Anna from Austria

Pooping at the Mall

Yesterday I was having Lunch at my local Mall and then I went shopping. When I was checking underwear at Palmers, I felt the need to go the bathroom. So headed straight to the Ladies Bathroom. As normal for such a big mall I was not alone. Most of the stalls were taken. Judging from the sounds the Ladies were only peeing. I felt a little embarrassed being the only pooper here but I can't be helped. I headed to an Free stall in the middle, and suddenly a young women, about 18 or 19 opened the door of the bathroom and took my neighboring stall on the left. She nearly ran into me in that process. Now I entered my stall, lowered my pants and undies and sat on the toilet. In the neighboring stall I could here the young girl peeing very loud. I also peed a bit and then i had to do fart, it was rather silent and then I did my first log. Then another fart and some chunks of loose po. Then I could her from the girls stalls some loud splashes as she also did one or too logs. I continued cleaning and flushed. The other girl was not ready yet and did some more logs or farts. I left the stall washed my hands and left the bathroom. It was quite funny and I was really happy that I wasn't the only pooper at bathroom.

ps: The stall on my right was only used by one women peeing and so soon left. For the rest of the poo it was empty.


Crackling sound

First off, thanks Shelbi for answering my question!!

I just wanted to comment on the crackling sound that happens when poop is coming out. I don't mean to sound weird, but I've always liked that sound. I notice it a lot when I'm pooping. I think it has a better sound when the poop is kinda big and firm too (which mine usually is).

The other day I was pooping in the dorm bathroom, which is kind of echoey. When someone's taking a shower, then all sounds are muffled, and that's often the case when I go in there, since I almost always poop in the morning or the late evening, and that's when people take showers. But today it was silent and someone came in to do their hair at one of the sinks and while I was pooping, there was so much of that crackling sound while I was pushing, I'm sure the other person heard everything, in addition to hearing the big plop when the big turd finally landed in the toilet.

Anyone else really notice the crackling sound? Do you think it's embarrassing or do you like it?


Weekend constipation

I've been constipated all weekend until now and I took a laxative this morning and with no school to worry about I wasn't too bothered about getting to a toilet when it took effect. I went shopping with my mum and when we got home I helped her unpack the shopping and by then I was beginning to feel the laxative taking effect. I wasn't busting to go but I knew it wouldn't be long before I was. We had some lunch and I walked round to Sarah's house which is about a mile away from my house. I takes about 20 minutes to walk and by the time I got to Sarah's I was busting for a poo and a wee. I felt embarrassed about having a poo at Sarah's house but I had to go and I convinced myself it was better than having an accident so I decided to go for it. I went into her bathroom and locked the door and seated myself on the toilet. I relaxed and immediately began to poo. It was a big load and I peed a lot too and what a relief to get everything out. I wiped my bum and flushed the toilet and surprisingly it all went away. I washed my hands and left the bathroom and joined Sarah in her room feeling 3 pounds lighter.

Dear Catherine:
Happy happy news! Congratulation! You are engaged! I think everyone on toiletstool site very happy for you. Kazuko and Hisae and Maho say with me, o-shiawase ni, that is Japanese for "many many happiness to you".

Where you say offensive thing in your mail? I can't find anywhere. Your all mail is lovely. Perhaps you worry about you say Japanese is No.2.for size of motion? But it's OK! Here is like all other place, people feel shame to do big motion, but not everyone. Many people think like me and you, big motion is healthy. Japanese live more longer than many people. Maybe big motion is cause?

Kazuko said, she wants to live Africa, and do motion of No.1 size. She take photo and send her mother, she says.

This morning when I was on loo with open bottom, I thought, motion time is sacred ceremony. I thanked the God for my healthy body and healthy digest. I breathe deeply, then open bottom again, then smile. Another plop, I am healthy Mina! But I faint a lot, that is problem, because low blood pressure and anaemia. Doctor said, eat more meat. I try. But I like vegetable!! But when I was teen, maybe faint 18 times in a year, now only about 10 times, it is better. Doctor said she is not so worry, when I am 30 maybe I don't faint any more. Maho's father also not worry so much. He mystify because I am low blood pressure, but I am early bird. Maybe habit, he says. I like to early bird because I have lot of time to do lot of motions in my loo.

Catherine, did you find my post about graceful Maho? When you marry your nice Alan you will want to be graceful woman even you are on loo for big BM. I wish you a good luck! and my friends say same.

Again congratulation, and lot of happiness to both you from your very own Mina and 3 lovely friends.

And lot of happiness and happy sacred ceremony on loo to every person in this site!

Love to all you



Two Questions

First, regarding the "triumphant return"!!! If you are in a social situation, such as a party, do you find it awkward to return from the bathroom??? I do. I mean, when someone is gone for more than 5 minutes, it's obvious what you are doing in the bathroom. So, is it hard to re-engage the social activity?

Does anyone have any stories?

Second Question: I am really beginning to think a lot about the wedding. My mother suggested that I wear my hair up for the wedding. I am fine with that, since I like the way my face looks when I wear a pony-tail.

However, most of the pictures of formal hairstyles remind me of big piles of poop!!!

Does anyone else think that when they see someone with their hair formally styled. I mean, on the one hand, it is very elegant. But when you look at them, it's not all different from a good soft stool in the toilet.

Is that weird? Can anyone else relate?




It's My Party and I'll Poo if I Want To

Good Morning!

I hope that everyone is doing and "doo-doo-ing" well!!! Haha!

Thank you to Optional Person, Mina, Postman, Brandon, Just Another Girl, and KMD for the kind birthday wishes. By now, maybe you have read my story about being engaged! I am really excited. I thought that if I was not engaged by 35 then I would never be married, but Alan came through in the nick of time!!!

Today is my last day off from my mini-vacation from work. I will be hitting the grind tomorrow. However, I did want to share a story about my birthday party.

I am not one who likes big parties and so Alan and his girls (who will be mine soon!) came over to my parents' house, along with his parents. We watched another Alabama game - this time we did not have chili, haha!

We had some cake and ice cream, and by this time I really had to go to the bathroom for my evening doodie.

Even though we have a hall bathroom downstairs, I really do not like to use it. You can hear most anything and if you are having a bowel movement, the poop smell just rushes into the hall as soon as you are finished. So, I excused myself upstairs to take care of business.

This poop was a good, thick, firm log. I sat there for a minute. Then I released some soft stool. I was a lot! I really had to go!

When I got back downstairs, I had been gone for ten minutes, so it was obvious. Everyone knew what I had done, but that's OK. We all do it.

I went back to opening gifts! It was a great day!



Steve A

Survey And A Question

Hey, I have a survey and one of the questions is based on something that happened to me twice that was kinda weird.

So, it felt normal coming out, but when I looked in the toilet, I saw nothing. Maybe it went all the way into the toilet pipe and I couldn't see it. I call this a "ghost poop", where you poop and feel it come out and when you look into the toilet, Nothing!


1. Have you ever experienced a "ghost poop" before?

2. How do you think public bathrooms should be like/have in them?: stall doors or doorless stalls, male/female or family/unisex bathrooms, hand dryer or paper towels, toilet paper type, toilet seat covers, auto or manual flush, etc.?

3. Why do public places use cheap/thin toilet paper?

4. In school or on a coach bus with bathrooms, do you ignore the people who give you hard time/give you looks when you ask/get up to use the bathroom?

5. How did college life affect your eating and bathroom habits?

It would be interesting to hear from people on here that went to college so that I'll know what to expect since I'm a senior in high school.

Congratulations, Catherine! That seems like such a cute scene, especially with you being taller, and especially especially if you aren't outwardly emotional most of the time.

Chantelle K, belated welcome! Does being chronically constipated run in your family? Do either of your parents have the same problem? I'm sorry you and your sister seem to suffer so much with that. And I hope you know that none of the associated wet beds or dirty underwear are your fault even if your parents have treated you that way at times - it comes with the condition and is obviously nothing you asked for. Some parents are just working from outdated ideas, even the ones that *aren't* crazy sadistic about it.

Also, Chantelle's mention of bedwetting reminded me of a question I've wondered about for a while now - anybody ever have an accident while sleeping somewhere that wasn't the bed, like Allie back on page 2467 (yes, I did have to look it up.) Cars, classrooms, trains, anywhere else? Did anyone find out, and what did you do about it?

Anna from Austria
@To Mina Glad you liked my story. Yes, it was indeed the same style as Suzuna and I felt a lot better afterwards. I went to a girls school.
And yeah I was really lucky that the other girls were in the gym so they heard nothing.

@Angela I like your story about pooping at school.

I can relate to that. In this aspect I had always bad luck. I had to poop every day in school since I was 12. I always have to between 9 and 11 in the morning when I was at school.

Although I was never directly teased for it, it always felt a bit awkward.

A few times some girls in the bathroom complained about the smell I made in the bathroom, but they never new it was me. Because they always left the bathroom before I was ready.

During my University days there were no such silly complaints.

Sonya Sue

Bladder Bursting

Last week at my school, I had to go in for help with my math before school so I didn't get to do my pee before school. I had tests in my next two classes so at class break I was bursting. With only a 5 minute passing period the largest bathroom on the main floor was jammed when I walked in and even the non-doored stalls had girls using them. This girl AJ who just transferred in this week cut in front of me and was talking to me as we wanted for this one girl to get off the stool. AJ put her hands down at gut level and said she hadn't crapped for four days. I told her I was sorry but showed her that the stalls had no toilet paper containers. Due to vandalism and a lot of wasted paper, the main entrance to the bathroom now has like 8 or 9 large rolls of toilet paper mounted on a wall and we have to tear it off ahead of time. Because AJ and I had entered the restroom from the other hallway and because she is new, she didn't know she had to go to the other entrance and get her toilet paper. When I got done explaining it to her, and she like me and most of my friends think the new rule is crazy. I saw the girl on the toilet get up and start pulling down her dress. As she flushed (amazing I know!) and brushed by me, I asked AJ if I could sneak in and do my quick pee while she went through the crowd to pull off her toilet paper. She halfway said yes so I pulled my tight-fitting jeans and underwear down and seated myself on the toilet. Somehow, I envisioned being seated for no more than a minute.

When I looked back up, I not only saw AJ in front of the toilet looking a little angry at me, but she was holding a mitt of toilet paper around her right hand. I had already re-arranged myself on the seat, changed positioning of my legs a couple of times, but I couldn't get my pee stream to start. Not even for a tiny bit, even a few drops. I could see that AJ was getting angry as the one-minute warning bell rang and more of the girls waiting in line now scattered. I was hopeful when I heard a flush or two near us that AJ would leave and throw herself onto that toilet. I never, ever intended it to be this hard for me to do a simple wee. I lifted myself off the seat, and immediately re-seated myself. Again, nothing started. My pain between my legs was getting worse and my patience was also on trial. I got to thinking about how I could have taken two regular shits, wiped and washed my hands in the amount of time I had been sitting there and inconveniencing AJ. I was so frustrated sitting there with my bladder bursting and producing nothing.

Finally, as the tardy bell rang, I got up, partially pulled up my jeans and waddled next door to a now-vacant stall and seated myself. Almost immediately, the quite-warm seat seemed more inviting with no one directly standing in front of me and giving me attitude. Under the stall panel, I saw AJ's feet move a bit and she fastly produced 3, 4 and 5 splashes into the water. My stream started slowly and picked up intensity like it does when I open up the faucet in the bathroom at home. It was such a great feeling that I started to cry. I think it must have been 1 1/2 minutes or more before the last drop rolled out of me. Next door I heard two or three farts, followed by more splashes in the bowl. I could hear AJ starting to roll the toilet paper off her hand, do her wipe and then dropping it into the bowl. She surprised me by congratulating me on not having an accident and I complimented her on her getting her task done too. She said she had learned her lesson about not allowing herself to get too constipated and I told her I should have gone to the bathroom before I left home that morning, and at least not have aggravated the problem by having 12 ounces of coffee on my way to school.

I flushed; she didn't. We met up at the sinks and got done at the same time. We wished each other well in arriving to class with an obvious tardy. Luckily my teacher was held up in her office and hadn't even come into the classroom yet. I saw AJ in another bathroom that afternoon and she also lucked out. Her substitute didn't have the code to get on the computer and even take attendance until after she slipped into her seat.

just another girl

Survey answers and a story from today

1. How many times a day do you pee?
About 3 to 4 times, but more if I've been drinking a lot of water (or other beverages)

2. How often do you poop?
Twice a day as a rule - once in the morning and once before bed, but it can sometimes be three times a day

3. Have you ever pooped outside?
When I was very young, yes

4. You feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms?
No, because I know that even if there are other people in the bathroom with me, chances are that some of them may be doing exactly the same thing as me, and besides, it's completely natural. We all do it, so why be ashamed of it?

5. Have you ever had an accident in your pants?
Not for many years, no. When I was 7, I had an upset stomach and suddenly felt as though I needed to pass wind quite urgently, but when I did it came out as a squirt of diarrhoea instead. It wasn't very much, but it still counts as an accident because I dirtied my underwear a bit.

6. What foods give you diarrhea?
None as far as I know, thank goodness!

7. How often do you get constipated?
Very seldom - I'm a regular person by habit

8. Have you ever watched or have been watched going to the bathroom?
I've watched some of my friends, and they've watched me, but generally I don't like watching or being watched, because I like my privacy and others deserve theirs

9. Where is the weirdest place you went poop?
In a chamber pot, this morning (I'm going to write about that) and on the grass outside in the garden when I was 6

10. Where was the weirdest place you peed?
I only pee in the toilet, which isn't a weird place at all!

Now for a story! In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I was curious about using an old chamber pot that I found in the bathroom cupboard. I was very hesitant in the beginning, since I knew that it would more than likely be messy and tedious to clean up, but this morning I decided to go ahead and try it anyway, because after much deep thought I came up with a good solution to make the cleaning up easier. I'm glad I did...

I woke up at around 7:00 needing to go to the bathroom, as I usually do when I wake up in the mornings. I dressed and went to make breakfast, and by 8:30 I had to go badly; I felt as though I couldn't hold it in for much longer. I went upstairs and locked the bathroom door (I wouldn't have been able to face the shame of someone accidentally coming in and seeing what I was doing) and then took the chamber pot out of the cupboard. I decided to sit on the toilet and have my wee first, and then I went to sit on the chamber pot. Before I did, I pulled some paper off the roll, folded it up and placed it across the bottom, so that I could push my poo out onto the paper and then use the paper to pick it up and dispose of it in the toilet - no messy cleanup required!

This felt rather strange as I have never used one before; it's considerably less comfortable than using a toilet, because it's smaller and also much lower. I must have looked incredibly silly sitting there! It wasn't very long, only a matter of seconds, before I let out a barely audible *pppfffttt* and then the tip of my poo, which felt very firm and thick, pushed my hole open and started to emerge under the steady pressure that I was maintaining. It inched out slowly, and as usual, it felt really good! I quickly realised that, since it might be quite a long one, I'd probably have to stand up slightly to allow all of it to come out properly. I lifted myself up so that I was now kneeling over the pot instead of sitting on it, and a few moments later, out everything came. It was a nice good solid motion, just the way I like it to be, and as I thought it was also a big one, about 2 centimeters in diametre and about 15 centimetres long. (Those are just rough estimations by the way - I don't know for sure!). It also smelled much stronger than it would have had I done it into the toilet; this was no doubt due to the fact that the chamber pot didn't have water in it like the toilet does, so it was a more concentrated smell. I was rather taken aback by this, as I wasn't expecting it to be quite so bad, and I decided to get rid of it immediately. I was very pleased that I'd thought of putting the paper down first, because I wouldn't have fancied cleaning up any other way. I picked the paper up carefully, and then dropped it together with its very smelly contents into the toilet, which I proceeded to flush.

I honestly wouldn't mind doing that again, because it was actually fun and a chance to try something new and different. The only drawback is the fact that it stinks, but that notwithstanding it's something that I'm going to do once again in the near future. Obviously, it's not a good idea to do it if you have an upset stomach or are needing to do a very loose or runny poo, because that's messy and, in my opinion, not much fun to clean up at all - it should only be done in the toilet.

In the old days people used to keep them under their beds for night time use, and they would them out in the morning using carbolic soap (which was probably a strong detergent for getting rid of germs). They probably used them for other things too; if someone was feeling sick and wanted to vomit they would likely do it into the chamber pot, since there isn't always much time to get to the bathroom in a situation like that (and even more so in some of the old houses where the bathroom was outside the house). I don't think I'd like to have used them in that way, but they are good to use for a bit of fun!

Have a lovely evening!
J.A.G :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kamdyn it sounds like you had a really rough day.

To: Bianca great pooping story.

To: Ronnie your friend Lilly really helped you out and I bet you were very thankful for a friend like her.

To: Anna great pooping story.

To: Catherine first congrats and great story about your poop it sounds like you had a great one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pierre it sounds like your girlfriend had a really good poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you had a really great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pregnant Pooper great live coverage of your poop it sounds like it was a good one.

To: J.A.G great story.

To: Natalie X great poop story.

To: Jemmma great desperate poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Post Title (optional)Peeing Accident at Dunkin'Donuts

Recently, I had a Most embarrasing peeing accident at a Dunkin' Donuts. I had to pee reaally bad for over five hours & my bladderburst in front of a young lady about 23 years old! It was so embarrasing...she asked if she could help me. All of a sudden, I uncontrollably peed my jeans & they were tan khakis! a 60 year old man! She looked shocked & I was mortified!


Holding it in for 4 days

Hi everyone I posted along time ago

So I take a shit everyday usually in the mornings or before i go to bed sometimes during the day So I Deiced to try to hold it in for one week just for the fun of it & to see how big my shit would be. So Day 1 of holding no big deal. Day 2 no big deal. day 3 i started feel things moving down there and some slight rumbling then day 4 came and I was like holy f*** there is no way im holding this monster in for 3 more days!! lol so i got up an sat on the toilet immediately a huge foot and a half long turd came out and it felt really good it was pretty hard then another foot long turd came out I flushed so I would not clog the toilet then after that i had some small sized turds then later i had running mushy shit for like 10 minutes it felt amazing shitting my brains out but holy f*** i just shat out 4 days worth of shit in one session i felt relieved and went about my day as usual. I no its not healthy and I always shit everyday heck I could have taken a shit on any one of those days i was holding it in so Constipation is never a problem for me but I would totally love to try to hold it in for 1 week just to see the results if anyone has any tips please let me know

Also anyone seen that crappy movie The Green Inferno? some girl in the movie has Diarrhea in one scene because she is nervous


Sarah's poo in the park

I was walking in the park with Sarah today and she was complaining she was busting for a poo. We found the toilets but they were closed for repairs and Sarah decided to go in the bushes even though they provided only a little privacy. She was too desperate to be picky about where she relieved herself and I stood guard while she hid as best she could. I heard it splatter onto the ground and it was lose by the sound of it. Sarah sighed with relief but she had more to come out. I heard it splatter onto the ground again and then again as Sarah had bad diarrhoea. When she finished I counted five loads and after wiping with some leaves we went back to Sarah's house in case she still had diarrhoea.


Responses to just another girl, Anna and others

@just another girl - I enjoyed your story about your poop in the finance dept. bathroom whilst having your "monthly" - it was interesting to hear about your experiences. It sounds as though the urge to poop came on suddenly and you had a lot of soft poo and wind to pass.

To answer your question - it is common for women to experience bowel/stomach symptoms during their monthly and also beforehand. However, it is often not mentioned because in many cultures talking about bowel symptoms is (unfortunately) a taboo subject. There are steps you can take that may help relieve your symptoms. I'll post about these in my next post when I have more time.

@Anna - liked your post (as always). Glad you were able to get some much needed relief despite the presence of the mean girl. I'll comment in more detail when I have a more time.

@pregnant pooper - liked your live post. Hope your pregnancy is going well.

@Jemma - some good posts (as always) I trust you're feeling much better.

@Catherine - congratulations on your engagement. I hope you and Alan spend many happy years together.

@Pierre - liked your story about you and your gf's poop in the outhouse.

@Home pooper - liked your post

@"Ronnie"(Veronica) - liked your post about the assistance you got from your friend Lily. She was very helpful to you in helping you get some much needed relief. She sounds like a good friend to have.

To the other posters - I also enjoy your stories


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister)

Pee before poop

My sister has just been reading through some of the older pages and saw this, and told me I need to answer! :P

I always pee first, even if I don't feel like I need to go. I'll always produce a small amount even if it's just a dribble, and then I'll poop. Sometimes I'll start pooping before my stream has finished and sometimes I'll let out a little more pee while getting some toilet paper.


Answer to Tristans question - page 2502

Unless I'm desperate I usually poop first. I'll push out the first piece, then pee, and then finish my #2. If I'm desperate they tend to come out at the same time and if I struggle going and need to push I'll often let out little spurts of pee.

Shelbi x


Depends on the hotel

Depends on the hotel you check into. I travel to Vegas mtpiulle times per year. Most hotels do have some placards that mention about water conservation. Mostly so they do not have to give you fresh towels.Something I remember from a hotel stay in Frankfort Germany back in 1983. The first water meter I ever saw was in my bathroom. I've never forgotten the fact that we in America took water for granted. Europe was another story.dg


survey answers and to Angela

Here are my answers to JP's survey:

1. How many times a day do you pee?
Lots, maybe 4 to 8 times, depending on how much I drink and where I am.

2. How often do you poop?
Usually once a day.

3. Have you ever pooped outside?
Yes, quite a few times when I did hikes or stuff like that. I have written some stories about pooping outside here.

4. You feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms?
If I am not alone, sometimes yes.

5. Have you ever had an accident in your pants?
Not as an adult, but I have probably been close a few times.

6. What foods give you diarrhea?
None that I know about.

7. How often do you get constipated?
Almost never.

8. Have you ever watched or have been watched going to the bathroom?
I have never watched anybody. As far as I know, nobody has ever watched me.

9. Where is the weirdest place you went poop?
I've only ever pooped on toilets and outside in the bushes when I was doing hiking and stuff. Don't think that's too weird.

10. Where was the weirdest place you peed?
I think maybe in an alley on my way home from a club.

to Angela: I really liked your story about pooping in the high school bathroom. Luckily you were alone in the end. When I was in high school, I had to poo in the bathrooms much more often, at least once a week or so. Sometimes I got teased for it, which sucked. But I also knew some girls who claimed that they never ever pooed in school and I believe them. Now I am at uni and I spend so much time there I go even more often. But no more teasing! What was the other time you have since pooped in school? And you said that once a friend watched you on the toilet. How did that happen? If you want to share the story.

Optional Person.

question and survey answers.

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard farts referred to as "Buttgas"? I don't remember where I heard it, but I have memory as a kid, having heard it referred to as buttgas.

. How many times a day do you pee? 2 daily, sometimes 3 times.

2. How often do you poop? 1-3 times a day. once a day. twice if I need to get the rest of my first one out later.

3. Have you ever pooped outside? no.

4. You feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms? don't do it.

5. Have you ever had an accident in your pants? no.

6. What foods give you diarrhea? not sure.

7. How often do you get constipated? not often.

8. Have you ever watched or have been watched going to the bathroom? As you all know I was lucky enough to watch Julia poop. I just wish it had smelled.

9. Where is the weirdest place you went poop? on the driveway.

10. Where was the weirdest place you peed? none.

my own question.

do any of you on here get excited when someone gets grossed out by your stench?

Home Pooper

Pooping on a cruise

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since the last time I posted here (back in April). I'm a male in my 20s and my posts here detailed how I never have a feeling that I need to go poop when I'm away from home, and I was attempting to try to train myself that it's okay to poop in public restrooms as I want to be more regular. I've been really busy so that goal got sidetracked and I haven't attempted to poop in a public restroom lately, which isn't good for my "training".

However, I did want to talk about my experience on a cruise I took a few weeks back. As I detailed in my earlier posts, because my body never seems to "need" to go when I'm away from home, I can often go an entire vacation without pooping, and then when I get home, I'd suddenly need to have a large, sometimes painful bowel movement. I assumed this cruise would be no different. But I hoped it might have helped that I had a room all to myself.

If anyone here has taken a cruise before, you'll know they feed you well. They had a free buffet that was pretty much always open, a main dining area that was free, free room service, and more. But, all this eating and then not pooping isn't really a good combination. On one of the days, I knew that my body didn't need to go, but I tried going anyway, just to show my effort was there. I went to the bathroom (which was tiny) in my room and sat on the small toilet shoved in the corner. I ended up sitting there for a bit trying to push, but nothing ever ended up coming out (just pee).

Sometimes on the cruise I would think of this and it would sort of depress me. I assumed most people on the cruise didn't share my problem. I'd see everyone out on the top deck by the pool, the guys showing off their muscles, the ladies dressed in bathing suits showing off their bodies, and I'd think "why can't I go like they all probably do?".

Finally, on the last night before the cruise was over, I was laying in my bed with the TV on, playing a game on my phone, and the urge hit me. At last, I actually needed to poop! It wasn't just me wanting to try or anything, but I actually had to go! And rather urgently; it was a lot like when I get home from a trip and need to go - not something I could really hold for a while, but more of a "I need to go now!".

I took my phone over to the bathroom in my room, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and sat on the toilet. Like usual for me, I peed first. When I was done peeing, my poo began to start coming out on its own. I didn't even push, it was just naturally falling at a slow rate. I knew this was going to be a large load, as it had been several days since I had last went, and I had eaten a significant amount since then. Under normal circumstances, I should have needed a number of bowel movements during the cruise.

Not trying to sound gross, but as my poo was coming out, it got stuck as it got thicker. At first I continued to just sit there playing on my phone. I hesitated pushing as I expected it to be painful, but after a few minutes of having poop sticking out of my butt, I started to push. It hurt a little bit as it came out but honestly wasn't too bad. It landed in the toilet, and I was done. Finally, my digestive system did what it was supposed to do!

I stood up to turn and see what I did. Wow, this thing was ugly. Surprisingly, it didn't smell too bad, but it was a monster to look at and I didn't think it would be able to flush. Thankfully, there happened to be a toilet brush right next to the toilet, so I used it to poke my poop and break it into two parts, hoping that would help it flush easier. After breaking it apart, I closed the lid and hit the flush button (the flush button is only accessible by closing the lid). I then opened the lid up and saw only one of the two pieces flushed. I closed the lid and flushed again. This time the other piece went away. But, I still actually hadn't wiped yet because I was so concerned the toilet would already clog. The cruise toilet paper wasn't the plushiest stuff, but it wasn't as thin as some public restrooms. It did the job. I wiped a few times, and then flushed yet again.

I washed my hands and then left the bathroom to go back to the bed. But I felt like I needed to wipe some more, so I went back in the bathroom and did just that, and flushed again. A total of 4 flushes within a few minutes. I guess their toilets used some sort of vacuum system, so they were loud when flushed. I could hear when the rooms next to me flushed their toilets. I knew they were around as I heard another toilet flush soon before I went, and soon after, so I know they heard my 4 flushes and must have known I pooped.

But with that out of the way, I felt sooo relieved. It was so nice to finally have that come out and not keep me bloated. Now if only my body would realize that it could have just pooped once a day or something, and we never would have been in that situation.

I know some people might think it'd be nice if they never had to poop in public (or in this case, away from home), but actually, it really stinks that my body won't typically poop outside of home. Some people might say pooping outside of home is inconvenient. I argue the opposite. This is one of those instances where I wish I didn't have this problem. If my body could just be regular and poop when it needs to poop, and not bottle it up and wait until it thinks it's convenient, I could feel better and not worry about going on a trip. And I want to stress, it's not that I refuse to go, it's that my body just flat out will not have to go. As I mentioned earlier, I even sat on the toilet one of the cruise days just to try, and nothing happened. I'm willing to take my body to the restroom, it's my body that's not holding up its end of the bargain.

My very first post on this site, I talked about how I waited one day at home until I had to poop, and then I drove up to a local Target store, for the sole purpose of pooping in a public restroom. I've been planning on doing this kind of thing again. Ideally, visiting multiple restrooms would be the best exposure so I've been trying to think of where else I can go locally for "training". One of my ideas is to drive on the interstate to one of the interstate rest stops. I've never been there, but I figure that would be a good place with multiple stalls, a busy restroom with people entering and exiting (might help my body get over a "fear" it might have?) and probably other people also doing a number 2 due to the nature that it's a rest stop for travelers who have been on the road for some time, which might help me be able to do my own number 2s more frequently away from home (if other people are doing it, maybe I can too). My concern is that the rest stop might not exactly be the cleanest, and potentially *too* busy and make me feel rushed and nervous. I'm also considering places like Walmart, McDonald's, and probably Target again. Not sure what I'll do. I've wanted to get started on this idea but lately when I need to poop, it's either soon after waking up, right as I'm going to bed, or during the day but too sudden of an urge to be able to drive somewhere without risking an accident.

I'll be sure to report any updates I have. To all of you who hopefully don't share my problem, happy pooping!


A no wipe poop

Catherine - Happy birthday! Hope your day was special! Another good post, as usual.

I just got off the toilet a few minutes ago. (I was actually reading the posts on this site while I was sitting there.). My BM today consisted of a thick, long, slow moving turd. After it slid out, I reached for a handful of toilet paper and began to wipe. To my surprise, the paper came back perfectly clean. This rarely happens, but when it does, I can't complain. Can't beat saving toilet paper.

Enjoy your poops, everybody.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lilly great set stories it sounds like you had a great poop in you first one and it souds like you friend had a good poop in your 2nd story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great story.

To: Angela great story.

To: sally great story about you and your daughter.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My Bad Day Gets Worse

The other day I had the absolute worse day at school. My computer crashed in the lab with my homework on it and when I finally got done there, I had about 5 minutes to go in and pee before my first class. The bathroom was jammed with lots of girls hanging out with friends who were using the toilets, or in line to use them, or just trying to get around all those who were at the sinks. It was my mistake: I should have gone 45 minutes earlier when I got to school. Dumb, I know! I didn't. As I bumped my way about 12 stalls down in the room, I saw only one toilet had no line. Obviously, it was one of like 4 with no door. There was a girl, she looked like an 8th grader on the toilet. She had her legs together and lucky for her, she had a skirt on which covered her up pretty great. I got to thinking ... and here I am in jeans and almost no privacy. Oh well, after about 10 seconds she stood, pulled some toilet paper off and wiped. As soon as she pulled up her underwear and walked out, I noticed where I was again wrong. She hadn't flushed, there was really dark, yellow pee in the bowl as well as 2 sausage-like turds. I reached down, put all my weight onto the flusher, and as soon as the mad splashing got done, I pulled my jeans and underwear down and quickly placed my butt on the splashed seat because I didn't have time to wipe it off.

My small size and the height of the toilet and the much deeper pan made me feel uncomfortable. Just like so many times earlier this year, the fact that my feet are like more than an inch off the floor makes me feel uncomfortable. As I could feel my pee starting to trickle, the lights flashed 3 times, a beep went off and the fire bell sounded. I thought, ####, and started to cry in pain as I got down off the toilet, and was pulling up my clothing as I moved toward the exit. Just then, as I led the group out of the crowded room (although I found most of those on the toilets stayed), there was a PA announcement that we should ignore the fire alarms because they were false. So I immediately backtracked and as I was returning to my toilet, this 8th grader ran in front of me and threw herself onto the toilet and gave me a really mean look. As I waited, as her wee started she said something even meaner, about how she hoped she wasn't going to get chlamydia or another STD from me.

I started to cry again and turned and walked down the row of toilets to the very end. I noticed the door was open on Number 24. Again, someone had left a bowl of crap and a part nest of toilet paper on the seat. I flicked the toilet paper into the bowl just before I flushed it. I just think such use of toilet paper is such a waste. The door wouldn't latch, and I guess I really didn't expect it to because of the type of day I was having. I pulled my clothing down, got up on the toilet, and after about 4 minutes I was able to get my stream going, although it was slower than usual and continued to hurt me. The door got thrown open on me as I was finishing up, but the girl said she was sorry twice and I could tell she was sincere. After I drained my bladder, I pulled up my clothing, flushed, and was thanked for doing that by the girl who took my place. The only problem was that I was now tardy to 1st hour and had to go to the office for a tardy pass. And I knew I would probably be using the bathroom one extra time that day because I got a 30 minute detention after school and my parents would be getting a robo call about my behavior.

I had to crap 3rd hour, but held it until I didn't need to go anymore.

Some Guy

Random Question...On the Toilet!

Hi, everyone!

So, I'm doing something different this time...I am writing as I'm sitting on the toilet pooping! Feels good (pooping, not writing while I'm pooping. LOL) I'll continue pooping while I write this. Oh, I may be done...but maybe not. :)

I have a random question that I've been meaning to ask. Since we are 50% our mother and 50% our father, are our bathroom smells a combination of our parents' smells? (I'm peeing now.) Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule...I don't think my poop smells that strong, but my dad is a different story! (He doesn't know about this site, so he'll never know I just shared that tidbit about him!) I was just curious to see what you all think. (I'm peeing some more.)

Happy Bathroom Adventures!
Some Guy


More Than Usual

Hi guys. I pooped more this week than I've done in a while. The poo was a little soft during those times, but not too extremely. Most likely, it had to do with something I ate. Maybe Fruit Loops made things move, who knows. I'm one of those people who enjoys TV while in the loo. Once this week I had to poo while Mickey Mouse was on, and didn't want to miss the show especially when the friends called for there handy helper Toodles. Lol! While in the bathroom doing my poop, I was able to still enjoy the program by listening from inside the bathroom. My poops that were softer had gas in them, and the cleanup wasn't too bad. Another thing that happened this week was that I heard a noise that sounded like my brother farted in his sleep. The farts were different pitches as if his butt were a musical instrument.

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been lurking around, reading stories from here for a couple of years but I never really thought to post. Anyway, I have a story to tell.

I get constipated very badly and easily. I always have. Anyway, a few years ago, I was sitting on the toilet, pushing, straning and squeezing with all my might, trying to get the big, hard dry load out. Evenually I felt like I was gonna pass out from the pain. I did something very embarrassing- got my friend, Lily. She was very sympathetic (which I actually wasn't expecting) and led me back into the bathroom. She started taking toilet paper and laying it down on the ground. I asked her what she was doing. She told me that squatting would help the poo come out. I squatted down, my stomach was bulging with a weeks worth of poop and gas. Lily pushed on my stomach, I ripped a huge fart. "You seem full of gas!" She laughed. I nodded, embarrassed. She smiled. "Don't be embarrassed. I bet that felt good... Some pressure of the belly!" She remarked and kept pushing on my stomach, helping out some more gas. "Okay, we're not here to get gas out, we're here to get poop out.." She said in a more serious tone. I started to push. I strained for about half an hour, still squatting on the floor but the poo still didn't come out. Lily told me to lie on the bathroom floor. She got some ky jelly and gently rubbed it around my anus and inside me. As she put her finger inside my anus it helped even more gas out. "You're very gassy, Veronica.." She laughed and rubbed her finger around inside me. "I can feel your poop.." She told me. "Uh huh, and what are you doing exactly?" I asked, a little confused. "Stimulating your muscles..." She said and kept going. "What?" I asked. "Stimulating your muscles, My finger in here is something unknown to your anus so its going to try and squeeze it out... Therefore, stimulating your muscles to push, helping get all that poo out." I nodded, feeling embarrassed. "Its working.." She told me. "I can feel the load moving lower!" She removed her finger. "Squat again!" She instructed. I obliged. Squatting over the toilet paper again. The poop slowly came out. It was hard, dry and big. "Keep pushing... Push, push.." Lily told me, rubbing my stomach. The poo finally plopped onto the paper. "I think theres still more in there.." She smirked. "Keep pushing." I nodded and kept pushing, producing more poop. I was finally done. I finally started farting out all the trapped gas from behind the poop. My stomach went down again. Lily laughed. "I bet that feels better.. No wonder you had a belly ache.." I hope she never has to do this again! Although I don't think I would mind TOO much... Hey, she got the poo out didn't she?


poo with my enemy at the gym

Today at the gym, I had to poop with my enemy. First of all, this girl always walks around as if everybody else wasn't even there. She never acknowledges anybody except for the cutest guys. With them she flirts all the time. To me she has been really mean before, she once loudly called me an idiot in front of a bunch of people because I put some weights in the wrong spot by accident. Well, as you can imagine I don't like her much. But anyway, this morning I was at the gym running on the treadmill. By the end I was all sweaty and exhausted. I also needed to pee and had what felt like a big load knocking on my backdoor. I went to the locker room to pick up my phone and then straight to the bathroom. As it happened, the girl I don't like was entering right in front of me. She turned around and glanced at me, then dashed to the last cubicle without a smile or anything. I hesitated, cause I felt kinda uncomfortable using the toilet with her around, but then figured I wouldn't really be able to hold it until I got to uni and that I better go right there.

The two other stalls were empty and I took the one the farthest from her's. I locked the door and then pulled my yoga pants and string over my sweaty bum and sat down on the seat. I could hear the other girl peeing and I let go with a loud stream and a small fart as well. We both peed for about half a minute and then there was silence from her stall. I couldn't really wait much longer, so I leaned forward a bit and right away the first turd started to crackle out of my bumhole. It was quite big and when it dropped off I blasted a loud fart into the bowl. Another poo slid out, this one even longer and I had another loud fart at the end of it. I felt so bad having to do a noisy poo with the mean girl just one stall over and her being able to overhear everything. To make things worse, my stall now really stunk from my number two and so probably did the whole room. Oh, this was so embarrassing. She was pooing as well, I could hear a couple of small plops from her stall, but nothing quite as bad as what was going on in mine. After the first two logs I had a couple more wet poops which came out real quick. Then I just sat there for a while and finally had two more small turds. Thankfully there were no more farts and I felt pretty empty.

I don't usually do this, but I decided to stay sitting on the toilet until she was done, because I was worried I would meet her at the sinks. After another two minutes or some with no sounds or anything from her stall she finally started to wipe, then flushed and left her stall. As she was washing her hands, I pulled off some paper as well and wiped my front, then my back. After I used about ten sheets on my bum I felt clean and pulled up my pants, flushed and left the stall. I quickly washed my hands and luckily nobody else came into the room. I was so uncomfortable having to do my business with the mean girl around, but I couldn't help it. Now I really hope that she will keep ignoring me and not remember me as the girl with the loud farts who stunk up the bathroom. If this ever happens again, I think I will just hold it and wait until she is done. Ok, that is my story for today.


Alan and I are Engaged!!!

I'm so excited I wanted to share the news with all of you! It came totally out of the blue. I had no idea. If I did, I would have dressed nicer last night!

I knew something was up when Alan insisted that we go out to dinner last night even though it was a Thursday night. He's always busy during football season.

We ate at one of the nicer restraunts in our small town - a Mexican restraunt (Don't worry, I did not eat anything that would make me sick!). We had fajitas and we each had a beer, which I knew would encourage my evening bowel movement at some point. They did the restraunt birthday thing, which, I really did not enjoy, but I was a good sport. I wore the sumbrero and they brought out a fried ice cream for us to share. It was so good. I just don't like the attention.

We took our time with the whole birthday thing. It was very casual. That's why I did not see it coming. Then Alan asked if I would like to have my present. Of course, I said yes! He said that we had to go somewhere, and I said OK, but I need to use the restroom before we go.

Now I would have rather gone to the bathroom when I got back home, but at least my body was cooperating and I could go at the restraunt so that I would get that out of the way. The restrooms are always in immaculate condition at that Mexican restraunt, and definitely have Mexican/Southwest decor. Yet, I've only used them to pee, so I was slightly uncomfortable to do this at the restraunt. But, I did not want to try to hold it for the rest of our time together. As I went in there was a faint poop smell in the air, so at least I would not be the only one to have had a bowel movement that evening. I spoke to a couple of women that I knew that were in their fifties as they were coming out of the restroom. It was empty when I walked in. I got my slacks and panties down, and situated myself on the toilet. It did not take long for a nice, medium-sized log to make it's way out the back door into the bowl. I did have to push a couple of smaller pieces out. The poop was not one of my best, but I guess it was memorable for being the first in that restraunt and for what would happen next. I cleaned up. I heard some others come in the door while I was wiping. It was a mother and her llittle girl and then another woman came in. They all just had to pee. I flushed, washed my hands and left.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Alan drove me to a secluded spot on a hill overlooking our town. We got out and we were talking a bit about life, our love, and our future. This has been a common topic of conversation for us for a while. However, he totally surprised me by getting on one knee and proposing.

I am not an emotional person. I am naturally introverted and keep a lot to my self. But, I began balling. I have not ever cried like that in my life. He asked if I was OK. When he did, I did not realize that I had not said yes. So, I tried to gain my composure, and say yes, but I couldn't. So I just nodded quickly and rapidly. When he put the beautiful ring on my finger, I just, buried my face in his chest (which was a little awkward since I am taller) and just cried.

It was a beautiful moment that I am still releshing. Thank you for letting me share. I have to go to the bathroom!




Questions for Angela

Thanks for your story about your bathroom experiences and answering the questions from Jp. It seems much of what you are experiencing is like what I went through back 15 years ago when I was your age.

1) Since you might poop up to 3 times a day, how have you avoided using the school bathrooms more?

2) How many times do you pee a day at school? What concerns do you have about peeing at school?

3) I'm a stickler for privacy. Do all of your school's stalls have doors?

4) Are the latches secure?

5) Are the doors and cubicle panels right up against one another without large gaps that impact the privacy of the user?

Thank you!


OK, I'm Back - Responses

Hi everybody!

I just unloaded a really good poop that was mostly soft stool. I guess the fajitas hit. It was my first bowel movement with my engagement ring!

Mina: Thank you for your thoughts. I hope that my post was not offensive. But the article states that our Western diets are so high in processed foods and low in fiber gained naturally, that we are not defecating as regularly as we should. Too, it causes all kinds of issues like gluten sensitivity, constipation, irritable bowel syndrom, and such. The article stated that some of these African nations as well as east Asian nations like Japan were high in vegetables, fiber, and natural foods, which leads to larger, regular and more frequent bowel movements.

That's why I am almost obssesive about how much fiber I get daily. It is usually recommended for a woman to get 25 grams. I imagine that I get at least 50 grams of fiber a day, sometimes much more.

Shelbi and Taylor: I enjoy your posts! Shelbi, I remember you responded to one of mine not too long ago, and I cannot remember if I acknowledged it. I apologize. When I go to poop, I usually poop first unless my urge to pee is super strong. I guess that we are all different!

Home Pooper: I live a very routinized life and when I am away from home I can get off my pooping schedule. There is a website about "Vacation Constipation". It's really interesting. If you Google it, then you should be able to find it. Glad that you finally had a good bowel movement on the cruise.

Brandon: As always, thank you for your responses to everyone, including me. I hope that you are well.

Karen C: Glad you are posting again. You were missed! I hope that you are feeling better. It sounds as if you have a sensitive stomach. Sorry that you were ill.

Lastly, I saw a cute commercial for the drug Xifaxan recently. It is recommended for IBS with diarrhea. In the commercial the actress is sitting down to a fancy meal with a guy. As She sits down she gets a cramp and stands up. There's a slight diarrhea sounding shift in her stomach. She gets this look on her face like, "Oh no...I'm going to have diarrhea right now!" It was adoorable because it was subtle, but her facial expression was perfect. If you google the drug, you should find a video of the commercial.

I hope that everyone is well. I would love to hear your thoughts on the commercial!



Optional Person

Happy B-day Catherine.

Catherine. Nice imagery. glad you had an awesome sounding and looking poo in private on your B-day. happy birthday.


Camp outhouse

Hi everybody i was at my camp this morning and me and my gf working to refit the inside .
So after my tim coffee i had to take a dump and my gf to
So she tell me go first in the old outhouse and il go after you i said ok
I went in first bring some cleaner clean the bench and toilet seat good
I drop my pant and boxer and seat on toilet and release my dump crakling and soft when i was done i clean my butt and told her its ready for her
So she when in she lock the door and then she fart many time and then drop a huge log follow by soft shit and then she call me to bring her toilet paper she said her butt is verry messy.I wen in later to chek her load she had trow paper in the trash can so i see a log probaly 16" long 2" wide and mushy stuff over it

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dear Catherine: Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I say this too late. 35 years of defecate…. I'm happy you had very nice motion on your birthday and then nice day with your boyfriend. Your motion was light colour, I think it is because you ate vegetables a lots. In loo exhibition it said people who eat vegetables have motion which is light colour and people who eat meat a lot have motion which is dark colour. So my motions are very light brown, Hisae's too, Kazuko' s darker, Maho's more darker because she like to eat Korean-style barbecue called yakiniku in Japan. But she likes vegetables too.

Few days ago I stayed night at Hisae's flat. I said her, "I want to stay with you, your flat is very nice". She always say my flat is more beautiful, I don't want her think that. Of course she say "welcome".

Next day we got up early, usually we do. We are early bird. We had nice breakfast, then Hisae went to loo and I began make up my face outside loo, she left the door open so we could see each other. I heard many plops very quickly, Hisae's motion is usually soft and come out all at once like your birthday motion Catherine. And there was huge smell, but I said before, Hisae's motion smell is nice smell for me. And like you again, she had no more, so she said, "I finish, do you want loo Mina?" I said "yes", I wanted loo very much, my bottom felt heavy very much. So she went to mirror and I bared my bottom and sat down on her loo.

It is very nice loo, made by Toto, it fit my bottom perfectly, just like you say Victoria, I don't hear from you long time, where are you? I said to Hisae, "Very nice loo!!" She said, "your loo is nicer Mina". But I said her, "we don't compare. I like my loo and I like your loo! And I begin to feel very relief now." Because first motion was coming out. So soon Hisae heard Plop. She gave me smile. My motion didn't break up, it was just one, but next one came soon, again Plop, and then third one, Plop. I said Hisae, "you see, my bottom likes your Loo!" And at same time fourth Plop. I was doing motion in Maho style, her motion come out one by one, not break up like I usually do. After fourth, I was quiet little while, Hisae said, "you finish?" I said, "no" because my bottom still full and much tension. But we had time so I decided not hurry. But I said Hisae, " maybe I do a lot more, is it OK?" And she said, "of course OK! I'm glad you feel good to do lots motions in my not-so-nice loo!" Sweet sweet Hisae. I love her.

About 4 minutes I didn't move, then I felt intestine moving, it was coming, it came and came and Plop but this time broken so Plop again twice. I flushed, I'm sorry Mr Oldpoop, I waste water, but I don't want clog Hisae's lovely loo. After few minutes I felt strong feeling, it got bigger very quick, then my bottom opened and motion came out very very fast, but noise was Plop Plop Plop many times, not bururururururu, and it gave big smell! Hisae said, "Wow Mina, are you OK?" I said, "I feel good! and nearly finish now." And I said, "Hisae your loo is wonderful just like you are" and she came to me and gave me little massage because she finish make-up, and I felt so good and suddenly my bottom opened again and many plops but not so big ones. Only little bit left. I felt empty. A minute later little one came out, only one, and I was empty. It was so wonderful motion!! Hisae now holding my hand. I said in English "I love you" in little voice and she said same also in little voice and squeeze my hand. Then I push washlet button and washed and dried my bottom and put on panties and trousers. And gave Hisae little kiss on her top of head. And finish make-up. And we went out her flat and went to work. I had very good day at work because so nice start to day with lovely Hisae.

Anna from Austria, I like your story about diarrhoea in P.E. class. Same style as Suzuna? I hope you felt good after many many burururururu. And it is good that other girls didn't laugh. Did you go girls' school or mixed?

I hope you all are well, and have good time.

Love, Mina and Hisae

pregnant pooper

cafe live poop.

Hey all. At this moment im in a cafe after having lunch and i need a poop. Ive just left my 2 friends to it and im entering the bathroom. It has 3 cubicles all currently taken so i need to wait.........1 min later and the middle one is free. I enter. I can hear toilet paper rustling in bith cubicles so they're finishing up. Im in postion and so i begin. Push 1-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tip is protruding the rim. Push 2-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A bit of a grunt and the log is further out. Im going to see if it falls on its own has come a bit more out. Im now alone in the toilets which is good as it appears i'll need more pushing. Push 3-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Loads of straing, grunting and hard pushing. Push4-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nope this stubborn log isnt comimg. My friend has entered. She saud she has to go pee. Ive one silent sigh as i dont wish to stain and strughle in front of my friend. I aent before with her and my other friend around whilst in cubicles like this but my poops have been easisr. Im goimg to try silent straining. Push 5-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........i believe its moving. Push 6-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....yep it definately moving bug at a snails pace. My friend has just asked if im ok as i appear to be struggling. So much for silent straining. I told her i was getting there. Just being a bit stubborn atm. She is flushing now and im going again. Push 7-UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHJJHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Need a strong, long push and...................ahhhhhh PLUNK. Wow that was hard. My friend'i'll be outside'. 'We'll wait'. A bit more is at the rim but no pushing required by the look of it. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. Relax. Going to see here a min to see if i need to do more. SSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Just had a pee. Going to push to, done. Oh, no, pebble sized log just emerged as i was about to stand up. Now im done.

Im now 12weeks and 4 days and Jamie tells me im not showing yet but i stood in front of my mirror this morning and im convinced ive got a small bump. Not according to Jamie. My cousin is over 13 weeks gone, a week.further gone than me and she has a minute bump. So i may be onto something by thinking im showing. Im sure i'll bs obviously pregnant soon anyway. time. Happy pooping.

just another girl
First of all, before I start, I'd like to wish Catherine a very happy birthday! I hope that you have a beautiful day today as you celebrate turning 35. You have contributed such wonderful stories to this site - don't ever stop, because we all love reading the things you post and you write so well! Wishing you love, light and blessings on your special day.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about having a nasty case of diarrhoea during my monthly (this was the story where I was writing the test). This time around, my system started acting up again - much to my dislike, because it's bad enough having to deal with a sore and crampy stomach on its own, but running to the loo every so often just makes it that much worse!

I was in class, and there were only about 15 minutes remaining. Towards the end, I started to feel my stomach gurgling and churning, which I immediately took to be a sign that I needed to go to the bathroom. I packed my books and writing equipment into my bag so that as soon as we were free to leave I could go upstairs to the bathroom at the finance department, which is relatively private. Fortunately, I was sitting close to the front, so I quickly dashed out and up the three short flights of stairs to where I needed to be.

As I'd hoped, there was nobody in the bathroom; I really didn't feel like anybody listening to me or knowing what I was going to do. I went into the middle stall, shut the door, and seated myself comfortably. After a tiny pause, I let out a rush of plops that quickly turned into liquid and splattered in the bowl rather loudly. My stomach went into a spasm and a lot more came out; after that, it was more or less over. I passed wind several times and then pulled a wad of paper off the roll to clean myself with. That took a long time, because in addition to having a dirty bum I was also very bloody (I shan't say any more there - I'm sure nobody wants to hear the ugly details). After sorting that out I put a fresh napkin on and walked out to wash my hands. The bathroom didn't smell very good, but I couldn't help it because I really needed to relieve my sore stomach. I felt a bit guilty but reassured myself by thinking that everyone has bad days once in a while, and besides, bodily functions are natural and so are their smells (although sometimes that can be hard to believe!)

I wonder if anybody else also suffers from an upset stomach when they're having their monthly? I know that it's most likely related to hormonal changes that occur in the body, but it's not a very pleasant symptom and I'd love to know what to do to lessen it. If anybody knows of any remedies, do tell me, I'm all ears!

Have a lovely evening all!

J.A.G ~


To Just another girl


I found your description of the time you became constipated due to consuming painkillers at the age of 16 to be interesting.

It seems likely that your entire rectum and lower sigmoid colon was completely full of hard pellet-like feces. The fact that your rectum was so full made it difficult to pass more than one pellet at a time. In this situation what happens is that the walls of your rectum help to compress the pellets and force them out but only one by one - so it was a slow process.

The large poop you released after the coffee was likely to be the remnants of the rest of the poo sitting in your upper sigmoid and lower descending colon. The "head" of this poo felt large because several hard pellets were likely cemented together by some slightly softer poo between these pellets.

Glad you got relief. Did you experience pain at your anal margin i.e. around your bumhole when you were passing all those pellets during your first visit to the toilet?

To Emma, Catherine and pregnant pooper

@Emma - like your stories especially the outdoor pooping ones. Glad you were able to get relief by peeing and pooping behind a bush on your way home. You did the best thing - if you get the urge it's best to find somewhere to open your bowels rather than try to hold it all in until you get home. There is nothing "dirty" about pooping outside - you were just performing a natural function.

@Catherine - Happy Birthday and happy pooping. I also remember reading a similar article about size/weight of bowel movements.

@pregnant pooper - love your stories! Keep them coming. Don't worry - it's quite normal to find yourself passing thick and voluminous bowel movements when you are pregnant. Just make sure you get plenty of fibre in your diet, drink plenty of fluid and answer the call to poop when it comes. It's also common to find yourself having to poop for a second time shortly after your first poop.


Natalie x

Jalapeno work poo

So yesterday I had some of the most hottest tacos of my life. Stuffed full of beef, peppers, salsa and of course the jalapenos. I was so confident I'd be fine that I had 4 of the buggers! Boy was I wrong... It wasn't until this morning I felt a little gassy. I remember waking up casually farting under the covers, quite smelly wet ones. Thought to myself this can't end well. But I proceeded to just lay in bed being lazy farting occasionally whilst drifting in and out of sleep. But because being so lazy I didn't wake up in time to get properly ready for work, had to rush out the house. Missed out a few of my morning routines, including taking a much needed shit. Much needed indeed as I realised in the car. I farted a lot and they just became wetter and hotter. I was developing a horrible stomach ache and just as I pulled up to work it felt like bricks fell into my rectum. I was about to burst. I needed a toilet, any toilet and fast. I don't like using the one at work, but if it's an emergency and IT WAS I'd rather stink up a public bathroom then mess up what I have on. Which was just leggings and a thong to add insult to injury. Luckily though I made it, with no time to spare and a few short pre poop farts on the way. I remember biting my lip as I pulled down my leggings and almost ripped my thong down. Not even a second after my butt touched the seat it exploded plfffssfsfsfssssssfsfsfssff AHHHH I sighed and moaned because it hurt a little. My ass was burning. After the first initial blow I pushed a little and a long stream of muddy poo fell out of me, I was wincing because it hurt a lot. After that I farted a final time which was a second mini explosion that faded off and slowed down like a motor does. I was sweating big time after that ordeal. It was one of those poos where you know you've left marks all over the bowl. I certainly did, the poo somehow went everywhere in the bowl, it stunk! There were several slimy logs piled up and gooey shit all over. There was no toilet brush either! I was so embarrassed when I realised. I'd thought about scraping it all off with tp but it'd take too long and far too much tp. I flushed before I wiped because one IT STUNK and secondly I didn't want to have to block yet another public toilet with one of my world class poos. So embarrassing. The clean up took ages, as I knew it would do, it left a worse mess in the bowl then it did on me though. When I finally finished wiping I flushed again, all the marks still remained, (there were loads in the water too) and it still stunk to high heavens. I gritted my teeth and exited quickly. I worked through the day like nothing out the ordinary happened, like most of us girls do am I right!?! HAHA heard a few comments about someone ruining the staff toilet but I just gave a disgusted look and worked on lol

That's my ordeal, hopefully the next time I take a dump like that it will be in my own bathroom where only I will see and can actually clean it up!

Natalie x


desperate for a poo at my sisters Saturday...

So on Saturday my hubs and i went to my sisters as we had a family meeting due to various issues in our family at the mo, & i only had 1 poo before we left our house so i was due another, it's an hours drive to my sisters and i got the urge in the car driving, soon became a desperate urge.
arriving at my sisters my whole family was there, 12 of us all together, & we all sat around the dining room table.
Clenching, i lifted my butt up a fair few times when mum pipes up with "Jemma! What are you fidgetting for, sit still girl!" "I need the loo mum so if we can wrap this up, i can go!" I replied.
"Well just go now Jem we'll wait for you!!"
"Ok fine" i said gettin up to make my way to the loo next door.
15 plops in quick succession, wiped 6 times and flushed washing my hands and returning.
On return, our 'talk' continued.
We had some lunch and left late afternoon.
Until next time, J x

To Slice: Thanks, I'm like 4'5"/53 inches and I kinda doubt I'll get much taller, my mom actually not very tall either tbh she's like barely 5'/60 inches, but I'm not really that bothered about it, but yeah I probably look like I'm around 10 or so lol, anyways thanks for actually talking to me, you know beside whole just "Welcome to site, now tell me more" stuff lol (no offence to anyone that did that) lol. anyways I've got a couple of stories.

Yesterday as I was coming home from my friends house I was getting an increasing urge to poo I didn't think I was going to make it home at this rate so I thought I'd go through the park thinking maybe I could go in the bushes or something if the restrooms was locked and but somehow I was lucky and they wasn't locked even though how late it was, and it seemed clean too, I guess the forgot to lock them after cleaning or something I dunno, anyway my poo was starting to force it's way out so quickly got into a stall and lifted my skirt and down my panties and moving my hair just as I couldn't hold it any more and my poo was much thicker then I expected as it rushed out and fell to the floor, and i felt a lot better I looked back and saw big log on the floor one end was pretty thick then got thinner it was a little over half a foot long I think, I got some tp and clean it up and wipe and rushed out of there, I so embarrassed and thinking some one might be coming to lock up soon or something so I wanted to get out quick, when I got home I didn't need to go anymore but I did fart a ton on the way home and quite a bit at home too.

So today one of my friend's came home from school with me, we had to use the toilet so after we dropped our stuff off in my room we headed for the bathroom, I had to poop and I figured she just needed to pee, so I said she could go first, she told me thanks and I sat on the edge of the tub and chatted with her as she pulled down her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet, I heard her peeing, it didn't sound like she had to go that bad, just a slow trickle that seemed to last for a long time, not sure how long it was when I notice that while she was peeing that I could smell poo, then a small bit after that I heard a splash and then a bit after that another splash, and then her pee stopped she just kept chatting with me for about 30 more seconds before she got up and looked in toilet for a sec then sat back down and started to wipe, I had looked in the toilet too and there was only two small short logs, she then got up and flushed, and she went to the sink as I hopped off the tub and lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties and got on the toilet while making sure my hair was out of the way, I farted a bit then my turd started coming out slowly, my friend sat down on the edge of the tub and we chatted for a while, then she said she was getting thirsty I told her to go ahead and go get a drink she told me "ok I'll wait for you in your room then" I told her ok and she left then after awhile longer my turd fell out and then I began to pee for a little while then feeling done I got off the toilet and looked in and saw one somewhat thin very long log in a U one a good amount hidden in the hole, I wiped, flushed then had to clean some left over marks and washed my hands and then went back to my friend in my room, we played games and stuff until she went home.

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