Today I went shopping at the mall with some of my girlfriends. We had lunch at the food court, hot dogs and fries, and a little after I had finished I started to need a number two. I told my friends I'd be right back and went to the washrooms. It was really busy in there with lots of women peeing and maybe a few pooping as well. I took one of the few open stalls, locked the door, pulled down my pants and string and sat down on the toilet. As I was settling in and had just started to pee, someone entered the cubicle on my right. I could hear her pull down her pants and then she sat down and started to pee as well. Letting my pee go was quite a relief and I also let a little fart slip out, but it was really quiet. While I was still peeing, I could feel my bumhole open and my first turd started to slide out slowly. My neighbour also seemed as if she had some poo coming out while she was still peeing. I could hear a crackling sound, a small splash and a little sigh from her stall. Then my log broke off and dropped from my bum. Immediately I had more poo coming out, three soft turds that splashed into the bowl quickly. I knew I wasn't quite done and was just browsing stuff on my phone and waiting. I had a quick look under the partition and noticed that my neighbour was wearing white panties with little pink hearts on them. She had pulled her jeans and underwear all the way down to her sneakers. She also wasn't done taking care of her number two and I heard two more plops and a small fart from her. There was a pretty noticeable poop smelling coming from her stall, but it wasn't too too bad really. After about a minute I pushed out one more small poo and then I felt done. I pulled off some paper just as my neighbour started to do the same thing. I used one sheet for my front and about five or so to clean up my bum. My neighbour used quite a bit more, so maybe she made a bit of a mess or she was trying to be extra clean, I don't know. Finally, I pulled up my pants, unlocked the door and went to wash my hands. The other stall opened as well and my neighbour turned out to be a really beautiful, tall and skinny brunette about my age. I felt a bit awkward just having pooped next to her, but she gave me a super nice smile and I smiled back and then I left to meet my friends back out in the food court. Later I found that she worked at the games store at the mall and I saw her being very friendly to a young teenage boy who couldn't decide between some Star Wars figurines he wanted to buy, so I think maybe she was just a really nice person. Anyway, that's my story for this time.

Monika B.
I have weird question for y'all. So, I've noticed that after I poop, I get VERY hungry. Not all the time, but pretty often, especially if it was a lot. Does anyone else experience this?

In fact, I found that if I'm holding it in, I feel less hungry. But lately, the need is pretty urgent, so I don't try to do that all that often anymore.


Using Public Bathrooms

I wanted to comment on this.

I realize that we all have different levels of anxiety related to our bowel movements, especially doing them in public.

I love the Poo-pourri product, but I don't think that the problem with pooping is the smell. I think that we do not want anyone to know that we are going. While I do go to the bathroom when I'm around friends or in public, I don't think of it the same as peeing. I'm not in there dropping my load like a pee, and just jump back into the social scene as if nothing happened.

I am a little self-conscious. Without being gross or immodest, I force myself to bite the bullet, go to the bathroom, and return. I do feel self conscious but I try not to show it. I shared a brief story a long time ago that my senior prom date was grossed out that I pooped at the restaurant before going to the prom. However, if that happens, whether a friend, a group of friends or a date, and they make fun of you or act weird, then forget them!

The best way to use a public toilet is just to do it. I think it's easier to do it in a situation where no one knows who you are. I can handle "that lady just blew up the bathroom!" or giggles, or awkwardness when it comes from strangers. Just when that first urge strikes, head to the toilet.




End Stall Em

Co-ed Bathroom Questions--Answers


Sitting is sitting, pooping is pooping, and partitions separate the stalls. Three and four years ago I was writing about my cousins visiting our town and us doing buddy dumps in park and gas station restrooms when we were sledding or ice-skating. And with all the baby-sitting I did with opposite gender children, it's just not a big thing to me. Regarding Ardeith, who is new to our country, it's a little more radical but she's very success focused and is happy just to have more plentiful and cleaner bathrooms than she did in the UK. I've heard some guys grunt pretty loud and sometimes shouting out to their friends at the opposite end of the room where a partition sets off the urinals. What surprises both me and Ardeith, however, is the number of guys who will not seat themselves until they pull off toilet paper and methodically place it over the seat. A couple of days ago, the guy next to me latched the door, dropped his drawers, and I watched is hairy legs as he continued to pull off toilet paper and carefully place it on the seat. Judging from the unraveling of the roll, his two or three minutes of preparation must have involved multiple layers. Then when he finally seated himself I could hear his knees crack, his pee started almost immediately, followed by two big plops into the bowl. Then I got up, wiped twice, flushed and left. He continued to sit quietly.


No I'm not too uncomfortable or feeling awkward about the bathroom arrangement. My dormitory is one of the oldest on campus. There has been some years where it has not been used, but on years with higher freshman enrollments and a lack of rooms, it is put into use. You can see that there have been some walls knocked out, others built etc. in order to accommodate the rooms needed. For example, there's only one elevator and that's a freight one they allow us to use. You an look at the concrete flooring in the bathroom and see holes which have been filled in when toilets have been removed as well as holes that have been capped in the walls that once carried piping. I've heard that we could be moved into one of the more modern dorms next semester as rooms become available as students drop out or move to off-campus housing. While my parents might not have originally voted for such as arrangement, their housing bill is less and when I graduate in two and a half years, there won't be as much debt to pay off. Also, the library is open 24/7 and I know some students just plan to use the bathrooms down there instead of studying in our dorm. That building is modern, but there is a lot of stench particularly in the early morning and immediately after meals because the lines get long and each of the womens' and mens' easily could use twice the number of toilets available. Once, during the first week of classes, I waited in line for 10 minutes and my bladder was about to burst, so I walked two blocks and crossed the highway to a dingy gas station bathroom that saved the day for me. Although my butt practically stuck to the seat, I avoided an accident.


the huge post constipation poos..

So for the past 3 days i have been constipated - which doesn't happen very often with me whatsoever.
Hubs and I were in town today and i soon felt more than just a pressure in my butt, my stomach was beginning to hurt too so i was pleased i could finally know for sure that i was going to get rid of this constipation.
first stop was whilst we were queueing up in Debenhams i knew i was ready so told hubs i was off for a poo and he waited outside.

In the loo, i was on my own thankfully.
entering the cubicle i locked the door & i took down my black leggings and knickers.
I gave a little push my first plop crackling out out with a perrrrrlop!! Then another one came quickly PLOP!! My third crackled out again followed by 3 plops immediately after.
i still had more. I pushed again and my 7th crackled out and fell with a loud PLOP once again, i still had more so i pushed again and my 8th crackled out with 4 following immediately after. I felt empty so i wiped 3 times and flushed washing my hands and spraying my YSL perfume, hubby greeted me with a lovely butt rub & off we went.
About 3 hours later we stopped in a cafe for coffee and a sarnie, & after we had eaten i thought i needed to fart when in actual fact it was another poo!
Off i went to their loos and again done my usual routine before sitting down to let loose.
i sat down , pushed and 2 plops crackled out and fell with a 'plop!plop!' I manoeuvered myself to get more comfy, pushed again and 4 plops fell out of my butt one after the other with a 'plop-plop-plop-plop!' I let out a sigh of relief & pushed one last time releasing a final 3 plops to finish. I wiped 4 times flushed and washed my hands heading back to hubs.

my bowels are now back to their over-active self, & when we got home a few hours later after more shopping i treated hubby to my explosion runny poo! With pebble dashes all over the porcelain, which he loved.
More soon J <3


Kamdyn's Survey

Kamdyn, I hope that this is helpful!

Now a survey for everyone ...

1. When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls will you check out before you make a selection? I never selected a stall, but if I walked into one that looked disagreeable, I would go to the next.

2. What are the two most important things to you in making that selection? Clean and flushed. I always use some toilet paper or seat covers if they are available, even for a pee. I don't hover unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said no way I'm going to use those and left to find another bathroom? Yes.

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask you about how successful you were when you went in on your own? You know, I don't remember that...

5. At what age and where did she first let you go in on your own? Honestly, I cannot remember. Even as a child we went together but I don't remember her in the stall with me. I remember being in the stall with her and her with me in preschool, but I don't remember the day when I could go on my own. My mother would remind me not to let anyone touch me or be in the stall with me, to lock the door or latch, and not to talk to strangers.

I just don't have a lot of memories about that. Thanks!

Glad you are posting!



Brandon T

caomments & stuff

To: Michelle great peeing story it sounds like you and that other woman had great pees.

To: Chantelle K great pooping stor6y.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy Student

To Chantelle K

It sounds like you have fecal impaction. You may need to see a physician. That or get your mom to administer an enema. Laxatives could cause more issues. If you don't go soon you should talk to your mom about a doctor's visit. Liquid stool passing over a hard mass is serious. 2 weeks of not having a decent poo isn't healthy. After you get this bit out, I highly recommend a fiber supplement or stool softener. Also, you need to drink more water and eat more vegetables. I hope you get better.


Change is good, TOO good.

So a lot has changed in my life. I don't know how long ago I posted (A long while back I assume.), but I'm in college now. I only go 4 times a week, and I drive there and back everyday. But I find now that I'm there I only poop when I'm there and rarely when at home on the weekends. I find it troublesome because I'll go 2-3 days without pooping on the weekend then have a very big load on Monday. It doesn't bother me, I learn if I get TOO controlling with my bowels my hemorrhoids begin to act up.

On the contrary, I often will have a decent dump after not going for 2 days on Sunday, and then on Monday will have a much bigger "clean-out".
Today, was an example.

I usually poo everyday at college at 9am after my first class. Today was no exception. I thought it was going to be small after Sunday but I went into the library where I usually shit and begun to climb the stairs and my stomach cramps hit me. I had bad gas all my first class, so I looked around and let loose a large, silent fart. The smell was very ripe and strong, but I wouldn't call it bad, I'd say it's more earthy.

3 flights of stairs, 2 sets of doors, and I was finally in the library┤s bathroom of the 2nd floor. When I entered, I saw all three stalls were taken, as well as a mild odor. Some jagged, punk looking guy came out of the first stall, and I followed in directly afterwards. It didn't smell as usual, (Nobody here at college seems to poop much, and if they do manage to get something out, it's usually diarrhea.) Can someone explain this to me, it's been like this since jr.high all of a sudden.

I pulled my joggers and underwear down and sat down. I did have to push because I had held it up the stairs, trying not to mess myself, but once I pushed it all came out in one motion. It took about 10 seconds, with very loud crackling sound. There was a very strong earthy odor emitting from under me, and I'm sure the guy 2 stalls over could smell it. Matthew, I have to disagree somewhat, I think while the logs smell strongly, I think the more watery stool has a more stronger smell, but I think if it's a log and it's floating on top of the water, that it's going to smell more.

The guy next to me had what it seemed like loose poop, and he was squirting every couple of seconds.

I stood up, and began wiping. In the toilet there was a soft but big and thick turd a foot long in the toilet with a medium sized pile of mush. I had to wipe a lot, and unfortunately I got some on my hand. I wiped my hand off extra, until I could get to a sink. I sat back down and peed, then stood up and wiped again. By this time, the toilet had quite a large turd with mush with quite a bit of toilet paper. I took a picture before I flushed. I usually keep track of my bowel movements like that because I can't mark the consistency with a chart very well. But these toilets usually can handle what I do, barely. I pulled the flush and the toilet struggled leaving lots of skid marks and leaving the stall smelling bad.

I was washing my hands, as another guy came in, clean cut, preppy looking, nice and dressed up. He went straight to the stall I had used then walked out, muttering "Stinks so bad", then smiled at me shaking his head going into the other stall. A Chinese exchange student came out of the stall next to me. He was quite good looking and I had seen him around often tutoring students. He had just left the bathroom not washing his hands, so I decided to duck in his stall. Nothing interesting. Not even a scent. Typical.

To answer Steve A's Question, what to me is an impressive poop? To be honest, I haven't had much of seeing other's shit. I think anything solid that's more than an inch think and 8 inches long. Everyone here tends to poop string-like poops or diarrhea. People around where I live either don't eat much, or maybe I just poop a lot.


For the Record

Optional Person,

Thank you for your kind words about my posts. Just for the record, I did not fart on him. I wasn't sitting in his lap. I imagine, as big a woman as I am, that would be a little awkward. Rather, I intentionally brought him into the kitchen and sat down on the wooden chair and ripped three successive farts as loud as I could. I guess that's just as gross, but I just don't think that I would ever intentionally fart on his lap or stick my butt in his face and fart. And I really would not want him doing that to me, and thankfully he hasn't.

Thank you for following my posts and for your kind words!

To Mina: I apologize for the confusion on your story. I am glad that it was not Maho, but I feel sorry for the other girl that was abused like that. It should never happen to anyone. Life is too short for people to be mean!

Also, I had a really mushy poop this morning! It made a mousse-like pile in my toilet and smelled - well, it was not a Catherine-like smell.

I don't know if it was something that I ate or what. But I feel fine. So, I hope everyone else is as well!




Answers to survey

1. When you walk into a public bathroom, how many stalls will you check before you make a decision? Unlike several years ago, I don't really check out too many options. I go in, shut the door, seat myself, and do my thing.

2. What are the two most important things to you in making that decision? A dry seat and a privacy door.

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said no way I'm going to use those and find another bathroom? Not very often, especially at work, because my appointments are scheduled so tightly.

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask about how successful you were when you were on your own? Unfortunately yes, but it got better as I got older.

5. At what age and where did she first let you go in on your own? I was 8 and we were on the midway of our state fair. She waited outside the toilet building but interrogated me about my crap when I came out. And when we got back to our motel, she asked to see my underwear and was critical because of the skidmarks I had left. Later she demonstrated for me how I could wipe better. That did help me.

Chloe B

Pooping at the gym

Hey guys it Chloe, after school today I went to the gym to get a good workout in. Before my workout after I left school I kinda had to poop but decided to wait after. I got changed and started my workout. A good hour later I really had to go! I had pooped that morning during 3rd period and it was just a couple logs, but this was bigger. I went to the changing rooms and then in the bathrooms, followed by a 2 women who looked to be in college. One with brown hair one with black. I took the end stall out of 4 and the bathrooms was empty besides us. I heard the brown haired girl say she really had to go and had been holding it for her workout and the blonde said she also had to "go". I sat down and pulled my yoga pants and pink thong to my knees. I had on a black sports bra with black yoga pants with Nike shoes and both of the women had on yoga pants as well. As I sat down the brown haired girl chose the stall next to me and pulled her yoga pants and purple thong a little past her knees. I started to pee and push out my a long log. I pushed and it let it off with a big "plop". Almost immediately after that 3 logs slid out of me with a gushy wet fart. As I sat and pooped the brown haired girl let out consecutive "plops". One after another. "Plop plop plop plop", she let out an airy fart and said to the blonde who just peed "thank goodness I got to the bathroom!" She then grunted and let out one more plop. I say and waited to finish my poop and the the blonde said "I'm gonna wait outside" the brown haired girl replied "ok I'll be out in a bit". I looked down in the bowl and saw the hole of the at the bottom of the toilet filled with my logs. The bathroom smelled so bad at this point! I let out one more little plop and felt like I was done. I look at the tpdispenser and noticed I was out! I decided to ask the brown haired girl for some. "I'm really sorry I'm out of toilet paper....and need to borrow some?" She replied "no problem! Here..." And gave a couple wads. I wiped about 5 times, pulled up my thong and yoga pants and flushed. The brown haired girl also was wiping at the same time and we met the sinks. "Thanks for that...I don't know what I would've done!" I said, she replied "oh it's no problem at all! That happened to me the last time here!" I exited the bathroom and showered and then went on home.
So here's two questions: do you (guys or girls) check for tp before you enter a stall or are like me and only notice it when it's too late?
Girls, do you pull your pants all the way down to your ankles or knees I'm seeing it more people at school pull their undies and pants all the way down but for me I only go to my
And I saw some talk about putting toilet paper on the seat before you go; for me it depends on bathroom and if I trust it. If it looks clean I'll sit down but if it looks sketchy I'll put the toilet paper down but most of the time I just sit. Anyway thanks for reading the post! Bye for now!

30-something male

Pooping survey for the interested

Just a pooping survey for those who like to answer them, including my answers.

1. Could you state your age and gender?

Male, 37.. (I should probably change my nick into "35 something", lol..

2. How do you position yourself on the toilet?

A: leaning back
B: Sitting upright
C: Leaning forward
D: Doubled over

My answer: C.

3. After sitting down, how long does it take for your butt to fully relax?

My answer: Just a few seconds usually. Depends on the urge as well.

4. How long after sitting down, does it take for the first bit to emerge?

My answer: Depnding on the urge, it can take somewhere between a few seconds adn a few minutes.

5. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very hard), I have to push how hard:

My answer: Between 1 and 3, usually.

6. Do you have to fart on the same scale of 1 to 5:

A: While waiting for the first bit to emerge.
B: During and in between pooping.
C: After pooping, still sitting on the toilet.

My answer: A=3, B=2, C=2 to 1, sometimes.

7. My farts are:

A: dry.
B: A bit moist.
C: Wet
D: Very wet

My answer: Anywhere between A and C.

8. How long in total, does it take you to poop, from sitting down to wiping, when having:

A: A regular poop.
B: Diarrhea.
C: Constipation.

My answer: A: Anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. And B: 15 to 30 minutes. Constipation for me is rare.

9. How often do you go to the toilet to (try to) poop?

My answer: About once to two times every day.

10. Do you enjoy pooping?

My answer: Oh, yes! It's very relieving and relaxing. :-)

11. Do you sometimes do things on the toilet to stimulate your bowels?
And if yes: What?

My answer: Sometimes, when it takes a bit long for things to get moving, I start to contract and relax my butt in a rapid succession to get things moving. Works fine by me. :-)

12. For the females and the males who pee while sitting on the toilet: Do you also try to poop somethimes, when originally you went to the toilet only to pee?

My answer: I pee while standing most of the times, but when I'm just out of bed, i prefer to sit, and wait a while to see if there's more to come than pee only. :-)

Well, I think that's enough to answer for now.. :-)
Bye, and thanks!


Dorothy's accident

Hi~ Long time no see~ I had a big midterm, so I couldn't post much. Sorry~

For those who don't remember me from page 2496, I am a 5th grade Korean girl.

Today, I will write about my friend Dorothy's big accident.

Last week, Dorothy and I went to a buffet with our family. In the buffet, Dorothy and I ate really much, since the food there was delicious.

I ate like 10 plates, and Dorothy ate about 8 plates, even if she was a person who didn't eat much.

After this, we went to our house, and our parents went somewhere together.

We decided to go to a fancy shop, and buy stuff to play with.

While we were going, Dorothy suddenly stopped, and groaned.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"I think that I ate too much in the buffet." she replied. "I have a big pain."

I felt so sorry for her, but we were almost there, and the way back was very far, so we just headed to The fancy shop.

In the fancy shop, we bought some pretty fake jewels, and making stuffs.

When we tried to go home, Dorothy told me that the pain is so hurting her, so I said,"Let's go home, and I will give you some medicine."

However, Dorothy blushed, and didn't say a word.

"Why?" I asked her.

"T...Toilet...I go." she said really small.

I got what she meant, and said,"I need to go to the toilet to pee."

Dorothy went to the bathroom with me.

But I didn't knew the way to go, and ran over the whole building, and asked someone where the bathroom was, but he said that I had to go to the next building.

So, we headed to the next building, but in the way we went, Dorothy had lost her strength, and sat down in her n=knees.

Then, I saw her cry, and do a series of wet farts. I was very surprised, because she was a person who didn't cry much, but tears rolled down her face.

After that, I saw the sound of mixture of gas and diarrhea, flooding in her yellow skirt.

Her skirt became dark brown, when she had had about 5~6 waves of diarrhea.

"I'm so sorry." she said in a crying voice.

"It's okay. It happens to everyone. Now lets go. Are you done?" I asked.

"However, she said that she wasn't close to done.

So, I gave her my jacket, and it kind of covered her diarrhea, so we walked home.

While we were walking home, Dorothy was still having diarrhea, and she even vomited in the floor.

"I feel so sick in my stomach."she said.

I felt really sad.

When we finally went home, we went inside the bathroom, and she finished her diarrhea. She still had an another 5~6 waves, a runny diarrhea, and vomited once more.

Then, we washed up, and put her messed-up clothes in a plastic bag, and left it for the parents to care it.

Then, she ate some hot tea, I had made for her, and lied on the sofa.

After, she went to the toilet several times, an did explosive diarrheas.

She vomited 3 more times, before our parents came. After, we went to the hospital for Dorothy, and the doctor said that she had enteritis.

She got better now, and we are still best friends.

I would like if you give me comments~ I hope you enjoyed my story.

: Mina
- Thank you for saying nice words to me, and I also think that you have wonderful friends, which are Ma ho, Hisae, and Kazuko. Also, I live in Seoul, Korea. I wish I can visit Japan. Have a nice day~
Brandon T.
- Thank you for your nice words~

Have a nice day, everyone!~

by Elisa


Kamdyn's Survey

1) When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls will you check out until you make a selection? At least 2 or 3. If a seat is up, I will drop it to see what condition it is in. I don't assume anything.

2) What are the two most important things to you in making that selection?
If the seat is clean and if there's ample toilet paper.

3) Have you ever checked several stalls, said there's no way I'm going to use those, and sought out another bathroom? Yes, it happens frequently at school. On a number of times I hold my crap until after school and when I get home.

4) When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask how successful you were when you went in on your own? Yes. I hated it, especially when I had a friend or 2 along? She also would ask if I was going to pee or poop. If I said poop, she would tell me to line the seat with toilet paper and not touch anything. A couple of my friends thought
that was so strange and gave me a hard time about that.

5) At what age did she first let you go in on your own? I was 6 and mid-way through 1st grade. I think we were at the circus. She was very cautious about me using such large bathrooms in big crowds.

Steve A

Kamdyn's Survey, Question About Age And BM's

Kamdyn's Survey

1. When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls will you check out before you make a selection? It all depends on which stalls are open. If all of them are open, then I'll chose the cleanest looking one. If only a certain number of stalls are open, then I'll take the one that is open.

2. What are the two most important things to you in making that selection? 1 - Clean toilet seats with very little to no pee on them. If there is some wetness on it, I'll wipe it off with TP. 2 - If there is TP or not. I normally don't check for TP since there is always some in each stall at my school, but I should check just in case if a stall may or may not have it.

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said no way I'm going to use those and left to find another bathroom? No, I'll use another bathroom only if all of the stalls are in use. I don't have time to wait if I ever ask to use the bathroom during class because then it would take longer for me to get back to class, resulting in possible punishments like limiting bathroom time (you only have 5 minutes or less to go the bathroom), no longer allowed to go during that period, etc.

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask you about how successful you were when you went in on your own? I forget that time of my life, but I assume that she said those things to me.

5. At what age and where did she first let you go in on your own? Since I forget about that time, I would assume around 4 years old and before I went to Kindergarten.

Age And BM's - As we age and when you were young, did your bowel habits change or stay the same? Do you think they stay the same or change as we age?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


the constipated huge poo at the doctors today...

Waiting at the doctors for my name to be called, i so badly wanted to go and have this poo that was forcing it's way out of my buttocks & as i was about to get up to go to the loo my name was called, so i spoke to the doc and got my prescription and before i left some 15 minutes later i went to the loo.
The pressure on my butt was intense and recently i have had a lot of constipation very rare for me.
I felt so bloated and butt felt huge!!
Pulling down my red mini skirt and thick black tights and red knickers i sat on the loo and made myself comfy, the first plop crackled out that was pushing itself out of my butt before, then with a push my 2nd plop fell out.
pushing again my third plop crackled out followed by 4 & 5 crackling out with Minimum effort. One last push and 6 7 & 8 crackled out. I was done for now, wiped 4 times and flushed, pulling my attire up & washing my hands then spraying my impulse and off i went to get my prescription.
My poo later that day that i was mega desperate for was back to normal lots of small pellett/pebbley type plops all coming out very quickly lots in the bowl must have been 20 odd!! More another day, J x

J. A. G
To Kamdyn - I'm so glad you liked my story! Before then, if I was out in public and had to go to the bathroom, my mother always used to come into the bathroom with me and wait just outside the stall that I was in just to make sure that I was fine and in case I needed any help. She never insisted on knowing what I'd done or if I'd gone properly - all she would do was ask if I was okay and whether I felt better, so I never had any reason at all to feel pressurised or uncomfortable going to the bathroom with her there.
To Optional Person - I highly doubt whether I'd ever feel comfortable doing that to my boyfriend. He has a very hard time believing that I burp, fart, poop and so on (which is probably compounded by the fact that I've never done any of those things in front of him) and I don't see that ever happening. He isn't the type of person who would like things like that anyway; he's a bit squeamish and he'd most likely be completely disgusted by it. I don't think I'll ever have the courage to fart in front of him... but I'm sure one day I inevitably will because sometimes they just slip out before you have a chance to stop them!
To Catherine - I completely and wholeheartedly agree with Alex; you are also amongst my favourite posters on this site. If I had to be honest about it, I'd say that you're probably in my top three favourites. I don't say things like that easily, so you can be sure that I really mean it. Don't ever stop writing here, ok?

I think it's worth mentioning that I've been a reader here since I was sixteen (which, for those who may be interested, was 5 years ago). I stumbled upon this site by accident, and at first I was a bit shocked; I wondered why people would actually want to write about going to the bathroom! As I read further, however, my curiosity grew and grew, and soon I found myself hooked. I started to enjoy reading everyone's experiences and at the same time started overcoming my own shyness about bodily functions.I used to be very sensitive about going to the bathroom - I never wanted anybody to know that I did it in case they thought I was disgusting, but since finding this site I've come to see that I can actually be proud of it and enjoy it for what it is:good, healthy, natural and fun.

My top 5 favourite posters on here, from the beginning up till now, are (in no particular order):
- Carmalita, who used to post when the site first started: She was a Mexican/Hispanic lady who liked to eat a lot and used to describe her massive poops in very great detail, which was often very entertaining but at the same time quite a thrill to read because she certainly didn't smell like roses or perfume but wasn't ashamed of it in the least! She also used to write about her friends and their bathroom escapades, which was such fun!
-George:He came from Scotland and often wrote lovely stories about his childhood memories. My favourite story of his can be found on page 43 - in it he describes an incident that happened when he was in his early teens in school. He was in assembly and the girl standing in front of him, who obviously needed to go to the toilet quite badly, started looking uncomfortable, and then all of a sudden she couldn't hold it any more and let go right there. As if that wasn't bad enough, she wasn't wearing knickers and it wasn't a wee but a really big (but thankfully solid)number two - which went plop on the floor! UGH! She was quickly led away by a teacher and presumably got into trouble, but he seemed quite impressed by it. I thought that story was nasty but for some reason it stuck with me.
- Catherine:Needs no explanation as we all know and love her stories!
- Nicola:A young woman from England who, at the time, was not much older than myself and used to enjoy posting about her big "jobbies" and how good they felt. She also used to put lots of interesting sound effects in her stories, which often made me chuckle. I like her stories because they showed me that women can poop big and be unashamed of it. She was also a really good writer for someone of her age, which I admire.
- RJogger and Kathy:Their stories were always filled with wild and crazy adventures that they had, and they both had such a great sense of humour. I hope that one day when I'm middle-aged I can have as much fun as them. I think that one actually has to read their stories to fully appreciate them - a small description by me won't do it justice.

Today I had a really satisfying bathroom experience. I was studying just after dinner when I felt as though I needed to go and attend to business. I hadn't been all day, since I wrote an exam in the morning and then went straight home and slept for the afternoon. I sat down, did a small wee, and then relaxed and let the rest happen on its own. It just sort of slid out and landed in the water with a surprisingly loud plop, which meant that it was obviously quite a big one. I wiped, flushed (without looking first, because I didn't really want to see) and after washing my hands left the bathroom feeling on top of the world. It really was wonderful!

Before I sign off, here's something that I've just remembered. In preschool I once watched one of my classmates having an accident. We were doing drawing and the little boy at the desk next to me was unusually quiet. I thought nothing of it, but a few moments later he got up to go and get something. Halfway back to his desk, he stopped and then I heard a fart followed by a horrible squishing and crackling noise. He looked as though he was going to cry; it was quite obvious what he'd done. I could smell it and, oh, how it stank! I had never been near someone who'd had an accident before, and I was shocked by how strong it was. The teacher took him away to clean him up, and he looked miserable for the rest of the day. I don't know whether he had an upset stomach or whether it was just a normal motion that he'd held in for too long and then lost control of, but either way it was just nasty. I pity the teacher who had to sort it out! Phew - stinky poo-poo... yuck!! I wouldn't have liked to be in her place!

Have a lovely evening all!
J. A. G


Happy World Toilet Day

I just found out it is World Toilet Day today, so I wish everyone a happy toilet day!

Chantelle K

Constipation solved

In my last post I said I would let you all know if I managed to do a poo. I eventually got a huge log out yesterday after I stayed off school. It was my 5 th attempt on the toilet that I finally got it out.
The first 4 times on the toilet were for about an hour and a half each time and although the huge log would protrude as I strained it wouldn't come through my bum, but little pebbles keep breaking off. When I strained and pushed down into my bum hard it felt like my bum would burst and it was so painful it made my eyes water.
Before my 5 th time on the toilet Jasmin came in and asked if I had done it - I told her what happened and she said she had some cream that would help. She sort of squirted this cream in my bum and told me to wait. After 20 mins my bum was tingling and I sat on the toilet and started pushing and straining. After some 1/2 hour of this it was sticking out stretching my bum but it didn't hurt as much so when jas pressed hard on my ???? I strained down hard and forced this huge log out. When I looked in the toilet it was like a knobbly fist at the fattest part and over 8 inches long. I re sat and strained again producing another 8 inch hard piece. With that I wiped and got off. My mum had a look and said that was ok.
Later that evening I had a full feeling and did some pebbles and chunks.
Fast forward to day - I am sat on the toilet trying for a poo - I've been here 1/2 an hour and done nothing - going to stay here until I do something.

Chantelle K


To: End Stall Em Re: Co-ed stalls

Must be unusual to sit next to a guy while he poops. I have a question for you. Who grunts more, guys or girls?


Some shout-outs & a survey

to Kayla from roanoke:

Welcome. I'm in middle school and I have had many of the hassles you have about using the bathrooms at school. The fact that our school has so many students doesn't help the situation. Unlike you, however, I don't spread paper over the seat before sitting on the toilet. Did you always do this before you got to high school? What kind of experiences have you had with the toilets at your mall? The park? Etc. Have you told your mom? What advice has she given you? Looking forward to more stories from you!

to J.A.G:

That's a nice story about shopping with your mom and needing to poo. I happy you had the opportunity to show her you can independently go in and use the bathroom on your own. What was it like before that time? How much did she assist you on the toilet when you were younger?

Now a survey for everyone ...

1. When you walk into a school or public bathroom, how many stalls will you check out before you make a selection?

2. What are the two most important things to you in making that selection?

3. Have you ever checked several stalls, said no way I'm going to use those and left to find another bathroom?

4. When you were younger and with your mother, did she ask you about how successful you were when you went in on your own?

5. At what age and where did she first let you go in on your own?

My answers:

1. Much of the time at school my friend Simmee is with me and we will try to get our toilets right next to another. When I'm alone, I just go into the first one I come to and get up onto the stool. I just like to get the need over with and not draw attention to myself.

2. A seat to sit on and preferably a clean pan so if there's any splashback I'm not getting someone else's .... waste on me. It's only happened to me twice. Urrgghh!

3. You can get written up for that at my school. We have to use the assigned bathroom nearest our classroom. One of my friends got written up for not following that. The principal called it loitering. I had never heard the word before. It sound so strange.

4. Sometimes, especially if she was waiting for me to finish up at a place like the mall or city auditorium.

5. The summer before I started full-day kindergarten.


To Alex - A little more info


I have a little more time and I wanted to add a bit to the first question you asked.

I said a large poop is one that's a foot long and over an inch thick. Obviously I don't measure, but I feel like I can eyeball it pretty good without exaggerating.

I have never weighed my poop, as you suggested, but I am guessing that they are about one pound. I know I get more than 50 grams of fiber per day through Fiber One cereal and a Fiber One brownie each day. I eat vegetarian recipes often, and save meat for the weekend. I load up on beans, salads, fruits and nuts. But I am not a vegetarian by any means.

If you are familiar with the Bristol Stool Chart, my bowel movements are usually 4's or 5's in consistency. I can have a 6 every now and then - one that is pretty mushy, but still solid.

I cannot remember a time that I have missed pooping two consecutive days. My time of the month seems to make me have looser stools, but never really changes the frequency that I go. I am pretty OCD about bowel movements, as well as my routine and life in general. Staying on routine keeps me regular. Too, the larger the bowel movement, the better it feels to go.

I hope that helps. I am not ever intending to weigh my poop though.

Maybe this will get me into your top 5???


Taylor (Shelbi's sister)

Advice for using public bathrooms?

Hi everyone I hope you are all well. I don't post or reply much but I want to say I enjoy all of your stories and thank you for sharing them.

My sister has come a long way over the past year or two and I'm so proud of her! Before she would avoid any bathroom except for home no matter how quiet and private it was. Even then it would take her a good few minutes to have a wee and even longer to poo. Today she will use them if she needs to and can get her motion going within a minute of sitting down, but she'll still avoid the bathrooms unless she's at the verge of filling her panties.

Is there anything we can do to help get her over the hill? She's doing so well and I feel she'll soon fully overcome her shyness. It's just this little thing stopping her. I was thinking of taking her to a bathroom whenever she needed to go, even if it wasn't urgent so she can realise nobody really notices if she's having a poo, and that she'll feel so much better than holding it until its an emergency.

Thank you


Baseball Relief

I quickly finished breakfast which included a glass of juice, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water. I grabbed my elementary aged son and rushed out of the house to head to his baseball game at a local park. On the way, I bought a huge cup of flavored coffee from a local breakfast chain. On arriving and setting up chairs at the game, I passed another parent, a bubbly younger blonde woman, who I didn't know her or her son well, who had an identical cup of coffee. We exchanged small talk admiring each other's coffee choice and sat down for the game. Well into the very slowly progressing game I had finished my coffee and my bladder was strongly telling me it needed attention. I surely wouldn't make it to the end of the game. I was a little shocked, because I have a really strong bladder and rarely need to go while at the games. I excused my self, telling another parent where I was headed - the only small park bathroom that housed a vandal-proof prison style commode. It was far across the park and sort of isolated. The other "coffee" parent picked up on my intentions and asked if she could join me and remarked that she was bursting it must be due to the coffee. I was glad to have the company and off we went. We arrived to find the restroom locked, both the mens and womens sides. Internally, I started to panic, I didn't even know if I could make it back to the ball field let alone find another restroom. She said she knew a place, so I followed her. Down a little path in the thick trees there was a really old, three-sided wooden hut about 2 meters square with a concrete floor. She grabbed a napkin from her purse and handed me the purse. I realized she was going to go right there. I was uncomfortable with it not being a proper toilet and she would no doubt witness me going too, but there were no other options. She squatted facing me and released a noisy, strong stream onto the concrete. I kept looking away being uncomfortable seeing her crotch, but she kept talking and trying to maintain eye contact. She almost gave a narrative about how good it felt as she was peeing and a couple strong exhales. It was a large pee for sure, but not overly so. The concrete pad was mostly covered in urine at this point. She cleaned herself up, left the hut and said it was my turn. Very nervously, I pulled a crumpled napkin out of my jeans pocket, stepped over her big puddle, lowered my tight jeans and squatted with my feet in the same positions (the only dry ones). I could smell the scents of fresh urine, burnt coffee, and wet concrete. I felt a calmness as I saw at least I had on nice panties (its a woman thing) and knew empty bladder bliss was within reach. I was a little apprehensive about this woman looking directly at me and standing way too close. I released a momentary uncontrollable blast of urine, which nearly splattered the woman's shoes. She stepped back a step and continued talking to me like we were long time friends. A pencil thick stream of urine projected straight forward in front of my feet causing the puddle to starting flowing off of the front of the concrete into the dirt. After a considerable amount of time had passed, I was still going strong and the women paused and said "Whoa, you really had to go." I answered "yes" and continued another 20 seconds before tapering the flow, while she now stared at me in total silence. The scent of fresh urine and burnt coffee was strong now. We returned back to the game. Another parent asked about the restrooms and I quickly replied that they were locked - no mention of the relief I just had.

Victoria B.

Better green than brown

Thanks to everyone who replied. The culprit was probably the salad I ate with dinner the night before-heavy on lettuce and spinach! It's kind of funny in retrospect: so many years of only pooping in varying shades of brown and a little green made me think something was wrong when it's just the way our bodies work.

I'd gladly take another green number two over what I did today though! Two rock hard pieces that hurt so much coming out that I had to get up from my squat and take a seat before I had even finished pooping the first one. My butt was sore when I wiped it and that wasn't even the worst part. I pulled up my undies (navy blue and white striped boyshorts, thankfully not a thong today!) and pants and then I tried to flush... emphasis on the tried part. My solid logs refused to go down the drain and I was forced to give them a little assistance. I brought out my custom pink plunger and broke the poop up while trying to give it a bit of direction towards the drain. It worked and poop, paper, and pee finally made their way down. I went to my room to lay down for a bit after dealing with all that.

Love to all,

J. A. G
Today I've been studying for exams and the pressure has started to get to me. As a result, my stomach is in knots and I've had to go to the bathroom quite a few times today. I know it's nerves because I always need to go a lot when I'm stressed about something. Oh well, that's life isn't it?

To continue with my childhood stories, I've got a nice one for today. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I hardly ever had accidents (save for two fairly insignificant ones). However, I made up for that by going in some very weird places! When I was about four, I sat on a plastic bucket in the living room and did a wee in that (and something else as well - unfortunately for whichever of my parents who had to clean it up! ). I also did a wee in the sink and in the bath, and once when I was 6 there was someone in the bathroom (we only had one in our house) and I couldn't wait for them to finish because I had to go desperately. I went outside and did it on the grass near the garage where nobody would see, and I think if I hadn't I would have gone in my pants and that would have been horrid!

It's getting late and I need to go, so bye for now!

J. A. G

P.s. I typed this on my phone so sorry for any errors

Optional Person

To all girls on this site.

WE all I believe follow the story of Catherine, fairly well. I myself find my favorite post the one where she farted on her fiancÚ.

How many of you would actually do that? especially if you knew they liked it.

I personally think it is cool.

However, I am asking purely inquisitively.


Some Random Observations from using the toilet at work

I work at a large metropolitan medical/dental school where thousands of young men and women attend. From my daily trips to the bathroom, I have made the following observations about the young men who use the toilets. These are not scientific, nor are they in any order of importance.

Just about every guy who uses the toilet eventually pulls out his phone.

About 5% of the guys are somewhat constipated, straining and grunting to release a relatively small amount of hard, dry stools that plip-plop into the bowl like marbles (with an occasional golf ball).

About 50% of the guys line the seat with toilet paper, which in my opinion is a ridiculous ritual, since the toilet paper provided is so thin.

About 30% of the guys stand to wipe. I can tell because when they stand, the automatic flush mechanism is triggered.

About 10% of the toilet users go into the stall to sit and urinate (and check email etc.).

It seems that men of Asian ancestry have the noisiest, smelliest and gassiest bowel movements. I have no idea why. Perhaps it is diet (I see a lot of these guys lined up at the Chinese food trucks, where the fare is pretty greasy), perhaps it is physiological.

About 20% of the guys pee first then poop; 50% poop first and then pee; 30% do both at the same time (often interrupting the pee stream when the poop is released).

This surprised me the most: about 90% of the guys will go onto tiptoes as they poop, often relaxing their feet and lowering their heels after the turds are dropped. I have never done this, and I am not sure why anyone would. Perhaps elevating the heel of the foot aids in release???

The variety of odors is vast (although the air freshening system probably masks most of them). Some guys release the rankest, smelliest turds. Others produce a fruity, ripe odor, kind of like a ripe cheese. The consistency of the poop does not seem to correlate to the odor. One would think that a messy, loose bowel movement would produce the strongest smell, but often the large, sausage like floomphs are the smelliest.

Just a few random observations!



Thank you for taking the time to post on this site. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. May she rest in peace. Had you not posted about her we would never have known - so thank you again.

I'm glad that this site brought some pleasure into her life. I believe that is one of the great things about the internet. It allows people from all walks of life to communicate about sensitive and "taboo" issues in relative anonymity.


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