Locker room poo

I've babysat Gylea about 15 or 16 times over the past couple of years. I posted on Page #2382 about one time when we were at a beach and how she just squatted over and dropped a poo. Since we were in low water, I was hopeful that no one saw, but one of the lifeguards did and we got kicked out for a month and since I'm a minor my mom got a robo-call on it. Now Gylea's 9, but she's still up to her old tricks.

We recently had a day-long pass to a indoor swim park that is a great family attraction and has a place for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. When she and I got there, we immediately went into the locker room to change. We were both sitting on this wooden bench as we changed into our swimsuits. She was fully naked as she sat pulling stuff out of her clothing back, and I noticed that she slid bock on the bench, with the back of her butt hanging over the back and with her inner-knees right up against the front of the bench. I was watching her more closely than she would probably have liked when I heard a splat. I asked her what that was because there was no one else in our aisle. She said she didn't hear anything. But I wasn't convinced. So I got up off the bench, stepped over it backward, and immediately noticed a soft turd about two inches in length laying on the polished concrete floor. At first, she denied it was hers. Then when I asked her to do a quick wipe and then show me the toilet paper as evidence, she fessed up. All she could say was "oops, I guess".

I immediately directed her to go into the big bathroom next to the showers and get two paper towels. She started to argue, and I cut that off fast, and made her go. She came back with just one towel. I took it and told her to go get the second one that I had asked for. When she returned I made her get down on her knees and with one of the papers pick up the turd. Then with her other hand, I had her wipe off a couple of streaks from the floor. Then I walked her back into the bathroom into an open toilet stall and I had her throw both into the bowl. Then I had her flush them. I was afraid they might jam the toilet, but it was too late, and although they slowed the flush, they went down. Then I had Gylea sit on that toilet, wipe herself and show me the toilet paper, before she dropped it into the toilet. I took the stall next to hers and both of us did our required wees before we finished getting changed

Gylea then apologized to me. Because of us getting kicked off the beach last summer, I told her I wanted her to tell her mother and have her mom text me when she did. Her mom praised me, said I was very "professional" in how I dealt with it, and she is sending me a $20 bonus check that she said will be taken from Gylea's Christmas money.

Winnie The Poo

A story - And a useful diarrhea trick!

First, a few messages:
To Mina: I have to say, the stories about you and your friends are just delightful and I always look forward to them. Thank you for a new way to look at having a good bowel movement, as a sacred ceremony and thanks to God for having a healthy body and digestion.

To Catherine: Congratulations on your engagement and prayers that you will have many happy years together!

To Just Another Girl: My dad always kept a chamber pot under his bed and used it if he had to pee during the night. I don't think he used it to poop in, though. He always told my brother and me that in the old days before indoor plumbing, the first thing people would do on arising was to open the bedroom window and dump out the chamber pot. Nowadays that would probably be less acceptable!!!

Now for the story. I belong to a Bible study group that meets on Sunday night. We all bring different kinds of food and hang out and eat together for an hour or so before beginning the study, which typically consists of a series of weekly lessons on DVD. On one of these occasions, I experienced a sudden diarrhea attack during the DVD portion. I don't know what caused it and I can't remember what kind of foods people brought that night. But every once in a while, maybe every month or two, I will get diarrhea without really knowing why. I kind of don't mind if I am at home as I figure it clears out my system.

Anyway, as we were sitting there watching the presentation and taking a few notes, my stomach started to gurgle. At first it wasn't too bad, but it kept getting louder and I was worried that my friends could hear it. I tried to ignore it, but after a while my stomach started to hurt. I realized I was going to have to go poo, but wanted to wait until I got home. I don't like pooing at my friends' house during a meeting because the bathroom is just off the living room. It's embarrassing to stink out the bathroom or have a loud motion. Everyone would know it was me. I could tell this was going to be a smelly one, because it felt like diarrhea.

At some point, I realized I was going to have to poo there, because I would not be able to make the ten minute drive home without losing it. I got up and went into the bathroom. Sure enough, I released a loud, gassy and messy BM. I stayed in there a while to let the smell (and embarrassment) dissipate, then rejoined the group. I felt better, and finished out the evening OK, although after everyone else left, I had to warn the lady of the house that entering the bathroom could prove fatal.

When I got home, I promptly had three more waves of watery diarrhea, which led me to my discovery. I had noticed in the past that when I had diarrhea, I had to wipe my bum numerous times, several times after each episode to feel clean. I use regular toilet paper (wish I had a washlet like Our Very Own Mina) and after a while, my bum starts to hurt and sometimes bleed. This time, I had some KY Jelly around, so I tried putting it around my hole and inner cheeks before taking a dump. It seemed to work well! Cleanup was easier, quicker and took less paper (which should please Oldpoop lol!). And my bum did not get sore like before.


I pooped big a school today

Today I was having lunch at the food court at university with my friends Danielle and Kim and a few other girls. After finishing my rice bowl, all of a sudden I really needed a poo. I didn't go number two yesterday or the day before, so I felt kinda relievd that I could go and drop my load finally. I told the other girls that I was going to the bathroom and Danielle said she would come, too. When we got there all the stalls where taken except two at the end. By the sounds of it, most of the girls where peeing in their stalls, but some where pooping as well. Danielle took the stall at the end and I the one to her right. I locked the door, put down my bag and pulled down my jeans and blue panties. The toilet looked pretty clean, so I just plopped my bum down and right away I started to pee. Danielle was also peeing and I noticed that she had not pulled down her pants very far so I thought maybe that's all she needed to do. On my right, I could see that a girl had pulled down her jeans and white panties all the way down to her converse sneakers, but there were no sounds or anything at all from her stall. While I was peeing, a small but quite audible fart slipped out. I said 'excuse me' and I could hear Danielle giggle a bit. I told her she was an idiot and then we both laughed. Then she was done with her pee and started to pull off paper. After she finished wiping she asked me if I was coming and I told her I would be a little longer. She was like 'ok, see you out there', pulled up her pants and went to wash her hands.

I was done with me pee as well and so I took out my phone to browse, leaned forward and started to push. My backdoor opened and I had quite a loud fart and then my first turd started to slide out. It felt pretty big but soft, so it wasn't too bad. Just as I was pushing, I heard my neighbour grunt quietly and then the sound of poo crackling out of her bum. It splashed into her toilet soon after and it sounded like it was quite a big log. My first poo took forever to come out and I think it was really long. When it finally dropped off, right away I had a second one come out. After another minute or so, this one splashed into the bowl, too. I knew I had some more to take care off, so I just kept looking at things on my phone, waiting. Meanwhile my neighbour dropped two more logs, each with a small fart. There was almost no smell from my poo, but by now a bit of a stink was coming from her stall. Both of us kept doing our business and I had two more turds and she had three and farted one more time. Then I felt done and I was really pretty relieved that I had been able to go. We both started to wipe at the same time. I did my front and then my back with just a few pieces. Then I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and left to wash my hands. Meanwhile, the other girl came out too, a tall and chubby blonde with long curly hair. I think we felt a bit embarrassed since we both had just done big poos, but she smiled and I smiled back at her. Then I quickly left and joined my friends out in the food court. That's all for today, I hope I did not bore you.

to Anna from Austria: I liked your latest story. Are these bathrooms in the mall much like in your office or different? Like you, I'm also always relieved when I am not the only one having to do a number two in a public bathroom. The worst thing is when I have a loud and stinky poo and everybody else just goes for a really ladylike quick pee. That's so embarrassing. Maybe in your story though the young woman did a bigger poo than yourself and perhaps she needed to go badly which is why she almost ran into you, I don't know. It totally has happened to me many times before.

Optional Person.

to Catherine on mayor poop.

Catherine, 3 feet thick? wow! was her large turd really stinky? you must have an awesome poop photo collection. Since your open with Alan, are you ever going to make a book or something with all your poops and other peoples poops you have photographed in it, just for personal enjoyment?

We miss your stories Abbie! If you read this please try to find time to post your latest exploits.

I use to post years ago and am now back. Due to a neurological condition I suffer a lot of constipation but have ways of managing it. I also have some incontinence...particularly the bladder.
The dominant lesson I believe in is go to the toilet when and where the need arises.

Catherine: The story about graceful Maho is on page 2455. Maho said, "i am not graceful, only Mina say a so stupid thing, but I hope you enjoy story and it is useful to you." Of course she said in Japanese. Bad translation is Mina's translation.

Did you read story about Kazuko's mother hit her because she stay in loo too long time? I try to find number, but now I can't find. Kazuko says, she wants to send photo of her do Africa size motion to show her mother that what her mother say about woman do only one motion, small like green pea, is big fibs. Kazuko's mother see Kazuko as fairy princess and fairy princess never do motion. Kazuko often irritate, and when she talk back to her mother, mother hit her. (But Kazuko loves her mother very much, and after angry, she always forgive her mother.)

I hope you drink your all coffee. If you spit out, coffee will not come out of you from correct side!

I think your mayor is very nice woman, she has guilty conscience. She really sorry about give you work which you don't like so much maybe. And you are nice nice woman to forgive her. Perhaps Alan love you more after he hear your story.

End Stall Em: I agree no need to build nest under us. In Japan there is machine in many public loo, we put little piece of loo paper under, and push button, then little bit of medicine come out, to clean loo seat.

But I think many Japanese woman very loose about loo. They use long long paper to clean, and they flush many times, even it is only wee. They don't care environment. I sometimes angry, and Maho very very angry. She is graceful girl, but she has temper!! You don't want see Maho in rage.




Accident and getting away with it

My last poo was three days ago and I was shopping with my mum when I had to poo so badly I couldn't hold it any longer. I told my mum I was going to the toilet and she said ok. When I got to the toilets they were being cleaned so I went in the disabled toilet and the light was off but I found a red coloured string which I pulled and set off an alarm. I panicked and ran out to join my mum but I was still desperate for a poo. She said I was quick and I told her I only peed. When we finished the shopping I was helping to load the car when I lost control for a split second. I did a three inch poo in my knickers and I kept quiet about it as I knew I'd get in trouble if she found out I had an accident. I got in the car and as we drove off I could smell my poo. My mum asked me if I'd blown off and I pretended I had. She believed me but she moaned about the smell. Then she farted herself and I thought it was a lifesaver. She apologised and she said, "That was close. I think I'd better have a number two when we get home."
This I did not need. We got home and my mum asked me to put the shopping away while she went to the toilet. I put all the shopping away while I fought a battle with my bowels and knowing my mum was blissfully relieving herself in the toilet made it even worse. When I put all the shopping away my mum was still in the toilet and I had to knock on the bathroom door to ask her to hurry up. She said she was having some trouble going but if I was desperate I could pee in the sink. I told her I didn't need to pee, it was a number two and she said she might be a while. She asked me if I was desperate and I admitted I was. She said she knew because she could smell it in the car. I told her I was sorry for holding it and to my surprise, my mum said it was OK. She then told me I could go in my knickers if I had to but I didn't want to do that on purpose. I went to my room and closed my door in case it happened but at least if it did I wouldn't be in trouble for it. I waited and waited for my mum to come out of the toilet and eventually I was too desperate to wait and I was pooing myself. I wanted to stop it but the relief was so good I kept going. I filled my knickers and I peed a little bit making my jeans wet at the back. Two minutes later the toilet flushed and my mum came out. She came into my room and saw I'd messed myself but she wasn't angry. She just told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up and to take a shower. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't believe she was so cool about me pooing myself. Maybe she felt responsible for causing it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine great story it sounds like she really had to go and a I bet she felt great afterwards besides being just embarrassed and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Liz S great story about your big poop it sounds like you had to a lot and I bet you felt amazing afterward and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Chantelle K great story.

Well that's all for now.

sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

On The John

Sqatty Potty

I have the bamboo version. You have to try it to believe it. Pop a squat in the woods and you can relate to the position that you would have in nature. It brings the natural position back to our unnatural home toilet experience. IMHO.

Optional Person

Catherine two question responce.

1. I do find returning from the bathroom awkward at any party. that's why I go before or just hold it. I personally think the sound of the toilet flushing gets louder on purpose at parties.

2. I have never thought of formal hairstyles as looking like a soft turd pile. But your not weird for thinking it though.

sometimes when I eat chili or soup, I think about how it kind of looks like diarrhea. so I guess I can sort of relate.

Catherine, do you like to fart as much as you like to poop? have you ever had a fart hurt your loaf-pincher when it came out?

Diarrhea at school

This happened a few months ago. It was during lunch. I was with my friends when I felt a huge pain in my gut. I said to my friends:
"I really need a poo, I'll be back"
I rushed off to the toilets, (none of which have doors) found a stall, lowered my pants and undies and sat down. I released a torrent of brown water that smelled so bad and hurt quite a bit. I groaned from both the relief of the poo and the pain in my hole. As I was pooing, I heard the bathroom door open and then the sound of footsteps. Two people entered, one went to pee, and looked at me before standing at the urinals. The other sat in the stall on my right. From the sounds I heard, it sounded like my current condition. The guy at the urinal obviously took a whiff of our combined stench, because he turned around and said to his friend:
"I'll wait for you outside".
Shortly after, only the sounds of farts and liquid poo were heard. Eventually, I finished up and went to wipe, but found no paper. I said to the other guy:
"Hey, can I have some TP?"
He replied with:
"Sure, oh shit, I don't have any either".
I heard the bell for next period ring, and so I had to hurry. I simply pulled up my pants without wiping, said bye, flushed the toilet and left for class. As I walked back, I could feel the poo in my crack. Back to class and I got a few odd looks from people but I just ignored them. When school ended I hurried home to change. I checked my undies and saw a massive streak of brown. I chucked them into the wash at nobody knew.


Walk in

I was visiting my cousins today and it was just me and her left at the house. She is the same age as me and we look quite similar.
We share everything with each other and we were sitting watching tv when I needed to toilet. I said to her I was gonna go to the toilet and asked which one to use, upstairs or downstairs. She told me that neither lock and so I asked if they both flush ok and she said they did. I told her I'd use the upstairs and said I might not just pee but I'm not sure yet.
I went to the toilet and there wasn't much paper so I shut the door and then went to the downstairs one.
I quietly closed the door and put the light on. I pulled my leggings and panties down to my feet and then lifted the lid. I sat down and waited for about a minute.
My poo was trying to come out so I have some small pushes and it started to slide out slowly. It felt like it was out about 6 inches when it splashed into the bowl. The second one the same came and as it was about to fall the door was opened by my cousin. She went bright red and apologised thinking I was upstairs and that she was about to go in her pants. I finished my poo and forced my we out really hard with it splashing the bowl hard. I stood up as I finished my pee and got some drips on the seat and floor and let her start her poo while I wiped up. She took a while on the toilet letting out four big logs and a couple small ones. When she stood up to wipe I seen the huge amount of poo in the toilet and when she tried to flush only some went down so it took 3 flushes. I put my dirty paper in the bowl and so did she and we flushed again after she peed. We both sorted out our clothes and went back to the tv.


a day in the life of Jemma, loo diary.

So i thought I'd do my loo diary from yesterday - an account of my loo visits.

Awake 0700, have a really long wee and poo consisting of 10 plops, medium sized light brown logs all piled on top of each other.

08.15 after my breakfast i need a wee, & another poo but this one only consisted of 4 plops.

1030 in town need a wee, head to the loos in BHS had a wee there.

11.50 - in McDonalds for my lunch and after i finish i need a poo desperately.
so i go in the McDonalds loo, 12 plops loose and in quick succession light brown sludgy mess.

3pm - finish my shopping bursting for a wee and another huge poo but wait till i get home at 3.30pm, hubby joins me.
start my very long wee and as i am weeing my plops come quickly 8 sludgy plops in quick succession. Nothing formed just sludge.

8pm after dinner i need a wee, so off i head.

well those were yesterdays loo visits hope you enjoyed.

*In response to some questions about my health since my lengthy hospital visit i am getting better, long process but i don't dwell on it, just got to make sure i don't do too much and be careful, thank you for your concerns, much appreciated.*

*Hi to John B, kmd, Brandon T, Mina & Annie, - i always love reading your comments and stories.x

Until next time, J xx

Halloween Poop

Happy Halloween

A lot of chocolate and candy being turned into poop tonight.
All that ???? chocolate eaten nice brown and smelly poop tomorrow.

This week at work there has been a stomach bug going round the office. On Friday my friend Mel called in sick. I rang to see how she was and she said it was coming out of both ends and her stomach was really hurting. On Monday she came in..she had stopped puking completely. She still had awful bellyache and a minor case of the runs.

Around half nine she jumped up from her desk and hurried to the bathroom. She was gone 15 minutes. When she came back she looked upset so I asked if she was ok. She said yeah she just hates having diarrhea. I gave her a hug and got her some water then went back to my own desk.

The girl I share a desk with had been quiet all morning so I asked if she was okay. She nodded but still looked really uncomfortable. A few minutes later she grabbed her stomach and exclaimed 'oh god!' her eyes filled with panic.

'Whats up?' I asked although I already thought I knew the answer. 'Umm not to be blunt but..I think I'm going to shit myself!' she cringed. I started laughing and she scowled at me 'Im not very well' she snapped gingerly standing up and waddling carefully to the toilets.

She was gone twenty minutes and eventually reappeared rubbing her stomach and gingerly sat back down. 'Make it?' I smirked. 'Yeah arse hurts now tho' Tori laughed. 'I'll be back there in an hour. I felt sorry for her but it was still kinda funny.

Tori had to run to the toilet another three times before they sent her home ill as she started throwing up.

Two of the girls on reception had also reported absent due to dodgy stomachs. On Tuesday Tori was no better and didnt come in. Theres a really hot guy called Tom there who came over to talk to me.

He sounded full of cold so I asked if he was okay. Tom said no he had a headache and sore throat. He paused the pointed at his gorgeous pert bum 'plus its coming out of here' he sighed. 'As soon as work started I had to do a big runny poo and Ive needed to go again ever since.'

'Why dont you go relieve yourself - you must be so uncomfortable' I checked. 'Once I start I can't stop so I'll have to try and hold it until break time' he sighed. I looked at the clock - 2 hours til lunch - 'You gonna be able to hold it for that long? I asked.

He smiled 'I hope so although if I can't I will have to just go anyway..I dont want to have an accident in my pants'.

I laughed and carried on working. A guy drom despatch came and said he had the hersheys and needed to go home urģently followed by a guy from accounts with the same problem.

My manager Bob disappeared for ages and came back looking unwell. I aaked if he was ok and he shook his head. 'I have the worst case of the shits I can ever remember' he groaned. 'Aw how long have you been like that?'. 'oh well that was just the tip of the iceberg for what needs to come out my bum with the way I feel with my ????' he laughed. 'Just remind me not to fart!' he smiled.

Later Bob brought us all in to a meeting. Minus Tom who hadnt been able to hold it a moment longer and had run to the toilet! 'Right guys as most of you are aware, there IS a stomach bug sweeping the office and a few staff are not here due to it. There are also guys stood here now with really dodgy ???? who are holding out and going to the toilet when they need to'

'Now Im not forcing you to stay but Ive now come down with it too..although it leads to some very unpleasant bathroom is manageable. If you have to suddenly use the toilet just dont need to ask. I understand it might be very urgent'.

'If anyone shits themselves youll clean it up yourselves' he joked. Just then Tom reappeared looking relieved. 'Good shit mate?' my boss teased. 'No it was really gross and Im still full' Tom groaned. Everyone laughed and he looked embarrassed.

On Wednesday Tom was there but spent even more time on the toilet. Three more people were off sick with the same problem. Around lunchtime I felt a weird gassy pressure in my abdomen and I was experiencing cramps. I became very gassy and had to keep letting farts out. The last couple felt wet and I needed a poo.

I got up and headed to the toilets. By now my stomach was rumbling and it was getting more urgent. I hurried into a cubicle and ripped my skirt and thong down. I was starting to feel sick and sweating. I pushed gently and a wet fart sputtered out of my bum.

I moaned loudly as runny poo gushed out of my bum and splattered the toilet bowl. I shuffled around as another wave blasted out. I wished I hadnt gone into the unisex toilet now as the smell started to drift.

'Take it youve got the bug as well then?'. It was Tom. I was absolutely mortified even though I knew he had the same problem. I tried to hold the contents of my bowels but it was impossible. 'Yeah' I whimpered as mote spluttered out of my aching bum.

'Dont worry..the first shit is always the worst. Can I come in?' he asked. ' Im a mess' I groaned. 'I dont care' he replied. Begrudgingly I opened the door before settling down for another round of the liquids.

Tom gently locked the door and walked across to me then put his arms around me. 'Its okay' he rubbed my ????. I could hear his gurgling fiercely as well. 'Do you need the toilet?' I asked.

'Umm yeah really badly..I just got a cramp' he winced and grabbed his bum. I leant forward and unbuckled his trousers as he clenched his cheeks together. He passed wind..a loud wet fart which echoed. He blushed 'sorry Im desperate!'

I spread my legs and let him perch between them. I was turned on as his pert bum rubbed against my lady parts. He had more important things to worry about as a wave of liquid squirted from his bum. 'Ahhhh' Tom was so relieved to let it go.

I let out a few runny sharts as the world exploded from his bum. When we both felt done he leaned back against me and I wrapped my arms around his bloated belly and gently rubbed it.

He stood and motioned for me to turned round and wiped damp toilet paper between my messy cheeks. We spent half an hour cleaning each other, washed our hands and went to tell the boss we were sick and needed to leave. We ended up together after that :') Although we did suffer a lot more diarrhea together which was pretty fun.


Pooping with a blind guy

Today at work I was on my way to the restroom when I saw a blind man. He was an attractive guy in his late twenties. He looked lost, so I asked him if I could be of assistance. He asked me where the mens room was, and I told him I was on my way and I'd be happy to take him. He grabbed my arm and we proceeded down the hall to the restroom. We entered and he asked me if there was a free stall. I took him to one of the two, directed him in and he checked for toilet paper. He said, "Thanks, man," and I told him I would be taking the stall next to him. I entered my stall as he grabbed some TP and wiped down the seat. I lowered my pants and sat down and he did the same. As he sat, he let out a thunderous fart, and then sighed. He then started to pee. He must have been pushing his penis down because the stream was very forceful in the water. After he stopped urinating, he took a series of deep breaths and then pushed out what sounded like a big plug of shit followed by some plops and some mushy stuff. He then sighed deeply and said something about needing that. I then pushed out a sizable quantity of sticky stool, the consistency of tooth paste. It felt great. At this point, the smell was intense. He odor was kind of fruity; mine was quite sharp and rank. We both at that point started to wipe. As I finished, I told him I would wait for him to assist him in finding the sinks and paper towels. "Oh thanks man,that would be great." I exited my stall and he followed a minute later. I directed him to the sink. At that point, I said, "can I ask you sort of a personal question? I've always wondered about this." He then laughed and said,"you want to know how I know when I'm done wiping." He laughed and said he's asked that a lot. Basically, he said he can tell by the feel of the toilet paper as we wipes, by the type of poop he's just passed, and by the smell. When he thinks he finished wiping, he sniffs the paper. I thanked him for this information, and apologized if I was being a bit weird asking. He said not at all. He took my arm and I brought him to the elevator where we parted ways after experiencing a very intimate experience.


Ladies: Do not use the Ports Potty labeled "Women's"

22 years ago while I was in Little Rock, Arkansas I was with a lady. Both of us were from the Lion's World Services for the Blind. The Arkansas Democrat & Gazette were putting on a fireworks show on July turd, Oh I mean July third.

As we were walking in the park on the Arkansas River, She said she had to go to the bathroom. We looked here and there for a toilet. Of course they were right in front. I went into to one next to her's. I could her hear peeing. I peed also then exited. She was still in there doing her after-supper duty.

While she was going, women would open the door in her potty then leave for another toilet. This happened at least four times.

Stupid me thinking, "why does she not lock the door!

When she emerged she said there was no working lock for the porta potty. Duh! That made sense! Why did i not realize sooner and block the door with my body.

When she came out, she said that there was no lock and that she felt better. She was not angry and took the embarrassing situation well in stride.

She probably made a good mother and wife. Kids will embarrass you and humble you!



Hi again everyone! Once this week while on the loo, I did a poo in wich most of it came out naturally. The first peice was a medium-sized one, and there was a smaller peice. I sat there getting everything out in what seemed like 2 minutes. The poo exiting me felt comfortable, with this smooth feeling as it passed. Today, I passed 2 rounds of a bunch of little poos at once, and this too, also felt nice. The episodes were quick, but definitely more smelly! I had to go once after breakfast, and once after lunch. During my pooping rounds today, I had some farts, too. I've also had a great day today playing with Minnie Mouse in my room, watching the Disney Channel, etc.

Optional Person

to Mina

Mina, I love how your comfortable with letting your butt explode diarrhea at work. I think that is pretty cool that you are that confident. I remember you saying how you appreciate and like your friends stink. I think that is cool too. How you always liked "bad" smells.

just another girl

More childhood memories and other things...

Now for some more childhood memories and other things...

I was toilet trained at the age of three, which was a transition that I made entirely on my own. One day, I stepped out of my (wet) nappy and loudly declared: "I'm not wearing this any more!" Because I was a fairly headstrong child even at that age, my mother had no choice but to follow suit, and from then on I adjusted to using the toilet just fine. For some reason, I never really had any accidents apart from one night shortly thereafter when I was sick with a high temperature and wet the bed. This wasn't really my fault, because I suppose I was a bit too "out of it" or too fast asleep to register that I needed to go to the toilet, and so I ended up wetting instead. This wasn't fun at all: it quickly turned from warm to freezing cold and very damp, and I can remember waking up at that point and panicking. Fortunately, my mother was there, and she organised clean sheets for me and helped me to change my pyjamas. I was never scolded or shouted at for this kind of thing; I was very blessed in that sense as I know how awful some parents can be towards their children if they happen to have a mishap.

Even though I didn't have any further incidents involving that, I did have quite a few accidents involving throwing up - once all over myself in the car on the way to school, another time all over the kitchen floor, and yet another time all over myself in bed. As a child, if I had a stomach bug or food poisoning or something like that, I would always throw up first before it came out of the other end (if it did at all). I don't quite know why - I'm just weird that way - but thankfully I haven't thrown up in a very long time.

I have always enjoyed going to the bathroom because I've always been taught to accept it as a natural part of life: it happens, and it has to. I'm not squeamish about it, that is, most of the time. I volunteered at a local children's home while I was still in school, and one job entailed helping to change babies' nappies. A job that I didn't enjoy one bit, since I never realised how much baby poop can stink! I naively thought that, oh well, it's just formula, so it can't be that bad...but I changed my mind the minute I'd changed the first nappy. I had to step outside for a breath of fresh air, and came back wondering if it always smells like that or if it was just my imagination. I want kids of my own someday, but I don't want to put up with that! Ugh!

Something that has fascinated me ever since I was a child is how everything we eat goes in tasting and looking good but comes out looking nasty and smelling even worse. It's actually quite weird to think about: you go to an expensive restaurant and order something delicious and appetizing, and once you've eaten it, it gets digested and processed and then some time later you go to the toilet and let it all out as a lot of horrible, ugly brown stuff! It really is strange...

On reading through some of the old posts on here, I came across a few by men who wonder how women can fart and poop and pee when they are so pretty. Well, I can answer that. I am a woman, I consider myself pretty and I know that others do too, and I do all three of those things. I have a healthy appetite (I'm not fat but I do eat a lot) and naturally it needs to go somewhere; this is why I go to the toilet at least twice a day, and when I do I don't powder my nose or fix my hair or touch up my makeup (as some men may well think that women do when in the bathroom). Oh no, I don't - I poop, and it doesn't smell like roses, in fact quite the opposite! I pee, as well, because during a typical day I drink lots of water, and that has to come out! Lastly, I fart as much as anyone else, and I'm not ashamed of it, because there's no reason to be; as I said earlier, it happens, and it has to! Mine aren't exactly glitter and rainbows and perfume - I have been known to let out very "silent but violent" ones on occasion. There you have it, an honest presentation of reality straight from a girl herself...

Have a lovely evening all!



Poo dream

I had a dream last night that I was in B&Q and I was busting for a poo, so I went to the bathroom displays and sat down on one of the toilets. I didn't pull my jeans down and I was just about to push when I woke up in my dream. I ran to the toilet but I found myself in a crowded street and I got into a semi squatting position ready to poo myself when I woke up again but I was still dreaming. I found myself at school and the toilets were in the classroom. There was no privacy and I had to poo so badly I had to go in full view of the whole class. I woke up before I started to go and I was back in my bed now. I still felt like I was dreaming and I pushed but I came to my senses and realised I wasn't dreaming and ran to the toilet holding my bum. I just about made it to the toilet but my knickers had a brown poo spot in the back. I had a poo and a wee and wiped my bum before I went back to bed and tried to get back into my dream but I couldn't unfortunately.


Halloween Trick

This Halloween provoked a tricky spot for a particular classically dressed kitten on the tube. The kitten was tall, blonde and had a voluptuous figure, her outfit was only accentuated by her black nose, whiskers and attachable ears. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress that made prominent her extremely curvy figure. I first noticed her at my boarding platform, she proceeded to remove her heels and was bending double whilst stating to her friend "I really need a wee". We boarded the same carriage and I sat opposite her, I quickly found out that we would be departing at the same station. She was clearly not a local and did not realise the length of the journey she was about to undertake, myself, I knew the journey was at least 40 forty minutes. Two stations by and barely out of zone one, her cries became more frequent, constantly repeating to her friend "I need a wee, I really need a wee". Fifteen minutes later, there were visible signs of desperation on the poor girl, she had her hand pressed firmly in her crotch and there were pained expressions across her face. Twenty minutes had gone by and by this point there was a determined concentration on her face. The only time she spoke was to remind her friend of the predicament she was in. The girl was clearly bursting with ten minutes left of the journey, she was fidgeting constantly, repeating the same phrase "I really really need a wee". Five minutes left on the tube and the woman stated to her friend "We have to find somewhere to wee as soon as we get of the tube, my bladder is going to burst!". The train rolled into the station and she struggled to stand, "I'm going to wet myself" was now her only message to her friend. After departing the train, she painstakingly hobbled up the stairs, mere seconds away form bursting at the seems. Her friend tried to encourage her to return to where they were staying but she was hobbling screaming "I cant run, if I move I'm actually going to wet myself!" The sheer desperation across her face was now evident to everyone within close proximity. I can only imagine how desperate she must have been at this point as she hauled her friend into a nearby alleyway shouting "MY BLADDER IS GOING TO BURST". A very relieving sigh and a gushing stream were the only sounds I heard as I made my way home. I turned around to see her emerge from the alley way with a large wet patch on the front of her dress and a relieved look across her face.


cafe discovery

I have been frequenting a local cafe for some time now but until yesterday I never had the need to visit their toilet.
I finished my lunch and was feeling uncomfortable so instead of waiting till I got back to work I decided to use their toilet, the toilets were at the back in a corridor that ran behind the kitchen area. First the door to the men's and further along the door to the women's. I pushed open the door and entered but was shocked at the layout. To the left of the door were two toilets facing each other at opposite ends of the room, one behind the door but close together, the room was only about 8ft long if that. To the right there was a sink, bench with mirror and wash basin. I walked over to the toilet behind the door lifted the lid. I was about to drop my panties and sit as the door opened and in walked one of the young waitresses. She smiled and walked to the far end toilet, I looked at her for a moment the dropped my panties and sat down. She did the same but as she sat the closeness of the room became more than obvious our knees were about a foot apart. I pushed my panties to my ankles and noticed she had done the same. I needed to poo but wanted to wait and see if she would pee and leave but no such luck. she peed as I did and then pushed her panties down to her ankles opened her legs and made it clear she was there to poo. I opened my legs too and relaxed my hold on my poo. My bum opened and my first lumpy poo eased out, I looked between the girls legs and could see her pussy and the start of her poo coming out. I looked up at her and noticed she was watching my poo come out. I could feel mine grow as a lumpy poo eased out my bum her poo looked similar to mine lots of pebbles joined together. Our poos grew longer and then mine snapped off and dropped into the bowl, hers grew longer. Mine started to grow again as the broken off portion continued its exit, it felt good to be getting it out my belly was feeling so full after eating. Her poo tapered and dropped, she caught her breath and started on another. This one was slimmer than the first and she looked to be enjoying its departure. The remaining portion of mine inched out and dropped and I felt empty. I reached for the roll and wiped my bum three times and my pussy twice as the girl finished up her poo. I stood up and pulled up my panties as she wiped. I flushed, washed up and departed as she was getting up. I left the cafe and headed back to work but I will be definitely visiting again.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

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