Response to 12-Year Old Girl with Constipation

Dear 12-Year Old Girl,

You are growing up and maturing, so it is normal for you to begin to ask questions like this, to feel self-conscious, and to feel the need for privacy when it comes to all things toilet-related.

At your age, I think that it should be your mother who examines your stool and not your father. Too, I think that you should tell your parents how you feel about it, that it makes you feel uncomfortable for them to examine your bowel movement unless it is necessary.

Because you have a health concern, gain your mother's trust by telling her if it has been a few days since you have gone to the bathroom. Or, tell her if there has been anything with your stool that concerns you. If you have blood in your stool, if it hurts you to go, if you have not gone in a few days, if your stomach hurts or is bloated, communicate that to your mother. If you are concerned about your stool, then it would be appropriate to get your mother to observe. However, if you do a normal bowel movement, I don't see any reason that they should see it.

There is help for your condition.

Growing up, I had what is now called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, alternating constipation and diarrhea. Fortunately, at your age, I made a major diet change that has helped me for a long time - I will be 35 later this month!

However, it was always my mom who did things to help me with this condition. It was never my dad. I am sure he knew, but we did not talk about it.

But be sure to tell your parents, at least your mother, how you feel. At your age, I can understand being self-conscious about someone else observing your bowel movement, unless it was necessary.

Good Luck!



A story about me

On today i had a poop in shower and toilet. I am 6' 2" Caucasian Male 200lbs Black Hair. Age ??
1. Have you ever been walked in by somebody when you was on the toilet?
2. Have you ever forgot to flush a toilet after pooping and find a little bit left behind and had to flush it again?
3. Do you close your door at home while peeing/pooping?
4. Do you leave the door opened at night while peeing?
5. Have you ever used the opposite boys/girls toilet when you was young?
6. How much toilet paper do you use to wipe after pooping?
7. Do you use toilet at school or work if you have to?
Here are my answers
1. Yes i have but i was in the shower after work
2. Yes
3. Yes when pooping and no while peeing
4. Yes i do
5. Yes i did when i was a young boy
6. I would about a 1/8 of roll
7. Yes i will

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Sally- wow, should have been titled Mission Stink Mom Out! LOL. Best story yet.

this site is insane, so many priceless stories on here.


Survey answers

Answers to Steve A's survey

1. How strong is the flushing in your school bathrooms?
- very good fortunately.

2. Did you ever get interrupted while you were on the toilet?
- No.

3. What was the shortest time you ever pooped?
- 5 minutes.

4. What was the longest time you ever pooped?
-1 hour

5. What was your longest: pee, poop (length), and fart? Timed.
-Pee=1 minute
-Poo=Several lengths totaling 4 feet I guess.
-Fart=15 seconds. Usually when I haven't pood for a while.

6. What do you think is the most common bathroom accident?

7. What bathroom accident is worse? pee or poop?
-Pooing definitely.

8. Are there any public places or schools that you go/went to where there are only unisex bathrooms for people? Porta Potties or Bus Bathrooms?
- I once used a portable toilet at a boot fair that was unisex.

9. During your life, has your bathroom/bowel habits changed as you grown up or did they mostly stay the same ever since you were young?
-I'm starting to lose my poo shyness in public toilets or other people's toilets but I have to be desperate.

10. Is it possible to not go to the bathroom at all for 24 hours/1 day?
- I can hold my pee for maybe 4 hours max before I wet myself but poo I can hold for up to a week.


Pood in the woods with Sarah

I was walking in the woods with my mate Sarah today and I really had to poo and pee. Sarah had to pee so we squatted together but I didn't want to poo in front of Sarah and held it. It wasn't easy not pooing when I was squatting and a little piece came out which was embarrassing. Sarah said she had to go poo as well but she was going to wait until she got home as she didn't want to do it in woods. I admitted that I was busting to go poo and was. She said we could go at her house but I didn't want to do it in her toilet and told her I would wait until I got home. We were a long way from the main road and I wasn't sure if I could wait until I got home but I didn't want to say anything about it. We walked for about half a mile when Sarah started complaining she was getting desperate and I was hoping she was going to do it in the woods because I really had to go. I told her I was desperate as well and Sarah said she would never normally do this but she couldn't wait. I was glad about this and when she started pulling her jeans down I got mine down before her and was already pooing by the time Sarah even squatted. I pood a lot and Sarah did too. We peed as well and we used leaves to wipe with and pulled everything back up before walking to the house to wipe properly in her toilet.

To Liz: You had really nice big motion! I wonder your intestine is long because you are tall. I do very big motions too so I understand your feeling. I'm medium height, but East Asian have long intestine because we eat vegetables a lots. Especially me, I love vegetables!! I read on this site that usual intestine is 5 feet long, but maybe Japanese one longer I think. Actually my doctor said me, I have very long intestine. But she didn't say length.

To Pregnant Pooper: I always go for second time in one sitting. Sometimes third time. Usually I don't think I'm done after first motion, but I think I wrote about same time as you, I thought I finish one Thursday in office, but my bottom sent me different message, so I stayed on loo.

To Anna (from Austria): It is lovely to get message from you. As I write in post about Thursday motion in office, I sometimes go for motion twice in one day, but usually once or not at all, but I open my bottom twice in one sitting so maybe that is same as go two times? My friends Maho and Kazuko are same, but not Hisae, she is like you, goes twice in a day, sometimes three times or even four. I said in this post, we are crazy about vegetable, that is reason why we do so big motions.

To 12 year old girl: I think normal for parent to worry about motion. But 5 minutes is short time. My mother always said me, 10 minutes is good time. And I tell Maho about you, she is often constipate. She says, if motion doesn't come out easily, it is good to relax on loo and not hurry, after some minutes the motion will come. And she say to tell your parents, you don't want to hurry on loo, and you are enough old to look after yourself, but if you feel your motion is worry one then you will show them, you promise. And if it is normal one, then you won't show them, but you will tell them it is normal one.

I promised you story, but sleepy now. Kazuko already sleeping in my bed. So I join her, and tell you story of last Monday next time.

Love from Mina


for tom

I can relate to your situation, urgency to pee, leakage. It started when I was about 4 months pregnant with Kay. She was growing inside me and I was starting to show (my belly was growing larger and people could tell I was pregnant). At times it felt like Kay was doing the rumba inside me, I think she was using my bladder as a squeeze toy too. About every 15 minutes off to the toilet for another wee and it was like you will go now, squeeze. I would sit, pee for about 30 seconds then nothing. I was changing my panties over 30 times a day due to not quite making it or a trickle I couldn't feel coming out. I ended up giving in and wearing a maxi pad pretty much all the time and I didn't like it at all. Think a bath towel rolled up and stuck in your panties/underwear and that's pretty much what a maxi pad feels like. Having one on did save my panties thou, it was enough to catch the trickles and the didn't quite make it moments. I spent the rest of my pregnancy like this, horrid lack of ability to go any length of time without my mini me pressing on my bladder in some way. Then when I finally went into labor and the mid wife says your dilated nicely next contraction push. Then everything comes out my bladder releases, Kay moves, my bum releases with a pile of poo, I feel like I am splitting in half . Of course at the time I have no idea I am doing this I can just feel Kay coming and pain. My hubby was only too pleased to tell me in great detail later thou, he even had the hide to complain how much his hand hurt from where I was squeezing it. I lost it at him, my pussy had just passed an 8 pound 2 watermelon and your complaining about your hand. After woods was weird my belly was like Jelly, I had heavy bleeding for about 2 weeks (more maxi pads). I fell in love with those bidets the hospital had, the warm water spraying on/in/over my pussy was divine. Yes you can sit on a bidet for hours, I did ! My bladder control took about 2 to 3 months before coming back to somewhere near normal, I would leak every time I laughed or sneezed or when I went to pick Kay up. It's not too bad now thou 15years later. I still leak sometimes when I laugh hard or sneeze but it's an acceptable thing, it's like I can feel it dribble and stop it before it gets to my panties most of the time.


being desperate for a poo stuck in a queue, & later that eve

So i had to share this as this only happened earlier today in town.
I had a poo before i left the house but i needed another one when i arrived in town. I tried to ignore it but it soon became desperate so i popped to Debenhams, & went in to their loos. They only had 3 cubicles and i joined a queue of about 9 ladies!!!
I was so desperate and i was clenching my butt every 10 seconds, in my black skirt that hugged my big peachy butt. The queue was going down slowly and a few times i thought i was going to poo myself!!
With still 5 ladies in front of me 10 minutes later i was keeping my butt clenched at this point.
Another 10 minutes went by very slowly because i was so desperate and it was my turn next, finally!! & boy was this poo urgent, as i took the cubicle and shut the door, i pulled my skirt and knickers down and discovered i had also started this months period early and i didnt have anything, so tissue it would have to be for now. Anyway, I plonked my arse on the seat and immediately my plops crackled out my butt, very loudly and there was a lot of poo how i kept it all in i don't know! ... 5 initially crackled out then i crackled out a further 6 with a sigh of relief pause, clutching my aching ????, i then finished with a further 5. I wiped 9 times as it was very messy and i had also started so wiped away as much blood as i could. I stood up and pulled my knicks and skirt back up, looking at my creation of light brown curled up wet slimy logs like bananas all piled on top of each other, with my tissue rising up the loo, so it didnt flush in one and i had already been a while but i flushed again and most of it went down and left just remnants of the huge poo i just released. I still had a bad ???? ache and thankfully though i then needed my next poo in the last shop before heading home. I was desperate again so told my hubs he would b in for a surprise when i got home, that i was desperate for a poo and he could come and join me!... typically on the way home i was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes and the desperation was killing me. Eventually 45 mins later i was home and hubby greeted me with a hug, and squeezed my huge poo filled butt, i moaned in pain as he then massaged my butt, i grabbed his hand as we headed to our bathroom, hubby perched himself on the bath and i again pulled my skirt and knicks to the floor, getting a sanitary pad to wear out of my cupboard and put it in my knickers whilst i sat on our loo... plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop..(sigh of relief) meanwhile hubby enjoying the entertainment... perrrrrrrlop-perrlop-perrlop-plop-plop....plop! I wiped 8 times and flushed cleaning our loo and hubby said thank you for letting me join in on that. HOPE YA'LL ENJOYED :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is it normal for a parent to be worried about there kids poop past a certain age? Im a 12 year old girl and I have bad constipation. My parents always want to know if i go and if it hurt the rule is if I spend more then 5 minutes on the toilet I must be having trouble and Im not allowed to flush so my dad can go take a look at my log after Im done. Is it normal?

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Liz S

Liz, wow! How does your butt hold that much poop? if it was three long logs and 8 or 9 bananas, that is like 12 logs! that's probably over two feet of poop! wow!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sally great pooping story it sounds like you some interesting times and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Liz S first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and go alot from the sound of it and I bet you felt great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sonya Sue great story about your big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Overcoming my fears of pooping in Public Bathroom

Hello everyone, I'm back with another story to share. It's been a while since my last post but I promised in my last post that I will share on how I overcame my fears of pooping in public bathrooms. To refresh everyone memory, I'm a black male in my late 20's currently living in NYC. I love to poop in public bathrooms when I have the urge to do so but I did not feel that way few years ago. One of my biggest fears used to be is to poop in public bathrooms. The reason for my fear is that I fear that people will either hear me fart while I'm pooping, leaving a bad odor in the bathroom and people seeing my pants and underwear around my ankles under the bathroom stall door as people walk past my stall. I fear people would tease me if I poop in a public bathroom since I didn't want people see my underwear when I poop. During my teen years I rarely poop in public bathrooms unless I had a major urge to do so which is very rare and I only pull my pants and underwear around my thighs, just enough to sit on the toilet.

I was thinking of one day to overcome of pooping in public bathrooms since everyone poops, right? That all changed during my second year at college. I was studying in the library in campus that I had an exam later in the afternoon then I had a sudden urge to poop. I knew I can't go home to poop since I live too far from campus and had an exam that afternoon. After a few minutes I know the urge will get bigger and I sensed that I have to poop in a public bathroom. I picked up my textbook and walked to the top floor of the library to the Men's room. All the Men's room library bathrooms had one large stall. The reason I went upstairs I sensed it will take me a while to poop and I didn't want other people to noticed I was pooping.

Lucky me the bathroom was empty and clean and I went to the stall and closed the door. I put my textbook to the floor. I went towards the toilet and lowered my black jeans and red underwear down around my ankles and I placed my butt down to the toilet seat. This was the first time in years I poop with my pants down around my ankles. It took me few minutes to poop and once I was finished I left the bathroom then after I left the bathroom I felt another urge to poop and I went back in the same stall I left and put my pants and underwear back down around my ankles. I decided to continue studying for my exam. Then one person entered the bathroom and noticed I was in the stall with my pants and underwear to my shoes under the stall door and the person left the bathroom. From that point on I have gotten over my fears of pooping in public bathrooms. Now I love to poop in public bathrooms when I have to go and I now feel comfortable pooping in public bathrooms with my pants and underwear around my ankles. Also don't care if people see me with my pants and underwear down under the bathroom stall door. Everyone poops, right? Gotta be comfortable when you poop.

Question to everyone: How far down you generally pull down your pants and underwear when you use a public bathroom and explain your reason behind it. Also were you and you currently embarrassed someone seeing you in a public bathroom with your pants and underwear around your ankles under the bathroom stall and hearing you fart/leaving a bad odor when you poop in a public bathroom?

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wow, that is really cool. sorry about your husband. wow they poked your poo,lol. that is interesting that you poop like a bunny. It is no wonder your so intrigued by a girl laying 3 feet of poop. wow he got to wipe you? Well that's pretty cool that you enjoy putting on a show. for sure one of the more unique posters. I hope there is more to come in the mall series!

I'm new to the site. I'm 35 yr old male with oab problems. I've tried medication but doesn't work. The urologist wants to do some test where he puts tubes in my penis and up my butt. Not sure I want this done. I don't see the point. Anyhow, don't really have stories I want to share but I've noticed this site talks more about poop. If there is any one my age can relate with a pee problem it be appreciated. Again, no stories from me at this time just my sharing of my condition of overactive bladder. I saw urologist for the first time when I was 33. He looked in my pee hole and did exam. He wanted to do prostate but I told him that wasn't necessary as I've had problems since early 20s. Also did bladder ultrasound.and I need in cup. I have urgency all the time with leakage. I also have leakage without urgency.

Chloe B.

Pooping at a stadium

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted lately but I've got a good story today. So last Friday night I went out with my friends to our high schools football game. Before the game I went out to eat with my friends Maggie and Katie. I pooped after I got home from school but hadn't gone besides then. So during the first half of the game I felt my dinner make it way down and knew I would need to poo soon. At half time I told Katie and Maggie I had to use the bathroom and Maggie said she would come with me. As we walked to the bathroom Maggie said she had to pee really bad and I told her I had to take a poo. Maggie had on capriz and some Chaco sandals while I had on capriz with these black sparkle sperrys. As we walked in the bathroom was REALLY busy. It was full of girls at the mirror doing their makeup and all of the stalls were full. There were only about 20 stalls on one side. I waited for a stall to open and heard a flush and this girl came out. She had obviously pooped because she left huge skidmarks in the bowl. I went in the stall and noticed that the person next to me was pooping. They had on white hi-top converse and had their jeans at their knees. I covered the seat with paper, sat down and lowered my red lace bikini panties to my knees. I started to pee and felt my hole open. I pushed hard and grunted and felt the log come out and make a big plop in the toilet. I pushed more and let out 2 turds quickly then let out an airy fart. Meanwhile Maggie knocked on my stall and said she would wait for me at the stands. The girl next to me was still pooping and I heard her butt crackle followed by 3 consecutive plops. I let out 2 more long logs and looked down at my logs which were at the bottom curled up. I pulled of paper and wiped 5 times and pulled up my undies and flushed. The girl next to me had also just wiped and was exiting. We looked at each other and smiled. She seemed nice. The rest of the night I felt a lot better and didnt have go again. I don't have any problem whatsoever with pooping in public because everyone does it. I poop infront of my friends, at their houses and I've even pooped in front of my boyfriend! Regardless of what some other girls think everyone poops so we all shouldn't try and avoid going in public because everyone does it!

End Stall Em

Problems of one monstrous poop

Last weekend my boyfriend Spencer and I had such a jammed schedule that I decided just to stay over at his apartment for the two nights instead of me driving back to the dorm at close to midnight. We had just gone to bed when there was a knock on his door. It was one of his old frat buddies and a girlfriend. I just decided to stay in bed and listen. The guy gave Spencer some money he had borrowed and while they were counting it out, the guy asked if his date could use our bathroom. Spencer said of course, but walked in front of her to turn the hallway light on. Our small bedroom is right on the other side of the wall and I heard her drop the seat (Spencer will never remember!)and I heard the guy tell Spencer they had been out clubbing and while she would pee at the lounges, that she just detests crapping in such places. I heard some toilet paper being used, but no flush next door. Finally, they left and Spencer quickly got back into bed and apologized, showing me $500 he had in his hand.

I slept long and hard. When I woke up at about 8 on Monday, I knew Spencer was already at work. I made my coffee before getting ready for my drive to campus. I threw my jeans and blouse on. When I pulled the lid up on the stool in order to take my morning pee, I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a horrendous amount of poo in the toilet, as wide a regular flashlight, more than 18 inches long with the top sticking up out of the water. And the water level was almost up to the rim of the bowl. I quickly looked in the corner for the plunger: there wasn't one. I gave up, finished my coffee, looked at the clock and realized I would be running late and into heavy traffic to get to my 9 a.m. programming class. I knew I shouldn't have finished my coffee, but after a few minutes in traffic and my bladder being ready to burst, I was getting desperate. Only about three cars were making in through each traffic light and I was at least 15 back. On the car radio, they were talking about a Sunday morning marathon and I looked to my right and about a half way down the block there was a portable potty, undoubtedly left over from the race. I angled my car into the right lane, and with two wheels up over the sidewalk, I made my own parking space. I locked the car and ran for the unit. Luckily, the door hadn't been padlocked yet. It was as smelly as what I had left behind at Spencer's apartment, but I yanked my black thong and jeans down with record speed. I never even looked at what crud I might be sitting in. I felt so relieved that my dam didn't break one second sooner and the strength of my pour seemed pretty significant to me. I thought perhaps it was falling into a pan many miles below me, from the noise that was being made. I think I was seated for at least two minutes, and when I started to pull my thong back up, I felt my thumbnail pierce the skin in my pubic area. I looked down, and sure enough, there was a three-inch tear in the fabric from when I had yanked them down. But I knew it was worth it as I opened the door and quickly got back in my car. I noticed two drivers slowed and were giving me a dirty glance, but I knew my alternatives were limited.

The rest of my trip to campus was inconsequential. I lost a couple of minutes in cruising for an open parking space. By the time I got to class, logged in on the computer, I found via a pop-up, that I was being docked 15 points for being tardy. At first I thought about appealing to our teaching assistant, but he's male and I didn't feel would understand. Right after class I went across the hall to the bathroom. This pee was about a minute long and one that was a lot more leisurely. Then after my third class, I went to the restroom in A&S Hall. This was my regular morning crap, except about three hours late. While I was seated, I didn't want to ignore Spencer. I was in a facetious mood and blamed all my troubles on him. I did demand that he buy a plunger before coming home. I didn't tell him why. However, I know that laying sod is not the easiest job in the world and I do admire his work ethic.


Steve's Survey Responses and a story (number 8)

This is going to be in two posts just to split up.

1. How strong is the flushing in your school bathrooms?
I go to univeristy now, itīs ok, but it really could be stronger. The hole needs to be bigger. It sounds stronger than it is.

2. Did you ever get interrupted while you were on the toilet?
Not really. Itīs a shame too, but I have made friends talking to people right after I come out of the stall.

3. What was the shortest time you ever pooped? Probably 30 seconds to a minute. Iīm assuming you mean pooping, like getting through the turds and pushing to see if any more is left, aha.

4. What was the longest time you ever pooped? 10 minutes, I had diarrhea. Very uncomfortable and annoying for me.

5. What was your longest: pee, poop (length), and fart? Timed?
Above. My longest pee is probably 30 seconds, I don't really time it. Farts I don't time either.
6. What do you think is the most common bathroom accident?
Poop, usually pee people go to the bathroom in public, but I know people who are poop shy.

7. What bathroom accident is worse? pee or poop? Both are bad, poop smells much stronger than pee.

8. Are there any public places or schools that you go/went to where there are only unisex bathrooms for people? Porta Potties or Bus Bathrooms? Plenty, usually at my cross country races there'd be porta potties.

And actually I do have a tiny short story. It was 2 years ago, and I was doing cross country. We were at this park for the race, and they only had porta johns. So, I decided to take a crap (I actually had quite the strong stomach pains). I headed to them and there were 2 in one small area. There were many sets of them so there was no line. While I was walking there, there was this girl around my age (obviously), and she looked quite beautiful. I remember it vividly,the dark coco skin, she looked well cared for. Anyways, she beat me to the loo, and got in there before I did, and the other one was occupied.
I stood there waiting for a few minutes, and then she finally unlocked the door, she looked at me and didn't smile, even though I smiled at her. I went in and the smell was very strong. I looked in the bowl after I had pulled the top up. There sitting, was 3 thick, but short pieces of turd, with dirty toilet paper next to it. It really smelled bad. There was very little blue chemical, and honestly, this is the first time I had seen a girl's poop. Odd. At 17 years old. I had always been so kept away from everything. I sat, not minding the smell, and added my own deposit. It was incredibly soft, but formed. I managed to make the smell even worse, by the texture of my movement. One push and it splashed all in the container. I stood up and wiped. Underneath me was 2 big but soft turds that were tapered. I did a final wipe and left, nobody was waiting when I left. The person who had been in the other portajohn had left much earlier, curiously, I went in to see: it was just soft diarrhea. A medium sized pile of it.

9. During your life, has your bathroom/bowel habits changed as you grown up or did they mostly stay the same ever since you were young? I'm much more frequent now than when I was little.

10. Is it possible to not go to the bathroom at all for 24 hours/1 day? Yes, why wouldn't it. At least for pooping. Now peeing no, that's impossible. You have to pee at least 2-3 times everyday, or else you're severly dehydrated.


sally and the bath invaders

I was alone, Kay was off at a friend's house studying (I don't think too much studying gets done thou it's more like music and the latest boy band fad) It was around 4pm and I had filled the bath, nice hot water, bath salts and bubbles. I stripped off in front of the mirror and did my usual twirl body check thing (everything where it should be no scratches dents or unknown bruises, I sound like white goods) .Any way, I walked over to the toilet sat down and did a wee nothing spectacular just a half minute water clear slight hiss wee. Gave my pussy a quick wipe flushed and slipped into the tub. Did I mention hot, bath salt & bubbles. I am laying there for a length of time head resting on this little rubber pillow thingy relaxing. All is good with the world, until I heard the front door open then click shut. I could hear the distinctive sounds of teenage girls, Kay and at least two others, music and giggles. I could hear the refrigerator open then close and the sound of soda cans popping their fizz. Then . . . . . . . wait for it . . . . my tranquil bathroom got invaded not by one but all three. A cloud of music pronouncing their arrival. I did get a brief hi mom from my contribution to the invasion force.
One by one these invaders took up position in front of the porcelain throne. Kay was first the panties came down as she lined up on her target, there was a slight grunt as her internal mechanism came to life, her legs wide apart for all to see. The rest of the force encouraging her on her mission. Another grunt, then it was bombs away with a splash as poo no1 landed on target. poo no2 followed also landing on target followed by a wee, roll rattling and wiping. Kay relinquished her position and Teia took up panties down bum planted legs apart. There was no pre warning grunt or fart as her bum oozed soft serve poo that came out like cookie dough. The gas attack had began, first an earthy odour like peat moss mixed with potting mix, then as it wafted out flooding the room it turned nasty, like dead rat in the alley. Her skinny poo oozed out about 2ft and tapered off followed by a hissy wee and multiple bum wipes. My bubbles were starting to gasp and die from the smell as the third invader took up her stance. Jadee was quick no sooner were the panties down and it was bombs away. This was the final straw, think week old road kill on the highway, crackle, pong, plop. My bubbles died, my nose hurt, my eyes were starting to water and yet Jadee's bombing continued. Another poo slip out followed by another then a fourth. This was too much even the other invaders retreated just beyond the doorway. She finished with a gushing wee, then wiped. The mission was complete. When Jadee got up thou the smell omg even the paint was starting to peel. No flush nothing 3 lots fermenting I could no longer stand it, I held my breath and got out grabbing a towel off the rail as I did, I went over to the toilet and pressed the flush, poo and paper swirled round and round slowly disappearing down the hole. I left the bathroom and its stink and walked past Kay's bedroom door only to see three girls perched like vultures on the edge of Kay's bed. The words love ya mum rang out, I thought yer sure stinkbugs. I mustered breath and asked what did you girls eat ? Burger King echoed back. Think it must have been the road kill burger omg stink, even the towel had lost its laundry fresh smell it too smelt like a dead rat. I went to my room and bathed in deodorant to try to kill the lingering smell.
The invaders were laughing and giggling as I walked away . . . . . mission stink mom out successful

Friday, October 09, 2015

just another girl
In April, I had a horrible experience when writing a test. I had started my monthly that day, and it always affects my system in a bad way; the incredibly painful stomach cramps are more often than not accompanied by diarrhoea and sometimes I may feel a bit nauseous as well. That is what happened on that particular Monday, when I woke up feeling really awful. The test wasn't a compulsory one, but I decided to do it anyway (which, in hindsight, was a bad decision). It was one and a half hours long, and I knew that I couldn't concentrate for that long. I had taken painkillers at home for my sore stomach, and they were making my head feel woozy and tired. I started writing, and did my best to answer the questions properly. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that I was probably going to get most of them wrong; I wasn't feeling well at all, and I couldn't focus.

As I was completing the last quarter of the paper, my stomach started to feel gurgly and bubbly, and I knew that I needed to go to the bathroom quickly. I tried my best to hold it in as I scribbled down the answers to the remaining questions, and when I was eventually finished I got up, gathered my pencil case and jacket, walked down the hall to the front where I handed my answer sheet in, and then ran out and down two flights of stairs to the closest bathroom. Fortunately both stalls were empty; I quickly shut the door of the one on the right and sat. Immediately, I let go, and out it all came - wet, messy, squirty, nasty, and very stinky. It was such a relief, since I'd been keeping it in for a long time, and I almost didn't make it; a few minutes more and I would have probably lost control. I remained seated until I knew there wasn't any more to come out, and then I cleaned up, flushed and went to wash my hands. I feel sorry for whoever went into that bathroom after me and smelled what I'd done, yuck! I couldn't help it, though, because I needed to let all of that out, and afterwards I felt so much better.

I didn't feel great for the rest of that day, and to top it all off I ended up doing badly in the test (but I wasn't surprised given the circumstances). It was an experience that I don't ever want to repeat...


Another Post

Hi everyone. At our house, we throw our toilet paper in the trash. The plumbing is really old, but I also think part of it is because of narrow pipes. On the Disney channel, there's a cartoon called Nina Has To Go. In the shows, this little girl Nina goes on adventures to the bathroom. As the film progresses, Nina becomes more desperate, and the music becomes more intense. Nina's nana is one of the people in the episodes, too. At the end of each episode Nina says that she knows not to wait to go. As far as my butt-digging habit is concerned, I don't do that anymore. I play in my ears, but I plan to break that habit once in for all starting on the 9th of October 2015. The weird thing is smelling poop that was in my underwear when I was little probably lasted longer than the habit I have now, and it seems I just stopped one day. Another thing I'd like to say is the pepperoni I ate for a snack today gave me the farts slightly. Some of them were stinky, but luckily I was in my room. In one Untold Stories Of The ER episode, a guy who had been exposed to some kind of pesticide while riding his horse had gone to the bathroom on himself. He eventually turned out ok. Another guy came into the emergency room covered in cow poop during a car accident. Bye, hope you enjoy this post!



I was over at my cousins and was going to pee when I was told that the bathroom door currently sticks so not to shut it all the way.
Mostly everyone was downstairs so I went up and straight into the bathroom. I pulled my jeans down to my knees and sat down. I couldn't get me pee started at first and it took a minute to start.
Right as I started I heard one of the bedroom doors open, from the toilet I couldn't reach the door to push it over so it was wide open with me on the toilet.
Luckily it was my female cousin and she laughed off the fact she could see everything down there from across the hall. She is a couple months older than me.
Unfortunately for me the laughter urged my other cousin to come see what was happening so he got most of a view but I managed to cover up between my legs with my hand.
Still peeing I could feel my face getting redder before he went back to his room and she said she'd wait outside for me to finish up.
I let her in while I wiped and she took her thong and bra off and then sat down. I heard crackling then a small grunt as she pushed out the first poo. It dropped with a splosh. Another poo started to poke out and she did the same this time while it hung she got up a little into a squat and then pushed it out. She had her pee next after sitting back down with her legs apart. It was a slow stream which tinkled steadily into the water for a good minute before becoming squirts she was squeezing out. She cleaned up and put her underwear back on before flushing and is going to her bedroom.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will post some answers after my stories :) xx


AcciAccident at school

I was in class just before lunch and a girl called Abby was fidgeting in her seat and she was bent forward like she was desperate for a poo. I felt for her because I know what it's like and when the lunch time bell went she bolted for the door. She got into the corridor and the toilets were only a few feet away from the classroom but she stopped at the side of the corridor and by the smell of it she hadn't made it and was doing it in her knickers. A puddle formed at her feet as she peed herself too. I went to lunch and after that I went to my next class. Abby was missing and and at home I was walking home when I saw a bush with lots of flies buzzing around. I looked closer and found a pair of soiled knickers and they were full of poo. I bet they were hers and she must have dumped them off in the bush to hide her accident. I've been there myself and I hope she was OK.

Close call

On Monday morning I didn't really feel the need to have a poo so I didn't bother and went to school. I thought if I really had to I could go in the science block toilets at lunchtime because no one else would be using them. At lunchtime I still didn't feel like I needed to go but I did have a wee. At home time felt the need for a poo but it wasn't bad so I decided to wait until I got home. When I got home I wasn't busting but I definitely needed to go so I went to the toilet and sat down and pushed but nothing came out. I had an wee which felt good but no poo.
This went on until Tuesday morning and as usual I was running late for school again. I had to rush off to school without having a poo and I was busting to go. By the time I got to school I was really desperate for a poo and I already late for registration so I thought what the heck and made a bee line for the toilets as I was late anyway. I made it to the toilets just in time and on the seat with a thump where I was so desperate to go. I relaxed and I instantly began to poo a load of mushy and relieving poo while I peed. I made a mess in the toilet but I was so glad to get rid of my constipation I really didn't care. I wiped and flushed the toilet and went straight to my first period on time just, and no one notice I'd missed registration.


zoo poos.

So on a trip to the zoo recently, i had 2 large poos, my hubby was massaging my butt cheeks whilst watching the orangutans when i felt the urge, i ignored the urge, but it got stronger, telling hubby i needed a poo he felt me clench hard as we walked to the nearest loos. As hubs waited off i went in to the really unclean not looked after loos and i pulled my white jeans down and sat my butt on the seat, no effort required my desperate plops slid out very slimy perrlop-plip-plop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop....plop! I wiped 6 times and left back with hubby. 3 hours went by and just before a show we were watching at the zoo i was again very very desperate for another poo. My hubby knew as his hand was glued to my butt cheeks and he felt me clenching hard fidgeting in my seat and letting out little airy farts. Massaging my butt he knew i was really desperate, on our way out of the show he asked if it was alright for us to see the penguins which were on the way to the loos anyway so i said yes, & held on for another 10 minutes this desperate poo trying to explode in to my white knickers.
Massaging my butt i was clenching my big peachy butt like mad, i had such a ???? ache, and couldnt wait much longer to release all this. eventually i got to a loo, in i went whilst hubs waited and clutching my stomach i fell on the loo, this time my poo was worse, sitting down immediately it was large pebble runny type plops, I counted 14 all together all mushy and sludgy in the loo.
Wiped 7 times and flushed going back to hubby.
Eventful day at the zoo, poos and all!
More soon, J xx


to optional person

It gives me a thrill knowing someone is watching, I don't mind it as long as they keep the boundary between watching and touching. When my husband was alive, we would watch each other go on a regular basis. He would make me feel like I was pooping gold pellets, I don't know how else to really describe it . I think most of the population is in some way interested in what the opposite sex can produce.
One time when we were hiking trip with a group and we did an experiment. I needed to poo so my husband and I trekked off into a more secluded area away from the main group. I squatted on a fallen log with my bum facing my husband and produced a series of bunny poo pellets they piled up nicely on the ground. He then wiped me clean. He said for me to hide in the trees wait and watch, I wasn't sure what he was up to but I hid. A couple minutes later two more from our group walked up searching for the spot where my poo was. They both examined my poo even poked at it with a stick to spread the pile apart specially the guy, His wife then did her poo right on top of mine not beside but on top of, while the guy peed a couple feet from her watching her the whole time. My husband had gone back to the group and got the where's sally question and replied, she over there just beyond those trees making a poo.
Another time on the freeway, think Kay was about 2, we were coming back from somewhere and ended up stuck in a going nowhere line of traffic for about an hour none of us needed the toilet but we did see an Indian woman a couple cars up get out and go over behind the concrete edge barrier and squat, now, no one could see what she was doing after she squatted but when she came back about 10 min later, there was a steady procession of guys going over to look. I made a comment on it and got a see your not the only one who poops gold.
Don't get me wrong it's not just guys who do this girls are just as bad, many times I have gone into a toilet block to find the first stall unflushed and taken the next one. Only to see every girl who enters behind me go into that first stall and look at what's in it. The teen, pre teen age group are the funniest thou you hear the eww gross or wow, some snap photos. Some will even add more poo to the toilet right on top of what's in it.
So if I am safely locked away in a stall and notice I am being watched I do tend to put on a show and since the fun fair I will watch too if the chance presents. I am sure with the run down state of some of the facilities there will be plenty of chances too.

Liz S

My vacation poop

Hello. I'm a 15 year old girl from the mid-west United States. I'm a redhead and I keep my fair pretty long. I'm 6 foot 1 (185 cm), which is very tall for a girl, especially at my age, but I think I'm as tall now as I'll ever be. I weigh 135-140 pounds (62 kg). Because of my height, I look skinny as a rail, but I also have big boobs.

I have a story to tell about a recent family vacation near the end of this summer. The first night after we arrived, we had hot dogs and watermelon for dinner. I have a huge appetite and I really love hot dogs. I ended up eating five big slices of watermelon, some potato salad, and three hot dogs. The entire time we were on vacation, I ate a lot at every meal, like I always do. (well not quite as much as the first night. I was just especially hungry that night, I guess)

On the fourth morning we were there, I woke up and my stomach was very full. I knew I was going to need to poop soon. The last time I had pooped was at the airport after our flight landed, so I was due for a big load. I went for my usual morning pee and had breakfast after. Once I finished eating, I could feel my poop wanting to come out.

I went back to the bathroom, locked the door, and stripped naked (I was going to shower right after pooping). I sat on the toilet and despite having peed earlier, I still dribbled some pee as my poop started coming out. I pooped out three logs, each one quite thick. The first one came out quickly but each one after was slower than the previous. All of them grew quite long before breaking off. I still felt full, so I gave a slight push. I passed a shorter, banana-like turd. I think I counted 8 or 9 turds like that. Then I finished with one last thin, long, and soft log.

I stood up to look at my poop and I had done a lot. Most of my poop made a large pile and the last log was curved and laying on top of the pile. The log was sticking out of the water at three different places. My poop smelled really bad too. I didn't wipe but just closed the toilet lid and took a shower. After I was done, I flushed. I needed two flushes to get everything down, and then I had to use the toilet brush to clear all the tons of skid marks I had left all over the bowl. I redressed and left the bathroom, leaving it still quite stinky.


Answers to anonymous poster

Have you ever poo'd yourself at school?- I have but I was on my way out of school and no one knew except for my mum when I got home.

Do you ever worry about it falling out of your pants? Do thongs etc make it more likely to fall out?- I don't wear thongs but sometimes when I haven't poo for few and It's a big load it's fallen out of the leg holes.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Mina Don't worry. As for me there was no approach in your comment.

I was not happy about leaving the tissue back myself, but as I have already said, I had no other choice.

And thanks for your new story I really liked it. By the way I used to have only one motion a day too, but since I eat much more vegetables I have to go twice a day.

Normally one time in the afternoon and the other time in the afternoon or early evening.

I am happy when I have to in the early evening, because at this time I am at home.

I always have to do my morning motion at work, and most of the time also my afternoon motion.

I am used to it, and it is not that bad, but nonetheless I am happy when I can go at home. Doing it on my own toilet is a lots more relaxing.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Miranda great set of stories it sounds like you had some interesting toilet expirences and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: K great story it sounds like that woman was beyond desperate and I bet you felt pretty good once she was done.

To: Sally great story.

To: Becky great pooping story.

To: Miri great story.

To: Emma great story about your desperate poop I bet you felt amazing after not going for that long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooping In Public

So, yesterday I was getting ready for school, and I didn't feel well in my stomach. I didn't think anything of it. It was raining so I went to go get the bus instead of bike. I was chatting with my brother when that feeling went downwards, and it went fast. I knew this wasn't going to be held till school, so I made a fast choice. I told my brother I need to take a piss, as there was some trees and bushes that we passed. He went on and I went backwards. I knew this was coming out, as I felt it slipping through the crack. I placed my bag on the floor and pulled my school pants down and squatted. I then gave one huge push and it came out, smashing onto the mud floor. I felt relived. But I had nothing to clean myself up with. I had to go to school with poopy boxer shorts. I got into the toilets at school and got rid of the boxers.

Sonya Sue

My Long Sit

On Monday, about a half hour after my breakfast, I stopped for coffee to go, on my drive to school. After several sips of my coffee and hitting several traffic lights and congestion, I started to get the feeling that I was finally going to be able to crap for the first time since the near-disaster during half-time at Friday's football game. The feeling was getting more immediate as I parked my car in the main lot and hurried through the crowds at the entrance to get onto a toilet. I wasn't that surprised when I walked through the first floor bathroom door to find that the room was at capacity. I didn't even try to walk in any farther. It was ten minutes before the bell and I knew I had to move fast so I went to 2nd floor and then immediately to 3rd floor. Each bathroom was jammed, and just walking around the corner into the upstairs one I could smell that some girl had hurled. So I started downstairs to the lower level as my crap was knocking at the door. The one minute warning bell went off and I knew I was doomed. I had to get myself seated and had to relieve myself. As soon as I turned the corner and entered the bathroom, I saw the middle stall of the three toilets was open, so I immediately took off my book bag, laid my now-warm coffee on the floor, pulled down my underwear, hiked up my dress with both hands, and threw my butt onto the warm seat.

I checked my phone for the time because I didn't want to be more than 10 minutes late to class (otherwise parents are called), but I just had to get it out and soon. Unfortunately, it was no longer knocking at the door. So I started to study what was happening on each side of me. To the left, I heard the girl's pee trickle to a stop, and she pulled up her blue thong from the floor just as the piece of toilet paper she wiped with missed the toilet and fell crunched up to the floor. And the door slammed open and bounced back as she left without flushing or washing her hands. I remembered how we discussed building student pride in June as part of a state Student Council retreat. To my right,I figured I had a crapper because there was little noise other than that coming from what she was doing on her phone. Suddenly, I heard her roll off toilet paper. Then there was a loud blowing of her nose, followed by a couple of plops into the toilet. Her phone rang and I could tell from what she said that it was probably her mom. She kind of turned on her mom in a negative way in explaining why the tardy email was probably sent. She said three, then four times, she was in the bathroom taking her shit that she couldn't have done because the bathroom wasn't available at home. Next she complained about having had a nose bleed on the school bus. Then she got more hostile when she couldn't convince her mom to call in and give her an excused tardy. She was peeing as she continued arguing with her mom, then I guess hung up. As she stood to wipe, she dropped her phone and it almost slid into my foot. Again, a door opened and there was no flush or handwashing.

At this point, I was about 35 minutes into my sit and I started pushing harder, while rocking forward a bit and putting more weight on my knees. Two small balls dropped, but as I let up on my frustrating push, a couple of farts popped out (thankfully no one else was in there to hear them!) and then the big one picked up speed as it tore its way out of my rectum. At this point I was developing a headache. So I reached into my purse, which was as far away as I would want because anything more would have caused me to lose my balance and fall off the toilet, and I used the remainder of my now cool coffee to down the two aspirin. Looking between my legs, I could't fully see the size of my crap. So I stood, turned around but wasn't surprised that it was about as wide as my lower arm and almost a foot and a half long. The head was a little larger and meaner looking. Looking at my phone, I found I was now 47 minutes into the class hour. I quickly reached down and put extra weight on the flusher. Although it hesitated for a couple of gulps and looked like it didn't want to go, it did, but the two small balls continued to swirl on top of the water. I sat back down for the wipe. Unfortunately, there was no toilet paper in the holder. But my eyes caught toilet paper hanging down from the other stall that the girl who had the bloody nose used. (I've never understood why some stalls have the rolls and right next door others have the pre-cut squares in holders). I quickly pulled the toilet paper into my stall until I probably had about four wraps around my hand. I ended up using it all and the last couple of wipes made my butthole sore. I flushed, moved over to a sink where I washed my hands, and before walking out I texted my mom to call the office and excuse my tardy. She did, but said we would talk about it at home. Then I went to 1st hour.


Optional Person's question

Maybe a little bit, she was crinkling her nose when she came in. But I don't think she was surprised. It's a bathroom after all and lots of women poop at the gym in the morning. She didn't say anything and, I don't know, maybe she was there to do the same thing.

At a car trip my mother had to go to toilet. We were far out in the country side and did not know where to find a toilet. We stopped at a resting area and my mother climbed over a stone fence and squatted and pooped on the ground. She wiped with some paper napkins. Luckily we were the only ones there so only my sister and I could see her. My sister is a girl scout and she told that she also had pooped outside a couple of times when hiking. I have never pooped outside.

Out in the woods picking berries I also saw a woman pooping once. She had pulled down her shorts and was squatting and trodd to hide behind some bushes and she seemed very embarrassed when I came by just as she were about to wipe. I pretended like not seeing her, but for sure she understood that I had seen her. She was quite old, probably between 50 and 60.


The house with no loo

On Monday Kazuko came to my flat to stay night. We had a dinner together, with watching TV. We saw a programme about Reiko Ohara, she was actress who was died some years ago, lonely death in her big house all alone.

TV showed us floor plan of big house. And at once I noticed, no loo downstairs and no loo upstairs. I shouted, "her house has no loo!" and Kazuko shouted exactly same things with same words and at same time! So we put little fingers together and had wish. Then Kazuko said, "Where she did her motions? " and I said , "Where she did her motions?" at same time!! So we tied fingers together again!

Yesterday morning when Kazuko was on loo and I was sit beside her on floor, she said, "House needs loo at least one. When I sit on this loo I am in Paradise!" and just that time the water in my loo made long burururururu sound. I said, "wow" because before that she did about 10 plops and still not finish! But I am same…. I was sorry to her because yesterday I couldn't do motion, because on Monday I did a huge diarrhoea in my office loo, so I empty yesterday morning. I tell you that story next time. Today I did motion, by myself, I felt lonely little bit. But I thought of my friends and also people on this site. My motion was quite big one, divided three parts. First part was about five plops but others were smaller. I was on loo about 10 minutes, it is usual. But yesterday morning Kazuko was on loo more than 10 minutes because she did two huge pile of motions, I flushed in half way. Her mother maybe angry!!

Sally, I like your stories very much!

Love from Mina and Kazuko

No, love from Kazuko and Mina. I always forget that in Wales teacher said, never put own name first. But in Japanese we always do, so I often forget. Bad manner Mina! Sorry to everyone.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

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