No doors

I'm really enjoying this site so far!

I was at one of the High School football games during my senior year. I didn't poop all day so I knew it was coming. I felt fine until half time when I got a strong urge to poop. I told my friends I was going to the bathroom and headed over to them. When I got there it was a surprise all the stall doors were gone and there was only one other girl in there. I presume most girls didn't want to go because there was no doors. I couldn't hold it so I went anyways. I went to the last stall. The 2nd last stall had a girl who I didn't recognize and was from the other high school. She had some freckles and long black hair and looked like she was a a year or two younger than me, she was a cutie. She gave me a little smile when I walked past her. I went into my stall and immediately pulled down my leggings and sat on the toilet without putting any toilet paper down. I grunted and let out a loud fart along with a fairly long hard log. The girl next to me let out a little fart but nothing else. I began to push and my poo started to come out slowly making a crackling sound. Meanwhile the girl next to me started to grunt. I finally got my poop finished I looked at it and there were two big logs. I wiped a few times and flushed and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands I could see the girl in the mirror. Her face was red as a tomato, leaning forward, with the sound of her poop crackling as it was being pushed out. I finished washing my hands and the girl finally got her poop out. She leaned backed and closed her eyes with relief. I left to go back to the game. I saw her when leaving the game but she didn't want to look at me, she was probably embarrassed.

truck driver


I was hauling a look ad out of state it took a couple days. One night I stop at a rest stop on 95 and spent the night the next morning I had to shit so bad . I woke up walked to the rest rooms and u wouldn't believe it they were slap full with couple people waiting and I was about to mess myself so I walked out and found a family rest room( a single toile with sink) I rush in get my pants down around my ankles and it was so embrassing , but as soon as I have explode a wet noisy poopthe door fly's open and a woman about 40 little heavy set opens the door, guess I forgot to lock it . I told her I as so sorry I had to go so bad I forgot to lock, she just laughed and said not to worry she had to poop to and left. I locked the door sat back down and finished up. I left and saw her while I was leaving she just smiled and went on her way.


Haven't been able to go

Hi all. Haven't posted in a while, since there's not much going on in the bowel department. I would say nothing actually. Just tons of gas and not feeling so great. Kind of sluggish and nauseous. Been eating enough vegetables at dinner, but I think my husband and I made the constipation come back because we've been eating rice every night...and too much starch bungs me up. If I eat mostly vegetables and a little bit of starch or bread or something I'm fine poop-wise. With my current diet, no movement at all. Just a swollen stomach, nausea and gas. I've been drinking my lemon in warm water to irritate my stomach but even that hasn't really helped. Ugh. I think I'll have to change my diet again, back to the way it was before so I can go again. I miss my giant, urgent shits. I would prefer dashing out of bed and running to the toilet over no movement at all.

Please do not recommend laxatives to me. I cannot take them because they will make me sick (cause seizures. I have a seizure disorder. I've had this happen to me last time I took one). I also hate suppositories and enemas.

Happy pooping (hopefully)


???? ache and loose desperate poos on train & weekend away

So a couple of weeks ago, hubby and i went away for a weekend in london, we live up north and we had a 4 hour train journey to london.
I had started my period that morning annoyingly and we were booked on an early train, the 730am one.
I had a poo before we left,
*for those of you who dont know, i have ibs - d, which means i can poo (always loose and desperate) up to 8 times a day, some days i dont go at all, but it really is awful when i have over active bowel days.*
But once we got on the train, & found our seats, i was in need of another big loose desperate poo.
I was wearing a mini black skirt, white short top, and black and white cardy, & i started to fidget and lift my butt to clench so hubby knew i needed a poo, & started massaging my butt, 10 minutes later i was close to pooing my knickers so i went to the train loo, & had my poo... pulling down my skirt and black knickers, i sat down and started to change my maxi pads (i get heavy periods) as my plops started to crackle out my butt and fall with a sploosh.. 7 all together, i had such a ???? ache but i wiped and flushed 3 times as it all wouldnt go down straight away.

heading back to hubs, i still had a ???? ache and hubby massaged my ???? for me. 2.5 hours later and still on the train but with only an hour and a half to go i was desperate for another big loose poo, lifting my butt to clench hubby put his hand on my butt and pulled me close "need another poo-poo baby?!" He asked "yes but i will wait until we get to the station and go there" i said.
"Ok" he replied. Little did i know that also i was heavy on my period and needed to change!! But i didnt realise so i left it. Meanwhile hubby patting my clenched butt, & rubbing my maxi pad and peachy butt up and down. He then kept his hand, whilst i had my butt lifted up, on my maxi pad, & giving me kisses on my forehead, feeling me clench my desperate poo in every few seconds.
i was so desperate though and i admitted defeat going back to the loo.
i realised how heavy i was and changed my maxi pad, whilst crackling out more loose poo. This time was worse, & in quick succession it was *crackle-plop,crackle-plop,crackle-plop-plop-plop...crackle-plop,crackle-plop,crackle-plop, crackle-plop...plop-plop-plop-plop....crackle-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop....plop! I wiped 9 times and had to flush 3 times again. Still with a ???? ache i washed my hands, & headed back to hubs.
we arrived an hour later, and headed to our hotel, & went straight out. We headed to the london eye and did that first, then got some lunch, then in the evening we went to a few bars, and just before we headed back to the hotel at 11pm, i needed my fourth poo of the day.
though i waited till we got back to the hotel to give hubs a surprise. He loves hearing me poo and i let him wipe my butt.
So we got back and i was so desperate for a poo, we put our stuff down and went in the loo, hubby resting against the sink, i took my skirt off and pulled my knicks down and sat down. (This was a poo i had been holding in for a couple of hours) as soon as i sat down plop-plop-plop-plop......plop-plop-plop-plop-plop (hubby loving it & meanwhile changing my pad one last time for the night.) ...plop-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop....plop! I stood up and hubby gently wiped my dirty butt clean 7 times. He said thank you and in to bed we hopped.

the next day, saturday, i didnt poo but on sunday i awoke to hubby massaging my butt & crack & a few mins later i had my first desperate loose poo of the day, hubby joined me again. I changed my maxi pad and my plops came... perrrrrrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.....perrrrrlop-perlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.....plop-plop-plop! I stood up and bent over for hubby to wipe me 6 times and we then showered and got ready for our day out.
my next desperate loose poo came when we were on a boat trip a few hours later. I was wearing a red mini skirt that again covered my peachy butt and maxi pad nicely, & a white short top showing my slender size 10 waist and black cardy.
we got off and headed to a bar so i could have my second poo of the day. These bar loos were packed and only 2 loos. Eventually it was my turn and a few women were waiting behind me, i had a really loud echoey poo, plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!.....plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!....plop!-plop!-plop!! I wiped 6 times and changed my pad, & headed back to hubs who was sat at a table and greeted me by putting his hand up my skirt and squeezing my maxi pad and arse, i rewarded him with a kiss and he slapped my butt.

a few hours later we headed back to the hotel as we just wanted to lay on the bed and cuddle so we did and ordered room service for dinner that night, my next desperate poo was needed when we were laying on the bed just before we decided to order room service.
clenching my butt, hubby put his hand down my knickers and stroked my butt crack. Moaning and clenching, he asked if he could join me again and yes of course he could.
in we went and i pulled my knickers and skirt down, sat down, changed my maxi pad again, & perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop...perrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop....plop-plop! Hubby wiped my butt 7 times and flushed and washed our hands.
I then didn't poo again that day and on the monday we got our train home early.
i was desperate for a poo at the station so in i went...perrrrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop...plop! Wiped and flushed and washed my hands heading back to hubs.
my second poo of the day was needed only 45 mins away from home, so i said to hubby i'd wait till we got home and he could come with me again. So for the last 45 mins on the train hubby was lightly smacking my clenched butt, & generally massaging my butt. When i Lifted my butt to clench hubby put his hand down my knickers and on my bare butt as i fidgeted trying not to poo myself or on my hubbys hand.
once we were at the station we were waiting for his dad to pick us up whilst i was so bursting for this huge loose desperate poo, 10 mins later he turned up and hubby still with his hand on my butt i couldn't wait to let this out. In the car we sat in the back and hubby pulled me close for a cuddle and so he could massage my butt. Once home we ran to the loo and i literally fell on the loo, pulled my black and white skirt down, knicks down hubby perching on the bath and let loose... perrrrlop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop! Hubby with a huge smile on his face - i intend to please. :)


Hi! - peeing before pooping

I haven't posted in a while, so thought I would make a post. I'm in my sophomore year of college now and loving it so far. It's cool because I don't have to live in a dorm anymore, so now I live in a house with 4 other guys. Sometimes it gets annoying because I have to share a bathroom. Plus it's an old house and the bathroom has no fan! So naturally I really stink up the bathroom when I poop -_- I seem to stink it up worse than any of my housemates lol. But I guess that doesn't really bother me much.

Also, I was wondering if most people pee before they poop? Or after? Someone asked a question like that on another site and the answers were different, so just curious what people do.

I always pee when I poop, but usually what happens is, as soon as I sit on the toilet, I pee a little, then I poop, and after that I pee again lol. I also often pee while I'm pushing as well, so it ends up happening like the whole time. Just something I noticed and wanted to post here lol :)


to 12 year old girl

As a parent the health of your child is always a concern, we worry about you even tho you are growing up. My daughter is miss independent and I allow her to be to a point, but when it come to health & hygiene issues there is no compromises. Bad constipation can make you sick really sick. That poo needs to be moved. Mum and Dad are just worried about you, they don't want you to get sick. I don't think 5 minutes to complete a poo is long enough, maybe 5 minutes to push out your first piece, I can take 30 minutes to totally finish. But in saying that I like to let my poo move down and fill my bum before trying to push it out. As for not being allowed to flush, I suspect Dads looking to see - you did something, - a reasonable amount, - color and check for presence of any blood. (more health things). Or maybe he's looking for gold nuggets ! lol. My daughter sometimes squats in the shower / bath tub if she is constipated, she says the warm water running over her back and belly helps her go.


Comments and other responses

I'm the mother of two--a son, 7, and a daughter, 5. I'm 33 and have been reading this board since I was in college, but I've never felt I'd have much to contribute to the many situations discussed.

Anonymous Poster (the 12-year-old girl with constipation):
Yes, it's normal for parents to care about their child's health and especially constipation. But I think parents can go too far in nagging a 12-year-old about it. My mom gave me laxatives and sometimes an enema a month when I got clogged up. However, our conversations were 1:1 and never meant to embarrass me when I was with friends. An example was when I was in junior high I went through a frustrating period with constipation. Mom was a car pool driver for two of my friends too. She'd pick us up at school and before dropping us off a the mall on a Friday evening or at the district stadium for the football game, we simply had a code worked out when I got into the front seat. I would throw her the V signal and that meant I had crapped that day. I was lucky that she trusted me and respected my privacy when I was with friends.

When I use a public toilet, and its pretty much every day because I work in outside sales, I pull my business suit bottom down just as far as necessary for it to clear the toilet seat. I think the privacy stalls in many toilets are a joke because there's ample room between the door and cubicle partition for wandering eyes. Young, unmanaged children are the worse because they get bored and are curious and will walk around the bathroom while the mom is on the toilet. Also, I've also told a couple of the kids to give me my privacy when I see their eyeball looking in at me.

Chloe B:
Your story about being in the stadium bathroom with Katie and Maggie brought back memories of similar situations when I was your age. Do Katie and Maggie do as you do and spread toilet paper over the seat before sitting down? That was an issue of embarrassment for me because like you I would line the seat, but my friends didn't and I became self-conscious about it. And because our stadium had no doors on the stalls it became really obvious.

Steve A's questions: (I graduated high school in '99, but my memory's pretty good and that will help me if I write any future posts.)

1. How strong was the flushing in my school bathrooms?
I don't understand the logic, but the toilets flushed better in my junior high compared to my high school, even though my high school was a much newer building and at that age we had the bigger craps to flush.

2. Did you ever get interrupted on the toilet?
In junior high it was a big problem because none of the 25 toilets in each toilet room had locks. It was less of a problem in high school because we had those bar-type latches, but each toilet room had 2 or 3 stalls where the doors were removed because students had messed them up too bad.

3. What was the shortest time you ever pooped in?
At home when watching a favorite TV program, I could get my job done easily in one commercial break.

4. What was the longest time you ever pooped?
It was at school one afternoon right after classes. I immediately went to the bathroom, which was gross from a full day of users, lined the toilet seat, and I sat down and had my butt on it for 40 minutes. My mom was upset because she was waiting for me in the parking lot. She even had me paged schoolwide, but what could I do with a huge log ever-slowly being pushed out of me? Once I got done and outside, she understood and was thankful that I had passed it.

5. What has been my longest pee? fart?
When I have been drinking a lot of liquids (recommended by my doctor for my constipation), might wee for 1.5 minutes or more. Soft-serv ice cream gives me gas and that can lead to a 30 or 45 second fart about five hours later, Just like fireworks going off.

6. What is the most common bathroom accident?
In recent years, as part of my job I'm visiting clients in buildings around our city. Several times I've opened gas station bathroom doors and wanted to gag at the smell and diarrhea splashed over a white seat. Once last week when I walked into such a situation, I immediately went next door to the guy's bathroom. It was a lot cleaner and there was ample toilet paper to sit on since I didn't want to touch the seat.

7. What bathroom accident is worse?
Poop is worse. Pees much easier to quickly wipe off before sitting down.

8. Are there any places where there are only unisex bathrooms?
Yes, I found that's the case in a lot of convenience stores and some auto repair shops. I don't mind using them and they are usually clean.

9. How my bowel and pee habits changed since I've grown up?
Yes, I've become less conscious. When I'm out in public and feel some bowel activity, I get right to the bathroom. Sometimes back when I was like 11 or 12 and at school, I would hold it. A big mistake.

10. Is it possible to not go to the bathroom for 24 straight hours in one day? Pretty much impossible, I think. You're just asking for trouble.

just another girl
Even though I've been out of school for three years now, I still remember a few bathroom related things that happened there. In my second last year, I was sitting in maths class. The teacher was talking about trigonometry and I was slowly beginning to get bored (maths was definitely not my favourite subject!). She wrote out some problems for us on the whiteboard, and we spent the rest of the lesson doing them in our books. By the end of the lesson, it became clear that someone in the class had evidently been farting quietly; there was a rather nasty smell in the air. The bell rang and I packed my things away, put my blazer on and walked out, and what a relief it was to be out of there! I probably won't ever know who did it, but that sure was a very weird experience!

A few months later, my friend and I went into the bathroom one afternoon to change into our sports clothes. A group of junior high girls were there, talking and laughing as they put on their netball uniforms (they were playing a home game against another girls' school that afternoon). All of the stalls were occupied, and judging by the smell that had begun to spread through the bathroom, some girl in one of the stalls was in the middle of doing a very stinky poo. I am not normally squeamish about this, but nonetheless I finished dressing in a hurry and told my friend to meet me outside. I don't blame that girl at all - what she was doing was probably because of nerves about the game. I've often been nervous about things like that and suddenly needed to use the toilet really badly; nerves seem to have an effect on the bowels. In that case all I can say is better out than in - at least she let it all out there so that she didn't get a sudden urge to go whilst in the game, which could have ended horribly!

I have more similar stories if you'd like to hear them!

J.A.G ~

Monika B.
Liz S- DANG! That's impressive.

Does anyone else like to hold it for a bit when they REALLY have to go? Either pee or poop. When I'm at home I'll do that for pee, usually only about half an hour to an hour (not to the point of pain or anything). I only do that for fifteen minutes to half an hour with poop if I'm at home. Idk, I like the feeling of control. I haven't told anyone irl this because it would probably gross them out. I don't do it every time I really have to go, just when the mood strikes.

Like today, I woke up feeling kind of like I'd need to poop pretty soon. I'd eaten a bunch of grapes and spicy curry (not in the same dish lol) last night. I drank a cup of coffee and felt like I really had to go. I was going to get up but decided to hold it and ate dark chocolate (I eat dark chocolate and drink coffee almost every day because it helps me poop fairly regularly). When I went after about twenty minutes of holding it, I pooped out four or five medium logs. It was awesome.

I'd never purposely hold it for days or anything. I like to read about others' experiences with this, but I feel like it's unhealthy. Most I'd do I'd do is a day if I was out and about.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe great story it sounds like you had a great poop and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Sally great story about your daughters stinking you out and it sounds like they all really had to go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Another Girl it sounds like you were beyond desperate

To: Becky great story.

To: Emma it sounds like Abby had a rough day and it sounds like you had a great poop to.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story.

To: Liz s great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy Student

To Anon About Parents' Concerns

Since you are dealing with constipation on a regular basis, your parents are worried about you. Show them you are old enough to handle your own body if it is bothering you. Sit them down when they are both available and not busy. Explain to them how you feel. I can provide you with references about what is/isn't normal from a medical definition and recommend various treatments (all over the counter remedies).

You're getting to that age where hormones start going crazy and you'll probably strive to be more dependent. Offer a compromise with your parents. Tell them if they'll agree to stop intruding on your privacy, you'll do your part to let them know when you are having trouble. Let them know that stool softeners and more water can help. If you are taking any medication (including vitamins and supplements (especially iron)) look up any potential side effects online.

It's normal for them to care, and it's not unusual to have parents look at their child's poo, but at your age I think they should let you grow up a little and take care of yourself. If it isn't bothering you, then it's fine.

I would highly recommend a product called a "squatty potty" that is a small foot stool that allows you to sit but makes your rectum more open and natural. When people poop whilst sitting, the rectum gets a bend in it, rather than being straight. The bend causes you to push with added pressure to force it out. Squatting is quicker and easier.

Hope this helps,

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