Midwest Mom
Hi again!

Thanks everyone for your input. Yes Natalie is a very healthy girl. She's always been involved in a sport or activity so she gets plenty of exercise and of course the activity causes her to eat alot. LOL. Haven't seen any of her "loads" for a few days but she's mentioned about having to "take a big dump" HAHA Hopefully soon I'll have a story to share

Liz S- I enjoyed your post. Sounds like you and my daughter have similar bowel habits. Hope to see more posts from you

What ever happened to onthetoiletgal

Anna from Austria

To the other Anna

@Anna That's a good question. I have to say that I would also be very embarrassed if my coworkers would knew that I had just done number 2.

I can't answer the question for sure. It is possible. Due to the solid wall construction of the stalls, which are more like separate Little rooms, it is impossible to hear what is going one in the neighbor stall

But as I have already mentioned in my latest Story, the doors are quite thin and if you are staying at the sinks you can hear everything.

As far as I know I was always alone in the restroom expect the last time. (look at my latest Story).

But even if, Melanie had heard what I have done, what I doubt, because she was in her stall the hole time , so she couldn't have heard, anything, but even if she did, I wouldn't have been embarrassed because she had also just done Number 2.

But even if nobody has heard me, it is was possible that they entered my stall soon after too poo. And so my co-workers could smell everything.

I have often met some of my co workers at the sinks. I have always left the bathroom before they went into a stall. So I can't say for shure if the noticed something.

I hope not..


Comments and responses

To Sheelee:
Thanks for reading my post. Before college, mainly during my teen years I done the same thing while using public bathrooms that I only pulled down my pants just far enough to sit on the toilet seat while I poop. Overtime my bathroom habits changed that I generally pull down my pants and underwear around my ankles in public bathroom stalls when I poop. I do agree that the public bathroom stalls don't have gives much privacy when you poop in public.

Not sure it's different for woman using public bathrooms to poop but my experience for me is that I feel that having your pants and underwear around your ankles signals for other people either walking pass or using the stalls beside you that you are pooping in the stall and they leave me alone to poop in peace and I feel that I have more privacy even that my pants and underwear is exposed under the bathroom stall.

To everyone: While using public bathrooms how far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop? Are you self-conscious or embarrassed of having your pants and underwear around your ankles under the bathroom stall?

To Emma & Sonya Sue: Thank you for sharing your stories. I want to share that I had my longest time spent in a bathroom to poop happened in 2009 during my lunch break. I went to a restaurant and I felt a urge to use the bathroom to poop. I went to the bathroom and took one of the empty stalls that I lowered my pants and underwear around my ankles. It took me a long time to poop since my turds was very long and slow moving that I let it slide out one by one. After about 20 minutes one of the workers in the restaurant entered the bathroom and ask me are you alright and I replied back that yes I'm fine, just taking a long time to poop. I ended up in the bathroom for about 40 minutes almost the entire time of my hour lunch break. My longest time I pooped ever and it happened to be in a public bathroom.

Will read more stories and reply back soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Liz S great pooping story it sounds like you had a great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie thats good you were finally able to poop I bet you felt pretty good and I bet you will feel amazing once you ge the rest out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like you and Melanie both had great poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Anna great story it ounds like that brunette girl was beyond desperate and just made it to the toilet in time and it sounds like you and the other had great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about your big poop I bet you felt great after that.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Bath invaders part 2 poetic justice

4 hours after I was stunk out of my bath Kay and I were seated on our respective ends of the sofa in our night gowns watching TV. When I heard and unearthly growl, at first I thought cats fighting in the alley again, then another growl, I looked at Kay, she looked at me, then her face changed to an oh crap expression. Like an Olympic runner who just heard the starters pistol, she was up and gone. I had to crane my neck to see where she went. The noise of the TV was over ridden by an ear piercing NOOOOOOOOOOO. Suspiciously and cautiously, I rose from the sofa to investigate what was occurring. As I walked down the hall towards the bathroom, I was hit in both nostrils' with a road kill and swamp water odor. I peeked into the bathroom expecting the worst, to find Kay, bum planted on the throne emitting these gushing sounds. It was the same sort of sound you get when you tip the mop bucket into the drain. These were one after the other, the smell was intense and my lovely little stunk bug was stuck in the middle of it lol, with no choice but to suck it up. It was truly a poetic justice moment. She was not happy specially when she noticed me giggling at her. She snarled "not funny mom" to which I replied " what you ate today will burn your bum tonight", the smell was getting to much for me I had to retreat, I went back to the sofa. About 30minutes later Kay came and sat on the other end looking much better. I looked at her and muttered "burger king" she replied "yep". I giggled "well you won't eat that again" but I know she will !


Desperate loose poos at work.

So i changed my job from a financial advisor and i am now a retail assistant mainly because i couldn't handle the stress with my bowels so i now work in a big department store on the tills and have been doing that now for 2 weeks.
However, my IBS over-active bowels remain the same, i am calmer though which is good.
So Monday was a very memorable day... i was working 0800 to 17.30, & i had my first poo at home with my hubby joining me.
8 plops in quick succession.
Then at work my second poo was needed whilst we had lots of customers to get through around 10am.
I held on to it until my first 15 min break at 11am, so at 11am off i went pulled down my black trousers and black thong, & sat my butt on the seat. Getting comfy i then released my first set of plops. 5 initially, i sighed relief, then a further 7 to finish. Light brown curled up logs all piled on top of each other. Wiped 3 times and had my break.
My third poo of the day was after lunch and i first needed it around 3pm.
I was more desperate this time and clenching a lot more unnoticed behind the till.
It was 3.45 my final 15 min break though and it was hard to hold this in.
3.45 came around and i walked quickly to the loo.
In the loo were my 2 colleagues Sally and Tracey, chatting, but i couldn't wait and i locked the loo threw my trousers down and immediately my plops fell, 10 initially and i forced out a final 3.
Wiped 4 times and came out the loo washed my hands etc.
my fourth and final poo of the day was that evening after our curry, but this one wasn't as desperate as usual and i had to force some of these out, and again hubby joined me, Plop-plop-plop....plop-plop...plop-plop!
More soon x


Friday's Bad Decision

Last Friday our school district let out classes for parent-teacher conferences. Because I kept up my grades in my first quarter of middle school, my mom allowed me to take my first unsupervised trip downtown where I had a school project to work on at the big citywide library and then I was allowed to get a bus transfer and spend part of the day at the mall. A couple of my friends at first wanted to go, but then their mom wouldn't let them. So it was just me and the library project was the most important thing I had to do since I had to make a presentation in class on Monday.

I got up a little later than normal, did my wee, and then showered. I only took time for a small breakfast at home because I wanted to save room for the bagel and cappuccino I had been waiting for at a special coffee shop. Mom gave me my money on her way out to work and while I could feel my bowel movement coming, I forgot about it when I took Mom up on her offer to drop me off at the bus stop three blocks away. When I got off the bus and walked to the coffee house, I could see it was very busy with lots of business people inside and a line of cars at the drive through. After about 10 minutes in line, I finally got served and I got my order to go. There was no place to sit and eat there and with the library a block away and in such a big building, I knew there would be space there. Since it was so nice out I used a bench on the side of the library. The food was as good as I was told it would be. The bagel was filling and the coffee made me want to pee again. So I quickly walked into the library, asked about bathrooms at the security desk, and was pointed in the right direction. As soon as I pushed the entrance door open, I came upon an odd smell, lots of papers and cups on the floor, I almost fell when I tripped over someone's folded up sports page, and then to the surprise. There were like 8 or 9 cubicles, each with a girl or woman seated on the toilet, several with grocery bags or pillow cases with all their possessions. As I was trying to figure out who was waiting for what in the crowd, a huge lady about the age of my grandmother came up behind me and asked me my age and started asking me about my braids. I moved away from her and ran for a stall I saw open about three places down. I quickly dropped my jeans and pink underwear and put myself up on the rather high gray colored seat. Two pieces of my crap dropped quickly, right after I reached down and pulled my clothing up to stool level. I remembered that I had forgotten to look for toilet paper, but as I looked to my right, there was some. In front of me two much older ladies were sharing a smoke and one told the other to wait there, because since I was so young, I probably would be getting done faster. I didn't even push for anything else. I did one fast wipe, pulled up my clothing and got out of there. Just washing my hands in that crowd of people would have been creepy so I didn't.

After spending about an hour on the computer working on my graphics project, I decided to go a couple floors up on the elevator so that I could finish my crap. Only two ladies were using the toilets up there, but there was not one with a door on it. I went to the one at the far end where I felt I would get more privacy. My sit was about 5 minutes this time but I was able to drop a piece about as long as a pen. It was softer and a lot more messier. I found there was no toilet paper, so I partly pulled up my clothing and went past another lady who was crapping and got a stall where I saw paper. It took me about a minute on that stool to fully clean myself. I went back to the computer lab and finished my assignment. During the final 10 minutes or so, I was feeling gas and other things in my bowels. So I emailed my work and made a run down the escalator to the lower level bathroom. As I was working my way through the maze of shelves, I was starting to sweat badly. As soon as I threw the door open, I was not surprised to find another line of doorless stalls. Six were in use--one was used by a mother and her daughter was sitting over the front between her legs. Although I was as fast as always of throwing myself onto the seat, my underwear took the first blast of diarrhea. I just wasn't fast enough in yanking my underwear down from under my butt. I lifted my feet and took them off. As I was carefully inspecting them from floor level, two additional blasts came that I know the others heard. Then of course, there was the smell.

I sat a little longer than necessary in cleaning myself, I flushed three times in the process, and as I started feeling better, I imagined leaving my undees on top of the toilet paper roll. Of course, I didn't but threw them in the trash as I walked up to the sinks. A couple hours later at the mall me and two friends had lunch at the food court. When they asked me to come to the bathroom with them, I said no. The last thing I wanted to see was public bathroom.


Parents Overseeing Bowel Movements

Inspired by the recent question, and sharing my own experiences: I've had chronic constipation my whole life, and it runs in my family, as does Diverticulitis. My mom still closely oversees all my bowel movements, and still gives me suppositories, because she can give them more efficiently. Sometimes, suppositories are the only way I can poop at all. I don't know what age it stops being "normal", but I think when you have a history of really bad constipation, and your whole family is constipated all the time, due to genetic issues, it just becomes really commonplace.

We live in a fairly small house, so the bathroom is sort of centrally located, and there isn't much sound privacy when someone is trying to poop in there. Both of my parents have chronic constipation too, so even though it's really embarrassing, we kind of have to be open about it. When you're sitting in the living room, you can hear someone straining to poop in the bathroom. We all go on average about once a week when constipation is at its worst. To that girl, I think your parents should allow you more than 5 minutes to poop. It always takes me a long time when I'm finally able to go, and my parents are understanding about letting me push as long as I need to.

This summer, I had some of my worst constipation ever, and the trend continues, I feel like I have to poop all of the time, and there's poop "ready to go", but I can't push it out, so it sits there in my butt. If there's a bunch of hard pellets of poop stuck in your butt almost all the time, that are too big to push out, does that mean you're impacted? My mom makes me try every morning to poop before school now that school is back in session and it hurts too much to poop most days, and won't come out. I think my mom has the same kinds of poops because I can hear her straining in the morning unsuccessfully, so I'm guessing she has the same issue, but we haven't really talked about it.

Naturally, I also have a lot of stomachaches and cramps most days. Has anyone else ever had to stay home from school or work because their constipation was so bad? Today is definitely a bad bloated stomach day, and I hope I can get some poop to come out soon, because it was definitely stuck when I tried this morning. I hope to get at least some of the pellets out when my mom makes me try to poop in the morning.


Poop with sis

My sis and I were out for a walk and we had been out about an hour already when my sis told me she needed the toilet and if it was ok to stop at the next one we seen.

There was a public toilet about 10 minutes further up the path. It was a small building with 2 doors - 1 men's toilet and 1 girls. Both were single toilet rooms and my sis took went into the girls and locked the door. I knocked and told her I was using the other one so to wait if she was done before me.
I knocked and pushed he door open to see the toilet and went in and locked the door. I pulled my jeans and panties down and pushed out my first poo. The second splashed out quickly after followed by a loud fart then a small third poo. I peed for about half 30 seconds and reached for paper to find none in the holder and no extra rolls anywhere. I pulled my panties almost fully up and jeans all the way and flushed. I heard he other toilet flush and peeked out to ask for paper.
My sis told me there was none and she had gone without because of that. I fixed my panties and joined my sis as we walked home from there.

I was not comfy cause I felt dirty down there.

I cleaned up when we got home and changed panties and I think my sis took hers off too.

It was my turn to do the washing and I hand washed my panties first to try to get the worst of the skid marks out. As I loaded up the machine I noticed my sis' panties were a lot worse than mine and had a small coating at some parts where I think she maybe went before she got to the toilet. I spoke to her about it and told her I had the same problem but there should have been paper at least!

Anna from Austria

To the other Anna

@Anna one more Thing I have forgot to mention in my last post. The last time with Melanie was actually the first time, where I noticed one my co workers doing Number 2.

The other times I have just entered a stall with a faint poop smell. The Lady or the Ladies which was or were responsible for the smell was already gone.

So I knew that some of the ladies in the Office also do their number 2 at work. But I never noticed them doing it directly.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Response to Jemma

Hi people it's John B.

Well Jemma sweetie you have have certainly made up for the time you've been away with not one but two superb posts and your trademark style is undiminished I am so pleased to say. Welcome back girl with open arms!

I'm sure he does know it but your hubby, like me, is one lucky fella and I could almost be reading about my own experiences with my wife too! We still share this interest after all these years of marriage and it shows no signs of diminishing all these years later and I hope the same goes for you guys too!

A big cyber hug for my kindred spirit Jemma and take care xx

John B xx


Hey Folks

A few days ago, I did a sort of big poo that caused a mild clog. What I mean by mild is that when I flushed the poop, only some of it was stuck. There was one kinda big poo, and a tiny peice. By the second time I needed to use the loo that day, the clog disappeared. From experience in watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I've never heard a toilet in the show. Maybe the characters dig a potty hole outside, lol! One of my favorite characters (Toodles) is very helpful. He's a device that's a yellow disc with polka dots, and is shaped like Mickey's head. He delivers items to the characters. Lol, sometimes Toodles is in my dreams. Once, in one dream, I lived at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey was my brother, and Minnie my mother. Our bathrooms were located outside (one on each side of the house). When you got inside the bathroom, the sinks were straight ahead, toilet on right, and bathtub was beside toilet on right. Minnie's bathroom had polka dot toilet paper, and a bow-shaped toilet while the other bathroom for Mickey and me was a regular one. I was so in love with Toodles in this dream that I asked him to bring me all kinds of things just to get attention from him. I even asked for toilet paper when we ran out instead of just buying more.

pregnant pooper

Deja vu

So after the other day when I thought id finished my poop but wasn't I stopped wiping to continue, the same thing happened today whilst at the gym. I had a yoga session, recommended by my midwife, and was changing after a shower when I felt the need to poop. I headed to the toilets where I found myself alone. I went to the far end stall of 5 and puled down my trackie bottoms and underwear and sat down. I peed first and it went on a while. I began to push once my pee finished and I gave a little push which helped things along. It began to emerge as another lady entered and entered the stall next to mine. It dropped off making a 'plop' as it did. The next log needed a bit of pushing to emerge and I grunted as pushed hard. It began to come and as it grew in length at of my butt, the woman next flushed. It was just a pee for her. She was washing her hands as my log crept further out and another woman entered. She took the stall 1 down from me and I heard her undoing her zip and plonk down. The log was now so long it was practically touching the water but still hanging onto my butt. It finally slid out but barely made a sound as it dropped off. I was done (or so I thought) and wiped. I flushed and the woman in the stall flushed as well. Another peeing girl. She left as I did and I was washing my hands when it happened. I realised I wasn't done. I was now left to ponder re-entering the stall as this woman watched or leave and hide until she leaves. I was too embarrassed to go back so left and pretended I was getting something from a locker until she was out of sight. I went back into the toilets and another lady came directly behind me. I took the same far end stall and she took the near end stall. I got into position again and began to push. The other lady farted twice and apologised to me. I said "don't worry, its fine". I had to push quite hard and forcefully to get it out by now. I grunted as I pushed. The other lady was grunting too. My log began to emerge after 3 quite hard pushes and it dropped off with a 'plop'. Her poop also dropped with a 'plop'. A 2nd log emerged quite quickly after and fell with another 'plop'. I had another bit come to the rim of my butt but after leaving it to fall itself it wasn't moving. I had to give another forceful push accompanied by a grunt to move things along. It got thicker in diameter as it emerged and hurt a bit which probably explains why it was hard to get out. By now the other pooper had dropped 2 more logs and was wiping. It fell with a splash that splashed water up to my butt. Another log came with it and finally I was done. I wiped again and flushed. The other lady was drying her hands when I left my stall and we shared a smile. I left and made for home.

I have never experienced that before where I thought I was finished but I wasn't and its happened twice now. Its strange. Still pooping well despite these experiences but I hope its not a sign that struggles are on the way.

Its 4 days to my 12 week scan (Monday) and im getting ever more excited but equally scared that all's ok. After my friend losing her baby at 1 weeks its worrying but im trying not to think about it and enjoy each day im pregnant which is another day closer to my due date (3rd May).

Liz S

Today's poop

Hi all.

To "Midwest Mom": I'm not a parent, but I am a teen myself. Your daughter is hardly alone in being a big pooper. Most all the girls I know do big loads, even the ones who poop every day. I also find it interesting that you say she "forgets" to flush. If I ever left the toilet un-flushed, oh man I'd never hear the end of it.

So, on with my story. I've just had a nice, satisfying poop about twenty minutes ago. I last pooped on Saturday, so this was a more normal poop for me (compared with the huge one I posted about in my last story). Anyway, I felt the urge to go shortly after I was leaving school, but I didn't want to go back to use the bathroom. It takes me less than 10 minutes to walk home anyway. But, when I got home, my first destination was the bathroom. I lowered my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet.

I peed for a long time and started letting out a turd. It was fairly thin but really long. Once it finally broke off, I felt done. I stood up to look at the turd. It was shaped like the letter U, and the tail of it disappeared around the bend. With as long as it felt coming out, I bet at least a third, or maybe more, of the turd was hidden from view.


To 12 year old girl:

I'm going to throw in a little here. There are a number of things in play here and have been covered well by other posters. You are young, and in the "throws" of adolescence, probably the hardest thing you will go through. Two things that have not been mentioned is that one, sometimes parents are reluctant to face the fact that their child is growing up. The other is about development. No, not the "birds and the bees" LOL, but brain development. It's known now, that the brain doesn't finish developing until your early to mid 20's. What's not developed are the reasoning centers. If you have been told that a certain behavior or action is dangerous, you understand what you're told, but not the gravity of the situation. An example, the "choking game". You may have been told not to do it, and that it's really dangerous, but it won't sink in until something happens to you, a close friend, or family member while doing it, that it sinks in. When the reasoning centers are developed, you will be able to predict the consequences of your actions and you'll be figuring things like this out for yourself. This is a normal part of growing up. As was mentioned by someone else, it would be good to sit down with your mom, and/or your dad, and tell them how you feel. Don't worry they won't get mad, as they are just looking out for you. If you show them that you can be responsible about this, I'm sure that they'll "loosen the reins" a bit. If you're not comfortable with talking to your dad about the business with his checking your stool, talk to your mom. We'll be interested to hear whether you've done that and how it went. Good luck and don't worry.


*Finally* going normally again

Hi all. I posted the other night about being constipated. Well today I've been pooping fine again, for some reason. IDK if it's because my period is due or if it's because I've been drinking more water or what, but this is making me happy. I've gone 2 or 3 times today and I think more still wants out. My stomach is a lot softer, since I hadn't been to the toilet for a poop for about 5 days (no urge).

The first poop was shortly after lunch, water bottle and my coffee, and it was urgent though to me it felt hard. I had let out a really loud wet BRRRRRMMMMPPP type of fart shortly after I woke up though. Luckily it was a safe fart not a "shart". I went to the bathroom and got my clothes down and sat down, etc and gave a gentle push. A semi-solid, semi-soft crap came out and I could tell there was a lot. It took me a couple of minutes to finish fully. Stood up finally and inspected what I did in the toilet. There was a really long skinny-ish turd, about 2 feet long and a shorter fat one that stuck out slightly that was about 1 foot. Both were dark in some places.

Then the 2nd time I had to go, it was a couple more long poops like the skinny one. Both times I went required a lot of wiping and flushing since it was so messy.

Hopefully tonight the lemon water will help. I'm hoping it will push everything else out of my stomach and have me cleaned out.

Anna from Austria

Poo at work

Soon after my usual morning coffee at work I had to visit the ladies room very soon. This time I was not alone. One of the stalls was already taken and the Lady in there had a loud pee. I took the only remaining stall, lowered my paints and my thong and sat on the toilet. I started to push and a loud fart (the prfft type) come from my bottom. then I did one log, another load fart and one more log. Then I peed a Little and then I was ready. Luckily the other Lady couldn't' have heart that.

As I have already mentioned, the toilets at my Office, are basically the separate rooms, with thick walls. So can your nothing form the other room. The only week spot of These toilets are the door. When you are at the sinks you can here quit clear what's going on.

After I did the cleaning of my bottom I left the "stall" and washed my Hands. While I was washing my Hands, I heard the lock of the other toilet and one of my coworkers, Melanie, came out. She must also had a poo. She didn't close the door of her stall, so the stench of her poo spread in the hole toilet. As she saw that she wasn't alone, she closed the door immediately. She blushed and said sorry. I said No Problem, it is a toilet after all, and there this stench is normal. She quickly washed her Hands and left the toilet..

It was quite funny that she left the door open at first. Normally all of the ladies close the door after doing their Bms, that the smell can't escape.

I have no Problem with that, it is a bathroom after all. And in most other bathrooms I know, where the stalls have Little gaps, it only natural that sometimes someone stinks the hole restroom.

It was only the first time, that I have experienced it a work with these Special Maximum privacy stalls.

Greetings from Austria Anna.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Midwest Mom first welcome to the site and it sounds like your daughter is a healthy pooper which is good and please share any stories you may have thanks.

To: Ally great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had great poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie hope you can back to pooping normaly soon.

To: Jemma as always another great set of stories about your desperate poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about you and Sarah pooping in the woods.

To: Sally great pooping story it sounds like you really had to go.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Peeing while pooping

Since it was asked about -

When I have to poop, I always pee during the same toilet session. Usually, I try to finish my pee before pooping, though if I really have to poop badly, sometimes the poop will start coming out first, and then I'll start peeing while still pooping. And even if I think I've finished my pee, if I have a lot of poop to come out, a bit of pee will come out while I'm pushing out the poop. And at the end of a big pooping session, I'll pee a bit after I'm finished pooping.



Midwest Mom: Your daughter, "Natalie," is perfectly normal and probably has very healthy bowels! She is just fine! In fact, since about age 12 (I will be 35 next week) those are my habits - twice daily, large bowel movements!

12 Year Old Girl and others who have responded: I agree that it is normal for parents to be concerned about bowel habits, but I think that 12 Year Old Girl should tell her parents if she feels uncomfortable. If parents are insisting to see every bowel movement - that make's me uncomfortable reading about it.



Anatomy Student

to Midwest Mom

concerning your daughter's poo, that sounds like it's normal for her. I would only worry if she is having problems going. I have female friends with similar motions. "Regular" is a personal thing. I have a scatter plot schedule because my diet varies and I refuse to give up dairy.

Also, she might not be forgetting to flush, it may just lay in the bowl in a manner that it doesn't go down on the first try. One of my friends has to break hers up with a toilet brush or plastic knife just to get it to fit the pipes.

As long as she isn't experiencing any rectal pain, black or red blood in her stool, anal fissures, or hemmoroids, she's perfectly normal and you shouldn't worry.


Response to Tristan

Hi Tristan!

I saw your question and could not resist to answer! By the way, glad to see you post!

Just to answer your question (university consumes me a lot of time), yes, I almost always pee before / while pooping. The only exception would be when I have peed just before. Even then, though, if it's a big or difficult poop then a few drops of pee will come out.

What's interesting is that if I also really need to both pee and poop, usually what happens is that I will sit down and start peeing while the poop begins to emerge. When I start pushing, the pee will come out with more force until the poop reaches its widest point, and then the pee will stop as the poop continues moving and finally, when it drops, if I had not finish peeing then I finish peeing. It's kind of like if my system had to focus on either peeing or pooping at the moment where the poop is stretching my hole, and it focuses mostly on pooping and leaves peeing for later. But those instances are just like half of the time, haha.

I know of a close friend of mine who does not pee each time he poops, only sometimes, but when he does, it usually happens when he's pushing at the beginning and then after the poop comes out (I know this because I've listened to him a couple of times). At the beginning is just a squirt of pee when he starts pushing, and if he does need to pee then he empties his bladder once the first poop has come out or at the very end, when he's more relaxed.

Hope you find this interesting!

Best wishes!

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Thanks for your new message. Yes, vegetables are really helpfull to assist the bowl movements. My motions have also become a little bigger since I eat a lot of theme.

And interesting that your friend Hisae sometimes goes even 3 or 4 times. Something like this never happend to me with my rugular motions.

Durring my period I sometimes have diarrhea and then it is not uncommon that I have to 4 times a day at least.

Are there other ladies who have some issues with their bowls durring their period or is it just me?

Greetings Anna


Grandma's Visit

Each fall my Grandma, who is 79, flies in and stays about 10 days. She's great in giving Mom help and she pretty much takes over all her house-running chores. Its great to have Grams visit, but because of her age, she's set in her ways. For example, last year when doing the laundry, she found my underwear had some skid mark stains in it. When delivering my laundry to my room, she asked me about it. I told her there's not nearly enough time to wipe after I crap every day at school because when I get done and off the toilet, I might only get two wipes in before I have like a minute to make a run to my next class. Detentions for tardies really suck so I try not to get them. Her answer was that I should get up at 5:30 a.m. like she did in the '50s for school, eat breakfast and then have my BM at home before I leave. She said in her four years of high school, she didn't crap once at school and only because of after-school clubs did she sometimes have to wee at school.

OK I get that. I didn't put my underwear in the hamper during the time she was visiting because I didn't want to have that stained discussion again. But I made another mistake, according to her. By the time her flight got in at like 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, I had downed my coffee and met her at the gate. She almost immediately made it known that before picking up her luggage, she needed to go to the bathroom because she will never use the facilities on a plane. No problem. It was only a short walk. Luckily, two stalls, adjacent to one another, were open right at the beginning of the line of 30-some. I let her have the first; I took the second. I immediately latched the door, dropped my underwear and jeans and placed my butt on the seat. I had to slide back quickly. Because of my relatively small height, my feet, as usual, were about a half inch off the floor. Immediately, there was the usual poof! and my soft crap exited in one piece. I listened intently to what was happening next door. Grandma was still on her feet, facing the toilet, and my question was answered when I heard her pull down the lever and then pull down her ass-gasket. Instantly, I thought "Ooops, I should have remembered ..." I didn't see immediately standing up and going through the ass-gasket ritual as being practical at that point. She started the conversation by asking about the school year, how Student Council was going, as her urine was draining. But before I could start my answer, I knew she could see my feet off the floor so we knew I was sitting directly on the seat. This is something she doesn't believe in and she's corrected me before.
"I can't understand how you think its good hygiene (she really likes that word) to allow your butt cheeks and thighs to touch a public toilet seat," she said. I apologized and told her I should have used a butt-gasket. But I felt guilty about saying something I knew was very insincere. Times have changed and me and my friends just don't see some of the things the way she does. And for the rest of that morning, I avoided the conversation with her about that.

But I still feel kind of guilty. Why is that?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A couple of questions

For Midwest Mom--Does Natalie ever poop at school or does she save it for home? Why?
--Could her poops be larger because she forgets to flush and as a teen you flushed more often or didn't pay attention to their size that much?

For Ally--Why did you choose not to put paper down on the seat?
--Did that black-haired girl on the toilet next to yours have toilet paper down on the seat?
--Do you think that girl was more embarrassed by there being no privacy door or by the amount of time she had to sit on the toilet waiting for results?
--Was this your first experience in a public bathroom without doors?

Thank you!



Here is a survey for people to fill out that I will also answer the questions

1. How many times a day do you pee? 3 times
2. How often do you poop? 5 times a week
3. Have you ever pooped outside? oh yes
4. You feel awkward pooping in public bathrooms? No
5. Have you ever had an accident in your pants? Not in a long time.
6. What foods give you diarrhea? For me nothing
7. How often do you get constipated? Very very rare do i ever get constipated.
8. Have you ever watched or have been watched going to the bathroom? Yes long ago only a couple times
9. Where is the weirdest place you went poop? I went in my closet in a box once because my brother and his girlfriend were hogging up the bathroom and I couldn't hold it longer
10. Where was the weirdest place you peed? In my sump pump hole

So where is my small survey and now I want others to reply to this an answer the same questions here.


Long time on the toilet

I didn't have a poo since Sunday morning, when I did it in the woods with Sarah. I was a bit constipated on Monday morning and I spent 15 minutes on the toilet trying to go. I only managed to do a wee and a few pellets but I didn't want to take a laxative and have to go at school so I left it until I got home. By then I was busting for a poo and believe it or not I was struggling to hold it. I went to the toilet and sat down and pushed and I felt my bum hole open around a big poo. I had to push quite hard and eventually it began to move slowly out. It was hard and lumpy and I felt every bump of its surface as it inched it's way out of my bum hole. After 5 minutes the first turd plopped into the toilet and my bum got splashed. I looked in the water to find it was about 3 inches in length but it was as wide as the cardboard toilet roll tube. I pushed again and the second one was just as wide and it hurt a bit as I forced it out. When it dropped into the water I got splashed again and by now I'd been on the toilet for 15 minutes. I had a rest for a couple of minutes and started pushing again but I didn't need to because it got softer and it slipped into the toilet silently. It wasn't as wide but it was much longer at 7 inches. My last piece was about 4 inches long and I felt so relieved now everything was out. I wiped but there was very little poo on the toilet paper and flushed and I was surprised it all went down. When I looked at my phone I found I'd been on the toilet for of an hour and my dad was moaning about having to wait for me to come out as he needed a wee.

Today I was in my first lecture of the day, sipping a huge cup of coffee. By the end of it, I really needed the toilet for both things and I headed to the bathroom down the hall. There are three stalls and all were taken. Two girls were waiting, a short blonde with glasses and a tall, big and curvy brunette wearing a woolen dress and silver boots. The brunette was bobbing up and down and I could actually see her clench her bumcheeks through her dress, so I figured she was probably there for a number two as well. All three stalls opened quickly. The blonde took the left and the brunette the right, leaving the middle one for me. I locked the door, put up my bag, pulled down my jeans and string and plopped my bum on the seat. Then I took out my phone, started to browse and let my pee go. I had a look under the partitions and I noticed that the brunette had pulled her pink string down over her boots and she was really stretching it. The blonde was peeing, but there were no sounds from the other stall. When I was done, I leaned forward and started to push. I farted and then my first turd started to crackle out. There was a small plop from the blonde girl as well and then a really big fart from the brunette and the sounds of wet poop exploding from her bottom into the bowl. Then she started to pee. My poop splashed into the bowl and right away the second one started to come out. Meanwhile the blonde girl was already wiping and the brunette was dropping more wet poop and had some more farts. My second turd broke off, but I knew that I had some more to come out and kept pushing. After about a minute, more poo slid out of my backdoor. The blonde girl was already washing her hands and my other neighbour keep pooping. Finally I was done. I hadn't really made much of a smell and neither had the blonde girl, but the stall of the brunette really stank. I felt bad for her, cause I think she maybe felt sick a bit. I wiped and only needed a few sheets, then I flushed, pulled up my pants and left my cubicle. While I was washing my hands, the brunette was pulling off paper. I was fixing my hair, too and I heard her wipe at least ten times. Just as I was about to leave, she called out 'excuse me, can you help me? I'm out of paper'. I told her 'off course' and went back into my stall and handed her the toilet paper roll under the partition. She said thanks, but sounded quite embarrassed. Her bum must have been a real mess, if she needed that much paper. Anyway, I left and felt really relieved. I was also glad I could help the poor girl with the upset stomach. That's all for today.

to Ally: I liked your story about going in the bathroom with no doors on the stalls. I've never done it, but would If I had to go badly. Good thing it was almost empty.

to Anna from Austria: do your coworkers ever notice you have a poo in the bathroom at work? Here at university, there are so many people and it's kinda more anonymus, but I think I might be embarrassed if I was working with somebody in an office and they knew I had just done a big number two.

pregnant pooper

shopping centre poop

Hi all. Im 11 weeks exactly today. Got my first scan next week and im very excited as is the bf.

So today i went shopping for baby stuff. I know i should wait and Jamie (my bf and bubs dad) doesnt want me to tempt fate but im really excited i couldnt wait. I also need some maternity clothes. What i have now is already getting tight on me and im not showing yet. After arriving at the Mall i could feel the need to poop but it was only small so went about my shopping. Headed straight for Motjercare and browsed. I finally picked out a cot and pram. I paid and they told me it would be delivered some time this week. I decided before shopping for maternity gear id go poop as i was begonning to get uncomfortable with the need to go. I walked to the toilets. There is 5 stalls in all and i foumd myself being the only one there. I chose the far end stall and undid the zip and button on my jeans ( which by now im really struggling to fit into) and pulled down my underwear. I sat down and began to push. It needed a bit of pushing out. I pushed hard and grunted and the tip emerged. As it was coming out another lady entered. She took a stall 1 up from me and i heard her undo her zip and plonk herself down. My log was sliding further out by nand dropped with an almighty splash. he other lady peed and flushed as 2 more massive logs fell. She was washing her hands when another lady entered and took the stall next to mine. I had more to do so i spread my legs slightly further apart and pushed hard. More began comimg as the lady next to me peed. She sighed and did a small fart. As my log slipped further out but seemed to.take its time to fall, she realised liquidy sounding poop. I pushed hard again and this log finally fell, bringimg 3 more logs with it. I was done. I wiped and flushed. The lay was wiping now as i was washing my hands. Another lady entered and took tje near end stall. I was just leaving as my neighbour left her stall. Could a brief glimpse of her. She has brown hair, around my age( 24) and was wearing a lemon top and jeans. I continued my shopping and bought abouthvvbb 5 maternity dresses, aome tops and maternity jeans. great buying this stuff as im really excited about this pregnancy and forthcoming baby. Wasnt expecting to get pregnant quite

pregnant pooper


Soz my computer playedup.and submitted before i.was done. Meant to.say could believe i got pregnant as we werent planning it. Been together around a year when it happened but i couldnt be happier to be having Jamie's baby.

My pooping is still seemingly.alright. Going daily still and pooping out loads. Sometimes might even go twice a day. Might have a live poop session someday this week beforet my scan on Mon. Might even have a scan day poop at hospital. Who knows?

Until then. Thanks for reading.

Midwest Mom
Hi! I stumbled upon this page when I googled "kids pooping habits". So anyway my 14 year old daughter "Natalie" poops daily and sometimes twice. Her poops are huge,bigger than I remember them being as a teen. I've had the occasion to see because she has been known to "forget" to flush. LOL Are there any other parents out there who have teens with similar pooping habits?

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