I was about four. At first, she'd stand outside of my stall and wait for me to finish going (if she wasn't using the next stall herself) before asking to come in to see that I'd gone and help with the wiping process. I struggled with it at first, but then she taught me to do my front and butt separately and to slide forward on the seat and wipe my rear with my hand and the paper behind it and not under (between my legs). Soon enough, I could handle everything by myself.

To Chloe B.: In a public bathroom, it's knees to pee, ankles if I'm pooping (I squat at home). I don't care if someone can sneak a peek of my undies. They're cute and help me feel sexy. Besides, it's easier to poop when you don't have your pants and panties in the way of getting comfortable on the toilet.




So today it is Friday my day off and i had a meeting at bank then i met 2 mates of mine in a pub further up the road for a few drinks.

I had my first poo of the day at home, then on the bus i had a strong urge for my second one, unfortunately, my appointment was 10am And the bus arrived near my bank at 0954 so i only had 6 mins to walk from the bus stop 2 streets away to my bank so i just did not have time to have my poo before the meeting.
typically, the woman i was seeing was running late & i had to wait (and clench) a further 10 minutes.
so, eventually i was seen and the fact i was also on my period and needed to change didn't help none either.
30 minutes this meeting was and i lifted my butt up off the seat to clench in my grey mini skirt and black tights every few minutes. I had such a ???? ache and the woman noticed me lift my butt up a few times, i was so desperate and really on the verge of pooing myself!!

after the meeting i was due to meet my mates at the pub we arranged 10.45 so i was basically just on time. When i arrived i said hi & excused myself to the loo. Clenching my butt so hard.

the loos were grotty! And only 1 roll of loo paper for 3 loos. I grabbed the loo paper off the wet windowsill, & took the cleanest looking loo, inside i threw my skirt and tights down and sat down getting comfy, taking a maxi pad out my bag - i changed, & relaxed. My loose light brown plops fell out of my butt, Pl-pl-pl-pl-pl-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop *wet fart* & *sigh* relaxed again... perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.... *let out another sigh & clutched my aching ????* *wet fart* ...*wet fart* then the pub door opened "you ok babes?" It was Marie my mate.
"No i got the runs mate, needed a poo at the bank, still going" i replied "ah babe! Well i'll see you in a minute" "ok" i replied.
*wet fart* pl-pl-pl-pl-pl-pl-pl-pl...*sigh of relief. I felt empty for now so wiped my sore bum 5 times and left back to my mates.
i stayed a few hours and headed home. Was fine after and havent pooed again today. My poor bum is a bit sore though!! :-/
Until next time - J x

Sonya Sue

Child-sitting Braxton

For the past couple of years I've been making some pretty good money, which I need for drama camp and some other things, by child-sitting Braxton. He's a really nice 4th grader, has so many interests, but his mother, who is single, has a business that requires her to travel 3 or 4 times a year to corporate headquarters for training. So I stay over at their really nice apartment, drive him to school, pick him up, and get him to his many activities. We bond really well together and I thoroughly enjoy him and hope that years down the road when I have a family, I have a son as nice as Braxton.

At the end of school on the second day, I quickly drove over to Braxton's school to pick him up. I was so hurried because he doesn't like to wait in the school office until I get there that I didn't take the time to pee before I left campus and I was in pretty bad shape when I got to his school. I double-parked, hurried into the school, but I had to identify myself, wait for the security door to be activated, and even then a custodian met me and wouldn't listen to me about needing to get to the toilet. He escorted me to the office, told me to pull out my drivers license and high school ID card, and I was just praying that I wasn't going to make a puddle there. The principal came out of his office and I identified myself and I noticed a door open with a faculty bathroom sign on it right next to his office. I desperately asked him if I could use it, and he said no because it was for teachers and administrators only. Since it was so close, I knew I had blown my last chance. The custodian took a quick phone call while the principal swiped my cards into the system.

The custodian saw me moving around just short of a dance and said he would take me down to the student bathroom. I was walking a bit ahead of him, something I think might have made him mad, and I again told him I didn't think I was going to make it. He mumbled something under his breath and I wasn't going to stall the walk by asking him to repeat it. He slowed down a couple of times to pick pieces of paper off the floor, but as we turned into another hallway, I could see the entrance. Now he sped up and cut me off at the doorway and yelled into the bathroom to one of the custodians he thought was in there. Over the music that was playing, I heard a guy's voice, so the custodian went across the hall to the boys' room, yelled in and when no one answered, motioned me in there. I know it was stupid, but I already started unbuckling my jeans as I ran in, glanced to the right wall and saw about 8 or 9 floor-level urinals that I thought about squatting over. However, as I was starting to position myself my eye caught ahead of me an equal number of toilets.
No doors, half-high partitions between toilets and the first three seats I scanned had urine splashed on them. My pee burst out so fast that it started to splash the floor in front of the toilet and of course waterlogged my black thong and also caught the very bottom of the crotch of my jeans. Luckily, I was wearing black and not my favorite color--light blue. As the pee was exploding out of me, I looked between my legs and wondered how much of what my shoes were standing in was from me and how much was from a day of boys with a bad aim. It seemed like my torrential pee lasted five minutes, but I'm sure it wasn't that long when I finally stood, did some wiping (including my butt and inner thighs)and then I re-seated myself, removed my thong to throw out, and then I put my jeans back on.

I washed my hands extra carefully and started to thinking about how nice my shower was going to feel when I got Braxton back to the apartment. Problem was the janitor seemed impatient waiting for me out in the hallway, but I apologized as he walked me back to the office. Now they had Braxton seated on the bench for kids waiting to be picked up and next to him there was what looked a kindergarten boy that leaned over to Braxton and asked him if I had pood. The principal had me sign Braxton out on-line and then I hurried him out to my car.


30 something male's Survey

Sorry I haven't posted in a awhile I've been busy.


1. Could you state your age and gender?

Female and 19

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

I like to lean back or sit upright

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax?

Usually 30 or more seconds

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?

The first usually A few minutes to come unless I really have to go

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

3 is usually how hard I have to push

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.

A=4 B=3 C=2

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

A to C.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

A: 5 to 25 minutes. And B: 20 to 40 minutes C. It can take up to 45 minutes

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop
One, two, sometimes three times a day

10. Do you enjoy pooping?

Yes I love it! I love being relieved

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?
And if yes: What?

yes when I can't get going a rub my ???? and it usually helps me.

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop somethimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?

Yes Every Time.

Till next time!

Clean up guy

Pooping every day

I've been taking metamucil, I noticed a difference when I started using it I've been pooping every day. I drinking 2 serving of it, plus I drink plenty of water to.

On a street corner
I had been to an open day at the local railway engine sheds, and was now standing at the tee junction at the top of the hill from the rail yard and the main road. I was waiting for my lift home (which did not come.)
As the time went on a group of females came up the hill and were standing on the opposite corner from me, I stood out on the edge of the pavement to see if the car coming was the one for me but it was not and so I sat on the wall of a car sales behind me when I noticed that the females were gone but I could hear them giggling.
On the land by the corner was a big bill board on two legs about two feet off the ground and that is when I saw them they were all behind the sign having a pee, I could see under the sign in the long grass, the pale bottoms of the females some side on and some from there backs, it was too far and the grass to long to see any pee streams but a nice view anyway as one by one they stood back up and they all came back out to the road that is when they saw me and one also saw the gap under the sign and pointed at it and then me before they ran off laughing.
I nice sight before my long walk home.


To Chantelle K

Boy were (are?) a very constipated teen. I read that you finally had a pretty good sized movement, but you also mentioned that your next movement later on that day was still hard and difficult.

You don't really mention whether you had additional movements in subsequent days...but you DID say that several days later you were back on the toilet straining to go; with no success.

Reading all worries me just how backed up you still are.

How about telling us a little history. How long has it been since you were regular; producing nice easy soft BM's every day or every day or two? Can you remember **EVER** being regular?

You know Chantelle; we don't judge constipation only by how many days you go without a BM. It's better to consider just how many days go by where you might do a marble or two....but nowhere near enough comes out relating to how much went in. I suspect that it's been that way for you for quite a while. Coming here and talking about it might be just what you need to get better.

A lot of kids just wait for urges to go; much like we wait for urges to urinate. That's not enough for you. You need to do "test pushes" a few times throughout the day; every an effort to stimulate your colon a bit.

What is normal? Normal for someone your age is to have pleasant soft poops every day.....or at least every other day. The key is that they be soft and easy to push out.

I hope you strive to get back to being "normal" or "regular". Talk about your efforts to accomplish that here. It should include better diet, more fluids, more exercise, and better attention to stopping what you are go sit on the toilet and try.

Let us know how you're doing; OK?

Thanks for reading all this....Tyler.


my outhouse poop

This morning I went skiing for the first time this winter and I had to poo in the outhouse at the parking lot.

It was my friend Amber and I who went. We both bought big coffees at Starbucks before we left town. When we got to the trail head I really needed to pee quite badly and I also had to do a number two. Right away I told Amber that I was going to the bathroom and she was just like, 'ok, sure'. She didn't need to pee even though she just had a ton of coffee, which is so weird. Anyway, with the outhouses there are always two stalls sort of side by side and they are all open up top under the roof so you can hear really well what is going on on the other side. I took the first one, locked the door, opened the lid and pulled down my skiing pants and undies. It's winter, so when I sat down the seat felt super cold against my bum. Immediately I started to pee and my stream splattered loudly into the pit below the toilet. It was so relieving. When I was done peeing, I started to push out my first turd. It was still coming out slowly when the other door opened. I heard somebody lock it and and then pull down their pants. As she started to pee she let out a little sigh, so I knew it was a women. Meanwhile, my first poo dropped into the pit with a big splat and for sure my neighbour could hear this and knew what I was on the toilet for. To make it even more obvious, I let out a long wet fart when I started to push out my second poop. Oh, it was a bit embarrassing. The other women also had a very small fart while she was peeing. Soon she was done though and started to wipe. As she left the outhouse, my second turd dropped off and then I had two more, softer logs. After that I felt all empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my bum. I was kinda messy back there so it took quite a few sheets. Now I was really cold, so I was glad I was done. I quickly pulled up my pants, left the outhouse and joined Amber again to set up our gear.

There was only one other car at the lot, with several college age girls. It must have been one of them who had a pee at the outhouse and heard me poo, but I didn't know which one. Skiing was lots of fun. We were out for a couple of hours and later on the way home I had another quick pee at a cafe. That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

to Chloe B: I really liked your last story. I also often have to go after I work out at the gym and I think so do many women. Sometimes in the morning I have noticed all stalls occupied by women pooping at the same time. And, eewww does it smell in there sometimes...

About your questions, I try to check but I often forget. Especially if I really need to go. A few times I realized there was no paper after I had done my pee or poo, but luckily there was always someone to ask and they always helped me out so I could clean up.

When I pee I sometimes just pull my pants and panties to my knees, sometimes all the way down to my feet. When I have to poo, I always pull then all the way down.


How can it be explained?

Judging from the stories on this site over the past year or so, how can it be that it seems more of the guys want paper between their butts and the seat in public toilets compared to the girls? How can it be explained?

Optional Person

To anna.

Anna I read your last post. Do you like girls? If so that is pretty cool. 5 turds, you really had to go. also you didn't mention flushing. Did you leave your artwork for someone else to see? nice story.

clogged up

constipated and farting

Does anyone else get really bad, stinky gas when constipated? That's the kind of gas I have right now...mostly silent, but super deadly lol! I've been really lazy for the last week or so, just staying home playing video games and having food delivered all day. I have to admit I've kinda given up on trying to eat healthy, and just stuff myself with food that tastes good...lots of Chinese, Mexican, pizza, cheesy breadsticks, cheesy pasta. My cheese addiction is out of control - ate a whole block of it straight up yesterday, so good! It's probably been at least a week since I've pooped...a little more pressure builds each day. Extremely bloated, but it's not uncomfortable - most of the time it actually feels really good. Anyways, the farting gets more and more uncontrollable with each passing day. At this point, the gas is just seeping around my solid blockage, hissing out and filling the room. It has a really, really strong stink, kind of like a sewer. You can almost tell from the smell that I have a really huge, old, knobbly turd growing in my rectum. You wouldn't want to be in a dutch oven with me haha... The gas comes in waves, I get some cramps and then release a bunch of super long SBDs, filling the room with stink. Then, the turd kind of 'wakes up' and starts pushing more urgently on my sphincter...this only lasts a few minutes, and the urge subsides and the cycle repeats itself! Can't wait to see how much nastier my gas gets over the next few days.

Anatomy Student

Unisex bathroom

I just got home from playing my first show and had a blast! The bathroom in the venue was a bit odd as it was unisex. I walked in and recognized a girl's shoes that I knew. I went to the one urinal in the next stall and could smell her poo. The music was too loud to hear anything, and I didn't want to be rude, so I quickly left. I had a few more run ins with women as they were leaving a stall.

Liz S

Poop at my old school

Hi all. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted here. I've been very busy with my schoolwork. Anyway, I have a story to share today from about a few years ago, when I was in middle school. The bathrooms at my high school are nice, but the ones at my middle school were not. In the locker room there was three stalls, but only one of them actually had a door.

Well, on the day this story takes place, I had just finished gym class. We got out early to give us time to shower, so I did. Then I began drying off. I was still in just my bra and panties when I got a major urge to poop from nowhere. It was clear I couldn't ignore it, even long enough to finish dressing. So I hurried over to the area where the toilets were. But, of course, the one doored stall was taken.

I had no choice, so I sat on one of the open toilets. I started with a long, loud fart and then I was dropping turds. Almost immediately, the girl in the doored stall flushed and came out, but by then it was too late for me to switch. Soon after I started, my friend Joanne came over and took the other doorless stall. She was pooping too and between the two of us, we were really stinking up that area of the locker room. It was funny seeing the other girls walk by and most of them seemed too embarrassed to even look at us.

Joanne finished first and was wiping. She had to wipe a lot. I finished my poop a bit later and then started to wipe myself. My poop wasn't as messy and I didn't need to wipe nearly as much as she did. We both finished wiping and flushed at almost the exact same time. Then we washed our hands and I went to put on the rest of my clothes, and left for my next class.

Having a audience/Weird family

Way back when I was seven (I'm a girl) I had a bathroom experience during a family reunion. I had two cousins, and one was a boy and 15 and he had a 4 year old little sister. We were all at a family reunion at a hotel and at one point my boy cousin was going to take his sister down the street to a store to get her a snack and I asked to go with both of them.

While we were there I felt like I had to poop and told my cousin, and he walked me to the back of the store where the bathroom was and let me go. I went in and sat down and started pooping. I was only in there for 30 seconds before the door opened and my cousin came in with his little sister, saying she had to go to. I'm not sure what it was like at home for them but he just walked in on me like it didn't matter! And he just stood there waiting till I finished. Although he just played on his phone and didn't look at me, so I didn't really mind. His sister did watch me though till I was done and then she went. And after she was done we left and headed back.

That's the only time my cousin saw me on the toilet. I'm not really embarrassed by it. But I'm surprised they were so open about it!


"Spying" on my friend

A few years ago, when I was 12 years old, I had a friend in the next grade up, she was 13. I'd go to her house every day after school, and both her parents worked so we were alone in the house. We had a game that we'd play involving the bathroom. We both had to poop in the afternoons, so we'd "spy" on each other pooping. Like, if I had to poop, I'd tell her and she'd go into the bathroom and "hide" in the bathtub. Then I'd come in a minute or so later and she'd peek and "spy" on me while I was pooping. And I'd do the same thing when she pooped. I remember one specific day in vivid detail, and I'd like to share the story.

It was a Monday afternoon and we were walking to her house from school like we always did. As we got closer to her house, she told me she had to "go number two very very badly" and would need to go as soon as we got there. We walked the rest of the way, and put our backpacks away, then I went to the bathroom and "hid." She came in very shortly after, holding a book.

She pulled down her pants and underwear and sat on the toilet, readjusting herself to get comfortable. She began with three very long farts that echoed loudly in the toilet bowl. She then peed a gusher for quite a while. Then she blasted another loud fart, but it wasn't as long as the other three. As far as I could tell, she hadn't dropped any poop yet, but it was already stinky just from her farts. She started reading her book and after a bit, I heard a crackling sound. The crackling continued for several seconds before there was a faint plop. She read for a bit longer, then another crackling sound for several seconds followed by a plop. The poop smell in the room was extremely strong by then. Again, she read a bit more before the crackling sound. This time I heard the crackling for a lot longer, and when it stopped, there was no plop sound. Almost immediately, there was more crackling, this time only for a short time, and a heavy splash.

She read some more until I heard a plop. A few seconds later, another plop. Many more plops followed, each separated by a few seconds. I counted 14 plops in all. After the last plop, there was a long zipper-like fart, before she began rolling off toilet paper. I could hardly believe the smell she had left behind. It was so strong, I half suspected the paint to peel off the walls. She finished wiping but didn't flush the toilet, then washed her hands and left the bathroom.

I went to look in the toilet to see her productions. I saw two medium length logs and a long log curled around the other two, plus all the small floating turds. There wasn't a lot of toilet paper either, and what she did use she had deliberately laid to one side to not obscure her poop. I flushed the toilet and left the bathroom, happy to escape to fresh air.

I later remarked that I didn't remember her ever pooping that much. She told me she had been holding it in all weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't have to poop that afternoon, so I didn't get to return the favor and let her "spy" on me, until the next day.

Well, hope you enjoyed the story. Bye guys.


To Just Another Girl


I enjoy reading your posts. You mentioned your mum in a couple of them. One post concerned you having the "squirts" in the bathroom one morning; you were embarrassed about the smell but your mum told you not to worry and said "that's what bathrooms are for". The other was about you needing to use the toilet when you were aged nine and were out shopping with your mum. I thought she handled both situations very sensitively; she seems like a kind and thoughtful person who is sensitive to other peoples feelings.

Look forward to more stories from you.



Kamdyn's Survey

1--When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls will you check before selecting the one you will use? At my job, sometimes there are choices and if I'm going to crap, then I'll just make sure there's toilet paper and the stools not stopped up.

2--What are the two most important things to you in making that selection?
Basically its just having toilet paper to wipe with. Having a stall available is of equal importance. I've written about having sometimes to stop at a gas station on my way to work and because so many of them have only a single toilet, waiting in a line of three or four others is not for me. I'll just back on the radial highway and stop at the next one.

3--Have you ever checked several stalls, said I'm not going to use any of these and went elsewhere. Yes. Just this past summer some of the toilets at the baseball park where Diver (my boyfriend) plays in a softball league were just too gross. One had a couple of roaches running across the white seat. Sorry, I have a few standards!

4--When you were with your mother when you were younger and she let you go in on your own, did she ask how successful you were? Yes. She also constantly "reminded" me to put paper over the seat, not touch anything, and to wash my hands with soap.

5--At what age and where did you first get to go in on your own? I was like 8 or even 9. It was embarrassing when I was with my friends.

Hi Catherine!

It is starting to feel like you're something of a celebrity round here! I for one love your stories and so do many others it seems.

As a woman of 25 who goes for a huge dump every morning at 10 to 8 I can only admire you! It's great to know there is another woman who experiences this. Mine are so large that I had to see a doctor about the potential damage they might to to my rectum. But they are just so satisfying and I love eating food to make them as large as they are! Am I alone in this ladies?

Do you, like me, experience an almost spiritual feeling as a big log slides out of me and into the bowl? It's so good. I almost feel guilty that the chicken I eat tonnes of brings me satisfaction twice over! But I guess that's what they would have wanted ;)

Anyway! I wish you would do a blog or something sometime, as I'm sure it would have millions of (s)hits!

Also I know a few of us on here are aching to see what your bm's look like, and the mayors! Haha!

Keep up the stories, and keep dumping!

Much Love

British Dumper xx

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Various replies

Michelle. Sports stadiums are unfamiliar territory to me but I can imagine the toilet facilities in many of them being pretty grim if they exist at all.

J.A.G. Like you I have fond memories of Carmalita, George (and Moira his wife), Nicola the fitness instructor and RJogger and Kathy. I also really enjoyed the contributions of Tony and Theresa (who I think actually knew George & Moira) and Anne the Bus Driver, also from the early days of the forum. Alas I've not come across any of them for a long time. I guess it's a case of people moving on or simply 'life' getting in the way as indeed it has with me.

Jemma. From what you've said I think it sounds as though you've got into a bit of a routine of becoming very constipated only for it to resolve itself quickly with an urgent need to poo. That happens to me sometimes but I'm not sure what's at the root of it, although I suspect dietary factors are probably the main culprit - that and stress or work related pressures. Hopefully it soon resolves itself. In the meantime I try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg and have plenty of drinks.

Elisa. Thanks for sharing the story about Dorothy's accident. Part of me wants to be unconditionally sympathetic but I'm inclined to think it was self-inflicted, at least in part. Put it this way, I know if I'd eaten 8 to 10 plates of food I'd need the toilet pretty badly. King Edward VII supposedly used to eat a four course breakfast, a ten course lunch and a twelve course dinner. If that was indeed true I suspect he spent rather more time on the porcelain 'throne' than was ever admitted.

Chantelle K. I hope the constipation is now properly resolved. Missing a day or so if you're used to a daily habit is fairly normal but anything more than that can become a hassle. Hopefully the problem's now resolved but please keep us posted.

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