Responses and Two Stories

Thank you all again for the birthday wishes and well-wishes on my engagement. We are both very excited.

Mina: I nearly spit out my coffee when I read Kazuko wanted to move to Africa just to do a larger motion!!! That was so funny! There's much we Americans can learn from Japanese diets! I eat lots of vegetarian recipes because of their high-fiber content, not to mention that they are good for us! I guess that contributes to the size of my bowel movements!

I did not find the story you mentioned? What page is it?

Just Another Girl: I enjoyed your story about the chamber pot. I am so thankful for modern plumbing. I could not imagine life if chamber pots and outhouses were a normal part of life! I enjoy your posts as well! Thank you for sharing!

Now for my stories. The first has to do with our town's mayor. She is a neat person, very successful, outgoing (like most politicians). I think that she is in her late 40's. She is a regular customer of our restraunt at lunch. However, she must have been pretty irregular lately. She is a big-boned, tall woman, kind of like me, with big chest and a thick butt and thighs. She is a little bigger in the middle. I imagine that she is about 5'11" and I know that she must weigh over 200 lbs. But she is very beautiful. She has blonde hair, probably died, and a medium complexion. She was wearing an expensive business suit. She is a little snobbish. So what happened was funny considering.

She came in with a group of friends - all women. At first, she was really outgoing an engaged. We even spoke, as I was making my way back from the toilet (I had to pee). However, I noticed later on, after she finished her lunch that she was gone from her table. I had stepped away from the pharmacy to get a salad. Now I don't normally notice what other people do when they come in the restraunt, but I noticed that she had been in the bathroom for a while. The others paid their check, and were waiting on her. When she came out of the bathroom, she hurridly got her things and went to pay. I noticed that she did not say much to her friends, and one even asked if she was OK. She whispered something.

I finished my salad, paid and was getting ready to go back to work when one of my waitresses grabbed me and said, "Catherine, we have a problem in the restroom. You need to take a look at this!" I went in and inside the toilet was one of the fattest turds that I had ever seen. Now I know why Ms. Mayor was so eager to leave. There were a few wads of toilet paper off to the side, but the turd did not go down the hole. It was dark, knobbby, and must have been over three inches thick. It was at least ten inches long. When the waitress showed me the turd, she flushed. The toilet was not backed up. It was that the turd was not moving. I dismissed her and told her that I would take care of it. I took a picture.

She must have not been to the bathroom in a few days. She is up for re-election next week. She has my vote! Of course, being the owner, I had to take care of the toilet. I broke up the turd with a brush and got the toilet to flush again.

Later last night I showed Alan the picture. Then I told him who did it. His eyes got big! Haha!

Sorry, my second story will need to wait! I hope everyone is well. Gotta go! Yes, to the bathroom!



To Steve A: I had ghost poo once. Long time ago. I wondered where it went. Then I did another poo, and it was not ghost. Perhaps it slammed into ghost poo and couldn't go more far down.

I hate thin loo paper in loo. In my office loo it is very thin, sometimes I take some paper from home and use it in office loo.

I very surprise about loo with no door. Really? I never see. But I think there is such loo in very old house in Okinawa. Okinawa is south part of Japan, and very tropical place.

To Angela: I would never feel awkward about doing motion in public loo, actually it never happen for long time. But like you say Just Another Girl, everyone do it. To me motion is not shameful thing. If I have a diarrhoea in office I go to loo and sit down and make my bottom explode, and if I want to stay long long time, I stay long long time. Even if next cubicle is man, I don't care. But I don't like when same man send me mail many times and always when I am doing morning motion.

Sorry, I don't have so interesting story now. When I have, I tell you. Love to all you.


End Stall Em

Steven A's survey

1. Have you ever experienced a "ghost poop" before?

Yes, its happened a couple of times. Both were when I was away from home.I particularly remember the first time--I was out sledding on a school snow day in January with a friend who was in the stall with me. We were both about 13. I had to poo, she had to wee. Four of the toilets were latched and there was a sign on them because I think they had been busted up. My friend talked me into taking the toilet first and warming it up to her. I don't remember there was any heat in the building and I remember we could see our breath. Luckily, because my butt was freezing on the cold seat, my poo came within seconds. It hurt me as I pushed it out so I knew it was good size, but because the seat was so uncomfortable for me, I didn't move a bit to get it out. I told her I had been a couple of days constipated. So I stood and both she and I looked for it and it wasn't there in the bowl. We couldn't believe it. She told me to hurry up and wipe and I think she even pulled the toilet paper for me. I did and there was a fair amount of evidence on the toilet paper. She was especially surprised and got down on her knees right on front of the toilet and said that while she could smell my poo, there was no skidmarks in the bowl and nothing jammed up in the hole. Then she got on the toilet, did a pretty good wee, and then she stood up and we looked at her deep yellow bowl. She flushed and we noticed there was a group of bubbles that came out of the hole. That was a close as we got to finding my poop.

2) How do you feel public bathrooms should be like and have in them?

Stall doors? Yes there should be stall doors, but at schools and in highly public places I know the doors take a beating and some custodians just take them off.
Male/Female/Family/Unisex? I've used them all. I have a sociology professor who predicts unisex bathrooms will proliferate due to some of the sexual identity issues in the news today.
Hand dryer/paper towels? They are not the best from an environmental point of view, but I would vote for paper towels. Too many of the automatic dryers don't work or just let out cold air. Just last week after I shit my brains out at a gas station bathroom, the dryer wouldn't start. I tried three times. On my final try, I hit it harder and the enclosure for the holder fell off the wall. Then it worked fine.
Toilet paper type: I prefer the double ply.
Toilet seat covers: don't use them, but my boyfriend swears by them. When he came to visit me when I was still living at my parents house, I was surprised when I walked in on him with toilet paper under him when he was crapping in our bathroom.
People who hassle you when you get up to use the bathroom on buses/at school? Being in college and looking back, it was sometimes traumatic, but I guess I just view some of my classmates as being very immature.
Auto/manual flush: The auto-flushes sometimes will go off while I'm using the toilet rather than at the end. Recently at the mall, I had just seated myself and was starting to daydream and flung my head down between my legs. That activated the flush that blasted my bottom badly. I ended up using three rounds of toilet paper just drying my bottom off.

3) Why do public places use cheap/thin toilet paper?

It's more economical and so much of it gets wasted. Those that build nests under them on the toilet don't help the situation. And in the lower grades, there's vandalism that sometimes has involved students putting their lighter up against the toilet paper roll. A few years ago when I was doing a story for my high school journalism class, a vice principal told me that some of the fires in some school districts have been big enough to activate the fire alarm and singe the side of the cubicle.

4) How has college life impacted my eating and bathroom habits?

I don't miss having to get a pass and sign out of class or study hall. I don't miss getting a Saturday school detention for going into an unauthorized hallway to get a cleaner toilet to sit on and get better lighting and more modern fixtures. I do go more frequently to pee because I'm drinking more coffee, especially when I have a hard time staying awake in a couple of my afternoon classes. Some of our dorms have unisex floors and bathrooms. Also, more pizza makes for larger craps.


Poop in forest

Hi everyone, I have recently found this site and am loving it! It really is great! I have read through quite a few stories and thought I might share one of my own.

So, I have pooped outdoors in the wilderness before, it gives me real pleasure and I enjoy the feeling it gives me. I walked away from my house, knowing that I needed to poop soon, and searched for about 20 mins for somewhere to go. It had gotten quite painful by the time I found a spot, I needed to release my poop. I was feeling quite 'kinky' and because I like the idea of pooping outdoors, I thought I'd go fairly near the road to do it. It was quite late at night so I knew I wouldn't be very visible to others. I wondered over towards the road and found a spot right near a fairly large rock, I pulled down my joggers and underwear and squatted ready to go. I waited til I could hear a car coming along, and when I could see it, I let rip. A huge wet fart was followed by one log that crackled and emerged, I peed whilst this was happening. As the light brown log thumped the ground, another slightly smaller one followed (this was all within about 20 seconds). The people in the car wouldn't have seen me, but it gave me an extra thrill! I wiped 4 times with some tp I had brought along and threw it next to my logs and pee. I then pulled up my underwear and joggers and headed home. Hope you enjoyed!


So This Just Happened

I have never had a conversation so awkward before. I imagine that this post and the previous post will be published on the same day. If so, please read the other one first so that you will understand.

I usually get to the pharmacy around 8:30 AM. The restaurant and coffee shop are already open serving customers, but the pharmacy and gift store does not open until 9 AM. When I arrived, the Mayor, who left the huge turd in the women's bathroom yesterday at lunch, was waiting to see me.

She asked if she could talk to me for a minute, that she owed me an apology and was really embarrassed. "Catherine, I know that you know that I was the one who stopped up the commode in the women's bathroom yesterday. I am really sorry that I did not tell you, or tell someone. I was so embarrassed and all I could think of was, 'I need to leave right now!' I have never done anything like that (I assume that she was referring to clogging the toiler, as well as the huge poop that she did.)"

"Jill (not her real name), it's OK. It happens to everyone. Believe, me I've been there (though I did not elaborate.)" I smiled and was as sincere as I could be, all though, at the same time, I found this extraordinarily amusing.

"Catherine, you are such a good person." I actually saw the Mayor begin to tear up a little. Her face was flushed. This really bothered her.

"Thank you. It means a lot for you to say that," I replied. "I did not think anything of it. I would have felt the same way." Really, I am not sure that I would, but I was trying to relate to her and keep the conversation from getting more awkward. Too, she is also a Vice President at a local bank who helped me to finance my business and a customer. So, of course I was not going to burn a bridge.

But, I thought I might take advantage of the situation a little. I made a little small talk about the election next week. Jill admitted that she was under a lot of pressure. She was a popular mayor for our town, but one of the "good ole boys" was running against her, and she was worried about the election.

"Catherine, I had not been to the bathroom in three days (referring to her bowel movement). I have not been eating healthy, not sleeping well and not exercising like I should. And, I've put on a little weight. I think that all of this has caused some constipation. I did not want to take a laxative, because I just do not have time to be running back and forth to the bathroom."

"Jill, I am not a doctor, but could I suggest that you try somethings to help? First, it sounds like you need a stool softener." I told her about Colace, which does not cause cramps or diarrhea. I told her how to take the medicine and to expect that her bowel movements will be soft, and may have a little more urgency, but that it would not cause diarrhea.

Second, I showed her some of our Fiber supplements. She bought a large jar of Metamucil. I told her to use it as directed, along with the stool softener, just to get her regular again. If that didn't work, I told her to see a doctor. She made the purchase, thanked me, and apologized again. Then she asked if she could buy me lunch when the election is over. I told her that I would like that.

As she left, I watched her regain her beauty queen-like composure (she competed in our state's preliminary to Miss America and was the runner-up), and walk down the sidewalk to the bank where she worked. I smiled as she left, thoroughly amused by the whole thing.

I could only imagine what she would do when all of that kicked in! Haha!

Anyway, that's my story for today! Wow!



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really great poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story.

To: Mina great story as always.

To: Catherine great pooping story it sounds like you had a really good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J.A.G great story as always it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: SonicGamer I saw that scene.

To: Emma great story it sounds like Sarah was beyond desperate at ;east she didnt have an accident.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Squatting vs. sitting

First off, congratulations Catherine! Very happy for you! Here's hoping for many, many happy years together!

I've been seeing ads online for the squatty potty, a small stool that you place in front of your toilet. Supposedly if your feet are elevated while you're sitting on the toilet, so you're in a squatting position, it makes defecating easier. Apparently if you knees are elevated while sitting, it unkinks your rectum and your poop slides out easier and more completely.

So I tried an experiment today . I piled a few books in front of the toilet and sat down to do my business. I'd say I had about 6 inches of books down there, so I was definitely in a squatting position. And I can honestly say, I saw no difference between squatting and sitting. My poop slid out as easily when I sit as when I tried squatting. Plus I felt just as empty either way.

It's probably because I eat a high fiber diet, but it just seems to me the squatting craze while pooping seems overhyped. If you eat right and drink enough water, I think it doesn't matter if you sit or squat.

Does anybody have any experience with this item? Do you like it? Seems to me if you want something like this, you could make your own, rather than buying it. Any replies and reviews would be appreciated.

Happy pooping, everybody!


Pooping in the sink

I had a feeling tonight that there was just a bit of poop that I had to let out urgently since it was bothering me. Normally it would take me hours to defecate in the usual toilet, so I decided to do something offbeat, went to my bathroom, mounted on the wash basin (sink) and pooped, with the water flowing from the sink tap. As I had expected, only a bit of poop got defecated, to my complete relief. I used a few sticks of a broom to push the poop completely into the sink. Then I poured plenty of phenyle into the sink. Then took a quick bath. So it was a quickie poop followed by a quick bath. I intend to do the same in the future, whenever I feel like defecating a tiny amount of poop. Surprisingly, what would take me hours to do in a regular toilet took just five minutes in the sink! Also it was adventurous and gave me a bit of high as well. Any of you done the same?

Liz S

Huge poop

Hi all. I took a huge poop earlier today. I went to the mall after school with some friends. All of a sudden, the urge to poop hit me like a ton of bricks. I started to think and realized I hadn't pooped in six days. I whispered to my friends that I had to poop, and one of my friends said she needed to poop too. So we all went to the bathrooms together. I'll call my friends Helen and Mary, but those aren't their real names.

Surprisingly, there weren't many people in the bathroom. Only one of the five stalls was taken. So we took three of the remaining ones. Helen only had to pee, and so she was finished very quickly. She said she'd wait for us outside the bathroom. Mary and I said okay. Neither of us had even started pooping yet.

I started by pushing out a very long but thin turd. After that I pooped out five thick, medium length logs. Another rope-like long turd came out, a bit thicker than the first one. I then had a large blast of soft serve poop, almost like chocolate ice cream dispensing from my butt. When I was done with the soft serve, I looked between my legs and saw a lot of poop. I knew I'd better flush. The toilets at the mall have a flush that roars like a jet engine, but I still felt a lot of poop in me, and didn't want to risk clogging it.

I began pooping again and pushed out four more ropey logs, followed by seven thick but short turds. I finished with a long thin turd and another round of soft serve. I thoroughly wiped my messy butt and flushed again. Everything went down, and there were hardly any skidmarks on the bowl, but I'd really stunk the bathroom out. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. Mary and Helen were both there. I guess Mary must have finished and told me she'd meet me outside, but I was so focused on my own pooping, I honestly didn't notice.


A Major Stink

This is certainly something worth writing about! You know what that is? My foul-smelling farts I produced yesterday. The odor was like a combination of old dairy combined with methane (something like that). I do know however, the fart smell lingered a bit, and even the poo I did some time before smelled similar to what I described above, too. I produced one of those farts that if someone came in the room, they'd have no doubt in mind about what I did. I farted this morning, and some today, but the odor was nearly non-existent. Before the great stinker farts came out, I had inchaladas for lunch, so maybe cheese combined with other foods can make farts smell particularly foul depending on what else chese is eaten with. Who knows, but I'm sure glad noone smelled my nasty farts! Btw, I'm not lactose intolerant either. I haven't produce such odorous farts that smelled like that in a while. Bye everyone.

Optional Person

Catherine two question responce.


1. I do find returning from the bathroom awkward at any party. that's why I go before or just hold it. I personally think the sound of the toilet flushing gets louder on purpose at parties.

2. I have never thought of formal hairstyles as looking like a soft turd pile. But your not weird for thinking it though.

sometimes when I eat chili or soup, I think about how it kind of looks like diarrhea. so I guess I can sort of relate.

Catherine, do you like to fart as much as you like to poop? have you ever had a fart hurt your loaf-pincher when it came out?

Chantelle K

Constipation and replies



Yes constipation runs in my family, my gets it as does my Gran. my aunt doesn't get constipated that often but my cousins do.
My mum isn't as stressy about dirty underwear and wet beds as she used to be. When I poo in my panties she goes on about using the toilet but if they are just soiled from it sticking out or leaking she isn't bothered unless it gets on my skirts or jeans cos she knows then I didn't have my special panties on. Sometimes I wear skinnies jeans without underwear if I get poo in them I get into trouble. When I wet my bed it's not a big issue - I just put the sheet in the laundry and mum says did you wet I say yes my pull up leaked and it's ok. the only times she goes on one is if I don't have a pull up on.

Re my last post - it took most of the next day for me to do my poo and was off school the following day cos my bum was so sore.
That poo when it came out started with pellets that dropped plop plip into the water then a solid piece started to squeeze thru my bum it just stuck half way out and I kept pushing hard and eventually it came out making a splash and thud as it landed in the toilet. It was followed by several smaller but firm little logs.Since then apart from 2 days I've done a poo each day. Apart from the 2 days I've got on the toilet after breakfast although I didn't have a need to poo feeling I sat on the toilet and tried really hard until something came out most times it was pebbles and chunks and sometimes a log. On the 2 days nothing would come although I spent an hour on the toilet. On the third day I had to go back later and managed to do a big pebbly log.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


To Tiana (sp?)

You did a great job! What you can do (if you haven't already), is talk to his mom and see what she suggests. If the situation comes up again remember that if he tries to take a peek, to keep it light. He's probably not able to understand yet that while his mother is okay with him watching her, that others aren't. Bring that up with his mom and see if she wants to talk to him, or if it's okay for you to explain. BTW,if you have the go ahead from mom, the best time to approach it with the boy is IF the same situation comes up again and it's your turn on the toilet. Don't be surprised if mom is a bit embarrassed about it. It's possible that she has told him that, but he just doesn't remember.

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