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Thank you for your advice. Taking "baby steps" in feeling comfortable on the toilets at large sporting events is what I'm working on. Its just that I want to get normal when I see 30-some cubicles with guys with their boxers at foot level and I'm so uncomfortable about not using--some say wasting toilet paper between my butt and the seat. My friend Carin is helpful, but there's only so much she can do.

Clean Up Guy:

You ask if its OK for a guy to sit down to pee. Yes. I stand to pee at home and at single-toilet bathroom places, but I've started to sit at school and most other public places. I just hate the big urinals with so many other guys around and some standing right next to me and eyeing my junk. I'm small for my age and even had guys at school bump into me as I'm going. I see this as a type of bullying, but my friend Carin has helped me see it as a type of bullying. She also is able to humor me so that I don't take it so personally.

My new story--"Sitting on Toilet Bowl Rims?"

Last weekend me, Carin and one of her friends Shannon took what will probably be our final bike ride of the reason. The trails we ride on are getting cluttered with leaves and are too dangerous. So we rode for about an hour and then we stopped at a combined gas station/store to get something to eat and drink. So there was just one uni-sex bathroom with a toilet and sink. Carin got done with her food first. She latched the door and a sign saying In Use showed in red. We heard her drop the seat. I don't think Carin was in there more than 2 or 3 minutes and she came out and you could smell that she crapped as the toilet was still flushing. So Shannon hurried in, latched the door and Carin and I heard the seat being flicked up. I asked Carin why and she said Shannon's mom has taught her to lift the seat and she sits on the bowl to relieve herself. Both Shannon and her mom believe the bowl is cleaner because less butts will sit on it. I said I thought it would be very uncomfortable and Carin said she agrees but that's what Shannon does. She said you have to position yourself down very carefully and you can't move much like you do when you are seated normally. But I somewhat like the idea because so many of the guys' seats at school are dripping with pee.


Post Title (optional)to clean up guy

There is nothing wrong with sitting down to pee if you're a guy. I've been listening to that bull all my life about it being weird for a guy to sit down and pee. and that's all it is: pure bull. So sit those butt cheeks down on that toilet and piss away.


Response to Alex

Top five or ten? I shouldn't answer these ;)


1. I guess that I consider anything over a foot long and over an inch thick a large bowel movement. I would guess that my bowel movements are over 1 lb. each time. Not all, really not many, of my bowel movements come out in that one perfect piece, but normal is bigger than what I just described.

2. No. I can't. When I go, I usually have a strong urge to go and when I am on the toilet my body just takes over. I rarely have to push or strain, unless I am trying to get that last little bit out. When I am off my routine, then I have missed 1-2 regular BMs, the next one is pretty large. When I've had my three solid accidents, it was usually because I had missed one or two. They are firmer and more log-shaped. Back in May, I did one 20 inches long and two inches thick!

3. Again, no. I wouldn't want to either. Since my preteen years, I have never gone more than one day without a bowel movement. And when I do miss that one day, or two regular bowel movements, the result is pretty big. I can't imagine holding more than that in me at one time!

Hope that was helpful.

Also, to everyone, I do not recommend doing what "Jill" did with the Metamucil. I think that she took too much. Over using fiber products may make you regular, but it can also keep you from absorbing nutrients from your food. Being a pharmacist, I am not a doctor and I don't want to give advice that anyone on this forum may abuse or may take as an expert's advice. Thanks!



Question for End Stall Em

I have never heard of a bathroom arrangement like the one you described. I'm curious which school this is at. Could you tell us more about what it's like using a shared coed bathroom like that? Is it ever uncomfortable or awkward to share a bathroom with the opposite sex? Any more interesting stories about this setup would be most appreciated!

Steve A

To Maryam

Maryam: I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. Christa's posts showed her personality, mind-set on these topics, and a place where she felt happy. She will be missed by all of us here on Toilet Stool.

Brandon T

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To: Kayla From Roanoke first welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story as always.

To: J.A.G great pooping story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Optional Person.

To Kayla

Great post Kayla. All are welcome on this site. Awesome poop it sounds like. even though it came out in pieces, 7 turds times 4 feet each equals 28 inches, which equals 2 feet of poop!


Kayla for Roanoke

I like your post. I poop a lot too its not embarrassing its natural. Please describe yourself I'm interested in kknowing if we are similar. I've posted on here once or twice but didn't get many responses -_-
I might post more in the future if there is some incentive :)

Dear Catherine:
I am happy to tell you, victim of Sister C. in school story was not Maho! Story was happened long time ago, page 1633, and I read it with Maho and translated for her. Maho said, in her school there was no paddle. Never we find it in school in Japan. Teacher in Japan forbidden to hit pupils. (But sometimes they hit with hand, and sometimes suicide because of hit.) In Wales too, no weapon in school. I don't know which country is Sarah Jo's story.

In my mind and Maho's mind, two Catherines. One is you, you are lovely woman who is big size and enjoy doing motion and will marry Alan, other one is monster who run around class with paddle and swipe on bottom of poor girl who did motion in the class. Different people! Maho said, very coincidence, that two so different people have same name. But I told her, I know Mina who is horrible, but she is 46 years old, I think, nearly twice of my age.

In Japan most of teachers very reasonable about loo. If person want to go loo at not good time, they say shikata ga nai, it means, it can't be helped. We don't have loo pass like I read on site. But if child uses permission in bad way (sometimes it is happen) teachers angry very much.

In some school they say, don't stay in loo more than three minutes. Not fair to girl who is period, I think, my friends think it too. But we never had experience.

I agree with you very much, never never scold or punish child for going to loo even at not good time. Person's bottom, and front of body, just don't wait! But when I was schoolgirl my mother always tell me, empty my bottom before go to school, then I don't need to do motions in school except if it is a diarrhoea.

Once in my school, I was eleven I think, I saw girls who laugh at another girl who doing a huge diarrhoea long time. I got angry and ran at them and shout and hit. Some girls hit back but I hit harder and use both hands, many got scared, but then teacher scold me a lots, and I shout back at teacher, and finally everyone apologise everyone.

Dear Kayla: You are right, you are not alone to do lot of motions. I am same and my friends are same, my family too. It is very healthy to do lot of motions, so I think you are good health! I don't think size any connection. If girl laugh to you, say to her, "I never laugh to you, so you don't laugh to me!" And good luck. I think you are very normal girl.

Sorry my bad English. I am Korean girl, and I am 24, so more older than you.

To everyone: Maho surprised very much to see her name in big letters on front page of this site! And Kazuko and Hisae and me surprised very much too. Maho and Kazuko cried. Very happy crying!! Maho says to Moderator san, thank you thank you thank you. Beautiful birthday present! Maho's birthday this week but we had quiet party at French restaurant, not noisy party at izakaya like we usually have, because we are mourn for Christa. We had very nice time in loo next morning all of us. In my flat of course. Total time about 50 minutes, for four girls, so Kayla you don't need worry about take long time!!

Love to all people on this site.

Your very own Maho, Hisae. Kazuko, and Mina.

Steve A

To Cody Plus A Question For Everyone

Cody: Well, you don't have to worry about that. I'm planning to post on here for as long as I live. Just imagine Toilet Stool 50 years later...

Your Questions:

Summer Constipation: I think it was only for a short period of time or a one time thing, but anyway, I think it had something to do with my eating habits. I didn't receive a suppository during that summer, it was actually on a weekend when I held it in too long on my way home from somewhere. I waited to see if the poop would come out on it's own, but it didn't. One of my parents had to help me with the suppository. After they helped me, I pooped and was back to normal.

If My Kid Was Ever Constipated: I would use a different form of laxative if my kid was ever constipated. If all of the other laxatives fail or if my kid doesn't like them, then my last choice would be the suppository.

I stay regular by eating 1 pouch of Fiber One Fruit Snacks everyday when I have them. It works for me and it's better than taking laxatives when your constipated or irregular.

Ever since I've been eating the fruit snacks, some of my poops have been impressive to me, sometimes "no flush" impressive so that other people can see what I have done.

Impressive Poops To Me: A big, single, long log or more than 1 log. The length is near or over 1 foot long.

My Question For Everyone: What is an "Impressive Poop" to you?


To Maryam

I am deeply sorry for your loss. It must be incredibly hard for you to go through this and my heart goes out to you.



I recently visited a nearby shopping village to browse for some new clothes, I had just finished a coffee and desperately needed a pee. I located the toilets and made my way over - the shopping village was near closing time so there weren't many people around - A man sprinted past me and dashed into the men's, I quickened my pace and followed. When I entered, there were 3 stalls, he had taken the first one and the other two were empty. I hurried into the middle stall, unbuttoned my trousers and waited. Suddenly a huge wet fart erupted from the man's anus and a barrage of pebbles hit the water. It only took him about 10 seconds before it was all done, he quickly wiped twice and left. I noticed he hadn't flushed so I quickly ended my pee and entered his stall. There were about 20 light brown coils and a couple of bits of toilet paper in the bowl, I took a picture and left.

That's all for now,

Happy peeing and pooping!

Chantelle K

Troubled by Constipation

I thought I would post something whilst I am sitting on the toilet for the 3rd time today. The poo stuck in my bum feels like it's got too big to come out, it is also giving me real bad ???? ache.
I haven't had a decent poo for 2'weeks just a few pebbles and chunks. I got very constipated after Halloween, I suppose I ate too many sweets and too much chocolate which gave me ???? ache but as I love my sweets and they were so available I just kept on eating them.
Anyway I've really had to try to do a good poo today as I am dirtying my pants a lot so after breakfast I went on the toilet and tried really hard for like an hour and dropped a few pebbles that really hurt. Then Jasmin came in and said to get off as she wanted to poo before she went out. I sat on the side of the bath whilst she was on the toilet. She was straining and breaking wind and dropping pebbles like one at a time into the water. Its unfair she is so much stronger inside and can strain so hard she can make poo come out even if she doesn't need to go. Jasmin goes on the toilet even when she don't need to poo and is t constipated and just sits there straining until she makes herself do a poo. Just then she says to me - here it comes it feels big and she starts pushing out this huge nobbly log. She wiped once and got up leaving this solid log sticking up out of the water.
I then got back on the toilet and after a while my mum came in and I said I had been claiming Jasmins poo to be mine. Mum told me I could get off and go out.
Trouble was whilst I was out I got so poo leak in my pants and when I came in my mum noticed it so after lunch I had to go back again on the toilet - all I managed to do was a couple of pebbles. I usually eat sweets when I am on the toilet but this time I didn't to see if that would help but it didn't. So this evening I am back on the toilet I've been on it for an hour now and as I strain I can feel it move and then it disappears back inside mind you I am enjoying my sweets this time.Mum has said she will give me a note for school tomorrow if I can't poo this evening so I can stop at home and keep going on the toilet.
I will update when I get it out - my arse and guts are killing me.
chan K

Sunday, November 15, 2015


To Victoria B on green poop

The main reasons for colors other than brown in your poop are two: food coloring and certain vegetables. If you have eaten (for instance) cake with blue or green or black frosting, there may be enough food coloring in the frosting to make poop green, or even blue. Green beer on St. Patrick's Day is green from food coloring. You noticed that only part of your b.m. was green, so frosting (or something else with food coloring in it) is a reasonable guess. The other main possibility is that you had spinach or some other dark-green food that imparts pigment to your stool. In either of those cases, the green may last through another b.m. or two, but will soon go away. Since you apparently didn't feel sick, and your bowel movement was otherwise healthy, chances are the green is from something you ate, and not from a disease.

If the green persists and is accompanied by pain, diarrhea, or other symptoms that can go with illness, see your doctor.

Kayla from roanoke

First time poster

So this is my first time ever posting.. I found this site because I was searching for embarrassing pooping somehow ended up here, so I'm a 15 year old freshman in high school in the USA.. So I've been reading how some people school didn't have locks on there schools bathroom stalls and my school is pretty much the same it sucks having too just pee sometimes if I don't drink anything allday I can get by without having to pee but most of the time I have to pee once while I'm at school and it's soo awfull but the worst
Of the worst and my friends all say hell no they would never ever poop there but I totally have had the worst worst stomach aches like ever right there in class like wtf it's so awkward.. Just this year I've had to raise my hand 4 times and most of the time there's someone that's skipping class or if not someone comes in once I'm sitting on the toilet allready which by the way are gross.. U have to wipe the seat down
I allso lay toilet paper on the seat befor I sit and I agree with another
Post that the toilets are 30 precent bigger then yours at home so weird I feel like I'm gonna fall in if I sit far back :/ I'm 5'2 97 pounds so I'm kind of a small girl anyways and it's just
Sooo embarussing like just the fact your sitting
There pooping knowing everyone in class knows damn well what your doing because it takes 8 - 10 mins sometimes longer.. Oh and from reading some of the posts it looks like I'm not alone in pooping a lot ( so embarussing just to type that ) but it is like I'm this tiny chick I shouldn't be "going " a ton but just yesterday it happened had to raise my hand ask to go use the restroom soon as I'm out in the hall I do the power walk down to the restroom take the first stall that looks sorta clean lay my tp down on the seat unbuckle my belt and my jeans and pull them down just below my knees and
Hop up on the toilet for some reason there all like as high as handicaped ones and
I'm short so my feet don't really touch just hardly my tips of my toes and started pushing and it just kept plopping and plopping after I was done it looked like 7.. 4 inch long poops so much ugh just then a girl walks in looks at me I hate when eye contact is made and then she takes another stall while I start wipping and she
Finishes her pee befor I come out and that was it.. Hope I'm welcomed here I'll post more :) love Kayla


Questions for Catherine

Hi Catherine,

I've read a lot of your stories, and of all of the posters here, you are definitely in the top 5 or 10. I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind.

1) I know you have large bowel movements, twice a day, so it got me wondering just how big. Have you even taken one of those small digital scales and weighed your poop after you have gone?

2) Have you ever tried holding in your bowel movements for several days or more just so you could later poop out an even more enormous load?

3) Related to question #2, is there anyway you would ever be able to go, lets say 5 days, without a bowel movement, while eating what you normally do, just so you could produce one gigantic crap?

Thank you so much for answering my Qs


For Steven A.

Hi Steven,

Wow; I haven't read or posted here in ages; I was happy to still see your posts here. I have always liked reading your posts about school; makes me feel like I'm right there with you....on the bus or in class.

I guess you're pretty regular most of the time; I know that good health and having good bowel movements are important to you; I agree and have always felt that it's best to poop in the morning before school.

You mentioned in one of your posts that you were pretty badly constipated a couple of summers back....and eventually received a suppository? Could you tell me more about that?

Do you have any idea as to what caused your constipation then? Stress in your life of some sort?

Did your mom give you the suppository or did you go to the doctor?

And; lastly....having experienced it first hand....would you be apt to give your child a suppository (if and when you have kids!) if they were constipated?

Again....thanks for all the cool posts you make! I hope that after you finish High School you will continue to post here :)


Anonymous K

To Maryam

I have been a long time lurker, but have never posted anything until now. I'm so sorry for your loss of your daughter. Even though I did not know her personally, from what I gathered from her posts, she seemed like a very nice person, and you, Maryam, are a great, supportive mother. What really made me sad was when she would mention how her father and sister felt about her. Sadly it seemed they did not appreciate or accept her for the beautiful person she was, inside and out. While I know words will not bring Christa back, take comfort in knowing that the anonymous people on this forum appreciated and loved Christa for who she was, just as you do.

Anonymous K


Reply to Victoria B etc

Victoria B. I think it's a well known fact that what we eat can affect the colour of our poo. Often when I've eaten a lot of beetroot I've ended up doing reddish poos so I could well imagine the effect that eating a lot of greens could have. It so happens that I'm one of those rare people who love Brussels sprouts and at this time of the year I could literally live off them but for the fact that they can make me rather windy and whilst I don't mind farting in private it's a different matter in public/professional life. I guess if I ate a lot of them my poo would have a distinctly greenish hue to it.

Tonight I had a meal at my local and, as is quite often the case, I had a steak for the main course. Unusually, however, I had a very hot French onion soup (a favourite of mine) as a starter. After the meal I started to get a feeling that things were 'on the move' and when I got home I hurried to the bathroom and had a massive, semi-liquid, poo. As I'd not normally expect that to happen I can only imagine that the hot soup hitting my stomach 'loosened things up' down below.

Old Fart

Victoria B. - green poop

Anything have food coloring in it? Years ago my step-daughter did Blueberry muffins for us one morning. She wanted it to look like there were more blueberries than there were. Blue food coloring spots for berries, undiluted. had bright green poop. Kid's cereal with lots of coloring will do it also.

Brandon T

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To: Victoria B great story and your poop may just be green cause of something you ate or drank or a combo of both.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story.

To: J.A.G great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

End Stall Em

Ardeith & Me Using the College Toilets

My new best friend in college is Ardeith. She's from the UK and on a foundation scholarship to get her degree here in the U.S. We have several classes together and we study together for a couple of our classes. Even though I use to think I was relatively uninhibited about using school and other public bathrooms, she kind of puts me to shame. Ardeith said the used subway bathrooms almost daily in her home city because she had to take the train, and with several transfers, to her secondary school. Three or four mornings a week, she took her dump in the public toilets at one of the transit stops. On a good day, she said there was toilet paper to clean herself with; otherwise, she pulled her underwear up and went directly to the restroom when she got to school, sat and cleaned herself. While the public toilets were pretty gross, and some had doors removed due to drug users, muggings and other activities, she learned to tolerate them.

One or two times a week Ardeith and I study late into the evening and morning hours, using my dorm because its a lot more quiet. My mom thinks such an assessment is curious because its co-ed, but most of us get along pretty well. Each of the bathrooms accommodate both genders, something I've told Ardeith would have been laughable knowing all the socially immature kids we had at my high school. Guys come in, do their thing in the urinals which are set off at the end of the room by a partition, wash their hands with us and inevitably, take their craps in the same stalls that we do. Not all, but more of them than in high school, flush. However, they don't seem to linger long on the toilet. They do their thing, wipe usually from their seat, and then go to the sinks. Since I most always take the end stall, I only have one other occupant next to me and I've found that almost all wash their hands. Do they use all the hot water and vigorous motions with the soap that the health department recommends? Sometimes, probably not, but at least they make an effort. (I can still remember walking to the journalism room at my high school and right across from the entrance seeing a couple of underclassmen guys come running out tucking in their organs and then zipping as they joined the fury in the hallway).

At about 11 p.m. last night Ardeith and I got hungry and we had a pizza and a soda delivered in. Right after each of us had two or three bites of the hot pizza, Ardeith said she had to use the toilet. So she told me to grab the pizza box, and soda container and to follow her. I thought we were heading to the lounge area, but she headed directly to the bathroom. She headed in to the next-to-the-last stall while I seated myself on the end toilet and did what I figured would be my last pee of the day. I juggled my pizza piece in my left hand, while I pulled my shorts and underwear down with my right as I placed myself on the seat. As I peed, I told her the pizza was great and thanked her for the recommendation. From her toilet she leaned down and slid the box over into my stall so I could get another piece. What surprised me was that she picked up her lap top carrying case, took her computer out and on her lap, she was reading to me and editing two essays she had written on
the Jacksonian period. As she read her essay, I could hear her pause and then punch out a couple of pieces of crap that hit the bowl water with a moderate splash. We got into a discussion of the subject, she edited her notes, and tried to think of more points for any essay we were given. We finished off the pizza and most of the soda and I asked her what time it was on her computer. Both of us were surprised we had spent almost two hours on the toilets studying. A couple of minutes later when we got back to my room I invited her to stay over and sleep on the sofa. As I was getting my jammies on, she called attention to the red indention the toilet seat had recorded on my butt.

We got up at 6 a.m., walked across the campus to get two large coffees. Then we took them to the library where we got two more hours of studying in. Ardeith excused herself to pee and again she took her computer in to study on. When she came back, obviously relieved, I showed her a footnote in a biography of Jackson that I had gotten off the stacks a few days earlier. Interestingly, at his inauguration party at the White House back in the 1820s, many of his supporters got drunk on cheap beer and when the party room got too jammed with people drinking the fine liquor, the drunken guests seeking to get to the bathroom to release their beer couldn't make it. Apparently, someone improvised by opening a ground-level window and these guys climbed through it and lubricated the shrubs right outside the White House entrance. Like me, Ardeith found such lout behavior to be amusing, so much so that she used it as evidence in her essay answer.


another childhood story

Here's another childhood story of mine for today, enjoy!

When I was 9, about a month before my 10th birthday, my mother and I went shopping after school one day. We'd been walking around for a while - probably no more than twenty minutes, but it could have been longer for all I know - when I started feeling as though I needed to go to the toilet and do a big poo. I was still fairly intimidated by the thought of using public bathrooms at that age, so I was reluctant to ask my mother if we could find one along the way. I held it in and tried to ignore the feeling, but it gradually grew stronger. I was also starting to feel a bit windy, and this led to quite a few silent but rather nasty farts which I prayed nobody would notice. My mother did, eventually, when we were looking at some clothes and I quietly let another very stinky one out. She waved a hand up and down in front of her face and then whispered to me, "Do you need to go to the toilet? You've been doing this ever since we arrived here." I nodded shyly, and she said, "I'm just going to pay for these things and then we'll go and find one."

Fortunately, there was one not too far from where we were, so I went into the closest available stall, shut the door, pulled down my black slacks and sat. I immediately let out two large plops and then a few smaller ones, and was finished in about three minutes. After flushing and washing my hands, I went out to my mother, who was waiting just outside for me. I felt so much better - the pressure of holding it in had started hurting my stomach a bit - and I'd also learned that using a public bathroom wasn't the terrifying experience that I'd imagined it to be. My mother praised me for being brave, and from that day I learned that I didn't have to hold anything in simply because I was away from home. I guess I grew a lot in that one afternoon!

Peace out,


To Maryam and Victoria B

Hi Maryam, I was very saddened to learn of Christa's passing. I remember her posts. She was truly a lovely young woman. It is really sad that She was so misunderstood. More people than we realize are really misunderstood. I offer you and your family my condolences and Christa will surely be missed here.
Hi Victoria B, I always enjoy your posts. You said you recently started eating more vegetables? Something you ate caused your poop to be green. Back in the Summer I was drinking a lot of grape-flavored Gatorade and I noticed I was pooping green! Even the toilet paper was green after wiping my butt. This continued for a while because I was drinking a lot of it, but I switched to another flavor and a couple days later my poop was brown again. Are you eating any fruits like grapes? I think it is definitely caused by something you ate. You may want to keep a journal on what you eat and the color and texture of your poop, you would probably find out what food caused it. Good luck to you and I look forward to your next post.


Responses and Lunch with the Mayor

Cley: Thank you for your kind words!

J.A.G.: I guess I really feel comfortable with Alan. It feels liberating that I don't have to feel squeamish about going to the bathroom around him. With my bowel habits, I knew early on that there would be no avoiding it. The toilet selfies are just another thing with my obsession. I guess I want him to know what I look like on the toilet, since that interests him!

Mina: I hated to hear the story about Maho's experience in school with Sister Catherine! I am sorry my name reminded her of me. No one should ever be hit, scolded or made to feel ashamed for going to the bathroom. How horrible!!!

Just an update on Jill (not her real name), the lady in her late 40's who is the town mayor. You might remember that I had to unclog a toilet a few weeks ago after she had been in there. She pooped and left a 10 inch long, 3 inch thick turd in our women's bathroom at lunch. Then the next day she apologized and I sold her some Metamucil and stool softeners to help her.

Well, we had lunch on Monday. She won her re-election, which is awesome. However, she is a former beauty queen and just has a little snotty attitude sometimes. So, we were eating lunch in my restaurant, and we made a lot of small talk. However, she did bring up that she really appreciated me helping her with her constipation. OK, this is lunch, I thought. But she said that after taking the fiber and stool softeners as directed for about three days that she began to notice an incredible difference in her bowels. She went on to tell me that she had been going to the bathroom about three times a day for the past two weeks, that they were really large and soft stools. She said she has not felt this good going to the bathroom in a while. I could not believe that she was telling me this, especially at lunch! So, I interjected that she might want to cut back now that she was regular, and talk to her doctor about her diet and everything. She said that the only bad thing is that when she has to go, the need hits her suddenly and she cannot put off the trip to the bathroom. Yet, she was really happy about this and thanked me over and over! Wow!

Awkward!!! Yet, it was amusing at the same time.

So, our beauty queen mayor is pooping three times per day! Haha! I'm glad I could make a difference!



Clean up guy

sitting vs standing

Hi I recently started to sit down when I have to pee. I find that it's sometmies it's ok especially if I have to go number 2. Plus there's no splatter on the bowl. When I stand aND pee in the water there's always pee splatter on the rim of the toilet I always wipe it off. When I'm in shower I just pee standing up in the shower also I always pee standing up when I'm in a public restroom. My question is is it ok for a guy to sit down to pee and are there others guys on here that do the same?


The Pleasure of Pooping at Work

Is there anything in life more pleasurable than pooping at the office? Every morning between nine and ten, I start to feel a little activity down below. It slowly builds, I might release a silent fart, sniff it and it is usually pretty rank because a good shit is brewing in there. The pressure continues to build, and after the meeting I might be in ends, or after I've finished up whatever I'm working on, I grab my phone and make my way downstairs to the restroom. I grab the middle stall (usually available since most people take the end stalls) which I like because I can see through the gap who is entering the room so I know what they look like if they grab one of the adjacent stalls. I then drop my pants, sit and release. It is such a wonderful relief and I know that no one will bother me. Pure heaven!

Yesterday, I had an interesting experience. I was in my usual stall when a young guy entered the mens room and took the stall to my left. He's an attractive, fit guy, in his late twenties. He unbuckled his pants and sat. He let out a short high pitched fart as he started to push. As his hole started to open as he was pushing out the stool, he let out a long, loud sigh: "Ahhhhhh." You could tell that the sensation he was feeling was intensely pleasurable. The turd, which was probably large and torpedo shaped, fell into the bowl with a soft "flump." He then whispered, "Oh boy." Then he pushed out another large log, peed, then he whispered, "Ohhhh." We both wiped, he left the stall a few seconds before I did, and he was at sinks. He gave me a smile, as if to say, "Is there anything more pleasurable than a good shit?" I smiled back, thinking the same thing.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Why crapping was hard for me in junior high

I've written before about being a real stickler for privacy. Some (such as my ex.) may say its due to low self-esteem. But whether I'm home, or when I was at school, or in a more public restroom, I've always been a person to protect my privacy.

Twenty years ago when I was in junior high I was just short of terrorized by having to use the toilets. Sure the bathrooms were in some cases 20 times larger than what we had at home. It didn't help that I had to ask permission, often in front of the whole class to go, and that some of my classmates were so bored that during reading periods or films they were monitoring and then snickering when classmates exited and entered the room. So it was as a last resort that I would raise my hand for permission. Looking back, I saved my need to pee for the passing periods, despite the fact that I sat with a hand against the door (there were no latches on any of the doors because of vandalism and other misuse) so that it wouldn't be thrown open on me, peeing was done pretty fast and I was rarely seated for more than 30 seconds. Craps, however, I did during class time because I would be seated for from 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes more. There was the farting, plop-plops into the water, and other things that generated harassments.

Sure I had some bad habits. Since I sometimes dealt with constipation (especially during the school week), I had gotten into a really bad habit of getting down off the toilet, turning around and looking at the size of the turd I had dropped. Fine for home, because mom would ask about the size of my stools and make laxative and sometimes enema decisions based on that. Then I would sit down again and continue my crap. However, all that movement in the stall singled me out for attention during grade school, and a couple of times in junior high, I took a shot to my butt when the door was thrown open and I was dumped over onto the stool head first with my underwear and jeans at my ankles.
So that's why I got to the point where I only crapped during class.

Now with a 7 and 5 year-old in elementary school, I'm probably overly sensitive about the experiences they are and will be having.


To Maryam re Christa

It's quite a long time since I last posted here - unfortunately life has tended to get a little in the way of me doing as much online as I'd like to. I was, however, very sorry to read your post today about Christa and would like to offer you my warmest condolences as, I know, others have already done. Discovering this site will, I know, have come as something of a surprise and, if you were unused to the idea, accepting that some people happily discuss bodily functions will be new territory for you. I've been a member here since the early days of the site in the late 1990s and I know that it is a very strong, friendly, and supportive community. If that helped Christa to deal with difficulties which were more severe than I, or perhaps many others too here realised, that can only have been a good thing and I hope its something from which you can derive a little comfort if nothing else. Recently I lost my own beloved Aunt Anne, some of whose 'close calls' have been referred to on here over the years, so I too am coming to terms with loss. I hope very much that you will feel able to return and post on here again as I'm sure it would be a fitting tribute to Christa's memory to do so. However I'll understand fully if you don't feel able or comfortable with doing that. Take care, Adrian.

Victoria B.

Green poop?


So I'm still alive, just trying to ride out a crazy semester. I haven't managed to find the time to write anything until now but I've been following this page nevertheless! Something unusual happened to me today in the bowel department and I wanted to see if it has ever happened to anyone else.

I got up this morning and headed for the bathroom to take care of my morning pee. I felt that I would need a number two sometime soon, just not yet. With my bladder emptied I wiped my front, got up, and flushed. Breakfast was the next item on the agenda, but not before my first cup of coffee on the day. Caffeinated and otherwise satiated, I sat down to finish the last few pages of a reading assignment for class. That was when the need hit. My belly and butt both felt full and I was starting to get the tingle down my spine that always seems to happen whenever it's time for me to poop.

I headed to the bathroom and started undressing for the shower that I planned on taking after doing my business. T-shirt, yoga pants, and mint-green undies came off and I was ready to go, figuratively and literally. I've become a confirmed squat-pooper (though there are exceptions when I prefer to sit, like for diarrhea) so I turned to the toilet and put the seat up before turning around to give it a nice view of my 'other' cheeks. Feeling playful, I gave them a gentle slap before getting down into my squat.

It wasn't long before a somewhat stubborn log started crackling its way out, requiring several pushes to keep things in motion. The second half of the turd was for reasons I'd soon find out much smoother and the whole thing slid out to the bowl below with a nice plop. A much smaller piece followed it and then I was done. I got up from my squat and turned around to take a glance at what I'd dropped in the pot. The slightly knobby part of my first log was my usual brown, but the smoother second half and the other piece were both green! I've been trying to eat more vegetables lately but this was a little ridiculous! My period ended on Sunday and I felt fine both before and after, but there I was after pooping green turds. . . Has anyone else ever had this happen? Can someone explain my green number two?

See ya later!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Simmee great story as always.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really great poops and I bet you both felt great after you guys were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sally great story it sounds like you got a great show.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story.

To: Abby great story about your big pop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I found posts from Christa. I didn't read before because they looked difficult, with my bad English, now I regret. I cry again little, then I print out some posts to read slowly as they are different style, but other people on site sometimes use this style. I don't criticize, it is my fault I forgot English after came back from Wales. Now I start to read and Christa teach me many important things. Actually one of posts, I found I have read before. There is Aunt Jena in it.

I always enjoy loo, but I see that some people have really hard time there very much and Christa was one of them. So now when I stay on loo long time and I am alone, I think about her, I hope she can hear me from the Heaven. I say sorry to her that I didn't read all posts when I looked at site, only easy ones. Selfish Mina. Maryam, if you don't forgive me, it's OK. I bow my head.

With love and much sorry from Mina.

clogged up

to JAG

Hey jag, dont worry the questions arent too personal :)

- What is the appeal of holding your poop in?

Dunno, I've just always liked being full. Feels good to pass so much gas, then the relief when u finally take a dump is awesome!

- Have you been doing this for a long time or did you just start recently?

Been a weekly dumper most of my life. It's just a habit at this point so I'm not even consciously holding it in.

- You mentioned that you can go up to 6 days to a week without doing anything, but have you ever held for longer than that?

Around two weeks a couple of times

- Have you ever had an accident from holding for so long?

Yeah I will share some of those stories here
- Do you ever feel embarrassed about farting in public?

Yeah i do, its easier sometimes when i'm really backed up to just stay at home...farting with every step in public is hard b/c the gas REALLY stinks and is undeniable.

- have you ever felt sick from holding for so long because your system is getting so backed up?

Yeah ive felt sick a few times, i break out in cold sweats
- Lastly, how do you manage not to block the toilet?

I would clog the toilet all the time...if I pooped in the toilet. I usually birth my turd in the tub, then cut it up with a butter knife and flush in sections

In a pub/restaurant toilets

I was in a local pub/restaurant and needed to poo. I went upstairs to the toilets and whilst on the way was overtaken by two boys who must have been about 7/8 years old. When I got into the toilets there was only one cubicle which one of the kids was in and had locked himself in, the other one was weeing into the urinal. I waited for the cubicle, the other kid finished his pee and walked over (trousers and pants at his ankles) to bang on the door and tell his friend to hurry up cos he was bursting for a poo. He was dancing around and had his hand on his bum cheeks. After a minute or so he farted and started dancing quicker, banged on the door again and yelled "HURRY UP I'm going to poo myself!!". He continued to stamp around for a bit longer, then farted loudly again,and as he did so a huge turd pushed out of his arse and onto the floor behind him followed by a pile of mushy poo. As he wasn't squatting this went all over the back of his trousers.

I decided to go and use the disabled toilet but wondered how he explained that one to his parents??

Optional Person


I am sorry for your loss.

Clean up guy

To Maryam

I'm sorry for your loss.

pregnant pooper
So today im @ 15 weeks gone and im now looking pregnant. Got an ickle bump and although im still in my normal clothes, i know in a matter of days i'll be into my maternity wear. Ive been pooping fairly regularly still but i am starting to have a bit of a struggle going although its nothing too extreme yet.

I took a poop this morning after a lovely a shower, which i needed after a hot cuddling and you know what session with Jamie upon waking. I got out, dried myself and realised i needed to go. Jamie stuck his head around the door and kissed me goodbye and headed to work. He rubbed my little bump and off he went. I decided to dry my hair off a bit before going so wearing just the towel i did. After taking the initial dampness of my hair i headed back yo the toilets. I dropped the towel at the door and walked naked to the loo. I sat and began with a strong push and as it began to emerge a crackling noise was happening as the poop came out. It dropped off but i had more to do so another pusb was needed. I leaned forward and pushed which took my breathe away. I saw it begin to fall as my bump isnt big enough yet to stop me seeing into the toilet. It fell slowly with a kerplunk and i felt done. I wiped 4 times and flushed.

As i said above my pooping is still okay and that above story was an instance of a straight forward poop but i have had some struggles. Sorry ive not been on much lately as ive been very busy but hopefully things have quietened down now and i'll write in more.

pregnant pooper
To Maryam. Im am so very sorry for your sad loss. I cant claim to know of your daughter's posts on here but im glad she got some comfort out thoses that did reply. Your daughter sounded like a very special girl and i know words cant bring her back but i hope you get somr comfort in knowing people on here cared and we are all extremely sorry, if i can.speak for all of course. Hopefully life is manageable for you and everyone wjo know your special.daughter. Im sad as im bringing a life into this word next May and stories like yours make me wish to protrvt my little bundle of joy so much more from this sometimes crazy, hard world.

Again words cant express my sympathoes. This is really saddened me.

Pregnant pooper.

Here's a story from today which I just have to share:) I know this is my third post in the last couple of days but I really would like to write about what happened in church this evening!

I was sitting in one of the pews in the middle of the church, and directly in front of me was a pretty woman with dyed and styled black hair who looked to be in her early 50's or late 40's. She was dressed in a purple silk blouse with black trousers and black high-heel sandals, and although she was slightly on the larger side (not extremely overweight by any means but not thin either) she was still attractive. We stood up to say a prayer, and as we did she let out a rather loud and bubbly-sounding fart - whoops! I instinctively held my breath as I was expecting to catch a whiff of it, but fortunately it wasn't a smelly one. I felt sorry for her, because she likely wasn't expecting something like that to happen, and if anybody else heard it, it would have been quite obvious what she'd done. I'm sure she would have been mortified if it had also smelled (and I wouldn't have enjoyed that very much either).

I wondered whether she would get up and go to the bathroom, but she didn't - she remained where she was for the rest of the service - so I figured that she probably just had a bit of wind and nothing more. Nothing like this has ever happened in church before, since people are so polite there, but I thought it was a story worth telling!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

30-something male

@ Maryam

Be´ng a lurker mainly, I want to step forward to tell you I'm deeply sorry for your loss. :-(

I'm wishing you the best under these circumstances.



Response to Maryam

When I came onto here this morning I immediately saw your post about Christa, and I am shocked and saddened to hear the news. I've been part of this site for a long time, first as a regular reader and, as of a few months ago, a contributor, and I remember all her stories. At 24, she was only three years older than myself, and it makes me incredibly sad to think that she could have been in as much pain as she was in at the end of her life. I'm sorry to hear that her father and sister weren't able to accept her for who she was, and I'm sure that that must have caused you a lot of pain as well.

Even though I don't know you personally, I will pray for you and your family, that you will be comforted during this time of grief. Stay strong.


To: Maryann

I am truly saddened to hear this news. Christa was a very sweet and beautiful young woman. She takes after her mom. Just remember that her body is gone, but she will still be there in your heart and memories. She had much to deal with and it's something that is hard to deal with especially because people don't understand autism. From what I've read in her posts, it is clear that she had a wonderful mom. I know that you are going to do a lot of second guessing yourself about why you didn't see this coming, and why you didn't do this or that. Don't. You did the best you could and did an amazing job considering that you were able to get her to go out into the world and function. I am "blown away" by the fact that you, despite your loss, have taken the time to post here to let us know about what has happened. Thank you for taking the time to write. She will be missed, and I'm sure that I can speak for others when I say that our prayers are with you. Please consider counseling to help you deal with this incomprehensible loss. This is one of those times I wish I could reach through the computer to give you a huge hug. Staying strong doesn't mean that you can't have the time to just cry and mourn your loss. And now I say "good bye" from the old English "God be with you".

Blind Guy

To Maryam

Note to mods: While this is not bathroom related, it does regard one of our previous members, and I beg your indulgence in allowing the following onto the page if you please. Greetings. I read your post just now, and my heart dropped. I have often wondered about Christa, having shared some similar experiences in the world of autism and toilet related difficulties. My stomach dropped to the floor and heart lurched into my throat when I read your notification of the untimely death of a truly beautiful and wonderful young woman whom I, for one, never forgot. I asked about her over the next few months after her absence, but of course no one knew anything, as everyone here is supposed to be anonymous. My grief at your tragic and unnecessary loss is truly immense, and words fail. There are indeed no words to express how sorry I am that this sort of thing ever happens, that unique and wonderful people feel the need to take such drastic and irrevocable actions. My heart breaks for you and yours, and for what it's worth I wish you all the very best in your journey of grief and recovery. Please remember that it's OK to have whatever emotions you have as a result of your losses. If you have a support system, now is the time to use it. As someone who sees and deals with the aftermath of suicide and those left behind all too often, I speak from unfortunate experience when I give this advice. Should you need me, I may not post much, but I always read every post and will be here should there be any way in which I may be of assistance to you. You will be in my thoughts. May peace be with you. Lokaa samastha sukhino bhavanthu. Om santhi, santhi, santhi.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Maryam it saddens me to hear about Christa she will be missed on here even though we all here didnt know eachother in real life on here we were friends who come here and talk about the things we enjoyed by sharing stories and stuff.

To: J.A.G great story.

To: Mina hopefully Sister Katherine will learn to be more kind.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition on Dartmoor

Hi. I just wanted to share a story about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Gold practice expedition from this summer here in the UK. I have done the bronze and silver levels with six of my mates, all guys. We have really enjoyed them and they have been a great laugh. We have been to Wales and the Peak District. For our Gold practice expedition we were in Dartmoor. The practice expedition we had planned was about 90km over 4 days, across the remote bits of Dartmoor, self sufficient with backpacks.

A key difference about the gold level compared to the silver level is that we would "wild camp" instead of spending the nights at proper campsites, so we would not see any toilets for 4 days. The standard procedure was that one guy, Josh, was responsible for carrying toilet rolls, a trowel and hand rub. If you needed to "go" you would have to speak to Josh and he would give you the trowel and paper, and then you would go on a walk somewhere discreet,dig a small hole, squat over the hole and fill it! In practice, this happened at the campsite in the evening. Calorie intake being high, I think we all used the trowel every evening...

The first evening we all managed to use the trowel without incident (although it was very difficult to find somewhere out of sight of everyone else as the tents were on the highest point for miles around) and everyone coped fine on the second night apart from Josh - there was a mound thing near where we camped, a few of us had been behind it and Josh took a walk behind it at one point. Whilst he was there a group of guys in military gear suddenly appeared and headed towards the mound Josh was behind! You guessed it - they went round the back of it! When Josh returned he claimed he had just finished digging the hole, dropped his shorts and started his dump when there was a noise behind him, and this group of guys were feet away from him. He had apparently removed his T shirt for some reason and could do very little but apologize and attempt to hide his bits with the toilet roll he was clutching!

There was another incident involving a toilet roll that evening, but we were not made aware of it at the time...

On the last night we were camping near a deserted farm called Nuns Cross Farm. The farm house is still there, but all locked up. We had a good meal and were all sat around chilling when Josh announced he was off for a dump. A few jokes were made about looking in all directions and off he went. You had to walk a bit of a way to get out of sight and Tim - who Josh shared a tent with suddenly got up and went and stood near where Josh was hiding. The rest of us were slightly wondering what he was up to, but then Josh emerged handed the stuff to Tim and he went to do his business. While Tim was still gone someone said they were next for trowel and paper and everyone else clearly needed to go as we had a bit of "when you're back I'm next" and I ended up last but one in the queue. I had been turtling for some time by now, and it seemed like agony as each guy would be gone at least 15 minutes by the time they had walked away, found somewhere private and dug a hole. Josh announced at about this point something like "I don't Think you will all be wanting a shit tonight" and then revealed that Tim had dropped a near full roll of toilet paper in a stream whilst attempting to wash his hands the previous evening and we were now well into the last roll! Tim returned with a rather thin looking roll of paper which was then taken with a promise to use it sparingly by the next two lads. Each came back with a much depleted roll and a comment like sorry "it was a messy one". The next guy finished it, and also had to use the cardboard tube. He was very apologetic, although to be fair he probably had severely sacrificed how much he normally used anyway.

This left Jamie and myself with a problem, not helped by Josh and Tim sharing stories of how much bog roll they were able to use and how relieved they felt after their dumps! We initially decided we would hold it, but not long before it got dark I decided I would have to go. I grabbed the trowel and started collecting any plant leaves that would be good to wipe with as I headed off. I became aware that Jamie was behind me. He said he really needed to go and would be waiting nearby for the trowel. I found a spot where Jamie could not see me, dug a hole, stood up and told Jamie I would not be long - I could see him when I was stood up, then dropped my shorts, squatted down and had a massive dump. Jamie was nearby telling me about how bad his turtles head was when to my horror I discovered I had seriously underestimated how much material I would need to wipe. All that surrounded me was tiny bits of grass. I was stuck squatting over a hole and felt I couldn't move because of the mess between my legs! I had to shout Jamie who came and gave me some tufts of grass he had collected as well as a small stone he had found. The rock did the job. I then buried the stone and the grass etc and gave Jamie the trowel who then immediately started digging his hole, it was very nearly dark. He asked me to go and find him a stone and some more grass as he could wait no longer. I came back to find him stood next to his hole with his shorts up but with his arse hanging out. I then gave him some privacy and returned to the site. I think the others felt a bit guilty, but still had a good laugh at our expense! Jamie and I were sharing a tent and had a very "itchy" night and were both scratching our arse much more than usual over the next few days after we got home. We will each be carrying our own toilet rolls when we do the main expedition next summer! Tim has since revealed he deliberately buried unused paper so we would run out and suffer. We will have our revenge!

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