Babysitting the Opposite Sex

I continue to do a lot of babysitting. Recently I had a new boy, Breydon. He just turned 6. I had to walk over to his grade school and pick him up and I had him all weekend since his mother had to go out of town. She paid me real well, plus my admission to the largest zoo plus a circus in our city. I stayed at their apartment and woke him up at the scheduled time on Saturday morning and knew that we needed to get to the zoo before it got too busy. This was the last weekend it was open for the season. Because we were so hurried, I forgot to remind him to go to the bathroom before we left. That was a dumb move on my part because I always remember.

I drove him to the zoo, we parked, and after paying for a day-long pass we started with his favorite--the cat complex. It was at that point he said he had to poo. He couldn't tell me how bad, but I walked him outside to the closest bathroom building, led him to the door and told him to use the same procedure his mom had taught him to use at school. He asked that I take him in, like his mother who takes him in with her to the ladies room, but he's in 1st grade now and should be able to go into the guys room on his own. I told him I would stay by the entrance. because I didn't want him to think he would lose me. He was in there for about 5 minutes and I heard lots of flushes and guys were coming out and others going in. Finally, he came out, his jeans were not buckled and his fly was open, so I immediately pulled him to the side so I could have him make the corrections. First, I asked him how much poo he made. He held up 3 fingers so I figured that meant 3 pieces. I praised him but showed him how to use his zipper and belt. He seemed resistant, and finally when I calmed him down a bit, I found what the problem was.

Because his mother takes him with her into the ladies room, she also wipes him. Later I found that he doesn't crap at school, so other than when he has most of his craps at home, mom wipes him. I knew I probably had to make an exception to what I wanted to teach him: independence. So I reluctantly took him into the ladies room on the other side of the building. It was crowded and we got a few looks because he's a little larger than many his age. Most of the toilets were in use, but once one opened right next to us, I grabbed the door and nudged him in. He put his thumb and finger to his nose because the last user had done a smelly poo. (I sometimes wonder why public bathrooms don't have toilet lids that could be shut in such situations). I told Breydon to pull his clothing down, and he did, and I helped slide him onto the seat. I gave him some toilet paper from the roll and told him he could wipe from the seat or get down and wipe while standing. Rather, he got off the seat, placed his hands over the front in a bent over position that he said is how is mom handles it.

So I took the toilet paper and did a wipe for him. Luckily his crap had been well formed and I showed him how little I had got. Then I showed him and insisted that he pull off additional paper and do a 3-count as he did 3 swipes with it. It worked and he got a little more of the remaining mess. I praised him, but told him I had to wee and that I wanted him to turn and face the door while I did my thing. He tried to cheat and look at me once, but I told him to stop it. He said his mom doesn't mind him watching her. But I avoided that discussion with him. Then we went out to the sinks. I had to slow him down a bit, because he was getting frustrated when no soap would come out. Then he seemed surprised (actually quite interested) in how it worked.

Babysitting the opposite gender and how to use large public toilets is challenging. I've been babysitting almost 5 years now and I'm still a little uncertain as to what the best way to handle it is.

Any ideas?


Flushing twice

Someone mentioned flushing the toilet before wiping in order to avoid a clog. Late last year I decided to try collecting my used toilet paper in a small paper bag rather than flushing it down the pot. I'm trying to save water, so I don't want to flush twice; those gallons add up! The results (so far) of this experiment have been good. First--no clogs whatever; since I usually poop more than once a day, I've been leaving my first poop in the water until after I do another one, usually a few hours later, and then flushing, so usually I flush more than one movement at a time; fewer flushes, less water used. Second--since I live in a fairly rural neighborhood, I have a burn barrel outside, into which I put readily burnable yard waste (weeds, fallen sticks, etc.). When the barrel gets fairly full, if the little bag is fairly full of used toilet paper, I take it out, dump it into the stuff in the barrel, and light the paper. One might think there would be moist stuff (i.e., poop) on the paper, but it all dries quite well, and one match lights it up. It burns fiercely, igniting the dry plant material, and the contents of the barrel go up in flames in two or three minutes (unless there is wood among the contents; that takes a bit longer). After the fire, the toilet paper is completely gone; no trace; and it has not clogged the toilet. Thus, I have saved water and gotten rid of the used paper.


Anti gas medications effects

I've been taking an OTC simethicone based anti gas drug lately, one pill a day, to see if it would make me feel somewhat better than i'm used to and maybe pass less gas during the day, especially when doing workouts. It worked and i founded myself less bloated and gassier, but as a side effect, it also makes my stool completely solid throughout all the movements. It won't make it harder like what sometimes happens when i'm taking lactobacillus supplements (which i do from time to time), but i keep passing several solid stools until i'm done, even when i go right after getting the first urge, when i used to first have a solid stool coming out of me and then ending with mushy stools or even having totally mushy movements especially in the morning. Does this also happen to someone else?

Home Pooper

Pooping on a cruise

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since the last time I posted here (back in April). I'm a male in my 20s and my posts here detailed how I never have a feeling that I need to go poop when I'm away from home, and I was attempting to try to train myself that it's okay to poop in public restrooms as I want to be more regular. I've been really busy so that goal got sidetracked and I haven't attempted to poop in a public restroom lately, which isn't good for my "training".

However, I did want to talk about my experience on a cruise I took a few weeks back. As I detailed in my earlier posts, because my body never seems to "need" to go when I'm away from home, I can often go an entire vacation without pooping, and then when I get home, I'd suddenly need to have a large, sometimes painful bowel movement. I assumed this cruise would be no different. But I hoped it might have helped that I had a room all to myself.

If anyone here has taken a cruise before, you'll know they feed you well. They had a free buffet that was pretty much always open, a main dining area that was free, free room service, and more. But, all this eating and then not pooping isn't really a good combination. On one of the days, I knew that my body didn't need to go, but I tried going anyway, just to show my effort was there. I went to the bathroom (which was tiny) in my room and sat on the small toilet shoved in the corner. I ended up sitting there for a bit trying to push, but nothing ever ended up coming out (just pee).

Sometimes on the cruise I would think of this and it would sort of depress me. I assumed most people on the cruise didn't share my problem. I'd see everyone out on the top deck by the pool, the guys showing off their muscles, the ladies dressed in bathing suits showing off their bodies, and I'd think "why can't I go like they all probably do?".

Finally, on the last night before the cruise was over, I was laying in my bed with the TV on, playing a game on my phone, and the urge hit me. At last, I actually needed to poop! It wasn't just me wanting to try or anything, but I actually had to go! And rather urgently; it was a lot like when I get home from a trip and need to go - not something I could really hold for a while, but more of a "I need to go now!".

I took my phone over to the bathroom in my room, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and sat on the toilet. Like usual for me, I peed first. When I was done peeing, my poo began to start coming out on its own. I didn't even push, it was just naturally falling at a slow rate. I knew this was going to be a large load, as it had been several days since I had last went, and I had eaten a significant amount since then. Under normal circumstances, I should have needed a number of bowel movements during the cruise.

Not trying to sound gross, but as my poo was coming out, it got stuck as it got thicker. At first I continued to just sit there playing on my phone. I hesitated pushing as I expected it to be painful, but after a few minutes of having poop sticking out of my butt, I started to push. It hurt a little bit as it came out but honestly wasn't too bad. It landed in the toilet, and I was done. Finally, my digestive system did what it was supposed to do!

I stood up to turn and see what I did. Wow, this thing was ugly. Surprisingly, it didn't smell too bad, but it was a monster to look at and I didn't think it would be able to flush. Thankfully, there happened to be a toilet brush right next to the toilet, so I used it to poke my poop and break it into two parts, hoping that would help it flush easier. After breaking it apart, I closed the lid and hit the flush button (the flush button is only accessible by closing the lid). I then opened the lid up and saw only one of the two pieces flushed. I closed the lid and flushed again. This time the other piece went away. But, I still actually hadn't wiped yet because I was so concerned the toilet would already clog. The cruise toilet paper wasn't the plushiest stuff, but it wasn't as thin as some public restrooms. It did the job. I wiped a few times, and then flushed yet again.

I washed my hands and then left the bathroom to go back to the bed. But I felt like I needed to wipe some more, so I went back in the bathroom and did just that, and flushed again. A total of 4 flushes within a few minutes. I guess their toilets used some sort of vacuum system, so they were loud when flushed. I could hear when the rooms next to me flushed their toilets. I knew they were around as I heard another toilet flush soon before I went, and soon after, so I know they heard my 4 flushes and must have known I pooped.

But with that out of the way, I felt sooo relieved. It was so nice to finally have that come out and not keep me bloated. Now if only my body would realize that it could have just pooped once a day or something, and we never would have been in that situation.

I know some people might think it'd be nice if they never had to poop in public (or in this case, away from home), but actually, it really stinks that my body won't typically poop outside of home. Some people might say pooping outside of home is inconvenient. I argue the opposite. This is one of those instances where I wish I didn't have this problem. If my body could just be regular and poop when it needs to poop, and not bottle it up and wait until it thinks it's convenient, I could feel better and not worry about going on a trip. And I want to stress, it's not that I refuse to go, it's that my body just flat out will not have to go. As I mentioned earlier, I even sat on the toilet one of the cruise days just to try, and nothing happened. I'm willing to take my body to the restroom, it's my body that's not holding up its end of the bargain.

My very first post on this site, I talked about how I waited one day at home until I had to poop, and then I drove up to a local Target store, for the sole purpose of pooping in a public restroom. I've been planning on doing this kind of thing again. Ideally, visiting multiple restrooms would be the best exposure so I've been trying to think of where else I can go locally for "training". One of my ideas is to drive on the interstate to one of the interstate rest stops. I've never been there, but I figure that would be a good place with multiple stalls, a busy restroom with people entering and exiting (might help my body get over a "fear" it might have?) and probably other people also doing a number 2 due to the nature that it's a rest stop for travelers who have been on the road for some time, which might help me be able to do my own number 2s more frequently away from home (if other people are doing it, maybe I can too). My concern is that the rest stop might not exactly be the cleanest, and potentially *too* busy and make me feel rushed and nervous. I'm also considering places like Walmart, McDonald's, and probably Target again. Not sure what I'll do. I've wanted to get started on this idea but lately when I need to poop, it's either soon after waking up, right as I'm going to bed, or during the day but too sudden of an urge to be able to drive somewhere without risking an accident.

I'll be sure to report any updates I have. To all of you who hopefully don't share my problem, happy pooping!


To 35 Years of Defecating!!!

Yea!!! It's my birthday! (October 22)

It already started with a super-soft, substantial bowel movement at around 7:30 this morning!

I always begin my day with yogurt and cereal, at about 5 AM and then go for a jog around the subdivision. Then, after my shower, my parents made a wonderful southern breakfast - Grits, eggs, sausage, fresh sliced apples, biscuits and apple butter, and a good cup of coffee.

This is normal for me, but I guess it was extra special since it is my day :)I have the rest of the week off, so I did not feel rushed!

About 15 minutes after eating I excused myself from the table and went back upstairs to my suite. The urge to go was strong.

When I got on the toilet, I involuntarily pushed all the poop out at once, with some squelching noises. I didn't fart, but the defecating was pretty noisy. It felt so good to get all of it out.

There was a mound of thick, light to medium brown, mousse-like poop about the size of a pie covering the hole of the toilet. I took a picture with my phone!!!

I sat for a minute or two just to make sure that it was all and sure enough, it was.

Now, back to a day of relaxing, being me, and enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

Then, Alan is taking me to dinner after football practice, but we have plans for more of a party on Saturday, as he is busy this time of year! I am excited just to chill!

I hope everyone is well!




Answer to Tristans question - page 2502

Unless I'm desperate I usually poop first. I'll push out the first piece, then pee, and then finish my #2. If I'm desperate they tend to come out at the same time and if I struggle going and need to push I'll often let out little spurts of pee.

Shelbi x

Taylor (Shelbi's Sister)

Pee before poop

My sister has just been reading through some of the older pages and saw this, and told me I need to answer! :P

ff it's just a dribble, and then I'll poop. Sometimes I'll start pooping before my stream has finished and sometimes I'll let out a little more pee while getting some toilet paper.

just another girl
Whoops...I've just farted quietly and it stinks. It smells of rotten cabbage! Phew - pardon me! That was a nasty one! Just thought you all might like to know :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Silford it sounds like Carin had a good poop.

To: Catherine great story about your major diarrhea attack it sounds like you were beyond desperate at least you made it to the toilet each time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C it sounds like you had a rough day at least you didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J.A.G as always another great story.

To: Anna great pooping story.

To: Chantelle K first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you and you and your teacher having diarrhea in the bathroom together.

To: Emma great story about you pooping outside.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

Anna from Austria

To Anna

Anna, to be honest, going Number 2 in the Office will always be a Little embarrassing and I will never totally getting used to it. Unlike my School and University days, where going to the bathroom was quite anonymous, you know everyone you'll met at the bathroom at my Office.

I hope so too that Melanie didn't feel to bad for stinking up the bathroom.

PS: I like your latest Story.

greetings from Austria



Questions to a survey

1. How many times a day do you pee? 8 times maybe?

2. How often do you poop? 1-3 times a day.

3. Have you ever pooped outside? I tried once, but I was constipated so I couldn't poop:(

4. You feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms? More nervous someone will hear me.

5. Have you ever had an accident in your pants? Not since a kid.

6. What foods give you diarrhea? Not sure.

7. How often do you get constipated? All the time, pretty daily for me.

8. Have you ever watched or have been watched going to the bathroom? watched my mom / sister(as a kid) and a friend. Been watched by my mom, dad (when I was a kid) and a friend.

9. Where is the weirdest place you went poop? Umm, I'm not really sure. I've always pooped on toilets.

10. Where was the weirdest place you peed? i made a fort with friends as a kid and we made a "bathroom" so i peed in a flower pot we found in the woods and my friends dads bucket we found in the garage. We dumped it and put it back in his garage lmao

Dear Catherine: Your article about fecal matter sound interesting! But I don't surprise to read that Japan is No.2 for motion size. Because I and my friends do very huge motions. And I agree, it's good to do big motions. Maho's father, he is doctor, he says same thing. But he says, never force to do. If our bottom don't co-operate, we have to give up and go again later. Hisae's body habit is like that. Other 3, if we stay on loo long time enough, we can do big motion all at once. My body accustoms to this way. I never force, I only wait. And after 10 or 15 minutes my loo is very full and my bottom is very empty.

I think my loo smile when I go to it thinking I want to do motions. And when I take off my panties and show my bottom to my loo, smile gets bigger. My loo is glutton! I think motions are not delicious for human beings, but they are delicious for loo. Well if my loo is happy, I am happy too.

Few days ago I did huge motions in Hisae's loo, but I am sleepy now so I tell next time.

Love, Mina


First time pooping in high school bathroom !

I'm back with a story! It's been a while but I haven't had any good stories or poops but I have one Finally!!

So a couple weeks ago I had caught a stomach bug of sorts. It started on a Saturday and I had a bit of diarrhea and mushy poop. I didn't have any more so I didn't think I was sick. For the next few days I had really soft and almost mushy poop. On Thursday that's when I found out I had a mild stomach flu. It took a full 8-9 days for my soft poop and awful stomach aches to go away. As anyone has a stomach bug like this?

Anyway during that week, one day at school I really had to poop but I haven't pooped in school for years since elementary school. I'm now a sophomore in high school. So at lunch break I went to pee and I thought i could go let out a little gas. So I walked in and the bathroom was really busy with people peeing after class. There was a line so I waited and got a middle stall. Luckily it was really noisy with toilets flushing, sinks on and lots of people talking. So I sat on the toilet and peed. I pushed a bit and a few farts slipped it quietly. Most of the people had cleared out now and the bathroom was silent. I thought there was a couple other people in there. So I pushed and a really soft log came out. My stomach really hurt but this was the first time I had pooped in the school bathroom so I decided to just wipe. It took a lot of wipes before I was clean. And it smelled so awful!! I exited the stall and realized I was actually the only one left in the bathroom. So I washed my hands and left. That was the first time I pooped at my high school, I had never pooped in middle school and I had only pooped in elementary school twice. Let me know if you want to hear those stories. I've only pooped once More at school since this story happened.

And expect a post coming soon! I talked with my best guy friend about poop for the first time ever. So I'll have to write about that soon!

Thanks and I enjoy reading all your posts!!
Angela :)


visit to a farmers market

My daughter and I visited a farmers market a couple of towns over, a very rural affair with everything food vans and stalls in a field. Naturally after wandering around sampling the foods we were both in need for a visit to the toilet. The toilets were a sort of steel frame shed with many doors each side, no roof, women on one side men on the other, when you went in there was no real toilet just a board with a hole across the narrow stall and a trench pit underneath spanning all the toilets. I went in to the middle one my daughter Kay took the left end. I closed the door surveyed the situation and heard a clunk and an ewww from Kay. I giggled and lifted the lid to see a pile of poo and paper under the hole, if I looked to the back I could see another pile under one of the holes in the men's side, to the left what was under Kay's hole, same to the right. My mind engulfed evil thoughts. I watched for a moment as I heard Kay sit, looking just to the left I could see Kay's pee stream touching down on the pile, more evil thoughts. I quickly dropped my panties turned and sat to release my own stream of pee, sending it splashing on to the pile beneath me. Kay had finished and yelled to me "I am going back to the market text when you're done". My pee dribbled to an end but I stayed seated. I looked up and watched the clouds pass by for a few minutes then I heard voices male voices, more evil thoughts, two men one in behind me and one to the right behind me, I wiped and pulled up my panties I turned around and looked to the back in the pit, I heard a clunk then saw a shadow as he lowered himself and sat over the hole. Even tho I couldn't see his body I was so close to him there was only a thin sheet of corrugated iron separating the stalls. When I sat my back was up against it, I imagined his stall was the same. I tried to be as quiet as I could my heart raced as I heard and saw a wee stream splatter onto the pile. The other man also did a wee, he then told his friend he would meet him later, leaving me and the man in the stall behind mine. Silence I knew he was waiting to poo just like my husband used to do, this was the I am full of poo and am waiting for it to start stage. I heard a little puffy air fart and a sexy deep grunt. I could hear his poo crackle, I couldn't see it but it must have been inching out, more crackle and I just start to see the tip appear, golden brown rounded at the end. He stops and it hangs there I can see the end and about an inch of the length I wonder how much is actually hanging out of him that I can't see. It looks to be about an inch round, Another sexy deep grunt and the poo crackles again but it snapped and dropped onto the pile. More crackle and I see the snapped off tip, then in a rush the whole lot dropped onto the pile. I could hear him roll off paper and thought is that it ? no more ? I saw the paper drop it had a little brown smear on it down the middle. Another spin of the roll and mostly clean paper dropped. I felt kind of ripped off only one poo snapped in half. I felt like telling him off.
I heard his door creek open and bang shut. I composed myself and quickly exited wanting to catch a glimpse of him. A blond guy about 6ft tall, slim, delicious, about 20 and way too young for me. I have this little devil that pokes me and says talk to him, and the little angel that says your daughters not much younger than he is. He disappeared into the crowd. I text-ed Kay and we met up.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Intro and Shout-Out to Melanie

Hi folks. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I've always thought this was a cool site, since I stumbled on to it back around the late 90s.

Growing up I had a fascination with ladies using the bathroom, but I couldn't say where it stemmed from. Except for once being in a car with a female cousin who was in desperate need of urinating. We made it to the facilities in time without either of us having an accident. But it has stuck in my mind all these years.

Then there was a time when a childhood friend decided out of the blue, when we were in his room one day, that he would pee under his bed instead of go downstairs. It wasn't the middle of the night or anything, he just thought it would be fun. I simply shrugged, as if to say, go for it.

So he did. And managed to get caught immediately afterwards.

And then once at a daytime BBQ I was at for an hour as a pre-teen, I was wandering around the yard when I happened to walk behind the barn.
And there in the tall grass by the back door were a pair of jeans with a bunch of flies buzzing around them. I knew that there was a teen girl that lived there, and immediately I suspected she had had an accident.

It was never confirmed or spoke of by myself or others. And just as I got the courage to walk over closer and inspect them out of curiosity, someone was calling for me, so I hightailed it back to the gathering.

I said all that to say that the various accounts on here have been very interesting over the years. The near-misses, the unavoidable accidents, the desperation, and the occasional deliberate ones.

It's fascinating to read about the tension folks experience in those situations preceding an accident...will anyone else know, etc, etc. All quite exciting if you ask me.

In closing, I wanted thank the site mods for running an exemplary place here. And to a recent poster named Melanie, who posted a week ago or so. I just wanted to say your experience of having to choose to go in your pants due to the bad discomfort of IBS while at college, made for an interesting read. Not too many folks are willing to do that for their own sake, and it's exciting to know there are ladies who are more open-minded about such matters.

Hope you are feeling well, and look forward to reading about more of your experiences with "letting go."


How Carin Found Out I Was Right

Both me and Carin were assigned to the tutoring lab after school last week. We've known each other for years, grew up on the same block and she and I went to elementary school together. So right after the final period bell rang, I raced down the hall to the guys' bathroom, because I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold my crap in for another 90 or minutes or so. I had been holding it since like 10 a.m., but many of my teachers won't let me out of class ("personal things should be done on your time") they say, but that's not always possible due to the bullying and hassling of the younger and less developed guys during the class break/passing periods. And I've written about how the administration closes most of the guys bathrooms right after school because there's been a lot of vandalism to the toilets (jammed up bowls until they overflow), graffiti, sinks overflowing from water left running, and paper towel holders knocked off the walls.

So I got to the bathroom, easily saw that one mirror had been cracked in two places and was hanging on just one bolt. I turned and went into the first of the 20 cubicles which like most, didn't have a door. There was nothing unflushed in the toilet, the seat was down and although there was about 3 splashes on it, I didn't want to take time to cover or even wipe it first. I pulled my jeans and briefs down and within 3 seconds of placing my butt down, the first of 3 banana-like pieces blasted out of me. Since I already had my junk pointed into the bowl, I took my right hand and shook it enough to get about 15 seconds of pee out of me. Then I started the wiping job. Since my crap was somewhat soft, it took about 6 wipes for me to get myself clean. Before I started, though, I stood and reached down and flushed the toilet. I've found that lessens the chance of clogging. I washed my hands at the only one of the 5 sinks that worked.

So as I entered the tutoring lab and found our table, Carin started to tease me with "Bet you're so late because you stopped to crap..." and something else I didn't remember. I gave it back to her by saying that not everybody can regulate themselves to go at home each morning, something that she brags about. And I shouldn't have said this (but the proctor para was on the other side of the room logged onto the computer) so I told Carin how bad the guys bathrooms are as the reason why I try to avoid them. I guess what I said was so descriptive that she seemed offended and wanted to challenge me. She said she had been holding her crap since after the lunch and had been "too busy" to do anything about it so she asked me to take her to the really worst restroom I knew of and she could prove me wrong that the guys' toilets are worse than the girls. So I took her to the one that I had just came from. Luckily, the custodians had not closed it and most everyone had taken off. I checked to make sure no one was in there and closed the entrance door. Carin was especially shocked by so many of the 25 urinals being jammed up and the water draining across the room to the drain that was covered with a few layers of litter, the largest of which was a self-made book cover. I pointed her to her left and shoved her to the nearest stall, without a door, of course. She seemed somewhat amused by some graphic graffiti on the wall just above the toilet and flusher. But she finally hiked up her skirt, pulled her underwear down, and seated herself. She had her phone and showed me the timer she was setting at 4-down, meaning the minutes we usually have during passing periods. She started with a bit of a wee, followed shortly after with her crap that came in about 6 pieces, the final one caused her to spread her legs and move a little on the seat in order for it to drop. Then she showed me her time (she has 2:11 left). She stood to wipe and seemed curious as to why her butt seemed to pop off the seat. She did two pretty good wipes. I asked her to sit back down and see if she was able to get that pop again when she stood. Sure enough, it happened again. She flushed and had 33 seconds left on the clock. After she washed her hands, not as well as I wash mine by any means, we went back to the tutoring lab and got to work.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Thanks for your message. I also like writing to you. i really liked you latest story. I hope there will no further issues with Suzanna. I also have sometimes an upset stomach, but luckily I was always at home when this happened. Having diarrhea at work would be quite awkward.

It occurred one time during my school days though. Fortunately it happened during the Physical Education class and so no other girls were in the locker room and I had the toilet for myself.

As I was away for a very long time, the other girls knew what I had to do, but luckily they didn't' know how bad my motion was. It was similar the motion of your co worker you just described.

Greetings from Austria



Explosive Diarrhea on Game Day

Hi everybody!!!

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. Everything is going well and I am enjoying everyone's posts. Midwest Mom, Liz S - welcome!!!

Two weeks ago - Saturday, October 3rd - my boyfriend's family had a game day party for the Alabama-Georgia football game at their lake house about 30 minutes from the town where we live. It's a beautiful, rustic place in a gated community. Alan and I are big Alabama fans, even though neither of us went to college there. And, this was a big game for the team.

I wore this comfortable Crimson-colored dress, and my hair down, which is unusual. I imagine I wear a pony-tail most days of the week. I curled it. I just wanted to be comfortable and attempt to be beautiful at the same time. Alan liked it!

As the weather was a little cooler that day, Alan's dad made his homemade chili. It had a plethora of vegetables and beans, and a little ground beef for flavor. It was almost like a combination of a taco soup and chili. Too, it was spicy, with a mixture of habenero and jalepeno pepper sauces for flavor. It was sooooo good!!! I love spicy foods! OK, I overdid it. I will admit that this was not the smartest thing I have ever done.

I ate three bowls!!! Haha!

Alan is so funny. He says that my apetite is impressive. He said that he loves how I can enjoy my food, not feel guilty and not make comments about my weight. Additionally, they had other party food, such as a vegetable tray, cocktail smokies, chips and salsa, and bottled beer!

I had some of all of it, including a beer, and was having a great time. The game was over by halftime, in Alabama's favor. Not long after the game started I felt my stomach burning. My stomach grew increasingly bloated and uncomfortable. I knew how this was going to end. The only question was when. Alan heard my stomach rumble throughout the second quarter. He looked at me and gave me a grin. I returned with a smile that basically said, "Yes, I know. I am going to pay for this."

During halftime, I walked outside onto the patio to fart. I let out several audible poots, usually one to two bubbles. That helped, but things were really moving in my stomach. Alan joined me. I said, "Alan, I can't leave. This is going to hit and I will be in the bathroom for a while. Everything was so good! I can't believe I ate all that!" As I said it, my stomach made a really loud growl like a lot of the contents were making their way south. Alan said that it was OK. He said he should have warned me about the chili. He liked it too, but he said that if you are not careful, it could bite back.

Well, by the end of the third quarter, the game was over. My stomach had not calmed and I got up to get some water. As I turned around from the refridgerator to make my way back to the couch where Alan and I were sitting, my stomach cramped up. Then, a load of diarrhea flushed through my large intestine and gushed south to my rectum. At first I hunched over. But when the diarrhea made its way south, I stood straight up. I grabbed my butt as a reaction - I couldn't believe I was being that obvious.

"Honey, are you OK?" Alan asked. All I knew was get to a bathroom quick. I could feel myself beginning to perspire. I could not do this in the hall bathroom on the main level. Somehow, I was able to make it upstairs to a hall bathroom near the guest bedrooms. Just as I got to the door, I felt my stomach move again. "Oh dear God," I thought. "Please let me get to the toilet."

I got my panties down, the toilet lid open, and I exploded.

Have you ever seen Dumb and Dumber where Jeff Daniels has the diarrhea scene? That was me. The diarrhea exploded out of me with a force that I had not felt before. It was loud, gassy and gushy all at the same time. The only difference between Dumb and Dumber and me is that I did not have my legs up in the air.

I sat there for a while to see if I would go more. My stomach still did not feel good. But nothing happened. I checked my watch and I had been in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. I cleaned up, flushed and found some air freshener to spray. I will leave it to your imagination as to how bad the bathroom smelled.

Now to make the triumphant return. I came down the stairs. Everyone asked if I was OK. I just said that I overdid it with all the wonderful food. But before I sat down, I was stopped in my tracks with the same scenario, "Excuse me," I interrupted as I ran up the stairs again. This time the diarrhea just poured out of me like dumping a bucket of water in the toilet. A couple of minutes later I began to let out explosive sounding farts. I could not believe that this was happening.

This was a major diarrhea attack.

Now, I am going to tell you something that I would never tell anyone in person. As you know, I love to poop.


If I was having this diarrhea attack at home, I would have enjoyed it much better.

When I came down the stairs I asked Alan if he could take me home, that I was sick. We left right when the game ended. I told his parents that I had a great time and enjoyed everything. I apologized for getting sick, that I overdid it with all the wonderful food. They both told me not to worry about it.

On the way home I told Alan how sorry I was. He said that everyone gets sick. It was OK.

He is so good to me. When I got home, I had diarrhea two more times. Oh well, I guess if you can be loved after that, then he must be a keeper. In spite of the diarrhea, I had a great time getting to know his family, watching the game and spending time at the lake.

I hope that everyone is well!




Large Bowel Movements are Healthy

It seems that there has been concern over large bowel movements on the forum. If you are regular - whatever that means to you - then it is OK to have large bowel movements.

In fact, it's healthy.

Once I ran across a statistic that I wish that I saved to my computer. It was the average fecal output per person in major locations around the world. I can't find it now, but it was saying that NY City had the lowest in the world. An African nation was the highest, followed by Japan.

The truth is that we are supposed to have large bowel movements and it's OK to do so. It means that we are getting enough fiber, water and exercise.

And, as have said, it feels good to do these kinds of poops.

Just keep a plunger and toilet brush near the toilet at all times!!!

Love to all!


Karen C.

Don't Get the Coleslaw at KFC!

Beware the coleslaw from KFC unless you like having the runs and throwing up every fifteeen minutes! Got pretty sick recently from it and more on that later: ....

Okay, first, so an update and long story short, I'm back to being a public school substitute teacher and teaching piano and drums in my home because I quit my gig at the cement place, just too much male chauvenism and catcalling for me ever since they hired the new influx of young guys recently(a good number of which I helped train, mostly on how to drive cement trucks with double-stick transmissions which are now or at least should be obsolete by now unless they're being used by a stingy company that underpays and overworks it's employees using outdated equipment like the one I was with until recently).

Gotta admit though, there were instances where I felt flattered when some of the bolder guys would "act out" when I bent over in my drab old nasty work pants and they'd whistle/howl/comment about my hips/butt/figure and made comments about my ummm, "endowment" when I was sweaty and wearing only a sweat soaked t-shirt and bra after getting so hot that I had to take off my shirt; --never thought guys half my age would be so horny as to think I'm still attractive at my age! Haha, good for my self esteem but it gets old after a while but I don't really appreciate being treated as nothing more than a sex object especially when I'm supposed to be like a mentor to them. Kids today have no respect for their elders.

Some of the boys in contrast were very nice and treated me with respect like a mother figure or older sister or aunt, and I wish the best for them. They still email me and I give them motherly advice and share humor with them, etc.

Okay, so now the diarrhea account I know you've all been waiting for, right? Long story short, ordered a two piece extra crispy with mashed potatoes and coleslaw for lunch at around 12:15. Ate it and felt fine until around 3 PM. Started feeling lethargic and tired so took a nap on the sofa while watching TV. Woke up intermittently at about hourly intervals; felt like I was about to diarrhea but held it in because I was so tired and didn't feel like getting up to go the the bathroom. At around 11PM I finally got up, went to the bathroom and had a profuse bout of explosive diarrhea. Felt a little better and wanted some clam chowder and needed some pepto to soothe my ???? so I went to Walmart at a little past midnight, checked out, then proceeded to drive home.

On the way home felt nauseated, mouth kept filling up with spit as fast as I could keep swallowing it, and was sure I was about to throw up so pulled into a closed store parking lot to buy Sprite from the vending machine outside. Sipped a bit of the soda but my stomach kept feeling more and more full until I just couldn't hold it. Long story short, pretty soon burped and then I started throwing up uncontrollably in the parking lot while sitting on the hood of my car and it smelled awful, basically like fried chicken smell mixed with puke smell; I had to get away from that smell so I could stop gagging. Felt like another diarrhea coming on too but I was able to refrain from doing that until I got home. Distinctly remember spitting out the remnants of the chopped cabbage and carrots from the coleslaw into the puddle I left in the parking lot, it tasted terrible, sour and bitter and stuck to my teeth and I had to lick those chunks off my teeth and spit them out. It was a mess, some of it got on my shoes too. Drove home when I felt able to. I don't think i can eat coleslaw again for a long time. I'm positive that it was the coleslaw that made me sick, tasted fine at the time butcha can't be too careful especially at places where the workers make minimum wage, they just don't care.

Didn't want the chowder anymore now obviously because I felt too queasy and my appetite was gone so i got into my jammies and robe and took some of the pepto and just relaxed in front of the tv. Woke up at around 5 AM and had diarrhea and made coffee; my stomach felt a little better but it started getting that full feeling again and when I coughed I threw up so I hurried outside the kitchen door and let it out onto the grass after just half a cup of coffee and just felt weak/tired/dizzy and then went to bed. Slept until about 1pm, when I woke up I felt a lot better. Took a series of enemas to try and wash out what was making me sick and took a sleeping pill and fell asleep afterwards on front of the TV to a George Carlin DVD. Woke up that night at around 8pm, each time I burped I could still taste that damned coleslaw so I drank lots of water and stuck my finger down my throat and tried to throw up as much as I could, it was mostly water but I got up a few pieces more of cabbage and carrots (interestingly, when I wiped the chunks of cabbage and carrot out of the sink when I was done, they smelled not unlike raw fish!) ,then I took some more pepto and was able to keep down a cup of weak coffee with lots of creamer and some ovaltine in it. Went for a walk to get some fresh air, then took another nap and when I woke up I felt fine, or at least a lot better. My appetite was coming back so I ate a bowl of cream of mushroom soup and a cheese sandwich and some potato chips; then, you guessed it, took another nap in front of the TV, this time falling asleep to an I Love Lucy DVD. My liquidy poos lated about 24 more hours but it wasn't explosive.

Well, nice talking to 'ya, guys! Take care and hope you have a merry holiday season if I don't write again before then!

Karen C. from California


Back again

Gotta say, it always amazes me how people can go in a bathroom when there's no doors. I'm not too shy about going while people are in the bathroom with me, and I've gone outside, but when I do that I make sure I'm well covered. I know everyone does it, but that doesn't really particularly matter to me. It just seems like that level of shamelessness is something I can't reach, unless it's with someone I'm okay with and only them (so no go on public doorless stalls). But yeah, with doors I'll pull my pants down as far as they need to go, and I don't really care if someone knows I'm pooping by seeing it. With guys, it's usually a pretty good clue if they're in a stall anyway.

I've been eating a bit more flax seeds now as part of my diet, and they've been coming out pretty much intact, lol. I guess that's the idea? Emma (my g/f) isn't a huge fan, but then again she doesn't really need the help. The other day she had a HUGE dump while I was over, and she's usually pretty impressive in that regard. Her stomach had been bothering her that day, so she felt pretty relieved getting it all out. It came out really quickly, so quickly it just sounded like a really loud fart, but then she leaned over and I could see it wasn't just a fart by a long shot. It was a thick, fat pile that smelled pretty strong (though I don't mind that too much).

Loving reading all the stories, especially Mina's. I like the Japanese lessons you give us here and there.

Not much else to report, just wanted to check back in.

just another girl
I don't get constipated easily - as a rule I'm fairly regular (I go at least once a day, sometimes twice) and have a healthy constitution. Once, when I was 16, however, I got very backed-up as a result of having my wisdom teeth removed and taking two different kinds of strong painkillers.

After five days of not going, I decided that I would sit on the toilet until something happened, regardless of how long it took. I waited for about 5 minutes and nothing came out. I could feel it in my back passage but it was obviously too thick or hard to move. I rubbed my stomach in an attempt to shift it, but to no avail. Eventually, after another 5 minutes and a few good pushes, out came a little "plop". I carried on pushing and another followed...and then another. Over the next half an hour or so, I let out a lot of these small and dry pieces, and it made me feel a bit better, but I decided to call it quits and try again later because I'd already been in the bathroom a rather long time.

I went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee; coffee always makes me need to pass a motion and I hoped that this time would be no different. I drank it slowly and waited for it to kick in. Sure enough, twenty minutes later I felt a sensation of movement in the lower part of my stomach and knew immediately what it meant. Off to the bathroom I went, and I was much happier because I was anticipating something better than before. The moment I sat down, everything began to come out on its own, slowly but surely. It felt very firm and stiff, which hurt a little but felt good at the same time. As I pushed it kept on coming, until it finally grew long enough to fall with a loud "PLUNK" and a splash. I sat still for a while to get my breath back, before cleaning up and flushing. Before I flushed, I had a look to see what I'd done, and as I thought, it was a nice big one that was long, fat and knobbly and rather darkish brown in colour. It didn't smell all that bad; it was a bit niffy but nothing out of the ordinary, surprisingly. I flushed and went to wash my hands feeling relieved and so much lighter, and after that day my toilet habits returned to normal (thankfully).

I've never been constipated after that day, and hope that I will never be. It's very uncomfortable and, if left to go on for too long, could affect you in other ways. I've heard of people getting headaches from it and also sometimes throwing up, neither of which are fun to experience. I have, however, held in a poo if I was away from home and didn't want to do it wherever I was (either because of shyness or because the bathroom was dirty etc) but that doesn't count as constipation because I did it voluntarily.

The other day I found an old fashioned chamber pot in the downstairs bathroom cupboard. It's white enamel with a black stripe painted round the rim, and still looks in good condition despite its age. One day, I'd like to try using it, but I'm hesitant because it will probably be messy to clean up, and also much smellier than using the toilet normally (doing a wee or a number two in the toilet does stink, as we all know very well, but because the toilet has water in it, the smells are somewhat diluted, whereas doing them in a chamber pot will smell much worse because there is no water). I'll have to think about that carefully before I actually do it; on one hand I'm curious to try it, but on the other hand I'm a bit grossed out by what might happen.

I read a book in which the author, who is about nine or ten at the time, moved into a small house with his father after his parents separated. The story took place in the mid-to-late 1950's, so there was a chamber pot in the house, and the author's father used to keep it under his bed in the room that they shared together (there was only one bedroom). He describes how it always made the whole room smell nasty, especially after his father had used it, and how he never quite got used to it and thought it was disgusting. I don't blame him, honestly; in a way it is. Nonetheless, I'd still consider having a go at it just to see how it feels!

Once, when I was about four or five, I was at the park with my parents on a Saturday afternoon. I noticed that something smelled horrible close to where I was playing on the merry go round. I moved away but didn't think much of it until we were leaving and walked past the merry go round again. I then saw some crumpled up tissue or toilet paper on the grass a few feet away, and underneath that was a really big poo - which was obviously what I'd caught a whiff of earlier. I was shocked, and walked away quickly. I didn't tell my parents what I'd seen, but I felt a little sick. Even though I was young, I couldn't believe that somebody could have done it, right there, just like that, in the middle of the park, where anybody would be able to see it.

I never forgot that incident, and even now I can remember it very clearly. I now do understand that perhaps whoever did it didn't do it to be disgusting; maybe they just needed to go desperately and had no choice but to let it out there. Then there is a possibility that they may have done it deliberately (the toilet paper/tissue does point to this, but then again they could have found that nearby and used it to clean up after they'd finished). In any case, it wasn't good that they did that, because of the risk of spreading germs, and also because it's very stinky - even a firm and solid poo like that one smells really awful! I wonder whether anybody else went near that part of the park that day, and if they noticed it as well!

I'm so sorry that I was rambling a bit today! This post certainly did go on too long...but I've got many more stories to share, so I'll be back soon. Have a beautiful evening everyone!

J.A.G ~

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lilly first welcome to the site and great story please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story as always it sounds like you had a great poop I bet you felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Liz S great story you pooping at your friends house it sounds like you had a good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma it sounds like you had a rough day burning diarrhea is not fun at all hope it didnt last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I have an embarrassing confession to make. Do you know how you can have sudden hankerings, like a need of sugar in your body. So it once happened to me, I wanted something with sugar, either a soda, a juice or pretty much anything. So, I fell upon one of my dad's teas, it's name was Catherine and t had as a logo, a skinny woman on it. I was not such a big fan of tea but i needed a sweet lemony thing in my system before my body reported system shut down. So I took a teabag, I microwaved a cup of water and inserted the teabag into it, accompanied by 6 teaspoons of sugar. So I took a sip, and to my surprise it was actually really good, I drank and drank the tea as if there was no tomorrow, I think that i drank at least a liter of that tea and little did I know that it was digestive tea and the normal dose was at least a cup of tea. So, I went to bed feeling all good and i later slept at around 9pm and my stomach woke me up at around 11pm. So i rushed to the toilet but I did not have any time to clean the toilet seat so my two week pee stains were now on my ass. I remember that the poop was diarrhea and it made a huge explosion in the toilet bowl, it came out with very loud farts as if an old motorbike was going on for the first time in forever. And the end of of my wondrous toilet noise making I wiped myself, went for a quick shower, cleaned the toilet seat and went to bed. Some minutes after i felt a unusual heating of my stomach and rushed back, this time my body was exaggerating and I only farted.
Later that same day I was just playing Counter strike global Offensive when i felt the urge to unleash, so i did and there was a disgusting red brownish liquid squirming all over the toilet bowl and it hurt my asshole so bad that i went to get ice cubes to cam it down. So, after I started comforting my arse with the ice cubes another layer of poop just pushed the ice cube. Like a good boy I comforted it for the last time and I left it alone and it stopped. I learnt a lesson that day, it was never mess around with digestive poop.


Jp's survey

1) How many times a day do you pee?
Probably 5 to 6 times minimum. But at work it depends on the number of client meetings I have because I can drink a lot of coffee. When I'm out with my boyfriend of BFF at the clubs, the liquor can go right through me if I don't eat something with it.

2)How often do you poop?
Pretty much daily. Sometimes at home, sometimes on my drive to work, and sometimes at my office.

3) Have you ever pooped outside?
A few times. Several years ago when I was in junior high I pooped outside at camp sites with my mother who did it along side of me. Neither of us wanted to sit directly down on the seats in the clubhouse because there was no toilet paper to place over the toilet.

4) Do you feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms?
Not so much anymore, but until about halfway through high school I would never want to sit directly on the seat. Some experiences later caused me to re-think my position as a seat-covering fanatic.

5) Have you ever had an accident in your pants?
Very, very close on night when I was in high school. There was a major house fire in our neighborhood, and I was nervous and about to burst. I was barefoot and didn't have time to run back home. I ended up sitting on a stock of home foundation blocks that were serving as a driveway wall. I wasn't use to sitting so still, but the makeshift toilet worked. If I would have moved the sharpness of the concrete would have carved up my butt pretty bad.

6) What foods give you diarrhea?
I don't know of any for sure. A couple of times I just suspected it was from excessive coffee without any food in my stomach.

7) How often do I get constipated?
Sometimes its when I've over-eaten for a couple of days during traveling because I'm on a different schedule.

8) Have I ever watched or been watched going to the bathroom?
Yes, sometimes I must use stalls without doors. It seems to be getting worse on that end in the public bathrooms because of vandalism and criminal activity. It doesn't help that my BF is a softball nut and that we travel to fields and parks all over the area.

9) Where is the weirdest place I've pooped?
In an empty coffee can that was blowing around in a park that had its restrooms padlocked at sundown.

10) Where was the weirdest place I've peed?
In a planter in a way back corner of our firm's office building. It was a Sunday morning, my BF and I had had a lot drink the night before, the public bathrooms on the 1st floor were locked, and the elevator was too slow compared to the needs of my bladder. Yes--the plant lived!

Last night I went to a food and wine festival with some friends. I ate tons and had a little bit too much to drink. When I woke up, I really needed to pee and my bum felt pretty full. I went to the bathroom and had a really relieving pee, but couldn't go number two. Then I sat down for breakfast and in the meantime my roommate Kim was using the bathroom to get ready for work. While I was sipping my coffee I suddenly got a really strong urge to poo. Kim took about 20 minutes in the bathroom and by the end I was waiting pretty anxiously. When she got out, I went in immediately. It was really hot and steamy in there from her shower and totally smelled like hairspray and whatnot. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and plopped my bum on the seat. Right away I blasted some loose poop into the bowl with a very loud fart. Then I let out a little sigh and did them same thing again, with another really loud fart.

As I was doing my business, I could hear my roommates chatting in the living room and of course they could hear my louder farts and would know that I was on the toilet for a poo. In our small bungalow, with four girls living here, we are pretty much used to bathroom noises and maybe they didn't even pay any attention.

After the most urgent part of my poo was out, I knew that I still had quite a bit more to take care of and I grabbed one of the magazines we keep on the toilet tank and started to read. Another two minutes or so later, a big turd started to crackle out of my bumhole very slowly and I had to push a bit. It broke off and a second one started to come out. This one felt smaller, but it still took a couple of minutes to push it out. I had another small poo and a short fart and then I felt done. I put the magazine away and started to tear off toilet paper. Since I hadn't even peed at all, I just needed to wipe between my cheeks. It was quite messy and I needed more than ten sheets. Finally, I pulled my bottoms up again and had a look at the bowl. It was sprayed with poop all the way up to the seat and then my turds were coiled up in the middle and of course covered with the tp I used. I was a bit worried that everything would go down, but it did, which was great. I also used the brush to clean the bowl. Even though I had done a big poo, there was almost no smell in the room or if there was it was masked by the smell of the product that Kim had used. Altogether I probably spent 15 minutes or so on the toilet. I washed my hands and then joined my roommates in the living room to chat. Later on I went for a shower and there was a slight poop smell in the bathroom, so one of them must have gone number two as well.

To Simmee: I liked your story about going to the bathroom at the library. I grew up way out in the suburbs of my town and our local library was small and quite nice. But I remember going downtown to the central library for the first time as a teenager and the bathrooms there were really creepy. Much like you described them. I ended up holding my pee for a long time, because I was too scared to go there.

To pregnant pooper: I find your stories really interesting. There is a woman at my gym who is now very pregnant but still works out. Twice I have seen her rushing through the locker room towards the bathroom holding her belly and it looked like she had an upset stomach and needed to poo badly. Maybe she needs to go more because of her pregnancy, just like you.

To Anna from Austria: Thanks for answering my question. I am a little nervous about what will happen when I start to work in an office and have to do my number twos there. But, oh maybe I'll get used to it. For now, I am glad I'm not the only one who feels embarrassed about this. Also, I liked your recent story from the office and I think that you were nice to Melanie. Hopefully she didn't feel too bad about stinking up the bathroom? Btw, I've lived in Canada all my life and I have never seen a doorless stall. I was really surprised to read about it here. I would never use one of those, unless it was a total emergency.

Sammy's questions:

1. When using public bathrooms, how far do you pull your pants and underwear down when you poop?
I pull them down all the way to my feet for pooping. Most often just to me knees for a pee.

2. Are you self conscious or embarrassed by having your pants and underwear around your ankles under the stall?
Not really because of my underwear. When I'm on the toilet for a poo, I feel that the other women in the bathroom will notice anyway and seeing my panties under the stall makes no difference.

That's all for today. Sorry about the long post, I was a bit bored.

Chantelle K

My First post

Hi I am Jasmin's younger sister, I have seen what Jasmin writes on this forum so I though I would post something as ive stayed home today and have some spare time.
About me - I am 13 years old medium brown hair, bit chubby 5'5'' tall
and I am of school today because I have really bad belly ache and need to do a poo but cant push it out. I get really big poos and because they hurt I withold when I can, but with Jasmin and Mum on my case its not that easy. Jas isnt at my school anymore, when she was she used to go on the toilet at school every morning and when I started at her school she used to make me go as well and would check that I was trying and would check what I had done and if I didnt do any she would embarras me by saying things like try harder, go on do it and call me a baby for dirtying my pants. It was embarrising enough when she were on the toilet sitting there straining and pushing loudly and her friend in the next cubicle doing the same them talking to eachother about it and jas telling me to try harder. She cant check on me so I only have Mum making me go on a morning before I leave for school and in the evening if Ive soiled my pants.I go and try when I get to school but only for like 1/2 and hour and if I cant go I then hold untill I get home, That said I know when Ive witheld for too long and gotton constipated which is where I am now, Its so bad I cant even sit down, The pressure inside form my poo and my bum being sore from pushing hard.
Jas said you all like to know what someones poo is like - When I last did one 5 days ago. Mum made me go in the evening and I was there for like an hour and a half and did lots of pellets and pebbles but that wasnt enough so I kept pushing and did a sort of solid log of lumps and pellets. I am different to Jasmin she used to get really upset if she couldnt poo and would keep going back and trying untill she went. Me I tried for ages this morning like 1 1/2 hours and did 1 little piece then pulled my pull up back up - yes I have a pull up cos I wee the bed, I wee when I fall asleep especially when I am swollen belly constipated- and went back to bed and laid on my belly to ease the pain then my mum came in and sent me back to the toilet where I had to stay for 2 hours I pushed so hard It felt like my bum would explode but I ended up doing a load of pebbles which seemed to ease my belly ache. Now I am back on there with my lap top just trying to get rid of the last bits.
If I stay off tomorrow which If I cant go in the morning and my bum is still really sore will happen And I will have to stay there untill I do it and when I do it I will take a pic on my phine and send it to my mum. Then she will say I can go out.
Chan K


Jow do blind men pee?

A few years ago I entered the public library as it just opened. A man ahead of me saw there was no lights on in the washroom, then left to tell somebody. Me being undaunted, and with low vision, entered. Knowing that a woman was most likely to try to turn on the lights, I used the non-handicapped stall to pee. Whole in full stream a lady was tried to turn the lights in the restroom. She saw me exit the stall and wash up and pass here. She was unable to turn lights when I left.

When I approached the toilet in the pitch dark, I felt for the rim of the toilet. After finding it, I unzipped and aimed my penis and peed without need to hold my penis.

I then went to use a computer in the computer room and she was supervising the lab.

Two months later when I went to use the computer room, she waved at me and said "Hi" and I got here name.

I would not date her because I was twice her age.

She thought what I did was impressive and a bit sexy. I was also in a female dominated place. Although I was in the men's room.

Recently when a lady had a bowel movement in a male dominated bike shop, I found that a bit sexy. When she returned to the customer area, I found her and asked her "Do you feel better?". She replied "Yeah, Thanks for asking!"


Just a thought

One of the things I see here, and elsewhere, especially amongst the tweens and teens, and that is the insecurity about whether or not your bathroom habits are the same as others. A lot of that has to do with the fact that talking about those bodily functions are something that at least in the US are considered a no, no subject. From what I've seen/heard of, the European culture seems to be a fair bit more open about it. It's no wonder, especially for kids, that they are worried about whether they are "normal". But then again, that's part of the whole adolescence journey.

To Lilly: First off, a belated happy birthday! Next, how tall are you? Are you just a late bloomer, or just going to be short? I remember in high school a young girl (freshman) who was also very small and looked more like maybe 10 years old. I saw her a number of years later (somewhere after HS, and she had grown a great deal and I think was even taller than me. If you are a late bloomer, hang in there, it will happen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Giving tp to my teacher

During class I felt my stomach churn and I really needed a poo. I walked up and asked my teacher "miss, I need a poo, can I go?" she looked at me holding my stomach, and asked "diarrhea?". I nodded and bit my lip. She told me that I could go, and I hurried off to the toilets. I felt like I was going to poo myself, so I went to the staff toilets, and some stalls had no doors. I didn't care anymore and went into the closest one without a door. I raised my skirt, lowered my panties to my ankles and sat down as explosive poo sprayed all around the bowl. I moaned and groaned in relief as i pooed continuously for like 10 mins straight. During my poo, i heard the bathroom door open and saw my teacher walk in. She looked like she was hurrying and didn't notice me. She took the other doorless stall next to mine. I heard her pull her jeans and panties down and saw them at her ankles. She moaned as she let a fart escape along with liquid poo. Her bum kept spluttering and spraying diarrhea, like mine. Eventually, I wiped my dirty butt and v and stood up, pulled my panties up and tried to flush but it was so full of poo I couldn't. As I began to wash my hands, my teacher asked me for more toilet paper. I went into my stall, grabbed a roll and handed it to her. She had her head down and legs slightly apart, revealing her parts. She looked at me and said my name, confused. "What are you doing here? "
"Miss, I was about to poo myself"
She let out another squirt of poo, "must be something going around".
I went back to wash my hands as my teacher began to wipe her dirty bum. She finished and left without flushing and came up to wash her hands. We smiled at each other and returned to class.


Outdoor poo

I was walking home from the shop this morning when I really had to poo. I could've waited until I got home but I fancied doing it outside. The woods were too far away so I decided to look for somewhere private to do it. There was an alley and it was so overgrown it looked like no one had been here for years. I scrambled through the bushes and as soon as I couldn't be seen from the road I pulled my jeans and knickers down and squatted. I peed as I pushed out a long turd and it felt so good but dirty. When I finished I used some leaves to wipe my bum and pulled up my jeans and knickers. I left quickly in case anyone saw me and as soon as I got home I went to the toilet to wipe myself properly.

pregnant pooper

scan day hospital poop.

So today wa the day i had my 12 week scan. I arrived on my own as Jamie had to go yo work first but he would be there. I booked in and sat down beside a woman heading for her 20 week scan. A wee bump she had. After a bit i knew i had a wait for my appointment as they were running late so i ddecided i try to poop. Felt one coming before leaving the house but left it until here. I went to the toilets and 2 stalls were in use with 2 empty. I took one, got into postion and began to push. It took some pushimg to get it out. 1 if the women was also popping as i heard a few plops but the other was done peeing almost as soon as i had sat down. I felt the need to rub my lower back to help it along but it was a stubborn thong. I spread my legs apart a bit, rubbed my lower back and bore down and strained. It approached the rim and stretched my butt as it came out. After a minute or so of fallimg slowly out, it dropped off. Unfortunately no more came with it and felt done. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. I left the toilets and made for a seat. Almost straight away Jamie arrived and within a few minutes, my name was called. We saw oir baby on the screen and i got a bit emotional. It was amazing. Got a 3Dscan and have already watched it twice since we came home.

Hope for a better poop story again.

Pregnant pooper.

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