To 12 year old girl and Midwest Mom

To 12 year old girl:
Your parents probably just don't want you to get constipated too badly. I know you're entering your teen years, but they'll probably let loose in a few years. Although, I do agree it would probably be awkward with your dad looking at your stool. If he insists, you might want to ask that you leave the room, then he look at it. On the side note, the one time recently I showed my mother my poop, she seemed squeamish and uncomfortable. I had a good laugh after that.

To Midwest Mom:
Girls tend to be much more constipated then guys. You say her poops are huge and bigger than you remember aha. Well, keep in mind, she's probably eating a lot. (With all the food machines and extra ways to get portions at school nowadays..) Also since school has a tendency to mess up bowel schedules of kids, most likely they're going to be larger than normal too. Many kids don't want to go to the bathroom at school, or some don't get the urge. That's what encouraged me to start sports when I was in high school, because I was sick and tired of getting my urge while on the bus. I remember my schedule would be every other day to every 3 days and when I would go it would be quite a lot, more than the other kids, they tended to be constipated or have diarrhea. It was mostly due to my diet which consisted of a lot of beans, breads, and very little soda/junk food. Water is also a lifesaver. If you're really worried about her, might want to suggest that she eats more grains and beans as it'll move things through more often.


After school toilet time.

Hi I'm Lilly I'm a young teen myself, turned 13 a couple of months ago, I have pretty long hair, also I'm pretty short for my age, I'm the shortest one in my class actually, it sorta makes my hair look longer than than others in my class, but it's not there's like 2 other girls with longer hair,

anyways I haven't posted here before, but after seeing Midwest Mom and Liz S posts it sorta made me feel more comfortable about posting.
because I have a couple of friends that I hang out with and neither of them as far as I know have big loads, but I've always been kinda embarrassed about how much I go compared to my friends, but I read online that I shouldn't have anything to worry about, since I don't have pain going and stuff like that, but it's still kinda embarrassing, but nice to hear from/about others around my age going like me.

so anyways earlier today as I started my way home from school I got an urge to poo, and I didn't want to go back in the school to go, it takes me about 15 mins to walk home, and I go straight to the bathroom, lift up skirt and lower my panties and seat myself on the toilet while making sure my hair was out of the way, I peed a small bit then my turd started out it was a fair bit thicker and shorter then I expected but still had almost no trouble as it slowly came out then fell, and could feel more coming and gave a slight push as another turd started out it was just as thick as the last one but longer slowly it came out more and more until it fell then I got the urge to pee again and peed for long time about 30 sec into peeing I felt another turd coming out it was a bit thinner but really long about half way out I finished peeing then that one fell out, but I could still feel more but it just wasn't coming, I tried pushing a bit but nothing, so I just got my phone and played on it for a bit, I farted every now and then until I felt it move and pushed out 4 or 5 more bout like a banana, and felt done I got up and look in and saw some really long logs and some short ones too, and it took quite a few wipes, it took a couple of flushes to get down and a few skid marks too that I had to clean.

anyways Thanks Liz S and Midwest Mom, it makes it a bit less embarrassing hearing about others as well.


Answers to Kamdyn's Questions

--Why did you choose not to put paper down on the seat?
Because I could not hold it any longer.

--Did that black-haired girl on the toilet next to yours have toilet paper down on the seat?
Yes I remember seeing some on her toilet.

--Do you think that girl was more embarrassed by there being no privacy door or by the amount of time she had to sit on the toilet waiting for results?
Probably by there being no doors.

--Was this your first experience in a public bathroom without doors?
No it was not I've been in on other bathroom with no doors.

Thanks for the Questions!

pregnant pooper

long time pooping

Today ive just had a poop that made me spen 35 mins doing. needed to go after breakfast and i went upstairs to my bathroom and got into position. I pushed and the first log came out. Quite a big one. I felt more and 2 more big logs came out. I sat there knowing there was more and pushed hard, straining and grunting. Afrer about 5 mins 1 more log came to the edge. I had to strain more to get it out and after a further 5 mins it dropped. By now id been here 15 mins. Still felt more and strained some more to release it. Again 1 more log crept out and dropped and a smaller log began to come. It dropped off and bynow i was approaching 25 mins here. I sat there hoping i was done but learning from recent times when ive not been.done but ive thought i was. I felt a build up again and pushed. I farted and 5 pea sized logs came with. As another approached the rim of my butt my bf came home and approached the door. He asked me if i was on the loo or in the bath and i answered the loo. 'Pooping?' he asked and i said yes. He said he'd leave me to it and i got back to the job in hand. This log moved with much pushing and fell off. I was finally done. I wiped and my toilet got a bit jammed upon flushing. I had to flush 3 times to get it all away. I went down and had lunch wiyj my bf and we even had some time to spare before he headed back and well you can.guess what happened. Its why im pregnant after all.

That was around 2 hours ago when.Jamie headed back to work and even.after all that i feel like i could poop again. My poops are massive since getting pregnant. Its amazing. 2,3 times a day i go and each timr i poop a massive load. So another story may come later and it could be live.

Pregnant pooper.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sally great story I look forward to your next one thanks..

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poops.

To: simmee it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Becky great story about you and your sister pooping together.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story.

well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Liz S

Poop at my friend's house

Hi all. I stayed over at a friend's house last night. While we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that I needed to poop. I finished brushing my teeth, closed the bathroom door, then I pulled down my pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet. It took a bit to get started, but soon I was pushing out a fairly thick turd. It was also pretty long. I pooped out three more turds that were thinner but a bit longer. Then I felt done.

I stood up to look at my poop. I saw my turds in a big messy pile in the center of the toilet, but I couldn't really see any of the individual logs. I sat back down and wiped. It was a really messy poop and I needed to wipe a lot. Then I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and headed off to bed.


Response to Oldpoop and Jry

Hi Oldpoop, I always like your posts. You're right that it's healthier to squat when pooping for sure. I've done it sometimes when I'm constipated and it really helps, but most of the time it's too inconvenient for me and I still end up sitting, though I almost always lean forward a bit when I poop. I know what you mean about peeing in the squat position--can be kind of awkward sometimes lol. When I have both urges, I usually pee a little bit first and then more comes out while I poop. It's weird, but that's hwo it's always been for me lol.

Hey Jry! Thanks for responding to my post. What you described is almost exactly what happens to me sometimes. The pee will come out first and then as I start pushing the poop out, the pee will come out with more force until it stops while the poop continues. That's happened to me a lot. I think that explains why I sometimes pee after the poop drops--it's like everything down there "focuses" on pooping while the poop is at its widest lol. Interesting way of putting it.

I'v never noticed what my friends do, but maybe i should pay more attention next time lol.

Sandy M

Drips and Dribbles

Has anyone tried the new Tena Men Protective Shields? They are black pads which sit discreetly in your boxers and absorb small amounts of pee if you let out little spurts or if, like me, you let out quite a big dribble a few minutes after peeing.

If anyone has tried them, do they work and how much do they hold?

Also, to anyone who buys pads/diapers, do you get embarrassed buying them?

Anna from Austria
@Ally I really liked your story about the door less stalls. I have never seen such stalls in Europe and I would find it quite embarrassing to use one, but i would do it of course if I had no other choice. When I have to go, then I have go. I am not a fan of holding my pee or especially my poo back when there is a toilet available.

I wonder if I will encounter such toilets when I will visit the United States or Canada in a few years.

Next year I will visit Japan, and then in 2 or 3 years the States and Canada.

@the other Anna. I also liked your latest stories.


Sammy's questions

1. When using public bathrooms, how far do you pull your pants and underwear down when you poop?

It depends on the place. If I'm riding my bike and I'm at a gas station to get a soda, I'll sit down and drop them all the way because its a one-toilet bathroom. If I'm at the mall, I won't drop them too far below my knees because there are often little kids--sometimes even boys--running around while their mom is in another stall. I know these pre-school kids are curious but I'm not about to aid them in becoming pervs when they get down on their hands or stand and stare through the cracks. At school, its probably good to have my clothing at my feet because it can tell those in line than I'm sitting for more than a 30 second wee.

2. Are you self conscious or embarrassed by having your pants and underwear around your ankles under the stall?
No, and at school, I occasionally will be running late for class and want to get a crap in before the tardy bell. In such situations, I will take an unused stall without a door. It saves time and in most of these situations, I won't be sitting in a hover pisser's pee. But I will have my clothing no lower than just above my knees. Only a few waiting in line will give me the stare-down which I just largely ignore. The alternative, holding my poop in and then risking constipation, is not something I want to deal with. A few of my friends have said they will never in on a toilet without a stall door. Its obvious they have never had to deal with constipation issues and the laxatives and enemas that come with it.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Diarrhoea at school

I was walking to school this morning and I had really bad diarrhoea. By the time I got to school I was bursting to go and it took every once of my bowel control to avoid a messy accident in my knickers. When I got to school I ran into the main building holding my bum making it obvious that I was about to poo myself. I was so embarrassed but somehow I made it to the toilets. There was no one around which spared some of my embarrassment and I took the nearest cubicle lowered my skirt and knickers together and pretty much fell backwards onto the toilet seat. As soon as my mum hit the seat I exploded hot diarrhoea into the toilet for about fifteen seconds. It felt good but there was more to come. My bum was burning so I sat for a minute to recover and pushed and even more hot diarrhoea poured into the toilet. I felt better after that but my bum was sore. I wiped a lot to get my bum clean and flushed the toilet but it didn't all go down because I did so much poo. I didn't have time to wait for it to fill back up so I just walked out and left it messy. I went to registration just in time and avoided a pink slip for being late which I was pleased about.


"A Poop Story"

Everyone at least once in their life has run into situations which were embarrassing. My worst embarrassing moment occurred when
I was a little kid. I was just 9 years old working my way up to adulthood. It has been 13 years now and I haven't shared this
story with anyone, I have tried very hard to flush this memory down the toilet, but somehow it always figures out a way to hound
me back. So I have made a decision to come clean and tell the truth and shame the devil.

A kid's day can start with anything, it is almost unpredictable like the weather. A child could wake up faking a stomach ache as
an exculpation to not attend school or probably start his day with trading punches with his kid brother/sister. The things they
do are a complete cockamamie. Their priorities are disorganized. A child does not see the relation between "action and
consequence" and ends up opening up a can of worms and when he is confronted by the consequences of his actions, he learns a very
important lesson.

I was in high school and like most of the other kids I didn't like going to school. Education was the last thing in the world
that I wanted at that point. I made a regular habit of missing school, but every now and then my furious mother would give me a
beating to somehow ignite the interest of education which was buried somewhere inside of me. When she realized that this is not
going to work for long, my parents and I came to an accord which was if I go to school every day like the other kids they would
give me Rs10 every day to buy candies. 13 years ago Rs10 was a big amount for a kid who is just 9 years old. I gave in to the
temptation and foolishly agreed. Every day my father would drop me off at school after buying me a pack of Gems, Aam Chaska and
Chatar Matar. These were my three favourite candies and everybody at school looked at me like some rich kid and wanted to hang
around with me because they all wanted a piece of what I had. All of a sudden I began to like going to school and went every day.
I was a beefy kid that's because I ate a lot and did almost zero activity throughout the day. As I was saying earlier that the
priorities of a kid are disorganized, I was too. A normal person's daily routine starts with dropping the kids at the pool
(taking a poop) but my routine was a little bit scrambled. I took a poop when I felt like taking it which would happen around in
the afternoon after school. The time had come to learn the lesson of my life.

This was another regular day. I woke up, did my chores and started to prep up for school. I brushed my teeth, had three
paranthas for breakfast. My stomach was inflating every second, and also I did not take a poop this morning so I also had
yesterday night's food in there too. I was completely stuffed. It was now time for me to wear the gentleman's attire which was my
school uniform. I wore a funny looking uniform. In my school, it was compulsory for children under ten years to wear suspenders
to prevent their pants from falling off. I had to wear one too, but what I didn't understand was why did we also have to wear a
belt. The suspender defeated its own purpose. I wore a white shirt and short Gray trousers. Maroon and fluorescent Orange coloured
belt to keep things tight around the waist and a tie which was the same colour as the belt. I put my socks and my shoes on and had
my mother tie the shoe laces and hopped onto my father's Bajaj scooter and was on my way to school.

I reached school and things went normally for a first few periods until my insides started to show signs of deterioration.
Before I get into the climax, let me tell you a few things about my school. The name of my school was Bishop's School. It was
affiliated with I.C.S.E board, it was founded by a local Church so most of the faculty were Christians and they also had funds
coming in from other parts of the world. (England, Scotland, and Canada is the ones I know of) Despite all the donations pouring
in the tuition fee were exorbitantly priced. It was a residential school (A boarding school) and children from the eastern part
of India would come there for education. Most of the faculty members were Anglo-Indians and still had families living in England.
In lieu of expensive tuition my parents thought it was worth every penny because of its elite standard of education and the
British discipline. We started our day with prayers followed by hymns and went on to our respective classes. The campus of our
school was pretty huge. We had a small amusement park for the kids and a huge field where the seniors would play. There was a
small canteen for everyone where you could buy food for the money. The school began at 8 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon
and during that time we would break twice.There were 8 periods during the entire day at school. First was a snack break for
which we would break after the 2nd period and then the lunch break after the 6th.

Now the climax, we were almost at the end of the second period and my stomach kept on inflating, my bowel started to
distend because of all the stool that was sitting there and wanted to break through. I had already begun to pass gas
very silently and discretely. Things were about to get worse and I knew it. It was going to be an ultimate test of my
perseverance and I had to show a tremendous amount of determination to push my body to the limit and survive till the
final bell rings. During the short break, I had told myself that no matter what I am not going to intake any food stuff.
I just sat in a silent corner with my legs tightly hugging each other and was totally cut off from the outside world.
I couldn't pay attention to what was happening around me and I also couldn't smile that's probably because all of my
mind, spirit and body were condoling me to keep it together and I was doing just fine until a friend offered me a samosa.
I couldn't refuse and ate it. It was just chaos down there. I shouldn't have eaten that, hell no what did I do. Please
save me God just for this once and I promise I will go to the bathroom every day first thing in the morning. These futile
thoughts were continuously twirling around my head which kind of kept me occupied till the sixth period when things
started to get really nasty. I kept passing gas throughout all the periods discretely and it also had started to smell,
but nobody paid attention, only once my friend said what is that god-awful smell and I said maybe someone farted, but I
don't know who. Just playing it smart. I got past the long break and was sitting in the classroom and the teacher had
just entered.The enemy was at the gate and about to break out and I couldn't take it anymore. So, I walked up to the
teacher and whispered into her ears " Miss, may I please go for a long toilet". She looked at me angrily but nodded her
head and said go, she probably saw the insufferable pain in my eyes and understood what I am going through.

I rushed to the boy's washroom as fast as I could and went inside in one of the cabins and shut the door. Now it was
only a matter of seconds that I would be relieved of all the crap inside me. I unbuttoned the suspenders, reached out
for the belt, unbuckled it as well. I started unhooking my pant, but somehow my stomach inflated to a point that it
wouldn't come off and just then it happened. A lump of mushy stool slipped right out of my anus and it felt so good.
I just kept going for almost five minutes relentlessly. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I still have my pants on.
Oh, my god! what have I gotten myself into? I was out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I didn't even wear any underpants to contain all the mess inside for a while. My pants had become a sack of poop and it was slowly
dripping down the back of my thigh, it was all very disgusting. I stood there for around 15 minutes, completely petrified and numb,
I had lost all my senses. Evidently the only sense whose integrity wasn't compromised was the sense of smell and it was just
killing me. The skunk smell emulating from the back of my pant gave me a migraine. I had to do something immediately. I took my
pants off and cleaned myself up. It was time for me to plan an action, so I decided that I would simply open the doors to this
cabin, will walk out naked and when someone comes in for a loo I would ask him to call the Janitor and the Janitor would take it
from there. So I heard someone outside and immediately walked out to him and said, "would you please call the Janitor, I just
slipped on the bathroom floor,". The guy instead of helping me ran out of the bathroom. I had scared off my only hope for survival.
The school day was about to come to an end and I had to do something fast or I will be stuck there for hours until someone starts
to look for me. I decided to walk out on my own to find the Janitor and just my luck he was working right outside the boy's
washroom and saw me. I was saved.

I lived through that day and made it home alive. I learned two important lessons that day
first- to take a poop every morning.
second- to always wear underpants.

Jasmine K

Constipation and parents checking your poo

I've not had time to post recently but just catching up I read some posts about constipation and with my history and family history thought I would post. Incidentally my younger sis who I've posted about said she might post some stories now she has her own I pad.

Anyway some comments,

To the constipated 12 year old girl. My parents - usually my mum or older sister used to check when I was on the toilet and look at what I had done when I was your age. In my opinion 5 mins is not long enough to do a poo if your constipated and it little pebbles.
You should try for at least 30 minutes. Also try raising your feet up, I wear high heels or stack wedges to help me to strain really hard.
Let us know how you get on

To Kelly
I know what you mean about little pellets it seems the harder you strain the more they seem to block up inside. When I am constipated and its pellets or little pebbles I end up straining so very hard and just dropping 1 or 2 pellets. I used to try at home and when I got to school for about 1/2 hour every morning.
I grew up in a constipated household and my room was next to the bathroom in a house of 3 girls and mum. All 3 of us were made to go - had to sit on the toilet straining until we did it or at least had done enough to be allowed to get off the toilet.
We were open about being constipated and it was never hidden. When I was younger every evening I would hear my older sister who was 8 years older than me straining and grunting on the toilet before she was allowed to go out with her friends. When I heard her being allowed to get off I knew that my mum would come and take me to the bathroom and get me on the toilet where I had to sit straining until I went which my poo varied between rock hard pebbles and logs made of pebbles.
I was sometimes off school after a few days of not being able to poo and because of being very sore in my bum when it was really full of hard poo and having bad stomach ache. I had to keep trying to poo during the day, if I got off the toilet before my mum said I could I got sent straight back and my mum or older,sis would stand there to make sure Imwas straining hard to get it out.

I am constipated at the moment and writing this on the toilet - I've done a few hard pebbles which took an hour of hard straining with them dropping plip plip into the water. Having got them out I still,felt full so kept straining and produced a knobbly log which from start to finish took 45 minutes to get out. I had also tried earlier for 1/2 an hour and got nothing out.

Happy pooing


Privacy means privacy!

Back 25 years ago when I was 8 I was continually struggling with the idea of privacy. Was I the only only person who cared about it or wanted it. It was a problem that caused me anxiety not only at our home, but also at school when I had to use bathrooms anywhere away from my favorite toilet at home. That's probably where the problem was. I could go in, pull my ???? down, pick up the lid, and then seat myself. It didn't matter how long I stayed seated, how often I jumped down to look at what was in the bowl, now loud my wee was, because it was MY place. As I sat on that blue seat, the three gold-colored hinges on the door looked really secure to me and I knew I was safe and secure. My anxiety started to escalate when others came over for play days and sometimes the overnight stay-overs. One of my friends who we called Fish because she was always drinking huge amounts of water, Kool-Aid and pop (often from a large jug that would normally serve a whole family) never seemed to know what the locked door meant. I made a mistake a couple of times by getting up off the stool, waddling to the door at the opposite end of the room, and she would burst in and and then want to sit by me on the bathtub and talk. I remember once we were doing some simple painting and she wanted to show me some brown paint on her two front fingers and thumb, and she wanted to have me get up off the stool where I was crapping, because she wanted to simulate crapping and then I guess not handling the toilet paper right, and then getting "crap" her hands. So while I was standing, jammies at floor level, she did her little act that I didn't find particularly humorous.

What was the worst part for me was that Fish re-seated herself as I had another couple of pellets to release. And she did an immediate wee that was as loud and long as anything I had ever heard. I knew enough because my mom had taught me to sit very gingerly over the front of the seat, only because that would cause the wee in many cases to hit the front of the inside of the bowl and not the water. Unlike Fish, I didn't want to show off or draw any attention to myself. So at school, I remember being talked to a couple of times by teachers because I had tried to avoid our classroom's assigned bathroom and go around the corner into another hallway to which no other student or any other class had been assigned bathroom break time. Again and again, I just wanted my privacy in a society that I just couldn't understand.

Shawn b

poop together

Hello all so my girlfriend and I was out for a hike and after a while and what seemed like forever I had to go number 2 or what her and I call it I had to make special. So after thinking I could hold it I asked her if I could poop out here she said yes if you need to and she could tell I needed to and helped me by sitting with me as I began to poop outside after dropping the first poop I could feel more coming so she laid my down and helped me with the last two poops I made I made 3 really big poops I felt better after she then found something soft in her bag and helped me clean my butt. After that we understood how special it was to help each other poop.brings us closer thanks for reading shawn

To Pregnant Pooper: I usually have same experience with you. But I don't embarrassed, because after I finish first motion, I stay on loo. If you do a motion in a loo where there are other loos so many women can use, I think it is good idea to stay there until you are sure you finish. Then it is not need to go back to inside after you come out.

Me, I almost get second motion if I stay on loo 3 or 4 minutes after first motion. And sometimes there is 3rd motion. So I usually stay in loo 10 or 15 minutes. You can take i-pad or book if you feel boring. I don't do anything usually, just thinking and relax.

To everyone: I tell you the story of my fight with Suzuna who is very young woman works in my office. It was Monday before last Monday, at lunch. She said something to me, I won't tell what she said but it made me to very angry. But in public place, I couldn't angry loud voice, so I was angry quiet voice and said hard things to her. Her face changed to white and her mouth open with shock. But I don't care because I angry.

We went back to office. But I was very bad mood and very shock, why she said such things? In middle of afternoon, I felt bad in stomach. I thought, I must do a diarrhoea. I said to my boss. She said in quiet voice, "go Mina, not so busy today so you can take your time." I went out of office, Suzuna was not there she was in other office with her business, so she didn't know I had bad stomach.

I went to loo and all cubicles empty, so I chose Western-style one. I took off slacks and panties and sat on loo and my bottom opened and burururururu into water at once. A minute after, bururururururu again. I still had bad stomach so I stayed on loo. Then door opened and a woman came in, she chose cubicle next to me, also Western-style. She sat down. In Japan we can't see who is on loo, I thought, maybe woman from different office in same building, but her walk was walk of young woman.

She sat down on loo and at once BURURURURURURU same as me, but very very powerful one and very big size. Then again, also very big one. And I hear panting sound. I said through wall, "daijobu desu ka?" it means, are you OK? And she burst into the tears at once. It was Suzuna! She said, "Mina, I'm so sorry, so sorry! Gomenn nasai! Gomenn nasai! " (it means sorry.) And she cried and cried, and sometimes burururururu. Her motions really powerful!! Even Kazuko doesn't do so strong one. And very huge. She is not so big girl, about same size with me, but her bottom is little bit smaller.

I also did more motions. So she know it was a diarrhoea. But after 15 minutes I finish, so I said to Suzuna, "I finish. And stop to worry. It's OK now. I forgive. You will be careful next time I think." She said, "I be careful." I pushed washlet button to wash my bottom, and Suzuna made powerful bururururu noise at same time. Then I dried my bottom and put on clothes and heard bururururu again, and went out of loo, and while I wash hands there was very long powerful burururururu. Wow! I said to Suzuna, "shall I wait? You do so big motion, you will faint." She said, "I'm OK, nearly finish." So I went out of loo. My boss asked, "Mina are you OK?" and I said "now I'm OK." About 10 minutes later Suzuna came into office and our boss said same thing to her. I think our boss guess we had fight.

I remember Kiwa in my before office, she called me dirty Korean and the God punished her with big diarrhoea. But she was very gassy, always burst burst burst. Suzuna was not gassy. Soft motion came from her bottom, but maybe puree, like Kazuko do.

Now relation with Suzuna is OK. But we are not really friends, she is not my type. But she is not so bad girl. Just she was careless. I forgive, but I strict with her, because in office I am superior to her.

I always think I do very big motion, but Suzuna does motion like elephant! But I don't say nothing. Not my business. If it is Maho or Kazuko or Hisae, I say. Because we are best friends and we love and love each other. They don't embarrass, and I don't too. It is pleasure for me to do motion in front of them. They are so lovely!

By the way, Maho says that if she have trouble with motion and she is worry, she show her father. Because he is doctor!! Motion is not his speciality, but he know about it because he did general training. In my family, we are very open, and I don't mind to show father, but it never happen. But I think all family are different, and I understand you Catherine, when you say mother is better. Hisae also say, if she need to show motion, she show mother, but now, of course she show me or Kazuko or Maho.

To Anna from Austria: I'm so happy you write to me many times!! My friends Kazuko and Hisae have motion problems when they are period. Maho not so much, but she is less constipate. Me, no change, but I faint. Especially after motion. So when I am period, one of my friends stay in my flat. I have problem of anaemia. My friends say yoroshiku to you Anna. Kazuko says, this site is one big family!! And we all agree that. Moderator san, (san is Japanese word for Mr or Ms and it is unisex, so I use here) thank you for hard work. 2500 pages!!! That is quarter of one man, man is Japanese for ten thousand. Everyone in toiletstool family love you I think, Moderator san.

Sorry long post. I enjoyed to write. I hope you enjoy to readů. I hope I can get good news from all you. If you are happy, I am happy too.

Love from your very own Mina, and friends


desperate loose poos at restaurant Friday Night..

let me first of all describe myself to you all. I am 29, married, i have long back length dyed dark red hair, blue/green eyes, tanned complexion, size 8/10, 34E Breasts and a lovely peachy butt that i work hard at the gym to keep.
some stories planned for my recent gym poos before and after my workouts coming soon.
On Friday (16th) Hubby and I went out for the evening to our local restaurant.
I was bursting for a poo in the car on the way so told hubby when we arrived i'd be heading to the loos.
In i went pulled my black mini skirt down and black knickers and plonked my butt on the seat.
Perrrrrrrrrlop-plop plop...perrrrlop-plop....perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop....perrrrrrlop-plop-plop. Wiped 5 times and went back to hubs, to be greeted with a butt slap, & then nice butt massage.
We got our table and ordered our food.
We ate, finished, and ordered our deserts, i now needed another poo. I held it for a while but became more desperate but as i was about to head off, i told hubby i was off for another poo, got up and our deserts arrived. I waited, & ate my desert.
When i had finished off i went for my next poo.
This time there were a few ladies in there, a cubicle came free and in i went.
Again pulling down my skirt and knicks i had noticed i had let a little bit out in my knickers, so got rid of the little piece from my knickers which because it was loose had unfortunately stained my knickers so i was pleased they were black!, and sat down, immediately it was Plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop....plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop (sigh of relief) ... perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop! I wiped 6 times and flushed spraying my YSL perfume, Pulled my mini skirt over my peachy butt and knicks up and washed my hands going back to hubby. We stayed at the restaurant and headed to the bar area. 2 hours later we were about to leave when i needed another loose desperate poo but i decided to treat hubs so we ordered a taxi, hubs excited to hear my poo, and massaged my butt whilst we waited for a taxi.
We got home 20 mins later & in the bathroom we went, hubby perching over our bath, me letting my hair out of it's bun and plopping myself on the loo seat, 'ready' i said to hubs, as my plops rapidly fell in to the loo, 9 initially followed by a further 5. Light brown loose and skidmarks everywhere, i bent over so hubby could wipe my bum and i love it when he does it as he is so gentle its lovely. Wiped me 7 times and pulled my knicks and skirt back up for me and pulling me close for a cuddle whilst slapping my butt lightly 3 times, man i love my hubs!
more stories soon about my gym poos!
Hi John B!! :)
Hope you all enjoyed love Jem xx


3 stories of my gym poos.

So as said, these are 3 of my recent gym poo stories.
1/ was about 2 weeks ago, i arrived desperate for a poo so had one before my workout. It was loud and echoey, started with a huge wet fart, followed by 11 plops in quick succession. Then after i wiped 6 times then the loo wouldnt flush!! So i covered it all with paper - i had no other choice and avoided that loo from then on *the embarrassment!!*

2/ was last week, i had a poo before and after my workout.
the one before was desperate and i had a really bad ???? ache, but then didnt want to come out quickly. I had to force these plops out!,
so it started with a wee, then perrrrrrrrlop!!! (Sigh).....plop!!-plop!!.....perrrrlop!! (Sigh)......plop-plop-plop (sigh).....perrrrrrrlop!!....plop-plop-plop-plop plop (louder sigh) ......plop......plop.......perrrrrlop (sigh) ..plop-plop-plop!! I was done, wiped 4 times and headed off for my 45 min sesh including cardio - treadmill, bikes, & rowing 10 mins each, followed by 15 mins floor exercises.
On my return i headed to the loo, this time i only had 6 plops, wiped, flushed, washed my hands and headed for a shower, changing clothes and heading home.

3/ was today!, i had my workout and was bursting for a poo, only, again it wasnt as loose as normal though desperate and i had to push the plops out again.
I sat down got comfy and pushed..

Plop!!....plop!! (Sigh) ....plop-plop-plop-plop-plop!! (sigh)....plop!!....plop!!.....plop!!.....plop!!....plop-plop-plop!!....plop!!! I was done and wiped 5 times, spraying my marc jacobs perfume and flushed, washing my hands and headed for a shower, then again changing clothes before heading home.

hope, as always, u guys enjoyed!! Jem x


Peeing before, while, or after pooping

Years ago I had read that it is healthier to squat rather than to sit while pooping. For the past year or so I have squatted whenever I can do so conveniently, though I sit if I have just gotten dressed to go somewhere and it would take a lot of time and trouble to undress again, and I sit if I have to poop away from home. I find that peeing while in the squat position is not easy, at least if I want to contain the pee within the toilet bowl; so I usually try to pee elsewhere or just standing up like normal before pooping. I find that, if I have the urge both to poop and to pee, if I pee separately first, the urge to poop often goes away temporarily, and I have to wait a few minutes or sometimes longer. My ideal situation is that I feel a strong urge to pee and a slight urge to poop; I go to pee, and a few minutes later I feel the urge to poop strengthen, often rather suddenly. At that time I can squat on the bowl and poop fairly easily and promptly. Sometimes I take a mirror and watch myself poop.

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