I ate some really spicy thai food with my brother, a few hours later I was hanging out with my boyfriend, we were walking around in the park and I started to feel my stomache cramping. I said to my bf "I need a toilet NOW!!!" I groaned as a painful bubbly fart escaped between my enormous butt. The pain was getting stronger and I knew I didn't have much time. We were too far away from the car to make it, I kept farting more and more bubbly farts and they hurt. Suddenly I froze the pain was so bad I fell to my knees, my poor sphincter couldn't hold anymore and my jeans filled up with a hugel mushy load of greasy hot poop. I could feel the remnants of spicy peppers burning up my ass. I told my bf and he suggested taking off my panties and wiping with them. I groaned and told him it was a thong, my face flushed and I asked him to check how bad the damage was, he informed me that it was everywhere. It was still burning my butt so I gave him my keys and told him to go to my house and get me toilet paper and new clothes. While he was gone the burning got so bad I took off my pants and hid in the bushes. When he returned he helped me clean up, and we left my soiled garments in the bush.


some comments and answers to John H's questions

A few random things today...

to Mina: Don't worry about making a mistake every once in a while. It's very easy to read your posts and your English is very good.

to kmd: I'm glad you liked my posts. Too bad it is almost winter now in Canada and soon it will be too cold to do much anything outside.

I'd also like to answer John H's questions about using the bathroom out side of home.

1. If you don't like to use the bathroom to poo at other peoples home why is this?

I'm ok with using the bathroom for a number two at some of my girlfriends' places. Otherwise, I try not to do it at other peoples' houses.

I don't like other people to know that I have pooped, especially boys. If I have to go at someone's house, I'm worried that I will leave a big stink and will be found out. I get very embarrassed by this. I'm not usually worried about being walked in, because I am always very careful to lock the door.

2. If you dont like to use other bathrooms does this apply to both friends bathrooms and public bathrooms, or will you use public bathrooms? What are your reasons for this?

I often use public bathrooms to poop. If I am not alone, I am also sometimes embarrassed, especially if it is a noisy or stinky poo. But it's not too too bad and I have kinda gotten used to it. It really helps that there are only women around.

3. How desperate would you have to be to use a bathroom besides your own?

To use a public bathroom not very, just having to go and not being able to hold it easily is enough. To go at someone's house, pretty desperate.

4. When was the last time you used a bathroom besides your own?

Today at the library.

5. Do you wish that you could use other peoples bathrooms without worrying or are you happy just to be ok with using your own bathroom?

Yes, I wish I was less uptight about it.

End Stall Em

Miscellaneous Comments & Toilet Story

Several persons over the past several years have mentioned problems/concerns they have in using bathrooms others than theirs at home. I seem to believe there are three issues: privacy, poop shyness and germ phobia.

What I found was that it gets better after middle school and your initial years of high school. Now I'm a student in a large university with thousands of students, large antiquated dorms, and with great diversity, but I still a little upset when I'm on the toilet, clothing down to my knees taking a crap, and eyes are regularly peeking in on me and sometimes asking me leading questions like "I hope you're about done because my bladder's bursting and my professor locks the back doors to the lecture hall to stop tardies." That one was used just last week before my 10 a.m. Anthropology class as I was dropping about the 5th piece of a much-larger crap. I told her it would be more than a couple of minutes and she just swore when I told her there were two toilets rooms on the three floors above us and in the basement. But like I said it does get better each year.

Now the germ phobia issue: it really doesn't need to be an issue. Unrealistically, some parents make it an issue. Peeing over the seat, stopped up toilets, and a host of other things need to be factored in but I found even four or five years ago when I was in high school that it helps to just accept what cannot be changed. For example, in my high school the old part of the building had the dingy, most-used bathrooms that were gross by 11 a.m. each day. And the smell from all of those craps was horrendous, too. So I started regularly taking my craps during my early morning study hall and I had the brilliant idea that I would walk the extra distance to the new wing where the stalls were brighter, the toilets more modern and with white rather than black seats, and the space between the doors/partition was the smallest I'd seen. And by going during the study hall I wasn't missing anything important like I would if I had been in a class. I did hit a drawback, and I wrote about it at the time, when I received a Saturday School detention for being in an unauthorized area and not using the closest bathroom. But overall I was happy not holding my stool until lunch or between classes when the toilets were more crowded and dirtier.

Finally, when I was like 4, 5 and 6 and was out in public places with my Dad, I grew up around him taking me into the mens bathroom, shoving me into a stall, and not letting me get up on the stool until he spread toilet paper liner across the front, over the two sides, and often too across the back of the toilet. Then before he let me go into the womens toilets alone, he insisted that I do the seat-covering, and he actually had me demonstrate that I could do it right, without the strips being too long and falling off, etc. before I seated myself. I thought that was a little much, especially when I found that almost none of my friends were doing it. Often when I was like 5 I would have to pee so I would let Dad go through with the "ritual" before he left my stall. But at least twice at professional baseball games I remember listening carefully as Dad took the toilet next to mine, latched the door, and then dropped his poka-dotted boxers and jeans to the floor as he threw his butt onto the uncovered seat with a big thud. His turds hit hard and before him seating himself, I never heard him pulling off any toilet paper for the seat covers. I remember the last time before I became independent and could go in on my own, I got done faster than expected and snuck a look in through the crack on his privacy door and there was definitely no toilet paper under him. Later in a child development class, we used that as an example for our textbook's mention of double-standards and how they can impact children.

Now some shout-outs:

For Siford:

I understand what you are saying. Anything you do in a stall with no stall door can and will likely draw extra attention to you. I like what you said a few posts back about just sitting, underwear no lower than your knees, and relieving yourself. When the others see you with toilet paper being put over the seat they may feel it will likely be all gone before the line advances to them. Good luck as you make the transition.

For John H. & his survey:

1) I will poo in other people's homes, if necessary, and I protect the clogging by sometimes doing a mid and after-flush, then a thorough wipe followed by a third flush. Some of the home toilets I use have a plunger right next to the toilet. My journalism class friend Katee once asked me when we were in there together at a football viewing party if the plunger was a symbol of pessimism or pragmetism? It was too late at night for me to clearly think so I dodged the questions. Frequent flushing can cut the smells, too.
2) When I was in high school and upset with the administration's bathroom policies--and I hate to admit this but I did write about it at the time--after serving my DT time one Saturday I squatted over the toilet and logged one side of the seat. I would never do that again.
3) The need comes naturally. Avoiding other bathrooms is foolish and I don't see what positive results it leaves for your bladder or anus.
4) Two hours ago, right after my English Lit class. I peed before going to the library to study.
5) I don't worry much about using bathrooms at other people's houses, but I cited above some of the steps I take.

Anna from Austria

at my office

Soon after I had some coffee in the break, i had to need the bathroom. Coffee has quite an effect on my digestive system. I wonder why..

But never mind, I headed to the ladies room. They are only 2 stalls and they were all empty. I took the first stall, lowered my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. At first i peed quite load, than I had to fart, the prrfft type and then my first log started to come out my bum and then I blasted some more wet sounding farts and the second log hit the water in the toilet. Then I felt empty. Then I wiped my self a few times and left the toilet stall. I washed my hands and was about the leave to rest room. At the door I met one of my colleagues Kerstin. I really hope she took the second stall and not the first one. If she took the first stall, she would now what I have done on the toilet. An quite embarrassing though..

The good thing about my office bathroom is, that the stalls, are not really stalls, more like separate small rooms,with thick walls. It a the perfect place too poop anonymously. If you close the door after the bm nobody else in the bathroom can smell it. Unless the person is using your stall after you done your number 2 of course. So I hope Kerstin took the other stall..

I hope you liked my story from today

Greetings Anna..

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Michael it sounds like that woman must have had a really upset stomach.

To: J it sounds like that girl was having a pretty desperate poop and I bet she felt better afterwards.

To: Anna it sounds like that other girl was having a rough time made worse by those mean girls they may want to be careful karma may get some day and put them in the same situation only with them as the ones pooping and hearing complaints about there smell and sounds.

To: Kylie great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Alyssa great story it sounds like everyone had great poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

just another girl

My story for today

Today (Tuesday) I had an enjoyable toilet experience. Yesterday night I had a lot of vegetables at dinner - spinach, butternut, carrots, broccoli and potatoes - as well as mince with gravy, and I knew that they would cause a good motion this morning. I was right. I woke up with a slight but noticeable feeling of fullness in my lower stomach, which told me that something was on its way. I decided to see how long I could hold it in for, so I ignored it for the moment. I showered, dressed and started studying at my desk, and about an hour later I started getting wind, which I quietly let out as a series of nice farts which stank "oh so lovely" (I borrowed that from Gas Inspector's story a few posts down - I like it that much and I sincerely hope you don't mind!). After about five or six of them I decided to go to the bathroom, because I had an inkling that the next one might not only be wind, if you know what I mean. I pulled my black trousers to my knees, sat, and pushed gently. A few seconds later there was a loud plop, followed by a pause, then two more. I did a very small wee and then it was over; all in all it must have lasted no more than a minute. It felt so good - it was so relieving, and I remained seated for a while savouring that feeling. I then wiped, stood up, flushed and went to wash my hands, and I was in a good mood for the rest of the day. I'm looking forward to another experience like that one day soon...


To Mina

I love your thoughts and your take on things. Your English is fine! Thank you for sharing some of the Japanese expressions for our bodily functions!

I hope that you are well!



Alyssa: Welcome to the forum! Great story!

Optional Person: Thank you for your response. We haven't done that again since that night, but I think we both were OK with each other!

Brandon T: As always, your responses are so kind!

Claire: Welcome! What a story!

Just Another Girl: Great to hear from you again!

Gas Inspector: Thank you for your reply!


Fire alarm

I got to college early and went up to the classroom and played on my phone for a bit before class started. I peed before I left the house and normally try to avoid having to go during class and sometimes at all the whole day, I just don't like the feel of the toilets unless it's urgent.
At break I had my breakfast - my apple and a bottle of water. It was just a short break and we all went down to the canteen to chill.
We were scheduled in the same room from 9 until 1:15. The whole morning up until lunch.
The first class finished at 11:15 where we got a couple minutes for a bathroom break and air then the next one started in the same room. The toilets were just outside the classroom and I thought about going for a wee just in case but didn't actually need so I just stayed seated. About 10 minutes into the class I felt a little pain in my bladder telling me I would need to go for a wee soon but I didn't want to miss anything or interrupt so I just waited it out knowing I could make it a while longer. Half and hour later the presentation was coming to a close and I was getting quite desperate but not uncomfortably so.
Just as we got to the second last slide the fire alarm went off and we all had to go out the front of the college and wait for the all clear. The fire brigade arrived and went inside while we waited on he grass out front.
I was standing cross legged desperate for relief and told my friend my situation. The grass was a little moist but lots of people sitting on it so she suggested we go to the back of the crowd and I sit on the grass. She took me back and we sat down.
After checking nobody was watching she sat in front of me, facing me and I lifted my bum up enough to pull my tights and thong far enough down for my bum to be out. My skirt was covering me and I sat there and just relaxed. I felt so relieved I sighed as my pee started to come out. I held it back a little so it was a steady trickle instead of a jet. My friend chatted to me so it covered the noise and my wee lasted a good couple of minutes before dribbling to an end.
I had no option here but to lift up and pull my thing and tights straight up without wiping cause I never had anything and I think that would have attracted attention.
We got the all clear 5 minutes later and when I stood up my tights were a little wet off the grass and my wee but my skirt covered most of it.
I'm so lucky I have good friends with good ideas cause if not I would have probably wet myself.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I doubt that she'll ever see this, but who knows?


Good lord. I had to clean that up. I feel so bad for you, because it was one of the most foul things I've ever smelled, so I can only imagine what it was liked to be trapped in there with the scent.

I'm no stranger to this forum. I've lurked on here since I was 12 or so (almost half my life). And I have done the occasional post. So I'm not disgusted by the average toilet use. But holy cow. I have never experienced a toilet filled so disgustingly as this. I hope that your stomach feels better. I'm rooting for you!


I'm rooting for you.

Hey, I have another story.

A few days ago I was at a track meet and after I ran I had to poop desperately. I walked over to the porta potty and it was locked. As I waited I heard some wet sounding plops and then in a few moments a very attractive girl came out. I went in and there was a big pile of mushy poop in the tank. It smelled so bad. I quickly sat down and a
three logs of mushy poop came out. I felt so much better. I wiped, used the cheap hand sanitizer and left.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: LittlePoopGirl first welcome to the site and it sounds like your sister Ashley really had to go pretty bad and alot as well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna great conclusion to your story.

To: Just Another Girl great story as always.

To: Sally great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really great poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. i love this site

Steve A

Marching Band Story: After The Football Game Part 1 of 2

Well, as I hoped for in my last post, I have a good story to share with you. This is the 1st part, after the far away football game.

After the game, we left around 10:45-11pm. The normal highway route was closed under construction, so we had to take a longer way back to the high school. Everyone, including myself, were sleeping on and off on the buses on our way back to the high school. (I think we took 8-9 buses, 1 for the instruments, and the rest for the band members and 1 for the cheerleaders, I know, we have a pretty big marching band). We got back to the high school around 12:30-12:40am. When we got inside, there were at least 10 band students, including myself, or more than 10 that I would assume, that were desperate for the bathroom after our long trip back. I've heard comments about 'destroying the toilet', a guy that might have used a bottle on one of the buses, etc. I also saw 2 girls walking fast to the bathrooms. I'm glad that the gate wasn't down blocking those main bathrooms, as the janitors sometimes put the gate up late at night for security reasons, or we would have had lines outside the 2 single ones near the band room.

I hope you enjoy these stories that only happen to me and the other people in marching band.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The next day, Saturday, as we have a band festival at the same location as the game on Friday.


To VeeTwo and Bella Jean

@VeeTwo - Thanks for your interest in my post and your question. The mucus producing glands in the rectum are numerous but also quite small i.e. microscopic. They are situated in an area of the anal canal called the dentate line. When a wide i.e. thick poop is being passed they get squeezed and empty their contents which helps to lubricate the poop and facilitate its passage- a bit like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed. So the thicker the poop the more mucus is produced. They give the poop a very thin layer of mucus so it's unlikely that you'd be able to see it in the toilet. Mucus that is visible is likely to have come from the colon.

It's unlikely any mucus from the colon would have made its way from the sinuses after being swallowed because it would be digested i.e. broken down by the acid in the stomach. So visible mucus that coats poop is likely to have come from the colon i.e. large bowel.

Skidmarks on the bowl are quite normal and need not be of concern. From your symptoms I wonder if you do have an allergy to pollen from a plant or certain plants that release pollen when the weather gets cooler. The pollen can activate the immune system hence the sinusitis. Furthermore, there are areas in the small bowel that contain a portion of the immune system; they are called "Peyers patches". I wonder if these are becoming activated too hence your change in bowel habit. These are just my thoughts/speculation. Although I am medically qualified i.e. have a recognised medical degree from a uni I am not trying to take on the role of your physician.

I had a few questions for you - if you'd rather not answer them then that's fine. Are you male/female? What age are you roughly? eg 20s, 30s 40s etc. Do you have a history of eczema/asthma/allergy?

@Bella Jean - I'm glad you found my post interesting/helpful. Some of my posts can be rather technical but I like to think that some readers find them helpful so thanks for the positive feedback. I enjoyed your most recent story too about your poop in the cafe. I was glad you got relief. If you get stomach cramps when you're sitting on the toilet pooping it's best to just sit and continue to fart/poop until they subside. Creating a mess/smell is okay - the important issue is to get relief. It's common for women to spray the sides of the bowl with poo when they're releasing soft poo and wet farts.



To Anna from Canada and pregnant pooper

@Anna from Canada - I really enjoyed your post in relation to your west coast hike. I'm looking forward to your next post. When I have more time I'll write about buddy dumping outside.

@pregnant pooper - I also like your stories particularly the one about the hotel spa where you used the "hole in the floor" toilet. I'm sorry to read that your friend lost her baby.



To Catherine

Sorry, Catherine, I take same mistake again. Mina is very very bad typist!!! I typed. "my most", it should be "my post". Perhaps you feel confused very much. Bad bad Mina. Sorry to you.

By the way if you can't find post, your very own bad Mina checked, it is page 2455. I hope you enjoy and feel it is helpful.

And to everybody, I am sorry, but perhaps I can't post about for ten days because my brother comes to stay my flat, and last five days his wife come too. After they go back to hometown, I post again.

To J.A.G.: Me too I hate when people say Ewwww, Yuck, Yeesh and such kind of words about motion of other person. How they feel if someone say same words about them. I am very happy you back on this site. Please stay with us!

To Littlepoopgirl: I hope you were able to go vacation next day! In clean car.

Love, Mina

Secret Pooper

Answer to Slice's question

I think it's because it's thought that the left hand is unclean as it's the one we generally use to wipe our bum with? Would that sound right? But a lot of people I'm sure wipe their bum with the tissue in their right hand!


girls being mean in the bathroom

I read just another girl's latest post and it reminded me of something that happened yesterday. I am now back to school full time and on Friday morning I was heading to the foodcourt for a break between classes. Also, I had been holding my pee through the whole lecture and really needed the toilet. Before I got anything I went straight to the bathroom. It was almost empty with only one stall taken, but there was a very strong poop smell in the room. The girl in there was taking a really stinky poo. I took a cubicle close to the door and a few stalls down from the one in use. I locked the door, hung up my bag, pulled down my thong and pushed up my dress quickly. Then I plopped my bum on the seat and let my pee go. It came out hissing and splattered loudly into the bowl. I was so relieved. While I was still peeing, the door opened and two more girls came in. Through the crack in the door, I could see that one was a tall blonde wearing a white top and black jeans. They immediately started to comment on the smell and how bad it stunk in the room. Just then the girl in the other stall let out a series of wet farts that echoed through the room, followed by the sounds of a bunch of sloppy turds dropping from her bottom and hitting the water of her toilet. 'ewww, that's so gross' said one of the girls and the other one was like 'omg, she is so disgusting'. Then they both laughed, loudly announced that they would find another bathroom and quickly left. I was just sitting in my stall still peeing and was kinda shocked by how these girls were such b******. It really upset me how mean they had been to the girl doing a number two. I finished my pee, wiped, pulled up my panties and left the stall. I washed my hands and all the while there were no more sounds from the other stall.

A couple minutes later, when I was doing some reading on one of the tables in the foodcourt, I saw the girl who pooped come out of the bathroom. She was a short readhead wearing a kinda frumpy black t-shirt and she looked really young. I figured she was probably a first year. She seemed both a bit upset and pretty sad also. I had a difficult time when I started university and maybe so has she. I am sure the girls being so mean in the bathroom didn't help. Later she was in line behind me at the coffee shop and I smiled at her as nicely as I could. She smiled back and then I felt a bit better about the whole thing. I also passed the table of what I thought were the other girls and I gave them the evil eye, but I am not sure they even noticed. That's all for now.

John H

answer to Slice

Hi Slice.
Interesting question.
As far as I know and I havent googled I sware haha, the reason for shaking hands with that hand is because people used to use the left hand for wiping after pooing so it was not acceptable to shake hands with the left hand.
I myself am left handed so I some times wonder if this is the reason why left handed people were forced to write with their other hand for years ECT.

Hi all. I'm new here. I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm a brunette with blue eyes, 5 foot 8 tall. I have two sisters, one is 17 and the other is 15. My cousin who is also 17 lives with us as well. The four of us have the two bedrooms upstairs and we all share one bathroom. The one downstairs can of course be used in emergencies, but the upstairs bathroom is our main one. So, anyway, with four girls all sharing one bathroom you can imagine it gets crazy sometimes. We've all seen each other peeing and pooping, so there's no shyness or anything.

I have a story from today. I came home from school and no one else was home yet. I made myself a snack and after eating, I had to poop. I was kind of glad I was alone. Like I said earlier, I'm not shy about pooping around the other girls or anything, but I still prefer privacy if it's possible to have it. Well, I went upstairs and sat on the toilet. I pushed out two kind of thick long turds. I felt more in me, but nothing was coming out.

I played on my phone for a while and kept sitting, until my poop started coming again. I pushed out three more turds, that were thinner, but also long. Then I felt like I was done. I stood up to examine my productions. I saw my two thick turds lying there crossed so that together they looked sorta like an 'X'. The other three thinner turds were floating around the bowl.

I sat back down and thoroughly wiped myself. I had barely started when I heard the door open and someone rush up the stairs. It was my younger sister. She saw me on the toilet, but noticed I was wiping. She said, "Oh, good. You're nearly done. I gotta go so bad! Don't bother flushing when you're done. I just need to pee." I said okay and finished wiping. Then I stood up and she practically threw herself on the toilet and began pissing a fierce storm. I pulled up my pants and underwear and washed my hands. Before I had finished washing, my sister was done and she wiped herself and flushed. Then she washed her hands and we went to our room together.

So, hope you enjoyed my first post. Bye for now.

Victoria B.

To party or poop?

I messed up and completely forgot to put my name on my last post. The story about the basement bathroom with the signs was mine. My bad!

I was thinking about going to a party tonight when I felt a number two brewing. It seemed like an above average load, the kind of business I didn't want to do in the middle of a party. I'm having some work done on my car (recall!) and my roommate was going to give me a ride because the party was outside of reasonable walking distance and public transportation is not really a thing in my part of the Midwest. I more or less had to ride with my roommate and risk dropping a whopper at the party or stay home to poop in peace.

Years of experience convinced me to err on the side of caution and I decided to stay home and go in the privacy of my own bathroom. This turned out to be an entirely unnecessary precaution: what felt like three or four huge logs turned out to be a few small pieces and a fifteen second pee. Still, better safe than sorry! Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

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