To Simmee

Simmee, just a thought for you. Is there a student hand book that you were given, and did it have anything about this in there? If not, you can probably appeal this through the principal or someone else. It won't change what's already happened, but it could encourage an apology from the teacher involved. However, I'd be willing to bet that it is in that handbook, and either you missed it, or didn't bother reading the handbook. LOL


Walking in on someone in a public stall

Back when I was about 8, I was interrupted 3 times in one day when using public stalls. It was the last day of school, we only had to go for like two hours, and since my mom had already left for a family reunion at grandmas two days earlier, it was just me and dad making the 500 mile drive. We packed that morning and left at 11 a.m. right after school. I know dad had asked if I had peed at school when he picked me up, and I kind of lied, because the 3rd grade bathroom was broken, and I would have had to take too much time to go downstairs to one of the larger bathrooms.I don't even think we had been on the road an hour when I told dad I had to pee. I could tell by his face that he was somewhat upset but he didn't want to show it. Luckily we were close to a big Interstate rest stop so he turned into the exit, stopped the car, and asked if I wanted him to walk me to the doorway. I kinda ran and as soon as I saw the 3 stalls, no legs under any of the doors, I took the middle one, dropped my shorts and underwear, and slid myself onto the stool. Unfortunately, I hadn't latched the door. Just as I got started, I heard several voices coming up the sidewalk. I heard an older lady yell at them to slow down because she was going to have a heart attack or something like that. My door was thrown open so hard that it hit the side of my stall and bounced back. A girl, about 2 years younger than me, said something negative to her mother about me, but the mother, yelled at her to give me my privacy. I got off the toilet as soon as I could stop my stream, latched the door, and then re-seated herself. But I was too nervous to start up again.

When I got back into the car I didn't tell dad what had happened, because I knew he would just lecture me and I knew I had done something dumb. About an hour later we stopped for lunch at a fast food place. A hamburger, fries and shake caused me to need to poo, so I went to the bathroom there. It was one of those single toilet and sink bathrooms and the door had a lever unlike I had never seen before. There was a little thing on the lock I turned so I felt good about seating myself on the toilet, clothing to my shoes, waiting for my activity to start. After about 2 pieces dropped, and I was sitting trying to figure out where the music was coming in from and it was a really dumb song with a chorus about na na hey hey goodbye. Suddenly, the door slowly opened and a lady stuck her head in on me. She asked me something dumb like what I was doing in there and didn't apologize as I continued to sit. She quickly shut the door. I dropped one more small piece, quickly wiped, got down off the stool, and halfway washed my hands because I knew she'd be waiting at the door. What surprised me was that I back in our booth I could see down the aisle and I saw her come from the bathroom across the hall--it was the boys room. I did point that out to dad, but he said it was kind of common in places like that.

The final walk-in happened about 4 hours later. We were about an hour from grandmas and this was another Interstate rest stop. This time dad walked up with me to the building and took the turn into the mens room while I went the other way. This was a much older building, six stalls, and all of the locks had been taken off. You could see a hole in each of the doors. I did my scan under each door as I walked in and none was in use. So I walked down to the final one, thinking that it would be the least likely to be used. So I closed the door, got up on the stool, and when my wee had just started, a couple of little kids come running in at full speed. Two kids, both about 5, came crashing in, throwing my door open and into my left knee so bad I took off a layer of skin and caused me to curse at them as I struggled to get them out so I could close the door. Some of my pee did splash across the front of the bowl, and into my clothing. When I re-seated myself, and tore off some toilet paper to wipe my thigh and leg, I heard their mother come in. She seemed really strict, assigned each of them to a toilet, and she ordered them to take a "noise time-out" while see seated herself on the toilet between them. I heard several loud fart blasts from those 3 toilets as I quickly washed my hands.

I expected my dad would be waiting, restless and upset with me. However, I had to wait at the car for him to get done. I asked him what took so long. He reminded me that "dumps" (that's what he calls them) take a little longer. I was hoping he would admit it and he did.


Anna's weekend adventures

This weekend a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the mountains for two days, and he is really sweet so I said yes. Danielle and her boyfriend, who is friends with my friend, also came along. It was kinda like a double date for the weekend. We stayed at a little motel and my friend and I shared a small room. It had an even tinier bathroom with paper-thin walls. I was pretty concerned about doing my business on the toilet in the little bathroom. I knew that he would be able to hear everything and if I would do a number two that I would probably stink up the whole motel room. We had dinner at night were I had a big steak, which was stupid of me, I should have eaten less. I also peed at the restaurant just before we left. Later at night, I needed to pee again and I also had a little bit of a load knocking on my backdoor. I waited until my friend was asleep and then used the bathroom for a pee. But I didn't dare to do the other thing and I figured it wasn't that urgent and that I could hold it until tomorrow.

When I woke up the next morning I didn't feel too bad, but after about half an hour the urge to go came back and now I really needed a number two. We all went to a little breakfast cafe soon after and I had to clench my bumcheeks on the way there a couple of times. I didn't want to be too obvious and rush to the bathroom right away so I sat down with everybody and started to browse the menu. Pretty soon, Danielle announced that she needed to use the bathroom and I said 'me too'. I was glad I was not the only one. We went to the back where there were two single occupancy toilets, but one was closed. Danielle asked if she could go first and I said 'sure', trying to be pretty cool about the whole thing, even though I needed to go badly. I had to wait for a couple minutes and it turned out Danielle needed to poo as well, I heard her pee splattering in the bowl and then a fart and a couple of plops. Finally she flushed the toilet and came out. When I went in, she said in a low voice 'I'm sorry, I made it stink in there', and I whispered that it was ok and that I needed a number two as well. She was right though, ewww there was a really bad stink in the room. I quickly locked the door and pulled down my jeans and string. When I sat down on the toilet seat, which was still warm from her bum, I noticed that there were some skidmarks in the bowl. I didn't really care much though and I leaned forward and relaxed and started to pee and poop at the same time. It was such a relief. A big turd crackled out of my bum quickly, then it dropped of with a fart and made a big splash. I peed for about half a minute and then a second poo came out. This one took a lot longer and it felt about as big as the first one. After it plopped in the toilet, I pushed out another, smaller turd and then another one. Finally I felt all empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my poopy bum, needing about ten sheets. Then I pulled up my string and jeans and had a look at the bowl. There were two big, long turds coiled up at the bottom and then the two smaller ones and the tp I had used on top. I flushed the toilet and I was really, really glad it all went down. Now I felt a huge relief of a different kind. There was quite a bit of poo left at the bottom of the bowl, but the little bathroom had no brush, so there was nothing I could. I washed my hands and then went back to our table. For the next couple of minutes I was really nervous that one of the boys would use the washroom and notice the poop smell Danielle and I had left or even worse see the dirty bowl. Eventually a bunch of other people went and used the little bathroom. My friend only went to the bathroom about an hour later, so that turned out to be all good.

That's all for my story. I needed to go pretty badly at the cafe, but I also stayed ladylike for two days and didn't spoil a fun weekend!

to kmd: thanks, I'm so glad you like my stories. I'm always looking forward to what interesting things you might have to say about them...


Answers to Steven A's question

Steve A. and a group of his friends were talking about what would happen if each of them crapped, one right after the other in the same school toilet, with none of them flushing, would they clog the toilet. The answer is Yes. See my post on Page 1861 about the Poop Pyramid my mother did in 1970 as part of a senior prank at her high school. She doesn't remember whether it was 2 or 3 toilets that were filled up to the height of the seat with crap. She remembers it was done before school one morning and when she went into check on it later in the day the restroom had been locked. Apparently, they had to shovel the crap out. Whether janitors did it or specialized plumbers were called in, the administration didn't tell her. This was just a few days before the final school paper came out and the administration refused them to allow a story about the incident. However she said everyone knew about it and that a picture of the toilet was shown on the ballroom screen at their classes' 40-year reunion.

Now here's the answers to the rest of Steve A's questions. Please note that I graduated six years ago, but this is what I remember about my high school toilets:

1) Answered above.
2) How strong was the flushing in the school bathroom?
There were older stools that needed a lot more weight put on the flusher in order for it to work. Some of my friends used their foot, but I wouldn't because I would think it could damage the flusher even more. I think some did it because they didn't want to have hand contact with the flusher. As newer toilets were installed, they had sensor lights and would flush automatically, but as I remember them, they didn't always work well.
3) Did you ever get interrupted when you were on the toilet? Yes, my last couple of years there, if I moved too much on the toilet, or partially stood up to inspect my crap, the sensor would activate the flusher. I remember one day when I had just moved forward on the seat so that I could start wiping after a largely painful, solidly-hard crap and the flush was so fierce that it drenched my underside. When I wiped and checked my toilet paper it looked like I had just had a bout of diarrhea.
4) What was the shortest time you ever pooped?
20 or 25 seconds. And that included wiping time. I was in a doorless stall and every embarrassed about the line being caused.
5) What was the longest time you ever pooped?
I was on the toilet for like 30 minutes when we were on vacation then and I believe it was an a a highway rest stop. I was like 6 and had like no confidence and my mom would nag me so that didn't help the situation.


A room with a view

So I was at a cookout tonight with friends. The bathroom is on the back side of the house and if you are sitting on the toilet, the back wall of the house is to your left. There's a small window in that wall right in front of the toilet that looks out over the back yard. The blinds over the window were down but they were cracked open. They often have kids playing in the yard so I think they normally leave them open so they can see the kids in the yard out the window in the daytime. It was getting dark out and most everybody was inside by then but I was standing out in the back yard looking at the stars that were becoming visible. I saw the light come on in the bathroom window and the wife who lives in the house, a blond 50 something, walked toward the window right in front of the toilet looking like she had an urgent agenda. She tuned her back to the toilet, pulled her pants down to her calves and sat on the toilet. It was dark out so she couldn't see anything out the window but I could still see her as her bare butt hit the toilet seat. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh as a very loud gloppy blast of diarrhea echoed from the toilet bowl beneath her. The window was open so I could clearly hear all of sounds of her excreting which echoed in the toilet bowl. She looked very relieved but after a minute she made a grunt as another wave of diarrhea mixed with gas echoed from the toilet. I felt for here but it must have felt so much better to let a dump like that out! I think she spent about 12 minutes on the toilet with 3 good waves of diarrhea. She wiped once in here front and then about 6 times on here rear end and then she got up pulling her pants back up. She turned around and flushed the toilet. She then washed her hands and left the bathroom turning the light off as she left.
I suppose it's a bit weird but it hit home for me because I grew up in a house with one toilet and several people and it wasn't the fist time I had seen someone sit on the toilet and let out a noisy dump. When I grew up we had to share the bathroom because there were 6 people needing to use it all the time so I've seen all of my family on the toilet while I was brushing my teeth or whatever. We were taught that when you need to poop, you need to poop and it's immature to be so ashamed that you hold your poop in when your body is telling you to let it out (assuming that's in a toilet). It's what I learned from potty training I guess.
I guess other people might have been mortified by what I saw but I was very understanding and was glad she made in to the toilet cause I would not have wanted to see her do it in here pants had the toilet been occupied that's for sure! I find it very comforting when I get to share the bathroom while I or someone else uses the toilet because it helps kill that shame and embarrassment barrier of being seen on the toilet, or letting out a fart. It may sound weird but I just find it very fascinating when I read the other posts here where some people have had basic interactions with one another even though they could see each others poop coming out or hear it splash in the toilet. Most people would totally lock up if that happened but I really like it when I can actually be around or talk to someone who is just relieving them self cause I don't think it should be a barrier. I don't want to ramble so I'll end at that. Happy toilet time everybody!

Optional Person.

another nice dump + responces to Sally, Miri and Anna

this afternoon I felt a warm bulge in my butt. so I decided to go to the toilet. I wanted to have some fun, so I sat backwards (meaning my front was facing the back of the toilet) on the toilet, pressed my arms around my stomach and pushed. poop loudly popped, and crackled its way out of my butt and into the toilet. it all floated in the center of the toilet water. the smell was amazing. it smelled just like a sewage treatment plant. the poop was "peanut butter light brown" in color. the separate turds formed a ( S ) in the toilet, but they were not all one turd. I wiped my butt a couple of times getting most of the poop off of me, and I smelled the paper intentionally each wipe. then I kept wiping just so I could cover most of my poop up with toilet paper. then I flushed. it left some skid marks. I simply used a piece of toilet paper to wipe them away, and it is sitting in the toilet bowl hole now. i walked in and out of the bathroom a couple times to smell the difference between the clean air and my poopy air. hope you like it. hope you all like my comeback.

Sally- awesome story. must have been fun to have that experience. knowing someone was interested in that part of you.

Miri - Wow she opened the door and ripped one, lol lucky.

Anna - Was Carla taken aback by the strong poop smell?



Hi guys! I was thinking about a poop story that I told a long time ago, but I didn't finish it. I mentioned that I pooped myself when sitting on the floor when I was young. Anyway, Mom had given me an enema in the bathtub the night before if I recall correctly. I ended up wearing a pull-up to bed with no urge to go during the night. In the early morning, I sat on the floor next to my bed thinking I had to fart, but messed my pull-up instead. I think some of the poop even got on the carpet. I went to the bathroom to tell Mom, and she helped me clean up. Sorry for not telling the full story in that original post.


Thank You

I'd like to give a big thanks to the modorator for sending my posts! Also, everyone's toilet stories are great. I read a post a long time ago about bathrooms in the street that turn upside down when they flush (this person went to paris I believe). I think the poster said that the timer inside gives you 15 minutes to do your business before the cleanout happens. They call these sanazettes (I know, misspelled it). I think for me, I'd be scared to be in there too long, but on a happier note, would find using one interesting. I've had a good day today, and ever since I've gotten my jumbo Minnie Mouse, I've decided she's my number 1 sleeping companion now! Here's a joke. If the toilet could sing, what song would it be? Skip To My Loo! Bye!


Corn Maze

So my wife, our son, and I and her family all went out to a corn maze yesterday. My wife's younger sister (she's like 23) and her fiancÚ also came with us. Its like an hour drive out to the farm from the city and then they only have portapotties out there, which evidently my sister-in-law hates. I'll call her Stacy (not her real name). Anyway, Stacy kept saying she needed to pee but wouldn't use a portapotty because she thinks they're disgusting. Stacy is a former cheerleader, well kept, amazing looking young woman, very fit and athletic and attractive. We took a hayride tractor thing out to the corn maze and started going through it and Stacy kept complaining more about needing to pee but refused to stop to go back to a portapotty. So we kept going through the maze and I saw her stop and cross her legs and bend sometimes, obviously desperate. Of course we got a little lost in the maze and it took longer than expected. Stacy was holding herself some but she wasn't really mad or anything, it was more funny to everyone. We offered to turn around or to let her pee in the corn and shield her with our backs turned but she didn't want that either. She was really desperate though. We finally got close near the end when Stacy was saying she wasn't going to make it and was holding herself constantly by then. A minute or so later she stopped and said, "Guys... I'm peeing... I'm peeing my pants... like, for real..." I turned around and the front of her jeans were turning dark around her crotch and spreading down her legs. It was mesmerizing. She just stood there, legs slightly apart, looking down, watching the darkness spread. Her mom and my sister and her fiancÚ laughed. Stacy started laughing, too. She said, "It's so warm! Oh my god!" She took a step or two and then turned around to look at the back, "How wet is my butt?" We all told her it was soaked. Her butt was wet halfway up her butt cheeks and all the way across almost to each side seam. They were tight jeans and medium blue so the wetness was completely obvious. There was no doubting she had pissed herself. It was then I noticed my wife doubled over still laughing and she shrieked, "I just peed a little, too!" She recovered herself and stood up and spread her legs to look and sure enough there was a baseball sized wet spot in the crotch of her jeans but you couldn't see it if she stood up normal. Their mom laughed and said they were Pisters - pissed sisters. Stacy took off her jacket and wrapped it around her waist, but it only covered down to her knees and didn't help much to hide the wetness on the front of her legs. So she had to walk back in her wet jeans, complaining about how clammy they were after the warmth wore away. My wife said the same but at least her wet spot wasn't obvious. There were a few comments from others when we got back and of course we had to leave early so Stacy didn't have to be seen by everyone else in peed pants.

To Anna from Austria: I hope you didn't feel I was reproach to you, I didn't mean that way at all. I am happy that you will visit Japan soon.

Different from you, I usually go to loo for motion only one time in a day. But sometimes two times. Not very often, but sometimes. Usually for a diarrhoea, but not always. I remember one time, now little time ago, I think it was a Thursday, I did motions in my flat as usual and quite lots, then I went to work. But in afternoon, I began to get message from my bottom, and it became stronger more and more. Finally I knew I can't wait until work finish (and I often do overwork time on Thursday), so I chose moment when not so busy and went to loo. My motion came out soon, a few plops, and I thought finish because I went in morning, but somehow, my bottom refused to separate from loo seat, so I stayed on loo. I could feel moving inside my body. Soon my bottom opened again and motion began come out, it came and came and got to faster, and faster, and more and more and more and more, when I stop?? Why so much, where it come from?? Finally stop, and I decided to flush because loo so full, maybe it burst and motions go over floor. It didn't burst. I stayed on loo because suspicious. Few minutes after, another one, this time very soft, burururururu sound, I was happy no other woman in loo. Because big smell. After it, my bottom relax. I flush again and push washlet button and washed and then wiped with paper, I thought no more come. It didn't come so I went back to work.

I love to hear your stories and everyone's stories. Thank you Anna, and everyone, for being on this site. I hope my English getting better, I don't ask people to correct now. I think OK to give you my natural English even it is not perfect, but if you hate, please tell me.

Love to everyone

Your very own Mina


My poo shyness

I'm not fully confident about pooing in public toilets but if I'm really desperate I will as it's less embarrassing than doing it in my knickers. My main problem is I tend to miss judge how badly I need to go and my knickers end up becoming my toilet which is not good.

To Emma

Have you ever poo'd yourself at school?

Do you ever worry about it falling out of your pants? Do thongs etc make it more likely to fall out?


Posting Again

Hi guys! I'm sure lots of blind folks get messy fingers when wiping after doing 2. This happened when I did a crackley poo this morning. It felt like lots of peices coming out which felt smooth as it exitted. I had been farting for some time, so figured it was time to empty even though I didn't have a big need to go. During wiping (I use my right hand), I got a poopy finger. I rinced it at the sink before proceeding to wipe again. Here's something else I'd like to say. You know how I talked about dolls that poop a long time ago, and I talked about having a Baby Alive doll? Well, I'm into another doll that's more fun to me. My favorite activity is when she sleeps (the stomach moves). Anyway, back to toilet talk. After I pooped today, and washed my hands, I sniffed them to make sure they were fresh before leaving the loo. Luckily today, my wiping was quick.

Steve A

Updated Survey For Everyone, My Answers

I updated my survey as I got some more thoughts to add to it.

1. How strong is the flushing in your school bathrooms?

2. Did you ever get interrupted while you were on the toilet?

3. What was the shortest time you ever pooped?

4. What was the longest time you ever pooped?

5. What was your longest: pee, poop (length), and fart? Timed?

6. What do you think is the most common bathroom accident?

7. What bathroom accident is worse? pee or poop?

8. Are there any public places or schools that you go/went to where there are only unisex bathrooms for people? Porta Potties or Bus Bathrooms?

9. During your life, has your bathroom/bowel habits changed as you grown up or did they mostly stay the same ever since you were young?

10. Is it possible to not go to the bathroom at all for 24 hours/1 day?

My Answers:

1. It's above average, but it isn't super strong.

2. I did get asked if I was "ok in there" and there was one time where someone jumped to see above the stall door to see who was in there.

3. 5 minutes

4. Maybe 20-30 minutes when I was pooping after not going for about 3 to almost 4 days.

5. Longest Pee: Over 1 minute, Longest Poop: 1 foot long or maybe a little over a foot, Longest Fart: 5 seconds.

6. Pee

7. Poop, since it's harder to clean up than a pee accident.

8. Porta Potties, coach bus bathrooms, and that's about it. But, at certain stores like Walmart, they have big family restrooms that anyone can use.

9. As I can remember, I really didn't have any trouble with pooping throughout my life. I only took a suppository once in my life. I did constipated, small poops during one part of a past summer, but I'm all good now since I eat one pouch of Fiber One Fruit Snacks everyday. They help keep me regular the best.

10. It would be the hardest thing to do if you didn't go to the bathroom for 24 hours/1 day. In order to do this, you have to have the strongest bladder/bowel control. I could never do that, that's bad to hold it for that long and it seems almost impossible to hold it for that long.

Monday, October 05, 2015


another mall trip

I was having a wo is me day and decided on taking a personal day with retail therapy. After Kay went to school I headed off to the same mall I was at the other day. My belly was feeling full before I left the house but the I was wanting to used the mall toilets and maybe enjoy the sights. After parking the car I made my way inside, the full feeling was moving from my belly to my bum, so the first place I decided to visit was the food court toilets.
The food court was almost deserted apart from the morning coffee crowd. I walked down the corridor into the ladies to my surprise the first two stalls were closed with out of order signs taped to the doors leaving 3,4 & 5 to choose from. I went into 4 as I had done last time, I latched the door, checked the paper supply, hitched up my skirt, dropped my panties and sat down. I could feel my poo in my bum but wanted to wait as long as I could before doing it, in the hope that I could have some company.
I waited for about 5 minutes and was just about to give up and start doing it when I heard the door open. Two counter girls from the food court came in. One stopped at the sinks in front of my stall and did her makeup, the other went into the end stall beside me. I leaned back and looked through the gap into her stall. She was a blond about 25, She hitched up her uniform and dropped her panties continuing a conversation with the other girl who was doing her makeup. She hovered over the toilet leaning forward in a semi standing position, her bum hole and pussy clearly visible. Me and my daughter are all tucked up inside with only a line visible between our legs but this girl's pussy was different. Her's was all exposed and hung down, I had heard of outties but I had never seen one. As she did a wee it ran down her exposed parts making them vibrate with the flow. As her wee died off drips of wee fell into the toilet. Then her bum hole opened and a puffy fart came out of her. Her bum hole started opening really wide and her poo started to come out. It was a light brown clay color at least 2 to 3 inches wide, a real coke can thickness. I still had my poo to do but I wanted to watch this come out of her, I have become so fascinated with seeing women do these thick poo's since the fun fair. This girl was about my size and was doing a whopper of a poo. Her bum hole domed out in a way I had never seen before as she pushed the poo out . The poo was inching out in one long thick rope, it grew and grew until it was going into the toilet and disappearing from view as it was still coming out of her. The poo was so thick it looked like her domed out bum hole was just able to pass it, her hole was making a tight seal around the poo. Finally her poo started to thin down and it tapered off to a pointed tail, she lifted her bum as the last of it slipped out. Her poo was poking up above the toilet and just clear of her bum as she stepped forward, rolled off some paper, wiped her bum 4 times and her pussy and hanging down bits 5 times. Her poo was massive it was in the toilet and poking up above the seat at least 6 inches, it was so thick and remained standing in the position it had come out of her. She then pulled up her panties, straightened out her uniform, unlatched the door and went out to her friend. She never flushed and I doubt it would have gone down any way. The two girls spoke back and forth and the makeup applying girl asked her friend about what she had just done. The girl who pooed told her to go in and look as she washed her hands. I sat quietly waiting to see what the other girl would do. She went into the stall, took out her phone and took several pictures of her friends poo. She then left the stall to join her friend back at the sinks. Further conversation between the two and face booking a photo was mentioned. The two giggled and left together.
I sat for a moment processing what I had just seen and looked back into the stall at her poo several times. I couldn't believe the size of it.
Went I finally came back to my senses my own poo was forcing my bum hole open, I could no longer hold it in. I could feel it open my bum hole and slowly start sliding out, it felt like smooth pebbles and its departure was way overdue . It felt so good coming out, I didn't have to push just relax and let it come, as my pebbles slipped out and plopped in to the water the next and the next doing the same. It felt like my belly was becoming softer as the poo exited my bum. It felt wonderful until it stopped moving. I knew there was more there but it was going to be stubborn. I wasn't on a time limit so I sat and waited for more to fill my bum. While I waited the outer door opened and the stall to my left became occupied. Leaning back looking I could see a big woman backing up to the toilet fumbling with her belt buckle, She finally dropped her jeans and I caught a glimpse of her bum hole as she sat down. She wiggled around spreading her cheeks and started a really hissy wee. I could feel more poo starting to fill my bum again. Her hissy wee died down and she grunted making a crackle, I couldn't see her hole or poo thou. My own needs took over as my poo started to move again, it inched out slowly opening my hole. I was enjoying the feeling of it coming out. Suddenly there was a huge plop from next door. It sounded like a stone hitting a pond. My own creation popped out and joined the rest in the water below. The next pebble replacing it. My bum was in bunny poo mode making semi joined pebbles they were popping out one after another. Next door another crackle as she pushed out more of her poo, it plopped into the water and I heard her roll off some toilet paper. I leaned back to see her wipe. Her wiping was all from the front it looked like 4 distinctive wipes before she was done. My pebble production came to an end leaving me feeling empty and hungry. My neighbour departed washing her hands on the way out. I wiped my bum twice and my pussy twice. I then stood up looking at my production there were around 30 pebbles in the toilet ranging in size from about 1/4 inch to 1 inch. I wondered how long they would have been all joined up while inside me, it felt like I did a couple of feet of poop when it was coming out but looking at it, it was hard to tell. I slipped my panties up and straightened my skirt. I pressed the flush making my pile and paper disappear down the hole. I unlatched the door and exited but curiosity got the better of me, I slipped into the end stall to look at the huge poo and it was huge. It blows my mind how a girl could have produce a 3inches thick 3foot long poo, it was solid still standing upright like the moment she pushed it out, a slight earthy odour, not smelly but rather quite pleasant. I left it there, washed my hands and left.

Pissing out the window

Often when I'm in my room and I need to pee I just open up my window and stick my dick outside, and just let my piss fly. It's a lot more convenient than going all the way downstairs and back, particularly in the middle of the night with cold floors and all. I used to worry someone would see me, but based on the layout of the back yard I don't think it's possible to see. It's a lot of fun to try to see how far out I can get my stream to go.
One time I had a friend over and I explained to her what I do, and she wanted to give it a try. She got a funnel and took off her pants and underwear, opened up the window and started pissing into the funnel and out into the back yard, pattering on the ground below. Her stream was almost completely clear and went on for about 50 seconds before easing off. She shook off the funnel and wiped herself off with a bit of toilet paper, which she threw out the window. Once she was done I pulled out my penis and took up my position at the window, shooting a powerful golden stream out into the air. I pissed on her toiet paper for a while, which made her giggle. She said she was going to try peeing from her bedroom sometime

Has it every happened to any of you that you were sitting on the toilet but the lock of your stall was broken and someone walked in on you?

Steve A

Long Poop At Work

On break at work, there was a sign that said, "Help yourself to a hot dog". So, I ate one and drank a can of orange soda. A little while after my break, I developed an urge to poop while I was doing carts out in the parking lot. The urge got stronger until it got uncomfortable for me to continue. So, I went inside and decided to use the bathrooms in the back of the store that the customers use. Once I was seated on the toilet, I gave a push and out came 1 single long log. If it was straight instead of slightly curved, the log would be from one end of the toilet to the other. The log must have been a least 1 foot long.

The log looked like this in the toilet: ( | )

I think when I drank the soda, it got my bowels moving. So, after I got that log out of me, I pushed to make sure that I was empty, and I was. I wiped, washed my hands, and returned to work.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Thanks for your story about the exhibition. To visit such exhibition would be also very interesting for me.

I think I'll really check te place next year to see if something has grown there.

And at first I wanted to take the tissue with me, but it was to soiled , as my motion was very soft.

Would have been impossible to put them in the hands without getting soiled. And we had only one plastic bag with us, and this bag was reserved for the chestnuts.

I feel a litte bad leaving the tissue behind, but I had no other choice.

Next time, I will take a special plastic bag for the tissue with me if I need to go again when I am in the woods.

You never no. My first poop in the woods came totally unexpected.
I had my morning motion before going in the woods, so it was totally unexpected that I had to go again, few hours after..

It is normal for me that I have two motions a day but normaly I have to go again in the late afternoon or early evening.

Looking forward to your future stories Mina



Optional Person.

large turd!

just now, on I had a nice poop. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my tighty whities ( early morning, nothing else on) and started to push. a log slowly but surly left my anus, without much of a crackle. it came to a part where it hurt a bit as if pinching my butthole. I slowed down the push and the feeling went away. it fell out quietly. eventually a little other piece came out. I stood up to look at what I made. I was impressed, one large turd and one small turd. the large one was mostly in the toilet bowl hole standing up out of it, with the top of the turd coming out of the water for a small bit and then going back under to its end. it was very wide. the end of it ( the part mostly outside of the bowl hole) was tiny. the turd next to it was small. I wiped my butt, and sniffed the messy paper, then flushed. when I opened the door, my cat came in, and wanted to drink water from the sink. when I went back in to turn off the light and water, the closer I walked to the toilet, the more I could smell my beautiful stench. I hope you enjoyed this.

Peed my pants in front of a young girl about 22 or 23 in a Dunkin Donuts. Embarrassing!!!

I was staying over at a friends house yesterday and we had a couple of bathroom trips.
She has her own bathroom attached to her room without a door so if you are in the room you can bear and see everything going on in there.
After we had dinner I felt some pain and knew I would need to go for a poo soon. I held off and continued chatting away and watching tv with her. I'm not sure how long I held for but I got to the point where I would get a cramp and my poo would creep out to touch my boy shorts, white on inside with polka dots on outside. It would get to my underwear then I'd manage to get it most of the way back in between cramps.
She saw my face a couple times and said she was gonna go pee and asked if I would go talk either her.
she only had a pair of leggings on and a baggy shirt so she pulled the leggings down and sat. While she peed I noticed a wet patch on her leggings and I think she had leaked a little pee before she got up to go. She finished her see and never bothered to wipe and then sat on the edge of the bath while I took my shorts and boy shorts down to my ankles and sat down.
As I was sitting the first log pushed its way out and fell as I sat. I only needed a couple small pushes and another 2 logs quickly followed. I was done within a couple minutes of sitting down so I then just had a small pee which lasted about 20 seconds before just becoming a dribble with some small squirts. I wiped twice at my bum and once up front and then redressed.
We never flushed then but I went for a drink 10 minutes later and came back to see her wiping up after having her poo on top of mine. She let me see what she had done before flushing it all away.



Hi guys! I was thinking about a poop story that I told a long time ago, but I didn't finish it. I mentioned that I pooped myself when sitting on the floor when I was young. Anyway, Mom had given me an enema in the bathtub the night before if I recall correctly. I ended up wearing a pull-up to bed with no urge to go during the night. In the early morning, I sat on the floor next to my bed thinking I had to fart, but messed my pull-up instead. I think some of the poop even got on the carpet. I went to the bathroom to tell Mom, and she helped me clean up. Sorry for not telling the full story in that original post.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Breanna first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and those other girls all had great poops and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ally great pooping story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sally great pooping story its sounds like you and that other girl had good poops and provided eachother with a show as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)Goin in the Woods

Whenever I take a walk or hike in the woods, I always take some toilet paper in my pockets. It seems walking in the woods almost makes me want to poop partly because it brings back some enjoyable memories. When my buddies and I were young boys we liked to go to the woods often for the mere purpose of shitting together and in front of each other. None of us were shy about it. This is back when were at the age our bodys could still shit super-long unbroken turds. If it was a "contest" and I won I can still remember hearing, "Man, Bobby, you did a big-un, or "Look at that whopper Bobby did." I would say the same type thing if one of my buddies did a big turd. These experience were all male-male bonding and seemed to just strengthen our boyhood friendships.


Gassy friend

So i went to my friends for a sleepover let's call my friend Gemma, anyway Gemma told me in the past that cheese made her gassy has a t or d answer. When it came dinner time we had pizza witch had ALOT of cheese on it, now let me tell you something Gemma eats a lot! So when I saw the pizza she grabbed at least the whole pizza box and just ate it. When it was time to sleep we both got in to her bed ( we were 12 so nothing weird ) she warnd at the beginning that she was gassy so I thinking the worst, she went to sleep around 11 I stayed up a little longer with my iPad witch was a mistake, she kept on grumbling very loudly until a fart came up I didn't hear it until I opened the covers and it blew me away I decided to go to bed around 12, the problem was is after that silent fart it she kept on farting I didn't mind until she made this very loud and long one witch made be giggle witch woke her up, she got up and went to the toilet and I followed her out of curiosity, as soon as she closed the door you could here the farts coming I was biting my top laughing until I smelt it, I said are you done as a joke and she replied with a " why do you want to smell my farts?" I replied as a joke " ohhhhh totally" no when I said that I think she took that serously because I heard the lock open and she opened the door with her pants down, I was red as a tomato she looked at me and farted a really long fart maybe 8 seconds and then she closed the door and started shitting again.. I actually when back to my room fully red and just layed down hoping to fall asleep before she was done.
This was all true and I remember it so well it just makes me laugh as I think about it.

Hey Jemma

Great to hear from you again. I'm glad you're getting better and still able to visit the site. Hope your recovery continues. I was beginning to wonder if you were still visiting the site. Sometimes people post for a time and then stop after a while for whatever reason.

Anyway, it was good to hear from you again Jemma. I'm sure I am not the only one who missed you. Keep in touch if you are able - don't worry about posting stories if you don't feel up to it - it's nice to know you're still around.



2 People Emptying

Hi again guys. Last night while in the bathroom, I emptied my bladder while Mom emptied her stomach outside. I smelled a little stink in the bathroom this morning, so I think she either farted, or pooed. My right inner ear has been spasming for some odd reason since about 7pm yesterday, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying the bathroom. On a side note: getting an internal spasm of the hearing organ is much better physiologically than getting one from IBS.I've never had IBS, but just read stories about it. I know with bowel issues that happen, for most of us it goes away on its own, and I have hope for the inner ear thing too. Rather its our bowels, bladder, or any other organ, its strange that we develop odd quirks sometimes, lol! Bye.


To the two Annas and Sally

@Anna from Canada - I liked your story about the poo you had at the gym and the sound effects from the two other ladies.

@Anna from Austria - great story about your poop outdoors - I'm glad you were able to get relief. I enjoy your other stories.

@Sally - your stories are great. I particularly enjoyed the most recent one about your mall experience when you allowed the other ladies to view your poop emerging etc.

Look forward to more stories from you all.



Desperate after school

I'd been constipated since Monday night and on Friday morning my mum made me take a laxative before I went to school which I wasn't happy about because it would mean that I'd have to go at school which I hate. Luckily it was a slow working laxative and nothing much happened until around three o'clock and we finish at twenty past, so I wasn't too bothered about it. By twenty past, I was busting to go and I thought about doing it in the school toilets just in case but I didn't really want to go at school. I convinced myself I could wait until I got home and took a chance and walked right past the toilets on my way out of the science block. As soon as I got out of the school gates I felt the need to poo getting worse and I realised I'd made a mistake by not going to the toilet first. I had a ???? ache and I was desperate for a poo. As I was walking home the urge to go as well as my stomach ache got steadily worse and I was scared I might poo myself. I couldn't walk very fast as it made me even more desperate and I really had to strain to keep it in. I was in agony from holding it too long and I was tempted to give up and let the inevitable happen, but I resisted and kept holding it. By some miracle, (or fear of getting in trouble for pooing myself again), I made it home in time and I walked carefully up to the toilet. Then to my horror my stupid brother was in there and I made the mistake of telling my him I was desperate for a poo. Now I was in trouble because now he knew that I was desperate for a poo, he would deliberately take his time just to make me poo myself. I pleaded with him not to make me do that but he just laughed and refused to come out of the toilet. My mum heard me moaning and she said it was my own fault for holding it so long and she warned me if I pood myself I'd be in serious trouble so I was stuffed basically. That little b***d was loving it but he hadn't quite beaten me just yet. I had an idea. I went to my room and saw my waste bin and took all the rubbish out of it. Then I squatted over it and let everything come out. The relief of it was unbelievable and I pood my brains out. I had a box of tissues on my dresser and I wiped with them and afterwards I tied the bag up and took it out for the bins. I left my little brother in the bathroom thinking I was still waiting to get in and it was half an hour before he gave up and came out. I went in to wipe my bum some more and I'm sure he has no idea what I did.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

pregnant pooper

hard pooping and live poop

Hi all. Im back. Im now 9 1/2 weeks (10 weeks Mon) and this morning after a relaxing bath i took a dump. I sat down completely starkers and began with a small push. This is all it usually takes to get goimg but it appeared to have other ideas. I pushed a bit harder and could feel it encroaching on my butt. I continued to push a bit harder and the tip emerged. It crept out slowly and the diameter of the log was gettinh thicker. My butt started to hurt as it came out more. The longer it took the more my butt hurt. It eventually fell with a thid and i relaxed and let my butt ease. I pushed some more but only airy farts came out. I had more in me but it didnt want to come out then.

Well that was about 5hrs ago and i have a strong feeling now. Im entering my bathroom, lockinh the door. Im on my own, bf out. Setting my tablet device down whilst i get into postion. Ive pulled down my combats, thong and now im ready. So im starting with small push-uhhhhhhhh, this bathroom is quite warm so im taking off my checked shirt. Pushing again-uhhhhhhhhh. Feel somethong. Going to let it fall itself. Still waiting. Its getting longer but no drop off yet. Oh its stopped. Must push again then-uhhhhhhhhhhhh, plop. Splashed my butt that id. Theres more. Plop, plop, plop. Gotta pee now. Ppppppppppiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Can feel a still full rectum. Pitting my on my hips and pushing-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, plop,plop. Feel.done. Now to wipe. Setting tablet down to do so. Woh. After 2 wipes ive set down.again as there is more to do. Plifffffff i farted. Im pushing-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, its coming, still comimg, STILL coming. Finally-plop, plop. Gasy, airy fart no.2 and uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, plop. I feel done again. Setting down tablet. Wiped 4 times and flushing. Done. Hands washed and putting shirt back on.

Anyone ever experienced what happened to me there, thonkong you are done but going on for a second time in one sitting.

Starting to feel.pregnant now even though im not showing yet. Mum says i got a'pregnancy glow'. My best froend who lost her baby is coping as well as she can. Doctors told her she try again in a few months again but its only been 2 1/2 weeks and its too early to be thinking of that.


Bathroom Detentions Already

Me and my best friend Kamdyn haven't probably started out our first year of middle school that well. We're both somewhat confused with how big our school is, and all the new rules, and when using the bathrooms how different they are. For example, when I'm sitting on the toilet my feet are several inches off the floor and the large size of the toilets are such that what you drop into the toilet makes so much noise when it hits the big pan. Also, Kamdyn was bored one day when she was seated and waiting to get her pee stream started, that she counted something like 13 cracks on the front of the porcelain bowl that showed between where the cutout is on the front of the black seat. Also, the seats have lots of cuts and faded colors on them because we think they are like 100 years old.

So me and Kamdyn decided to share a stall. She suggested it as a way to save time between classes so we don't get tardies waiting for individual stalls to come available. Like she'll get on the toilet first if she has to pee (and that's usually the case for her), but if she can't immediately get her stream started, she'll get off and let me get up on the toilet and luckily I can usually empty my bladder pretty fast. Its kind of noisy, though, and sometimes she just covers her ears as a way of teasing me. Then I get up and she takes the toilet and as we talk she can usually get her pee going then. Then we quickly wash our hands and are able to get to our next class before the tardy bell.

On Monday, however, a vice principal was walking through and wrote us up for breaking some sort of 2-in-a-stall-together rule that we didn't even know about. There was no benefit in arguing with her so we just served our detentions. She also said she is going to call our parents which we think is a little unfair.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Breanna first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and those other girls all had great poops and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ally great pooping story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sally great pooping story its sounds like you and that other girl had good poops and provided eachother with a show as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I remembered another thing about loo exhibition I went. It said, many people think loo is dirty or dangerous or scary. And it said, we have to thank to loo, and not think so negative things. I was happy to read that, my friends too. At end of exhibition there was big sign board. "THANK YOU TOILET!" it said.

After exhibition we all went to loo in same building, and sat down 4 loos next each other. We only did wee, but after wee, we said each other, what lovely thing loo is! They were INAX loos, INAX is No.2 loo maker in Japan. The exhibition was also made by INAX.

From now I am going to go to loo before I go to bed. Maybe only wee, but I will sit there little while and relax. I think I will sleep well after relax on my lovely loo.

Emma, I am happy that you conquer your fear of motion in public loo so soon! Congratulation. I hope you can feel relax more and more, so you don't have to hold motion and have accident.




Old poop re: almonds and diarrhea

I've eaten walnuts, pecans, pistachios, peanuts (I know, not tree nuts), and maybe others without any hint of a problem. I don't really care for cashews or hazelnuts, so I haven't to the best of my knowledge had any. The interesting thing is that I don't think it's an allergy because none of the other true tree nuts bother me. Go figure.

Big Jake

To clogged up,

I dropped one the other day but instead of using the toilet I just did it into a garbage bag to prevent an extreme clog, it must have weighed 5-10lbs thick as my arm and longer then wrist to elbow. How did you make out with yours?

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